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2740 John Hawkins Pkwy, Hoover, AL 35244, United States Located in: Colonial Promenade Hoover

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REVIEWS OF Logan's Roadhouse IN Alabama

Scott Gloor

There at 5 PM. Not busy. Poor waitress. Had to ask for silverware to start on salad. Had to ask twice for ice because no ice in tea. Waitress took order and got the order wrong for both my brother and I. Wouldn't honor coupon. Very disappointing service. Would think twice before going back.

Andria Roby

I was there for lunch waited over 45 minutes for my food they wasn't even crowded.

Jennifer R James

Always good food. Good service

Sara Anderson

The last two times my husband and I came to this location, no one spoke to us and we waited for the hostess for 10 minutes before we left. Today we were sat fairly quick, but we sat at our table for 10 minutes without anyone speaking to us. A waitress came to the booth in front of us, two times and didn't say anything to us (I assume we were sat in her section). Were not unreasonable people. We have both worked in food service. Even if you are slammed, or it's not your table, you can at least speak to someone so they know someone will be with them. No one even took a drink order. They literally ignored us. We came in at 3, and the place was empty. There were maybe ten tables sat. We saw at least 4 servers in front of the expiditing window, just talking to each other casually. Anyone of them could have approached us. If I were them I would have picked us up as an extra table. We will not be returning to any Logans locations. We gave this location 3 tries, but we will no longer. This happens because of poor management and unhappy servers. I would rectify that if you are planning on staying open.


The customer service was wonderful. The food was hot and tasted great.

Ford Firm

Always consistent service and same quality food

ferronye edwards

Worst service ever ! I will not be returning to this place ! We waited for 45 minutes to be seated only to wait another 30 minutes before we even got a waiter. Then when the waiter brings us our drinks and rolls after another 15 minute wait and takes our order and never came back ! After waiting another 45 minutes we call the manager over and explains what has happened she apologized said she would get us another waiter that was a " great waitress " she comes over fills my husband's glass with water and tells us she was going to check on our food . She comes back after 20 minutes and ask us what we're we waiting on and I said our food we still haven't gotten it by this time we had been sitting for almost 2 1/2 hours without our food ! Then finally they bring my husband nachos to him and they were completely COLD mind you I never got my simple little appetizer that I ordered they completely forgot all a out my food and my son never got his burger. We told the manager that we we're leaving and would never come back . All she said was " I don't know what happened it is not like we are to busy " and said yall have a good night and come back and give us another chance. Horrible service !

Teressa Brandt

The food was okay and staff was nice

Roderick Williams

Service and food himmmmm

Aaron Allen

Food was great but when I walked in there I saw that the place was not even half full. Was told there was a 20 minute wait for seating with 20+ booths available.

Emily Duffield

I'm here right now, and I ordered a appetizer trio, and they didn't even make my food. The rest of my party got their food, but not me. I also waited 30 minutes to get a table when tons were open. I won't be back to Logan's again. Good service in my book goes a long way, and they don't have it.

Bob Scott

The Oxford location is always good. I have never waited for a table here.

Jason Bearden

Good steak a a modest price.

Tom Newton

Good food and got a discount coupon in the mail.

Carlton L Wilson

Was extremely disappointed when i arrived was told there wasn't any servers so the wait time was was 5 in the afternoon.....i saw several servers leaving and a few in the parking lot smoking as i left i will not return

Ransom Gardner

Service was horrible, food even worst, they forgot most of my order but still tried to charge me for. The worst part it was a ghost town inside so there was zero reason to wait 20 minutes to place a order then another 40 to get our order with the food cooked wrong and missing items. I'll never go there again

Marcus Sellers

Easy going atmosphere. Great food.

Terrence Little

Busy Friday night. Sat at the bar. Friendly service, food came right away and the ribs were good

Joy Linden

They we're very slow. My husband ordered the weekend special, prime rib medium well. After we waited a ridiculously long time, it came out hard and gray as if had been sitting around for days. We told the waitress to take it away. That he would just eat his sides. That is all she did, we never saw the manager or anything. Just bad business. No apologies no good.

Carol Notperfectyet4given

In need of trained grill masters who knows the difference, and knows how to prepare them: rare, medium well, and well a timely manner.

Robert L. Brice

Decent prices and atmosphere.

Candace Little

Great service!! The waitress saw that no one had came to our booth, and she took care of us even though it wasn't her zone.

El Migue Migue

Wow wow wow wow this place is awesome, and the food is super delicious, the meat melts in your mouth, the flavor is someting from another planet, i recomend it AAA+++

Brittany Hill

Love this location! Our waitress was amazing!

Delors Walker

Delicious, wonderful eating experience.

Rick Levesque

Tina was great, fast service and nice people.

lpslover109 lps

Food took a long time to get service was bad .

Clay Elliott

Great restaurant, great staff, great food and great prices

Acinok Acinok

The service was horrible, the food wasn’t cook to profession, the waitress give you a check just after she gives you the food

David Myers

Service was slow and cook needs to learn basic skills because food was barley edible.

Jill Smitherman

Delicious! Chicken and rice, so good!

Bri Brown

All the waitstaff looked/acted depressed. Rolls were dark and crispy. Mushrooms were good. Salmon didn't seem to be the best quality but was cooked well. Service was slow. It was only 11:30am. Should have just eaten cereal.

Candi Fletcher

Excellent service and fantastic food!!

J Lang

With Logans it's hit or miss. Sometimes the food and service are both good other times you get one or the other. Always new faces so something is going on. Love the rolls, salad and soup.

Wanda Burton

Great service & delicious grilled chicken Caesar salad!

Shaniqua Jackson

Got there we waited 15 minutes to be seated. Needed to remind you when we arrived there were very little cars there. Not crowded at all. Was seated within thoes 15 minutes, but never got waited on. Sat there for 10 minutes. Still noone came to acknowledged that i was there.

Krissy W.

