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5070 US-31, Calera, AL 35040, United States

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Where is Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits?

REVIEWS OF Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits IN Alabama

Sheley White

My family loves the spicy cicken. The fries are always really good too. We eat here about one time a week price is good and they are clean and always friendly

Travis Halliwill

Chicken, egg and cheese biscuit. No one does it better.

Dana Wright

One of the staff members was rude to us and other people on staff. She yelled at the trainee cashier and spoke to us with great disrespect. I won't return.

Rowdy Richardson

Service out of this world!!


Slow service but the food was good

Gene Garza

I absolutely love the food here and the restaurant is big and clean, and the staff friendly. Their biscuits and chicken are better than any other fast food chain.

Keith Quackenbush

Clean, fast and great chicken. Friendly service.

Jake MR

Overall this Bojangles' was a good one. The floor was kinda sticky and the soda machine was not very optional but besides that it was great. The food was good and the service was friendly and fast. We had a group of about 20 and they got our food less than 10 minutes! If you're a "Coke" kind of person then you might have a problem because it's Pepsi. Overall I give this establishment 4 stars.

Stephany Wallington

Love it, the service was good, the food was tasty!!

John Reynolds

Fast, friendly and delicious.

Dana Byrnside

Love their gravy biscuits

Jerry Sharp

Good food good price, good people

Constance Jones

First time eating here. Great chicken and service.


Everything was cold and tough and this was at lunch time. Not many people in there so must not be a popular place.

Robin Lester

The only reason I put one star is because I had to in order to leave a review. I'm an easy going person, I normally don't complain. However, I drove through the drive thru tonite after driving 4 hours from Jackson, Ms and spending an hour in traffic in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!) And honestly it was next to my hotel so I decided to give it a try. I ordered the cajun chicken combo and was sadly disappointed. The chicken was WAY overcooked (like it had been dipped back into the oil again to warm it up) and the lettuce was wilted. I ate the fries which were decent but threw the sandwich away. So much for trying something new lol

Virgie Phillips

Large pieces of chicken but not warm not seasoned well

Starla Leonard

I love this place! Wish there was one in Pensacola.

Derrick Mcdonald

Food was great people were very nice

Dusty Lowrance

So amazing! Employees where so kind and showed massive respect to each customer!

James Billings

The Cajun Chicken Biscuit is the best chicken biscuit anywhere! Chick-Fil-a, Jack's, McDonald's can't compare.

zombie king

Good food friendly staff always a pleasure to come here

Debbie Alexander

Good food fast service

April Clore

Awesome food, friendly service

Pristina Carpenter

Very good biscuits and juicy chicken breast

Steve Hartsock

Best chicken ever!

Richard Price

Nice clean environment,good food ,truck parking in back.

Sheri Mac

Very nice employees. Nice on inside. Food was hot fresh..

am0220 am0220

Stopped by here on our way out of town. I freaking love Bojangles, and this staff was amazing! They went the extra mile and were so friendly. Food was amazing.

Patrik Maddox

Good food for a great price.

Ronnie m6 i9uuu op21111112 14 Jeremy

Quick service. Clean.

Raymond Moore

This location is on my way to work and I've enjoyed the convenience for the last 2 years. However within the last few months their drive thru employees have absolutely ruined this location. There used to be very polite and hard working employees running the drive thru, now unfortunately they will look you in the eye and lie about your order while handing you the wrong thing about 30% of the time. This morning I received a medium cup while asking the employee if it was a large. I asked for a large 3 times over the intercom and twice before they handed me a medium cup informing me it was a large. All while A classy employee KiKi was in the parking lot causing a scene resulting in employees yelling out of the door and drive thru window. Oh did I mention my order was wrong? Figure I can't stress that enough. If you'd like to roll the dice and see if you get what you ask for then you're in luck. Otherwise I'd suggest going to one of the other 5 fast food breakfast locations within 100yrds of this place.

