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Goose in The Caboose Productions

Food was fantastic with an incredibly huge buffet. Seafood and crab was succulent and the raw sushi was on a completely separate area. Came to 20 even for Dad and I. Not too bad at all.

Dale Kelly Olguin

This is a very good spot to eat at. Definitely no curb appeal but that seems to be the trend. The best food places are hole in the wall joints. They have a huge mix of sushi, Chinese, hibachi grill, fresh fruit,amazing desserts and very affordable. A must eat at place. Trust me

Rachel Liedy

I love working next door. Staff is always friendly, you wouldn't think good country cooking from a Chinese place but it's yummy. Wish they'd work a bit on the health rating, but the prices can't be beat. Really sad I missed the crab legs fight this time. I'll be back


I love the variety of different types of foods to choose from. Food is always fresh because a lot of people eat here and it goes fast.

Thomas Russell Hudgen

Thought it was gonna be, well, you know. Um unh. So good.

Nika Chippy

The food was good. Was hot. The only downside is you gotta pay $5 per plate of crab legs and they gave me two lil scrawny pieces. And flies were every freaking where. I was annoyed. Won’t be going back.

Joshua Wagster

Everything you want is on the buffet from sushi to steal to pizza. I absolutely love this place and it's prices are so reasonable. You can dine in with all you can eat from salad to dessert for the price of a burger and fries fast food. Clean and courteous service simply the best in Chinese food.

Rita Whatley

Busy but quick service Food was decent.

Melanie Graf

Favorite chinese spot in town. Way better tham buffett 88 and friendlier staff

Linda Bailey

This is a family favorite! Food is always fresh and something for everyone! Very customer friendly compared to most buffets! Buy 10 lunches or dinners with their card and earn a free one

bubba mack

This is Bubba "Big BM" Mack at the scene. The Meteor is a great establishment. The food bar is well stocked and clean. The staff is always friendly and attentive. The food selections can't be beat for the price. Sure, you can spend more but why would you? The place is safe, but sometimes people get upset about crab legs for some reason. If you happen to be there when this happens just grab a pair of serving tongs and use them like a sword to ward off any attacker. Whenever I eat, I try for a good mix of foods to create the perfect BM later. I'm a huge fan of meats, and eat quite a lot. That's why I'm a big man with a big gut and a big mouth. But too much meat means a rough time on the stool, pun intended. Here at the Meteor you can assemble the perfect plate, or BM Kit as I like to call it. While the meats are the foundation, I add binding agents for good BM construction and some fiber too. A little broccoli, cauliflower or beans supply the needed gas for proper propulsion at the moment of truth. All the necessary items can be found here. Give it a try - drop on in and assemble your own BM Kit. This is Bubba "Big BM" Mack reporting.

Andrea Perez

Is it okay. Good place to bring kids

Darryl Robinson

much better than I thought

gloria goad

The food was good, really good customer service

Dewayne Childress

The food is always good And the service is good to.

Haley Kent

This place is disgusting my husband and I went there tonight to eat and we have both been sick my husband has been throwing up... they place stinks the carpet looks disgusting and they don’t maintain the freshness or quality of their food it looks like it’s been played in and has been sitting in the warmers for way too long we definitely won’t be going back !!

joshua carr

Great food. Good price. Take the family

Renzie Wilson-Price

The food was delicious. I hadn't been there in a while, but, I did enjoy the total service.

Jonathan Dickerson

Its was a good place to eat at but me personally think the need to add more seasonings to there food. Over all it a good place to eat at or try out.

Jo Daniel

We go every month. Great place to eat.

Randy Cortez

Great food. Great service Great value. Great selection. I come here every time I'm in Huntsville.

Brandon Hawthorne

Go here a lot and compared to other Chinese buffets this is by far the best. Staff is very friendly and the food is amazing, especially their crab legs.

Sylvia Sutton

It's ok. The food is probably fresher earlier n the day, I'm almost certain.

Pamela Johnson

Great buffet!!! You get ur moneys worth!!!

Donna Stamper

Food is usually on point. I think there needs to be more staff walking around checking the bars for empty items, to make sure sushi bar is not in disarray, soup bowls stocked, etc. That seems to be the weak spot. Service is good. It's a Chinese buffet, so keep your expectations in check.

brandon green

Best buffet in town. You must try the pizza

Christy Ann Phelps

Very good food love the lima beans mashed potatoes and meat loaf. Friendly services!

