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REVIEWS OF Golden Dragon IN Alabama

Porsche Paige

If I could give it a negative number, I would....the sweet tea tasted like how pine-sol smell...the mei fun smelled like chicken noodle soup but tastes like hiccups! The chicken wings were disgusting... OMG!!!!! gross!!!!

Jade Monroe-Spikes

Don't be fooled by the modest storefront. Mine and my mom's favorite place to get Chinese.

elizabeth mccain

I've ordered from here for years. LOVE their food. The past half dozen delivery orders we've placed, we've received the wrong order. Happened again tonight. The woman answering the phone and running the register was extremely rude. She treated our delivery driver horribly. Golden Dragon, something's gotta give. I'd love to remain a customer, but you've got to do something with your employees. I'd like to receive the correct order and I'd like to be treated fairly...

J.R. Mosley

Their Lemon Pepper Wings, with Chicken fried Rice, is always a go to!

John Sullivan

Placed an order for delivery. After 1 hour and 15 minutes, I called. I was CURSED over and over by the owner. He repeated multiple times that he say 45 minutes. I was trying to explain that it had been well over an hour (I was concerned they had lost my order) but each time I tried to speak, he screamed and yelled. I asked him multiple times could I speak. He continued to not allow me to speak. He screamed at me that I called him Stupid.......of which I did not. I had no reason to call him stupid. I then called him a LIAR because I know he was only saying that to save face in front of the customers at the counter. I have never been cursed and screamed at by a business owner before. I will never do business there again!!

Rebecca Sweet

This place was hot and delicious every time. We ordered about $25 worth of food and got free

Ken Welch

The counter clerk had real problem with my takeout order and I quoted directly from menu? After getting home we discovered the order was still incorrect. Both rice dishes were good, eggrool was too tough to eat.

Yulette Carter

Most of my experience's with delivery from the Golden Dragon has been great,I love Sri, he's amazing,thank you Sri, Happy New Year

Chari Harris

I love Golden Dragon! Good food. Fast delivery. Best boneless ribs in town.

Roy Jones

Denise major

Christina Collins

I enjoy their shrimp rolls!

Elijahplays roblox

I was not impressed at all. Food took over an hour to get here and we stay right down the street and the food was warm. The honey chicken was dry and barely had sauce on it, the shirmp w lobster sauce didnt have many shrimp but otherwise ok and the beef & broccoli was horrible. A waste of money.

A Google User

Wonderful food great people. I've ordered food from them for over a year. I've always got fast delivery, courteous Deliverer's,exceptional quality food.SRb69

Stephanie Lambert

The food is always good. It's generally on time. I hate calling because placing an order can be a bit aggravating at times on the phone, but it's generally worth it. Good price. A lot of food.

Destiny Conner

Takes two hours to deliver down the street

jonathan kimbrough


Julie Zuercher

Polite and quick service but food was not good.

Sugarray Henry

Bad customer service

Lorraine Nalley

I got a take out order yesterday. The food was good and no one was rude, however, I noticed that their rating from the health department was 78. Not good. I am scared to go back again.

Eric Green

I can't talk my mouth is full

Candace Gordon

I placed an order. The order was wrong. I called and the manager was not helpful at all. He didn't want to help. I will not order from them again. Something so simple to fix he wasn't even trying to.

Beve Blanchard

The employees are always nice. The service is prompt and the food is delicious

Bryan Bickford

Delivery was fast but the lady taking my order and the night manager were rude and spoke to fast. Had to hang up and call back because the girl who was taking the order started taking someone else’s order while on the phone with me

Grayson Gross

I was suggested to go here by a friend. Needless to say the visit was less than amazing. The people who run it mean well, but the food was not as good. The food was mostly all lukewarm and tasteless. I stood waiting for service for 10 minutes before I was helped I would not recommend

Tom Quinn

Ordered by phone still has to wait :(

Diann Simmons

Do NOT order from this restaurant for delivery. We waited for 2 hours never got our food, and got the run-around when we asked where our food was.

