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REVIEWS OF Chili's Grill & Bar IN Alabama

Kahdija Imari

My waitress (the bartender) was very nice and friendly. My order was placed quickly and the food can out quickly as well. I tried the mango classic margarita with sugar and the chicken ranchero tacos. Both hit the spot for me!

Nyrshea Williams Arctic Circle Art

My absolute favorite meal. The chicken has a tangy/sweet sauce that marries well with the waffles. Their fries are delicious too. I live their strawberry lemonade.


Food was ok at best. Service also ok, not terrible but not good. A few people in our group didn't get their change that paid cash ($10 in change for two $20 tickets) a few misplaced orders. Soggy lettuce and over cooked pasta. Water for salsa that came with chips.

Trucker PEMBI

This place is great. They have the nicest waiters and waitresses I've ever experienced and the food is great.

wendy hallback

Had an awesome server named Mariah. Food was their standard good quality.

Theresa B

Went in to the Lakeshore location and from the time we walked in the door everyone was so nice and welcoming. Chico was our server and she was the bomb! She knew the menu and she helped us make some great picks. You can tell this team has great support from management! Will return very soon.

Flyguy_ LJ

Great service, awesome food

Andrew Thickstun

Disappointed. Seated fast on a Sunday at 6 pm should have said something! Service was pretty good. Nachos decent. Rice and beans with my chicken enchiladas was great: the enchiladas came on tough but soggy tortillas. Lots of cheese, but taste was absent. (Come on, you serve Mexican style food and the only condiment on the table is CATSUP??!!) My wife ordered Cajun pasta. The pasta was rubbery as if it was old. The shrimp had good texture but were as lacking in flavor as my enchiladas were. Anyway, I eat at Chili's in other cities and this wasn't what I was used to or expected.

Jimmy Jacobs

They were overtly worried about ages and I.D.'s. I understand being concerned but geee's.

Xander Felargo

Got the 3 for $10 meal. Mine included a small salad, a Bacon Burger and fries. Everything was good. Enjoyed the fries most of all though. Waiter was nice. I just wish I got more fries.

CarrieRae Duley Brown

The Buffalo Salad is awesome, fixed just right

AJ Wlaschin

Hasn't had very good service the few times we have been to this location.


Food was fast yet so juicy and lots of flavor. Service is the best we have had in a while. Worth driving out there. Never had a bad experience with this place.

Duane Mcguire

It wasn't their finest hour. According to the waitress there were problems in the kitchen and she wasn't handling it well. It took about an hour for our first food to arrive and after asking twice our appetizer arrived about the same time as our dessert. Several tables around us were also experiencing problems. Hopefully your experience will be better.

Maryann Morgan

The place is dirty and the food came out cold. It took around 30 minutes before anyone served us.

Allison Riddles

We attempted to sit at the bar but were rudely kept from sitting by workers and customers who literally took over where we were obviously about to sit down. We were left standing behind the chairs we were literally about to sit in, looking stupid. No one even attempted to help us or rectify the situation. They just stared at us. I think we were treated that way because we looked different than everyone working and eating there. The place smelled awful too. It smelled as if sewage was backing up. We immediately left and will not be coming back.

Kelly Reese

Service was horrible. Asked for queso dip for tortilla chips and received some kind of bean and cheese dip without being asked if that's what I wanted. Had to get up and find my own utensils and ask for drink refills. Also, someone used the gaming console at the table with no knowledge of the $1.99 fee. Will not return to this Chili's.

Maureen T Bergeron

Great service, fresh food. We stop on the road coming and going to the coast. Not crowded. Quick in and out.

Kaite Allred

*UPDATED REVIEW* I changed my rating and I wanted to replace with this- I appreciate highly your management team, Amanda, calling me today to receive feedback and hearing me out. On a Sunday, none the less. It speaks volumes to the attempts that are being made to make this a great place to dine. There will be poor managers in every business and that it was recognized and handled is all any patron can ask of a business. Thank you Amanda for making this right. I am disgusted with Miles your manager. We ordered our food & expected a little wait. Our sons food came out, a pizza within 10-15 min of ordering. I ordered the salmon &asparagus & my husband ordered the smoke house combo. We waited over 40 minutes, our son was done with his food for quite some time by the time my salmon was delivered but my husband still didn’t have his. I went to start eating & noticed, the asparagus was cold,the bottoms not trimmed. They served me warmed whole Spears of asparagus. The salmon was so dry I had to cut it with a knife just to get a piece. At that point, I requested the kitchen manager from our waitress. We waited 10 minutes after she went back to get him & said he’d be out in a few minutes. I had to get out of the booth, walk onto the serving floor just to get him to come out of the office to speak with us. When he came out, I asked him why it took me having to go back to get him, he tells us that the waitress never told him. We know 100% he was lying. our waitress crystal did everything she could to make us comfortable, I would like to know she will not get in trouble for a horrific leader in that location. On top of his dismissive demeanor to your customers, we wanted to pay for the food our son ate and our drinks and he just comped the whole thing in an obvious attempt to get rid of us. So not only did he drive customers away, he decided you didn’t want our money either.

Mitch Daly

Great food and service

Vanor Blake

Food was good fast service. Meal was a little slow to come out. Server was on top of it..lunch special Monday thru Friday ..

Lisa Taylor

Awesome service. Manager was great and very attentive.

Alle Schwartz

Service was friendly - good looked good. All I wanted was the grilled chicken salad. What I was served was literally drowning in salad dressing. Pretty - but unfortunately inedible.

Steven L. Shook Sr.

Great food nice service

Bill Chambers

Excellentay!!! The food was amazing. The service was amazinger, thanks to Payton, our server. Loved it!!! We drove from Cullman, 30 miles, to eat there and it was so worth the trip. I told Payton if someone leaves Chili's hungry, they need to go on a diet. Thank you, Payton. Thank you, cooks, in the back. And thank you, Chili's.

Thrift Addicts & LilRuffRydrz

Food cold service was decent, Manager Name was Miles and he insured that or visit became an outstanding one. He had great attitude and was absolutely wonderful. He needs to be promoted

Teresa Richards

Love the food!

tammy harold

Great customer svc and fiid

Ryen Parker

The worst experience ever at a chili’s. We went on a Friday night at 9 pm. Our table of 6 waited almost 2 hours and never got our appetizers much less the food we ordered. Every single table in the bar section including the bar where people were not sitting was dirty. Who wants to walk into a restaurant and see un bused tables. The servers and bartenders was just standing around talking. We got up to leave and all the server said was sorry I’ll cancel your order. If after 2 hours my food isn’t ready when you aren’t super busy is ridiculous. This place needs to close. I will not be returning. The other table near us server keep disappearing. The man had to go to the bar to get his own drink it just sat there for 15 minute. While the bartender was just walking around talking to other servers.

Christopher Langdon

Good drinks and great service! Friendly staff and good view of games on TVs

michelle landers

Always great food and atmosphere. Could eat here almost daily if I lived closer. Lots of great choices

S Jones

Great experience and food


Service could be better. We went close to closing time so I understand but normally its a great option for our small town.

Chucky Blake

Not enough food

Addison Rowlan

Its ok but there are toilets in the juul room

Michael Peaty

Good place, but got stuck with a bad server. She had big groups all day so when my family of 7 arrived she let us know her disappointment and proceeded to take it out on us. 4 stars for the restaurant and 1 star for her.

o'del Griego

Next time I'll try a burger but everything was good. Cudos to our waitress she was on point with our service.


Really good!! :) slow service when its super busy (understandable) but completely worth the wait for the food and/or drinks

Lexie Cupp

We were driving through town and stopped here. We waited at the front for over 5 minutes without being helped, then once we were sat we waited another 8 minutes to get our drink order. Apparently they were very short staffed, but it was not the restaurant experience we were looking for.

Tammy Mcmillan

Delicious and friendly

brenda jarvis

Staff very professional, attractive, and kind. Food was terrific and arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Great service!

Richelle Rivera

I really love their cajun pasta and chips & salsa. The staffs are really awesome. Thank you so much.

McKinley Shipley

Horrid experience! No greeting when standing there waiting for someone to seat us. When finally seated waitor was horriable!! Would stare at us and not say a word. I ordered a beer that came after all other drinks? Ordered chips and salsa that he forgot about. Seen him take a break to eat while we were waiting for our chips and salsa. Finally came to the table and just sat there so my 15 year old asked if he could get a refill on his water. So they brang back a watered down lemonade. Someone else’s

Marty Boisvert

Menus new food is good

Philip Horvath

Great service. Decent food for the price.

Marc Adiel MENSAH

The chicken was super tender. Loved it. Very nice and friendly staff. Thank you!

marja muhammad

Customer service and food was excellent

Vermeka Seymour

Tyler.......our server provided the BEST SERVICE I have had at a restaurant in a long time!!! The food was good but, my experience with Tyler was 5 star worthy!!!!

Colby Clark

Terrible service... Food was great, but when we asked for more lemons or extra ranch we had to tell our server 3 times before he brought it out to us. I didn't leave a great tip because I felt like we weren't treated very well, and our server literally chased us out of the door saying that he didn't even want it and that was an insult. Yeah well waiting over 10 minutes for a refill was an insult too.

Patricia Stringfellow

chili's has a special place in my heart, forever

Jill Parker

Great food & service.

Givon Wayne Gilliam

We arrived at 12:30 pm during the lunch rush on a Friday. The hostess was very nice and friendly. We got a table and the server immediately took our drink and appetizer order. The food arrived in a timely manner, hot and fresh. The restaurant was clean and up to date. The restrooms were not bad like some other reviews say. I took a few pics of the men's room. I can't say about the other. I like this chilis and would recommend it without hesitation.

David Morgan

Chili's is the slightley better version of Applebees.. Very good ranch i put it on everything. I got the tripple dipper with the southwestern eggrolls, boneless wings and the mini burgers it was fire

Melicia Owens

the customer service is always great when I go to chili's ,we loved our server,he was very friendly and was willing to assist us in everything we needed

Cheryl Ritch

Had the shrimp tacos, they were very good, Nikki was a great server, she had taken very good care of us!

Eric Biro

Love Chili's Grill and Bar. I don't get to eat there enough.

Kim Riley

Good food. Pleasant and attentive staff. Good atmosphere.

Candace Powell

Great food!

Christopher .Jordan

Great place for a quick bite. Very nice service and staff.

Don Payton

Awesome service even when busy!! Chris is the best server and we will be back frequently!!!!!

Drayton Burton

Typical chilli's experience. Rushed staff that act surprised at increased customer volume at lunch time. Undertrained staff... Food was good though.


Great atmosphere delicious food choices.

Nicole Jacobs

Good food. The quesadillas were pretty darn good

Hector U Fuentes

I liked southeast chicken and salad but there are very few selection of draft beer

ema averitt

Food was delicious and service was great

Stephen Seavert

Food was great, service was just OK.

Angela Michelle Craig

Our waiter dipped on us to never return again. Thank goodness for the young ladies on staff who stepped up. They were way more efficient.


Server was very attentive and the food was superb.

Lex Brinkman

Great staff, good food, a normal, enjoyable Chili's

Amanda Warner

The food and drinks were good; I probably wouldn't recommend it to other people though because of the host we had last time we were there. She wasnt pleasant. Our server was wonderful though

Sandy Beasley

Great place and our server was a good one

Ciaran Curry

Took 6 minutes just to get water after about 20 minutes of no service we decided to leave and go to Milo's.

Thomas Simmonds III

Great Place to eat

Thomas Jackman

Great food the waitress Brittney was awesome.Give that girl a raise. She made us feel like family. Thank you.

JoSephine Rumph

This place is nasty. The floor looks like a greasy mess. The ribs must have been boiled. Fries were nasty and cold. Cold slaw was dry. The server was the best thing about the experience. I won't be back! Close the door.

Christel Lee

Service was great. Bar staff (Queen) was wonderful...Management on duty was awesome. He was covering from Gadsden location. The food was great and very fresh.

Lisa Hagle

Im giving it a 5 star for the server..ONLY!!! 21 DIRTY TABLES!!! And the MGR standing at the bar while the host is on his phone... THANK YOU, CHERISH... you were the ONLY bright spot during this visit!!

Dewanda Genous

Enchilada soup is the bomb

Angela Pearson

Great food and service

Carol Kauffman

Great place, fast service .huge burgers, TV's for sports

Jacqueline Libby

Very dirty and unpleasant place to be in. My family and I felt uncomfortable walking in it was so dirty. We ended up leaving and going to Olive Garden next door.

Andrew DiRoma

It's Chili's in a mall never had a problem with the food. Service the bars pretty good. But I have yet been there when they're busy.

Jasmin Herbert

This place is a wreck.The organization and service here are the worst. We got there when it was mostly empty with a party of 8. The hostess and the waitress were confused about arranging the table. The tables did not have silverware or napkins. Once we were seated, we ordered our food and some of the starters came out but not all of them. By time the entrees arrived two people were still missing their starters (chips and salsa). The missing starters showed up after everyone got their food. When it came time for the bill, all of the receipts were wrong. Our receipt was sent back three times before they got it right. Our friends were charged with food they didn't order. During this whole ordeal, the manager (Drea) was nowhere to be found. Don't plan on going back.

Ashley Patterson

Some friends and I went to eat around 10pm. We asked to be moved to a different table that was a little bigger right behind the one we were given and were told that the section was closed ( but had clearly not been cleaned yet). We asked a second employee who then said it would be fine. The waitress was friendly. The food was okay but the drinks were pretty good. The bartender was bringing our drinks instead of our server and I think there was some miscommunication, because we waited some time for our second round.

shannavia williams

Food was good. Dewayne was our server he was attentive and efficient. Will come again

Madline Lassiter

Good service. Good food.

HippyChicClean Boom

The service was top notch! The food was great! It didn't take long to get our food and all the staff was friendly throughout our visit

Stephanie Aguilar

Great service and great food

Richard Griffin

The beers was nice & cold

Charmaine Elmore

I usually have great experiences with this chili's, but last night was horrible. My family and i ordered carryout online, we waited a few minutes after the time they gave us to pick our food up, and still waited over half an hour. The whole point in doing carryout is so we don't have to wait in there for our food. They brought our entrees out. We had to ask them for our soups, dessert, and drinks multiple times before we finally got everything. We only live right around the corner from the restaurant so needless to say since they brought our entrees out first they were cold by the time we got back to the house. They all needed to be warmed up and the margarita chicken was pretty dry. We were very disappointed in the service and our meals last night. And like i said the food is usually amazing and the service is usually really great.

Laura Brown

Food was great. Our sever Tara was awesome.

Chad Graziano

Good service ,fresh food, good drink specials.

