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2231 E South Blvd, Montgomery, AL 36116, United States

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REVIEWS OF Wendy's IN Alabama

Monica Edwards

Great service! Food was hot and delicious!

Naomi Christmas

Had to wake up early for a run to ER. After hours of worry, all is decent. Stepping in to grab some late breakfast/lunch I was exceedingly happy with the service. Lovall was very attentive and engaged in our conversation. He noted we had a tag for an offer before it was even brought up. Along with an amazing warm quality and being very easy going towards my indecisive tiredness, by far my best trip here.

Michael Payne

Lost my appetite coming here. The cashier was covered in hickeys, he ignored me as I was ordering as he was hitting on another customer being served by another cashier. He seemed super out of it, almost like he was on drugs. At the front of the store there was also some old looking deep frier that had old solidified grease in it that wasnt connected to anything and appeared to have been sitting for god knows how long. Not a good sight to see in the kitchen. The cooks and everyone else seemed really nice, but I really wish I had just chosen another restaurant and will do so next time.

Andrew Bennett

Wendy's at an airport, when you have just 30 mins between flights? Oh yes! I don't think they have a full menu, but the standards that will satisfy with their typical flavor and tastes. You might have to wait a few minutes. Seems like they cook the food to order. This hit the spot during my transfer at this airport.

Cowsworld !!!

They take forever to bring your food to you then they start getting an attitude if you tell them to be a little faster if you want service be more polite or don't work there

Audrey Murray

The few times I've gone the staff were very friendly! I also love that the spicy nuggets are back!

Sonia Santamaria

I got a grilled chicken avocado BLT. IT was really good

Crazied R


Stacy Welle

I went here in my way home to get a salad. The new salad on the menu was out, but the cashier was so kind about it. The entire group of employees were so friendly and outgoing. Although it can be hard to enjoy a fast food experience, this was a different atmosphere. My salad was a little unpropertioned, but I wasn't expecting anything amazing and it was really busy.

Bill Clark

Way over priced airport trip off

Ariel Walker

I work here pop by for a hello and a 50 cent frosty

Red FX

Normally a long wait.

Nina Debellis

Always love Frostys

annette edmonds-hodge

Run out of food all the time and some employees have major attitudes especially manager Derrick who rolls his eyes at u

Anne-Marie Singletary

Super friendly service! Better salad than the pita place next to it :)

Jon Snow

For an airport restaurant they were incredibly fast and professional. Great service and piping hot food.

Mike S

Sometimes you just need a triple

Jimmy Boone

Excellent... Hot food...friendly staff...clean building

Red Roses

Hot hamburgers...good food.

Jasmine Williams

This Wendy’s is the worst in the city. Do not eat here under any circumstances! Your order will be wrong 100% of the time. The customer service is horrible. I thought once they remodeled the place that things will improve, but I was wrong.

Patrick Shick

Legit as usual

Baptiste de Miollis

We had coucher of 12 usd due to flight delay. People working here told us "we don't accept this vouxher because it is canadian money" even so it was clearly indicated that we could use it for any food in airport. The voucher also clearly stated 12 USD... Very disrespectful

uxia olsson

nothing special but clean

ryan pang

Iiesha was great

Pam Lewis

The food was great as always and the worker in the drive thru was really nice


Very clean! Good customer service. The gentleman who dropped our food off at our table, offered to go back and grab us sauces. I don't go to Wendy's ever but I think I will visit more regularly. I was honestly very impressed. Make sure you download the Wendy's app for coupons and deals!

Taylor Abner

I have never experienced such horrible customer service. They got my order wrong twice. Two girls stood behind the counter talking about me and laughing. My gate was right across from the Wendy's and even as I was sitting waiting for my plane, they continued to talk about me so I could hear. Absolutely ridiculous.

Cody Nichole Dallas

Wendys is Wendys anywhere you go, it is quick, easy and convenient. If you want a quick cheap burger, it is a good place to go.

Marcus Galbreath

Excellent experience

Chris Woolsey

Completly dirty with terrible service

D Gray

Slow service

Byron Maldon


jaws martin

Amy Pirie

Friendliest staff I've ever seen at a fast food restaurant, Patricia was funny, and sweet!

Bob Coleman

Very busy but food was hot

Ed Kraus

Worst service ever... the woman running the counter would rather be somewhere else honestly

Guy Gainer

Friendly staff and good selection

kileya robinson

Food is cooked all the way, but they do have long lines.

Emily Eddens

Really liking the remodeled look. Really like the service and the food is still good. Consistent with the drive orders and decent wait time for order to window.

Todd Bealer

Super friendly staff. If you like Wendy's, it's great. Menu is abreviated though. Best part was the staff. Super friendly with great customer service!

Paul Faulkner

4 for 4

Steven Davis

I love Wendy's. However this store in my opinion needs some Serious improvement. The burger was like it sat there for 3 days, it was hit and juicy as I have hoped. The store was clean, but the seats were still wet from cleaner. The crew member need to take pride in their work. No one person greeted me or saw me and my friend as we dined in and saw how the food was. Let's step it up.

Cayla Armatti

Typical Wendy's. Predictable but tasty burgers, fries, and frostys.

Bernardo Serpa

Worst Wendy’s I’ve ever been

Omar Marquez

Pí Sí

Great staff. Cheap. Straight in the airport.

April McGhar

Some of the employees are very rude and don't smile or say anything other than the total.

Raquel Centeno

We arrived to the restaurant last minute due to a late connecting flight and an exhausting customs process. Upon calling us to make our order, Michael (Manager) greeted us. He was so friendly and helpful even though we were keeping him past his time. We truly appreciate Michael's great customer service and kindness; which was much needed as we were very hangry and beat! Thank you!

Myla Baby

Best breakfast sandwiches money can buy

Carmenita Burch

Slow service, sandwich not completely done, and did not get my frosty.

