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REVIEWS OF A K Buffet IN Alaska

Marlene Vargas

Food is alright. Could have more viarity but the coconut shrimp is good. And service/waitresses are always friendly.

Daniel Meade

Always love going here. For our only Buffet here in town it's pretty good

ann knapp

All you can eat buffet with friendly service

Melissa Garrison

Nice buffet great service and food was good.

Dylan Wallace

Food was good service was plesent

swo memes

Best place to eat in Alaska 10/10

Roger Keeling

Ive always had good food there and fast freindly service

blayne allen

I enjoyed the good food for 15 bucks

Ann Woodall

Food good but to much money

carli skinner

Food is ok. Not the best but not the worst. The worst part was when staff let two childrean run around the place for 20 mins and we got so annoyed that we told them to stop running by our table that was was just a foot from the window putting them really close to our baby and us when carrying our plates. When we asked them to stop it lasted 5 mins before the father decided to no care about anyone in the restaurant and let them go again and staff didnt ask them to stop. We had to block their path by us and tell them to stay away. We were very annoyed by the time we left.

Eusoff Chan

Great fooddd

Matthew Ray

Really good and wide selection of food and a nice atmosphere to enjoy it in

Heather Millington

Great food! Great service!

Thersso Pacheco

Food is a lot better then it was 6-7 months ago.

Terry-Ann Duyck

As K Buffet was good, like always. Very friendly and efficient staff

David Godfrey

Great food as always

shahab aria

Low quality food. Entrance fee was 15 dollar and it is reasonable but quality of the foods was disaster. Every think was frozen and options was very limited (only one choice for the beef). Sushi was disaster( super low quality and packaged sushi). Saloon environment was very dark and for the beverage half of the glass was the ice, so when the brought the beverage, it was already colored water. Half of the icecreams was finished at 7pm and they did not refill them. Do not recommend at all.

Jeffrey Simonson

Lots and lots of variety. A few good vegetarian options also.

Javed Miandad

I prefer going there in lunch since dinner menu is not so different than it and lunch price is usually cheaper. Beef and shrimp items are usually good. They need to improve their desert items. Pretty good place if you want to taste variety of food items within a reasonable price.

Ian Cowan

Good selection of food, generally great wait staff

Mike McCammon

Great place for a quick lunch at a good price. Dinner is the same as lunch for a higher price which isn't worth it.


Thank you for doing an extra mile to make my son's bday special. As tourists in the place with limited knowldege to dining, we did the right decision of celebrating my son's birthday with you.

William Sewell

Expensive. More like 13 dollars for lunch and 18 for dinner. Poor and rude service. Waiters are not paid but are indentured servants. Filthy conditions.

William Troxel

Standard all you can eat Asian buffet. Has a sushi bar that serves rolls. I really enjoy the stuffed mushrooms.

Jessica Brasier

When they opened it was great and the food was nice and hot. Now it has gone downhill things being left out to long and food not being kept hot.the last time we went almost everything we put on our plate was cold. When we told them we we're leaving and not going to eat they still wanted us to pay for our drinks even though we had not eaten or drank anything yet. As soon as we realized nothing was hot we got up to leave.

Cathy Turinsky

Love their homemade Kimchee!

Mandy Gentleman

I love the way they serve..

Jessica Dunihue

It was my first time there. The food was cold and it wasn't good quality

Scott Leard

This is one of the better buffet restaurants that i have been to in a long time. The food was fresh and the place was clean. The coconut shrimp was awesome. The scallops were great too. I would definitely recommend this place.

nicholas mirandez

Great Chinese buffet they are doing so much better since there remodel now they have an ice cream bar and a sushi bar. They have really turned it around great job guys

Kathy Richmond

Lots of fried foods. 3 or 4 types of soups. Some salad. Ice cream for dessert. Sushi. You can generally find something tasty.

