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Paul Gruss

As an Executive member of National, every time I arrive in Providence with a reservation for a medium size car, the lots are basically empty. Typically, there are two or three cars (1 or 2 are minivans and the other is a Camaro). Neither of these are options. The representatives could care less. Their response every time is this is all we have, you can go to another company if you would like. Extremely disappointed with the availability and the service.

Frank Byrne

I rent cars several times each month, mainly for business use. I've found National to be a very consistent provider of quality service. There are always a number of options in the lot to select from allowing me to either try something new or stay with a favorite model to drive. Exit and return staff are always ready to help with answers and quickly get me on my way.

Sarah Cooper

Nice ride & super ez experience picking & dropping. So glad 2 B an emerald aisle member ;-)

Kim Jamison

The Altima we rented was great. Check out was smooth and no hassle. Somebody clipped the front bumper of the car while it was parked, but thankfully reported it to the police, who contacted National about it. They were very understanding when we returned it as well. Great friendly service, although I feel bad about the car, it was brand new.

Deborah Hutchison

Unbelievable- had a confirmed reservation- even received an email confirmation while flying in - BUT when we arrived there were NO cars and a note on the counter - “sold out” and no one, and I mean no one to help. Had to Uber to the hotel. We are 2500 miles from home , don’t know anyone and have no car. What a memorable birthday for my husband. Also, no way to get dinner!

Mimi Patrician

Great service—love National!

Mark Hurst

Picking up and dropping off the car was an easy process, and the staff was very friendly and professional.

Marcus Meadows

I loved my experience. The staff were nice, they allowed me to pick a car, and were friendly and helpful throughout the process. Will do business with again. Keep up the great work!!!

Terry McNeese

National Car Rental is my company's preferred vendor. The location in Providence (Warwick) is nice because it's close and covered. Since it's preferred by my company, I tend to use it on every business trip and I like the Aisle concept; even more since I achieved Executive status. The only thing that I find lowers my rating is the fact that, more often than not, I show up and find a whole lot of mini-vans and not much else as choices. Otherwise, the cars are usually clean and the service is usually good.

Chris Carroll

Not too many details to share. Got into Providence went to the fifth floor of the parking garage and picked up my car which was a very comfortable. A brand new Camry and had a great four days with it. I’m assuming it was a 2019 model and everybody that saw it was very impressed with it. Love that car. love national.

Jess Ehm

Less than helpful over the phone. I was trying to inquire if my credit card had been attached to my reservation. The agent informed me that he could not share that information. He just kept repeating himself like a robot and I finally very slowly, explained that I needed to see if the reservation had any credit card information attached or if I would have to bring the card in to swipe it. Extremely frustrating and less than helpful. I decided to cancel my reservation and go with a different company other than Alamo, Enterprise, or National since they're all owned by the same company. Never any issues in any other cities as an Emerald Club member. It must just be this location.

Jason Young

I stick with National for convenience only. They really don't make you feel special at all no matter how much you rent from them. No real perks at all. Returned a car this past Saturday morning to PVD and the girl who checked me had zero enthusiasm, didnt greet or say thank you at all. Very rude like I was inconveniencing her for taking time away from her texting and instagram browsing. I really think if they gave Executive Elite members free XM radio or some other upper level perk it would make a huge difference.

Daniel McGuinness

The service at the Providence Airport location is exceptional. The process, especially if you an Emerald member, is flawless. I travel there fairly often and am always and completely satisfied. The staff at this location are very upbeat and convey the " I'm here for you" always. It will only take you a minute or two of watching the team work together to know they have a winning combination. I have never waited for a car to be ready or have a team member there on my return. Quite simply, if you want first class service at the best price and convenience; go with National!

Peter Tunon

Quick polite service and always excellent selection of well maintained cars.

Carl Carlson

Picked up Black Altima at about 11:30 PM. Although the garage was dimly lit, I walked around car and saw no issues, not that there was a form in the car (Emerald Aisle) to note any damage had I noticed any. Upon return check-in attendant noticed that the black molding on the rear bumper had a vertical crack in it. No other damaged noted. I was told I would have to pay for that damage as I had not noted it on the non-existent damage form upon check-out. I stated I did not cause that damage and as I was running late for my plane I departed. I will update this review should I receive an insurance claim.

Pat Barnes-McConnell

I rented this car for 10 days and did much traveling. The car I chose performed well and gave me no problems. I have been using this company for many years and will likely continue to do so.

