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To this day this firm has a rating of 2.1 stars out of 5 and the rating is based on 89 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Economy Rent-A-Car IN New Jersey

Patrick Kammerer

The staff at the counter were friendly, but pretty much everything else was terrible. TONS of hidden fees that they don't disclose until you actually show up. Even though they quote you a total price, you're supposed to read the fine print about needing a round trip plane ticket from Newark so you don't have a mileage limit, or the additional insurance that isn't baked in like most other rental services. It's also impossible to get to the site purely by public transportation. You have to be picked up at a terminal by their shuttle to get to the rental area. Would recommend you pay just a little extra to go to literally any of the other rental car services.

Jason Green

Worst place ever horrible customer service some manager hung the phone up on me And it’s like nobody speaks good English there an doesn’t understand anything you’re saying

Quaeesha Coppedge

The Hip Abduction

Joke. Don’t waste time use one of the nicer companies that are in the airport. First you have to wait for a shuttle. Then you will wait for at least 45 min to get your car. The person doing the paperwork actually goes to get your car when done. Lol. Worse than my recent South America and Central American Rental car companies I’ve used.

Ramon Rincon

"On line" good prices, in person another story.

Deed Ziegler

Robin Griffin

Pretty good. Its a first come first service place. Even if you have a reservation We would rent there again.

Ryan Fox

This is the worst rental car service you could possibly use

Isabel Elsesser

the pick up shuttle at the airport is difficult and they do not care one bit. The driver said my husband had an attitude and the driver dropped us at the wrong office to pick up our car.

A. Marshall

Very difficult to find inconvenient location. I called for the 24/7 Park Plus shuttle and the guy verified my reservation time for 1030am. And then said, "It's 8 o'clock." As if I was out of line or inconveniencing him by calling for a ride. I was told that if I picked up early, I would have to drop the car at the same time. I told them that was fine. When I arrived at the rental office I was then told that I would have to wait until 10:30 because it would change the price of the car. Sitting here and my car is available. Was willing to pay more for the extra hours, but they have allowed me to waste my time. Never again.

Ganesh Srinivasan

Yes, you have to take shuttle to get to this location thats why they were priced 35% less that the other biggies. Shuttle came within 15 their number to get the pickup instructions from each terminal. I was 40mins late drop off and no overcharge.

Style Haiti


Emilio V.

Worst experience ever! Unsafe car (bold tires) The lady was extremely aggressive!

chirayu shah

When I saw the reviews online It was terrible But definitely was satisfied with the service

Truel Polite

Very unorganized. Tells you one price without telling you the whole price and you wind up spending more. Don't go through details thoroughly. Very nonchalant in reacting to problems like they don't care. Yep this is my first and last time dealing with them. Even my bank had to intervene on my behalf due to negligent of they're behavior and how they work. So nope never again. The first shall be the last.

Sean Dunn

If I could give this company a zero star I would. I booked and prepaid through Expedia. When I got to this place they told me that I had to pay for extra insurance. This undisclosed cost was $200. This was $50 less than the total rental price. Then the guy told me that they only took credit cards or cash. When I asked if they had an ATM I was told rudely, no but you can walk to the hotel down the street and use theirs. This is a contradiction to the email that Economy Rent A Car sent me, as they were telling me that they would not refund my prepaid amount. I didn't get a car and I have lost $255.

tina sinker

Terrible! Customer service was rude to an international traveler. Waited for the shuttle for 15 minuets! Spend the extra money for a reputable company!

J. Tiago

Anish Aswani

Awful place. Rude representative. Rental car brakes squeaked and were grinding. Turn sign didn’t work. Told me I had 1 hour leeway then charged me an extra day for 1 min late. Shuttle took 20 mins from the dispatch time both times.

John Asberry

The car wasn't the greatest

Paul Wildfeir

Not worth your time!!!

Sheena Thomas

Carlos Morales

Do not rent from this place false advertising with "unlimited mileage" and just terrible customer service. Never will I rent from this terrible company again !

Linnette Ruiz

I flew in from out of town and rented from your Newark airport location. Jaime front counter was amazing helpful and very professional.

Anish Goyal

very inconvenient location, below average service

Bill Kushner

This place is a scam. First of all it’s not at the airport, like the other car rental places, it’s at the edge of an offsite car park. Secondly, the entire time we were attempting to rent a car, we were being yelled at. First by the agent, and then by “the boss” James. We finally left without taking a car.

