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REVIEWS OF Acura of Omaha IN Nebraska

Samantha Orrick

Always get friendly service and expert advice.

Jeffrey DeLoss

First time at this dealership as I am new to Omaha. Had an issue with my TLX. Sales manager Jeff H got me all fixed up and was very personable. I know I will be back!

Judy Leppek

Acura of Omaha has excellent service, and always does a great job with our cars.

Devina Panko

They were very friendly and helpfu. Our vehicle can be more of a challenge because it's from Canada, but they went above and beyond to get what needed to be done done. Great customer service :) thank you!

Tri Pacer

Place is a real bummer these days..... I bought my car there and when I went to trade it in on a new one they (Acura of Omaha) offered me $1500 less than the Lexus dealer & Carmax did! I've actually been buying cars from Acura of Omaha for many years!! I know I'm not the easiest person to deal with but their margins are unreal at best. I heard Brad tell the nice young salesman offer him $9K and maybe we will get $13K out of it?? I can't understand why the Acura dealer couldn't at least match the "other guys" ? I left mad and frustrated, I am done with them if this is all the better they can treat me. NEVER have heard a response to this post by "Acura of Omaha". How can you throw a 15 year customer to the curb who has purchased more than 5 new Acura's and many used vehicles?? I can't understand why a loyal, long term customer means so little to Acura of Omaha?

Holly Boyle

gjorley .

My wife bought an Acura TL from Acura of Omaha before we were married, and always had the dealership service her car. One day my wife hits a pothole and the tire falls off the bead. She calls me, and I put the spare on, and tell her to stop by Acura of Omaha on the way to work to put the tire back on the wheel. After leaving the dealership, she calls me and says that the service department had told her that there was a nail in the side wall of the flat and had sold her a new tire. She had already left the service department and was late for work, so I ran down there reaching the dealership in less than a half-hour later. I asked to see the tire in question, and the mechanic directed me to a pile of tires. I pulled every tire that could have come off my wife’s car (about 15 or so), and inspected each of them. I did not find a single tire that had a nail in the sidewall, and almost all of them had more than half their tread left. Upon asking the mechanic about this, he offered the excuse that “they must have taken the tires away”. I asked to see the manager, who told me that he could not talk to me, because I was not the purchaser of the car. My wife then called in and complained, and we received a letter from the manager, that apologized for the “misunderstanding” (e.g. sorry you caught us trying to rip you off) and a check for half the amount of the tire. Final analysis, I am still out over 150 buck for a tire that I did not need and even more outraged that the manager offered false platitudes, but still kept half my money. Either Acura of Omaha was ripping off every person that brought in a flat tire that day, or they tried to take advantage of a young minority woman who did not know better. If you want an Acura, my advice is to drive to Kansas City.

Patrick Sokol

Excellent service!

Linda Tran

Marie-Elena Schembri

Salesman James was initially friendly and seemed honest, but did not follow through with the price, saying manager wouldn't go any lower. Also initially said the miles on the vehicle he showed were 77,000 when it was actually 89,000. We liked it anyway and bought it, though a few days later found out there was a problem with the car at high speeds. Service department has been a nightmare, not customer service oriented, and take forever to even look at it, meanwhile I am without a vehicle at all. Car in shop for second time because they didn't fix it before. The salesman is still trying to sell my mom another car when they can't even fix the one we just bought, which was $15,000 after warranty. It had not been a good experience at all....bought the car a week and a half ago and have barely driven it.

402ACM 06

no thanks .

steven grof

Found a good car here however....When a salesmen tells you the reason a tire it's low on air pressure is because the change in air temperature, 85 to 65, caused the air pressure to lower don't believe them. A nail in the tire will cause that however. Funny how that works

Dennis & Fran Anderson

Mike Doyle

Great service

Lynn Stockall


Amazing salesman, Jay Kraus. If you are in the market for a new or used car he's your man!! Made buying a new car stress free. I would highly recommend him and Acura of Omaha. Thank you Jay!!

Edward Win

Let the owner know . The new car mananger is very bad respectful to the customer . He is acting like he doesn’t need customer . Pls don’t come back to the one in omaha Nebraska . Bad professional service n low educated.


Bought our second Acura from here last weekend. Very friendly people in all departments. If you're looking to buy, Jay is your man.

