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REVIEWS OF Goodmiles Rent A Car IN Washington

Jennifer Sovern

I rented a vehicle from Goodmiles for six months. The vehicle was in excellent condition and the staff there is very friendly and courteous. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Sarah Shin

You should read the rental agreement carefully. I accidently damaged the bumper while parking and the bumper was torn in a slightly bigger than a golf ball size. I had no choice and had to pay in cash of $850 because if I were to process with the insurance company, Goodmiles would charge me until the insurance company pay them, which was $200/week and normally it takes three weeks for insurance company to pay them. They give you no choice but paying them in cash so try not to damage their car. I would go to a bigger rental car company next time.

Basil Huang

They were friendly when I made the appointment and sent periodic useful information in terms of when to check out / insurance policy stuff. They were also friendly when on the phone and in-person. The 4-week block rate is very competitive too.

Ilan Serman

Great service and aboye and beyond customer service. I would not hesitate to rent here again.

Bob Winslow

Rented a car for over a month and was very happy with the customer service, the price and the car was better than expected. Would definitely recommend this for someone who was paying for a car rental out of their own pocket and needed a long term rental. The cost was definitely 1/2 price compared with the best prices from the rental companies making it pretty affordable. Our car was an older model but it was very clean and everything worked perfectly. It was very comfortable and much better then getting a low cost Yaris or something from the rental car companies. The customer service was perfect, personable and courteous. We were rear-ended and the back bumper was damaged. The customer service was very helpful and we were able to take care of the matter with no cost to us and no disruption to our plans. All we got was sympathy and helpful suggestions for the customer services staff - were never made to feel guilty or pressured into some kind of payment. They were patient for the insurance company to settle the matter and they had great follow-up to make sure the matter was properly taken care of. We would definitely rent from Goodmiles again!

Kaixi Hou

I would definitely recommend the Goodmiles Rent-A-Car based on its economical price and great quality of car and service. Especially for the long term rent, Goodmiles is a great choice.

Rick Silberman

I agree with the other reviewers here--this place is top notch and professionally run. I needed a car for a month with automatic transmission, as I was getting a knee replacement. We got a clean, well-running Ford Taurus. The car was 10 years old but the price was right, and there were no hassles of any kind. We rented a GPS that had some problems, and our money that part of the rental was refunded with no questions asked. It is just a well run, honest, quality business run without any BS, and I recommend it if you need a long term rental in the Seattle area.

Stephanie P

For some reason the price option I got only gave out PT Cruisers. I hate those cars. My first car had car trouble and they brought me a replacement. They really worked with me to do what was best for my situation.

Karl Warnke

Such great information and service. Picked us up from the train station. Excellent choice if you are visiting the Everett/Seattle Area. Would highly recommend based on economical price and great quality of car and service.

Jonathan Morof

I used Goodmiles for a 3 month rental over the course of my internship at Boeing in Everett/Seattle. The staff at goodmiles was extremely friendly and helpful and picked me up at the Everett Bus Station. From there, I was upgraded to a Ford Taurus. The car was thoroughly clean and was exactly what I wanted for the summer. Goodmiles uses very fair policies-you don't get the bureaucracy from one of the larger rental companies. Overall, I would recommend Goodmiles, especially for interns, and would definitely use this service again.

Marquise Johnson

Rented a car for three months and was pleased with the service.

Nick Hobbs

I could not have been happier with my experience here. I am under 25, and I needed a car for three months. This place is far cheaper than any other car rental place I found, and the manager is very professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend this place to anybody looking to rent a car on a budget, especially anybody under 25.

Dougan Milne

Great service and price for long-term rentals. Clean vehicles and excellent flexibility from the staff of Goodmiles.

Mark McRoskey

I worked with Han throughout my long-term rental and he made everything very easy and I was pleased with my overall experience. The contract was simple and easy to understand and I enjoyed the convenience of a long-term rental with a reliable car, great pricing, and fantastic customer service. I would recommend Goodmiles to anyone looking for a long term car rental. Great service!

Andrew Scarpinato

Goodmiles was extremely good to me. They were very helpful with picking up my rental car. They were also very accommodating when renewing my rental. During my internship with Boeing in Renton sometimes I would not be able to make it to their office until well after closing hours, but they ensured someone stayed in the office for me and was there to greet me with a smile. Will absolutely be recommending them to anyone I know who is looking for rental long or short term in the Seattle area.

