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2597 Cobbs Ford Rd, Prattville, AL 36066, United States

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REVIEWS OF Waffle House IN Alabama

A Naughny Mouse

Sarcasm, singing, and a side of syrup. Eggs to scramble your taste buds. Adore the place! Peanut was a nut well needed.

bebethecheche 2.0

It's okay. It wasn't bad. The food was good. The menu didn't have a lot of options. The restaurant wasn't very big. But it gave off a 1950s diner vibe. Though I wasn't bothered by how confined it is.

Zlyback innex

2 Aug Update: Closed for renovations, unknown when reopening. Staff at this location we're extremely friendly! Other than that, your normal waffle House food, which still hits the spot when looking for quick breakfast food.

Rae Clements

Even though it was busy, the servers were still very attentive. Food was fast, hit, and delicious.

Kyle Killion

Fastest service I've ever had at a restaurant. Food was great. Comfort food stop on the way home from an Auburn game.

Rachel Evans

Such great and friendly service! Got our food super quick and it was great! So much better than the waffle houses in nashville. Almost worth coming all the way out here just for this! If we come back through again, we will stop here again on!!

Bonesa Davis

The service was ok. I ordered my food without onions, but when it came it was full of onions . My dinner guest ordered raisin bread, but received regular toasts. Waiter was real courteous. They can do better.

Haley Snyder

Great food, but I am all about customer service. While mine was good, the waitress and cook were dropping the F-bomb and talking about passing out after hitting a bong. They also talked about their tip amounts which was tacky. Definitely not something I needed to hear while I just wanted to enjoy my breakfast.

Jerry nonsense

What happened to this place I used to have such fond memories of waffle house. I visited one recently and it was overpriced small plates of poor quality food.


Waffle House has been a favorite of mine for decades. My breakfast this time was outstanding. Delicious! And as usual, the service was excellent and friendly!

Kelly Liles

This food is mesmerizing. Mmmm.

Tim Backensto

For most of the time the food is food and they have good service is ok. I say this with the understanding of everyone has a bad day. Most of the servicers are good but like anywhere there is bad servicers.

David VanDyke

Fantastic service, great simple diner fare. You can't go wrong.

Terry Freeman

Good hot food

Ed Alldredge

Nice place to stop for a quick bite to eat

Hamid Qazi

Visited here with some friends. Pretty much a diner. Seen a cockroach running on our table while eating. Advised to get pest control. Customer service is decent. Probably won't visit again.

Lynda Kiefer

I ordered biscuits and gravy, a waffle, biscuits were burnrled, waffle was a flat pancake...I would not go back

Lydia S

It is Waffle House, you know what to expect. Food is what you go there for.... greasy almost sinful American breakfast that you sometimes regret in an hour. The interesting people you see and subtle staff drama is almost as fun as binge watching "Orange is the New Black."

karen tillerson

The cook was fast, and the omelets were perfect! Service was friendly.

Manny Carrasco

Just love waffle House

Sandie Istvan

This Waffle House has got it going on! The singing manager will serve up a smile and the servers will deliver you a meal made to order! The store is always clean while this singing manager is there. I’ve visited this restaurant on many occasions and I notice when the floors and bathrooms need help, but I have yet to see it a mess under this lady’s assistance. Thank you Cobbs Ford Road Waffle House in Prattville! What a pleasure it is to eat in your restaurant! I will return again and again!



Mario Bravo

My chicken is not good sorry a I'm not going back.

Michelle Feminella

This was my first time at Waffle House and honestly I was not impressed. I got a burger with hasborwns. It was just average, nothing special. I’m giving 4 stars only because the staff at this specific location were all incredible! I dined in on Christmas Day and there was a wait but was seated in about 15 mins. I could tell they were doing their best to keep things moving quickly and get people seated. Every member had a huge smile on their face and our waitress was so friendly and happy! I love the energy of the staff but like I said, I wasn’t feeling the food.

Alex Robertson

When we arrived employee was yelling at customers. We waited for about 20 min for any one of the three tables open to be cleaned and wiped which never happened. We even waited 10 more min because we were so hungry but nothing. We saw the line behind us was out the door so we left, terrible customer service wont be returning to this location.

Michael Harvey

Good food and very good and friendly service.

Russell Torrez

Good people that work there with service they are going to lose another location on the other side of highway

Christina T

Very friendly. Recooked my hash browns crunchier for me without any complaints.

Robert Schoonover

The staff was awsom... BUT me and my cousin both got the toilet running down pat within 30mins.

Dee-Anna Drake

Great hashbrowns

Christopher Jaynes

Got an extended lunch so I went here since it wasn't 11am yet. Love the hash browns! Visit the museum in Decatur, GA and the only drive-thru waffle House!

Matt Hansen

Not that good anymore. Place is dirty.

Emma Crawford

Excellent food and service. You get treated like family here. Everyone is kind and treats you with courtesy and care. One of my favourite places to go for Sunday breakfast

Richard Drush

Was great place after a concert for food before heading back to Denver..... Just wished they had Chicken and waffles


Food was good and came quickly. Waitress was very nice.

Educated Respected

The hashbrowns at 2 different Waffle Houses have been slightly more cooked than I like but that is my personal preference. I rarely deviate from healthy food but love their food. I am picky about service also and was very pleased at both locations in Tucson.

Billy Ellison

Great Waffle and Steak and Coffee hope you have a hour or more

Frank Major

Good food nice waitress never had a bad meal

Luke Castle

The selection is poor and the value is horrible.

jeffery van williams

one of the best WH ; comment from cust who used to dine at the 1st WH ( store #1) in Decatur, I know what they're supposed to taste like & how they're supposed to be run. This one ,atop Monteagle, is a 8 on 10 scale.

Amy Duran

Service is fast and always served with a smile any time of the day!!!

Denise Hodgkins

Best place on earth

Chalee Comstock

Good food, and fun staff.

Adriana Davis

Great food went for me and my mom's birthday. Air conditioner was out on one side.

Gloria Dennington

Good food

J. Miranda

Nothing stood out from this place except the excessively damp bathroom. I needed a drink refill and the server sat in the corner with her phone; we couldn't get her attention. My sister's chicken sandwich was raw and when we brought it to the server's attention she tried telling my sister it was cooked thoroughly...yeah seriously stop you're not the one eating it. The cook then cooked it for longer, but get this he didn't remove the chicken from the sandwich. He laid the whole sandwich on it's side on the grill. That did nothing to help cook it more, so I asked if he could cook it thoroughly and he obliged.Then instead he said he'd make it all over which was nice of him. He also got me a drink refill. To the server thanks "Lil' Cherri"...

John Douglas

Great service, food arrived quickly. We were back on the road in no time.

Luis Escalante

Excellent service ((as always)) every time I go there. Eddie, the greeter has a smile on his face.... it makes you forget about your troubles at times., the young waitress that took our order was courteous we do not have to repeat the order to her, Like A Clockwork she kept our cups filled with fresh coffee, the cook prepared our food perfectly... Quite frankly I do not know why I go visit other restaurants. The food is great at Waffle House breakfast lunch or dinner soup steak or sandwich the food is always prepared right in front of you is not Frozen then microwaved... all Waffle House restaurants are great but my favorite one is the one in Tucson Arizona east of Valencia Road by the airport.

