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REVIEWS OF Atlanta Bread Mobile IN Alabama

Eshala C.

Made it home with our pickup order. We ordeded 2 half salads and were given ONE dressing. Asked for no tomatoes on one sandwich - sandwich HAD tomatoes Asked for extra onions on panini - no onions on panini. I understand mistakes happen but my goodness!

Jill Hinkle

Got 2 pastries one was chocolate the other apple, didn't like the chocolate one. Will try the apple one at a later time.

Michael Scott

Good service.


Extremely good food high quality. Would have given 5 stars but I feel like it's a little pricey for what you're getting. I've had some issues with cashier's in the past but it's worth it to get a high quality sandwich. I recommend the roast beef on French bread ;-)

jennifer sawyer

Lots of options for soup, salads and sandwiches. Quality is always good and the bakery is great as well.

Sarah Cikin

Amazing breakfast, lunch or dinner options! Very friendly staff and owners!

Thilo Smooth

Good food, service and centrally located.

Heather Smith

Want king cake? I promise they have the best!

Jay Mack

Quick service. First time i had a salmon sandwhich. It was very tasty. Order chicken noodle soup which i was told was good also. Only problem was bread for soup was just dropped in the bag with other items unwrapped.

Tram Dinh

Service is awful! Workers are rude.

Squirrel Gaming #Squirrel

Delicious soups and sandwiches reasonably priced, fast service,(be sure to try their grilled cheese sandwich)

Priscilla McDonald

Great food, good location


The service is always excellent, and the evening manager works twice as hard as everyone else to make sure that the customer experience is what it should be. The food is fabulous, and has become my comfort food many times!

Trina Pugh

I stopped for sandwiches and muffins on May 13,19 and spent$23. I asked for pickles, I look in the bag after I leave. No pickles. Today, I spent $34 and had to haggle with the manager about pickles that I asked for and was told it came with my sandwich. Guess what, no pickles. He said, "You have to ask for pickles." Well, I did and was given the wrong information. Suffice to say, I might as well be dealing with the McD...... people!

Lee Smith

Really good broccoli cheese soup!!!!

Danielle Pedraza

Good lunch options and healthy


We ate here twice within two weeks while in Mobile, Al. Food was great and a nice alternative to similar type chain restaurants. We wish we had an Atlanta Bread in south Miss.


Not impressed. Brown spots on the Lettuce, Greek salad was drenched in dressing that was not tasty. The bread on the sandwich was toothbreakingly hard.

Laura Kinsey

The bagel and cream cheese were average. The breakfast sandwich was tasteless. The staff was fabulous so the two stars are for them.

Kyle Jenkins

Great food and Awesome service. I had the steakhouse panini and loaded baked potato soup. Great experience. First time here and I like it

Angie Overstreet

The King Cake during Mardi Gras was FABULOUS!!

King Champion Entrepreneur Ratheal Edwards

Great food and friendly service! I love the turkey club panini extra turkey!

Steven Navarro

Clean, fast, great food and very cozy. Try the Chicken Cesar Wrap

Joe Cool

Always a good place for lunch. Great food and atmosphere

Candace Anderson

Love my Avocado Sammie and fall soup, great customer service!

Daniel Schmidt

Really good sandwiches and their soups are also really good. Their bread is fantastic though that's something I'd expect out of a restaurant with bread in their name. Feels like a Panera bread but with a different menu, though the bread is as good as if not better here. Also pretty well known for their coffees this place has a nice selection.

steve asman

Very nice got the bacon extra crispy too

Gary Petrie

The only problem with this place, prices to high

Lace Miller

Highly recommend!! & the desert is amazing, so is the food. I would give more stars if i could!!

Heather Delker

They were out of the breakfast item I wanted. Decent coffee and bagels.

Bill Tomlin

It's good food and a nice place.

CJ Kay

I'm rating 5 because my sister brought me here to try the soup special & being my first time, the lady at the register was very kind & helpful . I forgot her name though . But I would go back to eat here.

Robert Lamm

Good sandwich.

elizabeth mccain

Went in tonight to pick up dinner. The registers below the menu were once again 'not working' and the staff was horribly rude when I said having to yell my order across the restaurant was ridiculous. This is not the first time this has happened. The laziness of the staff is staggering. If this restaurant is locally owned, I highly recommend you reevaluate who you are hiring to work the front with your customers. I love your food, but the staff you had working tonight left a lot to be desired.


Terrific service at this location. They care that you walked through their door. Good food and clean restaurant.

Rhonda Gardner

Please bring back apple caramel muffins

Walter Frazier

Great soups sandwiches and pastries, great food friendly faces.

James Himes

Great ft food for decent price.

Shaun Fisher

It's alright. Kind of like Panera. Lots of old white dudes congregate here in the morning. Act like they own the place.

Dasheva Blackheart

I love this place so much. Soup and sandwiches are the best comfort foods. Prices are on the high side of reasonable, but still reasonable. Everyone is so pleasant and actually look like they enjoy working.

