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REVIEWS OF Neil Huffman Chevrolet Buick GMC of Frankfort IN Kentucky

Leonard Mackey

The services provided were timely, efficient, friendly and professional .

Sarah Faith

As someone who depends on a car to get her to her college classes everyday I put a lot of research into a car I purchased here and whether or not trading mine in was the right choice. Which going to the dealership I felt as if it was until I was leaving. My car wouldn’t start. Next day, wouldn’t start and so I’m. Ever since then I have been worried about it happening again because everytime I try to have them fix it it’s almost as if it’s assumed I’m making up the problem or it’s being pushed off until my warranty expires. I understand it’s the holiday time and places are busy but everytime I get into my car I’m worried I will have to miss a class or test in the event I can’t get it started. My experience here has its pros and cons but to me a car that passed a 172 point check should have no problems starting and shouldn’t have to be driven over an hour every week to try and get repaired. Not to mention had no brake lights when I purchased! As well as when I drove over 2 hours to have the issue looked at again during my finals week I walked in and they took my keys, didn’t update me on anything wait time issue or anything occurring with the vehicle, making me in turn feel as if I was burdening them with something I feel shouldn’t be happening in the first place. However the final service member I talked to did try and explain a little bit to me what was goi g on and if I had any other problems to contact them which was helpful!

Rosalind Bryant

Great first time experience and plan to go back again when car needs to be serviced.

Patrick B

Dylan is one hell of a salesman never lied to me about anything I was getting with my new truck purchase and because I was driving 3 hours to look at the truck he took the time to make a personal video tour of the truck for me before I even left the house

Letha Drury

Working with Ryan in sales, we had a great experience. The trade in and purchase was quick and efficient. Ryan even brought the car we were looking at to Lexington so I could drive it, taking our car back to evaluate for trade in. My best buying experience ever.

Mindy Hahn

Knowledgable, patient, and genuinely kind sales team. We will definitely be back!

Aj Soundz

Horrible....One of the sales managers at Nissan was rude , negative , nasty , and obnoxious... Highly advised to have your own bank loan ready before buying anything on this lot there lenders ain't worth 5 cents

Victor Hethcox

Friendly staff always willing to help. Service and Sales always A+

Marie Allen

Disgraceful. I was prompted to do a review, so here it is. I generally don't give negative reviews. However, I've expressed my concerns and they were not acknowledged as legitimate by Neil Huffman Chevrolet service department. I just picked up a vehicle with a LOT of work done to it. I was told by the gentleman there the tech checked the power steering lines, they were leaking so he changed them. THEN he checked the pump and it was bad, so they changed that. Before I dropped it off, I had the power steering fluid checked and it was FULL. The nice fella at AutoZone told me the pump was bad, he could tell from the sound. Also, "the tech" washed the vehicle. There were other issues, such as I'm not sure everything needed to be done that was, but these two, I specifically brought up. The car was not washed, no way. I pointed that out and was told they said they did. It still had dirt from the road, it hadn't been touched or even sprayed off. And why would a person who works on cars all day check the lines and change them without checking the pump? Incompetent. I was going to take my personal Chevrolet there for service and am in the market for a new car, preferably a Buick. They made a big sale, but lost a customer. Hope it was worth it.

Jennifer Smith

My husband and I were very disappointed with our experience here and would not recommend this dealership. My husband called the day before about the availability of a truck he had seen online here. He was assured that the truck was still available and would be waiting the next morning for us to test drive. We arrived the following morning, test drove it, and handed over our information for a credit check. The car salesman returned to tell us that the truck was actually not available and informed us that someone else had already put a down payment on it. We drove over an hour anticipating to purchase this vehicle, only to be told it was not available after they let us test drive it and to have a credit report run for no good reason. Now we are stuck without the vehicle and an unnecessary credit report run. Extremely disappointed and would not recommend this place.

Steve De Mand

Isaac is a great sales man. He helped us get into a nice car. Thank you.

Patty Lambert

Awesome crew!!!!! So helpful and friendly. It's a no pressure zone!! Scott and Dylan rock!!!!

Jennifer Goggin

Michael was our salesperson and he made the entire process of trading and buying a car painless. He was honest and patient and continued to work past business hours until we were completely satisfied. I greatly appreciate how well we were treated.

Ann Kaiser

Thoma Havens and the entire team were wonderful. Made my experience the best ever. Would recommend this dealership to anyone!!

Jasmine Brady

I came in to Neil Huffman today with a nearly difficult situation with the trading in of my car. Eric has been a very helpful and patient car salesman all day. I appreciate everything he’s done to try to help me! I will absolutely be coming back here whether it’s to buy a beautiful, luxurious car or to get it worked on inside their painfully clean shop! Can’t suggest them enough here!

Serena Northern

1 Star for the coffee. The sales associate my husband and I dealt with completely insulted us with a trade offer! He essentially wanted to trade but wanted us to give him our vehicle for free! No joke! Out the door price with our trade was exactly what they had sticker priced on the vehicle we looked at it. We was prepared to pay the difference but not to be insulted and give our vehicle away! Never again will we make the drive to do business here and would never recommend to anyone else.

Tracey Renfro

Great staff but way over priced for used vehicles.

Darrell Clark

Fast friendly good job


Excellent sevice. I would recommend them.

Scot Reeves

Excellent experience. Friendly, helpful knowledgeable staff. Best I’ve dealt with.

Richard Powell

Another GM vehicle dealership in another Kentucky community. They might be limited on their onsite inventory, but they will find the vehicle that you are looking for at the right price!

