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1 Terminal Dr, Nashville, TN 37214

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Where is Nashville International Airport?

REVIEWS OF Nashville International Airport IN Tennessee

Gary Palmer

Flew Southwest from BNA and it was smooth, clean and easy to access.

Jerad Green

If you're here to just pick someone up, I hope you like Starbucks because that's all there is to do while you wait...

Donovan Morris

Was acted upon by a racist TSA agent. He profiled me because I am Mexican. I’ve been a citizen for 20 years, with a US passport and global entry card upon TSA check in. Still they decided that because of my proud heritage I was a to be tested further. Honestly shows that these southern airports have racism deep in their roots. I guess the confederate party has not left this airport. Racist white men at this airport!

John Ingram

Airport not horrible to get around

Alex S

TSA agents were barking orders disrespectfully. Investigating formal complaint.

Debby O

Their security machine really needs to be assessed. I was unnecessarily stopped to have a private screening because the machine highlighted or detected something when there was nothing or no metal found on me. Annoyed and embarrassed.

Craig Finley

The airport itself is fine. Restaurants are good, plenty of choices considering the size. What really motivated me to post this review and give a mediocre rating is the valet parking service, which is atrocious. They are grossly overstaffed, slow, and the rudest people I have ever experienced in my 24 years living in the Nashville area. Considering the high premium for valet parking, you would of course expect highly attentive, fast service. My limited experience bas been the opposite. When my wife and I returned home after a winter trip, I approached the valet booth, which was filled with chatting employees, waited 10’or 15 seconds to be acknowledged (in vain), then interrupted the conversation to ask if someone could bring us our car. The response was bitter annoyance. Someone brought us our car, half covered with snow, in about 10 minutes as we waited shivering. Recently my wife returned from a trip and had the choice of either standing or sitting on the sidewalk to wait for her car, because the only bench was filled with valet parking employees! This service is an insult to Nashville Airport travelers, and a complete ripoff. The shuttle drivers serving economy parking (our normal parking area if we make it to the airport on time) are infinitely more professional and courteous than the valet staff.

AnthonyAngela Ewing

Excellent Southern Hospitality

radhey agarwal

Airport is nice and clean. I fly out from BNA often and been a vegan I am forced to eat overpriced chips for my meals. Wish they had more food options to serve vegetarians for long layovers.

Ryder Burris

So last month in July 19th 2019. I have traveled to Los angles to American Airlines first. And I traveled to Fresno California as American Eagle. And I went to my aunt's house


What a very nice airport! Sun Country check in was a great experience and getting through security with our group of 11 was a breeze. The restrooms were nice and clean. Plenty of food selection for everyone and the sitting area was clean and orderly.

Courtney Yadevia

The new renovations to the airport have made it an entirely ridiculous process to park and navigate from exiting the airport. There’s no order even with the signs that clearly advise the direction to go. I understand it’s still under construction but if it’s a rodeo now, I have little expectation for it to get any easier. If there were more assistance in the parking lots of walk ways and/or direction to navigate, that would help too. However, it seems with growth comes prosperity and its own dose of headache. I wish the infrastructure was thought of before the “boom” the city is experiencing. Anyways, it’s one of those things you don’t need to understand why or really argue against, in this scenario it’s one to accept and pray that people use their common sense for the safety of others. I also educated myself on the new process at this facility, and I do understand that the parking is not offered as valet and the original parking structure will be back up once construction is finished. I do love this airport and it is very easy to navigate and everyone has always been very friendly here. I think if you don’t know what their plans are it’s hard to see through the chaos but it is coming along very nicely and I’m sure once complete will be amazing.

Jenny Zenski

Been to several airports and I must say, this is one of my favorites. Just the atmosphere! It really captures the heart of Nashville.

Savannah Lee

It's a small airport with only a handful of shops and charging spots, but you get through security very fast.

Geoff Roman

Normally love this airport but today was bad. The luggage took about 45 minutes to off load then once I got outside for a bus, the drive just left when I was clearly flagging him down for a ride. It should not take over an hour to get from the plane to my vehicle in one of the smallest airports in America.

