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REVIEWS OF Majestic Car Rental Group IN Vermont

Ira Culver

Adam Conte

Absolute worst customer service experience I have ever had. First off the car was in very poor condition and had a horrid smell to it. Secondly, when I went to return the car 25 minutes before they closed, everyone had already left. Upon calling them they said they would try and get someone to come back out and accept the return. The woman on the phone didn't apologize at all and 15 minutes later when the guy showed up, he didn't even want to let us in and also didn't apologize. We even made sure to call while we were on our way to return the car that they were indeed open until 6. I will never use this company again.

Allyssa Gamelin

We rented a van for 12 people two months out with a reservation and confirmation number printed along with an email. A van was waiting in the parking lot upon arrival and when checking in we were told it was not for us, we weren't in the system and we cannot take the van. The excuse they gave us was that their "online reservation system sometimes doesn't talk to their in house computer system" even tho we were PHYSICALLY SHOWING THE CONFIRMATION # and email! They showed no effort to help us with other transportation nor were there sincere apologies. How does a business run like this? If you know your online system does not work, why is it still online and live? This is terrible customer service. This is not how a good business is run. Ultimately ruined and push back a special day for 12 special ladies. Advice to anyone using this service, don't use the online reservation, call and triple check a car will be waiting for you when you arrive so you are not stuck stranded like Majestic Car Rental left us. Or even better-- find a car rental service that delivers the first time with GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Kelly MM

This is the first public review I've ever, ever posted -- and I'm doing so only because the reviews posted presently about this company are so contrary to the experience I've had with them. I've now rented a car from these folks probably about 6 times over the past couple years - when my car was in the shop for an extended period, when I was in-between cars, when I needed a larger or more reliable car for a special trip. EVERY time, my experience was 100% positive. They are very professional. Their cars are clean and nice (new). Their on-line reservations are super easy - and whenever I've requested a particular kind of car, they have always accommodated my request. They always have the car available when I asked for it - and their after-hours drop off makes the transaction seamless. They are located right on the bus route for the times I need to take a bus into town to pick up the car. They drive me into town on a weekday if I'm dropping the car and in a hurry to get to work on time. (Just let them know ahead of time that you would like this service.) And… the best part… they have the lowest prices, hands down. And, unlike lots of places, they will explain those multiple insurance options to you so that you can actually understand them easily. One other point, Majestic also does business with integrity. They have protocols in place (will put a hold on your card for higher than your total bill will be, will not take cash, follow under-age laws, additional driver, etc) that may be a bit of a pain in the neck but, if you think about it, are the protocols that ensure that they do not rent to anyone who might be renting a car for the anonymity that facilitates illegal activities. One other point - for Vermonters: I usually avoid renting cars during the winter months as I find that rental cars just don't have the same high-quality winter tires that I put on my own cars and that I like to drive with during winter weather. Rental cars usually go with all-seasons. Majestic informed me last month that they have a few cars with winter tires on them this year (2015-2016) -- which is something you just can't find anywhere else and which will give me peace of mind if I do need a rental car once the snow does decided to come this year. I like this company. The folks who work here work hard. The company does right by its customers. Really the only negative is that their little parking lot is tight - be careful getting in and out. I find it unfortunate that anyone can just get on-line and post a review against a company -- as who even knows if what the folks have posted is true or not. Reading what was already posted, made me take the time to record my experiences to date. The negative review about taking a rental car through an EZ Pass lane - without a pass - and then being irate that they were actually expected to pay for that…. huh? If someone took my personal car through an EZ Pass lane - without a pass - and I got a bill in the mail… I'd send them the bill! and a surcharge :) Geesh!

Nicole Adams

A little bumpy but good and straightforward

Mattie Moore

Had a wonderful experience renting from Majestic Car Rentals! Holly was great to work with and tried her best to give us the best deal unlike major rental groups like Enterprise etc who are just in it for the money. She gave us a map of the area since my boyfriend and I were both from out of town. We already booked another rental from this group for later in the month when more of our family will be in town. Definitely reccomend this company!

Valerie Magarian

I rented a car during 2 snowstorms and was rear ended while at a stop light. The rental car was badly damaged front and back. I was able to drive it back the short distance and Majestic had another car with AWD and larger ready for me at no extra cost. Service is outstanding.

Justin S

Excellent service with much better prices than the national chains

Jen Muncil

I've rented passenger vans on several occasions usually transporting seniors. I've experienced the best in customer service and attention to detail. Holly is helpful and professional.

Cindy Allard

Andy Pearson

Simply perfect. We rented a 15 passenger van for a family get together. The van was great, and super clean. Online reservation system was easy. Vehicle pickup was fast and thorough. Will absolutely be back next time I need a rental vehicle!

James R

These guys are great! Always accommodating and good rates. Always cheaper than the big guys. Cars are always seem to be in good condition!

Pan R

Terrible customer service, and very disappointment. I got charge almost 40$ for “not” filling up the gas when really I put gas in for a full tank ten minutes before I returned the rental car. When I called to speak with them and to have a better understand of what happened they told me the gas was empty, which wasn’t true. Not sure why they did that or what happened, but this was the first time and will be the last time I use their service. Definitely do your research if you’re going to use their service, and good luck.