Obed Blas

The staff is great the owners are awesome they go around talking to everyone they make you feel very welcomed. The food is not bad but, not great either for the most part its pretty much stocked up. The restaurant needs some upgrades there carpet looks very bad. Overall was a decent experience the owners are great folks and, there staff is also.

Debra Delynn Stotser

I felt the food selections we're many for just about anyone. They were fresh and tasty.

Tanya Guerin

Meteor Buffet is the best and I love the workers

Mike Adams

crab legs are so good people are fighting over them! Bring your boxing gloves!

James Wilson

Been coming for years. Best food and a family environment

Darren Brazier

4 little teenage girls left in charge were slinging wet chopsticks at each other and arguing about who's turn it was to run the cash register was the final straw. Was thinking maybe just an off day after attempting to eat the sushi, nasty, nasty! Im just being honest: two thumbs down!

David Vetter

It's a buffet. The food is good and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Jonny Superman

Pretty good I'll probably go back

Paul Lehman

The place is busy enough that the food is never or let me rephrase that is always fresh and on some days I believe they also have crab legs which to top it off just makes it a better Buffet overall one of the longest ones I know of in town

Supergirl Lye

Mad phony here it’s not worth your time to eat here it’s disgusting and there’s roaches trust me

Carolyn Saint

Always great food and service!

Charlotte Lemay

As always, good food and excellent service

Becky Polsgrove

I found it very good. It has the bigger variety of food on the buffet than most place.

Mae Mayer

The meteor is a nice place to eat we go there a lot it goog food

MaryAnn Green

Bought buffet to go. Good food, and great deal.

Dwight Tucker

Good place to get a full stomach

Victoria Cruz

Great customer service. Amazing inexpensive price range. Every single time the boss lady sees me she instantly orders a special plate for me. She knew me when I was super young and she watched me grow up. The family there has ALWAYS showed sweetness! The staff at this restaurant is filled with hardworking people. Truly one of my top choices of bringing friends and family.

Aaron Lindow

Great food, great service, great price!!

Rhonda Seltzer

Staff is slow at is ok...

Mary Mavrotheris

it's ok... food not bad.

Ron Wright

Great service! Nice people :)

Candace Waldrop

They really do treat you personally. They always remember me no matter how long it's been since we last saw each other. Congratulations on Doom Doom (however you spell it) I can't imagine anyone deserving a precious baby boy more than the owners. They're such wonderful people and the food is always amazing! We got peanut butter chicken tonight and it was FABULOUS!!

Sabastian St.john

The waiters was rude to me I'm disabled person and I can't walk too good I asked him could they help me with my food on the buffet the lady said she don't do that and kind of help me and it is not her job and oh my goodness I try to get some fish and some chicken or try to carry it and help me but nobody will help you there you disable I'll tell you the truth I have to believe that

Caitlin Fitch

Awesome place! You really can't beat it!

Jimmy Whitt

As always great food and great service

Jonathan Brock

Fantastic selection, constantly freshened up buffet, super fast and friendly staff, 5 stars!


Me and my wife Crystal Tiawana Harper had a wonderful time together. Good service and cordial receiption. Keep it up guys

Chris Bispham

I love it. the staff is friendly and respectful. They need to bring the prime ribs back though. I can't wait for only holidays.

crystal myers

We used to love going to this place... but apparently we were never actually paying attention to details of this place. We went a few months ago and found a roach in my daughters jello... said something to the lady (who I believe is the owner) and she made it right for us and said that they had been treating for the bugs.. so we decided to go back tonight because we really wanted some crab legs and they are the only restaurant in Huntsville that still sells them... and there were ROACHES ALL OVER THE BUFFET.. not only that but my mother got a giant piece of plastic in her meatloaf that she almost choked on. I will say, that the manager lady is always nice to us and she did make the situation right and the wait staff is always great... but after reading reviews on here they have very obviously had a bug problem for more than 2 years and I’m Not sure how the health department hasn’t shut them down yet. Bathrooms, carpet, everything is just dirty.

Gina Atnip

Love the sweet owners of this restaurant. They give you a wide variety of cultural meals to choose from. Excellent place to take a family for a meal.

Nesse Nichols

I wish it was a better way to get crab legs. People come and take all of them and aren't considerate of the other customers waiting for them.

