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Javier Santos Garrido

Best car rental experience. I had reserved a convertible hoping to get a Ford Mustang for our desert road trip because this is my wife’s dream car. Unfortunately they did not have one available, which I knew it could happen. Thankfully, one of their employees, Paulette, understood how important the Mustang was for me, and helped me meet another of the employees (I think his name was Andreia). This guy asked me to wait for him and returned with a spotless, just washed, Ford Mustang which has just been returned. My wife and I had the BEST EXPERIENCE ever cruising Nevada, Utah and Arizona on this fantastic car. It would not have been the same without the help of Paulette and Andreia. THANK YOU!

desiree2beautiful .

This car rental company is ridiculous. My family and I came here to enjoy ourselves and to visit my brother who is leaving soon overseas and wasn't able to do this due to car issues. We had to return two cars within a week. The first time we had a Camry 2015 and the car had a rattling sound going 40 mph, so we returned it. Than we got a Malibu 2014 for the next time and while on the highway we end up getting a leakage in the tire. When we came to complain the guy gave us the run around. The service is terrible. Most of the cars all have issues with them. I recommend that NO ONE EVER go with this car company. Because you will NOT get the quality customer service that you deserve. !!!! NEVER AGAIN. I considered this a lesson learned.

William Chase

quick and easy pickup and drop off nice selection to choose from

Steve Silverberg

Good price comparatively. Nice car, not as grungy as I have come to expect from a high volume location. Average wait time on renting, but returned during a small rush, probably 5 minutes too long. All else was good.

Steve Blacher

We rented an SUV for 2 weeks out of the Las Vegas airport. We returned the car on May 25th at 3:45am for a 6 am flight out. We were told that a $100 extra charge was being applied for extra exterior cleaning. I explained that the car was just covered in a light layer of dust from driving on paved roads in the 6 National Parks we had visited and the car is washed routinely after a rentals anyway. He still let the charge stand. I disputed the charge with customer service and they were not helpful. I have been renting cars for 40 years. Many from Thrifty in other cities. I have returned cars in the winter with salt, dirt and mud , and have never been assessed an extra charge for cleaning. After being a Thrifty blue chip member and a good loyal customer for 20 years, I was shocked by the poor customer service experience and asked that my blue chip number be cancelled. I have disputed this charge with my credit card company and probably will not rent from Thrifty in the future.

Ardavan Kheradpir

I had purchased third party insurance for damage theft waiver from Hotwire and wanted to upgrade my vehicle to an SUV. They sneakily sold me a second insurance when they knew I already purchased one while I was upgrading to an SUV. They could have done the right thing and waived the charge for the additional insurance when I returned the car but they didn’t. I WILL NEVER EVER RENT FROM THRIFTY’S CAR RENTAL AGAIN AND WILL DEFINITELY DISCOURAGE ALL FRIENDS AND FAMILY FROM DOING SO. Stay away from this car rental company if you want decent honest service.

Dan Addelman

Today I went to Thrifty at McCarran Airport to extend my rental and upgrade the car. For various reasons it was more complicated than I had anticipated but the wonderful service by Elsa made it easy. Extremely helpful and polite. I wouldn't use any other rental company.

Kev 1

We booked through Thrifty on-line and declined insurance as we are fully covered for rentals, both through our own car insurance and the credit card. We told the counter agent several times “No!” when she tried to up-sale. We again, repeatedly, explained we were covered.... They don’t have a contract you view before you sign, you sign digital signature on a little pad, totally in the dark of what they are demanding you sign for. The Agent told my wife to initial the box on the signature pad to waive insurance. It is not un-common for us to have to initial to waive a rental company’s insurance. We found out later it was what they call “Loss Damage Waiver”, which the agent can confuse you into believing is waiving insurance, when it actually adds charges that she gets a commission for. She had slammed us for over $200 to pad her paycheck. She then quickly stuffed all paperwork in a folder and told us to take that to the garage. We unfortunately trusted Thrifty’s honesty and didn’t take the paperwork back out and review it. Normally when we rent, the companies hold extra in pending until the final settlement, so the pending didn’t concern us. As soon as the final settlement came in, and I couldn’t balance the charges, I called Corporate and asked where the extra came from. The attitude from Thrifty throughout being tossed around was “you read and signed the contract regardless of whether you allowed an agent to slam you, you are at fault, we won and we have your money, have a nice day... was there any other whining???” After much debate about if slamming is unethical (no one I talked to had the least bit of concern that an agent slammed us, they all moved around it trying to blame us for not recognizing the behavior in their agent), a manager I was passed to at the airport finally said it’s “impossible to refund a credit card after a purchase is completed..” (That was one of the milder of her “stretches”), so all she could do is generously offer a couple certificates to cover what I truely feel was consciously stolen, out of my account. Is it really restitution when the last rental company you now want to patronize is Thrifty or Budget??? Be extremely vigilant if you hand Thrifty your credit card.

Patricia Sheneman

Fast service, pleasant assistance, nice choice of Clean vehicles.

Bob johnson

The guy behind the counter noticed it was my birthday the next day. Went smooth

Shelli Marinko

We rented a car from Thrifty in June 2017 for a two week vacation out west. I made the reservation online through our AAA membership. We received what we believed to be a great rate. Upon arriving at the counter Jay, the sales agent, greeted us and was very friendly. He did the usual verifying name, dates of rental and return, that we had a AAA rate, and car type we had rented. Then the high pressure sales tactics started - do you want extra coverage for accident, loss prevention, etc. We refused it all stating that we knew our auto insurance covered us on rental cars and we had some protection as well through our credit card company. Well, that was not acceptable to Jay and the scare tactics began. He said the laws in Nevada are different that other places in the country and your insurance and credit card protections won't apply in Nevada. We still refused knowing that we were spending the majority of our trip in other states. He then asked who the primary driver would be. We told them it would be my husband. However, since my name was on the reservation and he had already swiped our credit card he claimed the system would not allow him to change the name of the primary driver. He then went on the say he could "work with us" on adding my husband as a secondary driver on the last several days of the trip for a daily charge, of course. We declined. At this point Jay became upset and proceeded to tell us that if we got pulled over and the person listed as the primary driver was not driving the police would arrest us on the spot. He went on and on with the scare tactics saying we were really taking a lot of chances and risking our family safety in the 100+ summer temps. Since the secondary driver was a nominal fee and we had now been at the counter for 45 minutes we said fine. After almost ONE HOUR of being at the counter we finally received our paperwork and were on our way. We chose our car and were on our way. I drove the initial part of the trip. As the day approached for my husband to drive I checked the contract to verify my husband's name and dates had been listed correctly. Low and behold, Jay had put my husband as the primary driver at the BEGINNING of the trip and me at the END!! When we found this out, we immediately called Thrifty to complain we were not paying for additional driver charges since they had been done incorrectly. The lady placed us on hold and then came back on the line to tell us that with our AAA membership and rate a secondary driver is included AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!!! She corrected the contract and we were never charged for those fees. Our Toyota 4Runner was a great vehicle and served our purposes for the trip wonderfully, however, I WOULD NOT RENT FROM THRIFTY AGAIN. The high pressure sales tactics and threats just left an extremely bad taste in our mouth. Next time, I would pay a little more to have a better customer experience.

Tim Justice

Horrible over charges and poor customer service. Highly unsatisfied.

Khalilah Ummah

This place is horrible. I was charged an extra 72 dollars. We followed all the rules to make sure that we were meeting the contract. The agent then provided false information. Since it was a verbal conversation and I am not able to get into contact with Thrifty Las Vegas specifically, Thrifty has decided there is nothing to be done. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Their fees are insane. You think you are getting a reasonably priced car until you see all the extra things they tag on. They are inconsiderate and won't even discuss the possibilities of fixing the mistakes of their agents. This is definitely not a customer service focused company, but solely after the money.

Jim Bell

I live in the Las Vegas area and have been using their services for many years. The service is great, the vehicles are clean and well maintained. Check in and return are a breeze. I just had a two week rental with a car that had low mileage and NO problems. I will continue using Thrifty for my rental needs and recommending them to my friends.

Tony Nedair

Not a good experience with this ar rental. Very rude and not very helpful. Lost my reservation even when I showed them my confirmation number they were not helpful. Went to another respectable car rental place.

Kathy Moales

Manchester, NH airport rental. Fees were actually a little less than the quote I got online. Rental agent was very professional when we ran into a problem with our credit card. Pick up and drop off were exactly as I expected. Declined all extras. Would rent again.

Amber Faith Tiller

I have been waiting an hour to be helped. There is 1 PERSON WORKING & IT'S FREAKING FRIDAY. DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Aimee Clayton

Don’t use this if you care about fraud or your personal information. Someone with my name and my email rented a car and every supervisor staff I tried to talk to about this told me to hang up if I wanted to speak to someone else. They don’t care about the customer or that they’re using someone else’s info for their rental cars. They tried telling me I had the car, I’m nowhere near that area. Never have been. But I must have gotten that car somehow? Don’t call them with issues or complaints. They have no regard for it. Didn’t solve my issue at all. Just told me “Well they didn’t charge your card so..” wasn’t a customer before. Definitely won’t be after this poorly handled experience. Update: after being told they would contact the customer and update their information on file, they never did and I received the final billing statement with ALL of the actual customers information on it. If you value your privacy at all do not use them. They don’t care.

Stacie Frazier

I never have an issue here The service is consistently good and the porters are extra friendly. I am usually in and out in a reasonable amount of time

Cristina Plesca

Very slow people !!! OMG , i spent my first day in Las Vegas just waiting to rent a car !!!!


Excellent place Excellent service wont go anywhere else when I fly out

Alicia Moon

Had no issues getting my car. I told them I did not want any additional insurance and I paid the amount that I was promised online. Staff was friendly and quick. I had no issues with my car during the week that I had it. Return was easy and quick.

Gary Waldron

Just as bad service here as every other Thrifty Car Rental we have come across on our holiday..... read my review on the LAX branch you will get the idea.

Maria Wolf

Great car,service,price,and customer service.

Wayne Hintze

Quick shuttle from the airport. No wait at all. Got a great vehicle at a reasonable price by booking through AAA. Easy drop off again with no line. No waiting for shuttle back to airport. Perfect!


They will screw you to fix their car , please check the car well before you hit the road

chris gregory

normal car rental no hiccups

JC Will

It was great. The car was nice and as expected. They got me on the road pretty quickly. The reason they didn't get five stars is due to 2 issues. When I got the car, I was given 2 receipts with 2 different amounts on them and they ended up charging my card for a hold on the higher amount. When I called to inquire, I was given yet another price, this time less money (what I was given when I rented it online). I was told that was the only amount she saw in the system. I then explained that I received two receipts on the day I got the car and neither of the receipts have the price she just quoted me. She said she couldn't help me so I asked for the local number to the thrifty car rental at the place of purchase. She put me on hold for 15 minutes and then came back and told me that they didn't have a phone number. Then when I insisted, she put me on hold and came back and told me that she tried calling them and the phone just kept ringing. I was annoyed and wondered how she call them and the phone kept ringing but she told me they didn't have a phone number. I got so frustrated I simply hung up. I was not planning to let that ruin my vacation. In the end when I returned the car, the price I was originally quoted was given to me on another receipt. I will check my AMEX statement to make sure that it is indeed the right amount. The second issue is that the rep asked me if I wanted to purchase gas from them and I told her no I will purchase my own gas. At that point she told me that I must purchase gas within 10 miles of the car rental place or I will be penalized. She stated I must bring the receipt from the gas station as proof. I thought this absurd; however, I complied because she told me I will be penalized if I did not. So I jumped through hoops to make sure I got the last of my gas within 10 miles of the car rental place and when I dropped the car back off, I was given a receipt and sent on my way. I then asked the attendant if she needed my receipt from the gas station and she looked at me a bit perturbed. She told me that was not necessary. Then she gave me some long speech about why the other person probably told me that. All-in-all it was a great trip, the car didn't give me any trouble at all and I traveled quite a ways. It was also the color and type I was hoping for. It was just wrong of them to force me to gas up within 10 miles of the facility and then tell me that I would be penalized if I did not. Customer service also leaves a lot to be desired. The young lady was either unwilling or unable to help me. In either case it is unacceptable. She works in customer service and should be able to answer any and all questions customers may have. If not she should be able to go to a supervisor. If that doesn't work then she needs to find the answer from someone else who knows. Knowledge is key and when it comes to customer service within her own company, she should be knowledgeable about everything from the Mundane to the more complex issues.

Chris Brinkmann

Awful, just awful. Booked two and a half days in a compact, $120 seemed reasonable. When I get to the counter I am told I HAVE to buy extra insurance which was not mentioned at the time of booking. So an extra $180 on top, meaning 300 for basically 2 days in a Hyundai Accent, I would have never booked had I known that would be the price from the beginning.

Saravanan Velu

I reached the rental little after midnight so had to check in at the Dollar rental. Was checked in within 5 mintues and in another 10 minutes I was out driving. Fantastic experience

Kuolettava !

Do not use. I prepaid for a rental a week in advance and when the time came they decided they didn't like my card. Even though they were perfectly ok with taking my money at the prepay. They then charged me $150 to cancel, taking once again from the previously "unacceptable" card. A value they did not disclose with me.

Bob Pelshaw

My total flight from Omaha to Vegas didn't take as long as it did getting this car. It's Sunday afternoon, effortlessly got through baggage claim and the rental car shuttle. I've been waiting here in a line that almostngoes out the door. My time is worth more than their lack of urgency, lack of service , and over an hour wasted of my time to even rent AND another hour to get the car in the garage. Not worth the money. No more Thrifty!!!!!

Indy Jones

Blue chip makes the difference. Fast check in 5-10 minutes max. Great experience every time with thrifty.

Garvit Jain

Worst car rental company ever. When I refused to buy additional protection the guy at the counter told me to check every scratch on the car myself and note it down. Else they will ask me to pay for damages when I return the car. That is the responsibility of the rental agency to do so. Never renting again from them

rosalie Sullivan

Albert at the customer service counter was very helpful. Truly an excellent customer service agent!

TO Wildcat

Things went good nothing great but nothing bad

Jeffrie Bond

Excellent customer service and easy rental.

Sharon Pennington

The best experience I have had in the Las Vegas car rental facility. I was in and out in 5 minutes with no hassles. I could not ask for more. It is important that you have their Blue Chip membership, which costs nothing but you get to beat the lines. Your car is ready and waiting for you. The car rental cost is fair and Thrifty is not responsible for all of the fees that the state and facility charge. They are high but that is charged at every place. Will continue to use them.

Ton Verbeek

Very nicely handled by the employee, they did not try to sell extra insurances. Very correct! Quick shuttle from the airport. Got a great vehicle at a reasonable price by booking through AutoEurope. Easy drop off again, without any problem. No waiting for shuttle back to airport.

Paul Adams

Picked up car on a Sunday, no queues at reception, no hard sell on extras, no hassle at car pick up point, although it was the first time I had been told to pick any car I wanted within a specific area, so was like a kid in a candy shop running around looking for the best spec car!! Returned car the following day all fine and again no hassle

Pulak Sahu


I paid $142 for 5 days through my Chase VISA rewards and did not want any additional services. When I got home I had driven the car just 58 miles and they charged me another $134 for a "damage waiver" when I had shown the clerk I had my own car insurance coverage. Unscrupulous business practices there their normal business model. Use my bad luck for your good luck and chose another HONEST car rental.

Ellen Creighton

Really pleased with our car rental experience at this Thrifty location. Staff were highly professional and provided great assistance with my reservation to help get my family (including an infant) on the road. They demonstrated true kindness and clearly communicated with me during the course of signing the contract and selecting the vehicle. Top marks!

Todd Dignard

Company is no good customer service sucks to many hidden fees and don't tell you everything you need to have to rent a car

Jose Lopez

Before you purchase a rental here is my experience. I purchased a vehicle thinking i was only going to pay USD 333.62 for the vehicle,basic insurance,unlimited mileage. Because that what it said on the website. I went to go pick up the rental the lady asked me if I wanted basic or premium insurance. I asked her for the basic insurance. Well at the end of I turned in my car looked at the receipt and I get charged with the premium services. The total of this 5 day trip cost me about $689.00 I regret going to thrifty. Soo far enterprise has the better offer in my book because the give you more insurance options and they tell you the toal cost upfront.

Bobbie Haines

Tented a nice car from them. Nice staff.

Gerardo Gzz

Great price and service.

Mark S

Same ol story. Lines out the door with one person working the desk. The Worst! Spend a little more and go to a better rental company. Half your vacation will be waiting on your rental.

Joshua Herrick

Thiago Campoy Serrano

DO NOT RENT from Thrifty, had a horrible experience The guy I initially see for the car put a full tank charge on my bill without my consent for 81 dollars, went back and had them take it off. They never do the walk around to give you the car with the only purpose of charging you for damages that were already there, however they do pay someone to walk around at the end. First and last experience with them. Two months later now they are calling for something I already addressed with the lady that took the car from me I explained the situation to her and she said I’m giving you the bill this is what you have to pay period, I’ll take care of the paperwork.

Mike Moore

Appreciated manager handling the line and sending some to the dollar counter for service. It was a quick no hassle check in experience and reasonable price for the vehicle.

Neru B Side

Total scam, I'm never going to rent again from them. They make you pay a lot of hidden fees when you return the car. I rented for 4 days and at the return date they charged me double the price

Joao Ferreira

Very bad place.

Roman Ivanov

WOST CAR RENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER and extremely poor customer service. Rent car for 2days and got charged for 9 and that is nothing I could do about it!!! Had to call CC and put stop on this transaction. Couldn't get a hold of the supervision. If any body can help to solve the problem I would appreciate a lot.

Barbara Jackson

Georgia was awesome during checkout as well as drop off!! We used a Priceline coupon and we were also upgraded at no additional charge! Quick shuttle to and from the airport. Great job Thrifty

Grant Hughes

I gave these guys the benefit of the doubt even after discovering that their rental location is 20 minutes from the airport. However, this was the slowest rental experience of my life. As a Blue Chip member I expect them to have all of my information, verify ID and insurance, and send me out the door on my way. It took a good 20 minutes. Upon return to the airport, I called ahead the morning of my departure to ensure I would have a shuttle. Nope. The shuttle isn't running until 11am. I asked what my other options were. The guy responded, "you can take a cab". I asked him if he would be able to call me a cab seeing as I'm not a local. "Nope. You can call it", he responded. Lovely customer service (said with a good dose of sarcasm). Don't rent here. Get an on airport rental from Hertz or others.

John Igoche

Ray Evans

I saw the bad reviews and am quite confused. Having family in the area, I have rented several cars from them over the years and have never had a serious issue. Perhaps it helps that I am a Blue Chip member (join - it's free) and you can usually get your car and be gone quickly. This past week, I had a reservation for a full-size car. The agent suggested that I might prefer a small SUV with 4 wheel drive due to the huge amount of snow that the area had received. I took the SUV that he suggested at no extra charge. Will I rent from them again - you bet!

Tony Pepe

Car and Service was excellent

Melissa Holder

This place was horrible. They were rude and we waited an hour for a car. One of the attendants literally told us to, "hold your horses" when we inquired how long it would be after patiently waiting over 30 minutes. We'll never rent from here again.

Gerald Tench

It was a difficult day for this establishment on the Sunday afternoon I visited. Shortage of vehicles and understaffing resulted in long waiting and irate customers. Maybe good for a midweek rental but stick to the airport for better service.

Michelle MacIntosh

I am a Blue Chip member and rent almost exclusively with Thrifty, mainly for their price. The car we rented, Chrysler 200, was a really nice vehicle and great on gas. The desk clerk, Jerry, was also very nice and very helpful. However, when I booked the car the website said that Thrifty was OFFSITE and that you had to catch a shuttle to the rental car location - WRONG - it's ON airport, but I wasted 20 minutes trying to figure that out. Secondly, my car was NOT READY and I was told I would have to wait for 20-30 minutes while they got a Full Size car ready. Seems the guys in charge of Returns and Clean-UP were having a bad day and giving the desk clerks a tough time. But again, Jerry was very nice an told me he'd keep on them to hurry up. Not really wanting to wait 1/2 an hour I checked Avis & Budget, both of whom wanted $250 dollars for the same type of rental that I only paid $78.00 for at Thrifty/Dollar (Hot Deal on the Website). When I went back to tell Jerry we would wait (about 10 mins had elapsed) the car was ready. When we got to the car I was checking it for any scratches or damage, and was taking pictures of anything I saw. Jerry happened to go by, saw me and stopped to help. He noted on our rental agreement anything we saw and we were on our way. Jerry made the whole experience easier to deal with! Thanks Jerry!

Susan Hardin

Stll confounds me why this process takes so long...especially as a Blue Chip member. The Kia Optima is a nice car though and has a long cruising range between fill ups.

Tricia Dierks

Ronald Chaffin

We make reservations for cars. Why can’t you staff for peak times. It is not as if you don’t know we are coming. One person working the counter with 15 people in line. Horrible management! Hopefully there will be a car when I finally get to the counter.

Matthew Blair

The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. They are incredibly helpful and went far beyond the extra mile to help us out.

sadie rojas


(Translated by Google) Price / performance is great! Brand new Mercedes get in the premium class. When picking up, expect longer waiting times! Unfortunately, we were charged several times in arrears, etc. (1-3 $ toll + 15 $ service fees each time). (Original) Preis/Leistung ist top! Nagelneuen Mercedes in der Premium Klasse bekommen. Beim Abholen mit längeren Wartezeiten rechnen! Leider wurden uns im Nachhinein mehrmals noch Maut etc abgebucht (1-3$ Maut + jedes Mal 15$ Servicegebühren).

B Torres

Danyelle Green

Great place to rent s car, but the staff needs more help. Hire more people.


I don't know why this place has only a 3 star rating. I rented a vehicle here and reserved in advance. When I arrived there; The person at the desk was very helpful and professional. My vehicle check out was a fast process. After I returned the vehicle I forgot my wallet inside the car with cash money and credit cards. Next day I received a phone call to notify me that I forgot my wallet inside. My wallet had exactly all the cash money inside with my credit cards too. Now that is what I call outstanding and PROFESSIONAL service. I highly recommend this place and give a 5-star rating for professional customer care and for having the car clean looking and ready to go.


Fast friendly good quality cars.

Disavoy Austin

C St

Great friendly service! Rented a Dodge Challenger R/T and it was very fun to drive.


Great car. No issues

Daniel Dulitz

When the other guys are closed, Payless might be open.


arjun singh

The cars were not in a good condition. The one offered was Pretty bad with scratches and what not and then has to switch to another one which still had scratches everywhere but way better then the first offered one

Frank Namisnak

This place was totally unorganized and it took forever to get our rental. We had to take a shuttle from the airport to get to it which was not marked at all at the airport. I would not recommend using this in the future.

Jose Manuel

Brian Anthony

Dont take debit cards only major credit cards and the line was long as hell. Slow workers!!!!


Park here, always. I've been using this lot since 2011 everything I fly out of Portland. Great customer service. One tip: make an online reservation, this lot can fill up at times through out the year.

Jennifer Sterling

I got to the Airport at 7 AM since I had made reservations at that time. And employee did not walk in until 7:15 AM. Putting me 15 minutes out for my drive to St. George. It was annoying but fine. Another woman by the name of Rita walked in. She started taking our information and asked if I wanted insurance. I told her that I already purchased the vehicle online with insurance and asked what the difference was between the one I already purchased and the one she is offering and with an attitude she says ma’am the one you are purchased only covers the car. Well duh that’s all I want! My experience was horrible! When returning the car, I was given the wrong receipt and had to deal with a young woman on her phone who said “My bad” after telling her she gave me the wrong receipt while looking at her phone on Facebook. I can’t not believe how horrible the experience was. I will NEVER rent from them again.

Scott Olesky

Robert Wilson

Philip Weiss

Totally disorganized.

Emily Foisy

Staff is rude.

Ruben Hernandez

(Translated by Google) They are abusive cheaters and should have bilingual people (Original) Son abusivos tramposos y deberían tener personas bilingües

kevin wright

This was the worst experience I ever had with renting a car. I showed them my confirmation email and they stated I couldn't get the because of a new policy that they didn't have time to post.

shanell MALONE

I am active duty military and we usually book through thrifty on official travel. Due to the great service I received in uniform I decided to use Thrifty for my personal travel. I went to pick up my rental from Norfolk Airport where I was greeted by the clerk Glenn. He didn’t seem to happy to be at work. As he was talking to me he continued to eat ice from a Chick fila cup instead of giving me his undivided attention. After getting my credit card and drivers license he printed some paperwork. Then informed me that I owed $173.00 but my confirmation showed $36.11 was due at pickup as I had prepaid online. No where during the booking process was I informed about a $173 charge at pickup. When I asked to speak to the manager I was not met face to face even after informed that the manager Tiffany was in the building. Instead Glenn called her on his cellphone to explain the situation. She was not accommodating or knowledgeable on the policy or the additional charges. I was put on hold multiple times and even accused of using a third party site even though I still had the reservation confirmation in my browser. I was told there was nothing that could be done and that they could not see the previous payment I made. The phone call was ended and Glenn was typing on the computer. He then handed me keys and a pamphlet. I was very confused and asked what happened with the extra payment that needed to be made. He said he charged it to my credit card which I did not tell him to do. I was completely blindsided with additional charges and could not get a better explanation or apology. Due to the 9 hr drive I had to face I had to let the situation be because I had already spent over 40 minutes trying to get an answer and getting my card charged without permission. After the fact I reached out to their Facebook page which was just as unhelpful. The additional fees are not on the quotes but literally hours before my trip I picked up my rental to be blindsided. But hey I guess you get what you pay for. They are called Thrifty for a reason. I will never rent from here again. The piss poor customer service and the training deficiencies within their staff was enough to keep me away for good.

Casey Plaizier

If you would like to experience the slowest moving, least helpful people in the world, while also waiting 30 minutes for a shuttle, while 4 Budget and Alamo shuttles pass you in that time frame, then Thrifty at the Portland Airport is your best choice. I will never rent a car from this place ever again.

Robert E Hill

Rimvis Florida

Really nice lady at reception, but car what I get nicely talking used a lot with warnings on dash

Roberto Alves Braga Jr

I pick the car up in Amsterdam Airport. First problem: it isn't in the Airport itself. You need to wait the shuttle or ask for it by phone. Second problem: The guys were very rough. When we dropped the car, the service was even worst. I will definetely not use them again.

Michele Hollingsworth

Staff was friendly, but the vehicle was not ready and when they found it, it was still dirty. They washed it, but the inside was still dirty. They are off site of the airport, but not too far. Gas station right across the street, so refueling was very simple. Rented a truck and it didn't have running boards, making it a bit hard to get in and out of. Not a horrible experience, but probably won't use them again when returning to Charleston.

Sharaun Flemister

Great experience

Ulysses Tchimoa-Ouethy

Mark Lewis

Not as cheap as they advertise, especially when you add in the insurances and the cost of an extra driver (which other rental companies include for family members)

Shandary Del Mar

It's been so many years I haven't rent and the guy at the counter was not in the mood to help. I was so confused. On the other hand Ed at the receiving end was a very good to me. THANKS

John Outman

Not located at airport, in Jackson 9 miles away. Quick processing and friendly shuttle drivers and attendants.

Helenore Kelenore

The most smooth car rental out of any in the country I've been to.

Yuthi Meas

Bjarte Sundt

Saurav Shekhar

Wonderful service. Great place to rent a car. We got a good deal. Staff was very friendly. They have good cars.

Ibrahim Abouzeid

The car was compact and not very fuel efficient (Chevy Sonic) but was almost brand new and very comfertable

Darvin Colon

Very good


Didn’t tell me that my reservation had to be in the system for a full 24 HRS if i was using a debit card and still let me reserve it for early this morning (10am) but when I got there they told me I was not allowed to take the reserved vehicle until 2PM which would not work for me at all

William Parker

Another car rental screwed me in the area and they came in the clutch.

Laura Snipes

Kedir Abdella

The service is extremely good except that the front line staff that I delt with failed to give us information about the toll usage. We end up spending our time coresponding unnecessarily after we received a mail request to pay violation and administration fee which was really above the cost of the rent.


joy rangel

I would give no starts if I could. Worse customer service I have gotten in my entire life!!! The guy that helped me was sooo rude. Disregard wouldn’t explained things right. Just gave me the keys amd didn’t even say where I could find the car. To tap it off he over charged me saying I would get reimbursed not the case I had to call customer service and fight a reimbursement. They practically charged me 3 times the amount. Awful ppl pls dont go there !!!!

