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REVIEWS OF Hertz Car Sales Louisville IN Kentucky

marion squires

Jodie was amazing she help us when no one else would. She took her time with us never felt rushed or pressured and she answered every question.

Stacey Bradford

Love my car !

Dennis Wood

Great place, great deals. Jared was very professional.

Britton Roberts

We saw that they had a 2017 Rogue for sale on their site, and Car Gurus so we drove all the way over there to see it a week ago today on a Sunday. And it was not there. We were told by the saleswoman Jodie that it was in the detail shop down the road and that it had been in their possession for 11 days, and that the 150 point inspection was already done and passed. She said this happens all the time. That one couple drove all the way down from Indy and the same thing happened to them. So we said we can only come on the weekends and she said it will be here next weekend. So to be proactive I called her Thursday late afternoon to make sure this was going to happen. She said it was still in the detail shop and that she would call them in the morning due to it being her day off and get it ready. We waited all day to hear from her on Friday so we called her late afternoon and she said it still wasn't there that she would get it moved up on the list, and get it over there and would call us back in 5 minutes. Well we never heard from her and this is Sunday once again. When we went inside the store we were stunned to see the ceiling was falling apart literally and was all over the floor in front of Jodie's desk. Needless to say after all of this and with her being so dis respectable by not calling us back, we will never return to store again. We do not suggest it to anyone. UPDATE. Jodie called us 2 weeks later and left us a voicemail that the suv was there and ready now. Seriously its takes 2 weeks to detail a vehicle!! I don't think so!! Very fishy!! The Roberts Indiana

Giri Chokkalingam

They should be highlighted that they will close the rental section by 12 noon

Charles Epperson

Andrew Bergman

At first it seemed like a great place to buy a car. Sales guy wasn't terribly pushy, prices seemed reasonable. Ended up talking to them about a specific car for over a week and went to buy it. That's when the experience went from average to terrible. I came in with my own financing and told them first thing when I got there that I had such and such financing and they said they could work with that. Until it came time to actually purchase the vehicle. Got through with most of the paperwork when the finance manager came out and told me that they wouldn't accept my financing and became very rude and pushy trying to sell me their financing. This was after multiple hours on-site looking and test driving cars and multiple trips to the dealer. All in all a terrible experience and I would never recommend anyone go there to buy a car. Super sleazy business.

James Maddox

My sales person, Draper, was amazing! He got me into exactly what I wanted for the right payment and I couldn’t be happier. The process was quick and easy and I would 100% recommend Draper and the team at Hertz Car Sales!

Francares4u Therapist

Customer service was bad once I said I did not want to by a car that day. He just lost a sale. I could have come back with more money in two weeks and bought a car! Not sure if it was his age or what. You treat people with respect and they will come back. This is a basic rule- learn it!

bih .bih

This is a no haggle dealership and it was a primary reason why I went to check them out and see the vehicles they offer. Let's start with good things. Everybody working there is laid back and there is no pressure to purchase the vehicle right away. Moreover, I thought the prices were fair comparing to other no haggle dealerships. Couple of things to consider though, these cars were rentals, so a lot of them if not most, will have scratches and dings. There are guys there once a week who come and touch up on some of the things. Also, you will hear a claim that "we wouldn't sell cars that are not 100% inspected and safe" but I found cars with break problems and cracked windshields. I still would recommend to stop by this dealership and see what they offer. While assortment is not large, you still might find a good car that will last you a while.


Julie Forbes

Although I am very happy with my car, the seller lied to our faces. We walked in with a credit score of 740 and was concerned when they wanted to search for various loan vendors. They told us three times exactly that reaching out to various loan resources would definitely not affect our credit at all. Word for word. We now have SEVEN HARD INQUIRIES. Their greed caused us a TWO YEAR stain on our credit with those inquiries. They absolutely destroyed a barrier of trust by causing a two year mark on a customer just to make a single car deal. We just called to tell them to quit lying to customers. Our dealers name was Draper and I will be sure to warn people of him on every single page I can write a review on.