Sandra Childress

Really love eating here food is always hot. Great selection for everyone. Owners always stops by our table to make sure everything is good. Service is always great.

the great pheonix

Good food kinda rundown

Prabhu RK

Waitress and people were nice. Were busy with their work typical for a buffet place. I have been too many Asian buffet places and love buffet food. Issue: Cleanliness! I couldn't even try to eat without noticing how bad it was stinking around. Think about eating in that smell. The carpets were holding all the years of composed food smell.

Jacob Bastiaans

I love this place. Food of all types, hibachi grill, if that's your thing, sushi was good, granted I got there right when they opened and it took a few minutes to get it out. The family that runs this place are very friendly and will remember you after a few trips in. Restrooms leave a bit to be desired but they're always well stocked. And if Chinese food isn't your favorite, they have an American section that's not bad at all. Highly recommended.

Oliver Douglas

Very good food

Sylvette Parker Monroe

The food was good and the staff was very nice.

Rose Ann

Food was cold , boiled dumplings were tough and dry. The place was dirty.

Angel Love Yourself Allen

I just can't get over the smell of the place. Also they have had cockroaches. I can't recommend the place.

Henry Held

Cheap good food but a little greasy but that's a buffet

Donna Carter

As always it was delicious. Owners are always very nice and buffet has an abundance of different choices of food

adam kim

Amazing food and even better service

Jimmy Dunning

Awesome food, great service

Debra Carter

This is our favourite Asian buffet they're a family owned restaurant for over a decade always great and everyone that works there cares about their customers we've never had any problems here and if there is anything that is out they get it replaced very quick. They have lots of choices with Asian and other fave comfort foods and a good sushi bar and Also have a grill with lot's of choices for custom orders as well should be something for everyone.

Bree k

It's a MUST at least once a week. Life is not life done right without stopping here. Awesome staff, management and superb food. Not to mention outstanding orange trees that you can also buy there. I hope to see you all there

DaiDai Carter

Not a very good appearance but great food,

Gerald T. Blomeyer

Service was great, food was good. What else do you want?

Kron O'Neal

Always on point, friendly, good price

francie w

Food fresh and delicious. Friendly service. Try to eat there at least once a month. Just wish the hot and sour soup spicier.

Richard Lawson

Fantastic food. Best buffet ever! The owners are great people and take great pride in their family own and run business and it shows.

MomiJuana Brat

It was was late. The buffet was clean, but the food was kinda dry, old, not fresh...nice variety tho. I may go back at an earlier time n the day to c if it will b any better. ❤

Vickie Darnell

Good as usual. Really like the Honey chicken, I ask for small coconut shrimp. Slow coming today. But good as usual.

Pamela Bateman

Love to go to Meteor Buffet! Food is awesome!

Miracle Marie

Best possible place for Chinese cuisine!

jacqui green

Food is always good and great service also

John Verchot

Even though I arrived 30 minutes until closing, the food was fresh and delicious

Alicia Swack

Really good buffet.

Margarita Lopez

Food taste really weird!! Sorry

Dee Dee2008

These are some of the sweetest people I know. They are so friendly and I always enjoy going there.

Trinity's World

I love this place its good and the staff is very nice I been going there growing up I love going there

Tony Higgins

Food was good. Thats all.

charles moore

Good service the food is good

BriAn Pish

Good price for all you can eat

Raymond Steuber

A great place to go for Oriental cuisine.. It's all you can eat for fair low price... I've never been disappointed...

Lisa Casteel Clark

Good food and different types of food. If you are lucky enough you are able to catch fresh snow crab legs which my husband loved. Price is responsible to.

Chad Holland

We had heard many wonderful reviews of this place for the lunch buffet... It might be great for lunch but do not go for dinner... Hot food was barely warm and the cold food was kinda cool... Not many choices and the place looks like it is falling apart... We may go back and try the lunch buffet but won't be back for dinner that is for sure!

Bessie Jones

lts was all the food that you like

Mark Toland

Good food. Great price. Same owners for over a decade. Kids favorite buffet! Love it.

Miranda Byrd

Service was good, ppl were friendly but food was bland, overly sweet, and greasy. Koi tank outside had dead fish inside, bathrooms needed cleaned and health rating was an 82. Obviously eating here was a mistake.

George Mann

This is my favorite Chinese restaurant. Been going here for years. Never had a bad meal. The staff is very friendly. Nice clean place to take the family to enjoy a great meal.

Mello - 8D Tunes

This place is nasty and dirty. The walls, the chairs, the tables, the carpet so gross you guys need to clean this place up, all the people who come here deserve a clean environment.

