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REVIEWS OF Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills IN Michigan

Monique LeGris

I have never written a review before for anything online, however, after receiving such horrible service, I felt compelled to write my first one. I called to schedule service for my F-pace prior to taking a trip with it and they took a week and a half to get me in. When I took it in to get the service done, I was told that I wasn’t eligible yet. After I asked why they would schedule me when I wasn’t eligible, they advised unfortunately, it happens frequently. During the trip, the low coolant light kept going on and off (I had previously had the car in for this issue). Once we returned, I called again to schedule service and it took another week and a half to get in. During this visit, they fixed the coolant (or so I thought) issue for the second time. Three days later, the light went on again. I called at 8am Monday morning and left a message. I received a call back at 4pm. Given that this is the third time I’ve called on this issue, I would have thought that I would have received a call immediately. This is the first and last time I will buy a Jaguar.

Chuck Borghi

Excellent Service is a hallmark of Erhard Dealerships...

Ibrahim Chami

you always get the best service at land rover Farmington hills, Joe and Jennifer are great , you always know what to expect they treat you in a professional and courteous manner and always keep you updated on your repair progress

Gary G

Service is terrible! Technicians have to send messages across the pond to ask for help when they can't figure out a problem.

keith pickens

Got late start on appointment- approximately 30 minutes late. However, after sitting with the service manager and being registered, things moved according to promise. Overall, positive experience.

Phil Kajca

Have done business for 4 years my sales person (Tony) and their service department (Joe and Michelle) have always made my experience top notch.

Steve Lugabihl

I had very good service the second time I went in. The first trip was to schedule a replacement for a windshield molding and they had to order the part. The only hiccup was that they never called to schedule the work after they got the part. When I went back they had the part in stock, scheduled the work for the following day and came to pick up my LR4 at work and leave me a loaner. Throughout both visits, everyone was very competent, helpful and courteous. I have no complaints at all. Just wish I hadn't had to do the follow up ...

Susie Ftouni

Very polite people that work there they make sure you are taken care of,,highly recommended for sure!!!!

Mail Curator

Efficient and friendly, terrific waiting area with free beverages and abundant natural light.

Zachary Braden

Took my Range Rover to get an airbag recall done and when it was done they had a list of about 20 “recommended repairs” averaging about $7,000. They said that the horn didn’t work when it was in the shop but crazy enough before it was dropped off it worked and when I got it it worked fine. They said all radiator hoses were bulging and needed to be changed but I took it to my local repair shop and they said the hoses looked perfect. Now my passenger side glove box will not open which is the side that the new airbag was put in and they said if it is something simple like a wire not connected they will fix it but if it requires anything else I will be charged. If you are unfortunate enough to take your Land Rover there for a recall get ready for a long list of recommended services so they can earn their money back from having to do free recall work.

shannon wohlers

Nothing like Jaguar of Novi used to be... Brought my car in.. It was serviced.. But was not cleaned when I came to pick it up...: my service man was at lunch.. Another had to cash me out and seem very bothered by it and with my questions... Actually when I got home I noticed a Nick in my bumper it look like it was from a trailer hitch... that explains why my car was parked the way it was when I came to pick it up.. It was back up to the garage... also two days later my windshield wipers fell off and scratch my windshield I called to explain my busy schedule and what happened .. and told them about the Nick in the bumper.. And how the car was not clean as promised when I came to pick it up.. And had heard nothing back since... that was in late August.. Now somebody hit my jaguar.... and I'm very hesitant to bring it in for repair... also I was. told my back brakes were about to go out.. I purchased front brakes and new tires from Jaguar.... I went to another dealer and they said I had three to 4 mm left on both back brakes....

Jonathan Nofar

EDIT: 4/12/2019 This original review below was posted in December 2018.. and I was already disappointed in the way Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills handled my case. The same safety issue regarding my car to stall out mid drive continued to happen 4 more times.. every time I had taken the vehicle to the dealership for service.. they would tell me it is fixed.. give me the car and the same very dangerous and serious issue would happen again.. x4! Even one of their own service reps had to test drive the car and the issue happened to her. I have completely lost all faith in this dealership. I finally received my "fixed" vehicle yesterday even after pleading my case that they are sticking me in a vehicle with repeat serious safety issues that I don't feel safe in. Obviously it is not their life that is at risk, it is mine, and they refused to keep me in a loaner or any vehicle for that matter that would ensure a safer route. Please read other reviews regarding this dealership.. for less of a headache go to another dealership. Hate to even give this place a 1 star as the service and care for the customers is less than that. I have had my 2017 Range Rover Evoque for a little over 2 years and have experienced more problems than a 2009 Nissan Pathfinder. First my speakers were bad and it took them over 2 months and constant follow ups from myself to get this issue resolved. Next, the gas pump indicator must be bad as I have to constantly stand at the gas pump to make sure it does not click off, a huge inconvenience especially in the winter. When I address this issue with them, they give me the run around and says it happens.. I am confused, if they know it happens then why haven't they fixed this. Lastly, the car will "stall when pressing on the gas pedal, just like a delayed acceleration. On top of that in the middle of my driving an error will read "reselect gear to maneuver", which is very dangerous and scary when I am making a turn and a car is coming right behind me. I have been dealing with Jim on all of these occasions, and he can care less about taking care of the customer. For the cost and status affiliated with Land Rover I am extremely disappointed. I really advise anyone to take a read at the reviews and ask people with their experience with the car.

Ethan Jordan

I don't usually drive imports, but the staff is pleasant enough to consider otherwise.

Sean Preston

Good dealership.

