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Here you have all the reviews of real people like you who bought the services and products of Lamborghini Las Vegas (Rent Cars) in the state of Nevada.

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Where is Lamborghini Las Vegas?

REVIEWS OF Lamborghini Las Vegas IN Nevada

Carla Pavorn

Customer service is eccellent

James Edmonds

The service department is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Every person I have had contact with is helpful and courteous. They are A+


Angelica Farias

I bought one and it was cool

Robert Mardirossian

andrea green

Dar F

Always awesome. Sorina and George treat me like family however I do miss seeing Tom and his smiling face.

Emmanuel Thioux

chris walton

Nick Rienzo

Amazing service from Ben the service advisor and Rod the salesman. I was cruising out to Vegas and started having problems with my car. Called them and the guys stayed longer to diagnose my car that day! Couldn't ask for a better experience! They fixed my car in under and hour and it's running great!

Katie Davenport


Steve McC

The place to buy or service your lambo, even if you don't live in Vegas. Crazy showroom had Aventador, Diablo, and Centenario in it. Saleen S7 sitting just outside as well. All other cars on the lot were pristine and had low miles, so they only sell clean and pristine stuff, yet their prices are right in line with sometimes lesser cars. Staff is amazing. Highly recommend.

Ariel Arevalo

Logan's Adventures Channel

great place way over my budget

Craig Brummell

Steven Davis

Great service. I love with my new car.

Michael Aminov

Horrible customer service tried purchasing a $200,000 car plus from these guys two times both times took days to get back to me and then called me back and told me the car was sold afterwards good luck getting a hold of these people when you’re trying to buy a car good luck even more after you buy the car I’m sure you’ll never be able to get a hold of them

Jason Cluxton

I had a great experience with Ben at Lamborghini Las Vegas in Henderson. I brought my 2007 Gallardo in for an oil change and he found several things that needed to be addressed. After his recommendations, service, and fine tuning the vehicle to my driving style, it’s running like new, and nice and loud again. Ben and a tech even came to my home after hours to address a concern I had. They monitored my concern closely and while there was nothing to worry about, they treated my concern with genuine care. This is my second Lamborghini, and third service department, and this has been the best one yet.

Heather Monday

Tanner Certonio

Ed Bolian

Ben Stauffer in service and Tom Brazill in sales are always ready to accommodate any need and bend over backwards to ensure customer satisfaction. The team at Lambo Las Vegas is excellent and their results are a testament to their passion for the brand and their care of the enthusiasts that love them.

Jhony Ramirez


Isaac Carter


Yerath oveth Alarcon gonzalez

Sarah Isaacs

Great showroom!

Nintendo Switch For sale Charkaros11RNS


Anthony —

Great service

Exotic Fan

Ben's the best in the game. Always takes care of our needs. And now they have Lyft service to take you where you have to go after your car is dropped off.

Rohit Dhakal 11

I love

Julie Johnson

No cars on site really

Danish Sheikh

Ari Eberlin

Really, as a bull trotting into a Spanish fighting ring, the best you can hope for is to someday have a Lamborghini named in your honor. Because after the mules drag out your skewered carcass, your future is pretty much one of minute steaks and dog food. The bull named Aventador, all 1118 pounds of him, put up a good fight in Zaragoza back on October 15, 1993. Matador Emilio Muñoz may have even broken a sweat because after he killed the animal--ideally done with an espada thrust down between the shoulder blades to sever the aorta--Muñoz was awarded one of the ears as a trophy. And people say hockey is a blood sport. But, alas, nobody has built a carbon-fiber supercar called the Gretzky. Our 34-hour tryst with a $412,015 Lamborghini Aventador began at its factory in Sant'Agata Bolognese, proceeded to a test track near Milan where the critical acceleration and braking numbers proved to be 3.0 seconds and 144 feet, and ended with a series of redline rips through some deep tunnels in the Apennines near the Mediterranean coast. Spoiler alert: This review will be largely positive. That's no fog lamp. The Lambo's exhaust glows red and spits the occasional flame because, of course it does. Murciélago--the bull, not the car--was blessed with a better fate than Aventador, surviving his 24 stab wounds in the ring and retiring with both ears to the Miura family farm, where he was presented 70 cows with which to mate. The steel-tube frame Murci enjoyed a long life, too, aging into a respectably agile handler but suffering too many vestiges of the old days, including a crowded, offset pedal box, controls that were distant and not very usable or particularly attractive, and tungsten-hard seats. If you see a weaving Murciélago, the driver is either blotto, seized by lower back spasms, or attempting to operate a radio/navigation unit that was designed by a KGB cipher team. The Aventador is a clean sheet--100 percent new. The overall experience of living with it, however, is about 90 percent the same, yet there's notable progress in that 10 percent. Per the latest fashion in cars and airline tickets, Aventador pricing is a la carte. At the $393,695 base price, you can choose from just two exterior shades, black or yellow, with a black interior. If that is unsuitable, you may want to call in a decorator because you have eight factory body colors from which to choose (ranging from $1650 to $4100 extra), the option of any "out of range" color that you can think of (for $9100), plus four matte-finish colors (price: $14,000). There are four brake-caliper colors (black is standard; our gray ones are $1100), two wheel colors (silver is free; black is $1820), two rear coil-spring colors (black is standard; yellow is $1100), and one standard and five optional interiors (priced from $840 to $3500) from which to pick. At the factory, we begged for the orange car, but that one was "broken," so we settled for the base gothic black, which makes the Aventador look like a stag beetle from the Horsehead Nebula. It's tough to photograph a black Aventador and capture the voids and sinews and traces of its many acute and obtuse angles, but our guy managed. And it's not as tough as driving an Aventador around Parma at lunchtime. As in most Italian cities, the streets of the old city are as thin as 6 o'clock and lined by stone curbs that can do to a Lamborghini wheel what the bus loads of German retirees do to wheels of the local cheese. The Aventador is almost an inch wider than a Chevy Suburban, and its body is nearly seven feet longer than its wheelbase, which--jumbo wheels notwithstanding--leaves some galactic overhang.

