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REVIEWS OF Golden China Restaurant IN Alabama

Francina Lemons

I have gone to Golden China for years. People there are super friendly and the food is great with very reasonable prices.

Tony Clay

I ordered Chicken fried rice, Chicken Lo Mein, Orange Chicken and Sesame Chicken — all pretty standard fare. When I received my food what we got was not good to say the least. It tasted odd and just very strange. The orange chicken was literally just fried chicken and orange slices and the sesame chicken tasted like it was covered in cinnamon syrup. The Lo Mein was just spaghetti noodles and oil. Generally just an awful experience and after delivery fees and drivers tip it was $50 for this junk. We will definitely NOT be coming back. I’d rate zero if I could. I mean, how do you mess this stuff up?

Matt Meeks

Best Chinese in Alabama. Get the shredded pork in husaing sauce!

Christy Mcleod

Very good food & the price is excellent! Very good place for lunch & Supper. Food is always warm.

Kenneth Hudson

Always great food.

Blake chappell

They have very kind and professional employees there is a young guy that goes tun tun tun tun all the time and he is my favorite. I wish that they would have more options on there foodbar. Even though the food is good would prefer a change every now and then. But highly recommend you all try it out.

Giorgio Torregrosa

Nice people!

amber cockrel

Best food and prices in town

Appalachian American

First visit to this little funky eclectic place.I came all the way from Fort Payne to Gadsden.just for the moo shu .I tried the pork variety.I can't find any moo shu anywhere in Fort Payne.worth the drive.parking lot was full.kinda hard to find a place to park.which to me means people like to eat the atmosphere here.the young man who was our waiter was very friendly.he even wanted a fist bump.after our meal.I thanked him & he ask if we'd be back I said sure.the moo shu was great large portions.when I ran out of plum sauce.he brought out more.wasn't disappointed at all.I drove by this place for years & never went in.sure glad I did I've been missing out.I do recommend you check this place out for yourself.& support small businesses like this one.the food was great,& a good value for the money.our waiter told me what we ordered wasn't lunch priced.I told him that would be o.k..still wasn't a bad price for two our dinner was only 18.25,so check it out for yourself.I will be back hopefully more often.

N Jackson

Great value for your money

Marie Cisco

Great place. Great people so welcoming :)

Lindsey Westcott

Great food dont judge by outside of the building great food awaits inside!

David Heatherly

Tasty low cost lunch with $6 buffet until 2.

Alexandra Reese

Just recently found this place, after trying several other Chinese restaurants throughout Gadsden and Rainbow City. This place is definitely the best and has GREAT prices!!

Wendy Humphreys

Great food. Eat there every time we are in Gasden.

Kimberly Mcnutt-Hodes Essential Soap 2

We where ask to leave before we finished our food. Waiter said it would be 9pm in a few min and we had to put our food in too go boxes and get out. He over and over told us how hard he works many hours and we have to go. I finnaly put my food down and said I don't find this funny and will put in Google review. He chased us out the door screaming at us for not tipping. But how do you tip a waiter who terizosrs you the whole time?

Cecil Means

Buffet small but very fresh and tasty.

Gwendolyn Mink

Love thier ♥️ food

Charles Swain

Love this place

marie cole

Really good buffet.

Kelly E

The buffet is small but all items are good. For years this place has needed a thorough cleaning at front of house. A little updating wouldn't hurt either.

Christy Baker

Good lunch

Gilberto Francisco

Love the food and they are super friendly and delightful people good with children to

Emily Patterson

Small buffett but delicious

Margo Bovier

The food was delicious, with large potion sizes, each entree was enough to feed at least two people. The house special wonton soup for two could have fed four a bowl each. So for the prices which are average for a sit down slightly higher end restaurant experience, you take home plenty of food ordering an entree a head. Service was quick and very friendly. This is definitely going on our list of date night locations, and we'll be returning. Though I'm still curious what caused the beautiful floral scent that filled the restaurant.

Cynthia Gutierrez

Great food, great service.


People were nice, food was ok. Selection on bar was limited and the chairs had tennis balls on the feet.

Pedro Gutierrez

Always fresh. Friendly staff.

Louis Thomas

Great food and service really good place to eat

Cathy Ledbetter

Excellent buffet at lunch!

David Dallas-Midgley

Their lunch buffet is small but good. Menu Items are good also.

AFrayed Knott

OUTSTANDING food, OUTSTANDING cleanliness, OUTSTANDING prices. LOVE this place.

terry gwin

Probably the best Chinese food in Gadsden. It's changed owners at least twice, but the food hasn't. I hear they are now delivering!