Worst restaurant experience I've ever had .. Never have I gone to any food establishment and requested to speak for a manager in all 30 years of my life! Second time at Logan's but not same location ... All the Mexican restaurants were too crowded so we decided to settle for Logan's ... They were slow and the staff at the front door looked miserable .. no smiles .. Should've been my first sign ... Our server was cool but slow as well .. After waiting 50+ minutes our food came out cold .. Mac n cheese freezing .. When we requested to see our server we had to wait an additional 15 min before she arrived .. Meanwhile the staff that were standing around acted too busy to assist anyone but themselves .. we were brushed off multiple times ... Eventually the mgr came over and did the bare minimum by taking a few dollars off check .. A complete waste of time and money ... I would never go back and NEVER recommend this place to anyone ... SMH

Dan Sutton

Steak was good and excellent value.

Kristina Harris

The best hot soft rolls!! The prime rib is so tender and juicy on top of a great waitress!!

Pam McElhinney

We loved Dorothy our waitress! I've never been asked to cut into my steak to see if my steak was cooked to my liking. Very nice touch. My 6 oz. sirloin was pretty tough, great flavor though.

Shannon Pierce

Just so so. Slow service and seating. My table companions couldn't really eat their meals.. Super dry over cooked way over salted various reasons. They left hungry. My steak was ok but the baked potatoes are flipping tiny and you pay extra for them. Bright spot though, their steamed broccoli is awesome.

Jayson Woodard

Everything was just ok. Nothing special at all. Steak was a little tough. We had dessert and still no wow factor. 2 adults 3 kids. All with water to drink. 1 chips and dip, 2 burgers, 2 sirloins, 1 nacho, 1 carrot cake. $88.00 before tip.

Angela Moorer

First off it was freezing inside the restaurant and my grandkids had to put there arms inside there shirt before they turned the fans off. When the waiter turned them off he made a statement to my family and I saying that the fans were on because of the white people that were sitting here before you because you know black people don't like it to be cold. But were black and it was just too cold for the kids. Then it took and hour and forty-five minutes for our food to arrive. Then when the food came everything but two plates was wrong. Only two salads were offered in place of everything that went wrong and it's so many other things that went wrong. These are just the top ones. The Moorer family will not visit the Hoover location again.

Alicia Howard

Food took tooo long and wasn’t good as I expected!

Sandregus Wilson

The food was delicious

Kesha Mills

waited 45 mins for a to go order that i realized was incomplete after i got half cross town

Lola Gray

Food (rolls) was cold but other than that ok

Keith Harless

Great Service. Great Food.

Scott Greg

Packed but service was still good. Food was delicious and cooked perfectly. I had not been in years but I'll be back soon.

Lane Casper

Get there around 4:30 pm not a lot of people there 5 minutes guy says he will be right with us. No one in front of the 2 of us and 6 minutes later still not seated. We left.

Brianna Cooper

Worst visit to Logan's ive ever had. The food was cold. the service sucked. It definitely made me not want to go back to any Logan's ever it was my BFS first time going to this restaurant and he was very unhappy and said he wouldn't return.

Andrea Howell

The restaurant was crowded, but it took our server a long time to check on us and give refills.

Nicole Fontes-Gross

was told there would be a 25 minute wait for 2 when there was plenty of tables available. once finally seated, a waitress never saw us. we sat for 15 minutes being stared at by the wait staff before we had to ask the manager to have a server come see us. she responded rudely and walked away. the food was alright but definitely had better service elsewhere.

Michelle F

Not often I can walk out of a place and not find something to appreciate. Their idea of brown sugar is white sugar mixed with cinnamon. Guess that can be called brown sugar? Stinks on a sweet potato. We ordered a specialty steak that they were out of the special bacon and forgot to put the sauce on. They also didn’t put the seasoning on it and it was undercooked. At least it wasn’t pricey. The server was nice. Can’t say I’ll go to a Logan’s ever again. Should’ve left when drinks were spilled on us by another server. (We weren’t mad, things happen) but it was definitely a sign.

Tammy Doerner

Server was very friendly. He took care of all our needs. Restaurant could have been cleaner. No one kept the tables cleaned. Bathrooms could have been neater. Everyone liked their steaks. The potatoes were fresh and steaming. Excellent for this cold night. My daughter's fries were cold.

Terrance Williams

Food came out cold and instead of bringing out fresh food they put it in the microwave hamburger buns and all. They did give us 50% off once we complained about it.

jeff waters

Food was awesome, waiter not so much.

Max Jennings

I'm not the type to write a review after one bad experience. I've had so many bad experiences at this restaurant that I feel compelled to write this. The service has really been awful lately each time I go and I can't remember the last time they cooked my steak correctly. This last visit resulted in a ER visit with food poisoning.

Quionnia Harkins

I always love to go out to Logan's!! It's my favorite.... they never disappoint!!! Just took my mom out to eat great deals from 3-6... me and her both ate for under $25 we had the best waitress Dorthy. Hopes to have her again when we return!!

Laura Archibald

Food was delicious. Great time spent with my family

mary hogan

The food and service was great!

m davis

My server Daniell was great even Antwanthe bartender was great. But..between that dry slab of ribs and that night manager I will not be back. Upon leaving I ask the young lady that was cleaning for a bag of peanuts to go. The night manager stop her and told her she not getting anything twisting her head and to tell her it's one bag per table. I'm hearing and watching her not saying anything. To mind you I didn't touch the one's on the table. So the server said, "my manager said no." I said that's find may I have a bag I'll just get mines that were on the table. She apologized the server for her actions. I knon she was a little upset because I wanted to use my reward card of 25%, which they kept that expire on March 31st. I didn't say a word . I didn't know Wednesday kid's eat free.I just had a long week my uncle just pass, I had meetings all week I just wanted to get a drink and something to eat. So when I checked out she split my ticket which only gave me discount for the cheapest meal. So I ask Daniell to add the kid meal back and apply the discount as normal. I guess she didn't like my choice. I was pleasant and never complain but when she said something about those peanuts and her unprofessional act I had to say something. But I want be back on that hill again, I'll continue to go to Jim N Nicks and Uncle Sam's .

Roy Jones

The waitress was very nice and took good care of us. The food was ok, slaw was not good and the peanuts were not fresh.

