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6200 Grand River Blvd E Suite 362, Leeds, AL 35094, United States Located in: The Outlet Shops of Grand River

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REVIEWS OF Sbarro IN Alabama

Patricia Belanger

Pizza would have been better if hotter.. help seemed confused with our order & how to communicate when ours would be ready vs customers in front of us. Maybe just short staffed for that Sunday?

Lee Lo

First time I ever had pizza here and it was amazing best pizza I have ever had. And oouu there pasta was perfect. Was very clean and staff was very kind! I'm forever a sbarro pizza fan!

Matthew Emfinger

Walked up. Chick was on here phone hiding behind the cash register. I waited maybe 30 45 seconds before I said "hey" when she say a customer you could literally see the life drain from her. She said "hejdneiwnd" so I said do what? She said what can I get you or a variation of that. Ok. I said what kind of stromboli is that and pointed down. We took a stroll down to it and she said pepperoni, clearly annoyed she is even alive and in the establishment. Ok... I'll take one of those and a baked ziti please. Again it's as if someone stole her very soul out of her at the thought of having to serve a customer at a food court restaurant. I paid and she put everything on a tray. I said actually I need that to go. Death swam across her face, and she stopped assisting me so she could ring up the next customer. Finally she put my stromboli in a box and omg she even had to put a lid on the baked ziti. My God, no one is forcing you work there. If you don't want to serve hungry customers you can get a new job man.

Lynn Boyd

Pizza was hot and tasting for a quick bite on the go.

Angela Mott

Terry Womacks

David Combs

Great pizza with great service

Christina Romero

Antoinette Davis

Shawny D

I love the food and the special they have. Only gave it a 4* because the cashier has never been a pleasure to deal with.

Stormy Skies

Usually excellent pizza. Could've been heated longer so the cheese melted more. But otherwise good.

Donna Zibrowski

Derek Cannon

Cali Galla

Pamela Lawson

Natasha Brown

Dhessie Luna

King Kuro

The good news s far is that i am currently working on a menu to post shortly for all people who are debating on visiting us. hopefully this upcoming menu can help people decide and if all goes well id like to print it out for customers who have short sighted-ness. Since we currently do not have a menu online that is up to date. will update within a few days on current prices and deals and so forth. if anyone is asking i'm just a current employee that has been here for a year and is just doing some added features for fun and to help others.

Ali Dadpour

David Morgan

pizza is great. the blk manager is one rude sob. I watched him talk so bad to an elderly grandmother and kids in line i was embarrassed for them. mocking the ladies speech and hearing. But let there be a girl in line he's giving away free food and letting them skip line..Literally ran by punk kids and even worse adult!!

Walter Wear

Good place

Jasmine Nance

I love there combo meal

William Moya

Cold pizza that is over priced.

Cameron Larson

Myron M

Pretty good pizza for a food court.

Kiyha Cole

Hound Hunt Arizona McNeely/Taylor

Erin Meacham

April Smith

Tamarcus Tatum

Ricky Blake

Great pizza friendly staff

Steve Fader

Great mushroom pizza.

Katherine Hill

Love Sbarro

Nate George

Dennis Irizarry

Never a bad meal at Sbarro's


Andrea Ray

justin bailey

Teach those people some some manners.


Karen Cole

Tye and Crystal are so nice

Marisa Sozzi

Just like I remembered!

Sabrina Hanssens

Not much to choose from if you don't eat meat.

Logan S

The buy your own pizza deal is just that, a pretty good deal. Would recommend if you can do that. Slices by themselves can be a bit pricy but usually are decent. Just go buy a drink somewhere else though, better deals elsewhere in the mall

JLC Beast

George Robson

Tamara Aldridge

Typical mall food

Guadalupe Guillen

Davina Morris

My kids really like them

Wanda Harrs

Loretta Westry

Dry!! This one in the mall is the worst. They are normally really good at other locations

Tabitha Delvalle

Bro Car

Food was fine. Only reason I’m giving one star. The next bit seems like a lot of other people are having the same experience; As I’m waiting in line to place my order, the lady in front of me is ordering. The lady behind the counter was very rude and talked to the customer ordering as if she was stupid. I was then next, I asked about the pizza options already cooked. She was at the same level of rudeness with me. I like to hope that made things easier for the lady behind the counter by ordering something cooked. She may have been a lot ruder had I asked for something not already cooked. When I says rude I mean asking a simple question like, “what kind of pizza is this in front?” Her responses to my question were snappy and follow by eye rolls. I’ll NEVER go back to this location. You just don’t treat people like this no matter how bad your day is.

pat koch

Great pizza and pasta

Rachel Leon

Pizza's decent for mall food. I used to love their chicken parm. Sad they got rid of it.

elizabeth arganaraz


Michael Jackson


Ale Dguez

Pavel Šedivý

liz borzacchiello

The food is good


Great service, friendly staff, and so fast too! Love this place.

