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REVIEWS OF The Bottle IN Alabama

Joe McIntosh

One of the nicer restaurants downtown. All the food and cocktails have been phenomenal. If your looking for a cozy spot to celebrate or treat yourself, this place has you covered.

Kellie Terry

We visited the bottle last night as we have many times before. It was just ok. My husband ordered scotch and was served wine. He tasted it and I tasted it before the server came back. When he pointed out her mistake I told her she could leave the glass since they would just have to pour it out. She again apologized and acknowledged her mistake. Imagine my surprise when the bill came and we were charged for said “mistake”. I also tried to book a corporate party there. The “off site” reservation specialist basically said this is the menu take it or leave it. I wanted to add more quantity of food! The food is still good (not great), but service has declined. Maybe we will try Char or go back to Purveyor.

B Harris

Great ambiance

Scott Miller

Menu selection is varied and interesting, but inconsistency in execution hampered the experience. Also, our particular server was somewhat inattentive, which also dampened the experience.

Norman Virciglio

Had an outstanding experience. Our waiter Charles was very knowledgeable and curteous. The meal was delicious. I recommend the scallops. The wine selection is superb. #healthy #datenight. Will return.

Pixie Lent

The atmosphere and sitting at the Mafia table was cool. Service was great. For apps the oysters were good but tiny and the shrimp was very good. Wedge salad usually comes with blue cheese dressing but this was more vinegar with blue cheese crumbles. Main courses-filet mignon was tough but sauce was good, scallops felt gritty. Didn't enjoy either. The desserts, carrot cake, lava cake, and creme Brule were very good. We won't be back cause it was a $200 dinner and it wasn't very good. We like The Purveyor much better.

Keith Jackson

Best place in town and the prices show. The staff and bartenders know their stuff. Will certainly go again and drop $100/person.

Mike Venegas

3.5 stars. Food was just ok, service was ok, and neither left me wanting to rush back. Expected fireworks got sparklers. Rather disappointing.

Clarise Johnson

Food was delicious. Seating is crowded so claustrophobics beware. Server was super friendly and helpful

Benjamin Luthy

If you ever thought, "Man, I wonder what food from Heaven tastes like." Then you should eat here. It is magnificent.

Pat Marzella

Everything we had was very, very good

Nate Smith

Food was good, but did not blow me away. I think there are better places for the money down town.

Jeremy Black

Its ok. For a place called the bottle i thought their wine wist was subpar. It was the same wine you can get at grill 29 or conners. The food was just ok as well. My biggest complaint was the table spacing. I was almost sitting 12 inches from the next table away. Im not anti social but for a date night it seemed like the tables were far too close. The wait staff was the best part. Super knowledgeable and quick to make recommendations based on what you tell them

Cindy Yeary

Always great food and service

Rebecca Sander

Sea scallops were very delicate and perfectly cooked. Boyfriend tried the ribeye. It was a 32 ounce hunk of meat that I believe he enjoyed very much. There are several items I'd like to try on the menu.

Ms Renae

Upscale and feels like big city fine dining!!! The food was absolutely delicious!!! We celebrated a very special occasion and the staff, atmosphere, and ambience was perfect. Chef Andy came out to check the pulse of the evening and it was a nice touch...We had fried oysters...the best not on the menu but Chef Andy made it happen!! The lamb and New York Strip was wonderful!!! And I am not a salad lover but...for me I attempted the Apple Walnut salad and my Sweetie tried a salad that had fried okra and both were wonderful!!! I could go back just for salad alone!!! Very romantic!!!

Kathleen Graminski

The food was good, the service was amazing.

Sheila Weddington

Food was good but not over the top. Our seating was absolutely terrible. Squeezed into a bench seat beside the wine storage in the back with a strange couple within a couple feet. Terrible seats! Not a good first impression at all

Doug Russell

Great food and service. Loved it!

Becky Tipton

Delicious as always with fantastic service!

Ric Patterson

This restaurant is very overrated. We have been 4 times and each time they have been out main menu items such as bread! We ordered steak because they did not have grouper and the cut was so tough that I would not feed it to my dog.