Chris Jackson

Great people. Worked hard to get me the best deal and financing possible Very happy with my truck and the whole experience

Kathy Erickson

We recently purchased a 2015 truck from Neil Huffman Chevy, with Isaac as the salesman. We weren’t told that it was a Canadian vehicle, which means that it was subject to much harsher conditions and vehicle USA reporting systems don’t always catch problems. It also appears to have had flood damage along with several electrical problems that were not apparent during the test drive. Neil Huffman was happy to fix the problems as long as we paid for the repairs. Their vehicle “detailing” looked as if a five year old did it and they also sent me home with fuel on empty. Isaac, of course, has been difficult to reach once we purchased the vehicle. Unfortunately, I can’t give less than a one star rating...they have certainly earned less than that.

Caroline Gibson

My experiences are always so wonderful. On my last visit, my appointment was originally scheduled for 3:30 pm. However, I had to leave earlier than planned to attend a funeral in South Carolina. I called and asked if possible to take me earlier as I did not want to get on the road without service. I was given an 11:30 AM appointment and able to get on the road for South Carolina at 12:30. Thank you Service Department for always taking care of me!!!

Linda Beach

Arrived for an oil change, and was taken care of immediately. Service performed in a very timely manner. Car was even washed. Very nice customer waiting area. This place also has a hugh selection of new and used vehicles to chose from.

Ben Tennyson blogs

Scott and Brandon are wonderful. They led us thru purchasing 2 vehicles and made it a wonderful process. Thank you.

Michael Bennett

Great service and follow up from the service department & Bobby Toll. Made my Colorado service experience very smooth and easy.

David trimble

This is the best dealership I have purchased a vehicle from. I would and do highly recommend these people.

Meagan Noblett

Had a horrible experience. Do not recommend buying a car from them. They owed us money because of a mistake they made, took almost a month to get what they owed us and they lied to us several times about when they actually mailed it out. Go somewhere else!

Sabrina B.

Just bought a 2017 Chrysler Pacifica this past week. Michael, our sales person, was extremely helpful and friendly. We came on a Thursday evening when they were unusually slammed with customers. Jeff, the financial mgr., and Michael, our sales person, stayed until 11:00 p.m. to process our paperwork, when they usually close at 7:00. Also, The van had a ding on the roof that had gone through the paint to the primer and Michael had the paint dept touch that up for us. Also, there were two pairs of wireless headphones in the car when we bought it that went to the DVD player. When we picked up the van after the paint was fixed, one of the headphones was missing. Michael searched and found a pair in the detail dept. and they are mailing them to me so I don't have to drive back to Frankfort. I feel like we got a really good deal and I love my van! Thank you to all of the staff at Neil Huffman :)

Gabbie Butler

Not helpful and a bunch of ppl telling you a thousand different stories

Bernard Perkins

Ron and the guys are great. They sincerely care.

mrJoshua b

Friendly staff that is helpful. I have been using them for service and enjoy that I see the same faces regularly. Like any dealer the service is a little slow.

brian segraves

Larry and Lance were great. The purchase process was easy and they were able to get me a lower interest rate than my credit union that I have been using for 15 yrs.

David Brown

I traded for a new pickup, and they were very fair on my trade-in. I also liked that they worked hard to make the deal work for our pocketbook.

kera hill

They were fast at fixing my car and well charged! No problems!

Charles Centers

I went in looking for a used vehicle. The salesman Daniel Canevaro, was very professional and told me the truth about the used vehicle condition. He asked if I wanted to try to get a new vehicle. He put in for financing and in less than an hour I got financed for a new vehicle with a great deal and stellar service from everyone involved. I would recommend anyone looking for a used or new vehicle go to Neil Huffmanof Frankfort, KY.

Angie Fancher

I have been looking for an Equinox for a few months. Yesterday I found one online at Neil Huffman. The price went from $16,835 yesterday to $20,585 this morning. The salesman told me that GM mispriced their vehicles through the website. I was told my payment would be $525.00. I questioned the actual cost and interest rate. I was then told he could try to negotiate with GM on my behalf to maybe get a payment of $480.00 to $500.00. I just wanted to know the actual cost and interest rate.....

Bradley Klusman

Thank you Don Ray for the excellent service and we really enjoy our new vehicle.

matt stevens

Great dealership, customer service is awesome. Great selection to look over with the right colors and options.

John Crites

good place to get a car

Larkin Coker

Contacted these folks on a truck they had listed. Was a decent deal. They knew at 10am I would be there by 5pm to look at the truck. Said they would "have it at the front door ready to go". I get there and they had to find it. No big deal, I understand places get busy. They pull it up and it's filthy. Ok. Let that slide. We go on a 10-15 minute test drive in 90+ degree weather with NO AC. This is a 2014 loaded truck that they proclaim EVERYTHING WORKS. Ok. Now I'm getting the sense of unprofessionalism. The is not a mom and pop dealer. They should have better standards than this. So yet again I let it pass. They pull the truck in the shop to check the Ac. Salesman, SUPER NICE GUY said he'd make sure it's fully detailed and full tank of gas before we get it. So now I know I'll not be taking it home today. I live 80+ miles away. Yet again I let it pass. We start negotiating. We get to a 1500 dollar impass. They won't budge. We get to a 500 dollar impass on a 25,000 dollar truck. Still won't budge. I walk out. The unprofessionalism, not being prepared and attitude of they really didn't care if they sold the truck or not is what killed it for me. Will not be visiting ANY of this group dealerships anymore. It's clear they do not want my business.

Paula Breeden

I set up an appointment, I get in, I get out within an hour. My time is important to me.

Brian McFarland

$799 doc fee.

Jack Bennett

I had this car at two other garages and the first one "fixed" it. NOT! They just put stop leak in the radiator and charged me several hundred for it. The second one said I needed a new motor. They said they ordered one. A week later, I asked them if they got the motor. They said that I never said I wanted it. I told them that I did tell them that I want it and they told me that they ordered it, which they never did. They just forgot. I waited a week and never heard from them again. I finally took it to Neil HUffman. They diagnosed it and fixed it. No it did not need a new motor. The repair was sort of expensive, and I did get some discounts from them, But, this 2006 Buick is running like a new car. I am totally satisfied. I wish I'd have brought it here to start with. Some say that the big car lots will just rip you off. You get what you pay for. I think that they know what they are doing and will fix it right the first time and will be honest with you up front. Any problems in the future, I'll take it here first.

