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REVIEWS OF Aero Rent-A-Car IN Washington

Estonian Family

Outstanding! I needed a van on short notice to haul things for my daughter's weddding and it could not have worked out better. Very reasonbly priced which included up to 100 miles in the price. The service was good. The van itself was a late model that drove excellent, got decent gas mileage and lots of cargo space for things with tie downs. And even though i was a few minutes late like half hour on return cause of traffic they were pretty understanding. Good location in redmond. Will rent again from them as opposed to uhaul for certain things. May not work for all situations but for the circumstances it was perfect.

PnW Chillin

Trust Aero Rent a Car when looking for a car to rent, they will not let you down.




Geoffrey Ho

Nishant Bilaiya

Much cheaper compare to other Rental companies and great service.

Koduru Hemanth Kumar

Brian Taylor

Excellent pricing and service with over 300 cars to choose from.

Andy Chan

If you are expecting a vehicle for your weekend roadtrip then I highly don't recommend this place. I wasn't notified that there's an extra charge if I drove over a certain amount of mileages when I signed the paperwork in the rental, so I was very surprised when the bill came. Also, try to avoid toll bridges if possible as they would charge you the commercial toll, which is even more expensive than the "pay by mail" option for domestic vehicle. Like Fernando, one of the representatives in the rental, said "You should use I90 instead, it is your decision to take I520!" HA! As if you are my trip advisor, Mr. Fernando :) Last but not least, bad customer service. They could have patiently explain to me how the extra charges were calculated but instead, they gave me a very bad attitude. It went to a point that I felt unsafe staying within the store. In conclusion, I will never go to this place anymore.

Allie Buchholz

Nice place

Maricha f

Brian jeide

Really great experience...prices were competitive, friendly fast service, and the car was ready and waiting when the paperwork was done. Spent maybe 10 minutes from the time I walked in to when I drove away. More cars than expected and they all looked new and clean. I was dreading going to the standard car rental companies and found Aero on a google search and would highly recommend to anyone!

Gulmet Kulmedov

Saurabh Panchal

They have very competitive prices and well maintained cars! Kudos!

Xiclali Mendoza

Fast and friendly customer service,cute employees..Hispanic ones though..

Parameswaran Subramanian

Ryan Bosserson

This place delivers on value. My family and I came in from out of town and were looking to avoid the Seatac facilities fee. Rented a Kia Accent for a week for 135 out the door. Comparing this with the cheapest I could get on any of the travel websites was 330 + tax. I would recommend this to anyone traveling on a budget. Two thumbs up

Zanna Schiffelbein

Jaden Stock

I rented from them for many weeks after my car got totaled. They were very easy to work with and they have great rates. If I need to rent a car in the future I will go to them. I think sometimes the inventory can be limited so be sure to make a reservation if you know you'll need a car.

Sungi Kim

Brewster Malevich

Friendly! Great service! I found these guys to be very accommodating. They will shuttle to and from the airport for a reasonable fee.


Had a great car rental experience here. Just wish they had more locations. Had to come from almost the boarder to get it. Otherwise it was quick and easy.

Iosua Cofar Official

It was the greatest experience ever whit a rental car company! They were fear and the price was accessible and exactly they haven’t changed nothing! Truly recommend!

arup chakraborty

Nice service

Huang Cheng


Andrey Petkevich

Great price

Prithvish Tella

Sage Wheeler

Reserved a Mustang, ended up with a Miata. I was incredulous that they considered this a "similar" car at first. Good thing the Mazda was actually quite fun to drive. This is a no frills, minimal hassle kind of place with decent prices. Just remember that you're reserving a certain type of car, not an exact model, and the difference can be pretty significant. I'm a big guy, watching me fold myself into a Miata was comical.

David Maltz

Low prices for rentals. no hassle sales team. Very convenient for Microsoft main campus staff.

Mupopa Tshibwabwa

Have rented vans and cars there several times over many years. Always great rates and great service. Once I was overcharged but when I called they reversed the charge very quickly without much going back and forth.

Maps Guy

Pains me to write this, as I have been a loyal customer of theirs for years. Last week I returned a car from a 3-day rental. I was 5 minutes late on my return - they insisted on charging me the extra day. OK - sure it's within their rights. But let's face it - we are talking about 5 minutes from a customer who rents there at least 9 times a year and has done so for 10+ years. If they need my money that bad they can take it; but I have rented my last car from them.

Vikas Chauhan

Rex Jakobovits

Been renting from these guys for years. Great place for affordable long-term rentals! Cars are always clean and reliable. Highly recommended.

Rashida Maultsby

Always a great experience renting here. The cars are clean and well kept and the staff are very friendly. Ease of rental is better than any of the national chains.

