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Reed Gilbert

Charlie’s family of dealerships is the best place to buy a vehicle. The staff are courteous, respectful and straight forward. Save some time searching for a dealer for your next vehicle purchase and go to Charlie’s.

Dr Chen

David Collins

Had a very pleasant experience at Charlie's Honda. I had called around to 4 different Honda dealerships in southern Maine and out of the four they were the most friendly and not pushy (can't say the same about some of the others *cough* Berlin City *cough*). On top of that, they offered the best price! I did technically get a better quote on the car from somewhere else but their documentation fee is much cheaper at Charlie's which made it the cheapest choice. The only thing is that they claimed that another place had some hidden fee which turned out to be false but that was probably based on prior knowledge. I would recommend talking to David Pahumbos!

Your mom 662

Karen Marlin

Kevin Cummings

Janet Kippax

Excellent service, as always! Thank you Rick Garland for all your help. I highly recommend Charlie's for all your car needs.

Bob Twombly

Angela Conway

Positive, friendly people!!!! I love my Honda Pilot

Amanda Camarena Burdier

Kasey Lambert

Sam Helm

Our car broke down over the holidays near Augusta. Charlie's helped us get back on the road within 48-hours. Prompt reliable service.

Wendy Struck

Sherry Pinkham

Paul Bessette

Caroline Koelker

Thomas Galarneau

UPDATE: Charlies Honda has personally called me back, and made things right since my visit. I am glad that they took the criticism seriously and they really impressed me today, especially since I knew it was from the heart. Thank you Lori. Reasons why this dealership should be avoided: They made every situation (except the short test drive) miserable, unpleasant and they were on VERY high horses, all except ONE GUY, Paulie D. Thank you man, it was a pleasure. Nobody had communicated with each other contrary to my belief, so I cannot tell you how many times I was asked for my pre approval. They made it seem UNBELIEVABLE I had gotten my loan without them. The process was about as smooth as 40 grit sand paper. Signing the papers was a chore, I asked Lori if we could use a simple calculator instead of her archaic MS DOS desktop and that was a bad idea! She got angry for no reason of course. When I finally left, I went to get my car registered etc and I noticed that the title was filled out incorrectly, not a big deal I will just call and straighten it out...... NOT SO FAST lol when I got Lori on the phone she reverted back to her demonic form and said "WELL... I asked you where you lived while you were here." The address was correct, it was my name, birth date and phone number (partially my fault but I just wanted to leave)... Overall, I would recommend this dealership only if you yearn to be disrespected and have no self-worth bc that is how you are treated.

Devon Bertin

Purchased a used 2016 VW GTI from here. Worst purchase of my life. The staff was awful, the woman in financing kept insisting the rates they had on offer were a "Steal" and at your age you wont find better, heavy handed, ignorant, and pressuring, i got more than 2% better for a rate with a local credit union. There was essentially no room for negotiation either youd think having cheap chinese 17 inch rims rather than the OEM forged 18's would provide room for negotiation considering they were already asking near the top of the price range, but no. Now I have found that the alignment was shot, the aftermarket rims had a grossly inappropriate offset which chewed through tires (discovering this on my own through significant research wasnt even noticed by local shops, this is really the previous owners fault for choosing such rims however),and the winters that were on it were cupped and got bad enough to be noticeable early on in ownership. Now onto the real kicker, after about 3500 miles (of course outside of their stated warranty) the 2nd gear is stopping out, clearly indicative of bad syncros, the revs must come down almost completely before the syncros will engage and until then the gate is completely closed and you would practically have to force it in with two hands which i of course would NOT do, initially second was sometimes notchy and after reading MANY forums this was considered to be simply a quirk however mine is clearly symptomatic as it progressed. I drove a stick shift since I was 18 and am now 25, so this is NOT driver abuse or error I have been very easy on the car due to the new/used car paranoia due to the other issues mentioned above. I am not grinding gears, this again points to bad syncros. Since I bought this used there is a possibility that the guy before me may have been a powershifter which was impossible to detect upon purchase or during inspection without one opening the entire transmission case. Now I will be forced to battle with the VW dealership repeatedly, until they acknowledge the issue THEN they will need to get into the transmission and there is a 50/50 chance they will decide that it is not covered under warranty at which point I will be forced to pay for the labor to investigate and a new transmission replacement is easily 3000+$, all this after I paid near top dollar for the vehicle year with 30k miles. To have this issue at 30K is unheard of. There is of course now nothing that can be done for satisfaction through charlies, best I can do now is use my coworkers twitter with a few hundred thousand followers to put the warning out about this place. Perhaps getting a new honda from here is a good experience, but getting a used vehicle from here can apparently end in near bankruptcy.

