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REVIEWS OF Tim Short Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac of Hazard IN Kentucky

Mat Larson

I purchased a used 2015 Cadillac CTS Premium with 38,000 miles from Cardinal for $25,000. The 1st month has been awful. So far I've had to spend about $2,700 on repairs. The gas gauge was going to E due to a bad sensor in the fuel tank. The CUE system does not turn on for the first 3 minutes after starting the car. Thus, I can't change the cabin temperature, radio station, or use the backup camera and we still haven't figured out the cause. So far the Cadillac dealer in Indiana has reprogrammed it and replaced the screen to no avail. The cabin temperature sensor was also bad causing the car to blow cold air despite being set at 80 degrees. All of these despite me asking the direct question, "Do all the features in this car work?" and being told yes. The icing on the cake was the dealer incorrectly filled out the title and the BMV in Indiana refused to register the car with actual miles. This will have a significant impact on the resale value when I get rid of this lemon. Lastly, I doubt they inspect their used cars. The Cadillac dealer located a GPS tracking device inside the car that appeared to still be active.

Angelia Jennings

Paul Brock

everyone was very helpful it was a pleasure doing business with them at Cardinal will be back for a repeat buisness

Jason Sexton

Service is horrible couple bad service and sales experience .. would not recommend to anyone

Exotic Preneur

Spoke to a sales guy Darren Inquired about a vehicle guy never got back to me completely blew me off called back and spoke to a lady Hannah and she tried to push me off on another sales rep and then transferred me over while I was talking midsentence highly recommend to stay away from this place

James Boyd

Brian Burden

Wendy Collett

Thanks so much to Daniel Combs and Cardinal Chevrolet for great service. Thanks for making my purchase go smoothly!

Robert Sergent

kevin newell

UPDATE: 1/24/18 I've added a photo of their BBB response. Mr. Rossoll, I write to you to seek reconciliation for a severely disappointing encounter I had with your Cardinal Chevrolet Dealership on Saturday Jan. 6th. I'd like to let you know this has been reported to the Better Business Bureau, Case number: 90083261 I worked with Audrey, David Brown and Jeff to purchase this vehicle. Audrey was completely unresponsive to any of my calls or texts. Of this I have documentation. After numerous conversations and negotiations, David, Jeff and I agreed to a price on the '12 F150 XLT under the condition that it was in fact as described and represented in the photos they provided to me. On Saturday Jan. 6th, I drove 5 hours from South Carolina to purchase the vehicle and when I arrived, I quickly identified multiple undisclosed issues: - Broken driver's power seat mechanism - Torn cloth driver's seat - intentionally left out of the photos I was provided - Faulty driver airbag - dash light would not turn off - DEAD BUGS in the cabin lights - 2 burnt out headlight bulbs - Cracked passenger rear taillight - 2 broken AC vents - Marred paint on tailgate Displeased with the vehicle, I told David that I was no longer interested in purchasing the vehicle in it's current state for the previously determined price. I asked David to have the issues examined by serv. department after which we could discuss the purchase price. After examination, I was offered a measly $150 off of the purchase price to reconcile ALL of the issues and the terse excuse that "It's a used vehicle, what do you expect?" I called a reputable Ford Dealership, and they determined the repairs to cost upwards of $2k. David said "Oh c'mon, you're not going to let a couple small issues ruin the deal, right?" I told David and Jeff that $150 was unacceptable and informed them I would be leaving and was very displeased with the way they presented both the vehicle and themselves. Their demeanor was nothing but rude and disrespectful. I made the request that they fill up my gas tank for my trip home, and David declined. Jeff did agree to fill the tank. David, displeased, said "C'mon then, I don't got all day, if we're gunna do this, then let's go." After storming out of the building, he proceeded to get in the truck I had intended to purchase, and squeal the tires as he urgently left the parking lot. Once at the gas station, he had the audacity to say that HIS time was wasted by working with me and that HE didn't GAIN anything from this encounter. I made sure to remind him that I was the one who drove 5 hours from home to buy this vehicle, and now had another 5 hour trip home in my own vehicle, that would have an additional 500 miles on the odometer. The failure to fix the issues ahead of time, or even disclose the blemishes and issues before making my trip, PLUS their blatant disregard for my time is despicable. $150 consolation discount? on a $21000 vehicle? You can be sure that I'll never be doing business with this dealership, and they are a HAZARD to the Chevrolet brand. If you insist on purchasing a vehicle from Cardinal Chevy, I highly recommend that at the very least, you do not work with David Brown to purchase a vehicle.

Tabatha Lewis

Thanks to Daniel Combs for helping us in purchasing our 2015 Buick Encore! Great service, friendly atmosphere, and an AWESOME experience! Can't believe how smooth everything went. Would definitely recommend Daniel to any prospective buyer!