David Toatley

Rental agents are courteous and efficient. They promptly processed my rental and had me on my way. Thrifty agents seem to respect that I am a customer and they value my business; unlike some of their competitors whose agents act like they are doing you a favor.

Kyle's Life

Larissa Joan Reidy

Wonderful customer service, great prices!

Hadiza Felicien

These people are insane. They give you a false online quote and as soon as you get to the place, they charge you a ridiculous amount of daily hidden fees. I felt like I ended up paying a fee to breathe. Please do not rent from this place, they are honestly evil. If you want to pay a reasonable amount of money, go elsewhere.

h melville

Rented two cars during our vacation. Both were great. It was very easy to rent and return. I would happily rent from them again!

Ellie Rose

We used thrifty for our airport transport and it was a surprisingly great experience!

Faye-Dawn Orullian

Absolutely horrible experience, I will never use Thrifty again.


Friendly and extremely helpful. Shuttle drivers are super nice and courteous. Only one lady was not that great. She was very impatient with us because we couldn't find our car rental agreement when we were returning the car, but with the next customer that returned with his car rental, she was quite the opposite. She was all smiles and very attentive. Everyone else was 5 stars. Thank you Thrifty.

Shaunda Lindsay

Nice people and good prices.

Carolyn Paine

Used Thrifty car rental numerous times and have always been very pleased. I usually opt for the Hot Deal and most times pick the compact or better. We always have gotten an upgrade for no extra money. This last time we received a brand new Kia Soul with less than 1000 miles. Great value and nice hassle free rental and return.

Harsh Patel

Very BAD customer service!! Went 5 in the morning to pick up the rental car.On arriving at the counter , they said that their system is down and told us to come after 2 hours.I mean how can we wait for 2 hours to just pick up a car!! If their system was down, the least they could have down was to help us get a car with other vendor nearby with the same or better deal.But their guy at the desk was just rude and said they cannot help us at all. Very bad customer service!!

Stacy McDonald

Ok not great would go some where else next time

alexandre arantes miszura

Muito bom o antendimenro!

Fernando Cabral

The rental car was not clean and had only 3/4 tank of gas, but this was of minor concern. More importantly, we were told the car "comes with roadside assistance. Is that OK?" This was deceptive and implied that the service was part of the rental agreement, not an add-on for which we would be charged. I didn't realize the truth until I got an email with the final cost to my credit card which included a charge for the roadside assistance. I have since been in contact with Hertz (Thrifty's parent company) to resolve the issue, but have not yet heard back from them.

Patrick Häberli

Great location, staff, people. Of course it's not your conventional location with a full lot of cars to choose from etc. But come on people, we're in the middle of Manhattan and these folks here have actually found great ways to accommodate this.

Jonathan James

Man at counter was snotty and rude. When asked questions we got back smart-ass rude comments. Cars a dirty at best. My advice would be go to another rental service

Ed Reyn

Horrible. Arbin Tribue is extremely rude and horrible customer service.

nick Whelton

Great price easy to use!

Mansour Almanaa

I think the reviews here do not reflect the excellent service that the people in this place provide. They were fast, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend them.

shontegra nickson

Douglas Yoder

The car was fine. However, from the time I arrived at this off-airport agency, until I was on the road, took at least 45 minutes to an hour. And, I believe I was fourth in line. There were two counter reps working, along with a couple of "runners". When I was almost finished, a manager came from the back office to answer a question for a counter agent, saw the line (now longer than when I came in), turned around, and went back to her office. There was at least one more computer terminal available, that someone could have been working on.

Meara lockwood

I WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF I COULD. Besides the wait at the airport which is OK whatever your systems were down they WAY OVER charged us for tolls. We had the car in Florida and passed some tolls that charge your licences plate so when we returned the car we asked how we pay the tolls and they told us they would charge us ten dollars for the tolls. My husband just got a notice that they are charging him 58 DOLLARS for 8 DOLLARS worth in tools. I travel quite often and so does my mother and in laws and I will never be using this car service again!

Colin O'Neil

I wish I could give 0 stars. Waited in line for 20 minutes for my reservation only to be told they did not have my car. The front desk agent quoted me 15 minutes for it to be ready so I didn’t think much of it initially, until I spent over an hour waiting for the car with no explanation or apology. Steer clear of this company, the lower prices are simply not worth the wait.

Sylvia Torres

I'm a local but needed a car. Was told that my card would be charged $350 and the "hold" on that money would be dropped and I would be charged for actual use when I returned the car. I returned the car a day early (they charged me $25 for returning the vehicle early????!!!!) and then the day after I returned the car I noticed in my account that the "hold" on the 350 was still there. When I called to tell them to give me my money back and charge me only for what I used (less than $200) they informed me that the hold would remain for 3-5 business days! I am beyond pissed off. They are holding on to MY money for NO reason whatsoever. And now my account is in the negative. I will NEVER use thrifty again!

Travis Phelps

The tires on my car were low. I noticed the next morning after the temps dipped below 30. While the service at the counter was superb, I question the maintenance the vehicles at the SLC Airport receive.

Vickie Cuevas

Great 2 week price on a rental while in Portland and we were quite impressed with the van but the customer service skills of their employees is dry and not friendly at all at the Portland, OR airport site. Shuttle personnel were friendly and helpful but desk staff need to some training. Smile, welcome, and engage with your customers!

Susan Marion

I would never rent from Thrifty again and I would advise anyone considering to rethink their options. After a multi month rental, I was charged an additional $72.75 because my frequent flier number was on my account. I have never seen this charge by any other rental company and rent cars weekly and monthly. Stick with National - no hidden charges and sneaky methods to get your money. Oh, and then try to get a person to speak with . JOKE! I went through more phone trees and holds and people telling me they couldn't help me. Its just not worth it. It only has one star because I could not post this without giving at least one star. Thoroughly disgusted.

Veronica Smith

Üzeyr Yilmaz

(Translated by Google) Everything OK. (Original) Alles Ok.

dust away

Ralph Fairchild

Actually Dollar though they seemed to be together. Dropped off a day early and found out there is a $25 charge if you check a car in more than 24 hours before scheduled. Staff was very helpful, explaining the charge and holding the checkout long enough to save me the extra charge, which makes it more likely I would use them again. Ended up paying $36 for 1 day and 1 hour for a compact car - Ford Fiesta. Cleveland Hopkins location.

Vladimir Eremenko

Best rental service I’ve ever had! Very fast and friendly

Jackie & Matt

It seems as though Thrifty is always driving up the rental price with extra charges. We told them that we did not want to purchase the $100 pass for tolls. Conveniently, however, they leave the toll pass in the car open and active. So if you do not realize that it is open, the first time you go through a toll (very soon after exiting the airport), wham! $100 charge. I would not rent from them again.



Easy pick up easy drop off --the car was clean and exactly the model I wanted --the price was the best at Newark airport

San Sandeep

Had a worst experience at Thrifty though this was the first time I rented from them. The lady behind the counter started interviewing me which was none of her business why and where I was going. Secondly they don't tell you anything about the toll or insurance like other rental companies. They just make you sign on the papers and say it's all done. But after I returned the car, they banged me with the charges for the toll, and I tried contacting customer service where I get an answer "Sir you must pay your bill as you used tolls". If the front desk lady told me before I would have been aware and taken a toll pass in advance. They don't talk all this, they just need where we go and why we go. Never in life to thrifty again !!

A Darryl Coleman

The worst customer service experience at pick up 11/28/16 and at time of return 12/9/16. I got over charged and was treated very rudely by the counter staff. I booked a 10 day rental and the counter staff without my permission changed the rental to 7 days plus a 5 individual day rental. My concerned were never conveyed to the boss. DO NOT SHOP WITH THIS RENTAL CAR COMPANY. Take your business elsewhere.

Carl Allen

Amazing customer service at this location! Dan and Johnny couldn't have been more helpful with my return. If you're looking for a rental car in NYC I highly recommend this thrifty location. Thank you again guys!

Levi Stogsdill

Overall, the experience was good. Relatively quick service to get the car and check-in was quick. Our drivers to / from the terminal to the Thrifty shop were friendly. My only complaint is that when I booked the vehicle, I reserved a Kia Sportage. When I arrived, they didn't have any Kia Sportage's so I was given a Kia Soul. Not a big deal...just a tad annoying that when you expect to receive a specific model, it changes without your knowledge. All in all, the car did well and we didn't have any issues.

Jasmin Nicasio

Unfortunately I was renting this business 3rd party so I had no choice of rental company. First rented car had an expired registration. I had to drive it 2 hrs back to Dulles Airport (as I was in Dahlgren). Once there, I chose a 2nd car to …

Sharmaine Patton

The rental car was great but the customer service was very horrible. Upon returning the car I filled the gas tank back to full. A day later i get extra charges for gas added on my bill. So basically which ever employee checked our vehicle lied and said the gas tank was empty. I don't like liars and they have very dishonest people working there. So when I called they I had to have a recipt in order to receive my money back. I didnt have that because I paid cash so now they are making me out to be a liar because I cant prove the gas tank was full. I will never rent here again I got played out of my money because a employee was dishonest.

Sam Blanchard

Fantastic, friendly service. Excellent car at an attractive rate and wonderful staff. What's not to like?

Line Berentsen

Great service, wonderful experience.

Christian McGinn

Good nice new economical car. The lady driving the shuttle was great. Would maybe choose a rental at the on site airport rental places next time just for convenience.

Sean Black

The service (checking out and checking in) was great. The price however is a different story. My car is in the shop and Chrysler would only give me 35 a day towards the rental. The best they would do is 45 a day. Rented it for 12 days found out it was going to be another week before I got my van back and they wouldn't budge on price. Called Enterprise, explained my problem they were willing to work with me.

Carmen Solis

Dale Morton

Quick return and fast service to and from terminal. Courteous employees.

Abby Shackelford

Getting to the desk is incredibly inconvenient. All airport signage directs you to a little area with all the other rental companies. Once you arrive at Thrify's booth, it's blacked out and directs you to walk back to where you started and then directs you to take a shuttle! As if that's not inconvenient enough, they only have one shuttle that takes FOREVER to arrive. Never again.

Victoria Baran

I had a nice experience because I was able to rent the car that was available at the time. It happened to be a Ford Fiesta hatchback. It was clean, new and had great pick-up!

Danny Cunningham

I stood in line for 37 minutes (at 10am) because they were terribly understaffed. If an agent from Hertz hadn't come over to help, I might still be there. There were approximately 8 people in front of me....

Rich Watrous

I just gave this place a bad review, and read a dozen other bad reviews but when I checked back I found the negative ones had vanished. Something stinks in Warwick. This place is a rip off. Go someplace else.

Latonya Broome

I was pleased with my total experience at Thrifty. From the time I placed my reservation until the day I returned my vehicle, I received nothing but exceptional customer service. The staff was friendly and professional and the rates were unbeatable!!

Tien Sydnor-Campbell

Grab the shuttle and get your car offsite. It may not be as convenient as having it inside the airport, but it is still very easy .

Crazy Driwer

I rented a car They took $ 400 when I didn't smoke. I newer used the smoking

Irene Schaefer

Keesha Tucker

Always fair prices and decent service. I can't count how many of their locations I have been to. Once, we decided to skip our last flight on a layover and went to the first car rental kiosk we could find. The prices were unbelievable so it was worth walking a few hundred feet to go to Thrifty. We got a cute eco car and we're glad to not be stuck on an airplane

David Humphries

Very rude

Charles Wade

Adrian Alvarado

J Green

Do not hire from these people. Let me itemise the reasons why. The website wouldn't allow me to change the pick up and drop off times and locations and i was charged a fee to do so once I had the car. The car was not properly cleaned. It was not the car I had ordered but a smaller cheaper model. Be careful to check all of the fees in the seven page contract and be advised how much those fees are as the exact fees aren't always stated and are extortionate at the rental companies discretion. A quoted price of $304.54 ultimately cost over seven hundred dollars which was reduced to $550.00 after a protracted international phone call and threats to take the issue up with consumer protection and a social media war. I repeat. Do not do business with these people.

Caroline Koziol

Service from everyone we interacted with was great. Would give five stars, but you have to take a pretty lengthy shuttle to and from the rental place from the airport. The timing worked out okay for us, but it only comes every half hour, which could get really annoying on a tight schedule

Tiffany Alia

The lady who helped us was very friendly. Due to a lot of plane delays that day we had to wait approx 1hr 15min for car because they were trying to turn over the returned cars (incoming cars needed to be inspected, washed and gas tank refilled). You are asked to inspect the car and jot on carbon paper where scratches and dents are but the lighting on the lot was horrible (use flashlight from your phone!) When returning the car rental, navigating back is not easy (even with a navigator!) They need more signage but that's New Jersey for you. The return process was very easy so if your in a rush don't panic. The interesting part about the car rentals at Newark airport is you have to take air trm/train - when we were returning the car (there is P1 & P2) the people on the air tram/train needed to go to P2 but it was closed! So for that - I can see a very large problem. This couple had been on the air tram/train for over 30 minutes expecting it to stop going and then on the way back (it never stopped for either, eek). AND I got a Nissan Rogue for an excellent rental price.

coMMand 003

Despite some issues i had with their customer service and the flithiness of inside the vehicle, they charged me exactly what i expected to be charged for according to my reservation. So i guess in the end this is all that really matters.

Rodrigo Mercado

Horrible customer service, I was shouted at by an employee behind the Counter because he didn't recognize my credit card type (visa) and was denied a car and was stuck.

Steven Accordino

The staff at the Charleston SC Airport location are the “BOMB” I love them, they are Great for your company, Steve


Our trip to Charleston was wonderful. The staff was very helpful and the car was clean and ready to go. The valet service was prompt as well. Would highly recommend for the price!

Hugh Hudson

Disputed transaction with Thrifty. Charged for an upgrade and trying to get this rectified with Thrifty now.

Jon Yan

Small location in Jackson hole

Raj Kumar Mehta

Excellent cars and service Staff & drivers are nice & courteous. Seems to me one of cheeapest car rental company Will love to hire again & again

Bonnie Beerbower

Renter BEWARE of overchages when you turn in car. Always check receipt no matter how little time you have. I was initally charged $427 dollars for a 1 day rental which was supposed to cost $39.72. Luckily I looked at my receipt and noticed the charge. How often do people grab their receipts and go because the shuttle is there and they are late. I have to admit I've done it before but never again especially at this Thrifty because I think it was done on purpose and here is why I belive this. I reserved a full size car online for a 1 day rental and brought my paperwork with me. the cost was to be $39.72. when the agent checked me out the charge was over $40. I showed him my receipt and he changed the amount telling me that since I used my Delta card there was an extra charge that he took off the bill. Ok it was only a dollar but still not right. I was told to go get into any car. went out and there were 2 cars in full space. One didn't have a key so I had to take the other. It was not in very good shape. The inside stunk, there were scratches on both front, 1 rear panel and white stuff all over the car. Ok I was still willing to take it until I saw the tires. no tread on outside edges I then decided to go back and ask for another car. agent told me to take the white one which was a hybrid in premium spaces. when I got in that car there was no key. 2 out of 3 cars offered had no keys! I went back in 3rd time and was not very happy about the run around. the agent told me to take any car. He never went out and didn't seem to concerned about helping me find a car. by the way I was the only customer there at the time so he wasn't busy. this process took from 9:30am to 10:24 almost an hour to finally get a car. when I went to get checked out the man told me I wasn't authorized to have this car. I told him the story and he called the agent and was told it was ok. I was soon on my way. I returned this car @ 17:55pm same day. when I checked it in and got my receipt I just happened to look at it and saw that my credit card was charged a total $438.16. I had the manager look at the receipt and he said there was $315 for upgrade!! from a full size Malibu to an Impala!! I told him the story and also told him that this was not right. He agreed and blamed the computer and said he would change it and he did. He even said he'd only charge me $24.72. I told him that I expected to pay the $39.72 but I was still going to report this to the Thrifty corporate office. I sincerely think that this Thrifty is ripping off people. the sneaky charge in the beginning, and the major charge when I turned in my rental. I bet there are many people who never check their receipts nor their credit card bills or who are on corporate accounts who never check their receipts go ahead and pay. This Thrifty needs to have the corporate office monitor their dealings. the car I rented was nice but the customer service was poor.

Anita Euell

Very fast and friendly service. Mid sized suv was very highway friendly!! Will definitely be back.

Michael Gray

The Rental Representative, Shaun was excellent and provided outstanding service. The rental return rep was also top notch and the vehicle was the best. Will always use Thrifty as my rental car company to select from. The best!

Robert Freitas

Do NOT rent from this place. Absolutely horrible customer service. I couldn't understand the gate attendent. The car smelled like smoke. Was expecting a Grand Cherokee or similar but got a bottom of the line Nissan. To top it off, got charged $200 more then was originally quoted.

Ken Barker

I was overcharged and the car I received had remnants of adhesive from duct tape that had held all doors, the trunk and the hood shut... don't know what that means or if it helped explain why the car ran like it was about to stall out the entire time I drove it... overall, I was extremely dissatisfied and Thrifty had earned their place as the last resort for all future car rentals. It would take some effort for another company to provide worse service or provide a car at a lower value.

Mike Goolsbay

Took great care of us. Ali was awesome! They NEED to update their phone information on maps. Uber cannot find.

Paul DeCeglie

Rented a vehicle from Thrifty in Portland for a trip to Lincoln city for a Family reunion. Staff at that location was very friendly. On our trip we discovered one of our tires had a very slow leak. We had to stop a few times to air it up. Upon arriving in Lincoln city, we called thrifty roadside assistance and they we’re rathr unhelpful informing us all damage was our responsibility. We crossed out fingers and hoped the tire could be easily repaired. We then took the vehicle to a tire shop and they informed us that the tire had irrepairable sidewall damage and since it was an all wheel drive vehicle, all the tires would have to be replaced to keep the tread depth matched. We called thrifty roadside assistance again, and again they were cold and unhelpful, telling us our only options were to replace the tires on our dime or drive two hours on a spare donut to Eugene for a replacement vehicle. Neither of these were a viable option for us and our vacation was looking it was going to be a bust. After getting the cold shoulder from Thrifty corporate, we decided to call the actual location we had rented from. After a brief moment explaining our situation to a clerk, he politely got a manager to assist us. This is where we were really impressed. The manager, Dominique, listened patiently to our situation and no questions asked told us she would have a replacemt vehicle towed to us that evening. A big shout out to Dominique for coming through, saving us a hassle and making our vacation as smooth as we hoped it would be. The vehicle got to us late that night and it was actually a slight upgrade from our flat tire Equinox to a full size Acadia! Dominique should be promoted to help train Thrifty customer service how to keep customers around!!! Cheers Dominique!!!! 3 stars for thrifty - 5 stars for Her!

Hollie Cable

Manager, Ray, (African American) at Cleveland Hopkins airport is extremely prejudice toward his own kind...

Guy Vardi

Assata Martin

Easy process

Tony Pletcher

Charged me for 3 extra days on my car. Then, refused to return the tax and processing fee.

Tressie Jones

lynn kesler

Car rental was very easy, car I rented was very clean and staff member who helped me was very respectful. I didn't feel pressured into renting a car that I couldn't afford. Good experience.

Omar Siraj

Car was not very good, but still good for the price

Michael Sterling

Wonderful service. If you get the chance book the Dodge Charger with the Hemi!

Vivek Vishnoi

Julio Camacho Velazquez

Just horrible from start to finish


Laura Markham

Waiting in line forever. Going on 45 minutes. Impossibly slow service. One counter agent! So frustrating. Beware the Thrift car counter. Bring a lounge chair!

T Englert

Unfortunately the car size I reserved was not available, and the car they gave me was dirty. However the counter staff was very nice and the return was easy. Price was very good

Nicole L

Currently waiting 45 minutes for a car I reserved at 7 AM.. how do you have no cars available for the time I reserved it for? Terrible customer service- will never rent from here again.

Bryce Caten

My experience with Thrifty was very negative. The biggest problem I have is that they have a lot of hidden fees. I was 2 weeks away from turning 25 at the time of renting and was charged an extra $231! I expected there to be some underage …

Jens Nielsen

jon turner

Have a tiny defect on my drivers license and was treated very poorly and not allowed to rent. Walked right to budget rental and got my rental no problem.

Non None

The service here used to be professional when more settle age people were unemployed. I received a dirty car within the last 2 months. In addition I had to wait 7 minutes in order for someone to come to the counter as I needed to ship out. People tend to look at you strangely as you approach which is very unprofessional. their demeanor is dry and unwelcoming. I was overcharged the last two times I went and had to have it corrected on my credit card. I do not plan to do business with Dorothy anymore.

Julia Fontera

Absolutely the most unprofessional car rental experience I have ever had. They require you to fill up the tanks from specific gas stations and leave receipt for them. If you dont they will charge you. I never buy the insurance because I have full coverage with my insurance and credit card company. When we told her no thanks she said are you sure? If you get in an accident you will have to pay for it and if you dont buy our coverage you wont have roadside protection. I am like what? So I rent your car it breaks down and I am responsible she was like yup! I was like lame! I asked her if we could bring car back 1 day early since our last night in the area was a hotel at airport and they have a shuttle she said Sure but your rate would change it would cost more I am like seriously Dollar Thrifty is so lame I couldn't believe it. I clarified so if I bring the car back 1 day early it will cost me more?? Yes ma'am! What is wrong with this company. To top it off she said 3 times check the car for damage scratches bigger than a dollar bill and dents bigger than a golf ball. Three times. If you find this grab a guy out they and make him document the damage b4 you leave or you will be responsible. The car was a joke I dont think we were safe in it. Never again do not rent from these guys.

Eli Biesanz

They had the car I rented. Great rates. The airport pick up shuttle is a great free perk.

Máté Fraknóy

Blu-Tay Tv

great service

Samantha Ohlemacher

Booked a large premium vehicle. Come to pick up and not only do they not have it, they tried to charge us more for a smaller vehicle. Not impressed at all.

Theodosia Banks

Waiting for my daughter.

Greg Austin

I’ve rented from here twice. The first time, my car broke down 10 miles after renting it, thrifty refused to pick me up, and OSP had to rescue me. The second time (today), they added $59.55 in extra charges to a supposedly fully-prepaid contract and also hit me with a windshield chip that didn’t happen. It’s cheaper in the long run — and far more convenient — to go with an at-airport agency.

Keith and Judi Rhodes

Great service.

Debra Richman

I had made a mistake on the day I was to pick up my rental car, but they quickly fixed it and I was on my way. Everyone was extremely friendly and considerate. I was impressed with how they happily helped a man in a wheelchair off the shuttle and back into his chair. I highly recommend Thrifty! Will use again.

Steven Dent

I will recommend this to my associates of my business associates I would recommend this to family and friends and business

Joyce Lacy

Always pleased with the service



Amuda Selvam

Worst customer service,the person at the desk did not know any process at all.. Very bad attitude towards customers. Really wonder how bad the service is at IAD:(

Mathias Kristensen

Very friendly and efficient staff, took me less than five minutes to rent the car, and less than five minutes when I returned the car.

Anne Parker

They try to upcharge everything! Car was a POS, transmission was slipping! We won't rent from Thrifty ever again

Sedat Kurtbas

worst company, I rented a mid-size SUV few days ago, but they wanted to give me a car. I didn't accept it. They call other agent for a SUV and I waited 45 minutes. They gave me Nissan Rouge. Now I checked their web site, Nissan Rouge is a compact size SUV!!!!!

Yasser N. Nasser

Jennifer Hopkins


Trisha Galla

Tonight we returned our car and as we were cleaning it out I realized I left something at the restaurant we had just left. Thrifty is super efficient and I did not realize when I pulled in the lady chatting with me closed out my rental. Once I realized this they could not allow me to leave with the car since it was already checked in. One of the managers Trevor drove my husband and I back to the restaurant so I could grab my lost item. Then he dropped us off at the airport rather than returning to Thrifty and we ride the shuttle. They were also slammed busy while this happened. I really appreciate the extra mile and incredible customer service. Also, this is the second time within a couple months we rented from them. Their process is easy, and their cars are clean.

Nina Hansen

Excellent experience! The people were so helpful! I accidentally left my suitcase by the side of the car and they were so helpful in getting it returned. The car was as I expected, and although I identified a bad scratch, all was taken care of. Will use them again for sure. They require a gas receipt, not an unusual request and there are plenty of gas stations within the 5 mile radius to fill up at. Great job guys, thank you!

Marco Binotto

Really bad experience.... I've refilled the car with gas 8/8 before returning it at the JFK agency. But they made me paid 14$ more with the excuse I did not have the receipt from the gas station. .. I ask them to came out to check the level of gas but they rudely refused( a little man supposed to be a kind of manager ) and charged me 14$. More than that, they have rised the airport tax more than what it was initially agreed by saying in the meantime the tax raised of 3 dollars... This is stilling money from customer . .. This dollar company at the end costed more than primium ones. I suggest to stay miles away from it.

Harold Mendoza Suxo

Everything went well. The agent was nice and efficient when we rented the car. I was told that my credit card was going to get authorized. They also told me that they were going to released the authorization 3-5 business days after I return the car. More than 5 business days passed and they still did not release the authorization. I called the customer service department. I have been on hold for the last 2 hours. But whenever I called the reservation desk, they answer the phone immediately. Thrifty's customer service provide with AWFUL service. They do not care about their customers but they are willing to make money. This has been the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECEIVED. Would I use them again? OF COURSE NOT! Also I noticed that they have only responded to the positive feedback on the review. They OBVIOUSLY DON'T CARE ABOUT THOSE WHO HAD BAD EXPERIENCE.


Good clean car at a reasonable price. Pick-up and drop off was very easy and convenient. Dropped off at 4:30am and rep was there waiting to drive me to airport

Josh Casey

No one at the counter, another rental company sent us outside to Hertz. Apparently no one decided to come to work that day. Unprofessional to say the least. Maybe by "thrifty" they mean that the company saves money by not making people go in to work?

Larissa Root

Thrifty provided great service at a great price. My shuttle to and from the airport was pretty quick and only took 5 minutes.

Artur Kieszek

Bardzo Szybka Obsługa Przy Zwrocie Samochodu

Rene Howard

The worse!!!!! Our plane was a hour late they did not stay open to wait for customers (we had reservations) that were also on our flight... had to go to another car rental !!!! Thank you National car fact we just returned our rental and I have been watching, Thirfty customers in line for 45mins there a no one at the counter to help customers are leaving going to another car rental service

Carmen Rodriguez

Sri Divya N

They made us wait for over an hour to give us the car even though the booking was made two days earlier.

Madeline Seeman

they rented me the only car available a car with a broken front seat, a smell of cigarette smoke and burn holes in the passenger seat it should not have been offered to me

Sage Hall

Terrible service. We cancelled our reservation on site. It is worth it to pay a competitor more money.

Joyce Patterson

The shuttle was prompt and courtesy as this rental agency is not at airport. There was slight confusion with original car I was to rent, however it was dealt with promptly. A warning light came on on dashboard when I was five minutes away from returning the car.


Good staff and service. They serve shuttle service every hour.

Deidra Seay

Paulo Martins Nery de Araujo

The guys at Thrifty lied to me. The total amount which we agreed was $ 165,45, using my pre-paid value which I paid to Economy Bookings ($107,63). Now I have to pay $165,45 + $ 107,63 and they say that 165,45 is just for the full insurance cover. I'm very disappointed with this company and now I have to pay almost twice more the price which we agreed. Guys watch out with this company, They lie to you and you going to pay more than you are expecting.

Michael Davis

Chris St Paul

Reasonably new Suburban... 3,000 miles.. clean as could be... price was much more attractive than Hertz, Avis... not sure there is ANY difference between car rental companies- other than the age of the car, location (on Airport) and whether you have to wait in line at the airport. This was smooth.

