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REVIEWS OF SAW’s Soul Kitchen IN Alabama

Mary Lee Malovany

Wow. Just wow. Pulled pork was impressive but the sweet tea fried chicken is unique and amazing. I don't like a lot of sauce so I got it on the side. French fries were crispy perfection. Service was super friendly and quick. Go here now

Manuel Gagneux

Great tasting food and friendly staff. The Catfish Po-boy was super delicious. Very glad to see non chain restaurants dishing out great stuff and having what seems to be a loyal customer base. Do stop by, do try everything and please do tip. Outdoor seating is also available.

Ashton Rowcliffe

I took the family for some barbecue. And lo and behold I was extremely surprised. It was the best barbecue in Alabama! The wait staff was very attentive there was so much food. The portions were extremely large. The barbecue is so good we could not stop talking about it until the morning. I would highly recommend this as the best barbecue in the state. The restrooms were clean. They have a good selection on the menu. The prices are very reasonable. You want a good barbecue meal this is the place to come. 2 thumbs up.

Lindi Pearson

This place has the most amazing barbecue sauce I have ever tasted in my life. And the meat on my pulled pork sandwich was tender as can be and awesome as well. I would highly recommend this place as one of the best barbecue places ever!!! PS-I went to the one in Avondale

JIll Billions

This place is stinking amazing!! It is my go to place for taking people from out of town to eat real southern cooking add it’s best. I haven’t had everything on the menu primarily because I always get the pork and greens special which is only available at this Saw’s location. I’ve never taken anyone there that hasn’t looked up from their first bite of this dish with that wide eyed look of wonderment that says “ I have not lived until this moment !” !!! Ha. Really. It’s great. My kids always liked their wings, etc but it’s all about the bbq. Highly recommend the special. Creamy cheese grits topped with slow cooked seasoned greens, melt in your mouth pulled pork, saws sauce and finished with crispy shoestring fried onion rings. Lawdy.

Al Rees

Amazing eats! Small dining room, so you might have to eat outside, but well worth it.

Jay Harris

My daughter n I got two barbecue sandwiches n onion rings n sweet tea. The sauce was watery. Terrible sauce! We couldn’t eat the onion rings because they were terrible! Tea wasn’t good! Sandwiches were not good! Our first n last time coming. Our first time coming earlier tonight was a bad choice!

Summer Austin Wells

This is one of my favorite spots for lunch. I love that they are open on Mondays. Go early as they sometimes sell out of favorites from the menu.

Krystle Gallegos

The pork and greens never disappoint! Juicy pork and tender cooked greens over cheese grits and topped with fried onions. Heaven!

Tammy Griffin

Best barbecue in Alabama! But that's not all sweet tea fried chicken is one of a kind plus great southern sides like fried green tomatoes and fried pickles are amazing. Don't let the tiny old building fool you. It is a hidden gem you don't want to miss!


Fast friendly service and incredible food. Very small dining room with little available indoor seating but that's not worth a negative Mark in my book! We were still able to place our order, get our drink and sit down immediately.

Wesley Slappey

Do yourself a favor and get the sweet fried chicken sandwich.

David Seidel

Awesome BBQ and soul food. Everytime I eat here I wish I could eat here every day!! Sometimes there's a line at lunch. But they got picnic tables outside for the overflow. This place is small but the food is delicious.

Hunter Dorne

When I first moved to Birmingham years ago and found out about Saw’s, I was amazed. The chicken and white sauce, the pulled pork sandwich, sweet tea chicken sandwich, smoked wings, and don’t even get me started on the pork and greens, which was one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Everything was a heap of soul and deliciousness. There was a buzz about the place that was infectious. However, the last several times I’ve had their food over the last year or so, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I don’t remember the last time I had meat that tasted smoked. The pulled pork tasted like somebody’s first attempt at slow cooker “barbecue,” basically pot roast. Tonight I picked up some smoked chicken and it tasted like leftover grocery store rotisserie chicken. Flavorless, bone-dry, no smoke flavor whatsoever, served to me by someone who couldn’t have cared less that I was there. Barbecue is about good, honest food served with love. I’m really disappointed to see a once-great restaurant go downhill.