Susan Williams

If I could seriously rate this place less than a 1 I would. I work in a resturaunt and this is by far the most DISGUSTING place I have ever walked into. The bathroom smelled terrible and then also smelled as if someone went in behind to mask the smell with a cheap bottle of cinnamon febreeze, which only made the smell more prominent. The bathrooms also looked like that hadn't been cleaned properly in weeks (health department says they should be checked regularly every hour, and i can most definitely say they had not been checked, and had not even been acknlowledged) one of the sinks didn't work, the counter tops hadn't been wiped down, the walls looked like they had dirt all over them. Not to mention there were mop strings stuck under the stalls (clearly whoever mopped wasn't mindful of this, because it's very noticeable when a string gets ripped from a mop.) When I left the bathroom i walked by the kitchen and the expo was a mess, the floor had some kind of white murky liquid just laying out on it, and the manager was standing right in it clearly having no issue with it being disgusting. There was food hanging off the expo, and just gross. Then the hostess (or waitresses i know weeknights are typically slow and dont need a scheduled host) were writing down the race of each guest, which seems irrelevant and offensive in my opinion. I'm usually willing to overlook stupid things like an order being messed up or not being greeted within seconds of me walking in because again, I work in a resturaunt i understand 100% that things like that happen. But this place was nothing shy of disgusting, if they have anything above a 70 on their health score I would be floored. The management here is slacking and clearly something needs to be done to fix this place asap, all the reviews on here speak for themselves. Needless to say, I was so disgusted by the actions of the staff and the conditions of the place that I decided to cut my visit short and left before being seated. Just thought y'all should know this place turns people off.

Corneshia Grant

Slow service, limited staff. The bar tender was taking orders for our food and making drinks. The coleslaw smelled as if it was spoiled and I don't like the fact that I was told I couldn't change my side items on the 2 for $25.

Omarace Radford

Good place to have a nice drink... could offer more variety though!!!

Scott Fillmer

Over the last several years it seems all Chili’s have gone down hill for some reason. This one is one of the remaining ones where the food is consistently hot and decent. This one tends to not have enough people working and usually takes too long. We came in with no host/ess working so a waitress had to seat us while serving like 4-5 other tables and it didn’t improve from there. She was nice the food was served hot and was what I expected but the waitress was way over worked and trying to do way too much, none of which was her fault.

Dennis Walker

Very good food and excellent service

Gloria Trefon

They are sure we had everything. Made sure our drink where full. It's a good place to eat.

Karrie Nedervelt

It is always a breath of fresh air to eat at a restaurant with good service. This restaurant was above and beyond. The server we had was absolutely wonderful and rhe food was cooked perfectly!

Heath Matlock

The absolute worst experience in all my years of life on this planet. I'd give it a negative 5 stars, if possible.

david cordell

Good service great food

Devils Digest

Nice looking restaurant, quality food.

Gary Meeks

Great place for a bite to eat good service and food

Toni Young

Our server was FANTASTIC. I think her name was Esther.

Trina Schmidt

Awesome boneless wings!! Every time

Amber Anderson

I did not know they had a lunch special in Alaska. But my pizza was soggy and my server only came to check on me one time. I will never go back

Johnna Pitts

Good waiter Duane!

David Fisk

Always a great place to relax and eat

Annette Martinson

Bartender was unorganized. Waited for drinks, waited to order. Nachos were disappointing. We usually have a nice time at Chili's.

Kawsski Capers

The waitress was great. Chips half done. And fries waa cold

Cole Hanlon

Wow the employees are actually being very respectful to my raging autistic son Paul. EDIT: Wait, they just kicked us out.

Brenda Barnette

Waited 5 minutes before anyone saw us waiting to be seated then 10 minutes before anyone took our drink order. The food was good but service was not.

Danny white

Worst experience ever! Food wasn't right service was awful! Will not go back!

Kevin Boling

I had a few beers with a friend and watched football. Paige was my bartender and she was fantastic. Was a slow night but she was engaging but not overbearing. She was top notch. I'll be visiting there again.

Matt Brewer

Great Chili's location. Probably a better choice than the adjacent Olive Garden. Definitely a better choice than the local TGI FRIDAYS.

Latesher L Flowers

This was my 2nd time visiting this location and both times were bad. I decided to give them a second chance since it was convenient to my location. However, the waiter was very, very slow and seemed to forget EVERYTHING. I asked for a water and even when I got ready to leave, I was still waiting on that water. My food wasn't even room temp and my chicken was COLD... sitting on a bed of barely warm potatoes was a chicken that was warm on top and cold at the bottom.

LeeAnna Bohnert

Great food, fast service, waitress was very nice and the price was just right! One of our favorite restaurants!

Alta Svoboda

Chili's is and has always been a favorite place of mine. The service was great tonight after I finally sat down (in the bar area). This was after a 15 minute wait in a time when they weren't busy. I believe this Chili's is lacking some supervisory discipline. I'm not sure what was going on. The food was great as always. I believe the service on the floor might have been as slow as getting seated (short handed maybe?). I'm not sure, but something was missing tonight from this Chill's. I will go back a review and to see if this was just a problem on this Sunday.

Sylvia Compton

Oh it's been too long since last visit. Way too long. I loved it. Thank you. It was a special day for me, my birthday the big 70.

Anastasia Jackson

Hot foods. Love the Rasberry Sweet Tea!

John Smith

I had the Chicken Fijita $8 lunch special. It was quite good.

Amber Gilley

We waited 15 minutes to be sat which is not a problem. Then after five minutes another table next to us was sat. The host then took their drink order and didn't even look our way. I had to get up and ask the host to take our drink order and for the kid menus. After another five minutes he finally took the order. Then it was another ten minutes before we saw our waitress. She was great. Unfortunately it took thirty minutes for half our food to arrive and ten more for before we got the other half. The food wasn't very good. It was not busy at all. If I ever go to a Chili's again it will be too soon.

Archie Lockley

I love the service and food

Debra Shadle

Service was excellent food was good we had the ribs with the original BBQ sauce and they were delicious.

Cindy Richards

Food was not up to par. Waiter tho was great


Chili's offers a few standout dishes,like the Chips and Salsa, the Baby Back Ribs, and the Southwest Eggrolls among a few others, but for the most part it's nothing special. There also was a roach crawling up my girlfriend's seat that I had to smash. When I mentioned it to a waitress, they just laughed.

Antone Johnson

Great food with service


To be honest, chilis to me seems like applebees with a Mexican food twist.

James Cowen

Always loved this place, good food and GREAT service!

Greg Craven

Terrible nobody taking orders. Left and Steve somewhere else

Dan Stone

After eating my slightly undercooked (not enough to complain but undercooked all the same) burger, I patiently waited (10 minutes) for my cheesecake, which surely couldn't be messed up. Was told when finally given cheesecake I was told it's still "slightly" frozen. It was frozen solid. This has been only one of several bad experiences at this restaurant, it is also the last one.

curtina chillous

The server was very slow , never gave refills , dirty silverware . Waited 20 mins on sour cream . I asked for my food a certain way , still was wrong , manager didn’t offer any comp to our bill . Only just re made it , I took it to go instead of eating my food here which is what I wanted to do . Service was not up to part something needs to be done. If I haven’t looked at my food I could have died.

Beth Hooper

Horrible service again. We stopped dinning in due to bad service and extreme wait time. Then we started ordering carry out most of the time it was a pleasant experience but tonight waited almost an hour. My 16 year old daughter went to pick it up she doesn't know what what to do or what to ask when placed in a situation like this so I called and questioned and the young lady who originally took my order started laughing I gave up all hope.

Hannibal Martine

Moderately priced lunch menu ... not too busy . Sat at the bar and our bartender was pretty rude

Brice Wilbanks

Good service and food. Lunch combos are reasonable prices. Definitely go with loaded potato soup. Very delicious. The sliders were mediocre at best. Fries were primo. Has a fantastic waitress named Nicole. Definitely made the lunch with her kindness and fun nature. Music was a little loud. Restraint layout was quite good and design was on point. Overall good experience.

Melinda McAlpine

Friendly service, food prepared perfectly.

Nancy Hall

Do not use this location near Wildwood Pky. Horrible service. Microwaved food (was actually told this by waitress). Worst dining experience I have ever had.

jakourtney lee

The worst service ever this is my second time being here within in a month and I don’t know her name I just know she has purple hair now both times she has been a horrible server both times she was extremely rude constantly forgot orders brought drinks out later they were watered down when we got them..... entire experience just horrible


doesn't serve streamers, they really don't know customer service!

Carlos Thomas

A friendly environment, as soon as you walk in you feel welcomed. From the Hosts to the servers, to the management. You can't go wrong, feels like home. P.S. The food is finger licking good!

Carrie Hicks

Chili's was one of our favorites in CA but the food was substandard and underpar. We do not plan to p a patronize this Chantilly restaurant again.

John Howell

Fantastic food, decently priced and a clean positive environment. They're margarita mixes a really good, and the gets put to you pretty fast. Good to go for a couple date, a group or for family.

Linda Malutin

Rude customer service... Have been going there for a long time. Yesterday we were treated very poorly. Enough to get up and walk out.

Amber Robinson

The best and fastest Chili's service I've ever had. The entire visit lasted less than 45 minutes and we had appetizers in addition to our meal. Perfect!

Amy Gilmore

The hostess (older woman) is AMAZING!!!! She loves seeing people happy. Walks with a smile and bounce in her step.. She takes initiative and keeps busy. Helping the servers and no task is beneath her... Outstanding employee! Refreshing!

Audra Browning

Nasty, nasty,nasty. That's the nastiest store I've ever been in. The restrooms are filthy, my arms stuck to the table and the last time we were there there were bugs crawling on the table. I will Never go back!

Chelsea Jeffries

The food was great restaurant was clean but our waitress sucked

Stephanie Klinger

It wasn't good at all . I'll never go back the bill was 60 HORRIBLE FOOD

Stephanie Newman

Great food and Service. I and my husband love to go for lunch. It's always good food. The lunch fajitas

Jeremy Lawson

Worse service I’ve ever had in a place for two weeks straight. I tried it the first week and they got not order wrong then and took an hour to get ticket. The next week took over a hour to even get food that we ordered. I do not recommend this place to anyone.

Tammarra T.

My kids love Chili's. The twins get the grill cheese and pizza from the kids menu and they split it. That allows them to have both items. My other kids enjoy the bacon burgers and buffalo chicken strips. Everyone is always satisfied.

Linda Friend

I had the chicken casidea it was ok. But the CHEESE BERGERS are the best thing on the menu

Papa Drow

Great food never disappoints


I am a Chilli's fan! However, today it was bad. Our server was slow, disappeared alot and didn't bring out our food until I asked for a manager. At that point my boys had already eaten most of their food. The manager came over and hadnout food remade but got my Husband's food incorrect. The floors were dirty and most of the Staff was in the kitchen standing around. Idk, made we went on the wrong day but it was terrible.

Shawn Dean

Just terrible, worse Chili's I've ever been too. Service was terrible, my tacos were served to me cold and I didn't get the beans that was part of the meal. I would stay clear of this one.

E Smith

Amazing service & food

George Constantino

It’s nice to slip into a comfortable sports bar while family and friends are shopping. I also liked the high rise booths and tables. The service was quick & friendly and the draft beer ice cold. All in all a pod experience.

Nicolaas Staalberg

Busy when I visited, but staff was very friendly and attentive.

Gary Ewing

I've eaten at Chili's from Florida to Georgia and North Carolina. But the one in Montgomery Alabama is the BEST I'VE EATEN !!

Janna English

The only reason I gave 2 stars was because the food was pretty good. However, the service was terrible. We waited for a half hour just for 3 to-go boxes and our dessert. I can see why they weren't busy for a Friday night.

Edna Nettles

We were told we would have a 1 hour wait, but it turned out to be minutes, food was great..

bernard rollins

Good food good management show return again

Shameless Williams

I cannot remember the name of this desert... but OMG. I want more... so much goodness. My baby and husband loved it

Samuel Saxon

Our go to place while traveling we usually sit at the bar service is eager to please and good , food is consistent ly good , highly recommend !

Travis McNeeley

Good place for drinks

Lisa Kent

I believe "Tex Mex" is not an accurate description this restaurant. Right now they are offering a 3 for 10 deal, it will include a drink, appetizer and your entree , super good deal. So I got a 6 ounce sirloin steak, corn on the cob ,mashed potatoes, bread, drink and your choice of appetizer!

thott breakerz

Very good as usual! The service was great and lots of TVs for sports watchers.

Melissa Cookie

Ordered my order to go and watched it sit on the counter for about 20 minutes and they were not even busy. I usually have something positive to say but I'm literally shaking my head please chilis work on it, I still believe in you.

Lauren Carson

Was charged for food the waitress brought to us on mistake then had to pay for what I ordered as a side when it was supposed to come with the meal. The food was eh .

Rudy Kunishige

It was good food. Got the spicy shrimp tacos. Took awhile to get my food but still good service

Carolyn Sanders

Super great food, prices are not bad either.

Sherri Sullivan

We go here every often on Sundays after Church and the service is always great and they are always very friendly!!!

Lisa Perry

Service was great! THE server was very kind & helpful when I asked HER about a dish. Clean environment. Food WAS great! THE chicken enchilada soup was GREAT! NOT TO SPICY I HAD THE 2 FOR 8 I HAD THE CHICKEN MEXI BOWL WITH IT ! YUMMY! ALSO THE CHEDDAR BITES ARE A MUST!


Friendly staff, decent atmosphere, food rather tasteless and lean to junk food in nutrition value.

Katelyn Huber

Service was terrible. We were sat right away but it took 15-20 minutes for our server to get here to take our drink order. It took another 15 minutes to receive a sweet tea but 20 additional minutes to receive a beer and margarita. It also doesn’t help when our waitress is whispering and we can’t hear her. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. Side note: there are not very many customers here either. My estimate would be 20

Sonia Adhikari

Great food and service

Bob Bobby

Rude customer service. Went to pick up my food from the bartender and she had attitude, tossed the pen rudely in front of me to sign the receipt, and tossed my food on the counter (my chili spilled in the bag). I understand people have bad days!! But everytime i come to this place this girl ALWAYS HAVING A BAD DAY. teach your employees basic customer service skills. please.

Kenny Fields

Wonderful Food and Service

Jessica maples

Consistently good and always friendly service

Keith Foster

Always a Great place to eat!

Anita Mckenzie

Great food very good service .will come back again I did go back 2 days later.

colin harrington

Always good food an amazing fast service I especially enjoyed the chips and salsa.

Tara Spears

Our waitress was really nice and she checked on our table frequently

Joshua Degenstein

Odd bunch, but the service and food were amazing!! We had a great time and we were thoroughly entertained!

