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REVIEWS OF Nashville International Airport Rental Car Facility IN Tennessee

Joseph Andersen

Budget Sucks hard to check the car back in

James Baker

Under construction. Long walk but still worth using. Awesome selections and concerned customer service @ my usual Enterprise Rentals.

Rory Coats

Very nice Airport everyone helpful.

Ashley Stearns, CPA, CFE

Good set up, makes it very to quickly get a rental car and get on your way.

K. Miller

Kind of a longer walk to get there. Pretty average car rental facility.

Sayeed Faruqi

Very convenient, 3 minutes walk from arrival terminal.

Bill Wray

As far as renting a car at the airport goes, Nashville is by far the easiest I've been to. The rental agencies are at the bottom of the steps as you exit and the cars (ALL the cars) are a short walk outside. You are off the plane and in your car in one smooth shot. Not bad.

Craig Lind

Arrived at 7:30 in the morning on Monday. Enterprise was the only one that had something available which was their Exotic brand. Took a half hour for the guy to clear paperwork just so we can get a BMW, by the way we had a corporate policy and credit card ready to go ! Aweful service!

Jesse Shinn

The Terminal is very open and Smartphone friendly with NFC and QR Code Integration for the GP's Smartphones. ✨

Donna Gillispie


Rick Vessels

I liked that the facility was close to the arrivals exit. However there was no car on the space assigned and I had to go back to the office to be assigned a new car. :-/

Robert Helms

The initial experience at BNA is always one of dread. There's always long line ups in the terminal, sometimes you have to wait in the terminal until they have a car ready for you. But once you make it to the car pick up area, then everything immediately gets better. They're friendly, there's no long lines and then you get your car and you're on your way. Unfortunately, there's no place to pull over and get your GPS setup and working before you hit the road.

Brent Heisner

Great airport. Small with short security lines.

Butch Shelton

Not the airports fault but I will never rent from Hertz again. Nasty dirty cars.

Mike Rivers

Good experience

Vernal Sweeting

Always great service.

Joseph Gutierrez

In my opinion (BNA) Nashville airport is the best in the country that I have been to, access from interstate, easy to use, parking, security and friendly, and improving as we speak in 2018.

Mark Baysden

Be nice if they could cut the walk from terminal to cars down a little. According to my phone from plane to rental car counter to car was over a mile. Toting luggage and computer backpack that's a haul


Good rental experience

Charles Caffyn

Good airport easy to pick up at the car rental

Dan Wright

Easy to get around and locate arrival, departure, car rental etc... Friendly and helpful staff

Brett Tarkenton

Easy to figure out

Kerrie Dacon

Beautiful airport,staff is friendly and welcoming!!

Jerry W

it was easy to find and I had no issues with desk check out. Only problem was checking out a car.

Art Velazquez

Thank you for making it so easy to check inn and getting out,,

Gail Delio

Nashville airport car rental is very good. We arrived around 10:00 p.m. that night and we waited in line maybe 20 minutes to get rental. We went with budget, but there are other car rental options there as well. I would definitely check before you travel to make sure that the rental company is open, especially if you travel evenings or night time up till midnight.

Eric Sanchez

Fast, easy, well laid out return system.

Jeffrey Williamson

The upgrades they're making will make BNA one of the best international airports

Bonnie J Sorge


jim m

Great place

Janna Perdue

The rental cars are in the airport parking garage steps away from the gates. So perfect.

Orestes Hernandez

It's a pain to get there.

Charlotte Reece

Need moreofa selection to eat and more places to sit down and eat..prices need to be a bit cheaper due to not being able to leave to get food.

Lorraine Tabb

So much easier to get through this airport.

Anthony Policano

Fast, courteous, friendly.

