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REVIEWS OF Rent To Own Auto Centers IN Missouri

Mike Red

Monique Shaw

Taneka Fuller

They gave my 18 year old daughter a car for 960 a month they hustled her knowing its was her first car and she dont even make that much they dont want to work with you and paying that much a month for 2013 then they said she went over the mileage omg this is ridiculous

Margaret Love

Samuel Byers

Joella Bennett

David Lighthill

Jessica Cali

Stopped by but they really werent too impressive. Didnt offer to let me look at any vehicles, and they seem pricey with their biweekly payments.

Mz Woody

Everyone at the noland road location is great kind and even stayed late to get me in a vehicle thank you guys very much


Went with someone for repairs. Service mechanic arrogant and flip mouth. There were numerous problems with the vehicle. We were told by him (you shouldn't have bought the car). I asked what did you fix? Response was (it's fixed). That was not the answer to the question I asked. Eventually got an answer and was told (I could feed you (B### S###). NEVER RECOMMEND TO ANYONE. No Stars.

Amanda Bennett


Rebecca Marquis

Very good about taking care of customers. them.

Kaneisha Harris

DO NOT GO HERE THEY ARE EVIL I paid my car payment on time and when I needed my transmission fixed because of some bodily damage ( not serious) and I had full coverage under their insurance they decided to keep my car keep my car payments while I thought it was being fixed and just told me they're not returning my car today. So I wasted thousands of dollars on a over priced car and they would not honour my warranty or my insurance paid through them! Bigger CROOKS EVER DO NOT GO HERE

Keiona Ginn

Lane is very friendly and willing to help.. In and out this place

Reese Ellis

These people are horrible they will find any excuse to take your car back they lied & claimed I was in an auto accident.. had me bring my car up to take pictures and never gave me my car back... They will take all Your money & Lie please don't come Here they also will get you in trouble wit the police...

Tamara Miller

I brought a truck to have reliable transportation to and from work. The next day the truck stopped in the middle of driving on the hwy good thing i was able to get out the way. Contacted the store they wanted me to bring it in i work the time this office is open so had to make a appointment for the 14th of January. Kept trying to drive the car to and from work until that day and stay off the hwy finally leaving my second job at 2am the truck gear stick stop working completely and now the car comes on and nothing else. Took off from work contact the store again. They have me towing it to their body shop asked what am i suppose to do in the meantime they tell me we have one loaner car and unfortunately its out so pretty much u have to figure out what u going to do in the prpcess of getting this truck fixed. Im very frustrated gave them almost 1000 and from the 2nd day till exactly 2 weeks problem after problem i dont even want a car from there now its to the point where i just want my money back. Salesman tells me i have to speak to the manager but states she is not in the office today wow how convenient. Now im stuck trying to find a way to work this week and felt light i was given a lemon without them checking the car out before putting it out on their lot.

Zayna Fahrnow Sheline


Rashawnda Townsend

Alesia Burton

I love the staff and flexible payments to meet your budget needs

E Dawkins

Very nice customer service . Excellent staff and Free oil changes. The man with A plan . Will educate u on service with your vehicle and the best move for great buy. Love this place. Go see them.

Brittany Williams

Consumer is the best


Tina Davis

I am currently renting to own a car. There cars are way over priced avoid if possible....

Danny Sutton

Judy Snelling

I love this place. Great people and great service. I bought a Dodge pickup over 3 yrs ago and any problems they have taken care of right away. The mechanics have always been very nice to me. I am a senior single woman they have never tried to take advantage of me. I will buy my next from them. They have always went the extra mille for me

Sixx Killer

Bought a car cause it was my only option. Radio only gets one station. After they fixed it still only gets one station.

Valerie Sunshine

From day one management has done everything they have said they would do. They pretty much will work with you in any situation. They honor any verbal communication as well as written and are always friendly. I recommend this place to anyone.

cierra j

Theresa Cornejo

Awful place! Run while you can! Daughter & husband bought car from there, made payment and it wouldn't start. Had car towed back to dealership to have them accuse my daughter & husband that they cut the GPS and refuse to give car back!! Common sense!? Why would they cut gps? Put almost $1K down? Make payments? And have car towed back to them?? IF THEY CUT THE GPS????.The customer service is RUDE! Keeps giving them run around! Will NEVER recommend them to ANYONE!!!

Tay Arkade

Bad customer service.

Tiffany Dunbar

Horrible service and over priced and the people talk to you with no respect never again

Jamie Armendariz

These folks are awesome. The process was so quick and painless. Had an issue with my 2014 kia soul and they fixed it, no hassle. They always were helpful and worked with me when needed. My credit is less than desirable so I did expect the higher than usual payment... But all in all they were fantastic! I would definitely go back if I needed a car in a pinch!!!!

Jennifer Hernandez

They always take care of when needed .. Good service with a smile ...

