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REVIEWS OF Hertz IN Pennsylvania

Rebecca Lake

Insurance company went above and beyond to get me a rental but EVERYTHING was apparently such a hassle for the people working there. Cars weren't available, too busy dealing with phone calls, rolling eyes at the phone while I (as a customer) am sitting in front of them, etc. Finally 2 days after insurance approval, I'm picking up a 2nd car.. more appropriate to the size I should have been given the first time- There were 4 people working- all were outside while 2 customers hadn't even been greeted (not counting myself) for approximately 10-15 minutes before they finally got my car. Then the one person who gave me my keys went right back outside without saying a word to the others waiting. I walked out telling them good luck while they were getting more upset at the lack of Customer Service that is typically expected & commonly demonstrated at ANY retail level! Sorry to those who have to deal with this location!

Mike Obeid

Hem Desai

In past 6 weeks as a Presidents Club Member I have gotten only 2 cars which live up to standards Hertz advertises for club members. I hope for next few weeks, I will receive car similar to what I was rented last time - Chevy Malibu. Based on over all experience, the service and attention to detail still needs to improve considerably.

LaVonne Cooper

Had a rough time at the beginning trying to book reservation at rate I was expecting BUT after that it was smooth sailing! Great car, great gas mileage! Everyone from Katherine who booked the reservation to Rahil who checked me back in to Jacqueline who dropped me back off at Collision Center... Kudos to all of you, you made me feel like a valued customer!!!

Nelson Pinero



Worst customer service. No cars available

Shyam Racherla

Nice deals

Mr Official Whistle

This location has freindly staff the manager George and staff Alena and Gary aka Santa was amazing! They got me into a car quickly with no hassle and also upgraded when I had an inconvenience due to a website over booking. I highly recommend you give them a call if you're in VA and renting from hertz.

Ken Oakley

Great Car for the price, only thing that would have made it better would have been a cruise control!

andre alston

Excellent service an accommodation

YM LilQuez

If they had a no star button honestly I wouldn’t even rate them. The customer service was horrible and no one seems knowledgeable in what they are doing. Honestly this place needs to be shut down. There’s so much I can say about this location but I’m not even going to waste my time.

Bishop Beall

Jean Tyler

A good price on car rentals. Customer service sucks

Nishant Parikh

Patrick Walsh

Had a reservation through an insurance company for these guys to pick me up. Even called an hour ahead of time to confirm. They no called no showed. I even called them twice and they didn’t pick up their phone. I had the collision place call Enterprise who did an amazing job. Stay away!

Jeel Dharek

Friendly representative at the counter inside the airport. The wait however was a bit too much as the lady was the only one at th counter. All other rentals at the airport had 2 employees each so they were able to help customers quicker. Car was nice with full gas and getting out and back was quite easy. Would be 4 star if not 5 if they hire 2nd person to reduce wait times, I had to wait 15mins before the lady could help me.

Marcus Boyd

This was my first and worst experience ever with Hertz! Money was held/charged, causing me bank fees. The car dealership put me in the rental for repairs on my car I bought from them. They have a contract with Hertz since they had no more loaners. Per Hertz they still needed a card on file so I complied. I should have never been charged because the dealership stipulated they were paying for it and had an account with Hertz. It was a total mess dealing with Hertz trying to get my business straight and my money back. Even was given the district manager to call (Spivey) to date still no return call to straighten out the situation. Will not recommend Hertz to anyone... Very disappointed and Frustrated Mr. Boyd

Joi Rodriguez

Not to friendly here. Gave the wrong class car had to hunt one down myself then I returned to where I picked up the right car then they tried to charge me Additional $30 but refunded thankfully

Ashok kumar

Booked a SUV car for pickup at 5pm prepaid on 31st July. Firstly Zero customer service, Guy brought my car with almost empty gas and uncleaned. And they don’t have any full-size sedans or any SUV’s other than GMC which he gave me. It has transmission issue or something has no pickup and exchanged from Richmond airport on my way. I never had this kind of experience with any car rentals. Please book somewhere else. They knew I already prepaid booked a suv, then whose responsibility to keep it ready for customer?

elaine huan

Absolutely the worst service I have ever received, or I should not even call it is 'service'. The location provided a GPS without electricity, I have to recharge the device myself and found out that the device did not work at all. As well, the car was with a broken tyre when rented out. I have to visit another Hertz location to change the GPS and the car the following day. When trying to discuss the situation, the location manager was SHOUTING over and then disappeared without an agreement on the issue.

Claudine Boucher

I agree with the bad reviews on here. System has been down a whole week they say. I got a confirmation through corporate insurance claims number and the location had NO vehicles when I called to have them pick me up even after I confirmed my reservation 2 days ago.

Alex Diaz

Every body in here is a professional when it comes to customer service. I had a good experience in and out in less than an hour.

Brandi Parker

Great cars, great customer service, great price..even in a snow storm

Angella Wetterlin

Terrible customer service upon arrival in that not telling us they were closed on the day our rental was to be returned and that there were many undisclosed fees charged, even though we prepaid. Rented a beautiful Jeep Compass, brand new and about 30 minutes into our trip the AC would turn on full blast and then down and this happened repeatedly our entire trip. We ended up with the windows down most of the time. Even shutting the AC off it would turn itself on again by itself. When it rained on our trip home we needed the defrost and were lucky if it would stay on for 1 minute without the AC coming on full blast. Needles to say when we returned the vehicle on Sunday we were hoping to share this information with staff but they were closed. I called first thing Monday morning and spoke with staff and was told I would be receiving an email, but none to date. This was our worst car rental experience ever. Next time we will go back to using car rental services from the airport or another company.

carolyn ellis

Worse customer service ever. My husband reserved a car 24 hours in advance and upon arrival was told there were no cars available. He was then told 30 to 45 minutes later the oil needed to be changed. It is beyond ridiculous to wait 1:45 …

Lori Tsuji

Worst experience ever! Had reservation made by insurance company who recommended I call to verify they had the car I needed. Called to verify and let them know when I was picking up and was assured it would be no problem. Showed up and NO CARS AVAILABLE and an "I don't care" attitude!! How do you run a business this way? I had a reservation!! I will NEVER use Hertz again. Glad insurance company was able to switch to Enterprise. They took care of it within 30 minutes.

patricia Loftus

No problem hassle free

Mimi Ulemsee

Very poor management!! 4 or 5 different people with reservations but they don't have cars, no internet connection nothing!!

Naveen Bachina

this Hertz definitely hurts! I booked by rental car via Priceline. I booked for a standard SUV to be picked up at 4 pm. When I arrive at 4 pm, I am told there are no cars (absolutely rude tone) and I was made to wait for 2 hours after which I was given a car that was not a standard SUV. These folks have no transparency, they did not at any point tell me that the insurance purchase was optional and absolutely sounded like it was mandatory. I made a reservation for 8 days at a total cost of $305, they give me a car for 6 days at a total cost of $632. Bottomline, Hertz truly HURTS. I will never go back to Hertz.

Rachums McOne

Adeeb Algadban

Absolutely horrible experience (7/23/2019) 1) always out of cars and force you into cars you don’t like or need. 2) extremely rude employee and assistant manager. They treat you with disrespect and no courtesy. He even yelled at my face and used hand gestures. I didn’t feel safe tbh. They should get fired !!!! Customer service is not their thing. 3) when went over my insurance rental limit (without knowing due to an error from State Farm ) Hertz decided not to call and notify of the change instead kept going and charged my credit card. ENTERPRISE does not do that. They sooo courteous and they call you. 4) tried to charge me 47 dollars for gas when the gas tank was FULL and I left the receipt in the car. Absolutely no attention to detail especially this a minor detail. 5) my car key fob wasn’t working the employee ignored and said it works. It didn’t! You have to turn the car on first. It’s so inconvenient. So they rent a car without proper maintenance. 6) car was not clean They left two pieces of used napkins. How disgusting!!! Of course that’s not surprising for employees of such caliber. 7)You call and You get a hang up in your face or no answer. 8) I’m so distressed with my experience at Hertz. Never again.

Erica Garcia

Rent a car for cheap prices

Eyob Tesfay

Stay away from this place Waiting time 1 hour or more worst place to rent a car

Bruce Phillips

Chauncey Mayo

Kate Lose

Car was very dirty. (I was apologized to that they couldn't clean it due to limited access because of construction) Looks like someone had a McDonald's party inside with sesame seeds all over the seats. Upon my return, they couldn't return it in the garage due t ol it missing a door sticker. I came inside to the desk to return only to be told by neighboring rental business that he ran across the street and should return shortly. I'm here go catch a flight and now stressing since I've been standing at the counter waiting.....he has 2 more minutes to show up then I'm leaving and will have record of how long I have been standing here waiting Save yourself the aggravation and dont rent from this business

Richard Sherman

I had a reservation for pickup on Saturday at 11:30AM. When I got there at 11:30 there were CLOSED. According to the reservation confirmation, they should not be closed until 12PM. They closed early. Hertz reservation desk was not helpful …

Dallin Woolstenhulme

If I could give negative stars, I absolutely would. I had made a reservation online the day before I went, but apparently that's not good enough. I only needed a compact car, just something to get around in for a few days, nothing fancy. When I get there, they say "we don't have any compact cars" and the only thing they have available is $15 upcharge per day. I'm like, ok, that's kinda highway robbery, but whatever. Well, she kinda didn't mention that the upcharge was on top of a regular rate of $46 dollars per day, and not the $17 dollars a day I had reserved for. I get home and look at the receipt and figure out they were charging me more than 3.5 times the rate I had originally reserved (and that was allegedly with a 10% discount.) I drove it right back the next morning and returned it. $72 dollars to drive it home, park it and drive it back the next morning. And it wasn't like they gave me a Mercedes or Land Rover or something, it was just a Ford Fusion. Utterly ridiculous. I will NEVER EVER do business with Hertz EVER AGAIN.