Casey Wilson

So last minute before my flight here I checked Thrifty on prices, and they beat my current reservation by about 20 bucks, so decided to change my reservation to them. The attendant took a while to warm up, she started off a little cold but by the end of my wait she was quite friendly. Which brings me to the wait. Even though I had a reservation she informed me because it was made same day they didn't actually have a car for me, so I'd have to wait for one to arrive. About 45 minutes later, the car arrived and I was on my way. Still, for the savings and the fact that they were on site and I didn't need to take a shuttle (like I would have with my original reservation) I'd say I'd do it again.


The car was clean and waiting for us. Returning the car was easy and quick. Our customer service rep. checking us in was quite friendly.

Hector Vadi

Michael Owens

Very professional staff. Quick, efficient process


Alexander Rios

rented a specific vehicle online and when I went to pick it up they tried to put me in a different one,told them that the reason for renting was that I was able to choose the vehicle I wanted,they did not care neither did corporate because I called and they told me to deal with them at the location.

G Pickett

Fast friendly service, nice vehicles as well.

Antonio Dasilva

Jeremy Schwartz

Horrible refunds are given if cancel...didnt even get the car i paid for since i couldnt use a debit card for deposit even though their website said i could. Went to budget...nice, friendly, helpful staff and at a great price. AVOID THRIFTY!!

TheDon Lee

Michelle Trahan

Excellent! In and out without a problem and I got a great rate!

Mark Sanders

We hired our car in Manhattan for 2 days, brought it back here at Newark airport. The drop off went very quick, 5 minutes after that I parked the car, a lady helped me, checked everything of the car and told me everything was good. Quick and friendly

Sulenio Deschamps

Amazing customer service best rental spot in Manhattan

Eve Mickendrow

Absolutely the worst customer service!! i have had the car for three weeks with one extension...needed it for another day and a half so they said I had to come in ...ok. I was 1/12 hours late so that was $24 even tho I told them I was keeping the car another day and half. I was paying $178 for the week....but now that I had to extend they said I was a walk up customer and my rate for a day and half would now be $145 ...for a day and a half!!! His will be the last time I do business with them. I usually rent from much friendlier and so much more customer friendly!!

Gerald Bradner

This place is absolute garbage! Don’t waste your time or money or effort or even thought process in regards to renting a car from here. I made and pre-paid for a reservation months in advance, only to arrive to see a reservation clerk who couldn’t be bothered to explain to me why there were no cars available or when one might be available. People like that do not deserve to be employed. Great way to be welcomed to Memphis. I’m looking forward to sharing her name and shift with corporate.

Alan Silva dos Santos

Aluguei um carro lá e não tive problemas

Siamak Sianpour

It was OK but could be better . you need to take a shuttle to get to their parking out of airport then technically you need spend more time for check in and check out. Also basic cars don't even come with remote control .that's a kind of headache to lock and unlock to me .

David Kang

Nadia Pedersen

Horrible customer service. The male staff person was rude and seemed bothered by any questions we had regarding the car rental. The car was dirty and had a lot of scratches on it. Will not be renting with Thrifty again.

Itha Mccord

First time renting a car and I had a great experience. Super friendly helpful staff had me on time to the airport! Thanks thrifty!

Smith Gaming

Great customer service, polite, and helpful

Kerry Czuba

My husband and I rented a car from Thrifty in Phoenix, AZ at the airport. Because my mom had been in a car accident in critical condition we had an open ended ticket. We explained at the counter that we may need an extra day. We were to call and should be no problem. What was not mentioned was that the extra day was going to cost $168 dollars more. I will not use Thrifty again!

Francesco Giona

Sono dei ladri. Al mio arrivo mi hanno chiesto di firmare per il ritiro dell'auto, invece mi hanno venduto una assicurazione per 32$ al giorno (per 10 giorni) che non volevo, senza chiedermi nulla. Non userò mai più questa agenzia, e la sconsiglio a tutti. Una truffa

Chloe Wooldridge

This is the worst rental car experience we have ever had. I'm writing this review in our SECOND hour of waiting to get our car. We reserved a car online before our trip, and indicated what time we expected to pick it up, but as far as we can tell that was completely useless. This rental car company is very unorganized and incredibly understaffed. Dont waste your time renting a car from here like we did.

Stephen Tyler Carnathan

Oscar and Lashonda(sp?) were so incredibly kind and helpful. Great service, great people. It’s employees like this that keep people coming back

Lee Thorsell

Prepare yourself for about an hour in line waiting to get to the counter. I think can recalling purchasing a car in less time. The car was generally clean outside but the interior glass had not been cleaned since the car was manufacturered.

Renee Lea

Do not book Thrifty through a third party- they will not honor their contract or deal with any issues. We booked through Chase Rewards and upon arrival to pick up the car, the Thrifty attendant said she could not change the driver to my husband (other companies allow husband/wife or name changes). We called Chase, but had an inexperienced representative also, so the Thrifty employee offered to book a new reservation for $40 more. Chase could not cancel either, so the Thrifty staff said to add my husband and that Chase could reimburse us if we called them later. After looking at her modifications, she over charged us one extra day (7 versus 6) to add my husband, charged $14/day versus the $10/day notes in the Chase reservation contract, charged a $9 “concession” fee, didn’t add a free tank of gas, and the cost was $106.20 for seven versus six days. Upon calling Chase, they directed us back to Thrifty, whom directed us to Chase- this occurred twice. Several calls and hours later, no one was willing to help and Chase suggested talking to the manager upon returning the car. Upon returning the car, Thrifty’s manager, Courtney, was too busy to see us, but the staff who helped us return the car said our charge would only be $88 and they could remove the extra day, comp us for gas, and her manager would call us to dispute the remaining expense and miscommunication. A few hours later, I get a voice message from Courtney, stating her original staff denies telling us Chase could reimburse the added driver expense, and with no call back or dispute process. She called from her personal cell, and ignored our returned calls to hear our side of the story. A few weeks later, I see a charge for $106.30 for my card, and upon calling Chase, am informed this charge is directly from Thrifty, not Chase Travels, so they misinformed us from the beginning, were the company who we needed to work with to dispute the expense, and would not help due to “third party booking” excuses. On top of this, the original staff did not listen to my requests to adjust pick up and drop off times, charged an extra day, and tried to get us a Kia Sorento instead of a van saying it still had an extra row, which was no where close to “similar” to a van in space. We had to ask to switch cars to a van upon trying to load into the car, which took another 30 minutes! on top of this, we waited 30 minutes for the shuttle to/from the airport to their off site location because they had two pull up, and one just drives off without an explanation, causing us to have to wait for a third shuttle to arrive. It took over 90 minutes just to get our car. I have no return receipt, and am disappointed in their lack of customer service, communication, and organization. Update: we cancelled our Chase card due to their lack of support, and also disputed Thrifty’s charge- the extra driver charge was reimbursed, but Thrifty sent back a signed electronic contract to validate their charge they said we could dispute at the end- we never had this opportunity, nor did we get a receipt- what a scam!

Jinesh Shah

Don't rent a car from this company. We had a coupon for a free upgrade but Jasmina on the front desk dint allow. First Jasmina said yes and then later she changed her mind and said we can't give u the upgrade( eligible to get SUV) don't know what kind of ppl are working. Are they here to please the customer or to give hard time. This was a very decent ask to upgrade from full size to compact SUV.

Robert E Jahn

Todd Milligan

Extremely courteous and helpful. Under new management, disregard all the prior negative reviews

Félix Maire

Chris Lilienweihs

(Translated by Google) Everything was perfect - very friendly and helpful service at check-in and check-out! There was no attempt to sell tens of extra insurance policies - we only booked electronic toll collection and that was a great thing. Car was great too - anytime again! (Original) Alles perfekt gelaufen - sehr freundlicher und hilfreicher Service beim Check-in und beim Check-Out! Es wurde nicht versucht, uns zig zusätzliche Versicherungen zu verkaufen - wir haben nur die elektronische Mauterfassung mitgebucht und das war eine tolle Sache. Auto war auch super - jederzeit wieder!

Curtis H

Thrifty itself is great but the rental car area at SLC is a disaster. Thank goodness they are building a new airport.

Ryan Janes

Agents at this location are thieves. They attempted to rip me off for over $800 at check in with deceptive practices. They added multiple services and insurance that I had explicitly refused. Go elsewhere.

David Garner

System was down. Lots of people waiting. Had to go do another rental place which was more.

Krista Gustaveson

It was disgusting!! The staff was fabulous, the vehicle worked but it was so disgusting!!! I took an extra hour to try to clean it..... I wanted to puke!!! Sooooo gross!!!

Debra Swingle

Terribly slow service

Tim Ryan

If you assume it will actually cost you 3X the rate you booked at... You'll be happy. But cars are clean and service is relatively quick!

C Cacy

They give u damaged vech.

Nancy Greening

Friendly staff, easy location for auto return, transportation provided from and back to PDX for flyers. Only be sure to refill gas even if you only drive a short distance..cost me$20.00 extra for approximately a 35 mile usage over 2 days..tank showed full so I didn't refill..lesson learned.

Chintan Sutaria

The service there both on pickup and return was exceptional. During a late night pickup, Chris was friendly and helpful and genuinely interested in creating a positive customer experience. I thought it might be a one off thing but then on my return, I was cutting it close to my flight. Joe saw the stress I was experiencing and offered to drive me personally to the airport to make sure I don't miss my flight. Very impressed by both of these individuals and the culture of going above and beyond at this branch.

Jennifer Spicer

Got off the plane a little before 10, got to the rental area 5 after 10 and it is 11:28 and I am still 10 deep in the line. Absolutely unacceptable. There are families with kids here waiting for over an hour and a half, and we have more to go.

Y Diskind

Good Car. Long wait at collection. No wait on return. They added to my bill extras I have not asked for!! Pay attention!!!

Fernando Jiménez Gallardo

They asked for a €350 deposit, but made me pay in Lei, applying a rare conversion rate. Avoid this company if you don’t want to lose money

Ed Lenardson

Nickel and dime you to death.

Keith Hilbish

Simple, no frills service. Checkout man was helpful, but indifferent. Dont expect anything lifechanging. Would deal with again.

B 2 Da Ry

Got a good price

Keith Johnson

Never again! Zero STARS!!! Once you accept the price online get ready for upcharges, , pressure to buy more, a slow pick up and $10 per gallon if you car is topped off. Received a week quote for a compact car online plus tax and service fees (taxes I understand but service? What service I'm renting a car, why isn't service part of what they do?) My daughter (with special needs) and I waited in a line only 8 deep for a 1 hour 20 minutes (all the kioskes has out of order signs). Got to the counter and the nice guy proceeded to tell me and my daughter how dangerous the compact cars where and we had NO chance of getting a 4 door (Daddy she said why are you getting a dangerous car, I heard). He proceeded to tell us he would never take his family in a compact??? What I'm thinking? He just hooked my daughter, was making me look bad and he won the first battle as he scared my daughter. This added over a hundred to the our bill. Ok now he wanted to sell me a full tank for gas $60 @ $3.25 per gallon, why...So I wouldnt have to fill up when I return the carback??? (Gas is presently $2.80 per gallon). I asked how many gallons the gas tank held, he had no idea. I said no thank you. The final charge he wanted to add was a insurance plan, I told him I had a full plan with Acuity Insuance. He had never heard of them but told me they wouldn't cover the lost rental rates they would charge if the car ended up in the shop?? We have been hear for 1.5 hours now and the clerk, that has never heard of my insurance company, has never seen my plan is telling me I better get this $200 plan ??? WHAT?? I didn't have my ins. plan in front of me and had never heard about this.Why wouldn't this be on the website, it is more than the car rental??? Next he insisted, I see everything on paper to help you out! I just told him I didn't need to see what I just declined on paper. it was already printing.. He pointed the 3 upgrades, service, tax and the rental rate I initially had ($176). NOW WE WHERE OVER $600.! I upgraded the size of the car and declined the other two. Time to pick up the car....we head out to the garage, wait in another line for 10 minutes and the women said we should have a seat for about 20 minutes because this upgraded car wasn't in??? This was bringing us into a 2 hour wait to get a car!!! 10 minutes later we where called and told we where lucky a car had just come in (lucky, huh). We asked for a second key because we where traveling into some remote areas and thought it would be safer. They didn't have a second and had no answer about what would happen if we did lose our key. Well we had a nice trip, the car ran great and when I returned it they checked the gas meter and said I has 1.8 gallons low??? I had filled it the night before and we stayed in a hotel that was only a few miles away. She pointed to the meter and yes the arrow was just below full? In OR the gas is pumped by a attendant at every station and it appears he didn't fill it to the top and I didn't look. Now the gas is $9.99 per gallon. The THrifty checker asked if it was OK, I said no and she rudely said I should have taken the $60 deal I was offered. I couldn't believe she said that. I told her to put it on my bill and Thrify just totally lost me as a customer.. Every insteraction was terrible and obviously Thrifty is pushing these crazy rules. DONE WITH THRIFTY!!!!

Hillary Butzin

If I could give them negative stars I would. This place is incredibly unprofessional. We have been waiting for almost two and a half hours for a van to take us to the rental car location. We have called over 10 times and left numerous voicemail messages. Not only are they wasting our time they are putting our safety in danger as snow is continuously falling and the airport is closing in 10 minutes. So 100% do NOT BOOK HERE. They are THE WORST. Thanks for ruining our vacation.

Dee Dee Smith

Quick and convenient shuttle provided from the airport. Quality and kind service. Long lines and waiting time is the only negative.

Scott Busey

Actually I got involved with all of this online crap because I wanted to thank the gentleman who gave me the car and also the gentleman who received the car later when I returned it. They were both totally class acts and I will rent from Thrifty again at Dulles because of these two gents!

Tonya Wollschleger

When I was picked up at the airport, the individual driving (older, thin white male with a pony tail wearing wrist braces) was very rude and short-tempered. He was throwing our bags into the shuttle and ignoring anyone who spoke to him. Once in the shuttle, I was mortified to find that he was listening to right-wing talk radio at a level audible to the whole suttle and it was playing a talk show where they were mocking disable people. There were two people on the shuttle that were disabled and I can't imagine their humiliation because the show was that offensive because it was calling handicapped a burden on society that just wanted handouts. I don't care what your affiliation is politically, if you blare it on your work radio, you run the risk of offending customers. That is something to be done on your own time on your own dime. The driver was running up very fast onto cars in front of him and blowing the horn, and nearly hitting their bumpers all the while loudly complaining about drivers around him. Once we arrived at the rental location, we went to retrieve our bags, he opened the back doors and began slinging the bags out nearly hitting those around him. He was incredibly unprofessional and dismissively rude not only to guests but the employees that were working. Once I got in line it took nearly 30 minutes to be served as the line was long and it was shift change. The office staff were respectful and helpful despite the short staffing.

Ryan Janssen

Google User

Rebecca Williams

I rented a car in Boston. I was told I could go to any Thrifty location if I needed to make changes. I had insurance added to my rental I did not approve. After 4 hours, 3 locations and 5 phone calls I received all sorts of different information and watched the employees scream at each other. This was the most awkward and unprofessional experience. After I was told this was my final invoice I received two more bills. I will not give this company any more money after all this harassment for a month now. Please help me resolve this as promised.

Richard Walker

BE CAREFUL WITH THESE HUCKSTERS. Check your rental; check the fleet list. It took three attempts to provide me with a car comparable to the one I'd paid for (a Premium vehicle). On arrival, they said I had a 30 minute or longer wait for my car. After 10 minutes, they offered me an economy vehicle, claiming it was comparable. They tried a hard sell - either I take it, or wait an hour. I waited: 10 minutes later, they offered a different economy vehicle; same hard sell. Another 10 minutes, another economy. Eventually, the manager came out; the attendant said that "this gentleman wants a premium vehicle". He looked at me; nodded to her. Five minutes later, I had my "premium" vehicle. I would say that I won't use them again, but frankly, I suspect that all franchise dealerships are as bad as each other. Please do take heed of this cautionary tale.

Darco Amos

Don’t use this car rental company, the front desk was nice but the lady in the lot was extremely unprofessional and rude, she refused to give me an inspection sheet of the vehicle saying “you are not buying it so you don’t need inspection” even when I told her that there is big dent on the driver door. I became suspicious, went back to the front desk and they provided me the sheet and changed the vehicle. The same staff member in the lot refused to sign the sheet saying that she is going to change the car and no need for it. I insisted again and told her that I am not taking the car without a signed check paper. That was when Mouses provided help and said he will sign it and give me a copy, I noticed the lady switched the car key meantime. I took the car and after couple of miles it lost speed and almost lost its acceleration and barely moved. Their roadside assistances is a complete disaster, poorly trained people, you hardly understand and sound sleepy. Had to drive it back again slowly, suspecting that the lot staff did this on purpose. At the lot I was lucky again to have Mouses and he personally changed the car. No one took any action or even asked how this happened. Thrifty is hiring incompetent personnel then it abuses them by not training them on how to do the job, I am sure they are under paid this is why they don’t care and don’t feel responsible for the company or the customers. Their management is unable to lead and seems to be the last to know, not capable of taking any corrective action. I pray none of this company’s customers run into a problem because there will be no help! A complete disaster, missing your appointments, wasting your time, and humiliation is what you get.

Gomes j

Service was awesome

Dano T

Hertz rental had to complete my order as Thrifty closes really early. In fact Dollar rental cars filled half the orders with Hertz. Never seen competing companies do that but Hertz earned some major brownie points for it.

Joaquin S M

Paid for a compact got an Impala ,can't complain. Staff is friendly.

Fikaniva LOAMANU

Customer service is bad...the line is backed up and they only had one rep at the counter. If anything couldn't get any worse the system went down..The rep only told a few of the customer in the front to move over to Dollar rental to help them. I Happened to notice customer moving and asked what is going on and he was nice enough to inform me.

Stay Tubed

Pleasure to deal with friendly staff. Hooked me up with a dream of a car. Check in and out super easy with shuttle to and from airport. Living in Orlando thinking we know tourism, this staff had their business together. Thanks

Tish D

Granted we didn't get a luxury car but first car we got we were told had a hold when we were all settled in and got to the gate. Went and got another. No gas when we turned it on to leave(lucky we noticed!). We now had to move luggage for the 3rd time. Hope this one works out!!!!

Dorothirene Desilus

horrible service. the lack of communication was deplorable and left me stranded with no rental during my trip. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.

Anita Henry

Great prices

Kris Sigman

Reserved and prepaid 6 weeks ago. Have a minimum 2 hour wait before car is available. Will never use thrifty/dollar car rental again.


Rented on 6-25 at SLC airport, terrible experience. Only 1 clerk and a very long line. Then when I got to the counter he would not accept the vouchers I had, said he does not accept Hertz (they are the same company and I called ahead to verify they would take them). Finally got frustrated and paid the full amount. Ready to just tear up the $100 voucher rather than give Hertz my business. JUSTIN (below) I dont do problem solving via social media. Provide a valid contact method.

brandon gille

Ridiculous policies, wanted us to get a return plane ticket to rent a car locally. Double check their policies before committing financially!!


staff not helpful, car was dirty and beat up . wont use thrifty again.

brent hill

They go the extra mile to make your day and trip so much better.

James Patrick

When we first went to pick up the car they said you have to go down stairs to pay for your car. So off we went back downstairs then was told now go back up stairs to get your car. Not happy when traveling with a elderly couple. We then head back up stairs to get the car she says nothing to us except what type of car. We say full size she points us to 3 cars pick one. When we return the car she ask for a gas receipt nothing was ever said about having to have a receipt to prove it is filled up. What a hassle. There were other customers being hassled over other charges who were asking for the manager. Wow not a happy customer here. Nice car very bad customer service. Please be nice to your customers or they wont come back.

Mike G

Man I'm going to tell you what this is one of the greatest rental car companies I've ever dealt with I've driven around the world they gave me a Jeep it was an upgrade for free unlimited mileage we were there for 11 days I put close to 1800 miles on that truck I filled it up four times was a good truck good company thank you thrifty

Lance Russell

One of the dumbest companies I've ever dealt with... Took over an hour to rent a car, they wanted to confirm my identity by having me talk to my credit card company and say my passwords out loud in front of a couple of dozen people. Would have walked out if time permitted. Incredibly unprofessional and paranoid

Bbq Pitmaster

The staff was very friendly. The shuttle driver who took us back to the airport was A++. The downside was that when we showed up to get our car, we waited almost 2 hours for our car to be available as did many others.

Rolanda Clark

These people are complete scam artists. I went in this evening to pick up my rental, and the guy told me that I would have to pay for my complete rental upfront plus additional fees. I explained to him that I spoke with the online agent and was told I would have to pay 15% of my total rental as a deposit to get the vehicle and he told me that there was nothing he could do about it. He also told me that there was an automatic $350 deposit that had to be charged because I was using a MasterCard credit card instead of Visa. I told him to give me my card and driver's license and told him to cancel the reservation. I was just sickened by the contradicting stories that I was given on the phone and then in-person.

Michael Aungst

Renting with Thrifty was a snap. I don't rent cars very often, but it was fine. The only drawback was the fact that they are not located at the airport. Having said that, they couldn't be much closer and their shuttle was there within a few minutes of getting our bags. The drivers and rental agents were all very friendly and helpful. All in all, it was a great experience.

Gene Robinson

julia putnam

Reserved online and walked out paying 200 dollars more with and extra 200 on hold in my account. 188 turned into 520. Won't go back EVER!!!

Judy Edmondson

Horrible experience! Card reader wouldnt take credit card— kept reading error——- “jared”—told us there was no way he could enter the credit card into his computer— was not able to put reservation in my name instead of my husbands—- could cancel the reservation but “didnt have a car available” if we made a new reservation! Didnt make sense! So frustrating! We had to take their shuttle BACK to the airport after waiting an hour and a half and catch another shuttle with Alamo to their facility to rent another car!!!! Totally NOT customer friendly! Will NEVER rent from Thrifty again! Worst experience ever!!!! Go with someone else for peace of mind!

Nancy McNally

I haven't even gotten my car and I am pissed with this service. Lady behind counter is seriously slow and the counter staff outside is rude. Never again. Edit: got to the counter finally and was told I cannot get the car because I was using my debit card. This would have been good information three days ago when I booked. I swear to God if I still get charged, there will be hell to pay.

Haeedr,m1982 Mazen

It’s not good

Brenda Cash

We were able to rent a car at the last minute while my husband' truck was in the shop. Thrifty had a car available immediately late in the evening for a reasonable price.

Bob McNeilly

rohit kumar

Very good

LaToya Gladney

Horrible customer service! The front desk staff were really nice, but after a ridiculous inconvenience, not only was I left stranded at the airport, but they refused to refund my $180 deposit I had already paid. The telephone agents were rude, and refused to assist me. Thank God for Avis smh.

wooky sam

Providence 공항 Thrifty는 글쎄... 좀 추천하기엔 곤란할수도..

R'Empress R

Carey Harbuck

Price is great. Service worst ever, this place is completely miss managed and it is obvious there I NO training program.

Bryan Mayo

They always treat me very good. They attempt to accommodate me the best way they can!

Sarah S

Never will I ever use their service again! Terrible customer service from a representative who uses the initials "CD" for his name. So very Rude!!!


The front desk clerk was not very friendly, didn't info me exactly how much I would be charged as for the $200 security deposit on top of my rental cost. Definitely could improve her customer service.

carissa gordon

No problems,alway receive wonderful service and clean cars.

Jessica Lowrey

Super nice and friendly

J Ford

Worse ever don't go

Hatem Al-Fadel

I did an online reservation and have payed in advance for a car for 1 week. On arrival, my credit card was not accepted as a security deposit since it is a debit card. I was told that I can take the car for example the next day if I show again with a friend who has a regular credit card and add him as a second driver for some extra cost. I went by taxi to my hotel (140 $). The next day when I came with a friend with an accepted credit card I was told that my car - which I have payed for! - is not available anymore and that I can take a model from a higher class for extra charge! It's not the first time for me to rent a car and it is usual to get a car of a higher class without extra charge since it was not my fault. The employer was very impolite and as I told him that I am going to complain at the customer service he answered in a provocative way "do that!" and rejected even giving us the service phone number. Interestingly, the day before I saw another customer very upset while arguing with the same employer. After complaining I have now received only partly my money back after waiting 2 weeks as a "gesture of good will". I have lost 60 Euros as an administration fee.

Vamsi Inguva

Worst Customer Care and Loot your Money

Tina Starchild Harris

Great experience

Tom Murphy

This has to be the worst car rental I've ever been to in the world. I called them to extend my car rental and when I returned it it was not recorded in their systems and I had to fight to not be billed for late return fees. I also waiting 30mins just to return the keys. Very slow service. Don't go there go to an airport car rental company.

Julie-Karel Elkin

Renting a car feels like a stone age transaction any way, but Thrifty Charleston Airport off-site was truly amazing...and not in a good way. I was third in line when I arrived and it still took over 45 minutes to get to the counter, then, like one of the people at the counter when I arrived, they didn't have the type of car I booked. They tried to give me one of those little Kia's, but we had 4 adults plus bags, no way. Then they tried to give me a giant pick-up truck with no running boards, no way again because I had two grandmother's with me. The staff was pleasant, but I counted no less than 12 people scurrying around the tiny office with 4 computer terminals, but I couldn't figure out what most of them were doing. They certainly didn't open up another computer terminal, just stuck with the two no matter how the line swelled. I had already been there for over an hour and a half, but they told me I could wait another hour and half for a bigger car and, again, no way, so they finally "found" a minivan and we took it. As I mentioned, the people were very nice, but there is something bad wrong with the management of this location and I would not recommend booking an off-site rental car in Charleston.

Cindy Wajda

A little too expensive but considering the area, got to expect$$$. Our windshield had a big crack in it but did not deter from the phenomenonal. views

Brenon York

Do your due diligence on this rental site before making a reservation!!! Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews until standing outside in their parking lot - a bit stunned by the callous attitudes of all the employees here. It is 20 minutes from the airport. The return shuttles to to the airport leave hourly. I asked if they run a continuous loop to leave more frequently and they just pointed to the schedule. I asked if the shuttle is full, will they have another and they said to be sure to get there early so I’m not the one that gets left.

Rodney Reynolds

Floresmarthaliliana Flores

They have great deals even on weekends!

John Higby

Excellent service. Our flight arrived late. The gentleman who took care of us was so awesome and understanding.

Rebecca Miller

The absolute worst ever! NEVER rent from this company! They claim you need a passport to use their service but they don't tell you that until after you have been charged and are stranded at the airport. I am American going to America. Why would I have a passport???

Peter DiGiovanni

I was happy with the overall Rental process but.... The only thing I didn't like is that they charged me twice and it held up $320 while I was on vacation. Had I not had extra money in the bank it could have potentially put a huge damper on my day today. Other then that it was great and trouble free..

Anna S

Kamran was awesome and very helpful!

Jeffrey Pryor

Felix Kao

It's the worst experiences! Actually I've already fuel tank with full, but they still charged me PPFUEL with $32.26 without any notification. After I checked the credit card bill and found they cheated with extra charged for fuel tank. Please be aware of the person "AMURT" who might do the same thing on you.

Brian Morris

people were very nice. car was fine, only issue was that rental location was off airport. However the shuttles came quickly and the drivers were very nice gentlemen.

Chanel Wright

Disgusting service, very unhelpful to my boyfriend. My boyfriend attended a business trip for a well known company and was not able to pick up the pre-paid rental due to “unable to read card” but this card was used before this encounter. No attempts of accomdation were made, and the man with the glasses had the audacity to ask for 2 forms of ID for a debit card to “soft check” his credit- still wasn’t was not able to drive the pre-paid rental. Might as well use Uber.


That was good deal to drive.

Jennifer Ward

I rented a 2019 Dodge Charger R/T with a hemi engine and it was an awesome car with great customer service.

Sharon Foster

They were short handed. There was not the usual person to come get you and take you to the desk where you handed your paperwork in trade for keys. so EVERYONE waited for over 2 hours. I went out twice and figured out what was happening, beat the system and got out of there. The guy at the front desk was completely clueless and indifferent to what was happening. Worst experience for any service ever.You have been warned.

Lavelle Span

Nice cars and the staff at thrifty are friendly and professional.

Sean Gobin

Rented an SUV for my honeymoon to drive from WY to WA. Upon arrival was told I had to take their minivan even though 6 SUVs were on the lot. Called customer service and the manager couldn't give a valid reason why I had to take the minivan. Obviously the manager was using my one way rental off load this minivan from his lot. Avoid this rental location!!!