Noah Morgan

Good pizza

victor lara


John Gutierrez

Everything is delicious and reasonably priced.

Alfredo Castano

Joyce Parent

I had spaghetti and it was the worst I've ever had in my entire life.

Zoran Pavicevic


Busy today but service was good, food was good had the pepperoni, sausage and bacon stromboli.

Orville L. Burshia

Great food inexpensive

Julieta Cota


John Baker

debbie bloodworth


Gillian r Allred

Dionne Mcfarlane

Calvin Kim

alan deliso

Billy Helmandollar

Excellent food and service. Our first pizza developed a hole and without us even knowing the cook made another to ensure we were completely satisfied.

Jim Smith

not the heartiest of pizza but really good. The sauce is tangy and the crust is not overwhelming. The employees were very nice and the manager, Ricardo, makes great breadsticks. The reason for only 4 stars is I thought they were a little expensive for what got. I think $ 3.99 would be a better pps (price slice).

Blonde Bobbi

Dirty. Not even busy. Still filthy. Food sitting there for hours.

Rajeev Saxena

Love this place. Wish there were more locations.

Brandon Paulk

First time and highly reccomend.

Emerald CityJedi

Craig Holmes

Thumbs up! Very good food and great customer service!

Tayler Zamora

Michael Green

Phillip Hanna

Jeff Ewing

Love this place. Manager is awesome!

Tess Condes

This place sucks! I was craving mushroom pizza but all they have was 1 slice left and there was barely any mushrooms on it! I just got back from Seattle & they have the best mushroom pizza @ Seatac airport!

Dawn Wiltbank



Pizza is kinda greasy but I dont really mind, it's alright. The people serving look like you shot their puppy if you ask for a pizza pie, I cant imagine their job is easy with so many customers

Hau Wang

Sue Mccornack

I went to eat at the mall and Sbarro's it was and delicious

Andres Aguilar

My son loves sbarros his favorite pizza

Stephen Stoffel

April Tetzlaff

Nope. Husband didn't like the pizza at all. Thought this was the place that used to be at AZ Mills Mall. If it is, then the pizza is not the same. It was just ok

Brigitte Ford

Maria Maldonado

leditrich gooden

Moriah Johns

Friendliest staff in the whole food court! Always a pleasure to eat at this location.

Amber Poole

Barbara Martinez

Reginald Bryant

Annie Liss

Vanessa Gomez

Love the taste of the pizza

johnny wright

The best pizza you can find in the south ,I used to get NY pizza sense I moved here Sbarro is the closest thing to real pizza here

mayra sanchez

Travis is the best

Elisabeth Krainski

Hilda Paz

Justin Rogers


Art Martinez

Marc Candelaria

Great food

Tia Kindall

Misty Campos

Food was ok. Spaghetti could have used more sauce. Rude workers

Izaac Gomezz

Amazing pizza and it's all made fresh

Austin Phillips

Always yummy pizza! Great service here. Inside very large food court at Leeds outlet mall. This is the best pizza.

Candi Sweets

Idk why but the pizza here is the worst on planet earth I always try to like it, just get it fresh

Shaun Perryman

What can I say? Great pizza, great flavor, and great service. Everything you need to have an impressive restraunt!

DRenae Zotigh

The food and service was amazing as always. The servers were really nice and very understanding. It was a good place to eat and relax and the music was family friendly.

Son of Hecate

Their New York style pizza tastes like heaven.

Scott Rich

-Nathan Allen

The pizza an the ễprience sẻ always gốc đốt the price

Patricia McClellan

Good food!! Nice choice for meals.

Terry S

Travis helped me out. Very good customer service. The price is high but the service was great. The food was good. If you appreciate good service this is a good location.

