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REVIEWS OF Budget Car Rental IN New Jersey

Curt Rivadeneira

Jose Loya

Excelente agencia.

Jenessa Bayliss

Phillip Otero

If I could give LOWER than one star I would!!!! These people are CROOKS and the owner is a self righteous A**hole!!! Tried to charge me $100 EXTRA on a reservation that was booked and ALREADY PAID FOR!!! I will NEVER EVER do business at this location ever again and I would NOT recommend these people to ANYONE!!!! CROOKS!!!!

Jacob Griego

Bailey Olguin

This was our drop off location and the customer service was low grade. Rude employees that did not care to help us out. Spent over 600 bucks and was sent back to refuel the truck for 2 gallons. Or else we would have been charged $30 plus price per gallon.

Paul Kinsel Jr

linda labrec

Michael Files

Impossible to get a hold of a human. Most infuriating automatic phone system of all time.

Julia Downs

Do not rent. Do not rent. Do not rent. Been waiting an HOUR for a car to be ready. All the other rental companies are empty. Spend the extra $$ for literally anything other than Budget or Avis.

Michael Gonzalez

Great service EVERY time!

Derek Vallem

Prepaid $459.88 but charges were $430.45. Was told I would not get a refund for the $29.43 overcharge! Lots of hidden fees!

Courtney Reisig

The people working the front desk here are so friendly and patient. I even saw a man ahead of me in line get very angry and upset with something going wrong with his reservation, and the employees handled the situation very well. They make sure you are comfortable and happy with the vehicle you get. I rented 2 cars from this location in a few days and both were great vehicles for a very low price. While I have gotten much nicer vehicles from other rental companies, I also paid a higher price for those. If you want a decent car for a decent price, this is your place.

Ida Barker

Craig Buma

Excellent rental experience overall, friendly helpful staff and quick service.

Tim Ossinger

Great rental experience at TF Green/PVD. Will definitely use again on my next trip.

Erin Mitchell

They were great to work with

stefanie newman

Pre-pay is wonderful! Staff were great. Car was immaculate.

barbara richardson

It was quick and the person at the counter at the Burlington Airport was so very helpful. I was traveling with my friend who has a brace on her right foot, walks with a cane and couldn't handle waiting with all our luggage until I brought the car around. A young man went and got the car for me and helped me load the luggage in the trunk. I was so grateful.

Brent Harper

People were very helpful. Car met expectations.

Beverly Friedman

Larry Thomas

Good prices and good customer service

Matthew L. Crawford

I was a little nervous about going through the process after what I had read online, but I must say they were fast and friendly and efficient when it was my turn, both at pickup and delivery later on. Great team!

Danielle Carrier

First time booking a rental car for us. We booked the rental through a 3rd party website at a discounted rate and left our hotel to pick up the car. The process was very easy and the attendant was friendly and informative. The rental car was a BRAND NEW Toyota Corolla. Would absolutely reccomend renting from Budget.

Paul Grey

Great rental car experience with Budget on family vacation at Hilton Head SC. Flew into Charleston airport and Budget rental car desk was right next to baggage claim in Charleston. Keys to rental car were waiting for us thanks to Fastbreak membership and within 5 mns we were driving South headed to Hilton Head in which we made it no problem. Drop off process at different airport in Savannah, GA was smooth as can be also. Drove right into rental drop off zone right next to airport terminal. Car was cleared within minutes no issues and we walked into airport. Thanks Budget! P.S. may need to top off air in tires and check washer fluid as car gave low warning on both of these but we had no issues with it, I just put some air in tires to be safe.

finbar o'sullivan

Great service and great staff! they went out of there way to get me on the road as soon as possible.

Michael Balassone

This has been the most deplorable experience i have had the displeasure of being a part of. I Called a half hour before my reservation time to check to see if my reservation was ready to be picked up and they charged me a 50 dollar fee because they thoight i was modify the reservation. I had to speak to 3 different representatives to get that issue resolved. When i picked up the car i was given a compact when I paid for a midsize and had to speak to another 2 representatives before i got the correct car. Finally, when I get into the car it smells terribly of cigarette smoke and there are stains in the back seat that look as though someone had an intimate experience back there, but of couse this was the only mid size available. I HIGHLY suggests using a different rental company.

Eric Knapp

Very poor customer service. Not representative of this local counter but reflective of the company's infrastructure.

Angelique Green

Guy on the phone was awesome even helped me with his discount. Got to the location and the manager was nice, but once i returned the car i called the day b4 to the customer service to let them know i would b late returning by an hour or two she gave me no help but ok return it then they'll help you. Returned the car where the owners daughter was checking me out cause she was busy. The girl had no idea of what she was doing and had 2 ask the other guy 4 help as instructed by the manager, The manager asked why she still standing there go get help She moving slow.all while assisting a gentleman. Very rude i was in no rush. Afterwards needless 2 say 2 days later i was charged an extra day. Something that wasn't on my receipt, i want told or forewarned.Will NEVER go to this location again until they get a new manager.

Tracy & Jim Rogers

Dirty car, unfriendly staff

Savannah Leah Cecile Raiten

I’ve always had positive experiences with Budget, which is why I was even more put off by the terrible service. The clerk was very nice, but when we got in our car, there were napkins, spare change, and residue from something that spilled from the last renters! When we asked for it to be cleaned, the man who parks the cars grabbed the keys from us and peeled out into the garage with a total attitude. PEELED OUT. We thanked him when he returned with the car, he just brushed passed us without a word or eye contact. Definitely calling for a refund of some sort.

Nathan Kudla

Picked me up on time and very professional!

R. Mags

Quick service done by George.


You can realize why their Stars are so low. Really terrible service and staff!!!

Richard M

This is simply the best car rental place in the nearby area. Small outfit, friendly staff, efficient service.

Sam McManus

Absolutely awful. I've been waiting an hour and I'm halfway to the counter. This is the slowest service I've ever seen. Only booked with budget because it was my last choice. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Keith Quick

Hands down the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Apparently they feel it is good business practice to take advantage of a mother flying alone with four young children and not make it right when they get caught. My wife arrived on a late flight with four young kids. They get the reserved car and of course the kids are ready to go after flying in from Florida. So the attendant rushes through the paperwork, sign here, here, here etc and explains very little to my wife who is trying to keep track of kids and this weasel. In the process, they sign her up for car coverage, turning our $450 rental into an $850 rental. We NEVER get this coverage and rent cars fairly frequently. We had no clue until we saw it on our bank account a couple days later. We thought they double charged us. So I tried to get a hold of the location at TF Green Airport, this was impossible. 9 calls to get through. Finally after fighting with corporate and then getting ahold of the lady manager at this location I felt like we were going to get this settled...boy oh boy was I wrong. The manager acts like she was going to help, then gets back on the line and states to me "I'm not willing to refund the coverage" stating that she does not believe that the employee didn't explain it thoroughly to my wife. So now we are liars I guess. I express what a load of BS that was and she gets snippy and says "there's nothing I can do about it". Well, then I had to clarify because she first stated she wasn't willing to do anything, a conscious decision not to help me because she believed I was lying. Then she says she can't do anything like its not possible. Basically, they swindled a distracted mother, doubled our costs, and then called us liars and basically told us to go screw ourselves. So if this is the type of experience you are looking for, Budget at TF Green Airport will not disappoint. We thought that by using what we thought to be a reputable rental company such as Budget that we were safe. Unfortunately, they have no concern for the customer and operate like sleazy used car salesmen. Good job folks, you got us good!

Tor Langlo

Two hour wait (and still waiting) for a van reserved a long time ago. No communication while waiting, no humility, no apologies. Unacceptable, will not use Budget in the future.

Roller Simmer

Ellen P

I reserved a compact car for last Wednesday but when I arrived Budget could only give me a large truck. I am a cancer patient on chemotheropy and cannot climb into a truck. I had to rent a hotel room in Burlington for the night and get a car the next day from Enterprise who were very accommodating. I don’t understand why Budget would not honor a reservation made a week prior and save a car. The clerk at the counter could not count to 5 (as in 5 sets) of keys and told a different set of lies to each customer. He was the most incompetent/dishonest person on the planet . Never rent a car from Budget; go to Enterprise instead

erik rikansrud

Gabe Labbe

Not friendly at this location at all. I read the reviews about showing up a little early to avoid wait times only to be told I can’t pick up until my reservation time which was 30 mins away! I showed up at 9:00am my reservation was 9:30am. So they wanted to charge me more and I simply said I’ll sit/wait out the 30 mins. Really?! That’s customer service? I’m sitting here waiting and thought I’d leave my bad review now. I’m literally going to let them know you have 2 mins to complete my paperwork and get me in the car. This company deserves a ZERO out 5.

Roman Pekar

Rip off. Avoid. My car was hit and run. My insurance won’t cover rental car and I left with all financial damages and no car. The insurance sent their prearranged prices but didn’t reserve a car... the Hertz didn’t have any cars available. Then it came to Budget- apparently they are taking the advantage of walk-ins - $502 for a weekly rate. I end up for $114 (a day), then cut down to $90 when I returned the car 23 hours later. I was forced to accept LDW... Also - when I picked a car on lot it had an open door. The heavy smell didn’t go away even after I left the windows open. The car - small SUV - Ford Escape; I put 67 miles on it (commute to work and back and commute from the airport and back).

Rongjun Yao

This is worst place to get a car. You should never try them unless you have any other choice. I rented for one day, I had reservation, my customer was waiting for me. When I get to the counter, found there is no car available, they made me to wait for 3 hours to get the car, and said it's going to be 150 dollars, which I decided to pay. Once I returned the car, I was actually charged 177 dollars and then I received another 37 dollars of charge without any explanation. So I will never rent a car from them. I would give 0 start if the system is allowed.

Richard Lambert

I needed to rent the car for business and for multiple engagements around the New England area. The staff at TF Green went above and beyond to expedite my rental agreement, with service in less than 5 minutes. They also upgraded me to a brand new orange mustang for the price of a compact, due to all of the compact cars being rented out already. I will definitely utilize Budget rental cars again in my immediate future. I rent a car every week since December 8th 2014, and they really stood out in customer care and satisfaction from the other rental car companies at TF Green.

Michael Martini

I once rented a massive truck here...only because they were out of smaller trucks and everyone else in town was sold out completely. I took out more than a few tree branches, ended up on the corner of someone's lawn, and was more-or-less terrified driving the thing, even at low speeds. But it did successfully get me moved into my new apartment. And the representative was extremely pleasant and helpful. So thank you, Budget, for getting me moved into my new place on the day that I wanted to move into my new place.

Robert Gable

The drop off for the rental was easy, but pickup seems to be a pain every now and then. This airport in particular took 25 minutes waiting in line to pick up my car which was already paid for and scheduled to pick up at 6. The lady was also not very friendly.

Ian Colville

Martha Chambers

It is extremely easy to get a car here and to return it. We had the type of car requested and were not hassled to add any extras. The gas was not quite full on pick up (about 1/8 of a tank) but other than that - it was a great experience and I will most likely use them again in the future.

John Blados

Quick and ease of entry. Rick is a perfect example of GREAT customer service. Professional, friendly and helpful.. Any company wanting to view what great customer service is about should model Rick's personal service.

Brooke Raymond

I was able to drive a Dodge Grand Caravan to Connecticut and transport my entire family of six to my niece's dance recital, together in one vehicle. This was a gift which absolutely made it a day to remember. This is my go-to choice for rental cars.

Unique Touch Renovations

Debi Ives

Pick up and drop off were seamless and took less than five minutes. The car had less than 5,000 miles and was a peppy little Kia. Unfortunately, it was a bit pricey and I was charged a full day for two hours into the next day. Budget charged me $45 an hour over the exact 24 hour limit. The service and convenience was remarkable.


All was great, ease of pickup and car was nice, all of the people were nice. The only problem we had was that at drop off, my mom, with a heart condition had a hard time walking all the way from the lot to the Charleston airport doors...on a steep incline with luggage. They probably should offer a golf cart or something, at least to elderly customers.

Geoff Groat

Terrible, terrible, terrible. Every time I use the Charleston Budget location they are understaffed and moving at a snails pace.

Annie Graham

In June of 2019, I had a chat conversation with a Budget Rental employee through their website. I asked if I was able to take a one of their vans up into Canada on a road trip with my siblings. She said, "Yes, as long as it is returned to the same location." The end of July, I called to verify that our reservation was still good and that it was STIILL ok for us to drive into Canada. Again, we were told, "yes, it is ok for you to go into Canada." My family flew into SLC on Aug. 8th and as we were picking up the van, the lady at the front desk told us, "no, that we could not take it into Canada." This was the ENTIRE reason we rented through Budget Rental because they told us that we could. At that time, we had no vehicle and had to take the van because we needed transportation for 8 ppl. Once we got closer to the Canadian border, we had to change our route, make extra stops, that set us a day behind schedule, switch out one van for two separate vehicles, which completely defeats the purpose of doing a family road trip, yet paid for all THREE vehicles because Budget refused to take their van back, missed out on sites that we wanted to see because of time lines and spent extra money JUST to go into Canada, all because of incompetent employees. We've been home for a week now. I've called multiple times, been put on hold, left multiple msgs, and no one has bothered to call and say, "We're sorry or we're working on it." My husband used to travel all over for work and we've had a great working history with Budget Rental. However, this has completely soured our point of view of this company and their employees because of horrendous customer service and their unwillingness to speak with us and attempt to try and resolve this before, during and after our trip. -Disgusted Customer Annie

Adriana Mesa

Good rental prices

Brent Nowak

Everything was great. One very brief hiccup, at the rental counter with no one else there. 3 employees were talking. I walked up to the front counter and sat there for a bit, then one of the three asked me to step back to the end of the line away from the counter. Really? If it wasn't another employee stepping in and helping me and apologizing I would have been upset. But everything besides that was great.

Kevin Cooper

Great experience from start to finish! Clean, economical car. Friendly customer service. Will use Budget again, unlike Hertz (horrible experience!)

Maybe Lin

If you wanna a car, please waiting for 2hours to pick up. Cause that is the rule of our company. Nothing to say, only garbage!

Evonda Jamison

Good place to rent a car

TIM Yacovone

Economy car, as promised, the Budget staff of Charleston SC. were great.

Nick Holdgate

I went to pick up a rental and the computers were down. This led to an hour on the phone with several levels of customer service to get the rental closed out and a receipt. I also had also planned to use a certificate for 20$ off that the counter did not inform me that it would not be applied to the entire rental and also did not take the certificate from me such that I was unable to use it.

Abdulrahman Bin Jabr

Mayuri Dahibhate

If only there was a negative star rating, I wouldn't have thought twice before choosing that. I did not understand their billing breakup. I booked through priceline and also pre-paid my insurance amount. I clearly told the guy at the counter that i do not need insurance as I have bought it online but he somehow messed up the renter's agreement and when I received the final bill, extra insurance money was added to it. I tried to explain that i did not ask for the extra insurance but they were reluctant to refund the money as i had already signed the agreement. I will not recommend going here. Instead shell in some extra bucks and go to Enterprise or Hertz.

Jonathan Kirkland

Always a pleasure


BUDGET SUCKS ! Needed a 30 day rental .. contacts only go to 28... Then they surcharged me an extra $300... Had to go through hell to TO EXTEND CONTRACT.. which never happened.....I will NEVER USE THEM AGAIN. PS STAY AWAY FROM THE PORT RICHEY,FL , branch..... they don't answer the phone when you need them! Go with Enterprise! Much more customer friendly!

Denise Pont

Employees were very kind and courteous. The Ford Ecosport was possibly the worst car I have ever rented. At 5’1 I could barely fit in the back seat without my knees hitting the front seat. The car had terrible pickup which was challenging when merging onto the highways. AND with that small, sluggish (I’m being generous here) engine it only got 23 miles to the gallon! I had better mileage in my old Escalade! We asked for a different car and the inventory was was zero. Very disappointing.

Susan Williams

I wish I could give a 0. I should have known when the person ahead of me in line was complaining about charges on his bill and the counter agent rolled her eyes. They had an EZ Pass in the car that malfunctioned and triggered even though I followed the instructions in the car to deactivate it. It was in the cradle where it was supposedly deactivated, but it still picked up one of the tolls during my trip. I provided proof to Budget and e-tolls that I was using my own transponder and not theirs and that my transponder was charged. I may get reimbursed for the double-charge on the $5 toll after multiple calls and emails, but Budget has told me they will not forgive the $12 "convenience fee" for using the device that I took steps not to use because I agreed to language in the rental jacket that I would pay the fee if I used the device. Many hours and many emails with no resolution. TERRIBLE attitude toward customers. I repeatedly asked to talk to a supervisor and was refused. I'm sticking with Enterprise from now on, where they value their customers. Stay away from Budget!

Timothy Hayden

First Budget rental and couldn't be happier with the results. Counter staff very professional, price was competitive and car was clean and operated without a problem. I'll be back next time I'm in Charleston!

Scott Harris

I had to wait for my"reserved car" almost 3 hours making me miss a very important appointment! The car I received overheated multiple times requiring me to add water to keep it from dieing. Very disappointing and exhausting experience.

Darwin Fondeur

They have good service and very good prices but they have the worst cars compare to hertz and enterprise but you get what you pay for... Everytime i rent with them they always have a problem.. my recent problem was that i returned the car full of gas and they charge me as if i didn’t put gas in the car and i noticed 2 days later when they send me the e-receipt and they charged me $75 dollars and now they want proof of receipt of the gas and i don’t have it, i sent them my bank statement that reflects the transaction that proof that i purchased the gas and they dont care, so they are not going to refund my money.

Dave Marcotte

great customer service in our time of need.. great price.. easy access.. great experience... unlike thifty who we were originally suppose to rent from that day until we found out about there SeCreT charges.. and there information was taken all wrong.. thank you budget for coming to our rescue...

Barbara Lancaster

Very friendly and helpful agent. Price was great, and I very much appreciate Budget's policy of not charging for an extra driver (if the person is family or colleague). Such a great differentiator as I always like to have a second driver on standby, even though I rarely give up the wheel!

Brook Zerihun

The worst place, tricked my mother to buying insurance, told her they could take her home if she gets into an accident, such a sleazy agent, I will never use them again

Jessica Audette

I was very surprised how awesome the customer service gentleman was when I showed up right at 6am (opening) to pick up the car. He was helpful, knowledgeable and funny. He walked me through everything and made me feel comfortable. When I got to the car it was clean, new and perfect. I signed up to get a different car than what I drove away in. He gave options on what car I could get that was best for the trip I was taking. Their hours were amazing. Let me take the trip I wanted. Did I say how great the price was??

Lisa Dykes

Lando Calrissian

Fast and easy. The guy that worked there was extremely helpful.

ronald mierzjewski

The guy that works there is a complete jerkoff very nasty customer service and on top try to charge me extra reporting the car was returned the following day of return .. it would be a better place if he was replaced !

Gilbert Briscoe

I’ve rented from budget for a long time and the price is great and employees are friendly. My only complaint is that the past few times I have rented here I have been upgraded to a large SUV which I don’t like. I always reserve a mid size car. The purpose of reserving a car is to get the size you want.

michael musselwhite

All was good except for the drop off point.

Carol Scotti

The girl at the desk (Sarah) stayed open past midnight knowing that I was arriving at 12:30 am--much later than anticipated. That's what I call great customer service!

Jim Hillman

Wonderful customer service. I believe the owner helped us at both check-out and check-in. Super friendly even though very busy. We desperately needed an upgrade and he made it happen.

Mike Beroset

Eric Kinnamon

Do not like their new policies. Day delay due to flights and they charged me *more*. Even though I had already prepaid the rental.

Pat Bullock

Very accommodating to make sure we got the size vehicle we needed, Very helpful and fast service, Could not have been happier with my experience

Keesha Tucker

I've rented a good deal of cars from a lot of different companies. I'm not loyal, I go for price. Budget had the best rate at the time. I was renting a car for my son and had to be present with my credit card when his flight landed. The lady who helped us (I don't remember her name, but remember her fantastic pink lipstick) was very nice and seemed sincerely happy for my son to be down for a visit. She asked a few extra questions to help us get a discount and since they were out of economy vehicles, gave us a free upgrade, which was perfect for my son who is already a Subaru owner. It was clean, comfortable, stylish, fun to drive and had lots of safety features. That last part was nice since all of the newcomers and tourists in the area make driving rather scary! I appreciate the great experience

Matt Soave

So slow! 45 minutes for a 10 person line. And the agents don't enforce the preferred status, so people keep skipping the real line. Can't wait for someone to disrupt this industry. Hertz, Enterprise, and National have no lines. Use those companies instead. Omg there is another line outside. Is this real life?! How is Budget still in business?

John Tollerud


Dawn Bohn

The car was filthy. Windshield & grill was covered with dead bugs. Airport told me they had no other cars. I called very phone number left on tag in car - each extension went to voicemail and unable to leave message. Called customer service. Rep said he was in California and can’t guarantee they would call me back - nothing he could do from west coast. His name was Isaac I’d #93365. Confirmation # 29989750

Sophia A

It is terrible! Do not rent here. When I arrived, I got my car. And the frount desk agent suggest me to buy an extra tank of gas. That's ok for me. But after I returned my car and go back home. I noticed they charged me twice. When I picked up my car they did not told me I already paied! In those days I am trying to ask my money back. First time I call the customer service they told me I have to call this place. Second time they told me system up dating. Third time they told me they will call Salty Lake and call back. Nothing happened yet. I paid for the same car twice. Onece online,300+; once at frount desk,400+. Customer service did nothing.

Roy Minton

Jason Catton

Waited an hour to pick up a car and one hour to return the car one person at the counter.

Colin Olmstead

be sure to shop around

Dave Gortner

Picking up my rental car at the airport was fast an efficient. The car was fine, and returning the car was easy.

Danielle Evans

Always the best with budget love everything about them

Nicolette Modes

Friendly and efficient

Jack Salisbury

Always a pleasure to use Budget, with its helpful staff, good cars, and prompt service as a Fast Break member. However, signage to return a car at T.F. Green airport definitely needs to be improved. One arrow, in particular, is ambiguous in the direction it is pointing at the intersection across from the Sunoco station. The signage in front of the first parking garage (that one should not enter) is not prominent in the first place, and can be obscured by something in front of it. All in all, it is a tortuous route that needs more, and more prominent, signage.

Michael Zekri

Rude and not flexible

Peter Deifer

Erez Hadad

It's a pleasure renting from budget! Will do business again.

Dave Henning

One employee for several flights worth of rentals is not acceptable. It took longer to rent the car than the entire flight. I'm taking > 2 hours. I understand it was late but everyone had a reservation with flight status attached, so they were fully aware of how many people to expect. If you're flying in late make sure you have a rental reserved with any of the other companies.

Melissa Vardas

Best service ever ! I use this location everytime I come to see family at least twice a year. The staff at this location are so nice and have the best customer service. Would highly recommend this location.

Nancy costa

Great staff and great service, highly recommended. Nice associate named Joanne, went above and beyond to help me rent the perfect car & with a smile!