Martin Boos

I had different cars my whole life (BMW, AUDI, JEEP, PORSCHE, GMC etc. I usually had very good experience with the service department. In the value chain of a car manufacturer the service department plays an important role, as it is directly in contact with the end customer. The experience that I had with this specific dealership is just not acceptable. No ownership, no follow up, no dedication to excellence. Really bad dealer - if all possible I would avoid going there again.

Thomas Groupe

Terrible! A 1.5 hour oil change took 3 hours.

Daniel Sinnott

I found the Service Manager to be the least helpful of the staff. I was told that because "i couldn't be satisfied that i should take my business elsewhere", mind you the dissatisfaction came from them charging me for something they didn't fix. I have read several reviews where they have treated their customers as if they are lucky to be customers and the truth is i can go somewhere else and get service where i don't have to deal with this level of arrogance.

christine juday

Awesome customer service. Special thank you to Jennifer & Ethan, excellent customer service.


Poor poor service. I have a recall on my 2018 Velar related to HVAC and they can't even return my phone call or get me in soon to fix this safety issue. I had to call them 4 times before I could even talk to someone who knows about this problem. Unbelievable! Also, I regret buying this in the first place. For $85k I would expect not just good service, but a great product. In this case, I got nothing other than the logo that's in the front of the vehicle. Vehicle has tons of bugs. Buy domestic or Japanese brand only. Well worth the money and a lot less hassle. This is way way overrated.

Andrea Kleiver

I had the best experience I've ever had with a dealership at LR Farmington Hills. Anthony Cross was extremely helpful in finding me exactly what I wanted and for the right price and it was done quick. He was pleasant, knowledgeable and thorough and was a pleasure to do business with. He even delivered the car to me since I'm not local to the FH area. I will highly recommend Anthony and LRFH to anyone who asks.

Mireille Basmajian

Always a great experience!! Service staff is always to help and very quick!

Grace Zhang

Best service ever. Just went there from a Ferrari dealer-got 0 service at Ferrari at all but a guy in Land Rover was super patient and nice. One of the best dealers I've ever been to.

seemee falcon

excellent service nice costmer service helpful great jop thanx

Imari Barksdale

Great Customer Service and Great Staff. No wait, No hassle. Had Loaner available per my request.

Charles Mueller

Very friendly store. Good service and great choices!

Soso Moe

amazing service, Robi made it through even tho I had couple issues in my credit! Fast service and amazing staff! Highly recommend him if you love Range Rover

Anand Chaudhari

Excellent sales service. Definitely go and check out cars at this Dealership and do not forget to call ahead for Donald Douglas or Jeff Joiner. Excellent sales person, really hardworking, I feel pity I have to make Donald walk to each car to send me pictures of specific stuff before dropping in at dealership. ( 2017 Update: Donald has found new opportunities and does not work here anymore) 2017: However impressed I was with sales department, same is not true with service department. I have free services for the term through Jaguar on my F-type. I have owned car for a year now so when I called to schedule an appointment, the representative told me my car which is at 12,600 miles, is not eligible for free service and I will have to pay $390 and that the car has to be at '15000 miles and 1 year' while the manual clearly states '15000 miles 'OR' 1 year'. He surely does not know the difference between 'and' & 'or' and on top of that he asked me to add 2500 miles in 2 weeks if I have to get free service. Either way I will not call the service department again and had Jaguar of Troy handle the opportunity. Jaguar of Troy had me all set in 10 mins. 2018: I heard some grinding and squealing noise in car on weekend while driving and it just wouldn’t go away. I had hard time sleeping that night so I took it here on Monday morning. James from service was really helpful and scheduled me for Tuesday. The noise went away but I wanted to be sure nothing will give away while driving. On Tuesday as scheduled I took my car in. I was given a ride back to work and was picked up when car was ready. Although it was tough to find the root cause of the issue, they checked everything and had hard numbers on brake and suspension checks. As an engineer, I was impressed and had a second thought on my previous review. Car was washed when I went in. Regardless, good experience.


I'm extremely disappointed in the customer service I experienced. I walked into the dealership and wasn't confronted by any salesmen and wasn't greeted by anyone. Then I went outside and walked around for 10 minutes, then went inside and asked for a sales rep to come outside and help me. Went outside and waited for about 10 minutes and still no one came, so I went back inside and asked for help again and was told that they'd see if they could find anyone to help me. Went back outside and walked around for another 10 minutes and then decided to leave. They didn't seem to care about their customers or helping them whatsoever.

Ishita Desai

In response to sales person's comment on my review a month back, the order was not based on my name but my husband's name. However, there is no point discussing the same since I can now see many people experiencing bad customer relationship.Sad to see such pathetic service for such a luxurious car!

Li Dai

My sales is julia. I asked appraisal for my 12 RR sports sc 2 days ago. no call back. Also i made appointment to see the new RR autobiography when i drive an hour to be the dealership then they told me it has been sold last. night. They cant just shoot me a message then i can save my time on 2 hour round trip.

Ajay Raman

Considering buying a Land Rover but definitely not from Farmington Hills! Visited a couple of months ago (prior to the release of the new Velar) and provided my information for the salesperson to contact me after release. Four weeks after release no one ever called so I decided to stop in. Saw the same sales guy who gave me a line about how he has been so busy he didn't have time to call me. Regardless, I went to the receptionist and asked to speak with another salesperson for assistance. She paged overhead and after 10 minutes no one came to help. I wandered over to the office area where no less than 6 salesmen were hanging out chatting. I asked if they were in a meeting and one replied 'no' and came to help me. We sat down at his desk and within about 3 minutes of starting our discussion, he took another customer phone call and proceeded to help them decide which vehicle was right for them. At that point I grabbed a brochure and left. Will not recommend this place based entirely on the poor customer service!