Charlene Robinson

When I went to the bottle it was a group of 30 for a meeting/dinner. The servers were incredibly attentive and professional. They were very courteous while the presenter was speaking. The food was incredibly tasty. The steak I ordered medium rare was perfect. Everything was presented beautifully and the venue was very quite. A great atmosphere for both a meeting, a date or something like a rehearsal dinner. I will definitely be taking my husband soon.

Mikey P

The head chef is a friggin magician! The food is worth slapping someone's mother for! I can't recommend this place enough. It is your duty as a human on this planet to eat here at least once!

larry evans

Elegant presentation of the food, but the Fish and Chips are just average. Nice wine menu. We were there for an early dinner and enjoyed the ability to relax.

Mike Moll

Food was awesome!

sonja esslinger

I hate to say it but will not go back. 3rd time and none of them were worth it. Food was bland, service was slow and impersonal, we dont mind spending money on a great experience, but wont do it here any more.

carolyn Hulbert

Enjoyed a table for 4 next to the window! Food was great, really fresh! The rolls perfection! Our waitress was Lucy who made our night! Excellent friendly service!

Daniel Casey

Fantastic appetizers, meals and service for our family of four on a very special occasion. We had the large gulf shrimp, black grouper, tenderloin filet & porterhouse pork chop entrees. I would recommend all of them.

Morgan Robichaud

Food is very good, the portion sizes are smaller. This is a restaurant that expects you to order a few courses. It's not a one meal restaurant.

Ulrich S.

My wife and I visited the restaurant last Saturday. Beside the reception and a female trainee we experienced server, who treated us from above and unfriendly. From my point of view it is normal to adress the daytime if you join the table for the first time or to say something like "enjoy the dish" if you serve the starter or dessert. Beside this I would expect a "amuse-gueule", fish knives or different glasses for the red or the white. In addition, we experienced plates, which were not shiny. These points are a no go with respect to the pricing level. However, the Chef de Cuisine seems to be great. The dishes which we had chosen last Saturday were very delicious - no doubt about this.

Steven Stegman

Expensive but a good choice for a special occasion. The duck breast and leg with the Bordeaux was an excellent pairing. Filet Mignon was tender. The fried okra heirloom salad was unique and tasty. The strawberry cheesecake was light and delicious. The corner booth in the bar is the best seat in the house and were glad to have it. The main dining room has less space and is louder. Service was very good, attentive to us but not obtrusive. Good recommendations on menu and wine selections.

Jeremy Patton

Best meal I've had in Huntsville so far!

Susie McCullough

Food was decent, my filet was excellent... however, my husband's pork chop was fatty. The sides were good, nothing special. We were in a private room, but apparently did not have a private wait staff. Service was just ok... no order to the delivery of food to the table.

Jack Bailey

We enjoyed the evening until a table of five was seated. Not dressed appropriately, loud, offensive language and rude to the staff. No manager on duty to handle the situation when I brought it to their attention. I was also told there is no actual "dress code" either. It was like being at the downtown Applebees. I would not call the The Bottle "fine dining". Cotton Row remains the best restaurant in Huntsville for actual fine dining.

Laura Gillespie

The hands down best food in downtown Huntsville

Blake West

WOW! The food is delicious. The service is over-the-top. The location is cozy. It ain't cheap but is in line for the food and service.

Jeremy Concepcion


Jason Graham

Everything here reminds me of something better I had somewhere else.

Susan Paradise

We had terrible service. I ordered a steak medium rare, and was served a steak medium well. The waiter never came back to check on our table until everyone else was through with their meal. He asked how everything was. I told him it was tasty; but not medium rare. He offered to send out another state; but everyone else was finished with their meal. The manager never came by the table. There was no discount on the bill. My friends from out of town were paying for the bill. I left the table, so that she could confront the waiter. Finally, my steak was removed from the bill. Not cool

Aldric Tanger

Highly recommend. Impeccable service, excellent food, romantic atmosphere. This is not a cheap restaurant by any means but well worth the money. Chef came out and spoke with every diner. The tables are close together, which is common in Huntsville for some reason, and normally I dislike that l, but we had a delightful older couple next to us and we struck up a conversation and really enjoyed it. Great for date night or special occasion.

