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REVIEWS OF Arby's IN Alaska

Cypriana Davis

Most of the time it's not crowded. The food is super good

Anthony Calugan

Ordered 2 luau chickens sandwiches and didnt get the chicken. Went all the way home and realized there was no chicken!!!! was mad i had to drive all the way back.

Native Momma

I love the service n the staff is so wonderful to be around n good on not waiting for long on my order I'd have my family come to this arby's every time

Kevin Vakalis

What can be said about Arby's? Well they are pretty much the same no matter where you go however, the difference is lie in management and staff. At this particular one the people were very friendly and the service was fast and with a smile. I would say that one can't go wrong if you're in a hurry and need a quick bite to eat. There are even some healthy options on the menu.

Alaskanbaby love

The food was well made and I loved the cashier she was amazing she had an actual conversation and was super friendly

Brent Kirby

Super fast service at this particular Arby's. I am very impressed with the polite nature of the cashier. At most Arby's, I find the front person rather cold in conversation, but not at this location. The person who assisted me with my order was warm and friendly. The sauce and drink area were spotless and the bathrooms well kempt. Parking was easy.

William Brown

Great Arby’s location. Very meticulously managed. Our complex order was perfectly prepared, and everyone got exactly what they wanted. We stopped here on the way to Denali, and were so pleased, we stopped a second time on the way back to Whittier.

Pablo Rodriguez

Again food was great.

Cypriana Davis

Most of the time it's not crowded. The food is super good

Aaron Howard

Clean location, decent service.

Jon Farmer

Clean and well maintained. Didn't take long to get food.

Leon Bridges

The Anchorage mid town arby's crew is superb. Keep the place spotless. always cheerful and professional.

Odia Stewart

Great food

Eva Barney

You want meat!!! U have come to the right place !!!!!! Mmmm cruly fries!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️


Tracy Worden

Arby's Famous Horsey Sauce!!!!

Stanley Vang

Services suck food is nasty

Charley Neal

So far unfortunately and oddly they have the best gyros I've found in Wasilla. Do not go to Marcelo they sucked but their lasagna was good. Arby's would be better if a meal for a family of four was under 15 bucks. It's fast food what the ****


Love the food but a little pricey for the amount of food

Yoon Lee

Not bad

Bug Jr

Jaxson Reed

Ryan Smith

Food is a bit pricey and does take awhile for them to make. However the food is amazing. The orange cream shakes, mozzarella sticks, and beef and cheddar sandwiches are great!

Saltine Crackersz

Melissa Zavala

Daniel Cook

Mike Griggs

Stephanie Phillips


B W Huminski

The food is always made the way I expect. And the staff who have been there awhile is consistently polite and professional.

Terri Hoag

Nice atmosphere. Friendly crew. Accurate order. Fast service

Ernest Barndt

Curly fries suck it's the reason I don't go there very often.

Nick Victor

Laura Homan

Love the market fresh

Kevin Cannon

They work with you so you can stick with your diet.

Jim Kelly

No fast food restaurant is much different than another. I finally did get a sandwich that looked like the picture so I'll give them that. Service isn't really taught anymore so just hope most wash their hands.

William Gonzalez

The newly remodeled Arby's is great! The food is always good. The physical plant of the entire building inside and out is wonderful.

kalyn montague

Cayla Armatti

Predictable, standard, have loved their classic sandwich and potato cakes since I was a kid. Nice clean restaurant, friendly staff.

Justin Farr

Great Food !!!

Cherry Robichaud

Always good. And clean

Alan Lokke

Melvin Steinberg

Food was OK and service fine.

Robert Sherrer

Prompt service. Clean and well kept, even the mens room. Food is what you'd expect from Arbys. I'd give it a 5 if only I could get an ArbyQ.

Brigitte K

Great food & good customer service!

Corey Perez

Nothing great about the store, food was great and staff was friendly. Even delivered part of our meal to the table

Brenda erlich

No service skills. We didn't even get a thank you from the staff.

Carhartt Hoodie

Pretty good, still the same food that keeps me going back

Joshua Knight

Some interesting individuals

Lisa Pascoe

Gyro was great and served by a really nice employee

Jason Theodore

Good food, great service! Thanks

Natasha Guerrero

Quick but sloppy food, milkshake was half melted or they make there's shakes extremely watered down

Terry Mitchell

Love Arby's new face lift. Looks great. Plus they have a lot of new meals on the menu.

Geoffrey Igarashi

Robert J

Hot and tasty

Dwight Stout

Fast service and worth the wait in line.

