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To this day this firm receives a rating of 3.7 out of 5 and that rating has been calculated on 140 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Hertz Car Sales Albuquerque IN New Mexico

Angelina Chavez

Dennis Lucero

Awesome service

lucas casul

Bought a car 3 months ago for my teenage son. Experience was so good I just bought another car for my wife a few days ago. The shopping experience was great with absolutely no pressure. All the people were very nice and knowledgeable starting with salesman Randy and manager Billy. I always do a lot of research before buying a car and I can say they have the best prices anywhere.Their prices are even better than Carvanna.

DIvine Inspiration Business Services

Isaac Doyle

We were looking at a car that was marked at 8590. So we went to the bank to get a check and they called and said it was a error and the car is 9590. We had already agreed on the price and the manager would not honor their error. I will never rent or buy from this company they were willin to loose a sale and life time customer over 1000.

Thomas Mendyka

Dr. Ebubekir Orsun

I felt recognized by the employees at this location. Great job done by the manager.

Meaghan Carpenter

I've been sent here twice while my car's been in the shop, and they've taken really good care of me. They've given me nice, clean cars, haven't sprung any hidden fees on me like Enterprise did, and the customer service is great. They call me back the next day, just to be sure the car is working out. They remember my face when I come in. 5/5 would recommend.

tam coder

Karly, you're the best. I've never received excellent customer service, til I met you and your team. Well done!

Raul Romero

Miss Ashley got us out of a situation she worked with us and she was very helpful.


Friendly people great service

Kevin Burger

Purchased used vehicle. Salesmen was friendly and non pushy. Great price for car with a better than average warranty for a used car. Interest rate was low on par with other dealers.

Janet Chelette

Jess Parker

the place is kind of run-down. As it's not a very professional-looking place and the cars are crunch together. But the Saving Grace are the rental agents. They were very professional very courteous and they listened closely to our needs. And we got a great deal. We will be using them again in the future

Matthew C

Billy (the manager) fantastic... The actual salesman I worked with was so full of himself to notice he was at work... But Billy made the buying experience great.

Faustina Castillo

Great service!

Robert Zaleski

I am a loyal Hertz customer even own stock in the company.. I enjoyed the sales experience I got from hertz auto sales.. the staff was friendly, the cars are nice and priced to sell. I bought a 2011 dodge nitro, the vehicle was in good shape but needed the basics like tires and a new battery. The car had a broken piece of trip that I was "promised" would get fixed.. After a few attempts to get it fixed with no luck I ended up ordering one from a dealer. Warranty was pushed heavily during closing, but if they couldn't fix a piece of trim how could I expect them to fix the vehicle when something major occured??? When shopping here I suggest looking the vehicles over to know exactly what your paying for.. and don't buy any kind or warranty, you can put that money into repairs and upgrades needed.

New York Doctor

I would highly recommend not going here. Apparently their website was allowing reservations even though they were sold out of cars. Which is fine, mistakes and technology problems happen. But the person working with me was confused, couldn’t communicate clearly, and unhelpful. I eventually found out she let me stand there for 10 minutes knowing she had no car because she couldn’t be bothered to tell me that and had been working on other things. The Uber driver who picked me up said that had already happened three times a day with reservations for cars that didn’t exist, even though the Hertz person told me that was the first time it happened that day.

mark datter

Terrible service, terrible attitudes, rudeness and disrespect seems to be the go to of everyone in the office, and they're very dismissive of customers' concerns. Avoid this location if at all possible.

Cyn Delima

Customer service was terrible, rude staff would not even respond as a common courtesy when being cordial. After my vehicle had been burglarized and having 4 children my insurance covered me for a rental here, after getting dropped off at this location which is about 2 hours from my home along with my very pregnant sister we were literally turned away due to my form of debit payment for the $50 deposit... The staff showed no form of empathy towards my situation and quite frankly could care less, long story short myself as well as my 8 month pregnant sister sat outside their place of business on the curbside for approximately 2 hours trying to resolve this issue and wait for a ride home. Ultimately my phone died, a family member showed up for us meanwhile staff walked right past us numerous times and also leaving for the day never even offering us so much as a cup of water. I know dogs that are treated better...

