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REVIEWS OF Panda Express IN Alabama

CSD Moore

If it is within the hour of closing, it's not worth the visit. I arrived at 8:55pm and reached the order speaker at the drive thru at 9:02pm. I attempted to order 3 different entrees and neither was "available". I was told that there was about 1 serving of sweet fire chicken left but I was making 3 orders. So there was no benefit to me trying to get dinner. This was not the first time I experienced this. Disappointing.

John Kimpflen

Bland overpriced food. CNN on the TV. At least one exceptionally rude arrogant employee with a terrible attitude (you'll know him instantly when you meet him). Fast food nightmare.

Lizabeth Marshall

Friendly and inviting Staff. Order taken pretty fast. I was sitting down eating within 5 minutes of entering the building. My orange chicken was delicious!

Jj Johnson

Maaaaannnnn I just went to panda, ordered teriyaki chicken mixed with bang pao.... bussin! I asked if they could put the sauce on everything... I’m not disappointed and threw in an extra teriyaki sauce...

Charmaine White-Wilks

Sherrie made it an enjoyable experience! She showed great customer service & the food tasted fresh.

Savanah Nipper

Food is good. I think they have new people learning the drive through. But overall really good. They are always nice

Donna Marie

I love panda! Orange chicken, mushroom chicken, kung pao chicken, what's not to love?! The people here are nice and helpful when asked questions. This place stays pretty clean.

James Kelley

Good. Clean restroom

Betty Little

The worker sweeping floor and serving people and not washing their hands I was observing of that while waiting on my teriyaki chicken to cook they fix my plate and set it there and it took like almost 12 minutes for the meat to cook had me to pay for my meal before getting my food I had to wait while the plate with fix when the the chicken got done then they put that on there I couldn't figure out why take my money Dick's all of the food knowing that I got to wait on a teriyaki chicken and cook instead they should have waiting until the chicken got done then fixed all my other plate and I got the large plate did not appreciate it would not go back

Kendra Caples

Was Nice and Helpful

nlight end

Fast, great service!!

Steven Boehme

If you want your food to be either hot or ready after 8pm, don't go through the drive thru.

Jody Bailey

Absolutely horrible service. Every time I go there the employees are always so rude and the food is not very good either. I live in Mississippi and would rather drive to the Slidell location in Louisiana. Love Panda Express but this location is terrible.

jhany Jae

Good was good customer service could have been better...

Lois Adcock

I walk in walked out !

Torlento Wilson

Why is it every time I come thru the drive thru, I'm sitting for at least 20-30 mins. You have no choice but to sit since there is no way out of there drive thru. Thus drives me absolutely crazy. But I love the food.

Gabriel Rooks

I had to wait on a item, but it made fresh and was hot & delicious. The manager gave me a beverage because of the wait and apologized.

Heidi McGuire

Customer service was terrible. Very slow except for when they helped the guys in front of us when one told the other give them a discount because they come in all time. But ours they took forever on and almost forget one of our entrees and have attitude when we reminded her

Christopher Dressel

Very nice and clean environment ! Good food !

David Davidson

Food was decent, though I was expecting better. Ice machine want working. Card reader would not process orders over $25, so had to break up the ticket (not a big deal). TV was on but not working. It appears most of their business goes through the drive thru, which I would recommend.

Davis Steven

They do not care how busy they are because they will not pick up their pace no matter how long I wait in line. Drive-through takes priority so if you really want it do not go into the store. You had better love onions because their food is loaded with thiem and not many onion free choices

mary manson

I like panda express but But the one on airport is unorganized and the front line people are rude

Matthew B-K

It was quit early like 10 am and not much was around I think the Texas Roadhouse steak house was closed, so panda Express it was. Also theres a thing called Bama cash in Alabama?? Jks

Carol Notperfectyet4given

Enjoy the food and ambience.

Esther Shaffer

Great food and clean eating area!

Ethan Sneckenberger

food is good but when you go through the drive-thru always check to make sure they put the teriyaki sauce in the bag

Sara Sims

Love the pot stickers.

Littles Debbie

Favorite Chinese Restaurant in Tuscaloosa for reasonable family size portions.


Great food and it is kept clean! Staff seemed nice

Jose Angelo Cardoso

Great food and friendly ambiance


food is always good, but they were under staffed and we waited in line for over 20 minutes with only about 10 in line.

Travis Terry

Really good. The cookies are still farcical,but, the food is good.

