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REVIEWS OF Prestige Car Rental IN New York

Max Mallows

One of the few places I could find to rent a convertible mustang. Definitely worth it for a weekend trip upstate.

Faezeh M R

Great local car rental. They can be busy at times and are understaffed however we have never received a bad service, you just might to be a bit patient with them

Mary Wilson

I had a great experience with this company. I was in town for a week and used them. The service was excellent and the rates were very reasonable in New York standards. I thought the whole experience was great. Thanks!

Stephen Harris

Reasonable rates during the week. Avoid weekends and most holidays as they triple the daily rate.

Adam Cutts

I would not recommend using this car rental service under any circumstances. You will not regret going for another option - the customer service is very poor, there are more hidden fees than at other rental companies, and they go out of their way to make any reasonable request or complaint so inconvenient that you give up on it. They truly show no respect or value for your time/money. I know at this point most rental companies are more or less the same these days and similar price - so for that reason, just go for your other option, you are rolling the dice with having a potentially terrible experience with Prestige rental car and it just isn't worth it.

Gordon Harris

Jin Yoshikawa

Great location and far cheaper than your more famous, national chains. Car was clean and in the condition you'd expect from competitors.

Yuri Kruman

Front tire was flat 10 minutes after taking it. We we're already on NJ turnpike. Had to change the tire. Obviously they inflated it while I waited for the car for 20 minutes to be brought up. Cheap company. Called then to ask what to do. Only thing say could say was drive to closest station and fix it and pay for it. It's your responsibility. Never use them!

Isabell Sabellek

Corinne Osborn

THIS PLACE IS THE WORST!!!! I have a car rental that I am supposed to be picking up now. Some woman from the car company just called yelling at me not to be late (she called before I was even scheduled to be there) because they are "very busy." I told her I would get there as soon as I can and that I did not appreciate her poor customer service. Minutes later I received an email canceling my reservation. I never canceled the reservation. I told her I would be there as soon as I could. She canceled my reservation unilaterally!!!! I have been calling to speak with someone but no one answers the phone!!! I now have to scramble to get another car and will be late for my event. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS PLACE!!!

hideji hojo

I’ve been customer this location more than 8 year never disappointed,but this time i really disappointed i make reservation 8 am i came before 8am to pick up the car and the office still close and the guy who preapare the car he is the one who helped me and open up the office and texted her and she came to the office 8:25 without even say sorry This company really need to pay attention this is happen Twice and this time i have to write the riview . My planed to play a golf mess up and all late and we have to cancel all because of this and wasting the money. I never see company open at 8 am and they came at 8:25 unbelievable. And not even say sorry to see the customer waited . But the guy who prepared the car was really nice and he opened the office and prepared the car before this lady gets to the office . So disappointed

tomero raw

Very professional, nice new and clean cars, great price and service.

Charissa E

Good service. No hidden fees or charges. The lady was nice at check in and out. I didn’t have any issues. I was a little leery because the price was low, much lower than anywhere else. There’s no train close so you really have either a long walk from 1 train or the cost of Uber to get there, that’s the only reason for it that I could think of. Only $3 for the ez pass at time of rental and at Avis they charged me $21 plus tax. Really good experience for me. Typical wait time for a car rental place. It’s kinda hidden as it’s inside of a parking garage at the end of the alleyway of 62nd.

Tali Snow Schwartz

Nick O'Connor

Clean cars, great location. Discount to residents of 55 & 75 WEA!

Mark Karno

Nobody here at 9:15 for a 9:00 am reservation. The phone rings and rings with no answer. Another gentleman waiting over an hour with no car here for him either. What is going on here? The woman at the desk finally arrived and we got our car. The car has 79,000 plus miles on it.

Bill Yao

Just completed my first rental with Prestige. Car wasn’t in the best condition (lingering faint smell and some engine knocking) so one star off for that. What I liked though was how efficiently they processed the rental and that they didn’t try to push the upsell on the (always a ripoff) insurance. The ez pass rental price wasn’t outrageous though I didn’t need it for this trip. And the guy who inspected the car before I drove off was very friendly and detailed about noting every blemish. I’m in the neighborhood so this may become my new go-to spot!

Bolivar Geraldo Jr.