Elaine Bell

Restaurant was not clean. Had to ask for the bench seat to be wiped before I could sit down. The hostess wiped it with a wet rag. I had to ask to be seated in another booth so I wouldn't have to sit on a wet seat. The seat also had a large tear in it. The next booth also had torilla chip crumbs in the seat! Later, as we were eating, a waitress was sweeping nearby. She used the broom to sweep off the seats. This was during the slow time of the day.

Vanessa Glady

We stopped at the Chili's for a late lunch and found the staff to be very friendly. We received our drinks very quickly and the delivery of the food was amazingly quick as well! Neither of us could finish our meals and took the rest home for dinner. The restaurant was very clean! I definitely would return here the next time I'm in Payson.

Rich Matlock

Walter (our server) was awesome.

Melissa Burrell

Its ok not the best service

Jodee Kuzakin

Took 45 mins after we ordered to get our meals and it wasn't even busy/crowded. Plus they changed their menu, limited selection

Tony Albano

Was good when I went last month but today my to go order was garbage. Wrong salad, burger under done and thrown together like they were tossing it across the kitchen to make it and even though it was pickled up 7 minutes early it was stone cold when I got home. If they fix their problems I will come back but till they do I'll go to McDonald's, it's not a surprise when they screw up an order.

nope nope

Terrible service and terrible food. Would leave less than a one star if I could. Waited a long time, then had to send food back because it wasnt even room temperature. Should've just went to the Wendy's next door. Much better food and quicker too.

Linda Laramie

This was a birthday celebration! We went during lunch time and managed to be seated immediately. We ordered the get 3 for $10. special. It came quickly, and while the server managed to do a few alterations in our order, it was served hot and correctly and it was delicious! Of course they brought out a delicious birthday dessert, with several spoons, it really topped off the meal. I would definitely return to Chili's again!

Dallas Jones

My twin brother and his girl friend took me there for lunch I had the Caribbean salad and it was great

mary davis

Service was good enjoyed my

Teresa Andrews-Curtin

Very sweet very new waitress got everything right. Husband and I both had half slab of ribs. Disappointed in the size and lack of tenderness. Son's burger was excellent. The staff sang for my husband's birthday. Gave him a free scoop of ice cream. Everything was good except what we came to eat-ribs. Hoping it was a fluke.

Trevor Conger

Terrible service. CX IN THE CHAT

Rachel Locke

Came into town to meet a friend & ended up having to wait on them much longer than expected. Kiana, the bartender, provided excellent service during the 4hrs I was there. Super sweet, held by purse behind the bar when I stepped outside a few times to smoke, made sure my drink was refilled. Food was excellent, came out quick, very tasty :) All the staff was friendly & helpful. They took great care of me.

James Pittman

Really love the friendly service! Enjoy a bowl of their loaded potato soup & try the Triple Dipper appetizer!

Zavier De'Sine

It seems like Chill's has lost it's competitive edge and is trying to compete on price. I can eat there for less than McDonalds and unfortunately about the same quality of food. The staff is usually good, the bar area is clean and staffed well but I don't drink so that doesn't help a lot.

Tre Morning

Food was great. Service was good.

Marjorie Connell

Good place to eat lunch while out and about shopping...

Marroni Blue

I love Chili's but this experience wasn't great nor good. The waitress seem spaced out barely came to the table. We had to ask her to clear the table of some dishes. Overall, if you go to the location off of Eastchase Pkwy I don't recommend the older caucasian lady as a waitress.

Estrella Vargas

I love margaritas here! Plus food u wonderful. Great customer service!

Lynn Caddell

If i could give zero stars i would!! We called and asked for wait time for a party of 20. They said 30 mins. We get there and now its an hour. Well an hour and half later still no table (they werent busy) then they asked could they split us up. We said yes and still nothing. No communication period We left!!!


So many issues. First, the ribs were tough. Yes, that's what I said. How can that be? Unknown. Next, the service was poor. I was rushed by the server, and when she decided I needed to leave, she stopped refilling my tea. She pointed at the box, and said, "to pay". Then the pay box wouldn't take my gift card. The red light on top lit up, and I watched for her to come help. I tried several more times. Apparently I was undeserving. Those are, of course, the main issues. Now the issues I would not bring up if the food and service weren't poor: the restaurant was so cold that I was uncomfortable, even with my coat on. There were only 2 handicapped spaces for both Chili's and Olive Garden. Two. The rain meant there were no close spaces for any other mobility impaired persons. They were seating people as close to the door as possible. With many, many seats available, they made us sit in tight groups, near the bar, by the door, with lots of foot traffic. All in all, I felt like we were not valued as customers and were served bad food. Oh, and I asked for a comment card, and the hostess said she didn't know if they have any. So here you are, owner. I would have liked to talk to you privately to resolve issues rather than just gripe. But one good thing: the place was clean.

R Sanchez

collusion with ADOT to ruin 87 on NYE 2018. Screwed people from getting home all so these payson places could make some money off of our hard earned dollars We all got screwed guys Never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I couldn’t see it



Natalie Nicole

All of our food has issues when it arrived to the table. My husband's steak was undercooked. My son's chicken tenders were cold and his corn had a bug on it. My food was like warm. The waitresses forgot our queso dip then when she did finally bring it she brought the wrong kind. We were overcharged for items we did not order. I tried to get my husband to demand a refund for the meal since there were so many issues. He and I solely decided to not return to this establishment. I am highly upset about the wait to receive our meals, the temperature/quality of the food, and the customer service. It was not a pleasant experience for our family night out.

Larry Apalatea

Service was exceptional today the waitress refilled our drinks before we even asked. Checked on our table frequently to see how we were doing. Food as always was hot and delicious. Enjoyed the visit today. Definitely will be going back and will be recommending Chili's to all.

Muad's S550

Can never go wrong with steak fajitas. I was there with a few friends. We all were happy with food and service

Akeisha Arnold

Food quality has been good the last few times i went but most of all its a good time. Also the baby back ribs are horrible. I stay on the texmex side of their menu and it does disappoint.

Craig Kingsbury

Food ok prices bit high

Tracy Andrews

The food was Great and Fresh.The kids games were very reasonable.Our server was talkative and friendly.However the server forgot to put our food order into the system.We had to wait an Extremely long period of time. The spinach queso dip was delicious.The sliders were GREAT.The Buffalo wings were Tasty.My son loved his kid's meal.Other than being forgot we actually enjoyed the meal.

Marsha Grooms

The Waiters were very nice and friendly, the food was AWESOME!!!!! Thank You So Much.

main man

Food was excellent. Chose the three for ten deal. Not disappointed. Our service was excellent. I would recommend that you ask for Tabitha.

David Grant

Super service and great food.

Jessica B

It took an hour and a half for our food, there were flakes of metal or paint in the ice cubes, and I could count on one hand the number of times we spoke to a server. The food itself was okay in taste but not good enough to account for the price. It was pretty much exactly what one can expect from a Chili's, so no surprise and no desire to return any time soon.

Chris Holland

Not even a good airport restaurant let alone a mall one. Service is really slow, don't plan on going there unless you have two hours to kill.

Sujey Munoz

Great food, great prices, friendly Staff!



jay gilbert

This was LITERALLY the worst restaurant experience I have ever had! The service was terrible, after ordering our drinks (sweet tea) we had to wait 10-15 in between refills. The appetizer didn’t come out until 30 minutes after we ordered it. Our server Keandra only vistited us every 10 minutes ( she blew me off twice while I was trying to get her attention!). Finally after getting our meals my fajitas were burnt and my wife’s meal was cold. The children were so hungry from the waiting that they didn’t care what temperature their food was. We had a 2 for $25 meal that the manager Mike tried to charge me $27.19 for AFTER removing my meal from the ticket??? The dessert was a cookie with ice cream, needless to say they didn’t have any ice cream! Do I need to say any more? I will NEVER recommended anyone visit this place!


My ribs were a bit dry even though others were juicy. Though the flavor was good. Service was a bit slow. And we had a big party. Plus a waitress was training. Now I give it a 3.5 stars. Due to the fact we had kids and they made sure their drinks we full and their food came before ours

Janae Lacy

It's always good when I go here food is Always hot and on time

Seth Rodman

Brisket was sliced like bacon and absolutely disgusting, Food was cold Messed up my wife's steak didn't appreciate the gentleman kneeling down on our table with his face on it demanding my wife to check her replacement steak very unpleasant experience. Onion blossom woss gross after having to wait longer after our food was already there only good thing they had going for them was my wife's drink.the Jameson, tequila drink tasted like a margarita with out Jameson whiskey won't ever be back...this was our 5th anniversary dinner and regret going to Chili's. The server was amazing. Great service by the hostess as well

Jen Hubbard

Had to take food back 3 times bc I was missing food or it wasnt right order or it wasnt cooked properly. I'm not a picky person. The manager was very unprofessional and the bathrooms were horrid. Not clean at all. If bathrooms looked that way I can only imagine how kitchen looks...


I couldn’t see it


Bartender was very friendly and knowledgable of the menu and drink specials

Christopher Collins

The food is delicious, the price is right. The staff are awesome! The margaritas are flowin!' Worth it. #Iwantmybabybackbabybackbabyback

Steven Huxford

Great food and one of the few resteraunts available

Randi Vincitore

My husband and I went here today (3-1-2019) after I had a dr appointment. We sat for 20 minutes.....our drink order had not been taken, and we watched 2 other tables that were seated after us get waited on. We walked out of the restaurant and won’t be going back any time soon.

Bill Marrs

No stars from this site grandson grill cheese came out 30 minutes after we were seated my wife steak came to table 25 minutes after his then another 25 minutes later my chicken shrimp came to table. For the last two months this site is terrible, and my family loves chili's. 4 trips in two months and nothing better. We were a every week dinner , I think no more at fultondale alabama

Miss Lan Pretty

The atmosphere was great. The food was good. The fried pickles were not the best because the crust was thin and not seasoned. The server was good.

Sarah Corneilla

Great food service

Kristy Almon

It's not the same anymore. The service wasn't any good and the food was just gross. I left there disappointed!

Kaleb Deedrick

Had the boss burger. Was very good. Lots of meat to satisfy the soul. Our server was very nice always kept our water full and earned her tips. She was willing to answer any questions we had in a speedy manner. Only flaw was that the silverware was very nasty. Looked like it had been run through a dirty dish machine with old water. Had white water Mark's on it. Waitress apologized and took care of it quickly.

Valerie Loving

Good food! Steak and shrimp....great service!

David Pearce

Great food and fast service

Paul Tsuchikage

This service is great fool is amazing and the time you spend there is worthwhile

Miss Sherry

Good service! albeit a bit delayed with our desert. Our server was excellent and was very attentive.

M Tauf

Service was really good and helpful. Food was OK the southwestern burger was really greasy. The fries were ok.

Anthony Cornelius

I've always enjoyed eating at this particular Chili's. My daughter loves it so much that she wanted to have her birthday party here LOL. They were very nice and accommodated her.

Greg Ray

This Chili's

Spenser Thompson

Has great food and a good atmosphere.


Great food & service but need more booths.

Rusty Hudson

Poor food, poor quality of Facilities, good service

Eddie Edwards

Can they're just to get something quick to eat with a friend. Food came out and was good. The drinks were good. Everything was fine until we saw a roach over by the ice cooler in the bar area. Then it was time to leave. I notified the bartender and we were gone he said it wasn't the first time. And that hopefully the manager or owner will do something about it. Pay attention to your food if you're going to this location here in Montgomery Alabama.

Katrina Hurd

The food is consistently disappointing. How do you make corn on the cob taste bad? I don't know, but they succeeded.

Kimberly Harmon Miss Kim as Aretha

Orderef curbside. the orders of taking 20 minutes to be cooked and delivered the order took over 40 minutes to be cooked and delivered my daughter ended up late for work. The manager came out not seeming to be very bothered by the situation and gave 50% off for the order. However an employee there took great care of us. Had it not been for him we probably never even would have been seen outside waiting. I think his name was John.

Marygrace Booth

We are from Phoenix and went in for lunch on 9/12/19. Our waitress Nicki who was also bartender it appeared...was outstanding she was a one woman show waiting tables bar patrons and main dining room as well I even joked asking if she worked at the restaurant next door. She was very attentive made time to ask us how our meal was and gave recommendations We normally do not go to chain restaurants but it was convenient and we're glad we did we were very impressed! Thank you Nicki...hope I'm spelling your name right

Frederick Graham

Stop in and try a 3 for 10 or 2 can dine for 25..

Warren Davison

Great food great experience.. waitresses are always polite and hooking me up.

Marcy f

Yummy big mouth bites! You cant go wrong with the chips and salsa either!

Jennifer LaBadie

Worst menu selection in the history of

Mike Scherback

Great service and food!

Justin Fountain

Worst location by far. Food was wrong and undercooked. Server never brought refills, and after she brought the food never even came back to the table. You have to pay on the ziosk machine, good thing its there because she never came back. Don’t go to this one!

Tom M

Good service, decent food.

Daequan Whaley

Tasty Food. Returning Customer Forsure.

Ronnie Woodard

The taste of the food is not good!! Need better chefs!!

Justin Quinn

Great service and the food was good.

Yolanda Lee

Took my nephew for lunch & spent money on food that could have been a lot better. Fajita meat was not all cooked fully & never enough tortillas

d wray

Clean great food great staff

David Sneed

Great wait at all this trip. The menu is very extensive so making a choice was difficult. Choose a Sante Fe burger. wow!!! It was fantastic.. the bottomless tortilla chips and salsa are the way to go for an appetizer that will never run low.

David Pestrikoff

Liked Chili's restaurant very much, food ordered is memorable.

Shelly Rumore

Great hostess & serving staff

Mark Kim

Ran over a tire and sat through traffic to come here. Not disappointed

Emily Oswalt

I used to eat here every week until I moved. I go back as often as possible. We really need one in Prattville. It's a chill atmosphere with good food and music. The staff is nice.

Kara Solsvig

Yatnna was amazing. We the best service that any of us have ever had at any restaurant. She brought refills on soda way before we had to ask for them and checked on us regularly. Thank you, Yatnna for everything. Next time we come back, we will be requesting your section.

Alisa Gordon

GREAT SERVICE!GREAT VALUE!We sat in the lounge area on a Friday night, got the 3 for ten bucks .. big bowl of soup and cajun chicken pasta ..tasty and have plenty to take home! Drinks were filled and we were checked on frequently! Great job to the staff!Thank you Lacey and Don for the amazing prompt service..We will be back!

pNathan Brewer

Great place for the family, clean and the staff was very friendly. Food was good.

kiran Yeruva

Worst dinner we had (05/15) utmost disappointment bday dinner.. rice is burnt out not even properly cooked. Server was too busy with too many tables... STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE... I wish google will allow for zero starts


Great food great drinks got service fast

Rugaya Aljalal

The food is kind of bland. The workers are nice but will forget about you. I don't mind because the restaurant tends to be packed around dinner time and there's a lot going on. I would rate it higher if the food was better especially for the price.