Brian KB

I use rental cars an average of 10 times a year for many years now, and recently switched to using National. While the previous rental company I used was adequate, the customer service at National was a very pleasant surprise, so far. Especially at the T.F. Green airport location in Providence RI, last week, I was greeted very pleasantly on my way to my car, and provided suggestions what car to pick. Typically, when I have "pick up and go" status, I see no one which is fine as long as I have no problem. But when I do or am unfamiliar with the facility, finding someone to help or simply answer a question even is a challenge. Likewise when i return my car, even though I have drop and go privilege, again someone was there to ask if everything is OK and if I need information on how to get to the departure lounge etc. Always nice to see some people around, especially when they are ready and willing to help in case you have a problem.

Mo Maaraba

Most recently I would say that my experience was less than good. I rented a car from Providence airport Executive isle and found after I had left that it was a smokers car. Frustrating as this should have never been a rental option until the vehicle was deodorized.

Elvis Lewis

The rental was great - when we arrived, the attendant told us that if we rented the mini van, the gas would be free. When we exited the lot, the attendant at the booth acknowledged that we could return the car without filling up the gas. When we returned the car, there was a $60 charge for gas added by the attendant in the garage! When I questioned that, he said that they didn't put that on the order, but he did remove it. He told me that I should have told them as we left with the car that we had a deal for no gas. Very concerned that most drivers would not have challenged at checkout - felt like an attempt to cheat the consumer.

Frank Persinger Jr

Clean vehicle easy checking and checkout

Danielle Ashbrook

Overall, a good experience. One slight problem, in that the Providence R.I. airport location where I picked the vehicle up, had not checked the level of window washer fluid, and I ran out of fluid just a few days into my trip. This was concerning, as this was in February and a large blizzard came through during my rental. However, when I called National, they were able to direct me to a National/Enterprise location where they were able to determine that it was just out of fluid, not broken. They got me refilled and back on my way quickly. Still wondering why the airport location had not checked that before giving me the vehicle in the first place.

Jim Wirwille

This was possibly my best rental car experience to date. Join the Emerald Club and never have an issue again. Friendly staff at the PVD airport location. 100% will be renting from them again.

Sherri Eddings

My personal experience was great. I got a very nice SUV, great gas mileage, and the car was clean inside and out. The return was very easy, the staff was friendly and helpful. The only negative would be that the car rental / pick up location is pretty far away, although located, attached to the terminal, inside and covered. There are moving sidewalks, but if you are carrying luggage - get a cart! :) It still beats getting on a bus and being driven 3-4 miles away like a lot of airports!!

Hugh Peters

My most recent rental out of TF Green was seemless. The staff was incredibly helpful to honor a promotion discount received via email. I was a bit concerned as I reserved a large suv and none was present upon arrival. however in no time I was placed into a vehicle and on my way. big thumbs up National!

Mark Massie

Very easy to pick up car, very clean and in good condition. I always have a good experience with National.

Stefan Neumann

Never had an issue renting a car from National. Always professional and friendly. I recommend them to all my friends.

Steven Cohen

all went well. the car was clean and full of gas and the process to get the car was easy and fast . the return went even smoother.

Jo-Ann West

I always rent from National. We arrive at the airport in Providence RI and there were very limited cars available to choose from the Aisle lane. They were all small cars. We needed a car that had room for 5 and had room for a 6' 4" tall person. The person (I can't recall his name) was great !! We asked how much it would be to upgrade, since the cars that were available would not work and he gave us a car that would support us. I recommend National all the time. Great Service & Very Professional Employees !!!

Roy Reid

I like National, but the last couple of times I’ve rented there was not a good selection of cars to choose from. The last rental, I was supposed to get a SUV, but when I went to the lot there were none in lot. I had to end up getting one from another company’s row. Is there a shortage of cars or what is happening? I do like the exit process.

Marty Lamb

Providence, RI. Customer Service was awesome. Very friendly and helpful. Thanks

stephen russell

national rentals at PVD are always great. especially the return process. they are well staffed and efficient.

carmen suarez

Rented a one way car from Providence, RI to Hyannis, MA Airport for half the price of other Car Rental. Providence & Hyannis Airports attendance were friendly and appreciative of my business.

Sarah Mercier

Always quick friendly service, never had an issue

Linda Block

Easiest, most pleasant rental I have had in all my years of car rentals. Staff was very pleasant and helpful. The process was so efficient. Only suggestion would be include directions to the rental return garage. Never having rented at the Providence airport, the signs to the rental return are almost none existent. Not National's fault.