Zarifa Eshova

Everything went very smoothly! I'm so glad that the staff were so helpful

Keith McCauley

TAKES FOREVER! There were 8 people in line in front of me. I set my timer and waited 45 minutes to get to the counter. There was ONE AGENT working the desk. When it was my turn I said they needed to get more agents. Their response was, “it’s always like this.” I said, “it isn’t like this in San Fran, LAX, New York, St Louis. And if it IS always like this you need to hire more agents.” NEVER AGAIN, Thrifty.

Chris Dunn

Not a good experience. 1st time using thrifty. Young lady on 2nd floor at Memphis airport was handling both thrifty and dollar and was flirting with both customers in front of me (it was very obvious) as well as numerous conversations with 2 other thrifty ladies


It was horrible!!!!!! First it took forever I booked through Travelocity I requested navigation got in car and started down the road NO navigation After I had left the thrifty lot and got on 526 the low tire light comes on Called for assistance and was told I had to use my own personal road side assistance they would not come see what was wrong I HAD to go back to them if I wanted them to put air in the tire which would be very inconvenient I had to guess which tire was low because the car didn’t tell you and put air in myself The car was a joke a tiny uncomfortable cracker box that was horrible on gas mileage The unlock button is on the dash under the radio it drove very squirrelly AND I had to pay an extra $108 dollars just to use my debit card as I pay cash for everything and I don’t have a credit card AND they wouldn’t honor Travelocity extra insurance I paid for BEWARE EVERY THRIFTY IS A FRANCHISE so they can basically do what they want! NEVER AGAIN WILL I RENT From THRIFTY!!!!!

cassie Langone

If I could give zero I would, do not waist your time or money you are better off going with a more reputable company such as Hertz or Enterprise. I was told I would only have to pay one price online, I get to the counter and I end up paying over double what I was promised. No explanation as to why just slapped with all these fees and unwanted coverage. Not to mention the customer service was absolutely terrible, the woman behind the counter made it clear she wanted to be anywhere else but there. I told her several times I did not want coverage or gas, and it still was on my bill. I did not want to argue and I had places to be so I could not hang around to get the fees and coverage taken off. Stick with a more honest company, Thrifty is not one of them.

Clara Pilcher

We had to wait 2 hours in line to talk to the clerk and with our car being a truck, they didn't have it on hand so they told us we have to wait for another half an hour since they have to get it somewhere if you know when the customer's flight is and how many people will be coming, why would you only have one person working ?

Matt Nerdin

It's in the terminal building. Don't follow Google maps.

Brett Mccomb

Great experience and great service! Even in freezing conditions very polite and friendly from start to finish, vehicle was in great condition as well. Will definitely use them again in the future!

Margie Fiorillo

I LOVE THIS PLACE. Very friendly polite. I would like to Thank Aleem the worker at Returns in Dulles Airport if it wasn't ir him I would've missed my plane. I left my motel at 645am I was stuck in traffic on Route 66 due to construction. I didn't arrive at returns until 905am, I asked Aleem what Time the shuttle bus was arriving he said in 10-15 minutes. I told him I had to be at the airport at 800am I was already late. Aleem then took the vehicle I just returned and drove me to the airport to catch my plane. I had 5 minutes to get on plane. When I got upstairs to catch plane they made an announcement of all the passengers that didn't arrive yet to board the plane I was one of them. I appreciate it very much for what Aleem did for me. Next time I go on vacation I'm going to rent my vehicle from Thrifty again. Thank You again Aleem for getting me to the airport when you did

Midwest Collectibles

Jasper Gunn

Great rates for the amount of time needed. Really liked the wild card feature. Would love to use the wild card again

Eileen Tan-Gore

Worst service. Currently renting a from Newark Airport. Car stank of cigarette smoke. We thought the smell would dissapate but it is overwhelming even after driving for some time with the windows down. Staining our clothes with the smell. Rang to speak to Thrifty via their hotline. Served by Shaneale who was unhelpful. She informed me we have to return the car back to the airport and pick up a new one, which would require over 1hr round trip, not including traffic, which is not possible during our holiday. When I asked to speak to her manager, I was told there are no managers on the floor (called at 2130hrs). Disgusted.

Manuel Gonzalez

Helpful friendly staff. Prices can be a bit high

Chelsea Franovich

Everything was easy in and out which was great. The car was cleaned but not completely thorough.

Black Beauty

They were very welcoming and took care of our needs quickly.

Tim Gravert

This place has good folks, but it's usually understaffed making it very difficult for you and the help.

carlotta caroli

Katelyn Rooney

Arrived Friday, June 28th at 7:30. Shuttle was efficient and the man driving was kind. Upon arrival there are about five people ahead of us. One of the employees (female) did ONE transaction in an hour and a half. We stood in line until 9:30 and had to “inspect” the vehicle for scratches and dents (in the dark). Then we load up and there are several maintenance lights lit on the dash. We walked back in, but the line was long again. So we went to the gas station across the street where we fixed all the lights on the dash, paying out of our own pocket. Also, the man charged us “$223” when our “online pricing” said it would be $173. I’ve checked my credit card and I was charged $223 and no refund has been issued. We are now on our way (taking away from vacation) to return the White Kia Soul because more lights came back on. So all-in-all... stay the heck away!!!

Aaron Azen

Terry Rauch

Moishe Dovid Fried

a one star is over rated. worst experience ever. bad service and broken cars they don't stand behind any problems.

Justin Riley

Don't rent from this company. I was up-sold on a hybrid car (charged $11 extra a day) with the promises that it would save money because of the fuel economy. I got much less than the quoted mileage that I was up-sold on. When I asked the manager for a refund on my up-sold charges since I did not get the mileage what I was quoted, they refused and said that there was nothing wrong with the car. There are so many great car rental companies out there that understand that if they don't deliver on promises than the managers apologize and compensate. Don't waste your time or energy with this company.

Missy Radford

It was quite frustrating at first as the Website was down for the Pay Now feature to get the lowest rate and each time I called Customer Service I got someone who was apparently offshore after a couple hours of going back and forth with CS rep explaining to her that the website was down she kept giving me a higher rate; I finally got her to transfer me to web support Rosalea was great in that dept. so when I went a few days later to pick up the car they wouldn't take my Bank Card said I needed a "Credit Card" to rent the car Thrifty's website said they accept Debit/Check Cards. Well at the airport the Thrifty counter directed you to Dollar Rental Cars counter. So if I could have paid it online I wouldn't have had the issue at the counter and I don't use credit cards anymore so of course I don't have one luckily my mom has me as an authorized user on one of hers'. They do need to improve their Customer Service like bring it back into the US I hate dealing with someone who cant deviate from a call script and doesn't listen to the customer on the other end. so many handoffs is bad customer service as none of the reps had any information regarding the website as the website was maintained by a third party also found out by the rep that actually helped me that Thrifty is owned by Hertz. So as I said they need to improve on their offshore Customer Service folks as they aren't helpful at all.

Doug Powell

Answer the phone. I've called this number at least 10x in the past hour.

אבירם שריד

(Translated by Google) Works part! (Original) עובד חלק!

Derick Williams

Joy Elliott

I rent from them alot they are just the best and cars are very nice

Amber L

If I could give no stars then I would. I rented a Tahoe or similar because my flight was cancelled. I reserved it online and when I went to get the vehicle they told me they did not have it!!! They then gave me a 7 passenger Dodge Journey to drive. When i got into the car it stunk like cigarettes and was so gross. I proceeded back to the desk and they offered another Dodge Journey. They told me to proceed back to the lot to get it... funny thing is...the car wasn't there....I went back down to the counter and ultimately ended up leaving in the smoke infested car with 4 kids, 3 adults and several ridiculous when you expected a huge suv such as a Tahoe. Meanwhile, I had to walk back and forth to the lot and counter several times with my little one crying. It turned into a two hour process. I have rented with Avis and Enterprise before and it was flawless. Thrifty was absolutely horrible and the staff was rude.

Jamie Sheppard

Helpful and clean. Shuttle driver on Sunday was super sweet.

Renee Williams

The worker that helped us with the rental was awesome.

Kerry McKee

Beware of this company!! I made an online reservation through Southwest Airlines. I was originally quoted $499, I ended Up paying $1455. There were a ton of hidden fees that I had no idea about one of which being an inner-city transfer fee of $300 since I was dropping off in San Francisco and I had picked up in Portland. If I would’ve known this from the beginning it would’ve been such a surprise. The guy at the front counter said there was nothing he could do and this was the best price you could give me. They coerce you into getting their subpar insurance at a hefty price. Customer service all around was horrible front desk person, especially the personnel over the phone, The guy at the drop off was OK. Overall just a horrible experience will not use this company again. I know exactly how they will respond, with the pre-written, generic response saying Oh how sorry they are and to call this number That will take forever to get a response and plenty of automation!

Red Hen

Staff was courteous and helpful. My car was clean and had very low mileage, and drove well.

Larry Jones

Excellent service great price and professional people.


If I could leave zero I would. We Booked a car online including a baby seat. After we got our car they tell us they don’t book baby seats online and that it would cost over $100 extra. After speaking to the manager and showing the booking she would not honor the booking and suggested we leave with our child to buy one at target. Talking about poor customer service. When a couple shows up at 9pm with a baby with a prepaid rental saying it includes a car seat. You honor it and you as a manager should never suggest people leave without a car seat. Will never use this company again.

Andrew Lower

Georgia and the rest of the crew were friendly and patient as we rented our car. We got a nice upgrade, which we appreciated! We would definitely rent from Thrifty Charleston again!

B Cancilla

Got my car when I was supposed to, but they had to upgrade because the car I reserved wasn't available. Good and bad. Sacrifice economy for comfort. I'll take economy.

kathleen velner

Extremely long wait. Poor, poor customer service. I do understand about company policies and the basic rules of car rental but some things can be bent a little to accommodation a disabled person. I wasn't asking for anything extraordinary or to rent me a vehicle without following protocol. I was simply asking for a reduction in the amount of the deposit so that I may rental a vehicle that was previously paid with a major credit card. I HAD rented from thrifty several times in the past without incident. I mistakenly thought of myself as a valued customer. That was my first mistake. The second was that as a person with a disability that would/could adjust their policy. I'm not trying to bad mouth them because they are one of the better car rental companies near the airport but as a consumer, I will take my extensive and quite frequent business elsewhere. Please take away what you will from this review to make a completely informed decision.

Rebecca Smith

Great service! The car was great. If I had 10 stars for the employees I'd give it. They were all so pleasant, helpful, and thoughtful.

KG Witherspoon

I received a dirty car and the customer service rep was RUDE!!! Never again Thrifty Norfolk!!!!

Sarah Farkas

Never again. When we arrived, two police cars were present to settle an irate customer. That should have been our signal to not vacate the shuttle van and ride back to the airport. The customer service was terrible. The facility was extremely unclean. We waited approximately 90 minutes to finally receive a rental. Spend the extra money and use one of the car rental companies located inside the airport.

Pastor F D Tappan

Toooo expensive!!! Great customer service

Muri M

Tarik Hamdan

Excellent service!! Highly recommended

tiffany armstrong

Very pleased

Pedro Dominguez

They have 24 hour service which is a huge plus. The shuttle that takes you to PDX is about a 7-10 min ride so you'll have plenty of time. It's a hit or miss with the type of vehicle you choose and what you get. I choose a Toyota Camry at the counter and they gave me a Ford Fusion, to say the least the Fusion worked great but I really wanted to drive the Camry.

Kirill Golubev

Avoid at all costs. They sell you additional insurance even when you're clearly telling them that you don't need it. I believe employees get some bonuses for the additional services they sell. The worst rental experience ever

Barbara Me

Everything went smoothly and we had a manager, because others were busy nice man. We picked out yellow rio Kia and it was so cute and we felt like kids again. Thank you so much.

Kim Waechter

We did a two week rental. The first car was very dirty inside with chips on the seats and floor. This car, a Ford Explorer, after a few days the "oil change" light came on a then after getting gas, the "check engine" light comes on and then the car stalls, I tighten the gas cap but after stalling 4 times I had to drive it back over 100 miles to exchange it. The second car was much better with the "check engine" light also coming on, but it worked okay. Both cars showed less than 14,000 miles and had issues. Thrifty did discount the rental so I was happy at the end.

Jim Mattress

I drove the car a total of 38 miles. after returning the car I got a bill for $55 in damages to the wheel. I know there was nothing wrong with the wheel. when I called on it I was given a number to callto speek to the local manager, after calling and stayed on hold for 33 minutes I was told i was rerouted to the national number and i needed to call the number they gave me. I tried to call 3 more times and was on hold for 15 to 20 minutes each time and was told the same thing each time. very bad company to work with. no one was able to help. I have now spent 3 hours dealing with this. I feel they owe me for my time.

Nicolò Sala

I start saying thar the car itself was overall ok. But that's about it with the posivie stuffs. The first service concersation was a little dodgy as I rented a "best car available" and then they tried to overcharge me by upselling a bigger car as the smallest ones were not available and they had to give me a bigger car anyway. But I had the worst experience in terms of customer service when I tried to contact them to get an item I have forgotten in the car. People leave their belongings by mistake, there is no question about that. But your customer service should be trained to handle such situations and help those people find the items if possible. First I tried calling, after few hours that I returned the car, no answer and got routed to a call center who just guided me as to how I should have submitted the claim online. Hence that's what I did, and apart from an automated email, I have received nothing. After 3/4 days I went there at the reception office, before catching my flight back home. It was impossible to understand whether or not something was actually found in the car, or if an item that was registered as found on the same day I returned the car, was actually what I was looking for. The reason why your staff at reception couldn't be of help is that only the manager has access to the information. That was quite disappointing as you can imagine, and I see no reason why they cannot access these details at least to tell the customer what is going on. In addition to that, thinking about the issue now, I would say that everybody knows hat the rental company is definitely informed as to whom the car was rent to, it's not that complicated to cross-check 2 pieces of information, find the last renter and inform him/her instead of asking them to follow what it supposed to be a straightforward process, but that for me ended nowhere. Overall it was an astonishingly horrible experience in relation to the outcomes, but most importantly to the way this issue was handled by the staff. Remember that small things might let you lose your customers, I will certainly put Thrifty at the bottom of my list of rentals, and unrecommend it for the business purposes of colleagues and the corporate travel agency. Started so-so , rental experience was ok but the last episode was so truly bad that I wont be able to forget it, and score more than one star. Thanks for your attention.

Kelly Avery

Absolutely disgusting can not belive that this company can get away with this kind of treatment . We payed our $1000NZD to hire a Dodge Charger to actually get what ever was on the lot then to find out that the bond that we payed of 416USD as a bond was false information and have been charged that cost when we have returned to New Zealand which is $697 our dollar. We were told we were going to get this money back but now have been told that we signed the papers that we were charged for these extras, if I would have known that the customer service assistant was just trying to get his commission I would have asked more questions as the original agreement came with all the cover we needed. If you ever use this company please ask questions and do not sign anything unless it is legitimate

Karen Buck

Dan B

They are one of the best car rental companies. If you know how to shop deals then you can't go wrong with thrifty. They where kind and quick. I always go back to them because they are full of good surprises like free car upgrades or charging me less then quoted. It's easy pick up and drop off that doesn't take up to much time.

D Sunshine

Fast easy service, staff were friendly!

Peter Hook

Fast and politr

Douglas McCool

I have rented from Thrifty Vegas location for years. It is always an easy transaction. Best rates and friendly help.

Lamont McCombs

Caught the shuttle bus to the rental car center, and the staff and the service was great. I was able drive in an economy size rental car in which I requested. So I was highly satisfied.

B Haugh

Arrived at counter on a Saturday morning. Had to wait 45 min in line to get car. They only had 2 workers with one who barely speaks englis h. Could hardly understand, the other person was just not wanting to be there. Hire more people.

1vikingsfan .

My pick up date was March 27, 2019. So I rented the car through a third party so when we arrived the only thing that needed to be completed was the paperwork! I was asked about insurance and I declined! I completed the paperwork, and was then explained that if there was any damage to the vehicle, not only was I responsible for the damage, but I would be charged for the “loss of use” while the vehicle was being repaired! The rental agent went so far as to state even damage to a tire would run $200. I asked how much the total would be including the insurance and was given a total. I was informed that any overages would be credited back to my account when the car was returned! The amount I was quoted was not the amount I was charged, significantly more! No the vehicle was not returned late or with any damage! Definitely questionable business practices! Do not rent and sign any documents without first reading and verifying the information is correct, especially the amounts!

Diane Frisbie

Horrible location don't waste your time

Craig Curtis

Got a great rate on a mid size SUV. Super easy at counter and shuttle to rental lot. Everyone really nice and helpful. All as expected and Jeep Compass was great. I would give them 5 out of 5! Thanks Thrifty!

John Roach

Thrifty had the best rate for a 2 week rental of mid-size SUV that I picked up in Vegas and dropped in Denver. Unfortunately, the customer service and scare tactics of the agent in Vegas were deplorable. She tried multiple times to scare me into paying an additional $70 per day for their insurance and then offered me lesser insurance options ($30 per day) when I balked. We literally had to get into a shouting match before she accepted the fact that I was not going to pay for any additional insurance. She then continued to inform me that Nevada law was different than any other state and that I was making a huge mistake. She also told me that I was getting a great rate so I should be able to afford the additional charges. She then asked I wanted to add my wife as a driver...I said sure. Then she let me know that would be an additional $12 per day. I said no thanks again. Overall, a good rate, but a really bad experience.

Randy Cherry

I reserved and fully paid for a compact rental for 5 days. When i arrived at the mccaren airport branch to pick up my car, the desk clerk did not have the reserved car and wanted me to pay for an (upgrade). Then she wanted me to pay for extras that more than doubled the amount i had to pay. I tried to refuse the extras and she became extremely rude and said ( I do this every day, and this is what you have to pay). I requested a refund and rented from another company that was more honest.

Eileen Randall

Fred Randall, not Eileen--I was on a business trip and all went as advertised with the Toyota Corolla--However, I had to question the potential rental charge at check-in with an additional $100 tacked on to the bill--It appears I was supposed to be 24 years old...I am I asked if I looked to be 24 years old--there was then a huddle behind the counter and it was agreed that someone messed up!! O/w, it was a great rental. Thanks for asking.

Brytney Edwards

DO NOT rent from these guys. Okay to start off I was promised a $60.00 credit due to treatment upon returning my car. Never was able to use it. Then my husband's name was supposed to be added to the rental next time around, it never was so when he went to drop off the car and forgot to fuel they told him he couldn't leave with the car and charged my about $200 for fuel. Even though I asked for his name to be added to the contract previously. I only went back there because I wanted to redeem my $60.00 credit. Wow I could scream ! A lady (Kya) over the phone I talked with, who was a supposed manager, told me to stop being a child and that I stumped myself and lied because I never asked for my husband to be added as a driver. I'm beyond upset. Hurt. I will never EVER rent from this crooked company again ! I'm writing the BetterBusinessBureau to let them know about this! I'm floored !

Thomas Hartmann

Had a great new car in Manchester, NH. Nice to have new. Minimal sign-out time; didn't get the hard sell on extra insurance (had checked with my agent and he said we're covered). Car was very economical, low 40 mpg. Would definitely rent again from Thrifty.

Pavitra Rao

I wouldn't even give one star! They cancelled our reservation without any reason and they dint even have the professionalism to let us know about the cancellation. They are not open out of hours and the customer care number is hopeless We will never rent a car from thrifty. Horrible service!!

Sandra Sullivan Dougherty

The vehicle was just as advertised and was easy to get. The price was very reasonable, until we got to the counter. The sales person pushed all kinds of extras at us, mostly insurance that we didn't need. A daily charge for my husband to drive as well and the prepaid gas. I don't like surprises and extra charges. Put a bad taste on an otherwise seem less transaction.

mark traylor

Quick check in with blue chip membership. Mazda 3 with 40,000 miles ran great, no issues. Drop off was less than 5 minutes. Las Vegas location has really improved in the last year.

David Bishop

I rented from 3/31/18-4/7/18. I read around on the various rental car companies at Las Vegas airport. I couldn't find a company that had overwhelmingly positive reviews. I paid roughly 170 bucks for the entire week. The "blue and white" shuttle was very accomadating and swift to bring you to the rental car terminal. I didn't have any problems with thrifty. If you have full coverage on your insurance I highly recommend that you decline their "base," 23$ a day coverage. I declined since my Progressive policy covers rentals. I picked my rental up 1 hour early and the guy said it wasn't a problem and they didn't charge me extra. They charge a 300$ security deposit. I am still waiting for that to be refunded but I just returned the rental today so I expect it to take a couple of weeks. It seems many people have had problems with Thrifty. My experience was awesome. I will be renting from them again in the future.

Aleah McGehee

Beginning was ok, as a Blue Chip member my name was up on the board and there wasn't a wait for members. I was told to choose between 2 rows of cars and there were only 3 left. Economy car was so small even my backpack wouldn't fit in the trunk. It drove fine but the sound system was messed up. We returned after 3 days of exploring the desert, mind you it was raining all weekend, so as a result the floor of the front of the car got a little muddy. It didn't have floor mats, so we couldn't have easily cleaned it even if we wanted to. The lady that checked us in just said something along the lines of "Oh, that's dirty. It's going to be an extra fee and it's $100." I've rented a brand new shiny white Suburban at a Thrifty in New York to work a muddy music festival for 8 days and returned it covered in mud both inside and out with absolutely no issues or extra fees. I explained that but it didn't help. Then she couldn't even check us out downstairs, we had to go up and see the manager, who messed up the transaction at least 2 times before it went through. We were panicked because our flight was now coming up pretty fast, but they didn't care. I took the time to read every single line of the massive contract after the fact, and it doesn't say one word about a cleaning fee or what exactly constitutes it. Needless to say, we'll NEVER rent at this location again, and I'm re-thinking Thrifty altogether.

Blaine Christensen

I was unfortunate enough to make the mistake of renting a car from Thrifty Car Rental - at the Las Vegas Airport facility. A mistake I do not plan on ever repeating. After a long flight from Newark Liberty airport, my wife, my 10 year old granddaughter and I took the shuttle ride to the car rental site just off the airport. When we walked inside we got in line (there were about 10 groups ahead of us). Though not uncommon for rental car company to have lines, Thrifty was the only one I could see with a long line. I sent my wife and granddaughter to the setting area, and I stood in line, and stood in line, and stood in line. There were only two reps working the counter, with one of them engaged in a very long discussion and were just shooting the sh*t the entire time I stood in line. After about 10 minutes with no movement, I began calling out to the reps wondering where the rest of the reps were to make the line move faster. One of the reps, a woman, said “they called in sick”, and said they were doing the best they could. The man never looked up or even bothered to acknowledge our existence. I can only assume his customer was far more important than the rest of us still standing and waiting. By this time even more people have arrived, and got in line with us, but still no movement on the line. I checked with the others on line and they all said they had reservations to pick up a car at this time, so our arrival should not have been a surprise to the Thrifty staff. With this many people on line one would think they would be better staffed. After about 15 more minutes, another rep appeared (on a break?) and began servicing those on line. Eventually, after about 40 minutes of standing on line, we got to the counter, and we were informed that there was a convention in town. Yea, like that never happens in Las Vegas - right? We were issued our paperwork fairly quickly, and directed to the garage down the hall. Our rep then said, ‘If you thought this line was long, wait until you get to the garage”. He was right! The line to be issued a car was even longer! I had my wife and granddaughter stand in line and I went to the front to see what was causing the delay. I was again informed that because of the convention they were waiting for the cars to be returned, cleaned, washed and brought over to be re-issued. The man I spoke with didn’t even bother to look at my paperwork to determine if my reservation was onsite. I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode trying to explain to them that I have a reservation, and that meant they were to reserve my car for my arrival, but my pleads seemed to fall on deaf ears. I’m sure they heard it all before. I began to settle in for what I knew was going to be a multi-hour wait for my reservation to arrive, when the man I spoke to earlier started to ask if anyone would be willing to take a pickup truck. I had noticed 4-5 of them standing in the parking lot. After going down the line asking each group in order, he got to me and I accepted the pickup truck. I wasn’t staying in town anyway, and I have a pickup truck at home that I drive daily. The man then took my paperwork, scribbled something on it and sent me to get one of the trucks. We loaded our stuff, people, and did a quick walk around looking for damage. With the glare from outside and the lighting inside it’s hard to see anything, but noting major at least. The only redeeming quality to this vehicle pick up was the gentleman checking the vehicles out the gate. I did not get his name, but he was prompt, courteous and even funny. He made me laugh, and I appreciated that. We drove about 2 blocks away to the nearest gas station and got out to check again for damage in the bright daylight. We did find some minor dings, which we photographed before departing for Utah. The vehicle drove nicely, and was fairly well appointed, so all in all, not a bad trade from the Full sized SUV I had reserved (pffft - yea, right). The return went much better and was actually pretty much what one expects when turning in a vehicle

John Butler

The rates were very good and the process was easy. Our vehicle was clean and in like-new condition. We needed to upgrade at the last moment and Thrifty folks gave us a reduced rate on the upgraded vehicle. Thank You Thrifty. You will be our first choice, next time.

edward martin

Hidden fees when we rented the supposedly ‘cheapest’ car cost over $500 for four days. The salesmen was very pushy about upgrading to a better car, even going as far as saying the car we were getting didn’t have a USB port and cruise control which we realised was a blatant lie when we got to the car.

Keith Smith

Arrived at Las Vegas airport and went straight to Thrifty Rental car. Since I am a Blue Chip member car was ready and paperwork was complete. Drove off in a 2016 Mazda 3. Perfect car for me in Las Vegas. No problem with returning car. Parked car in return lane and immediately a Thrifty employee took care of me. Thank you Thrifty for making car rental easy and stress free.

Tiffany Felton

NEVER DO THEIR PREPAID!! They lost a repeat customer due to refusing to refund $18. I have rented with them about a good 20 to 30 times. The girl that works with "corporate" refused to allow me a higher contact than herself and refused to give any sort a refund and was willing to lose a client over $18. I had used their pay later option many times to pay once I return the car. But one horrible time of customer service can lose a client for good!

allen shultz

In and out in a timely manner and very convenient.

love dogs

Charged me for fuel even though Brought back fuel showed manger it was full. Manger Adrian. I show him it was full said o well

Tom Deitte

It took 1.25 hours to get waited on. I consider anything over 1/2 hour poor customer service. What was interesting was the amount of employees that seemed to go on break during this wait. It would make sense to me that a car rental company knows how many rentals they have at a time frame. Also the return process was mixed up. Customers who entered the wrong line had to wait a long time to get checked in.

Ken Kendall

This is the second time I have rented at this location for convenience and price, but both times I have had to wait for long periods for my vehicle. As a Blue Chip member, I should be able to go to the vehicle and drive away, but I always have to see an agent because the vehicle is never ready. It should never take 30 minutes to drive away when it's a Blue Chip reservation, and it doesn't in other locations. The employees are completely apathetic . They simply don't care and it shows.

Mike Juby

Natalie Warren

Line out the door was told 3 hours to pick up my reserved car never again

Valerie Ross

For great prices and service go thrifty

Margaret Strom

Rented a luxury car through Hotwire. They used Thrifty Milwaukee airport to fulfill the rental. The rental was paid in full prior to pick up. When we arrived, Thrifty informed us they had no luxury cars to fulfill the rental. They offered an Impala class vehicle instead. Since we had paid in full already and were in a time crunch for leaving for a road trip, we agreed. Then the manager, Jessica Pavlovic stated because we had paid our rental fees and deposits with a debit card, she was downgrading our rental to a standard car instead of luxury or premium. We were forced to use a Kia or Malibu. Hot wire was very upset at the customer service and refusal to fulfill the rental agreement. They called the manager to enforce the agreement. Manager refused and told them as well that they did not even bother to get the luxury car in or available for this rental. The manager was rude and was unhelpful and was not courteous. I had even called twice to Thrifty, prior to pick up, to make sure the luxury car was confirmed and to make sure that there were no other fees or limitations with the debit card being used for the rental. Thrifty phone customer service told me the fees to expect, which I had anticipated, and reconfirmed the rental. Very nice. Hotwire very nice. Counter manager was the complete opposite of nice. I have never had such a bad experience with other car rental companies. I will never use Thrifty and I would never recommend it to others. The Malibu was not at all suitable for our trip needs.

