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Here you will see all the information of real people who purchase the services of Corley\'s Albuquerque Volvo (Rent Cars) in the area close to the state of New Mexico.

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REVIEWS OF Corley's Albuquerque Volvo IN New Mexico

Mayra Guerrero

bobs jeep

I took my F150 to Corley’s for warranty work last Monday. The rear sliding window was leaking water when I washed it and the head unit/display randomly freezes or has very significant delays responding to commands. (When the head unit freezes, I lose control of the radio, AC, heater, defroster, etc.) I was informed by Dustin that the rear sliding window did not leak and that the head unit need to have the software reinstalled. Tuesday, I was informed that the software was reinstalled, but I needed a new GPS antenna (when the head unit freezes it sometimes shows a GPS error). Corley’s ordered the GPS antenna and anticipated delivery Wednesday morning. The antenna did arrive Wednesday and it was installed the same day. I picked the truck up after work Wednesday, left the service bay, drove 20’ and the head unit locked up again. Another 20’ and the GPS error was displayed. Apparently, no one bothered to even drive the truck to ensure that the work actually repaired the truck. I immediately took the truck back to the service bay, but Dustin was gone, off property. Another advisor found a tech who indicated that I required a new control module, but he needed to retrieve the serial number on the now frozen head unit. Sometime passed and eventually the tech was able to retrieve the information. Since the module was a special order, I took the truck home. The exterior of the truck was cleaned very well by Corely’s; however, the kickplates on both sides and the driver’s door had significant amounts of grease from the technicians’ boots (see photo). Since the interior is tan in color, it was not easy to remove and required significant work. Since I was home, I turned on my iPhone and recorded video as I sprayed the back window with my hose (I live on a well share and have 25-30 psi max – very little water pressure). The water came right in (see the screen shot of the video) after a couple of seconds soaking the inside of the window and the rear seat. I expected a call Thursday from Dustin providing an update on the ordered module. Since he failed to call me in the morning, I called that afternoon and asked about the part. Dustin claimed that he had no real idea when it would arrive, but likely 2-5 business days. Since Dustin was not very specific, I called Tom the Service Director Friday morning. Tom tracked down the order and indicated that the part had arrived. Since I needed to pick up my RV in CO Monday, I called and asked Dustin if the module could be installed Saturday (the service department is open Saturday). Dustin indicated that this was a major repair and might well require the truck to be in the shop for several days. I explained that I would be forced to drive the truck to CO likely without a heater, defroster, etc (see photo). My situation did not move Dustin to provide a timely solution to the issue. I have owned several premium German cars as well as several Lexus, but have never had a service experience like the one at Corely’s. Not taking the time to check a repair before returning a vehicle to the owner, getting a significant amount of grease in the interior of the car, and then not trying to provide a timely fix to an issue when the dealership had wasted an entire week and inordinate amount of my time. I wonder if this is the normal service experience for Lincoln owners in Albuquerque? Subsequent to this experience at Corley’s, I took my F150 to Chalmers Ford the following Tuesday morning (after thawing from my roundtrip to CO). Trent had the issue diagnosed by 1000, order the API module, with installation the following morning. I was informed the actual replacement of the module required 1-1.5 hours and that the its failure is common (so common that Ford has extended the warranty coverage for this issue). Great timely service.

Nicholas W

Took our Volvo in for service here a couple times. They "lost" our undercarriage shield and charged $400 to not find an electrical problem. Not recommended. And don't sign up for emails. The unsubscribe button is a placebo.

Matthew Perez

Waiting to see how it goes

J p64

Corley always provides great customer service. You never feel like you are being pressured. Looking for one of the safest vehicles on the road these days, then Volvo is the way to go.

Paul Schmittle

We had a wonderful experience with Corley's Volvo, and it was fantastic working with Rick Patel. He answered all of our questions, never tried to pressure us, and worked with us to get a car that we love. We would highly recommend Corely's and especially Rick.

Cordell Barrett

The “yes we can” attitude that they portray at this dealership is all smoke and mirrors. I know that car dealerships are already the low of the low because they will do anything to make a penny. On the sales side it was a pretty decent experience. When it came time for them to following up with me they don’t believe in that I was never called back once in the now 2 months I have been waiting for a license plate. The finance manager is nice but he has said he would follow up and keep me informed multipack times and I have not heard from him once except for when I called him or went there. Then there is lady who I guess does the titles Nicole is her name she has given me by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. She is quite frankly lazy and all she wants to do is pass the blame to someone else, take responsibility for nothing and do nothing but sit in her cubical all day. So I guess you all just answer the phone “yes we can” but what you all really should be saying is “we don’t care” cuz I have not found one person at this dealership who really cares about the customers. I have been driving Mercedes for years and people would always ask me why I would spend so much more money for a car and this is why if I walk across the street I would have never gotten treated like this. I have been made to feel like everything is such a hassle and a burden for the staff members, last time I checked I’m only asking them to do their job. So if there jobs are such a burden then maybe they should find different ones that are not so difficult because I don’t think people with bad attitudes should be working interacting with customers. I would personally never buy a car from this dealership again mostly because their image is a lie and the customer service is awful.