Harry Bird

Friendly, helpful staff. Pick up was quick and easy. Car was clean, a Nissan Sentra which was a nicer car than I thought it would be.

Francisco Cedano

Very unprofessional and unorganized. The only helpful employee was malcom who noticed our sense of and urgency and took care of us right away. Will never do business here again.

Kalpesh Dave

jeremy norman

They overbooked and disregarded reservations for a first come first serve basis. Waited over 2 hours for a car. Made sure they were now blacklisted with my company.

Angie Higa

Worst customer service

Mustafa Nasr

Ask them to show you the trick where the daily rate doubles if you decline the Loss Damage Waiver (making it more expensive). I got a 'Subcompact' but my return receipt shows I was charged for a 'Intermediate SUV.' Counter guy entered the Budget Corp Disc of 'Sam's Club Travel' and a different pickup location and said "It's automatic - I can't change it" - all instead of checking decline for the loss damage waiver. Everyone else was sold out so I had no choice. Clever way to boost your "optional products" numbers.

Ketter Raska

Today I received a letter demanding a $3000 payment for damages to a rental car I rented over a month ago. Damage that was on the car when I rented it, damage I took pics of and noted with the counter person prior to leaving the airport parking lot. I’ve made several attempts to reach out to the Sedgwick insurance company and Budget and get nothing but the run around. It has become apparent to me that budget car rental would rather hang damages on an innocent customer rather than investigate the incident, check their cameras, or admit their mistake. Avis / budget car rentals will never see my business again.

Mitchell Rios

Super friendly staff. Very inexpensive and got to drive a Ford Fiesta which was cheap on gas and a nice ride. Very easy to rent and return. Would definitely be using the services again.

Joseph Sosa

uche Odionyenma

Awesome experience

Mark Ahmed

Friendly service

Kevin Schuller

The process at Budget Charleston airport is broken. After an hour wait on line it wasn’t over from there. Another 45 minutes with a group of 30 other angry customers followed outside as they struggled to get anyone a car. Three groups went back inside and cancelled their reservation. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on any other service.

Carla Foster

This is the worst rental car experience I have ever had. I tried to return the car to the airport we pull up and they are short staffed, the girl took my paper work said she would email me a receipt well that never came. I look at my credit card and was charged an extra $300+ dollar and I call to find out what the issue was, the customer service representative told me that the car was not returned until 2 days later and it was not SLC Airport. This obviously makes no sense to me since we returned the car and caught our flight from SLC. I will NEVER use this company again, they are big scam artist and fraudulently charged my card. I called on several occasions to receive a receipt to no avail since the e-receipt on the website was incorrect as well when compared to my email and reservation/confirmation number. STAY FAR AWAY!!!!

Kimberly Bond

I would be giving zero stars if I could, I reserved a 12' truck and got charged for a 16' when I called the 1800 number the "supervisor/manager" refused me of my refund worst experience ever, the lady that "helped" me she acted as if she didn't even want to be there

Kristi Sexton

Would give a no stars if I could. Booked online 3 weeks in advance, went to pick up SUV and they said they didn't carry those. Didn't offer anything in it's place, no apology. I will NEVER use them again.

Jordan Collins

Would never have thought to need to read reviews for a car rental at an airport. Do yourself a favor (if you're not sitting waiting for your car, only just now reading these reviews.) cancel your reservation and go with ANY other rental car agency in SLC. If you don't have the car available that has been reserved; upgrade for free. Total scam.

Ritin Suthagaran

Excellent service!

Alex Diebold

Service was painfully slow especially considering I had reserved a car weeks in advance. The requested car was not available so I was upgraded but had to wait an hour as they were understaffed, the vehicle arrived, it smelled very bad, the windows were filthy on the inside. It was the the single worst car rental experience of my life. There were a dozen other customers in the exact same situation, waiting on incompetent and slow employees

David Miles

No issues to report, in and out in a reasonable time

Chris Mazur

The girl at the desk was friendly, quick and the car was clean and ready to go.

Harisudhan Subramanian

Megan McAtee

I signed up for Budget's fastbreak option and that made it the fastest experience I've ever had with a car rental. The staff was friendly and patient, the car was clean, and dropping off was even easier than picking up– just the way it should be. Thanks, Budget! :)

Christen Shih

I don't often take time to write negative reviews but I figured people should be aware of my shady experience with budget before they rent from here and hopefully will take their business somewhere else as a result. I rented a car for the weekend from this budget and had no issues up until returning the car. I go to return the car and they point out a difficult to see scratch on the side. I contested this since I used the car for two days and had no collisions of any sort. Regardless, I was charged for the repairs for what I feel was essentially a set up. I should have done my due diligence and taken pictures of the car before leaving, but lesson learned. I believe the scratch was there when I left and they used this opportunity to squeeze some money out of me. The rental experience was fine, but why risk getting screwed over by a company like this?

Tim Dahms

Quick and easy pickup and drop off at PVD rental car facility

Rebecca Copeland

Jacob was wonderful!! It was so easy and quick.


All the bad reviews of the Budget Car Rental agency at SLC are unfortunately true! When we arrived on a weekday night, we had a reservation for an economy car. We were told that currently no such car was available and that we had to wait for half an hour. Then we were offered a small SUV for an extra fee, which we declined. After half an hour , we offered a small pick-up at no extra cost. As it was raining and had luggage, we declined. Over an hour later, after complaining several times, we were finally offered the small SUV at no extra cost. There seems to be a system to this madness: First offering a car at extra cost, the stewing the customer for awhile to make an extra buck, and finally relenting when they see that one is not willing to give in. We lost time, missed dinner and decided to stay away from Budget next time.

Jessica Parsley

They were great. The price was low, the car was in immaculate shape. It was clean, and fully serviced too. The service was excellent and fast despite the computer systems being down at the time and the airport full of people. This was my first time with Budget and I'd definitely go back!

Margie Moubray

I've used this place only once and the guys there are very understanding and the deals I've received are amazing. Plus the car I received is great. Very gas friendly.

Cindy Karalius

long lines at airport. totally inefficient. salespeople had no clue what was available for cars. had to call the lot workers to find out inventory. couldn’t get intermediate car we had requested. had to settle for a much larger car worse gas mileage. After waiting in line to get our reservations confirmed, we then had to go outside and wait in a tent area for our car to be brought around. There were many other people also waiting to get a car. I have never seen an airport rental car business like this just a terrible experience. The only saving grace was the woman at the counter was very efficient at least processing the paperwork. best to not use Budget EVER at the Charleston airport. Extremely Disappointed

John Bogden

The checkout process was quick & efficient. The navigation system was not in the vehicle that I reserved so I was upgraded to a brand new Ford Explorer. I loved it. The rep at checkout was friendly & courteous. When I returned the vehicle, the checkout process was the quickest and easiest I have ever encountered. I will continue to use Budget for my future car rentals.

Leah Schafer

Waiting an hour for a car. 7 in front of us. HAD A RESERVATION. THEY DON'T HAVE CARS. Plus since I didn't ha ve my credit card that I used to reserve it , another had to be charged. But wait. There is more. Since I prepaid it, that card got charged too. Oh? And the family member can be the second driver for free . . . I s only spouse. Website didn't say that and neither did 3 customer service reps when I checked it out. Salt Lake City . Not a good first impression!!!!!

Teresa Pellot

Awesome cars. Love that place and the people

William Kumley

Friendly staff. My flight arrived earlier than expected and the staff here had no problem letting me get the vehicle early so I could continue on my trip. They even informed me of the upcoming weather conditions for the evening (uncommon amounts of snow) and made sure I had an ice scraper for the car. Probably not a huge deal to some people, but I thought it was nice that they took care of me.

Robert Kramer

Very polite and professional. Excellent experience.


Michael Hardin

Anne Tierney

Lydia Rodriguez

The staff is friendly and very helpful The first car I got was too big so I called and they gave me a car I felt comfortable driving. Pick up and drop off are easy.

Deb Shaw

Booked online directly with Budget. Got into Eugene after 9 PM, car was ready, desk staff person very nice, got us going quickly. Car was great. Drop off was a breeze! Totally happy with the whole can rental experience.

catherine gust

Quick and wonderful service

Alfred Schertzer

Not very friendly. Don’t think going early will save you time. Your car want be ready. You even have to deal with the parking policemen wile you arrange for the right car. Been treated for rude after some discutions for the size of the car. Not recommending this location.

todd phillip

This place is the worst, the rude old loser white guy who wears a leather jacket doesnt have a clue what customer service means. If a customer comes in, its YOUR JOB to help them, not to have them waiting, ignore them and then yell at them to be quiet and sit down. I dont know how he has a job, he sure doesnt deserve it.

Lori Desorcie

Great customer service, accommodating for time changes due to flight delays. Convenient location, right in the airport-no shuttle needed. Straight forward rental process.

Alex Ac

1:30 hours on line having just 3 people o front of me Ridiculous

Amy Hicks

Well I couldn't believe I had the car for 10 days and it was only $212 that is very inexpensive not to mention the car got 40 miles to the gallon. It had a lot of power equipped with a high technology radio Air Conditioning clean and comfortable. I've used other car rentals in the past but had a bad experience with my regular rental so I decided to switch to budget, this has been the best switch of my entire life I made a good decision I got a great deal I recommend Budget Rental to anyone looking to save money and have a pleasant experience. budget I will return.

Dave Griffiths

Rental truck was fine. Budget needs to change their business practices. Rental starts out at one price. By the time you are done the rental is twice the price. This is not an individual franchise problem. It is a Budget corporate issue.

Julie & Sophie Davis

Highly recommend. We had a great experience at the AVIS/Budget window at Burlington International Airport and the desk agent helped to start our family vacation off wonderfully!

Angela Huffman

Fast and easy hassle free

Diana Patterson

Amy Stack

This is the first time I've used Budget and probably the last. My vehicle was a cheap Hyundai that did not even have a remote door unlock. The upholstery was stained, the interior smelled and the car rattled. The only upside was that it was easy to return.

Nick S

Denied my confirmed and pre-paid reservation.


Rented from Budget...returned car one day early, why can't prepaid get a rebate if car returned early???? Otherwise excellent service, great car.

Fahad Javed

I attempted to rent a car at Budget Car Rental at Charlestown International Airport on the morning of Friday, March 29. After waiting in line for over 30 minutes, the lady at the service desk was rude and had terrible customer service. I decided to pay more money for a lesser car size at another car rental company, than give my money to her or Budget.

Michael Coley

William Scott

Quick easy check in and out vehicle was an exceptional value

Phillip Brann

Order on phone, pick it up, no problems getting it signed on the road returned it no problems at all

Pam Salyers

The service person was professional and polite. He was knowledgeable and took time to explain the contract and the car. He told who to call if you had any problems. I made the reservation online, he had the car ready when we arrived and the paperwork only took a few minutes to do. drop off was just as easy he came out walked around the care, took the mileage and checked the gas. He was polite thanks us and gave us a copy of the rental receipt. It couldn't of been easier.

Maryann Shore Holbrook

They were friendly, helpful and efficient. It took no time to get the paperwork done and get out the door.

Jayy Redd

Man Andre helped me out I’m extremely satisfied I told him my issue and he fixed it on the spot great customer service.

Andre Cvitanich

Good cars at reasonable price

Linda Hall


Dan Morelli

Easy as 1-2-3! Walk in...tell them your name ... here's the keys. To return it, park it, return the keys, walk away! Outstanding experience!

Robert Lee

Asked me to wait for an hour to get my car. I can’t believe it. Luckily, I can cancel my reservation and booked enterprise with Expedia online. I got my car in less than 10 minutes.

Florian Schebitz

Kristina Delzer

Friendly fast service.

Joe C

Absolutely a horrible experience. Customer service was terrible. They were rude and totally unhelpful. They simply did not care about being polite or nice. If you need a crappy attitude with a crappy car than Anthony is you man. I rented a SUV and the thing was in just bad shape. The side panel was dented (It would of been nice if they told me before I left) I had to call them and they said they knew about it. The tough screen on the radio does not work half the time and the USB port does not charge or connect. The back of the car was FILLED with sand. Obviously never cleaned since the last person.

Mike Kopp

Great people and service at this location!

David Jolly

I’ll never go anywhere else! The people there are awesome! Never one issue! Thank you!!

Jamie Fahey

Very friendly staff, I had pre-paid online prior to the trip and I was only at the counter a few minutes and they handed me the keys. Loved the vehicle. Would recommend them for sure .

Will Ford

Walked in to rent a car and was greeted with, "You must be Mr. _______." First of all I couldn't even make out what name she said and since I didn't call or make an on-line reservation I said no. Seems like an odd way to introduce yourself but I digress. I requested the smallest cheapest rental just for one day to get to work while my car is in the shop. She worked her magic on the keyboard and quoted me almost $60.00. for a one day rental. Since I had just rented a car for less than $20.00 from the Budget at the airport I was shocked to hear this price. I told her my most recent rental price and she said I must reserve on-line for that price. Labor costs are typically the highest overhead any organization pays for. Why pay these two ladies to just tell me to rent it online? I could print you a sign that says the same thing and I would only charge you a fraction of their wages. I have been in customer service and management for years and can't help but reflect on our sad state of customer service. Large companies would rather send you to their online resources than just help an individual who is right in front of their face. Needless to say I left the Budget and will never return to not only this one but to any of them. Good job guys.

Alicia Masoner

Great experience. Chris was very attentive and helpful.

Mike Smith

Tara Kelly

Friendly helpful staff, nice car, and easy to return. A nice car for the price. Overall I am very satisfied.

Erin Mericle

Andrew Dickens

We have just returned from the US after a month away. There so many highlights but collecting our pre-booked rental car from here was the worst experience. Firstly they spoke amongst themselves in their own language (very rude) and then flat out told me my credit card was declined. Odd since we'd been all over the US and Manhattan using this card. Ironically a local couple offered to pay and we could fix them up at a later date. We didn't take them up on their offer being incredulous to what was happening. We ended having to go back to the hotel and ringing our bank at 4.00am NZ time to discover there was no blocks on the card, we hadn't exceeded our limit. So they suggested we go back and try again. It worked without a problem...go figure! On receipt of a very shoddy vehicle $140.00 per day we noticed it was only half full of gas. Very poor indeed.

Eric Simms

These guys give excellent and ongoing customer service. I will be using them again.

Sup a Lun

The service is super slow. Unbelievable slow. Prepare to wait for more than an hour to get your car.

Kim Nowlan Hathaway

Easy, friendly pick-up. I made the reservation online, but when I arrived, that particular car was not available. Not a problem, they upgraded me for free, no fuss, no muss. Drop-off was just as easy, and when I later realized I had left some items behind, everyone I spoke to on the phone was helpful and friendly.

Steve Haas

Was easy on line to rent, and pick up and drop off went fast and smooth.

Kae Healy

Horrible in every way! Alamo was the way to go!

victor ramos

Although I am member of another rental company, I could not obtain a vehicle in short notice for an important meeting from my existing rental company nor some other companies. I then contacted Budget and I was quickly accommodated with a vehicle for my meeting. I will be switching rental companies to a company that recognizes their customers needs and are willing to accommodate. Thank you Budget, A satisfied rental customer.

Evan Gioe

My entire experience was a nightmare and I would give zero stars if I could. I pre-paid online with a debit card and was assured at check out in the print that the same card could be used for incidentals. Arrive on day of pick-up and I'm told that debit cards could not be used for incidentals and that it had to be a credit card. Not having one other than my business card on me I asked if there was anything that could be done and was laughed at. When I ask about canceling the rental so I could go elsewhere I was told that since I pre-paid online I could only cancel via their 800 number. Not wanting to waste any more time I gave my work card to cover the incidentals. A month later without being sent an invoice I received the bill through my company for the incidentals. All is over I thought.... I get an email today 4 MONTHS LATER from my accounting department for a $400 charge from Budget to my work card. I call Budget and I'm told the location never applied the prepay and that they charged the card on file. I was then told that they could only refund the prepay that was made back in January instead of just refunding the company card charge from this month! All through this process every person that I have dealt with from the location to the 800 number has had an I don't care attitude about them and not one of them tried to work with me to make things right only to do it their way. I refuse to use Budget ever again and will make sure no one I know uses them in the future either. UPDATE: After being told the refund would take 5-7 business days I call to follow up on the 7th business day and I'm being told the return was never processed and it will take WEEKS to process the refund meaning this whole nightmare will be almost 6 months in by time its over

Shannon Smith

We rented a car from Charleston sc to myrtle beach we turned our car in and flew out. We had to wait 2 hours to get our car. They gave me a 40$ refund. Wow. We missed our show which was fpr a my 9 year old son. I stood in 106 degree weathet asked them for water and the attendant said we dont do that. People were calling budget yelling and screaming it was chaos like I have never seen before. Then when we returned from our flight back to myrtle beach they said that I couldnt rent a car going back cause I used a debit card and that was againtst there policy. I had already prepaid for this car and there were no mangers around. I'm stranded in myrtle beach with no car with my child..... So i had to rent a taxi and hotel for the night. Now its a week later and they keep telling me my no st was refunded and should be in my bank account by wed. They keep telling me to read the debit card policy . i have read inside backwards every which away Nothing says you cant rent a vehicle one way you just have to have your return flight information which I did. They said i had to return back to myrtle beach. Liars stealers and a corrupt company. I have always tented from them and they treat me like this. Well I'm gonna get a lawyer and see what can be done. They should have to pay for my meals hotel and taxi and give me my money back and pay tge 126$ for the show they made us miss. Altogether about 500$ which a lawyer would cost more but juat the principles about it. From UPSET SINGLE MOTHER DOING HER BEST. my son acted better than they did.

Toni McNeal

Kylie White

I've never posted a negative rating before, but my experience was just that terrible. We had a horrible experience with Budget (SLC and Orem). The verbal information I was given was different than what was on the paper. I trusted what she said though as I had a toddler and a baby who had just traveled across the country and were just done (if you get what I mean...). We ended up paying over $700 for a car (with insurance) for 3 days. Yes, over $700. I had planned to switch it out the next day in Orem since it wasn't the car we wanted. But when I called the customer service guy wouldn't talk to me since I only had the car number on the key and not the tiny paper/receipt with the confirmation number. He hung up on me while we looked for it. Then they were closed until Monday. We switched it out and got a car with Enterprise for significantly less than that for the next week and a half, with all the same service (though Enterprise was much more truthful, helpful and honest). I am never using Budget again. Ever. Enterprise is now the company we will be using. Or Uber. Seriously, just take an Uber before trying to work with this. I'm trying to file a complaint, if I can even get through to the customer "service".

Dwain Stevens

Saved from a bad situation! I made a mistake on my reservation 6/14-17, having flown from Nashville TN to Providence RI, with the pickup/dropoff for Nashville. After explaining the situation to the Counter Rep, she said no problem, she'd see what she could do. She corrected the reservation, found a similar car and even saved me money by applying a "counter promotion" Budget had going on at the time. (I was in New England to take care of my fathers affairs who we had to put in a nursing home just 10 days earlier.)

Isidoro Rodriguez

My family and I were very pleased with the Budget rental and staff. Nice car and service. Will use the rental again in the near future.

Dana Dunn

Although it was an extremely busy weekend at the airport . Service was quick and friendly. The price was very competitive.

Michael Fiorillo

I reserved a F150 because I own one and the ease of being able to put ski equipment in the bed. They didn't have any trucks when I arrived so I was "upgraded" to a Ford Escape- a compact suv. Bit of a joke. What's the point of reserving a vehicle (or even a whole class of vehicle) if you don't have it?

Kimet Xhudo

They called us 20 minutes before we were suppose to get our car and told us they were over booked and had no cars. You shouldn't be able to rent a car online if you have none.

Bruce Thompson

Provided courtesy vehicle, while repairs being made.

Robert Hoye

Greeting at desk by agent and her understanding of the special AARP discount, additional driver and upgrade made this a pleasurable experience. Recommend Budget highly!

alice cahill

Excellent customer service. agent went above and beyond to provide an excellent experience.


LaNette Miles

After being sent home in a pick up we discovered had no license plate, spending hours on the phone trying to resolve and being passed around, we drove back to the rental at Salt Lake International Airport the next morning. 3-1/2 hours …

Alexandre Chapeaux

Show up on time for my reservation and they don't have any car, they say it is an 1.5h wait for a car at 11 pm. This is the worst service.

Charith Rozairo

Sherry Lubin

A joke,gotta read the fine print there crooked out to take money from you for no reason no proof

Cavalucci Almonte

Nataly Buxton

Everyone was soooo nice! Thank you for helping us

Dime-p Fod

Roci Gainey-Graham

Wanted to charge me $100 for "excessive hair" (what they explained is it's actually "any loose hair that wasn't there when you took the vehicle."). Richard took good care of me when I got the car (although the system overcharged me and it was a pain to get it fixed). Branch Manager waived the $100 but apparently he "can't promise what they'll do at the airport when they clean it" so I still may be charged.

Lakken Frazier

I have rented a vehicle on many occasions from this location. The staff have always been very helpful,fast efficient service.

Chance Birdsall

Oscar machuca

Adrian De Leon

Rented a truck one way from El Paso, TX to Albuquerque, NM. The pick up was great. However the drop off was a bad experience. I had called a day before returning to see if there was a late night drop off, which there wasn't, but the gentleman who informed me there wasn't was very rude and seemed to threaten me saying " If that truck stays here over night and it gets stripped by someone, they will charge me for every little thing they can see". I understand its under my care but I'm sure there is a nicer way to explain. The next morning I go fill up the truck which I was told has a 32 gallon tank. The gas gauge on the truck was stuck on 1/2 even after putting 30.888 gallons in. So I took in the truck with the receipt in hand to show them it is full b/c I had a little under a 1/4 tank before filling up. The rep goes and checks the truck and then comes back and says if they go try to fill it up, and anything goes in, they will charge me $30 extra! SO even if .25 cents went in, I would be charged $30 extra. I told her it was ridiculous and she was basically playing with my money and I told her she and Budget were not authorized to charge my card especially since it was due to a mechanical error in their truck. So I am waiting to make sure they do not charge me at the moment.... VERY disappointed.

Keith Keller

Got a great deal and upgraded to a Mustang.

Sailesh Acharya


This guy has zero workers. Literally returned my car and got a call 15 minutes later from the manager here saying that the next customer was complaining about dog hair. When Ieft two customers were waiting and he had 2 cars to clean in front of me. I went out of town and left my dog with a friend 2 blocks from my house. He was in my car for maybe 2 minutes. This manager obviously didn't clean my vehicle and then had the nerve to call and say they may charge me a 250 $ fee. Completely incompetent and poor business. Will never rent with budget avis and will do anything in my capability to see that this business is held accountable for treating it's customers this way. I have pictures and time stamps of when I returned vehicle to when I was called less than 30 minutes later saying the next customer complained. The owner didn't thoroughly clean my vehicle before re renting it and wants me to pay a 250 dollar fee. Complete and utter injustice by the Spirit airlines of rental companies.

Lance Smith

Danny Blue

My wife and I have rented from this location many times and they are always friendly and helpful, the cars we have rented have all been very nice as well.