Joe Hancock

Michael Taylor did a great job, stop in to see him, you won't be disappointed.

Taylor Peach

Isaac was super nice and made us feel at home. We liked that he didn’t pressure us.

Barbara Sell

Great place to buy your next vehicle and get service!

Geri Fitch

Nice dealership. Isaac was great to work with. I definitely recommend this dealership.

Rebecca Green

We had a great buying experience and we came back with a slight issue which Neil Huffman took care of right away. We worked with Eric Steele, Dylan Webb, and Malcolm Thomas. Great teamwork!

Evan Hutton

Charged me $100.00 to "diagnose" my car. All they did was quote me $3100 in parts for my airbags (asked them just to reset the light because the fuse had been pulled out and caused it to go off, airbags are fine) and they told me my car was in specs, and the spark plugs were good. After looking at the car myself my spark plugs aren't even the right ones! Plus they were dirty black. Only giving 1 star because its the lowest I can go and they were nice.

Michael Kelly Jr

Great experience in buying my 2019 GMC Canyon Denali. Michael Taylor answered my questions and worked with me on a great price!!! Thanks again

Ron Willhoit

I recently purchased a used vehicle, there were some issues with the vehicle after I test drove, but they said they would repair and make it drive like a new one and they did! I was impressed with their care and service for the customer. They even let me drive home a new vehicle until the repairs had been completed. Excellent

Gary Skinner

We needed emergency repairs on our car while traveling through the area. They got us in, repaired your car and got us underway very quickly. Thanks Huffman team.

Carrie Timmons

Thank you Eric Steele and Neil Huffman Automotive Group for getting me in the car I wanted!!

Craig Gillispie

Ever since the GMC dealership in Lexington changed ownership I have been looking for a dealership that knows what costumer service is. Neil Huffman is the dealership, from the time you walk are drive into the service department you are meet by the service advisor which pulls up your vin number to see if any recalls are do and let’s you know what service GM recommend at the mileage. Unlike the GMC dealership in Lexington where the only person that you meet is the person who puts paper mats in your vehicle and writes down what your there for. The service advisors at Neil Huffman goes over everything and listens to what you need and if you have any issues with your vehicle. Neil Huffman is a one stop service and takes care of everything at one time. Here again unlike the GMC dealership in Lexington that tells you they can’t see what service is recommend by GM are if there is any recalls and if there is you have to make another appointment. Once the service advisor at Neil Huffman has gone over everything with you they will tell when your vehicle will be ready and if you need a ride back home they will get you a ride. My vehicle was done when they said it would be and they had washed and cleaned inside the vehicle. When I went to pick up my vehicle the service advisor went over everything that had been done and made sure that I know what was done. Once everything was done the service advisor went and pulled my vehicle up to me. The dealership is very clean and pleasant place. I will continue to drive to Frankfort to have my vehicle service and not use the dealership in Lexington, also when I decide to buy a new vehicle I will drive to Frankfort to Neil Huffman Chevrolet Buick GMC. So if you are tried of poor customer service at the other GMC dealership then you need to drive to Neil Huffman in Frankfort to see how a dealership treats you like a customer.

Carrie Shipley

This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Ryan A.; Frankfort KY. He always treats me like family and makes sure to listen to what I want. He made the purchase of my new vehicle and easy experience. This is the first "new" vehicle I've owned. We are going on two weeks in our new vehicle, we are very please with it. Thanks again Ryan and Scott for a job well done. If I ever need another vehicle this is the place I will be purchasing it. :)

Patricia Kmitch

Be very cautious when buying a used car from this dealership my son was sold a 2004 Buick Lesabre that has had many safety and mechanical issues. Such as no AC ad online stated the AC was in working order but is not assiant manger told me the sales person k ew the AC did not work and should have been disclosed it was not. Brakes failed on the car which resulted in an auto accident. Had the car towed to be serviced nothing was done for two weeks no phone calls were returned to me or my son ever we always had to call them and leave messages. In the end for our time and trouble we were offered a trade up on the car that was purchased 3 months ago if they really thought we were going to give them the car for practically nothing and than buy another used car from them they are nuts. I would have expected this kind of run around and service from a used car salesmen but not when you buy a Buick from a Buick dealer and they cannot even repair the car in a timely manner. The entire experience with Neil Huffman for my family has been long stressful and was only ressolved when we paid out of pocket to have the car towed to another repair shop to have the brake work done.

Heather Hodgson

Everything about the experience was easy and pleasant. Online scheduling is convenient and my service representative was professional and helpful. The service was quick, thorough, and cost less than I anticipated. I will continue to go here for my car servicing needs.

Barbara Brennecke

We were just traveling through Franfurt when we heard a strange noise in our truck. At that point we were just passing Neil Huffman Chevrolet, so we stopped an Huffman for help. Even though it was late afternoon, they immediately looked at the truck, diagnosed the problem, and scheduled us for a repair the following morning (along with a recall repair job that was just announced). Everyone, particularly GM Service Advisor, Bobby Toll, could not have been more courteous and helpful. Luke Brennecke, Chewsville, Maryland

Karen Sigler

Neil Huffman Chevrolet Buick GMC of Frankfort, KY is a wonderful place to purchase a vehicle. No hassle whatsoever and our sales associate, Larry Rose, was great! Very honest, very knowledgeable about the vehicle we were looking for and was very, very patient with us because we asked so many questions. My husband and I were trying to decide on two and we did not see the other vehicle and Mr. Rose found it on the lot so we could test drive that one also. Mr. Rose has a wonderful personality and puts you at ease when speaking with you. Mr. Rose is very, very professional and is a great asset to the Huffman team.