Jeremy Kay

Worst rental car experience I've ever had. Do not ever, ever, ever rent with them unless you want ripoffs and unbelievably rude service. I rented a car for a weekend trip. As soon as I drove it off the lot I noticed the alignment seemed off. Thinking nothing of it I kept driving. The next day I wake up to a flat tire. I called them to see what they do about flats and instead of being helpful and directing me to a tire repair they were extremely rude and informed me that tires are not covered by their insurance. I ended up with a $75 bill to cover their faulty tire. When I asked them to mail me a receipt so I can get the bill hopefully covered by insurance they informed me that the "don't do that". Apparently their office doesn't come stocked with envelopes and stamps or they were just being difficult on purpose. Really a terrible customer service experience for an already expensive rental. I'd rather take a bus than rent from this company again.

Daniel Lim

AWFUL AND SHADY BUSINESS. We were given a car with dents and scratches AND with awful urine smell. When we asked that we be given another car, the employee got upset. We were offered another car, with serious damage and was told that we needed to wait for that car to be cleaned. There was another car in good condition that was available, but they refused to give us that car because it would be an upgrade (from economy to intermediate). We eventually asked for a refund and left. The rental car terms and conditions were off market. Deductibles for insurance were off the roof, and an extra $1000 was withheld from my credit card for a 1-day rent of an economy car. Another side note - the office vibe is shady and almost all the cars that were parked seemed to be in a bad condition. The office and garage vibe and the lack of concern for customer service gave me doubts as to whether this was even a legitimate business. This happened on April 6 at 11:00am-11:45am.

Geoff A

Great Experience- Lily and Emily provided excellent service!

Aaron Lidawer


Noa Horod

Defiantly recommended - affordable prices, comfortable location, great car

Juan Reyes

$214.00 reservation for 2 days and when I got there...$380 plus $1000 deposit. I took the train to work to New Jersey $38.00 two days... nice view!! Next time I will get a real rent car.

Angie Washington

very easy to use and a good customer service. no doubt i wiil use their servuce again in the future

Yolanda Grisolia

Very efficient and so easy. Thanks.

Allie Scott

Seemed like a shady place to begin with but it was the cheapest car rental in the area. I went there to pick up a rental with my mother. She's on the elderly side and needed to use the bathroom. The attendants at the front claimed they didnt have a bathroom, which I'm not sure was true, and she had to leave the garage to go to a store around the corner. Overall, the service i got was poorer than I expected. They were very slow to get me on the road even though I was the only person in line--It took well over 15 mins to get the car! My elderly mom walked out of the garage went around the corner to use the restroom at Starbucks and came back before they finished scanning my credit card. The car I had also had several scratches on all sides of the car. The attendant said it was due to the small space in the garage making it difficult to park, but I could clearly smell alcohol on his breath. Also while driving the car it seemed a bit "off". I cant tell if it's due to the car manufacturer or the maintenance of the vehicle at this place, but the handling of the Nissan sentra we had was very loose while driving. Needless to say I'm not going back there again.

Oded Nekuda

We were on a trip to New York in September We rented car with Prestige Excellent prices and excellent service

tamara shake

Well, i use prestige car rentals at least twice a year, whenever i visit my sister in New York and I always came away satisfied. the staff is nice and polite, the cars always arrive in excellent condition and i think the prices are fair and quite cheap for a car in the city. If I have to recommend a car rental company, I will definitely send my friend to you!

Yiming Huang

FRAUD ALERT!!! This company is a total fraud. They cancelled the reservation I’ve made two months ahead without my confirmation because they don’t have the car. I emailed them immediately telling them I still want a car even if it’s different. They told me to call back. Then they told me they can only give me full size car at twice the original price. So they canceled for their fault and wants me to pay twice?!!!! This is absolutely fraud and this is not the first time they’ve done this. I’ve already reported this to the consumer department. STAY AWAY from this fraudulent company.

idan Bitansky

I reserve a car for Coming up Sunday I also called to make sure the reservation is complete and booked. 4 days after ,a few days before the rental, They called and say it's a mistake and somebody else already booked the car and there is nothing they can do about it. They offered me a 15% off for my next rental. I'm never gonna rent a car in this place ever again. Dont go near that place.

dan goren

I usually avoid renting a car in NYC, but their prices make it worth. Professional staff. Cars are always clean and air-conditioned. I rented their a couple of times and will probably do it again.

Miriam Mora

I read reviews carefully before renting, so was aware of the problems others had. I went in prepared to get a car with a bit of damage, to be careful about my paperwork, and to get the car back before it was due. I followed all of this, and was not disappointing. The cargo van I rented had a few dings, but was otherwise fine, and the staff was helpful and honest. I was not overcharged, and all worked out splendidly. Plus you cannot beat the price for NYC.