Duraid Aziz

Excellent service , highly trained and well mannered stYaff , professional and promt in their commitement . We have three Range Rovers In our family at present and we are very pleased with the service over all, keep on the good work. David Aziz (FIMI) CEO-JLR Overseas

abdul gellani

Since I bought the car from them I returned it to be repaired because of the same problem about ten times, and none of those times have they been able to repair my car. Given the excuses of the nothing wrong or that it's all done and fix when they really haven't done anything to it. Range Rover dealer that cannot repair its own cars which I payed big bucks for, what a shame. Update: They couldn't fix it so I traded that piece of garbage for a true American Icon the Jeep wrangler unlimited Moab.

Chelsea Mason

I was very pleased with the customer service and high quality treatment I received at LR Farmington Hills. I worked with Patrick and highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a vehicle. Patrick and his team members exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Monthir Alsaid

Professional customer service.


Everyone I dealt with at Farmington Hills JLR were amazing and caring from the time I dropped my Rover off for service until I picked it up and even afterwards. Thank you!

Steven Cooper

Dealership was incredibly professional, warm, and welcoming. The work was performed promptly on my vehicle and it was done right the first time. Service advisor kept me informed of the status of my vehicle and answered all of my questions honestly, and in great detail. A++


Seriously the best Why They squeezed me in Gave me a loaner car and were flexible with the return allowing for my travel Service was outstanding Amber and Terry..... thanks

Jacki Manning

First time here. I had to have some warranty work done and was accommodated quickly and efficiently. Staff is very nice and I felt at ease as soon as I walked in. Very professional, will be back and recommend to anyone looking for a new car or service!

William Clark

my experience was great kate mcgowen was great....and as a added bonus I got a car wash!

Abe Aa


Dave Fisher

Great people that are good at managing expectations and delivering on their word.

Steve Kallabat

This was the best experience I have ever had at a dealership. I normally hate getting a new car since I have to deal with negotiating and visiting the dealership for several hours without accomplishing anything. I had the most seamless experience. Rob McPherson and Aric Wilson were amazing!!!! They went above and beyond my expectations and got me into a new 2019 Range Rover Sport Dynamic. They have the best customer service.....they are very responsive by phone and email. I will definitely be getting my next Range Rover from their dealership. I had experiences with other Land Rover dealerships where I had to deal with the arrogance of the sales people. I did not experience that at all at the Farmington location. They were kind, courteous and respectful.

Matt Love

Go see my man Robbie! He's extremely helpful

Stephanie Qarana

Horrible experience from salesman to service!

RealRacing Productions

Johnny at service is a freaking monster! Never met such good staff that helped me feel comfortable and safe.

Sheldon Lambert

My wife and I drove from Columbus Ohio to do business here. Hands down the best car buying experience I have ever had. The staff is out standing.

Sharon Coats

I want to thank Aric at Jaguar Land Rover Farmington for assisting me in owning my Range Rover..I love my truck and I'm anxious to see how it drives through the snow...

Sarah Winsky

Fantastic service from the moment I walked through the doors! I especially thought the delivery was superb. I left fully understanding how to use the info system on my new vehicle. Thank you!

ilya gorelik

Love this place Staff is very helpful and accommodating I bought three cars there and never had one problem with sales or service people

Ralph Morgan

Awesome presentation by Amanda and great driving experience.

Mark Iddon

Like most dealers they take advantage of charging high prices for parts you can't buy in the aftermarket, but their service personnel are always courteous and do their best to walk you through what work needs to be done and why. Not sure about the thoroughness of some of their technicians as I asked to have the spare electronic key fob checked. I was told the key was tested and found bad, it wasn't the battery and would need to be replaced at a cost of over $300. Didn't make sense so I just took the original one with me, got on You Tube and within 2 mins, changed out the battery and it worked perfectly! Mistakes happen and maybe they weren't too concerned about a simple battery change, but that could have cost me >$300! That was disappointing

Hind Hammoud

The great salesman Rabbie ghanem

Harrison Igwe

The Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills did an excellent job on my 2014 Land Rover during my last visit. They are just great!

Daniela P.

Great staff and service.

Hooman Farrokhzadeh

I showed them 10 out of tons of screen shots from my iPhone that "an error occurred with Remote climate" after 3 days they said that we replaced a battery that might help to fix the issue, but I still dont see any improvements and most of the times I cannot start my car with Landrover certified "remote" app. I also showed them how the doors of my car squeak while being closed and opened, they said and wrote that it is fixed! but still nothing is fixed. even they did not bother themselves to check if the noise is fixed or not by simply opening and closing one of the door of the car! I wish there had been a negative -star rating available here.

Rob Sandhu

Went with my father to test out a new car. Our salesman was a good guy, Patrick, but the overall dealership didn't have the same inviting feeling as he did. Because we really only dealt with Pat, all worked out well, and there aren't any complaints from the both of us.

Jill Gibler

Even though my Land Rover didn't work out due to various problems, the service department was always top notch! The Service manager Joe was attentive and knowledgeable and always tried to do his best to help me then things went wrong. My service advisor Justin also was caring and did his best to resolve every issue. In the end the Rover was not for me due to various problems but the service department scores a 5/5 in my book!

Brian Hodgson

Worst Jag dealer. Good luck getting them to respond to inquiries or questions. Tried to lowball me on my trade in also at 20% less than KBB Low Fair Condition value. Sales manager Rob doesn't even reply to emails. Should have read the other reviews before going here.

Linton McNeeley Sr

Excellent service

Abdul Yusof

Great customer service. Pleasant transaction.


Excellent sales staff Easy to buy. Car prepped perfectly. Salesman spent an hour going thru all the car features even though this was my 6th Range Rover

Ray Astani

Mike the service coordinator is fantastic. He handled everything professionally and made sure there was a loaner car for me to use. Great service!