Essam Rhmoun

steve copen

Why should it take an hour to rent a car? This is the worst I've ever experienced. Arrogant people just don't care, it's just a job to them. NO ONE at the desk.

Desiree Wilks

Xavier Mooyaart

Need more staff (slow service), more of whom speak English.

Rawlin Nightingale

Laryssa Skiles

We we skeptical renting from Thrifty. I'll be super honest in saying that I was disappointed when a Hotwire flash sale I purchased my rental from revealed the company. HOWEVER, this is one of the best experiences I've had in renting a car! No joke! There wasn't a line, the employee was helpful and informed. We had our car in 15 minutes! It was clean, ran great and dropping it off was a breeze. I would use them again based on this experience.

Laurie Smith

I reserved a "mystery car" guaranteed to seat 5. They assigned me a micro car, and forced me to upgrade ($12 for a SIX hour rental) to fit 4 adults and a baby.

Mike Wobrock

They kept trying to sell me a more expensive car and were miffed when we didn't want it.

Kevin Fowler

Horrible operation-crooks! After reserving at car $19/per starting at 4pm, the attendant informs me (after standing in line 20min) that because I am 40min early, my rate is $54/day. That didn't bother telling me this when I slide my car through, it wasn't until I was getting the keys to the car that I realized. When I got the error in per day charge, they explain that it's because they don't have the cheap car available...didn't I JUST get keys for the vehicle...they're trying to work over their customers for extra $$$ Total lack of customer service and social responsibility.

Trina Eley

Cecil Payton

Upon arrival at the rental counter, the kind of car that I thought I was going to get was not available. However, the manager went out of his way to accommodate us. We ended up with a wonderful car, thanks to the manager’s efforts. He was kind, considerate, and made sure that we were pleased. I don’t remember his name, but he should be rewarded.

J tomas

I rented a car here and drove about 2hrs from my rental house with my kids and wife to return it back and then take a shuttle to go to airport. When I got there I found out I left my bag containing my personal car keys and laptop back at the rental. What a miserable feeling but employee at this place I didn’t get her name was understanding. I had to put my wife and kids on the plane and I had to drive all they way back to get my bag. After getting my bag I didn’t have enough time to gas up the car and I went to return the car , manager at the place Latrice, wow just wow people like her is what this world needs, she was so nice and understanding and told me to just get on the shuttle so u don’t miss your plane. I want say thank you to Latrice and your work family

Mark Orullian

Very poor service and experience! Will never use again and make sure everyone I know has this info as well!

Wayne Stender

Spent 1.5 hrs in line. They overbooked rentals and it delayed us. Pretty rough.

Buddy Billz

I highly recommend Thrifty!! Speed service and great customer service skills. I was given a nice upgrade into a luxury car at a very cheap rate! Word of advice I highly recommend their coverage! It saved me while my car got damaged in a parking lot! The coverage that your credit card/expeidia/hotwire etc don't usually cover up to the full value of the rental car. And also credit cards DO NOT cover 3rd party liability! I had to that learn the hard way :( they offer a liability package! Save your butts!

Darrick Lee

Had no issues picking up the car and the staff was friendly and helpful. Being a blue chip member allowed me to skip the lines and they upgraded my one day rental to a specialty car with satellite radio and remote start.

Alana Gaymon

Location needs better staffing of cars and of people. When I arrived the representative told me there were 101 reservations and 100 cars. Someone wasn't going to get a car! When I returned there were many angry people waiting - waiting to return their cars, waiting to receive their cars, but there were not enough people to handle the crowd. It just seemed like poor planning. These were all people with reservations, not walk ins.

Aki Malaeulu

After reading these reviews...yikes! If this many people had bad experiences, I don't think my odds are that great. =/... I have a trip coming up and have...well, HAD reservation. I've just canceled it after reading these reviews. Thanks so much everyone for giving me good thing I can trust is customer experience. Way to look out for a fellow renter. =) *** POST EDIT REVIEW: So, originally gave this review a 1 star with the above review.....but I figured I'd at least give them a try, that way I could give an honest review. So I rented from Thrifty at the SLC airport. My rental time pick up was at 5pm and even though I was a little early I had no issues. There was a longer line compared to the other rental companies there, so wait time was probably about 15mins. Not too bad. There was another sister company (dollar rental I think) that helped relieve some of the pressure on the line which was nice. Check out was super quick. The gentleman checking out was super helpful (even though you could tell he was newer than the other gal - who, looked irritated at all the questions he was We rented a Yukon. It was clean, comfortable and very inexpensive compared to other rental places we searched...even cheaper than Fox rental who we sometimes go with when we're on a budget ;-). The only issue with the car was the back seat recliner handle was broken, but we reported that and had no issues. Return was super easy. Drove up and a young gentleman checked us in and off we were, back to normal life. I would definitely rent with Thrifty in SLC again. I know others have had bad experiences, but I did not, and i'm glad that we re-booked with them. Everyone's experience is different and the only way you'll know for sure (like me) is to give them a try. Thanks again, Thrifty @ SLC Airport! =)

Lorenz Stangier

Akber Sakib

I never gonna go to them again. Terrible!


I booked with Thrifty in Jan for a visit from England to the US in August as their prices were better than other rental companies on site but after reading the reviews on here I very nearly cancelled. I'm very glad I didn't. Yes, there was a queue at the Dollar/Thrifty desk on arrival and it took 35 mins to get to the front and be served, but other people were walking around nearby saying every company was sold out - including Dollar/Thrifty - so it's no surprise we had to wait as they were obviously busy. Got to the desk and was served by Chontayvia, who was extremely professional, courteous and helpful. I asked about using PlatePass and she explained it thoroughly to me and I booked it. It was activated immediately and I had no problems. I also explained we were travelling all over New York state for two weeks so asked for a newer car with low mileage. Although I was almost an hour early my car was ready and I was not charged extra. The car was excellent - very clean, only a few minor scratches and was a Ford Explorer, 2018 with 18,000 miles on the clock. It ran beautifully all the time we were there. Before leaving the rental site Chontayvia gave me a damage form to record all the dents/scratches, before I even needed to ask for one. This was fantastic, as at most other car rental places in the US when I've asked for a report to fill out I've gotten the 'oh, don't bother, you're covered for everything'. Yeah, right. So Thrifty was a breath of fresh air after a 7 hour flight, then a one-and-a-half hour wait through immigration and a five hour time difference. I needed it to be a smooth and quick process and it was exactly that. I really can't fault the staff, the location, the price and the quality of the car, they were all excellent. Oh, and even the guys taking care of customers in the car lot when we picked up the car were superb - wish I'd asked their names so I could put them on here. They were there around 9.00 pm Friday Aug 17th. As I'm a stupid Brit I asked why the tailgate wouldn't close and they patiently pointed out the button on the base of it I had to press to close it automatically! They also pointed out the car did not have a cap as such on the actual gas tank filler pipe behind the outer flap when I asked why someone had not replaced it! Just brilliant. Can't rate them all highly enough, and I've used a few rental firms in my time. A deserved 5 stars.

sameh ghazi

Extremely rude horrible customer service

Udit Agrawal

Jack Gonzalez

Decent newer cars at a affordable rates. Milwaukee's airport location is very convenient, as you don't need to take a shuttle for pick up or drop off. Just walk one block.

Erin O'Donovan

Terrible customer service. Rented a car for 6am pick up - arrived at 6:30am and was told I had to wait 30 minutes for someone else to get there. Will never rent from thrifty again.

Diana Ayala

Horrible service. I have problems with my credit car, then I went to another rental car and I don´t have any problem. And finally, you must open 24 hrs......!!!!!!!!!!

Glenn Stump

Everything went well.

Goldie Rabaev

Tiff Volk

First I reserve a car in Jax get to the counter they say they don't have the car ready yet asking me numerous times to upgrade to pay more money because they don't have my car ready. All other places I've rented from has either had the car ready or give you a free upgrade. How is it that they think they can make me pay more or wait???if I hadn't had prepaid for this little poo poo vehicle already overpriced I would gladly pay more somewhere else. Moral of the story don't take short cuts it costs you in the long run!

Robert Moore

Our company sent an employee through the Milwaukee airport for training using a company card. The reservation was prepaid through Expedia and the gentlemen at the counter had the audacity to deny our employee the prepaid vehicle claiming the card machine was not reading his personal credit card and could not help him. This location has been reported to Expedia and we will never recommend the use of Thrifty at MKE for such poor customer service and lack of compassion towards its customers.

Laurent Du

(Translated by Google) If you have a choice avoid! (Original) Si vous avez le choix éviter !

Lowa Lowa

Worst customer service ever I seen in my life

Krisanth Pulandiran

Crazy wait. If you know there is going to be an influx of people based on reservation times, have more employees working.

Selina Gallo-Cruz

I use this business all the time! The service you get is very personable and detailed and all the cars I have rented (8 or 9 of them now!) have been excellent! Ed always goes out of his way to find me the best deal and the best car for my needs and I have used the UHauls on three moves- they are affordable and have always worked great. It is a simple process to pop in and check one out. I love small businesses that have reliable great service and quality products and this is one of them!


great service

Willie Woods

The services were great.

brent feldt

Everything went fine as normal at MKE. I wanted cruise control, but this car didnt have it. rental agreement was oct 13-21 $209.22 returned car early oct 13 11am -oct 19 6am $212.85. DOES NOT COMPUTE. request adjustment

Jim G

I returned my car after using it for two days and upon return it seems my vehicle was never checked out. They were more than generous and adjusted my bill without any regard for my input. I was more than willing to pay the amount due, but they seemed to think otherwise and I am great full for their decision. Great Job Thrifty!!

Sara Salajegheh

Void this location worst customer service ever and over price. Is not worth it try enterprises.

S. K.

When I showed up to pick up my car, I learned that they charge for every mile after 200 miles per day. If you are planning a trip through Yellowstone, be aware that there might be a significant extra charge for mileage. I had to scramble to make a new plan at the last minute. I would recommend using someone else.

Darry McEachin

Great Customer Service!!!

Lars Ruggles

Was a fast and easy rental experience. The car we got was very small but in good condition and clean. Overall and easy rental experience.

Dennis Ramos

Mike the supervisor outside with the cars was amazing. There was a problem with our reservation and he went beyond to accommodate us. Thank you Mike!

Josh Sheline

Really nice lady who's name I am forgetting but starts with and M was very helpful. Super quick, wasn't overly salesy (rare in the car rental world) and was extremely nice. I was extremely hesitant due to their poor reviews, but ultimately my experience did not reflect the reviews they had. I think we all should realize that the people most motivated to write reviews are those that have really bad experiences which skews the businesses reputation away from the actual mean. I am hoping my 2 cents may compel others to try this location out as I was very thrilled by how different my experiences were from others who have left reviews. Plus they were the cheapest, so there's that!

Joe K

The service and car were great. The shuttle picked us up from the terminal and it was about a 20 minute ride to this location. We were in the car about 15 minutes later. Drop off was easier - we parked, the attendant gave us our receipt, and the shuttle back to the airport was essentially waiting for us. Would recommend this place to others.

moma flowers

This rental has to do with a serious family matter , there was some snags, we didn't think would work out but ; The workers , did What they could to correct the snag. ( there are a couple of people taking , their job a little too.....personal ! ( Which tends to make you uncomfortable) I almost went to the next counter) another Car RentalCompany . But I did like the williness to be a help. ( Thanks Joshua) you deserve a raise.......No joke ! A geek more like him will help their business For Sure !. Thanks Again ! ( Joshua ) Many Blessings to you in School . (Dollar/ Thrift)

Paul Shin

Rental car that I requested was not available, so I had to pick the last two remaining cars, which were extremely dirty. The discount that I requested wasn't included.

Adedoyin Adeleye

I got great service from customer representative. Car was ready to go.

Jane Fobert

I booked through hotwire and when I got to Thrifty you again charged me so I had to pay twice for a car rental. Neither Thrifty or hot wire would refund the amount. IWILL NEVER RENT FROM YOU AGAIN.

Heidi Hasenfus

I rent cars often, but have almost always used a competitor. I reserved this Thrifty car through an airline skymiles program. I missed the rental desk in the terminal and just followed signs out to the garage. Upon arrival to the Thrifty booth, I saw the sign that only Thrifty rewards members could arrange and pick up cars there. A Thrifty employee in the booth asked if I needed help. I explained that I had a reservation but had goofed and somehow missed the inside desk. The Thrifty employee glanced down at my large amount of baggage and said, "no worries, I'll take care of it here this time". No muss or fuss with paperwork and car was as reserved and expected. I will certainly keep Thrifty in mind when I next rent.

Hank Petite

Considering the number of people who descended on the service counter at the same time, the agents did a very good job. The bigger concern was a seemingly shortage of vehicles to accommodate the waiting renters. They were turning around vehicles within ten minutes of their return. Luckily for me, a car of my rental category came back as I was being waited on, so it got a quick rinse-off and interior cleaning, and off I went. The car itself was absolutely fine and I enjoyed driving it. The return process took less than ten minutes, and there was a shuttle waiting to drive us to the terminal. Although a little inconvenient, the money saved on the rental charge because the Thrifty location is off the airport's property made it well worth it to rent from Thrifty.

Derek Penner

There's no point of being a Blue Chip member and making a reservation if you are going to wait an hour to get your car.

Charles Reeves

Hit or miss on service but bottom line, I get my rental car.

Jim Groff

Experience wasn't that bad but a Corolla is not very comfortable to drive great on gas but not very comfortable. Check in was good check out was pretty good. Recommend if your rent from this location to definitely get the EZ Pass.

The Chad

Waited 25 minutes for a shuttle from the airport. How do they expect people to rent their cars if there is no shuttle to pick them up? Gave up, went online and booked with another company who had like 20 shuttles pass me to their zero.

Valerie Tomezak

Friendly, prompt service.

skyler b

Terrible experience. The guy behind the counter had a smug look and was totally rude the whole time. Wouldnt accept the payment and kept referring to "fine print" why dont you make the fine print readable then buddy. We drove an hour and a half to pick up a car and then when we get there Apperently everything was different. We paid to have them hold the car and everything. Overall I was not happy whatsoever. Definitly taking my buisness somewhere else.

Annie Jensen

Worst experience ever, I rent cars all over the World. Car was not ready and asked to wait an additional 45 minutes. This was after waiting almost 40 minutes in a long line because they are understaffed. They officer me a Ford Explorer or Expedition (something like that) and I asked for a discount since it’s not the original class car I reserved. The attendant grabbed the paperwork out of my hand and told me I could wait since my reservation was already discounted. I reserved the car online with the posted rates. No where did it say that it was already discounted. This is Thrifty thinks it’s okay to treat customers. I’ve never had a more appalling experience. I understand it’s a holiday weekend but companies need to be prepared. I rent cars over holiday weekends and weeks and never been asked to wait. Lessoned learned, read reviews before booking and always use the big chains.

Chuck Zbur

Joseph Tubito

Stood in line for 1 hour. My car was not there. Paid extra for a car. Not Again

Alexis Wilkes

Never again! Made a reservation on hotwire and I was charged almost 80. Then when I got to the rental place they could not find my reservation and charged my card three times. I am currently in the process of calling corporate as I was charged and additional 200.97 (which was allegedly a deposit) and then an additional 197 for what I do not know. This is my first (and last) time renting from here.

Mingus Twyman Sr.

Scammed by cartrawler beware

paolo emilio landi

Accessibile, spazioso. L ultimo in fondo al viale.

Thinh Nguyen

The service was nice. I returned the car. The guy looked around the whole car and said I was good to go. A month later, I get a bill for damage to the bumper of the car. I did not damage the car on my trip. Well, I guess you get what you pay for. If I do need a rental car in the future, it will not be from Thrifty.

Mike Jordan

My wife and son spent 3 hours trying to secure a rental from this place - they have no customer service! First we were told we could use a debit card and when they couldn't verify/validate my wife for using debit, they suggested a credit card. After transferring funds to cover the balance of our rental, and waiting in line again! She was told it was a $350 dollar hold, not the balance of the rental (unless you use a Visa - then there is no additional fee). If the rep would have told us the requirements, the car could have been picked up in 30 minutes - instead my wife had to wait through a long line 3 times. And on top of that we had to make multiple calls to the bank and credit card companies. Thank you Thrifty for wasting our time!

Ta-Tisha Irby

The wait time was ridiculous! I was there for over an hour waiting to get a car. Then I waited for over 20 minutes just for them to bring me my car. They only had one person at the counter. Davetta was very pleasant though!

Rose Vigilante-Nomikos

I rented a car to include tolls and when I returned the car I was an hour late due to heavy traffic and outside processing. I disputed the charge and the associate made adjustments to my final bill and was paid. 2 weeks later I receive a charge for $36.98 for tolls when I called to explain the situation I was given the runaround and no one would assist to rectify the situation...very disappointing!!!

Greg Ruley

Just as advertised

Kathleen Tomlin

Isaac Alfieri

Good value and staff move fairly quickly

Jason Wilson

WILL NEVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN..... I leave my Ipad in a Kia at IAD (Dulles Intl airport) Thrifty Renter car I realized and returned 35-45 minutes later. I asked both employees on duty no one know anything, I asked the guy that clean the cars he said he didn't see it, I called the Metropolitan Police Authority and they show up in 2 minutes they were very professional, they help me to locate the Ipad inside the employees locker room hidden inside a box. Thrifty employees in the front office were not helpful at all and I will be speaking to cooperate in the next few days to come. I wish their was a way to rate them with no stars.

Rachel Petrus

Awful, awful service. Didn’t even leave with the car. Made a reservation 2 months ago and got a confirmation email stating to pick it up tonight at 7 pm. When we got there the lady told us she was unable to rent it to us and refused to say why. She gave a fictitious number to call and couldn’t care less about our rental and satisfaction. We finally googled the thrifty company phone number and the lady gave us ANOTHER NUMBER TO CALL. The number was for the corporate office, which was closed. We ended up renting a better car at a lower price from Enterprise last minute with no problems. Enterprise has wonderful customer service and will be getting our business from now on. We got home and called customer service at Thrifty. After explaining the situation, the person hung up on us. Thrifty is a sad excuse for a company. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM.

Kashka Hemans

My girlfriend and I rented a midsize for four days.The processing time beforehand was pretty good. The interior of the car was clean but the GPS was glitchy. The GPS device promised a lot, one hour of call time everyday, wireless Hotspot plus navigation. It routinely dropped calls and gave really bad longwinded directions that were hard to follow on the highway. At one point I resorted to just using my phone.

Chuck Ziegler

Fast service and great value. Car was excellent and pick-up and drop-off were a breeze. Thanks to Charles and all the staff for your professional service.

Patty Wachter

ZERO stars. Will never rent from them again.

A Ashraf

Quick and easy.

Valentin Perez Garcia

Naomi McCaskey

If I could give 0 stars I would!!! I was charged for insurance, even after telling them I didn't want it. When they fixed it, I was charged $72 a day after I left Portland. I don't have a single receipt that shows anything for $72… the remaining insurance they tried to charge me was for $72.37. So, after spending 2 days trying to call them, over an hour being on hold, being hung up on multiple times (3 times via the automated voice because no one could be reached, and once when I called thrifty), I've decided to take it to the bank and dispute it. I'm frustrated because I got a rental to be in a wedding my husband couldn't attend because he's deployed. I love when I feel like I spend more energy on issues that aren't even worth my single bit of frustration. This company is NOT worth your time or money. I'd encourage you to read the other reviews and go with someone who isn't going to make your traveling experience feel like you're being taken advantage of…

patrick williams

Brady Halsey

Ok, so I will say that I myself did not rent a car, but my mother did. We arrived at the Thrifty location about half an hour after we got off of our flight, and we went inside. My mother and I came to the front desk and began the process, but for some strange reason the employee that was helping us continued to add on multiple fees for strange reasons. He also didn't allow us to call my father to ask him if our insurance was covered for rentals. The employee refused to allow us to make the call and bullied my mother into purchasing the $130 insurance for two days. After arriving home, my mom went to call the place to ask if she could remove the insurance, as we found out our insurance did cover it. The number provided was almost definitely a hotline number, and the lady was staging as an employee. My mom was told that she was going to have to drive an hour and a half there to remove it, which was ridiculous. After requesting a manager, my mom was placed on hold for an hour before hanging up. This place is ridiculous, and its customer service is terrible. Please do not go here.

John M. G. Mitchell

There was a bit of a wait, but worth it, probably had something to do with time of pick up. The agent was courteous and accommodating. Excellent customer service.

George Rose

everything went well on time clean car great experience

Kofi Kusi


Chimene Dejesus

They list they’re time to close was midnight however, they closed earlier. I missed picking up my vehicle and when I called the following day they gave me a new set of rule for opening a new rental. I’m from out of town so why would I be traveling with certain documents. I had to rent from another location paying way more than I anticipated.. I would never rent from or refer anyone to use this place..


Minecraft Film&eğlence

(Translated by Google) Probably the cheapest car rental company in New York. The staff was extremely kind. The vehicle was new. Transactions proceeded very fast. (Original) Muhtemelen New York bölgesindeki en ucuz araç kiralama şirketi. Personel son derece nazikti. Araç yeniydi. İşlemler çok hızlı ilerledi.

Marty Vodka

Good vehicle choices


(Translated by Google) In my opinion, they cheated us when we got there, convincing us to take a van for 7 instead of 2 cars. We didn't save much and we have the doubt that the car rented for 7 was the same one that passed us off as Van just because they said it had the biggest trunk. However, the car was perfect and there were no surprises. (Original) A mio avviso ci hanno un po raggirati quando siamo arrivati la, convincendoci a prendere un van per 7 al posto di 2 macchine. Non abbiamo risparmiato molto ed abbiamo il dubbio che la macchina per 7 noleggiata fosse la stessa che ci hanno spacciato per Van solo perche a loro dire aveva il baule più grande. Ad ogni modo, l'auto era perfetta e non ci sono state sorprese.

Rachelle Honohan

Wish I would've checked the reviews first. This place doesn't care about customer service. Staff is not very friendly and they don't seem to really want to help. Only 2 people helping with 8 people getting cars. Reserved a premium and they didn't have any. Good luck if you come here.

Andy Teck-Meng Lee

Matt Stanwood

Rhonda Rickenbacker

Fast service

Michael Smith

Overall okay experience. The shuttle was convenient and the driver helpful. The car we got was a bit dirty, but okay.

Klibert Ebong

Ron Barone

The person behind the counter who helped me was wonderful. The issue I had was that I called twice to assure that the mini-van that I rented would be available. Each time, the person said “yes, absolutely”. The reason I called was that the week before my friend requested a mini-van from the same Thrifty in Charleston and it was “given to someone else” the day before!! So, when I get to the counter, the woman (who was very helpful) says there are NO mini-vans! Well, ultimately, she was able to find one. BUT, we waited an hour for it to be pulled and cleaned. I had to call the restaurant that we had reservations for to let them know we would be late. (I thought we’d be early and able to see downtown Charleston. But, no!). One piece of advice: DO NOT PROMISE A VEHICLE WITHOUT CERTAINTY!!

Chris Dass

Great service at EWR!! I've rented twice from Thrifty at EWR after a very disappointing rental experience at Budget at the same location. Thrifty'd cars are new, clean, and the staff there are very caring of your rental experience. Unlike Budget rent a car!! I look foreard to renting again from Thrifty and beyond!! Keep up the great work and service!

Nicole Neese

This was my first and last time renting through them. They basically robbed me. I booked a car online and picked it up Friday. I told her I didn't want insurance but it was added anyway. She acted like she couldn't fix it and I'd have to call CS. I also asked before I left it I would be refunded for early return as I was unsure how long I'd need it and she said yes. When I left I called CS to get a refund for insurance at which time I was going old I'd have to return the car and get another..go to return the car to days early and they wont issue a refund. I will be escalating this as well. Renter beware.....its best to go with a trusted name like enterprise.

Vincent Nathaniel

Ahmed Fadiga

I had great experience

Alicia Beselin

Fast service & great airport parking

marcus gray

Excellent service at the counter

Kenneth Jackson

Dont use thrifity hotwier or this location. They f\'(÷# up my rental so bad left me at the airport and the next day cancel my rental what a great effed-up company what a way to treat a customer never again I only give her one because that's the lowest you can give 0 is too much

Keith McCarthy

Interior of car had a smell like someone had been smoking. Paper work was not ready at airport so had to wait in line. Vehicle was in good shape and the rental was good.

Neurosurgeon Srinivasan

Very rude. NO customer service. Denied the reserved car and made me wait for more than 2 hours before forcing me to take a smaller vechicle. Never again experience.

Todd Boyle

Joseph was my agent and did an outstanding job finding me a replacement vehicle when the rental I reserved was too small for my trip. Thank You Thrifty CHS and Joseph for helping to make a great vacation excellent!

Manuel Espinosa

dawn emerson

Customer Service was great! Picking up the car and dropping off was quick and easy. The car was very clean. I will definitely rent from them again next time I'm in town.

Peter Cunha

Great service and friendly staff. The price was a bit steep for a minivan though.

alin roman

Michael Acosta

Been waiting for 30min, other people in the line have been waiting for 1+hour. About 15 customers and they have 2 employees and 1 manager that was called and didn't had time to come and check the situation. When he finally came out, he went back to he's office to take coffee and chill thus leaving everyone waiting in line with this very slow service.


This place is the worst!! I rented this vehicle through Expedia. When I went to pick up the car, they charged me another $200 more than what it was stated my rental would cost. They put a hold on my account until I brought the car back. Yes, it was in the small print after I read over the agreement later, but that is ridiculous!! Also, after being home for 3 weeks from my vacation, I received a bill from Thrifty for $61.46 for toll charges. I tried to pull up the link to the site that the notice said I could pull up and view the toll; but the site said nothing was located. I tried calling Thrifty, pushed the button for Toll to speak with someone; but after being on hold for several minutes, I received a message that said there was a problem with connecting to a representative. So, I just pay this bill that I have no proof is a toll because if I don't I will be the one that suffers, and not Thrifty. Whew! I have told my family and friends I will not use this place again to rent a vehicle. They are not Thrifty! They find all of these ways to charge you all of these fees. Terrible business. Save your time and go somewhere else!!!!!!!!!!

Aja Richards

I will not go back

Susan Muller

Rented a mini van to get my family to Keesler Air Force Base from Milwaukee, WI. Van ran terribly and then we discovered it had a slow leak in back tire. Had to make numerous stops before we finally went to another thrifty to exchange it. Trying to contact them now for compensation and they will not call me back. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THRIFTY.

Sheryll Lucky

Like this place they need 1 closer in camas,washougal

Abraham Leon

Unusually long line to rent a vehicle.

Carolyn Migotti

Very expensive!!

Steven Forrest

Don't take the gas... total rip off. If you can't train your staff the difference between 3/4 tank and 1/4 tank of gas left in, then don't expect me to be happy about the ridiculous price you charge for gas! Won't be back.


Up charing scam went from 129 total to 357 do.t ise this company

Roberto Macias

Great customer service

Chris Parker

Pheobe Buffet

Terrible experience, will never use again

Jupiter Grove

Fast Friendly and Fair. they did not have the car I reserved so I got a free upgrade. It was easy to find the return area and took minutes to finish the return. Iwas out of there and to the airport gate in a flash.

Vince Opina

Surprisingly quick easy and not at all painful. First time customer and other than the wait, once it was my turn I was done and on the road in less than ten minutes. Will definitely consider them in the future.

Gardner- Mathews

When we chose to rent at this location, the price was severly discounted! The car was excellent and so was the customer service. The shuttle bus is immedately across the street from eh airport and the driver was courteous. We highly recommend this rental car company for your car rental needs in Charleston!

Dmitriy Anderson

Absolutely rude and unhelpful personnel! Do not go here!

Irish Dorsey

Pick up and drop off process was speedy. The staff was friendly. This is however off site the CHS airport but shuttle services was a breeze.