Terrence Hyden

DONT TAXI HERE UNTIL YOU VERBALLY VERIFY YOUR RESERVATION IS GOOD! No stars is not an option unfortunately.. Service staff is horrible they sit around talking amongst themselves ignoring customers. *You cannot rent a car if your not flying into Newark airport. They do not mention this online when you reserve - you will get a call shortly after reserving online to notify you of this policy. Oddly enough this policy is not posted anywhere at the location its only verbal.

rakim sadat

sammy Ben

CROOKS DO NO RENT FROM THEM OR ECONOMY RENT A CAR ITS THE SAME BUSINESS!! . dishonest company i returned the car in middle of the night as i was told to . they claimed there was damage on their vehicle, they fabricated photos from some other accident claiming it was my damage . fortunately i took photos when i returned the car and there was no damage. so they can't claim it . but they are not giving me my deposit back 3 months later . STAY AWAY FROM DRIVO AND ECONOMY RENT A CAR .

Dan Welch

Great experience. Location isn’t optimal but the rates were about 75% lower than what I found with the major chains. The shuttle pick up process was explained well by their automated system and the people were great to deal with. I’d definitely go back in the future.

Diego Paoletti

I pre-paid a car to pick up at San Diego CA airport, I was late so they told me the car was not anymore available and they offer me a more expensive car.. So if was pre-paid it should be available even if I was a day or two late!!!!!! also they charge me other money for liability insurance and many hidden fees. They just trick you, with viscid compliments like" wow you have a beautiful dress.. or similar" to try to charge you extras extras and extras...THEY ARE NOT HONEST avoit this company

Willy L. Suarez

(Translated by Google) Very bad (Original) Muy malo

Government Worker

So my son is on hold with this company this guy who answers the phones needs to be fired . My son had this A hole on speaker and he hung up the phone in mid conversation . Now this coward wont answer called my son the vulgar slur and keeps hanging up this is the worst company ever in my life of dealing with car rental companies . He work in the driver rep portion on the automated line in Newark New Jersey.

Dush Zutshi

I had a confirmed reservation for a van, 2 months in advance & on last day they said not available. Ridiculous!!

Angel Rodeiguez

Worse place to rent anythig

Gregory Waltenberg

Azharuddin Shaik

Not a bad place. Serena helped me with all the details of Rental agreement...Also this place is convenient as you don't have to drive into airport ( for locals). The drop off was also easy..Thanks Sernea...

Aldik Garifulla

Erik Termander

Was charged $80 extra than the stated price on Priceline for liability insurance. Was charged a ridiculous service fee ($25) for using the E-Z pass system which is supposed to be a fully automatic toll payment system (as in no manual work required for the rental company!). It's just one of many ways a bad rental company uses to squeeze money out of its customers. Very off location, had to call for a special shuttle and this information was not readily available anywhere. 2 stars, did not get completely scammed!

Steve Roy

Across the highway adjacent to the airport. Place was dirty, worker was not attentive as he walked into service area. He ignored customers while he was on his phone. Then switched to the work phone without greeting customers. No bell to reach workers but they had surveillance monitors inside service area. Lucky for us a worker had come into work and began to help us..after a 10min wait. We rented a vechile on line for 2days totals $65.00 which is quite reasonable for NY. However the service attendant tried to convince us to buy their insurance for a ridiculous rate of $30 a day!!! Which we declined of course after hearing it was detrimental as part of policy. Nope! This wasn't our first rodeo. Car was dirty insude and had minor dings...which were recorded by an ipad from the service person. Most rental companies are more lenient to those things. This company however made it uncomfortable in wanting to rent from them. Because of any possible slight ding and scratch, you would be held liable and im sure given an absurd gross amount of money. And ironically this company had merged with another company, yet still seemed not competent. I did return vehicle unscathed. No..i will not rent here again. Nor would i recommend thus rental servuce. Until some of their policies are addressed and they clean up their act.