James Butler

Amanda is Awesome

Danny Hammoud

I highly recommend Ryan as your service advisor! He went above and beyond in ensuring my vehicle was well taken care of. Going to the dealer can be an intimidating process but I am glad Ryan is a part of the wonderful LandRover team! I am looking forward to future business here.

Cynthia Jones

I worked with Joe who was very thorough and followed up well. I was pleased with the outcome.

Alex lemerand

This Dealership is terrible. Service is sad. Every issue that I had with this dealership was met with yes you are correct... we messed this up..... that’s all. No attempt to correct the issue at all. Including the sales team. If you want bad service and then get ghosted when you bring it to thier attention well this is the place. If the owner reads this then feel free to reach out to me bud. All communications between the dealership and I are in email and text. It is laughable. FYI. This was over Only 1 service trip. Leased a 2018 RR Sport V8 SC. Was ordering a jaguar F Pace svr as well but I canceled that. Buyer Beware!!!!!!

Ali Harp

Only because you can not give half a star. I know more about financing then the people that work there.

Nathaniel Dickson

Recently was on a road trip from Milwaukee to Detroit in a new 2017 Jaguar XE. Had the bad luck of getting a flat tire on the way. I emailed Farmington Hills on a Saturday morning informing them of my situation and was promptly contacted back by Jennifer. She attempted to locate tires in the area but informed me it would have to be ordered and immediately got it added to the Tuesday delivery. Jennifer contacted warranty and was able to get everything covered for me and also arranged with their local wheel repair expert who did a great job fixing some small dents on the wheel. I hope to never need a service visit in Michigan again but if I do they will definitely be my go to. Thanks to Jennifer and team for all the help and getting me back on the road! Nate

Sundeep Mithran

Went to lease a car to reduce our payments on our existing car. We tried to do the same at both Accura and BMW, but no luck. Land Rover, and the agent there Anthony Cross, moved swiftly and quickly to help us achieve what we wanted. We couldnt be happier.

Samar Shareif

Friendly service and always timely.

Min Yang

This dealership and their antics are unethical. You call and talk with the service department, Ashley and parts and get there for repairs and they double the price. They lie and deceive you, their entire service team is new and clearly are driven by quotas at any costs. They were caught in a lie and began back peddling, shame on you if you bring your vehicle here for service.

Daniela Hagen

Amazing personlised customer service. Received a lovely loner vehicle which I did not want to return :)

Nathan Hesche

Had a great experience buying a used vehicle through JLR Farmington Hills. The sales consultant I worked with, Tony Cross, was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. No high-pressure sales pitching or harassment like you might find at other dealerships. They even detailed the vehicle for me before I came to pick it up. I would highly recommend working with Tony and the folks at JLR Farmington HIlls.

Ignacio Paz

I was sent a flier that stated "Free Multipoint Inspection" and upon checking in was told this was incorrect. You have to have a paid service to use this flier. No where was it stated "with paid service" on the flier nor was it disclosed upon booking the appointment. Waste of time and money.

Christopher Mclean

Went in for an oil change on my rover @ 730 am. didn't leave until 1 PM. Oil change was 200$. I got a land rover, I understand. but I also had a few minor problems that they didnt even fix but charge me another 200$ diagnostics on something I already knew was wrong. I would never do business here ever again. wouldn't recommend the service department at least. Also I know the dealer reads these. Please don't contact me on behalf of my review. Get something right

yinka ayeni

Average. I booked an appointment to test drive a car. When i got there i was met by someone else at the door who obviously thought i couldn't afford a jaguar until the sales representative i booked the appointment with came out and meet me, she was super nice but i couldn't forget being mistreated by the other guy. Thanks to that i found a better offer somewhere else.

Arpit Awathe

I bought a Preowned Land rover Evoque and everything felt fine , I liked the vehicle and the customer service. They told me how good the vehicle is and I tried my best to check If there is any problem in the vehicle. Since Its a big brand and they were treating me well, Hence I thought that they are telling me everything about the vehicle. However when I bought the vehicle I found a crack on its windshield which I never happened to Notice , After which I called them and they told me that this issue was already mentioned in some of the document they gave me. So It was basically my fault but I always thought that they are not hiding any information about the vehicle from me. Now I think that there may be some other issues which might come up in future which I didn't check. So my suggestion would be to always check the vehicle thoroughly before buying It.The customer service will only tell you that how good the vehicle is but they will never ever tell its issue.

Laura Maxim

I came from Ohio and bought a car for my daughter at this Jaguar Farmington Hills dealership. My purchase went very smoothly, the staff were honest, knowledgeable, and professional. It was a pleasure doing business with this company and I am looking forward to purchase another vehicle for myself this summer at this location.

Krishna Chaitanya

Very satisfied with how the service was done on Vehicle, But no starts for customer service as the response/communication from service representative is very bad.

Lissa Dodson

Awful I have never felr so disrespected in my life. Never will return there.

Dave Coppola

Got a great deal on an awesome Vehicle. Everything on the dealership end was handled quickly and efficiently. From sales to finance to going through the vehicle and showing us how everything worked. I recommend this dealership highlighly, as far as the Jaguar E-Pace, it speaks for itself, I love it!!!


I took my Jaguar for the free annual maintenance. Scheduling was real easy and they provided me with a free loaner. Staff was extremely friendly and welcoming. My SUV was washed and vacuumed after the service. I'm glad I bought my Jaguar from them.

Sally McQueen

First experience at this dealership as we just moved from Chicago. We had fantastic service at Fields, Northfield for the past 7 years. I am incredibly impressed that Land Rover, Farmington Hills follows the same model of excellent customer service. It would be nice to have a dealer closer to Toledo but I don't mind the drive when the service experience is seamless.