Maa Ba Sen

Been here twice....and never was delicious both times!!!

Andrew Gisel

Saws is the best barbeque in Birmingham! Be careful with their hours because it is a little different from the more chain based bbq joints. Definitely worth a trip down to Avondale for their pulled pork sandwich. Their sweet potato fries are also fantastic!

Joye Hehn

Saw's delivers a consistently tasty food experience each and every time... No matter what we order. This neighborhood gem is tiny, but soooo worth it! Take your meal to Avondale brewery or the beautiful park down the street. My husband luvs the burger. I enjoy changing it up. Sweet tea brined chicken. Pork n greens! You can't go wrong with any choice!

V Crittenden

Small place BUT the food was awesome. Atmosphere is great.

Brandon Peterson

I am from New Orleans! I am spoiled with some of the best food in the world in New Orleans. I have to say that the best wings I’ve ever had were at SAW’s Soul Kitchen. The staff could stand to be a bit more friendly but the flavor of the food is worth it! Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for great tasting southern food! Really cool atmosphere also!

Isaiah Harris

To pricy they need to redo the menu

Matt Walker

Best fried chicken sandwich, period.

Justin Kirk

Anything with Saw's name on it is the best in Bham by far!

Holly Gibbs

I’m not a big BBQ fan but my parents are. We found this place the last time they visited and we all loved it. Now it’s a “must do” when they’re here. First time I got the sausage since I don’t like BBQ but wasn’t impressed. Next time I got the Pork with grits and greens... loved it (and I don’t like any kind of greens!)

Jeremy Connell

Birmingham has great food and this is some of the best of the best. Hard to go wrong anywhere on this menu but the sweet tea chicken sandwich and fried okra is my go-to meal.

Catherine Lemley

White sauce = addicting. Get the cheesy grits too! Lost a star because the menu is a little confusing

edoardo gaude

Place feels authentic, but honestly the chicken platter was a bit of a let down. Maybe I got the wrong choice as everyone said this is “the best southern kitchen in town”, but not impressed


Great Food and even better service

B A Buckland

Smelled good from the back of the line which was down the block. Maybe I'll get to eat there some day.

Dan Vaughn

Saw's Soul Kitchen was a recommendation from a client while we were in town for work. This place was amazing. Not too busy for a Tuesday night at 630pm and didn't have to wait long for the food. The Sweet Tea Chicken sandwich was fantastic. We walked over to the Avondale Brewing Co after dinner for a few beers. Great recommendations and wouldn't hesitate coming back here.

Bernie Lightfoot

Excellent food. Limited seating. Pork and greens fabulous

Dave Branch

Incredibly Great Food! The Colonel Sandwich is off the chain good. Sweet Tea Fried Chicken with white BBQ sauce, and topped with homemade pimento cheese, pickles and tomatoes. The onion rings are also a great side. The atmosphere makes Avondale come alive.

Marquita Newman

Okay! I want to Avondale Saw's because to many people said it's the best one for burgers. I'm woman that's all about bacon! Regretted it, but the bacon was golden brown and crispy. Never and ever have I found a burger that didn't need bacon until Saw's and the fries are crispy and hot that once you start chewing it the middle melts like creamy mashed potatoes. Don't let me get started about the people next to me ordered while I was eating. Excited to try more!

Elijah Ajayi

Good food, a little expensive for the wings. But they were worth it.

Benjamin K

One of the best BBQ spots we visited in the southern states! Onion rings are awesome and we really liked the open kitchen interior! You should definitely go here when you’re in Birmingham!

Arlinda Jackson

Absolutely LUV the smoked wings! Food great as always!!! A+

Max Griffin

Great hole in the wall. Packed to the gills when we were there but it allows you to make a new friend! Delicious food and quick service, especially considering how many customers they had! Staff were friendly and accommodating.

Stanley Bishop

This is one of the best place to go for tasty food. The food is good with great presentation. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Never had a problem with anything. The place is well decorated and awesome neighborhood. Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Nick Morgan

Great atmosphere. Small and cozy. BBQ was amazing and the Burgers were also top notch! I highly recommend this joint!