George Mechreki

Waring. Waring, Waring, Don't be a victim Zero star is too much On arrival at Newark airport I called 973420008 for shuttle pick at 5.03 pm on the 24 April 2018 line drops out, then keep trying every a few minutes by 5.14 pm go through all the prompts when their line Conveniently drop out, called 5.16 pm a male talks to me gives me direction to pick up zone, bus bay 1 opposite terminal C and wait for a black Mercedes Van, at 5.32 I called to quires my shuttle pick up and was speaking to a female asking how long is the shuttle going to be or should I be get some one else? abruptly the male picks up to phone and says we have cancelled your pick up. Then I called 8773267368 assuming this is the rental car number to get some help and info on how can I find my way to the car rental area, explaining what had just happened to me by the shuttle company, only to be transferred to the same arrogant male person that had just cancelled my shuttle pick up, asking him again how to get to the car rental area, this time he says that he has cancelled the whole booking Realising that this man is the Prosecutor, the Jury. the Judge & the Executor. Finding our self totally stranded by the action of this person I have decided to write this review for the first time in life as an advice to any one seeking or contemplating to rent a vehicle from Economy Rent a Car at this location to think again as no price is worth the wait the pain and the heartache that this person will cause you and became a victim to his gratification I would also like to Advice Economy Rent a Car that this arrogant, heartless and callous Person should not be on your team as he has left me, my Sister and my wheel chair bound niece stranded in the cold of the evening after almost 26 hours of flying and transiting thought airports

Barrett Moorhouse

Waited 45 minutes for shuttle.. after several calls and assurances, shuttle never came. After reading reviews I may have dodged a bullet.

Dylan Easterday

Not trustworthy and terrible service.

Blanca Edna Velez Young

False advertising

chandresh upadhyay

good price

Sahadia Charles

Nitin Gupta

Had bad experience

Emilio Brezicki


Mary Harth

Very bad customer service. Rate was different than what I was quoted at. Would have rather spent extra money to go with a bigger company. Very shady area. A few miles up the road and the oil change light came on. The return process was better than the pick up. But had to wait 45 minutes for the shuttle to bring us back to the airport.


Had what I needed and a vets discount. A1

Robin Perlas

Forget about the price you see online... This place has all the fees you could ever dream! After adding insurance, extra driver, and E-ZPass, we had to cough up over $200 more than expected. Never again!!

Paul Cousins

Worst hire company ever. Gave up trying to deal with the sad, rude, lying employee at the desk. Went back to the airport terminal and hired from there and they were actually cheaper after you take away all of the hidden costs added on by this bunch of scammers.


probably the rudest staff I’ve ever seen/met

Léa Bouffaut

marc wezdecki

The worst customer service in the world. I reserved a car only to be told once there that I needed boarding pass. Just THE WORST. THESE GUYS ARE DISHONEST CROOKS.

Karen Lee

Great service

yehuda king

Car was great. Very easy to get to. Just keep in mind the eazy pass is expensive but a needed add-on. I used the GPS which was useful but sometimes useless

Javier Ortiz

When you go cheap, this is what you get. However, if you want the experience of feeling like you're meeting with mobsters at a chop-shop and are about to get whacked, then this is the place for you.

Maritza Montalvo

Michael Montalvo

DON'T COME HERE. The worst! Made a played reservation. The said No you have here! And security deposit and extra insurance. PS. Went to another rental agency, and it was a better experience. More a professional business atmoshere.No security deposit!!! They did not video record the car before nor after. Gave them a better back. Also spoke to Expedia about open disclosure policies on all rental agencies they deal with be on the web site.

Katrina Boggiano

The cheap price for the cars is reflected in the customer service. Very poorly trained staff that have no knowledge of their policies or procedures. Spend a bit more money and go with a reputable car rental company. Don't waste your time with this one.

Roy Traina

Stay away from this place. I've rented cars all over the world and never had a worst experience. For example, I went to return a child seat we had rented for 5 days of our 12 day rental and was told it would have to be kept (and paid for) for the entire rental. It took persistence on my part to get them to change it.

