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D Star

Thank you Maria and staff for trying your best to make sure our food is here and accurate and in a timely manner. We have had multiple issues with the fish market and called you guys on the last 4 orders being undercooked or wrong items or missing items and you have been so sweet and listened to us complain regarding our order. You have even tried yourself to tell them the order over and order and then again when the driver got there to reiterate that the order needs to be correct, just for you guys to get lied to as well by the fish market staff. I am disappointed that our last few orders have been wrong and that it gets reflected on you all. That should not be the case. You all go above and beyond and are even willing to go back to the restaurant and then back out to our house with new food or left off items. I just wanted to give you guys a shout out and say THANK YOU and to you MARIA, THANK YOU FOR LENDING A KIND EAR WHEN I WAS FILLING IT WITH COMPLAINTS REGARDING THE FOOD.

Angelica S.

The food was cold and soggy when it arrived, and so unbelievably greasy. The burgers weren't cooked properly, so I asked then for a refund. I was told they couldn't give me a refund because "the driver had already clocked out for the night and all orders processed." They don't close for another half hour. I'll be sure to never use their service again. Their competitors would never say they can't refund me because "the driver has clocked out," in fact they would have sent a different driver out to do right by their customer. Our food was disgusting and I'm now out $45..worst food delivery service in Birmingham. Order from Iron City or Waitr instead. Save yourself the headache. Pretty sure Takeout will block my address in retaliation but who cares?! Terrible service and no care for doing what's right.

Eddie Cui

Very good

Scott Postin

April Dennis

Very prompt and professional! Excellent customer service. I just wish they had more restaurant selections.

Stephanie Taylor

Great service!

Lauren Lam

EDIT: 26 September 2017- Unfortunately I wont be ordering from this company again. During the past year, they were great and reasonably priced for the service and delivery fee. However, the price went up on the service fee and delivery charge and even add a tip your bill. I didn't realize they started doing the tip adding until after I went to their site and did some research. If a company is planning on doing something like that they should put it on the app when a customer is ordering so they would know. This would have been better and I would have decided if I still wanted to order or not. The drivers are still always friendly and professional and my food order has never been wrong. However, after spending $20 on the service fee/delivery/tip, I sadly wont be using them again. EDIT: On the 13th of August, I received a call from someone from Takeout and he told me that he was going to refund the 3 dollar distance fee because I was not aware of it. There was no blaming me for not knowing there was a fee and no harsh tones came from him. I offered for them to keep the distance fee as it did state on the website, but I was just unaware of it. He refused and told me that he would refund the money. This was greatly appreciated and awesome customer service. I hope this business blooms and expands. This would have been 5 stars if it hadn't been for the "distance" charge that I was not aware of. We ordered from Black Pearl on 280 (3439 Colonnade Parkway) and had it delivered to a home in Hoover. It was 51 dollars and change when I paid online but when I checked my account they charged an extra 3 dollars for a "distance" fee. I come to find out that they'll charge a distance fee if the restaurant to the home is more than 8 miles. It would have been better if they have charged it when I paid and not when I checked my account the next day wondering what the 3 dollars was for. The food was amazing and still hot when it arrived on time. The driver was kind and we did tip him. Other than not charging everything at once and not notifying me there was a distance charge, everything was awesome.

Kristen Miller

Shannon Hughes

Love them! My food usually arrives earlier than promised. Delivery people are always so nice!!! Very happy with them!!

John Ireland Jr.

We have used this service for 2 years. Tonight we were delivered the wrong order, upon calling the manager, Ben. He called my wife and I liars and told us "Bro, orders don't just appear." We wanted a solution, such as sending the food back and getting our original right order but he was unwilling to give us any solutions. After 15 minutes of a very unprofessional conversation consisting of curse words to us he finally offered to refund our money. It was highly unprofessional and just rude to speak to a customer like that ever, in any business. We will no longer be using this service, we would rather drive than give money to a business who calls their customers liars. We hope this review will save many of you the pain and insult it has caused us. We are still in shock that someone running a business would ever speak to us that way. Looking forward to someone opening a similar business who knows good business practices and customer relations.