Phil Schreier

Nabil Salem

Nice friendly staff. Good car&SUV selection.

Emily McCarthy

My experience was great! Steve in the service department was incredibly friendly, helpful and responsive.

David Koopmans

I just had the best experience buying a car that I have ever had - they are so professional none of this "what will it take to get you into this car today" stuff . What a difference in working with a luxury car dealer and a professional staff

Eddie Kaine

The service department and customer service are friendly and they are great when following up on your experience with them.

gman7904 .

JT has the worse customer service ever. Who talks disrespectful about the customers while the customers are inside in front of his office. The cars are listed as one price then they raise up the prices. Terrible customer service at this place. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going there.

jim mulhall

This is my fifth Acura since 2009! I have worked with 4 salesman and each of them has exceeded the prior ones. My current salesman is Jay Kraus. He knows everything about the new cars and is always a text away. My limited service interactions occur with maintenance and hardly ever a debilitating issue. The team of Pat Sedlacek, Garry and Steve Carberry put up with my perfection demands and do it with a smile! I always feel like I have gotten a good deal, honest service and these guys are always there for me.

Gene Lauritsen

Jan Cahill

Troy W

Service advisor helped me out in every way he could

Rick Bultez

Would rather drive my Acura to Des Moines to be serviced rather then dealing with the service manager Jerry House!! Biggest prick I have ever met!

Marcedes Sanders

Marcus Nation

Got the SUV we wanted with cash, went pretty fast

Millennuim Vidz

Beware! Lets start with the fact my wife inquired over the phone about the vehicle, sales rep asked what her name was, days later he STALKED her, figuring out where she worked and calling her at her job! I inquired online about the same vehicle, receiving a response with an email with a the special eprice of 1k dollars off listing price. When we walked in I must of had the word SUCKER wrote on my forehead. Took for drive, loved it. Offered the sales rep a bit less than the eprice. He came back with paperwork... price, payment, taxes... 200 dollars off the ORIGINAL price. I said you just sent me eprice 1k off 3 days ago, he said they just did a bunch work to it and there systems haven't been updated. Asked what they did, he came back with a 800 dollar receipt for bogus work dated 2 months prior. Then there was the finance guy who acted like we was all in big trouble because I didn't want the GAP insurance. Received check for registration 4 days before in-transits expired. On the bright side I got the vehicle of my dreams, its just to bad how hard they try and take advantage of you.


Nice friendly people willing to help

Kelli Bremer

Unfortunate experience with the Service Department. My RDX which is still under warrenty was scheduled for a 2 pm appointment and I drove from Lincoln to be told "some woman must have scheduled this". My issue was not taken seriously but I was given a loaner, returned in an hour to find my car sitting in the lot. I inquired into whether the issue was addressed and I could go and I heard, "no we haven't found anything yet" . My car was making a squealing noise which is intermittent and needs to be driven to hear but my kids and others have been annoyed to drive this nice car that sounds horrific going through my neighborhood at times. I sat for 20 more minutes and was suddenly told it was getting a car wash and the problem had been addressed and "the noise had not been heard since the problem was addressed". Twenty minutes earlier no one heard the problem? very odd. I made my hour long ride back home and my daughter got in my car to use it for an errand and returned only to ask "what the HELL" with my car. NO... the problem is still present and I question if anything was done other then a car wash. I wasted several hours of my week driving down there to be dismissed. I am a physician and I do not have time for this nonsense. I have been buying Acura or Hondas since I could drive so it is unfortunate that I will no longer stand behind this company. I still have my embarrassing sounding Acura still under warranty and I was dismissed after an hour for this warranty issue.because it was a Friday afternoon and "some woman scheduled this appointment". I would like to add that my rotors have been adjusted and then replaced already and fairly recently and suspect this is related to this work but I continue to be dismissed. On a side note. Kuddos to Steve in the Service Department who tried to explain to me what the "blue sheet said" and I do appreciate the explanation he was kind and friendly but unfortunately I did not work with him. I just asked him to help me understand what had just happened as I was sent away with NO FIX to my car at all.