Joseph Napier Bey

NEVER RENT FROM THIS LOCATION....I made a reservation arrived only for them to give my car away to someone else. Never again

Lisa Ippolite

Great service!

Michael Houston

I was supposed to get a call when the insurance amount was getting close to running out. I did not. I reached out to them and found out that I had a bill of $98 so far. I told them I was bring it back. I did and then I received a bank debit of $150. I called them and they gave me the run around about the holiday and ect. I asked what I was being charged for and said they weren't sure, that they would have to get back with me after they figure it out. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!! I don't mind paying for anything I owe but!!!!!!!!


Horrible. Reserve a car the day before. Find out when you go to pick it up they have no cars. Try to give you the run around like your supposed to drive somewhere else to find one. No call to inform you they screwed up. Place is a joke. Employees are a joke.

Aj Jackson

Always professional

Amer AlSamman

Overall a very good experience, the only problem; when I booked the car online I was told about free pick up service, that I chose and put the address. However, I decided to call 15 mins before the to.e and I was told we don't offer this service on Saturdays. So, I barely made it in time 5 mins before Hertz closed. My reservation was prepaid non refundable online, so if I have missed it, I would have been charged anyway! It will be appreciated if someone called and said hey we don't offer the pick up service on Sat. This is why I gave 3 stars.

Angelle Campbell

I was very disappointed in my overall experience, if the insurance company hadn't selected this location and business then I would have never used them. Their customer service is sub par if that. I wouldnt have given them any stars at all unless I had to. No one at this location seems to carry out their job with any pride, and I felt as though they were doing me a favor when I was there each time. They do not go above and beyond, seem as though they do the bare minimum. There was 1 girl at the location, heaven forbid if I had needed a ride to my vehicle since it was ready- she was on 2 yes 2 phones majority of the time I was there. She couldnt even hang up the phone and treat a customer with common decency. Never used Hertz until now and unfortunately I probably never will again.

angel garvin

james Brent

Audrey Lewis

People were friendly and accomadating, car was well running, did not however get "walk around" on 2nd car, noticed a couple things on arrival home. No biggies though. Generally very happy with experience

Lorena Canseco

She specifically said no smoking in the car, but when I got in the car she had the AC blasting and I smelled something funny. I drove it home anyway because I was already in a rush since they took almost 40 minutes to get me in my car. I parked it for about 5hrs and when I got back in the smoke smell slapped me in the face. I tried to call them back but they close at 12pm on Saturdays and are closed Sundays. Im stuck with this nasty rental till Monday.

Big Poppa Danny

Chelsea Bladen

The vehicle I received smelled of smoke. When I called she said she would update the account the following Monday (instead of immediately on Saturday) so I would not be charged for the cleaning fee. It was pulling teeth to get this done because "it shouldn't smell like smoke". Although I'm sure they charged the prior driver for this fee they hadn't cleaned it before handing it off to me. After returning the vehicle an additional hold of $49 was placed on my card, a charge not disclosed even though the return was scheduled for after hours and was in fact returned early (though I was still charged until the scheduled time). This is being worked on but will take up to 5 days to reverse the hold. In addition, when I asked for an invoice the local office where I picked up/dropped off the vehicle said they were unable to help and sent me to an 800#. I was transferred to 2 departments and will still be waiting 2-3 days to receive the completed copy & will not know until then if they've reversed the initial hold of $200 + the additional hold of $49, or if I was also charged the smoke cleaning fee. I won't be using Hertz again.

Heather Burns

Very friendly and efficient staff, super easy rental and return process. We were highly satisfied with our renting experience here.

Svenja Marshall

Wish I could give no stars!!! Made reservation yesterday, and just got a call that no cars were available. and there was nothing they could do. Period! Absolutely no accountability, and to make things even more interesting, the supervisor in Everett informed us that they even had customers who booked weeks before that may not be guaranteed a vehicle today, "because you never know if a car has a cracked windshield that needs to be replaced"! NEVER TRUST HERTZ!!!! If you want to be able to count on your reservation, then look elsewhere.

Al ten

Nick and Chris are the best

Cheryl Mowrey

I prepaid for a Hertz car through Priceline and was told when I got there they could not rent to me with my Bank of America debit card because my credit was not good enough. I was completely shocked as I have rented many many vehicles for work over the years and NEVER has this happened. I was left without a vehicle and completely embarrassed by the ordeal. Don't rent from them without checking your credit score first.

Derick Connor

Great service, friendly staff, and clean cars, what more could you ask of a rental car company. I've had some bad experiences with other companies and I now deal exclusively with Hertz. Bring your business to them you won't regret it.

G Kartchner

This locations shares a space with an auto repair shop. Satisfaction with service is dependent on the rental agent or manager you need to deal with. When I first rented at this location, the co-managers were Dave and Sherri. While they were there, I always got the very best of attention and service. These two agents went above and beyond to assure and meet my needs. But the last few times different agents were assigned and they only do what they must to complete a rental and little more. Beyond the variance in service, the cars rented always were well maintained and run very well. One big downside, beyond inconsistent interaction with ever-changing staff, this location is closed weekends.

Linda Thompson

Incredibly disorganized and inefficient. Left with the car I had reserved, but VERY frustrated at the 45 minutes it took to make that happen. Most employees were nice and seemed to be doing their best, but one in particular was quite unhelpful.

Corey Chattin

elliott pippen

Avoid this place. They have no care for the customers. We booked an online reservation to be picked up at 6pm. When we showed up at 5:45 to pick up the rental we were told that they had already clocked out for the day and locked the door in our faces. The customer service number apologized but said there was nothing they could do, unless we wanted to drive to the next city over..

Marc McCarrick

Piss poor customer service, Everything was fine when you talk to them on the phone but they neglect to tell you: -Debit/Credit card from Navy Federal cannot be used even through I have used it at major retailers w/o so much a problem. -They will charge your account an additional four hundred dollars for a "deposit" -Try to make you take a damaged vehicle or you wait an hour for for a "subcompact"


Architectural Design LLC

I have been here for 20 minutes, said hello several times, asked if I could be picked up, still no service, I was not able to be picked up, employees walk by you and dont greet you, poor service, and dont expect much for the vehicle. Employee has no name tag, I was in an accident and the insurance company set up the direct bill, it was the other person's fault, yet very disappointed at services from both, the insurance from the other person and Hertz, I have been 4 days without a car, came to Hertz because that's the insurance provider choice, and the service has been deplorable.

Nikita DiGianvittorio

Always the best on cars and services

Vic S

We received excellent service from Jayson at Hertz, Mt Vernon, WA 98273. We had picked up a SUV in Seattle that was more like a small truck (Toyota 4runner) but they were understaffed and we couldn't swap. We found this Hertz office in Mt Vernon and Jayson couldn't be more accommodating. He had a Chevrolet Equinox that had just been returned from a rental but was too dirty to rent out so he told us to go for a coffee and he would immediately set to cleaning it. We came back from the coffee just as he was finishing and we were on our way 10 minutes later. Thanks Jayson!!!


Quick, efficient and friendly staff!

Marianela Fermin

Great customer service

Stephanie smith

Hertz has become my exclusive rental car agency. Hassle free rentals. Quick and easy.

Teddy Nunez

This is the WORST place to rent a car. I don’t do reviews but I had to do one this time because this Hertz is unprofessional and don’t tell you what you are going to be paying for. This location will harass you and keep calling that your rental is “so called ready” and when you ready to pick up, they have no cars. And even when they make a mistake, they don’t even have the decency to apologize. DONT ever use this Hertz to rent ANY car, they will scam you with their packages. Don’t talk to Joe for anything, his extremely unhelpful. This location should be CLOSED!

Anna G

Great airport location. Staff is awesome here!!!

Erika Rocke

Hertz Irving, TX location has terrible customer service. My husband made a reservation for a vehicle because we were going out of town. We were going to be late picking it up so my husband called ahead of time to let them know that. They told him that would be fine. We got there later and they had given our vehicle away. The only thing they had left was a truck that was more expensive and the manager refused to adjust the rate to what we reserved the original car for. The manager of this location was not empathetic to our situation at all and told us there was nothing she would do for us. We were extremely disappointed with the lack of empathy and customer service the manager showed us. We felt as though we should have been told that our car was going to be given away if we were going to be late. We were told nothing and then when we showed up, we had no car. The lack of care and concern for customers was just ridiculous! I do not recommend Hertz!

Daryl Leed

For once I got the car Class requested at Harrisburg but the Chevy Impala was awful. Was impossible to keep the driver door open when getting out if car was not prefectly level. Had to hold it open with a foot while getting out or the door would bash me. Also when I plugged in my phone to charge it started playing music from my phone and I could not figure out how to make it stop. I found it disconcerting to have the car do something I didn't ant it to.

Thomas DeSousa

the car they gave us was an upgrade and it got great gas mileage!

Melvin Colon

Excellent service as always

Ricardo Alvarado

Dont waste your time with this location. They did not show up for a scheduled pick-up after I dropped off my car for repairs. After waiting 40 minutes and calling, they stated they had no cars, had not sent anyone to pick me up, and could not estimate a pick up time. They were .75 miles away and never called to notify me they weren't coming.

Darryl Bolden

The ladies at the front desk are good but they need help.

