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2801 N Jaycee Ln, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

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REVIEWS OF Sioux Falls Regional Airport IN South Dakota


They don't do their jobs, the reps just sit in their office and make you wait 45+min before anyone actually does anything.

Michael Steinbruck

Very thankful the Captain of the 2:08pm flight 4753 to Denver personally made room in the crew closet for my guitar. It’s the little things but a big deal to me! Thank you!

Dwight Kvigne

Everytime our family tries to fly out of Sioux Falls, our flight is delayed. As a matter of fact my daughter was supposed to fly to Minneapolis at 2:55, it is now 6:11 and her flight hasn't left yet. She could've driven to Minneapolis faster than flying out of Sioux Falls. Thank you FSD, she will now be stranded in Minneapolis again

David Smith

I feel like people who give this airport a low rating are locals who are not used to joys of flying that O'Hare, Logan, and Hart deliver. This airport is fine. Security is a breeze. There is plenty of room and seating. It is relatively quiet and the bathrooms are clean. Don't blame the airport because someone was a jerk at an airline or rental car counter.

Jennifer Hoyme

Of all airports I have been to this one is the worst. The staff was rude and unhelpful. My luggage was misplaced and locked up. The check in at United called all passengers from another flight to cut in front of us and other people. Security check area was a chaotic mess run insufficiently and in the end 3 other passengers and I watched our plane sit 20 minutes before it left and forced us to wait 5 hours before getting a new flight. The only friendly person we encountered was the young lady at United who rebooked us.

Joel Weig

United Airlines ticket counter was under staffed. Contracted deicing only has one truck to deice all the planes. Not very efficient.

Trey Daum

Yes, with a regional airport you get higher prices and fewer overall flights, but as far as the airport itself goes, it has adequate amenities, is clean, and seemingly well-maintained.


In and out in no time! I love that the Sioux Falls airport is so small because it makes security and getting to your gate effortless. Not too great for food options, but usually you aren't going too far from the Sioux Falls airport.


How can you have an airport that doesn’t have luggage carts. Almost died with 6 bags trying to get them to the rental car. pathetic

Mark Sheffield

Nice little regional airport. Don't bother arriving early as most of the ticket counters are only open for a short time before each flight. Their staff do take pride in getting the luggage out quickly and they should be commended for that.

Machel Shull

Elsa and Ana from American Airlines ended up being very kind and helped me tremendously through a weather delay that occurred earlier today. I feel fortunate to have met such wonderful staff there in Sioux Falls that work there. Thank you so much for being caring during bad weather and am grateful for their excellent service.

Ryan Massey

I got the opportunity to be a controller here for 2.5 years. Great airport that is expanding! Flights to several great destinations with the availability for more connecting flights. Much less hassle than dealing with big airports!

John Kangas

Poorly run airport! I fly often and spend too much time sitting on the tarmack waiting for someone to operate the jetway, make an appearance with the de-ice unit, or unload luggage. Not the fault of the airline, but the dipsticks who manage our inept little prairie airport. We watched 3 other planes land after ours, pull up to a gate and deplane. Pull the stairs up and let us deplane the old way rather than keep us prisoners inside, while the p-brains in the airport try to find their butts with both hands. Took less time to fly from Denver than to deplane!

Don Vu

Quick in and out, except when flight gets canceled then long wait for only one AA counter person.

Thảo Thanh

2801 N Jaycee Ln

Sudarshan Ravi


John Holmes

Was very nice. Not crowded. Everyone was very helpful. We enjoyed our flight very much.

Nolan Turek

The air traffic controllers are SUPER nice, I was a student pilot and they were very relaxed when I would mess up some words on the Radio. They know how to keep air traffic separated nicely, and courteous. Maverick is a very nice hangar facility and they do a lot of engine work for your airplane. Lovely place to refuel, and if the weather is cold enough, they may sometimes give us hot chocolate. The VOR is very reliable, and ATC will give you a good amount of time to hold over the VOR if that what you like to do. Be nice to ATC and follow their commands and they will be nice to you and maybe, just maybe, give you priority if you are a frequent flier.