Erik Romero

I purchased a used 2013 Kia Optima from Hertz off of Lomas a few months back. I'd like to give a detailed review for anyone who is searching for a used car. Firstly, my credit is not great nor is it bad. I had a 600 yet as a business owner it is not easy to prove income as most car dealerships want check stubs. I used my bank statements. I had 2800 cash to put down and had my previous vehicle a 2007 Lincoln MKZ. I first went to Melloy and after wasting two days, chose a car, brought them all my financials, and when it comes time to sign I review their 20 page contract and discover NOTHING was what was agreed. My lincoln I paid 12000 and it was going for 7800 used. They were going to give me 1500 for it...and even after that huge lie..the final price of contract terms were 3000 more than what the salesman told me and thats not including the "1500 deduction for a new car". what a joke. I then went to seven other lots only to discover that my credit was ran 9 times by Melloy and my credit score dropped by 30 points overnight. Unbelievable. This is the part most people never find out about..they focus on the aggressive salesman or the process. Yet what really matters, and correct me if i'm wrong, is the final contract..and mutual trust and respect for such a big purchase. Long story short, I ended up at Hertz by browsing online. Found my 2013 Kia Optima priced 1800 below Kelley blue book value...walked in. Did paperwork and walked out that day with my new car. This company is great. First, salesman don't need to pressure you as these guys get paid hourly and get a 150 bonus for every car they sell. And nowadays they have whats called a "non negotiable price" which basically means that if you want that car its at that price..overall very nice people and they deserve a this was truly a unique experience for me buying a car. They offered me 4000 for my car...which is a lot more than others yet below what I wanted..and get this..the salesman actually told me why don't you just post an ad and sell it yourself you'll get way more. They earned my trust and respect.

Pat Brown

Reserved a compact was given a gas guzzler!

Amanda Wright

Great place to rent cars we have been renting their for years Staff is always friendly fast and has our car ready. Never an issue

Brenda Yareli

David Herring

Lois Hall

Julio and Margo were both fantastic to deal with

Jason Romig

We purchased a car recently from them. Overall it was a good experience. They were not pushy, they allowed us to browse go in and talk to them then walk off the lot without a car, because of that we went back to buy it. The only downfall was once we settled on a price and were doing the paperwork they were VERY aggressive with trying to sell a warranty.

Dana Tierney

Very helpful and easy to deal with


Traumatizing experience... long story but in the end I was charged $197 for 26 hours with their vehicle. Customer Service rep at this location could have waived at least 3 charges to bring it down and failed to do so... Also she knew she had butchered the spelling of my first and last name - even tho she had my drivers license right in front of her and made no big deal out of it to make it correct. First time using Hertz. Never again!! I always have excellent customer service and no games when I go with Enterprise. Save yourself the agony and CALL ENTERPRISE!!! The customer service reps at this office have no conscience whatsoever!!! This bit I’m just adding since I received a feeble response from the owner: Dear owner, I suggest you look into this issue! These are your unethical employees!! And after reading other reviews, I’m not the only customer who had a traumatic experience renting a vehicle at your location! If you don’t think it’s highway robbery that I was charged $197 for 26 hours with your car in town... you’re just as unethical!$ I suggest you fix this problem and contact me about refunding my money!!! AGAIN, I SAY TO ALL POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO ENTERPRISE AND AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS!!

christel clair

I returned a rental car here today....the staff was SO FRIENDLY, I almost couldn't even believe it! All of the staff were SO understanding and helpful to me in my situation, and because it was slow maybe, and I'm staying not far, they even offered me a ride about customer service!

Tyler G.

Don't use Hertz

Brittni McDonald

Very disappointed in my experience with this rental location. The staff held me up for over an hour. They tried to give me a car with expired tags and when I protested was told 'well it's just the tag that isn't right, no big deal.' Then when I was finally given a car, more than an hour from my scheduled/prepaid reservation the vehicle was filthy. During my trip I was met with fierce rain and wouldn't you know it the windshield wipers were worthless and did not work. Most of the staff was very kind but the experience was not a great one and I won't be going back.

Stephanie Madden

Lizeth Sandoval

Good price bad service. Get a good deal but except no one to take the time to actually help you.

Chandler Yellowhorse

kenneth Diehl

Rented a car here and was very appalling. You would think they rent out Bentley's, and other top end cars. I could see some of the rediclous charges for a Mercedes benz. We got a Kia Sorento ( a $10,000 car max). A lady came in at the same time with a flat tire and was quoted over $200 for them to replace a tire that should be no more than $65 at discount tire. They gave this very nice lady the options to pay this outrageous price out of pocket or claim it on her insurance. Then warned her her insurance rates could go up. Any time I have ever rented a car and had a flat tire I called the company and they had it repaired no extra charges. Needless to say I only had the car a couple of days because of the fear I had about getting a scratch or door dent and what they charge for it. This company will not be receiving my business again.


