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REVIEWS OF Hard Rock Cafe Madrid IN Alabama

Stefan Sinn

Great food and drinks. Awesome staff.

Tantan Sumartana

I always visit HRC wherever I travel to buy some souvenirs: t-shirt, magnet, shot glass etc.

Carlos Bonilla

The food and drinks were great, will visit again.

Avi Shany

Felt amazing, great atmosphere combined with amazing service, waiters were friendly and nice. Food was delicious and not expensive Highly recommend he burger and the ribs! If you ever in Madrid after (or before) a game at the Santiago Bernabeu go to Hard Rock Cafe

Bernd Demel

Nice and well known restaurant Friendly staff and real nice for kids. The store space is limited but we found really nice things Next time again

Rifa Reizayadi

Good place for hangouts, good taste good drink good place.

Mike Poulter

Sometimes one just has to escape tapas! Visited for an early lunch on a weekday....still had a 15 minute wait at the bar. When we left about 1430, there was what looked like a 30 to 40 minute wait. We had the ribs and the pulled pork sandwich....very consistent and very good. Nothing here to make this cafe unique, but if you need a "hit" of American food, this is probably the place in downtown Madrid. Staff friendly and efficient!

Ibrahim Sarker

Salad was 7.5 out of 10 and the burger was 4 out of 10. French fries

Virginia Macias

The food was amazing.

Laura Moss

Really enjoyed my trip to the hard Rock Cafe Madrid! The staff were fantastic great service and enjoyable food! Was great to be able to eat before 10pm in Madrid where most places arent open until late!

Michael Burke

Great staff Food over priced

Thijs K

Good burger and great mojito's. Besides, entering while Metallica is playing on the tv (Hardwired, No Leaf Clover, One) is not bad either. Still wondering why Lady Gaga made the playlist... Anyway, place was packed, were told that the wait was 30 minutes. Just went to the bar, had a drink and 10 minutes later the table was ready. Fast and great service. Would recommend!

Anthony Webley

Usual menu recommend the sliders to share. Our waiter was fun not in your face but attentive. Had to wait at bar for a table. A real experience with bottle juggling barman

Ryan Breaux

Really awesome place to eat. Not too pricey. I loved the Twisted Mac, Chicken, and Cheese.

Mohamed El Rayes

Wonderful food and atmosphere

Scott Brown

The pulled pork sandwich and grilled chicken macaroni with cheese was delicious. The hard rock experience/atmosphere was great. Our group requested to split the bill and our waitress accommodated us kindly.

Erdal Çiçekdağı

Nice foods and iconic fashion

Blaz Vincetic

Great place for catching up with your friends and colleagues + you can always get a t-shirt


Waitress Daniella very helpful and good laugh food good as it always is at a Hard Rock Cafe glass number 8 in the bag

Lee Peters

The place to be regardless what city you visit, the manager and staff were wonderful

mauro gorrin

Awesome burgers and best music ever

Yvonne Scholz

Food excellent, Service very friendly and encouraged...slightly confused about how the HR Bonus program works....solved it at the end Would always visit again P.S: Given 4 Stars to start with for the whole evening, due to confusion bout the bonus program Experienced a superb service afterwards with a reclamation of a faulty shirt of the HR shop. Therefore I corrected to 5 stars, since I was delighted about the easy way, my problem been solved

Benedetto Gelsomino

Nice place serving typical american good & drinks

Pepi Pinkas

as usual top burgers @reasonable prices three persons two burgers and sparerips with some non alcoholic drinks ended up at 67€ but with well filled stomack. Souvenirs starts at about 25€ for a normal shirt.

Jonathan Smith

Always happy to visit my favorite restaurant hard rock. Madrid is really nice and very spacious. My son drove right in with his little Mercedes and we we greated beautifully. We visit every one we can but this one will stay in our memories. See us on Instagram smiths_family_travel ;)

Erich Vogt

It was so great we ate way to much.

Roman Fischer

Nice place to be, inside and outside. Has lots of collectibles to watch!

Simon Harris

Great location. Lots of space inside. Prices reasonable and a good range of products in the store

Rômulo Vasconcelos

It's a Hard Rock! What more can I say? Good food, kind staff, amazing environment, superb music and everything that comes from this brand. You can eat, drink and shop branded clothes and souvenirs. A must-to-visit point in Madrid.