Ladonna Ryan

Professional and courteous staff. George was very nice, professional, and accommodating.

Paola rose

Really live this place i got my new lambo aventedor here and i love it thanks Lamborghini emloyes

Dylandragonrider and windy runner

Daniel Graham

Ben at Lamborghini Las Vegas far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I walked through the door to drop off my Aventador Roadster I felt welcome, well informed and confident that I was in great hands. Great experience all around. Thanks Ben!

Patti Spanganberg

They let us sit the car, if only I could afford one!

Devil Heart

Best showroom of lambos


Its ok. Not kid friendly but they do let you look.

kiran danu

Antonio Torres

Jacob Collins

omg omg i got one a lambo i cryen pro

Blidisel 2741107110711

Tino Or

Ricky & Raquel Meraz

Very nice cars !

Michael Snee

They told me over the phone the car I wanted to see was in fact there an hour before I showed up but turns out it was two days gone.. then again, they were all wearing nice sweaters so +1

Marvin Mundo

game master yt


I bought a used Lamborghini Aventador from this dealership only to find a very racist note in the glovebox stating that all black people should have cancer. I found this very offensive and i hope this person would apologize to me and my son.

Gabriel Colon

Amy Morrison

If you weren't sure you wanted to buy a Lamborghini before you get here, you will after you arrive! Tom is extremely knowledgeable, kind and passionate about cars! We could spend the day there and want to go back the next!

Steven Lemley

I bought my Lambo here

clarence gatlin

Katrina Scagnoli

Jose Flores

Dont like it

Emmanuel J. Okey I

Justin Novy

Recently, I worked with Ben in the Lamborghini service department to acquire a used Huracan. Ben was extremely responsive and respectful. He was very informative and really helped tremendously in my purchase. He went above and beyond what I would consider to be great customer service. I would highly recommend this dealership and their service department for their expertise and professionalism.

Afonso Meireles


Roberto Zavala

I bought a Lamborghini it is really fast it went up to 239.32

p.sadiq mohamed

E Walk

This is where I’ll be buying my dream car

Slot King Dream

Places very outstanding they take care of you they make sure you're happy they greet you with a smile they know the ends of out of everything they sell this place is amazing Bob is my salesman he is great ask for him

Preston Davis

Abigai Lozano

(Translated by Google) I have a Bugatti Veyron (Original) Tengo un Bugatti Veyron

Roy Stitt

alex rossano

Raymond Spencer

Janett NGtz

Robert Lamb

I walked in dressed in everyday clothing and I was treated with respect.. they were not stuck up or judgemental.. The salesman was a great guy and very knowledgeable.. Gave me some good information in what I should look for when buying a used lamborghini.. Very professional all around. A+ Guys

James Swopes

john borders

I'm from Lake Havasu and we were there for training across the street. We came over to check out the Lamborghini dealer. Sorina the sales and finance lady was extremely warming and professional. The cars were amazing as to be expected. Great experience because of her. Thanks for the experience.