Mujib Mutakabbir

Was a lot better than before, food was hot for once.

angela Wu

It’s best chinese restaurant in Alaska, food are nice and fresh, it’s very clean and waters are friendly. Before we went there we were worried about some people left reviews said it’s not too good, but we still took a chance give it try. It’s best choice we did. Have so much choices, like sushi, beef, shrimp, cheese mushrooms, salad, desert and so much more, you pay 10box got those it’s best deal ever at least for me. Since we found it every other days we were in AK we ate in AK buffet and we gona miss this place a lot. Original Chinese style food. 中国地道餐馆

Robert Carpenter

Food, food and more food.


It's really good it has something for everyone it makes the drive to Fairbanks worth it

Austin Killian

Friendly, attentive staff. Staff seemed like they were all staying busy and keeping the buffet stocked. Cheap food but can't expect much more for the price, Would recommend.

Dan King

The food was cold, lacked flavor. Grabbed silverware to use and there was dried food on it. The place was dirty, next time I will just throw my money out the window, at least there won't be a bad taste left in my mouth. Took grand kids and wife there, none of us liked it. Not sure how they stay in business. We will never go back.

Nicole Matula

Have lived here 3 years. It was ok at best but keeps getting better each time I try and I go often :)

Aino Welch

Buffet was fresh and well supplied. Lunch was a great values at under $10. I find the variety of the usual food as well as some specialties fun to explore. Basic Sushi was tasty and scooped ice cream ended the meal.

Christopher Androes

Horrible, awful food....poor service and attentiveness. If I could've rated 0 stars for this place, I would have.

YX Wang

Normal american Chinese food buffet. However, offers chinese style King crab (steamed and fresh) which is pretty good. I only place I found offers fresh king crab in Fairbanks.

nikki Burbank

My husband was craving Chinese food. So we went to AK buffet tonight for dinner. He took maybe, MAYBE 3 bites. He said the different chicken dishes he put on his plate all tasted weird. So he instantly stopped eating. Threw up 10 minutes later- he has food poisoning!! && It hit him almost instantly. Here it is, 4+ hours later, this guy hasn’t been away from the toilet for more than 10 minutes before he’s running back in there. Aside from the risk of eating food that’s been sitting out for who knows how long, nothing about it is worth it, in my opinion. I wanted to go to Aha... we should have went to Aha...

Owen White

Not a very big selection of food for the lunch menu. Egg rolls tasted spoiled. Usually a buffet has me excited about the food this place had me nervous. I knew I should have listened to the other reviews it wasnt terrible but still seems risky

Felicia Mason

The food was amazing! There was so much food I had never tried so that was awesome! There was such a variety and the price was super affordable! Our server was also very helpful. I will definitely be recommending this place!

Shawn Bauman

All you can eat. Excellent Cuisine

Carolyn Hardy

Very relaxed and sometimes busy.


Not so many choices on the table. I would rather they charge more with more dish options.

Deborah Mulcahy

Excellent selection of foods and delicious! Good service and price was good. Clean restaurant and clean bathrooms.

Richard Ferris

AK Buffet is Fairbanks version of the classic China Buffet. On a busy night with lots of people I'm sure that everything is very fresh and Tinder. On slow nights because of the large selection of food sometimes things are held a bit long. For the price is the best deal on food in Fairbanks! I have the coconut shrimp it was excellent, my wife enjoyed the egg drop soup and do you like besides the egg drop soup and barbecue pork. I ate mostly Seafood is that usually do. They also had sushi, lots of desserts including fresh ice cream, as well as Pepsi family soft drinks. We live in Fairbanks we would be regular customers

Alexis Fay

This is a great lunch option because the price is great and the selection is good. Since it’s a buffet you can get in and out quickly or if you have more time you can spend a while trying the different food items. The building is older and has a bit of a run down appearance but that’s not uncommon for Fairbanks. All of the food on the buffet is well stocked and fresh. Good sushi selection too and salad bar. At night they have snow crab legs and a Mongolian style bowl you can have made to order. We enjoy this place when we are in an Asian buffet mood.