Lorraine Hill

Their customers service was very nice and my order were quick and my food was hot

Renee Tatusko

Staff are very accommodating to modifying orders to suit the taste of customers.

Carol Arnold

Friendly employees, restaursnt not so clean though

Robert J

Clean friendly staff always a treat.

Billy Roberts

Love their burgers and frosties

Rachel Harper

Decent food, good speed, reasonably friendly.

Josefina Villa

Terrie Teufel

Person taking order was very rude an short with us store was dirty I love Wendys this was my first time here an my last...

Carolyn harris


Billy Simpson

The lady taking my order was rude and short with me while ordering. Did say thank you, poor customer service and who ever was working inside was shouting obscenities and trying to make a scene. I ignored them, got my food and drove off. Poor place to bring your business to.

Tanuu Bojengles

This particular Wendy's consistently messes up my orders. You definitely need to double-check your order from here.

Tom Tunnell

Good food and great staff

Matt Brewer

Nice clean restaurant. Good food. Friendly staff. No complaints. :)

Helen Seymore

Clean and the food is good

david ward

Roga Dean

Not what I'm use to

Robert Savello

Wendy's. Very friendly. Almost over the top, but not in a bad way. In my opinion, Wendy's has the best fries. This location nails it on quality. Haven't had them screw my order up, which I can't say for the other locations. But at least it's not like Carl's Jr where they had me pull around and straight up forgot about us. Wendy's has never forgotten us.

jesse clarkson

This is a good change of pace from McDonalds. Burgers are better. For some reason they do not salt the french fries. I would suggest ordering a deal like 4 for $6. The combo meals get a little ridiculous in price. Every once in a while the wait will be ridiculous. Eat sparingly if you value your health.

Savanna Sawyer

Worst Wendy's I've ever had . You go to places like this assuming it's going to be the same whenever you go.. told they have something, I buy it then get a bag full of something else to compensate. Horrible customer service.

tonys transportation service Antonio young

Didn't wait long at all

Bettina Stoutmire McGhee

Love that fruit tea...tried the 4 for 4 I like everything but them nuggets...

Lusiano Coronado

Always have loved this location..even tho I should be staying away from fast food; cant help it when the customer service is great and the food is always made correctly!

Thomas m

Cold food

Kevin Gee

Its Wendy's

Jessica Simpson

Fast service!

Fred Martan

I ordered here last night it was the best experience I have ever had at a fast food restaurant. I remember a young woman Vanessa was warm and kind when taking my cash. My food was hot and fresh the new alvacado chicken was great I'll be returning!

Amy Miller

Great food and great service

Philip Roberson

Good food and service

David Arieno

Always enjoy the many food com b os

a purple crayon

Food itself was great only problem was they forgot my lemonade drink and got me the wrong ice cream order. Other then that it was great

Evelyn Blandino

As far as fast food goes, my experience here was decent. The service was average and so was the food. But, I was disappointed with the way they handled the wait. Part of my order wasn't ready so I pulled around front to wait for it. They gave me the fries so while I sat, waiting for the chicken my fries got colder and flimsier. I would have enjoyed all of my food being given to me at the same time, even if I had to wait.

Andrew Wilson

Service was slow but the food was warm

Tousif Ahmed

Very expensive. The size of the burger was small compared to the price. This was my first time at Wendy's. I am not going any other Wendy's on Earth.


We were traveling on our way back to Florida through Alabama and stopped here. The employees were nice but the place was dirty. Floors were sticky and gross. I didn't order anything to eat but did order a coke. Got back on the road and discovered it was tea.

Frances LeLava

Always hot food hot as In freshness! Tudor locations the best.

Jacob Lunsford

Always great

Quanda Crosskey

The drive thru line didn't move smoothly. I ordered 1 kid's meal that order was incorrect. And due to the fact they have the doors locked I had to walk up on another customer in the drive thru getting his food to get the burger for the kid's meal. I ordered the $5 JBC meal. The burger wasn't the right one( should've checked that before I left) the fries was cold and the nuggets. Very disappointing experience at this Wendy's location.


my worst sandwich

Kendra Johnson

Customer service is extremely poor. It took the cashier 5+ minutes to take my order. I pulled up to the window and waited an extra 5 minutes for someone to come to the window. My chicken nuggets were halfway cooked. Won't be visiting for a while...hopefully they hire more attentive & friendly employees (especially cashiers)

Travis Keene

Best chicken sandwich in town.

Jessye B.

Went through the drive thru after midnight...typical Saturday night crowd but good service and fresh food...just wish I didn't have to ask for FRESH fries EVERY single time I visited but that's typical for a fast food place...all in all great place

Kevin Howell

All of the workers we so nice. Polite. Needed it after a long flight. Thanks.

Ron Sanders

Good food and fast and reasonable!

Barbi Miller

Customer service was awesome despite a patron yelling obscenities at her child. That woman was my only bad experience here

Eric Showalter

Phoenix airport Wendy's, bad fries. The were limp, greasy, and had bruised potatoes. The rest was normal good quality.

zeia benji

I don’t recommend going here AT ALL I use to work here first of all everyone is sneaky they all talk bad about each other and have nasty attitudes they rush on your food and give out the wrong orders the managers abuse their power worst place you could go very unsanitary as well .

Vince Vega

They make a good cheese burger. I had a Dave's double and it was tasty and fresh veggies.

Austin Pfeifer

Amazing food and service

Misty Gonzalez

I was very disappointed with the manager when we had a minor complaint regarding the server that made a mistake on our order. The manager was very aggressive towards us stating we should just eat the incorrect food to reduce the company's costs. Needless to say, we won't be returning to this establishment. I must add that we were very courteous and non-aggressive, we simply requested that the correct dish be served. He actually began yelling at us for not wanting the incorrect food and created a very embarrassing scene.

