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819 E Glenn Ave, Auburn, AL 36830, United States Located in: Corner Village

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REVIEWS OF New China IN Alabama

Steven Sanford

Very tasty and nicely done. You also get quite a bit of food for the price. I was definitely full after I finished my portion.

Csongor Szendrey

You can ask for anything you want on the side, like chopsticks, extra soy sauce, no duck sauce, etc.; doesn't matter, you're getting a plastic forks & spoon. Portions are small & ubiquitous. This is the same stuff you can get in a strip mall in Peoria, a train station in Budapest or a small carry-out in Daegu. It's not great, it's not bad, it's just...there. It's a safe bet if you're in-laws are generally described as "jars of mayonnaise," & not too sophisticated. The steamed dumplings are strong as is the sauce that comes with it.

Joseph Barnett

Love New China, been eating there for 20 years.

The Pitts !

Ming House is better and nicer owners

Francois Bosman

Best in town

Maggie Creech

Only Chinese place in Auburn I enjoy eating. I have never been disappointed! Most pleases will overlook their meat and veggies but it's perfect every time here. Friendly service too.

Sophonie Omeler

The food came quick, but it's actually terribly bland and the portions were tiny. For $20 I got almost no food. Plus the fortune cookies were stale -_-

Quentin Seaborn

Food is pretty good. Open late nights. Good location

susan sams


J Vega

Senna Simmons Barnett

Wayne Smith

Its sad seeing all of these negative reviews. I literally just got done eating the best chinese food Ive had in years! Of course if you sit in your dorm room and order chinese food, by the time it arrives it will be mushy. Its chinese food. But for the rest of the non lazy world out there, try walking in amd ordering a to go meal. Cooked fresh to order and tastes amazing! Will definitely be back and hope ithers give it a try!

Adam Cooper

I really enjoy the hunan beef, sweet & sour chicken & crab Rangoons....$5.99 lunch specials. Solid place eat!!

Robert C

Eh I wasn't impressed, I love Chinese food so I expected more

Travis Stjohn


Marvin Taylor

I enjoy eating there when in a hurry or most other restaurants are closed. Somewhat tasty because freshly cooked.


Don't waste your time here. I received my food in a brown paper bag which had leaked all over my car because it was packaged improperly. Unreasonably long wait time. Staff is rude. Go to Panda on S college instead.

Eduardo Cubero

Great food, and that they deliver is a plus.

Tawanna Randolph


Rich B

Good for carry out. The price is fair for the portions. Kung Pao Chicken is very good. Soup is not hot as I like it.

Chanjie Chen

Caleb Hyles

Sorry to hear all the bad reviews. My wife and I eat here often and usually call in for pick up and never have had problem except one time. They messed up our order, but were prompt and apologetic to fix it. The lady on the phone has never been rude to me once and I've called in many times to order. Our food is always hot and fresh and tastes great.

Do'Nyal Webb

I’ve eaten here several times. There’s always something wrong with my order and they’re not usually helpful in fixing it. If you need quick Chinese this works, but only get combos. And at all cost, avoid the thumb sized spring rolls with more oil than roll.

Sungwoo Kang

Owner is very friendly, and decent taste for the price.

Enakshi Debnath

Poor food quality

alex ronn

Had lo mien and it was soggy and had obviously been left out for a bit of time. Then my girl and I got sick enough from eating here that we were both admitted to the hospital for stomach virus and food poisoning. seriously avoid this place at all costs.

Cornellious Sanford

Muhammad Khan

Nice place


(Translated by Google) It's good to eat Chinese food at reasonable prices. There are no alcohols. (Original) 중국식 중국요리를 저렴하게 먹기좋습니다 알콜류는 없습니다.

Anita Waters

Kojo Monday

I have eaten many Asian dishes up and down the east coast border and from every Chinese Restaurant here within the Auburn/Opelika area. Unfortunately, this Restaurant (New China Restaurant) by no means simplifies the taste of Chinese food. The food (fry rice, Mogo Gi pan, and Konpou Chicken) had no taste to allow me to acknowledge my meal. Waste of my money.

