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REVIEWS OF Service Rent A Car IN Oregon

Imelda Tautalatasi

Great place! Great staff! I was in and out in a jiffy. Thank you all for your continuous hard work and great customer service....will def recommend you to all my friends and family.

Robin Altson

Great people and great prices! Only wish there were service rent a cars every else I travel!

Luno Manu

The best car rental in town.

Aqueelah Perez

Great staff, very understanding and helpful!

Felix Alvarez

Hector Casanova

DO NOT USE! They were the cheapest, so I went with them, but now I know why. Not very well organized or competent. At the beginning they were very helpful on the phone, as they did not have an Internet reservation system, but in my mind I was thinking it was small business so let's help out. Reserved a van for a family trip so we could all share the ride together instead of just going places in separate cars. More fun right? We thought so. The morning before catching the plane I called the company to confirm my arrival, as it was going to be an after hours pick up and ensure the van. The lady confirmed and told me to call the same number when we landed so we could get picked up. After we arrived and in baggage claim I called multiple times but no one answered and I could not leave a message (a computer system which I do not beleive they know how to use). Short story, we are stranded at the airport and had to reserve last minute from another vendor (get around in two smaller vehicles). They are charging us cancellation fees now because we did not reserved the vehicle. I called and they said they sent a vehicle to pick us up at the airport, and we were not there, even though they never answered phones or told us where to get picked up. When I explained that we had called earlier that day and they gave us the instructions to call, he did not beleive me and asked why we did not leave a message. I explained again and still he said I was making it up. He kept repeating they were the best rental company, which I found odd. Maybe a way of coping with failure... I have rented vans in Portland before and you do not have to go through them. Again, DO NOT USE!!!! Use Hertz or other company in the area to ensure reliability and someone you can count on after hours.

Viin Belau

I've rented from this company more than once and I must say, they are the best and cheapest.

Kiki Tumale

I had a return time of 5:45pm on Friday. I called at 5:30pm to let them know I would be there right on time. I had to leave a voicemail, no one returned my call. I got to their business at 5:45pm and they were already closed even though their office hours are until 6pm. A friend of mine who was there in his own vehicle to pick me up also witnessed this. They don't open until 9am on Saturdays and I returned the car before 10am. Because I was "late" on my return, I was charged an extra $70. When I questioned this, both employees working lied straight to my face saying they were both at the office until 6:30pm and refused to compensate me for the inconvenience. I do NOT recommend renting a car from this business. (P.S. I rented a Uhaul truck from them and that transaction was flawless).

hoang sonny

I should of listen to the previous guy that gave this company a 1 star. Their service is horrible, 1st of all, they don't allow you to pick up the car early or return late, so i asked them what time i can pick it up, they said 9:00 am, I prepare the insurance the day before sent it out to them, assuming just to come and go over the car and drive, well i showed up 15 min before 9:00 and wait until 9:10 for them to show up, then it took them another 35 minutes to finish the paper work. did not get out until 9:45. 2nd: they told me on the phone it's a fairly new van, but when we pick it up, it's a really used one and the back tire is wearing out, the side mirror can't adjust right, worst of all, the transmittion did not allow me to put in gear sometimes during our trip. For the whole trip that we used the van, the tire sensor went off, even those i add air into the tire. They also told me that there is a number in the booklet to call in case of anything happen.. 3rd: by the time i return the car, they charge me an additional $25 for cleaning fee, they told me it was in the contract but they did not mention to me from the beginning. They also told me to take it to the gas station down a few block and vaccum the car, this is the first rental company that ask me to clean up the car. (it's was just chips that kids drop on the floor) There are other company out there that give you a better van, the price might be a $100-$200 more for the whole weekend. If you planning to take your family for a long trip, please think again before renting a Van from this place. I spend time to write the review for other people don't run into the same problem, The choice is your.. thanks

Michele Maxson

Called from Missouri and talked to Audry. She did a great job dealing with us from out of state! Once we got there she had everything taken care of. The car we got was great and the service was outstanding. I highly recommend this company to rent your car!!we will definitely be using them next year!

Ashley Rafati


They have really good customer service and, good quality cars.

Fredy Linares

Pues mi experiencia, al contactar, Rate veview, fue muy agradable, y muy profecional su servicio, asta, para recomendar, a otros, clients.

Justin Martinez

jaydens mommy

Really great service I definitely recommend this place!

Hyunsik Yang

We rented 12 passenger van for our church retreat. The service was real nice and the price was just unbeatable! I would definitely recommend it!

Rosabella Harms

I have been a long time customer of Service rent a car, they are quick efficient and do not require a credit card. They’re vehicles are reliable and service is excellent!

Michael O'Neil

Service Rent A Car has just been incredible to us every year. We have been renting almost 4 years from them, and each year is perfect. They are friendly, responsive, and the cars have been great. Nidia and her colleagues could not be better! Rent from them!