David Ransom

Love Wendy's chili

Quinn Peterson

They got my order mixed up once

andrea bess

People was very nice

David Harmison

Warren Whitlock


saundra stewart

Rude drive thru teller

Joy Wanless

The new manager he is really nice there I almost fell Sunday night in front of Wendy and he came to see if I was OK..

Clifford Morgan

What you would expect from a Wendy's at an airport.

Kathy MacLeod

Best place in the world

Nate M

Clean, nice place, fast service

Melinda Starrberry

Nice clean and fast . Not wild about a lot of fast food places . But it was hot and tasted freshly made ...

Jane Grant

Good food, friendly staff who acknowledged errors and made it right.

Samantha Newhouse

Mango drink is delicious

Susan Wimenta

Love Wendy's but customer service girl just told me I had to pay .50 for extra salsa and stand in back of the line when I just paid $35 for food. I mean really Wendy's are you that cheap that you can't afford to give a long time customer an extra salsa? Guess I'm never going back to your chain store again until you fix your salsa policy.

Dr. Art Epstein

This one's on top of the Wendy's leader board for messed up orders. Half the time your order won't be complete. The other half, they'll be out of something. Definitely not typical of most Wendys.

angela johnson

This is the second time in the past two weeks that I have come here after 9p and you have to sit in drive thru and wait 10-15min before anyone takes your order even after we saw someone stick their head out of the drive thru window. While we waited at least 5 car drove off during the time it took us to get our food. Once someone finally came on the drive thru intercom, they said the system had to reboot and it would be another 15-20 min, right after he gets off the intercom a lady said can I take your order. They are always out of something, tonight it was chocolate frosty and last time it was baked potatoes. The the manager was the person taking our order and serving us, guess what. No hospitality what so ever just rudeness. The only reason I come here is because it is the closest one to my house, ugh. Very disappointed!

Tanya Franklin

Slow service, but staff was polite

Jacqueline Stinson

They have problems with there co worker's

Brian G

Exactly as pictures represent, tasted amazing, the young man whom took our order was super helpful and cheerful as well. Highly recommend this location if u are at Providence Hospital in Anchorage.

Genuinely DIVINE

I love the food and service, the staff is efficient and courteous.

C Walsh

Great crew, who are friendly and work well together. (Many have been there for years, quite remarkable for a fast food place.)Fast service. Good value. Please add more vegan options.

Brian Chipman

Sometimes I go here because I know they'll hand me someone else's order instead of my own. So if you like living on the edge and the mystery of opening a bag not knowing what you're going to get. Wendy's on Tudor is for you.

Michael IMikye

Patties were not cooked well

Peter Galeana

This wendys rocks. There fast and good customer service. There food is always hot when we get it. It feels like its fright off the Grill.

Lacie Lambe

The staff is always so helpful and friendly.

Duke of Curb

Good fast food

Jose Morales

Great burgers or anything else you are craving no pizza but the chili is good nice environment and friendly staff

Sarah Corneilla

Great juicy burgers

Paul Barta


adrien lee

Great customer service very up beat and thoughtful employee's

Shivonne Hernandez

Love their salad options!

Eddie Edwards

It is close to my house and is not crowded. But hard to get in and out of.

Danny Alaska

Friendly service, food was awesome, well kept and clean dining area.

Reverend Richard Haahr

It's a chain, better than other options. Good is often better than i expect. Never had a bad service experience. Biggest thing to remember is that any nationwide deals are more expensive up here, so the $0.50 frosty is $0.99 here.

Cecy Izar

Jerry Taylor

Great food

Levado Lawson

Great food


Wendy's is known for being the cleanest fastfood restaurant. This location was proof! The aesthetics are very pleasing. We had chicken nuggets with Awesome sauce. Very good.

Tom Bresnahan

Waited 10 minutes for a spicy chicken sandwich, just that, no fries or drink... Then walked away with it to later find out they didn't put tomato on it. No mention of why, just missed one of 4 ingredients that go on the bun. Quality customer service.

Shannon Hartley

This Wendy's is so friendly and clean. One of the best I've been too. They welcome you. Nice when you need something fast.

darryl Stokes

Great food

carl hudson

Always good

putrus andilious

Very good

Pierre Howard

I enjoyed the food so much and Stacy was incredible would definitely be back really good and clean atmosphere

John Via

Great service!

Henrik Ahlström

Cold n took a good 20 min to get the good n they were not in a rush

Susan Encinas

It was fair the chilli wasn't even ready

Yvonda Schermerhorn

Well all I will say I work at Sky Harbor and to honest Wendys is great food fast and affordable.when you can get a tasty fresh burger, fry and a drink tea for me always great tasting and fresh as well and all for a little over 5 dollars that's happyness. Especially when other establishments charge 10.95 for just one hotdog nothing else with it so yes Wendy's and the great staff high five.

Erica Danner

The food is ok

James Goodson

James Parrish

Fast service, but lobby seems to always be hot to sit

kevin garland

Was second person in line and cashier looked up at me and said they were closing but served the person in front of me....

will n

Its literally fast food. You go to one you've been to them all.

Keera Fountain

The absolute worse, slow and on top of being slow they still give you the wrong food and my burger had a dead fly on it

Miss Kesha

Great service

Brian Dockery

Pippi long stockings serves a mean baconator and I do not deny myself a tasty frosty!!!

Elizabeth Kiddle

They have some great salad options now! The strawberry one was really good and a great single serving size.

Michael Owens

Great staff and very good food

Brandon Thomas

I come to this Wendy’s often and they are always closing extremely early, like Around 1220 AM and the hours of operation end at 1 am

scrappy 1010

The service is always great and this location has the BEST baconator fries!