Anne Lunt

Great experience

Rachel Stroud

Quick easy pick up. Great car and a good price! Will definitely use them again!

jay robinson

The best car rental company in the Lehigh valley!! Nice and affordable rates excellent customer service Keep up the good work !!

Kenneth Grover

Nice clean good people

Amber Dillard

T Stein

Very pleased with Budget. No hassle, no surprises.


I will never use low Budget again! I called to make a reservation and prepaid for it ahead of time. By the way I was speaking to a agent in India that could barely speak good English! When I got there to pick up my rental.... Oh, we don't have one for you


I prepaid for a Tahoe or similar full-size SUV (four adults and luggage) what they gave me was a much smaller Durango. When I expressed my concern the Lady at the counter (at SLC) was not interested in hearing anything I had to say. When I got to the garage another lady handed me the keys and pointed to the other end of the garage and said it is J39 and turned and walked away. When we arrived at the vehicle it was very dirty and had not been washed in quiet sometime the windows were in terrible shape and even the exterior mirrors were filthy. I was given the back copy (yellow) of a blank inspection sheet, no one did a walk around with us to check for damage, scratches, etc... This was a very disappointing experience. It is obvious that Customer experience metrics are not your Employees number one goal. This was my first experience with Budget as I normally use Enterprise and what a huge difference in Customer service. Your Organization leaves a lot to be desired. Good luck with your training, they certainly need it.

Michael Corker

Late arrival into Charleston, SC...11:30 pm. Greeted by friendly staff in the midst of major renovation at the airport. Easy sign up, easy access to auto and easy drop off. Well done Budget

Raul Herrera

melissa wick

Our flight into Eugene arrived an hour late and we made it to the rental desk with only 10 minutes to spare before closing. The young woman (named Summer) was so cheerful and acted as if she had all the time in the world to take care of us. We received an upgrade and had all of our paperwork in hand before our baggage arrived to the terminal. Check in was also a breeze. The Eugene airport staff deserves kudos for their entire operation!

Wendy Bacon

I guess I was lucky... The wait for pickup wasn't long, and since they didn't have the car I wanted I was given a complimentary upgrade. The minivan I was given was brand new, only 1000 miles on it. It was fantastic.


A+++ customer service. They go the extra mile to help out!!!

Micah Schmidt

Connie Santana

Totally disappointed with this place. I prepaid a car on June 12th for today Friday 21st with pickup at 9am. My husband arrives there around 8:30am only to be told that his reservation was picked up the night before. How in the world does that happen? How does another individual pickup some else’s reservation. Don’t we need need to provide drivers license, credit card and reservation confirmation #. They simply told us that they couldn’t do anything until the car is returned. How is this our fault? So we just missed out on our son’s school trip. Thank you Budget. At no point did you guys try to accommodate us not even a slight attempt to help us. I didn’t want to leave any stars but I couldn’t proceed with my post if I didn’t atleast leave one.

Karen J

Awful customer service. Even after reserving car they are giving us an hour minimum wait time. Rude staff.


WOW! I'm really glad I didn't see the negative reviews because my very first experience renting from Budget & at this W. 49th St. NYC location was very, very positive. I've only rented 3 vehicles in my life (a truck in 1985, a car from Hertz Pittsburgh airport...a very expensive total rip off & not great customer service experience, and 2-18 with Budget). I first visited Budget's site & engaged in online chat with a rep & the next day I visited the W 49 St. rental office & the 2 reps were were super nice, helpful & friendly. I then called & spoke with Budget customer service for advice on my car rental needs/plans (I need to begin making regular once a month or every other month visits to see my elderly parents in another state). I'm sorry others did not have a great experience with this Budget location, but mine was very good. I had a Ford Focus that was super clean & like new and the reps at the location were great. I hope my future experiences are as great as this time.

Justin Banks

After my last trip to Charleston I realized if you are going to be staying downtown near the historic district, you probably don’t need a rental car. However my wife and I did a little travel outside of town and it was extremely helpful to have a car especially since we may end up making about 3 stops prior to our original destination. Budget was great all around. Friendly when we walked up and when we turned in the car. Cost was very reasonable. Only reason not a 5. Drop off is kind of far from some of the terminals. Smart thing to do is as you are driving by check in terminals stop checkin and then return your car. So you don’t have to lug your suitcases back to where you just passed. It would have been nice to have had someone mention that.

Eitan R

Heavily understaffed. Prepare to wait at least an hour.

Dawn Benson

Long line at checkin but the representative was very patient and kind.

Theresa Joyce Itri-Limka

This budget car rental location was very good. They stood by the price they quoted me. Unlike other Budget locations where they overcharged me, I am disputing the Connecticut location amounts. But the Charleston South Carolina branch gave me a very nice car and even upgraded it. I would recommend renting from this airport location you get the same type of car for less money. Highly recommended especially compared to the Waterbury CT location on Thomaston Ave. I would definitely not recommend this location for Budget or Avis rental car location since they are one in the same. Make sure you have and keep all emails and ccorresponding activity from them concerning prices.

Pamela Doyle

Xavier Johnson

Muriel Froias

Car was clean and ready. Staff efficient.

allen sires

Awesome service. Exceptional folks there

Lisa Kim

The staff was rude and not helpful at all. The location is great. Try to use app than the staff. Less stressful.

Shelly Harris

Cory was so helpful at tfgreene pickup. He gave us great ideas for restaurants and a fun car to rent.

Lisa Enriquez

I've been renting from this location for years, the staff are great and always very helpful. I receive courtesy calls reminding me of my rental along with courtesy calls on availability of vehicles. I've never had any negative experiences with Budget and I look forward to renting from Budget in the future.

Aaron B

Absolutely avoid this location!!! Waited 2 hours for a car even though I had a reservation. Employees lied to me, poor customer service and to top it all off, I was charged $19,000 for my one day rental. Yes, $19,000. No one at the …

Cyndi Mikkelson

Despite the gloomy weather this past weekend, Douglas greeted me with a smile, walked through the options and gave me the keys to the rental car. The reservation, pick up and drop off processes were all user friendly and everyone was pleasant and effective.

Jed Kowalski

My truck just recently broke down right before a family Lake Powell trip this next week. So, in a scramble and a tight spot I hurried and reserved a truck thinking it would be able to tow my boat for the trip. Budget had a great deal so I quickly reserved one. Nowhere in the specifications in the truck rental does it say the truck does not come with a tow kit or trailer light hookups. I called to ask about these details and was surprised to find out the truck wouldn’t be able to tow anything. So naturally I needed to cancel the reservation. When I called they stated there was no way they could refund me the $50 cancellation fee. Even with my explanation of no details on the lack of towing capability. And for the record who would even rent a truck without that ability? I will never rent from Budget again.

Evan Thomas

My experience was flawless. Wanted a convertible to tour the Wasatch mountains. Pickup was quick and easy. Return was reasonably quick. Car was in good shape.

Justin Boles

This place was horrible from the get go. First, we called to ensure they had a late night drop box, it took a while to get someone on the phone but I can understand that, it's a small airport, and they could've been busy. Once we got to talk to someone, they explained they were out of cars, but had a jeep wrangler that was available. Okay, I can understand that. Its a busy time of year and again, it's a smaller facility. But we explained to them that we wanted to use expedia points, since we could get it for free. They agreed and said to reserve a mid-size SUV and it would only cost $15 to upgrade to the jeep. This was perfect. Riding in a jeep, top off, through Yellowstone. What more could you ask for? Well that's was about the only good thing about this reservation. They ended up charging us full price for the rental and denied it once we asked why we were charged full price. We were asked to call back AGAIN to ensure we were charged the correct amount to be sure she remembered to correct the booking. On top of that, we accidentally left my ID in the center console. We are in the middle of a cross country road trip and realized mid-way through Idaho that we had done so. We called 2 hours after we dropped the car off at 830 AM to ask if they could overnight the id to our next campground. We stated would happily pay for it. The lady agreed and said she would call back when she went into the office. Ok, a little weird but we were thinking 15-30 minutes and she'd get back to us. Well 4 hours later we called back and she said she hadn't made it into the office and she would again have to call us back. Again, a little weird, but small airport, short staffed, fine. They finally call us back another 2 hours later and take our information and say it would be sent out that day. We continued to check the mailbox at the campground and nothing throughout the day. We finally called them back 48 hours after we had originally called and asked for them to send it out to get a tracking number and turns out they didn't ship it out until almost 4 pm yesterday. 32 hours after we originally called and 26 hours after they took our information. I understand we only had a one day rental, but customer service should still be a priority. On top of that, the guy at the budget in San Francisco was extremely rude so needless to say I will never rent from Budget again.

Daniel Tackett

I would definitely recommend renting a car from this company very friendly and eager to help out in any way that they can.

Kenya Fanfan

The man was so rude and hung up on us because he asked for a cheaper truck. I will never use this place or suggest it to anyone. Call anyone else you will get better service

Doran Dennis

Over 50 people in line at Budget Car rental and only one agent. Standing in line for over an hour now.

Margaret Smith

In 40 years of renting cars I've never experienced such poor customer service as I did from Budget at the Fastbreak counter at the SLC Airport on Friday June 21, 2019. The employee's name is Fadama and she refused to help me even though I am a Fastbreak member. She insisted I go to the main counter, which had one agent working and at least 10 groups of people waiting to rent. Fadama refused to even look at my reservation, which had the Fastbreak number, and told me to step aside that she needed to help the one person behind me waiting to turn in his rental paperwork. I asked her why she didn't want that person to have to wait but was fine with me waiting at least an hour at the main counter. And I told her she was extraordinarily rude. This was her reply: "You are just mad because you have to wait in such a long line at the main counter." I couldn't believe it and told her the point of joining the Fastbreak Club is to not have to wait and that is why there is a Fastbreak counter. I ended up booking a car with Alamo and got out of there.

Luz Quezada

Nice cars

Zaron Lancaster

People were courteous and professional. The ease of pick up and drop off is a plus.

Janet Jasinski

Horrible experience with Budget car rental. Wish I checked these reviews before booking. They are the cheapest, so the demand is there. Long lines and not enough staff to handle the load. Sat. to Sat. rental is a popular time, but over 2 hrs. to get a car is ridiculous. Customers yelling and cursing was not the ideal way to start our family vacation. Will never use Budget again.

pd chic

Do not ever rent a car with Budget or Avis when you go to Charleston, even though they may be cheaper. You’ll have to wait in line for 1.5-2 hrs like I did. They’re the cheapest, so everyone flocks to them. There were no lines at Enterprise or Hertz.

Ricky Gonzalez

Experience was seamless, team was very helpful, even when we where earlier than we anticipated they provided us with a great car option and the return was very easy, really recommend!

Dakota Hillman

Terrible experience with this company. I used this company for a rental in Charleston while on military orders. They snuck in extra charges after I told them I didn’t want the services. Which in turn has messed up my paperwork I had to do when I got back from my orders. If you are military do not use this company. My unit has had multiple cases of the same problem so it’s a occurring thing. Customer service is awful and it’s nearly impossible to get ahold of anyone except corporate office, which they say you have to call the branch which you can’t do. 10/10 would not recommend

Jordan M

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I reserved a car online so that I could go to a funeral and I drove 30 minutes to this location because they gave me a great rate. I asked if I needed anything else before pick up and the woman on the phone said no just my license and Visa card. I went to pick up my rental and a young female who didn’t even have a uniform on or look like she wanted to be there took my card and swiped it. She then tells me that she ran a credit check and it said she couldn’t rent to me. She said nothing about a credit check before she swiped my card. I asked why she ran it without telling me or having me sign anything. She had no answer. I asked if it was going on my report as an inquiry and she said yes. After I am absolutely livid the older man FINALLY STOPS SCROLLING THROUGH HIS CELL PHONE to tell me that it doesn’t. If he hadn’t been on his phone and had been assisting her since she has no idea what she’s doing this wouldn’t have happened. I am never stepping foot in another budget ever again. I lost over two hours waiting for another company to get a car so that I could start my four hour drive finally arriving after midnight. No apology no nothing. Unprofessional and lazy

Robert LaFontaine

Friendly but marking and GPS directions are confusing

Dean Rasulov

Usually I reserve online and pick up from here, their employees are nice but take little bit longer than other places.

Robert Hoffman

Jackie Olson

If I could give it zero stars...or negative 100 stars... I would I would avoid this location at ALL costs! It was the least expensive option to rent a Jeep for our trip and when we got there, we were asked if we wanted a Jeep and when we said yes we were told it was being cleaned and they would let us know when it was ready. After about 40 minutes, I got back in line to ask how much longer. She called the guys in the garage to see if it was ready and they said they showed a Jeep being checked in but they weren't sure where it was. I was told I'd have an answer in 2 minutes. She also told me that if they didn't have the Jeep available, I could have a Toyota 4 Runner as a free upgrade (only after I told her we wouldn't take a smaller vehicle because we had paid for the Jeep already and that I would not be paying extra for the upgrade because they failed to have a vehicle we had paid to reserve over a month prior.) 10 minutes later I am told that they don't have the Jeep or the 4 Runner but they can give me an Explorer. I say, fine, we don't want to wait anymore. About another 20 minutes go by and we finally get called up and handed a set of Ford keys. We finally locate the car in the garage (she told us the wrong parking spot) and we find out that it is an Expedition it's basically a tank and we aren't comfortable with the size of vehicle. Then we go back inside and wait in line AGAIN for probably another 30 minutes and tell the lady that she gave us the wrong keys and we don't want the Expedition because it is far too large for us to drive. She immediately offers a Dodge Durango, comparable in size to an Explorer and we take the keys. This took TWO HOURS! It's like they don't actually have enough cars to fulfill the reservations they have. Not a single person in line was handed keys when they left the counter the first time. Every single person had to wait for at least 30-45 minutes. This place is completely unprofessional and incompetent. I can't believe they are allowed to run their counter this way.

Milan Rousset

Had a great experience at this location. We've rented from their competitor at this location the summer before and they gave us an old crusty minivan. At this Budget location I walked up to the counter expecting the same experience... (eugene isn't a huge destination after all) and the guy behind the counter (his name may be Dan, big biceps, bald with glasses) said: "I have been working all morning on making sure you got the SUV." I was immediately impressed and surprised by the service. Definitely will return to this budget and give other budgets a shot in the future! The Yukon was very comfortable for our trip an having a newer vehicle was a nice perk!

Z Mohammed

Booked online and they didn’t have the car avaliable. A standard industry practice is upgrade at no cost. Also, they do a “credit check” if you use a debit card. Won’t rent from Budget again.

Don Wagner

Rented the Kia Soul did not have a single problem out of it was like brand new

Charles Nichols

Location is off in Google maps. Drive in is on the opposite side of the garage.

Male RN

Very efficient...thank you!

Ramaward Sinanan Singh

Jon Mendel

Terrible. Ant infested car. Sales agent spoke 3 words. Hardly felt like we could get a new car. Weirdest ever.

TylerGaming 336

Love it

Glodi King

The guy on the Front desk gives out false information when picking up the car after that I got charge for something that I was told by the guy at the front front desk claim I wouldn't be. I call the manager and he claims that he will get back at me but never did. I'm really disappointed

legba eshu

Resa Te

After renting from this location, I now understand why it has such a low rating. Never thought that its be so justified. Ridiculously slow service and condescending staff would make anyone want to tear their hair out.

TN PoisonIvy

Love this place

Andrew swank

Waited in like for an hour to get our car that we already had a reservation for. Large girl with pink hair was just watching other employees work. When we finally recieved the car, it was dusty with cigarette ash in it and it smelled like stale cigarettes. We didn't have a good experience and would not recommend Budget.

Dennis Daniels

Nancy Dewied

Was very impressed with everyone from the intake person to the staff in the rental parking lot. Directions were easy and staff was friendly and courteous----Made me proud to be home in Rhode Island!

Jason Dunlap

Unbelievably slow service! Over an hour and a half AFTER getting to the counter agent and being told they are "just detailing the vehicle now." 20 plus customers waiting on cars that were already rented to them, but somehow not available for another 2 hours.

Rebecca Pawlak

We have rented vehicles from this location multiple times. 8 times this year alone..Every experience has gone smoothly! We are able to prepay on line for our rental with a debit card and use our credit card for the deposit making it so convenient! The staff are polite and very personable..never an issue when extending our rental agreement... fair accommodation for every situation we have encountered... George is always our favorite but his staff has always been great too! **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LOCATION**

Teresa Wickersham

Facility is small and easy to get in and out of. Staff did their job...very problems with that. The only problem I had was the sound system on my car worked sporadically. I'm a music lover so that sucked and it was frustrating to deal with while driving.

Gonzalo Jourde

Waiting time is forever, just one agent for too many people!!!

Giovanni Gentile

Worst experience. I booked the car in advance, so that I don't have to worry about it. My reservation was for 10 am, I showed up at 9:30 am just to make sure to be on time. By 11 am I'm still in line waiting to pickup my car. 30 minutes after finally it is my turn to speak with the agent. After giving my credit car and id the agent tells me that he is sorry, but the car I reserved is not available anymore because I didn't pickup the car by 10. I tried to explain that I was there since 9:30 waiting to pickup my car, but he told me that the reservation is just a preference, and it doesn't guarantee anything.

judie burridge

Waited 45 minutes in line to pick up the car at the Myrtle Beach Airport. The car smelled inside and wasn't cleaned very well. The air pressure sensor came on as soon as we left the parking lot. I returned the car to the Charleston SC Airport. I filled up the car with gas on the way to the airport which was less than 10 miles away. I took a picture of the fuel and odometer reading because I wasn't sure if they would be there to check it in. Their was someone there and when I got home I noticed a fuel charge of $15.10 on my bill. 7/8 full it said. I think he needs glasses or a lesson on how to read the gas gauge. We I called customer service they told me to fill it up less than 3 miles from the airport. I said when Budget provides a gas station less than 3 miles from every airport then I would be more than happy to fill it up. I had proof that my tank was full. Please check all receipts before dropping it off.

Kristen Cummings

Horrible service, completely disorganized, waited almost an hour for my car with only two other customers there. Then tried to get us to pay an upgrade fee because they no longer had the economy class I had reserved months earlier! Save yourself the aggravation and don't bother with this company!

Robert Waggoner

In August 2015 my wife accompanied me on a business trip to Montpelier, Vt. I'm very used to renting a car with Budget after making regular trips from Texas to Vermont over the last year. This one was special. I don't think they knew my wife was coming with me but as a matter of course provided me with a Chevy Impala. Wow! what a nice car! But more importantly than that is the attitude and demeanor of the staff at the Burlington airport Budget office. They are quick, helpful, friendly and very considerate of people's time. They have genuine smiles - something that you don't always see in the service industry. My wife was very satisfied with the car and the experience. Thanks!

William Hudson

Zach Haddad

Dan Corvin

Rick and team always are great.....Period, have rented numerous times. Dan

Jim P

Very friendly staff and provided a ride back to the campground I was at after I returned the car.

Derly Quintero

So rude!!!!

Bronson Morley

Long lines no cars ready despite a reservation hours before landing terrible experience

Laïla Seffar

(Translated by Google) Rental too expensive !!! (Original) Location trop chère!!!

Jim DiNobile

very good experience all around

Tere Sullivan

Excellent service Received new vehicle Port Authority needs 2 make it more convenient 4 customer

sadhan P


VERY long wait, over an hour PLUS just to get to the counter (and we had an appointment). My brother had an appointment earlier in the day for a car, and he had to wait the same time (lines out the door). Very cramped quarters with inadequate a/c. Every customer was complaining (rightfully so). Counter people were doing their best, and were professional and accommodating as they could muster. Car was clean and washed though, security was non-plussed about examining car (I had to point out several damage spots they would have missed. Overall, good cars, poorly managed customer service wait times (was 4th of July weekend) - but staff was doing best they could under the circumstances

Rudy Rigoni

Awful experience..Waited more than 2 hours in line (just one guy at the front office) just to hear that my reservation was not updated correctly so if I wanted to pick up the car I had to pay nearly double the price I prepaid.

Robert Lawton

Great place to rent a vehicle, if you can get them to answer the phone.

Joseph Finelli

We'd just had a horrible experience with our JetBlue flight and were not feeling up to another horror show with that airline so we figured we could drive back to Fort Lauderdale. Douglas at Budget Rental was excellent setting us up quickly with a vehicle and finding us a deal. Great and friendly service.

Susan Lentz

Our rental vehicle was upgraded and we had no problems checking the car out, driving for five days or checking the car in, at 5:45 a.m. The people working at Budget were polite and helpful.

Crystal Edmonds

CROOKS, RUDE, UNPROFESSIONAL, NO HELP Customer service. All they can do is tell you call cooperate. call cooperate.Like robots, no offer to call for me or with me or even give me cooperates number?? How do these people Have a job? And what does that job entail since they refuse to help you in any way? And with extreme rudeness like they hate their job. particularly girl with red hair, acne, and glasses?


The rental truck was Dirty inside and out. The staff were friendly and helpful.

Bonnie Wallace

Ordered and paid online before we arrived. Car was ready, agent at the counter was helpful, no surprises and easy. Got a good rate from USAA. Thank you Budget.

Eugene Sneed

I get it that it's the end of the business day, and the rep may have been tired, and/or stressed, or even distracted. It happens. It should not have affected the rep's attitude. His lack of energy, motivation, and courtesy made for a poor experience while on the phone with this individual. I hope for better, not just for myself, but for other potential customers as well.

Michael Slater

The price of the car was very reasonable, however, we flew in on labor day weekend. Hertz, enterprise, and alamo all had a full staff at each of their counters. Budget had the largest number of terminals, and the largest number of customers. There were only two employees working a counter that had 8 terminals.

Dmitry Perstin

Sunday morning, 20 people in line and only one person working behind the counter. Very bad planning! And maybe it's time to ditch the dot matrix printers for something faster? This review is not a reflection of the girl working the counter. She worked as fast as possible with a smile.

Barry Niemann

This entire company is a joke. The “cars available” light is on but here I am over an hour after my reservation still waiting for a car. I called corporate and they hung up on me and then told me “the system is down” when I called back. How hard is it to “Budget” an appropriate number of cars to fulfill your reservations?

Cheryl Matushevski

Rental was quick and easy.

Steven Guglielmetti

I was very satisfied with the staff and the pick up and return of the vehicle and the staff they were very polite and helpful thank you

Christopher Ryan

I must say that every time I go to the airport location to pick up a car (which is 2-3 times a month) that Heather goes to great lengths to make my experience the best. Whenever Heather is working she accommodates me with what car I have reserved and sets the customer service bar to the top and beyond. She is a employee worth having!!

Melanie Justice

Did not receive the car I chose online. Service was slow.