Roger Olson

Very smooth pickup and return. Friendly and helpful staff on both ends. Car was in excellent condition. Wish everything worked this well.


Being part of the Emerald club is awesome. Arrive at the airport go directly to my rental car without having to stop at the counter is a great!!!

Gautam Mahtaney

What a good experience. I didn’t know what I was missing when I was with the competition and I must say the ease to rent, pick and return a car makes National awesome! Shout out to the Bradley and Providence airport staff

David Owen

National is officially my “go to” company for travel, and I travel a lot, but.... I have only one gripe about this company (although others may do it also). I have never rented a National car that doesn’t have some nasty buildup on the windshield that makes it nearly impossible to drive in the rain. More than once I have had to stop and buy windex to clean the inside and outside of the windshield. This is extremely unsafe and frustrating.

bhavin patel

Easy to pick up and drop off. Clean cars ready on time as promised. Courtious and friendly staff.

David S

My cousin returned a suburban yesterday and I forget to grab my jacket and skull cap from the vehicle. Less than a hour we call National so we can retrieve the items and some how my belongings are no where to be found. I flew in from Florida to 40 degree weather and now I'm having to spend money to replace these items. I thought National was a professional company and yet you would think they wouldn't steal from someone that has an account with them. Yeah its my fault at the end of the day but National should work on hiring decent people. If you do decide to book through this company just be sure you do a thorough search of the vehicle before you leave. If you do leave anything behind dont bother calling, they hire hoodlums that wont return your items.

Atul Joshi

Overall I am quite happy with National of the ease of Emerald Aisle and selection of cars. Unfortunately the car I rented last time had only 2/3rd tank of gas and was dirty. I didn't notice it as I was pickup up late at night (close to midnight) at Providence, RI airport.

John Bachner

The team at PVD airport is top notch! I'm an Executive Elite Emerald member and LOVE this team! The manager Ryan Dunphy is amazing. He leads with a customer 1st mentality. Hey National- give him a $$ bump / bonus- you have a star here! Hope you know it! If you have the chance to watch him in action you will probably pick up a few pointers. The cars are always ready, clean, and his team cares! Rent at PVD National. Cheers!

James Lackner

National may not have the most competitive prices (especially for vacation travel), but for business travel, but otherwise they were awesome!! The car was in excellent condition. The employees were friendly and efficient. The reservations process was smooth and without error. Actually, they might just be worth the few dollars more for their rental experience; they were worth it!! I also rented from the "yellow company" for the vacation portion of this trip, and it was a poor experience. National however was great!!!!

Jeremy Ng

We booked this rental online using my National Emerald Club Profile complete with the same credit card that I always use and our flight information. Our flight arrived 2 hours late, around 1am. When we got to the rental car area, initially no one was around. Then an employee drove up to us at an extremely high rate of speed (tires screeching, etc). He told us to hurry up and pick a car because he's going to close the gate and we wouldn't be able to get out. He then sped off again with tires screeching to the checkout gate. We had a 5-yr old with us. It was reckless, stupid, and unprofessional. At the checkout gate we realized that our tank was less than half full. I had purchased the prepaid gas fill online. He told me he'd mark the tank as empty and we would be fine. In addition, he told me that he needed a different credit card than the one I had on file and had given him. I gave him another credit card, he swiped it and we left. A few days later, I returned the car with more gas in it that we started with. When returning the car, the lady told me that the man checking us out never put down that we had less than half a tank, that she had to charge us for the prepaid option anyway, and then wouldn't let us leave because she said that we had no credit card on file. I explained that not only did I have a credit card on file, but I gave a second card which was accepted. They wanted me to go the the desk and get it straightened out. I refused and explained we were leaving. All of the elevators and escalators were broken so someone had to drive us to the terminal. National called the driver and initially held us up because they said we hadn't paid. I told the driver I wasn't going back and I wasn't paying again. Finally I was told that we were all set and that a manager would be calling to discuss the experience that we had. This never happened either. It was a joke of an experience with a bunch of idiots couldn't get out of their own way.

WarEagle inVA

Very friendly and helpful staff that do a great job expediting the pick-up and drop-off process. Location is a breeze for the business traveler!

Merrill Holden

I picked up a Ford Eco sport and after a quick check out by the friendly booth attendant I was on my way. The car was clean and economical and the enclosed manual made learning about the function easy. The only minor problem was the two key fobs. They were together attached together which made for a bulky handful in my pocket.