Carolyn Foster

Very poor service extremely long wait inside and drive thru and only two customers when i walked in and they had been waiting for awhile...i ordered chili and no beans or meat only onions and peppers as if water was added to stretch it. JUST AWEFUL!!!

Rosemarie Noble

Best fast food around.

Chasity Brown

Was out of everything I tried to order

Valerie Langford

My order was wrong.

Brian Preble

Maybe the best option out of fast-food burgers in town. Still a form of poison and lowers your life expectancy!

Lacoy Allen

So almost everytime I come here there is something they can't make in the middle of the day not even night time the food taste soggy, gross and unsanitary, I would avoid this place

terry crossley

Good burgers

Chris Dowds

Typical location, staff ok, nice building.

Norman Long

We had great service great food and pleasant surroundings nice new store.

Jourdan Trujillo

Just went here, nice person at the window, but gave me some random cheap hamburger in one of my meals instead of the Spicy Chicken Asiago burger that I ordered. Tried calling the store several times and nobody answers the phone. They were not even very busy when I left which was only about 15 minutes before I called. I will change my review and rating if I can get some kind of response from them.

Dan Douthit

Not a fan of the breakfast bread on our sausage and egg sandwich.

Chea Vang

Great food but they forgot to add bacon that I paid for thanks

nick mcdaniel

Its Wendy's, what more can I say ?

Nyssa Jones

I some how missed that I could get the baconater as a double or triple (1 or 2 additional patties) but my cashier asked if wanted either and my world was changed forever. Great burger, fries and drink. Service was friendly and quick. Atmosphere was modern and clean.

Juliette S

It took a long time in the drive thru and took a minute to get my food.

Sharolyn Wyeth

The restaurant is clean & the manager was nice.

Byron Keaton

Love Wendy's, but my favorite 4 for 4 deal is not available this location as with all airport fast food locations.

Melissa Tydingco

T Mc

A bacon cheese potato Caesar salad and a 6 piece nugget for about 6 bucks can't beat that in Sky Harbor in Arizona!

Jerrold Bell

Clean and fast service.

Shnique Nettles

I waited in the drive thru line for 17 minutes. I saw more people drive way than placed orders. I should have done the same, because my baconator fries we're not even done.

Larry Bostwick

I'm here most every morning. They are always very friendly and the food is always fresh and hot. Very good. Fast service. Great staff.

Steven Conway

sean mills

Where's the beef

Wade Stewart

Angie Parker

The burger was so hot and fresh !

Stephanie McLemore

Lines are too long in drive thru

Lisa Tucker

It's fast, efficient and delicious!

TJ Parsons

christopher unruh

Solid food for an airport

Nick Hawk

Good food. But I really like the restroom. Clean. Neat. But they got a pretty nice gap between the door and the wall. So if someone walks in while you're doing a deuce, you can accidentally lock eyes.

Brittany gilbert

waited in line 16 minutes for someone to come to microphone and take my order.

Juan Brown

My experience with them was horrible. There was a long line. Once I was able to order, it took the girl 3 times to get it right. They didn't have tomatoes, lettuce or kid toys. I waited for a while for my food. I specifically asked for no mayo but my sandwich had it anyway. I called the manager to get a credit because they were on the other side of the airport. He told me he didnt know if he could do that. He wanted to argue on the phone with me about how busy they were instead of trying to resolve my issue. I will never eat there again.

Nelson Montalvo

Good place to eat

Nykesha Kindrick

Love the big bag

Katrina Abeel

They have great service. Always jolly people at night. I will visit again.

jasmine morgan

Cyndy Syverson

Eric Lewis

The Wendy's in Montgomery might have had an update to the store but the food was just bad

Pete Guillory


Amelia Blackwood

50 cents Frosty's (small size)....'nuf said!!!!!


It was OK for fast food. The milk shakes are very good. The fries are better than McDonald's

Todd Erickson

It's a Wendy's....but, nice inside

Cynthia Huffman

Good deals

George Jones V

Always a great decision to go to Wendy's on 3p3 and Bell.

Kennroberts2 3928263

Average Wendy's. Nothing stands out s good or bad.

Ram Davuluri


Brandon Gonzales

Good food, but not high quality.

100 Real

Drive through cashier's tone was a little rough. I dont think that she was intentionally rude just not intentionally polite either

Sheri LeDue

Usually my order is correct, but this last time EVERYTHING was wrong, and the drive thru girl was quite rude, and seemed put-out by having to redo my order.

Jason Tomberlin


Nikki Blue

I ordered a chicken but and a double cheeseburger and there was a strange taste to my cheese burger like fish like it had been grilled or dipped in fish oil but the rest of the meal was great so I gave them a four because the restaurant was clean and the people were kind.

Jima S

Love the peppercorn burger it juicy and full of flavor

Len Trimmer

Best fast food hamburger. I like their baked potato instead of all the other places' nasty fries.

Edward Montenegro

Food is fresh and fast. Wendy's has always been good.

Christine Morgan

Fast service, good staff and decent food.

Leland Jones

Great for a place to hangout with friends from UAA! It is a great location heading East on Tudor road. Grab a quick bite and hangout later. Service can be a little pushy around closing hours, however they always give a nice clear warning to get your final frostee and refills before they shut off the machines!

William Najera

Ate here twice when visiting Anchorage. These guys were the friendliest people I encountered. :) Gold star for customer service.

Edward Hammons

Food was typical fast food. Price was more then I expected. No lines. Nice and quiet

Jamil Zyadeh

Jo Smyth

This particular location was in a seedy part of Montgomery which by definition is a seedy city to begin with. However staff was nice and food was fast.

Matthew Higinbotham

I am so impressed! I’ve been around rude airport employees all day and I didn’t expect anything different here. But as I ordered the lady made sure she got everything right and when I ordered a cookie she said “hmm. This cookie is a little hard. I’ll give you 2 for the price of one!” Like what? A free cookie because the first one is a little hard? It made the expensive price that wasn’t her fault seem worth it! She kept calling me sweetheart and was just so friendly! She made sure I knew about the coupon on the receipt too!

