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REVIEWS OF Boston Logan Rental Car Return (Avis, Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, ...) IN Massachusetts


Good Service (Alamo)

Pamela Emmett

I rented with Enterprise, and had a great experience until l tried to return the car. Not sure who is responsible, but they recently moved the return area, and Google Maps/GPS was giving crazy directions. I was impressed by the cleanliness of my car, and the friendly service they provided. I was met by someone with my name on a tablet to escort me to the car and help with my bags. I always use Enterprise for local rentals, this experience makes me realize l should think of them first for all my rental needs.

Nicole Jesson

Depends a bit on who you rent from, but could be much easier!

Steve Esser

Easy drop off and pick up. Short bus ride to the terminal.

kevin miller

Quick process in/out!

Robert Bates

Staff great and helpful but delayed by third party towing company abandoning tow truck in entry road

fred gonce

In n out quickly n easy

mister ed

Want you land you have to take a free shuttle a lot of construction getting into the car rental agency and getting your car and leaving was fine leaving Boston is a nightmare traffic construction and crazier drivers than I am

Magdiel Guardado

Easy and seamless return. Very clear signs that lead to garage

Ben Cordery

Very easy to get your car from Hertz... the rental area is large and not crowded

Gerry Orlando

Easy in...easy out...

Mark C

Excellent place to rent and return autos. Just wow. Tons of cars for rent. Amazing. Mind = blown tf away.

Cat Barber

The rental car was pretty easy to get to after landing in Boston. You go out to the rental car parking lot, find the company you're renting from and there is someone to help you get your car. I was able to choose from a few different cars of the same size. They did have a toll box in the car (make sure you check for this before you leave, it should be right under the rearview mirror. If not, make sure you tell one of the employees helping you), this is automatically added to your total when renting from the company. I used the company Dollar, I had a good experience with them. I was able to pick up my car and leave. The only problem I did have was leaving the airport and coming back. I'm not use to driving in that area as to why I had a problem. When returning your vehicle the best thing to do is follow the signs to the rental car parking lot. An Uber might be easier if you're that uncomfortable.

Sean Gura

Dollar's debra was rude and had to wait for a car.

Ryan Eason

blue bus does not have the rental car center on the maps inside the bus so be careful you might think you're on the wrong bus. They also don't announce that they're going to the Rental Car center.

matt campbell

Easy and free bus ride to the rental facility. Very nice place overall and easy to get in and out of

Donald Hawkins

My vist was better than others. On the way in we had heard 60 to 90 min waits to get a car. Member ship has its advantages. We walked straight to our car. Transportation communication to from rental area, VERY LACKING. So, pay attention and ask questions when you board the packed buses.

Adam Krouskop

I gave them money and they gave me a car, so there's that. But unacceptable overall experience. Extremely (and unnecessarily) long wait at pick up despite having booked, prepaid, and answered all questions (return full, decline insurance) online in advance. Directed to a car in a spot that another customer was in!, and wasn't the correct model. Another long wait to get corrected to a different car. Car was filthy inside, dented, and not the model I booked. On return, yet another issue. Had to again return to the main rental counter (and further wait in line ...) to process my car return. Don't plan to use Budget again. Not an acceptable level of efficiency in 2019. In desperate need for a better agent workflow/system to not unnecessarily waste customer time.

Brett Robinson

Nice facility but off site and have to take an out of the way bus. They need to improve transportation from terminal to rental car facilities.

Steven Christian

Friendly ..accomodating staff

Rob Driskill

Acquiring and returning the vehicle was easy, nice rental area. Short shuttle ride to terminals.

Karen Rogers

Hertz was a terrible experience. The final price was double what they quoted on line.

Richard Newell

Easy to find when returning the car, got me on my way promptly.

John Moynihan

Always an easy experience renting right from the airport. I wouldn't rent anywhere else due to the convenience of dropping of the car and getting right on the bus to catch a flight. The staff is always quick and friendly regardless of the company you choose.

Imelda Judge

Fantastic service and support at both ends. Quick and easy. Lovely customer service as well.

luis chacon

Every thing well done. Easy to fond the place and to drop off the rental car.