CF Movement

My mom bought a car here and it broke down less than 2 weeks of her having it. Lane is lame he is one of the employees there. And Shane is the manager he is horrible he is very unprofessional he argued with me up and down because they took my payment and my car literally broke down the day i made my payment. They are racist don’t but a car from them ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ The cars are lemons they will brake down on you and they are very unprofessional

Brenda Taylor

Tiffany Slaughter

I would like to acknowledge Rick at the Rent to Own Auto Center located in Independence, MO. I was making my car payment over the phone with the help and assistance of my grandmother. Rick was very thoughtful, patient, and kind during the transaction. He provided excellent customer service to myself and my grandmother over the phone. My grandmother also stated that he needs a raise as well, lol. Rent to Own Auto is a great place to obtain your vehicle from and they have excellent customer service skills, thanks again!!

Mary Bender

Very friendly staff

Arthur Williams

These crackers wouldn't rent us a car because we are black. I have a good paying job that get paid every week and they still wouldn't rent us a car.they don't care if you are good people all they care about is renting out to white people of they're kind. Independence Mo is very very racist. They get one star.

Marry Sehrt

Idk what to think uet baught one truck had to turn it in bc it was bad truck got a second car in a month so we shall see

Marsha Garrett

Bad cars with the worst customer service on earth. Ideally, people with perfect credit will not have to do business with companies like these so for the most part the company is dealing with people who have credit issues or have emergencies. Bad things happen to good people everyday and to have people in customer service here talk down on individuals in need of transportation is unacceptable. We've been renting a car from them because our family needs transportation not because we don't have anything better to do with $500pm the transmission had major issues and has now been out of our possession for over a month we were finally offered a rental car after much debate and then the rental car stopped running. We were told that they don;t know when our van will be ready, don't know when the rental could be fixed, will not offer us another rental and we will still need to make our bi-weekly payments or we'll be in breach of contract. This is just a small piece of our story but the bottom line is It'd be great if the owners would not use the mishaps and misfortunes of others to take advantage of its customers and treat or talk to them like low class citizens.

Tiana Guess

So i see they took my review off on here. So i'm put it back on here. My husband and i put 1,500 for a dodge cablier rt. July 2nd 2015. Two day later, i was at a gas station and it wouldn`t start. I had to get it to my house.....i thought it was stuck in reserve, but later i figured it out. That had turn the car off. Where the system is set up to after five of due payment is not made. Then it gets cut off. So i called jamie at the office, he is the RUDEST S.O.B EVER!!!! He talks to women ridiclous. To point when i asked for his boss number. He yell at me like i was a child, but i always got back with him. Plus we have the car for two half year and the check engine light was on the whole. Then they have were u have to pay a mileage packs. So of course my husband and i have jobs, so we was always over. It was to the point we were over 900 dollars worth. Its not worth it. With paying your notes, keeping the maintance and the stupid mileage. When they buy the cars from car auction for only a few g`s. So i will screenshot my review. I do one back in aug oe sep. I HIGHLY RECOMMED NOBODY EVER GET INTO BUSINESS WITH THESE FAKE CAR DEARLERS..... Also they fake mechanics they have, are some lazy ass not knowing nothing about cars. One month i have to get a oil change, then later i was outside at work. I notice the oil was leaking, because when i got the oil change they refuse to tell me the oil pan was rusted out. Jamie to use the 'it`s from ur wear and tear. Not at three months at that time........I REPEAT, DO NOT GET A CAR FROM THEM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Melvin Minor

Chad Robertson

If i could give these people negative 10 stars i would they do not deserve even a star. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE SCAM ARTIST!!! Bought a charger valued at $6000 kbb their price a whopping $38000 lmao. What a joke! They lie to police and to anyone they do not care. They will do whatever it takes to make a dime and to cut your throat doing it..if it involves making phony acusations to the independence pd then thats what they'll do. They will charge you with stealing or theft if your late with your payments. They are the real crooks!! THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED AND CLOSED DOWN MODERN DAY ORGANIZED CRIME AT ITS BEST!

Joy Larsen

Anna Teaney

I went up there to buy a 2005 Dodge Dakota $4000 the blue book in and up being $27000 do not go there save your money there was so much wrong with that truck

Eric Gomez


Ericka Bailey

Kevin Tanner

What can i say. Amanda is a great person and the staff here are awesome. It's a great place to buy a car from.

Julian hernandez SR


cole dodson

Chad Rowry

I had a great experience, Clint was my salesman, everyone was very friendly, very easy, painless and quick process getting a car, my credit is horrible, but they didn't treat me any different, interest rate are very high, but what do you expect, great place for 2nd and 3rd chances!

Leviriot L

Mickie Ketchup

Becki is still here but it’s under new management. We have had a few issues but after coming in person things are being worked out. Good place if you need a vehicle but can’t go through a traditional dealer.

Tina Torres

This is a great place with great people. This is my second car from them. Their service center and the guys that run it are absolutely amazing to work with !

Dawud Abdullah

Tamika Ames

Crystal Guthrie

I have been a customer of Rent to own for about a year I have had a great experience everyone is nice and makes you feel like family . I’ve had issues with my car multiple times and also had unknown issues wrong with the car once i found out I called and complained and they were able to fit me in the same day I complained to get my car fixed .

Patrick O'Connor

Amazing price even the cheapest car is great Rick took good care of us if you want a good deal call Wolfman Rick

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