Mr. Costello

Great place

Kevin McElheny

Lots of food not great quality very fair price for a buffet

Little Raven's Family

Decent price and good to fill your belly. Except they need to keep the quality of food. Last time I need there it changed.

Andrew Hawn

Great food, loved it. Didn't like the fact one of the employees was on the phone loitering around the buffet the entire time tho. Great, helpful staff, though. Would've been a five had it not been for that one employee

Kenneth Russell

Great food

Cory Greenberg

Good buffet for a decent price. Quiet and cozy. Food was good but just remember this is a buffet so dont expect anything fancy looking

patrick Riley

all i can say is.....its ok i guess for american chinese food

A Male From Day 1

Quick food buffet load up!!

Brandon Delk

My family and I eat here at least twice a week. Look forward to it every time. Best buffet in town and such friendly staff and you can’t beat the price. Thanks for always being awesome guys!!!

paul martin puguon

Food is good, price is fair

Michael J. Snow Langevin

Just moved here today from Winslow, AZ. Stopped to eat here after we unpacked. This is the best buffet I’ve ever been to. It was $53 for 3 and the menu has a huge variety of food. No msg in it too! Will definitely come back here again!

Eddie King

A K Buffet is seriously the worst restaurant in Fairbanks. My husband and I thought we would take our grandkids with us and give it a try. WOW...such an expensive mistake! The food was tasteless, cold and it looked like it had betting sitting in the pans all day. I took a few bites of the food on my plate and I was done. Our grandchildren ate the ice cream but nothing else. The total bill for two adults and two kids, 9 and 7, came to $54.00 and some change. If you are reading this and haven't been to the A K Buffet yet, don't waste your hard earned money there. There are other restaurants in Fairbanks that prepare better food for a better price.


Not very good quality of food overall. Dirty facilities and a lot of dishes were out and or not stocked very well. Worst of all their staff was extremely absurdly rude when I asked if it would be possible to get them to restock the missing buffet items. Over priced ESPECIALLY when you factor in the poor quality of the cuisine in addition to the TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE I experienced

Maureen Crandoll

The food was ok but the workers are why I'd go back. They were awesome

jane hope

Love going here. The only place I can go and get just a little of this and that instead of a big plate of food. Lots of veggies to try and cut up fresh fruit. Love the sushi bar! You guys are so nice and attentive. ♡

Cynthia Huang

Many variety of items offered, taste is alright.

Ryan Schmidt

Ended up getting sever food poisoning that put me in the hospital for 5 days, and almost killed me. Health department even did a couple separate health inspections. Hot foods were too cold and cold foods were too hot. And the kitchen staff failed to perform proper and correct sanitary practices.

Nicholas Killeen

Service was excellent, food was good, and all employees were very friendly.

Terri Lawless

Food wasn't hot, crab legs were watered down and cold and no hot butter, they were terrible! Some items were good.

Larry Montgomery

Good food

Josh Gogus

Honestly tried my hardest to find one thing that was good.....found that the sushi was decent. The rice was almost slimy along with the crab meat. The water was bad too, definitely not filtered. Egg rolls were ok initially but had a lingering after taste. The ice cream bar was disgusting. Half eaten cookie laying on it with filthy spoon water and a dirty dish rag.

Thomas Reid

Love the Buffet here. Lots of good Asian food from Korean to Chinese. Don't go late in the afternoon because the food is a little old. Best to go at the beginning of meal time for freshest selection.

Jacob garcia

Food was poorly made. Over priced

Alanna Dedge

The guy there was very rude. He took my plate before I was doneand was rushing us out the door and demanding a tip b4 we could even put one down. Then started complaining about what he got. I will not be going back.

Marlene Taylor

They have a great new selection of food

Simone Nascimento

Food is quite of good for the price. I would rather eating there again instead of fast food. I liked it the variety of dishes there, seafood to traditional Chinese food and always fresh. Service was great by the way!