Bobby Painter

I was hungry, that's true, but the prime rib I had at Logan's was the best I've ever put into my mouth. It was one of those meals where I regretted taking the final bite because I knew I'd never have that particular cut of meat prepared in that particular way again. Or would I? Is this Logan's typical prime rib meal? If so, it rules!

Diane Eggert

A very poor experience today. Certainly not enough staff for customers. Long, long waits for incomplete meals. What I got was NOT what was shown in the menu. I felt sorry for our waitress.

Angelia Bowdre

It's ELECTRIC!!! THE lemonade that is! A refreshingly frozen blend of blue curacao, lemonade and Tito’s Handmade Vodka. You have to try it! Oh point, on point and wait for it $5.00!!!!

Leslie Ellis

Room was hot and stuffy for our event but we made do. Food was good, as always and staff was excellent and took great care of us.

Mickey Mitchell

The food and service is good but expensive

Gail Borden

Awesome burgers. This was my first time at logan's. It wont be my last.

Craig Winn

I enjoy their hamburger steak dinner. Steaks are good too. The peanuts are the real draw though. There is just something special about the dry roasted nuts. This location is new to me but it is convenient. Service was good at lunch and their lunch specials are reasonably priced.

lauren chambers

Since when does the back line get to cook WHILE on their cellphone?!? A refire on my steak means taking the steak that I already cut and putting it back on the grill...making it tough and dry. I can cook my steak better than this and it will be juicy and tender! Manager is allowing staff to be on cellphones while working and cooking. Not a place I will come back to until there is some professionalism. No smiles on servers and staff seems more interested in their personal lives and talking than actually working. The young lady that we had as our server tonight was putting on a brave face despite having money stolen from her. She has a warm and bubbly personality and I would hire her in an instant if I owned somewhere that needed to hire someone. She was amazing and I wish her the best of luck as she has turned in her 2 week notice and this unprofessional place.

BigGame HD

The freshest Togo order in a while...THANKS!!

christopher Boyd

I expected more from a hoover location

tonya morrow

Service wasnt great. Dirty plates everywhere. Look like the need to hire more help.

Parthenia Norfleet

Our waitress was great, but the food was cold and I did not get my vegetables.

Rhett Allen

My girlfriend and I had an extremely unpleasant experience here. We waited 20 minutes to be told they were out of a beer, and got to wait another 20 to be told they're out of miller lite. Also they had no bartender working on sunday?! Food was mediocre and we got our drinks after the entrees arrived. As mundane as it was, I was excited to down some peanuts for the start of the meal, but didnt receive those until 10 minutes after we were seated, after my girlfriend asked three times, with the final request requiring her to get up and track someone down.

Edwin Anderson

Perfect New York Strip steak

Martha Owens

Great service and great food. Nothing better.


We took our family to dinner here. It was a Saturday night, so I expected it to be busy. Waiting 30 be minutes for a table was acceptable. After we were seated, everything went downhill. Our server couldn't even bring drinks at the same time. My wife's drink too forever to get. Mine was ok since it came from a bottle. We did get our food in a timely manner. None of it tasted right. I tried the prime rib and it had no flavor. They another it in Auju sauce. The broccoli tasted like it was steamed hours before then put in the microwave. My wife's stack was over cooked, dry, and had no flavor. When our server finally asked how everything was, we told him all the above. He told us, had we said something to him he would have done something. We simply paid and left. Highly doubt we ever return. They got 2 start for at least having timely service for our food.

Elizabeth Hill

Food was EXCELLENT and service was great

Emmary Bedir

Sometimes good, sometimes not much. I ordered the chopped steak and it came without the "bed of mashed potatoes", just a little bit of rice and few pieces of cold French fries. Last two times was so good, I don't know what happened this time.

Cassandra Gibson

The setter was not friendly but the food was great. I believe at that particular restaurant they need more experience people just because they put in for the job doesn't mean the job is for them.

Jennifer Spears

The service was fast and polite but the food was terrible. Rubbery chicken, dull fries, medium steak was way overcooked, and the local beer selection advertised on the menu didn't exist.

Randall Maddox

This is definitely the best steak house in tuscaloosa al the service is great and management is beyond wonderful

Louise Czapala

This particular visit was totally upsetting! Had to wait 40 minutes for carry out order called in 20 minutes earlier! Manager did apologize & took care of problem the best she could. And they were not busy!

Erica Congress

We had a party of 9 and was told there would be a 30 min wait that actually took an hour. Once seated service was below expectations and our food came to the table cold. My daughter in law lettuce had ice on it literally. We will not go back.

C.A. quinn

Told it was a 30 minute wait, staff and waiters just standing around, empty tables everywhere. Will not be back.

Black Universe Productions

Service was complete trash normally we go to the one in McCalla off exit 1 but chose to try this one. We got the Appetizer trio and the potato wedges were completely burned to a crisp so I sent those back to be replaced. Soon after we ordered our food at a time it wasn’t even busy on a Tuesday night and it took 30 plus minutes to get to the table. Then once the food came the waitress that brought our food out told me after bringing my wife and kids food that mine would be out in 5 mins. Well guess what it never showed!! As I was about to leave they offered to box it up because they didn’t realize it was mine after the lady told me it was coming!! NEVER AGAIN!!!

Tee Burton

The food was great! Service was amazing!

Patricia Pritchett

Food was good and service was excellent

Shelia Orourke

Awesome service! Great food!

Tracy Pleasant

Excellent service

Corina Shipp

Date night with chopped steak made medium and salmon special. Steak cooked perfectly. Fell right about apart with a fork and melts in your mouth. The salmon was prepared well and tasted exceptional. Waitress was so enjoyable. She was lovely and just the sweetest, making sure we were fine the entire time. Great time here. Would come back again.

Bill Wagner

slow service at lunch when there were only a few customers seated

Louise Weldy

Service good at lunch sirloin tasted odd.

Thomas Querbach

Goood food.

Christopher White

It took forever for the food and when we got it the food was cold. I asked to speak with the manager he never came to our table. Logan in Hoover let'S ZORO STARS!!! Never going back.