Ed Wilhelm

Leslie Pearce

I had a wonderful experience at the TF Green location when picking up and returning a Budget Car. (Last month we rented a Budget Car at Login and had a terrible experience). We rented an SUV and got exactly what we expected. When picking up the car the Agent at the counter was efficient and got us on our way without delay. When we returned the car it was so simple and the agent in the garage offered to get assistance for my husband who is handicapped. A tram was waiting for us to take us to the terminal and an attendant was waiting to take us through TSA. I felt this location demonstrated outstanding Customer Service and it has confirmed from this point forward we will fly and rent our car at T. F. Green Airport and not go to Logan Airport again.

dr vimal jaiswal

Great staff, friendly and courteous. Excellent rental car company!!!

Alejandro Stoffos

Chaotic pickup of car; after the return of the car it turned out to be more than double the price of the original rental agreement... What happened to Budget/Avis that the customer service has become such a deep priority

Chrys Grace

We had booked a mini van using the 35% discount offer, but when we arrived at the airport they did not have a mini van. The customer service representative offered us a full size SUV, Chevy Tahoe which was a nice upgrade. The checkout was a breeze. However, while returning the car at San Jose Airport it took a while to get a receipt. Overall I was very satisfied with the service and would definitely rent from Budget again.

Timothy Nelson

I rent from budget quite often and this location is always the worst. I usually dont post reviews but the customer service here sucks. I had an experience one time where a female rep (wears glasses) there got upset with me and was rude because I didnt wash the car before returning. I called Budget and nothing was done she still works there. Also the gentleman I believe is the manager makes alot of jokes that arent funny no offense but im not here to laugh at you I want to rent a car and be treated like a valued customer. They dont greet you here like "welcome to Budget how can I help you" like other locations. Just because this isnt the airport doesn't mean customer service should suffer so badly.

Mary Castillo

Cheap and super easy

Jeremy Sutterfield

I waited for over an hour for the rental agent to help 5 people. He seemed more concerned with being a comedian than actually helping customers. The young woman that was bringing cars down brought down cars in the wrong order or the wrong car completely. She also went up the elevator 3 different times and forgot to bring a car seat for the gentlemen four people ahead of me. The guy checking the cars had heard me and other customers complaining about the staff specifically the man at the counter and said “and he’s a manager”. The vehicle’s bumper kept popping out of place and I had to pop it back in twice. When I returned the car after filling the car up completely, I had a charge for 15.99 for gas which I had to go in to the location to have removed. Only for the woman at the counter to tell me that it’s automatically added. That they don’t check the car for gas if you drive less than 75 miles. How many people walk away and can’t prove that they in fact dropped the car off refueled? When I voiced my complaints about the guy I rented from earlier she said he was a manager and said but you notice it’s called budget right? She also kept my paperwork, gas receipt and hotel key I inadvertently left in my paperwork but I was so frazzled at that point I was back to my hotel in an Uber before I realized it. This is the most irresponsibly run rental location I have ever been to.

Michael Fernando

Bottom line: only get your vehicle here if you're not in a rush to get out of the airport. Good: - Price. I got a deal by reserving online and through USAA. - Vehicle. The mid-size SUV was a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. It was a fantastic …

Chocolate Boy Wonder

Can't beat the prices. Be nice if they had a better selection and the location was better but everything else is great.

Abe Sword

James Rapalje

Poorly located

Manuel Beltrán

Claire Femister

Excellent service. Really good value, we also got an upgrade to our chosen vehicle. No hidden costs and great pickup/drop off location for Airport

Jon Megli`

Slowest rental place in the whole airport. Rent hertz, they won't disappoint.


Nice staff and good cars I would recommend it. I would suggest if you want a SUV or a van book 20 hours before.

Bill Shurtleff

Great staff. Best place in north Dallas to rent a car,truck or SUV. Rented dozens of times in last 4 years. Never a problem.


Service was relatively quick and friendly. The vehicle was as reserved.

Terrenia Lewis

Good customer service. People are friendly. Reasonable prices.

Susie Inman

Based on what I witnessed and went through today, I can see all of these negative reviews being true. I will admit that no one at this location was rude to me specifically but I did witness an employee tell a customer to sit down and be quite or wait outside. They were out of all cars and when I got there I was number 12 in line waiting to pick up and 5 or 6 more people came in after me. I do understand that this location is a branch and their supplier had poor planning for today and I also understand the frustration of having to be the face of such a major ball drop and I do not know who or what he dealt with prior to my arrival. But I do not understand a person, that appeared to be management, being rude to a customer for any reason. Being a General Manager in customer service myself, what I witnessed wasn’t ok. When I contacted customer service to cancel my reservation things got worse. I actually had to contact my bank and 3 way Budget customer service in order to get my money back. This was my first and last experience with Budget. Like another comment says, call ahead and see what they have available and then reserve online.

Chris Horton

Can't say enough positive things about this location.. All the staff was friendly. Called to see if they could pick me up from the city, and without hesitation said not a problem we will be right there. Thanks for the great customer service.

Chris R. Churchey

Anuj Goyal

reasonably priced car rental

Susan Stonesifer

Jackie S was wonderful after a snake oil experience across the way at the H**** counter. She gave us a fabulous car, with less paperwork and more efficiency!

Piers Mathieson

Latoya took such good care of me, making my journey in Hurricane Michael less stressful. Thank you Latoya!

Emily Miller

DwayneandUrania Davis

Loved my experience at this Budget location!! I am always satisfied with Budget!!

Robert Sigvardsson

Picking it up in DC the staff was really slow and didn't care a bit about our questions about insurance and stuff. But the car was perfect and returning it went without a hassle. Would rent again.

Dan Galgano

The only reason to visit this Budget is if you are morbidly curious how terrible and inefficient a car rental service can be.

yt yt

Everything was great. Check-in woman was kind of blah, check-out guy was there early morning and was wonderful. Car was great! Price was great!

Lisa White

Great customer service!

Marshall Morrison

HORRIBLE!!! Their phone system doesn't even work to make a reservation!!!

Fran Koerner

The staff was helpful and we were in and out in less than 5 minutes, and with the in terminal station and the cars outside within shouting distance why rent elsewhere.

Michael DiMaria

Great experience with a quick and helpful customer service agent. Gave me options of vehicles and even let me change my mind after picking. Great for one way rentals and value for price.

Brown Sugar

Beware of this location!!! I was rented a car with freshly opened alcohol in the armrest glove compartment which was not noticed until later. Situations like this could easily have the renter arrested or in major trouble on the account of someone not doing their job. After attempting to call the local Charleston airport location back, their direct number does not work and only leads to an automated phone tree with their general customer service department. Their general customer service telephone employees are rude and hate their jobs and lives and had the nerve to say it's my fault for not saying anything about this during my walkthrough (like I'm looking for alcohol inside the armrest glove compartment during my walkthrough) - their service was a complete waste of time and did not help at all. Also the local Charleston airport employees are very persuasive with up selling and and adding on hidden charges - Rhonda, in particular, added optional products and service charges onto my rental which I verbally declined but was still charged.

Yuri Davydov

First of all, Burlington is a sweet airport to travel from and to and Budget was great to work with. Second, the Budget reps were helpful, pleasant, and accommodating. Do not hesitate to work with them --easy peasy.

Taylor Cherry

****DO NOT RENT FROM HERE**** They will hit you with a ton of unexpected fees. I agreed upon about $900 for 5 weeks. After fees, I was charged $1971. I tried disputing it and no one there was helpful. Unbelievable. There’s plenty of cheaper car rental centers with better staff.

Elizabeth Dalzell-Wagers

I would like to say that after standing in line for 35 minutes with 1 person behind counter, 2 more people did come out to work... then we waited for an additional 40 minutes to get the counter to get our car... The gentleman that did help us was super nice and apologized, Mohamed I believe his name was... it's just frustrating traveling with a toddler and needing to wait in line for over an hour... please support your agents behind the counter :) so customer service A+++ but seriously wait time was brutal

Diane Gallagher

Fast and friendly.

Deanna Peete

Mason Patrie

Really great customer service. I forgot my parking pass when I returned the car and I thought I was screwed. But, they mailed it to my house. I bet other companies would have just thrown it away. Really thoughtful and I am thankful I got it back.

Randy Usko

I wish I had read the reviews. We’ve had good luck with Budget in many cities, but I will never rent from this one again! When we arrived there was a line & another 12-15 people already through standing & waiting on vehicles. They …

Vladimir Kruglyak

Beware !!! Returning at this location is a nightmare. Customer service is at a verge of an insult. I brought them pictures of the dashboard with milage so they didn't have to go to the car and save time but they charged me more anyway, even though I came in on time to their parking lot. To waive extra charges they did not do anything and made me call to the place where I rented from. Horrible, arrogant, too big to get fired type of jerks work there, not made for customer service but rather for wrestlemania.... Complain to corporates and eventually they will be gone....

Scott Hall

Worst setup ever. 15 people in line and one person working to counter. Took over an hour to get my car.

Julia Cox

Rachel Goodwin

Valerie Plotkin

This review deals with the rental through COSTCO...NOT BUDGET. Dealing with Budget directly was horrible. Agent could not get anything right. Changed priced at whim. Went through Costco..and it was excellent. Counter gentleman at Budget was excellent. Reservation woman was impossible to understand...and couldn't get info right..Gave up on her. Dealt through Costco. They were fabulous. You need better training for reservations.

Frank Kneller

A great experience with the team at TF Green, thank you!

H Nwanety

Had wonderful customer service at this Budget. I had a wrong reservation and Sue helped me sort it out and gave me a great deal on my rental car. I am very appreciative of all the assistance she provided.Thank you so much for taking the time to sort me out of that mess! You made my night!

David B

Steven Hardman

Tonight at 7:50 pm dropped my car off at the Charleston Airport location. I saw two people in the drop off location and began unloading my car. Two minutes later, everyone was gone, so I waited until I saw someone walking by in a side lot. He was a car runner. He told me that I needed to take the key and bring the contract with the mileage into the desk to turn them in... good to know! No signage to let people know what to do when there is NO staffing. Then I got the same lack of customer service at the desk. I waited for 5 minutes more while I was in the fastbreak line and was not acknowledged by the desk person. I then saw the small key return box and filled out the contract and stuffed the key and contract into the box. No contact with anyone while here. I wouldn’t have given such a low rating if there was some signage to help customers out when there isn’t anyone around. I fortunately lucked out. I could have spent a lot more time there and would have been late for my plane. Budget is actually a misnomer, they used to be among the least expensive and are now usually most expensive option. I don’t plan on using them again.

daniel boski

Same as all Budget Car Rental.

Barkev Sirabionian

When I return the car about an hour late than scheduled and I am being charged about $40 extra which is actually an extra day, I do not appreciate it.

Kevin Surbaugh

Great rental location.

Booker T McCloud 3rd

Xu Rohrer

I booked a car and paid on Budget’s website. It took us an hour at the location to pick up the car. I am not sure what went wrong at the time. The office is small and can’t accommodate customers. People had to wait outside in an over humid 95 F summer weather for a long time. It’s not acceptable. The company owns some explanation and compensation to the customers wasting time and energy.

Margaret Yeo

Very efficient staff. Courteous service & car is new & clean. Thanks to the male personnel who helped us.


Over all very good but three stars car smelt of cigarettes and seat had burn hole.

Arbi Llaveshi

Had a short weekend trip where we flew in and had rented a car a week and a half ago. Upon arrival there were 7 people waiting for cars. They said the wait for our rental would be over an hour as they didn't have the car ready for us. I …

william liniewicz

Jamie Curran

Update: I contact budget via email, phone and twitter. Email and phone calls yielded no help - twitter response offered me a little cash back. I reserved a car online, and PRIOR to booking, I called the national line who confirmed that a premium SUV would be a suburban or expedition and would have 2 bench row seats, to properly fit my group of 8. I showed up to get a Tahoe/Yukon size vehicle that sits 7. I had no choice but to continue to use 2 cars for the duration of the rental, since the car I picked up didn't fit 8 people as expected. if I hadn't gone through the trouble of confirming all of this I wouldn't be mad, but I did, before booking to be absolutely sure. On top of it, a line of 3 people took 45 minutes for me to get to the person at the desk. Awful.

Jerry Ulsund

I used Costco and reserved my standard size car. The pickup and dropoff was very easy. Although there was a slight discrepancy on my bill when dropping off the car the clerk at the counter corrected it immediately. I have always been very satisfied with Budget.

Joshua Reeves

Fionna Harrington

Great rental experience! Got a great vehicle for a good price. Super convenient and was able to drive into Canada with the rental


Terrible Experience. If you like sweating in the SC summer sun for 45minutes to an hour waiting on a car, then you’ll love Budget.

Chris and Shannon Few

Alex Luer

Great customer service, car pick-up and return

Claudia Allred

I recently rented a car from Budget while visiting in Charleston. The staff was friendly and there was very little wait time. Before renting the car, I did check prices with other companies. Budget offered a good deal. I have rented from them and will do so again.

Andy Kerf

Budget provide a high level quality service. A very big thank to MALCOLM, who was friendly and very efficient, for doing the necessary to get us a great car, the GMC YUKON DENALI! Successful road trip!! Thank you very much :)

Ariana Lynne Alleva

Highly recommend this location staff was super friendly everything was so easy and quick. I also extended my rental 2x and it was quick and easy both times first time I did it through automated system second time was with a live customer service rep both super quick and easy they had awesome pricing and a lot of cars to choose from

John Lima

The absolute worst.I am a member of Fastbreak and it doesn't exist at this location. Waited for an hour and a half to get a full size but they gave me a Ford Fusion hybrid. This is a mid-size car and being hyhrid turned the trunk into that of a convertible. Ford Taurus is the true fill size. The lady was extremely rude and would not take care of me. I had to put my stroller in between my wife and I in the car while we drove putting my family's life in danger. Worst experience ever.

Donnie Johnston

Never rent from here. Horrible customer service. The operator, Sal (who gave himself a five star review below) will squeeze every penny out of you.

Dimple Patel

The team works efficiently when is it super busy, even if they are understaffed. A special shout out to Spencer, who was incredibly supportive, kind, and provided my husband and I a good experience during Memorial Day weekend.

JoAnna Bucheger

This place is just awful. Every encounter with this location and the customer service representatives has been nothing short of disrespectful, time wasting and eyebrow raising due to incompetence. I mean, do you work for a multibillion dollar company or what?

Mary Huston Mclendon

was charged $700 for a car rental that I had cancelled days before instead of Just over $300 for the active rental AND we waited almost 40 minutes for a car. vey unhappy - and I have rented at least 2 cars every month for the last 20 years expect refund

Charlotte Kalthoff

Friendly staff. Thanks for all your help with the gas issue. All the best...

Sharon Ihlefeld

I've been here a few times always great prices and lots of cars to choose from.

Hasan Alshamsi

Sarah Obryant

I've been waiting over 40 mins for my rental. I was told they couldn't find the first car they gave me and the second car the shuttle had to take us to it. When I say us, I mean 9 or 10 other people have been waiting for cars longer than me. It's over 85 degrees outside and no apologizes were given.

Nadia Santos

Friendly, and efficient staff

richkid 007

Nikaela Collins

The whole process was quick and smooth. There were no hiccups with picking up or dropping the car back off. All the staff we encountered were polite and helpful, and even suggested things around town we should check out. We had a great experience!

mark a

Friendly, courteous staff. Free upgrade. Fast, easy pick up and drop off. Best price.


Ugh, car rentals suck in general in my opinion, so this isn't fully directed at this location, except for the fact the dude talked wayyyy too much, wanting to share his stories of being in the business for 15yrs. Cool guy, but we got places to go! But in general, the whole debit card debacle is terrible. A person with a major debit card shouldn't have to be subject to a credit check, deposit, or flat out denied for not having a credit card. And the price for needing to drop a car off at a different location is craziness. The Ford focus was nice though.

Cheryl Benally

The rental process was easy & they were very friendly

Chris .


Jesse McNeeley

When entering the return time for my vehicle the computer defaulted to 1130 pick up after I set it up for 10pm. Then was told I could rent the same car for twice as much... needless to say wont happen again

YOU 10

Love this place it's hidden at the Marriott hotel on B1 level. They have cheap cars

John Doe

Terrible customer service. They treat customers as cattle. Barbra was so rude to me I genuinely felt offended. Making someone wait 45 minutes or being forced into a much more expensive vehicle is not good customer service. Do yourself a favor and rent with a reputable company so you dont end up stranded.

Dan Sokol

Mary Carr

Great rate and excellent vehicle, plus quick and easy pick up and drop off made renting from Budget at T F Green Airport a pleasant experience.

shakira trice

This budget location is small and in a parking lot so a lot of people came in frustrated because of the location itself. I would suggest that you get there early since the place is small, so by the time you get to the counter your rental will either be ready early or at least at the time you were supposed to pick it up. If you come on time or late the people before you will take all of the cars and you would have to wait for another batch to come in. Which did not take too long if you're early it would work better based on the location. Basically this is a prime example of early means right on time. Don't worry before you know it you will be rolling out of there because the customer service I have experienced is immaculate. Monique the sales representative behind the desk assisted about 3-4 customers at a time took names and information and asked each person to wait to the side. Next thing you know each person was being called back to her to sign contracts and head to their car. This made the process so much faster. She maintained a smile and was very professional to rude customers. She even provided discounts and car upgrades.There were people coming in late and upset that a car was not available which I found hilarious because it was no one else's fault but their own. The late people made it worst for the people who were on time which those vehicles had to given to them since they were first in line and the n time people had to wait. Spencer was another sales rep behind the counter who is great with small talk as he puts the information in the system and laughs and jokes with the customers. He also makes the experience better and faster., before I knew it I was rolling on out of there with my boyfriend ready for our vacation. I will definitely use that location again especially if Monique and Spencer are there.

jake stall

If I could give a negative star rating I would! Worst experience ever at this Tysons Corner location. At pickup car was smaller then reserved. They brought a bigger one...claiming its all they had...fthy and cigarette smoke ridden. We had no choice but to take it. After 15 mins in it we were nauseous and sick. Called Cust Svc and we had to go to Regan Natl Aurport for a replacement car. Person thete even said we should have never been given that car. All this mess cozt us over 2 hours delay. Then when we brought the car back to Tysons on return the manager charged us an extra day because it was back after 8am...we had it back about 9am which Natl said woumd be fine since our pickip was delayed. Manager at Tysons Corner was unprofessional and we suspect he was also drunk as he was treating us like trash, talking and acting weird, was dirty and unprofessional . We called cust svc again and they were apologetic and eventually after pleading gave us some credit for our trouble. Will NEVER use these bastards again. They deserve to go out if business and if I could I would fire that lame ass at the Tysons Corner lication at tbe Marriott Hotel.


Robie Suggs

Outstanding customer service and value for the money

Gary O

AVOID. All around terrible experience. The icing on the cake? Wanted to extend my rental and the quoted extension day rate was double my booked rate and close to double the rate to just do a brand new booking for the same car and time period...called to explain and the Budget employee could care less and recommended I make another new booking if that was the cheaper option. So they'd rather I drive the 40 mile roundtrip journey (and the fuel, pollution that goes with it), take up my time and their employees time at the desk, print more contracts and do another round of check-in/check-out procedures because they are too lazy to operate with logic. Again, I would seriously book with someone else....will never go with them again, personally

Rocio Matiz

Horrible wait. One person in counter with 20 customers waiting

Tammy Price

This one is hard bc the folks at the counter were fine. Except they never answered the phone. Let me explain... First off this is a budget/avis location at BTV. I rented from budget. I needed to extend my rental one day so I could drive 10 hrs home instead of fly bc of fight issues. I was attempting to call and extend but was told there was not a budget return near my home and it would cost $400 to extend one day for a one way rental. I knew there was an avis return location at my local airport (where my trip originated and where i needed to get my car anyways). So I tried to call the local BTV counter multiple times but got transferred to their call Center. I asked if I could keep the budget car and return to my local avis and was told no. I had to return my current car to budget at the airport and rent a new avis car. Also the Avis one way option was only $150. Long story short. When I got to the counter At the BTV airport to get the Avis rental the guy asked if I wanted to keep the same car. I was shocked. Seriously?!?! Why couldn’t we have done tht over the phone. It would have saved me an hour of drive time. And been a lot less stressful. 1. Customer first. 2. Get all of your employees on the same page. 3. If I could have gotten through to the local staff I bet we could have handled over the phone. But again they never answered. And there were extra people working the counter/standing around when j for there to drop off/pick up.

Sherry Mitchell

After having a car breakdown on vacation and having a difficult time with Enterprise as a returning customer, no less, Budget was a breath of fresh air. They were efficient and had us back on the road in no time. Friendly and sincere personnel. Thanks so much for saving our vacation. Will be using Budget in the future....sorry Enterprise, your loss!

Burton Bagby-Grose

Super friendly staff at T.F. Green Airport, especially Heather. Car was clean and the return was super easy. Great experience.


Great customer service and good rates

Sokthar Srey

This is the second time I've ever used Budget, veering away from enterprise but clearly it was a mistake. After a long travel to visit home from across the country (where we are stationed) we were excited to be back. After getting in line we were greeted by a gentlemen named Gerry, which was a merely "I can take you over here". The disgruntled man was not pleasant through any of the process, including the part in which we wanted to use our credit card for points instead of the one on file we used to hold. He didn't engage in any part of the transaction, asking about our trip or what we were in town for. When I mentioned I wanted to use my husbands credit card (meaning we two men), he made the sarcastic remark "so you're husband and wife?". It would have been fine if he made an apology or if we knew it was a joke. Being a Navy couple we are used to criticism but this was unacceptable behavior. It seems as though all customer service stopped after he found out we were a same-sex couple as well. We were not offered any up sells such as insurance, gas, gps or any add on options, while the couple next to us was offered every option by a different sales person (who seemed lively and energetic!). We will never use this car rental service again, and neither would our family. We never received a call from corporate after our complaint was filed, therefore we can only assume this behavior is condoned and represents Budget's business practices. Maybe that customer representative could learn the "fake it till you make it" mentality. At the point of returning the vehicle, the check out girl was extremely pleasant and welcoming! We aren't looking for any discounts or refunds, but for some customer service vamp. You, the car rental company, are the first stop for MANY travelers and a little enthusiasm and customer service skills could really amp up revenue. We would of taken advantage of your insurance or upgrade prices, but it's okay... Because we will take our money else where.

jon keefer

I only rent from Budget, and the majority of my rentals come from this location. The staff is very pleasant, and always look to upgrade me into a better vehicle, which I really appreciate. I have primarily dealt with Linda, and have yet to ever be dissatisfied. I have several more rentals already booked for this year, and I look forwards to more great service.

Haim Barel

Worst company. I have waited to pick my car more then 2 hours. They try to inforce me to make an insurance that i do not need. They gave me a car a lower class then i have order.

Rafael Barbosa

Great services


I have been renting from this particular Budget for years for my business and personal trips. George and Hunter always seem to go out of their way to help. It may be true their rates are higher if one walks in without prior reservation but that could be due to whatever cars they have available on the lot at the mall at the time. It is a smaller market area than larger cities so reserving ahead gives them time to call the Greensboro office and have the lower cost auto sent over. As for my personal preference, I always like it when customer service recognizes (or at least tries) to recognize and greet me by my name.

