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Here you have the feddbacks of real people who used the products of Bargain Rent - A - Car (Rent Cars) in New Hampshire.

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REVIEWS OF Bargain Rent - A - Car IN New Hampshire

Samara Peters

The owner is super friendly, even picked me up from the local train station to get to the rental! Great prices. Very responsive for problems with the cars, even late at night.

Nicole Jemery

Bob Moorhouse

Local business serving the local public with less restrictions than the corporate competition.

alex vicente

Great prices and great services. Would recommend to anyone needing to rent a car .

William Moulton

they treat you fairly

kenia vidal

Great rates, highly recommend!

J Morales

I have always rented my cars from here, very nice and very professional.

Doug Walsh

Hilarious guy and awesome price when I needed it. I gave him five stars because he got me a very good price for the week, he was available when I needed the car which was at a late time in the day and was just cool guy. I tried going to enterprise and not only was the price not as good but they weren't nearly as accommadting. Thank you, I worked this week because you worked with me on being open late.


Great prices

Jaye Siimmons

This company rents older cars that are in real good shape. Their prices are excellent and they have really good customer service. I rented from them a number of times over the years and I've always had very positive experiences. I can recommend them without reservation.

akono bey

Carlton Bankz

Best just the best in the word I'd recommendq them to everyone

Jon Ropka

Wow. What a horrible experience. He DID drive all the way back to NJ for me, after hours, so that I would have a vehicle as soon as possible. He WILL go above and beyond for you before you rent, but after the paperwork is done, you are on your own. I pointed out that the belt was squealing before we left the lot. Not even a big deal, however he did nothing. Not even belt dressing or a simple adjustment. Tires were dry rotted. This is the fun part, for me. My girlfriend, our colleagues, and I came outside, ready to take our lunch break, to discover that my driver side front tire was flat. While changing the flat, a piece of the jack broke off making it next to impossible to raise and/or lower the vehicle. I called him to let him know what was going on and that I was on my way to return the vehicle. When we arrived, and shortly after my girlfriend freaked out on him, I tried to explain to him that the tires were in horrible condition. I showed him the cracks and also a noticible chunk that was missing from one of the rear tire's sidewall. He was then extremely rude and questioned my knowledge, specifically by saying, and I quote, "These tires aren't dry rotted! I thought you were a mechanic?" Very unprofessional. All of this happened in less than twenty-four hours. I was still charged full price, and he even smugly reminded me that he was charging me for gas, since I had not returned it to the level it was before I left the lot after signing the paperwork. Stay away from the Dodge Stratus. I would NEVER rent a car from this man ever again, however do not let that stop you.

kristy coffey

I was in a serious pinch! And i needed something to get me around while I was in between cars! I also needed to make an emergency trip to NC during my rental experience. Bobby was so accommodating and upfront with me about everything! I would definitely go back to him if I ever needed to!

Pro Sto

These guys are awesome!!!! With over 50 vehicles to choose from you will find a car here that you can rent for a very reasonable price. Vans, Trucks, Sedans, Convertibles, they have it all. You can save a lot of money by renting from here instead of the corporate chain places!!!!

Shelley Robinson

They are the best

Bill Thesing

Rene Domenech

ZB Master

Bill Mosko

Rent cheap cars inexpensively. There are no hidden charges or addons. A lot less than your average car rental. Good people too. I recommend if you're looking to save and not impress or feel too comfortable.

Raquel Kendyll

They hooked my mom up with a beautiful rental a few times for really cheap price for the week

Angela Williams

Close location

Lisa Owens

Very rude sales person walk in they give you a number to call someone else And they only have 2 cars there to choose from Not even advertised as a rental place

La Cla

They do rent bad cars and provide no real customer service. I rented a cargo van to move a bookshelf I bought on Craigslist. It was an evening pickup, so I rented the van in the afternoon and started on the pickup at 7pm. By the time it started getting dark, I tried turning on the headlights. No luck, no headlights. The fog lights came on, but I couldn't get the headlights to work. I tried to turn on the high beams, only one worked, and it wouldn't stay on. I had to hold the lever the whole time I was driving to keep my one pathetic light on. There was a non-expired inspection sticker, but it looks like these guys don't check even the most basic saftey items before sending the vehicles out. When I told the owner about the issue, he said he would have it checked out later in the day and give me a call. I said the I wanted it looked at now - so that I could actually see that they looked and what actually happened. He said that he wouldn't do it and that was the end. I will definitely be contacting the Better Business Bureau and submitting a credit card dispute.