Tonya Jeter

I used Thrifty for the 1st time. The representative "Tammy" at the front counter was phenomenal. The car was clean. I thought I found a new rental company to frequent. However, this is my first and LAST time using this company. My daily rate was $17 a day. My total car rental was $85.00. I used my own collision insurance so there was no extra charges there. Like other rental companies I expected to pay extra taxes... Maybe $30 or so. But what I did not expect to pay was random fees and taxes that was more than the rental itself. Why did they charge me over $85 in fees? When I called no one could explain what the additional fees are for... just because is definitely not an answer. If you rent from this company expect you pay at about $85 in fees.

Susan Lembke

Cassie Everett

Thank you ladies at Thrifty for saving the day when Enterprise tried to screw me. Nice people and good customer service.

tibzdot 246

Loved the Kia I rented. Got in & out. Return was easy. Shuttle service is nice. Will be nice when they are at airport.

feleesha johnson

Everything was great! The young lady that picked me up on the shuttle bus was fabulous. The car was ready and the staff was very courteous and helpful.

Nishith Patel

Nice selection of the cars. Staff is helpful and passionate about their work. Upon request they upgrade my car at very minimal cost. The rental cost is also competitive. I highly recommend Thrifty.

Isaiah White

Jonica Dean

friendly and helpful

Gleneshia Harper

Mario Arriagada


Ron Newsome

Great. Quick and curteous

Arelis De La O

Great cars, great prices,great Service!!#

Marina Vance

Awful customer service.

Farlisa Boger Bradshaw

I had a great experience, very kind staffing. Helped me get in and out as fast as they could.


They charged me $45 for 3 missed toll. The toll is only $15 total. I don't know what went wrong. I have rented car to drive between New Jersey and Philadelphia several times now and has never missed a toll or received charges like that.

Chet Turner

Getting my vehicle was super quick and easy. The Ford Escape I drove was a pleasure to use for my two week stay. No problems at all.

reza farhadi

At EWR airport: Very slow check-in They forgot to set EZ pass in the car, so I had to return back to the location just after 30 min. But cheaper than others

Kyle Sorensen

Awful! They tried to charge me more for trying to return the car 2 days early at the same drop off location. The entire business is ran by morons.

Anonymous NewYorkCity

Stay FAR away. Place stinks of SCAM AND THEFT. Customer service is a dismal failure. Employees couldn’t be less gracious if they tried; completely cluess about customer service. Cars are unsafe and dirty. You’re better off taking a yellow taxi and cutting your losses than stepping even 1 toe in this sinful garage. The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to stay away.

Needz Rehab

If you're looking for hidden fees, this is the company to go with. I was charged a $35 fee because when I filled up to return it, the gas station was 11 miles from the airport, and their policy says it has to be done within 10 miles. There are not a lot of gas stations near Pittsburgh international. Avoid at all costs.

Yelena Shabanova

Great price. Convenient shuttle service from the airport. Fuel efficient car.

Omar K. Natour

Worst car rental ever experienced when it comes to customer services, never again

Kristi Flagg

We arrived at 1:30 am to pick up our prepaid 5 day rental. Needless to say after a long day of travel we were ready to get in the car and go to our hotel 40 minutes away. After standing in a line of about 15 people for about 20 minutes, an agent came out and said folks we are completely out of cars. Come back later. They have no indication of how we could know when a car could be guaranteed for pick up or how our alternate mode of travel expenses would be covered. Spent another 1.5 hours on the phone instead of vacationing being transferred to an endless supply of folks that could not answer questions or help in any manner. They were even bold enough to say we have no number to provide for the local desk agent. PITIFUL!

Jason Tagg

Like many other people have mentioned the line at this location is insane. An hour and counting now waiting at the counter to get keys to a car. I prepaid unfortunately otherwise I would have jumped for ANY other agency at the airport that have no wait at all. I guess it depends how important your time is ... Wish I had read the reviews in advance because this appears to be a chronic problem here at SLC Thrifty.

A. A.

Worst experience ever...

Aline Luna

(Translated by Google) All very polite. Just do not give 5 stars because the seat of my drinking was bad. (Original) Todos muito educados. Só não dou 5 estrelas porque a cadeirinha do meu bebe era péssima.

Jeff Nabi

Amazing service. The attendant at the counter (Stephanie) was extremely helpful and got us set up within 10 minutes of my arrival.

Shaun Khan

All good

Chuck Hinamon

Adrian Toro

Un cobro excesivo, por un dia 170 dolares, no la recominedo!

Tracy Cook

Friendly service

andrew kennedy

They were awesome! Allowed me to change my car mid week because I didn't want the Texas plates. Friendly staff, nice vibe all around.

Shaun Thompson

Car was great! Smooth ride also!

Brittany W

Prices were good and vehicle was nice but we had to wait forever to get our vehicle and the desk clerks were rude

harold walker

Excellent staff. Courteous, friendly and knowledgeable.

Chip Bradford

This was a time when I rented an econo box for 1 day and I was delighted with the Mazda 3 I was able to pick. The rate was a grand bargain, the car was in great shape, and the check out and return processes were handled seamlessly with no fuss!

william hurley

Amir Ahmed

My name is Bird

This doesn’t exist

Tavia Brown

I enjoyed the entire experience!! It was my first time renting a car and Thrifty made everything fast and easy. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Sharon Howard

Patty Hollis

I will NEVER rent from Thrifty/Dollar/Hertz EVER again. Customer service is AWFUL!! The last 3 times I've rented and being a Blue Chip member, my car was not ready when I arrived in Cleveland. Additionally, I was charged a $25 early return fee (1 day), despite never being informed about this upfront...and when I called to inquire about the charge, I was told that "we don't need to tell you ahead of time...we can change the agreement or policy at anytime...". Not even a one time consideration for a Blue Chip member...just "that's the actual rules...I'm sorry".

My Stock

i used priceline to look for a cheap price but IAD is so expensive. I don't know what they are thinking. During october month, IT'S SO's 50/day for a compact car. That's why i rather use my friend car instead rent it. If they lower it down, i think many people will rent it. BWI offers only 20-25/day.

Angie Hammons

Every time we use thrifty in SLC we have trouble. We have been blue Chip members forever and we have been waiting for half an hour. Ridiculous.

Shunan Li

Terrible experience. They downgraded without discount or refound for it was prepaid. The promise to call me the next day. It never happens. And the local agency telephone out of service.


Easy process. Great service. Easy drop off. Amazing prices!

Humza Ilyas

Very friendly and efficient service with competitive rates. Will rent from them again. Thank you to Amer for his superior customer service!

Joshua Hofmann

Well I booked this through a third party website and should've called ahead. The process of checking in and out where fast and easy, but that's the only positive. The seats were stained, we found two half drank soda bottles under the seats, garbage was inside, the car had not been cleaned out at all from the last owner, it stunk, and the carpet on the passengers side front was coming up and making a mess. I usually do not leave one star reviews, but that is all I can honestly give them. We should not have had to clean it out ourselves, and delt with the smell (which went away after an hour or so of highway driving with the windows down). I never got to do a walk around and ask questions they just handed us the keys and pushed us out. I will not be a returning customer. To be honest I've pretty shocked they allowed is to take this car.

Greg Davison

Very long checking in. Yes it was busy, but understaffed. Too little people doing too many things. Ended up with 2019 Chrysler 300S. Great car. Ran out of Malibu's. Did not up-charge me. Honored Malibu pricing.

Kristin Brown

This company is one big scam. While traveling in one of their cars, we took a toll expressway where the fees were determined by certain "stations" of which we passed 6. In the past, with another rental car company our toll fees were just charged to the card they had on file. Thrifty charged us the toll fees of $22.76 (no problem) but then added a $15 "service fee" for each station--coming to a whopping $90.00. Never again, Thrifty, never again.

Multi Vendi

This place will try to sell you add on. You dont need.

David Varner

Linda Smith-Powell

Service was very quick and efficient. Representatives were polite and helpful. Vehicle was well serviced and clean.


Fast and nice attendants in NYC

Scott Valencio

I was charged a huge amount in hidden fees that were not disclosed at the time of booking. I was even charged for two additional days after I returned the vehicle. In addition to the extra fees, I also experienced poor customer service with the staff at the airport and the customer service staff that I spoke with to complain about the extra charges. I went with a different rental company for my next trip and the difference was huge. I would not recommend Thrifty unless it is a last resort.

Jerry Song

I returned the car on 7/4 around noon time at this location, no receipt was given, they told me that they have to send the information the their center for processing. 6 days later as today 7/10, I got a phone call from Thrifty security department, computer voice said their record showed I have not yet returned the car, the car is stolen... So bad car rental company management system.

Mark S

Alyssa Jurgensmeier

One person working. So slow. Took her 20 minutes to help each customer. Waited for two hours to get through the line. Ridiculous!

Lyn Mill

Bill Hankins

Overcharged ~$150 Came in to pick up the car which took about 1/2 hour even though the place was basically empty. Asked about extending and was told it would just be another day's fee. When I came back they charged an additional $15/day. Also there is no way to contact the branch via phone. Only the call center.

Robin Chase

I had the worst experience with Thrifty Rentals this past weekend. I paid to Uber to the airport to pick up a rental that I had reserved only to be told rudley that I could not rent the car I reserved bc I only had a debit card and not a credit card (my mistake). The issue was the way I was treated. The lady at the counter seemed to be happy to keep telling me no. She offered NO help and no condolences. I was shocked by her attitude and the joy she seemingly got from letting me know that I wasn't able to get the car. I had already spent money to get to the airport to pick up the car in the first place (I had made sure to rent it ahead of time and had even purchased the insurance) and was left with no option but to pay an uber to take me back home to get my credit card and then drive me back again to get a car. I ended up renting from another company with better customer service. My trip was delayed and I ended up spending more money than I should have. Whats the point of having a company if you can't treat people right?

Muriel Kramer

The attendant working at this location misrepresent the terms of the contract we signed. Our fight was delayed a whole day, so we didn't pick up our vehicle until the next day. The attendant told us not to worry, that she would not charge us for the lost day. She also said that she would allow us to have my husband as an additional driver without charging us anything extra. We thought, oh how kind and what a wonderful company. The attendant told us to sigh the contract, but assured us she would take care of everything as promised. After returning the vehicle we saw that Thrifty had charged our VISA card an extra $224.59 for an extra driver (which we would not have agreed to) and Thrifty did not refund us for the lost day. I phoned Thrifty to explain what had been promised to us, but they refused to return us our money. It would appear that they offer a lower price and then scam the customer. I will never use Thrifty again.

Kathleen Brown

Clifford Vinje

Harry Oei

It worked out well from check-in to inspection to check-out.

Cody Barkman

These guys went over and above with a free rental upgrade and kept baggage of mine safe overnight. Made what could have been a stressful mistake on my part as easy and positive as possible.

Travis Mercado

Have rented with them 3 or 4 times, the cars are never pristine but they get the job done and prices are super reasonable, have never had any issues.

Emma Njoku

Excellent service and experience!!

Barbara Ludescher

great customer service and easy transaction

Matt Diederick

Worst rental experience Ive ever had I highly recommend choosing another rental company. The lady they had at the desk was trashy and swore at me several times then had the never to question my parenting when I yelled back at her. She then refused to grant my AAA discount after there website clearly states they offer this. I finally sucked it up and paid the full amount because I was running late. I got the car and it smelled strongly of cigarette smoke and had trash under the seats and in the back of the seats.

Dawne Cornelius

Paid for a weekly rental. When asked if I could extend the rental for a few hours, I was going to be charged (even though I had the rental for 6 days). Did not like this part, otherwise it was a good experience.

K Sullivan

Just left Portland Thrifty. While driving to Hood River I noticed the tire pressure was low. After filling it it dropped down again. Decided to drive back to Thrifty on the way to Seaside to switch out our cars (a minor inconvenience). After 1 1/2 hours of being held hostage at the Thrifty counter they told us WE would need to replace the tire plus the labor. Rip off. Con artists! My partner and I felt discriminated against as well. Don’t rent your car from these guys! Shady operation.

Jimmy Byron

I dont know why maps said i visited this place but its alright i guess lol

Amanda Lynn

Poor customer service.

Rógvi Dragaberg

Good service, very sweet employees and by far the best rental company there is. This also happens to be one of the best rates you will find. I can not recommend thrifty enough.

John LaConte

All around terrible experience. Thrifty Portland charged me $250 more than the price quoted in the reservation because I needed car seats, even though I indicated in the reservation that I needed car seats. Then I went to pay and they were incabable of typing my credit card number in by hand, and they didn’t have chip readers, so they were unable to charge my card since it wasn’t swiping. Finally had to leave without the car, went to Dollar instead.

Stephen Pirris

Do your due diligence on this rental site before making a reservation!!! Unfortunately, I did not read the reviews until standing outside in their parking lot - a bit stunned by the callous attitudes of all the employees here. It is 20 minutes from the airport. The return shuttles to to the airport leave hourly. I asked if they run a continuous loop to leave more frequently and they just pointed to the schedule. I asked if the shuttle is full, will they have another and they said to be sure to get there early so I’m not the one that gets left. And they gave away the car I reserved because I was more than 2 hours after the stated time on the reservation. I’ve been renting cars for 20 years and never had anyone claim that rule. I honestly never thought much of the time I click for the reservation since it has never mattered before. So legally that’s on me but it worked out for the better since the return shuttle situation was making me and my family nervous anyway.

Richard Phillips

We had excellent service picking up our rental car. She even helped load our suitcases. She took the time to go over the specifics of the car. Two weeks later in returning the car we were also treated well and efficiently. Later I realized I had lost my camera and did not know where I had left it. They looked for it but the car had already been rented out. They assured me when it came back they would look. They found it and notified me and sending to me. What great service!

Megan Topping

I love Thrifty, but late night at Newark airport is a small disaster. I've been three times now where I've had to wait - forever - for an attendant and car, and I'm a Blue Chip member. They need to add a second staff member so that the line doesn't get backed up by someone needing extended service.


Great service! Excellent staff. Always very professional.

Thomas Howard

Service was good but don't give them an email. They will blow up your inbox!

Nathan Gordon

This is the worst car rental experience I have ever had in my life! The people at this location are clueless and don’t know how to do their job at all. It took me 3 hours, including the ride, to get my car. It wasn’t the car I ordered. They forced me to buy insurance, even though I purchased it through Expedia. They told us to never use third party websites like Expedia. The employees at this location took breaks after helping every single customer. They gave the wrong car keys to people more than once while I stood in line for hours. They clearly didn’t care about their jobs, the company they worked for, the customers, or the schedules of their customers. Some of us have very tight schedules and can not wait 3 hours for a car rental. Hell, that’s longer than my flight! What a joke. Avoid Thrifty Car Rental and Dollar Car Rental because they are the same!

Edward Hicks III

shah haj

Robert Harden

I used their app to pay for my parking. The app allows has you add the reservation to your wallet. It says that you need to present the QR code at the gate. When I get to gate, the person in charge tells me that I need a printed paper. I explain that the app did not give me a paper to print. She then tells me that I need to email them a receipt. There is no receipt. The app handles the entire process, and asks you to add it to your wallet (to show at the gate... paperless... the entire point of having an app...). Then I am told that I need to find the receipt and email it to them or I can't leave. Finally they allow me to screen shot the QR code in my wallet and email it to them. This entire process takes 15 minutes, and the only reason I was allowed to leave is because traffic is pilling up behind me. Don't waste your time with this company. They are extremely disorganized. What is the point of having an app? I used the app to save time, and all they did was waste my time.


Very unorganized business. There was one person in front of me in line and it took an hour to check in. Had to wait on the bus to the site, had to wait forever to get the paperwork done, and after all that they didn’t have the car I reserved and I had to get a small suv that had zero trunk space. At that point I just wanted a car and to get out of there ASAP. I would gladly pay more to do business with another company. It wasn’t worth the money I saved.

Paul Colacicco

Car pickup took incredibly long, maybe an hour or so and I was third in line when I got there. The staff was hustling but it seemed like maybe they were shorthanded, I don't know exactly why it took so long but there were plenty of frustrated customers. That being said, the staff was friendly and the shuttle drivers were very courteous. The car was in excellent condition, drop off went quickly, and there was a shuttle available almost right away to zip me back to the airport. Huge shout out to Georgia who stayed long after her shift hand technically ended and put in an absolutely heroic effort to get the line moving when I picked up my car. I hope Thrifty recognizes her amazing work.

william perry

Car is nice, and wasn't very expensive, but the woman behind the desk needs to improve customer service skills

David J

I travel often - first time using Thrifty - never will again - their abject "admin fees" cost three times the cost of each toll on the Turnpike.

Lynn Spence

george pat

Below is my crazy story regarding Thrifty!!!! While driving our rental truck a DODGE RAM 1500 LIMITED with my pregnant wife on our fourth day the battery sign and the engine sign lit up on the truck's dashboard. We immediately called Thrifty roadside assistance and this is where our oddysey with the company started. 1) 12.30 p.m. Car battery and engine light go on. Roadside assistance direct us to dodge dealership in Blackfoot Idaho 2)17.30 p.m. Blackfoot mechanics conclude that the alternator shows overheating but not immediately fixable.Roadside assistance assures us that if we bring car to Hertz Idaho Falls airport and give them our case nr. an exchange car similar to ours would be waiting for us. 3) 19.00 p.m. Hertz Idaho Falls airport claims never to have had a conversation with thrifty and does not have a car ready for us. Roadside assistance talks with manager and arranges a much lower class vehicle as only option. 4) 20.00 p.m. Hertz asked us to pay for it with our credit card and says thrifty has not made any arrangements regarding this. Since then no one from the company has been in contact with me! They claimt hey cannot locate the car! I have not been refunded the rental amount ! No one is answering the phone at the location! Have not returned the deposit!

Tony Verruso

It is an off site rental place. The van driver both ways was excellent!! Very informative and professional. The rental associates at the facility were also very friendly and helpful!

jimmie coleman

Excellent service got me exactly what I needed

Juanita Goodyear

Excellent experience! My flight to Portland had been delayed. I arrived in the wee hours at PDX. Shuttle driver took good care of us late arrives. Both Katie and Tammy were a delight! They made sure everything was done quickly. Even pulled the car up for me! There are good people left in this world. I was on my way to the hotel in minutes. Thank you!!

Pablo Fernandez-Vazquez

Lots of hidden charges. Ends up being more expensive than avis

Ron Wright

Karen Anne Mahoney

Just an awful experience. We were given a Chevy spark that the spark was out before it made it off the assembly line. The car was noisy, bumpy, could not accelerate and uncomfortable. the people working at the rental agency are rude, take a long time to wait on you, won't walk you to your car, won't check your car over with you before turning over the keys. they rates are exorbitant. there is nothing thrifty about this place and they charged us such a high rate that we could have rented a top of the line Lexus for the price. there was no concessions for renting it for 5 days--nothing. we asked for a different car and they said no. this was the worst car we have ever rented and the worst experience with a rental company. Never again. hard earned money down the drain

george pau

Sam F

Ignore the negative reviews at your peril; we did, and our entire experience was a disaster. Their shuttle from the airport was running late, so we waited 45 minutes to cram in there with everyone else. Then, the service was incredibly slow. Despite having 2 and sometimes 3 employees up front, only one was actually helping people. We waited another 45 minutes for them to finish with the two customers ahead of us only to discover that they had already sold the reserved cars of us and everyone else on our slightly delayed flight (that's why we had given them our flight information, no?). With 5 families behind us in line, all they had left was a single truck. We noped out of there and actually walked to one of the nearby car rental agencies instead.

Mona Majid

Eric hoffmaster

Luz Ortiz

vanessa ibanez

The person (Mark) when I was picking up my car was very nice. He was helpful and explain all the regulations straight to the point.

Connie Strong

My week long car rental was fantastic. I got everything I asked for and the customer service representative at the counter was outstanding and very helpful. I would never rent a car anywhere else but Thrifty.

Joe Schepis

Staff is nice and in/out access from the Providence airport is very easy. I was surprised when the counter agent recommended that I prepay my fuel when there are VERY convenient gas stations around the corner from the rental facility. It definitely favors Thrifty, not YOU! I found a special for a mid-size SUV that I went for. When I got up to the rows of cars, there were two mid-size sedans and NOTHING else there. No one form the counter called up to see if my selected car was up there and I had to wait about 15 minutes for them to clean up an incoming SUV for me. I got a bump up to a larger SUV but then I suffered with fuel economy. Only two cars available? Come on.


(Translated by Google) Quick support but unwelcoming staff. (Original) Prise en charge rapide mais personnel peu accueillant.

CJ Anthon

Charleston, SC location has an early morning shuttle. The service was on point. Loved our driver! Counter service at pickup was quick and painless. very friendly staff!

Sheena Lofton

The staff was very nice and courteous i was in and out in no time also very affordable quality parts

Adelle Lee

Warren Graves

Went to get some help for friend.

Timothy Smith

The car was awesome we had a wonderful experience you now have a customer for LIFE THANKS FOR everything thing Timothy Smith

Sheri Keeley

This was the worst car rental experience ever. No one did a walk around with me. I noted some concerning areas on the car when I did my own walk around so I requested a form so I Officially notate the areas, and not be held responsible for them. I had a four hour drive from Shreveport to Baton Rouge. Once I started driving I felt a vibration but I thought is was due to poor roads. About an hour into my drive the shaking got worse and I noticed the back bumper was flapping in the wind. Lights on the dashboard started coming on. Also you couldn’t adjust the side mirrors. The button had been blocked off with a hard cover ( I tried to manually adjust it but the mirror did not allow for manual adjustment). They had blocked off the cruise control feature also. I called thrifty and they wanted me to wait days before I could get a new car. I said that was unacceptable. They ended up finding a hertz location about 30 minutes from my destination where I could swap the car. When I finally made it to the hertz location ( after driving 6 plus hours because it kept going low on gas for some reason) the front bumper was hanging off also. I believe someone who previously rented the car damaged the car and did some makeshift repairs or maybe it was a thrifty employee. The Shreveport airport location does not do walk arounds when you pick up nor when you drop off. Beware... if you don’t inspect the vehicle and notate on official form they will hold you responsible. They didn’t even want to give me discount or a deal for the inconvenience. Finally after complaining in great detail, they gave me a $20 discount (incredibly low for a horrible ordeal).

Britt Johnson

Love the services and car choices.

Kristy Lynn

When we arrived, we checked in to get our car. I was given a different price than what was told to me over the phone and on the reservation thru Travelocity. So I paid what was asked which was about 40$ more. Then we were told our car would be right up. We waited in the lobby about 30 min and no car pulled up . Finally I asked where our car was, and was told it was parked in the lot the whole time but I was never told what car or that I had to go get it . I wondered how much longer we would have sat there if I didn’t ask ....We had a 2 hour drive ahead of us so the 30 min wait when was definitely an inconvenience. Then I was told to go check the car out and mark down any “dings”. I was told a compact car was booked but didn’t realize the trunk would only fit one suitcase, so needless to say was a very uncomfortable ride. Last but not least , The car had no windshield wiper fluid (at all) which is pretty dangerous . I definitely feel like $300 should’ve gotten me better service and a better car for 4 days. I probably will not book again.

ed super

The worker was very rude on the return and on top of that waited 4 hours to get my rental

Alexander Erni

Matt Harrison

I'd give it five stars if they weren't anti N.R.A.

Caleb Nine

I don’t write reviews but I had reserved a car with southwest points and had to take a shuttle all the way to the office and then when I got there they said it had been canceled and would be 400 plus dollars for four days. Ridiculous SCAMMERS! Called a Lyft and won’t go back.

Ashley Greenwood

Currently standing in line. With only one person behind the counter and a line of 5-6 people. This is completely unacceptable in a busy airport at 10am. And no ones cars are ready. They’re all being “serviced”. What’s the point in making a reservation?? Will never be using them again. Especially not in Salt Lake.

Shuvodip Paul

This car rental place is wonderful. Their customer service rivals some of the other "big rental" places. This is the Dollar Rental as well as Thrifty rentals office. They make the rental process very easy. And they don't try to pressure you to buy some of the extra amenities that you might not need. The shuttle to the airport is comfortable and timely. My consierge Mr. Ali was wonderful, he also gave me some helpful tips about driving in the area. The car I had was a Nissan Sentra. The car was clean and we'll maintained. Above all you get a great rate on your rental. Highly recommend this place.

Carl Pointer

Service is great, need more discounts.

nasserdine beghidja

(Translated by Google) I but a star not for the vehicle, but especially for the reception of the agency which was really execrable, neither hello, nor goodbye and not even explanation on the material and especially a glance hautin.ce that will repel me of do not rent in this agency. I find that it takes a minimum of respect towards people, otherwise it is not necessary to do business myself being a trader. Here's what I wanted to say about this agency (. was the same person from taking and handing over the keys.) The car was really perfect. (Original) Je mais une étoile pas pour le véhicule ,mais surtout pour l'accueil de l'agence qui était vraiment exécrable ,ni bonjour,ni au revoir et même pas d'explication sur le matériel et surtout un regard hautin.ce qui me repousserai de ne pas louer dans cette agence .Je trouve qu'il faut un minimum de respect envers les personnes, sinon il faut pas faire se métier étant moi même commerçant .Voila ce que je voulais dire sur cette agence (.A l'accueil c'était la même personne de la prise et de la remise des clés).La voiture elle était vraiment parfaite.

Mitchell Koers

Very good customer service. Called for the reservation and when I mentioned looking around at other companies for better prices the associate on the phone was quick to offer a discount . Much cheaper and better service than Payless rental .

Raydiant Brows

The worst car experience ever. Reserved a compact suv and was given a compact car (Nissan Sentra) was told once a Jeep was detailed for us they’d call to exchange the car. 5 hours later still no call went back and they didn’t recall telling us that so we’re paying for an suv but driving and economy $20 a day car.

Lollllo 31

Zuhaib Raja

One of the worst experience and choice to book a car from Thrifty Car rental. I booked from their own website at least 3 weeks before I confirmed my Oregon trip. I did paid all the amount which was quiet economical at the time of booking and theg sent me confirmation via email. When I arrived last night I found that they have any Kiosk at the airport so I need to take shuttle to reach their office. I took their shuttle and it dropped me to the office which is roughle 5 to 6 miles away from the airport. The staff was quite friendly but seems too slow. They took my ID and verified my details. After that I requested them to add another person (friend) in driving list and they told me it gonna charged $13 per day. So I and my friend decided It's okay we need this service. Then I asked them about insurance and they gave me the quote with all insurance package it was roughly $360 just for 2 days and the car was compact ford fusion. I said Wow how come too high. I saw the break down cost and I figured it out the rental just for 2 days except other charges around $181 which i already paid at the time of booking thru their website and it was roughly $48 for 2 days means 24$ for each day. I talked to them and then their manager came nad she told that you are picking a 1 hour late so now website automatically changes the quote somehow she managed the rental price and replaced with the same booked price which was $48 but with inusrance and even shuttle service charges etc she gave me quotation $150 for 2 days just for a compact car. I didn't had anyother choice since it was last night around 12:30 am and most of the other car rentals were closed on sunday and it was far away from the airport so i and my friend decided to take it. I had worst experience by booking theu thrifty. I could have a far better deal in less price from expedia, hotewire etc. I don't recommend anyone to book from here unless u r 100% sure how much they gonna charge. Wish I could have some other option


Great Cars!!#

Rafael Ramos

Watch out for rip off. Not the experience I wait for.

Matthew Hall

I typically prefer Thrifty......TYPICALLY but as Feb 2019 Thrifty has a new rule that they are not telling customers about.... No matter your rental no matter your rental history, doesn't matter if you have Corporate Account. Thrifty now adds $250 to whatever your contract balance as a hold...... I know just a hold.....but I rent cars weekly and this is a major pain. So my 2day rental was 110 but waiting on the credit hold for 360 to fall off which can take 7-10. Thanks Thrifty, I will be choosing Enterprise going forward. My loyalty has been spit on and I can only do my part and that is to leave.

Ruth Hennessy

They are off site, have ro shuttle to the airport a d shuttle drops you way at the beginning of terminals. Have to walk a long ways the check in counter. Shuttle driver wants a from other company the is actually at the airport, save yourself the time and distance. Oh and lady at return was super rude

Mohammad Bhatti

Brian Tuttle

One person at the front desk in a Saturday afternoon, get real. 90+ minute wait, and was late for my sisters wedding.

faisal abdullah

Bad customer service

Renee Outland


George Wahba

Says that ID doesn't scan through their machine, so they can't let me get the car I rented. He said he wouldn't even accept any other government issued ID or even the passport. That's one of the most ridiculous things I had ever heard. If I paid to rent a vehicle, then I expect to be able to pick it up instead of some stupid excuse. I had my ID verified hundreds of times without an issue

Andrew Brown

Extremely long wait at the airport. It would be worth it to pay double the price for an expedited service. Minimal employees at the counter and no sense of urgency to process the rentals.