BadChuck Games

I found the perfect car and at a very reasonable price. Preston Napier was very helpful in helping me find and buy a great car, he made the process go very smooth. I would advise everyone to go to Cardinal first when they want a car. You will not be disappointed!

Robin Banks

Teresa Hollifield

Service department is very friendly and accomodating. They listen to you and are easy to talk with too! Very knowledgeable on service of your vehicle and will not do anything without price check or go ahead from customer if it's not covered.

carolyn Haddix

Annie Melton


Great bunch of people, ready to help you out, no pressure.

Diana Clemons

Wanda Brown


I wouldn't take a free car from here at this point. I have already stated to several people that I'm no longer in the market. STOP CONTACTING ME!

Kevin Day

Great place to buy a new or used vehicle good people to work with

Jeffrey Mullins

Melanie Nelson

This place is TOP NOTCH!!! My husband and I had been ready to purchase a diesel truck for over a month, we had been to a number of dealerships and told numorous times that financing him was impossible. Had one place sell a truck out from under us after we got approved and after sending them every document you can imagine. After we learned that dealership sold the truck we were approved for we decided to start looking again. That's when he found a truck that matched what we wanted and it was at Cardinals. I called and spoke to Russell and most honest salesman EVER!!!!!! Russell handled the application over the phone, asked for 2 documents, and a few pictures of our trade. Called us shortly after getting them and said my husband could be in the truck that day. When told we were 4 hours away, he made sure our truck was OFF LIMITS to anyone else. Russell stayed after closing to finish our deal, he gave our kids a little toy and cereal, made sure we had drinks and snacks for the ride home. I am BEYOND IMPRESSED WITH THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!! After being told no so many times and being treated like our business didn't matter at so many other places, Russell and the rest of the staff at Cardinal's treated my husband like they would have bent over backwards to get his business, which is exactly how a man that's bends over backwards for his family should be treated. Russell White....thank you for making this happen, my husband hasn't stopped smiling yet.

Jordan Tyler

This makes the first purchase with Cardinal. The salesmen Jeffery was very welcoming and answered all my questions about my vehicle. and if he didn't know the answer he would find out. I would definitely recommend this car lot. Friendly people, great cars and good deals!

Terry Fields

They have good service band a friendly with a big selection if GM vehicles especially if u want a new Corvette or camero:) they have all the new trucks as well.there service department is also good and pretty fast.all and all they are a good car lot

Brittany Fox

Absolute terrible customer service in the sales department, for starters good luck to anyone trying to get into contact with the manager. Spoke with Mark and he was unknowledgeable to any question he was ask on top of being rude, Audrey was very sweet but I was also misinformed on something this place doesn’t have by her and I found this out AFTER they ran my credit. No one will give you a call back either..these people being so unprofessional saved me from buying a car from a place like this. Edit: We ended up purchasing a car from Honda in Morristown TN, so perfect and we got a GREAT warranty! Salemen were very professional and knowledgeable..highly recommend!

Kathleen Winhold

Glenna Amburgey

Wayne Risner

Kaitlyn Morgan

David Brown is very helpful land very nice

Marty Davis

jeffrey miller

Had an excellent experience at Cardinal's. Daniel Combs helped us out and is an amazing sales representative. We recommend anyone to come to Cardinal's to buy their next vehicle.

Jackie Gayheart

David Brown is awesome ill sure do business with him again

Tammy Allen

I bought a 2013 Chevy Malibu when it was 3 years old. It only had 28 thousand miles, to me it's like a new car. How wrong I was, first engine light comes on, takes me several months to get them to fix it but couple months later it's on again, then I have 500 hundred dollars more damage. Now I am having problems with the front rotors. 300 hundred more. Now the back rotors need work. Who knows how much more I gotta pay. So BE SMART DON'T BUY HERE ONCE THEY GET PAID THEY DON'T CARE C U TOMORROW CARDINAL

Eddie Fields

Great Service

Alyssa Williams

Very nice car lot. Great customer service!

dave w

generally all snot bags and unhelpful

john shively

Great salesmen and service department

Lavvona Dixon

Cardinal Chevrolet was very helpful in my car shopping experience. They found me the exact vehicle I wanted when they didn't have it on the lot and the price was good. Thank you Preston Napier for making the shopping experience hassle free


Cardinal Chevrolet Dealership is the best.

Michelle Shepherd

I bought the car of my dreams with the least hassle I have ever had- Thanks David Brown for being professional and courteous to make this happen!

Cheyenne Chey

Bought a 99 Buick that looked great, ran great, low miles. On a test drive there was a noise in back when I ran over a little bump. The salesman said it was most likely the jack bouncing around. I took it to Carquest to have it checked out. Well, come to find out, the whole back K frame is rusted out and rigged with big bolts to where it will not fall apart. It can not be aligned. I called parts dept to give them the VIN number so I could find the right part, he hung up on me. Before you sign the SOLD AS IS, have someone check the car out, or you may be screwed. PS: I found the part in NY for $225.00 plus $100.00 shipping.

