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REVIEWS OF STAR Car Rental IN Rhode Island

Marlon Luiz

Very good cars and very good prices !!!!!

Nicole Primeau

Awesome customer service! Best rates and cars! Don’t bother with any other rental place, go straight here!

Var Montrell

My mom rent from them about every 2-3 months to travel out of state nice clean vehicles friendly staff and they work with you easy communication

Hadassah Rose

Lorina Hill

Dexter Juen

My very first time to rent a car in Milford and it is the most satisfying experience. The staffs there are very nice and very accommodating. The rent price is very fair too. I highly recommend them for your car rent needs.

Gerry Ford

Very good people.

James Thompson

I've been there to rent a car

Scott Sarras

I booked a reservation with Star Rental knowing I would be in this car for a month. My insurance company was covering up to $30/day. They put us into a vehicle which the cost was $15/day. The owner's son picked my family and I up at the auto body shop in the car they were renting to us and drove us back to the rental agency. On route I sat in the back with our 12 mo. old(my husband sat in the front) I noticed immerdiately the plastic?paint was chipping off of both door handles in the back . I expressed concern because I have two other small children at home and was worried about them eating it or putting it into their mouths posing a health hazard.The owner said she would upgrade the vehicle to a larger vehicle at no charge because there were no other cars avlble. She out us into a 2006 Chevy Malibu with almost 100k. I didn't care as long as it was safe. The check engine light was going on and off throughout the time we have had it, but still ran fine.Cd player did not work, again no big deal. Towards the end of my rental agreement on 6/23/2012 at 7pm at night i get a flat tire. I did't know why at the time. I am 6 months pregnant and had my other 3 children with me. I was 40 miles from home,my husband is working, and I decide I am going to change the tire. There was no jack in the car or any other tools. I had pulled into a gas station which the attendent comes out to help. The tools were locked up. I called Star with no answer(after hours) but no emergency contact either. I waited for my husband who had to leave work and come bring tools to change tire. The following morning we brought tire to Sullivans Tire and replace. They told us the tire was worn pat the wear mark and severly cracking in several places.They also told us the valve stem was cracked. They said the car should have never passed inspection in 02/2012 according to the inspection sticker. They also said the tire was "junk" and it was not my fault this happened.They explained tires should last for an estimated 40,000 miles if rotated. The owner called me a day & half later to tell me she was giving us a complimentary day because of our troubles. I told her it didn't matter because the car was not safe to drive on a spare after 50-100 miles. So the day did me no good seeing how i have to drive 50 miles to her rental agency from my home anyhow. And at that rate of speed it is UNSAFE. I explained to her what Sullivan's Tire said to me and she began arguing with me telling me I have to pay for a new tire and it was my fault.She said "those places will tell you anything just to sell you something." I told her I would take the tire to 2 other places to reassure her the tire was NO GOOD and should have been replaced long before I rented the car. The tire had NO tread left on it. Her answer to that was I had the car for a month and I wore the tire down to that level.This was ridiculous seeing how i barely put 2000 miles on it and last I checked as I stated before, life expectancy of the tire is 40,000 miles if serviced properly. She also said she was going to go back the 37 days I have had the car and charge me an extra $250 for the upgrade.I told her we signed a contract under different terms,it was irrevalent, and she couldn't do that legally. If the first vehicle wasn't in the condition it was in, I wouldn't have been in the Malibu to begin with. I could see this was going nowhere. She threatened to take me to court and I welcomed the opportunity. We hung up the phone. I am returning the car tomorrow.

Lisa Mora

The Girl that works here is HORRIBLE.... Cars are disgusting... Will post photos's more to come!

Alice Dilis

Recently, having a houseful of guests, I found myself in need of a vehicle which would seat 7 passengers, including 3 children's car seats. After calling Enterprise, Hertz, and others with no succcess, I found Star Car Rental on line. Not only was the needed vehicle available, it was almost half the price that the other rental places had quoted me. I rented a Kia Sedona and it was really comfortable and easy to drive. I almost hated to have to give it up! Debbie, the owner of the business, was lovely to deal with. Paperwork was completed in about 5 minutes and I was on my way. I will definitely use Star Rental the next time! Alice Dilis

Mike Petrino

Star, enterprise and Hertz all within a mile of one another. This was my first time using Star and I'll never go anywhere else, they are incredible!!

Debbie Attias

This is Debbie from Star Car Rental and I'm writing to give you my side of the 2 bad reviews below with first hand knowledge. I always try my hardest to help everyone, sometimes, it doesn't mean anything. The first review by John: He was picked up at the garage and I told it would be fine to leave the rental at the garage when his vehicle is ready as a convenience for him. I told to please call and let us know when he does this so that we know to go and get our rental. He did not call us, he assumed we would know when he was done with it because he said he only needed it for a couple of days. The garage called and said he dropped off the car the sometime the night before, so I got a ride to pick up the rental, I stopped the RA at that time. He called me to ask why he was charged for 5 days, and then admitted he did not call to tell us he was dropping the car off, he assumed we would know, but the garage is 2 miles away from the office, we cannot see that it is there. He should have called to let us know that he was returning the rental otherwise I have no way of knowing that he is finished with it. The second review by Scott: We went out of our way to help these people because his wife was such an unhappy and unappreciative person right from the begining, no matter what we did to try and make her more comfortable, giving her a bigger car because she has small children in car seats, she was just not happy with anything. I'm not sure where or when the last time that she rented a $15 a day car, and it is certainly not late model Chevy Cobalt. She wanted something bigger for her children, so I gave her a malibu, just because it has some miles on it does not make it a bad car, it is a great car, very mechanically sound. After 28 days in the rental, she got a flat tire, I gave her one day for free, which I didn't have to do, but this wasn't good enough. I saw the receipt from the tire place, nowhere on it did it say the tires were bad, she was angry that she got a flat tire and had to replace it. I took pictures of the other three tires after the rental was returned, they are all very good tires. The car had to be shampooed it was so disgustingly dirty, I did not charge her for this either. But like I said, Scotts wife was not a very pleasant person no matter how hard I tried to help them. I'm sorry that they weren't happy with our service. Unfortately, it seems, the people that you try to help the most are the most unappreciative no matter what, they will not be happy. One of my husbands favorite sayings is "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", how true that is.


Christopher McCambly

Cars are terrible. Broke down before I even left the lot. Second car smelled like dead animals. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS BUM...

Jaycee Caramsalidis

I rent from Debbie at Star ALL THE TIME. Cars are immaculate and the costs are lower than all of the other rental agencies in the area. Debbie has shown up when the office is closed when I need a rental for an emergency. Quality, price and service. There is no doubt that Debbie and STAR are THE rental agency in Milford.

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