Jack Handy

On a United Flight UA2144 from Denver Co to Sioux Falls SD. Currently waiting for someone to operate the gate. Pilot said out of his 35 years of experience it was a first that an airport didn’t have anyone at the airport who could operate the gate to connect the gate to the airplane. We were suppose to deboard the craft at 8:08pm. Pilot advised they got a hold of someone an they will be here at 8:30pm. Thanks Sioux Falls for your poor planning and staffing. Essentially you inconvenienced a lot of people through your inefficiency. Glad it wasn’t a life or death emergency, because someone would have surely died from your incompetence.

Errol Chin

Sitting in the cold entrance to the airport 1am no where to access the restroom some passengees came had to go back to their car in the snow. Yes snow is falling The securrity was concern for customers in the freezing cold.He lock us out of the main entrance and left us out in the cold.TERRIBLE

Christian Ebel Productions

very nice airport

Lee Washington

When I went to the restaurant in Sioux falls sd airport there was a Male bartender I asked when my order was going to be ready he turned around and ignored me.. once he got done doing what he was doing I asked "sir" instantly said "when they call your number that's when it's done.. so I asked " so you heard me the first time asking and you ignored me?? his words exactly " yup"..This is the reason why I hate South Dakota so much they cant get out of the racist ways. I give SD the state a 1 star all together.

NamViet Rollformer - Chuyên cung cấp máy cán tole

Sioux Falls Regional Airport

Christopher Hughes

Quick & easy, typically a very good experience here with minimal TSA lines most times.

Amanda Liesinger

Just close this place down. You are not a person here. No communication. Nobody was there to check bags, no one was there at the counter at the gate. Nobody announced updates on delays. I stepped away for 10 min and the flight was gone with no boarding announcement. They didn’t announce zones. Left in the dark and now will miss another day of work and out a hotel room. I understand you can’t predict the weather and you need to quickly board a plane but just be honest about what is going on and use the intercom! This is a <10 gate airport, it’s not like it’s that difficult to announce an update. First the flight was 8:20pm, then it was 8:02pm. And maybe modify how you touch people at security. In the decades of traveling in airports, never have I been more confused and traumatized by inner thigh searching. There’s nothing I can do about it. I just sit there and be abused just so I can try to get on a plane.

anna pizzolo

It's a easy great airport. No crowd, staff kind and helpful. Very well mantained and clean. Works incredibly well also in the worst weather conditions. There is a Yoga room in the waiting hall, and nice stores.

Velvet A

THEY WILL ROB YOU. I MISSED MY RETURN FLIGHT HOME BECAUSE THEY WERE SHORT STAFFED AND HAD NO ONE WORKING THE CHECK IN COUNTER. I was at the airport over an hour before my flight and tried to print my ticket out myself and it said I had to have a customer service representative help me print out my ticket. I look around and their was literally NO ONE to help me. IT WAS ONLY 7:30 PM I had to run up to TSA to ask for help and they just told me to go knock on an office door and their wasn't anyone there and he just shrugged his shoulders. After 15 minutes of waiting for anyone to help me the TSA guy came back and said if I wasn't here 45 before my flight loaded then I missed the cut off time. I WAS THERE ON TIME AND JUST NEEDED SOMEONE TO PRINT OUT MY TICKET AND LITERALLY NO ONE WOULD HELP ME. So I missed my return flight is home because their wasn't anyone to help me print out my ticket and no one would get help and the TSA guy said I had to wait over an hour just to talk to someone about my issue. That would have been 40 min after my flight ALREADY LEFT. So basically I did everything I was supposed to do and since their wasn't anyone around TO DO THE JOB THEY WERE PAID TO DO I missed my flight and apparently it was my fault?! I don't understand how an airline can completely rob you like this and get away with it. I am so appauled and traumatized by this awful experience and I have to buy a plane ticket home from Omaha tomorrow. HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL BE THERE TO MAKE SURE THE TICKET I PAID FOR CAN ACTUALLY BE PRINTED OUT. The sioux falls airline staff could care less that I missed my flight due to them not having any employees around the help their own customers.*UPDATE: Now I'm on a 12 hour bus ride home to Denver and I had to miss a day of work so that's 200 down the drain when I already had a round trip paid for. So thanks a lot FRONTIER for completing f***ing me in the a** without even spitting on me. This place shouldn't even be allowed to be an airline if they don't have anyone working there at 7:30pm on a Monday night after Thanksgiving weekend..........................