William Musser

Update on 2nd visit to the Bottle for Valentine’s Day. Both our steaks were way overdone. My wife’s fillet was thin as a hamburger and quite literally white inside. They brought us new steaks and they over cooked hers again! It looked like they left it grill on one side for 10 min. Expect better. Original review. Had planned on going to Big Oh for a rare date with my wife but they closed early due to weather concerns aparently. I've never been to the bottle or any if it's predacessors in over a decade of living here but said what the heck tonight. Sat at the bar. Huntsville newcomer Daniel was tending bar. Interesting character and makes great drinks. Helped make for a fun evening on a slow winter night. Big thanks to Andy who was so bored due to lack of customers he made us a multi-course dinner sample. Ahi tuna...scallops were to die for... grouper impeccable. Amazing first trip. Thanks to all involved. Will be back soon.

Lacy Berry

Everything on the menu I've tried has been amazing. The kitchen really knows what they're doing! Excellent place for a date.

Brigid S

Fantastic!! As always!

Josiah Thomas

Had our office Christmas party here in 2015. It was a really fun venue. The food was great, the staff was friendly, the atmosphere was superb. Will be back.

Chuck Wedin

Hard to find better food or service anywhere in Huntsville. Just absolutely top notch. You pay for it, though. Not a place I could afford to eat often. Be prepared to drop $200 on a meal for two. You decide whether it's worth it, but it's probably the best service I've ever had anywhere in the world. For reference, I've eaten at restaurants in more than 30 countries.

Kameron Owens

Food was good. Carrot cake looks good, but very dry. Service was less than acceptable when you're paying over 100 dollars for a meal. When two people are judged because they are younger and couldn't possibly be old enough to afford the meal and a 20% tip, that bothers me. Our waiter was attentive and friendly to the other tables he had, but not to ours. He would talk to his other tables for extended periods of time and couldn't get away from our table fast enough. I don't appreciate when I'm still talking to someone, and they are walking away when I am talking to them. For the money you spend, you would assume that everything would blow you away. 3 stars because for over 100 dollars, the meal and service were not worth what we paid at all.

Sean O'Hara

The first time time we went to the bottle, I was unimpressed. The food was just OK, and we were seated upstairs tucked away and the service was bad. It must have been a one off, because we gave it another try and it was great. The food was phenominal, we had a great table by the window, and we had the friendliest waitress. I look forward to coming back and having another excellent experience so I can bump the review up to 5 stars. Also Anne is the nicest lady.

Wess Cozelos

Fantastic food, atmosphere,and impeccable service. Better than Cotton Row. Ask for Nathan because he was an amazing server!

Teresa Fowler

These pictures are from the latest wine dinner at the Bottle, and the food was wonderful. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Huntsville and I recommend to all my friends and co-workers.


Had a great time! I went with some friends to the Wine Tasting/Sous Vide learning experience - food was excellent and the chefs explained each dish and wine pairing in a very explorative and easy to understand matter. Definitely plan on returning! (Second dish of the night in the picture, Farm Egg w/Winter Truffle)

Melissa Ebbing

I wish I could give more then 5 stars I can not begin to tell you how over the top amazing our visit to The Bottle was. Scott our waiter went above and beyond. The chef well I can’t imagine how Huntsville got so lucky as the food was food network quality and would give those chefs a run for their money. You have a customer for life and can not wait to come again!

Sharon Monteilh

I was blessed to spending time there with friend's and family. The food was scrumptious, servings were tremendous. Staff was extremely professional. I would highly recommend it.

Brooke Graham

Had our anniversary dinner here last night - app, 2 drinks a piece, lamb entree, veal entree and dessert for $137. Not bad for fine dining. We really enjoyed the ahi tuna appetizer, probably our favorite of the night. The veal seasoning was perfect and unique - HUGE portions. We ended up taking some of both dishes home. We enjoyed the triple chocolate meltdown dessert.. super rich, to rich for my boyfriend, but I couldn't get enough. Great for special occasions.

John Desouza

Great private lunch, amazing

Michelle Emens

We attended one of their Wine Dinners and it was delicious fun! Very well done and Chef McDonald did such a fine job of sharing with us all about their local sourcing and everything tomato.