Cyndy Ross

The return was awesome and very accomodating to our disabled sister. They brought us right to the airport departure door Rav 4 and we loved it great on mileage

Ted Porter

Far away from the airport and worth the trip because it is well designed and specious

Peter Banks

Can be great but also dreadful. Have had good experiences but the last one was really bad. Arrived in rental at 2.45 and didn't get a car until 4.30.

Kartik Subramanian

Quick service.. What more can u ask for!

Cliff Goniea

Well organized, centralized car rental at Boston Logan is clean and efficient.

Elijah Shekinah

This is specially for Dollar rental. Apparently they mixed up my contract at the counter but nobody caught it until I tried to leave and something wasn't checking out. Mustafa came over, worked some magic and a few minutes later I was out and on my way! Mustafa also pointed out my car class was a mid size and not compact like it was written in sharpie by the attendant at the rental counter. And since there were no mid sized cars available he gave me a full size!

David Spence

Smooth and easy car return process.

Anirudh Pillai

Well maintained and managed, place is neat and shuttle connectivity is really amazing. It is little hard returning the car with so many car rentals in same place and multiple instructions and sign boards. Overall satisfied with Enterprise and this place.

Joseph Yeckel

Quick and efficient. Easy to find and good access to the terminal. Nothing special.

Spencer Walker

Amazing service with a personal touch and very professional and friendly!

Juanita Gittings

Follow signs closely & it's painless.

vedika D

Poor rental car service. Very slow...delayed our trip atleast by 2 hrs.

James Foster

The road signs were easy to read but Google Maps wanted to take me a different way (around to the backside entrance). The wayfinders should be updated to give you the choice from either entrance point so as not to confuse the driver.

Brian Newman

Fast, friendly staff. Very efficient return process for a crowded and busy airport. If you fly Delta, terminal A is the first stop on the shuttle.

Philip Durham

A reasonable place to get in and out of.

Nelle Peterson

Fast efficent friendly people.

Michael Sciuto

Very good and fast.

Raymond Gotha

My son rented a car and was pleased with the service.!!!

Danette Reidl

I had an early check in. It went smoothly and I was not held up getting to my flight. The people were pleasant. Over all a good experience.

Robert Fritz

Easy to find with the directions combined with following the well placed signs.

Geoffrey Kidega

Lovely quick service. No one wants to spend time waiting

Deborah Kocsis

Typical Boston spaghetti bowl roads to get here, pounding traffic at all hours. Shuttles over full with people and luggage.

Emile Brandon

We got to drive a really cool truck................ because it was the only vehicle available.

Sam Ersan

Directions are posted clearly. We did not have difficulty finding the rental car terminal.

Steve Sweet

Very well organized pick up and return of vehicle. Good job. Workers are very courteous.

Michael Carter

Showed up for our reservation and waited two hours for the van. They claimed they had none available and once they got one in they had to spend 45 minutes cleaning it. Once in the garage to load up, there were 8 vans sitting there.

william sack

The agent who helped us (I think her name was Sheryl) was totally amazing! One of the most polite and kind people I've met.

Ivania M

Is the best I really like it

George Corson

Picking up the vechial was extremely easy. And Dropping it off was also extremely easy.

Stephen Malkemes

Don't expect much from the bus service if you're dropping your car off at night. Better off taking an Uber back to the terminals

James Stewart

Very easy in and out. Once on the streets of Boston that's a different story. Lol. Quick bus ride to and from Logan that circles every 5 minutes or so.

Brian Warner

Great service. Walk in ride out. Drive in walk out. Love the Gold program

Pete Mauser

Great and organized. Easy access to shuttle to airport every three minutes. Lots of rental options at reasonable prices.

Torrey Browne

I wish it didn’t require a bus to get back to the terminal but it is what it is. Avis FTW!!!

Thomas Whittenberger

Very easy to return a rental car here. Well-marked lanes for each rental agency and plenty of agents handling the return.

Sarah Mercier

Lines moved at a snail's pace, but hard to say if due to customers or service. After waiting 30 plus minutes to get to the counter my interaction went very quickly. Then when I went up to retrieve my rental car I was a little dismayed to find another line and having to wait again. Took almost an hour to get into my prearranged rental which seems somewhat excessive.