Görkem Ertürk

I’ve visited Hard Rock Cafes all over the world. This is the most positive energy giving waiter and waitresses i’ve seen. Congrats. Must come again.

C. K.

Standard HRC flare and menu. Nothing exciting or fancy. Customer Service was very decent and selection of music wasn't half bad.

Dan Henchy

Really good food as.always. fast service in one of the busiest areas in Madrid.

Silvia Glikin

The food was great as usual, but they wrongly added two dishes to the bill. If we hadn't checked we would have been charged 20 euros more. It's hard to believe that it was just a mistake... This is why you have computers ... It rather spoiled the whole experience.

Harriet Read

We were disappointed that the veggie burger contained milk, but the chef cooked us our own, delicious black bean burgers! The waiters were friendly and the memorabilia was excellent. The shop was reasonably priced too. To improve further, please do a dairy free desert too. Thank you!

John Meiners

Had to stop and get a t-shirt and shot glass love this place

Beseke lucas

Sweet pkace, good people and good meal and music

Olesia Lihai

Excellent spending time place

Ronya Muschler

Edited review: First of all sorry for confusing Munich with Madrid. The Hard Rock Cafe in Madrid is in my opinion one of the most beautiful ones. The staff is really friendly and the food is great. You are able to choose from many diffrent dishes and drinks. The shop there is also really lovely!

David Vincent

Regular Hard Rock but a little better than in US.

Munit Sachdeva

Amazing food ... though it gets really busy and there is a waiting time it the food and service make up for it

Charles Belk

I had a burger and Cesar salad and it was good and as expected. I say at the bar and the waitress was friendly and accommodating, just took some effort to get her attention. The restaurant and toilets were clean, and the place had a lively atmosphere! The sink in the toilet was cool with the hand dryer built into the faucet!

Richard Jimenez

Yet another great experience. Staff and food were great. The cashier in the shop even assured me that I’d be able to get my 32nd collectible pint glass since I collect them from all over the world. They all have good memorabilia, but this one has an exceptional trove.

Hanne og Michael Storm

Fantastic place... Definetely worth a visit.

Matevž Kadak

Was waiting for 15 minutes to be seated. Then asked if we could sit outside because everything was empty and they forgot about us. Lost 30 minutes there.

Jürgen Schwietering

The alpha omega service of the legendary Hard Rock Cafe. What more. Only the store a bit small.

Mark Wilkinson

The half price appetizer and cocktail deal from 6-8pm (bar only) is really worthwhile! The appy plates are large - almost meal sized! The cocktails are extremely well made - not watery in any way. You should go early, though, because these deals are well-known and the venue fills up quickly! (You can stand at the bar, but it isn't as comfortable). I was very pleased that the music was not so loud that was possible to have a normal conversation! Recommended for anyone, including families!

Arlette Incio

Enjoyed our visit. Went around 1300h and pretty empty but filled up as we ate and full when we left. Ribs were good and large portions. Club sandwich was huge. Server was multilingual and very nice. Will definitely go again.

Hector Garcia

Loved it. Nice people serving and quality of food, typical Hard Rock.

Pedro Lourenço

That is the poorest of the HRC

mark hewitt

Service excellent

Les Tombs

How can you normal love HRC. Whether its merchandise or food....always happy to greet you, and great cocktail list too.

Peter Mawer

Excellent experience when you are away from home.

Richard Baker

Another great Hard Rock Cafe. Guaranteed a great Atmosphere, food and service. Looking forward to next time already.

Eveline Rewiersma

Nothing to complain. Waiters speak English, food was on time and of good quality. We shared the Jumbo Combo with 2 people, which led to perfect portion sizes. It is recommended to give it a try.

Alejandro Quintanar

Three good cocktails and two catastrofic

Dawn Amanda Trowsdale

Never disappointed at The Hard Rock Cafe...wherever in the world you are!!! Pulled pork sandwich and spare ribs - nom nom

Melanie McBride

So good. We shared the ribs. Muy bueno.

Mai Alswailym

Friendly staff and good food

Rigoberto Rivera

Very good food. Nice service.

Miss A-P

What an incredible restaurant. The service was quick and efficient and the staff friendly and helpful. The food was delicious. It isn't cheap and I would probably only go for special occasions but I would definitely go back.