Ashley Gibbs

I had two consistently great experiences with this location. My husband and I had reserved a convertible rental and the morning that we were to pick it up we had to downgrade because of the impending weather reports. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was kind enough to go through each model and price with me before giving me the number to the website travel site that I booked the car with (he was unable to cancel). After that site canceled for me I immediately went to Budget's website to book with them directly. When we arrived the ease of pick up was such a reward after our long travel and after asking the customer service rep if there was a water fountain nearby she promptly got me a bottle of water from her station. Our car was spotless and the drop off was just as efficient. Easiest experience ever!

Alexis Brown

Convenient, easy pick-up at the airport at a reasonable price. Good, friendly customer service. The Budget representative was helpful at switching out my rental car from a sportscar to an easier model to drive. Thank goodness! The car was perfect during my stay.

Thomas Rutherford

Not in a hurry to return. Enterprise is much more convenient and consistent.

Jay S

Phil OBrien

John Gould

Everything was handled totally professionally.

Kimberly Murphy

Guilford Traveller

Wow these folks are incompetent. Rent from any location OTHER than the Budget at SLC airport.

Leticia Reed

I prepaid a rental online, arrived at the Sears’ location at 2:02 and was told that they closed at 2:00 and could not get the car. I called customer service to modify the pick up location or to get a refund and they refused to modify the location. The only option available was to get a refund, but they charged me a No Show fee of $150. They’re THIEVES! Do no pay in advance because they will steal your money!

Khoa Nguyen

Really bad. I picked up car and rep said it’s not vacuumed yet. I said no worries and drove away. The fuel tank is 3/4 emptied. I called and was told to come back so he can record it. I am sitting here for a while now and the rep is nowhere to be found.

J Winkle

Mismanaged location, multiple times in last few months I've had a problem getting a car even if reservation is prepaid. Yes, even if it's prepaid there is no difference. Manager here seems to think it's funny too. As I stand at the counter I'm told there are no cars, even when i point out the vehicles in their lot. "Those are for other reservations" I was told. After over 50 rentals at this West Chester location, I'm done. Never again.

John Rogers

Wonderful staff... GO DUCKS!

Michael Trimble

Long line for pick up due to only one attendant. Finally the express attendant started helping people also and helped move the line along.

Kathy Evans

Joe Dwyer

I had a terrible rental experience at the LAX Budget, but on my next trip to the east coast, I gave them another chance. What a difference! I prepaid for the rental from Budget, but my destination flight was cancelled and I had to go to a different airport. I called Budget and they transferred my rental to the new city. I had to call back and change the reservation again, because I forgot to tell Budget that I would be returning the car to a different city than I picked it up from. This was all handled very well over the phone , including the multiple changes to the total cost of the rental. Finally, I left my jacket in the car after returning it. The staff was very helpful in retrieving my jacket in time for me to catch my flight. Thanks very much.

Pete Heine

When I checked in to get my car, the agent (Laura) said she'd go get my key and never came back! After standing at the counter for 10 minutes, I went out to the car to reach her down, and found her working the counter out there. Hey explanation was that the agent out there had to go to the bathroom, so she had to stay there until that other agent returned. Totally unapologetic. In the 10 minutes I don't standing at the counter, I observed the other agent disappoint and dissatisfy one customer after another. Mostly they seemed to not have the vehicles that were reserved or to not honor the rates people were expecting. They also tried the upgrade scam I've read about in other reviews, where the reserved car will require an indefinite wait, but an SUV is available now for $10 more per day. One of the other customers asked to talk to a manager and was told there was no manager on duty and no estimated time for one to arrive.

Nancy Wong

Very efficient and helpful. Car clean and ready.

Carollei McMillin

always an awesome experience! we've been renting cars here every year since 2011, and have never been disappointed. service is prompt and the vehicles are clean and in great condition. you can't lose with this location, and they take USAA discounts


Monique Crosby

George Gerdes has to be the WORST manager I have ever met. If I could I would give the Budget Truck Hanes Mall location a (0) rating. They provide HORRIBLE customer service. After the vehicle I rented from GSO Airport stopped running on April 3rd and required the battery to be jumped, I drove to the Hanes Mall location on April 4th (nearest to where the car stopped working) to get another vehicle since I no longer trusted this car to be safe. I drove straight to the Hanes Mall location without getting gas. I informed George I would gladly pay for the gas, but I’d like to have someone follow me to the station in the event that the car stopped working again. Per George, I had driven past a number of gas stations and should have filled the tank before arriving at Budget. I informed him that I didn’t feel safe in the car and felt it would not work if I turned it off to pump gas. Per George, he didn’t have staff available to travel with me and I could leave the car running while pumping gas, and if I didn’t want to get gas I should have returned the car to the GSO Airport. George said he would only replace the car if I drove to get gas myself or he could charge my card $9 a gallon. I so wish I had contacted customer service, but instead I went to the station and filled the car. I later spoke with a customer service representative who said I should not have been required to get gas (since it was their car that failed to work) and they would reimburse me. Needless to say, I will NEVER rent from Budget/Avis again. Additionally, George Gerdes NEEDS to be retrained how to effectively provide GOOD customer service. Signed, Disappointed Renter (CC)

M J Roberts

Recently patronized this privately managed Winston Salem, North Carolina franchise. Excited to find a convenient location that did not require pick up and cost of $45-$67 travel back to Greensboro Airport which is nearest to downtown Winston Salem. This location also obliged my interest in returning car rental to a different drop off location than the pick up. (Actual drop off was in different state up north). Great rates, upgrades and manager specials. Friendly and efficient service. Worked directly with owner/manager.


Becca Cuddy

Peter Pollok

Was overcharged for extra days of car rental when vehicle was returned the date of initial reservation. Clearly the staff at this particular location was unable to handle the amount of business in demand. When returning the vehicle, the parking lot for return rentals was almost out of the parking lot. There was 30+ cars double parked in the return line with no budget personal checking in vehicles. After locking the car and parking behind the other units, I returned the keys to the budget office drop box and went into airport for departure flight. Several days later, I received a call from budget asking when I plan to return my rental. I informed the budget agent of the situation and that the vehicle was promptly returned the day it was due back. He said he would document the mix up and everything was ok on my end. Several weeks later I was then charged for extra days of rental. I am still in the process of getting my money refunded and I am currently not a happy customer.

Candy Owen

It's ok. This location should do debit cards without needing a return flight ticket.

Michael Spangler

Antonio Sandoval

The whole process of reserving online and picking up the car was smooth, what I really want to point out is the honesty of the guys that work here, we left a bag of a new coat after returning the car and they really took care of the issue and I have my coat back!

Melinda Belcher

Great Car! No pressure to buy extras, was understanding when I was late, Incredible customer service and courtesy. Will use again and recommend them in future!

Ken Kier

Fast and easy! Great free upgrade!

Amro Mohamed

Judi Geake

I don''t travel much, and my 83 year old husband was in a wheel chair when we ended up in the middle of the car lot, looking for a Fast Track (Fast Break?) kiosk. My son had signed me up for this without realizing that the Burlington airport was too small to have one. There was a Budget employee named Tim who just happened to be in the parking lot. He walked me directly to the Budget Counter and stayed with me until my paperwork was found. Then he walked me back to where my husband was waiting in the wheel chair. He told me I could wait with my husband...he'd bring the car to us...which he did. I think he was an angel in disguise. Please tell Tim his kindness will never be forgotten.

Francine Hamilton

I was very pleased with my rental from Budget. I picked up our car in Charleston, SC and returned it in Myrtle Beach a week later. The personnel at both locations couldn't have been nicer. They were all very helpful, thorough and courteous. In addition to - the price being right; this was a no hassle experience coming and going. I would certainly recommend Budget to friends and family. Francine Atco, NJ

Jeffery Hughes

Nice vehicle priced lower than anywhere else no problems from the time i picked the vehicle up until i dropped it off.

Edward Jarvis

Super helpful and friendly staff. They made everything easy. And had fast and helpful answers to all my questions. Good car, too. This was the smoothest car rental experience I've had in a long time, and I rent a lot of cars. Go to this place if you prefer a straightforward, no-bull experience.

Raquel Loveberry

Great staff and swift service.

Lee Lewis

Anonymous Anonymous

Always good service.

Tracy Hadley

Waited for 1 hour minutes for a rental car that we booked months ago Had this problem last time we visited Slc with budget. Not very friendly service for sure. Lady was hardly apologetic. Car dirty when we picked it up.

David Scharlin

I had another great rental from Budget at PVD. The pickup was easy and the dropoff was even easier. I also got a great rate through Costco.

James Mazurek

9 customers 1 sales rep 30 minutes wasted Nuff said


This company has the best and nicest people. I save a bunch on my rental. And nice vehicle also. AAA+ Will definitely rent from them again

Ali A

I was wondering why people gave these office a one star, when i arrived there, actually it's will be a half star

Pamela Grover

Appreciated how helpful Steve and Richie were with our car rental. Steve was really pleasant when I booked the rental. The vehicle worked out perfectly. All expectations were met 100%! Thank you!

Cathy Tuson

Great value for the car that we rented for a week.

Daryl Sommers

absolute nightmare, would give 0 stars if possible. On June 16th I rented a car from Budget in W. Yellowstone, returning the following day. The cost of the rental was supposed to be $115. On June 17th I returned the car a few hours later than expected due to wildlife traffic and construction traffic in the park. Upon return I was asked the location of the returned car by the employee, and whether I filled up with gas. After I replied I left Budget expecting a $115 charge on my credit card. A few weeks later I get a bill for $252, and call Budget to understand why. They tell me my car was returned late and thus I was charged extra. When I explain that the employee I rented the car with never explained the extra charge to me they apologize and let me know the employee was temporarily filling in and that they would refund me to the original agreed upon amount of $115. On July 2nd the $252 charge is still on my card, and I am told that the only manager who can fix the issue is out of the office for an unknown amount of time. I call back over 6 times this day and am told the same thing, eventually holding for almost 2 hours. Eventually another manager says they requested the refund and I should see it on my bill. Today, July 29th the charge for $252 plus interest has hit my credit card. When I call a 7th time today I am told the manager Dawn Helling will fix the issue, and that the credit was requested on July 2nd. At 4:19pm today Dawn sends an email stating she doesn't know why the credit was not refunded and will get back to me. I replied to the email and stated I would not be paying for this rental and that I called my credit card and told them it was a fraudulent charge. At 9:52 PM she replied stating "Since you have decided to dispute the charges , I have asked the adjustment office in Virginia to cancel the new adjustment request I sent this afternoon as it will be handled separately." I have filled a complaint with the BBB.

Nanci Plouffe

Always a pleasure renting a vehicle here.

Symone Rimmer

Car rental nightmare!!! I have rented vehicles at this location before with no problem but today was a absolute mess , my card was charged $224.63 FOUR TIMES... The owner of that property tried to explain that those are pending charges and it will fall off... so because there is over $650 pending on my account I had to cancel hotel rooms, cancel reservations at my favorite restaurants, I had to cancel my entire vacation plans which is beyond upsetting for my family and I... Budget has only offered me 1 free day but I must pay the rental agreement in full first then wait 4-5 business days to receive a refund of $50. I am extremely furious and dissatisfied with everything that happened, the owner wasn’t even man enough to apologize for his part in all of this he kept putting me on hold until another rep came in to work finally that person was able to assist me. I am considering reaching out to a lawyer for proper compensation.... my $1,400.00 3 month planned vacation was ruined within seconds.

Gordon Campbell

Very good. Agent made mistake on reservation, got it squared away. Thank you!!!!

S Samiullah

I work away from my home and travel a lot. I have rented multiple vehicles over few years. This was the WORST experience I ever had. 1. Very rude staff who will refuse to talk. 2. Rental vehicle not available in category booked, asked to make a new reservation for full size SUV. 3. After calling costco customer service back and forth who were phenomenal got a compact car ( booked full size). Took almost 2 hours while my wife and infant child waited on street. 4. Upon return no space in garage available, had to sit in car in street while a space becomes available. ? Is this my problem ? 5. Question for owner, a) How many hour window does the customer have to pick up the car ? b) Can you just deny a reservation and say we don't have the car ? c) Aren't you supposed to upgrade if you do not have the vehicle booked. 6. I was told by your employee " This is Manhattan - This is how it works here". I have lived for years in the area and this is definitely how it works.

Ian Daugherty

Mary Oh

Good deal, only issue was finding the way in to the airport to return the car. But that is the fault of the airport signage

Candace Moran

Thank God for Enterprise

Kevin Fayerweather

Got my jeep rental

Melanie Greene

Mary McKeown

The car was great no problems, the check in when i brought it back Fantastic!! Getting the car... that was a nightmare. The lady at the desk was rude, wouldn't actually speak to me other then to say "i want you license and credit card NOW" and "wait over there till i call your phone". Completely rude, she was much more concerned with the hind quarters of a gentelman walking to another counter to even answer my questions when she threw the paper work for signatures at me. I had to ask another companies representative where to locate the car because she walked away when i asked her. The likely hood that i use budget again is slim because of her.

Vicky Palmer

Easy pick up and drop off. Good value.

Young Zheng

DO NOT USE THEIR SERVICE. I made I reservation online, their stupid employers did not put my contract under my reservation, and charge me double price as my reservation price. Moreover, they told me they couldn't refund my money back. What a great company!

Hermina Ramsaroop

This rental agency really knows how to treat a customer. They are friendly, extremely helpful, just a real pleasure to deal with. Also the rental cost is very reasonable. I should have done this review back in 2014. Our camper broke down during the Memorial weekend. Renting from this agency saved our vacation from becoming a catastrophe. Thanks to all the employees in this business.

Penny Murray

Being the first time to rent a car I was a bit nervous. First, I generally use cash, so no credit cards in my life. Second, I was due to arrive at my destination at 12:30 am- not a convenient time to be picking up a car. I chose Budget for two reasons: The customer service was friendly and helpful on the phone and in person. Knowing that all I had to do was enter my flight number and someone would be there into all hours of the night waiting was reassuring. Pre-paying with a debit card was straight forward, and also being able to use the same card at my destination for the monetary hold set my mind at ease. No hoops to jump through. My experience was great. Clean, efficient car; helpful service on pick up and drop off. Budget is my first choice should I need to rent a car in the future.

Patti Walbridge

We've rented from Budget for years, I'm a Fastbreak member. Won't rent from anybody else. However I went to rent from you May 5, 2019 and your policies changed. Now I can't rent through you anymore.



Alison Hankes

After my experience next week, I will never rent another car from Budget! A snowstorm in the Midwest resulted in my flights being cancelled from Chicago to Charleston on Wednesday 2/24. I absolutely had to be in Charleston on 2/25 so my fiance and I decided to rent a car and drive down. The SUV that we rented in Chicago was very pricey, so we wanted to exchange it for the Budget car that I had prepaid for once we arrived into town after our 15 hour drive. This is where Budget failed me. I requested to push back the pick up time by 9 hours (instead of picking the car up at 10pm on 2/24 I needed to pick it up at 7am on 2/25). In order to pick the car up 9 hours LATER than originally anticipated they told me I'd be charged $95 for the change. I simply needed to have the car in my possession for 9 hours less than I prepaid for, but because it was a change to the plan, they used it as a way to take advantage of their customer. I was not only extremely disappointed in Budget's policy, but also their customer service. I got all the way up to the Sr. Manager level and spoke to someone by the name of David Dailey, but still was unable to get an acceptable resolve. Simply put, I could either pay $95 extra to have the car for less time than I originally prepaid for, or I could cancel (for a $25 fee!!!!!). I cancelled then and I've cancelled Budget out of my list of rental car companies that I will use in the future. I will not be taken advantage of as a customer again by them.

Alberto Da Silva

Richard Johnson

The rental agents were very nice and easy to work with ------ the return agent - a man named Moon, went way out of his way to help us ----- Budget will be our next rental car --

Eddy Edmunds

Reasonably priced, on site pickup and dropoff and prompt service. Would definitely use again.

ramesh kandasamy

Milton Fernández

Excelente Rent a Car muy buenos vehículos y servicio al cliente

Gloria Fuller-Powers

Jim Moore

I will not be renting from Budget again. They charged me daily rates for two weeks with no option for weekly rates but their Avis partner had a weekly rate. Poor service

Cheryl Renfro

Definitely recommend. Good rates, friendly helpful staff, quality vehicle. The only suggestion would be better signage for pick up and drop off.

Teresa Roman

When I went for my rental it was quick and easy. The customer service was great and they were very helpful with any question I had.

andy lamping


Terrible! I’ve been charged multiple times for tolls that aren’t even valid!!! Every two months it’s a new toll charge, I’ll never rent from them again. Nightmare.

James Mitchell


Elizabeth Staton

Ishan Weerasinghe

Excellent customer service

Emily B

Extremely hard to find if you’re dropping off - no signage outside the hotel, no one picking up the phone, no one on Budget’s main customer service line knew any additional information, and even the hotel staff didn’t know where I should drop off the car when I called them instead. Would be 1 star, but the gentleman working there was extremely attentive and kind!

Bob Hutson

The Budget Rental Agency did not have size of vehicle I reserved and prepaid for in advance. It took an extra 45 minutes at pickup to finally wait for one to be returned from a previous customer and then brought up for me to rent. I will mention the car was very nice and we enjoyed the rental. Worse part of the rental process was two days after I returned the vehicle to Budget, I noticed an extra charge on my Credit card.. I had to call cust service and , and advised it was a fuel surcharge. I immediately disputed it as I had filed up the car prior to returning it, and even burped the nozzle a few times to make sure it was as full as possible. I only rent 8 or 9 cards a year, but am very cautious to return as full as possible, and in my dozens of rentals over many years, i have never had this happen before. I am very disappointed that they tacked on this charge and never even mentioned it to me at the time of return. This did not allow me to dispute it or show my gas receipt . I checked immediately upon entering the return garage and it was showing full. I have no idea why they would stack on an untrue charge. Once I called their customer service, I had to provide the info on the gas station and thankfully I had kept the receipt for the gas. I was told I would be refunded the extra charge. I think it is a shame they charge extra and do not mention it to you at the time so you can show discuss it and see for yourself. It also took a fair amount on my valuable time to call and get this remedied. Had I not seen the extra add on charge on my credit card transaction list, I would have not known of this unwarranted charge. I feel it was sneaky and an attempt to pad my bill and get away with it. Not only will I not recommend Budget to any friends or colleagues, I will go out of my way to share my experience and try my best to discourage anyone from renting with Budget. Shame on you Budget!!

Patti Arbore

I would definitely recommend Budget Rental Car services. Their rates were the best that I searched. When I got to the Budget counter at the airport I was greeted with a smile and friendly staff. The vehicle was wonderful and an upgrade from which I reserved. I don't have a negative thing to say about my experience.

Peggy L

I originally rented for only one day but circumstances changed that. The staff were very understanding of my need to get a rental two days earlier than planned!

Mahmoud Yaqout

Definitely reccomend this place,especially bilal the guy working over there he'll guide you and help you so much with everything and making it so easy on you.


I made a reservation and they don’t have the car I reserved.

Travis H

Super friendly service, its a little weird returning the car to a spot yourself and bringing the keys back to the counter, but the airport is super small. Good car, no complaints.

Matt Peppes

Waited in line for almost an hour to get our car. The desk agents were incredibly unprofessional and couldn’t care less that you were renting a car from them. Made us feel like we were an inconvenience. The return process was even worse, their return line was back piled with cars and nobody thought to move them up. It took them 15 minutes to realize there was a huge line of cars waiting to return and then started to move up some of the other cars. Worst rental car experience ever!

Den A

These guys are just frauds. I've pre-paid a reservation and they said I need to pay 135 bucks more and they couldn't even explain why. Avoid this place.

Sherlyn Borkgren

robert maughan

It was terrible had to go to avis and got a better price


Sure you can pre pay with your pay card but u need a credit card so they can put a 100 dollar hold on grrrrrrrrrr

Teage O'Connor

Made a reservation for a 12 passenger van, and they didn't have any when I arrived and couldn't get any in. My camp was relying on the van for our field trips, so this was a huge cost to our organization. Customer service was terrible.


Sherry Dwyer

Absolutely fantastic, and the fastest experience I have had with renting a car in Providence!

Harish Rao

Picked up car within minutes with Fastbreak. Friendly staff. Return was a breeze. Easy location. Got an upgrade to boot!

Keith Gardner

Slower than a slow turtle

wendy manzueta

Emad Boles

Nicole Foley

Budget is the way to go! No fuss about my debit card. So refreshing!

Tom Greenwood

Overall experience with getting the car was good, especially the ease of processing the paperwork and picking up the car. And I really appreciated the car I was given, much better than I had expected. Only one complaint: it was out of windshield washer fluid. I didn't want to buy a whole gallon just to put a quart in. But everything else was great.

gilberto ibarra

I just came back from Burlignton were I rented a Budget car. The overall service was excellent. The pick up and return was fast. The car in excellent conditions. I'll recomend the Budget service at Burlignton airport to anybody travelling for business or vacations.

Wade Goetsch

Staff member asked if we wanted additional insurance. We declined and he charged us anyway more than the price of the rental! When we tried to contact them they ignored us. Horrible Will never use Budget again do to this experience. Crooks.

Shantaya Horton

Wonderful experience,, the line was to long, but over all very good

Chandra Monis

Most inefficient process I have ever seen. Over 20 people waiting for their cars after standing in line to get their car. You will then be called up when your car is ready. No estimate can be given for when the car will be available. No point in making a reservation, because the car will not be ready.

Evan Geliz

What can I say, budget are scammers. We got lied to several times in several offices. Arriving at miami to pick up car, they didn't understand the contract as it wasn't unlimited mileage which we actually asked for but they said it would be cheaper anyway and asked us almost 500$ extra on top of what we paid online so we wouldn't have to pay drop off fees. After checking the contract we noticed fuel fees, we asked what it was and were reassured it wouldn't be charged if car was filled up. Arriving in NY, they didn't remove the fuel charges even if the car was full. On top of that they added almost 700$ in insurances and mileage which should've been included in the first time. They asked to call customer service as they would help us fix this. Staff was friendly but could not do anything. For the fuel charges they wanted a receipt. And for the mileage charges, asking to switch to unlimited which would have cost a lot less was rejected. Asking for the manager was refused. And asking for a confirmation mail that they wouldn't do any of these was obviously refused. Worst service ever.

Hugo Meier

Randy Heisa

The ease of this experience was great! Very professional, not one problem! I will utilize this company again. Great experience. Thank you

Dominic Kennedy

Great location. Had ants in a rental from another Budget, they swapped it out quickly and upgraded us. Very nice clerk!

Crystal Aviles

She said rental ready by 930... No phone call.. show up... Rentals not ready no one is available because they left ... Trip was an hour delayed and they had an attitude the entire time like it was our fault they screwed up... Never again

braxton britting

Nice people but cannot handle the amount of business they are booking. Stood in line for an hour after I arrived. Sent to the parking lot to pick up car and now standing in another line to pick up.

