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1449 Co Rte 3/1, Huntington, WV 25704, United States

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REVIEWS OF Huntington Tri-State Airport IN West Virginia

Keyetta Clark

Very unprofessional, uncaring, horrible customer service. This airport needs more employees so they may accommodate all passengers professionally. Seems like they are lacking proper help to perform their job to the best of their ability. Praying that things change in the future.

Kellie Johnson

Chandni Patel

susan floyd

I've flown out of Tri-State Airport many times. I think it's a lovely airport. The people are friendly and helpful. The airport is compact and easy to get around.

Stacey Tolley

We have never had any issues at this airport, we have always had friendly service and on time flights! This will be our 3rd flight to Florida on allegiant. Great people!

Magic Five twostate

Courtney Merritt

Tirumala rao Dammalapati

NamViet Rollformer - Chuyên cung cấp máy cán tole

Huntington Tri-State Airport

Kaaren Hoover

Bassiq Mom

This airport is awful. No running water toilets can’t flush carpet is very nasty. Really needs to be close down I’ve never been to an airport like this in my life

Jeremy Jensen

Rachael Gregory

ALL of the employees were certainly rude. They put me on the wrong flight and I stood on a plane for 20 minutes when they couldn't find out why my seat was taken because the lady at the door didn't pay attention. 10 people couldn't get on their flight because of the counter shutting off super early while people were still in line. One of the ladies shut the door on us. This airport is the worst one I have been to and I highly recommend not coming.

Johnathon Finch

I’m truly surprised at all of the one star reviews and bad experiences. We have flown out of/into this airport probably 50 times over the last 8 years and it’s always been a smooth process, minus one instance of having to sit on a landed jet for over a hour until another one moved from the gate. 49 out of 50 is pretty good though!

Pam Klim

Arrived at airport 1 Hr 15 min early for flight to Charlotte, NC on November 29th. Attempted to park in long term area but was unable to do so due to issue with toll ticket. After several attempts to enlist assistance from airport staff we were told if we parked anywhere else our vehicle would be towed. After 40 minutes we were given permission to park in another area near jet park but it was to late and we missed our flight. Ticket agent educated us that this had been a previously reported issue left unresolved and we should address it with the airport GM. Made several attempts to do so and left messages never responded to. Finally spoke with GM and was basically told "Sorry about your luck", we cannot do anything about it. Had to drive to Charleston, WV for later flight and missed an entire day of vacation. When possible fly out of Charleston, WV, they were very accommodating.

Ted T

They've always been good to me here. Even held the plane for me when I should have boarded. I lost track of time eating in the diner, they came and got me.

Eddie Goodwin

James Beaumont

If you want passengers at the airport 90 minutes before their flight, have someone at the ticket kiosk to service the passengers.

Chris Cook

Lacy Dott

Bill Timmsen

Ryan Holderby

Suhas Gangadhara

Tabitha murphy

George Smith

Ismael Perez

Francis Steele

(Translated by Google) Savannah (Original) Savana

DJ James

Run down airport but the line guys will get you fueled up and taking back off quick

John Booth

Jonathan Langer

HTS is a fine airport and only has a few flights per day. It does get a little busy/crowded when an Allegiant flight lands/leaves due to the large amount of people flying on their planes. The parking situation has room for improvement. The entry/exit/navigation for the parking lot is awkward and tight. Upon exit, the payment machines are a little dated and do not always work properly.

Rusty H

The parking exit is a disaster. 90% of the time the credit card reader won't work to let you exit. Then you have to try to find a human to assist. Then the credit card reader still doesn't work. Exiting the parking lot takes longer than the flight from Charlotte NC. Ridiculous!

Kevin Mineer

Sandy Bellomy


Jason Sides

This is an airport that was modernized years ago, but did not receive the greatest amount of attention over the years. As a result, it is starting to look somewhat run down. There are few dining options, and the staff was overwhelmed quickly when a large flight was scheduled to depart. All in all, a poor experience at a smaller airport.

Brianna Crouse

This airport is a joke, TSA agents are disrespectful and the people that check your bags in are even worse. Might as well make the drive to Charleston it's that much better.