Kevin Taco

Burn mouth by curlieat fry. Burn mouth by hot cheese fry. Burn mouth by hot coffee. Burn mouth many time. Still hurt. Badly hurt. Very hot cheese. But worth burn. Fast like hot cheese. Eat here for good good. Taste good. Taste good. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Brian Jolly

It's a normal Arby's so it automatically gets a 4 star. Nothing special here.

Margaret Wiltfong Tovrea

Arby's has the BEST fish! The Louisiana hot version IS spicy-hot, like Tabasco.

Rosalba Smith

Rusty Musick

It's an Arby's

Matt Brewer

Very nice since it was remodeled in late 2018. The staff is friendly and the food is great!


Healthier choice for faster food.

Amy Force-Garrett

Hank Reuter

Good food, fresh.

Richard Raymer

Good food

Ethan Lockwood

Good food but a little pricy

James Smith

The service was very fast for the order I put in, it was there biggest order for the day they had mine done in about 12 minutes. There were 20 regular beef and cheddars and a double beef and cheddar combo.

Michelle Hoeldt

Good food. Not so good service. Never give enough aujus dip so I order a second when we go there. Forgot my extra Aujus for French dip and seemed offended when I asked for it!

Kalani Patterson

Real good , big Kahuna

Chris Williams

Fast and yummy food

Twine Autists

The best Arby's in wasilla

Randy Houser

Always have had a thing for the French Dips and Curly Fries

Marnie AK


Andrew Wilson

The service here is terrible.

Llama Rama

Margie Mulder

Linda Friend

Soooooo goood

Tigran Andrew

They gots the meats!

Sydney Negus

It's an Arby's. They are a bit hard to notice from the road. The food will taste like the food from any other Arby's. However, heir dining area is a cool split level affair with a large glass window.

Ed Ambrose

Tasty offerings, Specialty offerings and pricing, quick service, courteous and helpful staff, very clean!

Travis Keene

7.0 earthquake hit and was still open for business

Storm Donald-Huffman

Clean Arby's. I did some work in the kitchen and it was very clean. The food is the same as the rest of the Arby's which is good for fast food.

Farid Sanouvong

I love to food and especially the curly fries, but the area sketches me out. Not because I think the neighborhood it's near is bad but just how the alleys it holds are just not friendly-looking.

Glenn Marlin

The food and staff are always good. Would be nice if management didn't lead from the dining room. They sit at the bar and watch them like a hawk. I've been in several times over the past weeks and they're always sitting there. Don't give direction from the customer area. Get up and talk to them like they are people and not your subjects.

Kayla Allen


neal gregory

Great menu..Great and friendly service..Plenty of space for RVs due to adjacent empty property.

Ivan Mast

Walter Analoak

A bit spendy but good.

Vince Vega

Great deal on the fish sandwich currently happening for 2 for 5 bucks. You can't beat that and it is a good fish sandwich compared to other fast food places.

Alfred Gordon

Loved it

Natalie Carachuri

The customer service there is exceptional.


This place is pretty great, people are less robotic like some fast food places. Food is as good as the standard Arby's. Turnovers are great, so delicious. The mint chocolate shakes are awesome when they are available, they rotate special shake flavors.

colin harrington

Typically fast always courteous. They have a very clean location.

Beverly Mills

Good food and I use to work there for 12 yrs

Thomas Fynes Jr

Great food. If you are okay with waiting a little longer than other fast food places. Everything is always perfection when we go here.

Triya Bhattacharya

Made a stop to use the restroom which was functional and clean ish, the food was okay, the curly fries was something we'd never eaten before and were novel but became greasy quickly. The chicken tenders were good

Robert Hollowood

I mean, it's Arby's. It doesn't blow you away, but I've never regretted a visit. Good for a quick bite or a late-night shake.

Joseph Biondich

Their sandwiches seem like they always throw the ingredient in the box and shake it up.

pulaau fio

Keep up the good work

kyle Kjerstad

Tastey and expensive but slow service.

Melissa Joy

Fast service, friendly workers and good eats :)


Made me and my friend sick. 2 stars simply because the restaurant was clean. Horrible food

Nate M

Literally god

Vincent Lewis

Irma whitehawk

Great giros at a great price

Jason Hartness

Interior currently under construction and dine-in is not an option. Drive- thru is open.

Nicole Braatz

Love their curly fries that's about it

Shawn Bauman

Very fast and friendly service. Great place to have a hot roast beef sandwich.


very very slow

Larry Petty

I love the Reuben sandwich at this fast food restaurant. They stack on the beef and Cheese and the onion rings and potato cakes are also hot items. The employees are great to and have met my family's every need.

Lisa Mayfield

love the food.....but make sure you get the correct change back. Drive thru ripped me off by $10.

Linda Byers

love their sandwiches but mostly their ORANGE CREME MILKSHAKES ...bring them back!!!