Reyna Hernandez

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE, OR HERTZ PERIOD. They asked for my debit card for a $50 deposit and ended up charging me $290 dollars TWO MOTHS LATER! i called them several times and they pretty much said "it is what it is, its done" the manager at the costumer service was not helpful whatsoever, she kept telling me that i was confused and that she would not look more into it because "it was already done"! i will never in my life say anything good about this company and will tell everyone to steer clear from these robbers! the woman who helped me did not explain anything to me and i let her know i knew nothing about renting a car and that it was my first time, she was very unprofessional, this place needs a corporate adjustment ASAP! Giving them 1 star is TOO MUCH for this place!

bill mulligan


Kellie LoBiondo

Mo Alm

This place is a joke the employee her name is Jena she talks to much and will not do her job go somewhere else and don't waste your time here read the reviews that's all I can say .

Alessandro Marchini

Kelly Buchanan

I was routed to this place through my insurance company, and hesitant because of all the negative reviews, but tried to keep an open mind. The shuttle driver to pick me up from the repair center was on time and friendly. However, I made an appointment 4 days in advance and the rental was not ready in time when I arrived. I waited almost an hour even though I was the only customer in the location when I arrived. I asked how I drop off the vehicle when my car is done with repairs, and they told me I could leave the rental at the repair center and they would pick it up. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Safely drop off your rental at the rental location and get a shuttle or uber back to repair. My rental is STILL sitting at the repair shop two days later even though I called in advance and gave them a heads up with specific time I would be dropping it off. I waited on hold with corporate customer service for over 40 minutes with no resolution on what I will be liable for or charged for, and they refuse to note my account of this incident. You cannot trust this place to provide a decent customer experience; please take your business elsewhere.

Thong Nammeechai

On 8/30/18 at 1:27 PM, I called for my insurance claim reservation, the lady answering the phone told me that they did not have any car and no dfw location have car, we hung up. I called back again at 1:45PM, asking since I have a reservation for today’s date, why they don’t hold car for a reservation, the same lady reply that they issue car as customer come in. I called Hertz 800 number, they got one of the manager in dfw to help find a car...she found a car and to my surprise...the car that’s available was at this very location where less than an hour, I was told they have no car available. I called back at 2:14PM, the same lady answered, I asked if the vehicle that one of the manager say they got for me is available for pick, she say yes. Then she have the audacity to asked if I had called this store and was told that they have no car. Horrible customer service, if this person work for me...she would not have a job for such performance. I did not pick up the vehicle, can’t go to such place that have no servicing skills. I went to the Arlington store off peach street. Arlington location, Regina was excellence. I will call the manager back and thank her for helping me out...she professional.

OakTree Brannon

Zero customer service, zero ethics. I'd love to give zero stars!!

Richard Engel

Good service.

d rod

Summary: Check car outside and inside.AND BANK ACCOUNT PERIODICALLY AFTER GOING TO HERTZ. This is my experience: The person getting my information was okay she didn't go through the process very clear but I was asking questions and she seemed bothered that I was asking. The car itself was dirty inside and out. The guy who gave me the keys gave it a quick wash. I took a look outside for dents but I didn't look inside there was obvious big dark stain which is fine it's not my car BUT there was dog hair like ALOT on the seats. After picking up my daughter from school her navy dress was covered in tan dog hair. They obviously didn't clean the the inside at all. Now maybe not related to this specific location but the company itself. This rental was through my car insurance but I was deducted twice an amount totaling over $400. I filled the gas tank just the way it was given to me and not damage to it. Called my claims department they called Hertz and they stated they would return it to my account that it was a mistake. A week later have to call claims department again because Hertz is doing something illegal and have not deposited back into my account.

kabree johnson

No cars available and the gentleman that answered the phone his attitude was HORRIBLE he didn’t care at all!

Hadez Arez

Marc Liberts

Very good rental experience. Got a good price, car had only 2,000 miles, counter was fast and easy, and the return was simple and easy. Very happy overall!

Kevin Ray

Never would I go there again. Worst customer service ever. Canceled my rental after taking to the guy. I say the guy because he never introduced himself. Called Enterprise and they took awesome care of me. Even got a better car for less. Place is a dump dirty and cluttered. Just called customer service to see where my prepaid money was since it hasn’t been put back on my card. They told me it would be refunded within 5-7 business days from the 1st and here it is the 17th. Lori told me that no one released the funds yet and she was going to do it today. Well another 5-7 business days. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Hertz and especially the Mount Vernon location. Wow what a nightmare just to rent a car. Enterprise helped me right away and saved me money.

shane labeach

Imma Henry

This place is a disgrace to rental businesses.


ABSOLUTELY ZERO STARS. Had car reserved online at 1:40 am for following morning. Confirmation emailed. Didn't have chance to read all the bad reviews online about this location. Showed up to pick up car in morning after 3 hours of sleep from long travel week. Gave them my clients name who had car reserved for me. Apparently that was a HUGE mistake because Steve (guy behind counter) accused me of falsifying a reservation by not giving him my name, instead of my clients name. Tried to move on so I could have a car for my two week business trip. Steve told me that my car was not available because I was late 30 minutes and I used a false name and I made reservation after midnight. But there is a larger car available for $15/day extra. Called the Hertz 800 number because Steve's demeanor was extremely suspect after he told me "I know you need wheels and that's all I got for you." Over the phone, I got a new reservation for two weeks at a lower price than my original reservation (because of later pick up time) and for the larger car that Steve wanted to charge extra for. Brought new reservation to Steve. He said he would not honor it because it was made "on site" and he has final say on what prices get charged "in his house." Manager came over (would not give his name, told me to look it up on line.) Manager told me to take my business somewhere else if I didn't like what they had to offer me. Also told me to "go and do your online review about us." Well here's your review manager. Wasted whole morning. Took Lyft to job site. Never renting from Hertz after this experience. Plenty of completion around. ENTERPRISE, ALAMO, BUDGET, DOLLAR car rental. This location needs to get rid of these employees. Nothing but a bunch of sleazy sales people looking to take advantage of their customers anyway they can. Wake up Hertz! How many complaints you need before you listen to your customers!?

Bob Whirlow

Great price.

Jenna Milleson

they lost my reservation for pick up and were an hour and a half late after i called several times. i sat in the office while they clicked through paperwork and phone calls for another 30 min waiting for them to bring the car around. Lord have mercy, I had trouble staying patient. Tomorrow I take the car back. How good are my odds that there isn't some complication with time or money? ...... yeah. Not a fan.

Eman A.A

Abundio Garcia

Rick Nyce

Reserved a car, got to the place and was told that he had a busy morning so they didn't have my vehicle. When I complained and threatened to call corporate, a vehicle suddenly became available and a guy sitting in the office said "I know, I'll come back". I believe he was gonna give my car to a friend. The vehicle I got wasn't the one I reserved but I was already late leaving for vacation so I didn't have time to argue. As A Gold Member, I expected better treatment but I guess it didn't matter. I'm looking into developing a relationship with another rental company. Hertz has become the worst

John Doe

Service was extremely slow. Seems like they have a limited number of cars. Tried to give me one with a spare tire on it

Johanna Anderson

Meredith Cella

Arthur Council

I had no complaints. Nice clean car and drove well. I had sprained my ankle and the counter lady was a big help when I returned the car.

Powermax ProWash

First time ever using hertz...but I was getting my car repaired and my insurance suggested I use them..DO NOT GO HERE! They will try to scam u any way possible. I returned my car and they claimed they smelled smoke and charged me $350. I don’t even smoke! Also they tried to say my gas was lower than what I got it at and tried to charge me for that. Gas was below half a tank when I received it. Luckily I took a picture of the tank before I left the lot so they were not able to steal any money from me for that. Either way I will not be paying the $350 for “smoking” they will have to take me to court and sue me.


Nancy Sokol

Karita Washington


K Pringle

Friendly staff....very welcome

T Stewart

Matthew Oldham

Anna Norwood

Lorraine Dewey

Very good service. I liked the car. The agent (sorry, don't know his name) was cheerful and helpful. All of my experiences with this agency have been good.

Jason Smith

Kim Cassidy

Not extremely pleased with my rental experience. Got a quote online and showed up to get the car and had to pay 100$ more than the quote!

David Sass

In my Hertz Gold Plus reservation, I specified an 11am pickup, and when I arrived at 10:58, the office was locked. Someone finally arrived at 11:17, and I was given the car they had been driving, without benefit of it being refueled. The fuel gauge dropped below 'F' before I even left the premises.

Gerren Acklin

Called first thing in the morning to reserve a full size car. When I got off and arrived at 430 they tried to put me in a mid size car. I explained I called in reserved a full size car this morning he said the don't hold a car size for you that just locks in a price. So you can lock in a price and give me a smaller car?

Michael Armstrong

The Macclesfield Hertz is brilliantly located for the railway station and always find the staff friendly and helpful.

Chad H


stacy sans wife and girlfriend he's mine

¡¡¡¡¡ ...service...rude. staff...if u..want to lose u time ..this is the .right place...¡¿

Neeraj Bhambhani

Hertz's service is great and usually I have no issue with the cars but this time i got a terrible Toyota Prius. The car was dirty, dust on the seats and dashboard and crumbs of popcorn everywhere, and there was dried was green stuff on the windows. Very unhappy this time...

Vickie Fisher

This is the most unorganized place I have ever seen. I can’t Beleive they are even a Hertz affiliation. I was one of several people who had prepaid for a rental car. We were told they had no cars but they were trying to get some from the repair shop. Trust me, do not go near this Place!

Randall Johnston

First guy was awesome. I guess they rotate employees through this location. The employee working when we tried to return it was a ghost. Couldn't get an answer for a full day. Then when we set up a return time. They weren't even there. 3 stars only because of the customer service from the usn vet.