Jamarion Duffey

The food was old and not good at all an the workers act as they don't care

j c

Good food but for $8 (plate) i got a small bowl with 10 pieces of orange chicken. I ordered double orange chicken and Lo mein. Not satisfied at all

Joe Bernardo

Much improved taste compared to prior visits. Quickly corrected procedure that could of tained food.

Joy Tierce

Really good food and a lot of it for the money.

Paul Miller

Lady working at the counter is here but I am not sure she ever woke up this morning. Her sweet tea never got sugar added. The T.V. is on the continual loop on how to set parental controls and while I was the only person in line and I stood there for some time before she noticed I was there she tried to tell me the prices even though I had time to memorize the menu. Long line now!

Ric Burge

Excellent service! Closed now

Carrie Booker

There are so many authentic great Asian restaurants nearby that I found Panda Express unrewarding.

Bill McIntyre

Ok for fast food Chinese.

Alex Teeter

It's an okay Panda Express, beef was a little dry, but it was still good.

Deilia Hodgman

Great food great service

Elizabeth Majchrowski

Got bowl with lots of oily rice and not much of anything else. The few pieces I got we're tasty... I'm disappointed

Vixen Bite

Wish I could give a 0 star rating. Not because of unfriendly staff or long waits, but because I got food poisoning from this place. Ended up vomiting all night and having to go get hooked up to an IV. DO NOT EAT HERE.

Dimetra R.

The food and service were great but I had to wait like 10 minutes for one of my entrees.

Jeni C

Quick service and friendly staff. The food was hot and fresh. Thank you

Dana Lee

I love the orange chicken.

Cosita Richards

Very good food and service.. Love it. ❤❤

Tony Sylvest

It's definitely "express", which is a good thing, and I can't say that there's been a single time that I've had a bad experience, (and these days.... that's saying something).

T Rexx

Great food fat plates lol

John Stabler

Tolerable staff but the food is always old and half burnt.

Jeremy Messer

I reserve 1 star for food that I won’t eat. I ate it but barely. Stale rice. Weird texture egg roll. Beef and broccoli wasn’t bad but the fried wonton were horrible. Not good food. Should have gone to a sit down Chinese restaurant. I ended up paying $12 for mediocre food at best.

jo carr

So so good

C Gray

I was in line 15 to 20 mins after I ordered my food and finally got to the window and was told that they was out of the teriyaki chicken I had already order plus no white rice I will not be going to any of your locations again

Michael Brantley

My food was cold will not be coming back here for a while very disappointed..

charlotte edwards

I appreciate the fact that the dishes served are consistent, no matter where you go, since I travel a lot.

Corey Burks

I only get the Black Pepper Chicken or the Kung Pao Chicken. Is usually pretty good.

Annie Taylor

Tonight was my first time eating here. I went through the drive through. I have to say this was the WORST food I have eaten. VERY disappointed. The noodles tasted burt, dry, and like they had feezer burn. The orange chicken was very spicy to me. Not to mention it about broke your teeth to chew it. It was sooooo dry. You know how you leave chicken in the fridge for to long and try and re heat it..... yeah thats what this was. WELL a better discription would be like eating fried toothpicks. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. I don’t recommend eating here at all.

Jane Phares, Harless

Very good food, a very good variety to choose from, hot and quick and would highly recommend it

Maryanna Arsenault

Drive through is great when time is limited. I like that you can substitute steamed vegetables for fried rice and that the string beans & chicken is low calorie. This combo is delicious and low cal.

Steven Strickland


Mike Long

Love the food and choices. Great price points as well. Good atmosphere as well.

Jelena Sekulic

Decent food, unpleasant customer service! Being rushed to decide what I want and repeatedly asked by 3 different people if that's what I want.

Quanyell Rankin

It's hit and miss here. When the food is cooked fresh it's really good and after the food sits out after a while it's not so great.

Leslie Ellis

Friendly people, great, fresh food!

Sherry Acosta

Great food. Nice atmosphere! The staff were all professional

Steve Thompson

Bad service portions were very small

Tejal Tillman

Have never had such a horrible customer service experience in my entire run at Panda Express. I am visiting from outta town and will purposely drive further to another, friendlier location. The portions here are 1/3 of the size at home and the attitudes are impeccably disgusting. The 2 girls on the line are terrible and shouldn't be in food service. 1 literally slammed my plate down as if my asking for another scoop took her life line.

Vickie Clausell

Sometimes food is good but my husband and i don't like that the portions are small my husband don't even get half full and we spend more than $20.00 dlrs. We're from Cali they give u so much more food i don't understand and won't waste our time we have to drive far to eat there.