Haley Lapinskas

On my flight out the staff and security were completely rude. It was my first time flying alone and I couldn’t have imagined a worse way to find my way through the airport. I was completely disgusted. Then on my way back on Allegiant our flight had to be moved to a new plane due to technical difficulties and having no fuel. That made our 6:45 flight a 9:30 flight. After landing we had to wait in the plane for a gate to open because ours was taken. Lastly after all of us passengers being as patient as possible through all of it we had to also wait for our bags to go through baggage claim. I will never fly through Sioux Falls again. Completely disappointed.


It’s not a busy airport so everything is fast and convenient.

VVFarm Goat Lady

Long lines & worthless staff. We had a 5am flight so we got to the airport at 3:45. It's a small airport and their website says to come an hour early. We arrived over an hour before our flight. We stood in line to check in for 45 minutes, stood in line at TSA for another 45 minutes and RAN to our gate where we got to watch our plane pull away without us. Staff acted like it was our faults we had missed the flight and wouldn't do a thing to help us meet our connecting flight. Will never use this airport again.

Eric Krueger

Don't fly It's scary

Kandi Keith

Very dissatisfied!! My mom needed a wheelchair which she got. The airplane broke down which was understandable. They left her in the wheelchair for hours. Didn't take her to the bathroom, no food or water. When she asked for help they told her to wait and never helped her. She was even crying. Then I go to pick her up. Had to go inside for a minute cause she was in the wheelchair. I got a ticket wasn't even in there that long. Other vehicles were parked there and out of there car. They didn't get a ticket. Let's not worry about people in a wheelchair. Or the elderly people. I would rather pay more than to go to this airport. I called them and they didnt care. Didn't want to listen to me.

thomas rodrian

I have only flown into Sioux Falls Regional Airport once (many years ago) when the national wheelchair paralympics were held at the Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall, Minnesota. Having over 200 people in wheelchairs in into the airport overloaded it in many ways. Until airport security ‘asked’ us to leave, we had a lot of fun on the people mover. Airport security thought people going from the second to first floor on the real wheels was inappropriate. Kill joys!

collin snook

Brad Carrico

I watched them loading the checked carry-ons, or rather should i say they THREW them off the cart to the conveyor. Some stayed on, some bounced on the ground. I had no choice to but to check my carry on bag so i got the pleasure of watching my carry on with my two work laptops getting tossed on the ground. I emailed them about this as one of the laptops no longer works correctly. I have yet to hear back from them/

Joe Blashack

THE WORST AIRPORT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! Most incompetent security check process I've ever witnessed, it took us 2 hours to get through with a 5am flight. There was only one running x-ray machine with zero effort to fix the other. TSA pre check customers were given priority at a 5-1 rate causing a back up, riot worthy, that exceeded the dedicated waiting area 200%. Nearly every bag that went through the x-ray scan was set aside and completely dug through again individually, extending the back up even further. Half way through the line a United flight leaving the same time as ours was given priority; these customers were allowed cut the line while my pregnant wife and I were held in stressful suspenseful minutes away from our original flight departure time. Due to the security back up every single flight in the entire airport was delayed; ours by over 2 hours and we're still waiting... The real sad thing is that security area was recently renovated and it's now MUCH WORSE than before! We were here early, and a back up of this magnitude is unacceptable! Getting through security was only half the problem. Our flight has been further delayed 3 times due to mehanical issues; sure makes a person feel safe flying on that plane. We've completely missed our connection flight to our destination absolutely destroying our wedding anniversary trip! At this point it would have been faster to drive to Minneapolis and fly out from there directly; pretty sad considering it would be a 4 hour drive. This has been an extremely stressful experience! Anyone who values their time or hard earned money planning an expensive trip should AVOID THIS AIRPORT!

Angel Naranjo

(Translated by Google) I liked it (Original) Bien me gustó


All my stuff was not on my plane and on another flight, and all the TSA agents were so rude!

norman faye


Airport ok but AA employees the worst customer service I've ever encountered.