Good place to get a reantal. Staff is friendly and was able to get set me up with the car I wanted with a last min pick up.

Paul Clow

Don’t buy cars from here, their price for cars is a like only $300 under the Kelley blue book price

Sandra Osman

The best and nicest people I have ever encountered. I was in Albuquerque for work and bought a car from here. The service was impeccable. I love my car so much and loved the experience. Blessed to have worked with such caring gentleman.


Great cars and friendly service.

Roberto Samanamud

mike diehl

Jonathan Ruiz

Trash and the people are trash worst customer service I've experienced

shirley valdez

I love this place because the manager went out of his way to help us.

Greg Ensminger

Not a no haggle experience as promised, salesman was great. Manager was an ass. I would not buy from them again

Amanda Appel

My husband and I purchased our Toyota Camry from here and had a great experience so we took my sister here and she purchased her Nissan Sentra. Such great customer service from Lawrence and Billy who really went above and beyond to make things work out for my sister. Thank you for making buying a car an enjoyable and mostly stress-free (car shopping is always stressful) experience.

terri allahdadi

Joe Mouad

Staff was great, car was clean and on- time as promised.

Veronica Garcia

My son and husband just purchased a vehicle from this dealership, experience was chaotic and exhausting. Plenty of vehicles to choose from, but closing the deal was far from seamless. Beginning with their disrespectful, pushy, unprofessional finance manager (we came in with our own financing and warranties and he STILL would not take no for an answer), to their multi-tasking, uninformed sales representatives, to their lack of detail or explanation of this location's privacy policy and procedures (requested private/sensitive information without devulging the intent or nature of it's use first.) We were never provided "Auto Check√" report after multiple requests, which we will now have to pull at our own expense. Really hope they just overlooked providing it at closing, our mechanic will be peeking under the hood here soon...

Air Duct Medic, LLC Marvin Hamiton

Had some pricing trouble form the quote to day of pick up. The Lomas branch Manager Karly Atkinson was eager to help and corrected the pricing and was very caring and easy to work. She was Great !!!

Ty Reviews

Nathan Neeley

This was the easiest and best car rental experience. Ashley was very helpful and friendly. She explained everything fully and answered all of our questions. The whole staff at the agency feels very friendly and happy. The car was clean, fueled and ready when we arrived and we had no issues with it as we drove around New Mexico for five days. The return process was equally simple and they even got us a Lyft to the airport. 10/10 will be renting from here every time!

Ronald Jones

Is would recommend

Aya Roybal

Super friendly and efficient staff. They definitely value their customers.

Zach Hines

Everybody was really nice

Matthew Glasier

Hard to get through on the phone. This charges really seem to sneak up on a renter too.

Ivan Smith

Hertz Albuquerque great friendly service

Brennan Charley

Labq g

Buyer Beware! Make sure and look at the car facts BEFORE you start signing anything. They were not honest with me concerning the car that I was getting ready to buy. The car fact report stated that the car had been in a "multiple impact collision" yet their vehicle inspection checklist stated that there were "no replacement parts or repairs"and they tried to convince me that they had not seen this information on the car facts report. Needless to say, we left very unhappy. I ended buying from CarMax later that same day - and that was a much, much, much better choice!

Jeff Foy

Reserved a car, they called me the evening before pick up and told me I could not have the car at 8:30am when I needed it, I would have to wait til 10:00. After asking why and saying I need the car at 8:30. I was told there were reservations made long before I made mine. Obviously oversold and did not think it was a big deal. They have no idea what they messed up, thank God I was able to find another car elsewhere. Never again will I use Hertz!

Kim Black

I had a good experience with this outlet. The staff was great at correspondence. Lawrence kept continuous communication and he was very helpful. Overall, I had a positive experience.


Patti Garcia

Thank you to Carly and her team for always going above and beyond for our clients..

Anna Christianson

Omgosh! If you’re looking for a newer car for less and not that many miles, go see Lawerence and Billy at Hertz!!! They were so helpful and not pushy, very knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to help!!! Thank you so much guys! I was so stressed out after my car died and you both were so understanding and helpful. Thank you!!!