Agus Maiden

I find very rude not getting our change back at all after paying because the waitress just expects it as a tip, and because it wasn’t much she was also rude to us without saying thank you or anything when she picked up the bill from the table. Made my experience a bad one. Never brought my change back, what the hell? . Her name was Karina.

Katherine Mendoza

We went to hardrock to celebrate Fabulous Las Vegas in madrid and indeed we enjoyed their cool event for the celebration of Dia de San Valentin. All of the Staffs were cool and the props were complete. indeed we really enjoyed this day. one of the best Valentines day ever. keep rocking!

Eylül Akar

Great service, food and this classic ambiance that we love of them.

Jeremy Verstraeten

Service little bit too quick , starter not finish but the waiter comes already with the main course!!

Ian Ford

I love Hard Rock Cafes. Madrid has a plenty of seats a nice chilled atmosphere and great staff.

Cheung Amanda

They served me a sauce which I didn’t order, and it’s charged. I’ve ordered this dish in many Hard Rock Cafe so many times, but it has been one year that I didn’t come here, I thought the dish has been changed cos there’s one more sauce, the chicken wings are not spicy, and the bread was cold. However, when i pay, I realized that the sauce was charged, but the waiter didn’t say anything about the sauce when I was ordering and he didn’t repeat the order. It’s not about money, but I feel bad for the waiter’s attitude. Nobody’s fool.

Michael Drury

Great HRC with all the traditions. Good food, tasty drinks, and rock n roll.


A must go restaurant in Madrid. Good American food, great burgers and ribs, and good cocktails. As the rest of Hard rocks, the best is the atmosphere, music, waitresses and location Try the jumbo combo... I love it!

Krishna Sarath

Good food. Good ambience. Rock music❤️

Matthieu Pierrepont

Always a good experience in Hard Rock cafes around the world! Madrid was no exception. The usual cocktails and menu, and some cool exclusive merch in the store! Always fun to walk around the place to spot your favorite artist's jacket or guitar.

Alejandro V

Good cocktails and passable food

Christina Kot

Excellent Hard Rock, beautiful terrace! Highly recommend

Omar M

Vary nice and friendly staff

EJ ohta

Very nice restaurant, worth to pay a visit when you have chance

Paula Torres García.

Nice and funny place.

Yuji Eric Yabumoto

The expectation is the same as it is wherever you go in the world. Ordered the burger with fries and it was on point per usual so that was great. No tap water available since they only serve bottled water so keep that in mind when you order. Good overall experience.

Darren Hardesty

Nice food and with a nice atmosphere without having music so loud you cannot hear anyone.

givon peled

Great place, good food and wonderfull atmosphere

David Williams

I like how, no matter where in the world you go, the Hard Rock Cafe is always a consistent oasis with friendly staff, wonderful ambience, and excellent food. Of course, it’s important to mix in with the local culture but at the same time it’s terrific to take time out to rest and recharge with a delicious and familiar burger while enjoying the music and musical parephenalia on display.

Daniel Porrello

The food was amazing the service was on point

Marcel Kumontoy

Nice location in Madrid. Helpful staff at the Rock Shop.

Jack Baker

Another good Hard Rock, however didn't have quite the same usual Hard Rock atmosphere, however staff and food were perfect!

Rebecca Richards

Standard hard rock, excellent sangria though and good food. Shop is obviously a rip off, but if you want stuff with hard rock Madrid on you'll have to cough up! Its interestingly placed in the Melia hotel next to Margaret Thatcher square and close to a very affluent neighbourhood with good people watching opportunities and some giant sculptures nearby.

Chicho Charli

Personally loved the souvenir shop, lots of stuff I couldn't resist. Didn't had much time for meal, but the drinks and the deserts are a must do. Loved the friendly staff.

Diogo Franco

Who would eat here when you have so many other places in Madrid?...

Meng Tak Chong

Good experience as the waiter is able to speak English and good service. Ordered 2 glasses of wine and the amount of wine given were reasonable for the price paid. Went during the happy hours with 50% off for food items such as chicken wings. Keep up the good service.

Christopher Lyddell

Around the world rarely disappointed at Hard Rock. Food and portions here were generous!! Beet salad to be recommended and the vibe is good, friendly staff spoke perfect English. Worth a visit. If you going to eat burgers in Europe, Spain a good place to do it, they understand beef!!