Jeffrey Gibson

I eat here a lot because it’s close by. The food is by no means great, but it’s adequate most of the time. The consistency of the food varies greatly. Sometimes the food is decent, but other times the food is just flat out bad and if you complain to the owners they basically just blow you off. If you’re in the mood for something really good, this is not the spot. However, if you just want Quick six dollar lunch, this will probably do.

Katrina Reed


CaSandra Dubose

I ordered bourbon chicken combo and changed the rice to shrimp fried rice and was charged more but only had 3 shrimp and i literally mean three!! This has happened twice i wont go back!!

Jerry Nelson

Erica Ransefore

RaeRae Smith

I ordered threw dapper and I didn't have any problem with the delivery service it was the golden dragon who gave them the wrong food and when I asked if I can bring the food back and come get the right food they said no so basically I spent 17.37 for something I didn't even want nor ordered I will not order from them ever again thank me later

Chase Sims

WOW!!! These people are amazing! I ordered delivery for a coworker and I...I called them back because I forgot to add two teas to my order and BAM!!! They said don't worry about it! They gave us free teas and that is customer service! Will order a again! Perfect 5/5! Btw food was awesome!

Jason N. Miller

Ordered for delivery. Meals arrived exactly as ordered through DoorDash. There was so much onion there was barely any room in the containers for anything else. Onion soup basically, for both meals. When I called and asked about it I was told I have to pay extra for meat because it costs more. I ordered Pepper steak. Not onion soup. They don’t care so don’t bother giving them your business. $40 later and I’m still hungry.

Jimmy Clark The Midtown Farmer

This is my go to Chinese place. Their prices are super reasonable, and they are always hot and always efficient. They are also always busy. But I do not mind waiting for good food.

Kyle Alford

Great delivery and tasty food.

Jamie Mullen

The delivery driver is rude, and expects you to provide your drivers license number.

Katie Melissa Underwood

I always enjoy the Singapore Mia Fun everytime that I order here and their steamed dumplings are the BEST in town!!! I see that there are lots of bad reviews on this place, you may have to wait some extra time on delivery orders however, THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE CHINESE THAT DELIVERS ANYWHERE IN MIDTOWN/DOWNTOWN AREA!!!!! Please keep that in mind before complaining about wait times because you can drive up there and get your food if you have a vehicle. I have ordered from here plenty of times and my food has been messed up maybe 2 times but they are very quick to fix the problem and redeliver.

micah wagnaar

There's good but expensive

Shady Silhouette

Person answering the phone was so rude we didnt even order. I dont call to be talked to like a child. 2017 12 29 at 8:32pm take some pride in your buisness and get that guy some lessons on how to speak to people while taking an order.

Shenika Charleston

Good food fast delivery

Sedija Scott

The food is always good the wait time is worth it...The food has a good seasoning taste I love the beef an broccoli with shrimp fried rice and sweet tea

Lisa Radford

Felicia Bonner

Just got my food. Was the grossest thing Ive ever seen. Good way to throw away $20!!

Cody No Belt Garbrandt P4P #1

Food was what you can expect from any Chinese restaurant takeout. Would give it 5 stars except for the delivery driver. He was blasting profane music in the yard, was extremely upset when he didn't get the tip he expected, and forgot my tea I purchased. Was very unprofessional at his job and had poor customer service.

cherika upshaw

I called and got interrogated about my debit card I do what I want with my money either you take the order or don't take it I will not be back at this restaurant lack of customer service

michael nelson

Love golden dragon and how they deliver

Joe Mitchell

Darnesha Grant

Just not good. The only crab rangoon I have ever had that did not taste like it included crab. Will not eat there again.

Kristi July

I called to express a concern about my shrimp fried rice. I was yelled at on the phone by the employee. When I arrived to the store to show them, she and the owner continued to fuss about their professionalism with their food. They refused to apologize and rectify the issue. They provided me with a refund but they have lost a customer.