Chad Mason

My friend reserved a van from this place and visited in person two times to verify insurance and look over the van. He was even going to pay $100 more because he was 24. One day before we were scheduled to pick up the van, they said he could not rent the van because he is not old enough. I show up to the rental company the next day to put everything in my name (I'm 25) and the lady in charge says I can't rent the van because I'm not old enough. I then ask how old I have to be and she wouldn't tell me and repeated that I could not rent the van. Long story short, she had to call her manager and he said I could rent the van. (her manager said I could rent the van). I reviewed the contract and see they are charging me $100 because I'm under age. I ask how old I have to be, and they wouldn't tell me. I said, I was not going to pay the $100 extra because I am not under age( I'm 25). She then told me, "You must not need the van then". I again ask how old under age is. She wouldn't tell me. She had to call her manager to "waive" the fee. (I shouldn't be paying this fee anyways.) They finally agree to "waive" the fee. The van was great and worked out perfectly for my trip with my friends. The Service Rent A Car on SE Stark is terrible and I DO NOT RECOMMEND. The lady yelled at me and her workers. She is not professional at all.

Michael Glenn

Great service, 2nd time renting here. They have great prices and reliable cars.

Gina Grimm

I have used Service Rent a Car to rent vans for my relay races for the past three years. I'll never rent anywhere else. The staff is great and the prices are reasonable.

Todd Ritter

tried to call to see about vehicle availability at 3:45 on a tuesday afternoon - no answer - voice mailbox full so cant leave a message - no email on website to contact them.

dima shapovalov

this place is the best place to rent a car, they have really good prices

Andrew Kelly

This company is horrendous. They repossessed a rental car at 9:30pm at night without any kind of notification or phone call giving me an opportunity to get my possessions out of the car. Since I received no phone call, and the repossession occurred late at night, I assumed it had been stolen and I called the police. They told me that when a car is repossessed, it's supposed to be reported as such to the police, so that the person who last had possession is put on notice that the car was repossessed, rather than stolen. This company failed to report the repossession. I left a message on their machine asking for a prompt telephone call in the morning letting me know if the car had been repossessed, or stolen with my belongings inside. No return phone call. The manager had no problem calling me every single day to check when I'd be returning the car. I don't see why he would have had any problem either a) calling me for payment before repossession, or b) calling me before repossession to let me get my things out of the car. When I called the manager to resolve this dispute, he proceeded to talk over me, interrupt me, and then, hung up on me. All this place had to do would have been to give me a courtesy call requesting immediate payment or telling me they would repossess. If they'd done so, I would have promptly paid them to prevent the occurrence. When a manager has no trouble calling you on a daily basis, I don't see why that same manager suddenly finds himself unable to communicate via telephone. There are cheaper places to rent cars. Places that will treat you like a customer, and not a source of income. This place provides bottom barrel customer service at an unreasonable price. I strongly recommend you take your business elsewhere.

Juan Contreras

Great customer service employees are respectful and super helpful and the prices are amazing

Mary Gale

Rented a car from Service Rent a Car over the weekend and it was super easy and a great price! Staff are very friendly and guide you thru the whole process. There also is a gas station right down the street so it’s very convenient when returning vehicle. Thank you again for your help!

Havea Fuapau

Every time I need to rent a vehicle I drive all the way from Beaverton to their office. It's well worth it for the price that they're asking for. Very family oriented business and easy to work with.

Fanolua Seufale

Very nice place to rent a car I'm so happy I found a cheap and good customer.

Cedric Nash

Diego is amazing! Service Rent A Car really cares about you and they go above and beyond to make sure you are happy!

Andrei Rukhadze

Very friendly. Nice people. And if you get a little over your miles, they will definitely give you some break. Owner and service, olways took time to explain everything for you. I used this place over and over, and never had problems.

Angel Galv

The perfect choice for those of in need of a rental and only a debit card. Small laid back businesse, good new cars and excellent friendly service.

Arlette otiz

Really recommend this company they have very good cars for affordable prices they will also take debit card, this guy named Diego was outstanding great customer service, couldn't had gone with a better company!

Eric Warren Struble

They gave me a discount for being a repeat customer 2 weeks in a row Polite service Much more reasonably priced than u haul Helpful in finding which vehicle would suit my moving needs I highly recommend them I will be a repeat customer next time I need a van

Petr Korkosh

Very quick and professional team I always will comeback again and recommend for everyone Thanks Dan and team

Ethan Thrower

Good business and the front desk person Audray was really nice/helpful

Anthony Bonser

Car Rentals in Portland Or, These guys are awesome, I appreciate all your kind service for me when i come rent a car from you. You make me feel important thanks. They also do a great job on my Auto body repairs. Thank you Anthony Bonser.

Diego Sanchez

Service Rent A Car Is the best place in town to get a car! They gave me a killer deal when my car was at the shop a couple months ago. They have great variety of cars! Last week when I went on vacation they gave me a brand new 2018 vehicle! Definitely will be coming back anytime I need a car!!!

Eddy sky

Great people to work with!! Dan is the best!

Alan Chewning

Jason Braunberger

Simeon Jacob

I rent from Service Rent a Car about 4-5 times a year and typically rent the 15 passenger vans from them. I would consider them to be the most affordable and accommodating rental service in Portland. Highly recommend to my fellow non profits organizations.

Arash Mp

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