Tom Tomkat

Celeste Tracy

Karly will make sure that you get well taken care of, and even though the place is clearly understaffed for the demand they receive, she is able to handle all the stress with a smile and she made my whole experience worth it. I had to rent a car while mine was in the shop and it was a very easy and cheap process (all was handled through our insurance company). The car was in good shape and the staff is kind and doing their best though clearly they need a few more people there! I would rent from them again!


Very poor customer service. Just a simple request is almost impossible for them. I don't even think I got that good of a deal. And noticed some things on the car after I bought it.

Tamerian Wrenn

Everyone is so nice and attentive

Archie Mariano

Poor customer SVC. Not helpful

Anthony Thompson

Awesome staff

Michael Mouser

One of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made. These gentlemen are truly first class professionals. They all were courteous, helpful, attentive and honest. This was a thousand times better than I pictured my first car buying experience to be. Randy Jones was the gentleman who helped us and was exceptionally outstanding. He happily answered all of our questions, he addressed every concern, and never with condescension or judgement. However, I must say that Randy is surrounded by equally outstanding individuals, as the entire staff operated with supreme effectiveness and support for one another and their clients. On top of the first class service is the fact that the prices offered for essentially pristine quality cars is without question unbeatable. Big thanks to Randy, Phillip, and the entire Hertz staff. I highly recommend Hertz and without a doubt will be a lifelong customer.

David Casaus

This location has great staff with a wide variety of cars! It's a little hard to access though.

Sydney Sinclair Castro

I bought my car over a month ago, and I still haven't seen the end of these people. The dealership keeps making mistakes that I have to go out of my way to fix just to drive my car legally. I had to take it back in to get an emissions test (even though they told me it was taken care of) and I'm on my second temporary tag, still waiting for my license plate. When I called (I called four times over four days, by the way, before they finally fixed the problem) to get a new temp tag after the old one expired, I overheard the sales rep tell another one that I was "being a real baby about it." Excuse me, but I'm not getting a ticket because of your incompetence. Throughout this entire process I have been demeaned, I have been belittled, and I have been disrespected. The salesman refused to answer questions, their finance guy treated me like I was a moron, and another salesman openly turned to look at my butt as I walked passed. Not only are these people incredibly rude and disrespectful, they are terrible at their jobs. Did I get a decent car for a cheap price? Yes I did. Do I have literally anything else that is even remotely positive to say about this dealership? Absolutely not. Do not go here if you want to be treated like a human. At this point, I want nothing more than to never set foot on that lot again. I may get my wish, if my license plate ever comes in.

Maria Brandon

Nice place. Clean.

Mandi Dana

Veronica Wong

Robert MacNeice

First and foremost Nicolina the manager was a godsend ,seriously I came to New Mexico to pick up my daughter for the summer I was limited on cash and had a horrible flight to get their she saw a guy hard on his luck and refused to let that continue she had me in a beautifal charger en route to my kid no hassles nothing I want to personally thank her and the owner for habeing such an awesome establishment I have already made al my family and friends aware and their r passing in his places information to bring them as much buisness as possible I live in Vegas but will definitely be comeing back soon...Thanku Nicolina seriously ur service will not go u noticed nor kept quiet keep up the amazing work guys...Respectfully a very satisfied customer Robert MacNeice

Bee Burks

Alejo Gonzalez

Friendly and professional! Took care of me in no time.

Nicole Sedillo

All I wanted to do was get a car I liked. The finance manager decided he wanted to have a theological 'argument'. I was trying to focus on why the payment was twice what I was told it was going to be and he wanted to discuss time and god! I understand your views are important to you, as mine are to me, but I was there to buy a car, not discuss theology. We hadn't even gotten to the finance part before I decided not to get the car. If he can't be professional at the time he needs to be most, trying to make the sale, I don't want to find out how unprofessional he would be during any other part of the car buying process. I think I dodged a bullet with this one.

Callie Pruitt

Zachary Looney

J. Nichols

My fiancé bought a car here and the guys were pretty good to us. They just seem short-handed.

Gaylord Miller

Anna Herrera

LeeAnn Cowan

All the people at Hertz on Lomas are always great at placing me in wonderful cars! I’m there pretty much every week!

Thomas Jolin

Up until now, I have had very pleasant experiences with Hertz. I have recently made 2 reservations... One for mid October, and one for late November. I have yet to puck up the car, but was charged for going through a toll road.... How is this possible? When I called Hertz to find out what was going on, they told me they couldn't help me... VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!