Kori Clyde

Good portions, great taste. Best banana pudding this side of... anything!

Katherine Bishop

Food great,she got order right but cashier appeared to be on drugs...could not stay awake! Please get her to some help!

Brian Gillock

Cool place. I don't particularly care for that style of BBQ. I haven't tried there wings yet which I hear are fantastic, but they are too pricey for me.

Joanna Strange

The unassuming hole in the wall has some pretty spectacular barbecue. The shrimp and grits, the wings, banana pudding, everything was amazing

Paul Franklin

The food was fine; I really appreciate a good bar-be-que, and Saw's stands with the very best. These guys know their way around the meat, and I enjoyed the sides, too. Can't say much for the atmosphere on the night we visited, though. We arrived late in the evening -- though well before the posted closing time -- and the impression we got was that they were well south of happy to see us. Seemed like the staff was more focused on sweeping up and heading home and didn't much appreciate our interrupting them. Still...fabulous BBQ, not much hospitality.

Kustom Jeff Dailey

Good food, classic Southern style

Heather Hazlett

The wings and greens will bless your life! Amazing!!!

Cooper Crippen

Best BBQ in all of Birmingham by far. Everything on the menu is fantastic and you can't go wrong with eating here. The location itself is very tiny and seating space is limited, but definitely worth the wait. The sweet tea friend chicken sandwich may be the best fried chicken that I have ever had in my life. The staff is friendly and fast with orders as well. If you're going for BBQ this is a must try.

Michael Carnagie

Great place for real southern barbeque

Juan Garita

Great food. Arrive early to avoid the line!

Heather H

Amazing food! I would definitely go back if I ever make it to Birmingham again.

Matthew Broyles

Great food, but very poorly run establishment. They don't answer the phone, orders frequently incorrect. Not worth it for 90% of the time that I want good BBQ.

Dennis Dressler

Everything on the menu looked delicious...had the chicken sandwich with slaw, and fresh made pork rinds to go...a bit off the highway, we were on the road and this place goes in the books as a must stop...

Rachel LeDoux

This place was awesome!!! The white BBQ sauce is second to none!!! I highly recommend Saw's if you want some yummy food and cool, laid back atmosphere!

Heather Christensen

Amazing chicken drumsticks and corn.

Bobby Jones

Food was very good. Unique style with their wings and smoked meats. Cozy dining area with additional seating outside. Staff was very polite and accommodating.


Just as good as when I had it in college a decade ago

Jason McAlister

Wowser BBQ sauce has been a Lie my whole life until now. Great food I was seriously happy to find the white BBQ sauce was wonderful and the thin red sauce was just as good Good food fast service very Happy don't miss this hole in the wall gold mine

reco peterson

My favorite is the smoked chicken and greens. I usually get my grits on the side and no onion strings with the red and white sauce on top. Or should i say crimson and cream. Roll Tide


Awesome Delicious food

Aaron Spiegle

The Colonel sweet tea fried chicken sandwich was amazing. One of the best fried chicken sandwiches I've had.

James Dicks

Food is amazing. I get the Colonel sandwich or the pork and greens. One of the best places to eat in Birmingham hands down. Not much room inside though.

Gregg Danielson

Delicious food with original menu. Come with an empty stomach!

Ojas Gokhale

Great BBQ. Probably the best in Birmingham. Fried chicken sandwich is a standout out that you would not expect in a BBQ place but is awesome.

Casey Jackson

Do yourself a favor and eat at this place!! Its so good!

Preston Coles

I’m giving a 5 star review for the food! The BBQ is fantastic as well as anything else you want from the menu. The place is a very small hole in the wall but that shouldn’t keep you from going. The service is pretty quick and the staff is always pretty friendly.

Anthony C. Williams Sr

An ok place for pulled pork and grilled chicken wings.

Shi Wallace

Love ordering here. No matter how large the order, everything is always great! Thanks Matthew! We will be back

Chris Wise

Pork and greens, thank me later!!!