Tiffany Judd

Jacob Newkirk

Jim and Kurtis made it an easy decision to buy here, two hours from home, because they treated me fairly and helped me get financed. I'm still rebuilding my credit, so it was important to me to get a good payment and a car I could keep for several years (hopefully MANY years - it's a great little car!). I got a great deal on a '15 Nissan Versa and could not be happier. My family and I will definitely do business with them again.

Tiffany Linton

I had a wonderful experience at Hertz car sale. My sales agent was Mr Joseph he was such a great help. I didn’t feel pressured into buying a vehicle, no matter how indecisive I was, he was still patient with me. He made sure I picked the right vehicle that fit in my budget. All the employees make sure your comfortable while there. I would definitely recommend buying your car from here.

Mark Swimm

Fast and busy.

Brad Otis

Donna Dorenkamp

Purchased our new Hyundai Sonata from Jodie @ Hertz!! I have nothing but great things to say about our experience!!Everyone was very honest and helpful throughout the entire process. We never second guessed our decision. We are forever customers of Hertz car sales and Jodie!! If your looking for the Best deal and most honest place to do business, I highly recommend going to see jodie and the finance team @ Hertz!!

Amber Justice

I purchased my vehicle from hertz. Not only did I get a quality vehicle at an EXCELLENT price but the staff was very informative and helpful. I was very weary of car dealerships and salesmen. I never felt uncomfortable during the entire car buying process. We will be back to purchase our next car from hertz!

Bill Montgomery

Great deals and excellent customer service. They really went way above and beyond my expectations. I would recomend them for anyone who wants a low mileage well maintained automobile with a large inventory to choose from.

Jodie Engle

After years of working in the car business I felt comfortable enough to finally purchase my new vehicle from Hertz Car Sales... no B.S. or typical car dealership sneaky tactics. Beyond happy with my new Chevy!!

Tom Ta

Submitted credit app and everything and received call to confirm meeting next day. I had to make a 2 hours drive the next day just so they can tell me the car was sold. I don't care if you sold it to someone else because that's what you do but terribly rude when you are so eager to get someone to come in, but couldn't have the decency to let them know it's already sold.

Matt H

Had an overall great experience with Hertz, awesome people. Draper made the process really easy! Check them out

Rice Flatpicking

I love my Infiniti, which I got for several thousand dollars under retail! No one can beat their prices, and the staff was outstanding. I'll be back!

Brittney Woodard

I had the greatest experience here! from the office manager to the sales rep to the finace guy! Fabulous staff! Very comforting in my buying experience! I will always buy my cars from hertz!

David E

They have the worst service I've ever experienced. Found a car for my daughter. Got it inspected with our mechanic. Agreed on the purchase and got a purchase order. Set up the date and time to purchase the car and they go ahead and sell the car before we show up. Abe Devore- Manager needs to learn some customer service skills, and also develop a personality. What a joke for a car dealership!

Ariel Bosh

Jeff Cox

Kayla Haysley


Jeremy Bowen

No hassle easy place to get a car for your kid

Rachel Essa

I only rated this 1 star because there is not an option to rate this as 0 stars. I have had the worst experience at this "dealership." First of all, the manager is a complete jerk. He is rude, condescending, and was not accommodating in any sense of the word. This guy is supposed be the manager of a CAR SALES dealership. I have never met a more unqualified manager in my life. I test drove a car on Saturday. On Monday, I had it inspected. On Wednesday, I came in and filled out the purchase order form and sent it to my bank. I had been in constant communication (literally every day since I test drove the car) with my sales rep. We set an appointment for Saturday at 4pm for me to come in, check in hand, ready to buy the car. Well, I found out today (Friday) that they sold the car. Did I find out from the manager? No. Did I find out from my sales rep, who I have been texting all week? Nope. I found out because my DAD went over to look at the car, and someone else was purchasing it. I have never had such a horrible experience with terrible customer service and even worse management. I was in absolute shock when my dad called me. They tried to cover themselves by saying there was a "no hold policy," when they had never even mentioned this before. We had an appointment. I had the loan signed. And they sold the damn car, the day before I was scheduled to buy it. I highly reccomend that no one waste their time at this horrible car dealership. I have plans to write to upper management, and I have never given a company a bad review in my life. I am appalled by the incompetent staff at Hertz Car Sales.