Brittney Hardy

I wish I could give them 0 stars. As soon as I pulled up to the restaurant, an employee walked outside and smoked a cigarette. I waited in my car for him (Kenny) to stop smoking. We ended up walking inside at the same time. He immediately …

Srikanth Bhat

The asian-American fare at Golden Dragon is the best, most consistent, and most reasonably priced of its kind in all of Mobile. It is NOT the French Laundry. It is a family owned and operated joint which can best described as a hole-in-the-wall. So don't expect first class service, but do expect first class quality of the grub. And also expect the colorful personalities of the owners and employees. Plus, they deliver all the way from downtown to West MOBILE everyday of the year except Thanksgiving. Can't beat it.

Alexandra Eilers

I've been waiting for two hours for my food and still nothing. They closed 30 minutes ago and there was no call to say why my food would take two + hours when I was originally told that it would be no more than 45 minutes. I'm very dissatisfied

Jessica Cherelle

Had an food delivery and the food was horrible my meat was hard and rice was cold

Odessa Davis


The place is not clean. They had boxes everywhere and stuff collecting dust everywhere. The ceiling tiles are warped and discolored with stains. The counter is finished with peel-and-stick "tile". The food was just as bad. It was greasy, disproportioned for the dish, and as usual for a Chinese restaurant... soy sauce packets that taste like "light" soy sauce that only water down the meal without adding the soy flavor.

Dave Ray

John Cutts

Samantha Crawford

Troy Banks


Alexis Norwood

Horrible customer service have been waiting almost 2 hours for my food I wouldn’t Recommend this place to anyone

Casey Ellison

Terrible food and terrible service... I would only recommend going there if you are looking to sue for food poisoning. The meth head lady also swindled me out of three dollars for pork fried rice.

Angel Chapman

Bad service don’t order food from here not worth your money I need my money back 21.70

Yu Chen

If customer doesn’t know why we have so many boxes in our restaurant that is because he is new customer and always order $10 worth food, we used to correct food boxes to store orders in that and that is easy to let customer double check theirs food are all received and we are easy to peck, regular customer are happy to verify again and happy to see their beautiful food were sit in the box, thanks for understanding.

Clarette Moore

They are very nice

Bob C

Tyler Anderson

Fair prices and consistently delicious. I've been getting their food for years and can safely say it's some good stuff. Plus it's right next to a liquor store

Jacinta Watkins

The food is always good and the customer service is great! I also love that they deliver.

Louis Dixon

Used to be good but the past year it's like I'm nor even sure what im getting not what it use to be

Jessica Roach

Food used to be good. Delivery takes WAY too long for the delivery fee AND expected tip. Never again. No sauce with my crab rangoon! No utensils in my bag either!! Y'all suck!!!

edward ramirez

The food was good. Had to wait a bit for it but it was worth it. Close enough to my favorite cigar lounge which is a plus.

Eva Knowles

Phenomenal everything.

Kamyron Washington

Love the food hate the delivery people! Literally 3 different times I’ve had food delivered they begged for tips so unprofessional

ryan faulk

Brittany Hardy u sound like a racesist black ppl and white ppl can't cook Asian food Best Chinese this side of town

Dwayne Perez

Meat was burnt and can't take customized orders. Place is terrible

Marcia Church

Pam Ward

Best Chinese their Sesame chicken! Crab Rangoon is,awesome! Delivery driver is the bomb!

Mikiah Lilly

Very rude delivery guy! I assume he answers the phone as well. He has a bad attitude, and the food wasn't that good anyway. He didn't even give me my change! He just tried to walk away! DONT DO IT

Richard Curry

Bad customer service and super slow delivery

Brandi Marino

It was OK.

Jason Bradwell

The trashy, white supremacist looking delivery driver likes to guilt trip people into leaving a large tip. Apparently based on some of these reviews this is a scam he routinely runs, by purposely not bringing change with him. This would be easily ignored and filed away as tacky and desperate if it weren't for the nasty ass food that I tipped $5 for on $20 for a two mile car ride. The curry chicken had no flavor and tasted like a boxed mix. The rice had the consistency of grit and crunchiness. The soup was about 75 percent oil and grease. China Wok is disgusting inside, but at least the food is good. Never again. Also, your employees sell your establishment, proper hygiene and some dignity and self respect goes a long way.