Ismael Blanco

The people here have a bad delivery of what they tell customers. It is all on how you deliver the message and they don’t do a very good job at doing so. I was sent here by my insurance after my car was hit and I wish they wouldn’t of. We got a Nissan truck and the truck had a foul smell, sort of rotten smell, already permanently in the seats, It smelled awful! We tried everything such as air fresheners and new car smells to get rid of it but it was already deep in the seats. We drove the truck for a week to give them the benefit of the doubt that they actually clean their cars but it turns out they do not from look of the smell. We went to ask for an exchange and the lady said they didn’t have any cars to exchange my truck with and they sent me all the way to Arlington to get another dirty car.

Kyuwan Choi

They do not know about customer service.

Chris Stovall

Never never never ever again. Through the roof prices! We felt ripped off by like, a lot. They raised prices from one day to the next for an early car return. Rude. Slow. Never again.

Fadi Chaar

Terrible place ever in customer service


I was planning to purchasing a car via Hertz Rent to Buy. And the car was already there at this Hertz 3401 W AirportFwy #137, It also had a hold for me to pickup. But the car was rented out , ONE WAY OUT OF STATE! I understand that a supervisor at that location authorized it. I could understand if it did not have a hold but Hertz holds a amount on your credit card to reserve such cars, because it is treated a rental until purchase is finalized. My credit card had a Hold for car already.

Josh Swindell

Only one star because no stars in not an option. I was charged twice for a rental, three weeks later and I’m still waiting for the refund. Everyone I call, it’s like they have no clue about anything, but seem to know that I didn’t rent twice...strange. The van didn’t even have gas in it when I came to pick it up and I made the reservation 8 months in advanced, guess they needed more time. The van was all over the road, I think it needed a front end alignment, told them that too but they didn’t seemed to concerned. Don’t rent a white Toyota van from that place is all I can say.

Shelly Evans

Love the service I received.

Ali Mahan

I have been renting my cars here for the past 6 months. Always a great experience. Very professional and fast.

Jennifer Dolan-Hipsher

Reservation made for car rental while my car is in for repair. Requested pick up, was told 15 minutes. Pick up took nearly an hour. I have been in store, waiting to receive the reserved rental for over an hour and counting. No apologies or explanation. Terrible customer service

Virginia Graham

Great car rental place

Sampanna Shrestha

Had one of the worst experience in my life time. Me and my friends booked a car 2 weeks ahead of the time, but when we went to pickup the car they said that they didn’t have the we wanted. They sent us to a hour drive to denton just to find out that they canceled our reservation due to which our deposit was on hold.

Mike Connolly

Awesome people! Very fast

Roslyn Wilson

I love them. The guys are always helpful and kind when I go. They have worked with me when I had to pick a car longer than I wanted to. I highly recommend them.

Antonio n Lynn Enriquez

Had a reservation. They didn't have the car I reserved . No apology or nothing! Really? Found a much better Hertz office to deal with.

Jason Douglas

samson mariaselvaraj

Monsters. Canibals. I never seen such a worst customer service in my life time. These girls are so ridiculous and careless. I am a golden member of hertz. But still such a bad service from hertz. These girls are just coming there and heating up the seats. Not doing any works. Eating chips and texting. I don’t why the hell hertz paying to these useless girls. Not able to get my rental agreement when I needed, then why the hell you are running the rental company with these useless girls.

max wells

Worst car rental experience I ever had. They charged me $100 for filling up the gas. Are you kidding me. I returned it maybe 1 gallon less then what it was. They said if i dont bring back what the gallong it was before they would charge me $10 per gallons multiply by full tank regardless of how much i have in the tank. The lady told me she cant do anything about it. I warn all of u all not to do business with these scammers. I cant believe in todays day and age where they value customers happiness so much this kind of business exist.

steven rivera

Reliable cars and great customer service from picking it up to returning it. Thanks Hertz.

David DuBose

STAY AWAY. I can not believe that a Hertz affiliate has less than 3 stars on Google. My pickup that I confirmed by phone never arrived despite three phone calls being placed. I ended up on the side of the road for an hour and a half waiting on a rental car pickup that never showed up.

Jack Snader

Had an uneventful experience. Courteous check in and check out. Clean car, maps when requested, no complaints. Wish all rentals went this smoothly.


Can't give below a 1. My car was dirty had trash all inside of it and the best there was Dog hair all over the seats front and back. One of the workers let his buddy know, with me standing there don't worry this car will be yours for this weekend. Nice I called the 1 800 number and they told me to call the place were I picked up my rent a wreck to complain. That's fine if they pick up the phone.

Joe Michael

Rep at store charged me $163 for what they told me was the deposit and rental. I asked 4 times if it was going to cost me ANY additional money and they said no. Low and behold I get a charge 2 months later when I am jobless (as the job I had at the time I rented was temporary contract work). This overdrafted my account.....and left me at a point where my other bills cannot be paid. I used to use Hertz all the time.....I will not and be telling my friends and family who often rent cars "Buyer Beware" of you rent from Hertz, Hang on to your wallets. I understand that reps make mistakes. But you CALL the customer and tell them 'Im sorry Mr Customer I told you there would be no additional cost, I was wrong the number you paid today was only a security deposit, the rest will be charged in 2 months" to which I would have been mildly infurated but would have gotten over it to go about my day. But no....dont admit our mistakes.....

Nolo Noman

heidi rivera

Boogalou Brown

Jessica Connolly

Great service, especially from Mike!

david hair

Sandie Gilliland

Update: After the manager of this location heard about my experience at their Hertz rental location, they contacted me and did their best to make the situation right. I decided to accept their offer to make it right on my next rental from their location, and I felt that she did indeed make a great effort to ensure a pleasurable experience. In addition to this, she also arranged for a pickup and drop off service at the beginning and end of my rental. I do not know if this is normal, and from reading other reviews, I tend to think not. However, she went out of her way to make renting from their location a pleasurable experience the second go round. Worst experience ever! I would give them ZERO STARS if I could! Do not rent from this location! All my other experiences renting from Hertz have been just fine, but these folks are a JOKE. Was given the keys to the car and escorted outside to the car. The lady said to come right back inside if there were any problems. A minute later I was knocking on their door. Too late, she already left for the night. I was given a dirty car with trash on the floor and door handles and cup holders that were sticky with candy or some other sugary substance. Had to drive to another Hertz location to exchange the rental car.

Theresa Whitcraft


This store in Irving doesn't even deserve a 1 star!!! This was the worst rental car experience I have ever had in my life!! DO NOT RENT FROM THIS STORE! We called to extend our rental one more week and they charged us and extra $88 a day for a "late charge" even though we called to extend it with an approval, and new turn in time! When we returned the car to this store we were charged another $400 without an explanation of charges! When we asked for a breakdown of the bill we were refused! When you call corporate to help you or fix a problem they send you to the store, when you go to the store they tell you to call corporate! It's BS! Then after this debacle this company took more money out of my account over a month later!!! Im actually looking into a lawsuit against them for unauthorized charges on my bank account! Please stay away from this store!!!

Carmen Marin Fruit

SharonA Byrn

Poor customer service. Manager was overwhelmed and it showed. Staff seemed like they were still new, because they couldn't answer many questions without asking manager. I will never rent from this place again.



Cheng Yang

Simply try somewhere else

Phillip Carroll

Hernan Angulo

Nothing to see

leesah silva

Great rental agency! Always helpful and accommodating. Also experienced a friendly staff, who gave me a great deal on my rental.

Pam Sands

Very good experience with the representative. Thank yu.

Brooke Elise

the manager here, LaTasha Peyton, is an evil woman. tells customers it is required to get insurance- consistently and habitually violates company policy, with no repercussions. Harasses her employees, and constant sexual discussion going on in the back where everyone can hear. Worst location ever.

Chelsea Zorzoli

Horrible customer service and very snippy. You can never get a straight answer from anyone there.

Jacqueline Weder

I made reservation in advance. No problems. The day of my departure, the airline had issues and rebooked my flight which made changes in my destination from my original booking. Hertz then penalized me because of this despite this being out of my control. Conversation ensued with both locations and customer services was exceptional. Unfortunately there was nothing the CS reps could do and thus I had to pay almost double of what was my original estimate. Good news is that car was good to get me to point B.

Brian Hunter

Explained I had been in a car accident and the car was not drive-able. Made it very clear that this would be covered under my insurance. I was not told or referred to any other location. After speaking with my insurance provider, when they contacted this Hertz location it was disputed that I provided this information upon rental. This has turned into a huge inconvenience and needless to say, I will never be renting from Hertz ever again.

Joseph Sharkey

Barbara Driscoll

Natalie Holloway

If I could give them zero stars, I would. We had a reservation for a week. I received a call this morning 2 hours before they open, stating that there is a shortage of cars and they will give us a call today when they receive ours or …

Mose Cherry

Don't go to Hertz unless you got a credit card !!!!!!

Jimmie Peikert

Ryan Macbt

two people to handle 10+ customers, not a good look. Hertz should hire more people during surges/busy hours. they did their best kudoz to them trying to hold the fort down.

Jagadish Bhandari

We booked a car a week before for California trip. The day we went to bring our cars (2car). They said the vehicles are not here and they even didn’t help us to find any vehicle. They left us nowhere . When we were seeking for help the lady on the counter spoke in such a harsh way when we needed help. They have 0 customer service and don’t care about customer. Trust me. Don’t go here for cars. Worst experience ever:

Mary Kitts

Rented from here MANY times before. WAS always easy and no problems. Sat Jun 1 rented a vehicle for the weekend, to be returned by 9 AM Monday the 3rd. Actually turned in Sunday June 2nd @ 2:30 PM. Today Jun 4th we had to go BACK up there to make sure they actually closed out our rental without EXTRA day charge.