Gary AC

I have rented cars from Majestic for many years. The staff at the rotary on Shelburne Road are outstanding. I’ve never had problems with the Majestic rentals. All the best, Gary Ackel

Nicholas Pileggi

I would rather scoot down a slide of razor blades into a pool of rubbing alcohol then ever give this place business again. I would of initially given this place a higher rating but after who I believe to be the female owner called me asking to have the vehicle returned sooner than I physically could after their internal screw up I can’t. She was extremely rude over the phone and I was nothing but respectful to try and help each other come up with a solution. Her professionalism really shined when she hung up on me. I’m all about helping small businesses but in this case take it from me and go corporate to accommodate your rental needs in the greater Burlington area.

Zac Clark

We rented a minivan for the family while visiting Vermont, and I'm glad we found this place. Their rates are more reasonable than the big brand places, and their hours were convenient - we were able to rent on Sunday. Nice car and a good overall experience.

Antonio Murgia

Dallas Leitner

Tammy martin

This is a great place to get your renter veical they come get you and bring you there they were very polite and helpful and put me into the renter veical I wanted thank you for your help

Helen McKivergan

Great service


I’m a regular customer with the “Majestic Car Rental Burlington”. I like this place but Last month of December I rental cars twice from here through my insurance company claimed but on “Friday-December-28-2018” I called same day on Friday morning, told them I needed car again for 1 week spoke with “Justin”. It was bad weather & we had ice mix rainy all that day. I came around evening time may be like 4-5pm & check-in with one women. In fact, first of all everyone knows during rainy day or icy mix rainy it’s very difficult to see where the scratches are around the car. I looked around the car but I didn’t see it because of ice mix rainy that day. I took a car “ Suburu Legacy-AWD 2018” Just let you know other people, be careful they have similar cars “Suburu Legacy-AWD 2018” & plates no are “ “HHM183 & HHM184” Red colors these are the cars I drives recently on the month of December-2018. I took one car that is plate no “HHM184” suburu legacy-AWD 2018 after that I went to home & live own private residential home & park garage pathway. Tomorrow morning on Saturday December-29-2018 I woke up like around 8-9am, It was partly sunny day & look a car was dried but I found small scratch mark on driver back left side and as soon as I took car to Majestic Car Rental show them, there was one women she took picture & I explained her all details after I pick a car from here, I directly went to home & sleep, I show her mileage that I drives was only 10-15miles to & fro drives, she said let’s talks after holiday about this Problem. Finally, they blamed me, saying it was my fault & charges for the scratch mark. I try to coordinate with them about fair prices but they refused my concerned. So, I paid extra lots of money for repairs whole scratch mark back of a car in collision center. I would not recommended this place after since 2019 begins... Please people!!! don’t go there get rental cars because: 1. They have limited mileage only. If you go over mileage, will charged extra. 2. They charged you unknown scratch marks, unless if you are aware & notified any visible marks around the cars otherwise, your the next one in fault. I hope they are happy with new repairs the whole small scratch mark back of car. No more business with “Majestic Car Rental Burlington” after 2019 begins...

Stormie Brown

I prefer getting a rental here because they are not so expensive. The vehicles are well maintained and clean.

Madeline Bell

Cindy Phenix

Matt Taylor

James Grey

Edward Tobin

I have gotten rental cars here 3 times before and had no problems. I highly recommend this place. The staff is also great and friendly

Christopher Flaherty

very disappointed, will not be using service again. I used their vehicle to travel out of state last christmas, i hit two ezpass only tolls in new york(the vehicles are not equiped with ezpass) when i returned to VT i told majestic to expect letters regarding the tolls and to send them to me. Next month i received two separate letters from majestic stating they have already charged my card for the price of the toll and a $65 clerical fee. I think it is ridiculous that i was charged over $100 in fees, and i will be using other local rental services from now on.

nh don

Sadly a very unprofessional and deceitful group. Rented a car from them that had a tire that was low on air, I pointed it out at the time I rented it asked if they had a pump told me to take it to the gas station , I put air in it had to put air in it again, and when I returned the car they charged me for a flat tire replacement. I tried talking to the local rental agent and got nowhere then I tried talking to their I guess you can call them the district manager and they were even more unprofessional. Needless to say I got screwed for a tire charge

Jason Season

Waste of money & time, never ever gonna back again. Only good for local area, offer with limited mileage drive. Waste of money/time & never-ever coming back again better to rent car with other places unlimited mileage.

Chad Butt

Lois Parker

I highly recommend this business if you need to rent a vehicle. We rented a van to help my daughter move, and had a good experience. They are easy to deal with and don't surprise you with unexpected charges after the fact.

Carolyn Zeller

Majestic car rental, and especially Holly in the Burlington office, are incredibly pleasant and helpful to work with! I've rented their passenger vans and every experience was above and beyond perfect. The vehicles are nice, clean, comfortable, easy to drive, and the prices can't be beat! The location in the South end of Burlington is very convenient as well, and a scenic, easy walk from downtown. We will happily continue to do business with this friendly, reliable local group! 10/2018 Edit: I heard Holly no longer works here so can no longer speak to current customer service.

The Village Green Florist

I had the best experience with Majestic. They're VERY accommodating, certainly went above and beyond for me and my business during a busy Valentine's Day (they dropped the van off and picked it up at my shop, wow!) when the bigger companies were most certainly more expensive and not helpful/accommodating. THANK YOU Majestic. I will be using you again.

Justin Mckinstry

Jordan Wires

Great place, never had any issues. They pick you up, get you into the the rental quick and efficiently. A+ from me.

Justin Govindu

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