Tina Smith

My experience was amazing ! Jody was just wonderful ! She helped us when no one else could . We got a great car and wonderful customer service ! Thank you Jody !

Hyunchul Lee

Ricky Adams

Draper was awesome, and the Nissan Rogue was less than Big M Chevrolet could give me for a YEAR older Rogue.

Stacey Babbitt

Great service!

Alexander Daugherty

Cool dudes helpful chill good deals

aMaraAth_ gLaVe

Sherry is awesome!!

Javs JL

Good Costumer service and good deals on used cars

Antonio Dawson

Kat Stevenson

Great deals!!

Juana Rivera

Joseph Salas helped me buy my first car and the experience was amazing, everything was broken down for me and explained so that I understood what all I was agreeing to and he was super friendly the whole time and not pushy, I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to get a car his service was outstanding !


Truemon Barger

Delphin is a superb salesman. No pressure. Knowledgeable and patient. Very satisfied.

Philip DeLaney

No prices posted on vehicles makes it very difficult to browse.

Bryan Pineda


kad man

John Meyer

Troy was a great customer service rep, I would highly recommend going here.

Eric Winke

We had a great used car shopping experience with Jim Kitterman as our Sales Consultant at Hertz. We test drove a few cars of interest - competitively priced and in great shape. Jim was very friendly, accommodating, and we will likely end up purchasing a car from him/Hertz.

David wilburn

Ruben Rodriguez

Was told car was in “magnificent shape and near showroom condition”... car was in typical twelve year old shape but was only 6 years old. NO photo of vehicle on website. Our credit was ran not once but eight times without first asking after the initial one. Bumper still damaged from previous wreck, driver side window doesn’t work, front end and fenders didn’t line up in the front, interior wasn’t even cleaned up, ie spilled drink, dingy, gum wrappers. To top it off, motor oil smelled like GAS! No wonder it was priced so low. Car was hot and JUST driven when we arrived, them expecting us. Salesman was rude over the phone, speaking over me. Salesman who rode in the car with me didn’t know about any features or how to manually shift the car in sport mode. Do NOT do business with these guys. Shady area in the hood!

Larry Jeremykalala

I've never seen kind of poor Customer service, I went there for a rental but couldn't get it on time, two days still wainting, until I had To go pick up the rent myself, incompétent Customer service agents, boastful and sometime yelling and laughing on customers over the Phone. Honestly if you need having a stressful, sad, annoying day or loose your self control this is the best place to go.

Drucilla Vettiner

Jill Engle

Had a great experience at Hertz Car Sales!! Quick and easy financing without the headache of wondering if we got a good deal! Highly recommend if your in the market for a new vehicle!!

Bud Satterly

4beetus 60

Ivan Engle

Great service, even greater staff!! Forever customers! Thanks team Hertz!!

Wayne Otway

Great selection

Justin Ramsey

Very poor experience this morning. The business opened at 9am, however they all were on a conference call until almost 9:45 and my wife and I had to sit in the smelly, dirty office wondering if we got a babysitter for nothing. We were there to see an Explorer, and come to find out the price listed for the vehicle on their website was incorrect. They were aware of this "typo" from the day before and they thought it was funny. On top of that, they attempted to make me feel stupid for coming to look at the explorer that was listed for $13k instead of $24k. Once they told me this, I thanked them for their time, and told them that it was a shame that it took 30 minutes of waiting to have a 2 minute "conversation." I wonder if this "conference call" really had to involve all employees, and is it policy to leave customers waiting in the lobby while all employees sit around the phone? shouldn't there be a designated employee to step out to assist anyone who walks in? shouldn't an employee at least inform the "leader" of the conference call that there is a customer? Would that leader REALLY make that employee stay and leave the customer unattended? What kind of procedures are in place here??? Also, can you tell me that you aren't you using luring tactics like falsifying prices of cars online or was this actually an honest mistake? The explorer had no price sticker on the window. It said, see "Hertz Representative for Price," at which you made up another price which was much higher than the one online which you claimed was a mistake...