Eugene Eddy

Very nice and helpful

Austin Beaven

Car buying experience was quick and easy. Was really happy with that experience. However, we had agreed that a key fob would be made if I purchased the car since it was missing. It has now been over 60 days and still no key fob after numerous attempts to check in on the progress.


I am always a happy client ! They treat us with the upmost respect and make sure that we are well taken care of.

Lauren Feroze

If I could give negative stars I would! When we got our van they asked to have it back the next day so they could have their people clean it. Sat there at the store for OVER 5 hours and when I asked about it they said they forgot about us! Then when we were going over the lease they never mentioned the van being wrecked before, but Toyota looked at it afterwards and said it had been wrecked. That’s why our brakes system keeps locking up and we have to pay out of pocket to fix it, over $800, and Neil Huffman wouldn’t even help us fix it or cover some of the cost. They couldn’t even figure out what was wrong with the van so we had to take it to the dealership to get it fixed. Don’t ever buy a vehicle from this place!! Go somewhere else. They lure you in with the promise of everyone getting approved and then stick you with terrible vehicles and give you half truths!

J Chism

Had an issue with my power door locks. The guys located and repaired the issue. Service was really busy that day and electrical problems take some time to trace, but I still made it back to work same day. Excellent experience overall, thank you!

Darrin Cowher

The staff and sales team are true to their word. They honored the price quoted and worked diligently to get the deal done. I would recommend all my friends and family to go to Neil Huffman first because no one can beat their prices and car buying experience!

Joshua Puckett

Very friendly, efficient dealership A+

Elizabeth Bishop

Great customer service. Was in and out of Neil Huffman in under an hour to get my car looked at.

Sharon Thompson

We have a new GMC ARCADIA and we absolutely love it. Neil Huffman are great at answering all our questions and service needs. We love our new car, thanks Neil Huffman for making our new car experience a great one!!

karla gilmore

I had great personalized service from the time that I drove up until the time that I drove off.

Joseph King

Fixed my truck without killing my wallet.

Cindy Bramble

From beginning to end the service was beyond exceptional! Bobby Toll rocks!

Robin Allen

My husband an I had been hopping around car dealerships over the past several days.. The variety of salesmen at the different dealerships has been interesting to say the least. One slimy guy was determined to get us into a lease and wouldn’t answer a simple questions without bringing the topic back to the cleverly disguised “freedom plan”. No thank you. Another guy at a different place was pleasant but very uninformed about the vehicle we were looking at. A third guy was terribly condescending to me. But finally Dylan Webb at Neil Huffman was great. He was very informative without being pushy. He never acted like a “slimy used car salesman”. I really appreciated that he gave my husband and I privacy to discuss things without copping an attitude or anything when we asked to take a minute to talk. All in all- a great experience!

linda lannertone

Awesome Experience! So Happy to have made the Switch to Neil Huffman Frankfort! Love my New Lease and The Supportive Team!

Susan Green

Everything went great. Bobby (service advisor for GM) always takes care of everything for us and makes it a great experience, even when it has to be expensive. I will always come back because I trust Bobby, and he works hard to keep prices as low as possible and gets the work done as soon as possible. Thanks again, Bobby!

Chelsea Peterson

Bought my car from Neil Huffman about 2 years ago and have had nothing but positive experiences. Everyone at the dealership is friendly and quick to answer any questions you have.

Nick Davis

Great pricing on vehicles. Friendly staff.

Scotty Campbell

Chris Jackson provided excellent service. He was always available and always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. He made sure that I had transportation to and from my job while my car was being worked on. He was diligent in contacting my extended warranty company and settling all claims. When the shop had to keep my car over night, I was provided with a very nice loaner car for a day. In general, the staff has a very welcoming and had a ready to help attitude.

Bill Kirchhofer

Very professional & knowledgable sales staff. Great inventory and very competitive pricing. Easy to work with, no high pressure sales. I would highly recommend this dealership.

Lisa Fernandez

Stopped by the dealership yesterday at 11:25am and was trying to look for a Chevy Traverse and compare it to the GMC Acadia and/or a Buick Envision but no one ever came outside. So I left. The only time I have ever wanted to see a salesperson and no one was there. Going elsewhere to look this weekend.

Bobby Bush


Jack Stoner

My car buying experience was made super easy here. Everyone was super helpful and I left with no questions. Customer service was great from the start when I sent out an email to check on availability and Dylan reached out immediately and helped me through the whole process. Will recommend this location to friends and family looking to purchase a vehicle.

duncan stewart

Had my 2017 Equinox in for an oil change, and tire rotation. Great people!

Crystal R

Walked in with cash money and they would only lower their price $250 on a $15000 purchase. I'll take my money and business elsewhere!!

ryse night

Very helpful and got a great deal.

kelly231456 .

Everyone here made my experience super easy and they even went above and beyond my expectations!

Samuel Skaggs

Dropped off my Trailblazer to fix some things and from the first handshake, the service manager Bobby Toll was outstanding! I will be a repeat customer from now on.

Russell Tatum

Fast And friendly! Eric Steele is a Rock star!