Charles B

I really liked this place. I went during lunch rush which Is always a good time to go to ensure the best freshness. All the food i tried tasted good. Wait staff was attentive and prices were good. Be sure to check this place out if your in the area and looking for a solid Chinese buffet.

Collis Sims

Waitress was very nice but that's about it. Bar was empty most of the time I was there. Silverware for dipping the food was dirty. Food was what you'd expect for a cheap all you can eat Chinese buffet.


In my opinion it is one of the best Chinese buffets I have ever been to and most Chinese places make me sick, but this didn't no matter what kind of food I ate there. I definitely recommend this place!

Stacey Carter

All You Can Eat Crab Legs On Tha Weekend.. Yasssss


Love this place. Great food and service!!

Anna Arthur

I love the Miso Soup...

Brooke B

We go here EVERYTIME that were in Huntsville. The food is always sooooooo good and the staff are always welcoming. I've seen so many bad reviews for them and I don't understand why. We love this place and will go back 100 more times

Krystal Lusk

❤this place. It's my favorite Chinese place around!!! Very nice staff! Great food!

Linda McNair

Have been going to Meteor for years. Lovely Couple. Remembers our favorite things on food bar. Will continue to eat there ... love watching their children grow up thru the years. Very family friendly. Food Bar kept fresh and clean.

Joyce Kumber

Great food. Friendly staff. Family oriented

George Bell

Very good


My mom and I love this place. We go at least once a week, the staff is extremely attentive and friendly. They have a little bit of everything from sushi to Pizza.

Leigh Graham

Sooo Good!

H. R. Howard

If I don't watch it, I can eat myself into trouble. Buffett is very good. Better than most. Nice variety of choices. I particularly enjoy the fried chicken livers, spicy pork, and sushi (tuna & salmon nigiri, and various rolls). Buffet takeout is by the pound.

Ebony Kleopatra

Food was absolutely not for me. Too many items that were low quality. They should lessen the menu and focus on fewer items. I didn't enjoy it all!!!

Kendall Derrick

Clean place, and great selection of food.

Ashley Grindrod

It was good. I personally prefer this one Chinese restaurant over any and every other Chinese restaurant, China Taste. But for a buffet, it's pretty good

Debbie Beckley

Great place everytime we are in Alabama we eat here

DJ Hitz

My parents and I love to stop here after church service

Pam Cagle

Food is always great. Lots of selections. Employees are always friendly and give great service

Melissa Fox

Always great food. Great atmosphere. The family is so sweet and friendly. Our favorite place to eat.

Sylvia Ingram

Love the selection. I ate Chinese but they also have an American bar.

nicole pettus

Many different kinda of foods always fresh and good

Luis Susan

best food here

Lisa Marie Walker

Wasn't impressed at all.. cheap chinese food .. came for lunch, even tho this establishment had only been open for 2 hours prior.. the food was warm bit yet the texture was hard an old ...

Bambi Reeves

We used to all love this place. It was awesome. We had to get the large tables on the back for 12+ customers at a time. Then the food started getting plain. This was the beginning of our "large group" not remaining in agreement of this place. It has been down to our household (5) only for about 2years now. We have only been here on request from our youngest. It was her birthday last week, and in our house, you pick your birthday meal for the family. She will choose it every time she is able. She knows she gets ice cream there on a cone, and she has lots of flavors to try. Tha5a the big deal. She is six. She don't care that the place still has the same carpet in there. There shouldn't be carpet, but at least have it cleaned or replaced when needed. It smells when you walk in. The smells is by far the worst. This last time we went, my husband had an empty glass the whole meal, the table attendants were cleaning tables while moving around, holding babies, and serving drinks. They were not washing hands, and

Craig Alexander

Selling chicks ( yes real chickens) in the lobby. A man andvwoman fought over places in libe at the buffet. They were arrested. Enough said

Kay Campbell

Abundant, tasty buffet. Includes American food bar in addition to Chinese & sushi bars.

joey patterson

Food was okay but I was sick after the next day so I can't say for sure it was from there. The service was sort of strange to take your glasses away from the table for refills of tea with more than one glass, then when I asked about it they thought it okay, but I like to know if I am drinking from my own glass. There was also a person who seemed to be just hanging out gripping about things on the TV changed the channel several times and also made comments about my complaint about the tea glass switch. I had 8 in my party and all we wanted was a peaceful meal and I felt rushed at the end. No I don't think I will be going back.