Rodrigo Pineda

Fast and the styeion wsd great

Lawrie Molle

This place does the trick of course for convenience for people who are constantly flying in and out of there. It's organized but I find that there are very few people that you can communicate with. this particular day I rented with Payless which is as useless as they come there! I highly recommend that you use anybody other than Payless. On top of it I did have something stolen from my car in the few minutes that I left it. I did put a claim and it makes no sense but they said that it was never found. anyways the car was filthy when I was trying to get into it. This puts down Boston Logan return but it's actually me picking up the car and these are pictures from the new car I was picking up. I would recommend Avis, Budget and maybe Hertz.but don't think that you're going to get anybody who likes doing their job there. People seem very aggravated throughput the entire return center. If you read my review and this was good for you, I would greatly appreciate you

Barry Mendel

On a Friday took 1 hour to get out of the garage. Enterprise was great but traffic terrible.

Luke George

For such a large airport such as Logan, they run this car rental facility very well. It's easy to access, and I've never had anything but a smooth experience getting my rental car here. The staff are willing to help and are friendly!

Charles Blue

Fairly convenient and a quick trip to the Terminals, but a little difficult to navigate INTO.

William S

The rental car center is excellent, easily among the top ones I have used. However it is a good thing I am not trying to write a review about the trip to get there from Worcester Massachusetts. There were a couple of different sports games in Boston tonight and it took me two and a half hours to get to the airport when normally it takes 1 to 1.5. I realize that it's not the fault of the rental car center but man they could have put this airport someplace else. Signage to the rental car center is above par for the Boston area and the shuttle from the rental center to the actual Airport was fairly quick and had enough for the large load of passengers. The bus driver was helpful for another passenger who was trying to find a train station. overall a pretty good experience

Jeff Grigg

Quick. Efficient. Professional. (But I had to go to the desk, due to my long term rental.)

Gina Forsyth

Line was entirely too long. It took an hour to get my car.

jason molidor

This facility is pretty great. Getting to this facility sucks. That isn't the fault of the facility, though.

Amanda Prater

Our flight got in late and the night staff with Payless was amazing! I wish I could remember the name of the guy who helped us!!

Sarah Small

Very convenient and fast car return experience!

Susan Muniz

The car was perfect and the service excellent

David Mills

Surprisingly easy to find and make a rental return. Impressive.

Uttam Korupol

He really helped ! Thanks **** shud have asked for ur name

Thomas Halka

Don't even bring a vape in the car they will charge you a $300 cleaning fee!!! This is how they make billions

Paula Mills

The return was a breeze compared to pick up. Very very nice woman checked us out. Hard to find return spot from freeway.

Brett Charap

Horrible signage and traffic patterns. I'd say avoid, but if bad fortune brings you to this liberal cesspool what choice do you have...

albert stebbins

Great price and service

The Alaskan Assassin

Super easy. Good customer service.

Dina Presseau

Easy to find where you are going, signs are numerous and easy to follow

Frieda Piechnick

Not quite as easy to return the car to this location as other locations. Again the shuttle works well. We were however dropped off at the wrong terminal even the I questioned the driver that we had been drpped off at the correct terminal. We then had to stuggle with our suitcases to the correct point.

Walt Downey

Not easy to find or access, shuttle driver was rude and gave bogus directons.

Hilary Noonan

The best system I've seen for renting a car at the airport and for public transport in general. Free electric bus transportation to and from the terminals as well as into a transit hub to get to the Boston subway or Amtrak commuter rail

Sue Woodard

Couldn't be easier when they email your receipt.

Christopher Owen

Long wait, indifferent if not outright hostile desk staff. A number of staff standing, or in some cases sitting and staring off into space in others behind the desk. However, despite the glut of staff only two terminals open. Person who gave us are car gave us poor information to the point we had to hunt other staff down.

Barbara Lane

Easy pick up and return and price reasonable

Lynnie D.

Overall it went well but better communication would have been helpful as to adding an additional driver


Shuttle to get there may have been slower than walking. At least 20 mins on the bus.

Vishal Kondabathini

Drive-In & Walk-Out. Easy peezy! As long as you didn't scratch your vehicle and destroyed the interior with stains of junk food or soda, you should be able to walk your head held high from that spot as if you just parked your own car at your garage. Take a few minutes walk and you will get to the Transit buss stop taking you to the terminals. And all this is for free!! (Statutory Warning: Conditions apply on the state of your mind, departure time, stress level, last days alcoholic contact remains in your pancreas)


Excellent clean, safe climate controlled storage

Troy Kump

It was a great facility. Don't let them upgrade you to a larger car. You can fit it in any parking spots! Lol.