Trevin Glasgow

Overall good airport. Decent food options given the size looking forward to the seeing the improvements in the next few years though!

SKC Body

I gave this a 3 because overall it was good but when it was time for me to take my luggage to the garage pick up place, the man insisted us to put our luggage on the cart. When we got to the garage where you wait for the shuttle, the man came to me and said “give me a tip”. So that really messed up right there . I really liked the airport I just don’t like the luggage person. Overall the airport is OK.

Hannah Byrd Little

Nashville is becoming a beautiful international airport. Years ago Nashville was a hub for American Airlines but is currently a hub for Southwest Airlines. The airport has expanded and is building more parking structures and possibly a hotel on the property. The restaurants and bars inside of the airport are superior and have a real Nashville flair.

Jeff Hawley

Been through here a few time leaving Tennessee and returnig.. so far so good

Teresa Tysinger

Recently moved to the Nashville area, and have already flown in and out of this airport several times. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, TSA checkpoints generally run smoothly and efficiently, and there are plenty of dining options that include great local fare as well as a food-court style area. One thing we love is that there is almost always live musicians playing to show off local talent the city is known for. Nice clean restrooms, too!

Keri Kirkham

I would leave zero stars if I could! Had to mail an item home and lady at mailing station would not allow me to see various size boxes so I could choose the appropriate size. Automatically quoted me $25 without showing sizes. Boyfriend stayed with bags while I went to mail item. Specifically asked for a tracking number and lady provided one. Placed all papers- receipt, tracking number, business card, id, boarding pass, and cc in bin when I had to go back through security. Only thing missing from bin was tracking info.. there’s no way one thing was missing out of that stack. Thanks for taking it out of the bin. Not only that, they didn’t bother to help look for it and tried to give me a paper luggage tag someone dropped. Thankful I don’t have to fly to this airport often. Customer service was unbelievable!

Ryan Pettinelli

Clean, friendly, efficient airport. Can't say enough good things. Major expansion is underway, good luck to you!


BNA is growing. Our check in experience went smoothly. Going through security was efficient and friendly. Easily access to our gait with comfortable waiting areas. There was plenty of food choices at the food court. Upon our return we found it easy to access our luggage. Our only difficulty was following the signage to the hotel shuttle pickup area. This area is new since our last flight in to BNA. It was confusing to us. Even the security staff was confused where we should go! The directions and signage needs to be improved

Bill Viverette

Nice airport. Festivities when I flew in. Found a nice restaurant really easily. Crowds were pretty thick, but, then, Nashville is the popular destination.

Will Brazil

Clean. Lively. Full of live entertainment. Great variety of restaurants to eat at.

Gerald Gray

I want to give Nashville negative stars. Last night people had to wait 20-30 minutes for a bus to get to their parking lots, when leaving lot A only ONE lane open (unmanned) and the credit card machine not working properly, in the meantime workers are seen walking around with cups of coffee oblivious to the customers. The WORST airport right now to get in and out of. (Somehow the construction will not help) BNA needs new management.

Byron Abner

got there at 4 am for a 5:45 am flight. kiosks would lock up on passengers and ticket agents had to leave their posts to help customers while check baggage lines backed up. only 1 agent to help with all passengers coming to her airline. then TSA lines were long as they had 5 lines and only 2, I repeat 2 back scatter machines. Missed my flight by 2 minutes. SCREW BNA! I will NEVER fly from Nashville again. I will gladly go to Knoxville or Atlanta to catch a flight

James Crawford

Had no problems getting checked in and through TSA.