Carolyn Samuel

Food was delicious

kidlovesfamily89 martin

Excellent meal, Great service!

Byrdman Byrdman

Everything was great from the service to the food.

Blaine Taylor

Food was Great. Steak cooked just right

Judany Figueroa

This place is awful. I’ve been to other Logan’s restaurants and the service was amazing, but this one... it’s another story. The food was cold, the service was slow and unorganized. Dishes piled up all over the place. When asked we were told a manager was unavailable to speak to. They’ll NEVER get my money again.

Tina And Oneal Jackson

Food was good but the service was awful. We had too long a wait to be seated and then had to wait to be served. Ended up moving to another area in the restaurant where we was finally recognized and served. That's why I scored you 2 stars

Scott Barrentine

Great server and good food! Will definitely return!

Regina Evins-Lee

My husband and I was here on Valentine's Day. We had a great time on our date.


Went here for lunch today and there were soo many empty seats but yet all the servers watched us standing their for a minute and didnt even acknowledge us until we said something to be seated!!......our server was awful and atmosphere was awful as well. We would ask her questions and her response would be i dono???....she constantly forgot all the food items we ordered so she kept having to come back. Rolls were so overdone and i mainly go there for the rolls!!!We waited prob 10 mins before our server came to greet us and bring waters and 20+ mins for salads and she kept saying itll be right out but they were clearly ready but she was too busy goofing off??!! My friend got some disgusting soup and we told the server it was awful and asked why it was made like that and she looked at her coworker and asked do u know why it was made like that? And she and he said it depends on who the cook is for the afternoon and laughed.....I MEAN REALLY? No wonder there are no customers there!! Outback is 100x more better than this!! So take my advice and go elsewhere unless u like wasting money on less quality food and service! My advice to this place is hire servers and hostesses that have better attitudes and willing to work but it starts with management so maybe fix that too because attitude and work environment reflects from leadership.....not recommending this place at all...

MayMay 11

Logan’s use to be my favorite steakhouse but here lately it seems to be run down. The food is pretty good. It’s not bad food. They need a renovation and some friendlier staff. I think that would help a lot. And honestly the location too. Things are starting to move around there and before long the crowd won’t go that way for just okay service.

Brian Mackie

our server was AMAZING "

Jatana Hood

Oh my goodness. The waitress and her trainee were so sweet. The food was excellent

Pam Armstrong

Food always good but service is always slow, inattentive and subpar. There are never enough servers. They always seem to be short handed

Christina Walker

Great place and great food

Chef Tré Joyner

Truly enjoyed my birthday dinner with my daughter! I had the catfish & she had steak. Great food, great service!

Dayo Olowu

Very nice and friendly atmosphere for a family. The staff was very friendly. The food is good and served in a timely manner.

Lorrainne Lowe

I'm hooked on Logan's.. Great food n excellent service

Mary Baugh

They are awesome even though our food took 2 hours to receive because our ticket was lost... The waitress of a meer two days on Veterans day, she was quick to fix it.

Monique484 Jones

Logan's has a family or single person atmosphere. Upon walking into the restaurant, someone is there to greet you and also a huge barrel of cooked peanuts (free of course). The food is delicious and the waiters/waitresses are eager to please. Your food is cooked to order. It is delicious!!. Upon leaving..ask for a bag and get all the peanuts you can fill up. One surprise..they throw the peanut shells on the floor, but there is regular cleaning of the peanut shells. It's worth money which isn't very much.

Diane Lewis

It has a good atmosphere, food was good, had the trio platter with whisky wings, delicious and the server was very attentive. All in all it was a good night

Donnie Nelson

Service was very slow when there was hardly anyone in the restaurant. The yeast rolls were horrible. Logans has been going down hill for a year now.

Brad Holloway

Great food and great staff.

Chelsea Lucas

Food was tasteless, took them 20 minutes after we ordered to come back and tell us they were out of stock on a drink we were waiting on, then out of stock of Miller light, we gave up and went with water and we didn't get our water until we were halfway done with our food. Waitress spent 30 minutes ringing up another table because she mistook their coupon for a gift card.

Kenna Parks

Waited way too long on arrival to be seated. The couple behind us hour fed up and left. We were about to. Once seated though, everything was awesone. The server was fantastic. The food was very good.

Elizabeth Henderson

The bread was good. My mother told me if I can’t say anything nice to not say anything at all, but, the service was ssllooooooooow. Couldn’t make my 89 year old father wait any longer for his dinner and left. Lots of empty tables, so I know they were not that busy for a Friday evening.

Kristin Wyatt

The worst experience we have ever had at this location. While our server was sweet so much was so very wrong. I let A LOT of stuff go because we were on our first kid free date night in 6 months and I was in a great mood. I ordered a watermelon margarita and got a regular margarita. My husband ordered three different beer because they were out of everything. We ordered an appetizer and steaks. We got our appetizer after the manager brought the steaks, one of which was WAY over cooked. I let it go, they lost money by having to bring me a new steak. Then I ordered a chocolate silk mini and was given a peanut butter mini. The manager said he would comp the app and we got the check and it was still on there. We had to ask for the server to fix it and then had to wait over 20 minutes for the check. Definitely was a pretty disappointing dinner. If I could give zero stars I would.

Jenae Jeffers

I waffled between 3 and 4 stars because quite a few times I've had to send back my veggie skewer because they were cold. They really do have good steak though and my boyfriend loves their meatloaf (which they took off their dinner menu, but still serve. It's on their lunch menu, but he said it didn't taste like leftovers.)

Big Zeke Ezekiel

The best one close to home! Steaks cooked as ordered and even 30 minutes before closing we got good service! McCalla restaurant needs to take some notes!

Gayla Vickers

The food and service was great.

melonye hood

Food was good and waitress was outstanding and so funny

Kristen Wallin

Ordered take out. Was told they were out of salad and was asked to pick a different side, asked for mixed vegetables and was told they don't have that. Ridiculous!