Jamie Howard

My husband and I called them for delivery on a Friday evening. I expected a little longer wait since it was 7:00 on a Friday but the operator said we were next in line for the driver and it should be 30-45 min. An hour and a half after we called in or order we tried calling to locate our order. We couldn't get a person on the phone the first three attempts to call, then when we finally got someone they told us the driver had been stuck in traffic for an hour and a half on an interstate that he/she didn't even need to go on to get to our house. We live 5 miles from the restraunt and there are at least a dozen different ways to reach our home. They charge quite a bit for delivery and we tipped 20% at the time that we placed the order (a $10 tip plus the exorbitant delivery fee lead to a $70 meal- which we were aware of and accepted for the convenience of not leaving our home). The company didn't even offer to refund the delivery fee or even seem to care that our food arrived cold, 2 hours after we placed the order. We will not be using their services again.

Cameron Shaqar

Horrible delivery and communication

Emily Aleine

EDIT: Management from Takeout contacted me to resolve issues. Everything that has been handled has now been edited from this review. I was quoted an hour from order to delivery, which was kinda steep but understandable as you had to factor prep and driving time. Had I picked up myself, it probably would have been the same amount of time, so that is no issue!. We got two rolls, some nigiri, and an appetizer from Sumo. The food was all perfect but we received 4 pairs of chopstick and only one fortune cookie. Not a huge deal and it's the restaurant, not driver's fault! Delivery driver was really nice and professional, offered us change when we handed him money which not all delivery drivers do. We've had experiences in the past where we've had to pay for small amounts with big bills and the drivers go to walk away with $10+ without offering change. This was not the case, he was very polite and professional. Obviously their drivers are trained really well! Overall, we had some bumps with the initial delivery that Takeout reached out to us to fix. It's always nice when someone actually cares enough to reach out from the company, so thankful for that. Would definitely order again and recommend to friends.


Barrie L. Limerick

Wish I could give less than one star. Tonight, not for the first time, I tried to place an order with The TakeOut only to be presented with an error message that I've not met the minimum order requirements (tonight, a $15.00 minimum for Taste of Thailand). I'd ordered an entrée that was $13.95, which seems reasonable enough to me for a take out order, but I go back, add a bottle of water, $1.99, to push is over the $15 minimum only to find I'm stuck in 15-dollar hell. The duck on rice (13.95) and the bottled water (1.99) surpass the $15 limit at $15.44 but when I try to place my order I still get the message that my order isn't large enough. I add a coke and still, no go. I clear my cart and start over, no go. I finally end up eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and email the site later. Get a message the the $1.99 bottle of water didn't push my order over $15 because "water" is not "food". Really!? How am I supposed to know there's a difference? To me, an order total is an order total and when I'm looking at at $15 plus order total, how am I to know that The Take Out makes a differentiation between food and drink? Maybe future oderers will have better luck but I'm done.

Logan Ellis

Robyn Gallagher

Paid with card online and left tip on there also. Paid balance with cash and driver did not have enough money to give change for a $20. So I had to lose out on change back. If your drivers cannot give change for a $20 then I won't be using this service anymore. Very disappointing.

Heather Ramsey

I've used this service about 5-6 times. They've always been fairly prompt and the selection of restaurants is better than any other local service that I've found. The service charge is pretty reasonable. Several improvements have been made to the website since I first visited, so they are obviously working toward getting even better. Gad to have a decent service like this in the Hoover area.

Kati Frausto

Holly Stanford

Been on time!


Do not use this service my address was blocked cause I complained about my food and was promised a 32 dollar credit and was lied too. This service is pitiful.

jason hall

Just ordered from these guys again, and again they hit another home run. Food was delivered promptly at estimated time and driver was pleasant and polite. The app is easy and painless to use. I used to order from doorstep delivery but The Takeout has completely stolen my business. Reasonably priced delivery fees, decent selection, excellent service. The Takeout is my favorite delivery option in Birmingham, hands down.

Grace Maddox

Awesome service! App was very easy to use, food arrived in only 40 minutes, and the driver was super polite. Will definitely use again!