Alex Burns

The bad reviews I'm seeing here do not match my highly favorable experience at this hertz Rental Car location. I rent a LOT of cars for my work (like 3 or 5 months a year). This Hertz Local Edition is pretty darn good. The people I've dealt with have been very helpful and courteous. I've always gotten good clean cars from Hertz, but I've gotten some nice upgrades here (not all the time, but sometimes). If you're renting a car at a peak period when they're crowded then you're going to have a wait no matter where you go. If you pick up a car on a Tuesday anywhere, they're going to be low on inventory. Airport car rentals have extra fees (at least 10%) to help pay for the airport. That's just the way the car rental business is... This Virginia Beach Blvd. HLE is my favorite place for renting cars.

Rita Wenrich

They were VERY helpful and kind. I highly recommend!


Hertz on va beach Blvd employs incompetent workers. I was given a rental car which was being paid through insurance. One month later they deduct over $600 from my bank account causing it to overdraft. This happened on a Thursday, I have been unable to get gas, food, or my medications due to their poor service. I was told on Friday by the billing department the refund would be issued to my acct within 24 hrs. Since I am unable to eat, put gas in my car and go without my medicine I called back today (Monday) to inquire about my refund and the agent stated it takes 3-5 business days. Also, as I stated they took over $600 from my account I received information from State Farm they charged them $900.. the employee at hertz in va beach neglected to close out my rental and the customer service had to research that it had been rented out since. I feel as though the employee that has exhibited such negligence should be fired and go without their paycheck to see how it feels. I would not recommend this company to anyone. They are frauds and incompetent!!!!

Howard Woodburn

Andrea Ricks

Worst customer service ever,pay the extra money and go somewhere else where,rented a truck which continues to lose air pressure, called customer service"a complete joke"was told to go to a new by tire shop and have it repaired!what?? So they want me to pay for a new or repaired tire so they can rent it out to the next person,or we can pay 75$ and they will send someone to change the tire.I would never rent from them called office manager completely useless

Abhinav Dass

Do not ever forget to leave your stuff inside the car because if you do, it would be on craiglist or ebay the next day, especially if it is something good or expensive. Lost my two sunglasses. Left them in car and second time called them right away but somehow magically they had disappeared by then

Shashikanth Reddy

The worst service I ever had with Hertz. I had a reservation and when I walked in, they said they don't have any cars available. It's their responsibility to arrange a vehicle for existing reservations. Even the agents are irresponsible. I called them before I started to check if they have cars. Avoid this location.

Mohammad Taslim Reza

Since I'm a Gold Club member, they treated me nice. though I have to wait a bit to get the service because they were bringing the car from the lot, everything was on file and it was a matter of time to start my rental. The return was also fast, just dropped the car and the key, they checked the car and I was done. Also got the same car which I was shown. So, next time will recommend the place. The staffs are nice too. Its not a big rental location like airport but its good.

Leonard Parsons

A brief wait in Gold line with other arriving passengers, followed by a prompt, efficient, and friendly check-in process. Rental cars are a short walk away. Car return was also handled in an efficient and friendly manner.

Cheryl F

JeffandShay Malone

I reserved a car. I got there. They had NO cars available. They had no remedy for the situation. And for Hertz overall, the airport could not give me a comparable rate. Poor customer service at the location and from the company overall.

Brittany Cover

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE service at this location!! Juan, the seem to be manager, hates his job and obviously needs to work in an environment where he is not dealing with the public. Raised his voice in the store several times to me, as I am trying to utilize the services that his store offers. Customers around me saw. Waited over an hour for my rental car to be "cleaned" even though they knew over 8 hours prior that I was coming to pick up the vehicle. This company was recommended through a very substantial insurance company in this area and I GUARANTEE they will NO LONGER be referring their customers here--just got off of the phone with them regarding this situation. A review will also be sent to the better business bureau as well as the president of this company.

Stan Kappus

First of all, you can NEVER get in touch with anyone at this location. The lady that works here that everyone is writing about is extremely rude and says she will call you back but never does. My rental was being paid by State Farm because one of their clients rear ended me. I was told by the African American lady who manages the place that I needed a credit card (even though State Farm was paying) in the event the car was brought back on empty. She took a $50 deposit and said it would be returned when I brought the car back. Well, not only did I not get my $50 back, she also took out another $319 for a total of $369. No one will return calls to explain and no one answers half of the time. I’ll just let my attorney handle it from this point but I HIGHLY recommend that you steer clear of this place. If being talked to rudely and dealing with ZERO customer service skills are okay with you, this is definitely the place.

Natasha Terry

First time renting from this location and overall was a great experience. Customer service was amazing thanks to one particular employee...pick up service was enjoyable and my rental was awesome. Will definitely use this location again!

Mark Dinse

Ian Dumont

Prompt and attentive, this Hertz outlet at Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) is great for both business travelers and families coming to town for Hershey's attractions.

Carlos Michel-garcia


MizzMarie722 HeRnaNdez

Great Experience friendly customer service fast and convenient. I rented a vehicle for a week paid out off pocket and price was less than any other places I had seen. Thank you Rebecca!

Michael Billingslea

92_ Marcos

Rob Miller

Fast, efficient, no hassle service is the name of the game with Hertz. So much so, that I always go with them if they are available.

Pakkiri Satyan S

The hertz representative was very supportive. The car that I hired was brand new & it was cleaned well. Thank you very much for all the support.

Abimael Cirilo

Bad customer services. They give me a Jeep smells a weed bad. I told them change my vehicle for me they told no. I never rent w them again.

James Mast

I had a car reserved with Enterprise and when I arrived at the counter to get the car they didn't allow me to take the car because I only had a temporary paper license with me because I had just renewed my licence and had not received it in the mail. I contacted Hertz and they let me rent a car with no problem!!

Jenna Brooks

Terrible service. I had a reservation and I got there only to be told they had no cars even on the lot! The rep sat there calling around to try and find a car and had no luck. I was left with no car and no explaination! They could have at least called and told me they would be unable to give me a rental. I went to Enterprise instead and was out in less then 15 mins! Do not try to book with Hertz!

Christina Recio

I reserved a rental through my insurance company. I called the location days ago and asked if I needed to make the reservation for a specific day and they said no. I also gave the name of the person who would be picking up the car for me and was told that was okay. Well this person called and said that whomever answered the phone at Hertz (the witch in the picture) was rude to her and would not give her any information. Therefore, I called and tried to explain what happened. Same witch answered the phone and rudely said "I don't understand" I asked her if she can pull up my info and she again said "I just don't understand what you're trying to do" so I asked to speak to someone who would understand and she said she was the only one there and hung up on me. I called back and asked to speak to her boss. She said "No you can not" and hung up again. So I drove to the location and once in there she plain lied to me when I asked if her supervisor was there. He was, but he was not help either. He said they only had a pick up which I didn't need. He walked back to the back. When she was done with the customer she had I asked her when there would be a vehicle available and like an idiot she kept saying "I don't know when we will get cars back" and I told her I needed to know when to expect to be able to pick up a car. Her response, "When we get cars back, I don't even know who you're asking about" and I said "I know you have to pull up my information so you can see" and she said "If you continue being rude I'm going to ask you to leave", excuse me? This witch hung up on me TWICE, was talking to me like I was beneath her and I'm being rude? She then called security because she was "was not comfortable". I called Hertz to complain about this rude person, whether they will do anything or not I do not know but she does not need to be working with people. RUDE!!!!!!!

Ryan B

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS LOCATION!!!!! Every single one of the employees is smug, argumentative and rude. I rented from here and the chick added insurance to my rental without discussing it with me before hand and without my knowledge. Then when I called to get it taken care of they blew me off 4 times and treated me like a piece of garbage. Go to a different location or some other company before renting from here. Luis (the manager) probably thinks it's a good idea to hire thugs and hood rats to do be the face of the company and ha doe customer service. They need to clean house and hire a brand new staff. The location was dirty and disorganized. The employees obviously don't care about how they look based on what they were wearing. This place is a complete f$&@ing nightmare. If I could give it 0 stars I would.

Jason Hartzell

You get what you pay for I guess. I rented a car from Hertz rather than Avis against my better judgement and it has been a total disaster. Trips are stressful enough without a company that you pay to provide you a service adding to the headache The first of several problems is that I rented the car at the pep boys location intentionally due to how I timed my trip. Well they closed that location. No notification whatsoever. No call no email nothing. So I called and said hey I am here where are you? I was told oh well we arent there anymore as of four days ago .. Really? I couldn't tell. .did I get a sorry sir? Nope. Just got directed to their shack on Virginia Beach Blvd. Now you can learn alot about a business by how they take care of thier location. If you have ever been to the Virginia Beach Blvd location i need say no more. After arriving (again recieving no apology mind you) I wanted to add my wife as a driver of the rental. They charge you 14 dollars a day for this...that is just punishing me for my honesty. That is incredibly ridiculous. What does it really cost Hertz? Nothing...just greed. Did they offer to waive it for my inconvenience? Of course not! So I asked them to. Sorry I was told I already had a discount. Wow. So now I get the car A silver Ford focus that is covered top to bottom with pollen. Cant just hose it off? I mean I did that to my SUV before I left my house this morning. I guess that's nobody's job there. Like the paint on their building I guess... So I get into the car after I already lost time due to this mess. Already as mad as can be. And the gas tank is damn near empty. Great job Hertz. ***UPDATE***** Even though the tank has less than a quarter of a tank the offcial Hertz rental record shows a full tank of gas. I can only speculate if they charged the last person for fuel that they did not fill the tank with.