Penguin Juice

This is for Matthew Sheets.

Harvey Mellard Jr

Food was good but over priced. Portions are small for the price paid. Its like a lesser known Panera Bread. Place was very tidy and oddly empty. Guess I came on a really slow night

Kimberly Bates

Super fresh food. The chop stix chicken salad is my favorite!


Love their breakfast foods! Their oatmeal with fruit is super good.

Linda Weaver

Very good chicken salad sandwich!

Sharon M Gregory

The customer service and the food is Awesome

Tabitha Harwood

Great service wonderful food. Judy helped me out and was so polite and friendly.

David Johnson

ABC on Sour dough, fantastic. Thanks for a great sandwich!


Not only did we wait a long time when they were not busy for only a couple things, they go my order wrong. I wanted the loaded baked potato soup with sourdough bread bowl, I got a baked potato soup..... you couldn’t pay me to go back to this place.

terry bassett

Great food, great staff, did I mention the amazing food choices..then there's dessert n fresh baked tea in all flavours..well several good ones.. LOVE this place..

Cheryl Parnell

Went with a very dear friend, it was wonderful, (as always).

Daniela Pedraza

I like this place for lunch because food is not so heave good meeting place and relaxing

Tom Murphy

The food was terrible!!! I took my family there for a nice breakfast and we all ended up with an upset stomach. The bacon, egg, cheese croissant tasted like it was left in the microwave for too long, the panini was hard as a rock on the edges of the bread but really soft towards the middle, like it was soaked in water, my son's chicken soup in the bread bowl was nothing but pasta, no broth. Save your money and go to Panera bread, at least you get what you paid for. Very disappointing.

Sarah Denney

Love this place.. Super staff, very friendly and helpful. Great atmospher.

Robert Powell

Great food, fast service, and the staff was friendly.

christie peterson

Enjoyed the chilli for lunch. Just right

Livia's channel

So delicious they sell good bread

Tiffanee Dunn

Tomato basil soup. Yummy

Michael Blair

Great for lunch! Really good food, and fast friendly service too. The salad and sandwich pairs are huge portions! Definitely going to be back!!

Sandra Ward

Sandwich and pastries were delicious!

Krystal Ferina

Really good food, wonderful staff, but watch out for the specialty soups charging an extra $1. Its kind of like a McAlisters, but they were good soups.


I'm so glad they finally jumped on the gluten free bandwagon. I got a GF panini and it's really good. Now if they would only do a few bakery items I'd be so happy!

Beverly Thomas

Prices to high

Jordan Vallas

Pesto chicken panini is my favorite in town!

Josh Altmayer

Great breakfast and lunch menus. Conveniently located near I65

Robert Jackson

Good reliable soups sandwiches and bread of course!


Tasteless food, very small portions, $10 for half a sandwich and soup without getting a drink. The only reason I give it two stars is the bakery is pretty good and the atmosphere is great.

Loni Jarman

Have used this location for dinner on Wednesday night many times but the last two times have been a disappointment. Young lady taking our order didn't seem to be listening and all 3 of us had to repeat our order a few times. Two of the orders still did not come out correctly. She seemed to be preoccupied with the guys working with her. Last Wednesday the place did not look very clean with water on the floor (this was before it rained) and dirty tables. Coffee was not made and gentleman behind the counter yelled to his coworker to get it made. Just not as orderly and professional as it has been in the past. Would love employees to quit letting that swinging door go back and forth. So annoying.

Christine Grantham

Food is always fresh and sinfully delicious but cost far more than is reasonable. Delicious but far to costly to visit very often.

Walt Wilson

Good food. Tables at booths would make great rocking chairs. Fantastic team that really worked hard to make one feel welcome. I enjoyed how they helped each other.

Dena Amison-Middleton

Excellent food

Johnnie Fitts

Food was good and the service was great. I highly recommend this place.

Burl Ratcliffe

Excellent soups and service.

Ashley Becton

Meh... Not as good as Panera.

Laurence Triplett


Tina Payne

Nice, clean and good food. Love when I get to get in front of fireplace.

Karen Simmons

I love this my beautiful daughter works there needed simmons

Arlene Pettaway

Service was great and a clean atmosphere

James McNaughton

Had the waldorf chicken sandwich and it was amazing. Atlanta Bread Company always has great homestyle food.

Big Bopper

Really great food and always get a cozy feeling here. One of my favorite places when we visit Mobile.

Tony Plosczynski

I love this place! The food is always amazing and I've never waited long to get it. Have the chicken salad for the first time today and it was amazeballs!

Neil Young

Good food, friendly staff, and fast service

Margaret Henderson

Delicious food but didnt get my order right. Asked for Tuna sandwich on wheat with no lettuce tomatoes or onion on the sandwich....

Mary Junkin

The food isn't always correct here, but this time it was perfect! Busy lobby and friendly service!