Kid Musician

I absolutely love the pizza, meatball, and garlic breadsticks. Their prices may be slightly high, but the quality is perfect!

Chancelor Dinkins

Pizza was great. Friendly staff as well. 2 cheese pizza's sauce did taste like it may have sat. Still enjoyed it.


Joy Kelley

Great pizza

Dragon Ball

m m


Jessika Cabrera

Love the pizza here! The people that have worked there a while are sooo nice! Love it!

Tammy Helmandollar

I love their pizza. Its terrific. The right amount of cheese and pepperoni.

Jessica Gatekeeper

MaryJane Matthews

Justin Cook

Jared Tawzer

Got a full pizza. Was so good and fresh, ate the whole thing.

Diane Davis

Best Pizza if your not in NY! Good deal on whole pies. Big slices and a variety of Italian specialties or salads. Little pricey but delicious.

Barrett Oltmer

lupe Martinez

Pizza cold rude cashier

Jayme Sabin

Great pizza and stromboli

Alanda Poojary

Love sbarros! Food is great but service is always lacking. Huge attitudes and not listening to what the customer is saying. Surprised this location has stayed open as long as it has because all their employees act the same.

Beverly Smith

Never been there ?

Jason Coleman

Typical Sbarro in mall setting. Fine for what it is.

Stephonia Taylor Mclinn

Had a nice tomato cucumber and cheese salad

Terry LeTourneau

Ok visit, normal mall food.

Sabinac Reachi

Olivia De La Cruz

My daughter and I ate there yesterday. I'm not going to complain about the prices because it's what i expect to pay inside a shopping mall. She had a slice of pepperoni & sausage Sicilian pizza, and I had a pepperoni Stromboli w/ a side Caesar salad. We both woke up vomiting this morning :(

Brittaney Falk

William Marshman

Went for pizza then next door at dairy Queen.

marie johnson

Tara Spielberger

The people are friendly, but I watched a cook rub his nose with his bare hands a few dozen times while we were sitting there and only washed his hands once. The best part was when he grabbed some napkins, wiped the sweat/snot from his face, then used the same napkin to wipe off a pan that he then used to put a pizza from the oven on. I paid $18 for 3 slices of pizza, two breadsticks and 2 small sodas. How much of that pays for snot and sweat, I wonder.

Andrew Young

If you like a limited Supply Pizza go toward the end then I will you just get the scraps the employees don't want and then they serve beer with a nice slice of attitude thanks a lot girls and dude I'll get my Pizza Pizzazz O's and the guy I like peeing and not washing his hands my step-son was so grossed out thanks again Sbarro's hey lady I like your gold trinkets

Phong Nguyen

Dee Wallace

Nancy Navarro

Love it :) great food and great service !

Chris Carr


New management really brought ot back

Larry Trigg

Jamie Rogers

I love sbarro! Great food and the customer service is nice as well

Jay Ward

Brandon Smith

Brandi Phelps

Micki Fournier

I am so gagging right now. I went to the Superstition Springs Mall to have lunch with my mom and my 2 sons. For the first time in forever, I was actually in the mood for pizza (in AZ mind you, where pizza is not good anyway), so we went to Sbarro. They were just opening the store and I was watching the one guy take a supreme pizza out of the oven. I was like yum, I want that one. Then the guy takes his bare hands and adds a bunch of pepperoni to the pizza and sticks it into the display case. Completely grossed out, I got the pepperoni pizza instead. I was already ready to go somewhere else, but I was trying to be easygoing about things and to not gross my mom out. Anyway, I sit down, rip one small piece off of the crust and eat it....then I see it. A hair...baked right into the pizza and sticking out....right by where I ripped the piece off. Oh my God, really?! So, I take the pizza up to the counter and set it down. I was clearly disgusted, but just say, "there's a hair in it. I'll just go somewhere else..." and I turn and walk away. The guy didn't say sorry, offer me a refund, or anything. I realize I didn't stand up at the counter and demand to be satisfied, but we were sitting very close to the store and I know he saw where I went. It's whatever, but if it were me running that store and this happened, I would have wanted to do or say something to try to make it better or at the very least show I cared. They clearly did not. On top of that, my mom and older son still ate their slices and were extremely disappointed. My mom used to love their pizza, but she says it just gets worse every time. Don't eat there. They are disgusting and their pizza sucks. I am only giving the one star because zero stars is not an option.

John Marbury Sr.