Harry M

Great experience for the traveling military personnel.

Assaf Rappaport

Terrible service

Chris Kimble

I wrote an ugly review. Yes it was tough getting the car. The place seemed to get slammed all at once. While it did take a long time to get the car (45-60min) I think they may have just been understaffed at the time. It would help if they would acknowledge the folks that are waiting and move quickly and efficiently to get people their cars. The staff person who helped us at the counter was really nice and hax stayed late to help with the rush. Our car was pretty clean and it was a nice trip. Keep trying harder Thrifty.


Mathieu Christmann

Return lasted maximum 5 minutes including waiting for the transfer to the airport. Pickup at SEA was also quite comfortable.

Gayela Linton

I could really use a negative rating option here! WORST SERVICE I’VE EVER RECEIVED BY FAR! Be advised - if you reserve a FULL SIZE car (which according to their website is a Chevy Malibu or similar) you will likely end up with a compact car such as a Kia Soul because they consider that size full size. The lady that was waiting on us was so unprofessional and rude. When asked to speak to the manager, he came out and was less than interested in my concerns. Bottom line - I travel a lot, and rent cars a lot. This was the first and last time I’ll ever consider Thrifty.


Ran a “rock chip” scam on me. Woman who checks in cars went right for the windshield and claimed a chip. Nothing ever hit the car. Reading other reviews just now tells me that Thrifty runs this con often. Not a coincidence. Also poor location and car had bad tires for the rain. Scammed me on pre paid gas by telling me twice it was cheaper than the gas station. Absolute fraud.

Paulette Singleton

My son work in the car rental business and he told me the reason why car rental companies prefer a credit card over a debit card is because it's easier for them to rip the customer off with extra fees and that employees get "bonuses" when they do this. If using your credit card and you are charged extra...immediately dispute it with your cc company and get money back. Thrifty and Dollar Car Rental is notorious for doing that to their customers.

Sherron Baldwin

Great rental car

Shannon Roberts

Waited over an hour

Ravi Kumar

Very bad experience. Please make sure you get what you are promised to. I got the vehicle with all the smoking smell in the car. When asked for the change I was told that this is what we have. I had to take my daughter to the doctor two times during our trip. Very bad experience.

Jennifer Tyler

Tasha Naegle

Right now I am sitting in the Salt Lake Airport waiting up to an hour for a car that I reserved days ago. There is a sign that says “cars available” but apparently the car they want to give me is not available. I chose the “surprise” car thinking that would be fast since it is whatever car is next in line. But it is the sub-compact, which is fine but it should have been ready. Horrible customer service.

Sujith Mangalathu

Service is friendly and nice.

Seth Marcus

Friendly staff and great price

Viktor Isaak

Dan McVay

Picking up my car in Charleston was a frustrating experience as they appeared to be transitioning shifts. There were a number of people there in the back, but only had two lines helping more than 8 people. The dropoff was great as the van driver completed it.

Charity Reger

Mohammed Sayied

The service was great but the location from the airport to the place is an inconvenience. Also I requested a company however received a SUV. Although that may seem like a free upgrade, I specifically wanted it for gas saving purposes since I was travelling alone. Otherwise not a bad place to rent from.

Joel Jeske

Save your money folks. The costumer service was good but $477 for a compact car for 2 full days is crazy. Check the car out late Monday afternoon and brought it back by 3 am Thursday Morning. I should have got a luxury vehicle for that price.

Theresa Pye

Like many others I was charged with extra fees. I had a $600 deposit and the cost of the rental and fees came up $399. The cost according to Travelocity was supposed to be $128. I should have stuck with Enterprise.

Septimus Parker

Very friendly atmosphere!! Rapid services.

Aja W

Awful and horrible experience. Scam you out of money. I rented a vehicle for 1 week and I call on the day that I was supposed to bring back the car to extend the rental agreement and I was told that they could not extend it because the black dodge charger needed to come in for maintenance. I explained to the service agent that I would be leaving back out of town and would have to post pone my trip to bring the vehicle back. Nevertheless on that evening I took the vehicle back in just to find out that there were no more cars for us to switch to. I was told by an agent who worked there to just keep the car and to bring it back when we get back and to also call the manager Ray Mac and speak with him about the issue and that if I should only have an additional 16.00 dollar total increase in my total cost. The next morning I called the manager Ray Mac only to get a lady who said that she would give him a message and have him call me back when I explained to her that I was calling to ensure that everyone was on the same page and to find out what she could do to make this issue right she responded with there is nothing she could do. I waited for the return call but no response. I took my trip and came back. When I returned to reach out to Ray Mac again I was greeted by a male on the phone who informed me that I was being charged a additional 16.00 dollars a day. I explained to him the whole round of what was going on and his response was that there was nothing he could do and told me that I needed to bring the car in and hung up on me in my face. When I tried to call back there phone line kept ringing fast busy which left with no results. Luckily I recorded the call and will be reaching out to my bank and disputing and charges from thrifty, but I definitely wouldn't recommend there services to anyone if you can avoid them I would recommend that you do so. When I called customer service it is some women or male with a hard Indian accent so you can barely understand what they are saying and they act like they can't understand you either. They offer no solutions just very bad service.

Dallas Ervin

A very good car rental location near the Portland airport with a good selection of SUV's for lugguge space while touring the state.

D Griffith

Thrifty Car Rental was a smooth Easy rental. Picked up the car and returned it with no issues, no problems. Quick and easy.

Pete Santana

At return date 10:30 PM I found out they moved location fr IAD airport & left no info as to whereabouts to drop car. 800 number was not in service although they supported to be open til 12 midnite. Roadside Assistance answered fr Jamaica & instructed to drop car at another location following day. The other location DCA airport didnt want accept car the next day and made me go back to IAD. Manager at DCA said the person from Jamaica gave false information. I learned that they have merged w/ Bugdet & Hertz. No information was posted anywhere not they sent text or email to notify the changes & return location. I wasted time on phone getting false info fr Jamaica & also horrible experience in DCA. Finally returned car next day at no extra charge in IAD. Employees dont know what they are doing nor there is any standard procedure how to operate these situations. They also say they have a computer system that is not linked and all info they capture, cannot be retrieved or shared by other Thrifty agencies. It was 1st time rental & a horrible experience w/ Thrifty. Not worth the time to rent cars from a place w/ very poor business procedures and very poor communication w/ employees that lack knowledge. I talked to 2 supervisors. Bottom line, Thrifty has very poor system. All I was compensated was $100

kanyarat pokaiyaanunt

Great deal but Need more staff and improve the service. Especially in summer and Weekend. You need at least 45 min to 1.5 hr for the line

Michelle Echols

Abhishek Bisaria

Shawn Whitmer

Smooth rental process. Please note that the drop off area is uncovered so be ready if dropping off your vehicle during inclement weather. This is the case for all the rental companies

B Ratch

Amet Acevedo

the best

Brad Duffey

I've seen other reviews from folks giving not so stellar experiences, mostly stemming from folks not realizing Thrifty/Dollar doesn't have a kiosk at the airport. That's where reading what you're signing up for might help before leaving a review. They do have a shuttle from the airport to their rental office in Jackson proper. My wife and I rented online the night before for a one day trip through Yellowstone once we arrived at our hotel. Picked up the truck, which they upgraded for free due to not having what we ordered in inventory. Truck was clean, full of gas, and well maintained. Staff was very knowledgeable of the area and gave us recommendations of routes to take a places to visit on our adventure. We planned only renting for ten hours, but staff suggested we take for 24 hours since it was the same fee schedule. All the terms were explained, insurance coverage detailed (I recoomend the full coverage for the price), and the staff even took the time to go through details of the truck's operation. Return was simple. Handed the keys to the staff, they checked the truck for any damage and mileage, we paid for our extra mileage used, and we were out the door with an awesome experience. Would definitely recommend! Just make sure you read where their office is before you rent. And if you don't, it's on you. Don't leave negative reviews for not reading what you're buying.

Don Miller

Asked Thrifty car rental manager after they screwed up my rental cost regarding Pittsburgh PA turnpike fees and he stated that I would get billed for the cost of the Turnpike fee only because the car had EZ Pass installed. I got billed $1 for turnpike and $15 for admin fee from Thrifty. This was a complete lie from Thrifty regarding fees. DO NOT TRUST THIS RENTAL AGENCY FOR FEE QUOTES OR ANY OTHER INFO>

Mindy Kirkton

Good experience overall. I rented in Utah, might be different in other states, but I got the cheapest insurance they offered because of Utah insurance no-fault laws, cost me an additional $160 for 4 days! Rediculious! The car also reaked of old man's Avon cologne... there are worse things. The car ran great!

Nicole Gironda

THIS WAS THE WORST CAR RENTAL EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. my friends and i had to wait an hour only to find out they didn’t have the size SUV we reserved. also, told us nothing about debit card fee which is 14 DOLLARS. go to hertz right across the street. cheaper and speedy with no reservation

Robert Brooks

It was good

C Colson

Ryan McDonald

The car we rented was not available, nor was anything in the same class so we were given a smaller car for the same price. When I asked for the manager to update the price they said that it was based on demand and that he couldn't estimate what the price would have been when I booked. Not great.

Stacey Town

Awful. Awful. Awful. Everything about the way the company is run is awful!!! The employee "helping" us didn't have the car we reserved and when we questioned why that was, he threatened to not give us a call at all. We were astonished with how he responded to our frustrations.


I think they overcharged toll charge. I use platepass option, they charged almost $22 a day include toll charge. But platepass didnt work.

julie-anne rose

Awful customer service. Went to pick up a mid size SUV that we had reserved over a month ago and they told us all they had was a sedan or a mini van. They didn't give us any discount or offer us a discount on the car seat we rented. No apology. They pretty much told us take it or leave. Apparently they didn't need our business. Now we're out of luck and infuriated on the first day of our vacation. Do yourself a favor and pay the $20 and go to a car rental place at the airport.

K. Parks

Everything went smoothly from the moment I entered the building till I got to the car.


렌터카 대여점

Aubrey Evans

I rented a car for the weekend. Returned it. Was charged $300 for a smoking fee. I didn’t smoke in the rental. I’m pregnant and can’t even stand the smell of a cigarettes from a mile away. Let alone cigarette smoke in the car. They said they shined their phone light and found ashes. I feel so scammed. So so scammed. They took 10 minutes just to decide if they were going to charge me. Like they were making up charges. I will NEVER use thrifty again. They are trash. Their employees are trash.

Pete Gath

staff was friendly and professional. car was great.

Kelly Baldwin

worst experience I've ever had renting a car. Tried calling the 1-800 number that didn't help either. Stay away from these people go anywhere else.

Scott Waddle

Arrived late at night, or early in the morning, depending on how you want to look at it. The Thrifty office at Dulles closes at 12:30am. I was unaware of this, and I proceeded to the rental shuttle station. As numerous other rental car company shuttles came and went, I called Thrifty to find out where the shuttle was, and I was then informed of the local Thrifty office's hours. Is Thrifty the only office that has these hours at Dulles, or other airports?

Cosmo Jetz

Fairly nice staff. When crowded expect long wait times for limited personnel.

john doe

RIP-OFF ALERT....Complete SCAM. Did a Pre-Paid rental, than was charged EXTRA at time of rental. Got a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about extra fees and taxes that were not disclosed during Pre-Paid payment. Rep on the phone actually said, " You pre-paid for the rental but not all of the rental" What kind of BS is that? How do you tell a customer charge is X than charge them Y when they pick up the car. AVOID THIS RIP-OFF COMPANY.

Mark Reitblatt

Booked using Chase points, so everything was supposed to be covered. Show up and they charge me an extra $14/day to include my partner as a second driver (rental was $26/day to begin with). When I return the car, they charged me an extra fee just for the heck of it, plus sales tax. For the cost of an extra driver I could have gotten a second car! Just a reminder that car rental companies are consistently the biggest rip offs around.


Very friendly service - especially the shuttle driver! Had to wait a bit to pick up the car (paperwork took a while) but otherwise, very happy with the experience! Car ran well and was an easy process at a good price. I would recommend. Thrifty is not AT the airport but honestly that was not as annoying as I had expected - quite easy actually!

rosa diaz

I like how cheap, quick I got my car, the people were friendly and I got in and out quickly. The one thing I didn't like is that they do a credit check to see if they will approve you for a rental. Which would suck if you have bad credit and reserved a car from them then got denied. But all in all it was great.

Shawn R. Cooper

Absolutely wonderful place with efficient, nice counter representatives and great rates

Craig Stevens

Jennifer Spencer

I rented a car from this location in mid-April of 2018. Although it is not directly located at the airport and requires a shuttle ride, I was very pleased with the service i received and the rates. Of particular note, the shuttle driver, Thomas, was very good. He was patient with travel-weary passengers and ensured we arrived at the rental counter as quickly as possible.

John Brown

Got my car. Only thing I liked was that you could select from available cars. Staff was slow, argumentative, dismissive and sometimes downright rude to some customers. One had to return to the counter 3 times before they finally called someone to help him.

Dan Kell

Junk car smelled like cigarettes and a gallon of Fabreeze. Waited in line forever to get the thing. Great deal was wiped out by fees buried in the fine print of all the documents Spirit airlines presented me with. Plus one star because I can't determine who's fault the hidden fees were, Spirit or Thrifty.

Kimberly Snody

Smooth experience . clean car.

eddie abreu

the car rental return the guys were fast, and friendly.. thanx again

John Szweda

Peggy Mendez

This rental company is NOT at the airport. They advertise that it is and then they make you take a bus to the actual location offsite. It is false advertising. The counter man was extremely rude and unhelpful. It took us an additional hour to get our car than the last time we rented at the airport. Don't rent from them!!!

Jay Thill

Perfect processes and car, even under 10k miles on it...

Andrew McVay

Terrible customer service! If you book your rental online, then be prepared for up-charges when you pick up your rental. They state that it does not matter what you are quoted when booking your reservation online. I had to call corporate customer service.

Emily Carlisle

Reasonable rates and an exceptional car. The staff members were courteous and professional. The only complaint involved the shuttle - we were crowded and hot

Emrah Erhan

There are good car options

Vince Parker

Very bad

Loren Dupuis

This was the worst rental car experience I have ever had. First of all, when I booked the rental online, I had no idea this location was not at the airport. This was probably my oversight, but it started off the experience with a disappointment. Upon arriving at the offsite location with 5 other customers, I was greeted by unhappy customers from the previous shuttle pick up who were explaining they had been waiting 4 hours to pick up their rentals and were therefore encouraging us to leave and take our business elsewhere. Some families did in fact leave before even starting the process. I was the first person and waited in line 30 minutes and when I got to the counter I asked the employee how long she expected the wait to be. She said there was absolutely no way she could estimate that as she was only the front desk worker. She also said that the car I booked online through an outside party may not actually be available at all and that she would not know until she ran my credit card and went to check. I requested that before she run my credit card, she find out if there were cars available and how long the expected wait was. She was absolutely irate and became very defensive, claiming that the employees in the back preparing cars were completely separate from the employees in the front like her, and it was absolutely impossible for her to get me this information. I told her that since the cars were simply parked behind the building, it was in fact very possible for her to get me this information. She left steaming and was no where to be found for one hour and additionally had my credit card in hand while she was missing. Finally she came back and told me there was a smaller car available that she had to personally clean for me as there were actually NO employees in the back to prepare the cars. I was appreciative of her efforts, but after 2.5 hours, I had my rental in hand and left, but customer number two behind me had not even been helped yet. I imagine it did in fact take them up to 4 hours to obtain rentals. After hearing that the cars were available but being held up by cleaning services, the customers all became rowdy, pleading to get their cars, even uncleaned, if it would mean they could expedite the process. Overall I was completely struck by the unprofessional behavior of the employees here and also the poor quality customer service, efficiency and staffing volume of this company.

cody sanford

After arriving we waited in line 1 hour and 10 minutes before being seen by the one person running the front. Then we were told that our wait would be 1.5 hours after checking in with them when we had a reservation all due to 3rd party companies overbooking. I feel bad for the guy working the counter. What a horrible corporation to work for.

Randy Sanders 2

The pickup and drop-off was easy however the site said it was on airport grounds and is an off-site. They did shuttle us to the airport. Overall good experience.

Diane Miller

Poor poor service on pick up, sitting here for over 1 hour trying to get a car! Already had reservation! Woman behind desk needs to speed it up 5 people in line! They need to hire more help!! Bad neighborhood!

M.R. Brezler

Great experience, as always!! Have been a customer of Thrifty for over 40 years and never had a negative experience with them.

Nadine Schrode

Sara Dimples

One star is generous. These are the coldest, least compassionate individuals. Jacking up prices at the last minute! And very rude, don't ever rent from them. Go to Enterprise instead, they were great!


i rented with Thrifty in Las Vegas in March 2016 and also signed up for Blue Chip Membership and I was in and out of the place within 5 minutes! Had a great Toyota Corrola and dropping of the car at 5:00 a.m. was even faster! I highly recommend Thrifty for renting a car.. And I could not beaten the price of $49 for two days rental.

Bruno Moura

I rented a car with them in Las Vegas and delivered it to Los Angeles. Even though the contract was $ 3.47, they charged me $ 9.90 because the Los Angeles "system" was not the same of Las Vegas "system". The service was the worst possible, can not get worse. The employee simply refused to answer me even though I was showing the contract that said the agreed price of gasoline.

Jess Herman

Worst experience I've had renting a car... the service agent filled out our application incorrectly leaving us with late charges. When called the customer service desk, they were no help. The extra airport taxes are ridiculous and total scam. Would not rent again.

l lee Heinsen-Ligocki

The best in the car rental service

Conrad Persico

Reserved the special Wild Card price of $201 way in advance. When I requested a wild card upgrade at the counter, my price jumped to $529! Scam!

Kristen Baranowski

Will never rent from this company again. So many hidden fees. Booked a mid size vehicle on line and expected my online fee of almost $200 to be the only cost of renting the vehicle. Oh was I wrong. They have hidden fees galore and tell you that you NEED to have things like their insurance and there is no way around it. Almost $700 in fees later in addition to the amount I already spent online. While they did remedy the situation and remove the fees it was only after I told them I was going to book elsewhere and cancel this reservation. Poor way to run a company, highway robbery at its finest.

Terry Haloulos

Charged for Insurance without asking cost us another 500 dollars use someone else.

Mike Beri

I fell for the extra insurance charges scam and won’t ever rent here again, I thankfully got the opportunity to cancel an upcoming reservation and will never rent with Thirfty again. Shame on you. I GOT LIED TO, don’t fall for the same mistake. Don’t pay for the insurance even though they tell you it’s mandatory.

Troy Head

I declined all additional services, but was still charged $24/day for Loss Damage Waiver. When I asked the cashier what it was for, they told me it was for the deposit and would be returned to me after the car was returned. When I dropped it off I was told it was the cost for the LDW and could not be refunded. Not only will the franchise lie to you, the corporate office will then refuse to refund you your money!

Jan Bouthilet

The people were nice. The car was just what we needed.


DON'T USE THRIFTY I rented a car from thrifty last week for our vegas honeymoon the service was ok the car was great however i told the clerk i didn't want any extras including a fuel fee he had me sign what i thought was rental contracts and incidental responsibility contracts and my credit card authorizations and he gave me everything I didn't ask for they charged me 285.00 on top of my 2 months in advance reservation payment. When i called the manager at the call center Stephanie yelled at me and hung up on me i have never had this happen to me and I'll NEVER EVER use THRIFTY EVER AGAIN be careful they trick you into signing

Jay Reddy

Worst experience had to wait for 45 mins due to no cars to give for rental . This is not good customer experience . Will not take this agin


Reasonable rates to rent a vehicle and a nice selection of cars.

Carl Takeshita

Our compact rental for our week in Las Vegas served us well. We were pleased with the way the car handled and the gas mileage and trunk space were just what we were looking for. Also, reserving the car early enabled us to get a really good price.

Terry Miller

I initially made a reservation about 6 months ago when I found out I was going on a trip. A week prior to the trip my arrival day was pushed back by a single day (18 hours to be exact). Instead of adjusting it by a single day they wanted to cancel and re-do my contract making a $200 reservation into a $2600 reservation. Customer service (via Twitter) ultimately got me taken care of so it was a great rental in the long run but it makes me nervous to think how much work and effort it was to get a 13 day rental adjusted to a 12 day rental. Thank you Thrifty for ultimately taking care of me.


Mc Carren Airport location- Long wait for pick up...A suggestion for manager, you know your reservation arrival times, plan for it. Waiting an hour to pick up a rental car is ridiculous, no matter the price.


quick easy and affordable. painless compared to Ace !

Mike Szydlowski

Thrifty Blue Chip is the best car rental service ever!

Greg Sparling

Easy check-in with the blue chip membership and easy checkout. Friendly service and SUV I had was new.

Vicki L

There’s a good selection of cars. The car that we got is a Buick SUV and it’s pretty new too. We are very happy about it. The checkin is not too bad although the lineup is long as always. Thrifty counter closes early. If it’s closed go to the Dollar counter. Ask all the questions about the car features like where is the USB charger etc before you leave. The attendant there has a menu for each car and he’s very helpful. Watch out for this though. The rep asked us if we want to pre-pay a gas of tank and we said no. He told us it’s not exactly “prepay”, it’s just they would fill up our tank upon return and just charged us $2.99 per gallon. He stressed that if we were just 5 gallons to a full tank they will just charge us the 5 gallons. Since we decided to go to the airport early we dropped by a 7/11 and so we filled up our gas. Upon return they charged us $41 (full tank) although our tank was full. Good that we explained in details and they waived it. If we didn’t pay attention, we would be out $41. So be careful.

Marianna Arvidson

Awful!!! Not even worth one star. We booked on Travelocity and paid in full. At the counter we declared my husband the single driver and they charged his credit card as well. They will not remove one of the charges despite the double billing. We will never use Thrifty again and I hope others will be careful as well.

michael boley

What is the deal with rental car service. You rent a specific car or SUV and you get confirmation. Days before you call and verify the specific model again and they tell you yes we will reserve it for you. You get there and all they have is a car model you didn't want. Never fails.

Donnie Brown

Great customer service


Very efficient to deal with, no long line. I will use them again. The car I choose was looked over by the attendent and the left brake light was out. So I chose another car, thanks to great observation.

Sadhna Edwards

Not the best services for pickup. When we signed the paperwork for the car we were not told about the additional costs. We were never given the signed paperwork. The drop off lady was very nice.

Chris Saucedo

Thrifty rent a car what can I say this awesome half the time some what of reasonable price I wonder if they serve ice cream

harliemaddie .

Just a quick note of thanks to the staff at McCarran Airport in LV. My daughter was injured and required help getting around on our trip. Mike at the LV drop off could not have been more helpful. He told us to stay right there and he would go find a wheelchair to help us through the airport! What a great help and what a great example of the "customer first" philosophy! Great job Mike. Thank you!!

Carles Marcos

After a month, I am still waiting them to give me back the deposit... and the worst thing is this doesn’t seem to matter to them eventhough the mails that I sent and the calls. Another incredible thing is about the price, on the website they showed a price but then it turns to add around 100-150$ because a lot of extras that you supposedly need - I know you need to add insurance or gps if you want to but there was a lot of extras you need to drive the car that they don’t tell you before.

Shancy Garrison

Car was fine but cost to rent was significantly higher than the amount of the one line reservation I made. $9/day vs $35/day....for a compact. I was traveling for business and budgeted based on my on line reservation...I felt like it was a bait and switch. Will not be using them again.

Steve Treese

Worst car company ever. Don't be stupid like I am. I am a fair guy but giving Thrifty a second chance shows how stupid I really am. 45 min on hold with customer service and they still could help me. Counter people are rude, unhelpful and discourteous. If you want your day ruined, they by all means do business here

Bigben Siampaints

It's quite disappointed services, we got here just little after 9 at night and they closed and tell to proceed at dollars car rent to check out my car. I stood in line for almost an hour and half and got my car but we have to change 4 vans because they have issues with mini van. Then when we need help on report accident we have to be on hold for almost 55 min then got hang up twice so we file report at return car & luckily we buy full cover on every thing

Sergiu Iacub

I see the owner is saying thanks just for people who’s putting 5 star, i have a question for him, sir, do you see how many people is putting 1 star? Did you changed something here? Because your lazy employees are working with a client an hour and you have a line for a day here. WARNING ⚠️: do not come here because you will lose your day. 4 people was in front of me and I was waiting 2 hours and 15 minutes

Kristi Loftus

As usual we had a great experience with Thrifty and the Bluechip program. Our car was ready upon arrival and since we used the wild card we were unsure what we would get. But we got a very nice Chevy malibu. Great value and great rental

Sarah Spellane

Decided to take a risk and book through a third-party site for a better deal. Worked out fine! Minimal wait at the check-in counter, no pressure for add-ons. Easy time picking out a car and no issue dropping off. I would most likely rent from Thrifty at LAS again.

Christian edmond Milner

My partner, friends, and I were on a recent trip to Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. When we first arrived from the airport we had some issues with the upgraded car that we were promised by the Thrifty office. After some frustration with the cars offered, we were approached by a young employee named MICHAEL YOUNG, who was part of the maintenance crew at Thrifty. He listened to our pleas about the issues which had occurred and he went above and beyond the call of duty to help us receive a beautiful Infinitium car which was luxurious and perfect for sight seeing on our trip. We cannot thank Michael enough for his great assistance and help in giving us a beautiful automobile that made our trip so wonderful! Thrifty is very fortunate to have such exemplary employees to make our trip special. Thank you again Michael! This was the best experience I ever had with a car rental! Terry C.

Scott Kealalio

Had a great time in Vegas. Thrifty has great service and people. Pick up was fast and smooth. Drop off was even nicer and helpful. Thanks

Vincent Shepherd

Paid upfront then had to wait 3hrs for the rental -5 stars

Alex Harris

Computers down took over an hour to be helped.

Hong Li

We made a car rental reservation with this company through a reward program which has paid off the rental cost. The pick-up and return location is both at the Las Vegas airport. The guy at the front desk tried to sale us additional insurance and we said NO. He then asked us where we came from. We said Arkansas and then he said the “Arkansas insurance does not cover rental cars". We said we are from Arkansas but we are with an insurance company not in Arkansas. Now looking back, this guy was totally lying as the coverage of an insurance should have nothing to do with the state of residence. Anyway, we CLEARLY DECLINED ANY additional insurance. Then the guy proceeded with the paper work and asked us for a credit card. We asked if there would be any charge on the card, he said no and this is only for the purpose of deposit. He handed the paper work without reviewing the contents. He simply told us to go to the pick-up area with the paperwork. We picked up a car and drove to the exit and a guy handed us a small ipad for a signature. At this time we believed everything had been taken care of and there should be no additional charge as the rental cost had been paid off and we declined any additional insurance. So we just simply finger-signed without reading the specific items (who would when you are sitting at the car at the exit and have no idea that someone had sneaked an insurance charge in the contract?). We returned the car in about a week without any issue but when we came back home, we found a charge of $26.88 per day for insurance, plus $16.13 concession fee recovery fee and tax, totaling up to $180.68. I called their customer service immediately after I found this and was transferred to a lady in the billing office. She said Trifty will not refund because we signed the contract. I argued that we declined the insurance and that the front desk guy had told us there would be no additional charge and, therefore, we were only deceived to sign. She was silent for a few seconds but still refused to refund. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager but she said there is no supervisor or manager and she is the only person in power. To sum up, this company's business practice is very unethical. First, the guy at the front desk lied and tried to cheat us by saying "Arkansas insurance does not cover rental car". Secondly, he lied to us that there would be no charge and the credit card is only for purpose of deposit. He also did not explain the contents of the paper work and did not confirm with us for an acknowledgement of a charge he sneaked in the paper work in spite of our declination of such a charge. Therefore, we believe we were ripped off by this company. They sneaked a charge we clearly declined and insisted on a signature we were deceived to sign. I googled and found numerous number of victims like us. We think their unethical practice of business should be stopped!!