Adrienne Sturgill

Friendly staff. Consulted with us about replacing filters. Done in a timely manner. But did not clean when they replaced the cabin air filter, and the debris caught the fan when we used the air conditioner. Had to return after driving almost an hour to have it checked and fixed. They did apologize and give us a coupon for the next time because of the inconvenience.

Jonathan Rice

Daniel was friendly and professional. He was extremely helpful and tried his best to satisfy my requests. I would definitely refer Daniel to anyone interested in purchasing a vehicle.

Shelton Hagans

David Brown gave us a great buying experience. Made buying new truck easy

Jody Bentley

Easy to deal with and very responsive to questions with detailed answers

Eddie Spicer

Brian Rothlisberger

This place is a joke. Trying to buy a new truck. Salesman Zach Hurt can't follow up, give us a call or even email me a contract for the vehicle I'm purchasing with cash. I guess they don't want our money or to make a sale. Called them twice now and asked for contract to be sent. No response from anyone. This is unheard of! Vehicle we want has been on their lot for over sixty days. They won't let us purchase or even put a deposit down to hold so we can come pick it up. We have bought several vehicles in the past from various dealers across the states and have never experienced a place like this. Don't waste your precious time and stay away from this fly by night operation. I'll take my $29,000 some where else! Ridiculous.

Randall's Garage

Awesome experience today @Cardinals in hazard KY with Fitz Steele!!! Definitely recommend him to anyone that’s wanting to find a new car or wanting to trade, he goes above and beyond and is very helpful with finding the right vehicle for your budget ! Thanks again Cardinals and Fitz Steele !!

Jeff Jude

Had my own financing on the way to me and they sold the car out from under me on the day the salesman I was working with had the day off. Fitz was great good to work with. It a shame the sales manager would allow a car to be sold out from under someone when they had their check in hand. It cost them the future sale of a 70000 dollar truck to me.

Elliott Pike

I question this company's honor and integrity... After searching online, found the perfect truck for our small business at Cardinal Automotive. Only potential issue was we are in Birmingham, AL they are in Hazard, KY. Working with Bill Deaton, our sales person, they seemed eager to make the deal work and agreed to drive to Birmingham for us for an extra fee. On Friday, August 5, 2016, we agreed to purchase the truck site-unseen and were going to pay their asking price! Emailed Brian back and he accepted the offer. All we had left to do was arrange the delivery and payment. On Saturday morning, spoke to Brian again just to clarify a few things for him and he again agreed everything was good. We were very happy so far and looking forward to getting the new vehicle (we have been looking for a while now!) Then, Brian called to let me know that they were selling the truck to someone else. Could not give me an explanation, but said it was "out of his" hands. I asked to speak to his manager. After putting me on hold, he told me the manager was too busy to talk. I am very disappointed with this dealership and would not recommend them to others based off of this experience.


david hall

Great car selection

Pottercomm East KY

Colton Poindexter

David Brown was a wonderful salesman!!

duck farler

My Ole Buddy Fitz Steele took ver good care of me. Thanks Everyone for the great buying experience.

Breanna Miller

I highly recommend David Brown at Cardinal!

Michael Jasovsky

Steve Peake

Debra Adamski

Great selection of beautiful vehicles

Chris W

This makes the fourth vehicle I have bought from them and refuse to go anywhere else.They always have a great selection and if they don't have what you want they will find it. Jeff Mullins is always there to answer all of my questions and goes the extra mile to make sure I'm still happy with my vehicle even after I've bought it. If he don't know the answer he will always find out quickly. Every time my family and friends are in the market for a vehicle I tell them to go to him. So if your looking for a vehicle stop by Cardinals and talk to Jeff, I guarantee you wont be disappointed.

Sheena Bevins

I brought my vehicle to them to have it serviced because of the service engine light being lit. I'm a travel nurse and it's important to keep my vehicle serviced for travel reasons and to transport my children around in. When we arrived we told them what the issue was because we had it scanned at another auto parts store. We were told what the diagnostic fee would be and was fine with it. This was with Barb. They proceeded to call me back an hour later and tell me that it's a small evap leak (we already knew this.) It would cost $450 just in labor to TRY and find the leak. I was displeased with this and said for them to just changed the oil and do some reprogramming on a bulletin that posted on it. When I called back I was told that the manager was on vacation until Monday and no one could help me. This is not acceptable. Just because you go out of town doesn't mean that as a manager no one can fill your position while gone. I spoke with Mike this time and he said that they would look further into the leak and that they had called me too soon without getting all of their information (on Friday.) On Monday, miraculously they had forgotten about the whole conversation on Friday. After quite a bit of back and forth we were told that for $150 they would find the evap leak and would guarantee to have it fixed. About 30 minutes later we received a phone call back saying never mind. They had changed their mind about fixing the evap leak. It was going to be TOO HARD FOR THE CHEVROLET DEALERSHIP TO FIX A CHEVROLET VEHICLE! So I'm on my way now to pick up my vehicle after 4 days with the check engine light STILL ON. Yes I'll pay for the oil change and diagnostic fee when I get there. Customer service here is a joke. I guess you can do whatever you want when there are no other choices around.