Anony Mous

One of my favorite places

Tyrone Benjamin

The service was good. The food was ok but not great.

Michael Clark

Fast service and great food. Everyone was nice.

Miles Crabbe

It's a panda express, they are all pretty much the same.

Kaylene Peters

Not many vegan options, overcooked, nonprganic, gmo

Pam Nix

Love this place, my Granddaughter absolutely loves to go there and she is 4. She will place her own order (fried rice) then she fell in love with the noodles.

tamela brown

I like to eat here, I haven't ate in the inside yet I always ordered in drive thru the employees that work in drive thru is not friendly but the food is great I would definitely recommend people to eat here it would be a great place for traveling family and friends to dine in and enjoy!

Sonny sprinkle

This is the 1st time I have ever left a negative review on anything but the noodles were so dry and bland I had to soak them in soy sauce and plum sauce just to have some type of flavor Not to mention very Under cooked, And the spice chicken was very overcooked and dry I can honestly say I could not bring myself or my family back to this place after the 1st time coming here

Benjamin Lightner

Customer service was awful. My order was wrong, so I went back to the counter and requested white rice in stead of fried rice. I was given with rice in a container that was dry and hard , had to clean the fried rice out of my plate instead of giving me a new plate. Then to add insult to injury the customer service person had a negative attitude and never apologized for the issue. You are probably wondering why I did not ask to speak to someone in management. There were only 3 people behind the counter and I’m sure one of the was a manager who after seeing me bring my plate back a second time never said a word. Look at the tape order #211294 I have ate here numerous times but today the service was an F!! The young lady with blond hair should not be working anywhere in customer service! Awful awful awful

Jacob Authement

Food was better than was expecting. Reasonably priced as well.

Towanna Pope

Good food and fast services and Daryn was an awesome servant

Hugo D

For the first time a panda that serves the right amount of food. Orange chicken always the best with fried rice. Black pepper chicken is a good option too.

Ramon Rite

Clean place, nice people, and good food

Taleta Montgomery Sager

The first Panda Express I have ate at and the food was fresh and good.

Heather Haas

Everything on the inside is ridiculously sticky every time I go in. 9/10 times when I go to the drive thru they don't have what I ordered, but they don't tell me that until after I have paid. I always order veggie spring rolls and never get sweet and sour sauce (that comes with it) even when I specifically ask. Forks are a rarity for the drive thru staff. & my last straw with this place was recently when the lady at the drive thru spilled the pitcher of sweet and sour sauce all over and into my bag, then proceeded to hand it to me. It got sweet and sour sauce all over me and all in my car. My car had to be detailed and my seats shampooed. I called to let the manager know because things like that definitely cost them business. The person I spoke with was not the manager, didn't offer to leave a message, and would not tell me a good time to call back but insisted I tell her. She literally laughed and asked me what I wanted her to do about it.

Josh Cocoris

Large servings, fast service I've never had to wait in line longer than a minute or two. Orange chicken is addicting

Mike Jones

Got to place with a crowd, no one doesn't like Panda

Deniece Miguel

Very clean and friendly staff. Whatever they didn't have was cooked fresh.

Yaquelyn Rodriguez

It's and cheap

Kaj Johnson

Don’t use the drive thru here. Just please don’t.


Second time. Still not impressed


I ordered online so my experience maybe a little different than others, but the food was good only issue I had was my order took a little bit of time to get done even after I arrived a little late. They had a rush of customers and ended up running out of one of my ordered entrees. They did give me a free drink in recompense.

Larissa Plett

Got sick from the food

Chandler Johnson

Awesome food. Great service! Love these outside seating!!

Diana Winchester

We love Panda. It is always really clean. The food is fresh and enjoyable. There are high chairs but not booster seats.


Always good place to eat.... Was never disappointed no matter which location of the panda I visited ...

Christy Mickle

Everything was fresh even close to closing time. Everyone was friendly.

Aleta B

Angus beef great taste. sorry no photo. ate it all.

olivia jacks

okay so FIRST of all the lady tried to complain about us having separate orders when we could have easily taken our business to cookout where they do not give a flying flip about separate orders. THEN my broccoli and beef was just broccoli AND the dr pepper machine was out. just so silly of you panda express

Larry Jackson

Love the food.

captinair head

Service from Nicole and Millie was horrible!!! Attitude when you ask them a question. Manager get onto them!! I have been dining with Panda Express for 15 yrs, never had so much grease on my food. Chicken/Green beans dripping in oil. Chicken/mushroom dripping in oil. Will not return here. Next complaint is corporate.