Jared Hughes

Eric Knudsen

It's my first time there so it ok

Lydia Witherell

Elizabeth Hanson

Robin Shott

Emily C.

Nicole Lozier

lionel york

Very pleasant and quick found the car in my price range 100% happy with the hole process

michael barrett

Second car purchased here. This is a quality dealership with no nonsense. All questions answered and no pressure to buy before ready. And. Additional added attraction: they have dogs.

Monique Roy

That's where my beautiful black car came from. Service department is fabulous; I love Charlie's!

Helen G Caddie-Larcenia

Yesterday, like so many others, preparing for the weather, trying to finish up with my clients by the end of the day.....I stopped by Hannafords at Cony Circle to just pick up a few things. In my haste, I locked my keys, wallet and cell phone in my car. Feeling angry and frustrated as I am looking in my car with all of the above on the front seat....and having more clients to see....I was absolutely beside myself. I have roadside service but when I used them a couple of years ago, the method that they used left the driver door in a condition where there is a constant noise from not fully sealing when the door is closed....and I definately did not want to worsen that situation . So I called Charlies not sure if they could help me. They brought over a key and saved not only my sanity but they rest of my day. Thank you Todd and to the driver who brought it over...even with, I am sure, your busy, busy day. THANK YOU........THANK YOU THANK YOU

John Leach

Good employees

Denise Aldilaimi

Very nice experience in car buying

Linda Gramlich

Everyone was very knowledgeable and courteous. They did everything possible to make our experience positive while buying our new car. We trust Charlie's Honda and are repeat customers. We highly recommend them!

Bryan Hayes

Not the best of circumstances to buy a car, finding out your current car needs $1,000's in work. However, the team at Charlie's was more than fair and made sure I was able to find a solution to a really bad day that had me leaving satisfied and and in a very affordable vehicle option. I don't think I will ever go elsewhere for a vehicle at this point.

Jonathan Haggan

I would like to thank Mark Daigle and the crew for there great service!! Thank you!

Delfino Almeida

Very professional. Excellent service


Scott Icynyte

Chris Landry

Treated like dirt after sale was complete. Not what i expected from Charlies....

Etienne Perret

Not impressed with Charlie's service department

Garry Schwall

Lynette Mudie

Laura Petrucelly


Rachel Austin

Phillips Historical Society

Sandy Morris

Friendly staff, great vehicle at fair price, quick process

Melody Rousseau

Patrick Morrison did an outstanding job working with us. We were very comfortable working with him. He listened to what we wanted and he came through. Very personable, pleasant and knowledgeable. We would definitely work with him again in the future. We highly recommend him.

Michael Mainen

Thomas Levesque

We had been dealing with 3 other Honda dealers in Central Maine and then decided to give Charlie's a try when we found they had the exact unit (Red HRV) in stock and the others would not go down to the price we wanted to pay. Charlie's had a great price for us right from the start. They were very easy to deal with.

Paul Caruso

Friendly knowledgeable staff..highly recommend Charlie's

Joanne Therrien

Very efficient, knowledgeable and accommodating. None of this "if this doesn't work, bring it back."

Tammy Harrington

Friendly service.

steve sargent

Marcia and I were very pleased with the service we received from Sallyann and Josh.