Martin Schoening

I recommend that service for long time rent. Great car, no problems and they are always friendly there ;)

Toni Nicole Long

AMAZING. These guys really are. Everyone I have spoken with has been so accommodating and so helpful. I recently moved to Seattle from overseas and because I am purchasing a home, I have to wait to purchase a vehicle. A friend looked up long-term rental options for me, and I am so glad he turned me on to Goodmiles. The day I flew in to town I had multiple flight delays. Goodmiles reached out to me several times during the day to check on the status of my flight and to let me know their willingness to stay open late. --and not just a little late....and hour and a half late! My flight delays ended up getting me to town way after I should have and after hours for picking up the car. But Goodmiles opened early for me the next morning! They worked with me on the price of the car and that I wanted a car I could play music on through my phone. When I felt the a/c in the car wasn't strong enough (I tend to feel hot much of the time), they swapped me out same day to a car with wonderful a/c! I was concerned at the beginning of the process about renting a slightly older car because I had never heard of such a program, but the staff at Goodmiles really put my mind at ease and provided a great and much needed service. Try these guys!!! You will not be disappointed. And the cars are in great shape!! Other similar services don't seem to keep their cars in such good condition, but the three cars I have seen and/or used with Goodmiles were all in really good shape!

Jason Alvarez

Goodmiles Rent A Car is definitely a place I would recommend to Boeing interns / full-time employees. As well as any employee in the Puget Sound area / tourists in the area. I have been a very happy customer for the two summers I have been in the Puget Sound area and I will continue to use Goodmiles in the future. Excellent customer service, great prices, and most importantly they do not charge fees for drivers under the age of 25. All employees at Goodmiles are very friendly and care about there customers. Thus, if you are in the Puget Sound area (short term or long term), I would highly recommend using Goodmiles Rent A Car. You will not be disappointed!

Allison Holmgren

I moved to Seattle for a summer internship inbetween by two years getting an MBA and needed to rent a car from the summer. A previous Boeing intern recommended Goodmiles as a great affordable rental car option, so I reserved a car. I took a shuttle from SeaTac up to Everett to pick up the car and was welcomed with very friendly service. The paperwork was quick, straight forward, and I felt that I was getting a fair and reasonable deal for the car. The car was clean and I never had any mechanical issues with it. Due to the nature of insurance with rental cars, I had to go back each month to renew the monthly rental, so it was a bit of a time commitment to drive back to Everett, but each time I walked in, I was greeted with a smile and offered a cold bottle of water while the car had a safety check. This renewal process never took more than 10minutes. Overall I was very happy with the experience and recommend Goodmiles to anyone needing a reliable rental car. If I ever go back to Seattle for a month or two at a time, I'll be sure to rent again from Goodmiles.

Scott Benefield

Good reliable cars for long-term rental in the Seattle area at a very good price. Very friendly and professional to deal with, courteous communications. Would definitely use their services again.

Crystal Ting

Goodmiles is great if you are looking for long term car rentals. I was living in Renton temporarily for two months, and needed a solution for transportation. I did some research online, and all the major rental car companies were charging over $1,000 a month for a car. I came across Goodmiles online and saw that they had the best rates for long term rentals so I decided to try it out. Goodmiles offers great customer service. They respond in a timely manner, and give you courtesy calls a week before your return date is up to check if you want to continue your rental or return the car. Everything is very straightforward and easy. The cars they offer are clean, practical, and reliable. I highly recommend Goodmiles as a safe and economical solution to your rental car needs!

Tim Gantz

Highly recommend. Very attentive and customer focused. Go the extra mile in every way to make sure you have a good experience. Much lower price than any other place you will find around here.

Sougand Talebpour

Goodmiles Rent-A-Car is definitely an excellent choice.There are no extra charge for people under 25 and the cost is very low compare to other places. They provide decent cars and are very helpful in case of any sort of issue. The owner are very honest and easy to deal with. I definitely recommend this company.

Annie H

Really nice people and honest.

Matt Hudson

If you're looking for a decent (and safe) rental car in the Greater Seattle area at a reasonable price, I'd highly suggest Goodmiles. They are significantly cheaper than the competition, especially if you're looking to rent on a month-to-month basis. Their customer service was excellent, and any small hiccups were addressed quickly. I'd highly recommend using their service.