Vicki Bonness

Very good

Kellie Smith

Love this food

andrew pilkanis

Great food with fast service!!

Davis Tracy

I love the buffet. Always get your favorites off buffet. They keep your drinks refilled and I get along with all the staff.We laugh at jokes and make lasting memories. Thanks

Brandi Ragan

We love this place! Been going here regularly for YEARS!!


Great food, great service, price is very fair.

Ashley Miller

I don't know what other people are seeing here but if you want cheap food that is one thing. We just ate there and have eaten at other buffets before and there is not a lot of selection art this one compared to others. The buffet was about 5 feet long. Used regular spaghetti noodles in place of Lo Mien noodles also. Who does that??

Thom Harrison

At least once a month my whole family of 7 will indulge at Golden China. Good food, rarely a wait.

Connie Hodges

I hate to give just 3 stars and they are unaware of this. I got a take out order. It was almost their closing time and I didn't check the meals before I left and was home (20 miles away) when I actually took out the food. However we had already eaten the egg rolls which are by far the best I've eaten in a very long time if ever they were awesome. Back to main food, it was not our order, I had ordered house special lo mein And what I got was more of a soup it was good but not what I ordered. My sister ordered spicy shrimp, she got something with shrimp and it was good but not what she ordered. It was too late for me to call and let them know. That's why I hate to just give 3 stars I'm sure if I'd been local they would have fixed it. The food we got deserved 5 stars but it wasn't my order I should have checked it before leaving

Michael Ford

Not much of a selection but enough to fill you up. The food was very good very fresh. Just not a whole lot to decide from the buffet

Kelly Elrod

Really good Chinese food. They have a buffet from 11am-2:30pm and you can get it to go for only $8. You fix your to go box and they get you soup, crunchy noodles, and the condiments. It's not a real big buffet but plenty to choose from, about 12 items plus 2 kinds of soup and desserts.

Harold Millsap

Food fresh and delicious. The fried foods were melt in my mouth good. Loved the deserts. Everything tasted homemade. Watermelon was delicious. Buffet small but all my favorites were there. Soups tasted authentic. Staff friendly. Highly reccommend will be back for sure. Lunch price reasonable $6.50. Restaurant clean.

T J Hancock

Very good food and service.

Ken Davenport

Fantastic. Best Chinese buffet in town. Food is fresh and Delicious


the best restaurant Chinese food in Gadsden Alabama

Flex Gang

Ordered some chicken fried rice today & it was the nastiest I ever tasted I threw up bad after eatting this food it even taste horrible I would not recommend this place to no 1

Jim Wyckoff

Best Chinese restaurant in Gadsden

Josh Steed

Mongolian Combination is AMAZING. I highly recommend this dish to anyone unsure of what to order. I also appreciate that they take call-in orders and always prepare meals fresh and have them ready quick. Two thumbs up!

Susie Wright

The absolute best Chinese food EVER. I do not live here but EVERY time I'm in town it is a must to eat here! I have been eating here since I was little & it still taste absolutely amazing ❤️

Brenda Willingham

Great service on our to go order the young lady up front even brought it out to my car to me you don't get that very often. Thank you Golden China!

Terry Stout

Great food and the staff are amazing. Very nice people.

Dawn Ross

Great food

Masina Overstreet

Great food and great prices

Amanda Stoddard

Love the food love the place .. but our favorite waitress is retiring tomorrow. Go by and see her before she leaves

Susan Gattis

Friendliest restaurant with excellent food and service!!!

Kristina Vann

Friendly staff, clean restaurants, and the food was amazing. Well worth it.

Cindy Dutton

Buffet. Nice and friendly


Best Chinese Restaurant in town!

Michael Kay

Excellent hospitality, nice portions and tasty food.

Casey McGee

Best Chinese restaurant in town.

Joy Calhoun

Food is great and the staff is on top of the job always checking to see if you need a refill

Dana Huff

Great Service with Excellent Food.

Liz Graben

Not much of a variety... not very fresh

Dianne McLeod

Best Chinese buffet in Gadsden, Sundays are the best.

Anthony Walton

Too pricey

Lucy Jones

I had nd allergic reaction too their food,nd on top of that they orange chicken was very nasty nd allergic too shellfish nd mi food was cooked with shellfish

Greg James

Food was ok. Buffet has a very limited selection.