Cody Sulkowski

Let me start off by saying we are in LOVE with our new vehicle! We stopped in on a Saturday and Amanda greeted us promptly. She listened to our needs and showed us a variety of vehicles that met that list. We decided on a new 2019 Range Rover and couldn't be happier with our decision. The dealership is so clean and everyone is so friendly. There was ZERO pressure to purchase or lease a vehicle, which was so refreshing since most dealerships bug you non stop and just want you to sign the dotted line. Amanda delivered exceptional customer service, answered ALL of our questions and let me tell you we had a lot and she was just a joy to work with. Don't hesitate to ask for her when you stop in! We returned a week later to sign all the paperwork and purchase the vehicle. That process was super easy and Tony took care of us answering our questions regarding payments and finances. Then they did a full detail on the vehicle while we grabbed lunch. Later that day we drove away with our dream car and it's all thanks to Amanda and the rest of the team at Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills! This was a huge purchase for us so it's nice knowing there is a team always available to ensure we are happy! Thank you again!

Mike Faison

Service was OK...

Amber Peterson

Purchased my first Land Rover LR2 and when it came time to get the oil changed I decided to protect my investment by driving the 1.5 hours to have it serviced. Amber Dimmer took excellent care of me! I was provided with a detailed print out of a recommended action plan for my vehicle, categorizing the findings in order from most necessary repairs to things that can wait for a bit. They even provided me with pricing for repairs. I love that they've taken the guess work out of car maintenance and Amber was super thorough when explaining the recommended action plan. The recommended action report, car wash, vacuuming, and thorough inspection were included with my oil change and was absolutely worth it! I have piece of mind knowing what my vehicle needs or doesn't need and how much it'll cost, I'll drive an 1.5 for this kind of service anytime!!

Mohammad Ilbeigi

Helpful staff!

Kelly Maser

I purchased the preferred membership when buying my vehicle . I have taken in 2 x in the past year for detail and both times my vehicle has come back with an issue that has never been resolved ! I have 2 more details to use and am Leary because of this . Service at this location is very poor ! Update : After posting a poor review I was contacted by the service manager Joe , he apologized for the delay in contacting me and wanted to rectify the problem immediately. My vehicle is fixed and I am a happy customer .

Elaine Brighton

I had a great loaner car everyone was great to work with. I forgot the valet man’s name but he was so kind and was always on time picking up my car and dropping it off. He made it such a pleasure to work with them, very kind and friendly.

Ishita Goda

Pathetic consumer relationship! My documents were in process for the new jaguar and they sold it to somebody else inspite of my deposit money with them.I would never recommend this dealer to anyone!

Alex Hines

This is my second Jaguar vehicle, first from JLR Farmington Hills. Kyle Payne was fantastic to work with and was able to provide me with the necessary paperwork via online links which drastically cut down the time to get the deal done. Really appreciate the efficiency and professionalism. I'll will certainly be a repeat customer.


Fast turnaround. No up-selling. Great experience.

Larry Masserant

Fantastic experience with the Land Rover Dealer. The Salesman Robbie Ghanem actually brought the vehicle to my home to test drive, explained my option in turning in my lease early, and prepared all the paperwork for me to sign the Purchase of my new LR4 and brought it to my home to sign. He took my lease vehicle away with him. I did not even have to go to the dealer. That is what I call service.

Jihad Beydoun

Excellent service. I highly recommend this place.


1st service oil change, always friendly and professional. Loaner vehicle was HOT!

patrick cowan

If i could give negative stars i would. Absolute crooks. I took it into to figure out why my radio was cutting in and out. They charged me 750 to tell me all sorts of stuff needed replaced. I replaced the pieces myself used and actualy got it working and wanted them to program it and they said they couldn't once i got thetr and insisted several other parts are messed up and charged me 550 to tell me that and put it back together. An hours work top. So i left again without them changing anything and it's working just fine. They're crooked and absolute liars. They are unprofessional and disgust me.

John Hojnacki

Top notch facility. I came for an oil change for my Land Rover and did not have an appointment, but they fit me in and I was in and out very quickly! Fast friendly staff. I recommend to everyone.

Jeff Elsayed

Great customer service, will go the extra mile to solve any issues

Subin Sha

I had a pleasant experience with Jaguar Land Rover Farmington Hills. Service advisor Larry is a very professional and friendly person. He helped me a lot.

jim janj

Nice looking cars. Liked the interior lay out. The employees didnt make any eye contact with me and after smiling at about 5 people and skulking around for about 25 minutes, i left. Was there to look at an fpace and range rover . Oh well

Edward Woods

I had very good experience with Tony the guy was very helpful got the vehicle i wanted.

Jo Anne Moss

Just needed a fluid top off and they were very nice and fast. Plan on taking my Rover there for regular service!

Sindhu Murthy

Very friendly and Gary Kish made is very pleasant and smooth experience getting my 1st Jaguar vehicle. Gary is amazing sales person!!

LaMar Porter Jr.

My experience with Land Rover has been a positive one including my new car and the last. My salesman Craig is top notch, Aric is unbelievable, and the dealership itself is very people friendly. My vehicles have been a great experience within themselves because of the fine craftsmanship put into making these beautiful automobiles. I don't think that I will ever own anything other than a Land Rover.

Brittany Adams

Robbie was a pleasure to work with. Very professional, transparent, and accommodating. Great experience.