Aaron Darkstar

Very Friendly and Hilarious Staff that whips up your food fast as hell while keeping a smile on your face an a great conversation going.

Sherri Hollyfield

We came in for a take out. It took an entire hr just to get our food. I would of just walked out but for some reason....."She asked for payment" before our food was ready. I had no problem with it because I thought that the food was almost ready but an entire hour???!!! I've been to Waffle House's that we're packed with people and never waited that long "after my food was ordered." The staff was very sweet, as I could see and worked very hard but an hr for a "Take out??" They need a better system!

David Evans

Fantastic customer service, amazing food, and all the waffles you could want! It's amazing!

Donovan Schaar

Kaylin is awsome as hell!

Misty Cabral

Breakfast burger

Jeff Carr

Food and service were excellent even though the place was packed.

Richard Bishop

Service lousey

Shantang2 Dope

Amazing as always. Was my twin sisters very first time eating here.. And they definitely did not disappoint. Was my first time trying the waffle there too actually, weird I know.. But it was literally THE BEST WAFFLE I'VE EVER HAD!!!! IT TASTES LIKE CAKE!!!! And my patty melt was amazing Of course!!!! Love this place! What are you waiting for?? Get up and get your butt to waffle house!!!


This place is filthy. My wife and I walked in and set at the bar. When we sat down there were plates in front of us. We waited for 10 minutes for the staff to clear out the plates and give us a menu, but the staff just ignored us. While we were waiting we were disgusted / amazed by how dirty the kitchen was. There was food all over the floor, and about an 8 inch thick layer of burnt waffle batter at the base of all the waffle irons. None of the staff wear gloves, and the lady working the waffle iron took someones cooked waffle off with her bare hands. We decided to leave after being ignored and seeing how gross this place is.

Guillermo Diaz Becerra

Excellent Service I love the whaffles

Angel Boessen

Food was cold and disappointing. My friends food was burnt. Took forever to get our orders. Card reader wasn't working which left people trying to figure out how to pay for their meals. Won't be going back.

Randy Irwin

Brought my daughter here on her visit from Michigan. Great food and a great server. Will definitely be coming back.

Jim Peterson

Every thing was great except for the sausage that was cooked the day before I think.

Denise Evans

Texas Cheese steak is awesome...

Evan Albright

Got myself some chicken and waffles. Loved the location, building, service, and food. Chicken wasn't breaded and deep fried and instead was grilled. I would have preferred deep fried for chicken and waffles but no biggie. This is also right off the interstate so pretty quick in and out.

p sua

Inattentive waitressing, this happens repeatedly on different visits

Lucy Hardy

Good food good customer service

Norman Wilkes

I much prefer them over IHOP.

Marc Strizver

Delicious food friendly service

Philip Stephens

Always good road food! Was a great view that evening to boot!

Yvette Jimenez

Nice place ! Great food and service !

Adam Graham

The food was good, the experience was uncomfortable though. My girlfriend and I were eating and the staff was talking about a litter of dogs one of them were having and they kept repeating how the dog will probably eat the placenta, very gross conversation to be listening to while eating.

Mike Rivera

Great food. Fair prices. Friendly people.

Gary Shekels

Great food. Smoking restaurant. Not real clean

Amanda Gilliland

Staff looked dirty. Food was okay.

shonadrea case

Loved it.. My eggs were made perfectly!!!

Dominic Hanawalt

Kinda of busy on a Sunday morning but you don't have to wait long and the food is great. Service is also excellent

Aldo Aviles

Good food, great service, Mya was super friendly. Definitely recommend!

John Umstott

Food was good and not expensive. Service was friendly and they were open at 0400.

Tammy Bullock

Love the hashbrowns ....scattered, smoothered, and covered!!!!

Richard Crainium

Can't say enough about the Waffle House! When I have a hankering for some eggs over easy, toast, and those awesome hash browns there's no better place to go! If you're lucky there's an employee at this location who likes to sing while she's working the flat top. We love to listen to her while we eat. Wish I could remember her name so I could give her a personal shout out!

Angelia Dennis

Such nice people... they remembered us from several months ago. They are quick and efficient.

Tracey Hensen

They have the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. And they are open 24-7. We had our Thanksgiving Dinner here because didn’t feel like cooking.


Amazing service here, quick and very polite. Those hashbrowns were to die for! And a pretty damn good burger i had this time too!

glenda johnston

Always great coffee and good food.

Gray Fullbuster

Amazing old fashioned and clean diner except the waitress Destiny wasn't exactly friendly. Acted as if I wasn't there and acted like it was a chore to take my order.

Scott Singleton

My nephew and I ordered a lot of food for two people and everything was cooked perfectly. One of the best if not the best meals I've eaten at any Waffle House. Our server was always right there before we needed anything. Very pleased with everything.

Ronald Boyer

The food is great, no matter what one you visit the food is great at all of them

Richard Felix

I really enjoyed the customer employees are working right now at this hour or great hospitality great Britain customer service would I send somebody there yes and we recommend people there yes

Kenneth Burnett

It has been about 7 years since I ate there. They have added a few new items which I liked. Everything looks the same and the store on Fillmore and I-25 was excellent

Stacy S

Fast breakfast.

Zero Gravity

Coffee wasn't very good, the waffles were okay and the milk was decent.

Steve Bailey

Called in a carry out order 46 dollars tipped 5 dollars on a carry out. My girlfriend was very clear in the order, the order was read back to her over speaker phone and was correct we waited for a total then went and picked up our food. There was only one customer in there at the beginning and end of our order. We got home and found that multiple items were missing so we called so we could go back and get those items that we paid for and they argued with us about it after having to get irritated they said they would make it right. I sent my son to pick up the food which was only 5 minutes away the person in charge left on break "how convenient " and the staff on duty knew nothing of what things were and wanted to charge him another 9 dollars for there mistake. I'm absolutely furious I'm banning waffle house for there horrible business practices, I recommend everyone do the same, because without customers you dont have a business.

Teory Bell

The chefs there are good at what they do, delicious food everytime.

kylie bear

Cafe style food at a fair price.

Shakesha Hilts

No flavor. Bread was soggy. I live Upstate and I couldn't wait for years to go to this place it's not all it's cracked up to be sorry

Robert J Trahan

Decent food, decent prices. Staff is always friendly and attentive.

Lil Joe

I know that the food is better than most and the bathrooms stay clean af

Amber Steele

My brother works here food is delicious and always made right great prices!!!

Whyte Boi

Always good never any complaints

Liz Madura

First visit. Not what I expected. But reasonable food and prices.

Jennifer Noperi

Where to begin - Amazing comfort food perfectly as ordered, attentive & personable staff, larger sized portions available!

Kaitlyn Griffin

Always good.

Cynthia Jones

Food is good. Priced good. Has old dirty and the staff are pleasant but the noise they create makes it impossible to have a conversation. There talking above each other's voices. The noise level is high and constant. Talking about other customers and boyfriends.