Richard Tappin

The airport is clean and has easy access to hotels and highways.

John K. Mills

Took 1.5 to get our laugage more time than our flight

B Me

Special thanks to your tsa employee who squeezed my testicals and made me stand there for a humiliating experience even though i explained my medical condition as a hernia and after the humiliation my hands and his gloves he swabbed for explosives second time at joe foss airport i assure you i will never use joe foss again

Jean Baptiste

I am sitting outside in the cold entrance it is 24degree snow is falling and security lock us out in .He said they were closed for the night.all my travel I have never had to wait in the cold freezing weather one star is too much for their lack of concern and hospitality shameful.

Doctor Vaughn

Nice little airport

Zeke Hanson

Among the worst consistently run airports I've ever frequented. I just waited an hour for my to show up on the carousel that I had had to gate check. One of two flights that had landed and nobody had bags. There are some very attentive people and hard workers, but there are also some reliablly incompetent workers that make you sigh when you walk up and see them at the counter. It should be an easy in and out. But lately, there's been a good run of "you've got to be kidding me" at his facility. Go early, or take the extra time and drive to Omaha or MSP.

Forhadul Islam

Another small local airport which remains close after the last flight of the night and opens before the first flight in the morning.

Rose Young

Very nice accommodations!

Grant G.

Great I flew with Alligant so and the service was amazing and really nice staff. And a super nice and clean airport. We had no trouble getting out of the airport!

Larry Vickery

Flown out of Sioux Falls a few times and have enjoyed the flying experience from there. Its a pretty clean well run airport that has been nicely renovated during the past few years. Its usually a simple short process going through security and the check in lines are OK. The best thing about the airport is its simplicity and the little stress compared to big cities. It kind of reminds me of Daytona's airport but less busy. Food is good and the prices are OK. I would fly out of Sioux Falls anytime.

Brenda Curl

Fast service

Laura Bradbury

Great small airport, easy in and out.

Jürgen Einicher

Sum skeet

I'm 13 years old and Live 0.9 miles from the airport. My mom got me a SD lottery ticket and won 45,000! So I'm able to fly out of the airport. TSA workers are nice, clean bathrooms, and the seats are tolerable. I think people should fly out of this airport at east once.

Dan Graff

Had a 6 AM flight to Denver with a connection to LAX. The person who de iced the plane doesn’t come to work until much later. Finally left at 7:05 and missed my connection in Denver. I flew the same flight a year ago in December and the same thing happened. Really disappointed!

jeff Zacher

Cute little airport, nothing fancy but efficient

Landry Hofer

Great but so much traffic.

Paul F

Rental Cop Company filling in for the TSA are obviously more concerned about profits than efficiency. Raise the ticket prices and get rid of this type of nonsense! Security is a Federal Government responsibly, not everything is about money! I guess the people is SD don’t warrant the same level of concern as the people of GA, IL, FL etc.

Nunya Bidness

The short blonde woman at the Delta counter assaulted me. She literally lunged over the luggage scale, snatched my phone from my hand and left marks on me where she drew blood. I went to the Sioux Falls police department and they assisted me with filing an incident report and taking pictures of my injuries but they said they couldn't do anything since it was a "business matter". They told me that I should instead contact the airport itself as well as the TSA and let them know what happened. I contacted the TSA, the airport, and the Delta corporation. Delta refunded my tickets and offered to fly me and my husband to our destination for free. We accepted the refund but declined the free airfare (why would we want to fly with Delta again after that?). As for the TSA and the airport, we never heard anything back from them. I guess they don't care if they have violent, unstable people working for them. We won't fly from this airport again.

Timothy Winkler

Great airport with great people working there. Good job TSA!

Laura Lee

Heard the Tsa officer J. Pike say, "I suppose that we should kill all the children too." That is absolutely unacceptable. Not sure how she even has a job as a security officer. How can we, the public, feel safe when one of the officers is threatening kids. Thought everyone should know about the low standards of the officers. At least this way you'll know what to expect when going through this airport. Disgraceful and disgusting. Perhaps you should look into the quality of your hiring process, someone like this J. Pike should've never gotten to wear the uniform.