Donald Overbeek

I touring Alabama with my girlfriend and was looking for some true barbecue. I was recommended this establishment by friends and family... I should have ordered more. The people at the house that "weren't hungry" couldn't get enough. It was fantastic! We got it to go but the atmosphere in the restaurant was amazing!!!

Curt Jolly

Very busy, but we were served quickly. Good food !

Savannah Buck

Awesome a$$ little hole in the wall, with amazing food. I wish they provided more seating. That's the only downfall, as when I went, it was packed out and the only available seating was outside and it was scorching!

Bobbi Schrader

Me and my daughter is absolutely love this place!! We will be stopping every time we come through Birmingham

Akeisha Arnold

Surprisingly delicious little hole in the wall woth proactive service resolution and a line that never ends. Its worth it!

Chris Golden

One, their location is awesomely, conveniently located next to Avondale Brewery, which allows you to bring food in to enjoy with your (various) beers! There is usually always a line when we are here and we've been here at least 10 times. I don't mind the wait, it really just supports how how busy this amazing-hole-in-the-wall-best-bbq-ever place always is!


Food: I had the Colonels chicken sandwich with turnip greens and fried pickles. Everything was freshly cooked despite it being alot of customers. Amazing food especially the sandwich. Great flavors and definitely beats the other fast food places. Service: Great and fast service! There was also a representative that would make sure to check up on everyone and handle any issues quickly. This restaurant is a must visit!! I have went to 2 different locations and haven't failed in any aspect yet.

Michael Graham

Excellent southern eats and great BBQ. I wish there was more to say but simple is sometimes best...

Dave Vensel

The smoked chicken with white sauce sandwich was great. Had a huge pile. of fries with it that were great as well. We actually were able to get a seat inside. Seating can be an issue. Will return and would like to try fried green tomato BLT.

Olen Fitts

Good down home finger licking cuisine I loved it

jessica callison

So delicious, definitely recommend!

it_ alexanderthegreat

Pretty good but no where to seat for real

William Ng

People rave about this place, but I found it only decent.. sorry.

Phyllis Long

Love Saws Greens and Bar-B-Que plate. That is all I have tried cause that is so good.

Sky Jett

This is one of my favorite places to eat. It's very small and very popular, so go during off-peak hours if you want a seat. The inside has a gritty feel but the food is well worth it. The smoked wings are my go-to.

Darren Stephens

Great food! So many decisions each one better than the next.

Nichole Olson

An absolute knock-out of a BBQ eatery. I've never had anything from Saw's that wasnt at a minimum very good. Most things are exceptional. Recommendations- Bbq pork and chicken with the white sauce. Best wings on earth. Smoked and tender to perfection. The breaded okra is addictive and special. Excellent shrimp and grits. Worth going way out of your way to try.

Kimberly Tuggle

Pork and greens were great!

Cedricka Jackson

Food is delicious just need more room to sit and eat


Just go here. Everything is delicious

Laura Shackleford

It is a small place, but the food is delicious!

Chip Miller

Awesome food, I stop here every time I am in Birmingham.

Lance Hahn

Small authentic with great food. Pulled pork sandwiches were really good. The fried green tomatoes and greens were excellent.

Sandy ware

Pretty good food. Have to try them again. Prices are not the best. But nothing to complain about

Judson Colburn

Food was amazing! Seating was very limited, service was good

Brent Moon

Best bbq in town

Derek Grider

Saws is one of the best, if not the best, bbq in Alabama. It's worth the wait.

Susan price

I seriously walked in and it made me think of the BBQ place in House of Cards. Scrumptious menu, I had the fried green tomato BLT and it was fabulous. Outdoor seating on picnic tables in the alley made it that much more unique. I love area that it's in as well.

Matthew Peavy

Well if you're hungry and happen to be near here it's well worth it. Some of the best food I have ever eaten. This was my second trip I drove from South Carolina to come and get it! The banana pudding is to die for and the wings will make you do a double take after the first bite. The potato salad is amazing.


Fantastic BBQ! Pulled pork sandwich and sweet tea chicken are a must. Potato salad is tasty and creamy. Not a bad dish on the menu. Try the banana pudding also. Not much room for inside seating but on a nice day one can be outside enjoying the sunshine. Good food for a good price.