Kaitlyn White

McKinlee McFarland

J Telesphore

After a couple months of searching I found that Charlie’s had some of the best prices and inventory in the area. They are a great team of people, very helpful, not pushy, lots of perks, and within two hours (including the test drive) I had purchased a car I love. Worth mentioning they also secured a loan with a rate lower than my bank. Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Bert Holland

Christopher Lockwood

Thanks to Charlie's service and sales staff for great customer service. As I was travelling on the Interstate my 2010 Honda Odyssey experienced engine problems and the emissions control warning light came on. Stranded on the shoulder of the road, I called the Service Department. Jared recommended turning the engine off for 5 minutes and restarting the engine. This worked and I made it to the dealership on a Friday evening. The Sales staff very kindly offered to drive me to pick up a rental car. Customarily the Service Dept does not take on major work on Saturday mornings, but the staff indicated they would bring the van into the shop to at least get a start on diagnosing the problem. As it turned out, the technicians were able to complete the repair (a software problem). When I arrived to pick up the van Saturday afternoon, the sales staff again provided a ride for me to drop off the rental car. I really appreciated this great and very friendly customer service.

A Boucher

Excellent place to buy a new Honda from. Wouldn't buy anywhere else. Bought new CRV and it didn't suite my needs... the sales manager ray understood and stepped up to the plate and got me into a new pilot. Thanks guys! I will be back next time

Heather Pena

Katt Tozier

Claire Cheche

In purchasing this new CRV, Paul was phenomenal! He was very informative, gave all the information we needed and wanted. No pushy sales tactics, he was just a really here for us. Felt valued as a customer and I would definitely recommend Charlie's Honda to everyone! Paul, Josh and Lori made it a very stressless buying experience. Would definitely purchase another vehicle from this dealership!

Cheryl McGowan

Great customer service! They took very good care of us. Met all of our needs.

David Marks

Charlies has always been a great place to have my regular Honda service performed. Their quick service, with no appointment is fabulous and many other dealerships in the region don't offer this service! For the larger service appointments, they work hard to make sure they can fit you in quickly. The waiting area is always clean and they always have some free popcorn waiting for you!


Nice people. Low pressure and willing to help and answer questions. Standard pricing practice that requires negotiating so bring your research.

Lynette Barton

Always professional and caring.

Peter Goss

Super knowledgeable salespeople, great lease deal, easy transaction. Not what you always expect at a regular car dealer, but Charlie's was top notch in all aspects. Plus, two awesome golden retrievers to help the staff and customers!!

Steve Musica

They took care of every detail!

Joseph Shaw

Went to Charlie's last weekend to just look around. Thanks to the great service and the great offer, I left with a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L. I was amazed at their offer price and very pleased with the how they treated us. Thanks to our salesman, Dave for taking the time to show us our options. I would like to especially thank Todd Allaire and Josh Hall for making a great deal happen. We have known Todd for over 20 years and he has always been very generous to us.

Evonne Nova

I bought a CR-V here. I didn't like the salesman going on test drive with me though. That wasn't only issue.

Christine Guy

This was the first time I purchased a used Honda at Charlie's Honda. I was given excellent service, and a more than fair price for my used vehicle. I purchased a 2012 Honda Civic, and I am absolutely thrilled with it! I will be remembering Charlie's Honda when it's time to trade up again, and will tell my friends my experience. Thank you all at Charlie's for wonderful service!

l sanborn

Always great service.

Jessica Westhaver

Very nice and friendly. However, pretty disappointed in how expensive an oil change and tire rotatio is. I can spend $30 less other reputable Tire companies.

Ashley Ayers

Quality of service and staff is unbeatable!

donny riggs

Terry Fleming

Great place to do business with. Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Prompt service.

Donna Duval

Terry Lewis

Patrick Smith

they dont offer any options to get your car cleaned other places clean your car with oil change

Allen Cote

Dustin Starbuck

Very professional. Shop and waiting area very clean. They did the service quickly and did not try to upsell unnecessary repairs

Christina Turner

Just bought my new car!

Debbie St. Louis

Excellent customer service, no pressure sales and quality vehicles. I am very happy with my "new" 2016 Honda Odyssey. This was my first but not my last purchase from Charlie's Honda in Augusta. I highly recommend them!


Melanie Berry

The Charlie's team made everything very easy! This is our first vehicle purchased from Charlies - we look forward to returning when it's time to purchase my husband's truck!

