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2301 University Dr, Bismarck, ND 58504, United States

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REVIEWS OF Bismarck Airport IN North Dakota

John Duncan

Brandon Marback

Christina Brick

Shanita Thompson

Dustin Silhavey

Horrible customer service, and not enough people to handle people checking in for their flights. My family and I plus others behind us were forced to miss our flight because they didn't have enough people to check everyone on the flight in.

Perla Martinez

rudy gerdeman

Horrible airport with roaches. Also kicked me out to Street for over two hours in middle of night because they close from 1-3am. Lamest airport ever. Worst airport ever

Jeremy Hall

Nice airport. Love the dinosaur decor.

Andrew Westhoff

Nice little airport, easy to get to and navigate through.

Brita Audette

NDN Butterfly

Security pay extra attention to melinated people.

Melissa Walz

Not enough staff when there’s issues and delays. I’ve been trying to get out for 2 days however the one flight available is over sold and over the weight limit which then causes a delay in leaving and then causes me to miss my connection. I’ve now had to get 2 extra hotels, Uber’s and dinners that was not budgeted in my trip. Those that don’t live here end up spending money and time. Complete cluster. I get that it’s a small airport but get your people help in these situations.

Hyacinth Vereen

Tanner Hilden

Nam Viet Machinery

Bismarck Airport

James Hirsch

On September 17 starting at 11:am. They had a plane sitting on the runway for an hour and a half waiting to deplane. They have one gate for the plane and another plane has been sitting there. All other gates are open. Real poor managemet

Michael Pierce

Cassandra Collins

Poor customer service today. I made it on time to get bag checked and had a little bit to get to plane, but the lady checking me in radioed to the terminal and told them I wasn't going. Rude and absolutely unacceptable.

Sharlalynn Reyes


Michael Huang

I like regional airports for the short taxiing time and ease of getting in and out. The shop within security has a pretty good drink, food and snack selection compared to other small airports. I appreciate the bright and open terminal am encouraged by the fact that there is a nursing station for mothers.

Jennie Karalewich

Easy to get to, nice North Dakota displays, and beers (local and not) available in cafe post TSA screening

Rick H

TSA here moves like the dead, better get to the security line extra early because they are extra slow. I travel a lot, by far the slowest moving TSA agents ever.

Hunter Miller

Best airport in Bismarck

BV Bell

Clean organized facility, security is reasonable without being overbearing.

Juan Estrada

Nice an calm nt crowded at all

Diane Payne

Help full

leo Kindelspire

Lane Heidrich

Pretty nice airport. No problems every time I have been there.

Krissy k

Mohsin Ali

Shadow Dexter4t3e

Sudhanshu Srivastav

Bismarck airport

Jackie Ewoniuk

Charles Henderson

Garett Fletcher

Awful customer service and not enough staff

D Chrisjohn

Horrible TSA. Flown all over the country and never had so much hassle with my personal items. Almost missed my flight.

Edgar Alonso

Jesus Rodriguez

Drove down to Fairview (Montana)….)North Dakota) from Phoenix had to fly my kids back to Phoenix.. small airport but access to car rentals and basically other travel features needed ..kind people clean Restrooms and great security youngens had a wonderful time..and were taken care of..

Ken Fox

My experiences have been great. Staff were knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

Benjamin Berry

TSA was friendly and fast here.

Melissa Strang-Fitzgibbon

Nice little airport with friendly staff

Lynette Bickhardt

Missed a flight because we're we're there 30mins prior to take off with an unaccompanied minor, no staff around anywhere. 1st flight of the day. Had to wait in Bismarck on a Sunday until the next flight at 5pm. Staff was non existent, could not find anyone to help, went to TSA for some assistance, he was rude and unable to call anyone top help us check in. Police were called on me because I said a curse word in anger while walking downstairs. Police officer was not helpful and his condescending attitude made the entire situation worse, especially in front of my 5yr old Autistic nephew. The officer stepped into my daughter's face when she politely advised the officer that I was not cursing at people. He became annoyed and loud with her for that. The AA staff that finally showed up, a lady with Pink hair, and a "manager" with glasses, only instigated an already frustrating and unnecessary situation. Worst airport experience! Understaffed, undertrained, no customer service what so ever. There is no reason why my nephew should have had to wait another 10hrs for the next flight because we arrived 30 mins before departure. This is the closest airport with a direct flight (2+hrs away from home. ) The officer should not be serving the public if he gets angered so quickly, he is there to diffuse situations not aggravate as he clearly did at an empty airport @ 6:30am in the morning.

Rodolfo Cruz

Gabriel Sawyer

Fly into Bismarck at 11:30pm, go to leave and my truck battery is dead. Grown men unwilling to help another because either, they're in a rental car or the liabity for using a security truck to give someone a jump is against policy or have someone who works at 'enterprise' say, "yeah I'll be out there in 15 minutes when I get off at midnight and give you a jump" and never show. Kudos to the lazy security guard who gave me 2 buisness cards for road service, 1 never answered and the other said call someone else because it will be hours before he can get there. Oh and the other kid that worked for security circling the parking lot in his heated Ford Ranger writing everyones tag numbers down watching me shiver, thanks, seriously thanks for nothing. Did I mention the airport closes from 12am - 3am and it was 35 degrees? Nothing like taking your cloths out of your carry on and cocooning yourself in a cold pickup til the airport opens so you can warm up. Everybody's afraid to help one another because of liability or no money in it for them. What a sad world this place has become. The airport isn't a garage but this is the kind of people and mentality that's there. How about if it were your wife or elderly mother of father? Think about it.