Nicole Rios-Gunn

A little more spendy and touristy but yummy.

Tina Zanfiraki

Great place & Tasty steak

Eric Van Den Beldt

Hard Rock Café as everywhere. Small shop.

Christel de waal

The staff here is super friendly and speak great English!!!

Kevin Hodge

Lovely food, good value for a Hard Rock.

Lois Woodcock

Friendly good..clean.

Deanna Connell

Great Place!

Silvena Christova

Food and drinks were good, the service was not very friendly and the outside area was not clean enough and not really Hard Rock cafe atmosphere.

Sidnei Lima

You are the best in Madrid

Claudiu Andone

If you've been in one Hard Rock Cafe you've been in every Hard Rock Cafe. The waiters were nice, the atmosphere is rich and you always know what you get when you order. Had a huge plate of chips with cheese and jalapenos and some cervesas. It was nice.

Alessandro Cesarini

Cool place but the food could be better,especially burgers.

Martin Loeb

Extremely expensive for the service and the accomodations. If there would be a choice, I would go for it.

Roberto Agron

Service, while friendly doesn't seem too knowledgable about their menu. The food is decent and the atmosphere is what you'd expect from a hardrock cafe. Loud music, lots of people.

Carlos Trejo

The best bar in town for sure! Great environment and the food and drinks are incredible. A perfect place to go with dates , friends or family. A perfect 10

rik nuge

Best hard rock in Europe!!! Bar none!!! Warm and helpful! Great food and drinks too!!!

Borislav Nestorovski

Really disapointed by Madrid HRC. Very few items from rock stars, bad organisation, crowdly, food is the only star in this restaurant

Alex A

So tasty as well! Recommended

Etai Kol

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The burger itself was fine, but I felt like it tastes better on other hardrocks I tried before The chips with the bacon and cheese is delicious!

Matt Smyth

Very good staff, always happy to help

Mohamed Nassef

It's hard Rock Cafe, a wonderful service, superb quality and uncomparable atmosphere

Claudio Curvelo

I wanna rock & roll all night and this beer every day!

Fa Tuozzolo

Great vibe, mesmerising ribeye at a perfect medium rare and good char, music a little loud by night but overall a pleasing experience

Aayesha Khan

Nice staff, but the food portion was too large. Burger didn’t have a lot of flavor. I have been to other Hard Rocks and had much better food.

Annie Casalista

Love this place specially celebrating bdays and having cocktails drinks with friends

Brooke Vasquez

One of the best Hard Rock Cafes we've been to. The food was delicious, and our server, Monica Karina, was wonderful.

Oana Serban

In every corner of the world ,first i look for you

Darren Millar

Every major city i visit includes a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe. Madrid didn't disappoint. The service was great and we left happy! Very recommended.

Ignacio Yuste Lopez

No children allowed. I've been this afternoon with my family (4 adults and three children) and we had to wait two hours to get a table. The attention has been awful seems children are not allowed in this Hard Rock. I've been around the world travelling and It is a shame that my home Hard Rock gives me the worst ever experience.

Anita Abolina

This was my first Hard Rock Cafe, actually :) The food was reall good and the atmosphere is amazing! Thank you for a great time!

Antonio Guiscafre

Mt legal! Rock and holl

Barry Kavanagh

Lovely food as usual, good service, good drinks, great atmosphere.

Alan Greep

Full of life and character and a burger topped with real gold! Need I say more

Katrina Stephens

The service was great. We only had to wait 30 min for a table of 2. That was quick since the restaurant was packed. The waitress was very attentive and ensured that we liked everything. The food came out great. My son had a burger and fries. I had the the southwest chicken flatbread. This was probably was one of my favorites Hard Rock cafe's.


Pretty, it is exactly how you expect other Hard Rock Cafes, but to see the guitars and other instruments you need to go to the restaurant because the most you can see there

Roberto Baraja

Big desserts and a good option to eat a hamburger.not more.expensive than roma's ...

Vera Rozenblum

Best roasting level ever eaten!! Payed 70 euros for 2 burgers and 2 cocktails.

Gee deeps

Brilliant! Fulfilled my dream of celebrating my birthday in a Hard Rock cafe & HRC Madrid it was. Lovely staff n great ambiance. Keep it up! :)

Maryam Egbarya

The food wasn’t tasty at all and was full of garlic!