Myra Silvera

Very disappointed! First time working with Hertz and will be the last! I made an appointment to be picked up at 930 after dropping my truck off at the body shop. They didnt arrive to get me until 1015, and didnt actually leave Hertz with my rental until 1110! My reservation was for a full size car and they put my in a versa......! So I ask what was thr point of making the reservation!? They tell me I was supposed to call again this morning tip confirm! Again, wth is the point of thr reservations!? The "manager" had no all!

Aaron Mance

reserved a car online and they told me that they literally have no cars, and to call customer relations to get it resolved.

Argemy Jennings

Front desk are nice and very friendly people. Except I was not informed that after we get the car from the carage, there is no one there to check the car out. So I just left the garage. It felt weird because normally we the customer will inspect the car for any dents or scratch and report it on their form. Then someone there will validate it and let us out. So it was weird when I left the garage without anyone check me out...:-(

Spamos Yamamoto

If I didn't know better I would think they were actively trying to make my first experience using Hertz a bad one, mission accomplished. Won't be going back.

Chaim Baron

Terrible service, they treat you like a piece of rubbish

Avery Jackson

Jorge Martinez

Not much to say. There were mistakes made. No resolutions. Cancelled reservations.

Paul Blakely

Lujah Shrestha

Extremely bad customer service, they never have any cars, the lady who works there just hangs up without any answer saying come to the office everytime.

Edwin Gonzalez

Slow, don't care about their customers, didn't explain anything as if you are supposed to know what they should tell you, stay away. Worst place. Guy upfront really rude.

Jimmy Frost

Slow, clueless service. Car looked like it had been used as a police car the night befor and had blood on it. Not cleaned at all.

David Anderson

Dawn Barrera

Diva P.

They were the best! Our on line rental was not available when we got there and he worked so hard to get us a vehicle and a discount. Thank you

Waqas Ikram

Good experience. Quick pickup and drop service.

Elizabeth Henderson Henderson

Christopher Himmler

Went to the same location i have rented the past five years and have been treated amazingly. I noticed all new faces, and was told that i needed proof of the company is worked for, obviously annoyed i spoke with the manager (only identifies as George).who refused to even acknowledge the renal history. I went to my office grabbed a business card went back and handed the business card to George. He then berated me like i have never been as a customer. I left called the 800 number and cancelled, filed complaint and haven't heard back from Hertz. It's ironic that i have the corporate discount because our company puts clients in their cars with Hertz. I asked George for a business card, he replied he didn't have one as a manager, i asked for his last name he refused to give it. I had such amazingly good feelings about this location, Juan, Bussa (past management) made me feel valued and "George" made this change in a matter of minutes.

William Winters

I booked online and checked in, in advance. I arrived at Hertz and within 10 minutes was out the door on my vacation. When I dropped off the truck it took no more than 5 minutes for checkout. Great experience, I would definitely recommend this location for anyone's car rental needs.

Jay Cote

Vehicle I requested on-line was exactly the vehicle I received. Easy pick up and drop off, friendly staff, couldn't ask for more!

Debra Fetherston

Jackie Wise

Great customer service great deals friendliest manager I've ever met. Would recommend to everyone I know.

grace Lee

Super nice and great smile! Joel helped me extending my rental period and went all the trouble to find out the most reasonable rate for me. Best service ever.

eyob Hailemariam

THE ABSOLUTE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE OF ALL TIME OF ANY PLACE I'VE BEEN TO. Latasha the store manager, you are the MAIN one I am speaking of. There was a misunderstanding of the requirement for protection for me to rent a car. When I ask to speak to the manager (Latasha) she began the conversation by cutting me off, and when I finally spoke she spoke over me. She didn't want to give me the time of day. GO TO ANOTHER LOCATION. Given the circumstances, Starla was fantastic, thank you for doing your best.

Ivan Vrabie

Very helpful and friendly.

Laura Harrington

It was ok, the building stunk like mildew Needed pictures on the wall to reduce the echo in the building, the agent was wonderful Very friendly, and professional.


Jaclyn Hutchison

Eric Burke

Excellent staff, Clean car, and fast friendly service!


Camalita Albert

I had really good service ! Thank you so much!

Jimmy LaRoue

Mike Paris

If you are looking for top rate customer service and great prices, look no further. This Hertz team is exceptional! 5-star customer service experience.

Rickey Mitchell

John Doe

Larry Defuge

Hertz Harrisburg Airport is a 4 bagger! Personable prompt professional service. Clean car. Pickup & dropoff quick & effortless!!!!

Dorian Grey

Mad Reece

Radames Maldonado-Rios

There was a guy named Jake who, since the minute we walked in, has been helping us find a place that would rent cars without a credit check. We had our hopes down since the previous two places said they couldn't rent out a car to my mom. Then, the "manager" came out to "help" us by giving us an attitude and saying that renting a car wouldnt be possible. My mom with no other options decided to do the credit check and when Jake ran her card he got more excited than she did! She ended up passing and he immediately set up the paperwork and gave us the car keys and we were then on our way. Jake deserves to be manager not whoever the hell that lady was who was giving us an attitude.

Butch Tayshman

The worst rental experience of my life. Hertz should be ashamed of this operation. The manager, Kendall Powell, represents the worst combination of incompetence and unprofessionalism. God help anyone who decides this location is worth the risk after reading these reviews.

Serch Rojas Monroy

I found a very good deal here, and I read all the bad reviews before booking, the price was so good that I gave it a try anyway, PLEASE DON'T make the same mistake, If I had listened to these reviews I would have avoided the super bad treatment of his manager Kyndal Powell, I would have avoided spending 40dll on uber and would have avoided leaving 5 hrs later on my trip. They did not have the car, they wanted to give me one that did not work for my trip, by demanding that they give me what I had rented and reserved, their manager shouted "you only have two options, you take that car or maybe you wait one day to get you another " WTF? she asked for my phone number and she did not hear a number so I repeated it, when she had to correct the number she shouted me again, "OMG I can not believe you don't even know your phone number ". If you like this kind of experience rent here, if not please go somewhere else, at the end i went to Enterprise and it went perfect. Do the same, If Hertz doesn't do anything about this.. you can, please go to another company.

Raymond Mckenna

Derek Murray

Marita W.

I got excellent customer service at the Hertz location in Irving located by Target off of 183 and Belt Line. The did above and beyond. I will go back soon. Marita W.

Camilo Dominguez

Ren Rain

I was told insurance is an option online but was required to add insurance while renting.

Eileen N

Horrible customer service and car rental!!! I was forced to go their this company due to car warranty contracts but I will never rent from here on my own. The employees are very cold and have no compassion. My rental was horrible. The brakes were constantly making noise and the steering wheel shook everytime I drove over 45mph. I definitely wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.


HORRID! OMG I WAS STRANDED! THE MALE ASST MGR WAS RUDE, MEAN AND UNPROFESSIONAL TO THE CORE! THEY HAD NO CARS! I MISSED MY TRIP! I WAS ALMOST IN TEARS! INCOMPETENT! UNPROFESSIONAL! DO NOT COME HERE! WHERE IS UNDERCOVER BOSS when you need them? I reserved and prepayed for my rental. I tried to call the location, and the number was out of order. I called other locations to contact them, but they couldn't reach the location either. I arrived and the guy just said oh my phone isn't working. No apology. I then asked how long would it take, and he said I don't have any trucks. I needed a truck because all of my items wouldn't fit in a car. I asked what do you have? He said, NOTHING. Then turned back to playing on his computer. STUNNED. I said what did you say? He said I have nothing. He offered no apology. NONE. He didn't offer to find a car. Locate an alternate location or have them pick me up. NOTHING. I told him I'd paid for a car. Then proceeded to call a manager. She would not answer. I came back in and asked for a district manager, card, something. He said nothing then passed me a card with the same nonfunctioning number. I asked are you the assistant manager? Stunned again he said yes. I told him how that was a shame! He said well you can leave the premises. You wont be renting a vehicle from this location. STUNNED I told him how God was not pleased with these types of business dealings. I left the store, stood outside and for about 2 hours called to locations trying to get a car after being told over and over they had none due to flooding in Texas. I even called the head manager's number over and over but she would not answer. I was literally stranded. I called customer service and the mgr told me they would charge ME around $250 dollars to transfer the reservation to another location that had a car, after they caused the problem in the first place! I told him this should be on undercover boss because I'm sure the CEO has no idea you all are treating patrons so horribly! After leaving about 3 hours later, with no opportunity to continue my trip and pressure to leave before dawn the following day, a person told me I should have checked the reviews for this place. And I am not surprised. I WILL NEVER, EVER, EVER IN LIFE SELECT HERTZ!

Tammy A. Sinnott

The overnight guy was super but the employee that stops you on the way out was such a mean guy.

Courtney Sessoms

Thomas Herwick

This business should be banned! I have never experienced such incompetence in my life, that and the lack of any sense of customer service. They are fraudulent in their claims, they charge your credit debit card because they are incapable of actually doing their job of claims with insurance and when they are confronted they just shrug their shoulders and say "So" If you want your card used fraudulently, if you want the most horrible customer service ever then this is the place to go !star rating is way too high for this company

Coco Ames

No cars were available. Workers were unfriendly and prices were way too high. Got online deal thru Priceline. The deposit on that tiny car was 3times more than the rental. I will never ever use Hertz again.