Huy Nguyen

You should careful with toll charge. They want you to rent their equipment ($140), if you are not rent it, they will charge $15 for each time you pass the toll. You can not make payment right after that because the acc belongs to them.

Arielle Tandowski

Our rental experience was pretty simple. Just make sure if you rent online they match the price, you may have to remind them. It was nice that we had a choice of any car in 2 sections, though it was mainly the same 4 or 5 cars. Quick check out and in, and the shuttle to the airport was a 10 minute ride, apparently it's usually shorter but there's currently construction.

George Bryson

I'm a blue chip member and my experience was awesome the car was great check-in and check-out was like it should be. I would rent from them again

Nick B

Price was good and the car was great. I will use thrifty going forward.

Chris Houseman

Fast, courteous and helpfull

Keith Kwiatek

The drivers and desk people were very pleasant and efficient. It is a small operation, and a bit informal, but I would use them again. The price was good, and the vehicle was clean and newer.

Manuel Hernandez

Linda Conroy

Getting the car was very easy. Returning the car in the early morning hours was a bit scary at first because there was only one EE accepting the cars and then running folks over to airport. But in the end, she did a great job getting us to the airport.

Sylvia H.

I had the most wonderful experience with Thrifty Car Rental. Our plane landed in Charleston at 1:15am, and the car rental services at the airport opened at 6a.m. I called Thrifty; they open at 4a.m. We had had a long trip and were tired and irritable. I spoke with Ms. Latrice, and she immediately sent a shuttle to pick us up. Our shuttle driver was also friendly, and he even pointed us in the right direction to get to Fort Jackson in Columbia, where my son-in -law was graduating from U.S. Army Boot Camp. The process for rental and return was quick and easy, and our car was clean and worked well. It was actually a new car. I was only the second person who had driven it. Latrice said that she and her staff would take good care of us, and that's exactly what they did. When we returned the car, both she and our shuttle driver remembered about the graduation and asked how everything went. We were quickly shuttled back to the airport and ready for the trip home to California. The whole staff was friendly and very helpful. I would highly recommend Thrifty, and especially this branch to anyone. Thank you so much!!

Tru Thompson

Great!!!!! Made the reservation for a car while standing in a long line after getting to the airport, got the car 15 minutes later(CANT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT)!!!!!

Pledger Schaefer

Liars. This company should be dissolved, assets seized, executives sent to the gulag. I walked around to each of the car rentals at the SLC airport; this one was "the cheapest". I specifically asked about hidden fees/anything that would drive the final cost up. "Nope, this is it." I was quoted at $45. My card was charged $95. If anyone is interested in a class action law suit, count me in.

Winola Franklin

Prices are reasonable. The cars can definitely be cleaner, with several smelling of smoke and stains on the seats.

Frank D'Acquisto

Adam Grace

Everyone that works there was very nice but there was only one guy checking out a very long line and it took quite a while. Facility was off site but the price was right!

Ron Buxton

When I attempted to rent my car my credit card was declined by Thrifty. My bank had put a temporary hold as It was an unknown out of state charge. I called my bank to lift the hold. With the bank representative on the phone the woman at the counter refused to run my card again, refused to let me speak to her supervisor and went back to playing a game on her phone. (I’m not making this up). I ended up having to go to another rental company and rent there. I have traveled all around the world and have never encountered such a lack of customer care.

Sheri Jones

They are so so hard to work with. I will never, ever rent another car from them. When we picked up the car, it was filthy - crumbs everywhere, candy wrappers everywhere, something sticky on the back seats and all over the door. Big crack in the windshield. Called and someone was suppose to call me back. Never heard from anyone. Called again, got transferred 3 times and then got hung up on. All they have done is given me the run around! Horrible company - avoid at all costs!

Raghu Billa

Friendly staff

Robert Masterson

Good car from milwaukie

Edward Weiss

Lewis Karlan

Waited an hour for a vehicle so we could leave the airport. But we had a nice upgrade, so it was a wash.

E Draz

Rachael Christy

Gashun Southerland

Tony & Ann Coppola

Not pleased that you want to charge another $13/day to add a spouse as a second driver!

Kathy Datsko

No pressure if you have your own insurance. True to their word about the quote they gave, no hidden add fees. Rental car service was the simple, friendly way it should be.

Graham Hawthorne

Pickup and drop off were smooth, staff was nice and together, and drop-off agent did me a huge solid. I see a lot of negative reviews citing wait times and vehicle surprises. Folks, it's New York City and car rental is a complicated business - if you want premium guaranties and service, rent from Hertz and pay twice as much. Personally I ALWAYS call ahead - a few days to a few hours depending on how specific my vehicle requirements are, to check that they will definitely have what I need, be it a cargo van, mini van or Ferrari...

Alyssa Seals

Very friendly, funny employees. We had completed the reservation online and included two drivers and insurance, none of which registered on the computer system during check-in. Additionally, check-in took 20+ minutes late in the evening when we were tired and wanted to be done. We thought the location was at Pdx but ended up having to take a shuttle to the location.

Thu Jelden

Easy check in, service is friendly and fast, key in vehicle and GO! Economical too.

Kerri Lynn Harris

Bit of communication confusion with the driver of the transport from the airprt, but once we overcame that, everything was friendly, comfortable, and excellant service. Return was simple, all directions were easy to understand and complete. Vehicle was clean, comfortable and handled nicely. Thanks for helping our trip be successful!

Angela Hudson

My husband rented a car from you that we booked online a month ago and was quoted a price of $210.00 and upon renting the car for a week and returning it you idiots charged him $641.00. You charged him for things he didn't ask for or use. You refuse to refund any of the money and the guy working would not let him read anything before clicking the little boxes and just took the pen and clicked them for him. He was very rude and we will never use your car rental place again or recommend you to anyone.

Genia Friscone

The staff was friendly and efficient! The car was clean and in good conditioncI Iforgot something in the car and they acted quickly to get my item back to me.

Cinci Davis

Great all around !!!

Peter Coffey

Francesca Bellumori

(Translated by Google) It was complicated for the operator who did not help us with English, on the contrary she spoke faster and I noticed some laughs at the fact, perfectly normal, that you don't speak English well. But go ..... !! (Original) È stato complicato per l operatrice che non ci aiutava con lingua inglese, anzi parlava più veloce e ho notato anche delle risatine di scherno per il fatto, normalissimo, che non parli bene inglese. Ma vai.....!!

Marco Benassini

Had to wait for over an hour to finally receive a vehicle which I had paid for already. After having to express my concerns several times I finally got their attention and they determined that they released my vehicle to someone else. I was rushed thru a new contract which took another half hour but by then i was questioning in my mind if these employees knew what they were doing.

Sandra Jones

Rebecca Gardner

I made an online booking with Thrifty because their prices were so much better compared to competitors. However, due to some of the reviews left here, I was worried that I might be disappointed. Thankfully, I had a very positive experience with Thrifty — we even got an upgrade. I rented a car for two weeks and there were no issues with the car, and pickup and return were uncomplicated and quick. The staff I interacted with were all professional and kind. I look forward to using their services again.

Glenn Hale

Was treated unfairly and put through a process I never seen anyone going through. Said my address couldn’t be verified on my credit card which was a blatant lie. Even called my credit card and they could figure out why the treated me like this. Process took 45 minutes I ended up going to National next counter over and got a rental in 5 mins and I’m not even going to play that card but don’t go to Thrifty or Dollar

ramon espinosa

Super nice staff and the shuttle from PDX was quick.

Breanna Campbell

First time using Thrifty and was very satisfied. I used credit card reward miles and chose the "wildcard" and the agent took the time to see where I was going and how much luggage I had before he picked my car. He made sure I received a car with enough storage for my bags. Very satisfied and will use THRIFTY again....

Juan Ayuso

I was miss lead towards buying prepaid toll by telling me that there was no cash lanes at the tolls, and sure there were cash lanes at all tolls I went through. No giving instructions of the car check out process. Bad business practices by counter employee.


They don't care how much you agree online,they rude ,and won't provide good customer service ,and final transaction they charged you more after we again agreed in you receipt how much you pay

Partick Murphy

Just a miserable experience. Not worth the lower cost as they will fine print you to death so it end up costing not just more cash but hours and hours of unpleasantness with incompetent and misleading customer service. I have no idea how this company can stay in business.

George Rojas

I was deeply offend by an older grey haired gentleman who my niece and I encountered when we first tried to rent there, he asked her for multiple forms of I’d witch I’ve never heard of that before she Evan had to show this rude individual her social security card which to me was degrading, when we finally had the transition done the class that we reserved Wasn’t available so naturally gentleman that works at the garage brung out an Upgraded model, he Refused to give it to us and tried to give us a downgraded model when I said I was Not gonna accept that he told me that I Would have a sit there and wait an hour or two to see if something else came in which is so unprofessional and offended me deeply the treatment this gentleman gave me I sincerely think he is racist and he will never treat another Caucasian in that manner, we walked out and needless to say didn’t conduct any Business nor shall we ever At this establishment or thrifty in general.

Kosala Perera

Good service. Can't really complain. Got full cover and pre paid fuel. However there is a ExxonMobil station near by so if you want to fill up before giving the car you can.

Lanita Reid

Marty Blystone

Fast, fair and friendly! See u soon.

Thomas Bel

Expedia hooked me up with this company. Never heard of them before then. Poor service. Didn't mention a deposit until arrival. Also steer clear unless you like them making a 300% profit on your tolls I'll be going with enterprise next time. Hope you enjoyed charging me $97.49 for my $21 worth of tolls Thrifty because you will never make another dime from me or anyone I know again

La2u Paea

Very reliable!

James Flaherty

pick up and drop off went fine. price was good. the drop off location was not marked well taking me several attempts to get to the correct location. this is a pain that could be avoided with better signage. the pick up and drop is a bit of a walk but expect that with less expensive rental.

Truck Stop Media

Easy in and easy out. Service is good, and the Manhattan location is very convenient. Subway is just around the corner for easy access. Recommended.

Ann McLaughlin

I have been a travel agent for 30 year and have lots of experience with car rental companies. I enrolled my husband, the driver, in Thrifty's BlueChip loyalty program and added the number to the booking. That allowed us to bypass the main line and go directly to the kiosk in the parking lots. (Enrolling in loyalty programs is usually free and offers great value.) We had obtained a great rate at Thrifty's website and also received a clean very low mileage car. The problem was that our receipt was handed to us in an envelope which my husband opened as he was getting into the car. He noticed our rate which was quoted at $78 was increased to $149! He went back to the agent who said the extra day's charge was due to our time of pick up. We were scheduled for 3pm pickup and got the car at 320pm, so obviously our pick up was timely. In fact, day one of car rental time clock begins when one picks up the car and day ends 11 hours and 59 minutes later. Pick up time doesn't affect the timing at all. If one returned the car later than anticipated, it would be possible to incur another day of charges. But picking car up reasonably early or late doesn't affect rate...period! We got our situation resolved. We heard same agent give same excuse to another customer as he returned his car and my husband told him to go to counter and resolve the situation. Verify the bottom line on your receipt and turn the car in on time & you will be fine. It's much easier to resolve problems at time of pick up vs. at time of return.

Maureen Errico

aubrey smith

Great customer service and it was a very easy process quick and easy the vehicles are very nice


They over charge and have poor costumer service. Stay Away

Eddie Rodriguez

Good service, frequent shuttles to the terminal. Gets busy so go with plenty of time to catch a flight. Cars in good condition as expected. Very close to the terminal

Foxita La

I rented the car online but didn't know they weren't at the airport. It takes almost 20 min from the airport to the Thrifty. What a waste of time. And of course they don't have the courtesy of telling people how far away they are because people probably wouldn't rent with them. Either way they are making people angry. I am not the only one who complains.

Debra Krystofek

It's a pain trying to get to the car terminal Like driving in circles.

Frank Finger

English version at the end of text ACHTUNG ! Ich aus D habe bei Thrifty ein Auto gemietet gehabt. Einen EasyPass habe ich abgelehnt, da ich auf meiner Fahrt an nur einer Toll-Plaza vorbeikomme und dort nur 1 Dollar zahlen muss und das kann ich dort auch in bar. Nachdem ich nun 3 Wochen zu Hause war, bekomme ich einen Brief, dass ich verschiedene TollStation in NewYork zig Mal passiert haben soll. Tatsächlich war ich 199 Meilen entfernt. Wie erbeten, habe ich Quittungen (die ich glücklicherweise noch aus dem Papiermüll fischen konnte) aus dem Aufenthaltsort als pdf gesandt. Interessiert aber anscheinend keinen; angeblich soll der Transponder in dem Auto in Ordnung sein und ich hätte (ich weiß nicht wie) automatisch aktiviert. Und man wirft mir sozusagen vor, ich sei täglich 199 Meilen gefahren um dann durch den Toll zu fahren. Obwohl das Auto ja wohl getrackt werden kann, wird das nicht als Nachweis untersucht. Ich rate deshalb allen Fahrzeugmietern mindestens 3mal am Tag den Standort mit irgendwelchen Schildern im Hintergrund zu fotografieren. Mein Schaden beträgt zur Zeit 200 Dollar, den man mal so ohne Ankündigung von der Kreditkarte abgebucht hat. CAUTION ! Me (German) rented a car from thrifty. 3 Weeks after I'm home I got a letter from thrifty that I activated the EasyPass and passed a lot of times TollPlazas around NewYork. But I stayed at friends 199 mi away. Thrifty doesn't beleave me even I send in several receipts of what I bought. They say their transponder is okay but I can't proof it and I doubt that they did it. I think they don't know where the car is just in this moment. So when you rent a car I will tell you: Make 3 times a day a picture of the car with a town-sign or something else in the background. And held receipts for a minimum of one month better longer. Thrifty, Dollar and Hertz are the same company I think. Be careful ! This thing is just cost me 200 USD !


Kenda Bradford Neal

Renting from Thrifty for the first time was amazing. Customer Service was on point and the vehicle was amazing as being well. I can be using your service again

karen johnson

This place has terrible customer service. The associate was very rude. I will never rent from this place again.

Jacqueline Holt

At first I was very upset with Thrifty. We reserved a car rental in New Orleans with a specific time to pick up and found that no cars were available because they had sent some of their fleet to Texas and Florida because of the storms. The only transportation we could get for our destination was limo service that was very expensive. When I wrote to Thrifty and told them how disappointed I was in their service. They made it right by re-reimbursing me the limo fare we had to pay. I will definitely book with them again the next time I need a rental car.

Charles Sparks

This Thrifty Car Rental is privately owned lf you have a problem you have to deal with them directly. If you use a debit card they add $14.95 a day to your rental agreement. Service is very slow car's need to be cleaned better. We waited over 40 minutes in line they only have two agents works very slow. Check with another rental company be you use this business.

Raven Chang

Super friendly staff!

Shawn Piros

Awesome gmc Yukon!

Zhe Wang

Cory Jurgensmeier

Slowest agency in the entire airport. Agent took over 12 mins to check in every car. All other agencies had 3+ agents at their desks....thrifty had one, and she kept disappearing to the back room for 3 or 4 minutes between check ins. There was an electronic kiosk check in (a single kiosk) near the desk....but it was broken. The thrifty line wove in and out through all the other agencies....while they quickly moved through their customers. It took me longer to get my car at the Thrifty car rental desk than it took to sit in Phoenix airport waiting for my flight, fly to Salt Lake, get my luggage in Salt Lake and make it to the desk. Thrifty should be embarrassed. What an absolute joke. Calls to corporate Thrifty were answered, "Sorry there is nothing that we can do". Manager on site said the same thing, "no one else is trained on the computer system". Apparently this lady is? I will specifically avoid Thrifty as able in the future, but will never use their Salt Lake Airport branch again.

Oliver Chessler

the manager named jonahtan is very mean and he would not let us pick up a car at closing time

Bob Wagner

Memphis staff were excellent. On the Corporate side your decision to close the rental location at Memphis International Airport at 11:00 is a bad one! I made my reservations through CR app and my Confirmation from Thrifty did NOT state that you closed at 11:00 pm. My flight came in :30 early. Thankfully I arrived at 10:59 & received my car. I asked what would happen if I arrive at 11:01pm and received; you would have to go to parent company, Hertz Counter. AND NOT have your rate honored and pay a the last minute rate if they had a car!!! I will NOT be using Thrifty in Memphis for my monthly National Guard Duty. I will using Avis or Alamo because they stay open until Midnight!

Aederade K

Beth Jurczyk

tamika pruitt

I had no problem vehicle was clean and up to date. Overall process was quite fast

David Foster

I have had satisfactory experiences at other Thrifty locations around the country, but the Newark airport branch is the most incompetent, poorly managed rental car operation I have encountered anywhere. I have spent an hour waiting already, and still have at least another hour in line. The staff here seems utterly indifferent to the delay, and totally clueless about how to solve the problem. The only reason I continue to wait is that I prepaid the full rental charge. Never again — this is absurd.


Nice Management. Love to take car next time too..

Sandeep Tamang

The car return process could be automated

Tammy Clark

Everything was great except for the person that took my reservation I told them I do not have a major credit card I had to use my debit card I was told that as long as I paid 15% more of the rental they would not have to run my credit report and he took my insurance to show that I have coverage and will not need their insurance I get to the checkout counter to get the car they have to run my license I'm sorry my credit report but they can't cuz I'm in the middle of bankruptcy I wasn't going to get the car stuck in another state luckily my social security number hasn't been fully through the bankruptcy and I was able to get the car if this wasn't the case I would have been stuck in another state without any transportation on the good side the car was great great on gas I had no problems except that please excuse any misspellings I am using a cell phone

cohen naor

The worst service ever

Danielle Stulo

Stawrm Ali

terence bittmann

Service was good, except they neglected to tell me to bring my gas receipt when returning the car.Wanted to charge me a fee even though it was obvious the car was returned full. They finally caved in but it was a bit aggravating.

Donna Billman

Uh...not so much. Rented car, was quoted price, car was fine, drove well etc, had to return early, they wanted to charge over 100 more for this, even though they were getting it back early! Ridiculous. Never had a car rental try to upcharge me before, not sure I would recommend or use again, if you cannot count on the quoted price, then what is the point? Its not like keeping it longer, in which case, YES expect to pay MORE, keeping shorter period, should equal same or less cost, but NO they claim oh our rates went up, fine, what does that have to do with a fee already quoted and locked in???? YEAH it should NOT matter, I don't mind early return fee small amount, but over 100 dollars, NO>>>not ok

Rajah Brazda

James Greer

Quick service, great car

Julio Pinero

"Wild card" program does not work for me, Thrifty employee not helpful, they suggest two economy (Chevy Sonic and another Nissan hatchback, I don't remember the model ) insisting that were considered as Mid-size when they are Economy or Compact (Confirmed later with another Thrifty employee at the Drop off time). At the end I get what I paid but I don't keep a good impression on someone who lies to its customers.

bruno rocuba

JOKE. Made reservation through Travelocity counter person asked me to swipe my card for some reason when I arrived never telling me it was for pre pay gas so I signed and filled up before dropping off and they couldn't refund my $31 but gave me credit slip from manager for $50 .fill only took $10 so I made out $10 for whenever and if I rent a car again. BEWARE

Escritora Rejane Abilio

(Translated by Google) Present in more than 70 countries, Thrifty is a car rental company founded in 1958 in Oklahoma. In the year 2000 she arrived in Brazil with headquarters in Maceió, Porto Velho, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Ilheus, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Guarapuava, São Paulo, Vitória and Guarulhos. At price comparison sites, this company always figures as one of the most important rental companies and there are service shops from the airport to the street stores, so there is no need to pick up those vans that take you to the rental store. The car, though classified as economical it was new, all automatic and had been washed just before I picked it up. The leather of the seats was white and spotless. This company uses base rates far below the market and then wins over the sale of additional items such as insurance, GPS, Sunpass (type No-Stop from Brazil. They offer for $ 30.00 dollars, but as most do not know the roads of the destination that is going, end up buying, sometimes with a few coins you can pay the toll. That is ... when it exists) and packages that for the most part can be excused or are already included in the value of the rent. They do everything to convince the customer, especially one who does not master both the language of the country that is visiting or the rules of car rental, to leave the sweaty dollars there at the counter. I have already used the services of the company in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York I recommend it because it fits in my pocket, but when I go to pick up the car, I am already prepared to say good and loud NO. (Original) Presente em mais de 70 países, a Thrifty é uma locadora de veículos fundada em 1.958, em Oklahoma. No ano de 2.002 ela chegou ao Brasil com sedes em Maceió, Porto Velho, Rio de Janeiro, Cuiabá, Curitiba, Ilheus, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Guarapuava, São Paulo, Vitória e Guarulhos. Nos sites de comparação de preços, essa empresa sempre figura como uma das locadoras mais em conta e há lojas de atendimento desde o aeroporto até lojas de rua, então não há necessidade de pegar aquelas vans que te levam até a locadora. O carro, apesar de classificado como econômico era novo, todo automático e tinha sido lavado logo antes de eu pegar. O couro dos bancos era branco e estava impecável. Essa empresa usa tarifas-base muito abaixo do mercado e depois ganha em cima da venda de itens adicionais como seguros, GPS, Sunpass (tipo o Sem Parar do Brasil. Eles oferecem por US$ 30,00 dólares, mas como a maioria não conhece as estradas do destino que está indo, acabam comprando, sendo que as vezes com algumas moedas você pode pagar o pedágio. Isto é... quando ele existe) e pacotes que em sua maioria, podem ser prontamente dispensados ou já estão inclusos no valor do aluguel. Fazem de tudo para convencer o cliente, principalmente aquele que não domina tanto o idioma do país que está visitando ou as regras de aluguel de carro, a deixar os suados dólares lá no balcão. Já usei os serviços da empresa em São Francisco, Los Angeles e Nova Iorque recomendo-a porque cabe no meu bolso, mas quando vou retirar o carro, já vou preparada para dizer bons e sonoros NO.

Amy Wahlgren

Bus driver, Bob, who picked us up was nice and gave some advice for driving around. Wasn't a hassle to get the rental car and leave.

Andrew Marbley

mark barron

They we're good to me great price

Eddie Johnson

I had a family emergency and Thrifty really came in handy for me. Reliable car. Great staff. Wonderful experience all around.

Sidnei Lefredo Padaratz

Nice guys helping you to get a rental in Washington Dulles


Good price, service

anthony lynch

So i didnt end up renting a car but I did run my card, thats when my trouble started. I barrowed a car from my cousin which only cost me gas but the hold on my card stayed from the 17th of may 2019 untill now and it's may 29th. Iv called a few times the first call they tell me that the hold should be off in 2-3 days that was on the 21st. Now on the 29th I call because of givin them more thsn enough time trying to be patient. They tell me it will be another 5-7 days untill the hold is lifted. Which will make it nearly 3 weeks since this all started. Im just saying if i pay a bill 3 weeks late i get charged for that, i do feel it should be the same for a company that would do it to me. I WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN. They have all of my contact and bank information and I should not have to wait/ call so many times to get back what is mine.


Wrong spot on map, even though right written address. Go to the same address as Hertz car

John L. Davis

I was not overall satisfied with this experience. I had a shuttle driver that took me and a few others to the pick up point and she (her name was “Tree”) took the longest route possible and drove with her cell phone in her hand most of the time. The car was only “ok” and the return process person was really short, almost rude, with me and her directions. She could have been a bit more pleasant in my opinion. Travel can be stressful and this company did not alleviate any stress at all during my trip. Not going to choose them in the future.

Mallory Regan

I live in Bozeman and my car broke down in Jackson, WY a few weeks ago. I had friends in town that needed to get back to Bozeman, so I called Thrifty Rental from the repair shop and secured a van. After leaving own my car at the repair shop, I walked 2 miles to get to Thrifty Rental where they then charged me much more than they had quoted me on the phone. The employees that I spoke with were incredibly rude and unsympathetic. I am absolutely sure that they used my circumstances to make an extra buck. Truly horrifying customer service. DO NOT rent from here!

Md Ehtesham

I booked on Priceline for a month,they cancelled my rent just because my address on credit card and driving license is different. I had no prob with Alamo just beside their counter.

AL Williams

Very professionally done. Quick checkout.

Zahid Khan

Worst customer servic ever i ever encounter with over price go next door Enterprises or Almo with Excellent customer service.People who work in this location have NO educations.

jinit shah

Cheapest option at Newark airport

Jeff Spade

DO NOT RENT from this place. Outrageous charges for EZPass - I went through a non-booth toll section (no other options) on the Mass Pike and ended up with a $60 (yes SIXTY DOLLAR) bill for a .90 toll. $$$$ for a boring Ford Fiesta. Rude clerks. RENT IN JERSEY!!

Jim Branaum

Nice people good cars

Sonya Dodson

The representative that helped me was wonderful!!! She offered suggestions when my bank card kept declining the transaction. As I kept getting more & more frustrated she kept reassuring me that it would all work out and to call the bank. Sure enough, it was the bank not Thrifty. Thrifty was great and check in & out was superb was as easy as it gets. 5 stars all the way!!!

Swaroop Shankar

Long lines but decent service

Carlos Pretel

Annie B

Fast service and even though I booked with my card points the woman at the desk let me take the car an hour early- made a huge difference in my long drive at night !

Bret Webster

Rented a van for the day to go thru Yellowstone. Easy pick up, easy drop off. Van got good mileage and close proximity to the park entrance.


I agree with the comment written by Ken below. I've rented from this location a number of times and as a Blue Chip member waited each time in line to get my rental. The only benefit is for the people behind me as my rental takes a short period of time. My last visit I went through three cars to find the least dinged up dented vehicle to take out. The time before that my flight was delayed. I rushed to the kiosk, arriving before 11:00 pm only to be told by other car rental agencies that "they always leave around 10:45, so you're out of luck with Thrifty. People were friendly enough though

Patricia lopez

Wilson Ww

One word: bad Two world: really bad Booked online and arrived on time. Spent a few extra dollar wanting to book a standard size SUV to go about my grand teton trip, only to find that a compact size SUV was waiting for me on the parking spot. I took it anyway because I don't know anything about Buick and thought it might be what I have booked plus I don't have time to argue under a tight vacation schedule. My bad rental experience does not stop here. During the trip, I found the vehicle does not completely fuel to full tank when the gas pump clips off. This was annoying as when you go on road trip you don't what that constant stop for gas because of you can't fuel 100% up your tank. Then when I turn in the vehicle at the end, it makes sense now. They charge for 9.99 per gallon when they don't see a full tank!!! This is complete scam and don't ever book with this company again. It is not worthy of your money and time, or whatsoever. Business this dishonest should not be allowed to stay in the competition at all.

Tseg dan

2 days earlier reserved a car My flight was delayed and arrived late by couple hours When I get to the location, they told me that I arrived late and they are out of cars.customer service told me They have zero grace period, not even 5 minutes I went over 3 to 4 other rental car companies , all of them have 24 hours grace patios. So No Trifty and dollar rental car for me any more , as I could arrive latter than scheduled time ,and I don't want to bear that risk.

Abygail Meyenburg

David Jasphy

My in-laws paid for a car reservation and have been waiting in a line for hours just to get their car. This place sucks! They should have a quick check in process especially at a popular airport. This is so avoidable. Use anyone else. We've been to busy airports like Orlando and JFK and never had this issue. Only with Thrifty!!!

La Arnt

Great prices! No long lines or rude customer service representatives. I rent cars here often and each time I'm treated well with great service too. I recommend Thrifty Rental car at Memphis International!

Isa Valencia

Nikki Sprewer

They were open new years day and I needed a rental due to my car being in the shop...So the price was reasonable and I got an excellent car..No problem getting the car and no problem. Dropping it off...

Zain Haq

Good experience, this place deserves 5 stars. I've rented numerous cars but these guys were more quick and efficient than most car rental agencies! I was a little worried at first but I had no issues at all. I also landed a good deal. Kendall took good care of us when we dropped off the car.

G Nutter

Slow... Don’t expect quick service. Rental is off-site from airport. My advice would be to spend a little more and rent from a place at the airport. The reason for 2 stars and not 1 is the car was very nice and only had 3k miles.

Frank Stotts

Nice car. Easy pic u