TTV Pudsy

Dhanush Ram

Alex Gutierrez Morales

jimmy jarrett

Sebastian Fray

ann harrison

Took grandson to see these cars, they were friendly and didn't mind that he wanted pics of these high end cars

Yamel Betancourt

I had a great experience and everyone was welcoming, they let me sit in one of the Lamborghini and they had a beautiful white Lamborghini avenatdor

Prem Modepu

Fantastic cars in your show room in was really amazed and shocked to see your cars

Maria Pelczar

Ant Mansocool

The dealership is amazing and fast I thought I would be in there for 2 hours

Omar Acosta

Naloni Jones


edgar castneda

It has cool cars

Kid_bEhINd_ThE_controler 42

They would not take my call all I did was ask for the price of a Lamborghini I'm pisted

sorina teodor

devon ford

Eric White

Awesome showroom, and it didn't cost to look. Great cars.

Jake Mulcahy

Visited Lamborghini Las Vegas and met Rod Fuller. Amazing service, answered all our questions and super friendly. We will definitely be back.

Nazy Galehdari

Brett G. In Lamborghini service is amazing. Personable, caring, and absolutely competent. Took care of all my questions, took care of my car and performed all services as promised. No surprises, no anxiety. Then, to top it off, delivered my service manual signed and stamped (which most places usually forget to do). Highly recommend the service department and especially Brett.

Bobby Fulcher

Aladin Famili


Aaron Goldstein

Sanjay Singh Bhandari


Nicholas Ferrendelli [STUDENT]

Joe Triplett - 360.Vegas

Thanks Ben. The new video overview for service is amazing! That level of service I haven't seen anywhere else. I appreciate the diligence and care when I bring my baby in.

Puneet Singh Jaspal

First class facility

Adrienne Cooper

fieredup stang

bought a burger here! best fast food restaurant in the world! highly recomend!!!!

Mike Lpll

My name is Chad and I wanted to thank you and I appreciate all your help Lamborghini of Las Vegas is an outstanding and will help you no matter what with 110% service I came out to Las Vegas and do some gambling at the Luxor and MGM when I pull up to the Luxor I had my Lamborghini LP640 Valley parked & I didn't anything of it I came back out to get my car to go out and find a nice restaurant the valet attendant went to go get my car when he pulled up in my car he said it was acting a little bit weird but I didn't think anything of it and I got my car and drove off all of a sudden my vehicle would not go above 30 miles an hour and I turned around heading back to the Luxor and the valet parking attendant said do you know what's going on and I was like no I don't I'm going to need to find me a mechanic fast the attended handed me a phone number and told me he understanding what was go on so a tow truck came down to the Luxor hooked up to my car and I got inside the tow truck and we went down tea shop he said there was going to be a small fee for hooking up the car to the computer on the car I said okay and then I found out there was Lamborghini of Las Vegas and the service writer name was Ben he told me that I was able to get a loaner from Lamborghini of Las Vegas so I would not be stuck while my car was being worked on I told him thank you and then I arrive back to the shop to go pick up my car and I was told I owed exactly $18,000 in repair fees and then I argued with the fees I said that I was paying too much money and Ben was trying to help me get my car back I arrived with the police department my car was blocked in and I was told that I could not have my car until the $18,000 was paid and then again Ben being a service manager that he is tried to help me multiple ways called the shop back and ask them what they did to my car and they told him a fraudulent story and I fought with these people the complete weekend and again it was problems after problems and I went to get my car back on Wednesday parsley into Thursday after I paid the bill they told me that the shop was closed and it wouldn't be open back till Wednesday night I got a Uber black suv right back down to the shop and all of a sudden my Lamborghini LP640 was missing the tags to the vehicle for laying on the ground and nobody knew where my car was but again the service manager Ben tried to help me in any way possible for me to get my car back if I had to get a loaner they were trying to help me 110 percent and I'm praying that either this company returns my car or they replace it but I will say this Lamborghini of Las Vegas is the kind of company that you want working on your exotic car thank you so much Lamborghini of Las Vegas from the bottom of my heart and all the help that you put trying to help me get my Lamborghini LP640 sincerely Chad

Repo noel

Scott Nebeker

Another of my rare five-star reviews but this one deserves it. A few years back, I took my kids to see the Lamborghinis in Las Vegas. At the time, they only had a few and they were in the Audi dealership adjacent to this building. They've since been relocated to this building and holy crap, it's incredible! I walked in (again, after not being there for a few years) and they've got 4, yes FOUR, Aventadors and a Huracan on display. I'll defy you to find another place with that kind of display. Museums don't count.

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