Thomas Shafer

Always a good place to stop. Enjoyed the hash brown plate today. Service was great. You can never go wrong here for a quick bite!

Jay Deleon

Awesome Service, Per Usual. Funny Staff To Keep You Checked While You Eat, Too. Thanks Guys

Stacy Myers

Waffles are the best! Very nice staff!

Charlie Crow

waffle house is the best try the cheesy eggs they're the best texture in town

joyce mccalebb

Tiny waffles. You being the Waffle house, they should be bigger. Not in Tucson Don't waste your time. You will still be hungry


Very friendly welcome from Mr Freddy but very poor attention from the crew.. very dirty place.

Gypsy Dupuis

Greasy food thinnest waffle I ever had was more like a pancake Every table in there was dirty only one other customer. Waitress walking around like. She was high

Sharon Neil

The best parties plate ever.wasn't greasy.the waitress was so polite and well mannerd. Haven't seen that before. Was very satisfied.

Chase Felipe

DANI is the BEST waitress in town! #☝️

Lynda Kent

Always delicious the service wonderful.

Justin Case

Late night dinner and A show

Amy Edwards

Always love great service and awesome food!

Overtly Critical Dork

Prompt service, great stuff. Sausage tasted a little cheap in my breakfast but not so bad that it I didnt finish just about all of it. :)

Jen S

Great place to eat! Really nice staff that provides quality service and food! So why the bad review? Needs a new Manager! Shannon, the Manager on duty is very nasty to her employees. I'm amazed that such a big chain would allow someone like that to be in a leadership role. Guests don't want to hear or see someone in a position of power treating human beings that way! Lawsuit waiting to happen. I will go to a different location!

Leno Fernandez

Ain't been there in awhile. Employees are nice. Food was hot brung me wrong eggs. Asked for scramble got over easy. Not to busy either. Cops where called for homeless guy hanging around my friend gave him 5 dollars. Service was good.

Missy Powell

Placed to go order for new Hashbrown bowls with sausage and they were ready in only a minute after I arrived insuring they were hot. I was impressed & Happy!! Service was Great even though the place was Totally packed!! Worker at door insuring folks got what they came for. However, noticed two cars pull in and leave when they saw parking lot full even though there was 3 booths & 5 bar seats open when I left.

Phillip Hale

Wonderful experience over all, good food, friendly staff, and speedy service. The short falls are the parking and the view. Lots of street traffic and the parking lot is kinda small for such an amazing restaurant. If you're looking for an amazing breakfast at any time of the day waffle house is your place to go. Just make sure you go during slow times to get a decent parking spot.

Robert McPherson

Far and beyond the best Waffle House is all the land! Just wonderful spirit in this place! Thank you so much for the great meal.

Ta Ge

Fast and friendly service. Good for family (though seating can be limited), friends, or solo. Food is delicious and reminds me of a home-cooked meal. Love that the place has regulars and has stayed around for so long.

cameron johnson

Best waffle house around especially when val is around singing

William Smith

Lunch with friends . The food and service was good . There is no smoking so that changes the whole experience from a challenge to breath to a fresh and clean environment that I could enjoy

Tanner Burton

Food was good as expected, staff is friendly and Freddy the greeter is amazing!

Davoski Taylor

Our waitress was super friendly the food was fresh and

Ted Kinney

They'll take good care of you. If you're looking for adventure, try getting your breakfast sandwich on raisin bread.

Willow Byrne

The food was good if a little pricy for the quality. The service was surprisingly horrible. We sat at the breakfast bar and couldnt get our coffee refilled to save our lives. It was a good thing I ordered water with my coffee or I would have had nothing to drink with my food since I had finished my coffee before the food arrived.

Zachary Stansell

Pretty standard WH experience. Which is a good thing. After living up north, I was delighted to find one in Tucson when I visited.

Tara Parker

This place will always be my first love

Erica Creighton

This Waffle House is something special. We were immediately greeted as, "welcome friends!" How awesome is that? They got my son a little hat and he even got a high five and a knuckles from the staff here. Service was quick and foods was delicious as always. On your way out you will even notice by the front entrance a board with inspirational quotes. We will be back for sure.

George Farrell

Food was good sausage patties were well over cooked burnet no flavor second one was perfect good for the crew that checks and notices things

Dan Marx

Great waffles and bacon and the hash browns are so good. The all-star breakfast is awesome. So much food. Service was great, fast. Place was busy too. Will definitely go back.

Kathleen Winhold

The service here is always good very prompt and the food is excellent. My boyfriend usually gets steak and he says that it's the best around.

Robert Jenkins

Fast and inexpensive

Cana Knight

Awesome service .. delicious food... Thx Freddy! God Bless


Got a root beer togo. It was good and the server was very friendly. Would go again.

Chrissy Tate

Quick service! Good food!

Kevin Lynn

The best run Waffle House in greater Montgomery.

Anthony Frasier

I've been to a of dozen others across the country. This one was disappointing in both food prep and attitude. Don't get me wrong, it was okay, just not the welcoming feel I'm used to it others.

Syllivia Frazier

The food is great, they have a new menu. And the employees was very kind. But it gets really busy after 8pm

Gib Gardner

Nice and clean Got to live you an ALL STAR BREAKFAST W/pecan waffle

L Barclay

Had to walk out due to lack of service...wasn't very busy but waiting over 10 min and no one even asked for our order.....I love waffle House in general but this one was a HUGE disappointment. Ended up at Denny's across the street which was busier but it was very smooth getting us seated and orders placed.

Sam Lawrence

I finally understand the memes. Come her with friends and the place really is a waffle home. Had a cheap and delicious chicken biscuit sandwhich. Of course their breakfast food is best at all hours.

K. K. Rider Kelly Kellett

Loved it it's now a Christmas tradition

Juliana Daniels

Good food

Dean Spencer

Usually when restaurants age they change some get worse and some get better, the Waffle House has never changed always great food and always great service in a small but quaint little dinner, like going back in time!

Brian Wolf

It's a waffle house... It's great.


Best waitress and it

Christine Shaw

Food wasnt that great and location want that clean. Staff was friendly

Amy Headrick

I love Waffle House!! Both of our local houses are awesome. They're fast, easy, and the wait staff is always friendly.

Willamina Beck

It’s Waffle House. It’s always good, the servers here are always sweet and patient. Get the Waffle House sauce; it’s the bees knees and most don’t know to ask for it!

steel velvet dreamer

Friendly service and great breakfast place.

Michael C

The food was perfect. The service was prompt and friendly. This review replaces one I provided last year that garnered one star. This place has a new manager and based on this visit, I believe that he knows what he is doing!

Brandon Ahlberg

Fast, friendly, and the food was delicious too. And reasonably priced at best.

Roger Burgess

Reasonable food price with small portions and a limited menu. Food not great or served with pride but it is ok. I will stop again in future.

Justin Ashton

It was a great visit. We were helped quickly with great service and even as busy as they were still got our food in a timely manner. And it was awesome!!!