Laura Miller

Always the best

Erika Olson

best egg rolls ever love them

John Mikolaitis

Good food and good service.

dylan manning

Good price and decent food

Vicky Roberts

Great Service and food....They are busy since the food is so good so keep that in mind.

adam Wester

The best chinese restaurant in etowah county without a doubt, I have been eating from here since I was a little kid

David Lary

It is a nice and clean restaurant. Service is good and the staff is friendly. The menu is good with many choices. The food is average.

morris elizabeth

Their food is too sweet. Seems like everything is made with this red sauce that tastes like thick cherry cool aid with spice. I’ve decided that the ONLY thing good there is the Rangoons. The people are rude if you get take out or have it delivered by DoorDash or Gadsden To Go and your order is correct. I was told that “People from Alabama don’t know Chinese food”. The woman behind the register was laughing. I have the footage on my cell phone.

Carrie Culver

My husband and I ate here today. The staff was very friendly. The food was delicious and fresh. The banana cake on the desert bar was so good I asked for the recipe. I wanted to give the place 6 stars cause 5 isent enough. A must try and my new favorite Chinese Buffet!!

Leesa Neyman

The absolute best Chinese resturant in the Gadsden area.

Kitty Smitten

Large seating area, but little options to choose from on buffet. Food is decent. Honestly, I wouldn't recommend to anyone nor go back.

Woodie Turner

This is the best Chinese food in Gadsden. It is quaint little restaurant with limited seating, and the buffet is small, relatively speaking. I'd rather have a few dishes done well than a whole lot of dishes done poorly. The service is good and it has a cozy feel. Just beware, they are closed on Monday. I've made that mistake more than once!

Debbie Moon

Good food, but the kitchen could not keep food on buffet and the demanding group of food.

Belle Davis

Good buffet, hot tasty food. Will definitely return.

Shelly Bryant

Very good Chinese food. People are very polite.

Russ Moore

Good food, good prices, and fast service

Mike Reaves

Looks meh from the outside, and the inside reminds me of an old pizza hut. But it's the food that is fantastic! Wonderful selection. Fresh ingredients. Best Chinese restaurant so far in my experience.

Tom Brookshire

Good food, good service, chrap prices

Oneal Gilliland

Food good and plenty. Staff very professional.

B Manley

We love it here! Delicious, cheap,and friendly service. The coconut shrimp is my favorite whenever the have it.

Molly Harrison

Love this place! The buffet is amazing, and the service is always great!

Joy Mosley

Excellent freshly cooked buffet, no frozen "super buffet"!

Kurt Braun

Best Chinese in town in my opinion. . Great people too. Frankie is our new favorite waiter.



g gaspar

Great service!! Food is always hot and ready

Lex Henderson

We haven't been here in a while...we ordered egg foo young for take out and got shrimp lo mein...the shrimp tasted awful and it was over cooked and over priced for what we got...the noodles weren't fit to eat...2 small boxes with no was supposed to be a dinner portion, but looked like it came from the buffet and was thrown in a box... It wasn't until we got home that we realized the mistake/problem. We won't be going back, after many years of going there...they seem to keep changing management and going downhill...the egg foo young was never consistent, but at least edible...wish we had received it!!

lps Grace

Very limited on food items. Not to mention I got sick after eating here.

Madison D

This used to be our favorite place, ownership must've changed or something all the dishes are watered down now, wish it was as good as it used to be, the best "Chinese" food in town now is panda express which is sad.

Lora Evans

Superb service! Nice and hot food. Kids loved it. Frankie our server was fantastic!

Jay Humphries

The food and service were great.

Jennifer Pruitt

Great as always & very consistent!! Love this place.

Katrina Harden

Great food horrible I mean horrible service never go at lunch buffet there were 6 people there the lady came only once and I had to go up there to ask for a refill

tyler peterson

Great food every time

Jacqueline Williams

I ordered Orange chicken & crab angles. The orange chicken was not orange chicken that I would have ordered. It was a piece of grilled chicken, sliced (not very good!) With orange slices in it. I asked them to take it back & get something else for the same price. Their answer was "No. We made it already so you have to buy something else if you want something else". They had amazing crab angles, but the service was bad and their orange chicken is NOT worth the money.

Jesus Ortega

Food taste good but only about 6 different things to choose from on buffet (super small)!!!

Mike Bradford

Food and service is always good

melissa bryant

Good service. Not a lot of choices on bar.

December Herrera

This restaurant is amazing with some super employees!!! I will be going back again and again!!!


I always get me a to-go plate at the Golden China, because I'm able to load up on it, then go home and eat for two or three meals worth...