Myia Brown

Bad customer service !! Horrible food !! Very rude !! Also found roaches in my food !! I would never recommend anyone to eat here

Killian Flannagan

It took over an hour for a delivery... the food was cold... and the bag smelled like old stalk cigarette smoke. I won't order from here again.

Roneika Smiley

Well i have had times where i experience bad customer service here but it has been more good service them bad but i can tell you i been a customer for about 3 years and only a few times i did not like the way they cook my food and only thing was sometimes it was fried to crispy. Other then that i can not complainand if your delivery has been late more then what the time has been giving then it is because the person who was bring it was either slow and behind or either goofing off on the clock i threaten one dude that was going to call his manger and plead for me not to and that because he was not doing what he was he was getting paid to do. So i say try everyone has a different option and some people just like speak bad

Edro Weiskopf


Amsley Dumond

This place is disgusting. Spare rib tips were burnt and the yellow rice tasted like uncle Ben's easy rice with a couple chopped onions thrown in. Don't waste your money..

Princef Taaanx

The food was delicious.the staff is very helpful especially the lady who takes orders. I love this place.

Star Winstead

I called asked for a delivery and the guy that answered the phone was very rude and said ; "not from a private number" then hung up. My phone is apparently stuck on not showing my number when I call... I would have gave him my number if only he would have asked or explained policy about private numbers...I ate there about 3 times a week and will never eat there again.

Broad Street

It was okay experience

Garrick Ogburn

It can sometimes take a bit, but thankfully it is made to order. If you don't want to wait, then hit up a buffet. I wish they would run authentic specials, not just your average Chinese-American dishes. Good fresh cheap. What more could ask for?

Ryan vise

Use to be a good place to eat. My most recent experience tonight. I was over charged by$0.50 per dinner. And also charged $1 extra for shrimp fried rice but only got 3 shrimp. Bummer.

carrie hicks

This place is worse than any place I've been food was so nasty. Delivery driver was nice forgot half my food tho. The wontons where just shaped how ever the heck they wanted along with the cran Rangoons I'll never come back here again not to mention the food was cold over priced just a rip off

David Turnbow

I like this

Adrienne Harris

Mike Lee

Great food..!!

Charquindra Stone

The food was awful

Sweetpotatoe44 Townerhughes

They deliver

Shanavia Thomas

They have great food, but there service is bad. Every time I go there they always complain an empolyee have called in the reason they are so slow.The last time I ate there The lady that answer the phone told me my food would be ready in 20min, that was fine but when i call back in 30min she stated that they were busy so i waited 5more mins and i went inside i went inside after 5 mins, once inside she told me 5 more mins. I didnt complain about it because my food was in there hands. She never apologize about taking so long with my food... I would recommend someone to eat from here but if you are hungry you will have a long wait.some times delivery is faster than going in there. but there is a chance your food might be wrong and they might forget something

Morgan McGrew

I’m only giving them 3 stars because the food actually is good but they have HORRIBLE service and my delivery wait is always way longer than the hour they say it’s going to be.

Antonio Holt

Everything ok

Rodrick McLin

Ordered chicken and it still had feathers! Really?! They tried to tell me that was normal. I will never, ever, eat there again!

Justice For Dustin Mobile Alabama French

Kenny Cash needs to be fired. He sleeps with the known prostitute of the loop, refuses to wash his hands, then cooks food. He is always drunk on the job. He has driven this business in the dirt. It is him talking down to people on the phone. The owners are nice good people that mean well, just have management issues. Kenny got angry because I gave a police officer 2 free egg rolls(when I worked there 2 years back).

Autumn Black

Tabitha Dixon

I ordered my food over the phone at 6 p.m. i was told it would take 30-45 minutes.....the delivery guy just left and took the food with's now 8:30 and tbey didnt have all my food that was ordered, and the food was cold....smh...