Tommy James

Rosy and Sheyenne are awesome and if your reading this management you need to give them both a raise. My wife and I were there last night around 3:30 am, As soon as we pulled up Rosy solemnly informed us that there was no cook but they would do their best to cook for us. I don't know who this cook is but it seems like you don't need him cause those girls cooked us the best damn breakfast we've had in months. Well done!

Barbara Harvey

The restaurant was filthy behind service counter. The employees were loud and gossipy. The food was cold. Asked for crispy hash browns I got crispy. Steak taste frezzer burnt and lemony not very good. Will not be going back...

Tony Rose

What a little gem! Serenaded whilst having your breakfast cooked was fantastic!!! The staff were helpful and friendly. And the food, top notch!!! Definitely worth a visit.

Melanie Draper

Thank you Renee for EXCELLENT service! Our food was very good too! Very friendly staff! Restaurant was clean! Highly recommend if you are travelling through and need your Waffle House fix! Good job!

Bill Dunn

Good food. Easy service.

Michel Rugenbrink

Hardly any waffles to be found and what they have is of a poor quality. I cannot imagin ever setting foot in a Waffle House again.

Rachel Grasso

Great service and delicious food. Especially liked their grits!

Ryan Pruitt

Tierra was a very great server and had all of our food served on time and fast! She did a wonderful job this trip and I recommend this place for anyone else who comes!

Sean R.

I have no clue how waffle house is still in business. Staff was nice. But every waffle house I've been to it's just bad.

Trudy Nelson

Great service, best hash browns anywhere.

Zack Stanifer

These guys are awesome. The food's exactly what you'd expect only better. The service is fast and the prices are fair. They're open 24 hrs and you can have whatever you want whenever you want. Go get some

Linda Kovach

It went out of business.

J Lank

Very friendly staff with fast service! Good coffee and service.

Arif Kusuma

This place is a comfort food house. I love their country ham. Yep, it's a big chunk of ham with BONE!!! Oh I love sucking the middle parts of the bones. The place is clean and most importantly it's CHEAP. The hashbrown is yummy. You can customize it as what you want. **Checkout Insta: @mrakusuma for all of my recommended places to eat**

Marshall Herron

I like the grits at this place

Stacey Cozadd

I know that every time I make an order at this Waffle House it is going to be done right, and is always good!

Jacqueline Blanchard

Did and not really good. Had upset stomach after eating there, possibly food poisoning.

Wilhelm Pauwells

Good food to soak up the belly full of alcohol

Milkk Maine

Wonderful service fantastic food great job.


The service and quality of food was next to none! And they even brought our waffle first!

Leland Degon

Waffles are small and not much food served for price, really not like it used to be, walk out hungry.

moody krazy


Rory Tampow

Always good. The people are great!

Don Wells

Lousy service.Food was cold and plates looked old and dirty under Neath.

Matthew Young

Ive been eating at waffle house for years and today was a huge disappointments didnt get what I ordered and then was charged for it when I asked about the check server got mad like it was my fault. Then still ended up paying 5 bucks for one biscuit and gravy and a drink....wont be going back here

Demario Hart

The food was good this is one of the best waffle House around

Jamie J

Cheryl was absolutely amazing this morning. She educated me on my "waffle house" lingo and made sure I got everything I needed!! Totally recommend!

Amy Brewer-Burton

Place was run down and dirty. It really needs to be cleaned up. Food was ok. Coffee was great tasting.

Kimberly Palmedo

My favorite place!

Jovita Operton

Delicious scattered hashbrowns all the way.

James Henley

I enjoy this place a lot and it's has nothing to do with the great food. The people that work here are very friendly and give great customer service. The Manager here Ms. Valerie does a great job with keeping this Waffle House Going. I highly recommend this place.

Genesis De Leon

Love the waffles. Staff is always friendly. Coffee is not the best though!

Mukesh Rajput

It’s great location and food was amazing as expected. Friendly service.

Danny Bolt

Friendly staff, food prepared with high standards, server and cook asked about our meal. The place that day could use some cleaning. However, the rate and the other areas were tops. Thanks guys.

Rylan T

Good service love the food it's my favorite breakfast place


Perfect place for breakfast on a budget

By C

Good food decent prices no waiting

Jordan Letherwood

Super delicious. Will definitely be going back.

Jacquelyn Baker

My mother always said "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Kimberly Amaral

Great food and service with a smile


Always the same. You can count on getting what you want at the WH. They'llmake anything you want so long as they have the ingredients.

Stephen Roberts

Great service! Great food! Went on Christmas eve and everyone was super friendly!

Donna McCullough

Great people and food!


The one on galley and powers has better food but the staff at this one is friendlier

John Nethery

Had a very good late breakfast here. Folks working there were really nice.

Jane Asher

They were busy but it was clean, the service was fast and friendly, and the food was great. This was one of my best experiences at a Waffle House.

Edwina Kidd

Very courteous and promptu service and great food

Madalyn Silano

Love the food love the staff no matter what time of day you get fast amazing service

Lizard Whisperer Of Arizona

Very good food and service, will go back often

greg spears

Good food. Waitress was struggling today.

Rachael 'Raye' Griffin

Waitress was courteous-it was purdy crowded tho-that's expected since feed is great!

Evonne Williams

Nothing to write home about. Used to go to Waffle House years ago but sure has changed. Won't be going back. Sorry..

melissa neighbors

Awesome experience there the cook sang and was so uplifting...

ron Barr

Good food at reasonable prices

Scott Bond

Awesome southern style greasy spoon, great food, fast friendly service and prices easy on the wallet. I use to frequent these all the time when I was stationed in the South. I wish we had one in Pueblo

Thomas Albert

The pork is season like I love it

Ren Garcia

Food was delicious, service was fast and friendly! The place was very clean with a classic old fashion dinner feel. We will be coming back !

Aaron Sneary

Ah Waffle House, comfort food 24 hours a day. This location is clean, easy to access going to or from the airport, and is staffed by friendly, fun, hardworking staff.

Rosalyn Roldan

Food is not so good

Mike R.

Can't beat the Waffle House vibe. Decent food, and you can always count on an entertaining waitress.

Todd W. DeVoe

Best damn hashbrowns in the world!

Joaquin Rangel

Being a lover of Waffle House id have to say this is one of the best I've been to, and I've been to many many throughout the years. My only wish is for them to open a location where I live.

Jon Audelo

Food is always delicious, and reminds me of a home cooked meal. Service is always fast and very friendly.

James Hunter

Love Waffle House, wife got the pecan waffle and I had the two scrambled with cheese and sausage. Service was great, price $.

Lea Taylor, Realtor

Love the pecan waffles! Service was friendly and attentive!

Michael Hasenauer

Good food fast AND friendly

Christina Davis

This place is awesome. Very fast and friendly staff.

Rose Laughlin

Awesome service. Not sure I was charged correctly. No receipt though I asked for one.


I had waffles. They were good.


If you know Waffle House this one's a little better than the usual

Jorge Freixa

Waffle house has been a favorite since I was a kid! I've always loved the small diner atmosphere and the food is amazing.