Bryan Ellerbroek

Looking real good and construction coming along , sitting in lounge having a cold one waiting for r flight to Orlando fer the week


Good but small

Brad Hoffer

Waited an hour for our luggage...

ricky khadka

Rude customer service!!!!! worst experience of my life. the woman in the customer line for allegiant air was extremely rude. i lost my bag in vegas while flying with allegiant airlines. later i wanted my bag which was already there to be shipped to me from this airport but the woman in the line threatened me saying she would not let my bag go easily. absolutely shocked and dissapointed with the behaviour of customer service lady. never flying there for sure. i wish i knew her name. she should not be working there. not just in the customer service i mean nowhere with that kind of attitude.

Derek Graff

Missed connecting flight because pathetic staff couldn't get the plane de-ice for 55 minutes!

Derek Mcbride

Hunter Greathouse

I will honestly only rate this airport 1 star, and I don’t mean that being sarcastically. I have never seen people who worked for these companies be so rude. They have no respect for others missing theirs flights. We were here in plenty of time and they gave us trouble with our luggage that Ft Walton Beach did not, not the countries second largest airport in Atlanta, these people were rude about it and told us we should have planned ahead and they did not care if we miss our flight, we planned ahead, the other two airports seemed to think. We were there an hour and a half early. I’m sure the flight companies are all great airlines, and that there are decent employees at the airport, but as far as a woman at front desk, a woman in luggage check, and a man with TSA who walked slower and smirked when we told him we we’re going to get left, you may want to monitor those employees at 6:00 in the morning because whether or not they are in s bad mood, I don’t understand how companies like this should be allowed to take it out on the customers, it was honestly the worst airport experience I’ve ever seen I’ve never seen anyone with so much disregard for the passengers, definitely my last time with them

Jarvis Sermons

I flew alliegent Great flight and wonderful airport. Security checkpoint is ridiculous above and beyond for a small airport. AA employee customer service was very rude. I will try my best not to fly with them again.

Lukin Lockhart

Went To Orlando From Here It Was An Cool Interior The Staff Were Freindly And I Took Delta Airlines It Was The Best Because I Was Going To be able to get into Universal Studios Orlando!


The security that works here are rude as hell and are trying way to hard to act like they are the most important people in the world. Just a piece of advice, you get more done treating people with a sliver of respect then you do walking around like your the end all, be all authority.

Ronnie Kalatizadeh

Really good small airport. Curb to gate in less than ten minutes. You can park right outside arrivals when picking someone up. Had a great experience flying here

Daniel Patterson

Quickest security checkout ever.

chris lietz

Not a busy airport so waits shouldn't be long, but the security checkpoint is absolutely ridiculous. There is an employee for every passenger in the airport. I have never seen so many people pulled out of line and such slow service, which is saying something considering the general experience at most airport security areas. Not even remotely as efficient as larger international airports that actually have a lot of people to deal with.

Milkshake 380

I like the airport

Jim Digiovanni

This airport is a joke everytime my Honey bunches goes to Sioux falls for work her return flight is always canceled or delayed sounds like this airport is poorly ran & could use new management.

Eric Tooley

Well maintained, usually quick security lines. Small airport makes it very simple to find your flight, luggage, rental...

Anna Hoogendoorn

Their new motto here is about convenience but that is laughable... save yourself the time and hassle and fly out of the cities or Omaha. This airport is located in South Dakota where it snows and blows and they will shut down if said weather conditions happen...

jill todd

This facility has grown and improved considerably since my last visit two years ago. Everything was clean and up to date. There was a bit of construction going on so baggage claim was accessible only by exiting the building and re-entering on the other side which was no big deal. I would give this airport a five star rating but 95% of the employees were extremely rude. While I understand this can be a stressful job in a world of uncertainty, there is really no reason to be short tempered and impatient with passengers. We are not having a great time traveling; trying to make connecting flights, sitting in a tiny seat on a crowded flight, running from gate to gate, etc. We basically pay their salary and I do what they instruct me to do and I am pleasant about it so they should at least be patient and realize we are not having a great day either. They shouldn’t be in this line of work if they can’t be civil.