ky ky

I want to like the Nashville airport, but I can't. The restaurant selection is decent, if only there were actually good restaurants. I had a chicken sandwich at Tootsies, was very small and like they threw a tiny half cooked chicken piece on a McDonalds bun, lousy and yet still expensive. Then at Gibson's I had a salad, mistake too. Kind of wondered if I was going to get sick, the after taste lasted hours. The only decent "sit down" restaurant is O'Charlies IMHO. At least they have nearly the same food as their regular outside the airport locations. The new parking garage: a disaster!!! The new fancy on ceiling red/green lights are WRONG. They show open spaces when there are none. As in several dozen spaces shown open but yet occupied. Oh then the size of the parking spaces...a regular size pickup truck sticks out into the lane so much that two cars could not pass in that lane. I know that space is tight in parking garages, I really get that. But I've been to many parking garages in big cities (Chicago, DC, Seattle) and this is the tightest I've seen. In the end I spent 15 minutes driving around (sometimes dodging the sticking out pickup truck) and found ZERO open spaces even though there supposedly over 50 available according to the entrance sign. Park in Lot A or B and take the shuttle, at least that works. Oh, and what's with this new thing that one cannot actually walk from the lots to the terminal any more? Is walking no longer acceptable in Nashville? If it weren't for proximity to where I live I'd gladly go to a different airport.

Kingsley Akunor

Nice Airport. Kind ppl too

Joseph Castellanos

Every time I travel with my family or by myself it’s a great experience especially southwest keep it up staff!

Tony Hartwig

Most horrible food court service of all the major airports, of which I have been to most multiple times in the past 2 years. Very slow. No, a dead stop is a faster pace than any of these shops. Otherwise, it is a very good airport.

Ian Shepard

It's fine. It's an airport. Has terminals and Gates

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel

Nashville International Airport is typically pretty efficient. The layout of the airport is easy to navigate and there are plenty of food options. The airport is clean.

Dennis Schweikart

Professional, courteous staff especially the gentleman working in the men's restroom near gate C17 on 9/29 morning.

Ron Kreml

One of the best interior venues...! Love this airport!

Mehta S.D.

We were transiting through Nashville Tennessee on our way from Newark to Orlando. The airport was vibrant, easy to navigate with interesting options for shopping especially, souvenirs. We had dinner at a place which played live music, the service was bad, it took forever for the food to be served. The fried chicken was the worst fried chicken I have ever eaten, the oil was rancid and I left most of it. The dish ordered by my wife was palatable. Apart from the restaurant experience, it was quite pleasurable and convenient.

Amber Mauritzson

Very nice airport. Lots of seating, giftshops & food. (Auntie anns,burger king,starbucks etc..)

Roy Mathew

This is a joint public and military use airport in Nashville, Tennessee. Established in 1937, its original name was Berry Field, from which its ICAO and IATA identifiers are derived. The current terminal was constructed in 1987, and the airport took its current name in 1988. American airlines has it's hub here

Felicia Smith

Considering I'm used to sheer chaos for airports this is probably hands down the best I've experienced. Takes no time to get there and whichever airline you fly with you're essentially at the TSA security per your gates for that airline. No crazy walking. No chaos (from my personal experience). Nice choices of bars and restaurants inside. You can experience the Broadway of Nashville within the airport with a few places like Tootsies and Hattie B's and sometimes there's live music too so that's pretty sweet.

Tyler Horton

Awesome experience with great restaurant/store selection available! And of course, one cannot forget the legendary BNA carpet!

Teena Snyder

Just kind of your average airport. I had an extended layover here due to weather delays. Enjoyed browsing through the unusual shops, but the food vendors are not great. Pretty sad when Burger Kng's microwaved meat is the busiest vendor. Not as great as the best airports, but better than the worst.

Sa mmy

This is a great airport with a subway train between terminals. It also has many stores including Starbucks, bars, and restaurants. It also has quite comfy waiting seats and a map on Google maps that tells where the terminals are. This airport also has some interesting things to do if you have time before your flight like looking at art. The reason why this is getting four stars is because on Google maps, several places were wrong, like where a bathroom was, but other than that, it was a quick and easy experience for all the times I have been there.

Davis Reed

Just not a very nice airport. Finding a decent meal on a layover here is truly impossible. I hope to never come through here again.

Courtenay O'Connell

Confusing airport. Not sure where to go for arrivals, so we decided to park. Parked in short term. Signage indicated it was full, but cars were leaving. We found a spot on the 6th level. Others were open. Getting to P6 was difficult. First time we tried we exited the garage! First twenty minutes were free, so no worries. In the terminal, we were not sure where to go. So we went to ticketing, and found a very nice waiting area to meet deplaning passengers. It’s right next to a Starbucks. Sweet! But no significant signage. Baggage claim was crowded, but luggage cane out quickly. Getting out was easy, and parking was $12 for an hour.