Wil Miles

Food ok. No idea how to make a patty melt.

Jwandalyn Love

It was pleasant

anime freak

I point it good

Elmer Adams

The tattooed guy who made my food did an awesome job. The banter between him and the lady who took my order was quite funny, but quite adult-rated, as in a lot of swearing.

Heidi Gravert

The pecan waffle is the best! Great service, fast and reasonably priced!

Nancy Thoben

As usual, great breakfast and nice employees

Jacob Nesmith

The breakfast at this waffle house is amazing...they make an old fashion omelet like no have to try it.

Sylas Raine

Great place for late night waffle cravings. Staff is friendly. Place is clean. Service is fast. They could stand to turn down the AC though. Food gets cold after a few seconds on the table.

Stephen Delaney

Best home feel food. The Texas blt you can not refuse tasty does not cover it. Staff are friendly... Its kinda like going to your buddies place. Good place I would highly recommend, even if you are just passing and in the mood for a snack. Definitely wouldn't pass it up..

Jessie Downey

Omg this was the best experience at exit 179 in Prattville /Millbrook our service was great the cook was very entertaining! It brightened my day and put some pep in my step. Can't wait to go through again. If I lived closer I would go everyday!!

Yelena Vetrov

It's a shame we don't have waffle house in Missouri. I think it's the best place I ate so far, great food, great service. ..if I will drive by again I will return again and again

Q Watson

Service was very good. Bacon, eggs, cheese and toast was delicious.

Marcelino Puente-Perez

Unfortunately multiple waffles were burnt, eggs and hash we're good but the bacon came out cold.

Michael Donahue

It’s decent. Fried breakfast, tolerable coffee and colorful characters. It’s probably more enjoyable to come here to people watch than it is to eat. The service is pretty good - I didn’t have to wait long to get my food and I did get my coffee refilled before it was empty.

Terre DeLong

Food was good and served fast. But Jesus H Christ if someone has head set on because he listening to something don’t keep asking them questions. Also, don’t rush me to pay because your shift is over.

Jessica W.

Ate here today, food was delicious but what I had to point out was Mario was amazing. Great store manager. He had a full restaurant and still managed to serve everyone in a timely matter. He kept the store running very smoothly and greeted every customer. Mainly the cleanliness was very noticeable. Place was kept very clean Mario was very clean and efficient! Keep up the great work to all the staff at this Waffle House you guys are doing great !!!!!!

Perry A

Closed for renovation. As of late July this location is being torn down to be rebuilt at the same location. Had to drive there myself to get this info from the construction crew on site. I thought the internet was supposed to be a helpful source of information!

Francesco Arellano

Good service, food is good and not pricy. Love this place!

David Bedgood

Always a great place to go eat. Fast and friendly service

Trevor Jayroe

Everyone working here was really great. The server working with me didn’t check on me too much or too little and the employees were literally greeting guests by name as they came in. They asked if I wanted another waffle because mine looked a bit too crispy but it was actually perfectly fine. I’ve been coming to this WH for years since I was in high school and I’ve got no reason to stop now.

David Rice

Super friendly staff, and usually hardly anyone there.

Vince Westerman

We enjoyed our lunch at The Waffle House. The food came fast, the server was very friendly and she kept our coffee topped off. Great neighborly place to stop.

Randy Cox

Drove past this morning. The building has been demolished.

Eric Reda

Friendly, quick service every time.

Ben Fultz

Pretty standard Waffle House - no surprises here.

Scott Williams

Service was amazing. Food was exceptional. Some places can't make a good overmedium egg but they got it dead on. Very attentive and patient wait staff. Everyone greets you when you walk in. Can't ask for more.

Esther Luevanosfelix

Food is great.

Wedia Billups

Awesome Restaurant to eat at.

Kj E

My first time eating at a Waffle House, and I must say I am impressed. We've been eating out in this past week and all the food had some issue, here we didn't have any problems. Thanks, the food was delicious!

Adeline Corven

Delicious and affordable and efficient.

ryan Weber

I love this waffle house. Like most waffle houses you've gone super genuinely nice people, great hospitality along with arguably the best meal of the day... breakfast! Whether it's at 11 pm or 9 am it's always delicious!

Greg Dukowski

First and apparently last time at Waffle House. Steak tasted like unseasoned rubber. Eggs were brought to table with the egg whites uncooked. Overall it was a total waste of my time and money. Service is substandard. Shame on you Waffle House.


Good food.

James Gatlin

Great food I eat here all the time

Cinthya Aranda

Yummy food!, Amazing waffles!. I advised y'all to get a hash brown casserole with mushrooms, diced tomatoes, onions, with hamnext to scramble eggs and then the delicious waffle. Try to avoid the cheese on top of the hash brown casserole is not a good option.

Thee Beauty

Definitely NOT worth the $5.50 that they charge!! I tried it twice and both times it was less than par. For the remainder of my stay I ended up just waiting until Jason's Deli opened, its closeby and delicious of course!!

rob stoddard

It was extremely busy but the wait staff was on the ball and the chef's were non stop killing it. Great service and Freddy The Greeter is the BEST!!!

Bridget Nelson

Always amazing. Great people

Alina r6dragon

Pretty good! The service was nice and the good was served quickly. Would go again!


Nice staff... restroom were ok clean

Ruth Cortez

Food was good. Service was not the best. But I think our waitress was new.

Tiffany Smith

It is small, the waitress was in training. It's ok in a pinch. Missed a turn and ended up there. There was no wait like at the other place on valencia and we didn't have a lot of time. The parking is fine. Food was good. Price is standard. It's waffle house. Good enough.

Ed Hendel

It's very overpriced. The waffles aren't thick and soft, the hash browns taste weird, and the eggs are mediocre. For the quality it should cost half as much. It would be easy to make better food at home. If you want to spend $10 on breakfast, go to the Denny's or Jerry Bob's across the street. I'm really not sure why anyone would ever go here.

Dan Fine

Good for Dinet foof

Hope Boyd

Really great food, cold biscuits and gravy. Tasty waffles, but I've had better

Caroline Lopez


Donald Amick

Food was very average. Restaurant wasn't as clean as it should be. Service was slow. I felt uncomfortable the very min I walked in Will not make plans to go there again

Andrew Nolan

Fantastic breakfast during an all night drive. Fresh coffee and kind staff.

Melissa Moomey

Best food always double texas chez stk

Sergio Vargas

Very decent restaurant, food is great and service was great

Carmine-James Pitaniello

Wonderful inexpensive fast place to eat homecooked food

melinda davis

My daughter works there.had awesome food and service.thank you Shannon Barr for great service.

Desiree Lanier my shits

Always my favorite ,staff is always friendlyand they have one of the best managers!

Denise M Persinger

Food was very very good!! Also very friendly service!! Will definitely be going back.

Larry Hayes

1st time eating there very good not disappointed at all i highly recommend

crystal picazo

The pork chops were delish!

Jason Latting

Early breakfast was unimpressed. Two staff on duty, waiter was occupied with personal things. Paid > $10 for two eggs over easy and bacon w/ coffee. The coffee was old, burnt. My low expectations weren't close to being met except for the on the spot refill of bad coffee.