Marie Panick

Nice guy. I would recommend. Really easy to work with, and works with u to fit ur needs. Happy with service!

Alequa Hayward

Myrek Custis

This rental car company is one of the most considerate ever. I had the same car for 4 weeks & 4 days and it never gave me one problem. The prices are outrageously fair.

Josefina Diaz

I have been a customer for over 3 years, I did long term rental and I have rented for weekend trips or emergencies. I would highly recommend. Great follow up, Good Customer Service, Very accommodating and very personal service that for me has made the difference.

Huda Brooks

Go see Bob when you need a rental right away, and at the right price. He'll have what you need to get from point A to point B, and he'll explain everything with a smile. Reliable wheels and a great deal, make for one very satisfied customer. Good hours too- Bob stays late!

Michele Parrish

The father and son that are normally always in the office and answer the phones are AMAZING! Not only did they help with ever call especially through the long 3 months that I was is renting from them they supplied such love and car. The Father especially gave me the best options when renting a car for my children and I. I will forever call when I’m in a pickle and need assistance. The unbeatable prices and services is what kept me coming back. If your thinking of using them DO IT!

Jody .W.

Best car rental experience I've had. Prices are reasonable and love that they accept debit cards. I will be back again when needed.

G Ho-Sang

Steve Crawford

Great service

Carl Wetterling

rafiq Watkins

Steve Baranek

This place is great, you get a good car to rent, the prices are extremely fair. They try to accommodate requests.

Abraham Qader

He is the best rent car even the man there it's so friendly

Campbell Egan

Bobby is fabulous. It was around his closing time and I called him up. I had to get my daughter to an event 3 hours away the next morning. My car broke down even after I had picked it up from the dealer! Bobby came and picked me up and I walked out of his shop with one of his SUVs. The car was very clean and ran well. Bobby even gave me many names for people I contact to get my transmission repaired. When I dropped the rental car off he drove me to the mechanics. If I was in the area I would definitely rent a car from Bobby if needed!

Luz Torres

The best

Shawahn Pacheco

The customer service is great

Jeanette Golden

Needed to rent a car quickly when I needed to get work on my car. Bobby from Bargain was fantastic. Came and got me. Such a nice man. Made the process easy and explained everything. Brought me back when I was done using the car. Everything with a smile. One simple affordable price with no hidden charges. Would recommend highly.

sam patch

Renting a car from bob was a pleasant experience he has phenomenal customer service and help to meet your needs. Would recommend to anyone.

Yvon Bourgoin

Danielle Krammel

Great prices. I've rented a car here about 4-5 times in the past two years and NEVER had an issue. Highly recommend, especially with the unbeatable prices. You won't get a super fancy car but who cares, really.

Truitt l.truitt



Excellent customer service!

Liam Holt

Great guys and fair prices.

Johan Romano

Elisabeth Walsh

Incredibly helpful over the phone. The only company in Boston that was able to help me.

Johanny Jimenez

Angie Hardy

dee jones

Great customer service and very reliable cars.

DJ Harris

Lauren Zane

They have great prices and they were so easy to work with. He helped guess us out of a really rough spot when no other rentals were willing to help. I would definitely recommend this place if anyone would ask me!!! Thanks so much for ur help!!

Skyilind Price

Fantastic Experience... I Love the Service... Bob and Eric was Very Helpful... Myself and the Wife Love the Car Rental... Definitely coming back again...

Samuel Accardi

These people will rob you for your money and like it was your own faualt

Luis Solis

I've been here twice in renting a car and had no issues. The father son business really is on point here and the vehicles available a pretty decent.

Ysaura Paulino

Coach Rock

Lori Distasio

Always professional along with accommodating last minute! I rent from them all the time have never had a bad experience in three years!