Joe Kusmierz

The worst experience I have ever had. The only reason that I rated it a no star is because they didnt have minus stars. My 2015 evoque would not go into gear after a car wash. Had to have it towed to Farmington Jaguar / Land Rover where I was told they couldnt find the problem and when they checked it on the diagnostic machine it said to replace the transmission and they didnt feel they should without it happening again, although I had a video of it and if you go on YouTube there are hundreds more with similar problems. So they say come get it I drive to the dealer and wait 35 minutes for them to find the car. On my way home stop to get dog food and the entire skid pan for the car is in my trunk. They didnt put it back on. Must be waiting for it to happen again I call them and the service guy says oh bring it back and we will put it back on for you. I have an idea start drug testing immediately I get that pot is legal I'm Michigan now but this seems likely to be something a bit stronger. Than after all this you email me to take a survey of how you did. Well I'm no teacher and do not claim to be an English major but an F similar to the F U that you all gave me is what I would rate your service department. Thanks for caring enough to ask me to rate you. And as always have a great day. Joe Kusmierz KNOCK KNOCK Who's there LANDROVER OF FARMINGTON HILLS! THAT"S THE JOKE

Nick Richee

Bad Bad Service. We came to a deal with Mike Blair, emailed insurance, approved credit, everything that was required and then Mike called me and said the finance manager was leaving early today can I come tomorrow, I replied yes no problem, the following morning he emailed me notifying me that the vehicle was sold?? I then contacted his manager and his manager put another child on my case without ever contacting me back, I then called both managers to explain my frustration and got nowhere, I went to land Rover Lakeside and had a much better experience. They need help at this location!

Alpha1Tango .

Great and friendly staff helped me with all my needs. Had all the parts in stock and even helped me with a part I had difficulty Installing. Greatly appreciated. Great place

Jared Victor

-So I have a 13 evoque and brought it in for oil change. Completed without any issues. However they did not acknowledge the tire pressure monitor fault. I asked about a warranty door repair and they said they would order the part and call me when it arrived. I NEVER received a call, I had to call back a month later and ask about it and schedule an appointment. -Fast forward to the Warranty repair... The repair started out well, I was given a loaner vehicle during the repair and overnight. The next morning at 8:30am I was called saying the vehicle was finished and I told them I would be there by 10:30a. I arrived on time and my vehicle was not ready yet, the service coordinator said it would take 10-15 minutes to be ready and the mechanic did not complete the ticket to get it cleaned for delivery. I had an appointment that required me to LEAVE by 11am. So after waiting 30 minutes to get my vehicle (I was told 15max) I had to demand my vehicle be returned so I can leave. Instead of getting my vehicle right away I was given excuses about what the cleaning consists of. I requested my vehicle again that was still in process of cleaning and left. Also they did not return my custom Range Rover Valve stem for my tire I am missing it due to POOR ATTENTION TO DETAIL. -The next day I was called by a for a follow up and also stating they would send a survey. I told them my issues and I would take my business elsewhere, I will drive further away to get service instead of going to this location. They asked if I told the manager. I said no and I also never received a survey (I assume they didnt want a bad rating from me) -This location asked ME to take it to the manager, not ensure their employees handle good customer service. They did not do anything to EARN my business from a bad situation, just made it my fault. -They never sent a survey, NO manager ever called me after I told them of my issue -Negative reviews from this location do not get a reply from the Dealer, ONLY GOOD REVIEWS GET A REPLY. They dont care about making sure people who are unhappy get better service. I will DRIVE OUT OF MY WAY for another dealership instead of working with them again.

Adriana Sandri

They are very professional and efficient! They provided us a kind shuttle to and back a nearby mall. I would recommend everybody to do a car maintenance at this place!

markus Goldie

The only issue was my car was washed but it was left wet. This was not the case on my previous visit. This is a small detail that really didn't take away from the overall excellent service.

Jason Mitchell

This was only my second visit to this dealer but my salesman Aric was very helpful and informed about the vehicle that I ultimately purchased. With his assistance I bought my SUV with confidence and didn't feel rushed or unwelcomed

Ray'cha'el May


Michael Madison

2/7/19 brought my 2017 Discovery into service department in January 2019 because remote start keeps saying “network delay” and won’t start my vehicle. Was told it just needed a software update. This was the 3rd update for this problem. Took vehicle home, remote start worked once, then “network delay” message has reappeared regularly ever since. Thus I have no remote start capability.

Janicea Tandy

My Experience with Jaguar Land Rover of Farmington Hill was great , customer service is always top notch. This is the only Jaguar dealership I will take my vehicle.

E Bazzi

Great service

Felix McDavid

Justin from service was great! dropped the car off and within 10 minutes, I'm out the door with a car ready for me. whenever you buy a car from a dealer, the sales always treats you like royalty. what really matters is returning after the purchase has been made and how the service department treats you. A-1 in my book. keep it up!

Velraj Kalaiselvan

Amber Dimmer and team fixed the problem and also my appreciation to Tom who cleaned my car and spotless.

Leon Tupper

Excellent sales experience and follow-up after the sale to assure my complete satisfaction. Couldn't expect more.

R venkata Nagesh

Good experience . No problems. Greeted promptly and service done on time. Things were explained to us. Driven to the mall to spend the 3 hours waiting for the service.

Crystal Holmes

DO NOT BUY OR LEASE A VEHICLE FROM ANTHONY O'CONNOR. He did not negotiate, pressured me into getting a vehicle, and lied about a temporary plate. He informed me that car dealerships can not get you a temporary plate. That is a lie because my mother just bought a car the same week at a different dealership and they got her a temporary plate, no problem. I started having issues with my Range Rover Evoque the same week I received the vehicle. I left Anthony two voicemails and one email contacting him about my problems with the vehicle. I gave him one week to respond to me. He NEVER did. I had to call and make an appointment to get my brand new car serviced after two weeks of having it. They have had my car for a week and a half and have not called to update me on how my vehicle is doing or when I may get it back. I would go to a different car dealership. I had problems with the salesman AND the vehicle.

Vince I

Service manager has a terrible attitude! He has only been there a week and should not be in that position.