Steven Andrews

Very good

Russel Avery

Great family staff. Excellent food.

Hayden Uphaus

Nawin Yanpirat

Tasty food

Michael Henry

My favorite Chinese food in Auburn. Love that they deliver. I read through the negative reviews and in the 5 years I've been eating here,(1-3 times a month) I've never had a bad experience.

Jason Haynie

Great food and speedy service!

Marchyca Pitts

I got the beef and broccoli and it was terrible.I don't plan on eatting there ever again.

Lisa Woods

xu xu

jeffrey Espinoza

Carl Jordan

The food and service sucks...

Brian Otts

The woman answering the phones was rude. She messed up the order. When I called back, she did not even attempt to fix the problem. I ordered one shrimp fried rice and one chicken fried rice. I received one shrimp fried rice and one house fried rice. I called and explained the situation. The woman on the phone really couldn't seem to care less and didn't even seem sorry about the mix up. There are far too many better Chinese restaurants in Auburn. I would highly advise against eating/ordering there and will never do so again myself. I hope this helps someone.

Jagadish Torlapati

I used to love going here for cheap chinese lunch specials. But I've noticed that their Lo Mein was soggy and beginning to stink. Tried to give them another chance but no good.

Idus Davis

Best Chinese food I’ve had in a long time. Order was prepared quickly and tasted fresh.

Roland 0311

Leaving litter (pamphlets) in my door is going too far. They got all apartments and papers are all over the ground. I wont go there due to this reason.

Jeffrey Velazquez

Chenyung Chang

shawna messer

User Error

Crab ragoon is what you should order. It's great.

Morris Drinnenberg

Ana Velez

The food is ok but don't bother trying to order online for delivery. They evidently don't check it. I finally had to call after an hour of waiting. That was apparently the first time they had even seen my order. I waited a total of 1hr 45min.

Samuel Halley

The food is always very good & very HOT! & give you huge servings too!

Jeriel Ng

Your average Chinese takeout. One of the good ones in the area with quick service and friendly staff.

Brennen Reece

Kaden Utely

This place was not pleasing at all. Planned to eat inside but no tables were available and they gave us our food in a to go box with no option to eat inside. They’re menu is written on cardboard. I had to open my own pack of cups to get one. When i started to drink my coke i seen a nat on the side of the cup which i assume came out of the drink dispenser. The food was over priced for the proportion and taste. Money wasted and won’t eat again.

Sherry Thomas

Jessica Serda

Shantell Williams

From Sanford Florida I came into town to see my cousin ordered Chinese food near me enjoyed it fast quick delivery very friendly Great Food

Anna Elkins

Patricia Davis

Michelle Pegues

Fresh, clean, resonably priced with friendly staff.

John Freeman

Caitlin Bradshaw

Found a bug in my food. DO. NOT. EAT. HERE.

Jack Watson

John Cawthon

This place is good.

Stephanie Terry

Very good food at a good price

Ashley Hudson

Friendly, fast, and fresh.

Liz Golden

Don't waste your time or money. They have cheated me every time I've ordered. Never put enough meat or green vegetables in the dishes, and what little they do give isnt fresh. I feel robbed each and every time. Hate it. I can't believe they have been open this long... No pride in what they do! If you want good Chinese food around Auburn then go to China Palace on hwy 14. They are in this business with passion... Food is always great.

Darrnel Logan

Good food at decent prices and the staff is friendly.

Whitney Say

NEW CHINA SUCKS!!!! Seriously this place is horrible. The food is mediocre at best, and the service is downright awful. We ordered our food over an hour and a half before it got delivered and the phone calls we placed to ensure delivery were dreadful. The woman on the phone was so mean and did not give a clear answer of when the delivery man would arrive even after 3 phone calls which got increasingly heated. When the man arrived, he could not figure out where to park his car and walked back to his car to get his phone before giving us our long awaited (and at this point frigid) food. By the time we opened up our order, the Kung Pao Chicken sauce dripped through the bag and covered our white carpet with cold brown-colored filth. We will NOT be placing any more orders from New China and will make sure that no one else at Auburn has to endure this horrendous takeout tragedy.