Carolyn Kamau

Good place to eat at

Mark Britton

Very few options and food was just not good.

Will Lentz

This used to be a great buffet but not any longer. They used to have a nice variety of good dishes but the variety has diminished. It seems some of the items were pulled and replaced with inexpensive pre-made substitutes like frozen pizza. Everything seems to be breaded and fried. I used to like the black pepper pork, and now it is battered. Even the Mongolian beef has light breading.

William Keber

Food is horrible I would not recommend this place at all

Clifford T Smyth

Typical Chinese buffet with lots of variety. Ample room for large parties Nothing more, nothing less.

Andrew Brown

It not very clean I found staff on my plate. I believe people in the were yelling at each other

Lee Hulcher

Good food and lots of it.

Maryjo Beaird

Today is the last time to eat at ak buffet!! The food was out on the buffet for who knows How long ! One of the workers was coughing All over the food and the list goes on !! Just saying I'm done with this place !!!

James Douglass

Good Food when they're not too overwhelmed with customers. When they are you just have to wait a little longer. Thankfully this does not happen too frequently. When it does have patience as the food is with the wait.

Stacie Bishop

love the Friday night buffet

Christian Foster

This place has a very welcoming staff. You walk in and your greeted with a hard working mother with her kids with the sweetest smiles. Don’t expect this place to be high end but the prices are good and they serve Quality food. They handle customer service very well. Food is always warm and inviting, it makes it easier to be away from home.

William Pen

I thoroughly enjoyed the fresh food and courteous staff! Would recommend to anyone! The buffet and sushi are indeed top notch!

Pamela Crane

Excellent food everything from coconut shrimp to duck ,scallops, oysters, all type sushi, will always go back

Karen Erickson

Always delicious fast and friendly!

Mimi Kincade

Was seated quickly and staff was friendly. Food was fresh and hot. Drinks were refilled consistently. Even though we had a small child (2 years old) we were only charged for 2 lunch buffet (husband and myself). Staff kept buffet area clean and wiped down. Price was fair ($22.90 for two lunch buffet and drinks).

Bee Pee

It was nice

Joel Dolphin

Mongolian beef was dry and nasty tasting. The tea was nasty. I didn't feel well at all the whole time after. Went down hill from last year.

Cyrus Collier

Awesome! We come here every chance we get. The food is always good, the servers are always checking to make sure you are enjoying yourself. The price is fair.

Sheila Peterman

It was great food, we had a table of ten they were very kid friendly!! Had all the fixens as well as sushi!!! Its was delicious and waiter checked on us very frequently. All in all it was worth the drive and our time!!!

Tin Tanwin Pek

Excellent buffet!.. lots of choices and food is fresh.. will miss this restaurant..

Jason Brown

This has got to be the best Chinese buffet I have had in like 8 years. I've live in El Paso and Seattle area. The best hands down.

Brandon Perez

Visiting my brother and his family took us here. Great variety of foods

Kathren Smith

Great food, best value in town and never a long wait. The wait staff is extremely nice.

Kimberly Murphy

I like being able to go in and get to-go by the pound I can get what I want and as much as I want on the run it's fantastic it's healthy and I am happy as a cab driver I think it is a wonderful retreat from the normal drive through and I like to bring it home too. Very affordable for my favorite combo of dishes

Klara Kautz

Great value for the price, great selection, friendly staff, and an overall delightful experience.

kelanni green

The buffet works but if there are other options I would reccomend those. Most of the food tasted wierd or was cold. Alot of the food was empty and was never replaced in our hour and a half there. The sushi looked and tasted like it had been there forever and also suffered from not ever being replaced. The choice of food is interesting and if prepared better and taken care of would be a decent restuarant. The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting, I would reccomend holding it until you get home.

Barry Redman

Really good.