Marsha Riley

Great fast service.. friendly & know when to assure we filled to kindly ask if we need more


The waiter Tyler went above and beyond. The dinners served were good 1/4. The waiter made the experience salvageable.

Mark Kilmer

The food was tasty but I ordered chicken nachos and counted exactly 12 chips on the plate each covered with toppings. The ratio was a bit off...


They kicked out my autistic son for making rapid arm movements and apparently scaring other customers, 1 star.


The veggie fajitas are just delicious perfect for vegetarians

rhonda temple

I was recently there and left a 30 % cash tip because I had such good service. When the charge cane out of my checking acct, someone had written in an additional 5$ tip on to my debit card. When I called the manager he said he would put the 5$ back on my acct, but it never happened. Always watch your receipts!

Michael Brown

We really like their burgers and ribs. The staff is very friendly and attentive.

Terri Ingram

NOT GOOD SERVICE!!! Came in at 3:00 in the afternoon. Another party came in behind us. We were seated first and was told she would be right back. She seated the 2 ladies behind us and went to their table twice and NEVER came back to us. WE LEFT and do not plan on returning!!!

Martin Moody

Good food, terrible service. Waited 35 minutes last night before the bar tender even bothered to ask if I wanted something to eat.

Wanda Johnson

Quick, great food! Friendly server. Everything a person could want in a restaurant.

Kris Bollingmo

Tough to beat. Food, service, cleanliness, prices... All good


Had the Nachos with the Steak as a meat, very chewy and not that great. The cheese tasted like government cheese and phony. The Boss Burger wasn’t that great either actually, just was super greasy and piled with low grade meats. The waitress was really kind though so I left her a tip. Will not return there again.

kia gaffney

Much better than I remembered.

patrick thomas

Grabbed a quick lunch in the bar area..decent food and service

Phyllis Swain

Never had such a BAD experience at any restaurant.Watched a manager jump on a customer. The manager should be fired immediately. All of this with families with children looking on. I am 65 and had to take a nitro pill for my heart. Terrible .

Jason Pollock

Nice people, okay food... Chili's

Jessie Olcott

The service was good for how busy they were however we got the brisket and it was two tiny pieces

Tommy Ruppert

It was packed on a Sunday but they got us seated, waitress was on the ball, & food was good!

Belinda Madden'm

They were slow. Food wasn't hot when we hot.

Ginger Hutcherson

We've been here before and really liked it but today the service wasn't so great. We have the sandwich that we always like but today the pork tasted like leftovers.

Qushondra Bass

Our service was HORRIBLE! The bar tender could not make drinks and take care of customers at the same time. I placed an order and he did not put in the order until twenty minutes later and I only ordered a soup. He would forget we were there and start doing a different task. He was not rude, but he was unable to multitask. I will not be returning!

Kameka Hagler

The worst service we had and have eaten her sect times

June Bennett

Terrible service! It took forever to get a waitress to the table to take our order. Waited an hour for our food that never came. We left and will not go back.

Brady Kuenning

Love the home made chips.

Sean Hale

The fajita trio is excellent

Jesus Alvarez

Don't bother with the wings. They claimed they had been tossed in Buffalo sauce but they were very dry. Had to get extra sauce and it was pretty flavorless.

Becki Griffin

The Babyback Ribs are so very good.

Kathy Hammock

Nicest waitress ever and food was good and hot.

Susie McClendon

Horrid. I would give zero stars if possible. Terrible place, food and management. I will NEVER return.

A Andrews

The service was quick, friendly and thorough. Our food was good with the exception of the corn being topped with TOO MUCH extra stuff. I liked it better the way the used to make it. But overall it was good.

Cabiria Taylor

Food was cold order was wrong server taking breaks tables waiting on food never again.

billion questions

You really have to know what you want to eat. Otherwise you might not like the food.

Shannon Harris

Greatest steak fajitas on the planet Ask for Paris for your service.

Jake Jarvis

Good food and good service.

Carrie English

Always a great time with friends and the fajitas are amazing!!

Jim Davis

Always excellent..great food and service

Anthony Kennedy

Quick to get you refills. Food was good

Becky Woodman

Awful service. Waited 15 minutes for drinks, another 15 minutes to order and 45 minutes to get food. Won't be going back. Manager stood around doing absolutely nothing.

Rich Bailey

Very Nice Atmosphere. ..Great Food

Shane Clark

The two times I have visited this Chili's have both been negative. The first time, the place was basically empty, and they sat us at a very hot table near a sunny window. We asked to be seated anywhere else, and they refused. Therefore we left. The second time, the hostess told us the wait time, and did not care if we stayed or left. So we left. I do not recommend this restaurant.

Lanika Smith

Waitress was good.. Service was bad. Had to wait almost 1 1/2 hr on food. Food was cold when they finally brought it. Manager gave us a 50% discount.. Kudos.. But won't t be going back to Futondale Chili's.

Cassie Roley

Horrible and rude service there today. The food wasn’t great either.

jackie reinstedler

Fantastic server!! Great food

James Henley

Great service on this visit and the food was amazing. I've only eaten here once, and will more than likely come back.

VeVe the SouthernSweetie

It was not busy at all there were only 3 other people in our section and 2 servers working. Usually I have a pretty decent experience here but the last two times with these new servers have been horrible. It took almost 10 minutes for us to be greeted and our drink orders taken. Once our order was taken we were told they were out of lemon, lime, and orange slices. After our drink order was taken i walked out to the car to grab my phone and saw our server standing outside on the phone and smoking a cigarette. Needless to say we left!

Josh W

Found a hair inside the cheese cake baked in still haven’t heard back from management hopefully they pulled the ones associated with the one we got

Curtis Hall

Fajitas were great! All trimmings provided. Food was hot. Waitress helpful & friendly. Hostess unfriendly. Got an attitude when we asked for bigger table instead of the 2x2 she picked out. The experience was great outside of that. We would definitely go back !

David McCormick

The service is a little slow sometimes, but it's been better the last couple of times I've been there. The food is typical quality for a Chili's

Juliette S

Great food and great customer service.

John Vincent

Excellent great service.

Rosetta Cubb

Great food..everywhere.... I must say this I was in Birmingham Alabama on this past Sunday and there was a young lady that worked in the kitchen with her boyfriend I'm assuming and they had a situation that took place there were several servers and managers walks out and they were backed up people are walking out and all of that this young lady took it upon herself to come out and help and assist and I only did we get our food piping hot but it was delicious and she had great personality and a great attitude and she began to help other tables trying to keep that money coming through the door and offering that great customer service I like her alot we were near the Hilton in I believe which Chili's was just around the corner from there.... She said that her desire in the future was to have her own restaurant in or a club as a business personally she's an asset to the company if you ask me

maurisha ross

I ordered curb side. Asked to substitute ranch for sour cream and was told I would be charged to substitute. The person who brought my food actually switched it but my food was in the box as if they shook the whole box up to scramble it. Sauce from chicken crisper all on egg rolls and getting soggy. They were rude and its unacceptable. Not to mention it took 20 minutes for my curbside prepaid order to even come out.

Don Krupski

Disappointed with the smokehouse combo meal, that was not a brisket portion, hardly two bites, very dry. Not certain what they were doing with the corn, it was boiled most likely and put briefly on the grill, soggy and the sauce and cilantro was a bit much. Overall food tasted like it was done the day before. Appetizer and drinks were the best part of the meal, which is sad. Will not be back. Server was good but unresponsive to our complaint on the food.

Rodney Baker

Good food, courteous staff, and good lunch prices.

James Rollins

Good food great prices

Alicia Brown

Great food and service

Bradley Payne

The food was really good. I had a chicken finger platter that was loaded with fries and corn on the cob. It also came with a side salad. The service was slow, which was frustrating seeing that the restaurant wasn't busy in the least. I'll probably give them a second chance.

Nae Huffman

The fajitas were really good!

Patricia Barnes

I ordered the bacon burger and my daughter had the chicken pasta and they both was very good.

Jermaine Haggard


Tina Porter

The food was fresh and hot. Shan was an excellent waitress. The worse experience I had was when the back of the house was loud. They were yelling so loud I heard their whole conversation. I was looking around for management to see if he/she would correct this but no. There was no action taken at all. It's sad because this was my first visit at any Chilli's and sadly this is my last. I hate Montgomery only has one.

Isaac Ralston

Food was terrific and the service was outstanding! It was a wonderful way to end a long day of travel.

kelley johnson

We ordered food, and use their curbside pickup option. I was pretty surprised at how smoothly the transaction went. I ordered and paid for the food online, drove to Chili's, texted them the word here, and within one or two minutes, there was a girl at my door with my food and drink! It's a smooth system and I'll use it again!

Randal O'Neill

Got a to go order on Friday. Got the same exact to go order on Wednesday and the price was different . Showed manager the price on the phone app she said no that’s not our price when it’s clearly on the phone app didn’t take a second look just said nope that’s Not what we charge and I told her I didn’t pay this on Friday she just said sorry. I won’t be back.

Marvin Bartchlett

Great place, great atmosphere great people

Mohit Sehgal

There were seats available, still was told to wait for 15 minutes. Then after we sat down, didnt see our server at all. After about 30 minutes of waiting for server, we decided to leave. In between 1 of the servers tried getting attention of our server but I guess the server didn't care

Justin Skinner

Service was quick. It seemed like they were trying to turn the table quick even though they weren't busy. We came for a weekday lunch. They have great lunch prices.

mel boor

Good food, good scenery

Johnny Rotten

Ruby our server was wonderful and my steak was just like I thought it would be!

Will Johnson

Great food and timely service loved the waitress

Paul Cruz

Food is good not the service

Sweet Pea

Delicious food, great service. We really liked it here! We came from Overgaard to eat here and it was worth it

Hagen Shelton

Drinks tasted funny, food was cold, service was bad. Do not recommend.


Steak was rubbery and tasted like bacon and the rest of the food was also a disappointment. Might have been an off night but I want be returning to this chilis location.

R Sims

Great atmosphere and attentive staff

Luke Andrews

This Chili's has always been very busy every time that I have been there, but they have always gotten me seated very quickly. I was there on Sunday afternoon when they only had one table open, they got me seated, my food and appetizer out to me all in at most 30 minutes. Waiters and waitresses were very friendly and quick at getting us our food.

LaTarus Humphries

Great experience at chillis tonight. The server Walter did a great job, very attentive and made us feel welcomed. Food and drinks were delicious.

gamer 2020

Good food and everything except the chicken it taste kind of weird But otherwise good service.

Karin Neal

Terrible place, the health department really needs to be called. Dirty dishes and cold food

sth 829

Took 30 minutes for a carside order, 30 minutes after the suggested pickup time. The restaurant wasn’t even busy. I called inside to tell them I was waiting outside, nobody brought my order. Then had to go in to receive the order, completely negating the whole point of a curbside service in the first place.

John Keebler

3/29/19 Tonight me and my friend had 2 for $25.00 dinners. We both had salads which our waitress Nicki made for us they were delicious. My friend ordered the Ribs wirh fries and cole slaw and I had the 6oz Sirloin steak with loaded mash potatoes and broccoli. We both enjoyed our meals. Then came the included desert, we chose the cheese cake with raspberry sauce to share. We both enjoyed it very much. Good job Chili's. Thanks... Blessings, John

Stephanie Pace

The food was awesome as usual. The waitresses were friendly. Will definitely eat here again.

Pete Sandifer

Service slow. Seemed overwhelmed. Daughter sick next day. Claimed maybe the shrimp. ..

Renee Brown

Food was good the service was ok ..It was kinda late so I guess the staff was winding down for the night. I always go here for lunch and the food is a 5 star at lunch time always hot

Ora Davis

Everything was wonderful, the service was the best

Ahmed Badri

Delicious food as always. And very friendly staff.


Good foo, good service

Michelle Ramage

Our server was great and the food was delicious.

Wendy Dopson

One star only because you can't rate with a ZERO! I'vE been going to Chili's for 25 years. This location is by far the worst location ever! Bar staff broke glasses and then tried to serve glasses from the sink, cleaning up the broken glass never entered their mind

Felicia Johnson

Great food. Awesome service.

Pamela Jackson

Called in a salad for curbside delivery. Was told it would be ready in 10-15 minutes. 22 minutes later, I called to ask about my delivery. Young lady said she would "try to find someone to bring my order out". I waited a few more minutes and left. Kinda surprised at this level of service from Chilis, but, oh well.

J Renzenburger

Food was decent, server was very good!

donna spires

Great food and service. Fun atmosphere

Jonathan Bores

Took a long time to get any food for my party. When it did start coming out so did some entrees while most were through eating by the time the last 2 got their food. Only 14 in the party. Maybe they can't handle that many. The food was lacking flavor, some of the steaks were really tough. I've been my last time. Do yourself a favor, go somewhete else. You'll get better food, better service, and spend a lot less money.

Jason Pickens

Food was good but Not exactly as advertised by the menu. Kids menu is simple. They seemed like they were in a hurry for me to pay and leave but it wasn't busy at all.

Beth Whitaker

Food was typical Chili's, but Leslie.. hit damn! I'd take her home she was efficient, amazing customer service. She could run the place and make it a 5 star. Thanks for helping me and my broad of 5 land softly for a bite of food and a break from the horrible traffic.

Buddy C

You Really Need To Go Here To Find Out Why I Gave Them 5 STARS! THEN YOU WILL Understand !

Ann Cash

Not good the food was cold and the service was very slow.

Vernon Herzer III

I luv eating at chilli's they have good customer service.

Jerelynn Franks

After waiting for 30 minutes for a table where there were many open tables, service was horrible. The first order of our cheese fries looked & tasted like they had been sitting for hours. It took way way way too long for our deserts to get to us which we ordered at the time we ordered our meal. Doubt we will return this is the 3rd time we have had a bad experience here.

Benjamin Franklin

Bad environment to eat. this is my first time in alaska and i would not recommend eating here, lots of 'native andy's" (bums) walking around threatening people. while i was eating i was being recorded by a strange man that appeared to be homeless rambling about being famous and climbing mountains. i did not expect this type of lazy staff from a chili's, most of the waitresses acted as they did not care and do not value you as a costumer. most of them stayed glued to their phones while me and many other customers waited to be greeted and served. from the looks of it management does not care as i heard multiple phone calls (possible customers) being ignored. 0/10 please avoid this chili's at all cost.