Christopher Ricker

Not the best, certainly not the worst I would say the prices are pretty fair and the rueben is actually pretty good, fries are great just don't expect anything Earth shattering

Shannon Goodwin

Had the sliders, but I think they should put them in the bag flat not on there side the Cheese & Meat had slid off the bun in the little cardboard sleeve. And the BQ Chicken on the Hawaiian Roll was a little hard, otherwise they would have been grat6for a quick on the go snack for $2.

Cyndi Street LeTourneau

Love the beef abd cheddars. Wish they would bring back their regular fries. Unlike some people I'm not crazy about curly fries. So I never can order a whole meal because I don't want the curly fries. And it can be a little bit on spending side but other than that the food's pretty good.

Hattie Steed

Clean upon arrival employees courtious and assist you right away with a smile

Aaron Harris

Alan Smith

2018 May Very slow drive through

H McKenna

Great service super friendly, and everything was in our bag, all napkins , silverware and sauces.

Jane Rin

Food was not especially that tasty. Service standard.


Mercedes Anderson

Clean, updated Arby’s that served hot food fast

Joyce Carpenter

Great shakes

theadrata williams

They are the best.

Joshua Gholston

Great experience

Beverly Lacasse

Can't miss with these guys

Andrea Kincade

Aaron Sperling

Employee smoking not even 50ft from front door, other employee talking about relationship problems. Really don't want to hear that when I'm trying to eat

heather stanton

Brad Bliton

Len Trimmer

Good food and choices

Nunya Business

Ashley Johnson

They don't listen, take there time and food was cold.

Alexander Gossett

Chad Davis

I like the new remodel and the people were nice.

Millie Wade

Just a nice place to eat.

Isaac Dinardo

Fast and good food

Faith Monroe

I love Arby's

Matthew Jones

They ran out of roast beef. Really!?! Normally decent, but not that night.

Sonia Revolorio

I have never been tempted to go to an Arby's (we had some back in Texas and I never went there either, i guess my personal curiosity wasnt enough) but my son asks if we can go every time we pass by. One day I finally decided to go through the drive-thru to buy him a sandwich. I figured i'd see how delicious they were and, based on this purchase, decide to come back in the future. Too bad i was not impressed. If anything I was in disbelief that they would charge me $9 for a sandwich that didnt have much meat inside. They try to make it look like it does but as soon as you open the sandwich you can see the meats been pushed to the center so there is no meat on the edges of the bread. It was like I had ordered a kids meal but Im 100% sure it was a regular meal (to be honest, im not sure if they have kids meals). This is too bad because the sandwich looked good before I realized it wasnt worth the cost. Also, as a first time customer I was confused as to what Arby's restaurant represents. Are they a healthy restaurant or not?? They have sandwiches on the menu but have fries for sides. The tater tots (cant remember what they call them) I got with the sandwich were pretty oily (i ordered them because I figured they would be baked). Again, confused on Arby's food theme. They also take longer than expected to make a sandwich. Im sure the fries were already made because they werent piping hot and we didnt ask for a special sandwhich (we got it how its made on the menu). The restaurant wasnt full, either, so I dont see why it took that long. I will not be coming back any time soon. I know some people will say, give it another try, but.... if i give it another try and am unimpressed again, they will ruin my experience for all other Arby's. So I rather wait it out. I do NOT recommend anyone go here to spend your money on a half healthy meal!!

Arline Kindgren Moberg

Had the smoke bourbon brisket. DELICIOUS!

William Burton

What can you say Arbys is Arbys.

Patrick. Doc Lange

Very good

Stacy Johnson

It's fast food. Not much to say.


Its okay but pricey

Larry Antill

Every time I've been there there's a crewmember cleaning the tables.

Mr Alaska

Gyro good

Mary McLinn

2 for 5 mix and match deal with clean inviting service and comfortable dining room nice remodel job feels fresh in there

Tina Langford

Jeffrey the young man working the drive-thru window is an amazing person he is very professional as well as friendly with smiles and a happy demeanor it was a pleasure doing business with Arby's if all your employees could have half of what this young man has it would be amazingkiwi

Faith Meier

Thomas Myers

I Pl

Good old Arby's, hot chicken sliders, curly fries and peach ice tea , are my favourite! 4 stars are for the wait time..l

Aaron Christiansen

Normal fast food. I like there frys.

Wesley Eisen

Just ate there one time but it was good

Adam Davis

Even though it was super busy very friendly staff

Patrick Schmidt

Excellent menu choices at a reasonable price and quick service

Alexis Sisneros

Darrick Rumfelt

Great samies legit kids menu drink game sux

Christopher Pascale

Bob Mill

It's Arby's, they have the meat. Sort of!