Dana Lydon

The employee we dealt with in Eugene was great, but we were renting the car to drive to St. Louis, MO and no one checked to see what services the car might be coming up on... we needed to stop and get the oil changed. It was frustrating, as each day was an eight and a half hour drive. I would rent from Budget again, but if it was to be a long journey, I would make sure of the service interval.

Rithesh Vangapally

Just an FYI. No after hours drop off at this place. But you can always drop off at IAD at no extra cost.


Wait to pick up the car was over 45 minutes, and the car was in terrible shape: dinged up, stained seats and ceiling, rear brake light broken (didn’t realize until we had already left), and smelled terrible. Won’t use Budget again.

Eric Beauvice

Wish I could rate zero stars, because I got zero car for my reservation. I had a flight that was late, which resulted in me arriving a few hours later than anticipated. My business associate didn't check his bag, and was able to go directly to the budget desk. The clerk claimed he only had one vehicle left and gave him a 12 person van even though he had reserved a midsize sedan. I arrived at the desk about five minutes later, and the hertz employee promptly informed me that the budget guy had gone home for the night. I called the local number, which routed me to their answering center, who informed me that I had to call the local number, resulting in a fun little useless loop. When I identified this to their reservations department the clerk told me to just keep trying the number, which I'm pretty sure is the definition of insanity. Thanks. I ended up getting a car from Enterprise. I just find it funny that the employee didn't honor the reservation, sold out, and closed shop. 10/10 wouldn't recommend. They never answered the local number the next day either.

Becky Ray

Char Thompson

Stephanie Manni

Fast and efficient rental service.

Jake McCoy

Service is laughably disorganized. Took 2 hours to get a car, with a reservation.

Leevair Bernal

Kylan Larsen

Waited an hour and 10 minutes past my check in time on the car I prepaid and reserved and then they gave me a minivan. I’m driving one way over a thousand miles. So now I’m waiting again for them to give me the right vehicle.

Passaree Pasarj

My credit card already covered rental car insurance and I denied the insurance when I booked the car and also verbally (multiple times) when I picked the car up and I still got charged for it. The insurance was more than the rental price, what a scam and fraudulent practice!!!

Craig Raab

Greeted by a friendly staff. I got a very fair price for the van I rented. Quick and easy transaction. Thanks!

VV Wham

Stephanie Waterman

Simple and easy to rent, the car was very clean, and the staff were pleasant and helpful. Couldn't ask for anything more.

Scott Durgin

Inflexible rates, too expensive, absolutely no value placed on customer longevity. That being said, most of the people at PVD are great Ronnie meets the gold standard of class A gentleman and businessman

D Stephenson

This is the best crew the West 49th Street Budget office has ever had! From the office to the garage everyone is courteous and efficient! And, in their location in the middle of Times Square/Broadway, they are efficient and courteous! It was kind of amazing to watch them coordinate those of us returning our cars and those who were picking up their cars as well as the pedestrians walking all over the sidewalk and street, not to mention the regular cars & trucks on the street!

Kevin No

It was good. Quick in and out.Car was new and clean. Would rent from them again. Today we picked up a car for my mother to run up and visit my sister. Dont fret the 4 star. For me a 5 star requires above and beyond like it use to. I am not like the younger one who 5 star everything. It means nothing then.

David Cox

Make sure you have a major credit card not you want get a car even if you prepaid with a debit card and There customer service will tell you something different than the counter will after they leave you on hold for 45 minutes.

Gary Dasilva

I wouldn't take a car from budget if you gave it to me. After driving the car dodge charger I returned back to inform them their was a issue with the steering and braking. The car pulled hard to the left and when I hit the brakes the steering wheel shook so violently dangerous that I hydroplane on the highway. The windshield wipers not only didnt work but they actually fell off. The front tires were completely bold and His reply was he would have to charge me more money. So when I returned the car the 2 men I spoke with one being the manager they acted like an abnoxis children. They went as far as saying they were reporting the 2 women that helped me when I first rented the car because I got a good deal. one of the woman was a manager on at the time. It's just to bad because the 2 ladies treated me 5 stars. I'll be calling customers service in the morning along with the better business bureau for charging me a fee to clean the car. There wasnt anything in the contract about cleaning fee's. If need be I'll take them to court. The manager was Dwayne and the other clerk was Corey.

Bonnie Calvin

I will always choose Budget because of the friendly, efficient service of West Chester office. Rick was professional and prepared in every way. Budget is fortunate to have him as the “face” of the company. The car was in top condition.

Kelli Flack

The rental process from start to finish was quick and easy with outstanding customer service. Everyone is very friendly. Rick went above and beyond and was so helpful to me when we had a tire issue with our vehicle. I will definitely rent from this location again.

bob bling

Clean cars and good staff

Jordan Force

Two hour wait for a reserved car.

Lee Calcutt

Very quick and easy to get my car. HOWEVER, I had a Sonata which came with 3 keys: 2 big electronic ones and a single normal key. They were all attached together and could not be separated. I had to carry around a half pound of keys in my pocket all the time. Not a very nice experience.

Kevin Dandola

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I’d rather burn my eyes out with battery acid and throw myself off a cliff than ever coming back here. Moronic staff. Nothing ever ready. Expect to spend a minimum of one hour after your expected pickup time to get anything moving. I cannot emphasize enough to avoid this place like the plague.

Bruce Koch

Friendly and prompt - car looked new and was very clean.


45 min waiting time on a scheduled pick-up. Staff (only one guy, Malcolm) was helpful an very calm.

john lee

Tammy Chamberland

If I could give 0 stars I would. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had renting a car. I booked ahead of time with my Costco membership. I had to wait in a line for an hour and half, almost the whole length of my flight I had just had with 2 kids. Also, there were only 3 people working, and both Budget and Avis preferred members got to keep cutting to the front of the line. I get that there are perks to being a member, but have someone on duty to take care of just those customers. I also rented 2 car seats which were not installed for me, and one of them had a broken anchor device. I stood outside in the 95 degree heat with no one who was willing to help. Overall horrible service and if I fly back into Charleston I would never use Budget again.

Jon Williams

Worst car rental counter EVER! They staff are rude and really don't care about helping out at all. There are plenty of other companies at CHS airport, please trust me, use one of these instead. The staff here are RUDE! I spent over $15,000 with budget this year and when I came to swap the car for a pickup they honestly didn't care. The manager (Belinda?) was a horrible, unhelpful and unwilling to help me. If I could have given them 0 stars I would. AVOID!!!

Rick Kemp

45 min in line and only 1/2 way to counter. I would say to avoid Budget unless you have time to kill . long long line very very slow. Will take me longer to get my car than it did to fly here....

glitch glitch

the cost of renting the car was double what I had prepaid when i went to pick up the car. this is a terrible experience and i have banned the usage of budget for work travel for my entire team because of it.

Eric Perez

Nate Richardson

I was charged for a extra 3 days & my bank account was negative because Budget took a extra $300 out of my acct!! I returned the car at 4pm on the 26th of last month and have yet to receive any refund. Now I will have to pay my overdraft fees for Budgets mistakes! I'm a single dad & cant afford to pay for a huge corporate multi million dollar company's mistakes!

Cole Bassett

This is a solid 4 out of 5 stars. My only complaint is the line to pickup your reservation was too long. Only one person manning the desk. I was offered a nice upgrade though for no extra cost. Thank you Budget for that! After receiving the keys everything was great. Drop off was super easy.

debbie finch

Great service

hassan Alnahal

I received the car wet and tire low pressure


Gr8 service

Mike S

Great customer service at better prices than airport locations.

Jack Griffiths

Very unorganised, the manager is great and he works with what he's got, but the staff haven't got his back.

Brandon Peart

This is the last time I ever use Budget. I had a prepaid reservation. When I arrived, the car wouldn't be ready for at least an hour. I was given the opportunity to pay $120+ more to upgrade and leave immediately. I declined and cancelled the reservation. Second experience like this with Budget. Never again. Lost a customer for life.

Josh Steimle

Just one complaint--I specifically paid the lowest price possible so I could get a Ford Fiesta. Then I show up and they give me a Camaro. Do I look like someone who drives that kind of car? That car was way too good for me, so I said no, I …

Brent Thomason

"Always" fast,"always" courteous, "always" helpful and "always" have a good selection@ Avis/Budget.I am loyal to them for these simple,yet hard to find,reasons.I highly recommend them.The value is enough to give them a try.

Sarah Nguyen

I’ve always avoided Budget for some reason, but finally booked with the company for the first time and will probably never book with them again based on the experience at this particular location. When we arrived to get our car we were told it wasn’t available and they had nothing similar. The wait would be 15-45 minutes for them to bring a car by. Other than waiting the only other option was to rent a car that was available, which meant an upgrade of $60 +. They have the worst customer service with the worst attitude. Upon inspection of the car, the guy walks around doesn’t even bother to look and says sign here and yet there was a huge scratch on the front bumper. Also, when we got the car the gas was at 1/4 of a tank so we filled it back up to that and when we went to return the car they said they gave us a full tank. A round trip of approximately 160km does not use up 3/4 of a tank and we also had a gas reciept. If you end up renting here take pictures or videos of the car before you drive away for extra insurance.

Jeff Welch

I got atrocious service today at Budget. I waited 30 minutes in line for my reserved car while the the customer service agents yawned and took their time and chatted it up. The staff here shows zero professionalism. After that I’m now waiting outside for my car to get ready with 6 other people waiting for theirs. This is one of the worst fun car rental companies I’ve dealt with in a long time.

Rhae Sutphin

Waited in line for 1hr and 35 minutes huge line behind me. Associates we're slow and walking around eating. They we're not prepared or organized. All the other car rental places around had no lines and lots of ppl helping.

Rodger Ricks

Absolutely aweful. Had reservation for full size car and after 60 minutes wait in line, got to counter and was told car rented was not available, so I could upsize to SUV for $45 more, or wait+-30 minutes for car. I waited another 15 …

Francis M

Jeremy was very helpfull !

Sandra Moore

have used this place on several occasions, and never had any problem at all

deborah burris-kitchen

Sonnie Plouffe

Poor Customer Service All Around. Will never use this company again. Worst experience with a car rental company we have ever experienced.

Ana A

Tom Skwarek

We rented a car from Edwin at Budget midtown and we were delighted with the service. We arrived and immediately Edwin started to process our car rental. He was very helpful indeed and was kind enough to give us a bigger car than we had arranged. All in all a fabulous service. The only subsequent problem was that we got a puncture in Vermont and had to get the tyre changed and the only spare on the car was a thin tyre so we could not get back to NYC with it and had to change the car via Avis.

Michael Marcus

Quick service, friendly and helpful agents.

Beverly Bush

Terrible customer service. Car was dirty when picked up. Had to have the battery jumped 2 times. When I returned the vehicle and told them everything they acted like they did not care. All fluids were empty also.

Jennifer H.

Waited over 2 hours for a car. Paid and reserved online even. What’s the point of that? When I went to check and see what was taking so long, the guy helping me said he called me, which seemed like a lie, since I double-checked what was typed out for my contact number, and my name wasn’t even posted on their board saying my car was ready...

Melissa Sentman

They NEVER answer their phone for a lost item retreival.

Jim O'Brien

Didn't have the car I reserved. Agent was rude and unhelpful. Tried to charge me for an upgrade even though I did not want the car.

Theresa Martinez

I booked and paid for my rental through Priceline to be picked up at Eugene airport at a very good rate to spend a nice relaxing weekend with my daughter attending college there. First of all the lady was running 2 different rental company computers, so she looked pretty irritated already. She said she had to put a $200 hold on my card because it was debit and not credit. I told her that was fine. When I declined the insurance that was going to cost more than the car rental per day, she said my card that I receive my children's social security on was a pre-paid card and could not rent me a car. I was so upset. I had proof of a return flight, I asked if my daughter could come and use her bank debit card & they said she had to be 25. I thought this was extremely rediculous. Especially because I had flown into Porrland airport twice within the past year and a half and rented cars from there with no problems. I called Priceline after having to pay $25.50 for a shuttle ride to my hotel and they wer very apologetic because I was not rented the car. He was really eager to get to the bottom of why I was refused the rental if the card was a debit card and my name was printed on it.

Kelli Lugo

If I could give zero stars, I would. I showed up today to pick up my pre-booked standard-sized car. A compact car and a minivan were the only vehicles available. I chose the compact car and the minute I got onto the interstate, I noticed loud noises coming from the tires. I was able to safely exit the interstate and pull over in a business parking lot. I found not one, but two severely damaged tires (one with a large bubble, about to burst, and another with several pieces of rubber missing). I had to wait for more than an hour for a tow truck and then return to the airport with the car. Overall, the process took 2 hours of my time, just to start from square one again at the airport. There was another customer ahead of me complaining that the car they just rented had car seats in the back still and was filled with trash. The systems are clearly failing at the Budget rental car facility at the airport. This is the last time they will have my business.

Barbara Pixton

The car was brand new and beautiful.

Katelyn Johnson

It took over an hour to get out car. It was the only car service line that was not moving. I will never book with them again the this airoort.

Barry A

Outstanding service, nice rental vehicle and most of all very helpful employees!

Mark Wimble

Horrible, horrible experience. Between pick up and drop off I witness 4 out of 5 other customers not pleased as well. Only 1 person to take, phone calls, clean cars and work the counter. Lots of waiting around. Never received the vehicle I requested or even one like it. I should have gone with Enterprise.

Egor Shmakov.

Perfect Service. Good price. Recommend for this area.

Bjorn Levidow

Couldn't drop off the car here (where we had pre-arranged to do so) because the lot was full. The staff was unhelpful and unorganized. The line of cars waiting to be returned extended onto 8th Avenue and didn't move for 10 minutes. We were told to keep the car (that is not a favor in Manhattan) and return it the next day or to drive an hour and return it to the airport. Neither option was viable for us, coming in to The City at 10:30 PM. I am going to get Budget to pay for my overnight parking and have them come and get the car.

Jun Cho

I rented for two days, yet I returned the car in one and half days. They penalized me for returning early with a non-sense logic. They said the daily rate is higher because I returned early, yet they still needed to charge me for two days at the higher rate???!@!#@ I had to contest with the agents and call customer support number multiple times to resolve this and finally got refund for the extra charge. PS: I rented at this place and returned at DCA airport. My experience is not specific to this location, rather it is for Budget rental car company overall.


we decided to treat ourselves to a premium level auto since we thought we had a viable upgrade coupon...we didn't. We took the premium car anyhow only to discover it had a broken glove compartment cover that wouldn't close. We had just left the facility when we discovered it. This required having to return to the pick up area to report the problem asap.(did you ever try to re-enter the car rental location after leaving?? not easy) This was very frustrating but was resolved.

Graham Gentz

Tim M

Joel Maliskas

Ronald Simpson

Jorge Duran

Christina Kostoff

Aziz Mohamed

Been there often. Good people and good service. Cars are always clean. Haven't had any issues yet

Tom Dean

My fourth truck rental here. Always polite and professional, with helpful tips. No problems with the equipment. A great place to rent a truck.

Jessie Yaz

Best car rental in town! No hassel, got our car requested an upgrade, Budget gave us no problems at all. Fast, easy, great customer service!

Amy G

Roaches in the vehicle and no apology or willingness to exchange vehicle upon first request. After I requested a full refund, another truck was suddenly available. Would have been satisfied with just an apology and easy swapping out of vehicle, however instead of satisfying an unhappy customer, they appeared to be committed to amplifying an already unpleasant situation. My initial $600 bill was decreased to $30 charge for the "usage" of the vehicle when I drove to my house and drove back with filling up the tank upon finding the bugs. I would be happy to remove this review if I get the full refund as I requested in first place. Manager was not on site or available during throughout.

Sue Spinney

Can't say enough good things about this experience! The credit card on file had expired so their representative quickly updated that info and had us on the road before our friend's golf clubs came out. Great, clean car - easy access in/out of airport and Budget reminded us about our rental and quickly sent us a check-in notice. Just perfect :)

Gina Bunalski

The woman working just now when i went in there to rent a car was the rudest. I walked out and went to budget in Parsippany because she literally stood there with her arms crossed sucking her teeth. I did not care about prices i just needed to rent a car but i will never come back to this car place again. She screamed bye real loud at me as i said i was going else where. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND

Rita Pozirekides

What could be better than a rental counter and car pickup in the terminal? Friendly, efficient staff, explained charges and credited my account when I returned the car an hour earlier. The car was clean, zippy and fuel efficient.

Lidia Leung

Wonderful and great services from a gentleman who was serving us as VIP. Definitely will book from them next time

Kalu Williams

One of the worst rental experiences I’ve ever had. Once I arrived, the car I was given was completely filthy, old coffee and dog hair everywhere. I returned the car for a different one, and had to wait 45 minutes in the Charleston heat, to get a new one. Yet again, this car was filthy as well, full of sand and the smell of cigarette smoke. I was in a rush and just took the car and cleaned it myself. Never again will I rent from this budget location.

Surendran S

Ruben Pellot

II was a great service. Great car. Great customer service.

Trenton Cladouhos

Damn. Wish I’d read these reviews before reserving and waiting an hour here. Do not rent here! Standard Budget practice is to overbook and make you wait until a car comes back. Huge live to talk to agent. Another huge live of people waiting for cars. Meanwhile the Cars Available sign in on. Liars!

Janine Pleasant

Margaret O'Gorman

Rick and the rest of the staff were great. I had to rent two 15 passenger vans for an event, and it was an easy process, vans were spotless, and pick up/return was simple.

Tanya Ruffin

Pretty easy to check out if someone is at the counter. No problem, when to the restroom and came back and they were there. Weird thing is the car had all the windows down in the lot, nothing seemed out of place so no biggie. I was so glad they were open late because as crappy as airlines are with sticking to a schedule you can really screw up your pick up time. But no problem!

Joseph Wilson

Excellent customer service!


Horrible customer service. Rude and ignorant. Wouldn't not recommend.

John Gowan

I was pleased until I got home & discovered I had been charged another £137.00 for additional roadside assistance which I had declined, witnessed by my son & daughter in law who met me at Charleston Airport when picking up. By the very process they do this, charging your card when you are travelling home in the air it is a rip off. Why not charge me at terminal when collecting car if I asked for it? Many others have also been caught like this & have wrote complaints on Google. Has left a very bad taste & though we are frequent visitors to family there, Budget will not be getting anymore business from my family so do they win in the long run? Check very thoroughly at airport what they are saying very quickly to you despite being jet lagged & tired to prevent them adding unwanted extras to your hire agreement - J Gowan UK

Ben LaVelle

Great vehicles. Great price

Nick Kelley

Budget only had 1 agent to serve a huge line. I wasted 1 hour in line. Book with someone else if you value your time.

Lina Mercier

Jessica Bowman

Dennis Heher

Very good experience. Staff member was friendly and helpful. Quick turn around time from walking in the door to getting in the car. Would definitely rent from Budget again.

Christine Lang

I wish I could give zero cars. Customer service is very rude and helpless. I have called many times and my claim is still not resolved. They billed me for 4x more for an additional driver than what I should have been charged. Do not go here! Awful. There are so many other options at the airport-do yourself a favor and go there instead.

Rob Robinson

I flew seven hours to arrive at their desk and learn that their computers were down. The person on duty was no help. I walked down the line of rental car folks and the guy at Alamo said his computers were working. I told him the deal I had with Budget and he beat it. Alamo got my business.

Esther Skilling

Robin Bullock

Anne Poirier

new model, friendly helpful check-in and questions answered very professionally and check in was the quickest we've ever experienced

Nir Wolf

Horrible service. I go here because it's cheaper, but it is not a good experience with customer service. My recommendation is only rent here if you plan on using the same place for pickup and drop-off, book EVERYTHING online, and NEVER EVER TRY TO MAKE CHANGES. If you try to talk to a human and make any kind of change you will be charged fees you can't even imagine. If it seems like I'm exaggerating try out for yourself.

Anurag Agrawal

Should have some board outside for easy identification of location

Mark Rossi

Loved the personnel at this location. Especially the Jamaican guy.

Danny Ortiz

They scam people on a daily basis. They didn’t have. My car that was reserved and they offer you cars for as much as $30 more a day or you wait a very long time till they get a return. It’s always the same story. I returned my car early today and over 20 people were waiting. Why allow reservation to be made if you don’t have the inventory. Never again!

Joshua Jordan

Worst car rental experience I've ever had. Charged me twice for my rental. Refused to handle it. One of the agents even hung up on me. The issues has yet to be resolved.

rolandra marshall

Fast, quick, great price

Benjamin Jackson

Jack Shandra

Good deal and rate on this rental, easy p/u and rtn. Jack Philip Shandra

Tami Howard

Nice people very professional great to do business with!!!

Molly Campbell

Quick and easy check out once I got to the airport. Car was clean and newer. Easy to check-in when I was back in the airport. The rental car return section was a little confusing to get to though.

Pride Daigle

Ford Explorer great vehicle

Dolores Curran

budget is quick great price, pleasant efficient staff

Diganta Sengupta

I am not at all satisfied with Budget this time. I went to pick up the car at 304 W 49th St, (between 8th & 9th Ave) budget location and had to wait for more than 2 hrs to get my car and that too they told me that there is no SUV available (even though I booked it in advance) and asked me to upgrade to a 10 seater vehicle as that's the only one they had that time (it was morning 11.30am, not kidding!!) The staff were not very co-operative and friendly at all..I saw similar issues with multiple customers who were on the queue for more than 30 mins and had to wait for another 30-45 mins to get their vehicle. Anyways, finally, they gave me a Dodge Durango at 12.30 pm which was not even washed properly. I included a car seat in my reservation but it was also not available in that location so I have to wait another 20 mins to start from there. Thankfully, the location manager brought it from some place. Not a good experience with this location and budget overall..!!!

Emmanuel Vinson

The car smelled like bad B.O. at pickup. The vehicle definitey had the worst gas mileage of any vehicle I have ever driven. I will never purchase or rent a nissan pathfinder again. I had to fill up every two days just driving around town. The passenger side window was also malfunctioning after pickup

Narmada samudram

Had to wait long to get the car even though i have prebooked through third party portal. Literally 40 mins wait , we saw people who came after us got the car keys and went, i dont know if it is because we booked through 3rd party portal. Good thing about the wait is they gave us good car so entirely not disappointed but the front desk could improve

Aleshia King

The staff at the Eugene Airport location have terrible attitudes and worse customer service skills to include the manager. Also, different locations having different policies is terribly inconvenient for customers. Their credit card and debit card policies make it very difficult for customers who are not wealthy to rent a car. Will never use them again. It's Enterprise or nothing.


Had a really good experience w/ Budget at CHS this past week. Good value, good car, everything went well. Especially pleased with the gentleman at the drop off. Very friendly, efficient, and professional. Would definitely use Budget again.

Raja Henley

We hired a car from this store and drive from New York to Washington DC. We checked in two hours early and Budget were able to provide us a car straight away without any waiting around. The car was relatively clean but could have had a quick vacuum. After reading some of the reviews on here for this store I wasn't expecting very good service but overall was pretty happy and would use them again. The lady at the counter could have been a bit happier but no big deal.