Angel Gilchrist

They Wouldn’t Give Me My Food After I Paid For It Because Their Receipt Didn’t Print & I Showed Them On My Bank App That The Money Came Off My Card.

Nia Ross

I ordered something tonight and I NEVER EVEN GOT MY ORDER!!! Talk about a HORRIBLE customer service experience.

Scorpio Diamond

Just ordered lunch for my fiancee lunch break they have a lot of new white people working now. THEY ARE NOT CLEAN. I do not advise anyone to order while those people are working in there. I stood at the counter and watched until my order was bagged and in my hand. I saw 2 guys come straight in from outside, they passed the sink and started working. The fisrt guy didnt touch any food with his hands most likely because i was standing there watching. But the second guy came in looked at the tickets , coughs with his mouth wide open then goes and grab crab ragoons with his bare filthy hands. Two other people were on the side of him saw that he didn't wash his hands and didn't advise him to even when heading to grab the rangoons out the fridge. Very gross nasty people. Will not go back.

Sheree Robertson

Good food

Nino Brown

The best lo mein in town and u got to love the lemonade

Nikki J

PLEASE PLEASE SPEND YOUR MONEY SOME WHERE ELSE...GO SOME WHERE ELSE..Very poor service i ordered my food tonight..chicken was burnt U CAN TELL they refried it. And than ASKED AND PAID for extra shrimp n shrimp fried rice 5 shrimp ..crab ragoons cold..i ordered chicken n broccoli also but got shrimp n broccoli...sent the order back in after arguing on the phone with them..and had to wait an extra hour for my food still NOT RIGHT ITS LIKE THEY GAVE ME MY SAME FOOD I SENT BACK AN HOUR AGO WITH THE SAME 5 SHRIMPS and. I ONLY GOT 6 CHICKEN WINGS N STEAD OF 8 ..NO FORKS SOY SAUCE NOTHING PLEASE DONT EAT HERE...HE WANTED TO GIVE ME A 3.00 CREDIT BUT FOOD WAS $22.00 AND MY ORDER STILL ISNT RIGHT..SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY...AND THEY ARE RUDE AF..

Mae Naylor

Ordering beef with broccoli means you'll get three pieces of meat and a ton of undercooked broccoli, that's what happened three times in a row. The lady in charge was rude to me and three other customers in the restaurant .Delivery is slow, and untrained. Fried wings are good. Hot and sour soup is neither spicy nor sour .Ask for chili paste and vinegar on the side . you will be charged for the chili paste.

Jacob Antoren

Me and my Husband when there today we bought A four order of beef broccoli and Steak! Today at around noon we come home and start eating and I found A little fly insect in my food and I wasn’t worried about them I thought is from somewhere around the house but when I pull out more food and try to split them for the family kid’s I show 2 more insects and it’s so disgusting because I was holding them and take a closer look because I see them so clearly by their hands I was pull them out and holding them and squeeze them that time I know for sure that they are some Kind of insects that is So Cross we sad sad we spent the money and is not worth anything I was taking pic but this won’t able to do pic here

nichole thurman

We spent about 32.00 in this place as me and my family was eating my husband pulled a long hair from his food I've been calling for 3 days to get some of my money back a apology would have been good instead the ower blocked my phone number Please dont get sick like we did the chair are taped together my leg got sticky from the tape

Lauren Sims

I haven't even received my food yet, however I called in a delivery and the man on the phone was extremely rude. I actually had to call back to give him my card info and when it was time for me to give him the cvv code which is on the back of the card he didn't even give me enough time to flip the card over before raising his voice at me. Hope the food is good because the customer service is not.

Stacey Keshia

My favorite delivery

Jamall Basir

Worst good ever they false advertising during lunch is horrible. They have fake food and overcooked rice. I will never order again from this place and I strongly advise that you don't either cause the quality their good is horrible...