Kim Bitter

Let me tell you a story about renting a car from Economy in Newark . . . . I reserved it online - seemed like any other car rental. I travel A LOT for work and rent A LOT of cars . . . . . . around the world . . . . . . . . nothing like this has ever happened to me before. While using my Visa card I was told that because it was a debit card they would require me to give them a $350 deposit on top of the cost of the car. Seemed a little steep, but I went with it. Then they asked for all of my insurance information - how much my deductible was, how much I carried for collision and all of the details. I said that I probably wouldn't rent from this company again because this was a huge hassle. The representative slammed my Visa and driver's license on the counter and said he would not rent me a car. If I was not going to speak to him nicely (I wasn't rude, just mentioned I wouldn't rent from them again.) then he had the power to not rent me a car. I asked to speak to the manager. The manager refused to come out. Another representative came out and apologized for the rude behavior of her coworker and began to work on getting me a car. She then received a call from the manager - cowering in the back office - to say that he would not authorize her to rent me a car . . . . . . that I had already reserved. She apologized profusely and arranged for the shuttle driver to take me back to the airport so I could use another car company for my needs. The things that are the most frustrating about this whole situation are that the "customer service representative" obviously wasn't into any type of customer service - he became so instantly angry his co-worker was appalled. The other thing about the situation that bespeaks terrible customer service is that the manager was too cowardly to come out and discuss the situation with an upset customer. I am a nurse - part customer service part life saving treatments . . . . . . . I would never have spoken to someone the way I was spoken to. Please do yourself a favor and don't chance it with the customer service at Economy Rent a Car. No one deserves what I went through there. PS - I ended up at Hertz without a reservation and although they are usually more expensive the customer service was first rate and after hearing our story he cut us a good deal AND used my debit card without a problem . . . . . . . . just like I have done at hundreds of locations around the world . . . . . . . .

Mikhael Lerer

what a rip-off place. Stay away. Priceline should not even offer this crooked establishment. EZ pass usage cost close to 50 dollars for 2 days on tolls that are no more than10 bucks in total, no bridges, just straight travel on NJ Turnpike back and from exit 3. Then they scrape the bumper while you are returning your vehicle and add this to your charge too. If you are not travelling alone-one person should stay with the car. Horrible place!!!!!!!

Nawel Thomas

Definitely the worst rental agency I've ever been to. Their lack of experience and extreme lack of professionalism was clear the minute I entered the place. It was like they were making the extra effort of being unhelpful with every step of the rental piling on additional charges as well till the minute of payment where they could not even bother to look for change for a twenty when I chose to pay cash. I wait to see what 'other' extra charges they have charged to my card after this.


Absolutely horrible. DONT DO IT!! ITS SO BAD, I'M HAVING MY MOTHER PICK ME UP. FORGET THIS!!! Never again!!! I hate myself for booking with them seriously spend the extra buck and book elsewhere. Unprofessional. THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT THIS IS, YOU DON'T PAY UNTIL YOU PICK UP THE CAR SO THEY CAN KEEP THAT MESS OF A BUSINESS. I landed at 5:30pm and still no one at the airport even knows how to get here. First of all, this rental car is off the airport site. I didn't even know that. Spent the last 30 minutes going back and forth. Then I finally call and the guy is so rude rushing me off the phone. I mean this is a place of business, how are you possibly this unprofessional. HE LITERALLY PLACED ME ON HOLD WHILE I WAS TALKING. I CALLED BACK HE HUNG UP. I CALLED BACK AGAIN AND HE WAS RAISING HIS VOICE IN ANNOYANCE. SERIOUSLY I CAN'T MAKE THIS UP! I'd rather walk next time. Worst experience ever!

Theresa Richetts

Steve J

We had a good experience with Economy Rental in Newark NJ. I am not sure what everyone else is giving bad reviews about. They were friendly and helpful, the car was nice and when we told them we didn't want any add ons, it was no problem. The shuttle to their place and back to the airport was fine. I would have given them five stars but the place is a little difficult to get to when returning the car.

Ian Piscitelli

Can we go lower than 1 Star? Worst place ever, was told that this location would be open for the drop off but obviously it wasn’t. Not professional at all, worst service I’ve ever had. I’d rather walk

D Emile

Derik Stowell

It's bad guys... Uncoordinated and you have to schedule the shuttle pickup.. I know the cheap rental looks enticing, but pay the couple of extra bucks and get your car in 10 minutes... If you DO go this route after reading this review, please comment on here so I can say I told you so.

Mahesh Patro

It was good service.

martha martha

Very helpful staff

Darren Williams

hanwen ding

rude service hidden cost

Linda Rubingh

This was the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I found the rental through Priceline and both were horrible. When I went to pick up my rental I wasn't allowed to use my debit card without steep added fees required by Economy. When I decided to cancel my reservation I was told I had to cancel officially through Priceline. When I tried to do this, Priceline stated I was charged a no-show fee by Economy and I needed to call them. Every time I called one, they said I needed to call the other. I finally was able to resolve the issue, but only after hours of torture. STAY AWAY!