Joe Sampson

As a small airport, it's an easy in/out but WAY outdated. Time to step it up and renovate that place, Nashville! The live music welcome is nice though, so you get an extra star for that.

jeff goldberg

Still under massive construction. TSA and security check is usually smooth. Not enough quick bite eating choices or bathrooms.

Mark Duncan

My favorite airport.

Kenneth Thomas

So much construction. Very difficult trying to find parking where your not getting rained on.

Frankie J

I give Nashville International Airport 5 stars and I must say it's an amazing Airport. This place has great music going on and a lot of great food. You better hope you have a delayed flight, so that you can get a chance ro really get to know the airport.

JD Yeh

Quick TSA lines during weekday nights!


Comfortable and nice people. I'd be happy to travel through there again, anytime.

Sabrina Corpac

It was a pretty good airport. Has good food options and country gear. Was so easy to navigate my connecting flight.

Rick Shaffer

Despite that Nashville the home of some famous country artists I need to say that the airport will look great with the makeover but the Pickler stand beats everyone else hands down. Friendly folks they know there products. Picklers two thumbs up gir your award winning vodka

Ashley Murphy

On behalf of myself and the employees of Nashville International Airport, please contract with Chik Fil A at the expansion terminals. I truly thought the TSA agent was playing a cruel trick on me when she told me there was no such establishment past security. The food court area is small and none of the bathrooms have paper towels.

Barbara Hancock

Very orderly. Lots of places to eat

Ashley Sundquist

What's not to love about an airport that features live musicians? There are a ton of cute souvenir shops with local favorites like Moon Pies, moonshine and musical albums. Yay to BNA! Pro Tips: - Grab an iced tea at the Orchid House and enjoy live music from a performer or two. Bring cash for tips! - There aren't any Priority Pass lounges, so plan to hang out at one of the restaurants before your flight

Jason Howard

Parking (in redesigned terminal layout) is grossly inadequate! And the fact that you can’t walk from the outer lot is unacceptable! Way to screw up what was a great airport Nashville government.

Erik P

Small airport compared to others, limited stores, quick security, and not as bad traffic in and out of the airport. Taxi to and from downtown is a set $25 fee, plus a Dollar each additional person, cheaper than Uber during traffic times.

Abagail Hinton

Good airport to travel from!

Tony Medici

I had a great experience here when the flight attendant found my pocketbook in the bathroom and they were calling my name over the loudspeaker to return it to me, I was traveling with several bags so I didn’t realize that I even left it thank God they found it

Gary Ma

Really overpriced food at about twice the normal cost. Otherwise, it's like being in a bad mall.

the daves i know

We went through for a 6 a.m. flight to Denver. I was traveling with my three children ages 9, 2 and 1. We had our three personal item bags and one diaper bag stuffed to the gills each. Unfortunately my hands tested positive for chemical traces (we had been practice shooting the night before - never crossed my mind at 430am that this could be an issue

Morgzzz Shuzzz

My mother and I we're going to Florida and we took the shuttle bus to get to the building. But they made my dad walk around a mile back to his car. Honestly, they should pick you up at the front of the building. Not make you walk an hour back to your car. Sorry if you disagree.


Considering how many flights are in and out Nashville, this airport has relatively short wait times.

J Deleon

For an "international airport" it's pretty basic.. No shuttle service, only taxis and uber/lyft... Too bad if u actually are an international visitor without access to local mobile phone... They don't cater to that.

Kiara Ochoa

Never have issues! I love flying out of Nashville!!!

Reuven Overlander

Great airport.

BT Fisher

Airport is laid out nicely. People are friendly. The valet has much to be desired. Annoying that you pay 36 bucks and drop your car of clean only to have it returned dirty. Parking is not covered...but for a hefty fee, they will was it for ya! The manager (svelte smoker) is disorganized and poor at communicating.