Fecal Matters

Sheila the manager was awesome. The car was perfect clean and will definitely rent from here again.

Rebecca Shanahan-Galligani

For the second year in a row, we paid in full, put it on a corporate card with express instructions that no charges were to go to the driver, and the entire amount came off their card. The van we rented was clean and easy to drive, but they charges us for a full day when when we returned it 1 hour late.

Hector Bueno

The first car had a light indicating the car needed to have an engine check soon. Since I was taking the vehicle for 10 days I asked to get a replacement. This was provided immediately with as pleasant an experience as one could possibly expect. The auto I received was clean and ready to go. I have rented vehicles from Budget frequently and I have always been satisfied.

Khristi Shores

Robyn Plouffe

Horrible customer service and over 1 1/2 hours wait for our van. They never once came over to let me know about the status of the van. I went up to the counter several times and they initially said it will be here in 30 minutes. I went up to the counter 4 times to inquire about our reserved van and they kept saying 10 more minutes every time I went up there. When the van finally was available the customer service person came over and had a different customer name and reservation. She acted like she never checked us in. She thru away the reservation and had to retake our information. I called the corporate office and they said we would have you go offsite and rent the van from another location but it was too far and inconvenient. Corporate told me to call them back once we got our van and gave me a case number. I called corporate back with my case number and they said all they could do was give me a $40.00 credit on a future rental because the location in Salt Lake City is a franchise. They said that we would have to get a credit directly from that location. I asked them why would they tell me to call back once I got the van if they couldn’t help me. All around the worst experience I’ve ever had renting a vehicle. Poorly trained staff, zero communication.

nitin singh

A place worth to visit to get the car on rent. Also, they offer cars on reasonable price. Staff is very active and prompt. They have answers for all the queries asked by customers. They have huge space which accommodates many cars. They are good in maintaining cars very well. Overall, very nice experience in getting the car on rent.

Jessica Raab

If I could give zero stars, I would. I’ve been standing in the “poor people” line for 67 minutes. Next to me, is the “preferred line.” I understand there are perks associated with being a preferred member, however all four of the extremely slow cashier people are exclusively taking customers from the preferred line. There are about 40 people in the poor line and it hasn’t moved, it just keeps getting longer. If this is the standard customer service practice, it’s abhorrent. This company should be ashamed of how its employees are treating the less “preferred” customers. If it’s not the standard practice, these employees should be fired and their replacements should be trained in basic customer service. I will never use budget again because of the way they treat their customers.

Kim Lewis

Richard Peterson

Super polite and professional staff. Everything was perfect! #budgetrentalcars


Used to have good service. Half the outside of are car was nasty and the budget workers quickly wet it to try to clean. Also water bottles were inside the entire front seat. Crappy service. Also the man who gave us the car got out and just walked back. He was very fat and rude.

shashidhar reddy

Your fastbreak ia not really fast. You need more employees there. Longer wait times than expected. The cars are decent like others.

Tom Sweet

Rented a 16' box truck for a move across country. The truck drove great and the price was literally 1/2 of what U-Haul charges and 1/4 the price of Penske! I will never rent a moving truck from anyone else!

Joyce Pietrowski

I have rented from budget so many times and each time they have done very well. One time I had an ignition problem and they delivered another car to me in Connecticut. I am a clean freak and don't drive dirty cars. Sometimes they have to try one or two cats to make me happy. This time after trying two cats that I was not happy about the cleaning job your rep gave me a choice of cars. I picked a really good one. Thanks so much. Even though I have found cheaper rates I will stay your customer because you care. Joyce Pietrowski

Rebecca Emery - BeachsidePR

excellent rental experience in PVD - staff was helpful and friendly. thank you!

Donna Swenson

Very friendly and efficient. I did not have a car rerserved but they got me on my way quickly

Chad Owens

HORRIBLE. I asked to drop the car at Atlantic Aviation and Jacquline, the rep that checked me out, said that was fine, but they would charge a $25 fee. I said that is fine. 3 days later the car never got picked up by them and they charge me $1000 over what my rental rate was for!! Not to mention you cant get anyone on the phone at the CHS location!! I will NEVER use Budget again. Horribly run company with no service model.

Capri Colello

The employee whom checked me in and out (normally u do not check out at the counter..ohh and he made that very clear..however I had a question) Andrew was his name didn't even greet me period I had to speak first both times...was very..curt and cold I am traveling with a one year old the last thing I need is more stress and to be treated like I'm bothering him.

Steve Baldwin

Excellent service. Great vehicle. Easy pick up and drop off at the Charleston International Airport.

Myron Crandall

Our car broke down as we were entering town Friday night late. No mechanics open until monday and we had to continue to a wedding the next day. Ken at Budget was very helpful in finding us a solution that would work for our family. The price was very reasonable and the car clean. We made it to the wedding thanks to Ken's help! They really know how to help out customers! Five stars is just not enough for the quick, friendly service we were given. They even gave us a ride to the mechanic when we returned, and then a ride back to our hotel. I would definitely recommend this company for any rental needs.

Gene Gavin

All went well. Employees were all helpful and friendly. When we dropped of one of the guys even drove us up to the gate.

Yuval Michael

Glenna Porambo

Been dealing with these people for more than 20 years. I have to get to the airport but other than that I'm not going anywhere else anytime soon. Service is spectacular!!!!

Leigh O'Leary

Do NOT rent a car from this place. They "accidentally" charged us for bringing the car back without a full tank which equal $250 + charges which totaled $298. The lady admitted it was a mistake (she saw the full tank) and said she refund us, but never did. It ended up on our credit card statement and had to be disputed. Terrible company.


Great rate. Great car. Way better than Enterprise (and FAR cheaper!). Been 'gone' from Budget for a while, but I'm back now! ...UNTIL I got my bill! They had added charges to a PrePaid rate and then added further charges a day later. DO NOT try to find this company's address - there are many, but no obvious single corporate address. Representatives at their billing number were unresponsive, and very disrespectful. Issues arose from a Camry I brought back with 7/8 fuel reading because I could not get the fuel filler door open in order to top it off! They fussed and fumed and the agent after ten minutes did get it open, and I offered to take the car back out to fill it up (2-3 gallons only) but they said, "no problem" they would only charge me a few gallons at the local (regular) station rate - about $2.60 per gallon at Jefferson St Mobil. They gave me a receipt for an additional net payment of $25.14, and that amount was on the emailed receipt I received when I got home. The next day, they gave me another emailed receipt with another $56.58 charge and both hit my VISA bill. Budget's billing would not talk to me. Supervisors were 'unavailable', I finally called my credit card issuer to report the final $56.58 as a fraudulent charge. I won't be seen in the Budget line again...and RapidRez and Fastbreak are worthless now.

Parker Kelley

Great staff at the desk. Check in on arrival maybe took 3 min. Very nice Nissan Maxima. Handled well on the winding VT roads. The return process was even easier. Great desk staff. I recommend.

Charles O'Connell

Our budget rental car experience in Burlington Vt was great. Staff was friendly, the process was fast. Access to the car was very convenient as was the return process.

Patrick O'Callaghan

DO NOT RENT FROM HERE!!! If you’re still thinking about it expect to pay double. I rent from Budget half a dozen times a year, but this is my first and last time renting from this office. When I arrived they told me they didn’t have my car and that they would upgrade me. This changed my rental price from $231 to $383. I told her I wanted to pay the price for the reservation I made, but they didn’t have the car so it was $383 or nothing. I reluctantly paid the $383. When I returned at 4p, 5 hours before my agreed upon return time, I received a receipt for $568. The gentleman at the counter told me it was because my return time was 1p and they had charged me another day. The woman who made my reservation changed my return time from 9p to 1p. The gentleman at the counter said he could do nothing about it, there wasn’t a manager on duty, and that he wouldn’t call anyone or do anything to help me out. Yeah... he said that. You should have seen my wife’s face. Needless to say I didn’t leave until it was resolved. I called budget, pleaded my case and a kind woman knew of the treachery that took place at this office. She refunded me the money and my final balance was the already overcharged $383 I had agreed upon after leaving the rental office. On top of this, while I was on the phone, my wife witnessed every person arrive at the rental office be told their reservation was not available and that they would have to be up charged. Some left, some bit the bullet. If you’ve made it this far and are still thinking of renting from them, that’s up you. Make sure you read all the fine print, don’t go by their word. Did they charge insurance when you asked them not to? Is your return date and time when you asked for? Are there any additional fees they added on. Good luck out there and rent safely.

Ann Nisius

Mark Robertson

1) Poor inventory management: Prepaid and they didn't have the car; had to substitute another car and I had to make a case not to get charged for upgrade. Manager then said they always have inventory and communications issues and the inventory they post at the website is never correct. 2) I was running 30 minutes behind in returning the car, and I called the manager. He said, not to worry...If I couldn't make it on time that evening, just return the car, putting the key in the dropbox before he opens in the morning and he would not charge me for the extra day, which was very nice. I returned the car 30 minutes before he opened, and was waiting for an Uber when he arrived to open. They charged me for the extra day,, AND at the higher rate for the vehicle they gave me! The manager made no notation on the account, so they refused to refund the total amount and agreed to reimburse only half of the overcharge. Had I known this would happen, I would have kept the car for the extra day they charged me for or rushed to return it that evening within 30-45 minutes of when it was due, a common grace period. Never again!


Mark Bondarenko

They suck

Craig Wilson

Great folks!

Corey Moore

Staff was very nice and helpful

Barbara O'Donnell

Nice vehicle with great gas mileage. Friendly staff.

Sarah M

I would give them zero stars if I could. Do not rent from here! There are many other options in NYC and this location will only offer you truly terrible customer service. I’ve rented from Budget before with no issues, but was appalled by the personnel and downright unsound business practices at this location. We made a reservation and prepaid online. When we showed up at the specified reservation time, we were greeted with a line out the door. After waiting for 2+ hours, we had not even made it inside the tiny, cramped office and were told they were all out of cars/sedans. It would take at least an hour more for them to process our reservation (which again, was prepaid at a reserved time!) and if that time did come, we would be forced to upgrade and pay more for an SUV that we did not want and did not request when we made the reservation and paid for it online. At this point, we called customer service and were placed on hold for another hour and told we would need a supervisor to issue a refund because we were cancelling within 24 hours of the reservation time. I explained I was being forced to cancel because the location had no cars available and there was absolutely no apologies or understanding. I doubt I will ever see a refund!

Joshua Sherman

Dont rent or return from this facility. Parking is nowhere near the airport and you have to take down all of your own information at this facility. If you are not told ahead of time you have to walk back to your car and get the information. Staff was not friendly.

Kris Pass

Fantastic service from very friendly staff, and a one way hire to jfk for a great rate.

Maribel Vidro

Orlandos Lane

After hearing all the negative reviews, I was a bit reluctant however this was a very great experience. Great customer service, efficient, timely and an overall pleasant experience. I will definitely use them again.

Lee-on Pedahzur

Understaffed and inefficient pick up/drop off service. Had a 9am reservation, didn't get a car till 10:30am. If they had sufficient staff and not so many manual processes/better inventory management I could have been in an out in 10min

Jorge Ravelo

Even if no cars are available except a more expensive class, they will sneak in a higher rate and hold you financially hostage. Also enjoy a 30+ wait for cars when every other rental agency is processing people as they arrive.

Diane Lopez

Great customer service, knowledgeable, and friendly. Rental section is awesome as well as prices.

Tim Hensley

Great service friendly staff

Abigail Sanders

We waited 45 minutes even with the fastbreak

Patricia Kuhn

A small zippered bag fell out of my purse outside the building. A Budget employee found the bag and returned it to the counter. It still contained my credit cards, money, Medicare card and driver's license. I consequently will always rent from Budget.

John Breedlove

Worst experience thought my wife and I were going to be stranded in the airport. You really should have somewhere on your reservation page that debit cards are subject to a credit check. I have never had any trouble renting with Budget and this problem cost me an extra 300.00 dollars I had to pay for another rental. I will never consider renting a car from Budget again!

Michael Jewell

Great group to work with both in Raleigh Durham and Winston Salem.

Lora Cummings

I really appreciate the fast service the good service and I will be using you again if I need a rental thank you very much

Rich Pepin

Nice vehicle, friendly service, easy in and out. Only thing that was confusing was that they sent me out to get my car and it was parked in an Avis spot. Wasn't sure if I should take that car or not until I got to the kiosk to exit. Could have been better communication.

Hector Negron

Vincent Devillaine

The car I reserved was damaged before me by the budget employee (he got into an accident with another customer while taking the car out the elevator). Besides the fact that I was left waiting for nearly 30 min on the sidewalk until the whole thing was sorted out (accident claim, pictures, etc.) - which I understand; not blaming anyone - I ended up driving a damaged car and had to argue with Washington DC Budget employees where I was dropping the car. They didn't trust me on how the damage happened and it was me against them. Total lack of customer service from Budget on this. My experience became a nightmare because these folks didn't do their due diligence for properly reporting the incident.

William Pritchard

They always do the right thing and are priced competitively. I got a flat while on a business trip and lost a day to the hassle of getting it fixed and eventually getting a new car. They credited me back a few days for my lost time without being asked!

Gil Henning

Charles Bestard

A wonderful rental experience! Great staff at TF Green, great cars! Thanks

K. C. Khan

I loved the hybrid Ford Fiesta I rented. It was very comfortable, had incredible gas mileage, and was an extremely good value. Also, the service I received at pick up and drop off was excellent.

Patrick Fullerton

Christina Harris

Tamara provided superb customer service that brightened a miserable day. After missing my flight both Friday and Saturday, and realizing there were no buses or trains to my destination until tomorrow,I ended up at the Budget rental service desk rather frustrated. Tamara was kind enough to assist me through the process and made some very helpful suggestions as I was trying to figure out my best options to finally get back home. Thanks for being helpful and compassionate!

Edwin Rivera

David Oriente

Awesome experience picking up, the lady in Times Square was so helpful/friendly, so were the guys in the lot. ONE thing to know, dropping off at LGA was a real PAIN. The Budget lot (nor any of the other rental car companies), is NOT located on airport property, and there are NO signs telling you that, or directing you to the remote lots. Then you have to take a budget Shuttle to another Port Authority bus, that takes you to the terminal. Allow 45 minutes for this process. The shuttle to another bus fiasco, is not Budget's fault, it's due to airport construction.

Menglin Wei

The stuff treated customers incredibly poorly.

Ram Reddy Kaipu

Not so good experience. If you can, go somewhere else. I noticed 40 dollars extra charged on my credit card and when called these not so cool staff, I was told it was 1 hour delayed check out. Are you kidding me, they added 30 minutes early check in to actual time and 15 minutes late to actual check out time...dispute for extra charge is under way with my bank...their online booking is a mess anyways, had to change my original reservation as they see something different on their machines.

Ashley Webb

Excellent, friendly customer service

Lazhar Berkat

Its always pleasure to work with budget specially the one in west caldwell, Fadi is an amazing manager, I have a business and I always rent from West caldwell budget, in one word he made my life easy. Thank you so much Fadi for the hard work. Lazhar Berkat Van Express

Michael Canino

Fair prices, cars always ready, and the staff very friendly. We travel a lot and we use Budget all the times we need a car, which is at least once a month.

Patricia Trammell

The car was fantastic did not want to give it back. The price was unbelievable for a week. Picking up and returning car was very quick and easy. The customer rep. was as sweet as she could be. And very informative. Will come back whenever rental is needed and will let all friends and family know about this. Thanks again.

Jessica Conti

I was in a pinch, and needed a rental at the end of the day. I found Budget online and was directed to an available vehicle for walk up at this location. With only 10 more minutes until closing...I was greeted with a smile by the gentleman at the counter. He had me in the car in 15 minutes, and went the extra effort to make sure I was taken care of and the car was clean. Although he had to work late that day, he was kind and made my experience effortless. My drop off the next weekend was just as effortless and pleasant. I used to use Enterprise for my rental needs...but now I'm going to check Budget first...terrific experience.

Jessica Plandowski

Budget had an in airport counter, no shuttle needed!

Stacey Westbrooks

All staff were extremely friendly and efficient. I was actually dreading going through the process. However once I got to the desk, I stood there in less than 5 minutes and had the keys in my hand. When I had to drop off the vehicle, the gentleman was waiting in the parking lot for me. That was the easiest parts of my whole trip.

Linda A

I wanted to give this location 4 stars for the customer service upon picking up the vehicle and the awesome deal I received on a rental, however, I realized that after checking my final receipt, there was an extra charge that I could have avoided, had I not listen to the employee would checked in my car. I dislike being told information from employees, that is not true after the fact.

Aditya Poddar

I wish I could give -ve stars!! This is the worst location (Murray Location) I have dealt with till date, DO NOT ever go there, it should probably shut down. I had booked a SUV from Costco Travel at this location as I had to go for a week long trip. However, when I arrived there on time to take my rental, I was told they did not have ANY cars left and the only ones left was trucks which I did not want. I had to go back without a rental. I had called Budget customer service to see if they could help and they were very unprofessional too as they booked me the same rental for more than double the price even though I clearly denied accepting the change. I called Costco customer care afterwards and they were very helpful in trying to resolve my issues. They helped me book a rental from Airport though with same company, Budget. When I reached Airport, I was told the same thing there too!!! I mean, I do not get it if a Car rental company says that they do not have a car they could rent at a airport location!!! Please close down your business if you cannot provide cars as per bookings!! I finally ended up taking a car from a different rental company since I had made all my trip booking which I could not cancel last minute. This experience has left me shocked but firm on one thing - NEVER BUDGET AGAIN!!! I would recommend this to all persons reading my reviews if you really need peace of mind for any trips!!!

Alfred Sosa

Clean friendly and overall really a nice experience I had stop renting with budget for a long time due to pass experience but now they got my business back !!!!! Highly recommended.

Luis Elizondo

Renting here was fast, easy, and the staff was really nice. There are no attendants so you park in the rental lot and go inside to rent and drop off the vehicle.

Carol Longo

Mostly important to me was the easy check in..

Jim Freeman

The agent at the counter that rented the vehicle was good, the person who took it back in on he return was good also. The people who brought the car to me after my counter experience... Not so much. Then had to do a loop to get back in the budget rental return area. Maybe better instruction picking up would result in a better return experience.

David Williams

We missed the sunset waiting in line.

Lukas Ventouras

Would give 0 stars if I could. Terrible customer service. Waited almost an hour and a half between waiting in line inside and waiting outside.


As other reviewers have mentioned, this Budget location does not have good customer service. I made an appointment early in the week to pick up a rental at the end of the week. I go to pick it up and get to the car where it has 24psi in one tire. I go back to the counter and let them know that the tire most likely needs a patch. They said they will check it out. About 10 minutes later, they say that there is no problem but the tire is now at 40psi (should be at 35 according to the car). A week later, the tire is back at 24psi and the oil level is at 7% (the car had not been maintained in 8,000 according to the oil change sticker). Additionally, the car had not been cleaned and the Budget representative working there did not walk with me to the car to point out previous damage - I was concerned because they could use this against me and say I caused the damage when I returned it. I called later that week and said that I would like to exchange the vehicle due to various maintenance issues. The rep working there called me and told me to come in the next day and they would set me up with a new rental. I go to pick it up and the rep that I talked to just the day before did not remember calling me and telling me to come in the next day to swap vehicles. They then asked if I had 20 minutes for Budget to have Haldeman look over the car and check the oil so I wouldn't have another problem. I sat to wait because I wanted to avoid issues - 20 minutes pass by (I was already late to work) and the car was still not ready. I go to the counter to check on the car where they tell me that they haven't even gotten to my car yet. I had to leave without the change and they tell me to come back another day to have the oil changed. The car should have been ready the day before when they were the one who called me to come in the next day. They knew when I was coming, wouldn't you make sure the car is ready when you have a whole day's notice? I also asked for an alternate car but they said that they didn't have any more (I saw more in the lot). TLDR; Cars are not cleaned or maintained properly, customer service is not great with an attitude, and kids are behind the counter. Cars are not truly ready for you even when you give advanced notice of you coming to pick it up. Whoever runs this specific location is not managing it very well. Additionally, the partnership between this location and Haldeman Ford is terrible, but that's for another review. I would have gone with Enterprise if I could (have had great experiences with them in the past). Also, I did call the 1-800 number and placed a complaint prior to picking up the second vehicle. Just a heads up if someone plans on responding to this comment.

Stella Gullon

Friendly staff, no pressures, easy in and out and i got a really cool little bug, .fun to drive, love Budget

Tye Bratton

Good customer service! Nice people and quick!

Anh Thu Nguyen

I rent cars at SLC airport every other month for business, usually with Dollar. Never have I had to wait for a car when I have a reservation. It's very frustrating because when traveling for business, and honestly even personal travel, you don't have the luxury of time to wait when you have pre-scheduled meetings you were arriving for. Horrible service, employees don't seem to care about customers or the inconveniences this causes.

marc march

Bryan Weiss

Worst car rental experience ever. Contrary to what it says on its website, this is NOT a Fastbreak location where you reserve ahead of time and go right to your car and avoid the lines. You wait in line. They said that Fastbreak is coming “next year.” And it gets worse. After waiting in a long line, you get your papers and walk to the parking lot and wait in the hot sun until someone brings your car to you. You can’t just walk to your car in the spot they tell you it’s parked in. I waited in the hot humid weather outside on the curb for 30 MINUTES until someone showed up with my car. There was a mob of people waiting, kids in strollers screaming, and only 2 workers bringing cars around. Completely unacceptable.

Wes Williams

Budget has an absolutely fantastic representative at this location named Ezequial. I watched him help multiple customers before helping me, all with the same ingenuity and care for providing quality service. Thank you for going the extra mile!

kristin oliver

Employees are always friendly and take care to bet Fast Breaks worked in. Always have a good experience with them. Biggest problem is that the drop off area is not easily accessible for everyone and they don't utilize a golf cart/shuttle, like most airports, to get you to/from the airport and drop off/pick up areas. Allow for additional time if traveling with elderly or disabled as you will need to drop them off at ticketing area before going to rental return.

Lemarie Negron

Terrence Vigliarolo

Peter Walsh

Pleasant, personal staff. Quality clean car. Timely and easy rental, definitely rent here again.

Gary King

The fellow who checks the cars as they leave the garage is outstanding. Great operation - cars are ready, return is fast, personnel are excellent.

Michael Mazin

Horrible experience. Ordered a specific car online weeks in advance for a 10am pickup. When I arrived I was told that it wouldn't be ready until 12pm, and was given an alternate model to tide me over for 2 hours. Okay fine. Came back 2 hours later at 12pm and was told that it still wasn't ready, but that it should be later that afternoon and that I would get a call from the manager with an update shortly. 3:30pm and no call yet. Complete incompetence.

abdulrahman albassam

I would give them no star at all. The location sucks! The employees who works for ipark who parks the car are the rudest. They dont want to talk. Avoid at any cost. No professionalism at all. I forgot a bottle of water in side the car, and the employee with an attitude said, take your trash!! Don’t rent from them. There is Hertz, National, Enterprise and Avis near !!