Heather Hamilton

Went here a couple months ago and waited over 20 minutes just to place our order... food was only so-so. Decided to never go back. Was in the mall and decided to give in another try. Very similar story- waiter brought our drinks but didn't take our order for 25 minutes (yes with menus closed and piled up on the table). Food was lukewarm, kids portions were tiny (even for my scrawny 7 year old), had the chili- their 'namesake' and it tasted no better than a fast food place. Didn't have forks on the table and finally had to walk up to another waiter to ask for them since nobody came by our table for a while and we were tired of staring at what we couldn't eat. Guess I learned my lesson....

Kris Cinnamon

Waited in the lobby for 10 minutes after calling in my order before someone spoke to me. Then took 30 more minutes to get my food and only got it after I asked for a refund because I couldn’t wait any longer. Very disappointing service.

Terry Brown

Slow service. Ordered. Salad with fried chicken. Wilted lettuce and 3 extremely small pieces of chicken. Just not a good experience.


Service was good, food was okay.

Joe Prince

Their Chicken tortilla soup is excellent. And their all you can eat special is priced at around 8 bucks. Soup salad and chips and salsa....service today excellent.

Rakshanda Visave

It's one of my favourite place in Anchorage. Specifically there Alaskan Salman and now also corn cob


Stopped by for dinner on Saturday night around 7:00 pm. Wasn't much of a crowd and got seated quickly. Server was friendly but didn't know much about the menu or beer selection. Eventually, we got our drinks from a more experienced server. She took good care of us the rest of the night. I had the mushroom and Swiss burger. It was hot and tasty. Not super big, but filling. The fries were delicious. I also had the half-and-half lemonade and strawberry tea. Highly recommend it. A good experience, but nothing to really special. It started somewhat questionable but ended well.

Chellie Poo

They have the best cheddar, potato soup & grilled chicken sandwich too.

Blue Magic

Service was ok, but the food was just nasty. Ribs were wood-like. Will never be back to any of their restaurants.

Alice Frankson

Food is very very amazing!! Kids love their eat free days!!

Mitch Dr.

Totally gross. Terrible service and the place is FILTHY! Is there a health dept. in this town?

Margaret MacMackin

Very good food, good service. Very good help as I have some food allergies, took care of it with changes. Cooked to perfect heat. Everything was served on time. Refilled drinks promptly. Very happy with service and food.

Joseph Bienek

Got there at 8:30 on a Thursday and was told we could only sit in bar area because all the servers were gone. Chicken was greasy and fries sucked. Then four people walked in and they were sat at a table were I we were told we couldn't sit. Not gonna say why after this I'm done going to Chili's.

Terri Ingle

Love the bartender Darius!!! Food was excellent as well as the cocktails, and the service? Out of this world

Kat Miztyk

Their long island ice tea seemed to be just the sour mixer and when we brought it up to servers attention he stated " that means its good" what a joke. The meals and price were on point .except the price 10 each for sour juice.

Ken Die

We got wrong food brought to are table twice. The fajitas came out hot and sizzling looked great but they were the wrong ones mine were warm and not sizzling. Food not great but edible. Staff was nice and bought us dessert. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat there but might stop in if in the neighborhood.

joy polly

First place I have been to that made perfectly cooked broccoli. It was not undercooked and not falling apart. Staff were very nice and attentive.

Mr. Brett Kirk

Food took awhile and was just decent. Enjoyed the beer but service was slow this day. Overall 3 stars for performance.

Matt Crawford

Typical Chili's. Decent food and service. A good go-to place for simple decisions for lunch.

Neal Cissel

Great service. The girls were fast to make sure your glass wasn't empty. The salads were excellent.

Jon Cook

Good food and great waiting staff.

Ginny Morris

Food was delishious and service great!

Gayla Vickers

The food and service was on point.

Brittany Howard

Terrible service, food was cold, bathroom was disgusting, wait was awful! No napkins whatsoever, no A1 sauce for my terribly small steak. Staff not so friendly at all!

Jacob Beasley

Good food strong drinks and great service

Sunshine Superstar Jones

Food was great server with the dreads was very great!

Bobby Bittle

Door lady very rude Saturday nite 8.154 empty tables she said going to be a long wait so qe walk out 3 23 19

Tigger Herrera

Margarita is my favorite server at the Payson, Arizona location! The staff is attentive to their tables and usually have a smile on their face! Food is good. Service is usually quick, unless they are super busy (dinner time on the weekends). The wait for a table has always been under 5 mins. The restrooms have always been clean. Management is very professional. Great lunch specials and happy hour deals.

Stephanie Allen

Great lace for drinks and chill!

Joyce Smith

Great drinks

Tania Wolansky

Went in after working late on Halloween night. Sat at a table in the bar area and had average service. Food was as expected. Overall, a decent option for dining in the area after 9 pm on a weeknight.

Margaret R

Always love the quick service

Bibby King

Excellent service. Food was great!

William cronin

I love the big mouth bites and southwest egg rolls. The staff is always nice and upbeat. The atmosphere is pretty chill too.

samuel harris

Really nice place the food was really good and good service the price was very high I was thinking

Shelbelynn Morris

They had amazing food and service!!!!

Susan VanWingerden

Great food and fabulous service

Courtney Seals

The staff was so professional and polite. I felt like I knew them. Great service and environment.

Titeana Cook

The girl with the purple hair had a nasty attitude and was extremely rude. I will not come there as long as she is working there.

James Nelson

Great place to go if no one can make up their mind what kind of food they want. They have good steaks, salads, Mexican food and a bar.

Michelle Hicks

The employees that are there were amazing. The restaurant was not busy but they had a skeleton crew on a Sunday at noon.

Kelly Young

Food was great... Wait staff very friendly

Joann Washington

Normally very good today food not hot

Diana McKeen

Awesome waiter named Don. He went above and beyond to make our dining experience a pleasurable one.

Rick Proper

Good food with terrific service

Vanessa Nix

Nice place and the food was good

Brian Maes

The food was fine. I am however, a little concerned about how clean the kitchen and staff might have been, given the poor state of the men’s bathroom. I don’t think it had been cleaned in the last week.

Rickey Streetman

Waited 15 minutes just to give drink order they kept walking by us but no drink order food was great service was good after talking to management

Timothy Worley

Very good service and food our waitress was always on point with everything if you go I would ask for shaunda she's the best tell the guy with the Gators hat sent you

project E M A

I love the food here is great

Tiffany Wilson

Great experience. The food was fresh and delicious. And my server was amazing I wish I could remember her name

Wesley Anaruk Jr

Waitress judge me because I was native American and she thought I couldn't pay for a $25 steak

Julius Howard

Really nice people and the food was good

Ashley Posey

Excellent! Our waitress went above and beyond. It has been a very long time since my family and I have went out and actually enjoyed our meal and had exceptional service all around.

Avril Davis

Fries was cold and chips was not done! Waitress was great.

Josh Faustman

Good food, maybe a little too expensive. The alcohol was fairly strong, with good portions on the food.

Cortney Walton

Nice atmosphere and great service

Jason Bean

Wish I could leave zero stars not worth coming here unless you are white plain and simple bbn black waitress never refilled my cup came two times to table to take order and to bring order..I had the chipotle chicken waffles which I could not cut with a fork so didnt eat it ...just horrible service

The Greens

Good food! Dena was our server and she was awesome! So friendly, nice and accommodating! We had an issue with our steak and the Manager and Dena made it right and dinner was delicious! Overall wonderful dinner. Only suggestion is the music was kinda loud and the prices seemed to have gone way up since our last visit to Chili's. We had fun!

Kimberly Gonzalez

This is a common place for my fiance and I to go to all of the time. We frequent this place at least once or twice a month. I recommend the drinks. They never disappoint. Also I recommend the Cajun pasta. It's delicious! Another recommendation would be the Southwestern egg rolls. Unbelievable. My most recent visit left me with a very big smile on my face as the waiters knew our preferences such as how we like our drinks and my plastic silverware. This was an added plus it made me feel very welcome. I posted a picture of my take home. By the way they give you a lot of portion. This was only half. Thanks for the great customer service!

Leonardo Wassilie

Horrible service. During lunch, I stood around waiting to be seated, not one other person was in line. All while the four servers wandered around looking busy but not doing a thing for the five customers in the restaurant. How do they stay in business if they can't serve even as many customers unless they have a server for each one

Natalie Howard

Good food. Fantastic service from the waitress. She needs a raise or a promotion for keeping that level of professionalism with a smile with, even though she was being worked too death with absolutely no help!!!!!!! She made our visit worth while.she needs to be commended. She was a young afro American with waist long braids.

Lavera Dela Cruz

Serving size was way too small and I was still hungry

susan yoder

We go 2 to 3 times a week, service is always good and so is the food.

Shuntae Jones

We went for my husband's birthday and had a party of 10 (5 adults and 5 kids). Once seated we were asked to wait until the waitress finished her other tables before she would even take our drink orders. Once we placed our drink orders we went ahead and placed our food orders (didnt want to risk it taking forever for her to come back for our order). Drinks came out and waitress bought out a lot of wrong drinks 2 at a time so it took awhile for everyone to get drinks. Appetizers ane salads came out and was told the skillet the Texas cheese fries was on was hot but the fries were COLD. Caesar salad had hardly no dressing and the side salad had welted lettuce and old cucumbers. 2 people at the table NEVER got food at all. The waitress said someone grabbed the wrong food and they were remaking it but when it came out it was COLD. They said they would remake it but it took so long we decided to just finish up and leave

antonio gonzalez

This is my fiance and I go to spot for dinner and for adult beverage. We frequent this establishment so often that certain waiters know our preferences. My fiance gets plastic ware whenever we go out, and here we don't have to asked. They already give her plastic ware. The food is good especially the egg rolls.

Randall Danes

Sat at the bar with a friend. Enjoyed the ambience. Busy bartender.

Regina Bankole


Shelby Wilson

I've loved the service each and every time I come here. Best waitresses and fast and wonderful service! I recommend it for families, friends, everyone. 10/10 service

Bradley Bell

Decent food and prompt service

Andrea Smith

Absolutely great service, delicious food!!! Highly recommend to everyone!

Brandi Westrom

The hostess was rude to everyone coming in the door, the servers were obviously miserable, and our Molten Lava cake was burnt. I would give 0 stars if possible.

Nicole Richardson

Waiting time on food wasn't the best. My family and I were not able to enjoy our meals together. Each meal came out after one of us were almost done. Corn on the cob was missing was told it was coming didn't get it till I was almost done with my other food as well as my son. Food was good service needs alot of attention. There was only three of us and it was sad.


Ordered To Go...went to pick up my food and it wasn't ready yet...or so that's what I assumed because I had to wait for 10 minutes more than the estimated app time, which was 18 minutes. No problem with waiting. However, the food told another story. I started eating right in the parking lot. The fries tasted OLD and my honey chipotle chicken crispers were so hard and dry that I had a hard time chewing them. Not sure what happened, but the ball was definitely dropped.

pamela knight

Staffing and management are very loud and uninviting. Bathroom was gross and rusting without proper toiletries. Menu is very limited of choices. Upper level management was very demeaning as well as disrespectful to the front of house manager. Customer requests aren't honored even if it us on the menu.. Amanda (upper management) was very unprofessional and talking about kitchen staff member in front of customers and while drinking at the bar. Very unprofessional....

Tammie Lopez

Always good...the last time was exceptionally quick service and the staff is wonderful.

shane poteate

Much better than "Cats" I'd eat here again and again

Peter Van Cleve

Poor service, got my order wrong. Had to wat an unnecessary amount of time.

Leticia Orcutt

Very bad! We had out of town guests and the service was horrible. She gave us potato soup looked like it had been sitting for days and she brought it out to us like that! The winds sauce was way too hot. The food looked terrible and it was only 10pm and they closed at 12. .if you're not going to serve great food and give great service then don't stay open that late. Obviously no one cared.

Will Gray

Great service but my father and I both ordered the chili. I love spicy food, but this was way too big spicy. Also, it was more of a paste than actual chili. Almost like tomato paste with some beef bits thrown in there. They saved themselves with the chocolate lava cake. Will go back but won't ever be ordering the chili again.

Leslie Church

I recently ate here two times in one week on a business trip. We had good food once with a friendly waitress. Second time the food was low quality with very slow service. The restaurant was only marginally clean and the hostess never smiled or even made eye contact. Not welcoming at all.

Carlin Bratcher

Great food great service strong drinks

Jason G

Friendly staff and friendliner staff

Joey Sgarlata

Really impressed with their ever-changing menu, it's not that greatest food available but it hits tha spot when you just don't have tha energy to cook for your family.

Amy D

HORRIBLE service! It took them 10 minutes to even come to the table after a waiter looked at the hostess and said "don't sit them in my section!" Another 20 minutes to receive our drinks. We finally got our beer and it was warm. I had to ask them twice for silverware AFTER our food was delivered. It took another 10 minutes for that. I asked our waitress for the bill four times. I love Chilis but will never come to this one again.

brandon denney

Not worth the time to stop much less the money. Took 10 minutes before we were even acknowledged by any staff to get a table. Staff was short, rude, and very unfriendly. Service was slow, Food was awful, tea had a soured taste, mixed drinks weak and bottled beer wasn't cold. Unpleasant experience and visit as Chili's is one of the very few Restaurants we still enjoy and is fairly priced for a family of 5. Will not be going back to the Fultondale Alabama Location.

Abby B

The volcano cake was my absolute favorite, and the next favorite is the Virgin margarita I had

Kaneesha Wheeler

My mom and I decided to get the 2 for $25, which I think is a great deal. The chips and salsa were ok however the amount of salt increased the further you got into the chip basket. I decided to go with the half rack ribs since that's what they're known for. The ribs were good, just not as tender as I'd expected. The cheesecake was the perfect size to split. It came with a strawberry sauce. It was pretty busy so we didn't get drink refills until right before we left. Overall it was a decent experience.

nathan freeman

Rude service, cold food, rushed you to leave.

Amber Roper

This place was disgusting. Food and trash all over the floor, had to ask to be seated somewhere else because our table was dirty. There was a leaking vent from the ceiling next to our table so it was basically raining indoors and no one ever addressed it. The bathrooms are NASTY and the servers have bad attitudes. Definitely in desperate need of new management ASAP before this place closes down. I love their food but hate the experience of going there. Save your time and money if you’re looking for a great experience.

misti tadlock

We love Chili's. Always great service and food!!

Timothy Gillman

Dinner menu gives you a choice of ribs, brisket, jalapeno sausage, and some chicken choices, plus garlic bread, grilled corn on the cob, french fries and pickle chips for one great price. Well worth the price and the wait.