George Soliman

Ok place. Asked them to change CNN on tv but wouldn't.

Kelly Woodruff

Excellent food!

Slingblade YT

Best Chinese food in town hands down, love that honey sesame chicken.

Josh Wheeler

I don't remember the last time I felt this ripped off when ordering from a restaurant. Ordered their two entree combo. Meal consisted of maybe 5 pieces of meat for each entree item and a huge portion of fried rice. Additionally, the meat was overbreaded, to the point where the actual meat was maybe the size of a small crouton. Mediocre food for a premium price.

JPC AlabamaCowboy

Girl that waited on us was fast and friendly. Only drawback was price. Tad pricey for fast food

Jessica Whitney

Billy was great with every customer including myself! It's not often that you see customer service that is outstanding and his went above and beyond for everyone! On top of that the food was great! I will be back

Tyrell Wellick

Place I'd not kept clean and tidy plus awful food

naveen p

Worst place, I have never been to any Panda Express like this before. If I didn’t see the cook almost about to give me a detergent orange chicken

Bayou 71

Its Panda Express food was good restaurant was clean

Brian Comte

Service was ok but felt like an assembly line. Rushed me through there faster than an indie 500 pit crew! Food was ok. Not the best panda Express I've ever had. Teriyaki chicken looked boiled and was poorly served. Location in foley is much better!

Roger Hayes

Fast, friendly service with tasty food!

Hannah Adair

Nice service and fresh food. :)

Timothy Denning

Good food a bit pricey

Kwami Franklin

Veggies were hard but the overall food was spectacular

Chris Leckness

Great food. Love the spring rolls. The premium entrees are great, but it's pricey.

Benjamin Hurt

Drive through Chinese, it's not easy to eat this while driving, but it's really tasty. I optioned for veggies instead of rice or noodles and I wasn't disappointed.


The staff is usually nice and the food is good.

Jeremy Davis

High quality chinese food. Try the orange chicken. It's the best!

natalie jenkins

Never again!!!!!They served me uncooked food and when i showed the manager the blood from my food being uncooked, he did not handle the situation appropriately. I was VERY disappointed, I will NEVER eat here again. And the lil bit i did eat, made me sick to my stomach.

MayMay 11

Always friendly staff. A great place for fast food Chinese.

David Otter

The service was ok but the food sucks

F Johnson

This place is no good! Gave it a couple of tries but won't be going back.

Stephanie Graeter

Fast friendly service. Great food! Would definitely recommend.

Mary Baugh

A wonderful manager and crew!

Courtney Madison-Waller

Drive-thru line was kinda long, but we all got thru it in sufficient timing. My only issues with this trip: I did not receive a receipt or my drink I ordered and I ordered 2 meals and she only gave me 2 soy sauces when I asked for some. Otherwise, friendly staff and we enjoy it!

Erica Stillwell

Great experience in the drive thru. Attendant was friendly and speedy.

Ariel Swanson

Meat was dry. Dining room was messy.

April Thompson

I didn't enjoy the food but the staff was great

Melanie Parker

The staff was friendly and the food was delicious. We had a great experience.

Amber W

Food tasted like it was microwaved and when I tried to explain why I didn’t like it, the lady pretended to not understand me.

Jonathan Letbetter

Favorite restaurant absolutely love dinning here

Mary K

Pretty good

Johny Watkins

They don't have yum yum sauce to go with rice. Told me "it was a Japanese thing, and they were Chinese." Was actually rude the way she told me. Sorry mam it's just every other Chinese place in Tuscaloosa offers it no need to get snippy. Worst "$11 I've spent"

grants245906 .

If the staff wasnt so rude I would go back . It starts with management and works it's way down who ever is running this place needs to find a new investment. Your staff has a horrible attitude. But I've noticed that's a mobile issue . The people in this city are very rude and act entitled

Rodney Lucio

Maybe you'll like it. For some reason I just don't like their food. It was clean and the staff was friendly though!

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Run off the mill

Joy Horton

There was so much red pepper in the Orange chicken that I couldn't eat it. I don't think Orange chicken is suppose to be that spicy hot.

Kevin Ingraham

To much fried for a vegan but it clean and good service

Mike Hughesii

Went through the drive-through took forever they got my Meal wrong And then after correcting them they still got it wrong again.Tried to call back to the store no answer and just complete lack of customer service when I went back in to get it corrected. Needs new management.