Jokerswild1987 .

Over a period of 7 days and multiple E-mails back and forth the dealer would not provide a Carfax or Price analysis . When I told them I was disappointed with the time it was taking they LIED to me about sending them. Feeling I was being jerked around, I asked to see a screenshot of his sent message, he also said that 1 was sent from computer and another was sent from his phone, neither of which he could provide, Purchased elsewhere. Zach & Audrey were my contacts.

jania Erong

Excellent service! All you need about cars, shop etc, they are great... Friendly people around✔

Nicole B

Tracy Huff

Friendly staff not the best to deal with they just tell you pretty much not exact word but we can't help you

Randy Cromer

Very friendly

Lori Hatfield

Love my rav 4 and Ryan Is a great sales person

Julie Caudill

David Brown Is awesome and is excellent needs a raise!!!!!

Sheila Welsh

We came in for an upgrade because of a letter we received in the mail. We asked for Daniel Combs. I cannot say enough good things about our experience. Daniel was so informative and answered all our questions. We ended up buying our second vehicle from Daniel. My husband and I were Daniel's first sale and that is why we asked for him this time. He is very knowledgeable, courteous, and just an all around nice person.

Jagdish Hiremath

I bought a used car from this place. My experience was good overall and the after sales support extended by Zach Bailey was impressive.

Brenda Garcia

Lovely thanks to all employers.

Nathaniel Terry

What happen to the days of being met outside by a car salesmen when you stopped at a car lot. Why should I have to go in to talk to someone.

Fishing.momma Ison

Is ok. But prices and warranty's were better when it was Cardinal. Prices are way to high for Kentucky and no jobs/ bad economy.

Brandon Hickson

High prices!

Erin Stump

I cannot brag enough about Cardinal Chevrolet. It's what a small town dealership should be, friendly faces that never make you feel pressured, a willingness to accomodate any finance situation and most of all, when you drive off the lot in a new or used vehicle, you don't feel robbed! Jeffrey Mullins worked hard on this deal to get me in the vehicle I wanted for the price and payments that I needed. Cardinal Chevrolet has my lifetime business! It's a name we trust in the mountains!

Randy Baker

We needed to purchase a car on very short notice due to an accident and David Brown with Cardinal Chevrolet handled our situation very well. We appreciate him and the staff for taking care of our needs and concerns very quickly.

K Day

Ben Welch

Update: Traded 2015 Silverado mentioned below for a new 2019 GMC Sierra 1500. Got the Big Dee Deal of the Day :) Very happy with this dealership even after the change of hands (my original review was written when it was still Cardinal Chevrolet). Bought a new 2015 Silverado 1500 here in Aug '15. Had a great experience. David Lickliter was our salesman. He and his manager worked out a great deal for me and stayed late working around my schedule getting everything done. The finance guys were proactive in getting me the lowest monthly payment they could. I qualified for GM's offering of 0% APR for 72 months that they do every fall, but after crunching the numbers I was better off taking the cash incentive they were offering I forget how many thousand right off the top and paying a very low interest rate. I got a good trade in on my '13 Malibu. Very happy with the sale. Their service department is top notch, too. Got one oil change/tire rotation/basic prev maintenance from them when I was back in town and they were quick and friendly. I would bring it to their service dept here more often if I didn't live an hour away.

Ash Marie

Erin Robinson

Great, Daniel was very friendly and helpful. Very easy to work with.

Rondall Smith

They go the extra mile for all customers.

Teresa Lewis

Greg Johnson

We would like to thank David Lickliter for helping us with the purchase of our 2011 Nissan Rogue. He was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely do business again with him and Cardinal Chevrolet.

Daniel Rohe

Really enjoyed working with David Brown. Nothing like a Kentucky reception. Did the whole deal over the phone from Indianapolis, worked out a great price on the vehicle I purchased and my trade-in, and the vehicle was as advertised and described by David. If the opportunity comes up, I'd come back!

Stephen Whitaker

David Brown was exceptionally courteous and friendly and very helpful in sales.

Nick Hays

We purchased a new 2014 GMC Sierra from Jeff Mullins. Got an awesome deal on the truck and was very easy to deal with on our trade in! Will do business with again! Best group of guys in town to do business with!!

joshua smallwood

Jerry H

I had a 1:30 appointment for an oil change and was out of there before 2:00.

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