Walter D Winkler

Except for the accident at the exit from the garage, which created issues, very nice, lots of

Mia Baby

The customer service was outstanding! Couldn't be any better they all seemed to have a great work relationship (teamwork). Sadly I drove there from Clarksville to pick up a different rental. The first rental smelled of cigarette smoke. Upon switching to another rental. All appeared and smelled okay until I got in the car the next morning. From sitting over night with the windows up. Cigarette smell was very much detacted.... Two cars smelled of cigarette smoke but the customer service won us over.

cynthia dunbar

Excellent service

Marek .K

Everything one need in an airport in one compact package.

Felicia Smith

Great experience. Service was awesome. This airport makes it too easy to travel.

Patrick Bell

I rented from Hertz. Getting my vehicle was fairly easy and dropping off was a breeze. The cheapest vehicle they had available was Chevrolet Silverado.

Deanna Nic

There are no signs in the airport on the outside showing anything for car rental pick-up also don't use national car rental

Mr. TDY Man

National car rental is the best, hands down. Being at their top tier I get to rent a mid size car and pick any car execpt for premium class. So I end up with cars like a convertible Camaro, or a Cadillac XTS. I earn free days that can be sure for one way rentals and includes Premium car class and only pay taxes. This is a great benefit and has saved us much money on personal rentals. National is by far the best rental car company.

Char P

I love it easy on easy off!

Rick Bridges

Lots of LONG walks, between airline gates and the rental counters. Even LONGER walk to the cars from the rental counter. It was very busy when we were there and counter service was slow. There are several rental agencies, some may have better service than ours (Alamo), but all in all one of my least favorite car rental setups in an airport. Our reservation was right and our car well maintained and ready. Getting out of the airport is very crowded and confusing, as is getting back in.

Richard Heron

AVIS preferred staff were rude.

Kenneth Wilson

Good spot to get things done

tami gaither

Nice, clean, friendly folks

Dan O'Dea

Construction, construction, construction, plan for a long walk from drop off or picking to / from the terminal. Staff was very pleasant!

Andrew Stubbs

Not easy to find a car with Sat nav

G Kawa

Easy to follow signage to find the car rental return.

Ashley Cook

Medium sized airport. Easy to manuever.

Tara Smith

Nice, clean airport. Easy to navigate.

Matt Theule

Alamo processed our rental very quickly.

Christy Foster

Really nice and new but hard to figure out where to go to get out

Gee Interpreter

It's not that big as many airports but it seems like it's getting extention as well as the parking which is the worst experience ever. It should be good after all the construction work done.

Andy Castellari

Dropped car off in 60 seconds, very good service

Brenisa Polk Carthen

Someone stayed late to check me out and it was truly appreciated!


Smooth. Good signage. Found it easily after deplaning and when returning the car.

Shawn Fisken

Easy to find, easy to navigate for return.

Sean K

thirty minivan rental price was the lowest. fill up the tank before returning the car and waive the insurance.

T Corcoran

Cute airport and you know you are in Nashville


Lay out good . Tootsies in airport

Adaria Phillips

Expensive but you get what you pay for...very nice vehicle and unbelievably fast service at the airport...claps for you all

Roger Hooker

Great experience.

Mardi Welo

Love being Avis Preferred, zoom past these desks, straight to car parking space.

Bess Ann Bredemeyer

Still under construction. Ok until you exit the rental garage at night. Cant see the road signs to determine direction


Okay place to work. Hot but easy

Iris Koller

Pick up your car at the airport - no tram or shuttle necessary - Excellent! big, comfortable area filled with a wide variety of rental car companies - EXCELLENT! Ease of getting car - EXCELLENT! ONLY THING NEEDED - better signage when you are headed home and need to bring your car back to the airport.

Jane Kentz

The security check was terrible the witch took my hair thicker she said it was half ounce over. She probably needed it for her girlfriend. People in Nashville is a rude bunch of toothless red neck hillbillies. I don't think I will be back soon.