Casey Bice

Got there around 330 it took someone 10 minutes just to seat us and the place was almost empty..then after waiting 20 minutes or so with employees just standing there..are order was taken...then we waited at least 30 minutes for our food which the waitress said had just come up when we questioned her about it...and it came to our table barely warm.

Stephanie Prince

Our waitress was great. I had the steak and it was cooked just how I like it.

Tracie Garcia

I have gotten take out from here before but this was my first time going in and dining. First, it was very dirty. Being old and dated didn't help but still very dirty. It wasn't very busy and service was not good. Our waitress just didn't want to be at work that night I guess. The steak came out over cooked and we asked for a new one cooked the way we ordered it. It finally came out but everything else was cold by then. Will not go back in to eat, but might do take out. Still deciding.

Kalvin Dixon

Everytime I go to this particular location, my order is either messed up or the food is cold. Before last night, I hadn't gone to that location in about 8 months. Decided to try it again and left disappointed as usual.

edith rowe

Its a long wait but its worth it

Jessica o.

Brandy is amazing! She always knows what I want to order (I'm a bit predictable).

Alexandria Burden

We were at this Logans location for my cousins graduation dinner. There was a reservation placed A WEEK in advance for a 25 top. Today,the day of the reservation, a call was placed there TWICE to ensure that our reservation was still on hold. When we arrive they "claim" that they didn't have enough servers for the morning time and that some other parties came in and our reservation was void. Never on the phone was it communicated that there weren't enough servers for the morning time when the call was placed twice to this location. We called the place twice to ensure and the person on the phone was confident enough to tell us that the reservation was in place and that they could handle 25 people. We feel as if it was based on racist viewpoints because it was communicated TWICE on the phone and confirmed and then when we get there it's a different story. I will not be coming back to this location and I will CERTAINLY tell my friends and family not to come back as well. This place and thier viewpoints are trashy.

H S Comfort

My experience today at Logan’s on Highway 150 in Hoover, AL was terrible. This is going to be long but I have a story to tell. We were greeted by a server who took our drink order. After she brought the drink order, she then took our food order. After waiting for approximately 30 minutes, our server return to the table and said she was going to check on our food. After waiting another 15 minutes, she told us her manager is coming to see us. A minute or so later the manager came; he said he had just arrived and he was sorry for the wait and our food will be out shortly… he said his name was Derek. We received our meal approximately seven minutes later, and ordered another round of drinks... At this point, the server remove the glasses from the table and went to place our drink order (I guess). So... we had food but no drinks (that includes no water). My shrimp were very cold, my rice was even colder and my steak was severely overdone. My dinner companion’s ribs were crunchy and the rice was cold. The manager came back and I asked him to feel this cold shrimp... he apologized and returned my meal to the kitchen . At this point, we still don’t have anything to drink. A few minutes my plate come out...LUKE WARM... but I tried eating it anyway. A few minutes later... still no drinks. I went over to the bar and saw two drinks ~ the bartender confirmed those were our ‘southern peach’ drinks. I asked how long the drinks had been sitting there, she said about 5 minutes (I think probably longer) but that she’d make us some new ones. I guess she got mad because when we got the drinks the drinks were awful. I was going to ask our server to send the manager back to our table, but she was nowhere to be found... so I had to get up again and find the manager. I asked if I could see him at the table we when he got a minute... he was prompt. I explained that I was disappointed in the service and the food today and that I had not had an experience like this at this restaurant before - I also explained why I thought the bartender messed our drinks up on purpose. The manager tried to make it right by only charging us for the first round of drinks. We asked our server for the ticket... another person bought us the ticket (he wasn’t dressed like a server or a busboy). He said, and I quote “THEY TOLD ME TO BRING YOU THIS.” Oh my goodness, WHAT THE HECK???? This is totally unprofessional!!! But now here’s the icing on the cake... Before the guy bought us our ticket, another server came with our exact orders and said “You guys had a remake?” Are you kidding me??? Of course we sent it back!!! At that point it was so ridiculous we just had to snicker. I am done with this Logan’s.

Brandon Walker

Got seated waited 15 mins no one came around not to mention there was only 7 people eating there left and went to longhorn where it's always good service and food

Hannah Lacy

Great service, good food late night.

shametra watts

This was the worst experience ever. It stated with the hostess that said it would be 15 mins really it was 30 mins. Then we were finally seated where we waited about 15 mins until the bartender notice we hadn’t been served. The waitress who finally our server did not come by the table but immediately went to the table that was just seated. The bartender Trey was doing his best to take care of our table, and take care of the bar. (Trey was awesome by the way)Do not go !!!! Unless your sitting at the bar. Apparently they have a scheduling problem on Wednesday’s

J. Samuel

Great selection of steak and grilled items. Free peanuts.

Gregory Penz

While the food was ok, the service was brutal.

Barry Isbell

Love this place! Great food, great location! Allison is always nice!


I won’t return during their night shift hours. Our food was cold and there was a long wait to get our drinks and order in (it wasn’t busy). My husbands shrimps wasn’t fully cooked we had to send it back. We usually take leftovers home to enjoy later but our order wasn’t worth eating again. They should work on quality of food and service during late hours.

Gloria Turner

Excellent waitress

Glenn Todd

Absolutely great dinner worth the $51.12 spent,Grill masters know how to prepare steak fresh flavorful cooked as ordered medium and medium rare,service outstanding

Dave O'Leary

Server was very nice. Food was mediocre, and the table was sticky, bathroom should have been cleaner, too. Had a better experience at Logan's in trussville.

DJ RaptorXS

Good steak and service! Docked one star because they're usually out of one of my requested side items. Other than that, well worth the money!

Stacey Davis

We love Logans because the food is always good and affordable. I appreciate its healthy choices. This Logans on 150 has made a turn around with its wait staff and managment.

candace lacey

Long wait to be seated and it was practically empty when we finally got in. Order was not correct, food did not come out all together. We were told it disappeared from the counter. We witnessed people come in and then leave because they were not waited on in a timely manner. We placed an order to go and it was never put in. Lastly the restrooms were filthy and the 86 health rating was a concern as well.