Prathamesh Deshpande

The place is filled with half-witted people. That is perhaps the reason they were extremely rude to me. I was refused to place an order for no reason as soon as I got there even before I uttered a single word. If you see this place in Google search, I suggest that you pretend it does not exist, if you care about your time. Also, they don't pickup calls!

Deborah Atwell

Food was hot and fresh. Was at hospital and needed a break for food. Didn't really want fast food but need it fast. Wasn't expecting fresh fries but that's exactly what we got thank God! The hamburger was fresh also!

Debra Weinberg

The BEST fast food. Sometimes things happen, and you need food, if you MUST eat fast food, Wendy's is the best. BEST in taste, freshness, Nutrition and value.

Edward Shavings

I'd give wendys a higher star rate as customer service is great. I ordered Daves double burger and was very filling however the fries way too oily..

Eddie Harris

Nice place to get a quick meal and pleasant food



Thomas Pouncey

Usually fast but something must be going on tonight cause was asked to pull up to wait for 10 minutes.

Toia A. Thompson


ashley brink

Horrible serivce. I got belittled by the cashier when I asked her to remake my food because the girl stuck her hand in my frosty. I'd go hungry before I take my worst enemy here

Carol Vance


Joshua Fox

Better than Mickey D's and Buger King

Christopher McDonald

Pricy but good food.

Mike Bolitho

It's Wendy's, what can ya say?

adrian giovanelli


Karen Bell

Good food



Tiffany Young


Lia Nutter

Asked for a baconator and large lemonade. Got a cheeseburger and small lemonade. After having to yell at the drive thru speaker because they couldn't hear me.

Lori Noble

Good quality drive thru food

Terry Hollingshead

Up to playing too tired not sure if that's exactly what I wanted to eat but it was close and convenient

Bonnie Riley

Ok gentlemen respectful and charming

Nathan Peter

The store was clean, seems Wendy's is starting to get more expensive though :(

Rozay Tha Chief

Its ok not the best Wendy's

Carlos Gutierrez

They ask you want to upgrade your drink when You order a combo, You do and they charge full price for both.

Lesa Chambers

Newer store. Clean & tidy. Service quick & efficient.

Antrenntla Coleman

Best food

Iesha Renee Comedy

Great Experience!

The Fat Theist

The closing time is different every day. If it is after 8 I wouldn't expect them to be open.

Jackson Nascimento

Étienne Pot

The women on the counter could not take my order properly. I ended being charged more.

Juanita King

The air isn't working so it feels like an oven in the lobby area; other way that the service was great.

Joy C

Horrible service. Poor customer service. Was served a greasy burger. The cook fried the burger in grease.

Miranda Davis

Fantastic staff fast service

Thomas Franklin



Not the best but it will do

M. Park

It's wendy's. Personally, I think Wendy's burger is nicer than McDonald's.

Charles Holt

Service needs improvement

Yolanda Jones

Ok food

Thurimen Mitphen

It's Wendy's, and my opinion is that this one is the best one in town.

mike bibby


Robert McGhee

Long wait after 10 pm. The food was fresh.

Michele D

Check your order. Didnt get food requested. And at the airport not like i can go back..

Thomas Huettl

Breakfast until 10:00. It's 9:53 and I can no longer order a panini? Not the first time with issues, but definitely the last time!

Valecia Anderson

Need better service

Wendy Brown

Rude employees! They really don't want to work

Deborah Cardwell

Just meant for us to stop there

Jeffrey Smith

Wrong hours

Diane Schultz

Great service & prices.

Shawnita Jones

The service was not besit's best. Cashier took one order at a time and there wasnt even any costumers in the store.

Scott Gentry

This has got to be the worst Wendy's I have ever been to. The service was atrocious, and the slowest ever.

Joseph Harris

This location was hot and full of flies. Flies filled the lobby. Not a good look.

Tabetha Bynum

Store was open. All doors were locked with customers inside

Tom Jones

One word, Wendys, clean, very warm customer service and by far the friendliness Wendys Ive been to here in Anchorage, fresh hot fries and all sandwiches were put together with care.

Tracy Frederick

Terrible service at the drive thru. We waited 10 minutes while watching employees smoking and playing at the back door. No one bothered to tell us the drive thru was out of order. We finally pulled forward and the cashier told us it was out of order. She was very unapologetic and acted like she didn't care that we had waited so long. Where was the manager ? How can you run a shift like that ?

Bryan Mulvaney

Service absolutely SUCKS!!!!

Mr. Brett Kirk

Love the baconator. Because bacon bacon and bacon.

Cap Vandut

Just lime every other Wendy's

Suezanne JESSIKA RABBIT Keller-Coffey

Awesome service and food

Hansol Rheem

I had a hope to eat dave's double but it was closed and i was there way before the closing time

Cynthia Morrell

Great food and service

Allen Brimm

Garrett Perman

It's an airport location so half the menu double the price.

Danette Green

Quick service for a Wendy’s burger at the airport.. fries where only half full but I paid full price

John Crawford

A great a** atmosphere

Habtom Bahre

Service was good but no 4 for 4

Christie Cuevas

Fast and easy

Matt Maxey

Clean venue, professional service, and the quality of food is on par with other Wendy's venues

David McAdoo

Wendy's has good service and is tasty foods. 4 for 6 is a swell deal.


Omg I am crying the manager was the sweetest... 3/15/18 8:30 pm .... she blessed me .... more then she knows ... And the employees where all singing and enjoying there job ... Makes me wanna move here even more ..... Amzing conversation with tehe gals working also thanks for making this hard departure a lil easier

rob lingstuyl

They use coffee pots and would not pour the coffee into my mug forcing the use of a throw away container and lid.