Leroy Godett

Guy went out of his way on his day off (sunday) to pick me up from a repair shop and bring to his shop for a car. Even on return day after hrs he took me to my car. Great guy and good prices (i looked around at other renters) only reason not 5 stars car was a little beat up. Front speakers in car where out also ,but hey it got me from a to b and thats all i asked for.

chris murray

Rented twice from this place. Both times at the last minute, due to issues with my own vehicle issues. They always had something to drive last minute and made every effort to accommodate me.



alice leeds

Samaad Young

Very reliable vehicle I just rented for 1 week. And drove over 600 miles and still payed under $400. If you don't have a credit card this is the place to go.

jessica mcintosh

Bob is great! Very friendly treats everyone with respect, car ran great. You get what you pay for!

Chester Dmitroca

Carolyn Spiak

Walked in the place, was exausted just came from NYS after 8 hour bus ride. The owner is so nice. He was so laid back. They really do offer low prices. At first I thought it was a gimmick. The car was a nice little white car that suited my needs while I was down there. My mother is in transition of dying my schedule being there was tentative. I held it for a week just in case. Then after 3 days I said can I bring it back tonight..he said why don't you keep it till noon tomorrow since your going to pay for it anyway. get the full 3 days. Then I called the next morning and know can I keep it another day instead so for 4 days.. or did someone already get it? He said no..keep it as long as you can have a week if you want. After all that I brought it back before noon after all. He was so sweet to drive me back to my brother's house a few blocks away to. Very friendly, accurate description of cars, honest people. The cars can only travel up to 75 miles around their car lot..if I'm not mistaken. So if you have plans to go anywhere need to call and ask about that. If you want service, honestly and cheap.. here's the place!

Maria Rivera

Sherray K

Heather Kamalo

George is one of the nicest guys in the business. In 5 years of renting from him I've never had an issue.

Richard Bardy

Bob was great. We broke down on our way back to new york. No one was open but he happened to be in the office and answer the phone late on a Saturday night. Saved my wife and my two sons from staying the night in a jersey Hotel. Made it back to New York. Recommended a great mechanic to fix our truck. Picked up our truck within 3 days. And the whole experience was great. Thank you so much Bob for your kind support and help

stacey copsetta

Jennifer Marino

Shortstop Hatch

The cars might not be the newest but they do the job for the prise . I have rented from them several time when I need a car because my car was in the shop and they where there for me all the time . I say thank you to them for who they are . Hatch family . .

Eric Britt

Had me in and out in 20 mins. Great service.

Liz Stiegler

Bob is awesome. Can't thank him enough. I called after hours on Saturday with an emergency needing a car and he told me to come right over even though he was closed. Great rates and nice cars.

Linda Santos Santiago

I've been renting from here for 4 years and I've always been met with a smile. They're friendly, affordable, and very professional.

Julie Payne

Andre Flores

Friendly service and great rates.

Jha nai Wagner

Renting from bargain rental was great easy and affordable thank you guys I will be back ☺☺

Tiffany Duchesneau

I rented a vehicle through Bargain-Rent-A-Car over this past week and when I originally reserved the rental I selected a mid-size car, at the last minute there was a change of plans and I needed to upgrade my vehicle to a 6+ passenger vehicle, without hesitation and within ten minutes I received a call back stating they had one left on the lot for me. I was expecting a lot less than what I got for as much as I paid and was pleasantly surprised. This was my first experience with them and I had a great trip at a great rate and will definitely recommend them to family and friends in the future. Thank you so much!

Yonie Coldspring

I love this place sooooo much n there cars are nice and shiny!!

Jordan Fortune

What a great place very accommodating prices where great.

Andre Kirkland

Mili S.

gina myers

Caridad Torres

i got a cargo van 3 months ago and i had no problem at all it was perfect and ill be in tomorrow ill leave an updated review then.

jose joubert

Fast delivery, decent car, affordable and easy process

Jamal Freeman

Michael Irwin

Carole McCabe-Joy

I have used Bargain Rent-A-Car now for 4 years when I visit. GREAT customer service and very friendly!! They have always worked with me when I have to change dates and always give me a very nice car. Will use again again again!!

Jennifer Woody

I was supposed to write a review 2 years ago! Haha But I've had such a GREAT experience with this company. I've used them several times, kept changing my mind about which car I wanted, I kept bugging them about so many things- but they always picked up my phone call and was ALWAYS polite. They even picked me up from my house near closing time so I can rent a car!! Great family owned company, honest hard working people, highly recommended!

Doreen Keraghan

I have rented from Bargain for years. They are always professional, on time and make everything very easy. Great customer service. I highly recommend this company

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