Ariuntulga Tserendavaa

Very close to where I live. Small local rental.

John Varghese

prices while booking and while pickup are totally different. scamster.

nariko kawashima

Ali Khettouch

Great customer service

Raheel Hameed

Quick and courteous service. They communicated prices upfront, no surprises. I booked the car for a couple weeks, but had to keep the car a couple more weeks. They treated me with respect, both at the time of booking and at return. Very nice gentlemen there. I'd book car from here again in future in a heartbeat.

Hillary Miller

gerward weppelman

Patti Boucher

Alberto Cobian

Adrian Saiz

Ryan I

Wonderful quick service!


Good fast service!

Mohand Alturky


Car rentals place!!

Chie Sharp

Moin Ahmed

Mani M

Ashutosh Dimri

Guy was super rude in talking , I simply asked if there is issue with car(except my fault like light on or hit) then they will support . But he is talking in loud voice to suppress my question and telling that other customer hit car and donor tell and we have car working for so long and it never happen . At in end when I said do you really interested to give car then he replied we donot have policy to support when car stop working .

Lucas Salinas

Good people

Aaron Gelseth

Maryana Clemmons

We very unhappy with this company. We had a quote and invoice for a 9 day car rental which didn't mention mileage. When we returned the car they charged us an extra four hundred dollars because they charged mileage. It was never explained or mentioned in the agreement we had. Plus to everything the customer service was extremely rude. I would never recommend to rent from this place.

Tara Cohen

The folks who run Aero Rent-A-Car are the best in the industry!! They make life easy for you with courtesy service, best pricing, supreme friendliness, ultimate understanding, and prompt, consistent, perfect service!! So grateful to have found them and will be a customer for life!!! Highly recommend, you'll be happy to find yourself renting from them! Call them today! Ask about monthly car rentals too!

Karthik Kuppa

Ramachandra Rao Kuchimanchi

Andrey Spichak

Taunna Johnson

elizabeth schalk

Call Jay had spoke with John extremely courteous. Whitney wrote up my paperwork. Went out of her way to give me directions to rattlesnake ridge. I was so impressed I refer to other people that took car out for three days.

Sarp Kaya

They tell you after hours drop is fine on Sunday but what they don't tell you is they charge you extra one day! When you complain about that all they say is its their standard procedure. I won't use them again as its their standard procedure to rip off their customers. Shame on them!!!

Mikhail Kinchin

Nice cars for very good price. My advice - get car for month term lease, thier cheapest way. I got my Civic for $495 for month (+ insurance and + milage above 450). Olny 450 miles included into rent, each next mile - $0.1, but I think it's fair enough for that price.

Angela Santo

Bibhash Nag

Recently booked a 12 seater van for our memorial day weekend trip to Oregon coast. The staff were so welcoming and eager to answer all queries we had. We got a a nice and clean car for us. We got couple of hours of extension on return as a nice gesture from them. Booking was was so flawless, very less paper work and we were out the door in five minutes. Overall such a great experience. We will be back soon to you guys for our next adventure.

maxmus king

Great service, a lot of different rent options.

naveen babu

The price was good. But they don't have insurance with full coverage. Also they have miles limited. I hate them because, one guy will allow you to take car from there with a driving license<6 months from date of issue. But other 2 guys didn't allow me to rent the car. I wonder why they have insurance. Or do they really have real insurance? Also no offers from this rentals. I know because my friend rents his car from here for 5 years. And he got his first car rental with a license taken less than 6 months. I guess people here want drivers to lose touch from driving and then rent their car.

Jesse Smith

I can't recommend this place enough. Easiest car rental experience of my life. I came here first when my car was in the shop for repairs. Just got done renting an adorable and agile little Scion IQ for $15 per day. No major credit card required. I am local and we send all our visitors from out of town to Aero. Skip the Uber or Lyft. If you need to get around for a day, just rent one of these compacts from Aero. Easy, cheap, and fun!

Rohit Pandey

Cheap rentals, good service.

Ahmed Abdel Aziz

Reasonable rental prices and friendly front desk.

Michael Hutchinson

Walter Singli

We rented a Hyundai SUV from Aero in Seattle on Bel Red Road for 4 wks and returned it a few days ago. We made the reservation 6 weeks early based on the photos of available SUVs on their website. They took the reservation and then called us a few days before the pickup date to confirm. Their location is conveniently about 3 miles from downtown Bellevue, so a relatively quick Uber or bus ride (for Seattle traffic). When we got there, the car was exactly as described and very clean---even cleaner than some airport rentals we've had. The cost of the car was exactly what the reservation said with a full tank. There was no waiting. They took care of us right away. The car performed flawlessly. We brought the car back with a full tank and no dings but some mud prints on the door and floor carpet from the rainy days. No problem. They took care of us right away. We paid the agreed price. For a long-term rental this place costs half as much or less than the national companies and the service is tremendous. Thank you Aero!