Samantha Gabis

Rented the base level car for a girls weekend. Budget's price was by far the best and we received a new VW Beetle which was great for the weekend.

Family Family

Toll surcharge rip off. Don't use their toll pass as they will charge you $3.95 a day event for days you have not used it. Paid $21 dollars total to Budget for only a $1.25 toll road.


Great location for getting out and going upstate, prompt service in picking up and dropping off plus a nice Suburban all contributing to a good holiday.

Aishah Yusof

There were about less than 10 customers but we waited for 1.5hrs before he attended to us and got our car. If you're in a hurry, do not go here.

Patrick Gosselin

Perfect experience, fast and efficient. I did not feel like there was any time wasted.

Mike Rants

I wasn’t told of a deposit on the vehicle, had already paid the full amount of the rental up front, but didn’t have enough on the credit card to cover the deposit so I was forced to use my debit card for the deposit and was forced to pay an extra $40.99 per day for insurance because I was forced to use my debit card for the deposit. I was scammed in this scenario by your company and will be advertising this unless the $40.99 per day is refunded. I have been renting from your company for my company travel biweekly for a year and a half and will start using another rental car company if you do not resolve this matter.

Beth Henthorn

Very satisfied with customer service. I rent weekly with Budget always a great experience.

M Arnold

Great customer service! I accidentally locked my keys in the truck of my rental. From the time I called customer service to the time I had the keys back in my hands was less than an hour! I've never had to use emergency services with Budget and hope I never have to again but it's nice to know that if I do have to call, I'll be treated courteously, professionally and expeditiously!

Ramon Francisco

Very satisfying

Daniela Fernandez

The process to rent vehicle was simple and easy. Had a late pick-up and return time both times there was a representative who was able to assist me. Budget is for sure a put together company, thank you!

James Puls

Everything seemed fine until I found out they had to hold and additional 240.00 of my funds for the car. Then I found out my car that was supposed to be a Camry was in fact a full size Escalade. Big difference. But overall was nice to go right to garage and pick up and drop off car

Pat Elliott

Atrocious service when we picked up the car in Salt Lake City. I prepaid for a full-size car and when we arrived at the counter, there were no full-size cars available. The agent tried to get me to upgrade to an SUV at additional cost. A half hour later I was given a Dodge Charger. I prepaid for a Chevy Impala. The counter service was a joke that I did not find to be funny.

Patricia Bouchard

I am a long time Budget customer! Excellent customer service-friendly, helpful staff-great car and good rates!!

James Voy

Rented a compact car described as a "Ford Fusion or similar". I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure whoever was working the register saw me and my three other riders (all guys above 6 feet tall) and thought it would be funny to mess with us and rent us a Volkswagen Beetle. Admittedly, it was kind of funny, and I probably could have gone back in and asked to switch, but it was uncool all the same. They were also pretty pushy and upgrading to luxury cars.

Christopher Rebello

Quick and easy

Анель Ахмеджанова

Claudio Fiori

(Translated by Google) Very professional (Original) Molto professionale

A. S. Harvin

Quick friendly and easy to work with.

Nicole Schwerzler

Horrible service. Waited in line for an hour to be told there were no cars left. Maybe a sign would have been helpful, or an announcement. Beyond frustrating when you’re trying to start your vacation.

Dr. Jonathan Ross Berman

All great. Easy Pearsy in and out. Car was good, clean. Would use Budget again

Gina James

Terrible experience all around. We have two little children and we waited in line for over 30 minutes, then waited ANOTHER 30 minutes for them to locate our 'pre-reserved' car seat. They were sold out of the minivan that we had prepaid for (not sure what the point of prepayment is when they don't have anything reserved for you). Then to top it all off, they charged me for insurance after I told them that I wanted to decline. My call to customer service was useless as they claim that I signed for it instead of declining. I don't think customers should pay for employee mistakes and that as a corporation they should make things right. They already got over $500 for the rental itself, I'm not sure why they couldn't reimburse the insurance which has no cost to them. I will never use Budget/Avis again after this experience.

Jazmin Leal

I used to go to a different rental company and one year they didn't have anything I needed on a last minute trip so I tried the Budget on Tylersville Rd. because it was close to me. I have never gone anywhere else since. That was five years ago. The staff has always been extremely friendly and they have always been helpful. I have had nothing but a great experience every time. Chris and the owner Rick are exactly how everyone in customer service should be. I am a life long customer at this location. Thank you guys.

Irfan Cheema

Amber W

Like others have said, don't go in the main hotel entrance. Instead, veer around to the left, and the entrance will be in the parking garage right there on the ground (B1) level. I had no issues at all with either the rental process or my car. The guy was super nice, and the rental--which was a one-way--was over $200 cheaper than Enterprise!

Patty Spaulding

Easy rental online, good price, friendly service, easy pick up and drop off with a great, clean car.

Christopher Hensel

If you like waiting an hour plus to then not have a car ready for your reservation, then this is the place for you! After waiting just over 1 and a half hours, they did not have a car available. They decided to rent me a different car, and charge me. After telling them I had been waiting the entire time for my reservation, the two people at the counter denied I had been waiting that long- feel free to look at the cameras. The one helping me then condescendingly told me how a car rental service works and they can’t upgrade me for free because they need to make money. To which I replied they already gave my car away, and that’s not how business works.

Joel Guzman

The car rental office is kind of hidden. Even though I was standing in the lobby of the hotel, I couldn't see any signs telling me where the office was actually located. I had to call them to have them send me down to the B1 level to find the office. This by itself is not a deal breaker by any means but just confusing for a first time customer. They agent was not able to find my reservation despite me having an e-mail that I could show him with the confirmation number. Since he was not able to locate the reservation in his system he was either not able or not willing to honor the reservation and had to generate a new reservation for the same class of vehicle but charged me a higher price! As far as he was concerned, since he could not find the reservation, he didn't have any responsibility to amend the situation. I ended up calling the 1-800 number for Budget where they were able to look up my reservation based on the confirmation that I had received via e-mail. Either Kayak or Budget messed up by providing me with an incorrect address for the pickup location. The actual pickup location was 2 miles away. It took quite a bit of back and forth to get Budget to agree to reduce the charges on the vehicle close to what I had the original reservation for. In the process, I learned that the agent had rented me a vehicle where I had paid an extra $6.99 for a safety net that I didn't ask for and I paid extra for "premium" vehicle which I also did not ask for. I felt somewhat scammed. When I spoke to the agent at this location on the phone about what had happened, he still didn't seem to care. He said there were no full size vehicles available so he did offer me a premium vehicle. It seems like the original issue may actually have something to do with Kayak or Budget rather than this particular agent or location, but I am dinging them for not even trying to honor the original reservation or trying to contact corporate Budget to resolve it. 1/4/2016 Update: At the corporate level, Budget ended up amending the situation by giving me a discount off of the original reservation price but still, I think the local agent that I worked with could have resolved this himself.

Naomi Taylor

Zachary Terbeek

Tried to spring the $14.99 prepaid fuel fee when I advised I didn't want that when renting and also returned the tank full, when the tank was about 3/4 full when I got the car. Check your receipts.

Veronica G

There was no budget sign which made it hard to find. When I got there I was told that even though I had a 8AM reservation, there were no cars available until 12PM.

Abolitionist Society Of The Oregon Coast

kaye mase

My dealings with budget rental has been nothing but excellent. Good cars clean cars and because of the great service we get my husband cleans and waxes every rental car we get. We have never returned any car we have rented in dirty unclean condition. We are always greeted with a pleasant smile and kind words by the women ermployed by budget. Never have we been treated in any other way but professionally.

swaminathan karthikeyan

Pamela Littlejohn

Very nice staff and easy rental!

biology geek

Great location and staff. I usually use the Fastrack booth which makes it faster to pick up a car. The person was very knowledgeable, kind and sweet. I was her priority and main concern and she was not in a rush at all. It was such a pleasant experience. :)


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! We had reserved a minivan, after waiting over an hour to get through the line at the airport (since they had one person at the counter), we went to our assigned car and it was an SUV covered in dog hair, very dirty. We talked with the "manager" at the lot and he kept trying to put us in SUV which would not even come close to holding our luggage and 6 people. Then we overheard him talking to someone on the phone and asked about minivan's and said send it as fast as you can, we were presented with a minivan which had slick bald tires, we said no way and he said if we had any problems they would bring us another car, after what we had already been through, we declined this car to. So after 2.5 hrs in the hot sun he upgraded us to a Suburban, which was also very dirty, but we took it. I would NEVER use this company again. Very poor customer service and no pride in what they do.

Marc Antony

Thank all are wonderful

Ruby de la Cruz

The one star is not able to contact them after we dropped off the car. My daughter left something in the car and tried to get hold of their lost and found. I've been trying since yesterday with different times but very unsuccessful. I was told by their national reservation customer service that there's nothing they can do about it. I just have to keep on trying until someone picks up the line! SMH! I and the rest of my family/relatives/friends won't be repeat clients for sure.

Michael Hasebroock

Fairly average car rental place at the airport. The lady who checked us out to get the van was very nice and very helpful and friendly. The gentleman who helped us check back in the car didn't even speak to us, hardly looked at me in the …

Kolton Powers

My grandfather recently rented a van from this company for a trip our family took to Niagara Falls, NY. The company rented us a brand new 12 passenger van (less than 40 miles on the odometer). We drove the van roughly 200 miles (Abingdon, VA to Beckley WV) where we ran into heavy traffic to the point where we were stopped on the interstate. As traffic begins to move forward we discover that THE BRAKES HAD GONE OUT ON THE VAN!!! Sitting in the first row of seats behind the driver, I had a clear view of my grandfather pumping the breaks over and over and watched the pedal go straight to the floor. Thankfully because the traffic was slowed to a crawl, when we plowed into the car in front of us (and we did) we were only doing around 5mph. This did however send the much smaller car in front of us flying into a pick up truck in front of it. Luckily nobody was injured in the crash. Minimal damage occurred to the van and to the truck in the front, however the car in the middle incurred a large amount of damage. After calling the police to get an officer on site, we called the rental company to explain the situation. They then put us in touch with the proper people so that we can get a replacement vehicle, upon which they inform us that they would be there in roughly two and a half hours. While we sit on the side of the interstate the state troopers on site review the crash and take statements from all the parties involved. We explain about our brakes which continued go out as we moved the vehicle to the side of the interstate. As expected, my grandfather receives a ticket for failure to maintain control of the vehicle but the troopers inform us that once we get a statement that the brakes had failed that he should be able to get the ticket thrown out. The officer then proceeded to issue another ticket to my grandfather stating that the tags on the van did not match up to the vehicle. Budget apparently did not have the permanent tags where the vehicle was brand new, SO THEY JUST SLAPPED A DIFFERENT SET ON AND SENT IN ON DOWN THE ROAD!!! Once all matters had been settled with the authorities and everyone went about their way, we were still stuck on the side of the interstate waiting for the replacement vehicle and the tow truck to haul away the van with the bad brakes. What we were told would take around 2.5 hours actually took closer to 6.5! Speaking to the tow truck driver we learn that he is from the Tri-Cities area and that the company had sent him all the way from Blountville, TN to Beckley, WV instead of sending someone local. This wouldn't be that big of an issue because I am not sure what their availability was like at that 8pm on a Thursday; but a courtesy call stating how long it would actually take would have been nice. Once we returned home we took the 2nd van back to the Budget location at Tri-Cities Regional Airport per the agreement. When we asked about the status of the crashed van we were TOLD that the inspection hadn't found anything wrong with the brakes (though they could not and would not give us any sort of maintenance report stating so). They didn't really have an excuse for the tags being wrong other than that the new ones were "being processed". The man behind the counter, who I assume was the manager since he wasn't the first person we spoke to, seemed to have absolutely zero remorse for his company renting out a van with faulty brakes; even using the excuse at one point saying "well you drove it 200 miles". Apparently 200 miles is all you're guaranteed by Budget. This company should be held liable for the vehicle having faulty brakes and should be responsible for getting my grandfather's tickets thrown out. I knew they would try to fight us with that but I never expected to be treated so rudely by the people at the location we rented the vehicle at. Needless to say I will never use this company again and will be taking my business to Enterprise from now on and as well that I will be looking for a lawyer to see that this issue is resolved.

mike clute

The employees took care of me very well. Were able to accommodate my brand of car I wanted. And were excellent when I turned the car back in.

Jeanne Cauthron

Tami Whitt

Will never do business with this company again. A 3 day rental for $88 turned into $378. They gave my boyfriend a dirty truck with multiple service lights on. Didn't even walk him out to the vehicle. He had to hit the panic button to see where it was parked smh They were closing so he got in and drove off. Now they want to charge him for smoking in the vehicle and he doesn't even smoke!! The vehicle smelled of smoke when he got it! I asked to see the 5 previous inspection reports for that particular vehicle and was told it was not available for me. This is a scam they are running so BEWARE

Apple Jacks Crowe

Simple and quick . What more could you ask for

Deirdre Buckley

Service was smooth, check in agent very efficient.

Ryan Brady

Car was actually pretty good, but the customer service was the worst I've ever had a rental car place. Picking up the car took forever, and returning the car took even longer. Most places have figured out how to do this better.

Michael Dean

Great rental car company! Top notch professionalism from start to finish. Good and reasonable prices. Very clear process. Great fleet of cars that are very well maintained. I highly recommend Budget Rent-A-Car at PVD Airport.

teresa colombo

Kim Constantine

Greeted with smiles and helpfulness…from start to finish Budget was a great experience - efficient with southern hospitality makes for a great mix! Would recommend Budget to everyone!

Deb Brown

Great experience. Rented a standard car. Nothing fancy for the five days. No hassle at pick up. Great customer service as we picked up the car; both at the counter and then again outside at pick up. The same when we returned today. Everyone on staff was very friendly and approachable. Will be using Budget again for our next trip back in February and then again in April. Thank you!

Mirko Jansen

I called budget to ask for the rental car one day earlier due to some changes in our holidays. Complete disaster!! The booking did not work out. In the end we left the day which was originally planned. On top of it I got charged for insurance again although I paid it in advance. In short no additional day, but almost double the costs.

Perfect Trees

Always easy to use budget. This facility however was a long treck to pick up and hard to find the entrance to return the car. The location signs along the street are wrong for returns. They need updated.

Dillon H

The cheapest option, had no issues.

Charisma Moore

Sad when customer walks out due to an employee's disrespect towards another customer.

Melissa Martin

Kia Sedona was our vacation rental vehicle, nice & roomy. BCR has alot of great vehicles to choose from. A little pricey for a week's rental

Brittany Cox-Alderson

I only gave them a 2 star rating because when I went to pick up my rental (that I previously had reserved the night before) they didn't even have it ready. Then once they told me it wasn't ready they tried to get me to "upgrade" which I thought sure.. go ahead. Then when I surrendered my credit card to them and they tried to run it for the new "upgraded" price it wouldn't go through. Hince the reason WHY I rented the car that I did because I could afford it. They should have gave me a freaking upgrade for FREE! I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT APPRECIATE THE HEADACHE AND UNCERTAINTY OF THIS. I will NOT be renting through "Budget" anytime time soon again. Just hands down unpreparedness is the best word to describe the Budget Rental Place. The ONLY good thing that happened was that I got to rent a really nice and new 2019 Subaru (brand spankin new)

graham fletcher

Very good experience, rented from Eugene budget before, and always been happy with service.

John Davenport

In February, we rented a car through this place while our minivan was under repair. The rental was set up and approved with Geico. When we returned the rental car after our van was repaired, the employee at the desk (a woman who works there on Sundays) said it was all fine with Geico, paid in full. So we left, and then saw a bill for $478 on our credit card a couple weeks later -- the full price. When I called about this in early March, the other weekend employee there looked into it. On calling him back, he disclosed that the other employee had put through the wrong insurance code and thus the claim was never paid. He said he would rectify it. Now more than a month later, we have no refund on the credit card. I just stopped in, and this new owner Sal said he had to resubmit it to corporate and there was nothing he could do -- as if he could not issue a credit card refund (total bs). So much for the claim that this new owner would improve customer service? I'm ripped off $480 and he is making excuses like "we do thousands of rentals...", as if he can't keep track of whether such a terrible error has been rectified. Utterly pitiful -- never rent from this place.

John Kellner

Steve Clock

Budget rental of Allentown Pa Lincoln mercury dealer at rt 78 and Lehigh st: Absolute worse experience I have ever had !! Very rude and disrespectful, absolutely No customer service! Never again will I rent from this deplorable rental car company!

Zair Sanchez

Gadi Ben-Avi

Zarfishan Brohi

Rude staff unwilling to talk to you or even they dont bother to listen to your queries. Will never ever book from any budget branch.... pathetic !!

Michael Clark

The service was quick, friendly and efficient. I was even upgraded to a bigger vehicle. The drop off service was also seamless. I chose to work with budget at this location at the SLC airport because you pick up and drop off your car at the airport and don't have to shuttle to and from a rental car location off site. This made the whole reservation from pick up to drop off so nice!

Allen Kureshepi

Good rental


Prepare for very long waiting time. The organization is a total mess.... Budget is normally very good with short waiting times but not in Charleston. In CHS i can recommend National car. Even as fastbreak member as I am.

Thomas Joseph

Good experience. No delays or problems. Courteous staff both at time of pick up and return. Car was ready. Easy in and out. Billed as quoted.


They really just seemed irritated that I was there to rent a car. Nothing about my experience was pleasant other than leaving.

Rodney Worthey

Michael McAnulty

Professional, very certious addressed all questions and concerns .

Christine Fogarty

The apsultely the worst location to find. What little signage there is leads you only to a parking garage for returning cars. Could not find the office to pick up my rental. The address of 700 Jefferson Blvd. Is for returns only. GPS takes you to the back of the garage where there is no signage. Never again

Justin Reich

This location is great. It was a breeze picking it up and returning it and the car itself was quite nice, I used to hate Kias but this model was fantastic! The staff was the best part though as not only were they incredibly kind, one of the staff members gave me a ride to the terminal after turning in the car since the Budget drop off was the furthest from the door. Gotta love that Southern charm.

Aaron Benjamin

Had to buy a return ticket just to rent a car and then cancel it a couple hours later. They would not take a debit card. The good thing was they had a charger hemi that was fun to drive!

Crypto Angel

Ron Kukes

Rented from Budget in late August 2015. Staff at desk were courteous and efficient. Easy access to pick up car and the price was very fair.

Ryan Jorge

Joseph Wallace


Debbie Zecopoulos

In the past year I have had the opportunity to use budget on more than one occassion. Every time I have dealt with the counter personnel at Charleston International Airport and every time I have walked away from the counter and the entire experience with a big smile on my face. They always go out of their way to make sure I have a car I will be comfortable in and upon return they make the experience am easy operation. On one occassion I had my 86 year old Aunt picking me up and she went to the rental car return area rather than the terminal pick up area. She gets winded easily and when she went inside the terminal winded and asked if they might know where she could find me, they had her sit down with them, gave her water and sent someone out front to look for me. Both my Aunt and I were very pleased with the way they handled the situation. I have had experience with some of the other car rental services at CHS International and I can tell you that Budget beats them all. Thank you for having courteous, friendly employees who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their customers are happy.

brian campbell

Quick, Courteous, Painless... The only opportunity would be to improve the extended parking being offered, which is in a public lot, although lighted and cameras, just not fenced. Overall great experience, ordered the car online a couple days in advance, everything was waiting on me at the counter when I arrived. The front desk knew what they were doing and within about 7 mins, I was in the vehicle promised and on my way to my business destination. Love it when something within transportation works the way it should. Keep up the great work!

Anthony Barcenas

I arrive at 1am and the staff at Budget in Charleston International airport was friendly. On top of the warm welcome, I also received an upgrade at no cost! My rental was business related. I will return again and again! Thank you Budget for making my two weeks easy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Mabury Ranch

Made a quick and easy online reservation. Got to the airport and went to pick up the car. The very nice, young, pretty blonde lady at Budget took all of 5 minutes, if that to get my check in and hand me the keys. Returning the car was even easier and quicker. Could not have been easier!

Roger Crowder

Tom Mangi

I was able to rent a car online that wasn't available. Save your self the headache and call ahead.

Rochel deOliveira

Friendly customer service at pick-up and drop-off. The car was fabulous - but no manual in the glove compartment. Also, dropoff at Burlington Airport was hard because the signage in the garage was unclear as to what to do with the car.

Brenda Gardner

I had a day trip to make. The Ford Focus I was given made the almost 8 hours of round trip driving comfortable and smooth. In the past there have been problems with service, but this experience was excellent. Four stars because I believe in always encouraging improvement! Thanks, Budget.

Dean Vanden Heuvel

Friendly, polite service

Patrick Bresnan

I've had years of experience renting cars, always with mixed reviews, until now. The Budget Business program, particularly at Eugene, is everything one could ask for, and then some.

Justin Goodman

This place is excellent! Thank you so much to Damian who was so professional and courteous!

Bob King

Don't recommend for business travelers. "it will be emailed" OK new technology, save a tree I'm onboard until it doesn't happen after 5 hours. Then try to call CHS facility and speak to a human, the menu that gets you noone at the facility, and after several frustrating auto menus redirects you to national reservations center where they say it will take 48 hours and rental hasn't been closed out. Finally say they just emailed it to get you off phone but nothing shows up. Sigh, if you're a business traveler where your time is worth something and you have deadlines for expense vouchers go someplace else it's worth a little more money for the rental for responsive customer service.

Sandy Johnson

I have rented at this location a couple of times. Each time the experience was not very good. The staff is inviting; however, the service is horrible. I have called on NUMEROUS occasions and cannot get anyone to answer at the counter. It does not matter which option is chosen; you will be directed to the budget reservations 800 number or the phone will just hang up on you. In addition, after explaining my issue to a representative at the 800 number, they tried to call and could not get anyone to answer either. I was also told to press #0 instead of the options, but that resulted in a dead line as well. This is horrible customer service at it's finest. If given a choice, I would not chose Budget Car Rental at this particular location EVER and I will advise others to do the same.

Michael Davis

Waited for 20 minutes in line while only one agent was at the counter. When we finished our paperwork we were told “wait over there they were waiting for keys”. Another 20 minutes and we inquired on how long. Shrug “10-45 minutes” we are out of cars. When I asked what the point of a reservation was she said go try a competitor if you’d like. So, I did and saved 75.00 and only had to wait for the car to be pulled around. Thanks Hertz!

Gary Utley

I rented a vehicle at 8 o'clock at night and realized it did not have a license plate until I got home. I spent 4 hours on the phone trying to get ahold of somebody and could not get ahold of anybody to help, they kept transferring ne to someone else. I spent 3 hours this morning trying to talk to somebody and left many messages and still no return call. I returned the truck to the airport to find out it was stolen. So they rented me a stolen truck, now I cannot get accommodated and it's 6 hours later at the airport. And all are doing is giving me the run around.

Sam Woo

Rented a Chrysler 300 for the weekend of my daughter's basketball recruiting trip. It was a great experience and excellent car to drive. The employees at Budget were fantastic.

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