Tanya Keith

The Center is fine, but Payless Return is an unmitigated disaster. Almost missed our flight thanks to their ineptitude.

Lu Kong

Easy car returns.

Kenney Dao

Poor efficiency. Had to wait an hour only to be directed the wrong way and into the wrong vehicle.

Gregory Davis

They get you in and out fast and have regular buses to the Airport.

Scott Feldkamp

Pickup & drop-off orchestrated as anticipated. Virtually no interaction with an actual person other than the traffic coordinators.

Aimee La Buy

National makes it flawlessly easy every time.

Michael Amon

Easy to find. Signs clearly marked. The place where the car return happens is too dark for my taste

Katy Boyer

We used Hertz and everything went smoothly. We returned our car the evening before or flight and walked to the embassy suites.

Susan Coffey

Thrifty return - easy

Suzanne M.

Super simple and efficient car return

Timothy Johnson

Good place to rent a car when your in Logan Airport.

Paul To

Always quick and efficient (I mostly use National). The shuttles are frequent and not too far away from the terminals. Usually take me about 15 to 20 Mins from hitting the car return lot to arriving at the terminal B Stop 2b.

Mohamad Dakroub

Clean and fast service and it's easy to go back and forth to the Airport

Pierre Andrade

Alamo Great customer service all around. Initial vehicle we picked up had a few issues, we called and explained, they advised to take it back and they'll swap it out. Took it back and we showed them the issues and they said to not worry, they were very professional, apologetic about the inconvenience. Robert made the exchange painless and quick even told us not to worry about the gas and he noted the account. I will keep doing business with Alamo. Keep up the great work!

Butch Brooks

Easy drop off. Convenient

Roland Cagnon

Very smooth return system, especially at 4:45AM

Alan Grant

Quick and easy return of the rental car.

Travis Steen

Great staff. Efficient.

Erin Laughlin

Very busy place! Shuttle back to airport takes a long time so plan ahead.

Frederic Villeneuve

Quick return of rental car. Good bud service to terminals

Danisman Ltd

Very organized area. Rental car pick up and return is very is considering a very busy international airport like Boston Logan.

George Wallace

We had a car reservation for 2 months and when we arrived at 1:30am on a flight from SC we were told that they had no cars available. The only thing that they had was a 10 passenger van. We had no other choice we were screwed at that point. Why have a reservation when it doesn't mean anything to them..

ali reeder

Took forever to get threw the initial line to speak to an agent. But, very friendly once I was helped. Avis/budget

Dave DeBruine

They should make it more clear how incredibly difficult it is to get to the location during the workday. I never was sent the receipt for my rental as i was told i was if i dropped the car and went to my plane. I had to waste time calling back and getting it emailed to me.

Robert Cohen

Efficient , nice people, but avoid using 3rd party apps for car rentals. Total ripoff. Go directly to the company. The car companies will look to rectify a situation, the third parties are just scum

Lara Pearson

Follow the signs and it goes as smooth as glass!

Cathy Campbell

You are hit with outrageous fees and taxes after being told a rate. Dollar Rental is a RIP off and very poor customer service. Do not rent from Dollar.

Matt McDonnell

Staff were excellent, however having to queue for an hour to collect your car is terrible. Then once you get your keys you then queue for another 20 mins to collect a booster seat.

Ed Bentall

The lady on the desk was brilliant because she went through everything, whether it was worth doing a toll saver or paying as you go, extra insurance and upgrading (none of which we took). The guy in the garage...not so much. No show round of the vehicle, no explanation of features. Could have been so much more, shame really

Cassie Woods

The shuttle takes a long time and be prepared to wait in a long, slow line.

Johan Bronkhorst

Brilliant service at Alamo. The lady literally walked the extra mile when she walk with me into and down the street to show where i should return my rental.

Ian Larsen

We drove up, handed over the keys, signed stuff, walked away. Couldn't get much easier!

Charlie Gilbert

Quick check in, well marked route to shuttle. Everything worked.