Absolutely kills. Pork & greens on cheese grits topped with fried onions, this plate is not only a work of visual art but also culinary art. Every single part of the dish is good enough to be a fairly heirloom sidedish on its own, but slapped together in a glorious stack, the only thing you need to complete the meal is an open mouth. While you shovel in heaps of rich deliciousness don't forget to grab a handful of pork rinds to add some crunch to your face. Before leaving grab a cup of banana pudding to finish your adventure, or if you're really into adventure, they sell it by the pint.

Daniel Bramblett

I really enjoyed the barbecue. The pork was smoked to perfection. I'm not a fan of vinegar barbecue sauce but theirs was tasty. Tangy and not overly sweet. The Old Bay fries are a must; gotta get those. This place is definitely worthy of another visit!

VonQuette Thomas

Pork,greens,cheese grits & onion straws My first visit & it was Awesome!! I shall return!

grape tortorick

I have weekly cravings for sweet tea fried chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries

Blake Westlake

First place I ever had a fried chicken sandwich with pimiento cheese. They call it The Colonel and if you've never had this southern delicacy you'll want to stand up and salute. The fried green tomatoes stand out too. I've had them at dozens of places in several states and these stood out. Crispy, thick and drizzled with a tangy spicy sauce. Get some on the side, trust me. It's good enough you'll want to eat it by itself.

Jahara Phillips

Great food great service gets packed fast!!!

Andrei Cristian

Southern food the way it's meant to be.

Courtney Wright

Great bbq - service has not been great lately.

Stargel McKey

I can't complain about nothing at this establishment!!

Drink Hops Punch Cops

Best BBQ i’ve ever had! Must stop!

Craig Willingham

Don't let the looks fool you! Food is great and portions are huge. The chicken is amazing, BBQ is great and smoked sausage is delicious. My friend got the pork and greens and loved it. You definitely need to go here if you get a chance!

Kathi Jones

Had the pork and greens- fabulous!

Jaime Sallis

Sooooo good. One of my favorite places when we come to Birmingham. This is the sweet tea chicken sandwich with fried green tomatoes, next time I'm getting the pork and greens

Stephanie Swindall

The Sweet Tea Chicken is super good. But the place was kind of gross. The floors were dirty and it looked like things hadn't been cleaned.

Judah Sixsmith

She clearly understood the need to keep drinks filled while allowing us to keep our own pace between courses. Not all servers have mastered this skill so when you're lucky enough to get someone who "gets it", the entire meal becomes an experience instead of just dinner. Now the filet mignon oscar-style is... wow! On a bed of asparagus, this perfectly seared steak topped with lump crab just melts in your mouth. It's so good that I'm sure the calories don't count at all . Well worth the special indulgence.

Glenn DiCaro

Darn good food. The wings with white sauce, so good. If you have a big appetite, go for the pork and greens. Actually everything is delicious. Tender, flavorful meats, and enough different sides to keep you going back for weeks.

`Aubrey Hudson

Had a great experience at Saw's Soul Kitchen. The food was amazing with great presentation as always. This is the best place to go for some delicious food. The place is awesomely decorated and great atmosphere. The staff was very friendly and great time. Will be back soon!

Nick Braswell

Super slow. Too expensive for what you get. We had three different problems with food. Every time the girl at the register would acted like it's no big deal and it happens all the time. I won't be back

Zach Dreyer

Great place to grab a bite an enjoy the down town vibe.

Bobby McCulley

Hidden gem of Birmingham! I did not like Alabama white sauce until I had a meal here. I have been converted to a fan. The fried green tomatoes and deviled eggs were also very good.


My God the food is so good here. We had the grits, pork, chicken, fried green tomatoes, okra, and wings. They were ALL good, but the wings were a must try (ask to taste the white sauce if you've never had it) along with the banana pudding. Service was great, parking was easy, and the food isn't too overpriced, considering the quality.

Talethia Cosby

The Pork and Greens is dangerously good. Great food. Get in line.