Rhonda Vickerson

Friendly as usual

william call

Jennifer Kronen

Don Petersen

Bob Ber

You just get a feeling of family here. Everyone is very pleasant and knowledgeable.

Piner Markovchick

Pat and company went the extra yard working with me to get me into my first new car! Thanks guys for all the good work! After going for round two... It was a different story, nice enough salesman, but unwilling to work with us for the right car... The finance guy felt cold.... Once we were in talking about cars... The world grew dark...

Rose Michel

Josh Williamson

Absolutely horrible. Less than one star.

Chuck Munier

chris farthing

Nice waiting area. But usual dealer prices

Devan Rittall

Best place in Maine for your Honda purchase.

Bobby D

David Rogers

Niklaus was an excellent salesman. Honest and direct. I would buy a car from him in the future.

Lisa Tweedie Fowler

I bought my first CRV at Charlie's. I was treated like I was an idiot. If you're a woman, I don't recommend doing business here. I will not go back to Charlie's. I bought a new CRV at another dealership.

Jason Stevens

Michael Williams

Mike the manager and Jacob the Sales person at Charlie’s Nissan were very helpful, professional and courteous! As a retired couple we were looking at a fixed amount of what we were willing to spend above our trade in. We were able to purchase the Nissan Frontier truck we were looking for, with he options we needed, for just a little over what we wanted to spend. We are very happy with the whole process!!

Susan Noyes

Kayla pickell

Great dealership. Wonderful sales team.

Brian Jandreau

Just wanted to follow up to say thank you for your help purchasing our new Pilot. I really appreciated the ability to discuss a deal over the phone with you and basically work everything out prior to driving up to Augusta. Like the first time we worked with you four years ago, I found you to be straight forward, honest, and kind. Compared to other dealerships I’ve been to, yours is the most welcoming, least stressful, and cleanest. Throughout our time there last night, everyone, including Paul, Lori, and you were very welcoming to my 4-year-old daughter, and I truly appreciate that. And that being said, I know you also stayed late last night for us, which meant you had less time with your own daughter. Thank you for that.

Shayna Jenney

Denise Cross

The team was great!

Scott Speck

My family and I had an exceptional experience at Charlie’s Honda. Typically toting small children when vehicle shopping can be regrettable but the dealership had a kid’s room with toys, TV with cartoons, a balloon, popcorn and drinks. I was actually able to car shop without my 4 year old’s needs slowing down the process. We were well attended by a salesman named Harrison who had an exceptional manner about him – easy going, charismatic, and nonaggressive all while being 100% on point with our needs. I shopped a few dealerships and ultimately came back and purchased from Charlies because of Harrison – he exudes integrity and I’m confident that he was shooting me straight and that if I have any issues he’ll go out of his way to ensure its handled correctly. My recommendation is to stop by and chat up Harrison if you are in the market for something new. 5 stars all the way.

Ben Pass

I'm a total newbie when it comes to buying cars, and I found this to be a great experience.

Eleanor Nagle

When you decide your worth the best go to Charlie's and purchase a Honda Accord!!! Ask for Ramon Williamson!!!!

Douglas Lyford

Great staff. I had some significant work done on a used car and after initially being unhappy with a few things, the service staff was great about responding to and correcting the issues. A+ service

kerri taylor

Melinda Stitham-Brown

After dealing with a bad experience at two other dealerships, we were going in with a lot of doubt. Sallyann greeted us just as we walked through the door. We talked to her about what we were looking for and the price that would fit into our budget. Sallyann was on it. She knew what we would like, got us into a vehicle to test drive, and was patient as we learned to use features we’d never had before. With Sallyann’s enthusiasm and Phil’s ability to work with our budget, we left happy campers and so glad to be a member of Charlie’s family. The dogs that I had read about in previous reviews weren’t there, but Phil’s dog, Zeke, was fantastic and entertained our 2-yr-old. Thank you Sallyann and Phil for a great buying experience!!

Ryan Redman

Best service hands down!!

Sheree Davis

Ken Dumond

Charlie's was able to meet and beat the best price we could find in New England! Excellent customer service from all involved in the process, would highly recommend and looking forward to the Free Car Washes!