Karlene Hart

I agree with the other reviews

Alok Vyas

Nice cars, friendly and prompt service

Gurpreet Singh

Rude Staff.. Alot of hidden cost...shittiest car i ever rented! Dont go for small per day price that they advertise they have hidden charges, like mandatory collision damage insurance about $15/day, that make it more costlier then any others.


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! This is hands-down the absolute worst car rental company I have used in my life. I made a reservation with Expedia. When I showed up at Economy Rent a Car, they told me the car I had reserved was not available. I was with 6 people! The agent was extremely rude and didn’t make any attempt even to explain. He just turned away. We had to make a last-minute rental that cost us twice the amount and took a long time to process. We were late to our event. What a hell! And to make matters worse, Economy Rent a Car still CHARGED ME FOR THE RENTAL. It took me hours of customer service hell to get this sorted out. Worst experience ever!

Rajender Vankudothu

Worst experience

Nick Agris

Horrible! Avoid at all costs!! I booked here and after waiting well over an hour with my son and wife for their "10-20" minute van I was told my rate went up by $200! NEVER AGAIN!

alfredo gonzalez

Worse service ever

Christin Amena

Is there a no stars button!??? I will NEVER go to this place again. I rented a minivan so that me and my family could drive to Virginia from New Jersey. things seem to be okay as a pulled away from the parking lot got on the freeway went through the motions by the time we got passed Atlantic City, the van was kind of doing weird things and shaking just a little but we didn't pay attention to it as much because we know that the streets are bumpy in New Jersey and on the freeway by the time we got to Virginia and finally settled in once we started the car and drove again we realized that the car needed a complete wheel alignment along with rotors and brakes. I was so busy the first night that I got to Virginia because I was late that I didn't get a chance to call but the following morning I did call and the home office. Eli the manager with an attitude, instructed me to take the vehicle to any service station and make them do a diagnostic on the vehicle and then send them the video so they can pay for it. This should not be a part of my vacation and sadly it wasn't because I couldn't even find anywhere that will service the vehicle. Taking time away from my family to worry. This was completely unfair the first time that I called in concerning the situation they waved $13 for my bill. When I called in again to speak with the manager because I was unsatisfied with the results and I was actually concerned about the safety of someone else driving the vehicle the gentleman gave me the run-around and said Eli was not in and that he would be in the next day. With great hopes I called back the next day because Eli did not call me back 3 days later I called in a complete outrage and spoke with another manager that was there. He waved $50 from my bill. I could not believe thid.. not only did I have terrible customer service with this Branch but Eli having an attitude when I called concerning the car which was absolutely ridiculous. As someone who is paying money to go on a vacation which is not cheap I'm expecting to have an amazing time and not have to worry about my family safety on the road. This trama caused bitterness and contention between my husband, as he was interested in knowing where and why I had rented this car. I do not like being misrepresented as a thorough wife. This whole trip just seemed to be ruined because of this situation. I asked to speak to higher-ups when I called and there was no higher-ups. Please do not rent from this place this is the second time that I rented from this place and had a problem. The very first time that I rented from this place was last year. I kept getting the feeling that the vehicle had been involved in an accident. It was just very shaky and I could tell that the hood of the car was looking at it was tilted. I asked if the car had been in an accident and they proceeded to give me little to no money off of my bill. I am very unsatisfied with this company and I think that they should be shut down. do not rent out cheaper cars so that you can still make good money because at the end of the day someone safety their children and their family is more important than you trying to make coins and dollars to put in your pocket while everyone else is risking their lives on a freeway and miles and miles away from their home. Because I rented the car New Jersey and the other district was in Virginia I couldn't go to one of their regular service stations. This is very very ridiculous. please make a note of this as I will be updating every social media Network that I can, concerning this company. this is an outrage and I feel like I should have received a completely freeI rental vehicle. One dependable to let me and my family try to drive to Virginia from new Jersey.

Simranjeet Narula

Horrible service and many hidden costs

Adam Windak

Nate Showalter

I was disappointed in the slow shuttle service (I ended up getting a taxi), and the required liability insurance which made total cost more than competitors. I won’t rent with Economy again.

Dazz Ortiz

Not bad but, waited forever for the ride to get car.

Anthony Robinson

Everything says they close at 10. They were closed by 9. You have no clue how to get to the car lot. I could literally write a book about how terrible the service is but it’s not worth the time. Don’t ever rent here. I spent over an hour trying to reach the car rental location and never got a car. Terrible

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