Grayson Goyer

I came here with three of my friends after stumbling out of the Denali wilderness. We had shirked breakfast to save our appetite for the unholy feast we were about to take part in. AK buffet was the only restaurant in the Frozen North that would satisfy your needs such that we drove for two hours from Denali passing up many opportunities to satiate our hunger. The way we descended upon this buffet was reminiscent of a pack of ravenous wolves descending upon a lame elk, it never stood a chance. I honestly can't tell you much about the taste or the quality of the food, I can just tell you that I ate my fill and it was the most glorious meal I had ever taken part of.

Pierce Cottingham

Excellent customer service and the food is amazing! I'm rather shy, so I like to sit alone. The first time I came in, I asked if there's a seat away from everyone and they had no problem accomodating for me. The food was outstanding. Mongolian beef is one of my favourites. It reminds me of some of the stagecoach food that grills their food on a barbeque. Absolutely amazing. I really liked their coconut shrimp as well. The atmosphere was nice and quiet too. Not too busy. Very relaxing. I also drink lots and lots of water. They eventually just gave me a full pitcher of water. Hahaha. They were fine with it and still treated me well. Excellent buffet and well worth the trip.


an ever-changing set up and management, But it seems they are slowly improving. worth a visit, if nothing else to let them know you want that kind of service in Fairbanks.

Steve Floyd

Pay by the pound for sushi and more

Mr. Brett Kirk

Nice and hot food. Sushi was decent. Appetizing presentation. Would only visit every few months or so.

Tracy G.

We've visited twice and both times we were there for dinner and it wasn't busy! Food tastes like any other Chinese buffet I've been to. They have a range of chinese food, fresh sushi, desserts (I've seen packages of store bought cookies), ice cream & a salad bar. They also have a choose your own lobster option.

Brian Kulik

Very good food, friendly atmosphere :)

Charles Howard

Food was not fresh. service was good

Mark favorite

Nice variety of food cost not too bad but the Quality quality of food is medium to low

Yan c

Snails.. Sushi.. Chicken. Pork.. Beef..fries. You have it all.. Clean place. Great service. Best buffet in town

Marton Wubbold

The food is great at a decent price. Also , the staff is very friendly and concerned about your satisfaction. I eat there often as well as taking out and wouldn't do so if I wasn't pleaded with the food or the service.

Tanyarat Yordsripeng

Disappointing! Used to taste ok for a Chinese buffet but now it's salty as _ _ _ _!

Al Kalig

The only nasty thing here is the parking during the winter

Carol Simpson

Lots of variety. Food good, not great. But so many choices that you can find things you like, and it's fun to try lots of different things!

Cindy Dewey

Tell me the food is good some of its not the very friendly service


Nice selection of food. Most of it was way overcooked from sitting in the hot dishes. Also the place looks dark & dirty.

bear bear

There going downhill food is ok but no deserts like they use to have no more soft service ice cream they got tubs of ice cream that the kids were sticking there fingers in to taste test.


It used to be one of my favorite places and I went to take my boyfriend and show him how good it was and it was actually so bad I was really upset, nothing was good and the sushi was so old the avocado was nearly black and the fish was hard

Allred tech

I WOULDN'T EVEN EAT THERE IF IT WAS FREE! I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND IT! When I went in it smelled really funky. and when I smelled the food it also smelled funky. And the food didn't even taste good. also after I was done eating I had a stomchhach

Ronald Shoemaker Jr

The Friday night Buffet for dinner was phenomenal this week

Joey Kataya

We came close to closing but the customer service was still amazing. They were very persistent that if any thing was low or wanted anything made fresh, they would do it. They also made us fresh sushi rolls per person, which did not increase the set rate. Would definitely eat here again.

Elizabeth Angasan

The buffet was a little pricey for the quality of the food. It wasn't bad, but I've had better. One exception would be the salmon, which they told us was wild caught, so, props for that! I did appreciate the variety of food and our server was cordial. The restuarant itself was in need of repair and the floors looked like they needed to be cleaned, and windowsills dusted.