Michael Dawes

My wife and I recently purchased a new vehicle from Neil Huffman Chevrolet. First and foremost our salesman Ryan Akins was an absolute pleasure to deal with and has gone beyond my expectations for customer service. He took the time to go over every feature the vehicle has, as well as set up the commonly used features. He further showed my wife how to set the seat, and mirrors and get it programmed for her so it would recognize the settings via her FOB. Even though it was early evening when we took possession and were anxious to start driving, Ryan took the time to go over everything we needed to know and did not rush the process. He even said to come back anytime and he would show us any feature we had questions on. There were some minor cosmetic exterior flaws on the vehicle when we bought it and we both knew it. We did not have the time to wait on them being fixed before we signed the paperwork. The dealership has been true to their word in fixing them to our satisfaction. During the selection process (we came to the lot knowing the vehicle we wanted), there was no pressure from Ryan and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Not only did he have an answer for every question we had, it was the correct one. As far as the price of the vehicle, the dealership had it priced lower than my expectation. That is what got us on the lot. I looked at several third party websites to see what the invoice price was with the exact options this had on it. I was able to determine what the fair price for it should be. I also researched what others were actually paying for a similarly equipped vehicle in our area and other markets, and their web price was still thousands less. There was no need for us to negotiate a purchase price. Our deal hinged on the value they were willing to give us on our trade. We did have to walk away and drive home, but by the time we got home the General Manager called us and got is within $300 of what we thought was a fair trade. The finance guy Scott Easterling was also easy to work with. In the past, this is usually where my experience has soured with other dealerships. Not with Scott. He presented all of the normal extended warranty and protection packages like all dealers do. The exception is he explained all the options without undue pressure. It was refreshing that he actually recommended not getting GAP insurance since we didn't need it with our circumstances. In previous purchases from other dealers when we have been in the same circumstance they tried to pressure us into it. He was very forthcoming with the numbers and everything matched my figures. There were absolutely no surprises. His numbers matched mine to the penny! Overall we are pleased with the whole process. I would recommend anyone looking for new GMC product to give this dealer a shot.

Josh Rose

Every member I have dealt with from the sales and service team have been friendly and polite. The buying process was smooth. My only complaint is that it took over an hour and a half for my oil changes both times I have been here. I appreciate the fact they're included for the first 24,000 miles or whatever it is but it's really not worth it for that wait. Still, good experience overall. Edit: 3 months since this post I’m back in again for an oil Change. My appointment was at 11, I arrived at 10:55 and at noon my car still hasn’t even been moved to the back to begin to go to the back. Well, as writing this they just moved it back. Regardless it looks like at least an hour and a half for an oil change again. Not worth the wait even if it’s “free “ Edit 2: It is now 1 and I still have no sight of my car. 2 hours for an oil change. They did come out about 1:11 and let me know I have a screw in my tire and would $30 to fix it. I said yes. 10 seconds later he came out and apologized and said it would be free and apologized for the wait. It is appreciated but nevertheless this is my third time here well I’m here over an hour and a half. Someone or something needs to change in the service department.

Kevin Smith

Great Truck, Great Sales Staff

Charles Matthews

This is the worst dealership I’ve dealt with in my life. Crooks, thieves and liars!!! Negotiate a price with tax included and add a $700 doc fee on the end. They do not check out their used cars on the lot. Within one day of purchasing a used vehicle (over $20,000) I had traction control, check engine light and tire pressure light on. Seat heat didn’t work, had a lug nut missing because there was no stud to screw it onto. Salesman said he can’t do anything to make it right. Sales manager also said the same thing. I had to put a stop payment on a check and communicate with the general manager to get anything done. Service guys didn’t fix everything they were supposed to and had to make another trip to Frankfort. A couple items were never made right totaling around $2000 in future repairs. Will never deal with these people again. The worst ever. Bottom of the barrel. I hope Neil Huffman goes out of business for the way you treat your customers and poor way you run a dealership. BEWARE...Do not buy a car from these people!!

Mike Davis

My wife just bought another CRV this time the one she really wanted Touring class. We bought our first Honda from Neil Huffman of Frankfort we bought our second Honda from them and my guess the next one as well. These folks are just great to work with. I feel we got a good deal and almost seems like fun to buy a new car. Thanks Huffman group Dianne and Mike Davis

Amy Smith

I just want to say how utterly DISAPPOINTED I am with your business. And that’s an understatement. Patrick Hemmerle is the absolute worst salesman I have ever came into contact with. My fiancé and I went in this morning interested in downgrading our 2018 Toyota Tacoma. We were VERY VERY clear that we understood there would be a lot of negative equity involved, and we understood we would have to do some sort of down payment. We weren’t fond of this idea either, but considering we are growing our family by 2 more babies, this was somewhat of a necessary thing. After sitting alone in the used car sales room for an hour, Pat came and sat down explaining we wouldn’t be able to buy a used truck, because of the negative equity involved and being no bank would approve such a large loan on a used truck, and said we would need to put a large amount of money down. We understood, and we EXPECTED THIS. We were not disappointed and we were not rude in any way. He then continued telling us we basically only had the option to purchase a new truck, which we respectfully declined. Pat then asked if we currently had GAP insurance, we said yes, and he continues to tell us the only way we would be able to get in a used truck is to use the gap insurance and he began LAUGHING while telling us we needed to magically run into a deer or a “big blue hippo that might drop from the sky” all while my THREE YEAR OLD SON is sitting there with us. Why would any salesman even suggest purposely totaling our vehicle?! How is it even slightly appropriate to think we would ever risk harming ourselves or our babies for a freaking truck? All of this while he was laughing. I made a comment about being so unprofessional and walked out the door with my son and fiancé. I am so thoroughly disgusted.

randy dennemann

Very slow service department

Joe Steffen

I shopped a lot of dealers before I bought at Neil Huffman. What a great group of people. Elijah was our salesman. He was great from start to finish. I feel that we got the best deal and the best service. I got a chance to work with the GM also. Billy took time out of his busy day to make sure my wife and I were taken care. If your looking for a dealership to treat you right and take care of you, go see Billy and his crew at Neil Huffman Chevrolet!!!