Jack Neilson

The airport it's self was great and staff were pleasant. The customs checks were shocking, it took well over an hour to get past the customs officers, there were only three staff processing and another three floating around. They had passport self scanning equipment, approx 6 machines and most individual who used them had to wait in another queue to be rechecked as the scan failed for some reason. This was approx a 75% fail rate which I would deem unacceptable. I have travelled all over the world and have never experienced anything like this for one plane full of passengers.

Darnell Billups

Amazing airport. I got to know it really well visiting my kids many times in a different city. The TSA Priority line is fast. I'm usuuallt through in less than 5 minutes. The shore and restaurants are also varied and provide good vaule for your money inside an airport. The upgrades they have made, once I got use to them, make the place even more safe and efficient. Great Job!

everett andrew

Smoking inside past security check point


Awesome environment, I was blessed to spend a year working here. Didn't have one bad day on the job.

Brigitte Kemming

Construction. I hope for the better.

Dennis Hood

Easy in and easy out if you're willing to fly after 10 pm. A couple of minutes to get through security. Plenty of places open at 845 pm to get a drink, food, or flight entertainment. Comfortable boarding areas within a short walk to the amenities. Driving in you need to always look one sign ahead if you can so you don't miss your lane for arrival or departure. Spacious area for taxi or other ride pickup if you're paying for the drive.

Terrence Mahnken

I’ve never had a particularly bad experience. Of course, it’s all in how you prepare for security and such. Of course, as of this review there is quite a bit of construction and some things aren’t labeled particularly well (just breathe and take it slow; pull over to the side if you need to figure out where to go). Either way, traffic flows pretty smoothly for the most part, and the concourses are pretty well stocked. Concourse C currently offers most food and shopping selection, and the airport is very walkable, in my opinion. My personal tip: if you are looking for a quiet place to read and charge your device, go to the corner of Concourse C (gates C10-C13). There never seems to be a ton of foot traffic there.

Jennifer Sanchez

Great airport. Easy to get in and out of here. Checking in is a breeze and TSA agents move the crowds very quickly. Food options here could be better, but what they have gets the job done.

Dave Delaney

Welcome to Music City. *** Shall we play a game? *** Play Cup of Guitar. The first person to spot someone carrying a guitar gets coffee (or a beer) paid for by their travel companion. Use #cupofguitar to share on social. Good luck.

Becki Cirulli

Usually have a great experience flying in and out of Nashville. Not today. We have been sitting on this plane for almost an hour waiting to be able to pull up to our gate. We arrived at our scheduled time and they have had us waiting with very little info on when we will be able to pull up.

Jessica Rech

Great experience! Easy check in and security was fast, efficient, and friendly.

Ashley Rhodes

Pretty solid airport. Always seems clean. Usually not overcrowded. I'd rather fly through here than BWI or MDW. Loses points due to the sorry Dyson Air-Blade hand dryers in the bathrooms and a lack of good smoothie options.

Colby Crowder

It's 2019. Your website is essentially broken. As someone who isn't a local, finding any important information is impossible. Fix your broken links.

Linda Jacobs

This airport is not handicapped friendly. The walk from the rental car return is totally unacceptable. However, once I got to ticketing the agent at Southwest was very accommodating and made sure I had a wheelchair immediately. I did not like having to attach my tag to my luggage as it was difficult for arthritic hands. Someone finally helped me. It is 1/2 mile from security to a far gate, so be warned.

Tommy Williams

It's under construction for expansion and remodeling. The new parking garage just isn't big enough and parking rates are ridiculous. But, it's clean and easy to navigate through.

Delaney Ray

Every time I go up to this airport there is an issue. Today I was harassed by the traffic people in the pickup and drop off location. I drove around four times because my passenger could not find me and while other cares were parked ( I noticed because every time I came back the same cars were there waiting parked) yet the police was called on me because I’m black. I won’t be using Nashville’s airport anymore. I won’t waste my money on a racist place.

Allison Halsell

I was trying to pick up a dear friend who is disabled, the employees monitoring the traffic made it very difficult. They got my tag and called the cops on me, even though I explained I was trying to call my friend to figure out which door he was at. Your employee said that he did not care and gave my tags to the cops. I had to circle, until your employees would allow me to get to the curb where he was. I think that if you tell the employee you are trying to pick up someone with disabilities, they should be a bit more accommodating than saying, "I don't care."