Junta drelinger

Dollar car rental is the worst. I double confirmed that that my reservation included a car seat for my son included in the total. Once on the ground they decided that a car seat was going to run me an additional 180$ and called me a liar even after I showed proof of the specifics of my request. They tried to charge me for cleaning the car and existing scratches that I noted before hand to the lot attendant, who insisted that this wouldn't be the case. Thank goodness I documented them beforehand with a video of the car. Use another company. They were extremely rude and out to take advantage of travelers who have no other options that far away from home. Its probably illegal what they did to us and I plan to seek compensation for the drama they insisted on.

John Ruffino

Excellent service!

James Samples

The airport's signage works getting you where you need to be.


Dark, get there in the daytime, nice people to help you though, quite a walk from the terminal, wear comfortable shoes

Mark k

I absolutely love everything about this Airport.

Kylee Amundsen

Great little airport

Yvette Lynn Certified Life Coach

I was totally lost trying to find the rental pick-up location. Ultimately never found the pick-up area after riding around three times ans being frustrated I went to the return rental area and had to drop my daughter off and she ended up having to walk all the way down to the Alamo rental facility. Need better directives to help customers find the pick-up location. Don't know how it will go when I have to pick my daughter back up in a couple of days.

Sai rama9

Nice people. Took car rental here about multiple times. Good service with nice & Friendly people

Scott Penoyer

Just another car rental, no big deal

B Henriques

Nice friendly airport. Easy to get around. Nice friendly Sky Lounge

Michael Sung

Always a friendly airport to come to. Always full of music and good food. When it comes to food, plenty of choices which makes that lay-off that much easier to work with.

Amy Ames

Super helpful people

Kyle Johnson

Quick and easy, returning my vehicle after being done was the easiet thing. Just get out hand your keys to an attendant and walk away!

Patricia Dinh

A beautiful place

Christian Burgoyne

Quick in quick out.

Lydia Kleyn

We were helped at the desk by Daniel, we dont often leave reviews. But his customer service was outstanding, nice to see a smiling face these days.

Nik Kesic

I am here every 2 weeks. But never had a bad experience even with the on going construction

Max Bruno Cavazzini

Amazing lady in the Avis preferred booth!

The Story Unfolds

Clean lobby. Tons of different options to choose from. Very fast and friendly workers.

Pasty Dunbar

People in Nashville are helpful and friendly. Enterprise is the best for car rentals.

Amanda Williams

They are amazing and cater to every need my company needs or my personal needs. Wonderful customer service

Tam B


DD Mcgrue

Super fast and efficient. We went through thrifty and are blue chip members. After we got our luggage, walked straight to the lot, saw our name and stall number on the board, hopped in the car and away we went. (Id was checked at the gate).

Rb Liebendorfer

Easy access, wonderful staff.

Andrew M. Travis

Honestly very fast and easy...if you use National that is! The only downfall is they always seem to have mini vans...who wants a mini van lol

Michael Prescher

Just fine.

james sutton

Advantage rent a car is the best

Luciano Marcos Brigido

As I saw there, a reno will bring some new areas over there. Lets wait to see what's coming.

Donald Peterson

In a weird spot, but works


I like the set up of security. TSA agents are usually pleasantly professional. I like the ease of maneuvering through the airport. I like the proximity of the car rental. I like the enclosed comfortable area for ride-share. I find directional signs to be clear...

Mark Muller

Very chaotic today with cancelled flights but the amazing staff of American airlines were super friendly and went the extra mile to ensure we were taken care off.

Andrew Popowich

Would come here again!

Ridge C

Quick easy efficient. No issues.

Angela Terrell

I am not understanding the long walk! I had to the parking lot to rent a car, to tear that lot down that was closer, for a hotel it's so inconvenient! Then to have walk from airport, to catch the bus, or your ride coming into Nashville, carrying all that in tow luggage, what were the builder's thinking?? No ride to your destination it's horrible! I for improving however this is not one! I am a senior unreal.

Rebekah Fisher

Loved this small quiet, easy to navigate airport

Jenna Spurrier

No outside vehicles allowed. We wanted to help our son and daughter in law and two small children and had to use the valet parking to get over there with them.