Lyrics 4L

The service was great,and the food was hot,and tasty

Tori Gros

Pretty good

Aaron Jones

Great food. Friendly staff. But beware when you go to get dr pepper the machine sticks and just continues to pump drink out.

David Tripp

One of my favorite places to eat ,great food

Taalid-din Muttaki

I eat here some time.

Randie Watkins

The orange chicken was cold, the noodles we're under cooked, the egg roll was NASTY. The kids meal has the same amount of food as the adult plates, not much. Over all bad food, not worth the money.

Blake Bice The 12 String King

This place is the best!!!

a r

I usually go through the drive through and I always get my food extremely fast and it's always accurate to what I ordered. :)

Abby Jones

DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DRIVE THRU IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY! The service is INCREDIBLY slow. The got my order wrong and the food tasted terrible. Everything is overpriced. So sad because most of my friends always tell me how good this place is. Incredibly disappointed.

Brent Nevison

Great food, prepared in front of you. Good value, polite staff

Robert Nelson

Quick place

Beatriz Jimenez

Nope, nope, nopity, nope. It's just not the same food as a Chinese buffet. Just about everything is loaded with either soy sauce or MSG. No fresh selection.

Emily Kira

What I ate (teriyaki chicken and steamed vegetables) was yummy. They were out of a couple things. Don't bother with the egg rolls.


I came in about an hour before they closed and they were out of string bean chicken- they offered to make me a fresh batch. String bean chicken is why I come to Panda Express so this was a great. They were out of sweet tea, but with the hospitality of the staff and service provided it was a great location.

Joshua Hancock

Very good food and friendly staff

Jacob Bell

Food is pretty good, but the atmosphere is very dull. Ice machine also hasn't been working for a while, apparently. Parking is limited.


Great place but the food made us sick

Bee_ Impactful

Great customer service!

Collective Urban

Nice atmosphere. Good food.

Harold Veits

Tasty food, reasonable prices! Friendly service.

christopher oconnor

Food was above average the last time i was there on a busy Friday night, but most times it's just your typical Panda express Chinese food

Marline Murray

Always on point clean healthy the staffers amazing

James Tink

Foods great, just takes a minute to get it if you go through the drive through!

Tim Whigham

Family just pulled in to eat lunch (were going to PF Chang’s) decided to try panda. Everything looked good smelled good then the lady behind the counter dropped a tray. She picked it up off the floor and set it back on the counter to put customers food on. We waited to see if she was going to actually use it and she did! I spoke up about it being dropped and she said “well I have 3 more” I said “but I watched you drop that one and now you are putting food on it.” She said “okay” and got an attitude. Another lady I’m assuming was the manager walked up and both of them seemed put off that I would be concerned about serving customers off of trays that were dropped on the floor. Well, due to their response we chose to walk out. Now we are sitting at PF Chang’s right down the street at the mall. Want be eating at Pandas. Terrible management, they should have been happy that customers would be concerned about such.

Rick Goldin

No rice. Stunned. Asian restaurant & no rice. Like an Italian restaurant without spaghetti. Service ... ?? Just couldn't have given a flip ... Blank face when I couldn't believe the statement, "Sorry, no rice ... white or fried." Shrug ... Therefore, this review. Otherwise, its passable for an imitation Asian ... American ... restaurant. If you wanna fake it ... like ... kinda ...

John Goodwin

Service was ok, got take out for my lunch at work and still haven't eaten yet, a bit pricey but I knew that going in. The location in Memphis is quite good.

Billy Barr

Great food

Brandon Bowers

Apathetic Manager hiding in back during lunch rush. Out of more than 5 different products during service. Ended up leaving without part of my order.

Nannette Stephens

Always fresh because everyone is in line buying it before it gets old! Staff is very young but very mature at least while at work!

Aiden Caraway

Bland food and barely worth it portions. It's not bad but only good if you are in a rush.

Christopher A.

I can only say *meh* to this. The food was sub-par and the service was terrible. I would have been better served going through the drive through. They didn't even acknowledge me until a full 5 minutes later. The food itself was dry, overcooked and generally disgusting. Definitely do not recommend. I really don't know what people see in this place.

Laquitha Davis

This place has gotten terrible. The food quantity and quality is horrible. What a waste of money. Rice and low mein was hard. Low mein was burned. Chicken was over cooked.

Sweetpotatoe44 Townerhughes

Awful sercice management is rude employees are racist most rude terrible one on airport never have been done so ugly and rude

Tiffany W

Love Panda Express! If you visit late at night they only limited entrees available.