Thom Harrison

I LOVED Bojangles when I lived in NC. For some reason, the franchises here in Alabama can't maintain the quality of service or product.

Dorothy Guillory

The food seems to be clean and the staff was also respectful.

Jeremy Currie

Employees are nice. Chicken is normally good and hot. - 1 Star = Fries always taste and feel like they have been in the warmer too long. Dinning area could be cleaner.

Taylor Neal

Considering these guys are never too busy to help, you'd think they'd be overrun with customers! Chicken is great, but the secret is in the breakfast. Stop in an get a Bo' Bowl, and thank me later. Staff is friendly, helpful, and will joke with you if you joke too. Don't forget their sweet tea... it's on point with Milo's for those of you who really love the stuff!

Kevin Callahan

Darn good chicken. Bojangles knows how to kill chicken great tastes real good.always has tea and good selection of sides. My opinion best chicken around and i have traveled around the world a time or two

LaWayne Wagler

Great chicken and nice comfortable atmosphere!

Packrat Garage

Nice , clean, fast service, great people.

Lorn house of Rice

Good service

Jimmy Chambliss

Great food great service

Lance Moore

They have hearty breakfast sandwiches served all day. The people here are very friendly and quick. Try a Cajun chicken sandwich or egg and cheese.

Martin&Susanne Sweet

Love the KLove-type music, seasoned fries, and yummy spicy chicken. We stop there every time we pass through Calera.

jeffrey lowery

Awesome service, excellent food!!

Tamika Moore

Fast service. Hot fresh food. Very pleased

Christian Braun

Its was a great place for my first experience at bojangles. The bo berry biscuits was

Sarah Hooper

My fiancé, Derrick and I love some Bojangles, and this one is right by our house so it's very convenient, plus the staff is always happy to cook our order fresh every time without any problem. So we love this restaurant!

Bob Boatner

Great food.

Chelle Honn

Service was okay, food was good!

John Gates

Breakfast is great, the grits are a little bit dry, but other than that. Very good service and clean.

Anna Myers

The food was about what I expected, but the staff was wonderful!

Hannah Sims

Service isn't bad, but Bojangles is a horrible fast food restaurant in general. Thier food is gross.

Trevor Thomas

Excellent service & fast food.


Great food everytime love it

Tori Sanford

So good!

Susan Payton

Sausage biscuits

Clyde Austin

I ordered a chicken biscuit it was very good


Them bo-berry biscuits

Charles Collins

Food was great My experience: Went through the drive through and pulled over to eat in the parking lot. Before I could start eating I look up and it is one of the workers standing at my window. He came out to bring me a straw because I drove off before I got it at the window. Talking about customer service. I'll be back the next time I'm in the area. Good service is worth supporting.

Jennifer Headley

Great customer servi e

Lisa Sabia

The boberry biscuits were very tasty.

Paula Horton

Friendly staff, clean, food was fresh and delicious

Laura Littleton

The food always fresh. The people are so nice and I appreciate it ❤

Melinda Ledford

My husband and I go to Bojangles usually every Sunday. We went last week and we're waiting in line. Another man came in and walked right in front of us, after we had waited for 5 minutes without being acknowledged. The staff came right up to him and took his order. Then proceeded to walk off and continue to ignore us. We left. I was disappointed because they usually have good service but definitely turned us off of going to this restaurant.

Courtney Shuffield

Store was very clean. Excellent service. Everyone was very friendly. Jeff the manager greeted us and made sure we were taken care of.

Christian Thurby

Always the best!

Erica H

So.e of the best fried I have had.

Barbara Pierson

First time going. Better than other chicken places. Not as greasy. Fast service. Great Pepsi!!

Fulton Ramsay

Good food. Warm atmosphere. Good service. Will return!