C Chavez

Great price on cars. Randy good person to deal with

Stue Trory

Unbelievably rude and disrespectful staff. No matter what your needs, look elsewhere. I just needed to rent a car and got nothing but grief from these idiots. How does treating customers like trash make ANY sense from a business standpoint? They will quote you one thing, then "miscellaneous add-ons" start piling up. These are garbage people, offering garbage service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Monique Angelina

Great sales agent, but the car is already having problems, while I was there he never even offered us a test drive if the car we purchased.

Ruth Kerr

I loved the car I rented. Staff was friendly and attentive. Rates were good. Will use again in the future.

Christopher Davis

Probably the best experience hands down on buying a car. Awesome, amazing. I recommend this place and Randy did a great job.

Leigh Molina

Looked online said cars were Available Made a reservation for a rental car, when we arrived we were told that there was a waiting list and that the only 2 available cars we're already leaving. We were told that they would try to get us into a car that day but couldn't make any promises. Very unhappy, we had to cancel our trip. I had read the negative reviews for this company prior to making the reservation but all the other companies in the area were completely booked so we decided to try it anyway. Never again!!!! If you don't have cars maby you should list it in the sight like the rest of the company's. could have saved a lot of time and money.

joann larmore

Nice place to rent car

Kevin Maresca

Shannon Mitchell

Raymond Bailie

I bought 2 cars from this place. The first time was a good deal. The second time not good. Burned by the finance department. I would have bought a truck there in the future but not now.

Eva Casias

I was appalled at the customer service provided by The manager of this location. She was extremely spiteful and unprofessional. I felt personally targeted as She acted out of spite and not according to hertz policy or the information she provided me. I already had a bad experience with the company from the jump. I went to pick up an insurance reservation and the assigned location had 0 cars. i was directed to another location with 0 cars. i finally found this location, 40 miles from my home and got a car after 3 days! Upon return was assessed a smoking fee (undisputed) and when trying to settle it the manger was vague with the information she provided me on how to settle. She told me i had 48 hrs to pay the fee. after 24 hrs i called to settle the balance and she was very short and rude with me told me i had to pay in person, so at this point I’m extremely frustrated and as I’m hanging up let out some profanity. When i pull up to pay in person 45 minutes after we hung up the the manager looked like a deer caught in headlights to see me in person and told me i could not pay in person any more and that we were expedited to a do not rent list. I felt personally victimized. No customer should ever be treated that way especially since i was trying to give the company money, no disputes. I highly recommend against this and the manager should be assessed immediately she is unfit for any type of customer service position

Michael Davis

You need to rent a vehicle, this is the place go.

Warren S.

Knowledgeable staff, did more to help me than any other dealership

Paola Loya

Worst customer service!! Van was reserved a week in advance, show up the day of to pick up and manager says van wasn’t ready! Will not recommend to anyone!!

rickey clark

Grant Collins

I made reservations for a 4 wheel drive car 2 months before my arrival in Albuquerque. When I called I was told that my vehicle was no longer available and that I made my reservation in the night before. The employee was incredibly rude. I have never experienced such horrible customer service with a rental car outfit.

Will Boelts

The staff member was very friendly and helpful, the car was great, and even though we were returning the car on a holiday when they're closed, the whole system worked very smoothly.

Larry Gutierrez

Rob Ron

These people went above and beyond for us and despite being very busy made sure our that experience there was not only a pleasant one but got my wife out, and into a car in no time. Thank you R.J. Gurry

Jason Vargas

Employee was great. More employees are needed.

Nadine Ruiz

RJ helped us in renting a car and it was more than what I expected! Amazing customer service! He was very nice and caring in making our first renting experience a great one! I've been told renting a car can be stressful but not this place! Definitely made my trip even more relaxing! Thank you!

Kimberly Raphael

Nadine Lujan

Very nice employees they were very helpful with my husband's rental


Horrible car salesman not recommended


jesus luna

Toby Oldaker

Rs J

Staff was friendly

Dennis Sorge

Good rental car place, friendly.

Crystal Zanders

In my car shopping experience, Hertz stood out in their respectfulness, professionalism and price. The negatives were their selection. Ultimately, I purchased a car elsewhere because they didn't have the car I wanted.