Manny Bunz

Simple but fast expanding place

Alex Byers

Creative and delicious cocktails and desserts!

Edward Faulkner

Food and service are outstanding

Eric Conner

Intimate ambiance, comfortable elegance. Nice wine list but young still, Napa heavy. Creative cocktails. Chef Andy has visited our table every evening, looking for feedback and keeping his finger on the pulse beat. He earnestly cares. Creative wonderful sauces. Never too much salt. Blueberry coulis with venison, anything involving mushrooms! Truffle butter filet... Love his lamb, veal, duck & steaks. Everything is always perfect. One of the top 3 in Huntsville for a romantic dinner.

zach smithson

A wonderful atmosphere

Jorge Raub

Great special occasion restaurant. Some of the finest of Huntsville's fine dining!

Will Stroud

Some of the best food we've had in Huntsville. Great staff!

Ashley Tipper

Jeremy, the bartender, is top notch..across the board. Extremely knowledgeable in craft cocktails, makes a fantastic drink, knows how to make you feel comfortable, prompt service and he cares. Kudos to him and this establishment.

Will Scoggins

High quality food with a great server. It is worth the money.

Andre Hinds

Great food and great service. An ideal place for a special night out in Huntsville

a K

My wife and I wanted good lamb and the bottle was suggested . We arrived for our reservation and seated promptly. We received water and 10 mins passed the waiter came and took drink orders a simple gin and tonic and glass of house cab. We drank water for 25 mins and never heard from the waiter again . It wasn’t a busy Monday night at all . Unfortunately we got tired of waiting for our drink orders and at the 30 min mark we left . We really wanted to try the lamb but felt there was zero sense of urgency with us on this slow Monday night .

Stephen Trumbull

Pricey but pretty much worth it. It's a nice location. Downtown Huntsville is improving, and The Bottle is right in the middle of it all. The corner spot makes for some great views of the hubbub all around. The parking garage is close by, too. The food is quite good. I had the beet salad, which sounds pretty lame, but was surprisingly delicious and I'd be happy to have it again. Drinks are well made. The price is a little steep, and it can be argued the food might fall short of the cost, if only slightly. Still, it's definitely worth a try and there's a good chance you'll be happy like I was.

Brad Underwood

Great service! Excellent food!

Jessica Meuse

Beautiful venue with amazing food and friendly service! I will definitely be back!

Ken Fulghum

Nice place, good food, friendly staff.

Roby Dorsett

Yum. Great food. Great wine. Great setting. Waiter was very good. I had braised ribs and they were fantastic.

Will Johnson

Great food, great atmosphere, great location. Well worth the visit

Terri Caniglia

Service was great. The pork chop and grouper were delicious

Wes Brown

Very nice dining experience with friendly, professional staff

Dorothy Priest

Top notch food. Great service

Robby Bilbrey

Best Filet in the World !!

Janine Ramsay

The lamb was delicious and the attentive service, with smiles, jokes and respect was priceless.

B Davies

Food was pretty good. Service was ok. Tables are way too close together. The picture above must be from a different restaurant.

Ray Toth

Love this place! Great food, great service and good prices. They have also always been very accommodating of unusual special requests through Open Table.

Lucy Wright

Loved this little gem! Wonderful table in the window in the bar, fab server Jason and delicious food. Charcuterie platter divine. Can't wait to go back when in town.

John Smith

Meh...good place for a night out. If you are a regular diner here, beware!!! The menu rarely changes and the dessert menu is absolutely terrible! Ok food finished with a nasty dessert! Oh well, can't win them all!

Andrew Kenworthy

Quaint and intimate fine dining. Salmon and scallops were delicious!

Chris Golden

There were a few other diners in the restaurant, but the servers did not rush any of us. I ordered the shimp appetizer, the strawberry and pecan salad, the chicken pasta (great!), and the chocolate mousse dessert all for about $70.Nice, quaint atmosphere, and friendly servers. I had the mojito cocktail which is a must to try! Also get the cheese plate to share.