David Weinbroer

The sales people where not helpful in trying to buy a vehicle

Sam Todorich

I bought a Grand Cherokee from Neil Huffman in Frankfort because they had the best price for that model and the features within hundreds of miles. We didn't negotiate price because it was already so low, but they did replace two tires that were worn. Very friendly employees. The purchase process took longer than expected, about 5 hours. I also bought the Eckbond surface treatment and wouldn't recommend that. It took 6 hours for them to apply even though I had a 9am appointment. It made the car shine for a while, but five months later I'm not sure it really did much. I was hoping for better hydrophobic features.

christophe Nouvellet

Finally, perhaps a dealership who seems to understand what customer service really is, in a trade that has long forgotten. Truly honest and reliable experience (rare) with general manager Billy Kirchhofer, salesman Ryan Akins, both professional and true to their word; They know their product too (never guaranteed). It is also the first place I buy a car where finance manager did not even attempt to offer me additional service or product I did not need (does not exist). Little glitch at delivery but prompt to fix (often impossible). I bought a Sierra Denali there and if servicing follows in quality, I will surely go back for another car or two as this is the only place that performed well above the lousiness and cheat or lies of any other GMC stealealership in Northern Kentucky after a week or two shopping for a truck… Well done!

Peggy Coker

Horrible experience. My husband Larkin Coker explained it all in a previous review. Very nice sales associate Conner. Unprofessional manager who insults you with a 100 dollar discount offer when we compromised from 1500 dollar discount request down to 500 hundred dollars. Drove 80 miles with absolute intentions of purchasing the 25000 dollar vehicle, but left feeling like we should have done more research on the dealership instead of the truck. Just very bad business.

Cindi Tackett

I am so excited about my new Enclave, and Neil Huffman Chevrolet Buick GMC of Frankfort helped to make the experience so very special. Thanks so much for all your help, Connor Smith! You were courteous, respectful, and made sure I was happy with my purchase and the process to get there. I love the vehicle and will be referring all my friends who are in the market for a new car to your facility. Thank you again for your patience and understanding and making my dream of a new vehicle come true.

Rebecca Robinette

Great experience. Entire team very helpful.

Crystal James

I always visit for my oil changes but this time was a different experience, I called in for an appointment and got Christa who was super bubbly and personable she placed me on hold and said let me see what I can do for you hun after waiting on line she told me to come in at 3:30 (same day) and they get me taken care of , upon my arrival Christa and Chris greeted me with smiling faces Chris worked me up made that process fast and he as well was very personable. Jordan was the person who serviced my car he had Chris come get me to explain what I needed done( I thought that was great). Once my car was done I paid and was able to leave all was within a hour fifteen mins!!! (phenomenal) Thanks to ALL the wonderful people I had an encounter with yesterday!!!


Wife is happy so I am happy.

Jose Ayala

Worst experience in my life

Zackary Ensminger

Isaac Shaull sold me my car, I don’t have good credit he worked hours to get me approved, truly went above and beyond. When you get there ask for him, it’s worth it. I recently got my first oil change and the Service crew was excellent! Best experience I’ve ever had. They will get my business for sure

Becky Daugherty

Very courteous and very knowledgeable about the vehicles in question. Wanted to make the experience of buying my car less stressful and was willing to answer any questions I had about the process and the car in question. This was my first time experience of purchasing a brand new vehicle and was pleased with the service. The dealership carried out every Agreement they made to me when I purchased my vehicle. Would recommend this dealership to anyone. Want to thank them for all the service and support they gave me!

jeep guy

I asked if a car could be shipped from there to Louisville Huffman id pay extra, i got a big fat no, so i bought the same car from a dealership in MILWAUKEE and they shipped it to me.. Customer service Folks :)

Phillip Robinson

Phenomenal customer service!

Dee Dee Jackson

Annalauren and Cody were awesome in working a superb deal on TWO GMC TRUCKS. Thank you both for all your help in getting these deals worked for us. We have already started spreading the word to friends and family to go see you both.

Peter Morris

Phenomenal dealer! Everyone i had the pleasure of meeting at Neil Huffman were Wholesome trustworthy folks, the type of people you’d wanna be friends or family of. Just bought a 2018 Sierra Denali 2500 HD from RJ at Neil Huffman Gmc of Frankfort and I couldn’t be happier! I was an out of state buyer all the way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania because of their incredible price on the truck, the price on my trade and their incredible reviews. My whole deal was negotiated on the phone ahead of time and put in writing. I was greeted at the door as soon as I arrived! This was truly the most pleasant new car buying experience I’ve ever had. This is my first Gmc, if I want another one I will DEFINITELY be making another trip back to Kentucky to see my man RJ at Neil Huffman, because now I know. HUFFMAN HAS IT! Thanks again RJ!!!!!

Hannah Hoskins

Bobby answered my call first thing in the morning. I was desperate for help with getting my tire replaced while traveling through the area. He was kind, calm and reassuring. The conversation was friendly and comfortable. Service was accommodating, quick, and luckily was able to repair the tire, not replace, which saved some money!

Connie Pullen


Derrick Hughes

After getting hustled in to a used truck by another dealership I literally broke down on the way home from buying that truck. I took it straight to Huffman. Bobby and the guys there got me taken care of when the place I bought it from didn't even care less!

Sandra Dugan

It was good

Bobby Barnett

Exceptional service!! Both the sales team and service manager were professional and courteous. They made it very clear they wanted my experience with them to be enjoyable, this was a welcomed surprise coming from the usual dealership experience.

Trish Alexander

I made an appointment on the website and was able to get in immediately. The staff was friendly and the waiting area was clean and cool. Convenient location to work. Thanks!

Robert Hostetler

Wonderful car buying experience. Ryan made sure everything went smoothly and had everything ready when we got there.

Isiah Scott

Truly amazing got the vehicle I wanted at the price I liked and the terms I could live with all in no time at all great sales team will definitely see you next time around Isiah Scott

Michael Kmitch

Update still waiting for that call from Monty Heim wonder if he called anyone else who had bad experience with this dealership my guess would be no. Review is regarding the Service department after have my Buick towed in for brake issues I have been given the complete run a round from all levels of management at this location for two weeks I finally had my car towed away to a different repair shop. Apparently this service department has issues with people calling in sick , lack of parts , and equipment. When I'm told it will take more time for a special part to come from GM to fix the brakes I gave up on this place and truly wish I had followed the Triple A tow truck drivers advice and took my car somewhere else.