Janay Ashley

The drive thru speaker was very low and I couldn't hear the cashier but the food was hot. I requested a Lg drink and she charged me for a large combo. I didn't realize it until I drove off. Not kool but at least the food was hot.

Robin McKindy

It's there when you're right there and hungry. Better than nothing

Daniel Pompa Jr

Its fast food what do you expect....but be sure to check your order before driving off!!!

paul netzel

9/10 times the food here comes out so hot it need to wait a minute to cool off. its a new store layout so all the orders go much faster than other wendy's in the area. everybody who works here is cool and comfortable and friendly enough to chat with.

Aundrey Lewis

Work next door, so you thinking you can run in right quick and get something. Nooooooo slow, nasty, rude,

Lucie Langa

This Wendy's is great! I hate flying, but this crew makes it better. They know what's up! Anshanice was perfect, and I got my food in like 30 seconds.

Joules Evergreen

Weird people show up here. Dude was publicly swearing and causing a ruckus. Dude outside yelled at my gf and I. One of their managers had their kids running around being annoying without putting an effort into controlling them.

Melanie Carmichael

Make my order the way I want please

John Cadiente

Keytags ice cream is a genius idea. I can tell you how many times we buy things togo with our free ice cream.

Bud Boggy

Cheery staff is what stands out here. Food is like most all Wendy's. Restaurants.

terrance green

There are good candidates for fast food good services and all on time

Mary Jones

Very good food

Emanuel López Concepción

(Translated by Google) Good place (Original) Buen lugar

Tiffany Flynn

I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and it wasn't freshly cooked it looked dry and overcooked I asked for a refund and it was granted

Kate Mchugh

Fast service

Steve Ano



The customer service here has always been wondeful. Every time we stop here they are friendly, fast, helpful, & patient. I always get hot food the fries are always fresh. The sitting area is always clean and soda station is clean and stocked.

Vanessas Vlogs

The customer service was cool I guess . I ordered the cod , but come to find out it was old so I ordered a spicy chicken sandwich only to get home and see they got the order wrong completely. ...

Erin Boccucci

Friendly and fast

Wanda Pittman

They paid no attention to people in the store Was 2 busy with drive thru. Didn't speak or care about people in front of them

June Martin

Had my first Berry Burst salad and it was fresh and delicious-finally a fresh salad from an awesome fast food eatery! Thank you!

felicia gray

Love it

Travis Estes

Was a bit messy unfortunately. Itz wasn't busy either. Managment needs to crack the whip a bit and get those teenage to clean the tables and floor.

Joshua Hassel

Flight delayed 1.5 hours needed some food. Looked at website. Wendy's open til 11 PM Friday night. Cool. It's on the opposite side of terminal 4 but it's only 8:45 I will be good. Walked the half mile then get told they closed at 8:50. Called the manager and he said we always close before 9. UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE THEN!! I will be contacting corporate.

Wade Goggin

Slow, clearly they dont like their job

William Henderson

Friendly and quick and accuracy was a plus

Kia Walker

Slow service.

Trey Eastman

Went though the drive thru the other day, and I was greeted by princess sparkles of this Wendy's location although said Fair Lady had a strangely deep voice for being a princess, she was extraordinarly patient with us as we decided our order and was very quick 10 out of 10 would do again!

Shirley Difilippantonio

Nice place but they have picnic table type tables. They are not comfortable. The food was good.

Ruby Thomas

Lovely experience. When your order is ready for pickup they call your NAME not some number. I got the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. I love them and when you bite into them the lettuce and tomato cool and not wrinkly from heat and the burger and cheese is warm you get to taste the best of the hot and cold at the same time.

Aaron Gates

One of the cleanest fast food joints around. friendly staff who aren't impatient even if they are in a hurry. big shout out to Lovall, super helpful and aware of his surroundings, barely had to see my frosty tag before he had put it on there. really great guy and a very homey place to be 10/10

Bethany Myles

Impeccable service! Came here for an easy dinner with my family of 5. The woman who took our order was kind and didnt give us the normal eye roll that we get with 5 people ordering during an evening rush. Our order was for 5 so it took a little longer, probably a little longer than we would have expected but the gentlemen who was pulling the order together apologized for the wait and offered us a free frosty. I told him, no worries, we were okay and then the woman who took our order came up and asked why we were still waiting and offered us 5 small frosty's. I declined the kind offer but she helped me carry the trays of food to our table and made sure we were all set. This "fast food" dinner took a smidge longer than I would have expected but the kindness they showed was so priceless. Our food was on point and we were able to enjoy our dinner. No one cares about great service anymore and they had impeccable service. I will go out of my way to go here again. Thank you for your customer service! You have an amazing team and we appreciate you.

iyiana marie

Aalaya and Maranda were so nice hope to come back from my trip to see them again

Mark Post

Actually don't eat fast food but when I do I enjoy Wendy's. The quality is usually all right but things have changed since Dave Thomas passed away.

Kalia Baker

There is an inconsistency with the amount of gravy that goes on their bowl. Their “standard is one scoop” well mine was still completely dry. When asking for more because I felt I did not get the full one scoop the lady rolled her eyes and looked at me and said that’s the standard size and walked away. Instead of giving me the fair amount she insisted I get back in line (8 people ahead of me) to pay the extra $1 or whatever charge for the second scoop. I am very unhappy and would not recommend Wendy’s for your choice of breakfast while traveling. VERY low standards.

Tristin Horton

messed up my entire order

Enoch Mickels

Latisha Brown


Calanda Marks

Great customer services. Good environment.

Edward Maze

The A/C was not working. They say it will take a week before the broken part come in.

Adrien Romero

The people here are very friendly and courteous.