Mathiyazhagan Ayyamperumal

Cheap and best, but they don't accept for Indian driver license for renting car

Jeff Hollinger

Great rental facility with very friendly people. Jason is top notch and very easy going. Rented a convertible from them and their price could not be beat! I will rent from them again when in Seattle!!

Rahul Vijayaragavan

Huseyin Gomleksizoglu

We rent a car for a month from them. First day we didn't like the car and they changed the car without any question. After 15 days we had an accident that a car hit behind our car. We have just sent them the photos of the accident and driver info of the other car and they gave us a new car on the same day without any extra fee. Nice and friendly service.

Hector Garcia


Mahyar Sajadi

Harsha G

xiaodong liu

Webb Bowie

Max L

Fast and efficient service at low cost!


nice service

Yevgeniy Samoilenko

If you need express checkout then this is a right place. It took me 3 minutes from “Hello! How are you?” to “Here is you car! Wroooom!” Awesome! Price a reasonable, cars clean and almost new.

vlad avram

Jackie Ho

Best rates in Redmond. The savings are worth the trek from Sea-Tac if you're staying nearby. Good customer service too.

Steven P.

Prateek Agarwal

I had a washington DL for a month before I rented from them and they provided me the car rental. Next time I called to get a rental they mentioned that they only rent cars with driving history with more than 6 months as required by their insurance. The practically missed it the first time I rented from them so if I would have a claim on insurance, the insurance would have denied it to me. They never mentioned this the first time even though I got insurance from them. They guy on the phone was also pretty rude about it when I was asking the availability of cars. Looks like a sign of poor management. Even though they have good rates, will definitely prefer enterprise anyday now. Wouldnt want to have an incident and find out their insurance doesnt cover because of some clause that they were not upfron about.

Sam Jbori

They gave me a compact as midsize and quoted me 445 for a month charged me 515 for 2 weeks, terrible terrible customer service, 1 star is generous.

Marco Jim

Best car rental company

Julia Ziobro

This family owned place gives great service and their prices are better than the big agencies for specialty cars and trucks.

Matthew Kayes

Good folks renting cars

Marcia Strand

Their rates are extremely fair. It was half the cost of Enterprise.

Gideon T

Alexander Batishchev

Unwilling to give a good deal

Max Stupa

Candy Domination

It's rather great and flexible. They open up at a reasonable time and don't close until quite late. They have quite a few car models for a very great deal compared to Avis or those higher end places, especially if you're "underage". Pretty much all rental car companies won't even think about you wanting to use one of there cars until you're like 24-26. And if they do, trust that you'll be paying out the wazoo. If you're into 'right-off-the-lot' type of vehicle models, this place isn't for you. Also, sadly, they only have two stores in WA and only in WA. What makes it a sale for me is when I first found this place, I was 21. Usually at that age you either can't get a rental or you have to pay $200+ extra for it because they scary (For Enterprise in MS, the "underage" fee was about $250 extra. MS! One of the cheapest states to live in!). Nope, not here. Just need a driver's license and proof of car insurance and you're good. I've been going to them for 3 years now. I pay about $460mo. for 3mo. for a car (don't quote me on the price, though). Compared to $760mo (even though our co. has a partnership with that particular rental co. and we'd get a discount as an intern).

Fire & Water

Employees were friendly, courteous and most certainly patient with renters who may be a bit scattered, which for a plus. If I'm rushing, inevitably I "lose" whatever it is I'm looking for at that moment. "I" wouldn't have patience with me!! But he was kind, & I could see he was trying to help me thru my manic moment. Can't say enough what a BLESSING that was...mainly because most just stand there rolling their eyes..or making it clear that I'm holding up the line. So...KUDOS Y'all!!! & thankyou for making MY first experience with you a positive one!! Not only will I be back, but I will be recommding you to my friends!! P.S. The mileage thing is kind of a bummer...but your daily rental rates are I get it. Also...You do a good job of putting that info EVERY where so it won't be missed. Thx again & will see you again soon!! K. Owens

Natalie Nicole

Fast service. New machines.

John Darrow

Cab in from airport to AeroRentACar, vehicle was ready to roll. We had a great rate, the car was clean, and folks were nice. Too pricey at the airport w the big players, buy local and got a good value. Thanks Aero! We will be back

shivani dave

Affordable car rental prices for locals around! Great cars at good price.

Anita Jablonski

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