Daniel Tasman

Cheap car rentals in NYC where car rentals are astronomical. The cars are new and there are two locations in Manhattan. If you rent 5 times, you get a free rental.

Debra Benjamin

Fast easy and great service

David Gibson

Had many satisfactory experiences, in the past. The most recent was bad enough to deter me from choosing Prestige again. After changing my pick up location, then changing my pick up time, we were given a vehicle to drive that made it one block before it stopped working. The customer service we received was intent on convincing us that we weren't being inconvenienced. We were definitely being inconvenienced. Now, we were both frustrated and angry. When we called to speak to management, we were told that management keeps their own schedule so there's no way to know when they'll be in and no way to contact them. That may work for management but doesn't for this former customer.

Amit Ofi

Reliable and inexpensive car rental company in Manhattan. Large selection of cars, great location and customer service.

Richard Rundle

Was called and told they wouldn’t be honoring the price we were quoted and booked due to a “glitch in the system”. I told them they need to honor it as it was the advertised price we booked online and was told there was no way they would honor it. There is also no way we will ever rent from them as I feel from reading other reviews it’s an unbelievably shady business. How can a business do something like this and think they can get away with it. The girl on the phone couldn’t have been less helpful with, ‘I’m just doing what I’m told’

Luis Ramos Jr

Jamie Murray

DO NOT RENT HERE. Rented a cargo van with 5/8ths of a tank of gas. They expect you to guess 5/8ths level at the gas station when refilling. RUDE customer service lady was yelling down the phone not letting me speak. JOKE. ZERO STARS.

Stephanie Casper

Terrible!! Do not use this place! When we got there they had no cars, even though we had a reservation. And the office was closed on top of everything.

Karen Ruiz


Alquilé 2 veces y muy buena atención

Rachael Baltimore

We have rented many times from this location and have always been completely satisfied. All of the people there have always been very professional and friendly. Especially Cindy who always goes out of her way to help us out and from what we have seen to help everybody else out, she is always a pleasure to deal with it. The cars are always in great condition when we pick them up. We highly recommend renting here. -Jon Baltimore Music Co.

Manish Marwah

Absolute horrendous experience, Complete Ripoff @ Prestige Car Rental I booked a car for a day during my recent visits to New York in August. I had already rented a car from Avis on the 13th of August and that was a great experience. So on 15th Aug me and my wife travelled 40 mins on the subway and foot to get our car which was booked for 49,95 USD before tax and 59,75 USD after tax. Mid-size nissan or similar. Upon arrival i was asked for a drivers license, Passport and the staff made copies of even my creditcard. Then i was told that i had to buy insurance else i can't take the car to which i replied that my credit card cover my insurance and there is no need for me to buy an extra cover. They said they would charge me for the insurance and i had to get them proof from credit card company that they indeed cover me. Next i was told they are going to hold 1000 USD off my card for security to which i replied thats absurd and i haven't heard of anything like that infact 2 days ago i had rented the car from avis and there was a 100USD hold and i took no insurance and was absolutely fine with them. Infact i even gave them a copy of my Avis reservation and receipt. To this the staff replied that Avis is a big comany and can afford to do that and we are a small company and we have to ensure that our interest is protected. I decided to not go for the car and cancel my plans rather than get conned by them. My advise to all reader stay clear from them and book with a known company as they seem to be running some sort of a scam. I have learn't my lesson after losing half a day of my weeks vacation. I highly recommend Avis in Greenwich Village absolute pleasure.... This narrow thinking and zero focus towards the customer is the reason why you call your self a small company...and with these ideals not sure how long you will survive....

Jordy de Gelissen

(Translated by Google) Many choose from many beautiful cars My preference is still the Mustang ^^ (Original) Veel keuze uit tal van prachtige wagens Mijn voorkeur is toch de Mustang ^^

mor cander

I use their rental services every time I arrive to NY for business. The service is always friendly and polite and the cars are in excellent condition. Their rates are reasonable, no hidden fees. I highly recommend them.