Soynia Goodwin

They need to work on having menu items in store.

Oni Kitsune

Better than McDonald's


Okay - I'm a big fan of Wendy's in general, but wow. The frosty had a soured taste (bad milk maybe?), the fries were both overdone and soggy, and the burger was the coldest, saddest version of a burger that I've ever personally seen. The workers were friendly, but this level of food at lunch time? Yikes. I would choose the McDonalds one concourse over when compared with this Wendy's, sad as I am to say.

Larry Y

Inconvenient location to enter and exit. My order was correct and the burgers were hot and juicy but my fries were cold. This establishment is very old and the parking lot needs repaving.

Marcus James

Good fast food here!!

Eric Morales

Cheri Borders

Great salads

Jeff Charlesworth

Good was good and the woman who took my order was exceptional. Great peronality.

fred hernandez

Ran out of frosty, WHAT!!???

Mr. 44

Great service

Flex Zone

The food is great here

Ryan Stafford

$$$ Prices Listed Below $$$ The drive thru is fast and the employees are very polite! Brand new Wendy's on East Tudor! The food tastes great including the desserts. Come inside and relax, it's really nice in here. There is a TV in here too! If this review was helpful please click the Like button. March 2019 (1) Dave's Double Combo Meal (Medium): $10.98 Feb 2019 (1) Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo Meal: $10.78 (1) Classic Chocolate Frosty (Large): $2.99 Tax: $0.00 Sept 2018 (1) Chocolate Chunk Cookie: $1.59

James Fischer

Avoid at all costs!!!! Can't get anyone to take your order. Took 15 minutes to get food and I was the 3rd person in line. Most employees just stood around and talked to each other and never did a thing.

Chris Pittner

Brenda VanTassel

Good food but fires were very very salty

James Muchowicz

Poor customer service, the trash was over flowing, they were out of napkins and the only thing the employees said about the napkins was "Go to the bathroom and get paper towels"

Joel Mendez

(Translated by Google) Rich hamburgers (Original) Ricas hamburguesas

Michael J Dotters

It was just fine

Skylynn87 Staffney

Has a very stupid no refund policy...i just gave you my money not happy with the service...& you telling me i can't get my money back...ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

Mary Sanford

Very nice place to eat, very clean, and nice customer service

Douglas Loven

food was good. Service was slow as hell.

Kevin Allen

Speedy service courteous associates and fresh Food!

Vicente Glez

Bad service

shirin parandi

I love their salads.

Jean Brasher

Personnel are rude!

Myrriah Byers

Its 4 star of you go inside. The people are REALLY friendly and chatty if it's not too busy. HOWEVER, in the drive thru we always check our order...we almost always just go in, just easier.

pittman john

The food was over cooked

Maxine Bailey

Even though this bldg received a full remodel- the staff should have received a make over also.

Kim Runyon

The food was fresh

Tuigana McDermott

Most of the time this place is good and the employees are nice. Just pulled out with a cold sandwich and fries with an impatient window clerk at midnight. This branch may be catching onto the "Once it sells it doesn't need to be good" business model that most Anchorage fast food eventually falls into.

Rita Pauli

Drive thru person was unfriendly. She messed up the order and was not happy about having to fix it. Food was messy.

Jenna L G

Was so hungry i hadto finish but the quality in food is not good and lemonade was Way to pulpy aside from its usual all natural lemonade.

Rodney Washington

Good service and food

Hosea Jose

No chicken strips

Gail Hines

Service was slow. Requested extra salt but did not get when food was finally brought to vehicle. Nothing stood out to make me want to return. Fries were limp and bland.

Tyrone Weston

James Tafu

Frosty is the best thing ever! Fries are the best fast food has to offer and this Wendy's is always putting out quality

Joshua Simonsen

Good bathroom

Michael Sena

It's Wendy's.

Daniel Turrubiartes

David Piedrahita

Good, but the lines are too long and takes for ever, I was waiting for like 10 minutes before the other vehicles starting moving, over all is good food, but more expensive than other fast food restaurants

Janet Chappell

Love it

Timothy Williams

Horrible customer service...This Wendy's has got to be the worst of them all. I've been to this Wendy's twice within one week and there frosty machine is down so I ask why? She gets rude and tell me she turned it off for the night, so I asked her what time you guys close ; cause it's only 11:15.she tells the lady who is speaking threw the microphone to turn it off.

Gigi King

employees are extremely rude and unprofessional, I called to let them know they messed up my order and got hung up on was told they were to busy to take my call I then called back to speak with a manager and was on hold for over 5 minutes the food is good but the people there will be the reason I no longer be a customer mind you i'm an employee at the airport as well poor customer service can kill business !!!!!!

Janice Stevenson

I love Wendy food great service. Quick drive through had to wait for my food a little bit but it wasn't long so service was good.

Chris Taylor

Like others

Jay Hall

Love it n it's my favorite

Niki Scott

Great service and food was freshly made and fries were hot and not over salted.

Sandy Thein

My hamburger looked like a sloppy glopy mess! Every time I took a bite I had to have a napkin in hand so mayo mustard and ketchup didn't find its way to my clothing.

Juan Marquez

Great food with smiles

YTRapid Jack

It was awesome definitely reccomend

Donovin Blueford

Great atmosphere, friendly & great service

Thermyn King-Jones

I should have know when the lady told me they didn't have strawberry lemonade at 6:30pm I should have driven off then. I decided to get a sprite. Then she yells out" we ain't got no bbq sauce " customer service was shot out the window. The food was cold and disappointing. I will not be returning ever again.

Jenpo Jenpo

Great value

Brian Greer

Packed the wrong order,food was dry

Dominique Lee

My food was hot, fresh and DELICIOUS!!!!