Carrie Brewer

The best meal I've had in Huntsville in a while. The menu is fabulous, the staff is great and food and drinks were perfect. They have valet parking in case you're worried about finding a spot in busy downtown Huntsville. It is quite expensive, but worth every penny. My husband and I will definitely be back.

Angela Mccoy

We closed the place down and had a wonderful time! We didn't know they closed at 9 and we arrived at 8:30pm for a birthday dinner. There were a few other diners in the restaurant, but the servers did not rush any of us. I ordered the shimp appetizer, the strawberry and pecan salad, the chicken pasta (great!), and the chocolate mousse dessert all for about $70.

Vanessa Mallard

My friends and I met here for a friend's birthday. There was a little wait even though we made reservations, but it wasn't too long of a wait. This was my first time here so I didn't know what to expect, food wise. My friends all gave it glowing reviews. Let me say the wait staff was awesome and very attentive. The food was absolutely delicious. And I mean everything. We all had different dishes so I was able to sample some of their entrees. I'd, for sure, check this place out when I'm back in the area.

DeeAnn Kizziah

Nice change

John Romero

Have eaten here several times while visiting the area for business. I usually have steak which is great. On this occasion I opted for the salmon which in my opinion had very little taste. I'll stick with the steak next time.

Nilda Lacen

Great food, very romantic

Woodard Family

Very limited menu selection. I understand their goal is to deliver a somewhat upscale dining experience but in my opinion it was not achieved. Waiter was decent, good wine selection, food was sub par and overpriced. Just my opinion.

Richard Kowallik

Poor service; exceptionally poor and unorganized buffet. Overpriced.

James Faulkner

A very unique and intimate experience. French inspired food. Very high quality. This is probably the best food you can get in town.

Clifton Mcnerney


Craig Hoffman

Top notch service with quality food.

Steve Kaple

The service was great. Our waiter was very observant and when we needed something, he was there immediately, otherwise he left us to talk. The food was wonderful. The chef paired tastes that I never thought would compliment each other, into a very nice experience. The wine list was extensive and the staff very knowledgeable and successful with their suggestions. Overall, a great dining experience.

Evalyn Vincent

This is such a beautiful place. Great food also.

Chad Holland

We made reservations and we were still seated at the table next to the restrooms/kitchen. Couldn't have a conversation with my wife on our anniversary dinner. The food was good. Service was spectacular! We had the duck(med rare) and the filet mignon (med rare) both were cooked perfectly. The sides were ho hum with the exception of the lady peas... They were like the food critic moment it Ratatouille for me... Took me back to my great grandmother's! All togehter, two salads, duck and filet mignon with 2 coxtails 2 glasses of wine and dessert with port $178 before tip. One of the cheaper nice dinners we have had in Huntsville!

Perry Taylor

Always a great meal. . . . Apps and a salad or and entree. . I leave smiling and working up new home creations based on the amazing flavor profiles that Andy throws together

Blake Hargrove

The food is astounding, and the service is top notch. Although expensive, the atmosphere is great, and the quality even better. Highly recommended.

Cory Newman

Not as good as conors to me but really nice atmosphere. Wite table cloth fine dinning.

Brittany Davis

The food and the service was amazing

Justin Malone

Nice, subtle, and quaint bar area. Haven't eaten there, so I can't judge the food.

Jeremy Wood

Awesome place for dinner and cocktails! Staff is so nice!

Vic Robertson

Excellent ambience, service, and food. The duck was exactly as I ordered it, but I wish I had ordered it cooked medium. Don't get it rare.

Ted Buckenham

Excellent food in a nice environment.

Suzan Von Hor

Simply the best! Good service. great food. Great environment.

Bobby Treece

Chef Andy always delivers exceptional food.

David Mullins

Wow, amazing times here (3 times) yet when check came almost had heart attack & lost my great meal Cannot afford to go here

Jennifer McDaniel

The chefs cook amazing food paired with great wine!

Scott Phillips

Top notch fine dining in Huntsville. You won't be disappointed.

Jason Watwood

Fine dining

Terri R

Chef Andy is the best!

Jim Coleman

Light dinner with two appetizers. First time here. With Regina Thomson Coleman

Steve Pierce

Just wonderful. Atmosphere, ambiance, service, food, & assortment.