Pink Anderson

A bit pricey, but love the many options in food.

Stan Vollenweider

Great food !


The ribs were very dry not good and steak was overcooked not good had to wait on drink just standing talking

Lucynda Smith

Food was good. Service is was great! Hostess acted like she didn't want to push tables together to seat a party of 11 ladies!


This place is unbelievably unprofessional. I have never been told that I couldn’t place an order to eat. The server girl literally said they can’t take my order because they are catering to other customers on sports teams. I’m a paying customer too? Wow. Avoid visiting this location to save you from a bad experience if you can. This isn’t my first time coming here and I’ve had an unpleasant time every time. Employees gossiping in front of customers, tables always dirty piled up with cups and plates, and order takes forever.

Dana Smith

Great service and great food

Jerry Mays

Food was good and it was clean. We had poor service.

Rob Moriarty

Chicken and waffles are delish! Staff has always been kind and bubbly. Mary was great!

David Hinshaw

HORRIBLE service. Waited 45 minutes for a To Go order and only 1 other person was waiting. Order was wrong when received after long wait. Had to get it corrected which made my wait longer. Won’t be returning.

Lauren Howard

Got the cheese and chicken enchiladas this visit, pretty good! I will always return for the southwestern egg rolls, they are my favorite!

Sage Gabel

Food is average lately. Good presentation but lacking good taste over seasoned.

Andy InAk

Chili's is a nice place to have a beer and a snack while the family shops. Or while waiting for a movie etc. I recommend it.

Jeff Hilgart

Good food. Reasonable prices. Server was great!

Bryan Carter

Margaritas are good but everything else is average at beat. Sit down fast food.

Johnnie Simpson

Service was really slow. Food was burned. Servers gathered at a booth next to us, talked about disgusting bodily issues. Servers also a little scruffy. Manager was doing most of the work. Hardly any customers, could not understand why service was so bad.

John Theabolt

Excellent service from the curbside pick-up, the girl working it rocks!

Heather Taylor

A small group of us went at lunch. The menus were disgusting (sticky, covered in food). The food took entirely too long for coming from the lunch menu. One person got the wrong salad. I ordered rare steak without chile sauce and got a medium steak drowning in chile sauce. The food looked like it had been sitting a while when it finally came out. Management needs to get it together.

Steve West

Just good food and great service

Karin Gregor

The worst place ever!! Dirty bathroom, poor service. Cold food, eatable but barely.

Tonya Cole

I can always count on Chili's for a great Margaritas (pineapple & blueberry). The southwest egg rolls are to die for....

Tanya Constantine

Haven't been there in about 10 years. A friend of my son's wanted to go today so we thought we would try it again but the same problem we had so long ago, and the reason we had not come back happened again. The service was extremely slow. When we first walked in, although there were many empty tables, we were told there was a 30 minute wait because they had to clean part of the restaurant. Then we were finally seated and we're not approached for 20 more minutes. The server was friendly enough but I waited tables for many years and when I would walk through the dining room I would continually be looking at my tables to make sure no one needed anything. Our server only acknowledged us when he was right by our table. The food was okay but it took a very long time for each course to get out to us. I was in no hurry at all, but I really hope they get better at these issues because most people won't have two and a half hours for lunch.

Karen Dupree

Nice restaurant. The service was nice and the food was hot and delicious.

John Crawford

Good food,service is good

Tara Gillis


Mikesha Wilson

Great service and the food was very good

Caroline Cronin

Their food is amazing.

Lance Eskridge

Ladarius very nice host. Good location near several hotels.

Aolani Silva

my fav place to go for their salads.... and mango iced tea. service is always awesome

Matthew W

Delicious as any other Chili's. Drinks are great.

Chris Davis

Amazing citrus bomb margaritas.

Casey Weaver

I never write reviews but I have to say this place was filthy.

Renae Aalbers

Great food and service.

Summer Theobald

They were amazing. I had to come up to Payson on an awful trip, my mother was in the ICU and I had to clean out her home and get her moved out. They comped my entire meal, and made sure I was comfortable and cared for. the food was delicious, hot , and comforting. and the service was excellent and super fast. This particular chili's made a really awful experience into something much better

Tttt Eeee

I was seriously disturbed with all the employees actions. My wife and I waited 10 min to be sat 15 for our drinks and to order. Waited 45 min to eat but found out why after going to the restroom. I walked in on one of the cooks doing COCAINE. It was a big black guy, brown skin. One of the waiters walked in and adressed hem by the name of BOE. My wife and I got the hell out of there, we didn't touch our food and will never dinne with them again.

BlueRaven Gem

We visited as a larger group with family and friends. Our server was great and the food was ok. The reason for the 2 star review; dirty sticky menus, dirty table really sticky around the edges/wood parts, horribly dirty bathrooms and very greasy slippery floor around the kitchen entrance. This restaurant needs to have a deep cleaning!!!! Whoever cleans the bathrooms needs to replace the soap dispensers and fill them with soap!!! The grease on the floors carries over from the kitchen entry to the tile along the entire back wall of the restaurant. It's very slippery! I will not be returning to this location; even though our service was good, the dirty conditions were extremely unappetizing and unsafe in some areas.


Great service & food & very cold draft beer always. Staff is very friendly & do the extras that makes us feel welcome. Eat there all the time and Lesley is wonderful.

Susan Williams

Staff was very nice and helpful and the food came out fast

Brett Chapman

The service here was quick and the host is friendly. The food was very tasty and accurate. The restaurant was clean and comfortable. I would have given a 5 star rating but the manager proceeded to yell at their employee in front of us and the rest of our stay was a little uncomfortable as the manager was being overly nice which made our stay more interesting.

Dottie Dotson

Wonderful experience. The staff was friendly and attentive. The food was great

Thomas Hobbs

Our server Jordan killed it

Kenya Marshall

Food and service was great

John Hill

As always service was great and The Chipotle chicken and waffles were amazing.

Deborah Childress

Pretty good, ordered the chicken quesadilla salad they brought it and it had the wrong dressing on it.

Alauna Nash

I ordered a triple dipper with original tenders and it said it would be ready @5:37 and it didn’t come out till 5:39 . But not just that it wasn’t even original tenders it was the barbecue tenders. This was the worst experience ever!!!!!!

Bill Sutter

Excellent food with excellent atmosphere

Betty Littlejohn

Food was good and although the waitress was new, she provided great curiosity.

Brian Hughes

Standard Chili's food which is good, customer service was good, but the layout of the booths and tables is not family friendly

Lori Russell

This Chili's was a bit different from others I have been to...not in a bad way. Food was delicious though and waitress was friendly.

David Kelley

Good food, fast service, good waitress.

Alec W

Horrible dining experience, I was appaled by the short mexican manager and how racist he was to my autistic child

Luis R

Tropical sunrise with a Triple Dipper. Can’t beat it. I enjoy the sliders, honey chicken and the southwestern egg rolls for my three choices. Sometimes the burgers/sliders come out over cooked but for the most part it’s good and the chicken and egg rolls are pretty standard no matter the location. Service was on good but not great. The bar tender looked like she was waiting the tables around the bar and servicing the bar. Hey, management? That might be too much when the place is full of people for one person to handle. I would come back. Check it out if you get the chance.

Linda Merritt

We were there on a Friday evening and they were very busy but the service, food, drinks and atmosphere was great. I fell in love with this place and definitely will be back. Thank you!

Amy Cole

Excellent service delicious food

Nancy Taxeras

Great food!! Corbin was friendly and very helpful, as our waiter. Highly recommend!

Linda Perdue

Started out bad ended up with a great waiter . Good food.

Bobby F. Smith

Good food and service


The food was very good. My only complaint is our waiter, Tyler. He went MIA for around 30 minutes and came back smelling like smoke. Luckily the manager was walking around and got us some refills on our sweet tea.

Vincent C

Cook doesn’t know how to cook meat, ordered medium rare, received medium well, I didn’t complain but when the server asked if it was good I just mentioned it was over cooked, and he took it back, less than a minute and the general manager was at our table on the defensive, they brought me back a more appropriately cooked steak but the cut of meat was all fat and gristle. Fairly certain it was at her direction that that cut go to me. I ate it anyway and would have ate the original if it I had known it was such an inconvenience to expect to get what I ordered.

Laura McMullen

Was was really busy but our server did a great job. Can't beat the prices & kid friendly.

tonya Jackson

Ordered a t-bone steak, didnt get it. Wanted it well done, it was over done. Couldn't eat half of it. The potatoes were scorched. Didnt call and complain because i should have checked before i left. So its my faught for trusting my order to be correct.

M Greene

The server Eric was excellent. He said ahead of the game. He was always knew what we needed. The food was fabulous and the drinks were awesome.

Sarah Henderson

Great customer service, if you ever go ask for tyler

Hinton Family

This place is amazing! The service is wonderful. The staff is personable and takes a personal interest in your experience when you eat here. The food is good, too!

Amjad Bokhari

Arrived to the restaurant to see several people waiting for service. Waitress asked up to seat ourselves in the lounge. Bar service abruptly asked us to move, so we relocated to the bar as the waitress suggested. Bar service became frustrated and verbally told off the wait staff. Overall disorganized with poor communication. Staff did a poor job of keeping emotions in check and made us and other customers uncomfortable. We love coming to this restaurant but over the last few visits service has dramatically declined. Staff is exceptionally rude to one another and to customers. CHILLI's please do a better job of training your staff as it is severely affecting business. By the way, food took 2 hours to arrive (we ordered Salad and texas fries)...

Marlon Troub

Good food and service

Isaac Moore

Quesadilla is superb! Good service not a long wait

Rita Suina

The food was delicious as usual but took a long time to arrive. Our server was friendly but got both me and my husband's order wrong. It was so cold in the restaurant, I couldn't wait to finish and get out.

Ranger xp crew 1000

Nice place to unwind with friends and good food at a fair price

Reagan Barclay

Sorriest experience I ever had in my life. Waiting 10 minutes to be sat. Servers literally saw us waiting at the door. Waited another 20 minutes to get our drinks. The server literally said “who sat y’all, because i need to tell her not to do that.” After we waited 45 minutes for our food. They forgot my entire order. I stopped the manager and told him what happened and asked him to take the cold quesadillas my boyfriend ordered and my food(which the server said your appetizer will be out first.. which never came) off my ticket because I was literally over it at this point and he goes to the back and yells .. “Don’t make that food, she got an attitude.” Never once did I raise my voice or cuss. I’m a server myself so it takes a lot for me to complain in the first place. I will never return to any chili’s every again. The manager didn’t even apologize for the problems.

Michelle Jernigan

This day was horrible. We had a large party of 35 and it had been schedule in advance. Someone on staff cancelled our reservation and we had to wait and hour and a half by then most of our party left. Finally seated and the manager at the time was rude and non accommodating. There was a fight in the kitchen and everything was crazy. Needless to say there was the asst. General manager came kn by the time we were ready to just leave and apologize and try and make the situation better. Won't go back again

Chip Purser

Good service, good burger, didn't care for the tea

Marcus Collins

Waited almost 1hr and a half for a table for my sisters celebration. Once seated food was another 30 minutes late kept letting people in without taking care of customers they had. Manager was getting frustrated asking my sister what she wanted him to do. Finally compted some meals still terrible service although server was really polite and helpful!!! This was my wife steak when she finally got it not how she ordered it!!

Slimeyyy Kamari

Food was amazing as always sevive could have been a little bit but other than that i had a great time. P.s. if it's your birthday you get free icecream. Sorry i don't have any pics.

Vonda Weldon

When I walk in there its a home atmosphere. I haven't had a bad experience there yet, and I must say that everything in there is delicious. They have this 3 for 10 that I can never finish all of it because they give you so much food. I love it. The customer service I must say is a plus because everyone in there is always so friendly

cable wal

Good food but slow. Big poo

George Serrato

Fast and friendly place to eat. Food was hot and flavorful. We hope to visit them again real soon.

Elis Melecio

The second time I’ve been here and just like the first one the service was excellent. My server was Lacy she was extremely attentive and fast with everything that we order, she also had a great customer service super nice, this is the type of server that makes a client comes back again and again to the same restaurant. The food was great, I am not a big fan of well done steak and even though I ordered medium well it came well done, but I cannot complain it was delicious, my partner love the fajitas from here it’s just a great place to have to spend a little time in family or by yourself. I am from Phoenix and definitely every time I am going to come visit Payson, AZ this will be the place I’ll eat. Once again thank you all for your great customer service.

Jerusalem Murrell

My mom favorite place to eat


Best service I have every got at a chili's.The waiter came fast with drinks never let them go dry. He was very nice to my loud son who is 1. Place was packed and still got the food fast. Thank you!

Sandy Smith

The server was on it, great service.

Ervin Tullis

Horrible brought us the wrong food then proceeded to tell me I had to order chicken crisps with my pick 3 combo the draft beer was extremely flat and when they brought me out bottles they were almost expired the dishes were dirty grease all over them.The food my co workers ordered was over cooked.So I politely excused myself and told them I was leaving ........3 months ago the food and service was awesome Its went to hell (Roll Tide) If I could leave no stars I would

Pedro Espinoza

Always a great experience at this location even when it's full on the weekends

aleta melessa

Unique dish of generous chicken strips, both spicy-hot AND sweet; grilled corn on the cob and of course french fries, skin-on and kept warm in metal fry cup. 2 of our 4 meals tipped on the floor, shattering. BUT those things happen, and staff stepped up en force to clear the spill, and re-prepare the lost meals in 10ish minutes. Drinks were refilled quickly. Excellent remedial service on a very busy dinner rush. Nice work, thank you. Oh, and appetizer of white cheddar dip was delicious as well.

Sabrina Crowder

It took the servers too long to seat us, take our orders, and the food to come out. It was not busy and it was after the lunch rush.

Matthew Miles

National tequila day and the margaritas were excellent!!

Galileo Salinas

Slow service went wasen busy

Michael Schectman


Jason Hickey

Service wasn't good and food was mediocre. My wife's chicken wasn't thoroughly cooked, had to send it back.

Stacie Workman

Horrible customer service! We walked in the wrong door so they made us sit there more than 10 mins then we asked for services after 5 servers and a manager walked by our table giving us the stink-eye. We did not see a sign stating “please go to the front door to be seated,” We were coming in the opposite side of the mall entrance. Very sad they do not want customers to pay their bills; not sure why they are even working? Looked like a fun time working at Chili’s rather than serving customers. Eventually we walked out!

breck Rumley

The usual awesome menu and service!

Heather Rae Weilbacher

Great food, good service. I recommend the presidenta margarita

Michael McKelvey

It's chilis so... It's exactly the same as all of the rest. The service was pretty decent however.