Andrew Pelkner

Coordinated with RJ on a 2011 Hyundai Elantra. He had the car ready when I arrived, we drove it, and the car had a few defects which he agreed to discount the price for. No games, no runaround, and very easy to deal with. From arrival to making the deal and then working the paperwork in the loan office I was in and out in 90 minutes. Will definitely return here for future purchases. A refreshingly pleasant dealership experience.

Alan Morehead

Robert Schneider

After researching for some time we found the car we wanted, an Acura MDX. We worked with the used car manager Alan and the best sales representative I've worked with, RJ. The dealership was professional and made the experience comfortable and fun! We negotiated of-course and they made due on their promises timely and without issues. RJ was happy, fun and really cared about finding us the right fit, definitely see him if you're in the market for a new or used vehicle. Couldn't be happier, thank you Acura of Omaha!

stewart wedergren

Jon OBrien

Great car buying experience. Randy (RJ) gave me a great internet price, and that was exactly what I paid. Very transparent. Highly recommend.

Alexa Kraus

Jay is the most professional & hard-working auto salesman I have ever met!!

Mark Radden

Acura of Omaha has an exceptional service department. Everything runs flawlessly. Whenever the car requires extra maintenance, Steve always explains everything in detail. He also rates necessity levels of replacements. Cars require maintenance, and living in Nebraska, sometimes require more maintenance due to extreme weather conditions and damaged roads that reflect the intensity of Nebraska winters. I receive superior service from Acura consistently over a 7 year span. Thank you, Acura of Omaha...especially Steve in Acura's service department.

Elissa Banks

well.... 2 weeks ago I shared a 1 star and today I’m changing it to a 5. NO ONE can deny their professionalism is a 5. My 1 star rating was heard by Jerry who offered to drive to Lincoln to have my car picked up, serviced and returned to me. I declined as I had to be in Omaha again this weekend. Immediately showing up to the dealership I was greeted by Connor who was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He addressed everything I asked for and had a loaner waiting for me. He followed through on having my car serviced immediately and instead of making excuses he owned up to the past mistakes and apologized. I really appreciated this and they had my car done quickly. Thank you Acura! I’m a fan!

Cara Kimball

Great customer service!!

Christine Vorasane

John Murphy

David Hunke

Quality service good waiting area with snacks and drinks available.

Ashley Kunes

Kasey Stover

Matthew G

Dan Reid

We purchased a used Mdx. We ended up dealing with Alan, a manager. He was disingenuous at best. I have had good experiences in the past with the service department , but the buying experience left everything to be desired. I expected so much more from a luxury brand, not the stereotypical used car guy I had to deal with. If my wife had not really wanted the car, I would have walked out. The dealership probably lost my maintenance work, because Alan was borderline dishonest.

Quan vo

By far the best car shopping experience. They got to the point and didn't bs around! They offer a great price and their services was fantastic.Everyone was was so helpful.If anyone is looking for an Acura,they should come straight here. They treat you like family! (2012 Acura MDX) My son was having trouble with his car so we brought it straight to Acura of Omaha. After a fantastic service buying my wife's car here. We hope to have the same wonderful services they gave us like before. Some dealership get very rude when needing help with your car. They didn't care that we bought it from some were els. They just wanted to help and make it as easy as possible

Jason Long

On my third vehicle from here and Pat n the service dept is the primary reason I return. He is helpful, professional, and ethical (and has been there for 30 years).

Rashelle Buness

Lance A White

Service was good signage to service could be better.

Magarara McNeil

They were able to get me in the same day to do some recall work on my car.

TerryMary Snyder

The Sales staff and Finance were a pleasure to work with.

Vicki Westergard

A woman never likes taking her car into 'the shop'. My Acura was in for an oil change; because of the due-diligence of the team they found a serious problem (of course, I had 'heard it'), but was wanting to ignore it. After an explanation from Steve, I authorized the repair. Thank goodness I did - drives like new, even with 186,000 miles on it! Thank you Acura of Omaha and Steve.

Avinash Pal

Mat Hinze

Excellent service, friendly helpful sales staff. Took time to show all the new technology Acura has to offer in their new 2016 cars.