Chad Cooper

My wife and I are a pretty average two income family, and frankly not what I would think of when thinking Range Rover. This was never how I felt at Land Rover Farmington Hills. I always felt like a valued customer and never treated like I was wasting anyone's time. Tony Moore helped us through the whole process and in the end we both left the dealership feeling like a part of their family. I love my vehicle, Tony and the team there did everything to make sure we were completely satisfied and beyond. I will do business here again when it is time for our next vehicle and be recommending everyone I can to come see Tony. He is a real asset to the company and treats all his customers like cherished friends! Thank you again.

Victor Kennerly

Unfortunately I had a bad experience with their service consultants. One time I picked up my car it was damaged. But more recently I asked for my service person to give me a estimate of the time to change oil, rotate tires and check my navigation issue. He said that he would call way before noon to let me know. I brought the car in the morning and did not get a response until I called him just before closing. The service person assumed that It was okay for me to leave my car for the weekend. Upon assisting that he have my car ready by 4 o'clock he called me as I was driving to the dealership and asked if I would pay over the phone so that they could leave on time.....I would just say that the two people that I have dealt with in the past have been unprofessional. I love the car but will find another dealership for my next car.

Darlingda Benjamin

Prior to going this location i Google it to see reviews, and by reading what some people were saying about the service center Manger Joseph can't think of his last name. I was skeptical. When I got there guess who I got to see? Joe. And thank God I listened to my self and went anyway. He was attentive patient. I had a flash card with all my problems that needed to be fixed and he sat there went over everyone of them with me big or small. He answered all of my questions was respectful and communicated with me the whole process. So to me that is truly exceptional service. So again thank you Joe and Roger the car sales man.

John Cantu

The service department was a breath of fresh air. After going to the Land Rover of Grand Rapids and experiencing the worst service I have experienced in any industry I was pleasantly pleased with the service. I am expecting to continue to bring my business back to Land Rover of Farmington Hills. Kudos to Mr. Snow who took care of all my needs.

Roslyn Wallace

I encountered a negative and unprofessional experience at another dealership. My faith has been restored at Jaguar Land Rover Farmington. The service team greeted me with extreme professionalism, and the young lady that processed me was very kind. I will be returning for my service needs in the future. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!

John Czech

Best Jaguar Land Rover dealership there is. From the sales team, service advisors and outstanding service techs, there isn’t any other place I’d take my car.

Samantha Hinkle

Aric was a great help. Got me in to my new Evoque quickly & with a fair lease price. I will not be going anywhere else!

Kirk Nicola

Hi, I just purchased a Discovery Sport from JLR Farmington Hills. My Sales Consultant was Jade Dunn. She was great, very helpful, provided money saving tips, knowledgeable of the vehicle, and if she didn't know an answer she found out the answer right away. She arranged everything with the sale for an effortless purchase. Nice Job Jade. Now for the vehicle! I would have to say that this vehicle is a surprise and delight. This is the nicest vehicle I have ever owned and was just what I was looking for as far as features go, and a great value.

Marnie Kramer

Amber did a great job in keeping me informed on the progress of my car. My car came back cleaner then when left it and the tech did a great job with my requested additional service. Thank you!


Do not get your vehicle serviced at Land Rover Farmington. I have an 06 LR3 and they been servicing my truck for over a year for the same problem. Every time they supposedly fix the problem, the same problem comes back. They lie to you and take you money but the problem is still there. By far do they know what they are doing. fast as you can

Dan Metts

I made an appt at Jaguar Land Rover Farmington hills to have two things addressed, 1) an alert that suspension system compressor had failed and 2) that a check engine light had come on which I had read for free at an advanced auto facility alerting me that the exhaust sensor had failed and could potentially impact the turbos. I reviewed this all with the service advisor upon my arrival and she said no problem I’ll get it in and follow up with you in an hour to let you know what we find, sign here for this service. An hour went bye, I heard from no one after the 2nd hour I tracked down the service advisor and she said “yep they should be finishing up I’ll be right with you”. 20 minutes later she brings me (5) page document explaining exactly what I had told her was wrong with the vehicle upon my arrival. She then ushered me to a window to check out with their cashier. I asked her was anything repaired? Her response was no we just diagnosed it and if you want it repaired you’ll need to schedule another appt which will take another 3-4 hours. When checking out I was given a bill for $278 dollars to tell me exactly what I had told them was wrong with my Range Rover. This is terrible service, it was not explained that this diagnosis I was already aware of was going to cost me anything! I have owned Cadillac’s/ Lincoln’s and several other high end cars where if there is anything wrong which is rarely the case any charges that I may be responsible for were clearly brought to my attention before being handed a bill. I won’t be back to this dealership and am disgusted that as a customer and owner of such an expensive vehicle was “serviced” in this fashion. Takeaway: go to Jaguar Land Rover of Farmington hills and they will wash your vehicle for $278 dollars however it will take them 2 1/2 hours to do it.

John Nsona

I give them 5 stars because I was pleased by the service provided to me by Patrick, a very professional guy that made my experience with their company special. I'm a very pleased customer!!!! Thank you!

Larry thomas

I purchased my Range Rover from this dealership. Let me start by saying, the salesperson (Robbie) who assisted me has my business for life. Knowledgeable, no nonsense, straight to the point, handled business. I ended up needing service and this would be the first time I would be using this Land Rover dealer for service. I’ve conducted business with other Land Rover dealers and l explained to Ryan that I couldn’t make it in time to grab a loaner. Ryan was able to deliver the vehicle, and take my car in for service. Thanks guys!!

David Fernandez

Price for oil change, tire mounting and balance more reasonable that at other JLR dealerships.

J. Essad

This dealership was great to work with! I called on the vehicle of interest and the salesman did everything he could for us. Great customer service and very professional.