Flenardo Taylor

Great. I ate too much


Super chill @ Chilis

J Avelar

Super good burgers

frances mcbride

I love veggies and fried buttermilk chicken and Blue Plate has the best! Every time I go to Flowers I can't wait to be done with it so that I can head over to Blue Plate!

Jacob Greenhagen

You can never go wrong with this place great food and great atmosphere. I have never had a problem with this place and definitely plan on coming back.

Letitia Morgan

Got here at 2 pm Store was NASTY.... Floor had food every where, bathroom NASTY. The kitchen staff was so loud you could hear them telling each other "personal business." Waiter was really nice she did a awesome job. Load Bake Potato was watered down! Don't Recommend this Location!!!

Howard Case

Food was great and the service was also very good

Shannon Long

Good people here, very friendly.

Hayle Storm

We went just as the restaurant opened. It was super clean. The food was so fresh and tasty. The service was phenomenal.

Mykel Alvis

Love the bar and kitchen staff. Wait staff could use some tuning. Sir in the bar area if available.

Erin Owens

The food was good, but our waiter was apparently the bar tender as well and when he would come to our table he was super nice to bad that wasn't very often!! We waited for 30-45 minutes just to pay and finally another woman came and told us we could pay on the table kiosk with a card. One of our group wanted to pay with cash but after more than 10 minutes I just paid for her meal so we could leave.

Pooh Bear

Very nice. Good food. I asked for the quiet spot. Put us in a corner that was perfect. Had my normal fajitas. Making me hungry just thinking about it.

nclgmb .

I ordered to go, it was quick for the number of burgers ordered. Even though I put in the wrong order for one of my friends we all were surprised at how amazing the burgers were..I felt bad my friend had the wrong burger but he was not disappointed one bit cause the accidental burger was still fire. We will most definitely be ordering more burgers weather its take out or dine in.

Kevin Courtney

The food was very good. There were 6 of us, and no complaints from anyone. The service as well was very good. Our server was Phillip. We went at 5:30pm and there was no waiting.

Jonathan Wilkinson

Great waiters, were allowed to change seats without any difficulty. Great drink menu had orange juice available to us; which is quite rare in this area. Tried the fried onions petals they we're very tasty. Service was quick and food delicious. Will be visiting again. One issue I have had is my to go orders have messed been messed up a couple times.But the restaurant is always willing to fix it on the spot.

Elizabeth Rush

My waitress Margarita, gave excellent service and a banging margarita!

Valandra Shepherd

Service was terrible the food was served cold it was the worst restaraunt ever I will never go there again.



Mariah Pestriakov

Great burger, cooked to perfection. Had a great server to

Kiara Seal

Pretty packed but good service

Lisa Campbell

I didn't care for the quesadilla service was very slow at the bar but the beer was cold

Lee Darling

Was nice and clean and great service

Brian Swain

Was in the restaurant on the night of 8/16 and watched a manager physically attack a customer. The customer never put his hands on the guy. Not a place for families. I was unaware that chili’s had such low standards.

Adrien Romero

The food is great. The service was a little on the slow side but not bad. Go somewhere else if you are in a hurry otherwise, enjoy. I will definitely eat here again.

Brittany Perez

Food was good and the service was friendly. Over all food experience.

Cliff Hutchinson

Good food low cost

Tanner Jerz

Idk what everyone giving one stars are complaining about.. I'm 3 for 3 on excellent service and food. Maybe it's you who's rude

Nita Ball

My husband and I went a little after lunch time, around 2:45 p.m. and received great service. We were seated rather quickly and our server was Paige. She was wonderful. She also made our margaritas which tasted so good! The food got to us quick and hot and was very good. I asked for an uncommon request with my food and they gladly accommodated. No complaints here. We will definitely be back and will request Paige.

Hannah Britnell

The service wasn't terrible but they failed to tell us they were completely out of soda drinks. They never refilled them or even tried to till we were about to leave. The food was very bland and wasn't even hot. By the time we got our food we just decided to put them in to-go boxes and leave. Wont be back.

Tracy West

Food didn't taste all that good, son didn't eat his loaded chicken bites, also some of the staff was cussing so loud in the kitchen or back area


Ordered pickup online waited 20min after the time it was supposed to be placed. Food was cold and not fresh. Bartender who gave order never apologized for the wait didnt even offer me a water. Wish I could take my tip back. Not going back anymore and I will tell my friends about the poor service I received.

Tammy Earnest

Very good food. Both of us enjoyed the fajitas and chile lime chicken respectively. Had the chips and guac for a starter and the salsa and guacamole were spiced very well. Had the skillet chocolate chip cookie for dessert tasted like it had been frozen for a while. Friend thought it tasted fine though. We had pretty good service. Went early so it wasn't that crowded when we got there but quickly filled up.

Natalya Mason

Great experience my server was really kind and gave me a ample amount of time to choose my meal without feeling like I was being pressured to pick the whole staff spoke to me while passing I really felt welcomed

Allie Field

I have been to this one several times with family. The food here is great, servers each time were great. There's one server I suggest to ask for is Lilly. She was great, kind, down to earth, helpful.

James Bowling

The food was great and so was the service.

Heather Barrios

Rib eye cooked perfectly and a great Chili's has the best chips and salsa

Vernon Hunter

I'm not really into bar food I can microwave my stuff at home. Gave a five star rating because it is a local business

David Cwodzinski

After looking at menu and the prices we walked out and went to Olive Garden for a much much less expensive meal.

david brannon

Was the worst experience we have had at a restaurant. Waited over a hour to get our food. Yelling and screaming coming from the kitchen. The food was terrible.

Patrick Teague

Quick and easy

Kayla Thompson

Tonight we ordered 2 meals and a dessert to go while we were checking into hotel right down the road around 945p. We had just stopped for the night from driving 11 hours. I know it was late, I totally get that... at 10p I'm usually in bed but since you were the first place we found that was open after 10p and we love your food, we ordered. The lady that waited on us was rude, then when we got back to our room, half our food was cold and it looked as if it was literally slapped together and tossed into the to go boxes. We were just so sad for the experience and lack of care. We're only sharing this in hopes that better care and more pride in a job well done is taken in the future.

Bamagirl Tee

I'm only giving a star because it won't allow me to not leave one. I don't recommend eating here. Tables were nasty when seated, waited about 45 min on food and place wasn't that busy. Guy from kitchen said they had technical difficulties in the kitchen but didn't offer anything to accommodate for the delay. Once we got our food it wasn't hot and had to send back to be remade. People were leaving due to it taking so long. Overall service was terrible.

Robert Wrinkle

Food good service could be a little better

Chance Wheeler

Service was great, cup never close to empty. Loaded potato soup ( specifically the cheese) tasted old. All other food wonderful

Ada Ejike-Maduakor

Great food great prices lots of nice selections and all delish!

NumberOne CakeDiva

Terrible customer service ! Terrible cooks! Terrible management! I will never come here again!

Cory Taylor

It's was was good. Too the kids out to eat and everyone enjoyed it. From the food to the atmosphere

Ryan Libby

Very dirty inside. Floors look like they haven't been cleaned in days. We walked out

Alesia Smith

Great customer service as soon as you enter the door.

Sharon Kennedy

Service for walk in To Go orders is less than desirable

John Manning

Walked in, restaurant was half empty with plenty of open tables. Hostess said it would be an hour to seat us, and that the kitchen was really backed up and would probably be another half hour for food. She emphasised this three times while we stood there talking with her. We really wanted chili's though so we decided to tough it out, the manager came and spoke to the hostess and pointed at all of us waiting (2 other families were in the waiting area) and then left. She came back over and told us it would still be an hour and that they were out of hamburger. It was clear that they didn't want our business at this point so we left.

Pam Curry

Good service. Good food

Bonita Okander

Beer to expensive food goid but to expensive

lsti 10

Love the food and you can’t beat the prices. Great atmosphere. The lunch menu includes drinks, which is very good on the wallet. All around family friendly

Ben Frost

Frozen Margs aren't as good as the lower 48. Food is good and on par with most other Chili's. Service was good. No complaints.

Eric Sanders

My sever was very nice and did her job very well

Shonda Richardson

Went here for my birthday and our waitress was being trained but she did amazing. Our food and drinks were perfect.

Alicia Jones

Service awesome. Made sure drinks were always filled and the shrimp tacos were great.

Latasha Hyman

Came with a large group and was seated after 10 mins,which is amazing! Our waiter (Walter) was great.. we received our food in a good time and it was delicious!! Definitely will visit again.


Food and service is great, quality control is present to assure you a nice experience. I would recommend this place for everyone's favorite food and dessert. Next time I will sit in bar area to admire the beautiful bartender

was on trampoline

The food and service was great last night. We enjoyed.

Juan Gutierrez

Is good Don did great jood

Jason Roca

The food is great..the restaurant is in an odd spot though.

cedric s

Good for late night dining. We love the southwest egg rolls. The flavored teas are refreshing. Service was adequate. Took a few minutes before we were attended to once we were seated. Over all we would recommend to couples and families.

Tina Evans

My experience at Chili's was excellent. I ordered a paradise pie and just loved it

Elthon Montes

Nighttime has better service


No no no! The staff were nice. BUT the drinks were weak and not very good. My food came out luke warm, which means it sat in the "window" too long. COLD FOOD! COLD FOOD! Waste of money. Imma take this home and reheat in my microwave

Julian Moore

Horrible, the lack of customer service, and experience shows. The staff showed a classes segregation to which the evening ended with police being called. They was no communication, between one set of staff and the other. Managment was slow to aid yet quick to escalate the situation that was mostly their fault. Due to the complete ignoring of the customer. I don't recommend you go there to spend your money until they can treat their customers with dignity, respect, and the common decency of know they exist.

Deb Walker

It was just delicious

Kathy Costa

Great BBQ, good service, nice atmosphere.

Glenn Rainer

Food was good service not as good. Sat on bar side as last time service was good. Got two waiters (one in training). Half the service. Got unlimited soup and salad and no one asked about refill of anything including drinks

Jalicia Buffett

Great food and awesome customer service!!! I have a great experience each time I visit this location!

Love Angel

Excellent service! Food was pretty good. A little pricey. Wasn't worth the price. Quality used to be better for the money.

Darryl Bone

Great service, great food, nice clean restaurant!

Kenia Cruz

I had the Margarita chicken was perfect and very filling. Great service this time! Mines


Carolyn Haniford

Love this place! Great atmosphere and lacey is the best! So attentive and even a little sassy!

Nancy Scherba

Yummy food great upbeat friendly service!

Shawn Werder

worst chili's ever, food took 2 hours to get, we got to go plastic silverware, we didn't get straws, took an hour to get a bottle of beer, fries didn't come out with the meals, the waitresses went outside to fight a customer, another waitress was cussing customers out on phone, all in all worst visit ever.

Sherrette Spicer

Order was wrong for my friend from the drink -to the appetizer- to the order

Kelley Merrill

I think the picture of our appetizer says it all. We paid $16 or more for that! Our server was great though. She laughed at my really stupid joke as much as I did. Honestly the service is the only reason I give this place 2 stars instead of 1.

Jerry Dingler

They were not very crowded. The server was great and the food was delicious.

Alonzo Benning

Horrible experience, it took them about 40 minutes to finally get my order right. They gave me the incorrect order then left half the order on the to go counter for about 15 minutes while getting the my other food

Menyorn Whitby

Great service today. Good food

Donna Vickery

Food was ok. Not the best I have had there. Was seated near kitchen. Throughout my meal I had to sit and listen to kitchen staff, head cook, use some serious profanity. Was yelling at staff, both cook and wait staff the entire time. Not a pleasant experience. Couldn't not hear it.

That Guy

Went there on a Sunday afternoon. Front dining room area was empty, couple tables in back were taken. Hostess told us it would be 10 minutes to be seated. Another employee, possibly a manager, came by and counted our group. Less than a minute later hostess came back and seated a dirty table. Thinking she knew this I did not say anything until she came back and started putting menu's down on the dirty table. When I asked if the table could be cleaned she seemed annoyed and gave me a dirty look. She did not acknowledge our table again, acted very snobbish. Our server was awesome and she really took care of us. Food was really good.

Theresa Jacot

Service was very slow an they never did bring our water. The food was OK for taste but to high price.

Nikki Thurman

Service was slow, took almost an hour to get our food. The food was delicious, I highly recommend the bacon ranch quesadillas with steak!

Kendra Lamoureux

Came in with my sister, my niece, and nephew on Wednesday 02/27/19 we ordered the 2 for $25 it was very good, we had Kaylee as our server and she was absolutely fantastic!

Mark K

Good food, good prices, fast service

Randy Nelson

Great food, atmosphere and good service.

Corkey Hawk

We had great service and great food. My husband ordered the Triple Sampler Platter I had the regular hamburger because theirs are always great. They taste like I remember my mom making them. My husband said your not the only one that ordered one we looked around at least three more tables had hamburgers on their plates. The chips & salsa were good too. Enjoy!!!

Marcia Perry

My soup was cold when the waitress bought it out then to top it off they did not have any to go containers. The waitress had to give us an aluminium silver pan to put our food in. There was another family needing to go boxes but had to wait til the manager came back from the store with the containers before they could leave. The manager should have been prepared when the store opened. He or she did not even take the time to come out an apologize to the customers. I will definitely not be back!!!!

Amy Haen

Food was good. Not like others we had been to..

Alicia Moore

The food was hot and very good! Our waiter was amazing!!!! Great service and atmosphere!

Reba Winnett

My husband and I ate here for my birthday. We each ordered the 6oz steak from the two for $25 on the menu. We received a large fresh salad, the steak, large portion of mashed potatoes, broccoli and a large slice of cheesecake.

Lena Caves

Good service and good food will go back

Candace Darnell

Server was awesome and food was pretty good.

antonette Tucker

We waited for a an hr and a 1/2 to receive our food, parties that came in after us food was served all at 1 time, and before anyone at our table recieved their food.The hostess was extremely rude. I haven't been to that chili's close to a decade because of customer service, clearly it has not changed, and the franchise doesn't want to correct it. I do not recommend the chili's off Lakeshore in Birmingham, Alabama.

wayne johnson

Chili's is literally the worst restaurant food I have ever had! I had to give it one star or it wouldn't let me post! The service is terrible and it seems their employees just want to get through their day and collect a paycheck! They obviously do not understand where their paycheck comes from! I have eaten there 5 times. 4 times I was invited by friends, and even though the food was free because of the invite, I couldn't eat much of it!

Andrea Worsley

The atmosphere was great! The drinks weren't watered down and the food was good.