Rasheed Amao


Not your typical pre owned car sales experience. Staff is great, and Jay was a fantastic sales consultant. Good value all around for pre owned MDX and trade in value. Overall experience was pleasant and quick. Give Acura of Omaha a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Justin Kreifels

Overall a very good experience, Ed was our salesman and he was courteous, professional, and thorough. We aren't from Omaha so they stayed late on a Saturday to talk to us about our options, ended up getting a new RDX and we are very happy with it.

phet inthavongsa

customer service really exceptional

ken gaughran

Came in for Acura Appreciation Days for free Multi Point Inspection and Clean the car inside and out. Spent over $1600.00 for new tires and alignment, replaced brake light and ordered set of fog lights. It appears that the cleaning of the car was not a priority and at most was a quick wash and vac. Expected a little more detailing inside and out for what I spent. Even with the new tires the wheels were not cleaned and still had grease left from the install

Kent Radke

Great service as always.

Kathy-jo Peterson

Great service had an issue but they fixed it

Ron Tucker

EXCELLENT service. Oil change and tire rotation was done FAST. They also performed a multi-point inspection and everything was good. They had me in and out in less than the 30-minutes they quoted. The price of oil change was cheaper than what I paid last time at Jiffy Lube. Steve Carberry was professional and genuinely friendly. Acura of Omaha is now my go to for my Acura service needs. Thanks Steve for the GREAT service. I will be back to see you for my next oil change.

Brad Williams

Matthew Wurstner

Just got an Acura a week ago and brought it in for an oil change and to get a new seatbelt. Steve in the service department was friendly, helpful, and professional. He accommodated my schedule, and provided me a loaner car without hassle when a part was not in stock. I was very happy with the service I received and I will definitely be returning when I next need service on my car.

Charles Luke

Great service center

tarik ahmed

Best service experience I've ever had a dealership

Adam Noel

Carol McBride

Redneck Red

Worst experience ever with a dealership I wish I could could give a negative star review a week ago I went to acura and inquired about a car they had for sale the salesman was Alex Lindgren I chose not to buy the car because it was overpriced and now a week later I'm receiving harassing text messages from the salesman when I called the sales manager to file a complaint he was very rude very disrespectful and unprofessional business avoid if you can.

Aubrey Allen

Stephanie Johnson

NE Senior Insurance

They do not compete with national pricing. The local market is hyper-inflated. Just go to another state and buy for thousands less.

whitney lw

Mary Reid

Todd Liermann

Malia Hansen

Scott Dannehl

Cari Pulec

After a year of trying to get recalls fixed on my Acura MDX, Acura finally had my car towed from Lincoln to Acura of Omaha this morning. The tow truck driver was promp and professional with pick up and delivery, and seemed to treat my car with care both loading and unloading. I was shocked in delivery to find that several dash lights on my vehicle were on that weren't on as I parked it at my job for pickup that morning, and even more so when the driver handed me my invoice from Acura noting that the lights were on the invoice as well! I called and talked to the service advisor Pat and he maintained that the lights were on when he turned it on to check the mileage (something the tow truck driver had also done, but didn't note and when I asked him if they were on he said he didn't note them), I got frustrated at the lack of resolution and hung up the phone. Later I called back and asked to speak to the manager or supervisor of service, and was told it was Pat, she asked me my name and when she returned to the phone told me he had gone for the day. I asked to leave a note and then asked to speak to the manager of the dealership. I was placed on hold and while waiting, my significant other took the line, when she returned to the line again, imagine my suprise when he was connected to Pat who had previously left! After speaking at length of our frustration, Pat offered to let us make an appointment and we could drive the hour to Omaha each way so he could read the codes and we could see what needed to be fixed. And then what? We can pay to fix whatever was somehow damaged during what was supposed to be a free repair? Thanks a not Acura of Omaha

Taylor Falkenhagen

Took my car in for a airbag recall and everything was fine until I got halfway home to notice that my check engine light was on. It wasn't on before I got there so something happened I wasn't told about.

shark man

Just want to state, if you want a solid professional who will go the distance to get you the best deal possible, please ask for Jeff Holbrook. Jeff and I have been doing business for over 9 years (3 vehicles) and he's simply the best ! Sincerely, Steve Styers

Iris Sleight

BUYER BEWARE! I bought a 2014 Loaded Acura MDX and now have an IPHONE6 and the Acura 2014 and 2015 will not pair with a Verizon Iphone 6. Don't spend $50,000 if they can't even pair with one of the most popular mobile phones on the market.I wonder what else I will find that Acura is so far behind on.