Seth Brewer

A few months ago I was heading to Manhattan for my cousins wedding when my car broke down right around Broadway and 72nd. I had no time to head back to the car repair with the tow truck and had no idea what to do. The driver told me to try out prestige and that is was close enough for me to walk to. I walked in and was greeted with excellent customer service and options for car rentals. Not only were they prompt in getting me on my way to my destination, they also showed me the best way to get there(which cut 15 minutes off my gps directions!) This company saved me from missing my cousins wedding and can help you in a pinch. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a great rental at affordable rates. Give them a call!

Christopher Woodcock

Cheaper than the big names with same service

Tony Parodi

Got a good bargain car at the last minute. Not super cheap, just super cheap for nyc at the last minute. I had no line and no drop off issues.

Shiau Hong Lee

3 months ago, I made a reservation for a minvan for pick up on Jul 4. Only today then I am informed that the Prestige office is closed on Jul 4 and I will have to pick up the vehicle on Jul 3. Not only do I have to incur garage fees on the night of Jul 3, Prestige is also going to charge me rental starting on Jul 3 instead of my original booking starting Jul 4, which means I have to incur an additional day's rental. This is totally unfair to me as I have to incur additional costs through no fault of mine. The supervisor at the Prestige 33rd location told me that there is nothing she can do as this is due to a system error which allowed people to book cars on Jul 4 even though the office is closed. No attempt was made to amend the situation or compensate me for the additional costs. To aggravate my dissatisfaction, I am unable to find a similar vehicle from other rental locations as Prestige has given me such last minute's notice. I am extremely disappointed at how Prestige has handled this matter. I would definitely not recommend Prestige to anyone as they cannot even honor the reservations made by customers.


Great, reasonable prices.. They don't compare to the larger companies like Hertz! The staff is very helpful and accommodating. I've rented from this location and the 33rd St location on the east side. The cars have always been clean and in good working condition. I also love the fact that they have deals and specials. Definitely recommended!!

Benjamin Button

Terrible customer service, wont recommend it to anyone. Samantha was awfully rude. Her office smelled bad as well, smelled like a Newport house. Was charged an extra day for bringing the car in 20 minutes late even though they claim to give an “hour” grace period. Picked up her personal phone as well when trying to figure out the extra fees she chose to charge. Wouldn’t give me her name I had to ask the guy in the garage. No name tag was present at the time either. Very unprofessional. Very upset I had to experience such bad service. Hope none of you guys experience it. She was there at 2:20pm on a weekday. Again don’t waste your time supporting people who are beyond rude when you’re helping out there company.

John Chow

Ron Barness

Will A

I rented a Nissan Sentra (FDF3911) over the weekend from Prestige Car Rental (55 West End Ave, New York, NY), April 20- 22,2012. Initially, the driving experience was ok, lacking power at times but otherwise manageable. Things didn't start going awry until the drive back to the garage, Sunday, April 22,2012. I had to keep the car under 50mph because speeds near 60-65mph rendered the car unstable and unresponsive at times, as if lacking steering fluid or in desperate need of an alignment. Matters were made worse because of the tumultuous rain that day. Once I arrived at the garage, I told the parking attendant that the overall performance of the vehicle was subpar. His response was that the car was supposed to be out of commission because the issue was reported before. When I heard this response I was irate and a slew of questions raced through my mind.....Why was this car still available to the customer? My wife and one year old daughter was in this vehicle and the driving conditions were horrific. Will they look into this matter? Will I receive a refund or big discount? What are they going to do about this issue? Should I sue? The need for answers and results were endless. I left a message and sent an email to the owner Larry Goldman, April 23rd, but Lillie, his assistant, told me his visits to the office are sporadic. She couldn't give me a definitive time or date when he would respond to the issue. Almost 3 months has passed and Larry has not responded. How should this matter be resolved and prevented from reoccurring? Prestige Car Rental needs to create a manifest of all the cars that need to be serviced. They should also let the customer know the last time the vehicle was inspected. They need to understand that their precarious business ethics will one day lead to an accident. I believe I should be refunded and they should be fined.

Anita Hodzic

I visit New York a couple times a year and each time I use Prestige Car Rental. They always take care of me. I've never ever had any issues with the cars I've rented. They've all been in great condition. Most times I called and reserved in advance but even when I didn't the whole last minute car rental went very smoothly A highly recommended car rental in New York! Thank you Prestige Car Rental!

Hever Zadok

Good company, with great service and polite and efficient staff. Will definitely use it again!

Ronald Tinsley

Did by rent a vehicle, but considering the area it is pretty cheap to park your vehicle for a few hours, monthly has got to be a blast.

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