Beverly Stuckey

Gotten expensive for what you get. Better off going to Cracker Barrel.

Chuckzdlux Guhlore

My boyfriend and I waited for a table, saw a guy leave so we waited to see if anyone would clean up the space. Nobody did so, my boyfriend and I decided to go by the seats and the lady Caroline said the space needs to be cleaned off and to wait since other ppl were waiting (mind you those ppl she referred to, came in AFTER we did) so finally the dishes were removed from the table but nobody took a dish rag to clean off the table. So, after still waiting abt 5 mins, we decided to go sit at the space again anyway (and I would've then asked if I can get the rag to clean off the area) Waited another 5 - 8 mins and during that time, we were not acknowledged for service. Same issue happened to another cpl who came in. I saw them leave so we left as well. Very unorganized at this particular establishment so for this place to have 4.2 stars tells me that ppl are willing to tolerate unexceptional service.

Ron R.

Old style food served up with a smile

Jewelene Bazzell

Love going to the Waffle House! The food comes out quickly and hot. We go there quite frequently, always good food.

Richard Edward Waller

Don't order the sausage. I got food poisoning here.

James Westbrook

Good food made to order promptly. Friendly staff. Clean restaurant. Simple food, great prices.

Allan Church

Good food great service

joy polly

Fast service with a smile. Everything was just as it was on the menu.

Christopher Walker

Horrible...just horrible. The management staff was unprofessional and rude. They used profanity while my two young children where present. My food was raw. My sons eggs looked like snot. My coffee tasted like burnt beans. After I politely asked the manager for more eggs for my son l, she snatched his plate angrily spilling his orange juice in the process.... What kind of business is allowed to opperate this way. I for one would highly recommend an alternative venue for your breakfast needs.. That is unless you enjoy rude and unprofessional service with a heaping pile of profanity and tasteless jokes. I wont ever go back to a waffle house again.

Tom Fox

Always love dining at Waffle House. Hashbrowns: Scattered, smothered, covered, chunked, and topped along witrh a pecan waffle. What a great breakfast.

Larry Brooks

Excellent.....patty melt was perfect with has browns......potatoes were cooked perfect......

amy davis

Nice store. Nice area. Employees are nice and friendly. I recommend.

Brandon and Ashley O'Field

Fast service, with a smile. Food is really good compared to other Waffle Houses.

Brenda aBroderick

Like the waffles just don't like smelling like the food once I leave.

addi harvey

It's a waffle house. You go there for good waffles, cheap coffee, and friendly service and that's what you get. It's a good waffle house and the food tastes really good. Nothing much more to say.

Michael Burriss

smelled like sewage and food wasn't so great.

Fasullo Daniel

Simple, delicious, great employees: and that's all I have to say about that.

Karen McMahon

Our wait staff was great, at first. People that came in after we did got their food first, two of our meals were switched around so the the eggs were on the wrong pplates...from there it just worse.

safety first educational concept

Wow wonderfull flavor BIG WAFFLES

Rachel Torivio

Good food, friendly service, clean

pete herman

Good food, great service!

Robbie May

Our food was superb and the service was outstanding.

kim karle

Love the food but a tad bit dirty

Jay Wilson

Tried to place a to go order and was rudely hung up on.

Buddy Vis

The one in millbrook is just better

Will May

Always good food and friendly staff.

Veronica Baldock

I have gone to this specific location many times before (late at night and during the day) and it is for sure one of my favorites. The wait staff is always extremely nice and good to me. They will even find ways to make my meal cheaper if they can. The main lobby and bathrooms are always clean so there has never been a "dingy" vibe. This one is definitely worth the stop!

Benjamin Henry

Food wasn't what I ordered, not good either.

Anthony Evans

Waffle House on Cobb's Ford Road in prattville, AL is the best. Hands down.

Margaret hALE

Good, food well prepared and tasty, plus service was quick and friendly

Melanie Saliba

Best waffle House in town.


Very unhygienic, wouldn’t trust what goes in my food.

Lor Houser

Awesome staff and food

Patrick W

Good and delicious food. Prices are ok

tarvore lucas

What now can I say... it's Waffle House! The foodwas prepared just the way I requested. The cook however did burn my raisin roast, but made some more and it was toasted to my liking. The service was darling. The waitress was attentive and did not nickel and some us out like some will. Because of the great overall service, pleasant and clean atmosphere, a $10 tip was left on a$27 bill.

Rose Hickerson

Good food good deal

Lisa Davis

Great services. I would like to thank Lisa who waitress.

Mary Church

Its was fair have had better data waffle house, the service was great.the food was cold.the biscuit was granddaughter order the big breakfast they forgotten her ham n her hash browns was cold as most of the food. We are it because we both was hungry n running late for an there was no time to go anywhere else. I usually love waffle house n by no means will this be my last trip to another one just this one in predictive. It was busy so i can't blame it on the waitress.seemed like the cooks was running to get it out,just wasn't enough waitress or waiter. Just wanted to let you know before hand in case someone gets upset n does sometjing they n you will regret for a long time. Thank you for listening to me rant rave

Kristen Fleming

***Closed for remodeling.*** I'm sure it will be great when its opened!

Crochet Nora

Staff was friendly and helpful. Food had great flavor however it was not pleasing to the eye. The cook on duty used non standard techniques on our order. I was happy with my meal but not sure corporate would have approved.

Mertis Bowen

Service is always great and food is really good and even better when someone snatches your bill. Love that son- in-law

Chris Chrisman

I love you so much tyd3

Don Tidwell

Standard waffle house fair. Quick service

Bill Loveall

Great place for breakfast on a road trip.

Kwik jaf

Everyone was friendly and the food was out fast and it was very good

Taylor Carver

Love the environment. Despite being busy, everyone was friendly, and one chef was singing remixes of classic songs with a Waffle House twist. Such a fun way to start our day

Joyce Hicks

Excellent & Our server was friendly and polite,not overly attentive, but came to offer more drinks and ask if all was ok.

Don A

Great service very good home cooked style

minutes ago edited

Food was decent, service was outstanding.

Nathaniel Jeter

As always great service and good food!

Riley Blackwell

Food was great!! We had fast and the best service

Carol Bailey

The waitress was very accommodating.

Brad Goodyear

Well I will always love this place for the waffles. You must get the Pecan version, but somehow they forgot my pecans. Luckily, she agreed to remake waffle and everything was fine. I always get this hash browns also, covered and smothered I think. Coffee is great and $10 with tip for that meal.

Paula Henderson

Menu very limited . Old and dingy

Ray Newman

Fast service great waffle & coffee

Myfamilyfirst34 Cook

The African American cook is a great cook i really enjoyed my food definitely going back

Kimbler McLane

Visiting from MN went for breakfast and the food was good and the service was amazing!

mytchel chandler

Normally a crowded resteraunt is a good sign, but not here. You feel cramped no matter where you are in the place. The food is mediocre, and for a place that is called Waffle house, you'd imagine for their waffles to be really good. I can make better ones at home, and I can't cook. (That's a lie added for comedic affect). Not to mention that everyone who enters or works in this place either look homeless or like they're on crack. Bottom line, It's worth spending the extra five dollars to go to Ihop across the street.