Shade Lulu

Their foods are a bit pricey, but I suppose thats what I pay for good quality meats. I might start coming here again once I get the chance.

Brian Slater

I've always enjoyed their market fresh sandwiches, by they are hit and miss sometimes on the quality/quantity of the ingredients.

teddy vos

Good meals good service friendly to customers

Marlo Castro

Arby's always has good menu and great selection of sauces, and food tastes good. Employees have been polite and professional in my experience. I'm just giving 3 stars for this location because of a series of errors on my drive-thru orders. 1st time was not including the sauce packets I asked for, 2nd time was the same case. The 3rd error was giving me a different sandwich than what I ordered. I ordered the Rueben sandwich and I got a chicken sandwich instead. Partially my fault for not checking, but I've always been in a hurry when I go to the drive thru and usually have no time to check. Hopefully this is an issue that they can address.

Calvin Campbell

It's been... 10+ years since we've been here... May be another 10.

Matt Cross

Love the 2 classic sandwiches for $5 special when they have it!

terry hembry

Jamocha shake and Beef and cheedar

Patricia Bushey

Even open after the earthquake. Qudos

Lillian Botello

Customer service was horrible, first words we were told when we walked in was, "We close in 16 minutes. Employee kept reminding us of the time. At 9:00 she told us we had to leave right now. We were already done and gathering our belongings to leave.

Girly AK

Absolutely unprofessional staff, card went missing at the drive-thru after handing the card over to pay for food, and the manager treated me like I was a criminal trying to get free food. I refused the food and promised to never eat there again. A little management training goes a long way when choosing a professional career.

Reliable Paul

Went through the drive through 1/27/18. Sat in drive through for 10 minutes. Only one car in front of us. Only ordered chicken strips and a milkshake. When we pulled up to the window an employee said they were short-handed and we had to wait longer because our order was not ready. There are other fast food restaurants less than a block away; will patronize them next time.

Randi DeHart

Arby's has the best fish sandwiches and curly fries! Friendly service never had a cross employee to deal with

Dennis Widmer

Aaron Green

The Jamocha shake is the best!

Sam Ledbetter

Michael Spear

Justice McPherson

It's an Arby's. Nothing unusual for the chain. They're a competent Arby's, it's clean and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Shelli S

I wish they offer vegetarian meals

Angel Holland

I work at Arby's in Muldoon Anchorage Alaska and I love it! The customers are very respectful and patient. My coworkers are also very positive. It is a great place to eat and work.

teresa belcher

Food was fresh and good. I am ½ &½ on the customer service

Nelson Montalvo

Awesome place

Chad Hedges

Kevin Stensgaard

Decent food, service is meh.

Michael Harvey

New clean facility, food met Arby's expectations

Nathan Henderson

Had the Beef n Cheddar...

Tyler Loper-ford

Great place to eat, always come here.

Jillian Thony

Fast service!


Pretty good for a quick meal

Heather O'Neill

Matthew Ricker

Rochelle Kagak

I suggest you update your website when your actually open. Tried to go there when it says open but it was closed.

Steve Smith

Danny Shabi

Forrest Odom

I regularly go and they always mess something up or forget something. I shouldn't have to inspect my order like I'm a tsa agents.

brett Evans

Food was good but no more Pepsi. So disappoint

Jennifer Hemphill

Love Arby's. Fresh and good every time. Not really fast but hey don't rush good food

Kayla Cherven

Good food, friendly service!

naomia felix

Hot and order was correct.

Mike Sage

Over the years of coming here I think there has only been one instance where a sauce was forgotten.

John Nothacker

Very nice sandwich

Ian Mills

It's an Arby's, what do you want? That being said, the bathrooms are clean, the service was pleasant, and the interior was recently remodeled. The bun was slightly burnt so minus one star

Sandra Wilson

Arby's is a very good place to eat in Wasilla Alaska it is clean the people r very nice and u get good food fast and a good price.

Jarrett Hammond

Always a pleasure.

Charlie Williams

Like the fish sandwich. Needs more tartar sauce.

Kimberly Gilhousen

Average fast food. Good curly fries.

Elizabeth Plumb

We have usually gotten really good service here. Today was no exception. They mismade my husbands sandwich, but they fixed it with no problem.

manVSgold NorthToAlaska

Not bad! I've tried the Smokehouse Brisket and that's it. It's so good I can't bring myself to try anything else. The sauce is great and the quantity of meat is more than I expected. When you take into consideration, other fast food hamburger joints, have patties that look like a semi rolled back and forth over it,Arby's packed the meat on and for a decent price. Very pleased overall. Arby's,they have the meats!Thanks!!

Crystal Gratrix

Great service and food. This is one of the faster Arbies in Anchorage.