Jacquie Caron

Food was good. Service can be hit or miss

Nikky Mckinney

Great food and very great service. We enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the great service Noah!

Jennifer Andrasko

Food was cooked perfectly! Waitress was precious too.

Barbara Hurst

Good food

Dawn Cook

Couldn't get my steak cooked right, waitress had a lousy attitude over all.

Christopher A.

The food was good, especially for the price. Service was okay. Apparently they claim that they have to ID anyone, even a 90 year old, because of their new 'training'.

Tiffany W

I order to-go and my food was ready when I got there. Most times they show you your food before leaving to make sure everything is correct, which helps a lot. I didn't have time to check out the bar bc my food came so fast, but there's alwats a good crowd there. Also, call for their happy hour specials if you like eating on a budget.

zevallyn owens

I give this restaurant 2 stars simply because when you do finally get your food it's actually pretty good, but the wait is redicolus, there were more than 20 tables open and we were told that we still have to wait 45 minutes, that's this Sunday, last Sunday it was 30 minutes. We left on both occasions and will never go back again. This is strictly a management issue

Kathy Hofstadter

Great place to eat and great wait staff.

Eve Gray

Called my order in they told me 25-30 minutes get there wait another 20 minutes for my meal. 2nd time this has happened but 1st time it happened the manager at that time gave me my money back and a gift card. Manager this time said she couldn’t give me my money back but give me a gift card for appetizer. No thanks I won’t be back never apologized for the error

Shea Polk

We have ordered To Go two different times. Tonight, it took an hour and 15 minutes to receive my to-go order. It was not ready when I arrived at the pick up time, and I waited a long time. I asked again for the hostess to check on it, and it had been sitting in the shelf ready for a long time. We will not order To Go again.

Cindy Duncan

I would have gave it a 5 star but the girl (hostess) wasnt very polite at all, kinda rude. We drove down from maryland to see the game and thought where is the southern hospitality? But then the food and waiter was great

Latonya Thompson Young

Enjoys the service and prices are great also

Terri Bradley

Food is always good and fast. Enjoyed a birthday dinner with my grand baby. Family friendly restaurant.

Loryn Davis

Excellent customer service and food!!!

Joseph W

Food was delicious and our server was very prompt. Thanks (^_-)

Ray Fisher

Our first and last time at this location. Except for one error in preparation request the food was fairly good. The amount of onions on the "Brewski" special was very limited. The service was absolutely awful. There were several tables in our seating area that had been used but never bussed. Service was extremely slow and poor. When I was presented with the bill I refused to pay for the second beer I had ordered because it did not arrive at the table until after our meal was over and I refused to accept it but it was still on the bill. No bill was ever delivered so I went to the hostess desk and waited a while and someone came up finally and I asked for the bill reviewed it and asked for the manager. The manager adjusted the bill and apologized and offered the excuse that she did not have enough wait staff. I suggested that they should remain closed until they could hire adequate wait staff instead of angering their customers. If we ever try Logan's again it will not be at this location.

Monica Smith

First and last time eating at this particular location. My daughter ordered her steak medium well, it came back hard as a brick so she sent it back. When the second steak came it had blood running out of it. The manager came and was told we had to send the steak back twice she than asked us, “what do we want her to do about it”.

Sarah Henderson

The food was great!!!!

Bull Bull

Food was good but seating and staff was slow

Roy Davis

The service was excellent and the ribs were scrumptious.


We were there for over an hour and a half. We were told it'd be 20 mins. It was at least 30 the person who seated us was more helpful than our waitress who only came by 3 times. There was so much staff that looked to be just standing still. When we got seated there were 3 tables around us that just needed to be bussed. The waitress didn't even our order all the way correct. We got 3 rolls for a 4 person table that was it. The only good thing was the food it was delicious but barely worth the wait. The wait was atrocious.


Great good ..Great Staff..

Jerome Freeman

PM Cook, to have been better.

Andrew Petersen

Place has gone downhill. Not crowded at all. Three of us had out food. Manager(?) came by and said "I just heard about the burger, putting it on the grill now". No apology, just telling us. Kids meals arrived much later than everyone else. Grill cheese about 10 minutes after everyone else. Burger was so late we just boxed it up. Server said "sorry for wait" but that was it. Terrible. Full charge for everything. No real apology. Screw ups happen, but you need to own it.

shirl udich

Service was awesome... Bacon cheeseburger was great... pork chops with sides of mushrooms and baked potato was fantastic .. Chili not so good

Kate Lahti

Awful experience. Sunday afternoon, 3:30. Four of us were very hungry after participating in a sporting event. Had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated. Place was a mess - tables and bar area dirty and plates and meal messes everywhere. Twenty minutes after ordering three meals arrived but I was told my meal (pork chop) was no longer available. Was told prime rib would be fast so ordered medium rare. Ten minutes later was told the only prime rib available was medium well. The rest in our party were all but done with their meals. They gave me their remnants. No manager came by to apologize even though waitress said she notified. No meals comped. Never again this or any Logan’s. Poorly managed.

Ashley Goldwire

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I have never had a bad experience at a Logan restaurant until last night. The waitress was very polite but not available, when I got my food almost 40 minutes later it was horrible! Nothing like the picture in the menu, my food was cold, chicken burnt, sausage old and burnt with no bbq sauce, and baked potato was half done. I Asked to speak to the manager after my daughter tooth broke off when she bit into the pulled pork. HE NEVER CAME TO THE TABLE INSTEAD I WATCHED HIM AS THE WAITRESS TOLD HIM I WANTED TO SPEAK WITH HIM FOR THE SECOND TIME. He never came I paid and left. WORST SERVICE EVER!

Samantha Patton

Great food, but it was very dirty with peanuts, now I know peanuts are supposed to be on the floor, but come on people! it look peanuts had been on the the floor for months under the tables! Service was good.

Vance Olmstead

Quick service with a smile, and delicious food!

Francis Herring

The food was delicious and the service was great.