Megan Sebers

This is a pretty nice airport. Everything is pretty easy to find and if you have any trouble all you have to do is ask. Out of all the airports that we have been in this is one of the better ones.

Chase Taylor

TSA is a breeze. Food is reasonably priced. Great place.

Adam Prouty

Airport is easy to navigate, solid restaurant options as well. My real complaint is that the restaurants in the C concourse are ALWAYS understaffed. I fly in and out of this airport twice a week and I see how most of the time there is only 1 person running each restaurant. I've written numerous complaints to BNA and they don't seem to be doing anything. Poor workers are doing their best but the lines are just ridiculous.

Natalie Johnson

Wow what’s they did at this airport is amazing ! The last time we were here it was not this nice! Wonderful job!

Doug Barker

Everything was served in polystyrene, aka styrofoam. I really don’t like eating and drinking out of cancer-causing petrochemical cups and plates. They really need to clean up their act.

Bronze Butterfly

I must say the airport made me really want to come back and stay longer. It was very clean and the carpet was immaculate. The restrooms were also pretty clean. Nashville is definitely the home of music. They earned the title. Song and music is woven into the culture as there are no shortage of live performance stages at the restaurants and pubs. Musicianship is encouraged and praised amongst all ages. Speaking of kids, this airport is family friendly with lots of shopping, play options, and bathroom help for families. If you have a layover here you are fortunate because they have premium


Amazing airport, very friendly staff and you get trought check-in and security in 15 minutes top. Amazing gor travel and spotting. If you need to fly, depart from there.

Karen Cheney

Cell phone waiting area is a nightmare!!! Need a cop up there. Also, #spaces totally inadequate. We went through both lots. Both were a quagmire.

Xiangquan Li

Poor airport management. I’m on Alaska Airline which arrived to the airport. The airport refused to talk to the flight crew. So the airplane parked on the taxiway for an hour and nobody from the airport cared about the airplane. All the passengers in the airport are wondering when we can get out of the airplane, after an hour of wait. Clearly the airport management does not know what they are doing.

Jason Paisley

Party Town USA has a very laid back airport going through changes. All the good stuff however is on what I call the Southwest Side. The A terminal (United) is really a bunch of nothing. The unevenness keeps it from getting five stars

Kenneth Helmuth

Wouldn’t serve us this morning because we didn’t want to buy alcohol and food. Interesting approach considering the place is 45% full.


Normal sized airport with many connections and airlines. Security is usually about 10 minutes to get through and the best part are the restaurants and shops. The shops match the culture of Nashville perfectly and when you get off your flight you know exactly where you are. Live music is always going with different performers every time there are multiple musicians in multiple restaurants and bars, there are normal everyday airport stores and unique ones like a shop that sells native American items. It's got it's own culture and functions well as an airport.

Mitchell Gordon

Great airport with different options for food. Security was great and fast. Usually 15-20 minute wait max. Great airport!

Mabry Biggs

My favorite airport! Easy to navigate, clean, and nice people! And dont forget about the famous carpet! Atmosphere makes you feel right at home

Dmitry Skornetskiy

Such a bad airport. Most of the restaurant close around 8-9 pm, however they start shutting off grills 1 hr before. Staff is general unfriendly. Juts poorly run place. I travel every other week. This is not one airport I would go through.

Stephanie K

We were here at 4:30 and the check in for the baggage at the kiosks were backed up. And then we hand to wait another 20 minutes to give our bags to the attendant. Security took a normal working airport, being here 1 1/2 hours before a flight shouldn’t make you miss your flight because of bad procedures...but here in Nashville they did

Doug Vickers

Am from Nashville and travel frequently but seldom eat here. Due to a long flight delay decided to meet up with an old friend who was heading out of town. They suggested Tootsies. Worst service ever. The waiter was more concerned about closing out the ticket than serving us. Served the drinks and shortly after was back to close our ticket before asking if we wanted food. Won’t be back!!! Plenty of other choices and likely to find Southern hospitality.