Kat Linsacum

OMG! They have the best double meat, lamb and beef gyros! I love going here!

e inger

Just ate there for lunch Although the food is great the fries served today were bits and pieces. The kid needs to he taught that we are paying customers and you dont feed your customers kibbles n bits. You need to do your best to keep customers happy so they keep coming back, toss the crumbs

Caroline Collier

Food was good. Drive thru was ok, nice people, Second time with no napkins with my buffalo chicken .

Jason Nesslage

Typical Arby's. The drive thru has finally a little faster!

Andy Laposki

It's Arby's, what can I say? It's exactly what you expect from an Arby's. If you like cheap roast beef sandwiches, at a moderately cheap price. Then your gonna get what you're looking for.

Jeremiah Z

Generally pretty quick, friendly and correct on the order.

Braedan Rovzar

Dustin Pianalto

The service was prompt and staff friendly.

Joshua Ukena

A great fast food place. Really great customer service, pretty clean. They are quick and the food is good. I love the roast beef, it never fails.

Millie Taylor

Decent food and friendly staff.


Good as advertised - commercials are great

Thomas Becker

Good fish!

jonnie lee

AK Gamer

"Lovely customer service and the get your order done in a timely matter."

Vinnie Koch

Recently remodeled the entire building INSIDE and OUT. Great food, but honestly, the prices are a little too expensive. I mean they are charging almost $7.00 JUST for a sandwhich, which probably only cost them roughly $.75 cents to make. That $7 does not include fries or a drink. When it comes to any kind of “Value Menu” where you can get good tasting items at cheap prices such as McDonalds value menu where several items are only $1.00, Arby’s is lacking BIG TIME. The cheapest item might be $2.00. Other than their prices being just a little too much for a fast food joint, everything else is great. They are keeping up with technology, always have friendly faces and great customer service no matter WHICH location you go to.... it would just be nice if you were able to take your basic family of 4 out to dinner here for under $20, like you can at most places. I mean if everyone in your family if 4, ordered a jr. roast beef sandwhich and the SMALLEST French fries avail and a child size drink.... then you can make that $20 stretch. With the cost of living in Alaska to be one of the highest in the country, I wish they would introduce some kind of value menu under $2.00. Other than that, GREAT PLACE. if you are hungry and have a few bucks to spend, Arby’s is THE place

Calvin Saephan

Good food


I don't expect much from an Arby's- gimme a meat sandwich made of meat, I'm happy. On this point, they delivered. Eventually. The issue I had was the amount of time it took to get our food. In a store that was between rushes, with us the only vehicle in line, we still waited 10-15 minutes for our food, and when we did get it, we received merely a perfunctory apology with no explanation, so I don't even know why. Perhaps they had a good reason for making us wait, but if so I'll never know.

Exodus Riley

Very nice and quick service. Very clean

ryan huntley

Too many peproncinis on Italian go with the ruben

Tanya Ostler-Liston

It was

Matt Bolyan

Food good, drive thru super slow.

Dunkin Dognuts


Freedom Fighter

Good place, like the new burger

Robert Royce

In the 10 years that I have frequented this location, it has always been clean and the staff seems well trained. For a long standing fast food location this establishment has the feel of being well run.

Cubiod SoLo

Good food and great service, nothing much else to say.

Monique Lowrance

Ross F

Always good

Darren Huntington

Great fries

Amber Starks

Always hot

Heather Steffey

Randall Danes

I love the mint chocolate shake!

Alexandra Gibbs

Good food very slow service

Samantha Mcguirk

Steven Million

Good quick food.

Melissa Erin

Apparently they close at 10:50

Steven Thongsy

D Slater

Food is good, not always consistent in service and keeping to order. Usually kept clean.

Sachiko Brandl

The curly fries get me every time, so good!

The Waffle Company

The new remodel looks great. The construction crews did a great job and Arbys now has the powerade that McDonald's stopped carrying. Pretty stoked to see them stepping up their game while McDonald's and others are still making bad business decisions.

Ross Miner

Don't eat the meat, they don't tell u what it is

Nikisha Cox

Yummy food and milk shakes

Alan Roy

As far as fast food I've always had luck at this Arby's. Friendly staff and my food is made correct.

Jim Margentina

Good as always

Reese Johnson

At least one step up from McDonald's or Burger King probably more

Kyle Mielke

Java Bean

The classic roast beef I received was a little cooler than I would have liked, but it wasn't so cold that I couldn't eat it. I went through the drive thru which is something I very seldom do but was in a hurry which is another thing I don't like being in a hurry to eat. Service was speedy the young man working the window was polite. Can't say anything about the inside of the building which is another thing I don't like about drive thrus.