Ben Meek

Excellent service, fine food, clean atmosphere

Nicole Morales

Only a couple of servicers are good at there job..

paul harrison

Nice to see a well rounded team, clean tables, food cooked right, and they keep busy cleaning while asking if I need anything. I'll be going back there again.

Charlotte O'Connell

Really good breakfast food. Fantastic pecan waffles.

Steve Scalph

Ate breakfast here this morning. Poorest service I have ever experienced at a WH. The food wasn't much better. Scrambled eggs were cold, grits were lumpy, probably left over, toast never did arrive.

Ward Cinnamon

Pretty good for breakfast food.

vb bars

I love waffle House...never visited a bad one. Clean friendly, consistently good food, reasonably priced. Good job

FreshN Fruity

I go here every couple of weeks. The previous two visits I had undercooked eggs. They were really busy. Today Nick made food super quickly, cooked it all perfectly, and provided superior service.

choppa kid

great very nice people

Michelle Lowe

Cook rushed through our order to go outside and smoke and my well dome steak was still bleeding. The waitress did take it back and cooked it to well done.We were not even asked once if we wanted a refill. Could have been a better experience .

Amy Weaver

Staff was professional, personable and we're accurate with all of their meals. It was very busy and everyone worked together and it ran smoothly.

Shag Harris

The manager sings! It makes for a unique and enjoyable experience. The food is everything you've come to expect from waffle house. Cheap, fast, and good.

Julie Bruce

Always love a Waffle House! Friendly staff, good food at a reasonable price! This location is great for travelers off I-25. Thanks Janelle and Michelle for a fantastic experience!

Cindy Boyd

Food is good. Server friendly. Never removed our empty dishes, but was very nice.

Chris Mich

It's tucked away and popular, beware that it can fill up fast.


Great service, Friendly staff, Good food!

Doug Roberts

Excellent service and a great omelet

Arturo Gonzalez

Loved those waffles. Chearful crew!

Carly H

Long wait for a crowded table that was sticky. Food was not good, this place is better suited for after party grub, not Saturday morning family breakfast.

Legrand Mitchell

Good food, a great price. The service was fast , the employees are friendly.

Kerry Hart

Excellent food and service as usual...never had a bad experience at a waffle house

Merry Hauptmann

No changing table, do not reccomend if you have a small child with you. Waitress couldn't figure out the credit card machine so my partner had to go to the Jim and go and get cash. Facilities were dirty, guests had to repeatedly ask for tavles to be rewiped down. The food was alright, you get what you pay for.

Alice Roper

Cheerful, efficient staff

frederic banks

One of my favorite places to go and satisfy my cravings

Eddy Orange

I had met an old friend here. So I was just drinking coffee. I hadn't seen him in five years. Rocky looked older than I remember. I didn't recognize him until he smiled at me. He was dressed real sharp, in his own unique fashion he made his own. He looked like a hipster from the 1950's complete with his fidora, light colored trousers and striped shirt and a fake gold Rolex. We talked for some time about what had happened with some of the old gang. Some, like myself, went to prison, others were still at it but maybe not at the same pace they once were, few others got out of the lifestyle. But were barely scraping by. It's hard out here. You have to be tough and you have to be versatile to be able to survive in this life. No one new better than this old man.

Kayans Konstruction

Great breakfast food. Done the way you want. Perfect grits. Excellent servers Everytime.

Loma Jackson

Cannot stop eating the bowl! I want more. Great service!

Luci Craig

We had a fun time. Food was hot and fast.

Martha Wisniewski

No hate! Not clean..very noisy. Employees yelling out orders and to each other.

Steve Lightfoot

Great place to eat and good service.

Kat ortega

Really like this place but it's not there anymore

Leo Vargas

This location was very clean. The waitress was very nice and amd quick to get our order. Food was served in a timely manor and tasteful. The prices were fair. Faborite meal is the All-Stars, you get more bang for your buck.

Trevor Bull

Food was decent and the staff was friendly.

Virgil Bandy

Quick service filling meal

Libby Dawn

I work at many Waffle houses and this by far the cleanest and friendliest. Best view in Prattville.

Freyja Farnsworth

Excellent service but the waffles were a bit undercooked. Will return and ask for extended cooking on waffles.

chelsee goyne

absolutely amazing service, very professional, the lady cooking and singing made it that much better!

Veronica Orantez

Excellent... Food was great... People were even better...

Cindy Vines

Good waitress. Not much to add other than its Waffle House.The food is always good. Good for those nights out.

Danforth Rhodes

Friendly and great comfort food breakfasts and luches at a reasonable price. Large portions. Not far from the Courtyard hotel. Mention that you are a veteran and get a 10% discount.

Sylvia Street

I walked in their door hungry, and I immediately felt like I was home! the staff were great, old basic down-to-earth folk, the food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable

Mona Aguinaga

Nothing Spectacular about this chain. But I have found if you are traveling and don't know where to eat this is a good go too place! (Inexpensive) Coffee is good, the food is hot, and the service is always great! Menu is small and there is a steak and eggs plate, and yeah waffles is the main dish. I gave this particular one 3 stars because the restrooms were not acceptable and the floor was in need of a good mopping!

Fernando Guzman

Friendly service and a cook who loves to show off her vocal chords

Kadeem Morrison

Great food and greater service.

Hancel Milbourn

Good food, Good service

Trever Leingang

Had a below average meal at the Waffle House today. Service was ok at best. Our order was messed up, and they had run out of hash browns. Food was average and there waffles were average for being called the Waffle House. Very messy cooking station that nobody wants to see as there food is being cooked. I had ordered 2 eggs over easy and they were served not in the over easy style. Prices are very reasonable but I would not recommend this place to family or friends.

Sandy Mclean

Health Dept. needs to go in there. That is one dirty place. Service was bad. 5 waitress in there & 2 other people, both had been waited on. Took 20 min. to be waited on. They first were at one corner talking. Then they went to the back room. While we sit there watching them. We will Never go back.

Candy Kay Hayes

Love the Ham and cheese olment.

Tabatha Ramilo

Small place, good food

Catherine Thomas

Love the food and the staff That said, owners need to put money back Into business, it's obvious they dont. At most of the locations I've visited

Joseph 1

Cleanest, nicest, most efficient waffle house I’ve visited so far. Management should be applauded at this location. Coffee/food was above standard. Steak cooked very well. Staff was excellent.

Jaymeson Red Star

First time eating at the waffle house and I loved every minute and the food was great! Thank you to the staff and I hope to eat there again soon!!

mona anderson

Great waffles and breakfast deals

Justin Cacciatore

They kick butt... It was busy and we were in and out quick

John Martin

Well it was my first waffle house experience and my last. I will say the place was clean and staff was friendly. Portions were very small and I was just expecting a big plate of great food.

Pam Norris

Staff are very efficient. We had good service, and we where serenaded with good singing by one of the female cooks. We enjoyed our breakfast.