Quentin Cornelison

I have never had an undesirable experience with this service. They normally arive on or ahead of the time estimated for delivery and also work to ensure that the customers order is met correctly or altered if issues arise.

Luis Salinas

The food arrived hot and fresh. The driver, Brian, was very courteous and professional. I will definitely use the service again when in the area.

Harley Davies

Totally unbiased. This is the kind of news I like. Thank you. It is about time that theres a respectable well respected team of broadcasters that i feel i can really trust.

Renee Marlow

Used to be a huge fan, ordered a few times a month for the past few years. Still think the drivers are fast, nice, and awesome people - but whoever is making the business decisions needs to rethink their strategy. When you're paying an additional $10 for delivery and service fee for a restaurant thats a bit further away AND plan to tip the driver for the inconvenience, you shouldn't get phone calls saying they are going to charge even more. The fast rising charges and the lack of new variety has, regrettably, chased this loyal customer away.

Laura Angers

Amazing! I'm so glad I gave them a try. The driver was super nice and friendly and the food was here ten minutes earlier than quoted. Plus, it was hot and delicious! Thank you, I will be using this service again.

Tiffany Harris

Do NOT order from these people. I ordered from the fish market. They didn't tell me the fish market was out of ONE thing ordered and I ordered three different things so they cancelled my entire order with out notice. After two hours I called and no one answered. I was at home sick with my kids which is why I did not cook. I left a message and no one returned my call. I called the next day to speak to a manager, I was put on hold then hung up on. They kept my money and over charged me. Huge rip off ! Unprofessional! Save your time and money !

K. P. Kennedy

pam vickner

I have used twice and food was delivered faster then time given and was red hot!! Delivery person was excellent!! Please think about delivery to the airport where I work!!!

Oliver Laurent

Zach Wiley

April Schofield

This is our first time using this service. We were very happy with the experience. The website itself is very easy to use. It even told us when to expect our food for delivery. It was exactly right, down to the minute. The person who brought it to us was very friendly, and since we paid with a card online we didn't have to worry about signing for the order or tipping because it had already been taken care of. Our food was nice and hot when we got it. If you don't want to cook, don't feel like getting out to buy something and you don't want pizza then this is the place for you. TONS of options and the delivery charge is not more expensive than Papa Johns or Pizza Hut. We will def use again!

S Ireland

Ben is VERY unprofessional. Warning: if you place the wrong order and you call for a solution, you will be called a liar and cursed at. I will NEVER use this site again. I would hate to know what would happen if a catering order for a business lunch was delivered wrong. Birmingham needs some more businesses like this one who can offer great customer service, unlike what we received tonight.

Tammy Dunn

THESE PEOPLE CHARGE YOUR ACCOUT AND DO NOT DELIVER FOOD AT ALL. THE GUY WHO ANSWERS THE PHONE SAYS HE IS THE CEO. WHAT A JOKE AND A WASTE OF MONEY. Fabian posted a fake craigslist add that caused my phone to ring day and night. They should spend more time on service and less time on childish games.

Carrie Bliss

I have used several delivery services and The TakeOut Bham is by far the best delivery service in Birmingham. I received a friendly phone call with excellent customer service. The service offers a wide variety of restaurants from which to choose.