Eric Scholtisek

I really like Arby's so my rating could be in their favor. Sure wish there was one in Palmer, AK. (Like @ the Glacier View Tesero, currently empty.)

Dave Manson

Its Arbys

Joel Connor

Too much

Totally Overrated Sellouts

Always delicious! We was all like yum yum gimme some and they did. Tawoot woot

Karen Wolter

Great service and the food was great.

Paul Hewlett

Beef and cheddar classic is always top notch

Pink Anderson

Charles Howard

Fast and friendly

Tom Cody

I ordered an ORANGE creme shake and medium fries. The fries were tasteless and they gave us a chocolate shake. I am glad they arent good though, i live really close and a good arbys would be bad for me.

Patti Davidsen

Excellent customer service. Made a large order for a non profit organization, which will be ready the day needed.

Kammie G.

Love the crispy fish sandwich

Laurie Brodd Goranson

Good food

Cian Mulhern

Great food and Fast

Declan Reid

I always buy the same thing everytime I go, and it's always an affordable price for so much food. I love going to the muldoon arby's because the service is great (the loaded fries always seem extra loaded and its amazing). 11 out of 10 would recommend.

Sean Doughe

Bring back the traditional gyro for a 5th star.

W Mck

Wow has this place turned around. My order was so good I had to order a second round. Much much improvement.

Jason Rush

We get food from Arby's fairly regularly (mostly take-out, but occasionally eating in). Service has always been great, our orders have always been correct, and the food is great as well. The restaurant itself is very open, well lit, and pretty clean compared to many fast-food joints.


It was great so much great food!!! I Recommend it.

Wreckerman Stan

Best french fries in the world

Richard Barnes

Well trained, super clean, awesome meats! Why wait in line for an hour at Sonic, Arby’s has them beat.

Krista Foltz

Fast friendly good food

Chris Greenwood

Cale Anderson

I like the market fresh 'wiches.

rick h

Bill Sutter

Great food. Fries are sometimes bits and pieces. Great service.

Jason Thrills

Its really hard to not like Arbys... word of the wise. Don't ask for Arbys sauce... ask for the to go cup of the sauce they put on the sandwich. Entirely different sauce than what they call Arbys sauce. Polite service, order was complete and my drive thru experience was without any complications. I never give a 5 because no one is perfect. I still had to ask for the real Arby sauce. This franchise won't market and package that sauce. The imposter sauce in the aluminum packets is sour...yuck.

Kirk Byron

Love their Turkey sandwiches

Anna Merculief

Live the fish sandwhich. Their food is good and service is fast.


The food is decent. Hardly ever busy, so you're always top priority and get your food quick.

Grace Anderson

Always love a good Arby's beef-n-cheddar!

thicky._ .nikkkii



Love the curly fries! Got my son a soda & ff on our way through town. Bathroom is okay.

Glenmore Vinoya

I ordered my sandwiches to go but I was given my order on a tray. No big deal, so u reminded the cashier that my order was to go. He promptly gave me a paper bag so I can bag my own order. Make of that what you will.

Jessica Wheeler

Food food and service

Edward Hdez

Great S'more Blizzard

Vincent C

Love Arby’s menu but the staff at this location said they close at 9pm not 10pm. Please update the hours so others don’t make the trip here for nothing.

Angela Randall

Beef sandwich was great but the grease from the French fries made us sick

Colin Walker

Totally different from McDonald's worth a visit

Larry Green

Best fish

Rhyan Graves

They are under construction right now but their service is great as well as their food. Also they have never gotten my order wrong and that's a plus plus because I'm extra picky!


Good food and fast

Dea Martin


its arbys...cant go wrong.

Warren Woods

Was under construction when there. Drive thru was open. Had the Gyro was very good

Brian K Virgin

Fast service, friendly staff and decent food add up to a good fast food dining experience. Their flavorings and quality has degraged over the years, so one of my stars is due to nostalgia and memories of what they used to taste like.

Nunyo Bidnez

Worst Arbys ever. We were overcharged by $6 and change, when it was mentioned to the little boy behind the counter he developed an attitude. We were dining in at 630 on a Saturday night. Our food arrived after 15 minutes and the loaded fries had no bacon and the entire meal was ice cold. It seemed our presence was an inconvenience to employees. WE WILL NEVER GO BSCK TO THIS LOCATION.

Mumbo Jumbo4

Relatively expensive, but that's what you get with a better fast food place.

Erroll Thomas

AMERICA'S Roast Beef, Yes Sir

Debi Bloom

Kinda pricey, but I love the loaded curly fries!