Francis Wembel Soto

(Translated by Google) I love traveling through this airport in Sioux Falls, SD. .. ... one Delos best for edta zone. Grasias A great service and cortez. (Original) Me encanta viajar por este aeropuerto de Sioux Falls, SD. .. Delos mejores por edta zona. Grasias Un servicio genial y cortez.

Carson Hrusovsky

Plane leaving was delayed a little over 7 hours. Returning flight baggage hasn’t come around the carousel yet and it’s been about 40 minutes. Awesome!

Jon Morrill

This has to be the easiest airport to fly in and out of. Beautiful upgrades since my last visit too.

Terry Sohl

And yet AGAIN we sit in the tarmac waiting for the plane to de-ice. It happens EVERY TIME they need to de ice and flights are always late. The PILOT is on the intercom complaining about this airport. He says it’s the only one he knows of where they rely on a private contractor to de-ice. So every damned plane is sitting on the tarmac. They have a call in with the contractor, who relied they are “Wrapping something else up” but will get the truck out when they’re done. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve missed my next flight because of de-icing delays at FSD. FSD get your act together. I seriously would rather drive 4 hours and fly out of Minneapolis.

Scott Miller

Even though it's a nice facility, the waiting room is worse than before. You can't even see a plane coming down or take off. No place to observe while waiting. Big thumb down for visitors. They should have seen how friendly Omaha airport and thought of that before they renovated this building.

Alejandra Madrigal

Small but good

Adam Hansen

Had to sit at the gate on the plane for over an hour because the gate was "too slippery to move the plane because of the snow accumulation." Hey Sioux Falls Airport, you are located in South Dakota, it snows there in February. Do you think it might be a good idea to start plowing the active gates when it starts snowing not after it has accumulated and plane is already boarded? Exact reason I avoid using this airport at all costs.

Stadiume Hott

For a tiny Airport, it's really a pleasant place. You usually have to connect to Chicago for flights to many places, which is to be expected in a remote area. The services are always very good quality. The airport is a no fuss place, easy …

Jeff Pelzer

Easy in and out.

Dar Burgard

Usually very friendly and helpful.

Patty Heesch

I thought the delay might have been the airline that we were on but after a delay happened with a different airline my son was on, I'm rethinking that. Both were late leaving the Sioux Falls airport, for absolutely NO planes around, and he missed his connection in Minneapolis, having to wait 4 hours. We had United phone a head and we had to run to our connection. I wish we had another option. Get with the program Sioux Falls. One star only for the nice folks in the cafe!

Audrey Lewis

When calling the airport, the automated system keeps you from finding a real human.

Vandenn Krouch

I'm reviewing Allegiant Air. They are awful. Delayed from 3:55 flight until 9:15 PM due to incompetence in getting a mechanic over. Seemed like they knew the problem and waited until hours later to call for professional help. We should have arrived j. Florida at 8:00 PM but instead landed after 1AM. No offer for free drinks or anything.

adriana feucht

why is it impossable for the number on your website to get thought to a person n not given a number to call everywere else?

MaUrIcIo PaEz

how can arrive to Aberdeen from this Airport?

Adam Imbriglio

Very nice but small airport. Limited flight options.

Víctor Chávez

It's a great airport, visit it's nice

Ellef Jordahl

The United personnel along with the Sioux Falls Airport personnel were very helpful, kind and friendly. We will be using the Sioux Falls Airport and United Air Ways all the time when we fly.

Brian Hall

Small, simple airport. They are renovating to clean it up a little.

Andrew Hartman

Newly updated airport. Now has a restaurant on main level and a bar and restaurant after security.

Steve Watkins

Good food and cold beer. Prices are reasonable.

Kristy Hayes

Clean everyone is always very friendly and helpful. It's very small. Cute souvenir shop upstairs and downstairs, foods not amazing ..

Wayne Booze

Expensive flights. Rude TSA agents!!! Cheaper for two people to drive to Minneapolis and fly.