Kevin Romano

Nice friendly staff, great facilities.

Greg Machen

Ive never had a bad experience at the Nashville airport. That being said, i have a new perception of airports in general. An elderly lady had an accident in the seat beside me while waiting to board our plane. I went to Southwest desk and told them and asked them to have someone clean the seat off. Needless to say their idea of that is for the next person to absorb that with their outfit. An hour and a half later, still wet! Guess ill stand from now on!

Ryan Cola

Rarely any delays, was in and out of the airport pretty quickly and it's a well maintained airport as well.

Vladislav Plamadeala

Good airport, at gate 13 C speakers are off and can't hear anything.

K Starnes

If you are waiting on a C gate this is really the only place to eat and get a drink at the same time. Service good, wine is good..the hamburger not so much. I found mold on my broccoli and the burger...ugh what a mess. I am not sure, but it eats like it was a frozen patty just a few minutes prior.

Chris Fuller

Getting through security wasn't bad. Facilities and amenities are alright.

Danny Tolleson

Airport is fantastic! Valet parking sucks even after notifying them 30 minutes ahead of time they still can’t have my car pulled around consistently!

Sylvia Stallion

I was there 2.5 hrs alone. Everyone very helpful

Alleria Brown

Great customer service, TSA wers polite, very efficient

Robert Richie

Wanted to share a positive experience that I had with the whole Nashville International Airport Team. My wife and I arrived back from vacation last week and boarded the long term parking bus. While on the bus, I placed my computer backpack next to my seat so as not to obstruct the aisle for other passengers to walk through. When I arrived at my stop, in my haste to get our luggage from the storage rack, I completely forgot my computer backpack! Only when I walked to my car did I realize it was still on the bus! Within about 2 minutes of realizing I had left my bag on the bus, I luckily saw a Nashville Airport Police Office who was patrolling the parking lot. I waved him down, told him of my (stupid) mistake, and gave him a full description of the bag. He immediately called on the radio and advised of the situation. He told me wait at the bus stop and the same bus would be around shortly. He did advise the bag may have to be screened by their K-9 team to ensure it was indeed safe. I told him that would be completely acceptable! I just needed my computer back please! Three other buses came through and I told each driver of the situation. All told me they were looking for the bag and the last bus driver advised that they did have it and it would be along shortly. True to his word, the bus arrived and there was my bag, right where I had left it! I walked up to the driver (who was not the same driver as delivered us to our car) and advised him it was my bag. I even offered to take my wallet out of the bag and show him my ID to further prove it was mine. He graciously said "I know who you are" in a funny and humorous tone. I apologized and thanked him. So again, thank you to the entire Nashville (BNA) Airport Team! I was very lucky to see the NIA Officer who immediately contacted the drivers to advise them of the missing bag. Thank you sir and to the team of bus drivers who gave me fine service!

William Elliott

What's up with this place??? Here for a layover and it's a MESS. Badly understaffed to the point of people digging through cardboard boxes for bottled waters. I went to 3 stores in the airport and all 3 were missing 70% of the items on the shelves (see pictures of the 3rd store where I finally snapped pics). And lines are HORRIBLE! Every fast food restaurant had lines 20 people deep. The convenience stores each had one single cashier with a line of 10 people snaking through the store. It's 6:40pm! Hire some people! Worst airport I've been to in a while.

Ridge C

The staff is always great. Place is clean. They have a nice choice of shops while you wait.

B P Bloom

Wont fly into Nashville again. 2 experiences with people and they were both rude as hell. Worst experience at an airport ive ever had.

Greg Mealer

Great airport plenty of food options

magyar mawlā

the most friendly TSA agents ive seen

Sam Wagner

Bathroom etiquette Jet-setting males, Mama said Man-Up; lift the seat #NOLA_Haiku #PSA #PottyBreak #JetSet #MamaSaid #Nashville #BNA #BathroomEtiquette #SignsOfHumans #PhrasesFromPlaces


one of the good on time airports. friendly staff

Brian Whitfield

Ordered steak and eggs. What a mistake. They butterflied a 6oz sirloin and it was overcooked. The service was terrible. I ordered water to drink and she brought me coffee and I said I ordered water. She never came back to check on anything until she brought my check. I don't recommend breakfast here.