Lois King

Pete Anderson

Erik Bryant

Good chill sandwhich

Nichole A


Tribbles 907

Service was very bad multiple times on different days and frys were horrible spelt my name TREY wrong they spelt it TREAY and atmosphere was ok but overall very horrible

stuid dose

The food was awesome and there were no problems.

breck Rumley

Superfast food today!

mike bruner

Pretty much your standard arby's experience. Ridiculously expensive for no reason. Normal wait times. Not particularly clean. Only one in Alaska so it's the only option for this particular food. Can make a good bit of money bringing back arby's for the folks up north in fairbanks though if you are happening by.

jason allen

Great new sandwiches!

Jeremiah Z

Generally pretty quick, friendly, and correct on the order.

Amber Hill

It's Arby's, a slow one but they still have roast beef and curly fries. Seriously have to wait so long every time though. Even if I'm the only one in line... I'm currently in line and have been waiting for 4 minutes so far, might be time to find a new fast food obsession...

Mitchell Jefferson

Mike T.

Great food. Nice service. Quiet Clean and bright atmosphere. Good location.

Scott Silver

Good food, solid service and only one out of every 30 visits do they get the order slightly wrong. There was no mayo on my chicken bacon swiss... no honey mustard add extra mayo... lol

Jessica Grgurich

We love all the sides at Arby's, jalapeno bites, curly fries, shakes. Have to get creative sometimes if I'm there to actually eat eat though as a vegetarian there aren't any actual options- though i like the sandwiches on the real bread a lot. The Hawaiian bread sliders with just cheese are really good too!

Salmonberry AK

Great sandwiches, their philly and gyro sandwiches are awesome, curly fries and Jamocha shakes for the win. I like their new dining room. Cozy but open. Average prices.

Paul H

This place has glacier slow service. Never come here if you're in a hurry. Staff is alright, sometimes friendly sometimes they just grunt at you depending on who you get. They're pretty good at getting your orders right. Very much needs a new drive thru speaker.

Frozen Buckeye

It's arby's. Last couple of trips have been better. I think they upgraded their management. But it's still fast food and it's zrill expensive. A meal cost as much as a restaurant. But for fast food it's on the better end quality wise.

Jennifer Smith

It was very good ,,,the chicken salid sandwich we got for my daughter had apples in it,,and we didn't know,,so I went and told the cashier and the manager was there to and they swopted out the sandwiches for me ,,,,,,,, ment alot that they did that ,,,,thank you

Kristopher Van Allen

At 2 for 6 dollars, Gyros are raining from the sky! I love these guys!

Mike Anderson

I like the gyro sandwich.

Erin Evans

Don't eat here all that often their prices aren't ideal, but ive never had a problem with their food. And its located right in the middle of town so if you need or want a quick bite its a pretty good spot and a good selection of food.

Kelly Green

The new renovation is clean. I liked all the plugins so it's a nice Wi-Fi spot. The staff was very helpful with an allergy we have and made sure that we were getting something that was safe for us. We will come again!

Sabrina Crenshaw

j wade

It better then most fast food

Nativemother Pocha

Fast food is fast food. I took my client there because he loves the sliders

Devin Rohrer


Caleb Maviki

Saint patricks day milkshake was garbage, the rest of the food was good

Lynette Lehn and courteous service...

Bar Eldar

Completely awful. From beginning to end. The Sierra mist was just flavorless club soda, they forgot to put cheese on my girlfriends sandwich. Asked the kid at the drive thru to make sure he puts sauce in the bag, and of course he doesn't. Food was messy and didn't taste good in the slightest. Definitely my last visit here.

Rob Kvalevog

The meat!

Daniel Fleischman

As a nearby fast food spot, I enjoy the fact that it allows a variety of food that isn't McDonalds or Taco Bell. Food has never come out wrong on orders.

Sarah Blevins

Order was wrong. Should have checked. Receipt was right,but... I was 12 miles away when I noticed.

Jonathan Lovejoy

The restrooms are clean, the restraunt is clean and well lit. The employee's are friendly, and the service was fast, as to the food, its Arby's, always good.

Natalya Mason

I just got one of their Orange Cream Milkshakes and in this Alaskan heat it was on point for 3.89 a medium shake will definitely be satisfying

Oni Kitsune


Michael Vandeventer

Always stop for some Arby's when in town. LOVE the classic RB!!

Brian Schroeder

I was hungry then I was not

Jen McLaughlin

SUPER hit and miss here. Some days everything is fresh and wonderful and the service is outstanding. Others the employees don't see to care about food accuracy or quality and things like chicken strips or fries are old.

Brittney Kallai

good food lovely new building

Allan Robichaux

Love the 1/2 lb French Dip

Dedrick Pouncy

Recent remodel. Good staff. Decent wait times.

Deanna March

Was great customer service and great food

Greg Workman

Great roast beef!