Fargo, ND, with a population of 115,000, has Hector International Airport, serving 4 airlines with, on average, 15 daily departures. The metro area of Sioux Falls has a population of 250,000, with Joe Foss Field Regional Airport serving 6 airlines with, on average, 25 daily departures. Sioux Falls, it's time to grow up and play in the big league! It's quite doubtful that Sioux Falls will ever become an O'Hare or Atlanta, or lose it's small-town charm, however by becoming an International Airport (customs area) Sioux Falls can become a contender on many fronts. Much more interest from other airlines therefore creating competitive (reasonable) ticket prices? A seasonal/weekly non-stop to Cancun? To the Bahamas? (Joe Foss Field has runways long enough to handle a 777!) Yes, Joe Foss Field has a cute little airport building, but Sioux Falls has grown out of the "Regional" designator. Maybe we should take a hint from Fargo's Hector "International" airport.

Caleb Shives

Great small airport. A nice selection of food and a quick security check.

thomas berg

Flew with American Airlines, had to be rerouted due to overbooking and AA handled it with class and made sure I made my trip on time. Cindy at the gate was the best! Love you Cindy!

Ben Pham

Its a great airport.

Novie Tha



Tidy little 7-gate airport with around 25 daily arrivals/departures using small jets (meaning limited space for carry-on luggage). Staffing is spartan at ticket counters, gates, car rental, baggage claim during regular hours. Should your night arrival be delayed, you will find no assistance in any of these areas. Ditto if you arrive hours early...there will be no ticketing agent to check luggage or issue a boarding pass. TSA security is especially uptight and thorough

Kevin Lopez

Without the excellent management here FSD would be unfit. Thank you guys for all you do!!! I do appreciate the loud airplanes over my house. Just a JOY. Airport is mere minutes from everythi ng SF has to offer.

Landon Oien

Got to ride around the airport on the ground in an airplane for an hour because our gate had another plane in it.... you're telling me we can't taxi to another gate... we have to use this one specific gate.... management of this airport is hot garbage. I'm not mad, I've come to expect it from Sioux Falls and so has its residents.

Susana Martinez

Easy airport to fly To and From. The TSA check point is quick. Airport has a nice dinner and bar at the downstairs area and a restaurant upstairs at the gates. The airport was recently remodeled 2016 and a hotel is connected to it. I stayed a night at the hotel, it was nice and convenient for me. Plus, the night wasn't expensive. Overall, the airport is nice and comfortable to travel To and From.

Johnny Lavish

Airport is small with limited number of restaurants and food past security.What is available is extremely over-priced. Whilst the airport maybe clean it is very small. As for flights the vast majority of flights are cramped regional jets with very little head or leg room. Plus there are limited number of airports which serve Sioux Falls (Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis, & Atlanta) There are on occasion other flights to Phoenix, Vegas, Los Angles, and Detroit. This leads to very high fares and very inconvenient flight times. Hotels in Sioux Falls are reasonably priced but most are a few miles from the airport. If you need to take a cab be prepared to spend a lot to travel only a few miles to your hotel. If I were to chose one word to describe the Sioux Falls airport I would select gouging. Gouging on prices at the limited number of shops, gouging on cab fares, gouging on plane fares, and gouging on anything travel related. Sioux Falls should focus less on budget airlines. Instead focus on route improvement with attracting larger planes and more frequent service along with adding more cities. In addition Sioux Falls should also focus on providing reasonably priced cab service from airport to hotels and make the city more affordable to those who visit. My advice is to fly in to Omaha, rent a car, and with the 80 mph speed limit in South Dakota, journey time should be about 2 hours.

Cliff Blom

Very clean nice airport

Alín Martínez


Well I have never flown out of here. But I do work here! I work in the main floor restaurant. I have to say from my 3yrs experience there it's a really awesome place.I appreciate 3 things, my job, all the Airlines workers And most of all the People I meet everyday! I meet a lot of people in a day and each and everyone has been very nice. So if you come to the Sioux Falls Airport stop and see us. Just remember I'm always "spiffy"!

Bob Baemel

Flew in 3/4/19 and we sat on the plane an hour before deplaning because they couldn't find the jet bridge for an crj-200 (United). They only had one.... Unbelievable. I don't know why this country can't bring back the trains!!!!

Leona Waldner


Daisy Skippy

Rude TSA agents

Hailey Brewer

Quiet little place. Very simple establishment

Ed Tullar

Easy airport to get in and out of.... Nice selection of airlines... Friendly people... Why drive to Omaha unless you want southwest....