Chris Conlin

Although, like a few others that have reviewed this dealership, I also had an initial below average sales experience, I purchased a Range Rover Sport a year ago and just has my first experience with the service department. It went very well. They picked up my car, gave me a loaned car (I think i paid extra for that feature) and performed all of the service needed after 1 year. Very friendly over the phone and the guy that dropped off the car was extremely professional.

Divyakant Gandhi

Great service after you get your service booked. But difficulty getting hold of person booking services inspite of multiple messages.

Glenn Short

Service is always great. This time Chris and the Jaguar specialists took some extra time to show me a few of the features on my XJL that I never new I had. (there is always one more to discover it seems). I somehow manage to always have everything covered under warrantee or the service plan that came with my Jag. (even get dropped off to my home, etc.)

Christine Knickerbocker

Last visit was great-repair handled quickly and they replenished washer fluid plus complimentary car wash thrown in as well!

Tom Konesky

What a great dealership. The place is first class at the way. Our salesmane Robbie was the best. Very knowledgable and professional. No high pressure sales pitch. Took great time with us and showed us everything he had in stock. We love the vehicle and will be buying from him again real soon. Thank you

Dan Lee

Always excellent service Very punctual with correspondence Really cant get any better-there is no room for improvement

Martin Philbert

It took a year for me to research, explore and differentiate between the wide range of options for sports cars in the same class. During that time, the sales staff were patient, helpful and never pushed anything on me that I did not need or want. My Salesman, Tony Cross, is a professional and a gentleman. His attention to detail, flexibility and attentiveness are a credit to the dealership, and give lie to the stereotype of the 'car salesman'. The result, an F-Type R that is a joy to drive! All of the options work seamlessly together and the controls are intuitive and intuitively placed in the dashboard and console. Years of happy driving ahead...

Tom Dommett

Took my Range Rover Sport in as my brake light came on. The service was courteous, but the mechanic mis-diagnosed the brake lines as having "rusted through". Quoted $4k to replace the brake lines. (My warranty company refused the work as they don't cover age-related rust). I took it to another mechanic who identified a union had failed and remarked "the lines look great, there's no corrosion on them". I took a look at the brake lines myself, apart from being a little dirty, they looked as-new, no sign of any corrosion. (Charged me $200 for mis-diagnosis, and prevented me from making a claim for the work, so I'm $500 out of pocket).

Darren Tatum

MY 2010 Jaguar XF was a lemon, but the service was acceptable.

Leonard Ballard

I recently had the good fortune to have my vehicle serviced by Farmington Jaguar. These folks are great. Incredibly friendly, helpful and customer focused. My vehicle was well taken care of, immaculately clean when returned to me and the people were first rate; from my service rep, to the cashier, to the valet that gave me a complimentary lift. Excellent. Nice work folks.

Will Rivera

Great work and service

Gary Chmiel

Easily the worst dealership I have dealt with. Salespeople are rude, so I bought it from another land rover in an adjacent city. A few months later I took the vehicle for routine maintenance and land Rover Farm Hls service department damaged a totally unrelated part, the Shift mechanism, so I had to waste time dropping it back off for repair. Eric in Service was awful to deal with. One day before I was scheduled to turn in my lease, I called to make an appointment - the receptionist said "no one is here who can help you call back tomorrow." I called back and spoke to a salesperson and he said "Sure bring it up anytime". 2 hours later (Julie in sales called back to say "We can't & won't except your vehicle, the lot is full, go back to the dealer you bought it from they have to take it." I called and spoke to Land Rover Farming Hills ctr mgr Terry(no help) - and Terry said the same thing "We don't have to take it." Glad I didn't buy from them the first time!! - I have no intention of dealing with Land Rover Farmington Hills ever again. Customer Dis-Service.

kim parks

Always professional atmosphere, staff very friendly and accommodating. From sales to service maintenance, always a great experience. This is my 3rd Range Rover. They treat you like family! My sales specialist Robbie is the best! Will never go anywhere else!!

Terry Wrozek

Sadly our issue with the suspension fault warning popping on all the time was not resolved. I was told when I called back that I would have to drop my Range Rover off for several days. I live 70 miles away and that is not doable for me. Also very upset that the front passenger floor mat was missing. They said it couldn't have happened there. So, now if I want to replace it, if I can even find it for the 2006, it would be pricey. Also wanted them to look at a second key I have that doesn't open locks remotely but does start the car. $139 just to look at it. They did fix the leak in transmission.

Himanshu Goswami

It was a great experience at this dealership. The Sales rep was knowledgeable and understood our needs and options very well. Overall, it was a very positive experience. Thank you.

Lisa Terrell

I had a great experience with you all Elisa was a great representative she help me with everything but my radio did act up again for a couple of minutes and pop on again just wanted to let you know. I really enjoyed the Velar Range Rover it was a great ride. Thank You Lisa Murray-Terrell

Kishore Raj T

Great Service. The vehicle was tuned perfectly well. The service manager is awesome. They replaced under warranty a mirror item that has cracked, even after almost a year. Keep it up team.

David Marnell

Work well with me to keep my old, (2006 S-Type), on the road. Work is always completed to a high level and the car is returned washed and clean.

Ryan D

This has the be the worst Range Rover dealership in this state. The only professional treatment I received from them was the day I purchased my velar from them. Since then, I’ve received treatment befitting of a junk yard service. Do yourself a favor and don’t give them any business. Their manager ( who shall remain unnamed) complained to me that people expect good service because it’s Range Rover! He went on to complain how their customers don’t like to wait. That being said, I’ve been there over ten times in the last year, their sales people are roaming around, their service people always chatting rather than taking care of customers. Moreover, I can’t comprehend how any dealership is ran as such! Range Rover, If you don’t treat your customers with respect and ensure customer satisfaction, then your brand is garbage.

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