Jeff Jorth

Christopher Hawkins

Love Acura of Omaha. GREAT service!

Adam Gardner

Everyone was super nice and helpful. Brad and Jay were excellent and made my first car buying experience worth the 2 hour drive!

Dave Melvin

Excellent service as usual.

Jessica Thompson

Matt Edmunds

Service department is top notch

arthur aguilera

Srinivas Karri

Jim .

their service department is one of the worst in the city. my Acura is burning a gallon of oil between changes and they claim this is not a problem. A Gary there told me that if his car was doing the same thing, he would be upset about it - yet he refused to fix it and is hiding behind "Acura's" decision that it's normal for a car to burn its entire oil capacity between changes. I would recommend avoiding them - there are lots of good dealerships in Omaha that actually treat their customers well.

Brad Utoft

Great service as usual! Our Service Consultant did a great job and our RDX was in and out as scheduled!

Dineshraam Avs

I been in Omaha for a while now and finally decided to get a car (taking Uber all over town) my wife took me to Acura of Omaha where I was helped by RANDY RJ JOHNSON and Alan Jankiewicz. I must say this guy really knows what he's talking about....I got to see a few different models and tested out one of their cars. RJ and Alan were excellent and made my first car buying experience worth. I recommend asking for him if you ever stop by Acura of Omaha! He's the definition of customer service…

Venkata Perla

Staff is very courteous and Excellent Customer Service

Bill Klaus

So much better that Grandpa Steve took it over you know H&H he knows who he is Grandpa Steven is Easter eggs I was at H&H employee years ago I am the ghost of past H&H good store bought a car for my dad there a couple years ago stop by once in a while just to make sure since Steve is out there with the high falutin BMWs go there you have a good time the price is Abby right car serviced right Grandpa Steve door

Tammy Kamin

As always, I am completely satisfied with the service I received!

Teja Konda

Gregg Hoogeveen

Matt Kaup

Shannon Taylor

Always great service!

Gustavo Quintero

Rick Magill

Michael Clouse

Acura of Omaha always does an excellent job of customer service. Friendly, and quick. I like the way they do business.

D Nelsen

Mike James

I have serviced my Acuras at Acura of Omaha for over 24 years. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Sze Tom

Diane Erdmann

Jay made purchasing our RDX an enjoyable and informative experience.

Alison Burns

Timothy Hayes

First rate service facility. Friendly, courteous staff. Clean and inviting waiting room. They do not oversell. They almost always have a hassle free loaner available. Enjoyable experience every time.

Ted Reis

Eric Field

Very poor experience with the service center on multiple fronts. From poor listening (on their part) to poor communication, making us leave our car overnight unnecessarily. Then as I finish paying they say “if you wait a minute we’ll run it through the car wash”. 60 minutes later I’m still sitting here waiting.

Jesse Murphy

Great customer service

Nageshwar Rao Kondapi

Mike Goolsby

Service department is laughably poor. Take your car Acura to Honda next door.

Will Sanders

I stopped at this dealership to get my oil changed on a road trip. Acura of Omaha charges more for this service than my dealership back home ($80 vs $55) so I called to see if they would price match. They said sure, as long as my dealership's price wasn't a promotion, which it was not. Once I got there I asked about the price match. I was told by Pat Sedlacek that it would not be possible unless I showed him a coupon/promotion from my dealership, contradicting what I was told over the phone. There was no coupon because $55 is my dealership's regular price. Mr. Sedlacek rudely refused to price match because he did not believe that my dealership charged $55 for the service, and insisted that I prove it to him. I couldn’t find pricing online so I asked him to call my dealership to confirm it. He begrudgingly called them, and they confirmed that they do in fact charge $55 for a full synthetic oil service. He was clearly frustrated by this, but proceeded to price match with my dealership. His behavior was unprofessional and made me feel really uncomfortable. The $25 difference wasn't even a big deal, but I felt the need to hold him to the dealership's word out of principle. To further erode the integrity of their service department, a different technician said that most of my fluids were dirty and needed to be replaced. All of the fluids he mentioned had been replaced very recently. He was unable to offer an explanation. Did they even check the fluids? Did they even change my oil after that whole episode? Who knows.

John Johnson

My wife was happy with the service and when my wife is happy I am happy.