Tina Pen

Golden China is always, always fast, efficient and fresh food. Service is excellent and friendly. I have never had a bad experience here, I eat here both dine in and carry out, and now they are available on Gadsden to go. In my opinion, they have the best Chinese food in town, hands down. We ordered Shrimp with vegetables and, I am not sure how to spell it, but also had the Schectzuan Chicken and both with white rice. Simply DELISH!

Myrna Kervin

Delicious...plenty of food Good variety on buffet. Highly recommend it

Mike Pegg Bigg Deal Custom Guitars

Not a lot of selection, but always good, and consistent. Good staff

Jon Gunnells

Good food, great service

David Tigue

Great food here. They have very competitive prices and a nice selection on the buffet. The lunch specials on their menu is the best deal I've found. Lots of food, for a good price with a great taste.

Donna Williams


Pat Mashburn

Not enough choices. Limited entree & dessert buffet. No salads or sushi. Food was very good. Service was about a C+. They were very courteous. Seating was very quick for a Sunday Church lunch rush. Prices were reasonable.

Zoya Johnson

Great food and service! Our family's favorite! The food is always fresh and waiters are polite.


Ok place for something quick at lunch. Food is just ok.

Phillip O Ramsey

Good food at a Great Price ! Was a very busy day and had little wait time ! Good Selection on the Buffett !

Rachael Dail

Awesome food. Great prices and friendly staff. It doesn't look like much on the outside but this is definitely a case if not judging a book by it's cover. Delicious food!!

Harold Watters

The staff is very friendly and customer service is outstanding. The rice both steamed and fried was excellent. The orange chicken, sesame chicken and pu pu platter was all outstanding. 10 stars in my book.

J. Rain

The lunch buffet is amazing. And the price is great. I love this place

Chad Strawn

This is the best buffet on Sundays!

Jennifer Hamilton

We love eatting is always awesome!!

Khavhan Brookins

Its bad chicken does not have a lot of sause on it egg too yong has cabbage on it making it bad chicken is half done raw don't ever go there put a yoc and roll there close it down

Tammy Geary


Rebecca Sherrell

Need more kinds of food.

Josey Mac

No fried rice very small buffet (consist of 5 or 6 meat items) very poor service will not be there again

Wendy Uhlman

Very nice atmosphere. . Great food nice employees. .We truly enjoyed our visit here. ..

David Quarrels

Love the food and service.

Gina Watts

My grandson bday party

Justin McNally

No selection of food, price of lunch buffet was high, and the service was lackadaisical.

Dave Downer

Good food and good service. Lunch buffet 11a-2p. I like the sweet and sour chicken and the pepper beef.

Rebecca Vann

Good food.

Gary Amberson

Good food

William Davis, Jr.

Good value.

Tiko Taco Bell

Great buffet

brandon duncan

Clean place, friendly staff, and great food! I usually just order delivery from here, but my first time going in was a great experience! The sesame beef was some of the best Chinese American food I've had!

shane bearden

Good food and service.

Tracy Ledbetter

Fantastic food and very friendly place

Matt Lipscomb

Good food, friendly staff

Jesse Houston

Best chinese buffet.

Brad Cook

Great service always friendly

Deb Means

Absolutely the best Chinese food! Get a 1/2 Carfaee of Chardonnay...yummy yummy

Joan Mancil

The food was good.

Brooke Preaseau

Food was great. Great service. Very courteous

Cheryl Pitts

My husband loves this place

Grady Mcglothin

Been eating here my whole life great food for a great price they beat every other buffet in town

Andrew -

Literally the best Chinese food I've had in my life. Server was funny and helpful too and I will be coming here at least twice a month from now on.

Arianne Jauregui

Have NEVER had an experience that was less than outstanding. Great food, great service....nothing else that you could ask for! Thank bigauburnfan

Natasha Thomas

This has always been my hands down favorite Chinese restaurant for about 17 years. I take all of my out of town guests there who subsequently love it every time. They have a good buffet, but if you order from the lunch or dinner menu it's prepared fresh. The pricing is reasonable as well. Enjoy!

cayle standridge

It has a small buffet. But it is so good. Been eating here since I was a kid. Hands down the favorite place to,say. Me and my whole family love it here. This restaurant is one of the reasons I don't want to move out of Alabama.

Nikohle Walters

Always delicious food. I love the sesame chicken! It's always so good! They have a buffet at lunch that is really good. The service is always really good. The servers are knowledgeable and nice.

Maryanne Clingan

The worse dining experience ever! Nasty walls, no selection on buffet, the noodles were not real noodles, meat under cooked. I will not be coming back

David Wootten

Small. Limited buffet choices. Hto & sour soup not spicy nor sour.

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