Woody Saylor

national needs to fix their toll passes so they work. Hertz doesn't have the same problem

Patty Shaw

It is set up for the airport transportation to drive you there to get your vehicle. It is not set up for anyone driving to the car rental to pick up a vehicle on their own. So, I will give it a five star for the rental , but 1 star for the pick up. Very poor signage!

EL Torbellino P

Great costumer service at the office. They have a new program where you get the contract via email. I was 3 weeks with out a contract. I requested the contract multiple times. It showed up 5 days after I returned the car.

Chris D

The rental process was fine, but the inside of the minivan we had rented was filthy. It was dark in the parking garage, so we couldn't tell when we picked it up otherwise I would have refused the vehicle. It was disappointing that we had to spend our vacation in a dirty minivan.

Samantha Scalissi

It was great. The general manager was very nice and allowed me a free upgrade from the Emerald Club to the Executive vehicles.

Kathryn Mahan

We rented a cheap car for 5 days, and it was great. A Hyundai Accent, I think. Had an easy time at the counter. I always think rental cars cost too much, but otherwise, a really good experience.

Glenn Thomas

I was told when I rented the vehicle that I would receive a free tank of gas and there was no need to fill up before returning. (It was a deciding factor in the selection of that particular vehicle). Based on that information, I did not fill the vehicle before returning it. When I received my bill there was a refill charge of $30. I questioned this in a return email, waited a week and heard nothing, sent a follow-up and have still heard nothing. For my next trip to Warwick, I will likely NOT use National.

Ronald Palonis

I booked a small SUV with satellite radio, when you choose one you don't know which one has it when you drive to the check out gate. I had to return that one and have them help me choose one that had satellite radio. I liked the Kia I had but it smelled like a smokers car. I thought all rental cars where smoke free. So for 4 days all I smelled was a smokers car. I will think twice about renting from them again.

Maggie Little

I loved my quick and easy Car Rental Experience at National Car Rental in Rhode Island. The car was easy to pick up, clean and the check out and in process were great. Thanks, National!

jeff Phares

National Car Rental is the best. I love the fact that I can just pick my car. the Nissan Rogue is the best with the Apple Play and the self driving options on the car. I will never leave you...

Emily King

Employees are really professional and helpful. Great customer service.

s Mcpherson

Extremely friendly staff and provided lots of flexibility, very easy in and out, thank you

Fabian Graham

I've been an National Emerald club member for a year now. They have provided me with nothing but excellence. Customer service is wonderful. And the employees in Rhode Island and Florida go above and beyond for customer satisfaction. Best rental car service I've encountered in almost a decade.

ArtAndRoshni Hebert

Somehow, we managed to pass the site to rent the car. Once there, I was directed to the area where I expected to choose a car. There was no choice ( First time as a National and Alamo Customer). I was given a comfortable Chrysler 200. Fortunately, the employee explained to me about the starter and the knob used for shifting. He could have explained the opening of the gas tank and where the cigarette lighter was hidden. The return of the car was quick and smooth.

Daniel O'Connell

Always good service and selection of cars...I travel a lot, and this is my favorite rental car company.

Rick Llewellyn

Always clean with a good selection at pickup. Friendly service on return.

Alan Lewit

It was an easy process to both select a car from several that were available, and drop it off, several staff members were on hand to assist. The car was clean with a full tank of gas at a reasonable rate.

Steve Sweeney

Everything was fine. Interior of car hadn’t been vacuumed. No trash, just not cleaned.

Joe Hoffert

Overall I had a very good experience. The service people were very friendly and helpful. It would have been helpful to have an ice scraper in the vehicle (i.e., for December in New England). I had to figure out another way to get the ice and snow off the vehicle after it was parked overnight.

Shawn Riley

Great crew in Providence. I had an issue with air leak in the tire, which caused me to stop a couple times. National made an adjustment to my charges that was more than fair. Thank you.

Heather Head

Staff is always friendly, but I always have issues with the car or gps. Every time I purchase a GPS it's either dead or does not have an updated map so it does not work. I end up using my phone which I would prefer not to. Last time I picked up my rental the gas tank was empty.

Barb Reinhardt

Great customer service. As I'm uncomfortable with heights, someone drove me from the 5th floor car pick up area and when I returned, they picked me up at ground level to return the vehicle. Saved some anxious (and possibly unsafe) moments.

Jay Beckley

National is the best. Picking up the car in the emerald aisle and dropping it off could not be faster. Great for a busy business traveler.