Excellent food. Friendly staff. We picked the food up and ate it down the street at a local brewery. We had a great afternoon. I would highly recommend this place to anyone new to the area.

Brittany May

I took the family for some barbecue. And lo and behold I was extremely surprised. It was the best barbecue in Alabama! The wait staff was very attentive there was so much food. The portions were extremely large. The barbecue is so good we could not stop talking about it until the morning. I would highly recommend this as the best barbecue in the state. The restrooms were clean. They have a good selection on the menu. The prices are very reasonable. You want a good barbecue meal this is the place to come. 2 thumbs up.

Amber LeClaire

Such GREAT food, but such surly service. I've never had a bad meal at Saw's in the dozen or so times I've been, but I also rarely get friendly service or anything CLOSE to it. Seriously. If you hate your job (or people) THAT much, find someplace else to work. Or better yet, try to be nice and watch those tips increase.

Aaron Griffiths

The Colonel fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, and banana pudding. Amazing!

alan niedermeier

Very disappointed. I went for their fried pickles, which were very good.... Only that they DO NOT have ANY ranch in there facility. I'm not sure if they are aware that we are in the heart of Dixie here! Not having ranch is a punishable offense when serving anything fried in Alabama. I will most likely change this to a 4 star review after a few days. The food was good. The staff was nice, the wait time was minimal. The sauce is very watered down, but decent. I feel that $12 for lunch is a little much but not unreasonable for the amount of food you get. The onion rings are a joke, sad sad sad. Very good sweet tea.

Doug Adler

Had the pork and greens this visit they are awesome. I have also hid the smoked sausage combo before and it was also awesome. If your ever in the area I recommend visiting here


Their food makes me want to get fat... oh yeah, I'm already fat. This place is awesome. Saw's has four locations and every time I eat here I'm reminded that it's the best. Their burgers, bbq, wings (especially) and sides are magnificent. Keep in mind that it's tiny so seating can be a little hard and the line can get rather long at lunches. Put this food in your mouth and smile while munching!

Chris Adams

Great, delicious food. Only reason I gave 3 stars is because 15 out of the 21 times I've been this year, they were out of pork. I feel if that's your main dish/ingredient you should make sure there is an abundance of it. I've been between the hours of opening to close and their out of pork. Pork and greens is by far my favorite and the sweet tea chicken sandwich.

Josué MHJ

Food was great. Restroom was not in the best shape


Expensive for mediocre food. I've had much better BBQ in bham. The fried okra was not seasoned well. Won't be back.

David Berkowitz

Cramped, delicious, and lovingly prepared - but still I expected something a lot better. The wing flavor is unique but left me not wanting to finish a small portion, and I felt the same about The Colonel - a signature special that just seemed alright. The fried green tomatoes were very good but also not outstanding. The best part by far was the banana pudding - the perfect mix of pudding, banana, and baked good.

Kelly Cunningham

One word: Yummy!!!! But seriously, this place is fabulous-driving through Birmingham and stopped here-I had the combo platter with fried green tomatoes and greens(soooo good, this is how greens should ALWAYS taste) also got some potato salad-which was equally delightful! We have already decided to stop by on our way back through!

Paul Stapleton

It was worth the wait. Great soul food

Tara Cayson

We come to SAW'S everytime we are in Birmingham. Never disappoints!

Michael Stone

Good food, authentic atmosphere

Foster Smith

Best bbq in town

Amber Marshall

I tried the Pork and Greens which has a cheese grits base, juicy tender pork, delicious greens and topped with fried onion rings. We ate inside around 3:30pm on a Tuesday and the crowd was steady, not a long wait at all. I am ready to try their ribs at the other location next time I am in town. I tasted the fried okra and it came with a dipping sauce and it was really good. If dining in I recommend just asking for a to-go order because the serving side is enough to save some for later!

Davis Rhodes Jr.

Excellent food, but deceptive/unclear about their prices, just be sure you know exactly how much you will be charged before you place your order

Matt Futral

Great food and friendly service. Try the Sweet Tea Chicken!