Jennifer McGatha

I love this place. Buffet has any kind of good food from sushi to pizza. Friendly wait staff, very good assortment of food at a great price!!!

chad too

Great variety of choices on the buffet. Very friendly and helpful seating staff and waitresses. Very reasonable prices for a buffet as well. Have went here often and not been disappointed before.

Ed Dunning

Great food, Good Service.

Jeff Anderson

Very good selection... Fresh

Jacqueline Luce

Good food. Great price & selection.

Stanley Preston

Delicious meal. Great meat loaf


Great food Great service, Family friendly atmosphere.

James Hilborn

Great place to eat

Ryan Hammond

Weekend Buffett is always better than the weekday, the crab is usually good, sometimes it's perfect, sometimes its overcooked, but it's always good

Louise Williams

The food was great. The decor does need a bit of updating as its beginning beginning to look very old.

James Floyd

Great place to eat. Great service!! I always have a great time there and the servers always are nice enough to help me with my Chinese homework. Thanks so much!!!

Cynthia Everson

Good food and service

Empala McCraw

I've been coming here for 5 plus years.. They have never disappointed me as far as food and service.

Paula Waldrep

I usually enjoy eating here but today the food was cold and lacking in taste. I had to add salt and sauces to give the food taste. The restaurant wasn't as clean this visit as usual. The bathroom was not clean. I know that it is used throughout the day but we were there about noon so seems they weren't cleaned from day before.

LaShonda Carroll

This is my second time coming here and the service was the same...AWFUL!!! I clearly asked about the crablegs before we sat down and we waited for 30 mins before any was brought out. The waitress was awful and very rude. Asked my daughter's age like 3 times, like we were lying. I stay a couple of blocks away, but I will NEVER be back again!

atcyber harpie

Great food and great price. Not your typical chinese american food, actually tastes like it was cooked today and has different flavors. Only thing i would change is the building needs a major update.

Melissa Williams

We used to eat here about once a week but it got old. My sister recently told me about crab legs on the buffet on Sunday so we decided to give it another try. Pfffftttt..... that was 2 hours of our lives we'll never get back! There were crab legs on the buffet (left over, starving ones) but I either had to fight over the few that was put out or wait in a 15 minute line HOPING others ahead of me realized they weren't the only ppl wanting them! Basically, the restaurant should prepare more each time to meet the demands of their customers. Salad bar: I LOVE salad but hate iceberg lettuce.... there were no other options... It was iceberg or nothing. I chose nothing. I got crab salad; however, when I took a bite it was warm and I spit it into a napkin. I also LOVE sushi but after the crab salad I didn't even dare to try any. The hot and sour soup was great.... I just hated that's all I got. I'll never go back and my right year old daughter agrees.

Cher Lynn

I love this place! Not only is the food very good the service is very good. There is a wide selection of food on the buffet. This is a business run by a super nice family. They always make us feel like we are at home.

Bobby Stinnett

Food was really good tonight service was good also!

jame tj

Good variety of, calm vibes.

James Sanders

Always good food here

Calvin Brown

A lot of good food and some not so. They don't have their food description on the buffet, or at least most of them are not labeled. Not an appetizing smell when you enter but the staff were friendly.

Allen Walker

Dedicated ,determine, dependable food ,and exotic have your taste buds craving for more your hometown Japanese buffet

robert stringer

Love the meatloaf crab legs chicken mashed potatoes but a few others

S. Dickenson

It's not a very inviting looking place from the exterior. But what really matters was the food, which I throughly enjoyed because it was hot and fresh and cooked to my liking.

Dave Jackman

The restaurant is a little run down, inside and out. However, I was pleased with the service and the food. Everything I tried was at least as good as other Chinese buffets I go to. Even the American food choices like meatloaf were good. The staff was also attentive to our table, taking dishes, filling drinks, and asking how we liked the food. Lunch was $7.xx, so it didn't break the bank.

John Bearden

Food was very below required temperature. Dishes were dripping wet and not clean. Good thing the inspector didn't show up that day.

Kim & Blake

Love the place .Good food good people cant ask for better.

chastarobbie allen

Always have alot to choose from and keep it fresh very good food only it has a bad smell when u first walk thru the door, could be cause they have a hibachi grill so a raw food bar ? Not sure but the food is always great!

Dulce Hutcheson

Asian foods are great we will come back.

Jordan Simpson

This place is great. It has that family feel to it. Service was great, food was great.

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