Vanessa Eddie

(Translated by Google) appropriate (Original) Convient

Kelly Moy

The mushu vegetables was excellent. The food was really hot temperature wise and I was impressed with the quality of ingredients. I want to try the General Tso's tofu. The tofu is extra firm. I think the customers should raise the number of stars in the reviews. Golden Dragon is excellent

Kristi Alford

Staff is rude and the food is awful

Keiaria May

The service is terrible!!!!!!!


The food was good, better than the other place in midtown. Wait time was 15-20 minutes for pick-up, which is reasonable. For the first time ever, I could understand the person who took my order at a Chinese restaurant. I was warned that delivery would take much longer and during peak time (around 8pm) the wait times would be longer. Seems to me like anyone who would complain about that has unreasonable expectations. I don't know if they changed managers or whatever, but this place doesn't deserve the poor ratings it has received here. Give it a shot.

Staci Ozgowicz

Ate here and got super sick! Never again!

Cinithar Booker

Poor customer service and order was incomplete.


Food OK, but it seems everytime I used to go there the staff were always arguing. The environment made the quality of the food suspect. Have since moved on.

Matthew Riales

This place used to be amazing! Less than 2 blocks away, takes over an hour for delivery of a $12 order. Then because we tell them we have no front door, to come around back and follow driveway. Driver did not even get out of her car. Drove away and called saying no one answered. My wife was waiting at the top of the stairs for her to get out of the car. Took her another 10mins to "turn around" and come back. I will now go out of the way to please the wife, just to avoid this unprofessionalism...

Meme Love

Angelica Gill

Horrible. It's 11:30 pm I've been waiting 2 hours for my food and now they won't answer the phone!! They already took my payment over the phone on my card and now they won't deliver it and won't call and they have my phone number. They said it would be 35 minutes.

Rara Arr

I ordered delivery and it took over 1 hour and a half almost 2 to deliver.

Jason Duke

Love Golden Dragon. They deliver!

tanocha peters

delivery sucks and bad customer service

P Mathews

Love the Hunan Shrimp just not enough shrimp

Gary Harvey

Good food & fast delivery.

KONTROL The Lyricist

Delivery was fast. customer service was nice

BarbBreeDoll *

Horrible I called the man was very rude I canceled my order

Michael Nelson

Awesome Food!!!

Allison Smith

Ordered food and was told it would be an hour for delivery. The lie detector determine that was a lie. The delivery driver was on face time the entire time and was rude. He's currently sitting outside after 45 minutes still on face time. No wonder my food took almost 2 hours to deliver.

lataria shaw

This is the most worst place I ever in life order from.. First off when I place my order I said give me a order of crab Rangoon, Honey fried chicken Wings with extra sauce, Fried Dumplings, and Seameas chicken with lo mein not once did I tell her to change my egg roll for two crab Rangoon... When someone place a order you give them what they ask for not what you think is good... I'm really pissed this honey chicken taste like BBQ and honey mix together... I will never order from you all again an when you come to my job I will make sure your order is messed up... That's why my boss stop getting food from y'all...

Dylan Mcclure

Love the bomd ass chinese guy in the little white truck!!!


The food was not good..lady in front looks like a crackhead.


I purchase some food over the phone gave the drug head lady my card number an the next day I went to try to pump some gas an my card declined twice... call the bank they told me gold dragon charged $46.96 on my card my food was only $21.96 where my other money then I went up there to talk to the manager he/she wasn’t there so she come trying to over talk me when I was talking to the man she just don’t know who she fooling with I want my money back on my card they have bad business the cracked lady don’t know how to talk to ppl the manager takes her side this is ridiculous How they run things up there

Toni Rowser

Always delicious

mary george

I've been ordering Chinese for delivery for over 30 years but i couldn't understand a word that man was saying so I just hung up.

Ollie Mcgadney

It's closed

Jeanette Brown

The food is not tasteful at all. The place look ran down

Cedric Brown

Poor service, minimal health standards and low quality meat

Allie Smith

Ordered, they said it'd be about 45 mins... okay, fine they always have a high wait time but the food is always good although they pretty much always forget my drink. Anyways after an hour of waiting and a 5 year old begging for something …

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