Alonzo Rodriguez

I think its very dumb that this place says 24 hours, but im here being told by security that I have to leave the building because they close at 12 and open at 3am I have nowhere to go and the nearest open place is a dennys that is an hour away walking distance. This place is a real joke.

todd jueth

Beautiful airport great customer service friendly staff but high security as it should be. Great experience traveling thru Bismarck airport

Lee VanCleef

I have never had an issue with this airport. Clean, orderly and helpful staff. Easy access with ample parking keeps things here even better. Whoever complains of this is a snowflake.

Mark Becker

Sora Plays

fine, not too crowded there is a quaint little store near the east end of the airport that serves coffee tsa is great

Zachary Niebuhr

Jonathas Cabral


Gibby Castro

Fad Do

Steven Britt

Worst airport experience ever. Wasn't an hour early and they said I missed the flight.

eduardo artiaga

Sean Coffron

Lynette Gefroh

Good service.

Nicholas Roquet

Jessica S

Great great airport!! The ticket agents were expremeley friendly (Delta) the lines were short, TSA was short, and the boarding process is quick and simple. I fly out of here all the time. The airport is very clean and usually not long lines.. However, most people assume you can show up 20 mins prior to your flight departing and usually you can make it in time, but check their website to see which flights are leaving around yours. If you fly out around 6:30am show up at least 1 hour 15 mins prior as there are 3 flights that leave at that time. It also gets very busy when Alligiant or Frontier have a flight, since there planes are larger (150ish people) Overall easy, wonderful airport!

Jay Stewart


Ethan Akerly

The airport setup is fantastic. Security usually takes 5 minutes and they are usually friendly. However my experience last time was a little less pleasant. I think they may have had some turnover and the people working the day I was there may have had less experience. Hopefully it improves to what it was. With the winter Bismarck has been having the airport could use some more windbreaks to fight the snow drifts and the high winds in the parking lots.

AastaandNeal Wolfe

Chelsea McGinley

Waited in American Airlines ticketing lane for over 30 min. They still haven’t shown up, and it’s within their “someone comes to the desk at the 2 hour mark before flight.” Worse customer service and slowest airport. Don’t come too early because they won’t give you any service, but don’t come too late because they are slow. Good luck.

Erin Grooms

Sheila Lloyd


Very nice. But stuck there for 8 hours waiting for DFW to open got a bit tedious


Flying is faster than driving


Departed from here twice, both experiences were good. Weather can cause delay but I think that's to be expected with how cold it gets in North Dakota.

Sydney Greenstreet

Best airport in the Upper Midwest. New terminal is a nice improvement over the old terminal which was built in the 60's. Airport traffic is increasing with each passing year.

nami hirayama

Stephen Holst

Arrive early and enjoy their semi-private work stations, free wifi and comfortable seating. It's obviously a small regional airport but it much nicer than I expected. Don't worry about arriving too early though because security is a breeze and the rental car drop-off is just a few feet away from the entrance.

Michael Bates

Efficient and friendly!!

Tanman C

Went fast through TSA but Jake Smith and the security guards I delt with were very rude. Also cannot check a bag in TSA line which is sad for how small the airport is. Also kind of racist

Edward brown

Paul Barnum

Two out of three parking lines were out of service with no cones in front or closed sign 4 cars deep . Bathrooms are a mess toilets plugged.

Michael Parrett

Clean and quick security. Would be great to have some additional food services.

Jeff Perry

Patti Olander

Nice airport but very rude customer service from the American airlines employees! Also they need more staff!!


Terrible customer service. They have a TSA pre-check but it’s closed half the time and their “expedited” process isn’t any different. They are typically rude and unhelpful.

Irina Smith

TSA check up took longer than regular check up, they couldn’t figure out lipstick in my purse

juan gracias

Jerry Montemayor

The most racist airport in North Dakota period. Especially the old lady at the counter at United & American airlines.

Daniel Cox

Its Mimo Lp

Jason hinojosa


Kutaiba Khafaji

Sean Davis

Great Airport!

Will Boese

Hernandez Pedro

Dev momboy nikhil Mani

Emily Clarke

Nice airport


Great Place! Always had friendly staff every time I fly in and out of here. Never need to be hours ahead of your flight. Just be there 30 min prior to boarding times and you will always make it to the gate every time.


Stephen Chase

Best Dakota airport!!

Daniela Carrillo

(Translated by Google) Excellent aero port very nice, wide and clean (Original) Excelente aero puerto muy bonito , amplio y limpio

Bryan Blanchard

American Airlines is pathetic here!! Incompetent people!! 1st flight of day is always LATE! How is that, we all have connecting flight you know! Plus getting a tix and going through security is like so slow!

scott kane


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