The atmosphere was homey, but the biscuits were hard as rocks, the eggs taste like rubber, the sausage was nasty, my coke tastes funny, and they don't have enough of a selection.

Barbara O'Hara

Always loved their tuna salad sandwich today I thought I treat myself after a long time and I was disappointed they must've changed the recipe and not for the better.

c lyn mclane

Great place to go to, food tastes good and the are friendly

Karla Autrey

Good It has been awhile since I have been here due to a decline in tastiness. So we decided to give it another try. The sandwiches have a good amount of meat on them...for a while it was pretty dang skimpy for the price. Waiting for our Broccoli Cheese Soup, Hot Pastrami on pumpernickel & Steakhouse on ciabatta; I was noticing the Bakery menu. WOW! They seem to like to charge Airport prices for their food--$4 for cut fruit? Our food arrived hot and quick. A fair amount of meat on both sandwiches and the soup was good even though I think it wasn't made in house but from a bag. Overall good food but NOT worth $28 for two sandwiches, chips, a bowl of soup and two drinks.

Sharon Carpenter

Great time great good friends

Kitty Prince

It almost seemed like we were a bother to the cashier. The food was okay but no attention to detail was made. The tomatoes were green and bitter and stacked on 4 at a time. Cheese was not melted. Just disappointing.

Kevlar Richardson

Very good. Smoothies are delicious. But a friend got a kids meal and the menu says it comes with a cookie. They didn't give her one so we had to ask.

Joey Brooks

The chop stick chicken salad is the best.

Phil Forrest

Coffee is acceptable. I was miffed that the simple breakfast menu is not available all day.

Heather Crawford

good but a bit overpriced

Tiffany Pugh

This place was okay... staff wasn't the most welcoming but that must be the atmosphere....

Scott Elliott

Great place to eat.

Johnathan Owens

The treats I bought we're good but not fresh.

Jeff Watson

Great food. Pleasant staff. Relaxing atmosphere.

cynthia sheffield

Ordered through Waitr. Got grilled cheese with NO Cheese, waste of 10 dollars

Jay Rabb

Good food but a little pricey

Nathan Davis

Their chicken pesto is quite a delightful sandwich especially when ordered with a soup, wonderful place to eat.

Brian Phillips

Sandwich shop and bakery not bad it is just a chain store.

Tiffany Ingram

I love the food, as a peso vegetarian, Alanta Bread offeres options for me to eat healthy. I like the set up at this particular location. It offers areas where you can sit and have privacy.

clang theo

Great service and fresh salads, sandwich, and soup options. Delicious teas and desserts, too.

Michael Thompson

Great salads.

Andretta Jones

Great sandwiches

ms crum1

Pretty decent chili and sandwich. Fair priced and quick service.

Adam Robinson

Great food options, attitudes, and service.

Sharla Taylor

Brocolli soup is normally spot-on but it was too salty this time!!!

Ken Salter

Decent food and good service

James Shouldis

For Chicken Waldorf salad sandwich they are unbeatable. They're always courteous and you get great service. It's a great spot for breakfast and lunch I just love it

joel goff

Bland food, small portions at an expensive price. Tasteless garbage.

Brooke Allo

Food was delicious! Great atmosphere too! I will be returning!

Bridget Tyson

The man working the register went to hand me a cup for my drink and three came with it. The man actually put his hands on the rim of the cups to pull them apart! Literally all over the rims. Then he put the other two back and walked away. That is gross and unsanitary! Zero excuse for such blatant disregard of Board of Health code.

Felicia thats me

Purchased a Greek salad, fast efficient service food was fresh


People are nice, patient with slow ordering, and helpful. The best thing about this place is their community-mindedness. They donate leftover pastries to not-for-profits and allow them to do fundraisers. Food is good, can be inconsistent, but have deli favorites and newer creations. Salad and soup stand-bys and features. Nice color scheme and atmosphere, with padded bench one-sided seating. Handful of patio tables out front are nice. Landscaping needs update. They're big on king cakes in many varieties. Self-serve drinks can make up for being a bit overpriced with add-ons (watch the extra charges so you know what you're saying yes to.) Used to love their butternut squash soup with bread and salad with mixed greens and fruit and nuts. Could eat a whole baguette bc they're authentic boulangerie style! Great place for whole loaves of speciality breads. Convenient to pick up as gifts for hospitals, nursing homes, many offices or schools nearby.

R. Johnson

Tired of being overcharged. Love the food but every time I order a speciality sandwich, I am overcharged for a bread change. Even though I tell the cashier, it usually takes a manager to be called to confirm that I should not be charged for a bread change on speciality sandwich. So after getting the “no up charge confirmed”, we checked the receipt and was charged 1.69 extra for a cookie that was advertised as included in the price of a kid’s meal and a gratuity charge of 5.87 for a restaurant with no waiters.

Carolyn L Ladart

Good service. Friendly service. Runs out of breakfast foods early

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