Craig Dailey

Fine dining at it's best in Huntsville. There are others similar in walking distance, but this is the pinnacle by my measure.

Abby Pepper Abernathy

A great date night spot!

Trey Brouwer

I have never taken the time to write a review before because no place has ever been worthy of my time to do it. I have eaten at chefs tables at Cat Cora’s, Morimoto’s, Emeril’s etc and The Bottle is right there with them. My wife and I were blown away. This is worthy of 2 Michelin stars. Great job Chefs. I can’t wait to get back there.

Emma Terry

My grandmother went to The Bottle for a dinner that was put on. They got there at 6 and left at 10:15. It took 4 hours to get there food. Faster service is needed. But she said they had very good food.

Julie Cronan

Delicious food with wonderful attentive service

Brenden Heckman

Delicious unique meals that are on a daily changing menu. The service was exemplary. They made sure to care for my wife's food allergy. Definitely a great unscale experience.

HC Kwok

My wife and I used to come here once a week when it was the Chop House, and we loved it. Since the changes, we have lost interest. Food is OK...prices have gone up. Service has become average.

Nathan Stewart

Our experience was very disappointing. Maybe we got them on an off night, but we got there at 6:15 with reservations, so were a bit before rush hour. The good: - Excellent service, waiters were knowledgeable about the food - Easy online reservation through Google maps - Food presentation is pretty good The bad: - All of the pictured food on Google maps is seasonal, they didn't have the rack of lamb or the chocolate dome available. I ended up with a salad and appetizer as a main course - We ordered a medium well filet mignon and got well done, the potatoes were cold, and the vegetables so undercooked they were basically raw. When there is only one hot plate ordered that's not really acceptable to us personally. It ended up being a nearly $75 ($90 with tip) meal that I would have been disappointed paying half that, if the food had been cooked properly, and the items on Google maps actually available it easily would have met that price tags standard, as is we probably won't be making a return trip.

Brady Mullis

Solid upscale restaurant. Not the top tier but a reasonable value for the quality. Entrees were very good and cocktails were excellent. Service was decent to good. They have valet, street level parking is available but may be limited at busy times.

Hannah DeGreeff

Me and my husband went to The Bottle for an early Valentine's Day dinner and we had a lovely experience. The food, drinks, and staff were amazing! But what really made the night was our waiter/bartender, Blake. He was very knowledgeable about all the food/drink options and his suggestions were excellent, can't recommend Blake enough!

Anita Phillips

Highly recommend. Impeccable service, excellent food, romantic atmosphere. This is not a cheap restaurant by any means but well worth the money. Chef came out and spoke with every diner. The tables are close together, which is common in Huntsville for some reason, and normally I dislike that l, but we had a delightful older couple next to us and we struck up a conversation and really enjoyed it. Great for date night or special occasion

Kirby Stevenson

Went last year on Mother's Day and left in awe. Did a repeat this year and left thinking we should have waited on another day. Service was stellar but food was blane.

Russell Barnes

In Huntsville for another dog show and found a gem of a restaurant in the heart of the city. The Bottle was a wonderful experience: outstanding service, delicious food, classic French motif and versus many other French dining experiences - a reasonable price in the modern upscale dining world. We travel here a few times a year and this is now on our "go to" list.

Martha M

Not that impressed with the food, but the bartender with the British accent was the best!!

Anna Parker

Food was good but service could be better. If I'm going to spend a high dollar for a meal I have high expectations for service. They weren't awful they just werent very good- slow to greet us (we had a reservation) and no one was at the hostess stand when we got there. - group of about 15 of us waiting 5 or so minutes before someone finally come over and greeted us. We waited another 5 or so minutes before someone offered us water and another 5 min before we saw our waitress. No deal breakers with regards to service but just not overly impressed with the staff. It is not the quality staff you'd get at Cotton Row. As far as fine dining in Huntsville goes it's better than Grille 29 but it will be awhile before I go back.

Charry Jones

Good food, good service and good ambience.

Daniel Merenda

Excellent food excellent service.


The absolute best steak I've ever had.