J A Jaz

2 STRIKES ON CUSTOMER SERVICE On 01-04-2018 at 3:30 pm, I picked up my reserved rental car from Hertz inside the Nashville (BNA) airport. I arrived at the airport arrival counter and was immediately instructed to go straight to the car rental pick-up area. Upon arrival on the 3rd floor of the parking garage, I noticed that my name was not listed on the reservation board/screen. So I went to the office to get further details. This is where things turned for the worst. The woman at this counter was the most rude, impatient employee I have dealt with at Hertz. I made reservations specifically for a hybrid vehicle and this was confirmed by the representative I spoke with on the phone the day I made the reservations. The woman told me that they gave away the only hybrid car they had for that day, and started mouthing off a slew of vehicles as if she thought I was some sort of a car officiado. This woman continued to speak in jargon even after I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. She directed to an area of vehicles and specifically told me to go to location #404 or #407 for the specific car that matches what I was looking for. I don't even think she knew what she was doing because the vehicles she was talking about were not on those spots. These were completely different vehicles. When she stepped out of the office, I told her that none of the vehicles we discussed were parked at those locations. She proceeded to tell me to just grab any vehicle and then she went straight to the bathroom. You call that customer service? That was bluntly rude and customers do not deserve that type of treatment. Don't ever rent from Hertz at BNA airport. Make sure you review your reservation and stick to what you were quoted in price. This location tried to pull a "bait and switch" action on me. I will think twice and hard before I ever do business with Hertz again. This company certainly has gone downhill when it comes to customer service.

Kevin B

Long walk from the gates to baggage, and a busy mid size airport. Clean and lots of food and drink options. Usually a short wait at rental car counters.

Marie Woodward

Vlean easy to get around staff are friendly

Terry Moffit

Long walk to cars, friendly service

alisa ritchie

The setup is pretty easy because it's a small airport. Even though it's a small airport there are enough stores and restaurants. However... The terminal for United Air sucked. The quarters were small and packed. There was not enough seating for all passengers and the airflow was awful. It felt like we were walking through a funky tunnel. The line at United desk stayed lengthy and moves very slow

Cheryl Taylor

Easy pick up and drop off.

Mike Burgess

Okay but a lot of construction and keys where not in car so had to get another car. Just took a little longer than expected.

angelo erri

Very nice people

Wende Banks-Henderson

I travel to many places across the US and Nashvillr National Rental is the most unorganized I have experienced. From waiting for a car because they ran out ,t o waiting in long lines for check out because they dont have it clearly marked and customers gets confused . Line stops and and everyone in line has to back up to let customer out of line. If you are in a hurry , take a cab or Uber.

Yusuf Nyle

Stay away from HERTZ! There's a really rude ghetto lady that works their named Keaundra. I ended up renting from Thrifty instead and got a great car and outstanding customer service.

Darlene Ransom

I love Nashville. I will be back


They got what ever your dream car is here for rent! Have fun, be safe and rember to buckle up!

Marian Chambers

Love this airport..get in quick to check in on being flying 3 times

Avary Clemmer

Because of the construction you have to go downstairs to the counter and then walk a block in the weather/rain to get to the garage to get your car. So inconvenient.

Charles Lawley

Lot of construction right now but great airport. Everything you really need. Delays club gets a little booked, but at least they have one. Good restaurants.

wendy halsey

Usually don't need to stop here. Sonya at the National garage desk was super helpful, professional and more. Thank you

Nate Smith

Really a great airport. I'm curious why they felt the need for a new terminal? I love the live music playing in the restaurants.

Wendy M

Staff was wonderful, cordial and so helpful.

Austin Russello



Alot of construction

Fritz Schulz

Fast friendly service at Budget desk, very professional. Well done.

Arie Beresteanu

Thrifty is the worst and slowest customer service. You can get a White House security clearance faster than you'll get to see an agent. After that it was smooth.

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