Robin Glass

Steven Urquidez

Not as delicious as I remember.


Lot of pizza for the price, but very greasy

Chelsea Minor

Deklin Power

no no

Mr M

Mr. Smith

Great pizza! I tried the 5 cheese pizza, it's pretty awesome! Happy and friendly staff, too :)

Gabrielle Cottingham

Sherry Wardle

Good food.

Ida Cosay

I love their pizza's

lenaye heaven

Excellent" loved the taste " home run !! Yummmmm

daniel whitehead

Good pizza, but you at want to ask the staff to go easy on the ice in your drink. I had the standard size cup such was probably 20 oz, but I probably only got 10 oz of soda.


Sergio Arredondo

Daniel Maldonado

Isaiah Harris

Good pizza at a good prices, sides could be better though.

Deede's World

Pizza was goooooooooood! Staff was so polite. I would go back for sure.


Blake Hunter

The pizza isn't pizza hut or papa Johns, but it's still pretty good. Great for when you're just looking for a quick inexpensive bite at the mall.

Sydney Eryn

Not only did I find a hair in my pizza, but the cashier AND the MANAGER were rude to me when I asked for a refund and proceeded to lie to me and say that the hair was burnt cheese. I did not receive my refund and they were rude and unprofessional. Save your $$ and spend elsewhere.

Lucy Boone

Salenna Mauldin

Joe B

Spencer Duren

Tiffany Bledsoe

I received my slice of pizza with a cheese up piece of gum on it

Mel Benton

Lara Brandsema

Isaac Paxson

Jasmine Walker

Kalya Beach

Good service good pizza also it feels you up fast

Tanice Star Stefanich

Pure delicious

Vladimír Henzl

Cassie Seidman

Brings back high school lunch at the mall memories always good food.

Joel Jackson

Kathy B

It was just ok

Lori McDonald

Customer service prompt. A smile would be great. Pizza was pretty good. Tables needed to be cleaned.

Tracey Reynolds

Milton Tran

Dirty cook and not respect customers.

Jessica Badgett


cesar garay

anthony aguilar

long wait time. the employee behind the counter was constantly checking his phone took him a while to respond to me and when the lady next to me asked if they had pinapple pizza i heard him grunt and complain about making another one under his breath. as for the food. the 2 breadsticks i ordered were soggy in the center, but warm. i could only take 2 bites of my pepporoni pizza before i threw it away, i WILL NOT be coming back to this place again.

Sho Gamer

Supreme slice

Taneisha Wade

The food is great

Despina Logan

Genadean Holland

Their stromboli and sauce is great!

Albert Hajas

Aaron Birney

Family loves the pizza. The staff is sometimes a little odd, but it doesn't affect the taste ...I still love Barros the best....but this place is still worth it. Grab a slice and do some people watching

Omega Israel

If you want to wait 40 minutes for a pizza when you're told 20 mins, with no apology or anything, come here. Contacted their customer service because that's how horrible the experience was. The pizza was not that great either to have waited so long with weird acting employees glaring at you every 5 secs.

John Mabon

LZJre Lacapa

Antherio Dsouza

Fast service

Lakitra Pritchett

Jesse Jenkins

Prices are a little steep but I always enjoy the food

Wilhelm Hoffmann

(Translated by Google) Great pizza (Original) Super Pizza

marcus ellis

Don't like it

Markal Arnold

It's sbarros, you know what you're getting.

Jess Badgett

They don't give discounts to first responders.. Bad business in my opinion.

Kate lynne Vi


Havent ain't this for a while

Amy Russ

Angela Brown

Joshua Calderon

Bad day? Why so mean? Not even wearing the uniform?? Food good but customer service sucked! Didn't even acknowledge me when I spoke to him. Got better customer service from house keeping.

Justin Gettman

Shelley Meza

Always great!

Richard Yoder

Cory Ranczka

Great pizza.. fast service even though there was a line.

Danielle Gentile

Christopher Scott


Austin Kolb Celaya

David Patch

Brings back so many good memories. Pizza is always delicious.

marcus orlando

Excellent service. Very friendly

Zachary Quintana

Pizza is overpriced , if you can ignore that you will be even more let down with the taste of the food.

Andromeda Galaxy

Ben German

Why can't there be more Sbarros in the world

mariel mendez

(Translated by Google) very well (Original) Muy bien

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