Robert Edwards

The biggest problem is the false advertising. They send you an invoice when you reserve the vehicle saying a certain amount due. BUT when you get there they suddenly increase the amount adding a security deposit into it that was never mentioned previously or listed in the emails they send you saying you're paid in full because we prepaid. Very deceptive.

Chris Butters

Very quick drop off and shuttle back to airport

Bert Victor Israelsen

First time I've had to wait for bus to get to terminal. You gotta plan on an extra 1/2 hour for car rental return.

Sherry Crockett

Nice airport but poor signage. Very easy to get lost when returning a rental car. Poor system for getting travelers to and from the rental area. No tram, buses instead. Other than that ease access to gates. Charging stations plenty of food choices

scott singer

The first loop around on the blue line bus didn't stop at the rental car station. When I did get there, it was a nice facility and quick and easy to pick up the car at Avis.

Kenneth Stewards

Great, good counter service, quick in and out

The stache

If you're not familiar with Boston traffic patterns,it can be a little hard to figure it out

Jackie Wells

Easy drop off process

Eric Shabe

National emerald aisle.... No cars, 40 minute wait. Welcome to Boston

John Rankin

Very easy once you got through Sunday night traffic to get there

Cristina A

Yaya at Payless was incredibly helpful to us! She set us up quickly with a car, was detailed and thorough with everything. Significantly cheaper compared to the bigger brand names and their service was just as great.

Brian Mark

It's very efficient IF you have a loyalty memberhip with one of the agencies. You walk past the counters and pick up your car in the lot. Sometimes the wait at the counter can be over an hour. Free public transit to and from the facility.

Alicia Eakle

Rental and return is super easy here, especially since they've a real Emerald Aisle. The staff was very friendly, patient, and able to answer questions. The vehicles are also pre-loaded with EZPass that are already mounted and spin right to use them. I'm always very pleased with National, but this location was exceptionally good.

Rob Sharpstein

They didn't help with an issue...told me to call the Portland desk.

Jeremy Falke

Quick, easy, and on our way. Staff member we encountered was friendly and keep things moving. Overall a good experience.

Sreera Ramesh

Place was great and neat. Only kirk was it was kind of confusing to return your vehicle to the right agency. The posted signs were kind of small, easy enough to pass.

Vaughn Ramsey

Fast car return... there is a gas station right before it that doesnt show up on a lot of maps.

Wendy Brook

Excellent fast and easy. The man even wheeled my heaviest bag to shuttle. I very much appreciated his kindness since I had back pack, 2 year old, and diaper bag as well. Thank you

Yusuf Jameel

Be ready for long waiting lines. The service was good though.

Travis Thayer

Very fast car drop off, relatively easy paperwork.

Carol Fisher

The budget agent gave us more car than we wanted and we had to change cars because the window wouldn't close. It took 3 hours, and the traffic was then horrid. But the Ford Fusion was excellent and the return was easy.

Charles Malveaux

Rental car rates are very high at this location. Fees and charges make this site overpriced.

R Agrawal

It's pretty smooth. The shuttle service is pretty good and the frequency was adequate. The airport itself is not that crowded

Donald Milam

Unique experience at enterprise where the bring the car to you . Great customer service.

Asia Saeed

The car was great! I will definitely rent from here again.

Jaime Najbrt

Alamo car rental was great to deal with. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy check in and check out. Vehicle was wonderful.

David Oakland

Car pick up was a disaster. We waited 45 minutes for the bus and could not get on when one finally came. We ended up taking a taxi to the Rental Car Center. 1.5 hours getting away from the airport.

Barry Graham

It still amazes me that when they rebuilt the airport, they couldn't provide a faster more convenient link to the rental center. It takes way too long to get there from the airport and vice versa.

Marvin Smith

Terrible customer service, wasn't given the vehicle we reserved.

Deborah Hamby

We had to return the rental before Payless opened. The return process itself was very convenient and easy, but Payless charged us for tolls that we did not use. We purposely used Google maps that avoided toll roads and the vehicle did not have a transponder on it so I'm not sure how they claimed we used $11.95 for toll charges.

Nandu T S

Single point for all rental car returns in Logan airport. Well maintained

Reginald Boldon

Couldn't find place. 2 navigation programs kept taking us to wrong place.

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