P Jones

Good comfort food. Ate around the corner with more of the locals, buffet style. There will be a return to Saw's as this was a quick trip and time was short. Food was very filling and enjoyable.

Pamela Garrett

THE WINGS. Just get them. You'll get to try both the red sauce and the white sauce in one dish. One delicious smokey mashup goodness. We also got the sweet tea fried chicken sandwich. My man was also raving about the white bbq sauce, which came on the sandwich. I loved that I got to try both sauces (and they compliment each other very well), but that white sauce is an Alabama special that you'll likely not find outside the state. Ambience wise, the joint is an adorable hole in the wall with friendly service. You order at the counter and pick a seat from one of the few tables.

connie eiland

The food is good. Location is awful. The dining area definitely 2 small. Barbecue sauce too thin need some improvement.

Linda Vann-Owens

It was worth the detour. Lots of meat on my sandwich and the onion rings were great! The sweet tea was so good!

Erin McKee

Best BBQ I have ever ate!!! Everything is delicious but the BBQ and sauce is Amazing

Manish Raje

Saw's is a Birmingham institution. This location does really great sandwiches, stuffed taters and much more. You can't go wrong with the pulled pork or smoked chicken sandwiches or the shrimp n grits or the stuffed taters. Get some slaw along with your main dish.

Kimm Wright

The food was amazing!!!!! Quick and. friendly service too.

Carl Gratzer

Food is great. Atmosphere not so much.Great service

Mario J. Serrato

Delicious pulled pork sandwich


Good food. Pulled pork was tasty as were the deep fried pickles. Line was quite long though (all the way from register to the door). Fast service though.

Rikesha Foster

This place is a hit or miss with me. I've had good food, I've had food that made me want to slap the cook and I've had food that left me wishing I had eaten somewhere else. Want to know more? Read on! While the burgers are juicy, grilled to order and very meaty...they can be at times very greasy as well. And no matter what, my bun is always soggy. They are not seasoned with anything that I can taste. I love a good grilled hamburger that tastes good. This one just doesn't do the trick. It's average, but I've had better. Much better. The pork sandwich is delicious. I love the spiciness of the homemade sauce as it reminds me of my mom's recipe. The meat is pulled, and they pile your sandwich up. It's lean meat and not full of fat as most sandwiches. Love the fries. You can't go wrong with those. This is the only side I've ever tried from here. My mom doesn't like the onion rings. To me, they look like onion straws and they taste a little salty. Saw's has the best banana pudding I've ever tasted. Sometimes I stop in just for this. As for seating: it's very limited. There are a few outdoor seats but usually it's always crowded both inside and out. The music is loud and booming. It's not called the soul kitchen for nothing. The price: around $10 for a sandwich, side order and drink. Summary: I'll always go to Saw's. It's in my neighborhood. They are inexpensive, tasty and close to home. Next time I'll try something else.

Maria Teresa

The Sweet Tea chicken sandwich is my favorite. Their loaded baked potatoes are great.

R warren

Good pulled pork sandwiches chicken looked great alao.

Donna Jones

The best barbeque I've ever had!

Eugene Buchko

A hole-in-the wall joint that serves delicious barbecue! Recommend opting for the South Carolina pork sandwich which will come with onion rings and coleslaw.

Kathy McMullen

I can't comment on the barbecue b/c I always get an excellent cheeseburger. Small space, so come early or late for lunch.

Madeline Perkins

Food was yummy like every single time I come here for a meal! Got lucky and headed there before the dinner rush came!! When I’m Birmingham and looking for BBQ to enjoy SAW’s soul kitchen should be at the top of everyone’s “must eat” list! Can’t wait to go back! Got a loaded baked potato for the first time and it was delicious!

Tracey Brannon

I love this place every time I go to Alabama this is where me and my love one go to. The pull pork is my favorite and I also like their fried green tomatoes

Shaun Loftis

Absolute best bbq in bama hands down

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Restaurant - Alabama

Korean barbecue restaurant

Burger King
Burger King
Restaurant - Alabama

Fast food restaurant

Bistro Two Eighteen
Bistro Two Eighteen
Restaurant - Alabama