Abigail Beasley

Service was absolutely cold and unfriendly. None of the staff seemed like they wanted to be there at all. Fries tasted like the fryer desperately needed to be cleaned. Over all terrible experience. Would never come here again

Danny Rackley

Always good food and service.

Niki Scott

Horrible experience. From delayed service from staff to delay in our food getting to our table. Then to top it off, they prepared one of the meals incorrectly. That added another 20 minutes to a 45 minute wait. The manager tried to rectify it by giving a 5% discount. WTH Seriously?! Not good enough. Needless to say I won't be visiting this place ever again.

jessica easterling

Food was great. I had the cajun chicken pasta and my man had the grilled chicken bacon avocado sandwich with fries. We had the queso with tortilla chips for the appetizer. All the food was wonderful and came out fast. Out waiter was great.

Tina Boone

Great food our waitress was clean cute & on time!!

Shawn Scott

Our office regularly visits the bar there. It is nice to have a place where everyone knows your name. The bartender there is amazing.

Lisa Bentley

Waitress was wonderful but food took to long to come out hour wait and still no food. This Is the 2nd time this has happened. I will not be going back


Food was very good after the 30 min wait to even get it. Manger would not speak with us. Our server was the only reason I even gave 3 stars...she was amazing


Too long of a wait to order and receive food

Nakia Toliver

They were busy so service was a little slow but the food was good and hot

Amanda Trehern

Good food, good prices, friendly staff, clean restaurant

cheri mcmanus

Our waitress was great. I'm sorry I don't remember her name. Good place to meet the girls for lunch.

kevin graff

Good meal with large portions

Liciaa M

Food was delicious, but the waitress was not friendly at ALL from the start.

Melody Hall

Delicious and our server Dijone was amazing!

Matt McCarter

We’ve been here several times and always had good service. Food is good, way better than other chain restaurants.

Amelia McEachin

Good food. Good service.


It was really really good, I got the pick 3. Chicken tenders, bacon cheese chicken and brisket. Mashed potatoes and everything was delicious minus the brisket. The brisket was tough and smothered in bbq sauce. I dont recommend getting the brisket at all.

Pooh Bear

Very helpful. Asked for a quiet area. (Deaf hubby) they placed us in a great spot. Friendly staff, great food.

DiAnna Evans

Food was good. It was just pricey and my server was not really taking care of us. Another server brought our food and another server refilled our drinks.

Lucie Noriscat

Service was horrible. Waiter sat me at a wet table and wet seats. Then wiped it off with a dirty rag. Took 15min to get utensils AFTER my food arrived. Food got cold.... took another 20min to get a to go box... oh yeah, it was also my birthday. Will not be all!

Desy P

The service here is poor and the food is mediocre. If you go there stay as far away from Micheal’s service area as he will completely avoid helping you.

Sher Fish

Food and service were great. I was annoyed that my child was handed a small tablet, which she played games on, they then charged us at the end of the meal for playing on it. Would have been great if someone had told us before hand!

JoAnn Higginbotham

Great service and awesome food!!


Tried to go to Chili's tonight for dinner. The parking lot was practically empty and it looked pretty empty inside too so we thought we could get right in for a table for two. Not so! They said we'd have to wait 45 minutes for a table!! Don't know what is going on with this Chili's but it's definitely going downhill!

amanda roddam

Food was ok but service was poor, especially for a Friday night. Restaurant was dirty and ladies room in sore need of repair. Drinks we ordered with dinner (2 total) cost nearly as much as our meal and prices were not quoted correctly to us by the bartender when we asked beforehand. After we finished our appetizer we waited another 30 min for our entrees (2 total) and hadn't seen our server at all. She only had us at the time! Restaurant wasn't busy! When we did receive them I could tell that they had been in window for quite a while as my pasta was too dried out to eat and my husband's burger bun was nearly black on top and fries soggy. Never saw a manager at any time even though I noticed someone ask for one at the bar that brought back take out food that was wrong. Over all poor experience due to a non existent management team and poorly trained staff . Poor atmosphere

Gary Parkinson

Excellent food and service

Ronny Perkins

Had the fajitas for two. Great value and plenty to eat. Service was quick and courteous.

Rand Price

Wait staff was friendly and attentive for drinks and napkins. I had the Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowl that was awesome. Large enough portion that I took home a to go bag. Had 1 margaritta, very good but a little spendy....$13. All good. I will go back.

Rusty Webb

Terrible experience. Literally, the only thing our waitress did was bring the check. She had 3 tables including us and stood around doing nothing, but talk to 2 other employees that I assume were on break because they were eating at an empty table. A manager took our drink and food orders 10 minutes after we were seated, a hostess got us the only refill we got, and someone else brought us our cold food. I had to go to the bar and ask the bar tender for an item forgotten on my wife's plate. And no, they were not understaffed, they just weren't taking care of their patrons. The only bright spot was a borrowed manager from another Chilis. I spoke with him and let him know we appreciated him trying to bail the water out of a sinking ship. He was drenched in sweat from trying to take care of customers, taking orders, bringing food, running checks, etc. The manager of the actual restaurant we were at was leisurely walking around talking with the employees on break, with not a drip of sweat or the least bit of concern with the disaster that happening in front of his eyes. The restaurant needs help and leadership. It will close soon if there isn't a huge turn around in their level of service.

Acacia Lord

Polite staff & great food

Tiffany Jones

The good was great and service was fast

Ernestine Williams

My fiancé & I enjoy eating here. Food is always fresh & hot !

eric rosner

Food was ok and our waitress in the bar was fine but the rest of the staff were terrible. It was the dirtiest Chilis I have ever been in. The restroom was gross and out of paper towels and floors on the walk back were sticky The whole restaurant was very unkept. We came in at 9 PM and there were empty tables that still hadn't been cleared and people were being told the wait was 20 minutes. We sat in the bar and during dinner at least 15 people came in and waited for a hostess and then got tired of waiting and left.

Elie ROD

Food was delicious, well prepared and hot. Guacamole was brown on top.... Ew... Everything else was good. Food served up timely. Waitress not the most attentive. She was busy talking the whole time to another customer. Needs some work. Restrooms were clean. Was on our way and had not been to a Chili's in awhile. It had a 3.9 but thought we would give it a try anyway.

Lashunda Crim

We waited 2.5 hours on cold food..and that was just to get our order taken after she finally came to take it we waited another hour. then I ask for a milk for a 2YR OLD.....2yR OLD.....AND she brought me and long island MUG FULL OF MILK....all of our fool was cold the manager came out TOTALLY NOT apologetic about the cook or service that was rendered, she still tried to charge meals that wasn't touch....

Jasmine H

Fast service. Tried the chicken honey waffles with bacon woth blackberry tea. Pretty good the waffles were sweet. Even on t.v they have the 3 for 10 deal

West tv

The best place to eat in anchorage

Dorsey Townsend

Server Don was great!! So was the atmosphere and our lunch!!

Ellis Foster

Good food. Baby back ribs great

Clayton Gottschalk

Great service food a bit greasy and mostly chicken.

Quinn T

Waiter was great, food was great. Kids loved being able to play on the tablets that chili's has. This plus the XX on tap helped me keep my sanity LOL

Bebob Kiz

Love it. You know what to expect.

Zero Jive

I have always been a fan of Chili's! Of course the ribs are great, but I really enjoy their burgers and normally have one. The staff is generally helpful and accommodating, for a chain restaurant. The only complaint I would level is against the table computers for entertainment and the ability to pay. While many may see this as a kid quieter and less time spent waiting, I feel it takes away from the personal experience of dining out.

Jessica Franklin

Great food and service

Jasmyne bay

Left right after we ordered. Once we walked in we noticed the floor was extremely dirty, it was more dirty tables than clean ones and there was a stench. We sat and tried to ignore it thinking maybe a bus boy called out or something. But once we sat our waitress brought our drinks that had trash in it. Yeah we couldn’t deal and left. I can only imagine the back of the house if the front was that bad.

Andrea Maybon

It had been a few years since we had ate at any Chili's even this one. Of course we have all experienced those times when our memory has put on rose colored glasses about an experience and reality can't begin to equal the rose colored memory. I was expecting just such a happening this time, luckily I was wrong. We had to wait about 10 minutes for a table but that's the worst thing I can say about the entire visit. Our waitress was happy and polite the whole time and often stayed for awhile to just talk to us which was very nice. The waitress was knowledgeable and kind as well. The food was unbelievable!!! Everyone left full and with their top button undone having tried to finish it all only to fail in the end.

James Huntington

Bad service and will not return, food was cold , ignored by server

Lindsey Bailey

Wish I could give them no stars... Because we didn't even get to try the food. We waited 15 minutes to be seated while employees just looked at us standing there.

Elizabeth Buckel

Chicken and waffles are not only delicious they actually look like they do in the picture on the menu! Reccomend Chili's specifically for this dish!

Toni Montana

6/27, my daughter's 11th bday! Our waiter, James, was awesome, dinner was great and it was time well spent with wonderful ppl.


I do love the sizzling fajitas. Also good service and friendly staff.

Megan Hopkins

Food wasn't hot no one came out to greet me about my order. Poor customer service and food was awful. Everything was cold.

Kerry Barnes

The food is great, but they need to clean the floors with a clean mop. The floor made the atmosphere smell dewy.

Martin P

Great tasting food everything was great! Thanks chili’s

Alicia Bailey

Everytime I visit this restaurant everyone is very nice. One of my favorite servers Desmond was our waiter. As always he was very knowledgeable of the menu and specials. He was also friendly, upbeat and very attentive of our table even though they were really crowded. We received our food rather quickly and all of it was delicious.

Darius Richburg

The Cheeseburger looked good, however that wasn't the burger I requested. The server quickly noticed that wasn't the burger I ordered and switched the burger with a Mushroom Swiss Burger; thing was is that I actually ordered the Chili's Chili Burger. I settled with the Mushroom Swiss Burger in fear that it would take forever for me to get the correct burger, they would pull the "trifecta" and send another burger I didn't ask for, or sabotage the Chili Burger because of the constant burger returns (I had something similar to that happen to me at another restaurant). I don't frequent the place enough to say this happens all the time, just that my experience was something to be desired. I will admit the Mushroom Swiss Burger was quite tasty, even though I had a taste for a Chili Burger.

linda gross

Excellent service and great food.

Peggy Scott

I don't know why we keep trying different Chilis. This one was worse than the last. The queso was like canned chili and the Caribbean salad smelled like very strong urine. We didn't even take a bite of it. The restaurant also smelled. The server was great, she needs to find a better restaurant!

anthony carlson

Very busy, but it was the holidays. Food was good and the waiter was nice. It’s a chili’s and was on par with the others.

Jamie Kelly

Wonderful food

Fendora Brown

First time I have eating there and the workers was so respectful great service

Lisa Toney

Excellent food. Service was great.

Ari Rose

Love the food. Tables were sticky though.

Steven Miller

Food was good. Service was good as well

Jeff Werner

Service was good, even though they had a packed house. Food was fresh and hot, tasted like what you would expect from a chain restaurant.

Gina Dowdy

We were seated quickly but no server came to the table for 15+ minutes. We had her take our order along with drinks. Drink order was wrong but she never came back to the table and we waited an hour for food. Couple next to us walked out and another table only received half there food.

Robin Spear

Food was goid, servuce good, but nothing to write home about

Rick Lovdahl

Great food & service!

Tri Hard

The managers are complete retards. They violated the Americans with Disabilities act because they wouldn't serve my autistic son. He is such a good boy and climbs mountains they don't understand.

Alicia Riley

We ordered the Classic Fajitas and they forgot the boats with all the extra stuff. When the manager Lyn came and saw we didn’t have them, she gave us a whole new order and corrected the problem. Thanks Lyn keep up the good work!

Tim Windham

Fight occurred in the kitchen the night we stopped by to enjoy a dessert. The restaurant cleared out. Wouldn't expect this to happen again however.

Deb Hudson

Service and food great. Very satisfied! Margarita. Great! Fajitas hot hood yummy!

Celeste Ruppelt

Chili's is a consistent late night choice in Payson when many other restaurants are closing down. We arrived late after a long day up on the rim. They were open and happy to serve us. We split a mushroom burger (so glad this favorite has returned to the menu!) and I had a cup of the tortilla soup. This has become a popular soup in other restaurants as well, but only Chili's gets it right. Chili's is conveniently located quite near the Sawmill Theater on Hwy 260. Parking is adequate. Restrooms are good.

Brandon McDaniel

Good service good food nice atmosphere


My sister and I were nearby so we went to partake in the $10 meal deal. We were seated immediately. However, we were never acknowledged or addressed. We waited for at least 10 minutes, with several servers passing by our table. It was clear to see that we had no beverages or even silverware. We were hungry... SO WE LEFT! I frequent this location which is known to be awesome or terrible... no in between. It all depends on who is on duty. Tonight was TERRIBLE! Chili's... do better! You are running valuable consumers away!

Bargainomics Lady

The chicken for my chicken fajitas was badly undercooked, pink, and chewy as leather. The seat upholstery for our booth was split badly. The chili that came with my fajitas did not include a spoon and it took a while to get one. I was never offered a refill on my water. We have a tannat many chili locations and this is the first and only bad experience we've had but I am not eager to try this location again.

Freedom Baker

Great food and service

Matthew Norris

Server took our drink order and never came back. After waiting 15 minutes, we got up to leave and the server was at the bar laughing with his co-workers. The floors were also sticky and there was a bad smell in the restaurant.

RJ McLearen

Consistently good food and excellent service. The thin fresh chips and salsa are not to be ignored and my personal favorite dish is Cajun Chicken Pasta.


Service is fine, though I normally order take out. Food is fine as well. If you like the food, the place itself will be similar to other Chili restaurants.

Gina Curvin

Don't waste your time. Mediocre food and terrible service. How can they be out of tea and their cookie dessert.

David Stahl

Pretty spicy.

Debbi Maenhout

We walked in and they made us feel at home. All of the staff was wonderful!! Highly recommend!!!

Alan Duncan

Food was great and waiter was great.

Candace Di

Staff is great, food is served at a still hot and burgers are a bit greasy but delicious!! Kids menu is pretty decent too!

Angela Jacot

Great food great prices and great service A+++

Mr 205

Got everyone's order wrong, food was cold,dishes were dirty and then over charged us,had 5 different tickets all were wrong manager corrected the tickets but I will NEVER return.

Chiggery Thicket

I don't like chain restaurants

Ginny Martin Royal

I had the shrimp taco's and they were so delicious. The shrimp were grilled to perfection, the coleslaw brought a brightness to lower the heat level a bit. I did order mine with corn tortillas instead of flour. They give you a choice of a free beverage or chips and salsa when you arrive, pick the chips. They are so light and tasty you will be sorry if you miss them.

Steven Miller

Great food not the best services

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