Ashley Gendron

Nice service and ambiance! Food was just ok. (Compared to larger cities/foodie hot spots) For the price I would have preferred food with bolder flavors/creativity. Much of what I ate I could have made myself.

Helen Harrand

I wish the waiters would tone down the attitude. Food good, service fair

Don Beck

Very good food and service. Good selection on menu

Inelisse J

Good ambiance, a bit expensive but you know it’s a fine dining place.

Steven Barnes

The Bottle is nice. It's a great place to go to special dinner. The food was good and the service was great. Fair warning: it's a bit pricy but I think it's worth it.

Bonnie Harrison

One of my favorite places to dine - very romantic!

Gina Terry

Great atmosphere, fantastic food and great service!

Andrew Nichols

Have been twice now. Have been impressed twice. First time going was as a nice dinner out with family, second time was to propose to my now fiancée. Will most assuredly be going back. The meal and service are absolutely top notch.

Andrew Koehler

Exceptional service and great French inspired menu with local ingredients.

J 1

Food was great, service was fantastic, but the cramped dining is less than romantic and quiet. I felt borderline uncomfortable due to close proximity of diners

Beth Staula

Everything is SO good. Distinctive flavors, amazing freshness. Appetizers are amazing, main course dishes are delish and the desserts are so good its tempting to start with them.

Dominic Lane

Came in around 5PM without a reservation and got a table immediately. The staff was friendly and informative and we were shown to a table where our drink orders were taken. My old fashioned was excellent. Our waiter, Carey, then explained the menu and offered suggestions. We started with the escargot appetizer and our entrees were the scallops and the veal chop. Everything was expertly prepared and the flavors were amazing. Carey was very helpful and attentive throughout our dinner. Our dessert choices were the maple cheesecake and creme brulee which were also fantastic. If you're looking for a nice, slightly upscale meal in downtown Huntsville, I highly recommend The Bottle. The service and the food are top notch.

Abigail Campbell

I’m glad to finally write a glowing review here! We booked through Open Table and mentioned it was my birthday. We went on a Tuesday so not a busy night and scored the round booth in the bar. Jeremy took care of us and the whole bar area including dreaming up and creating some amazing cocktails! See photo below. Oysters were delicious, shrimp would be a good shareable as it was a lot of shrimp! Venison and pork chop were great with well thought vegetables and flavors. Noticed people just coming in to the bar for cocktails and know why after experiencing Jeremy’s wizardry! Will definitely be back and will stay on the bar side!

Amy Orman

Food was ok. Service was not great. We went on New Years Eve so menu was not the normal one.

Chrissie Anctil

Not up to standards! We have eaten here several times before, but tonight is "wine dinner" event and everyone not part of it, should save their money! Waited forever for our meals and they had to be sent back. We got seated in a back room with a portable AC rattling beside us. Not worth the trip, food or ambiance.

Jonathan Mack

Amazing food. Much better than Grille 29

Eleasa Wilson

I have been a few times and have loved almost everything. Once my fish was under cooked (raw in the middle), and I like mine medium well.


My husband took me here for my birthday and we had a lovely time. The duck was great and my husband enjoyed the lamb. We had a nice bottle of Charles Krug 2013 Merlot that was great with the dinner. The desserts are heavenly. We will be back soon.

Ricki Jordan

Service excellent, except server seemed offended that I asked for a "pinch" of salt. It was almost as if I was insulting the chef and, by association, him. Filet Mignon was average compared to Conner's and other fine restaurants.

T Whit

One of the best restaurants I have ever ate at!!

Herbert Carr

Food. Drink excellent. Table .ot so great

Joe M

Pretty good. Had to wait even though I had reservations. Longer wait for food to be ready

Ted Briggs

Very good food, but overpriced, somewhat limited dinner menu

Nicholas Martinez

I had the Oscar Grouper which was excellent but not what I would call "Blow me away outstanding" especially for the high price. However the tomato soup probably was the best I have ever had. My wife had the fish and chips and she said they were good but not great.

Stephen Grooms


David Gardner

Service and food quality are what you would expect at this price. They have a great wine selection and some really nice handcrafted cocktails. The wait staff is very friendly and helpful. Really enjoyed our meal here

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