Stephen Lindsey

Service was very good. Slow to get food and not great food. Giving 4 stars due to service.

nichole williams

Food was really good. Our server was Levi and he was very attentive to our needs. Thank you Levi!!!

Kamia Wright

Wait time for food to arrive not up to par.

Ricky Buchanan

Service was good and so was the food. Decent place to eat with reasonable prices for what you get. Not our first trip and we will go back.

Nishant Kakkar

15 mins to get seated when there are about 20 tables open. Server doesn't come for another 10 minutes. Food shows up another half an hour later and our appetizer never shows up. Food is mediocre at best, save your money and literally pick anywhere else in the area.

Sherrie Frady

Place was almost empty, we ordered lunch, food took forever, and one order was wrong. The food was awful.

LaCrystal Davis

The service was slow and my food was cold. I usually have a great experience, but today was not so great.

MsIndy Red

Mediocre food and service. Appetizers were drowning in grease. Zucchini fries were soft and floppy.

jameka stevenson

My salad was on point

DGT 101610

I visited the Logan's on John Hawkins Pkwy. I was very disappointed. This usually is a very good restaurant chain. However, the last several visits at this location were substandard for this brand. The wait was about 30 minutes. When I arrived there were several parties ahead of me. However, more than half the tables were empty, bussed and ready for seating. This tells me that they are severely understaffed. Furthermore, while the waiter was polite, never once did he stop by and offer a refill. Additionally, he failed to stop by after delivering the food to ensure it was prepared to our satisfaction. In addition to the staffing issue, there also seems to be a training deficiency. The food was very good. But, the management of this location is very poor.


I like Logan's Bad steaks about 25% of the time. Other sides good. When done correctly the steaks are very juicy and tender with good flavor.

Courtney Vargas

Our server was phenomenal.


First I want to start off saying the Manager Katie virgin at Logan's Roadhouse in Hoover on hwy 150 made my day.. We had over cooked steaks and this was the only time this happened but I called and told Katie and she made it right. Food is always great along with the service. I suggest everyone to go dine in and have a meal here they will take care of u.

Kayla Hoover

The food is always good and the staff is wonderful but the wait time can be absolutely ridiculous! Last time we went a group of like 30 complained and they discounted every single person's ticket and the group still refused to pay. There was yelling and fighting and the cops were called. I don't blame the restaurant it's kinda normal for the birmingham area.

Beth Brown

Excellent yeast rolls and bbq pork chop. Good deals before 3:00-6:00.

Greg Tatum

great steak medium is the best

Curt Anderson

Our service was very good. Food was fine.

Kevin Allen

Great food and service!Loved the atmosphere!

Emily Eubanks

Friendly staff, lots of choices, and great portion sizes

Joseph Fields-Weldon

The food was lukewarm and the service from our waiter could have been better. She seemed bothered. The hostess was more courteous. Tip: walk around the tap to get something instead of reaching over my food with your armpit 3 inches from my food.

Peter Deetlefs

It's not too bad

Lawrence Winrowjr

It was my first time there and it was not a pleasant experience. Had to wait to be seated, told hostess I'd be at the bar and she forgot to come get us for our table. Had to wait again! The food was good though and it arrived quickly.

Robert Lang

Good meal good service

Teresa Harris

Food slow to c I ne out. One person didn't get her order for a long time after ours. There isn't a Sunday lunch offer. One chair was broken.

Amber Marshall

Guess it was a bad night. Hardly any staff available. The food was not cooked well. The rice was burned and the sweet potatoe was dried out. The pork chop was the only decent item on my plate off the grill. I understand the situation but they could have explained what was going on. The waitress asked to take my plate to the manager instead of the manager coming to our table. They did make it right by adjusting my bill but with very poor service. I guess everyone was having a stressful night.

Shakeya Bennett

Waiter didn't want to wait on us. Another waither had to come over and help us. He was great.

Kenneth Rice

Food was delicious waitress was helpful and nice on a busy night.

Bill Tiemann

This Logan's was pretty good. I thought the food was good. My steak was cooked and presented just the way I ordered it. It was a good experience. The only downside is that the hostess took forever to get us seated even though the restaurant was barely half full. She wiped off two tables while we waited with a soiled rag she had wadded up on the hostess station. It seemed a bit unsanitary to me. New review 08/02/19 Once again I am here for lunch. It's 1:00 in the afternoon, the restaurant is less than half full. The hostess is wiping tables 6 feet away and doesn't bother to try to seat us. First one table then another and another... We're still standing here. Finally she acknowledges our presence. " Booth or table?" She asks "we'll take a booth" " wait a minute I have to wipe one down for you!?!" Looking through other commitments here it's pretty obvious that I'm not the only one who is disappointed in the service here at Logan's. I and others have received apologies from management for the poor service but nothing has changed at this restaurant. A good manager would station him or herself at the front of the house and supervise employees until this situation were remedied. I'm reducing my star count from 4 to 3.

Nikki Thurman

Had a great meal and excellent service. The pork chop is delicious with cheese and barbeque sauce!

Alexis Ritter

Really great food for a very good price and bread is fantastic.

Shyna Boyd

Waited forever for.our food. Waited forever for a to go bag. Waited forever for a to go tea that I never got. I ordered the Veterans day meal and since I had no cash to leave a tip, I ordered a tea so I could leave a tip on my card. I waited ten minutes for her to cash me out...tick rock tick toc...well I found enough cash to cover my tea because i am ready to go, no tip. Oh and the ladies room. Horrible, I am upset I had to use it. Upon walking in made you want to throw up. Foul smell and it looks like noone cleaned it all day. Fire the manager/supervisor on shift.

Cynthia Webber

Great rolls and free peanuts in the shell

Lindsey Dearmon

We will not eat here again. It was understaffed and filthy. We waited 45 minutes on our food. Our order was incorrect upon arrival. The bathrooms are always dirty and smell foul. Most of the staff were pleasant, but overworked. This was not our first time eating here. It has been like this on multiple occasions.

Cierrea Baize

It was great. We went in with a large group. Had us seated within 10 minutes. Our waitress was amazing especially with the crazy requests of a 3 year old! Food was amazing! And we recieved everything in a very good timely manner!