Jake Swanson

I've purchased 2 vehicle from Acura of Omaha and both times my experience has been excellent. I worked with Jay Kraus and Alan Jankiewicz on my vehicle purchase. They are honest down to earth gentleman, and have gone above and beyone to help me out through my purchases. I highly recommend anyone needing a great reliable vehicle, check this dealership out! 110% -Jacob

fernando Lopez

Teri Ross

Gregory Thornhill

Jaclyn Schulz

Ethan Lawson

Be careful taking your vehicle here for service. We've had 2 separate occasions, when we were told something that wasn't true. The most recent was a quote for Brakes and Rotor replacement on an Acura MDX. We were quoted $317 plus tax over the phone, which was an acceptable price. We scheduled the service for a few days later. When we arrived for the service, they said it would be $398 plus tax. They said "well, we don't know who quoted you that, but this is the price". We're paying $398 for the brake job, but this will be the last service they will do for us. Check around other mechanics and dealerships for your service. Update: They've reduced the price to match a local competitor. May have been an honest mistake. Updated Star rating from 1 to 3.

Brad Smith

Wynn Mehlhaff

Always professional.....informative and reasonably quick in getting work done!

Steven Lee

This review is for pricing only. They have always been pleasant when I have inquired on pricing or inventory. BUT why, why, why? Does anyone actually make a purchase here. This dealership competes against no one and the pricing reflects it. No Costco or USAA auto buying participation says it all. My last three Acura's all came from the Denver area.

Linda Heard

John Cherica

Jordan Vlasnik

Stopped in for a test drive for a new TLX. Ed was very pleasant to work with and took me seriously, despite my young age (under 25). My only gripe is that we discussed features for quite a while before I actually got into the car. Either way, my entire visit, including a 20 minute test drive, was under an hour. I'm very happy I stopped by.

Pam Simpson

kessie71214 .

This company is something let me tell you! Purchased a vehicle over 4th of July weekend, it was from the used car area. Vehicle was great, and I love it! That being said, when they sold it to me, they didn't fill the tank, left it at a 1/4 of a tank. Never bought a car that wasn't full, the fluid levels were low and the indicator light came on otw home, and noticed it hadn't been maintained as the mileage was at the point where it needed an oil change. I asked for these three simple things to be handled, and was ignored. Expected so much more from a dealer that sells mid-luxury cars. JT the sales manager for used cars is one of those "old" sales guys who would try to upsell his own mother. The price I purchased was in the market, but the rest won't even let me rate the price good. James my sales guy who went on the test drive was okay, but he had his hands tied due to this JT guy. STAY AWAY!!!

Michael James

Anoop Mahendrakar

Roy Wood

See Ed if you need a vehicle here

Jerry Furman

Verry helpful staff.


Dana Larson

Great car. Garbage management

Scott Reikofski

Brian Hefling

Acura has always been a cut above the rest and this dealership was certainly no exception. Top notch, highly recommended.

Patrick Sampson

Lucas and Tony were exceptional, helped us find the perfect car for us- they were 5 star service. Giving 4 though because dealership didn't and doesn't fill up the gas tank which is odd, all other cars I've ever purchased (different dealers) came filled as a courtesy.

Joseph Smith

Gary Beller

Lorri Sword

Great dealership with helpful staff that goes put of their way

Jon Kulp

Sharon Jones

Dayne Anderson

I was in the market for a new SUV. The Acura MDX was a vehicle that I was really interested in driving. While I can't speak for other stores, this one has terrible customer service!! After spending some 30 minutes in the store, I never even drove one! Instead, the salesmen bored me to death discussing features! Finally, I gave up, left and went to Infinity! Infinity took a copy of my license, threw me the keys and the rest is history! Most companies discuss features while you drive! Very disappointed!!

Donn Marvin

Power steering pump went out late Friday afternoon in our MDX, over 500 miles from home. Stopped in without an appointment and received outstanding service by service advisor Pat. He had it fixed and I was out of there in less then 2 hours. Best in class, gold standard service.

Sophie Quintero

Starion Black

Very friendly sales staff. No high pressure.

Connor Herbert

Good quality cars. They've got some high quality complimentary cookies.

Chris Phillips

Great experience. Friendly staff took care of me and my car.

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