Josh Swindall

This place was great when it first opened. Then the staff was all replaced with people with a commitment to taking their sweet, sweet time while demonstrating how little they can care. Sat in the drive through line waiting for over 20 minutes when there were only two of us. My passenger got out of the car while we were in the drive through line andlked inside to see all of the food we ordered sitting out and ready to be served. That's right folks! They didn't even have to cook it. All that was left to do was put it in a box and serve food that was already prepared. Staff was sitting in the back chatting without a care in the world. When we were finally greeted at the window, we were met with rude service. Look, I get that some people have a bad night every now and then. I'm writing this review because this is the third time in a row we've been treated this way. Please fix this problem. I like having Panda in our town, just not when it's ran by staff this bad.

Roger Pettis

Food quality was poor. Seemed as if only one worker cared. Had to wait on several things to be cooked. They were not busy at all. Won't go back.

Ben Hardin

Love the food and will continue to come here, but they are very understaffed. Wait times are really long because there is only one person working the line. We waited for almost 25 min in a line of 10 people.

Whispering Hill Farm

Slow service for poorly made food.

Cindy Stewart

Food was not good and my order was in correct. Very displeased with the service

Amber Pond

Food was fresh, service was fast. Quantity of food was a little lower for take out. Our three entrees to go were the same amount as two entrees eating in

Ann Prisoc

It was bad a month ago but seems to have improved a little since then.

Robbin Hilbert

There food is fresh and good. The servers were nice and helpful

Q Jennings

Food was absolutely terrible! Had to order something else!

Jonathan Myers

Great place to Chinese food. Doesn't taste like fast food. Food was flavorful and good service too!

Kris Da

BEWARE I rarely eat fast food but tonight had a craving. Wife picked up Sweet Fire Chicken, fried rice and egg rolls. She had to wait due to Sweet Fire being out and them making a fresh batch. Thought because of that if would be great because it would be fresh. Well, we ate and it tasted fine at first but as it cooled it had a very strong deep fat fryer taste. I tree half of it away. Now to my point, and not to be gross, I HAVE BEEN ON THE TOILET FOR 3 HOURS.. Within 5 minutes of finishing my stomach was boiling and I've had diarrhea since. I am literally writing this while sitting on the pot. BEWARE

Mohammed Alkhateeb

Very nice food to grab and go

Suann Green

It was just okay for the price, but the service was terrible.

Julie Barks

This location is terrible. Food over cooked, small portions. Rude

Peyton Stewart

It has good spicy and sweet food!

Misty Minyard

The building and bathrooms are clean but the food needs work.. the crab ragoon was burnt and the egg rolls remind me of something you would get from a school cafeteria.. Orange chicken was enjoyable if a little bland

Teande Designs

Wait time at drive through can be lengthy. But food is worth it and employees very courteous.

Kerry White

I really like this place. I don't like the hidden prices of the 'premium food'. They could do a better job indicating what foods will have an upcharge.

Mark Gallagher

Just like Hawaii, great food, good prices, and can't beat the ambiance.


A little pricey

Clifton Payne

Great place to eat.

Julie Price

The food is too Expensive to eat there as often as I'd like. However, they are not only incredibly fast but the staff is always super friendly & accommodating. The food is fresh & tastes great (Inc the Sweet Tea


it used to have fresh tasty food. Now its just not the same as is used to be. paid 42$ for 2 person .with 2 drinks i dont think its worth it .☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

Rick Howell

Its Panda- They are all the same. Good.

Grant Parker

Great service and food! Suggest going with the healthier choices, especially if you count calories. Such as the plate with broccoli beef, green bean chicken, and mixed veggies.

Jim Robertson

It was great the food was under cooked. It was the r iui center only that was under cooked the staff was great and the store was clean


The service is always quick and they're always friendly.

Kendrick Kidd

Good clean Chinese

Brooke Atchison

Don't get the bowls.. Not worth the money. $6 for a lot of rice and maybe 8 little pieces of meat. Bought 4 bowls for a family of 4 and would have been better off going to all you can eat buffet. Atleast everyone would be full and my kids would have ate free.. But, the meat was good.

Brian Sorrells

Need to keep a more consistent menu of mild choices. To many spicey options. Otherwise good food.

mikesmith1percenter Smith

Worst place on earth. Buy yourself a can of cat food and let it sit out open. It will be so much better.

Chet Elkins

It's equally good and bad. They clearly don't know how to cook noodles, and the bathroom was disgusting. Plus we told them there was no more tea, and of course they didn't care. I've been to much better panda expresses. So if you like mediocre stop on by.