Annie Chavez

We had the BEST experience with Corleys Volvo! We had the absolute pleasure of working with George Benavides. He was attentive, had the answer to every question we asked, and really went above and beyond for us. We hope to work with George and Corelys again in the future and HIGHLY recommend that if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle that you go to Corleys and ask for George!

Tom Lyman

We checked out almost every manufacturer in town and after doing so Corley Volvo was the best match for us. The new Volvo models offer exceptional driving comfort, world class safety features, and awesome performance. Finally, our sales consultant, George Benavides, and I mean consultant, and not an in your face constantly closing robot, was awesome. He really knew the car's feature and benefits inside and out. Finally, today's cars are as much "tech" as they are machines. George was totally in command on these "tech" matters and was able to effectively and comfortably educate us. Finally the driver interface ( dials, buttons, touch screen, etc) was very easy to understand. It is super intuitive. The touch screen is like a using a oversize smartphone screen. Hope this helps Tom

Jeff the Jerk

Mary James

I love the S60 T5 AWD as this is my fifth Volvo. However, the dealership has major issues with thier business office. They have failed to payoff my trade-in after five weeks and made major mistakes on the Lease document - three separate times! No one returns my calls as they appear apathetic to the issues which are a financial burden to pay on a trade-in I no longer have possession of, and liable for paying on an inflated lease payment.. I am tired of hearing the phone answered with "Yes we Can" every time I call, when it is clear to me that " No They Can't".

Omnius Technologies

John Peter

they provide you with great help when they want to sell you a car but the service dpt is horrible for sure. They definitely lost a client. So disappointing

Matias Madrid

This place is awful -- terrible, aggressive, money-grubbing service. They are more than willing to literally withhold your keys to try and get you to sign a deal even if you tell them no repeatedly. The staff is despicable and only cares about money. Completely dishonest and incompetent. I would skip these buffoons and order via Volvo; these people don't deserve your money.

Mark Newman

This is an awesome dealership! The entire staff treated us with the utmost courtesy and professionalism throughout our entire purchase. They were remarkably efficient at providing exactly what we needed in a most polite manor. This dealership's team works so well together to absolutely streamline what can be a cumbersome process. Purchasing from this dealership was a soothing experience. Lyric greeted us at the front door with a warm smile and we ended up closing my deal in a very short period of time. Jeanette was an absolute pleasure to work with in finalizing everything. She is so sweet, she even bought us lunch very unexpectedly and delivered it on a silver platter. No kidding. We will definitely do business with Corleys in the future. A solid 10 out of 10 would be my score.

Jason Hudson

Benny Roybal

Every SUV had excessive miles put on them. Even their 2020's...crazy. Sales person was great, Manger was not the best. It's hard to pay great money for a 2020 with hundreds or even thousands of miles on it already. Volvo has a crazy rule on lending or letting miles build up on there cars.

patrick johnson

Robert Spinner

Nice easy to access place.

Chiato G

Never had any issue with sales or service. Everyone has been helpful and supportive from start to finish.

Norman Gagne

After another driver ran a stop sign and caused damage sufficient for my insurance company to declare my Volvo XC90 (purchased at Corley’s) a total loss, I visited the dealership to consider a newer XC90 in their inventory. I was initially greeted cordially, even given a voucher for a discount in their cafe. I test drove the vehicle with a nice young man and had interest in discussing purchasing it. A manager, I believe his name was Gabriel, became involved. What followed was neither cordial nor professional. The manager began a series of high pressure sales tactics in which he continually made rapid fire changes to his offer all the while pressing me to sign a purchase agreement. During this time he made at least one and perhaps two demonstrably false statements. When he made his “last” offer and I responded that I would like to think about it, he told me that the offer was good only so long as I was in the showroom and would be withdrawn if I left. He abruptly got up and walked away with the written offer in hand without shaking my hand, saying goodbye or offering any other courtesy. I was stunned at the high pressure tactics and at his rudeness. Had we been able to reach a deal it would have been my fourth Volvo purchased from Corley’s. All the rest of my purchase experiences, although they all dated to the dealership’s time on Lomas, were more than satisfactory. As it was, I bought a similar vehicle from another dealership and do not plan to visit Corley’s again. The treatment I received was what one might expect from a fly by night used car dealership on Central in Albuquerque and not from an established dealership selling top brands to discerning customers. This development saddens me as I had previously held the dealership in high regard.

Carolyn Cabell

Jastin Paul

Richard Doty

I did read some of the prior reviews and I think it depends on the sales person and if you are financing through the dealership. Our sales person was Aileen and he did a great job of taking care of our needs. No pressure at all on vehicle selection, had relevant information on the vehicle, and treated us with respect. There was the standard negotiating issues back and forth over a few hours, but in the end we got the deal we wanted. The price of the 2017 vehicle was right at KBB "fair market value" when we walked in the door. Ultimately, we got the vehicle for $1400 less than that amount (we had no trade) and a sizable discount on a warranty. We already had financing through our own bank so that part was a breeze. Just presented the letter from the bank and a routing number and we were done. Also.....this is a MUST.....if you get a chance to eat the Corley's cafe upstairs, definitely do so! The food is great.

Olena Mccormick

Fernando Rodriguez

Called the main number and the woman who answered the phone literally asked me if a D13 Volvo is a car! I knew at that point not to bring my truck there if that's who they have answering the phones in the service/repair department.

Alex Aragon


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