Zhen Li

Tasty and consistent for a low value.Love it.

Marshall Mullins

Pernell Moore

Great Chinese food! Delivery is fast too.

Gary Carr

Ivan HPS

You know, this isn't fine dining, but you get what you pay for. No complaints.


I called to place an order of spicy chicken lo mein and honey chicken, the lady who answered the phone acted very bothered and was in a rush, they charge extra because i asked them to not short me on the honey chicken. So the lady became very arrogant, i only applaud their food, the service is no good.

Britt Thomas

Very well managed kitchen, & the result is clear- being their food is always hot & fresh. I do delivery services & New China is w/out a doubt, 1 of the most popular 'in-&-out' Asian restaurants in Auburn.

Peter Hastie

Always nice food. Great variety. Friendly owners.

Dong Angela

Loved it! All their portions are big servings. The owner is very nice. Loved their Sesame Chicken and Sweet and Sour Chicken! I will go back there again.

Abbishek Gururaj


Ordered online for delivery and waited almost 2 hours for it to show. Called several times but the lady said it had just left. I am not even 5 minutes away and it took 30 minutes to get here even though she said it was on it's way directly to me! It was terribly bland. Never coming back to bland food and customer service.

Edel Lopez

Great place to have good Chinese food!

Mark J.

Sub-standard meat. Basic low quality Chinese restaurant. If you have a sensitive stomach I would avoid if possible. Sensible pricing though. Update: it's been 30 min. My stomach doesn't feel so hot. I'm feeling the sweats coming. My wife had to rush to the bathroom as soon as we got home. She's also not feeling too hot...but she sure looks hot, nawwhatimsayin?

Danielle Mitchell

Just ordered delivery. I got my order pretty fast, and the man who delivered was very nice. My food tastes amazing. I will be ordering from here in the future! You also get a good size portion it was more than enough food.

Joshua Berry

I tried ordering from them and they wanted me to order over $30 worth of food before I could even get delivery. I had to repeat my order multiple times and and they still got it wrong. Also it took them 2 hours to deliver my food because they got lost yet I still was charged full price for cold food and then the driver had the nerve to ask for a tip. Service here sucks. I wouldn't recommend it.

Tanner Wong

(Translated by Google) Not bad~ (Original) 还不错~

Samik Bhattacharya

Kinetic K

Only thing good was the fortune cookie

Kev Nelson

Straight garbage. Only thing fresh was the egg roll. Go back to China!

Debra Dobbs

Price is great, food is excellent.

Andrew Vines


Shun Williams

Food is good. Restaurant needs cleaning in the inside

Jayson Perry

Very friendly, great food, and excellent customer service. Great place for a quick bite to eat, especially for Chinese food. They also have great lunch specials!

Takia Davis

It is not good It was a mistake of our food and we called them and the hug up on me

Delrico Eiland

Leo Liao

terrible food, terrible service.

Amber Harris

Jeremy brooks

Derek C

Always order the General Tso's chicken and never disappointed. Drink machine wasn't working properly. So I got a 16oz from the cooler for no extra charge. Good food at a good price. Much cheaper than the mall.

Purva Talegaonkar

Not that great food! The wantons I ordered were refried ones and the pork filling wasn't that great! Overall, I would never prefer this restaurant.

brooke boyd

Good? Lol really Zext me

M Stevens

It's okay, in my opinion not the best in Auburn.

Michael Autry

G Phil P

Always good for eat in or take out / delivery!!

Jordan Holt

Everyone talked about how bad the lady on the phone was. I thought she was very sweet, and understood everything I said. Great service.

Jalen Brown

Antonio Gipson

i realy like it

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