Matthew Dial

Over 45 minutes before the checked luggage even begins to show up is total BS for an airport this small! I just want to go home, but I feel like I'm being held hostage by the bag boys.

Jacob Ira Anderson

Airport was quaint. Very easy to navigate. Plus they have TSA Precheck. So that was a nice plus (although on the day I went there was no line for regular)

Melissa Haefs

This airport has the rudest staff I have ever encountered. From the United airlines ticket counter to the TSA agent. Horrible treatment of active duty soldiers I am thankful we flew Into and out of Omaha every other time.. I would avoid traveling through this airport at all costs the long drive to and from Omaha is worth it

Erica Allen

Andrea at the check in desk for Allegiant airlines was extremely rude. So rude, insulting, and unhelpful that I have reconsidered ever flying with the Sioux Falls airport again. Hiring a customer service person with such a demeanor is a gross oversight of the management staff here at the Sioux Falls airport.

Monica Padilla-Rendon

Tried to get help or ask.questions and got shined off or told can't help you find someone else!!!!

liar fighter

United Airlines is still the best, had a broken ankle and they had a person take me from check in thru tsa and on to the jet, that's why I have flown them for 33 years, and fly out of Sioux Falls.

Austin S. Lin

Rental car lot is on site with main terminal. Check in with rental counters first for keys (no direct-to-car member walk up service at this location). Terminal gates relatively smooth in and out, with or without PreCheck.

Jason Kluender

Ryan Horn

Easy airport to get in and out of. Rarely are you waiting at either the ticket line or security for more than 5 minutes. Prices are a little higher out of Sioux Falls, but that's not the airports fault. Nice restaurant/bar to sit in while waiting. Simple but has everything you need!

Jesse Callahan

Efficient and convenient. Much improved in recent years.

Zach Andreasen

Quick security, small airport. The rental car service was exceptionally slow the night instructed. Not the airports fault but want to note that.

Siouxfalls South Dakota cop block Mark burgess

Worst experience I've ever had they won't check my bags in so I can make my flight workers do not know how to do their jobs from now on bringing everyone to Minneapolis I was here 30 minutes earlier they would not check my bags in lazy workers talking to the owner I have lived in Sioux Falls for 15 years never seen a worker just keep saying I don't know and I don't work for American Airlines and I can't check your bags in and they shouldn't have left me up front looked like teenagers to me acting like it also grow up you just made a storm football player miss his flight all because you won't answer a few questions or your understaffed if you need workers please go to labor ready or hire Mexicans they work harder then the little girls you employ Just because they pretty don't mean they know how to do the job. I took this guy out to your airport 3 times he missed his flight 3 times I not even the one flying did this to be nice I'm done sat at the airport for over 6 hours plus. I got pulled over for speeding right in front of the airport can you say corruption. Cabs should not be over charging or have dirty cars or 45 minute wait times hows anyone suppose to make their flight on time over my 15 years onley seen Sioux Falls decline in service. And quality. Did we forget how to act and treat each other. I guess violence is the norm

win cowger

I love this place out had beautiful artwork adorable food and you can get through quick.

TJ McVay

Flying out in the morning. Ground crew forgot to plug the plane in so all the water is frozen in the plane. United couldn't figure it out till everyone was boarded.

Brenna Erickson

For a tiny airport, they have extremely poor management of checked bags. While attempting to check in a bag with United within the 4 hour ahead window, they informed me that they could not take it because their crew gets “confused” and mixes up the bags, and to come back in 2 hours. Yesterday they apparently put all the Chicago bags on the Denver plane so now it’s our problem that they are incompetent. And it gets better... there are NO other United flights until ours... so how could they get confused as to where our bag should go? You got me. Also, how could they not know their own flight schedule? You got me.

Michael Johnson

Security was a joke! Large groups of people held up for an hour because they didn't have enough staff or equipment for the early am flights. Poor planning.

Andra DelMonico

This airport is small, but barely anyone was there when I flew in on a Friday and back out on a Monday. The facilities were clean, and they had some cute small gift shop type stores to wander around while you waited for your flight. The rental car counter was easy to find, though the employees that worked there could have had better attitudes.

Ruth Bolin

Love this airport!


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