Salmonella Steve

First time at a Bojangles. Got the Cajun chicken club. Seemed a lot like chick fil a but much smaller. Fries were hammered. My wife and son both got tenders and sides. Best biscuits I think I've ever had from a fast food joint! My goodness they stole the show. Also could definitely tell we were in the south. That sweet tea was on point.

William Kania

I was tired and drunk when I came here and the staff was nice and friendly gave me laughs and a great experience

william jones, jr.

The biscuits are great. The service is good.

Margaret Parker

The food was very good and hot. The people who work there were nice and friendly. Will go back again.

Kimberly Breckenridge

BoBerry Biscuits are the best!!!

Letha Walker-Richardson

Food was ok. Not as I remember from back in the day. Restaurant was clean. Good service.

Greg Gentry

The food was hot, fresh, and delicious! Service was prompt and efficient with awesome staff attentive to any needs we had.

Jacque Johnson

Awesome biscuits! Chicken was good. Service was great.

traeclark 678


Cheryl Star

Great food but some reason it took over 30 minutes! To get a chicken salad we ordered. The cashier brought a free sweet potatoe pie to my friend to apologize for his wait. In the meantime, my sandwich & fries got cold. Not fair. The food is always hot but their service is typically slow anyhow. When I have the time to wait, I'll go back. Food is good.

SP Terry J Sayles Sr.

I really hate they closed all their locations in my area.... now I have to commute to The Ham...

Russell Meyers

It was okay. Nothing outstanding. I can't say I will be thinking that I crave their food but would not avoid it either.

Nora Swords

Good food

Hazel_ manifestionnn

Very nice staff.. 1st time visitors and they let me take my time on ordering and even made some yummy suggestions

Billie Cook

Love their food. Especially the mashed potatoes with their sausage gravy. Always get two helps its so good. If you haven't tried. Do it soon.

Erik Brown

Everyone was extremely friendly and the food was great!!! We will be back!

qb1_7 Wanderful1

They were fast and fresh

George Bourque

Food great, great price, very nice staff

Robert Alexander

very clean and respectful, nice place to eat

Stephanie Fonkou

Was awesome, im from outta state was my first bojangles!

P Stidimire

Great Biscuits tasted almost like moms!! And every thing else falls into place very full filling. YUMMY!! YUM!! YUM!! for my Tummy!! Tum!! Tum!!!

Heather Free

Great food

Blaine Eicher

Bo' time all the time! Fantastic chicken and biscuits!

S R Bunch

Great chicken. Great biscuits. Great sides. Friendly employees.

Mark Paul

The chicken tenders we're some of the best I've had anywhere. The restaurant was clean and the management seemed to really care about quality of their food. I would return.

Teddie Parker

Chicken fingers are way too small and I froze to death

Todd A

Didn't throw up this time!


The girl at register got the only two customers orders wrong back to back. The guy in front of me was smart enough to check his order, me I didn't and got down the road and found my order was wrong. Disappointed in this visit, it also took way to long to get a small order. Food was ok.

Peggy Sternad

They forgot to put 6 biscuits in our order that cost 29 plus dollars!!! We were traveling and exhausted. We took our food to the room to eat...but to our surprise No Biscuits. Very disappointing

Joseph Early

Best effing chicken around

Bel Chu

Our family love the chicken and biscuits. The manager, Jeff and the rest of the staff were friendly.

Karen Waller

Chicken is good, prices a little high

Kim Kistner

Never ate at a Bojangles before, food was good, butvthe staff was wonderful.

Ashley Leggott

We love Bojangles! It's now a tradition to stop at one any time we go down south since they don't have any up here in Ohio! The food was excellent as usual, the tables were clean, and the overall atmosphere in the restaurant was great!

Monkey Rafi

Once again I've always gotten great service and the food is ALWAYS FRESH! I eat here often and the staff are always super nice!

Charla Payton

Wonderful employees and very freshly cooked food.