Stephen Baxter

Always a great experience! Car #3 with 2 referrals and everyone is happy. Thanks Steve

Tia Rousseau

I had the most amazing experience purchasing my car through Charlie’s Honda. Patrick Morrison was awesome. He made me feel so comfortable, no pressure, no hassle, gave me time to explore different cars until I found the one I love. He even helped me find one for under my price range. I would definitely recommend him to everyone. Thank you Patrick!!

April Cyr

Daniel Bodmer

I was looking for a simple, articulate experience at the best price. We knew exactly what we wanted; we shopped around all dealers within reasonable range for price, and finally settled on Charlie's due to a simple, friendly series of exchanges at almost the best price. Charlie's got the edge compared to others due to an honest demeanor and straightforward approach. I believe it's absolutely worth giving Charlie's a shot if you're in the market.

Stephen McGinn

Parts guys are speedy and knowledgeable....appreciate the timely service and great attitude!

Meryl Grant

Ian Fortier

Amazing service and fantastic dealer

Dawn Gray

They could not help me say they can't Becouse owe to munch and want to give a big monthly can't do anything

Mike Amrine

Great and friendly service

Alex Downing

If you are looking for a great value car that is going to last a long time then Charlie Honda is definitely the place to go. The whole staff is very friendly and helpful as well in answering any questions you have. They are willing to work with you whether looking for a new and used car. In getting a used car there, nothing is sold to you unless it passes the test as being nothing short of like new condition. Sales rep Paul Dustin was outstanding in customer service not pushing us to buy a certain car, but getting a feel for what I was looking for and taking the time to explain my purchase. The 2015 Honda car I purchased was fully certified and in a new clean condition as promised. And Charlies is there for you with any questions and help if any vehicle issues turn up. Overall cannot go wrong with Charlies and should definitely be the first dealership to seek out for a vehicle.

Rare Bear

Fast friendly service with good donuts and coffee...

Tammy Cooke

Geralyn St Joseph

Went to have airbags taken care of due to recall. Also was interested in having my brakes done and oil changed. However they try to upsell me on the brakes and wouldn't allow me to get just the pads which is what I needed. Wanted to charge me over $400 for a job which ultimately cost me less than 120. I definitely would not go back and do not recommend.

jacob williams

Roger Brasslett

Great staff, but the lease pricing could not compare what you get for the same price at Toyota.

Jane Waddle

I bought my 2012 Honda Pilot at Charlies Honda and at first the service was fine. The last few times, however, have been very stressful and disappointing. One of the last times I was in because the steering was bad and evidently the sway bar had come unattached. The service manager said that I or someone must have undone it. I don't think so. Today a tie rod broke on the front wheel of my car making it completely out of control. I ran into a tree. Fortunately I was only going about 10 MPH. I called Charlies to ask about a warrantee and was spoken to like I was a big pain. I practically had to beg the person on the phone to look it up. Well my car is not under warrantee, so I'll have to pay for the repairs myself. But still, something happened to a car that they sold me that caused me to have an accident and they couldn't be bothered to look up information for me. And, why are these things breaking under this 2012 Honda Pilot and putting me in danger? And why don't they care? I will never buy another Honda and never do business with any of Charlie's dealerships again.

Lila Richards

Hi my name is Lila Richards and I’m here to talk about how good is Charlie’s Honda In Augusta Maine.First, this is a great Honda dealer is great is because of their large inventory. Second, is because of their fantastic service and people who work there. Third, is because of their kindness and respect to you when you buy a car there. Finally, they have nice prices for their cars and trucks. As you can see Charlie’s Honda in Augusta Maine is the next place to get a new or preowned Honda.

Walter Tarbox

David Rosania

Have purchased 2 vehicles here. Always a fair deal and easy to deal with.

Kristin Sanborn

Michael Tuminaro

Jennifer Hughes

We had a GREAT buying experience at Charlie's Honda dealership. The Sales Manager, Josh Hall, went above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied with our purchase. Pat Michaud was extremely helpful going over the CRV with us and setting up the Bluetooth. The Finance Manager, Lori Kenney, was very friendly and a delight to work with. We've bought several cars over the years, and this was by far the most pleasant buying experience of them all.