Bashar Afghani

Amazing as usual! The staff were really friendly!

Dion Seeney

Our server was extremely friendly and helpful, ensuring we didn't order too much food. That's a nice change instead of someone who is happy to just write down your order. She was very bubbly and full of smiles. We thoroughly enjoyed our food and our time there.

Primas MediSpa

Please bring the heavy metal sauce for chicken wings

Jean Haddad

Excellent Location!

Aqeel Tawfiq

Anywhere you travel if you are a fan of Rock this place is a must visit.

Janna Soto

Pricey, but very very tasty food! Friendly staff. Great place :)

Olha Rynkova

Big thick cheeseburger with a slice of tomato and lettuce. Goes with French fries, and cheese sauce.

Carlos Mirete

Great venue! Fantastic people and wonderful nachos!

paula socorro

Has good food. Unfortunately, they didn't have live music, also where you eat you can't see the stage and enjoy the band. Also, if it's call Hard Rock Cafe, they should bring music on the genre of rock. Not pop or electric

Manfred Dietl

Food is pretty much the same as other Hard Rock Cafe's , the table was very close to the entrance, so it was a bit disturbing when people came in. Of course we didn't make a reservation, so it was our fault and that was the only table available when we came. Staff is very friendly, music was quite nice as well if you like to listen to a bit louder music while having dinner.

Laurens Overduin

It is what you can expect of hard rock cafés all around the globe ; friendly staff and great food and drinks. So, go ahead and pay a visit

Avi Bents

Great atmosphere, great margaritas and great burgers

Nils Van Butsel

Friendly staff, good food! Were very helpful in asuring our little daughter had a good time!

Tiago Ribeiro

A very interesting place. Definitely a must-go to all music lovers visiting Madrid. I'm from Portugal and knowing that I would get to have lunch in a place like Hard Rock Cafe made me even more excited by my trip to Spain.

Mertcan Hacioglu

Good cocktails

Hari Shenoy

They are open late and located in the heart of Madrid. It's comfort food in case you miss all the stuff you need to build stomach lining before a night out in one of Madrid's many bars.

Robert Benson

Good food but very overpriced.

Hetal Gogri Gala

Good food... lot of music... always secure off getting vegetarian food. Surprise tho see Lord Ganesha !

Derek L

indeed, the service is very good. the waiter was friendly, helpful and attentive.

Theme Park Family World Wide

Where ever we are in the World we always visit Hard Rock, consitently good quality with great service and Hard Rock Madrid is no exception, Fun, Vibrant, Loud & Lively with Great memorabilia, Great Food and a Great Atmosphere

ashley ryan

Great experience. We were a party of 18 and they accommodated us with 0 notice. Good food, good service! As you would expect - good cocktails! Enjoyed by all

Sean Downey

Best Nachos in Town! Don´t miss their SuperBowl event.

Der Fuchs Fox

A Very nice Hard Rock Café. Nice location and awesome terrace.

Mandy Mapplebeck

Great food and service. Waitress spoke good English made our ordering much easier.

Emilux Bastidas

Always good food and service

David Smith

I describe this chain as I describe myself ----it has had its day......You go there once to say you have been there.

Андрей Вушев

It's peace of America It's HardRock It' all right

Roberto Perez

Smal but nice

Paul Spendiff

Big thank you to all at the Hard rock for making the Champions League final a great night .Fantastic hard working staff and great service .Although we lost the match you contributed to a great day in the history of Tottenham Hotspurs fans ..see you next time in Madrid .

Bjorn Trossard

Nice, had some super baby rack ribs. Great music and good vibe.

Dave Channon

When is a hard rock not a hard rock! The menu you'd expect, backed by a friendly team in the restaurant. Good air conditioning inside to cool down after a day in the city.

Ingrid Mesquita

The place is beautiful, nice, but ... The service is horrible, they look down from up to down (And I'm not badly dressed). The request was made all in English and they found it bad for not being done in Spanish. The waiter just wanted to know to talk and laugh with other waiters. I don't recommend. The Hard Rock of Brazil and Argentina are excellent, but east of Madrid is not.

M. Hunt

Nice out door seating and recognizable food for an American 3 days in on holiday. They were out of a few key items, but we made it work.

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