Mason Day

Bojangles is a nice option when your tired of burgers and fries. The biscuits are light, fluffy, and are somewhat large. The chicken is crispy and delicious. I might however add that the establishment felt uncleanly. The floors were sticky, and all of the sodas from the pop machine tasted like cough syrup. Despite all of these, I still respect Bojangles for their quality chicken and biscuits, but not for their cleanliness.

Stephen Moss

Staff is friendly enough. Small dried out portions on chicken Supreme and cold fries to boot. Had been better the last few visits though. The manager did send over a few extra pieces and fresh fries.

Tiffany Carter

We had never been to Bojangles and it was good, hot and freshly made.


We stop here on our way north from Florida beach. We think it's good.

Mickei Archie

A friend and I went to Bojangles recently to find an empty register an empty cooking area we had to stand there and wait 5 minutes while employees were looking at us but not saying anything to us to finally have our order taken once it was taken the food was not even fresh it was dried out had to be replaced 3 times over ending in finally a refund of my money I would not recommend this particular Bojangles to anyone at least not during dinner time

Sherry Singleterry

Nice a n friendly people

J Moses

First time eating at a BoJangles. They didn't have any chicken ready so there was a small wait time. The staff was friendly and the food was very good.

Cheryl Sayles

Great service and delicious food!

Kyiarra Crews

They didn't have that many customers but the way time was long. The food didn't taste all that. Cashier was polite though.

Joel Nielsen

Love those biscuits.

jeff sandlin

Love the ham biscuits and Cajun chicken filet biscuits

Hornaday quickfire

Not a fan at all. Drive thru is a gamble, you may get what you order. Inside staff are offended you are there. They had 3 chances at my business, and failed each time. Local gas stations have better chicken and service. I'll never go back.

Cherrell Roberts

Very good food not a long wait

Tashara Mckinzie

The food was super fresh!!!!!!

Karen Lawler

Food was not good

jessica gilliland

We love the food and the friendly worker's here!

That Mexican Guy

If I was an ambassador for the United States of America and I needed to attend a public event with foreign officials, I would take them a 20 piece & 10 biscuits box as a sign of peace. That's how much I love Bojangles.

Tammi Mason

Christian music atmosphere and pleasant workers

Sandy Dozier

Very good chicken and the gravy was the best.

Nancy Morris

Good food service was good told them i was buying some chicken for my little dog and they put extra in there for her and didn't charge

Brandi Thomley

Love that chicken

David Henderson

The food was good restaurant was very clean guy who took our order was very polite and nice. The only complaint I have is when I asked if the chicken was fresh the manager said with an attitude "it ain't that old" I asked how old is ain't that old he stared at me like I dumb and said "about 25 min" other than that I would recommend this restaurant.

Popi Bear

Good food

Ashtin Bivins

Never have any problems

Micki Posey

Very good food! Nice employees!

Eleanor Van Horn

The food was good

Rick Boerema

Good food! Slow service...

Lanika Crenshaw

I thought that I would try something different. The chicken was cold. I didn't really care for the mac n cheese.

Rob Firkins

Being on a low carb diet is hard enough, going here made it even more difficult, hardly any options. My wife hated the chicken.

Johnny Stephenson

Food and employees were great with fast service.

Sherron Wilkerson

Was excited about the opportunity to visit our local Bojangles location. Went to the all night 100 party and had a good time until the end when at 10 minutes til 5:00a.m. When we were told we were getting a Visa gift card only to receive a Bojangles gift card. I had my daughter come from Montgomery where there is no Bojangles to receive a gift card she can't use. Very disappointed and won't return to this location and probably not another location either. Brad said that if you stayed til 5 received a Visa gift card not a Bojangles gift card. Poor promotion and poorly executed information. Not Happy.

Gail Boothe

Ok first time eating there very clean place and friendly people working there

Cedric Mason

Love the chicken and rice bowl wish they would bring back the cheddar bo biscuits though!

Karen Guy

Just terrible wasted time and money don't and it won't happen again at this place may someday try a different one but really doubt it.

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