Michael Zeeb

Highly recommend. They are friendly and professional and work hard to get you going. No hidden surprises at signing time. Very upfront and great to do business with the entire team over there jumps right in

Tony Moffett

My last visit for service could not have gone any better. I arrived early for my appointment and was met by courteous employees who looked after my service needs. Premises we're clean and inviting and several other employees spoke to me as I waited for my vehicle. I will be back when it's time for my next service work. Thanks.


dealership full of crooks buyer beware look elsewhere to buy a vehicle very unprofessional and dirty avoid at all cost


Made an appointment to get my oil changed, in and out in less than 30 minutes. Great service!

Garrett Gerard

I have a fleet of trucks that I operate for my business in Cincinnati, and I've dealt with a lot of dealers. The transaction at Neil Huffman can only be described as REMARKABLY SMOOTH. Michael Taylor was my salesman. He told me the price over the phone. When I arrived at the dealership, the price had not changed. This seems simple, but it is unusual - plenty of times, I have had dealers promise me the world over the phone only to change things when I get there. These guys are straight shooters, and I'll be driving down to buy my trucks from them from now on.

Blitz B

Get all your information before you leave the dealer. When calling you're treated as an inconvenience. Your voicemails will not be returned, if you ask to be emailed anything you'll likely have to call back 2-3 times before you actually get it. Currently still trying to get an issue resolved and as of today i'm up to 7 phone calls over the last week. Sales people seem dishonest (not surprising when buying a used car). Came in, wanted the car and the quote came back $2000 higher because i wasn't doing a trade in. This was not mentioned anywhere and was easy enough to get removed, but the line/logic of "we don't make money off used car's"... i don't understand how anyone can lie through their teeth like that. Financing and charges are not explained and you're more or less rushed out the door. I would recommend the Oxmoor group over Neil Huffman.

David Delaney

Update to review. Inadvertently gave 1 star by mistake. Should have been 4 star not 1. Would have been 5 but didn't receive car wash that was mentioned at checkin. Always great service!

Ric Stuebs

DO NOT TAKE A HIGH PERFORMANCE CAR TO NEIL HUFFMAN CHEVROLET. We took our '17 Corvette to them after the rims were previously damaged by a Ken Towery's in Lexington. They admonished us to never take it anywhere but a Chevrolet dealer, and that something like the damage that was inflicted on our chrome rims would never happen to our new black powder coated rims. Well, that failed to be the case as our black rims were returned to us with a large number of scratches, the largest of which scraped the paint down to the metal. They admitted error initially, but refused any sort of remedy. When Chevrolet Customer Care got involved, they then denied any culpability and blamed the damage on the road. When another Chevrolet dealer confirmed the damage was clearly human handling, Huffman dug in and refused any help or service. We were charged full price for the work, never offered any sort of refund on the service work, and certainly not offered anything to correct the damage. They are a "meat and potatoes" dealership that can be trusted with a run of the mill vehicle, but don't trust their handing of anything upper end. Neil Huffman Chevrolet is happy to sell you a $105K vehicle, but beware, they will treat it like the common Chevrolet Cruz.

Matthew Marquisee

Do not buy a used car from them. Its most likely a former rental car.They dont give Carfax so youll never know. I bought a 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid that was previously a rental car. Previous owner put 40,000 miles on it in 16 months then sold it to dealer who let it sit for eight months so the muleage would look better. At least do your own carfax before buying anything used from them. I would leave no stars if I could. Because my care will never be worth anything by the time I pay it off, if it even lasts that long. GM told me they sell lots of former rental cars but they dont tell customers that. I already spoke to Billy months ago. He told me, and I quote..."you signed for it" Like tough luck. At this point, the only way you could make it right is paying the difference between what I paid and what it was truly worth. Just pay the finance company..


Ryan got me into the perfect truck at a price that couldn’t be beat. If you want a great car at a better price, Ryan is your guy!

Al Lyons

Great place to buy a truck or car and the service is great 5 stars.

James Yunker

I was advertised a price on a new truck that the dealership then refused to honor. I was informed that the advertised price that I had received was some sort of computer glitch. Bad business.

Cassandra Thornton

I am in love with my new 2018 Pink Chevy Spark!! I want to thank everyone the worked with me on the deal- Billy Kirchhofer, Tony Schmidt, & Bryan Turnage!! And thank you to Ryan Akins for showing me everything my new car can do. I am confident I got a great deal and I would recommend this dealership and this sales team to anyone! Thanks again!!

Daniel Brashear

Had a issues with a car purchased the management and sales team resolved it with speed and accuracy! Thanks again highly recommend them to anyone especially if they are looking for a nice used car

Lil Heifer Gaming

Great experienced, got the car I wanted.

Zeke Christensen

I brought my car in 12/8, didn't hear back from Bobby Tolls until 12/11 to say I owed $359.93 for a battery. I was completely blown away because I never authorized that repair. Had I been contacted I would have told Bobby that my battery is under warranty with AAA. When I asked him to please send me an itemized breakdown of my invoice, I received no response. I don't know how a battery would cost over $300?!? So then I go into the dealership/service center to get this fixed. Only to sit for 2 hours, and get a call back from AAA to notify me that since your company removed the battery from my vehicle that I NEVER authorized it voided the warranty. I also asked for my old battery so they could have it tested and put back in, only to be told that it was taken away. When confronting Bobby with the news that he voided my warranty, and reminded him that he didn't call or text me with the details of my car on what needed to be fixed. By him making the decision for me voided my warranty. He didn't speak with any manager or someone higher up that could make decisions. Instead I was told I had to pay for the parts and labor. A mistake that is 100% YOUR fault, voiding my warranty and now you want me to pay 100% of the bill. This is very disappointing and what hurts the most is that I have been a loyal customer for over 5 years bringing my cars in spending over $8000 and this is how I am treated. You make a mistake and I have to pay for it. I am absolutely stunned by the lack of professionalism and accountability. Your mission statement is nothing but hallow claims and catch phases. You didn't provide me with topnotch service. So I hope you can remedy this situation quickly.