Patty Crist

Shane Blum

This may be the worst Hertz rental location in the country. I have been renting with Hertz for years and this is by far the worst experience I’ve had. Upon walking in, the representative named Joe, large man, was dressed poorly with his belly hanging out of his shirt. He was very rude right away and seemed reluctant to help me. Questioned when I made the reservation, the car, etc; claiming his system was down. He forced me to sign up for LDW, claiming this location forced you to provide your insurance card or sign up for it. I called into customer service, spoke to two representatives, and they both said he was lying. DONT BE TRICKED! It is an OPTIONAL SERVICE. He claimed this location required it, but the customer reps I spoke with said that was not the case. After the man Joe cleaned the car, I brought this up to him. He said customer service was wrong and said I either sign up for LDW or don’t get the rental. Absurd. Worst Hertz experience ever. I am a business professional and use Hertz often. I will never come back to this location and filed a complaint on Joe. Don’t rent here, don’t be tricked. The man I spoke with on the phone, Chris H, said he will take the LDW off when I return the car, so praises for Chris H; professional, polite, and cared. Joe should not be employed with Hertz and I only hope that the company realizes this and takes action.

David Sobota

Steve Schlachter

Went to rent a car to drive for Uber over the weekend and the entire staff was inept. Texted a question around noon, didn't get a response until 3:30 after I was already there. The person processing my appointment didnt seem to be able to answer a single question as he was always asking somebody else what I asked. I wanted a car with an airport sticker and he told me my car had one. When we went to look it over there wasn't one. I again asked if i could get one with the airport sticker and as could be expected he had no clue how to answer the question. He said not all cars have the sticker. I let him know I wanted an available one with the sticker. Then he talked to his ignorant manager and she was as uncoopertive and uniformed as he was about the airport stickers. I asked if i could look for an available car with the sticker and she told me the bottom line was that even if there was one ready with the sticker she wasn't going to let me have it. Told them if they werent going to work with me I wasnt going to work with them and cancelled the rental. Very unprofessional.


Picked me up from the repair shop I dropped my vehicle off at and drove me back after I returned their rental car. Car was clean and drove great. Fantastic employees at this location.

crista rivera

Wonderful service at the airport counter. Return of the vehicle was so fast I love Hertz

Roxie Brooks

K Jessie

Poor customer service! This is not the Hertz quality I’ve experienced in the past. I was given a dirty car with no valve stem covers on the tires and the car is loaded with scratches! The staff are not friendly at all! Go to the Hertz at airport!!!

michael law

The car was great the Hertz employees were great. Overall we were very satisfied

Dennis Atkins

Pickup and drop off service from nearby auto repair shops.

Stephen Hoff

This location is a total joke. They refuse to give you a receipt, they refuse to tell their names. If you want to feel like you are a moron and not valued as a customer...go to this location. Oh yea, they like to hang up on you as well when …

Mitchell Heilenman

Abdelkader Hosni

Nethie Pierce

kind of messy if you don't have a credit card

Bentley Cherry

The Virginia Beach Boulevard Hertz is extremely unprofessional and slow I do not recommend anyone to do business at that location I cannot blame Hertz in its entirety but I will never go back to the Hertz on Virginia Beach Boulevard I gave them one star because I could not post my message without giving them at least one star the one star that I did give them do not accept that as a rating I give them a zero

Domenick Flores

The African American lady is super rude. I was calling on behalf of my mother in law who cant speak English very well and she wouldn’t tell me if any cars were available, unless she called in herself. I was very clear that I needed to translate that information for her because she didn’t speak English. She refused to tell me if cars were available. Definitely no way to handle customers. She was rude and obviously hates her job or doesn’t want one, because that’s not customer service. Steer clear from this location. Unless you want NO help. I suggest going to the one in Carrollton. The customer service is WAY better and worth the drive.

Dania U

Rude !

Greg Williams

Va. Beach Blvd Hertz treated me solid with my last rental.

Jorge L. Rodriguez Garcia

Johnny Trinidad

Fast reliable service good prices and the extension of my rental is extremely easy

Torin Holt

Worst experience ever. Lied to by different departments and given a 2 hour run around before being told that they won't do anything for me. Never rent from them. What a joke. Steer clear from Hertz and save yourself the pain they cause edit: Sorry to the responder, I'm not interested in a private dialogue so you can backpedal. 2 hours on the phone with 4 people I received the answer that you wouldn't keep your word. That's not the way to do business


Raven Brown

First time at this location and I had a great experience. I was turned down from budget due to something going on with there system and they try to blame it on my bank for something they did. Anyways once coming here I was praying I didnt have the same issue. I had reserved with hertz for a week just for a full size vehicle. But instead I got a free upgrade for a premium size model. Yes, I accepted it. I mean who can turn down free. The staff was super friendly and helped me out. I really needed that rental and I will continue to keep doing business at this hertz. Thank you guys for making my first time a great time.

Ngoc Nguyen


Peter Cousin

Jack B.

I don't understand why this place has bad reviews. I paid ahead for the car, we were in and out. We were asked simple questions by the lady (didn't get her name but she was younger looking with blonde hair), she offered us insurance but didn't push it and handed us our keys. Made a little small talk and was very nice. The only complaint I have is we were given a car with no cruise control even though we told them we were driving to Florida (12 hours drive one way). So that was inconvenient to find out on your drive there, but didn't matter a whole bunch. Now we know that we have to specify to have a car with cruise control or just double check. They did however give us a car with Florida tags, which was very helpful .because if you've ever drive in Florida, drivers are very rude to out of state drivers, even if your driving way above the speed limit.

Brandon Halsey

As far as airport rental car companies, this was on the higher end. No issues at all, cars clean and no smoke smells.

Ali Q

Avoid associate Jim at the counter. He is disrespectful, angry person. Screamed at me for telling him that the car key is broken. However Manager, and associate Amanda are very nice people to deal with, who helped me resolve this matter.

Mary Olivera

Walter Meadows

The staff at this location was very good. They went the extra mile to make arrangements with me and my credit card company to make the process as easy and accurate as possible. I have rented, again, from this location and will continue to do so. Check them out. You will be amazed with the service and advise given to save you money and get the most for you. Walt

Cheryl Small

The manager has poor customer service skills and she also needs an attitude adjustment! Horrible place to rent from, they tried to charge me 100$ for ashes that the manager claimed she seen inside the car but it wasn’t ashes it was actually crumbs & possibly dirt. she couldn’t clearly point them out but she sure tried her best but failed epically! I wasn’t having it they were clearly trying to make a small profit. I actually took pictures as well because it was complete bs being that I don’t even smoke!! I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone, if you need a rental go elsewhere! I if I could rate it 0 stars I most definitely would!!

Paul Oberdorfer

Travel Chica

The guy in the picture was great!

Jae M

I would not recommend this place. The day I went to pick up my reserved car I was informed by the assistant branch manager that they didn’t have any cars and hadn’t had any for two days and that they have been attempting to call me all day. Well here’s the thing I called this particular Hertz about a day before to check on details concerning the rental and then called the morning of pick up and every time I called my reservation was confirmed and never one word about not having any cars. So essentially I was lied to and then given attitude because I remarked about the manager’s lack of empathy , apology and poor service. At the end when asking about my refund she walked away from me stating we didn’t charge your card which was another false statement.

Desiree C

I will not be making reservations at this location ever again. They lack customer service and as everyone stated before me, they have a "I don't care, not my problem" attitude. Also, as you might have guessed, they also did not have the car I reserved. Overall, this was a really disappointing experience.

Kira H.

Nice location & very friendly staff. They were super nice when I went to pick up the vehicle. And then, Latosha was great and very helpful and got me back to work after returning the vehicle. I will definitely rent from them again next time I need to. Prices are very reasonable, too.

Tiffany Deckert

Absolutely TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!! Paid 192 and they wouldn’t let me pick the car up because I didn’t have a major credit card even though I was ALREADY charged. Been on the phone with 6 people and they are refusing to give my money back!!!!!!!!!! Worst experience ever I will NEVER rent anything from this company ever again.

Rinex 02

Spacey Vegas

Great staff



Winnie O

Amy Gordon


No chill at all

Pearl Puri

Booked a mid size, got a compact. Such a turn off!

Maria Santos

Always amazing service.

Jason Roberti

Al Robinson was very helpful in assisting me in my needs. 5 stars!

James Perry

Reserved a car and checked in online. Upon getting there at my specified pickup time, I was told they just rented the last car and that I should have called first. Horrible customer service.


Jacquelyn Korbal

Absolutely awful. I needed a rental because my car was getting a lengthy repair done after being in an accident, and my insurance company suggested these guys. When I was checking in to get my rental, the guy asked if I needed extra insurance. I told him "no thank you" because my insurance company would cover any damage to a rental I had. He pushed, I still said no because I was unemployed and he added it to my account anyways. $42 a day! I found out that happened after I had had the rental for over a week and a half, and so I called to cancel. They told me I had to come in and sign documents in person, so I did. After all was said and done, they called to close out my account with them and tried charging almost $900 to my debit card for this insurance that I never authorized and also canceled halfway through (if anything it should've been roughly $420). Two times they called to charge me the $900 and I disputed both times only to be told "we'll look into it and call you back" and they never did. Almost two months of hearing nothing from them, they, without calling to authorize the charge, took that $900 out of my account. I called to sort it out and was told the manager was looking into and would call me back. I'm still waiting for that phone call... This place is horrible. There was one employee who was super friendly and helpful, but everyone else I've spoken to has been short, rude and has taken advantage of me. I only went through them because my auto insurance company covered the rental from them, but I will never EVER rent a car from them again.

Dale Crabtree

Great folks to work with. They make it so easy and enjoyable.

Charles Cunningham

Had a reservation, but when we arrived there was no car available. She said she would call me sometime during the day if and when a car became available. The guy before me also had the same experience.