Steven Galvez

Great customer service!!

P. Richardson

Great food prices and services

Mya Shavon

I love going to panda express. Nice atmosohere, nice employees and great food for a quick bite.

James Tompkins

Good food and great service. Some stuff is lacking in the flavor I'm use to getting in other places of simular food.


People working at this place are good, but overall the quality of Panda Express has been degrading daily due to below reasons. I requested the cashier to substitute drink with a cookie in kids meal and they made it a real big deal. 1. Meat is not thoroughly cooked. You can see portions of it raw sometimes. 2. If you order Pepper chicken 70% is celery and 30% meat. In Kungpao most of it is veggies. 3. Portions are too small for the price and you feel full very easily due to something in the food. 4. Parking space over here is too narrow.

Greg Baxley

Americanized Chinese food. About the only way my wife likes it.

Adam Swedenburg

The food is amazing. If your in a hurry that's okay. You walk in and it's set up like Subway. You walk down the line telling them what you want and then when you get to the end your plate is ready and your paying for it. There you came in and got Chinese food in less then five minutes.

Jeff Davis

Had to wait 10 minutes on chowmein after paying.

Tracy Riley

I got beef with broccoli, white rice, and an egg roll. There was no sauce in my beef with broccoli. It was pretty dry and hard to eat. The egg roll was ok. I waited in the drive thru for way too long. The upside is, the lady in the window was nice and the rice was not mushy.

Rene Upchurch

Staffing problem? Or maybe just management...not sure what's going on here, but we left the other day when we were told it would be at least a half hour wait for chow mein. We always love the food and the staff used to be friendly. Whatever's going on, I hope they fix it soon!!!

chandana chandrashekar

Very accessible to the road. Service was good.

Tracie Petty

I am a fan of Panda Express. I brought my brother today, his first time. Today, the cook made the food just as it was intended. He is the only cook here that i can see and has kept all items freshly cooked. My brother was impressed. Great job!!

Webster White

Really good food and the people that work here are always friendly and welcoming


Chick fila of chinese food in terms of hospitality

William Arnold

Slow drive thru, good value, good selection.

madison hager

Really loved the barely half bowl of chow mein and shrimp when spending 30 bucks.

Ellieja y

Awesome for what i got.

Amelia Prisco

good food and service!!

Earl Barnes

They have a pretty decent spread there daily. It's about what you would expect. Just don't go near closing time. They bring out food really quickly when something is out. The place has nice ambiance and the staff is very friendly. Each time my family and I have been has been a Pleasant experience!


Food is good but God help you if someone at the front of the drive-thru line orders something that isn't immediately available. Because you will end up sitting there. And waiting. Forever. And you can't get out of the drive-thru once …

Terri May

The service was excellent I enjoy it

Jenifer Steele

Food was not tasty at all! Textured was as if it had been sitting under the warmer lights all day. Yuck!!

Darlene Malveaux

I would like to not give a star. It was horrible

HondaRidgeline Enduser

This place is pretty good for the money. I would recommend it

Eddie Romero

Very good service good people

Levi St. George

Spectacular fast service and great food

Landon Clark

Fast, punctual, and always on point with your order.

Roger Sapienza


Mike Flippo

My favorite place to go

Malaysia Drinkers

Hot food great staff

Shirell. A. Dortch

Always enjoy eating here.

Marilyn Meyers

The food is always hot and fresh here. The staff is friendly courteous and efficient.

Jeremy McCord

Food always seems old, you literally have to wait around to get anything fresh.


It's not bad, I don't rate fast food very high. Ive had better

Tequilla Campbell

No very many vegetarian options. Veggies are not cooked very well and kind of bland but its decent food

Etch America



The customer service was amazing. The employees were really friendly, nice, and professional! The food was delicious!! The inside of the building is so pretty/nice. I'm definitely coming back to this restaurant.

mr mrs pettway

Plenty of food! Military discount

Maegan Duncan

Love the food go there all the time. Love the service as well. Very clean and organized. Some nights i go in they are out of alot of dishes and other nights stuff is mixed in other food. Like shrimp accidentally fell in the rice and we didnt want rice at this point because of an allergy to shelfish. It was an accident and most of these incedents are at night. But during the day always on point.