William Decker

Very good affordable breakfast food, service was nice and quick

Jerome Kimble

Bathroom was not in great shape. But I hear the food is great.


Food was very good along with the service.

Brad Baker

Twice we ate here while in Tucson. Both times we sat for more than 10 minutes before being approached. The second time we got up and left.

Tim Williams

While they probably aren't likely to get a Michellin star, if you're looking for comfort food with a friendly staff stop in.

Hector Teran

Loved the food

Vicky Buelna

Good food good service too.

bob manning

Good food quick service

Greg Bystroff

It's not here anymore

Sandra Hines

Waitress, very nice, helpful. We did not have to wait long to get our food. I will visit again.

Lesli Jordan

Had a meal with a friend, close to hotel and staff was friendly food hot and fresh

D.K. Smith

Great service and best breakfast.

Patt Intarakamhang

It's a Waffle House, a good one too. The burger there is pretty darn good and the bacon super crispy. Don't expect anything fancy, just good food and fast friendly service at a low price.

Fred Blasch

$13. For 1 order of hash browns with bacon and ham in them and 3 eggs. I clearly asked for 2 orders and only received 1.

Darrell Hykes

Sat for 5 minutes at the counter, 2 workers, no one said coffee, good morning, or kiss my grits. Waited another 5 minutes then left. The cook was at least cooking. The other worker staying with his back to the customers reading some paper.

Brooke Drake

Great service, great food

Susan Rogers

Andie, our waitress was awesome. It was my 1st time in. My breakfast sandwich was excellent. I ordered the egg, bacon and cheese sandwich with hashbrowns. We will defiantly be going back. 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for Andie.

Thomas Baker

A great place to go. Always friendly and helpful.

Jason Manley

Awsome as usual. Great service and food. When you want just a quick delicious traditional breakfast, this is always the place and one of mt staple places.

Pablo Sosa

As always.....inexpensive and good food...and service is almost always a plus

A Echeverria

My favorite place to eat. The food is great and reasonably priced.

Daniel Andrews

Got drunk got hungry food hit the spot

Anita Romero

Everything great but the steak. It's gray and paper thin. The way to cook it is well, there is no possibility of any pink. beware. The staff is friendly, and the service is fast

Hope Ramirez

My husband works here so he knows how I like my food its always perfect

Leslie Crandall

Awesome service food was great!


The staff here are so polite and professional I can hardly stand it. I even left my backpack in the restaurant and they held on to it for me for a few days until I could get it five stars for this restaurant for show

Terrence Groves

Ì enjoyed the food and the service

Jason Layman

Fatty heart clogging goodness. You can't eat here every day, but Waffle House doesn't need to change its name to get attention. Every one of these restaurants I have ever been in has had a great organized staff. Maybe the DMV could learn something.


Me and my wife came to Waffle House on Fri Dec 15, 2017. Renee was our server and she was PHENOMENAL! Tori however was not our server but when Renee got busy, she did amazing at helping her coworker out! Shoutout to the cook too! He cooked the best Waffle House food we've ever eaten! The teamwork from this Waffle House is unlike any other! BEST EXPERIENCE BY FAR!

H Donovan

Great food, service, and prices

Jordan Turner

best waffle house service I've ever gotten. perfect visit.

Vanessa Ramos

First time at this waffle House staff was friendly food was good and reasonable prices

Brad White

Always consistent and fast

L Brown

It's the waffle house! Great food and service. The parking lot is a bit tight for larger trucks. Clean booths, But the restrooms could use a bit of work.

Niki Coakley

Went late at night and the service was phenomenal! The staff really took care of us and made us feel at home.

D. Williams

The Food, Coffee, and level of that signature "Waffle House Grime" is exactly what I have come to expect. But what really makes this particular location stand out was the staff, even during the lunch rush when the place was packed the crew was all smiles, extremely friendly, and attentive. Michelle in particular was very sweet and always prompt with her service. In short, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience today. (Note: the "Waffle House Grime" isn't a bad thing as far as I'm concerned, just all part of the experience. Anyone who is farmiliar with Waffle House knows this is a thing, so if you aren't okay with the grime ... go someplace else, don't try to change what the rest of us love.)

Matthew Wilson

It was like anyother waffle house not great but edible. Menu or food quality hasn't changed in forever! Kinda just return for nostalgia reasons and to take people there lol

Marq Upton

Fresh food. Good price. Would go again

Ray Hanson

Always Tasty!

Jeff Vogel

Service is horrible! Waitress was not happy to be at work and it showed. Will not return!

mlegron _

Quick service and very good food.

Thomas Pinckard

Great food, atmosphere, and people. Usually very clean and comfortable, unlike the other Waffle House in town.

alonso jimenez

Food is always good and made fresh.

Christine Sheldon

Food was great, didn't take long and price was excellent

Annette Moran

Great Customer Service Love this place

Cindy Gubricky

Friendly, quick service. Tasty food!

Judy Timpe

Food great service awesome.

Georgia Romine

ALWAYS good service and GREAT food especially the cheese eggs w/a biscuit and gravy. Great coffee too.

Sean Hart

Great food always the hard and correct the first time I ordered it

Richard Perales

Waffle house is always what you'd expect it's the good service that makes the difference and there's plenty here to go around.

Beau Berry

I've never had a bad time at waffle house

chad edler

Wanted a quick breakfast meal late in the afternoon. No disappointmention at this waffle house. Quick service and food made as ordered. What more could you ask for. Only drawback was the seat we chose was under the heating vent and the sun …

Ben Nichols

Very good better than huddle house

Mario Acosta

Food is amazing people are tight good for 2am munchies

George Patrin

Cook was not great. Eggs runny (not over medium). Waffle dry, overcooked. Men's restroom did maintenance...bad! Wait staff were very good, attentive, and positive.

Nicole Robinson

Staff was a little unprofessional arguing in front of customers and complaining about the boss a little loudly and with language I didn't appreciate in front of my child. There were only 2 other customers besides our table and service was not good. We were out of drinks a few times and they forgot part of our order. Will not return. The food however tasted fine.

Curt Byrd

Nice, clean and friendly atmosphere.

Liam Schultz

The service is great for a busy small restaurant that is run roughly by young people. Though it is loud, and usually busy.

Beverly Copeland

Burnt toast, scorched grits, and didn't get my coffee until we were ready to go. Waitress had said she needed to make a pot of decaf but it tasted old.

Jannette Aguilera

Such an uplifting atmosphere.

Renee Dees

The crew there is great especially sheri! Clean and friendly

Tim B

Don't have these where I live, but we met one!

Bar Tending

This location is NO longer here. It has demolished.


Most entertaining waffle I have ever been to. Our waiter seemed like she was completely out of it and food was subpar but another sweet older waitress talked to us the entire time from the booth behind us which was nice that she was so friendly but a little intrusive of our dinner. Basically a regular waffle house.

Hunter Baxter

Great customer service good food great environment this place is located literally right next to the interstate so if you are traveling and wanted to stop to get a quick bite to eat this would be a good place to stop!

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