Bret Godfrey

In and out quickly both on pick-up and drop off

Katie Knop

Love being able to pick my own car

Jason Rivera

This location is the worst place too rent the car the managers here think that you in competition will them about the way you look the think the own the cars and will give the hard time too rent am I national esmerald member I rent every week in every different states and never have problem into I get too this location the customer service they have is the worst and they will make thinks hard for you am I reward member live in the same state I rent so much I get free days every time am trying too use them here even me using I fly information for the next day the still giving me problem too take the cars because am using I debit card before they was letting me use the debit card now the came whit different story even you showing you flying information true the airport the next day the managers there look like they not even being trained the way the need to be trained too work whit customer need the make them feel save and happy they there too scan the cars in and out and too sale gps and ez pass too make your bill more high I can not believe being I customer for national so long and how this location treat the customer after being whit the company so long

David Conway

Rental experience was fast and easy. National provided me with a good selection of vehicles so that I could ensure my needs were best satisfied. I've rented from National many times. Cars are always clean and service is prompt and courteous. It is the best value for my money. I'll continue to rent from National.

Kevin McShane

Great price, great cars, easy pick up and return. Varied selection of cars and SUVs, even a few pick-ups in the Emerald Aisle. Pick up couldn't be easier and even on a VERY crowded day drop off was quick and easy. Billing is always accurate.

Abigail Scott

Barb at the rental counter was impatient and rude. I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt - maybe she had a bad day, or previously rude customers, or maybe I am not communicating effectively enough to make her job go smoothly. If this was the case, I am truly sorry. Her scoffs and eye rolls made me feel like an idiot and like I was inconveniencing her tremendously. The two other women that eventually helped me get the car booked for me by a third party were incredibly kind and awesome. I specifically remember one woman named Stephanie who was patient and helpful. I will totally rent cars from National again because of these two employees, they turned the experience around for me - thank you so much!

Robert F III Burroughs

Great experience at Providence RI airport. I was greeted by a management trainee on my return who was very cordial and friendly. They make it easy.

Mark Johnson

Nice operation at Providence, R.I. Airport. Easy check out, friendly staff with helpful advice, simple and quick return. Will definitely use National again in R.I.

Anne Little

Friendly staff, great service and reasonable price. The only drawback is the location of the car rental place at PVD in general... just be warned that it is a fairly long walk.

Mark Vrana

Great experience with everyone I interacted with helpful and smiling. The person who checked my license when we drove out was not friendly however.

John Deakins

I was able to access National Car Rental through my app at a location I had to get re routed due to weather and rent a vehicle and then drop it off at another location. It was nice and convenient to do this on a moments notice.

dave lemire

I was absolutely amazed by how easy and their car rental experience was. From the counter to the garage picking up the car, picking it out one to my.liking (I chose a Toyota Camry cuz it's comfortable and GREAT on gas), to then returning the car. Flawless, fast, easy and professional all around. National was the BEST experience I've ever had renting a car so they'll be getting my business in the future.

Vernon Grandgeorge

I like the pick your car feature that National offers except this time the only cars available were three pickups. I inquired about others in adjacent rows, to which I was told that they were not available. Eventually I was told “take that one”.

Alan Emerson

While the facility may be 'off site', it isn't much of a walk through the connecting walkway. It is impressive to take a 'habit trail' path to the facility. The staff were kind professional and quickly had me on my way. Easy access to the freeway was nearby, gas stations were readily available nearby to top the tank on return. Recommend National Car Rental for the large selection of cars and quality cleanliness.


I haven't even thought about using another rental car company since early 2012, they have never given me a reason to! Top rate service every time

natalia ac marx

This place is a joke. I made my reservation online. When I got there, they didn't accept my card. No willing to help at all. I would give zero star if I could.

Robert Cardosa

Fast, friendly and fair fees. Just what you’d expect.

Anne Smith

I like the ease of renting a car with National -- the value is good -- paying for midsize but getting to choose the vehicle of my choice on the aisle is awesome. The staff both on pick up and return were very friendly and very helpful. My only complaint on this trip was that when we went to the aisle, there were very few choices -- and only 1 SUV which I always get having had back surgery -- more comfortable for my back. Had there not been one left, this review would have been completely different. Since they know how many reservations they have coming, they should anticipate the rentals with more cars.

Tammy Hunka

Booth attendant an the gentleman checking me back in when I returned the care were super nice. They really cared about my experience. Cars were clean. Fast service.

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