Tiffany Mayer

Don't go to that restaurant they say they have good food like BBQ and stuff like that but I have been in there and they are gross and they only sell Chinese food and it is nothing like a regular Buffet they will charge you for one plate if you just sit there

Rob Olson

Food dries out under the heat lamps.

Mark Whitmore

They let me put pudding in an ice cream cone. It was the most beautiful thing ever. 19/5

Jakub Jaroš

Sushi was super old and not good at all. Other dishes weren't fresh nether. Taste is average.

Chaianne Kakaruk

They need to get cotton candy bubble gum oce cream again

Kay Adkins

First time for delivery no complaints food was good. Second time..... threw away the food! Fried shrimp and Crab Rangoon was so over fried, could not bite through the food. Egg foo Young had the consistency of stuffing and tasteless. All good hit the trash! If they see this hopefully I will be compensated.

mack lewis

Good chicken

Victor Medy

Not to expensive. Some food is good.

Hannah Skikas

I always eat to much when I go here. I'm never disappointed. Yummy and reasonably priced.

Greg Workman

Decent food, sometimes it's cold but its decent for Fairbanks.

Geni T

Great food. Wonderful service. Highlight of our trip!

Guangyao Wang

Do not go there. Totally no seafood. Food not fresh. No service.

Daniel Abramczyk

The food was spectacular and over the top!!! For the only buffet in town it is the best Chinese food!!! Always hot and fresh food, I have always enjoyed the ak buffet experience!!!


Good food during peak serving times

brian fine

Was much worse than expected. Nothing was really good. Food was mushy and mostly Luke warm at best. It was Saturday night around 730pm so I thought it would be packed but it was 75% empty. I can only assume the positive reviews are because much of the clientele are locals that don't know any better and have not experienced good Chinese food. Even the booth I sat in was ripped and the whole place just had that "I shouldn't eat here" vibe going on. It gets 2 stars only because of the variety and price.

Jenna Roman

Takes a while to get refills on drinks n food is cold if it doesn't get very busy. Which is doesn't often

john mccain

I left the lowest rating I could. AK buffet or Mayflower it doesn't matter what u change the name to. Food is acceptable at best, seafood is either under or over cooked, vegetables are over cooked and the buffet is dirty. We.plaves should never remain in business and I wish they would close down and Golden corral moved in.

Rae Napa

Food was good, price was good, I can't really complain.

Susan B

Food was average. Extremely greasy floor. They have Alaskan king crab skeletons on display and three huge tank with them. But, you can only special order in advance for $300 each.


Great people and great food, not too mostly at all! $15 for a full meal and some? Heck yea


Great Chinese buffet. Missed eating at these allot. Super clean, super nice, great food.

Janoy Wickham

Good food

Diego Santa

Food is really good and really nice prices sushi bar is really delicious and good variety

Jack Daniel

Place is well worn, food was ok at best, price was plenty high....

Nicole Fuster

The food was cold like literally cold, food sat to long underneath the hot lamp, the sad absolutely no food worth eating in fear of getting food poisoning and inside looked terrible if I could give no stars I would

Nicole Duke

Prices have become alittle out there but still good chinese Buffett food. Staff is usually on point when refills and taking plates away.

Yi Wang

Rib, chicken, vegetables dishes are great. Must of sea food are terrible no flavor on it. Spacial in crab, shrimp, clams. 海鮮泡水泡太久,都沒甜味,很失望。

Rebecca fox

Only place we go to eat out! Sean is awesome! Food is delicious! Best price in town!



nekoalaska hi

Vary nice staff and the food is great

Angel Avilez

Pretty decent buffet. Nice servers. Sunday lunch service is pretty expensive tho. Overall I would suggest.

Levi Blalock

Food tasted way better than it looked. Not much selection.

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