Lance Gross

I wanted to give my experience with "The TakeOut" and my recommendation. I was in town for a client meeting and had a night where I needed to have food delivered b/c the hotel kitchen wasn't working. Ultimately, I had a very good experience and would hesitate to use them again. ORDERING I found the process to order online was pretty straight forward. The website does seem a little cluttered compared to other sites I have used but it gets the job done. I liked that you see the items you add and then you can delete them or make special notations. So I felt confident about placing an online order as opposed to calling. I did try calling at one point but was quickly put on hold (called around 7:45pm I believe) and after about 5 minutes I figured out my question so just hung up. I did get an order initially when ordering but it could have been due to the internet connection I was using at the Hyatt which was pretty sub-par. DELIVERY After you order you get an estimated time of delivery. I believe was order was expected to arrive in about 45 minutes or so. The actual delivery was within about 5 minutes of the expected time I was shown. The guy who delivered the food was ok but not great. I asked about a receipt and he said he didn't have one because they were a third party vendor. A better answer to me would have been something like "we don't provide them with your order but you can email/call and they will email you one." GETTING A RECEIPT Most of the time I don't care about receipts but since I was on a business trip I needed to get one. From a convenience standpoint, it would be nicer if one could be included. However, I was VERY impressed that 3 days later after getting home, I emailed them and within a few minutes I had a reply saying "so and so" was out of the office but I would get one as soon as he returned. Then about an hour or so later I had another email with a pdf copy to use as a receipt. RECOMMENDATION If I were in town again, I wouldn't hesitate to use them again for take-out. I do like the fact that everything can be done online and though I had an order with several items, everything was delivered as expected. I also like that if you contact them they will get back to you quickly and get you taken care of. SPECIAL NOTES It is $1 cheaper I believe to order online rather than ordering over the phone. I usually like to order over the phone to make sure everything is handled correctly, but after going through the process once, I wouldn't hesitate to use their online ordering again.

Shane Toner

Mimi Dawgs

Just used for the first time. Driver was courteous and only a few minutes later than ETA. It was 12:30 on a weekday, so I expected that. All-in-all a good experience for me.

Maria Dockery

Great service! Tons of variety in food choices, fast service, and helpful staff. The restaurant was out of the dessert I chose, and the manager (I believe his name was Steven) took the time to call me and list off options for available desserts so I could satisfy my sweet tooth. Their customer service is top notch!

ColorMe Inspirational

Great service!! Always on time and the food is always good!! I recently tried Doordash (I have also tried others I keep coming back) sadly both times my food was 30+ minutes late.. Terrible and NO RESPONSE to my complaints!! This last order was 48 minutes late I wouldn't call that doordash, you can not contact anyone!! The Take Out is still the best!! I wish I could give you 10 stars!!

LaKisha Jonson

We use them for work orders downtown to the post office. Theu always right and never have any issues.

Tj Marchant

Sheleta Henderson

False advertising ordered food and couldn't get the food and have to wait 3-5 business days to get my money back this service is a joke I will not recommend this delivery service to anyone

Patrick Connolly

Outstanding service and on time if not early. I will continue to use this service. The delivery charge is nothing due to the nice selection of restaurants. Cheers to all the staff and Company

delvantino davis

Food was late!!! No heads up! Also you guys need to hire better drivers dude was not personable at all. Throw the whole delivery team away

laura simpson

Nice service... owner called me up the next day and offered me a coupon on a future order bc of misunderstanding with driver not having enough change (I rarely pay cash and prob most people don't either, so not that big of a deal - but I appreciated the gesture).


Today was my first time ordering from this company, and i havent heard of them but i was a little nervous to order from. However, the driver was extremely nice and the food was wonderful. I will be ordering from you again as getting out for lunch is a little hard for me. :)

maddy leigh

The drivers are nice, but the customer service is lacking. On three separate occasions I have ordered food and planned my night around the time they provide to receive a phone call 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES PLUS LATER THAT THEY CANNOT pickup my order because of [the restaurant is now closed, they didn't realize the place was not taking orders, etc.]. When I asked to order from another restaurant they informed me that I would have to start this lovely process over, and the delivery time was then up to 2.5 hours. Nice. Thank you takeout. This last one was the final straw. Pick up your own food. It won't be rock hard and ice cold and you don't have to deal with these people.

Terri Nava

We have been using Takeout Birmingham for 3 years and we are happy with their service. Tonight we placed an order, however when we received our order it was missing a dish. I called and spoke to Mike, I let him know that we were missing a dish from our order. He offered to have the missing dish delivered, but I requested that the whole order be ordered again and delivered. He agreed to submit our order again and have it delivered to us. Our order has only been wrong a few times but they made it right when we requested the order to be fixed. Its a great service for our household, very convenient and numerous choices for restaurants. Thanks for making it right tonite Mike!

Shannon Dabbs

Always late and my food is cold. Website forces customers to choose a tip amount (starting at 15%) before service is rendered.

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