Josh Jinno

I could get the same car from Darlings for $2790 less, but they kept insisting that Darlings has $100 more in doc fees. The math at this place doesn't add up. My mom got the car and she's happy, but had to work at it to bring them even a little bit closer. The staff was accommodating and friendly to people with handicaps... But the price was higher.

Rodney Spear

Fast service

Gregg Feinauer

I was thrilled with the help when I scheduled an appointment the same day just a few hours after I called. I also was also thrilled with Mitchell the service advisor. He was very helpful. I would give the whole experience 5 stars, but can’t based on the technician that worked on my vehicle. I went in for an oil change and they did it very quickly to my surprise (I visit many different Honda dealers for service all across the US). This oil change happened quicker than I have ever experienced anywhere else which was great. Then I checked the fluid level on my washer fluid after I had left the dealership and it was not topped off. They said they checked the tire pressure and when I checked them to verify the pressures they were not at factory recommended levels like they told me they set them to. I don’t doubt that Mitchell, or the other advisors I spoke with, were honest and sincere but the workmanship was less than expected. Yes, the oil was changed but the rest of the “19 point” inspection is now in doubt. I really appreciated all the departments that I had any dealings with, but the services that I paid for are in question if they were done or done correctly. I would definitely return if I was in need of service because of the people that I talked with BUT, BUT, BUT...I would definitely check everything over before I left the parking lot just to be sure it was all done per the book. 5 stars to Mitchell and the other staff 1-2 for the workmanship on my vehicle. Sorry guys. I will add that when I went back to the dealership to talk to Mitchell about the issues they were very interested in the feedback and appreciated the info.

Kate Tomkins

Negotiated price and financing terms via email. When we came to test drive and finalize, the whole process took an hour. Best dealership buying experience I've ever had. Plus, dog friendly!

Venessa Languet

Great staff! Very knowledgable!

Thomas Morrison

Crystal Norris

My MIL (who does not have email or computer access) came in to Charlie's in an absolute frantic because her current vehicle was very aged and in need of extensive repairs. Everyone in the dealership made her feel at ease and helped her pick the perfect new vehicle. The whole process was smooth and hassle free. They made her feel like family and she just loves her brand new Honda HRV! 5 stars to her sales person, manager and finance! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paul Rousselle

If you're in the market for a new Honda I definitely recommend that you give Charlie's a call. Our local dealer, Prime Honda in Saco Maine couldn't even come close to the offer I was presented for a new Honda. There was no trade in involved. I dealt with Al the internet manager who was up front from the beginning and extremely friendly and professional. Based on my experience, I definitely recommend anyone give Charlie's an opportunity before signing any paperwork elsewhere. It's saved us over $1100.00! Well worth the one-hour drive north. Thank you Al and Charlie's Honda for your great service and professionalism. I will definitely be back when I'm in the market and refer everyone I know to you. When Prime Honda starts seeing more and more cars with Charlies motor mall emblem on them maybe they'll get the hint that they can't overcharge everyone. Some people shop around.

Paul Dustin

I want to thank Alex Musica, one of the two experienced finance managers at Charlie's Honda, for working with me on my purchase of an extended warranty for my three year old car that the original manufacturer warranty had expired. First, I didn't purchase my car at Charlie's Honda. Second, it is not a Honda. However, neither of these were factors in his ability to provide me with an excellent warranty and an excellent price. The Allstate Premiere Package that I purchased was superior to any offers that I have been repeatedly receiving in the mail. I now have peace of mind knowing that I have full extended care coverage. Thank you Alex, for taking the time and working with me to get the best extended coverage for my car. I encourage anyone who is looking for extended warranty coverage, regardless of the make and model of your vehicle, to contact the finance team at Charlie's Honda. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn about their warranty along with the competitive price that they offer their product. I feel better knowing I dealt with someone on a personal level and not responding to a mailer, e-mail or phone call from a telemarketer. Thanks Charlie's Honda!

Lahti maayan

Wanda Kranz

Fair prices and courteous staff.

Desirée A

Devan & the rest of the Charlie’s crew were knowledgeable, professional, accommodating, and just overall great. I recommend anyone looking to get a new car to go see them! Thanks again Charlie’s crew.