Jim Neufeldt

This airport has been one of the best in the country. It has always been clean and well run. But last night I experience a breakdown in field management that jammed up the whole airport. There is now a guy with a desk at the bus stop taking people back to the long term and economy parking lots. For some reason the economy lot line got to about more than 100 people long. 10X longer than ever. Everyone stood there for about 15 minutes, while buses were sitting waiting to come in. The total line time was close to an HOUR. In fact there were so many buses waiting the were blocking the arrival area for the whole airport. But one bus was sitting there waiting for management to tell them what to do. They just sat there paralyzed until someone finally said lets send more buses to economy. This is a failure a management and a sign of things to come at this airport. Like I said, it was the best. People at the top need to look at the middle managers as well as themselves.

William Searl

I love it when I'm there to go out of town

John Smith

I don't like to fly but it will get u out of town quick!! When i fly i won't to get to my city quick!! I won't one way there and back!!!


Great growing airport with lots of connectivity especially with British Airways

Mike Holien

I’ve flown in and out of Nashville a hand full of times. It’s a pretty nice airport with decent meal options and live music. I only wish it had a United Club. But the facilities here are clean. I asked for help from an employee and she blew me off speaking spanish o believe. Oh well, there are rude people everywhere.

John Spano

This is a very clean and organized airport. All employees we encountered during our time at this airport where very helpful and polite.

Kim Malone

Have been waiting for our luggage for over 30 minutes

Anthony LaPointe

I actually enjoy coming to this airport. I find it very clean and very easy to find where you need to need to show up 2 hrs before the flight. quick access to where you need to go and hardly ever that busy

Kenneth Kim

Flown in/through about 3 times and always had a good experience. Restaurants frequently have live musicians. Rental car pickup is attached (covered walkway) so you don't have to get on a shuttle.

Jackson Saupe

Relaxed and well maintained. Don't get rid of the carpet though.

Steven Smeltz-Zapata

Frank Sinatra would say “Come fly with me. Come fly. Let’s fly away.” Well maybe it’s not quite that glorious.. but this airport ranks highly. It’s more modern on the interior with a decent selection of shops and restaurants. That being said, I had to wait 30 minutes at Starbucks. They were BUSAY!! The carpeted areas make for a less noisy airport. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still loud, but it’s less reverberant.

Dave Sullivan

Lamest food choices of tier 2 airports.

Kameal Celestee

This is a pretty laid back airport, it has a very cowboy vibe, it's certainly not as manic or as formal as New York airports. There are a variety of great restaurants and drinks outlets here. O'Charley’s and Starbucks being my favorite.

Joe LaFerriere

Have not flown for quite a few years, preferring road trips to flying. I was extremely impressed with my recent visit to BNA and all of the improvements made at the airport. From the addition of numerous local restaurants, better seating, and power availability for charging your phone and electronic devices made for an easy wait for my flight.

Rose dowling

Friendly staff and easy to find where you are going to. Tsa moved people quickly and I asked where to go for my flight and they helped me out! Best in the south and can't beat Southern music y'all


It’s an airport so it’s got a long list of pros and cons!! But I’ve had a generally good experience here for the last 10 years.. The airport itself is kept pretty clean and there’s a healthy dose of Southern Hospitality present in the staff and most travelers.. BNA is an old school airport and it’s laid out in a very simple way.. I once showed up here 15 minutes from my departure time and still caught my flight!!


Oh my gosh what a mess!!!used to be so easy to pick up family at BNA. Beware. .no more.trying to find short term parking to get our granddaughter Sunday morning...lots of turns, sorry signs. When you get into the parking garage, there are #s to indicate spaces ava6, but they LIE. Just go to the top, if you can figure how to do that. Then walk forever to the elevator. When you get off, start running to the terminal and still wander from floor to floor trying to find where passengers arrive. In other words, allow yourself an hour to park and get where you need to be.


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