Catherine Miller

Sandwich was ok but hand scooped shakes were a huge disappointment very little flavor

Melissa Marshall

The cashiers are always friendly and the food is delicious :)

igdalias lopez

slow to get my food

Kiana Wrate

Always good. Great quick family dinner.

Barbara Robinson

The employees are very slow and make mistakes

Raymond Bourdon

Not bad

Dennis Traylor

Remodeled inside, very nice, warm, power outlets throughout to work with your laptop. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was inside. For a fast food restaurant, very upscale.

quenton williams

Good fast food when you have the taste for it.

Eli Pickett

Nice place to get lunch clean and fast

Samm Haynes

Ashley Calkins

Family friendly

Maria Bundy

SpEnCeR Berry

Ruth Mcnearney

Best food!

Greg Naatz

Malina Colon

Clean and friendly

Brigid Levi

Unfortunately going through remodeling currently, but I absolutely love the arby's in Wasilla. Staff is friendly, food is great and always out in a good amount of time. Hardly had to wait more than 5 minutes depending on what we've gotten.

Joshua Simonsen

It's Arby's it's awesome and that Arby's sauce oh my!

Jackub Mayer

James Puckett

Bobbie Nelson

Slow service and we had to ask for straws

Joe Nelson

It was Arby's...

Karla Hensley

Meh its arbys

Roger Whealy

Good French dip sandwich

YTRapid Jack

Gene Okitkun

Enjoy their fries and burgers

Patricia Ann Williams

Ordered a Salad, so disappointed, had a thin slice tom, 1tbs of shredded cheese, 1/2 slice of crumbled bacon, 1/4 c. turkey, ice burg lettuce only, 1 pk of dressing. All I could really taste was the lettuce, and it was not crispy. Should have gone to Wendy,s. 10.00 waste

Aaron Gates

Food tastes great, always hire friendly employees, but way over priced for how small their portions are. (Excluding beef n cheddar)

Talamoni77 Popo

This Arby's in particular has never failed me. Place is always clean. Food service is quick, on pount, and always delicious plus satisfying. We come here always.

Tyson B.

Chicken sandwich order they were very busy, the chicken was not cooked completely and was gristle to boot. Fed it to my dog when I got home.

Michael Morris

steve vrabel

Have most of menu available, but do run out of turn overs. Most employees friendly

Sean Hoover Jr.

Karis Barfield

It was quick the food hot, the people professional and friendly

Lisa Yingling

I like Arby's, occassionally. The brisket bacon cheddar is very tasty! It has good customer service at the window. Never been in to eat.

Leo Rabalais

Milkshakes are Awesome

Gloria Norris

Thank you, for keeping your bathroom spotless, and y'all sandwiches good and fresh.

Marshmallow Queenie

yolanda ahuna

Good sandwiches

Gwendolyn West

Eva Andruss

Thus is the worst Arby's. They are slow and can never get the orders right. I don't know why I have kept going back...sure won't after this trip. Three times we said no mayo on the turkey club and...they doubled the mayo instead. This Arby's sucks

Brian O

This location is hit or miss for quality & consistency. Every other visit seems to produce the proper portions on the sandwiches... and less on the bad visits (one time there was one slice on the bun) Curly fries are typically always hot however..

Heather Wilkinson-Culp

Friendly and fast.

Leigh Weaver

John Abanco

They forgot to give me my sauces


They have Alot of new items , great food , employee's are always professional

Thor Thurneau

Teeven Lee

Not bad


Food is great, cookies are amazing

Bernard Sullivan

Very good place to eat lately they have two sandwiches for $6 which is incredible with prices out there today


Very tasty food


Fast, Friendly, and Fresh Service! Thanks for the hot and fresh curly fries!!!

Yarn Beauties

Great and fresh fast food. Lots of options. Great customer service.

Tammy Kosusnik

There food was hot and fresh.

Thomas Cunningham

Excellent service

Christina Norberg

Barbara Stithem

Great food, love the upgrades

Curtis Ivy

I wanted the meat, they had the meat, it was great. Will be back for more meat

Paul Robarge

Its consistant and good.

Jason Bacon

Travis B

Always good food

Sandy Walker

Gyro special 2 for $6.00 is an awesome deal

Susan williams

yep 100

Only Arbys worth goi g ti in anchirage the crew is amazing especially the night crew! They actually seem to truely value their customers and completly shows with amazing service. I would recommend this recently made over Arbys before any other in Alaska!!!

Steven Cowan

Good eats

Sherri Young

Fish sandwiches were delicious!

James Culp

Logan Dennis

Its arby's dude, they got the mea

jamie b

Great service! Fast fresh and as expected.

Ronnie Manley


Good place

Tanya Aanrud

Love the jamocha shake

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