Mikayla, Chris, and Bobby were amazingly courteous!

Katie Cohen

Michael Taylor and the rest of the team did an outstanding job helping me find my new vehicle! Michael worked patiently with my family and I to answer all of our questions. I was able to take the car home for 24 hours and test drive it. This helped tremendously in helping me to make my decision. It gave me plenty of time with the car to figure out if I would be happy with it. Our family was very impressed and happy with the entire staff's patience, efficiency, and no-pressure approach in the care buying process. We definitely recommend Neil Huffman and Michael Taylor for your car buying needs!

Teresa Cox

My experience at Neil Huffman of Frankfort was extraordinary due to my salesman Patrick. He greeted me with smiles and a willingness and determination to help solve my car dilemma. And he did!! He found me a beautiful metallic blue chevy cruise on their lot and made the deal work for my needs. I cant begin to express the gratification and appreciation that i feel every time i get into my brand new car!! Thank you so much Patrick for all you did for me and for all you do for the community of Frankfort!!

Brent Ingraham

The dealership is convenient to get to and the waiting room is very inviting and comfortable. The sales team were very helpful through the entire purchase process.

R xBigmacnchezx

Hello does anyone work here. Couldn't get any service.

Emily Doak

Michael and Billy really changed my perspective on this dealership. We hit a rough patch when discussing the vehicle I was interested in. But Billy and Michael made it right and got me exactly what I needed. Thank you gentlemen for your support and dedication.

Mark Fowler

We had a couple of issues with our purchase but Elijah helped to resolve them. My father is very happy with his new (pre-owned) car now! I do think the salespeople should make themselves available if an appointment is made with customers. Bottom line is we ended up with a very nice car and we worked through the couple of issues. I really like that they publish good prices on their used vehicles. We felt the price was right for a good car.

Jeremy Jackson

Got a awesome deal on two new trucks. Thank you Annalauren and Cody

Brooke Terrell

Service dept top notch! I traded my 2012 equinox in for a 2015 Buick Enclave, they only gave me $1000 for trade said that 135,000 miles on it was too much and they wouldn’t be able to sell it and would have to take it auction. I just happened to run into the lady that bought my equinox and she told me that she paid $10,000 for it from Neil Huffman! Not to mention the over price Buick they sold me. Which also had a broken sun visor Mirror that the salesman said they could fix and now I’m being told theirs nothing they can do! Never ever will I buy from them again! Neither will my friends and family! Sorry not sorry!

Justin Turner

We want to say a big thank you to Ryan Akins at Neil Huffman Chevrolet in Frankfort, KY. My wife and I purchased a new 2017 Chevy Silverado, and this was truly the best buying experience we ever had. Ryan went above and beyond locating our truck, and getting the deal complete. He demonstrated all the features on the truck, and made us feel like a friend, not just a number during the process. Also, we'd like to thank the Finance Manager Scott for all his help. A final thank you to Ryan for being dedicated to each and every sale, give him a call before making your next purchase, you'll be a friend not just a number!


Great interaction with my new tire install on the ZO6

great uno

Avery Davis and the rest of his team helped me get into my new truck. From the start they found me the right truck with the must have adds I wanted. I will be back for my son a car in a few weeks. Thanks guys !!

fred mozenter

they greet you as soon as you pull in. The service is done in a timely manner. I like the way you pay right in the office instead of having to to the cashier first. Very efficient and customer friendly.

Carol Ward

We appreciated the good service we received and the friendliness of all the Neil Huffman personnel.

Douglas Summers

Service department excellent and beyond all very honest. Thank You Neil Huffman Service

Emily Melcher

I recently bought a car here and less than two weeks later it had an issue that was honestly not worth the cost to fix it. After speaking with Bobby, Connor, and Cody ,they have been working with me nonstop to make it right. These are great, honest, hard working people that will do everything in their power to ensure you get a good deal on a reliable car. And if something goes wrong, they do everything in their power to make it right. I will 100% recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a new or used car.

Donnie Collings

Went for free gift offer, no hassle.

John Stevens

Great place to buy a vehicle, Billy and Patrick did a phenomenal job to make sure my buying experience was the best possible. I would highly recommend giving these guys a chance at your business if you want a great deal.

Bill Schafer

I had a cracked wheel on my 2017 Corvette Grand Sport. Service advisor Ron was very helpful. He worked with insurance company and replaced my wheel.

Connie Nation

My granddaughter made her first new-used vehicle purchase today. Could not have asked for a better sales rep, Dylan Webb. Showed her what she asked to see with no pressure to purchase at all. Explained every step along! Also worked with Scott on the financing end, had his work cut out for him, in the end she was able to get the vehicle she wanted at pricing she could afford! Thank you Dylan & Scott for your help and understanding on this first time financing buy!!!! Taylor loves her 2016 Buick Verano!!!! Job well done!

victor changsan

Went through a lot of car lots before I bought my vehicle at Neil Huffman. I ultimately came back because the salesman , Michael, tailored a service to me like none of the other guys could. He worked diligently and quickly to provide an experience in which both of us got the deal we wanted. He responded very quickly to all my inquires at multiple points in the car buying /negotiation process and he was very helpful at the dealership when looking at the car. Normally I wouldnt buy a vehicle from a large dealership but I will be recommending Neil Huffman and more specifically Michael, to all my friends and family looking for their next vehicle.

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