Leo Pacheco

Made a rent to buy reservation yesterday for 5:00 pm, had figured it would be ready by that time. Went to pick up vehicle at that time, rental person there told me it was ready to go. When I looked at the vehicle it was far from being ready to go, it was dirty and had not been detailed yet. So I was very disappointed, was very much looking forward to driving the vehicle it looked very nice on the outside. They would not release it to me because they said it hadn’t been detailed. The rental person told me that it would be ready the following day. Here it is the following day and no one has notified me that the vehicle is ready yet, tried calling to find out status of the vehicle today, talked to a lady named Karly, she was very rude and unprofessional and would not let me get a word in edge wise. So now I am very annoyed because I have not had a vehicle for a month now and they are treating me like if I am a nobody. I was willing to give them the business, but, they are acting like they do not want to sell the vehicle. So I am thinking that I will never call them again and I will never recommend them to anyone I know. This has been a very terrible experience and will never do a rent to buy with this company again.

Dan King

Wouldn't pick me up

Randall Kenna

Monique-Angelina Pinzon

A. Wellesley

The manager of the location runs a tight ship, and makes sure the customers are taken care of and the cars clean. You can expect a bit of a wait sometimes - that's the nature of the insurance car replacement rental, though. The entire staff is personable, courteous, and they deliver on what they promise. It's my location of choice for Hertz rentals in Abq.

Delana Veirs

I really am happy with my experience at Hertz. I came to buy a car & even with a low credit score & difficulty proving income asa self employed/Seasonal worker I was approved for a slightly higher car than I intended to buy & left with a beautiful, fully amped Car with low miles & spent less than any where. I also love the convenience of the no haggle prices. The team at Hertz were friendly & made me feel comfortable through the whole process.

Dillon Earhart

Elizabeth Castro

David Seymour

Raul Maynez

Deborah Gruenwald

Marcus Garcia

The absolute best customer service the business. They really go above and beyond to make sure they handle all of your vehicle needs. My thanks to the manager and her wonderful staff. I will definitely be back.

Cinthya Olivas

Jonathan Matheny

Randy, Margo, and the comedy troop made my car buying a pleasant experience. I was concerned it would be as fun as passing a kidney stone, but everyone proved me wrong.

Robert Myers

Ayman Musleh

Always amazing service

Mike Barela

My rent to buy experience was great. Time will tell, but at this point I feel comfortable that we've purchased a quality used vehicle.

Steve Moss

Over all good. Told them the rental needs to be a full-sized truck like mine as I work out of it and got a small Nissan Frontier. The insurance work on my truck was going to take longer than first projected. Called Hertz to make sure they were aware and still covered. They said yes and rental extended by insurance Co. Today when I returned the truck, suddenly there is issue with the payment they assured me was approved. Several hours later still waiting for a call from Hertz to say all is covered.

Jesse Benavidez

Anja Cazacu

Absolutely horrifying and unprofessional. Ashley was one of the most unprofessional associates I have ever worked with, she yelled and contradicted herself multiple times while never apologizing for their mistake. I had booked online a week prior to picking up the car and when I arrived I was told that I had provided the wrong number and that it is my fault for doing so. Ashley repeatedly told me that they tried to call me 1 time, the day before ( which already would be an unbelievable mistake on their end), to tell me they did not have cars. When I told her that it was an international number she started screaming at me that it is a wrong number, after multiple attempts on educating her that international numbers do not begin with an 505 area code she then changed her story and said they don't have the access to call internationally. Hertz, my assumption being, is an international car rental???? She then,crudely and vulgarly, held her hand in my face screeching : " Have a good day!". I am very disappointed. I would have expected an apology at least after such a known company made a mistake. A big mistake, not having a car after already having booked for a week??? I thought that is what this business does? I tried to complain to the manager who has not returned my call, neither was on site.

Mark A

Fast, no hassle, great service!

Laura H

I've never bought a car and wanted to write the salesmen a thank you note afterwards - until now. This was, hands down, the best car buying experience I've ever had. Randy, Phil, and the man who assisted with the car loan process were a dream team. They all made this event painless and enjoyable. I would highly recommend checking out Hertz Car Sales before going to a dealership or car lot. Their prices are unbeatable, and it's not as if you have to settle on just an okay car for paying less. I'm incredibly pleased with the outcome, and I will continue going to this location anytime I am needing to purchase a car. Edit: My husband and I had to buy another car much sooner than expected after his was recently totaled (fortunately it wasn’t the one we just bought from here last year) so we found ourselves at Hertz once again to make a purchase. It was another great experience all around. These people are seriously awesome at what they do, and just great in general. Do yourself a favor and check this place out when you need a car - You’re wasting time and money going elsewhere!

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