Cenchrea Dykes

I enjoyed the food and service at Logan's. The taste was not perfected but the service was good.

Wanda Goolsby

Love they're chicken.

CampHorne Staff

Raw steak, cold salmon and rice, almost no service, a truly bad experience

Jeff Chism

Good food and service. This place was practically empty during lunch time.


Quality of service is always God awful. Food is average. Overpriced and overrated!

Nathaniel Johnson

Service was poor. They lack the experience of handling groups larger then 10.

Shaun Capps

We got take-out ribs and steak on this visit. We enjoyed both.

Cathy Moore

Our service and food was great. We did not like affended by one of the employees who was cleaning tables and had a shirt on over his Logan shirt that had the "F" word big across the front of his shirt. We said something to our witness and in a minute someone told him to take it off. My husband heard him say "it's just a tee shirt ". He threw it over his shoulder and when we left and walking oit - looked through the window and he had it back on. This is supposed to be a family restaurant- all other employees had their Logan shirts on. We go to Logan's at least once a week and I do not like that language especially on a shirt of an employee.

Ashley C. H. Davis

Terrible service. Inexperienced servers. Food took 2 hours to come out - we had a chicken sandwich and a salad. Food tasted good. Terrible experience.

Malinda Upchurch

There at 5pm on Sunday. Tables empty, dirty, and on a wait. Lots of staff standing around chating. Was there 10 minutes and no names were called so we left.

Dariana Chambers

The food was really good but there is mostly meat it didnt have any type of pasta entrees

Robert Epps

My service an my food was awesome

Shawn Barrett

Great service and an awesome grilled salmon lunch!

Willie Jones

Great restaurant

Jerrika Anderson

Ate at this location last night. When I checked my credit card account this morning, I had a fraudulent charge on my account and was charged twice for the same meal. If I could give negative stars, I would.

Cecille Mosely

Will not be eating there no more soon wait time was terrible and staffing terrible need new management and restaffing, food will do was lukewarm. 40%

Joua Mua

I was really hesitant coming here due to the reviews and pictures on Yelp, but decided to try it out since my boyfriend's mom really wanted to come here. And made a mental note not to order an alcoholic drink due to the mold and gunk around the bar area (according to the pictures posted by another Yelper). Our server was great! Very friendly and attentive. However, the food was a total disappointment. I'm sad I used my cheat meal on this place. First of all, it took way too long for our food to be delivered. My mozzarella sticks were already cold and the cheese was no longer melted. The potato skins were too crispy and almost burnt. The chicken tenders were "meh." Nothing to rave about. Next time I visit Tuscaloosa, I surely will not suggest to dine here.

Ami m.y

Our steaks were very dry,shrimps over cooked til they were chewy like rubber.Store needs a touch of dusting and cleaning. Food took longer than we expected, we almost walked out.

Johnny Sampson

I was overcharged by $11. I ordered off the lunch menu and was charged dinner prices. It took 25 minutes of back and forth with the manager Brenda Hall who actually pulled out a menu to show me I was wrong but was proven quickly to be at fault. I was told I should have specified if I wanted lunch or dinner. It was a very negative experience.

Erin Lowery

The food was just okay. They were under staffed so service was so and confused.

James Douglas

The name Logan's speaks for itself absolutely great food

Angela Shaw

$15 dollars and some cents...... This pictures is very different from the ones I seen on here before I decided to go there

Rhonda Baccus

Young blk guy with drids moved us 3 times and we have a 5 month old asked for a high chair he brought a buster seat he needs to focus.duhhh service was great Bethany food was great.havent been in 20 yrs glad I gave u another try when we left bartender in plain clothes said have a great night when ppl in uniform said nothing

Paul Wilson

Food was good, waitress was friendly but food was slow, especially for a workday lunch.

Courtney Lindsey

Nice waitress, great good, good portions, a bit on the pricey side, but the portions and quality of the food more than make up for it.

Jonathan Goke

Got there and the host man didn't even acknowledge us. About 5 mins later he just motions for us to follow him. We sit down, and nothing happens. No one came to get drink orders or anything. After about 10 minutes we just left.

shane brasher

Went 4/7/19 to try a place outside bessemer.Parking lot was empty I thought great no wait but was told 20 minutes.Ordered same I always order and me and my dad got Prime Ribs we have never seen.How cooled I have no clue but nothing like any other I ever had.1 waitress for the whole area.I will happily now eat at the McCalla location.God help our country if no one is willing to work!!

Joe Person

Nice place to eat, even offers a Military discount. Food was 4 of 5. Service was 5 of 5.

Kim Lofton

Service was great this was a good night to visit Logan's

Woody Norman

Excellent meal, excellent service today.

Scott Robicheaux

Okay not the best

william smith

Good every time we go

Jamie Blackwell

Frozen hamburger patties. Water and tea tasted awful! McDonald's is better. Do not recommend!

Savannah Grimm

Great food, and we had an amazing server I can't remember his name though


Although the restaurant wasn't crowded, we still had a 5-10 minute wait for two at 6:30pm. But our server was nice and very attentive, but not overbearing. He immediately got our drinks and some rolls while we reviewed the menu. The food was delicious, fresh and hot. Kudos! I even ordered the drink special...a $5 electric lemonade. It was a nice size and tasty, but weak. Typical for this type of restaurant drink.

Randy Lawson

Good food and service. Food a little slow coming out for the little crowd.

Trinda Owens

The food was great. The wait for my food was long.

c vance

frosts. You want a cheap steak and a frozen crown.

KaTrina McCray

The experience was wonderful professional but yet like family

Cedric Mason

Good food service is just a little slow staff is always nice

Cedric Ambers

Great service and food.

Shenika Brown

I’ve been her for 30 mins and no one has even acknowledged me.*** order was taken 15 mins after the first sentence** I ordered my food to go.. when it finally came the girl just gave me my food and walked off. I could have easily walked out with $60 worth of food and not pay. But I waited another 15mins to pay ( food got cold- lunch break ended one hour ago smh).

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