Jill Fisher

State inspection, great staff,if car purchased there free inspection thank you

Cynthia Jackson

First Class experience from Devin, Pierre, Charlie himself, and Alex who handled the financial end. I would recommend if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle that you give them an opportunity to serve you!! DEVIN was wonderful explaining every detail of the vehicle and techenical aspects.

Rita Bragdon

We were very pleased with the professionalism of the team we worked with to purchase our new CRV. Brandon was great and has followed up with us to make certain we are more than satisfied with our purchase. Josh was great in making the deal happen and Lori closed with all the financing. It’s only been three days but we feel confident they will stand behind the sale. Thank you!

Beth Obrien

All the people their were very polite thank everyone for for a great experience

Jeremy Jones

Great car, good deal, so so finance

Tim Carr

The one star is for a ploy Charlie’s uses involving 1) over diagnosis and/or misdiagnosis of mechanical issues, 2) exorbitant repair costs of those mechanical issues, and 3) an offer to buy the car and get you to buy another vehicle from them when you hesitate to pay the exorbitant costs. In December of 2018 my car broke down on a Sunday when I was shopping in Augusta. I couldn’t get in touch with my local mechanic, so I had it towed to Charlie’s, figuring that they had the staff and resources to quickly diagnosis and repair the issue even if the repair might cost more. The next day, the service manager called to say the battery, alternator, and starter all needed replacing. He also said the front brake pads and rotors needed replacing as they were “metal on metal.” The cost for these repairs was a whopping $2,000! I told the service manager I needed to think about spending that much money on the vehicle and would call back later. Within the hour, Charlie’s used car department called to say that my car was a good used car and would be a great fit for their public wholesale. The caller wanted to know if Charlie’s could buy the car and get me into another vehicle. That call raised even more red flags than the call from the service manager, so I paid Charlie's the $99 diagnosis fee and had the car towed to my local mechanic. My local mechanic determined that the starter was the issue and that the battery and the alternator were fine. He also determined that the front brake pads and rotors needed replacing soon but were definitely not “metal on metal.” The total I paid for parts and labor (including diagnosis time) to replace the starter and the front brake pads and rotors was less than $700. This was less than 1/3 of what Charlie’s wanted to charge. It is now near the end of March, nearly 4 months later, and the battery and alternator Charlie’s wanted to replace made it through the Maine winter without issue. Charlie’s leaped at the chance to make extra money off of my situation to my financial detriment. While my vehicle is 11 years old, it has features that make it a good option for resale, including: not having excessive mileage (around 130K), having relatively little rust (it spent over half its life in the mid-Atlantic region), high quality mud and snow tires less than a year old, spark plugs that were less than 3 months old at the time, an interior in good condition, and an expensive Thule roof rack among other features. It still has years of good service left. Generic Blue Book value for the car is around $4,000, hence the $2,000 repair cost as part of the ploy. I understand that Charlie’s has greater operating costs than my local mechanic and needs to charge more, but this whole incident left me vowing never to do business with them again. They were either going to charge me an exorbitant amount for repairs (including repairs I didn’t need) or make a profit on my car and on getting me into another vehicle. Their attitude during this incident was dishonest - they attempted to both play on fears (the brakes are “metal on metal”) and make themselves seem like the good guys (we are pricing the job with a rebuilt starter to save you money; we can give you a great deal purchasing your car and a deal on another vehicle for you). If I had gone with Charlie's, I would have been out an additional $1,400 and potentially $1,000's more. I wonder if some of the positive reviews describing cars needing expensive repairs and Charlie’s getting the reviewer into a new vehicle instead are actually examples of the ploy detailed here.

Scott Marasco

I had an excellent experience purchasing my Honda Pilot from them. They gave me more than twice the value other dealers were offering on my trade in. The purchase process was hassle free and the service was superb.

Monique A

I love Charlie's!!!

Sandy Harris

Terrific Sales Team! Terrific Service Team! Thank you Charlies Honda

Samantha Gogan

Great place, great deals and cars! If you go ask for Bronson, he's the best!

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Charlie's Honda en Maine
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