Carpe Diem

Just updating my review from each flight! Everything is pretty much the same, clean restrooms flights are usually on time.. almost everyone is friendly and helpful. They could definitely upgrade the parking situation its difficult at times to even find a place to park, there's no real structure everyone just parks taking to much space or blocking the road, then you have a very long walk to get to the airport entrance not to mention a huge flight of up hill stairs before you even get there. Prices to leave your car in long term parking is very expensive, seems they could update their parking lot.

Jamie Hise

Very friendly people.

Paul T

Easy access in and out of this regional airport that serves the Tri State area. It certainly gets the job done very well! New elevator to assist with getting to and from the terminal to the parking lot is very nice. Parking lot and facilities work well. What it does not have in is made up in being a very convenient location. Receipts for automated parking payment are hit and miss functionality.

DJ Warwing

Kevin Peacemaker

I had bad diarrhea upon arrival to airport and could not find a bathroom let's just I had to purchase new pants

Miles Mu

Bad customer service, staff very impatient, rude, and unhelpful

BAI Olivia

Gus Yak

Quiet and very small regional airport. Love the pizza in the restaurant while waiting our fly.

Effie Tackett

Bryan Cash

Clean your carpets. This is an embarressment to the city. The first thing a visitor sees is this....


Nothing wrong with this airport, it is just small.

olivia patterson

The flight crew is great! The trip is quick and clean and the price is cheaper than driving! ALL GOOD. BUT-----Horrible local Allegiant woman at the Huntington gate! She has stopped and harassed EVERY member of my family EVERYTIME we fly from there. We have elderly family in Huntington but we live in Florida, so we fly into this airport every month. -We always have the exact same carry on without anything new when we return. There is a particular woman that says she's the manager?I've repeatedly asked for someone above her and she replies that there isn't ANYONE? She's forced me twice to weigh and size my bag(it was legit) On another trip,she charged BOTH of my teenage daughters an EXTRA $50. per bag (the same ones we had flown TO WV with) --Another time she refused to let my teenager daughter get on the plane because her taxi got her to the airport 1 hour and 45 minutes before the flight. My 16 year old daughter was all alone, in tears as she watched other passengers board the nearly empty plane.She needed required medicine in Florida by midnight.She also is an athlete in high school and had a water polo match the next day.(She missed it) I'm her mother,I begged over the phone for this EVIL woman to PLEASE let her on the plane. I was waiting for her in Florida,this employee said my daughter should just go sleep in the parking lot!!! I was forced to get my daughter another taxi,a hotel room and had to buy ANOTHER ticket for the next day!.Awful woman! This woman has a Barney Fife mentality and thinks that she is the almighty powerful queen of that airport.It's her way or no way.Zero customer service.I've heard from others on Facebook that talk about her too.

The Royal Gamer

Gordon Adkins

Rob Moore

Great flight horrible parking lot experience. We were 15th car in line to exit lot. Took 3 minutes per car to pay and exit. Seriously????? One pay lane. I called and they “were sending someone to assist”. Still sitting here.

L5 Parsons

Excellent experience

Ryan G

The manly woman at the allegiant counter was very rude, and disrespectful.. A cheap flight, and service to boot. I'd pay extra before I would face her to check into a flight.

Frank Forno

Cynthia Wade

I brought only a 20 x 15in carry on. They ran it through the X-ray machine 4 times - twice after dumping all of my clothes and belongings in a separate bin. The TSA guy just kept telling me he saw a laptop on his screen. Despite my repeatedly telling them I had not brought my laptop, and even after completely emptying my suitcase, they continued to search for one. My bag was only 20x15 in !!

Dan Kre

HTS is small which makes it easier to get in and out of. Cheap flights to FL daily. Food in the only restaurant is sub-par so bring a snack.

D a K

Larry Kime

Close to where I need to be. A short flight from Charlotte. Small, cozy, easy to use. They even have TSA precheck.


Friendly from Skycap to landing. Great service at Allegiant. Always my first choice.

Robert Ferguson

Go to Lexington, Cincinnati or Columbus instead. I would give it 0 stars if I could.


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