Teppei Karasawa

I would strongly recommend this place. Great price for long term rentals, which is very difficult to see in other rental car service around the area. The staff is extremely friendly and he tries his best to be flexible with vehicle option, pickup/return time, and etc. The cars are well maintained; I rented two different cars for a month each but did not have any problem. If I ever need to rent a car in the future, I will definitly come back here again.

Navaneeth Bodla

Terry Liddell

We spent 5 weeks in Seattle over the winter holidays and rented a car from Goodmiles. The car worked fine and the pricing offered a tremendous break over rentals offered at the airport at high season/holiday prices. The service was very friendly with thorough explanations. Although there are other possibilities to get to the Everett location, because of the times of our flights, we rented a car from the airport for the first and last days of our trip to pick-up and return our car and to get to the airport. I would recommend Goodmiles without hesitation.


Adam Kinsey

I was in Seattle for an engineering internship this summer, and I needed a rental car for the first week of the summer when I arrived before I could figure out other means. The overall experience with this car rental agency was very good. It is a smaller agency than an "Avis" or big name you might be used to dealing with, but they met all of my needs and saved me a considerable amount of money compared to the big guys. (as a note, be prepared to call your car insurance company and have them provide proof of your coverage, as that is required before you will be able to rent a vehicle with Goodmiles) When I arrived at SeaTac I was able to take Shuttle Express straight from the airport to the Goodmiles office, just as I had been instructed in the email. Unfortunately, Shuttle Express was being very slow at the time and I had to wait an hour before leaving, and the drive from SeaTac to the office in Everett is at least 45 minutes, so be ready for that time when you arrive. When I got to the rental office it was very simple and straight-forward to get the car. Unfortunately, shortly after driving the Taurus away the check engine light came on. I immediately called and returned to the office, and they gladly switched out the car for another Taurus within 10 minutes. The whole process with both cars took less than 30 minutes. At the end of the week, my schedule made it difficult for me to drop off the car during normal hours. Thankfully, they provided instructions and let me drop off the car late on a Thursday evening when it was convenient for me, and checked in the car the next morning. Also, they let me know that I had accidentally left my iPad in the car, and stored in their safe for over a week until I had the chance to come and pick it up. Interestingly, the car I rented was a little older than I am used to for a rental car; it was I think either a 2009 or 2010 and had over 100k miles. It was still in excellent condition, and I think it was a fair trade to pay $250+ less for the car for a week in exchange for it being a bit older. Overall, the service was excellent and I would definitely rent from them again.

Mehmet Kazak.

Very nice

Dimpy John

The customer service was outstanding. I would definitely rent from here again. The car drove well and I felt safe driving my baby around in it. Thanks for making our trip more pleasant and stress free!

Jingbo Sun

Having rented their vehicle, I can say Good-miles is a great choice for long term Seattle car rental if you are looking for value and good customer service. Management is responsible, timely and sincere, which made the whole rental process seamless. My experience with the company and the management is positive - got what I paid for and expectation was met. I would recommend other potential renters to check this place out for your next trip in Seattle.

Nisha RK

Absolutely my favourite car rental company! Being someone that travels to different cities quite often, I have rented from almost every car rental agency out there. None of them were bad, but none of them matched the customer service that Goodmiles offered. They are always homely, flexible, and truly watch out for the customer. I started renting from them 3 months ago, and plan to continue doing so as long as I am in Washington! Don't rent from other companies and their rip of rates. Go ahead and rent from Goodmiles. You will not be bothered by weird charges on your card and can enjoy a good ride!

Koloss 666

Most car rental companies charge a premium if you are under 25. Being 23 and on my own in Seattle for the first time, I needed to find something I could afford for the entire summer. Good Miles gave me a fantastic rate for $602 per month; rented a 2006 Ford Taurus and could not have been more pleased. The car worked well the entire time, the service at Good Miles was very fair and I would recommend this car rental to any summer interns coming to Seattle or anyone at all who is looking to rent long-term; best prices in the Puget Sound, and its a local business. There are no cons, no catches, no unexpected financial addition, etc. Each month, you will have to travel to Everett to have the car inspected, so I would recommend hitting the 405 at a low traffic time (if that's even possible) probably around 11 a.m. Very pleased overall with the car, the service, and the price. 5 stars.

Omer Faruk ASLAN

Great service, friendly staff. Thank you.

Eamon Doyle

Rented a car from Goodmiles for three months and was very satisfied. The vehicle performed well, the customer service was excellent, and the monthly price was the lowest I could find online. I definitely recommend renting from Goodmiles.

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