Christina bread

Food was hot service was fast. ♨️

Erica Davis

Very professional and order was accurate and fresh!

alberto lugo padilla

(Translated by Google) Excellent (Original) Excelente

James Mead

Nowhere nearly enough staff to deal with the amount of customers. Seems pointless to operate a place when it's understaffed, thereby loosing business. Try again, Wendy's

Donny Hatcher

For fast food it is pretty good, their frosty's and fries are great.


Love the fries here. Everything else is a bonus.

Liz J

Found out they have the cheapest price for bottled water in the airport.

T-L Carter

It's slow

Brian O

Your typical Wendy's. This location has been remodeled to the newest standard for the chain (2015/16). The inside seating is modern, clean and inviting. The drive-thru is a little tight and cramped with full parking when the location is busy. The food is typical and the service varies widely depending on the staff. Wait times seem to be very quick to not so quick. Perhaps the new (5/2019) "DoorDash" delivery service is the reason? I still prefer this location if I'm in the area, hungry, and need to grab & go.

David Pt

Wendy's on Tudor is my favorite. Clean, quick order of food. Staff are always kind. And I love when they offer a mint. Good job

Mr. 334 Alabama

Worst Wendy's in Montgomery... I haven't been to this Wendy's in several months and now I know why first I pull in the drive thru and the lady and I use that term loosely is extremely unprofessional once I place my order they proceed to tell me they don't have any ice never the less I proceed with my order bad mistake once I get my food and proceed to pull off I check my back and see they gave me what's supposed to be a large fry 1/3 of the way full of cold fries I go inside and at this point I'm pissed keep in mind I never asked to be comped for the lack of ice paid full price for the meal and still received horrible service and that's being kind... Long story short after a few choice cuss words I got my money back and I caution you save your money and time and visit any other Wendy's or restaurant of your choice but do not and I repeat do not patronize this restaurant they need to close it down and bull doze it

Trasi Armstrong

Love the food as always, since I first went there. I stopped McDonalds. Finally tried McDonalds too but I prefer Wendys.

Miguel Garcia

(Translated by Google) Very rich (Original) Muy rico

Doug McCloud

Decent service, access to location could be better for EB traffic.

Teeven Lee

Great place

Beloved Price

The good is cook fresh and hot

Deshawn Williams

Great service

L M Bickham

We ordered a take out.very good Chilli. Need Better intelligent personal.there to watch over them in times they had to deal with.Someone to look out for employees

Shalonda Davis

Great customer service !!

katie jenkins

Got here at 5:05 in desperate need for coffee. Website says they open at 5. I see two workers lights are in and I’m patiently waiting 10 mins go by and I’m getting a little inpatient so I say excuse me are you open, employee just says yes. Ok well can someone help me out here??? She looks around and sees no one at the counter and says hold on and walks to the back and calls her coworker/Manager. She tells me she’ll be out in a few minutes. No apology or sorry we’re runninf behind. It’s now 5:18 and the employee/Manager finally comes to the front. She proceeds to make tea and put the frosty machine together again not a word or greeting. She finally comes to register and asks what can I get you. A coffe and an oatmeal simple enough. Her reply we don’t have oatmeal yet. Ok just a coffee then. Not once did she acknowledge it’s 5:20 or so and they’re 20 mins late opening. I’m a reasonable customer and if they simply acknowledged me I wouldn’t be leaving a 1 star review. ☹️

Highclass Gaming

Team members were rude. Food was decent.

Nancy Kelly

awful. fries were stale. burger and chickens sandwich were cold. Got refund and went on our way.

Bernard Sullivan

Everyone in town is real good but for some reason the one on 5th Avenue is not so great keep getting sick after I eat there they're going to stay away from there for a long time sorry for that.

Ron M

Worst experience at Wendy’s ever. Came in at 7 pm. The cashier in the front did not look happy at all. We got our meals and the fries were old and soggy and my burger was very, very greasy. My mom threw the fries out for the birds and an off the clock employee was scolding her for it. Worst customer service. Do don't remcommend. Wendy's is my favorite fast food chain.

MaryAnn Brothers

The service was awful I went over at 5:35 ask if I can have a cup of ice the young lady said no ma'am we don't open till 6:00 a.m. I said all I need is a cup of ice and she repeated we don't open till 6:00 a.m. come to find out She was a manager. Ice is free it would have taken 10 seconds to get a cup of ice the ice ban was right in front of the manager.

K Vidro

Just keep driving....

KC Bowlan

This is the best Wendy's I have ever been to. Delicious food, friendly and engaged staff, and great interior aesthetics. One of the girls was even in full Wendy's getup. Red wig, dress, everything. Everything about my experience was great. I will be coming here again.

JR Rivera

Good meal deals

Nick Peterson

Why does it say open till 11 but closes at 9? Please fix.

Carla Copenhaver

Clean place with friendly staff


Eating good chicken tenders combo meal at the best price & quality in Phoenix airport !

Douglas Christy

Good service. Good chicken fries!

Claude Hammac

Food was average at best.

sean gindhart

bodevin katy

Melody Murphy

My grandbabies like to eat here

Ghingher Erickson

We got there at 10 and realized they had just closed. We went through the drive through and ordered frosty's, 4 for 4 people, every single one was melted! Sad... Come back another day, try again.

Johnny Vivic

I have near-only good things to say about this place. All experiences I've had thus far have been exceptional, and I've had a few. A+ customer service. The young man working the window was bright and peppy, even in light of the time. The one thing I believe can be improved is the fries. 4/5 times I go there, the fries are not crispy. That is my only complaint.

Swagger Stormtrooper

Love the food, great people at every single one I've been too.

Elouise Thomas

Quick lunch

¿? PATIENCE ?¿ Joshua Groves

It's Wendy's ....


I really only like the spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy's. Other than that it was nice fast service. Nothing out of the ordinary of fast food.


Needs new Management. Plain and simple

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