Valessa Carr

Service was great, food is great. Definitely will be returning

Kai Olivet

It was clean and had good employees

Marcello Tanner

Customer service is everything. Zero customer service skill displayed or performed. Food ok. Nothing to bragg about

Baker McConnell

I just sat in the drive through for 30minutes!!! I would’ve left but you’re stuck in the lane once you enter. This isn’t the first time I’ve waited too long although this is the longest yet. I don’t understand how it can take that long? Worse yet, no explanation or apology for the delay was given. I Like their food but not THAT much. They’ve shown no signs of improving their processes so I won’t be going back. Their “management” should be fired!

Cleopas Jones

They have Tha best walnut shrimps in town


One of the few places(fast food)open on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Valarie Deloach

For not authentic Chinese food it has substance that will work when in a hurry. Service is great and fast key Idea.

Carmen Wilson

Its hit or miss with this location, but it has been much better lately. Fresh hot sides, very tasty entrees. Prices are good. Service was friendly and efficient.

Carlos Miller

I love the fried rice with some plum sauce and veggies. But always a positive staff

unicorn qween

Awesome, love the new chicken

Nikki Fair

Teriyaki chicken was great.

Randy Thomas

Orange chicken suppose to be white meat menu according to menu. It was dark meat. Got double order of beef and broccoli got 2 table spoons beef and 15 or more large pieces of broccoli.

Adam Robinson

Great experience! Food was

Sharla Taylor

First time going! Our server, Mya was Very friendly and patient as well as knowledgeable regarding the food!!

Ken Bush

I was over charged and hours of operation were incorrect on their website? What the......

Raymond Hendrix

Always a well-oiled machine, fast and friendly service. Best grilled chicken and veggies in town for the price.

Edmond Hutt

Amazing food, fast service, big selection

Ella Hood

Nice variety pretty fast drive thru also

Nikki Mosley

Everyone was so polite and the food is always great!!

TDale Ballard

Tasty food. Nice employees.

Chris 2018enjoying_life

People here at panda are very friendly and the food is really good.


Love this place!!! I go there weekly and have not had an issue! You cant really expect too much though. After all it is still panda express.

Princess Arylin

Never use this panda express. I went in tonight, saw that they were out of what I wanted and asked them if they had more coming. They said it would be about 8 minutes, it took over 15 because the cook and the server were bickering or flirting, it was hard to tell, and by the time they had what I wanted fixed, they were then out of chow mein and had been out for about 5 minutes. When they ran out the server told the cook (several times) who eventually just left for what I'm assuming was a break. I had been there close to 25 minutes by that point and I left in disgust. To be clear, this is not an irregular occurrence at this restaurant but this is by far the worst incident I have experienced. Because of this, I am never going to use this one, ever again and I urge everyone to avoid it as well. I know it is out of the way but, I recommend going to the Shilinger location instead.

Michelle Mundi

Great food. Friendly service. Later hours than most is a big plus.

Miss Macy

Everytime I go to Panda Express, they are always busy, with that being said. The service is great! The employees know how to gently move you through the lines, while asking which selections you want. The aroma of food being prepared is intoxicating to the sense. Did I mention, the employees always ask if you see something you like to sample you can? Based on that fact, I have tried different foods which has allowed me eat more foods. I highly recommend you try Panda Express.

Mary Butterworth

Great food Super friendly staff ! No baby changing station

Andreea Matta

Food is a bit on the salty side, but other than that it's ok.

Haleigh Collier

I completely enjoy the airport location and continue to go there. I am writing a bad review for the Tillman’s corner location because they are so new they don’t even have a location open online yet. My boyfriend and his family have gave this location 3 chances and every single one was absolutely terrible. I was very surprised and shocked because this location is new, you would think it would be good in the beginning and then might start slacking. My noodles was so dry and like rubber. My shrimp was soggy and falling apart. My sweet tea that I ordered was unsweet when I received it and I walked inside to fix it myself and I told them it was unsweet tea they are serving as sweet tea and I proceeded to walk out they come outside to bring me another tea. I honestly would have been happy for an entire refund but I hadn’t got to the food yet.


Really reluctant to say so, but worried there is a public health issue here. Ordered side of special veggie fried rice for one in drive-thru to eat in car, added little soy sauce, and it tasted okay, but half way through eating it, just blocks away, my throat was coated in something disgusting and began to hurt all up and down, turned immediately into runny nose and cold-like symptoms. Lasted four days with the worst, lingered weeks with weird one-sided nasal thing. Either something in food, sauce, or someone was contagious here working around food. Could be purely coincidental, but I highly doubt it.

Faith Boone

The service was amazing. The young lady was really sweet. The food didn't seem to be cooked right and they used more dark meat pieces than I'm accustomed to at the panda express back home. I was disappointed.

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