Katrina Mitchell

Really good costmer service.

Robert Doehling

Great fast service and nice car, fully loaded Chevy Impala dark blue...

Andrew Latham

Pick up and complimentary upgrade (there were no midsize cars available) were great. Drop-off wasn’t so good. One person and a queue of 12 cars.

Cheree Ladner

In all of my history of business dealings, I have never dealt with such an inexperienced, heartless, and rude manager in all of my life. I am a business woman, respectful and courteous to everyone unless I am sliced down. This manager was not willing to help me with a reservation I had made online. He refused to take my Mississippi driver's license since my credit card in hand had my former last name. I then presented him with the proof of identity by showing him a state ID with my former name, as he requested. The manager then accepted, decline me, accepted and declined again stating that my card wouldn't scan. I presented to him a new card. He did everything in his power to turn my business away. His attitude and actions were that of a three year old. I'm pretty sure it's because he either leased my car to someone else or since I received a $14 PER DAY deal online, that possibly he wouldn't make any money. I'm not sure but he was absolutely the worst dealer I had ever dealt with. He didn't mind sending me out of the door without a way to go. I so nor recommend this "manager" and location to anyone. I did report the business to Hertz. To top it all off, the place had the most horrible sewer smell. I will never go back to the location and I do not recommend that you do! Oh, I walked over to ENTERPRISE and they were top notch! I will be rating Enterprise with a rating deserved and if I had a choice here, I would most definitely rate less than 1.

Don Rattey Jr

Go to another rental place. Horrible service here. Car wasn't cleaned either inside or outside. Very rude.

Mary Roland

Where do I begin?!?

Danielle Titland

Priscilla Soria

Our rental did not have gas, the car was not ready on time. And if you have questions the manager has an attitude with you. Avoid this location.

Juan Jose Capellan

Christopher Sumrow

charged me for the fuel they offer prior to renting and when the bill came, it was listed as an item I chose and I did NOT... had to file with CC company to fight and I won because they misplaced/lost my file... incompetent management...

Timothy McCaffrey

William Velez

Jan Di Pierro

Kosuke Miki

Kevin Benedict

Can't give 0 stars or I would. Had two different cars within 7 Days had major problems with both

Ccnm Barksdale

Craig Holowiak

Bret Bigham

Not helpful at all. Did not have full information on website.

kai zubke

Love hertz. Always get great CS. Rentals can be a bit time consuming if you go to a location that has slot if traffic and almost never any cars available, but you still get what you want in the end, if not take your rental to a diff location and exchange your vehicle there.

Mark Madara

Maria Cardenas

If I could rate no stars I would! Never again!



Hannah Grove

Rebecca Powley

Nif Tux

Our whole experience was terrible. First off, we called to ask about the availability of a specific vehicle's availability and we're told they had it. If they didn't, we would've booked elsewhere - not a big deal. So we book and request pick up service at 4. On the day we called 2 hours prior to pickup to request it be pushed back an hour since traffic was horrendous and we wouldn't make it. They said that was fine. At our destination we are waiting at the gate 10 minutes early. After 10 minutes past pickup time we call and they say they didn't know we requested pickup and we end up getting picked up at 5:35. On the ride, we get some lecture about calling ahead. Guess what, we did. Then we get told they do that actually have the vehicle that we requested and are given a vehicle that isn't even in the same category. Great. We ask if we can change it out elsewhere with the one we requested and get told to try the airport "they change out vehicles all the time" was literally word for word what we were told. By now it's past 6pm so we decide to call in the morning. We call the airport and the most arrogant and rude woman tell us they never change out vehicles but they have 4 of them available. The she hangs up on us. We call Hertz Central help desk and I get passed to multiple different people who all think someone else is meant to handle this, then they send me to roadside assistance and she says she can't do anything about it and that's that. I call back the original place and tell them what happened and they say try calling other locations. Seriously? That's the answer? So I ask them to talk to the airport and see if we can get the change out. They say they'll call back and never do. So that's about 3 hours of my life wasted on the phone. I call them back after a few hours and they obviously have not called and vaguely say they can't do anything. I ask if they called other locations, they say they'll call back and never do. At this point I've pretty much decided Hertz is useless and despite Hertz Central help saying I can change out a car at the airport and the location I rented from saying it, the airport says no way, so that's worthless too. I end up keeping the car and having to extend because it takes more trips than I initially planned on than with the vehicle I wanted, to move what I need to - this vehicle was smaller due to not being a hatchback. The whole experience was appalling and I will never bother with Hertz again, on a personal or business trip.

anna rabago

Bad service, I bought a used car and they called the next day because they forgot to get the phone number from the bank to validate the check after i asked if they needed anything else before i left the lot, so i gave it to them. Then called me 2 days later because they forgot to do a state inspection so i had to pay for one out of pocket and have a family member take it to them, they wouldnt accept it faxed to the dealership, they were aware the entire time that I live out of town and cant afford to drive back and forth because im in the military.

Ryan MacMartin

This place sucks! I was supposed to be picked up for my rental and nobody ever showed up! I called and after the phone rang about 25 times someone finally answered and told me my ride would be coming soon. 45 mins later and no ride or answer at the office. Once I finally got there I found only one employee running the whole place and there was a line of people waiting while the phone was ringing off the hook. I got my car almost 2 hours after I was supposed to have it. The last straw was they charged me a $200 Smoking fee even though I have never smoked a day in my life! Take your business elsewhere!!!!

Jay Shepler

Only gave it a one because there aren't negative numbers. Some BS $25 deposit for gas that wee had to fight to get back even tho the car was returned full. Keep getting charged $25 and never renting from these crooks again.

Mathew Coker

Excellent service

cibil kuriakose

They need to fire the employees there. I ended reporting fraud to my bank on behalf of the charges made on my card and the agency who refered me to them.. And for ending up with no service and rude words from those who work there. Hertz will Hurt.

Reviews On Google

Go to Enterprise. You’re better off. Tim here is the worst employee I’ve ever encountered. I’d rather Uber from point A to B to get by before renting from Tim.

Kelly Kuo

Very bad customer service. Corae was the person at the counter. It took him forever to pull out my reservation information and very bad attitude. I’m not sure why he had to asked my last name for 5 times unless he has very bad memory. Also …

Kent Frye

Horrible customer service.

Darryl Bolke

Do not ever use this location. Go to the airport where people who understand customer service and are professionals work. I pre paid a vehicle rental through AAA. As a loyal three plus decade customer of Hertz and AAA Member, this should not have been an issue. Because I was two hours late for my PREPAID rental (meaning I get billed if I do not pick the car up) they gave my vehicle away. They had another vehicle that was big enough for my needs, which was to transport a bicycle in the back on a trip. They refused to give me that vehicle without an up charge. I have had rental places out of the reserved rental many times and always been upgraded for free. This location said that because I booked through a third party (AAA), they would not do the upgrade. After multiple phone calls I spent over an hour with a Hertz corporate sales supervisor. She was even astounded that the location would not give me the other vehicle. Eventually, she cancelled my prepaid reservation and was going to simply rent me the other vehicle at the original rate. The only issue would be that it would take 7-10 days to get my refund of over $300 to my account. I agreed just to get the vehicle I needed. While on the phone with the supervisor and an agent at the location working on the new rental the agent handed the keys to the vehicle to another agent who rented it to another customer. He then said that the vehicle was no longer available and he could give me a Corolla, which you cannot get a bicycle inside. Eventually I had to have my kid drive me to the airport to get a vehicle after wasting hours at the Irving location. Avoiding the airport was the whole reason for booking at the south Irving location. Major mistake. It is total amateur hour down there. The people at the Airport Hertz actually felt so bad about what I had been through that they gave me a great upgrade with no issue whatsoever. Because of the Airport personnel and the Hertz corporate who tried to make things right I will continue using Hertz, but I will never use the Irving location again and would recommend to anyone considering it to find somewhere else. Avoid this location like the plague.


RUN! Not only was this guy an arrogant s.o.b. but this company double charged me then tells me its policy. Well Mr. Hertz, your lousy policies and backwoods company is the only one doing that and I assume you'll have lots of time on your hands with no business. I'm assuming that 2nd charge will be eaten up with some crazy charge upon return. Maybe he wants to pay attention to people names. SOME are more litigious than others. P.s., next time you question someone's ability to have a credit card it may cost you your job.

Carl Ross

Taylor Jordan

If I could give a zero star review I would, crappy experience

William Shelton

I rent cars from Hertz exclusively now, and I used to rent from others. And I've always had a great experience with Hertz. This time I hopped in the car and it smelled like an ashtray. And the service staff gave me and upgrade because of the smoke. They were super friendly, as always and I couldn't have been any happier.

Matthew Kiley

When the "system is down", the whole operation falls apart I suppose.


I am not happy that I couldn’t give zero stars. Bad customer service, you won’t get what you reserve! Please choose another location! Thank you!

Larry Davis

Bob Cross

I don't even know where to begin. There were so many issues. How many of you out there want to pay double for your rental because of all of Hertz's "gotchas?" I don't. Got burned this time. Never, ever again. Rent from Enterprise. You'll be glad you did.

Thais Beccaro

Unacceptable you need a car and there's none available.

majid mardani

Very bad attitude

Matthew Pollock

A general manager of this location stated that I had to take a responsbailty of damaging due to pothole with filled of full rainwater! How could I noticed a pothole with filled of rainwater at the back of this building?? The parking lot from front was literally full and I had no choice to park in the back of this building. I ended up hitting the pothole with filled of rainwater which it was slamming real hard. Assistant manager and her employee tried to help, but their general manager won't take a responsbailty of my damage.

Shaun Huot

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