Daniel Simons

Icy Coldtouch

The young gentlemen at the front desk provided me with a 10 star experience. They were professional, polite, and sincere. I felt welcomed. My reservation was quick and painless. Easy pick up, easy drop off. Thank you staff.

Latrecia Pierce

Friendly Customer Service. Under Staffed but do a great job at taking care of customers, cars & paperwork.

Chili Pepper

Super sales folks

Tymon Potts

So far it been alright!!!

Erin M

After going through the miserable car shopping process at a few other dealerships, we decided to try here because the prices couldn't be beat anywhere else. At Hertz there is no need to try to fight tooth and nail for a decent price because they're already fantastic. I was a little hesitant at first since I've never bought from a rental company before. We worked with Delfin Clark, who was very helpful and not pushy in the least. He was happy to let me try a few cars and never once tried to talk me into anything. I found exactly what I wanted for an amazing price, and the actual buying process was a total breeze. Abe Devore (GM) assisted with the financing portion and was very relaxed and professional. I have been driving my car for a few weeks now and it is performing great. Next time Hertz will be the first place I go, not the last.

Junior Peña

Brad The Legend

I had SUCH a good experience at Hertz! For two weeks before I went to Hertz I test drove cars at Honda World, Oxmoor Mazda, Oxmoor Hyundai... searched all the city's online inventories, spoke to sales people on the phone.... and it was such a pain in the... neck. The prices were high, salespeople were trying to hustle every penny... just exhausting. I found some cars I liked at Hertz, went in and Draper bent over backwards going back and forth to the detailing guys to try to get different cars I wanted to test drive done early. I think I test drove 4 or 5 cars, checked them out extensively (I'm talking even checking for engine codes and stuff) and throughout the whole process Draper was super chill, not pushy and extremely helpful. Plus, I got talking to Jim, another sales guy, and Troy the financing guy and they treated me like an old friend. If you do your homework, and read the Autocheck carefully, I'm convinced there isn't a better deal and EASIER, more pleasant used car buying experience than Hertz in Louisville. The cars I checked out were all clean, and solid mechanically, so it came down to mileage and color. Draper went above and beyond and made sure a few tiny tiny pebble chips on the hood were touched up once I found the perfect car (I freakin love it,) and recommended a great window tint service (with a discount.) Troy explained all the financials clearly, and I never felt pressured at all. These guys are LEGIT. If you want hassle free car shopping, I can't recommend Hertz enough. I never write reviews, but I'm very, very happy and wanted to brag on these dudes! I wish I had more hands to give them four thumbs way up!

Charles Pait

If you're in the market for a used car you have to try them first! I've bought 3 cars from them in 3 years.

Peggy Dissell

Diane West

Just another car dealership. Beyond making the sale, getting money, the customer service is practically non existent.

Evan Burns

G Wendland

If I could give no stars, I would. Made reservations for a rental on Kayak, and went there, no cars available. Thanks for ruining my vacation. #vacationnightmare

Christopher Pate

I was in the market for a newer affordable car and found just that! I originally came in interested in their Hyundai Elantas, but Braden convinced me to check out their Nissan Sentras. The Sentra had MUCH more room than the Elantra with more options. I got a push-button start, bluetooth and backup camera SV model which was perfect for me. I got a great deal and a car that's less than 2 years old. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good deal.

Kalil Baines

Marilyn Harris

Erick Flores

Friendly crew.... little busy at afternoon

Mathew Emberson

Todd Bow

Salesman lied to my face.

Fenton Williams

Draper goes out of his way to be helpful. Prices are great. We proceed a similar Toyota at a large east end Toyota dealer. Same car, same mileage and both were from a rental fleet. The Toyota dealer added a $600 documentation fee and much higher price to start. For the same price, you can get a higher level trim at Hertz. Hertz also has the documentation fee in the price. Save your time and go to Hertz instead of the east end mega Toyota dealer.

David McDowall

I yesterday I found a car I liked at this dealer. I called about it and they said it was available. I call later in the day and they told me there was an issue with the price. Said the price had got mixed up and they were working on revising the price. Later that evening the price increased from $11,639 to $12,600. I called to speak to the general manager today and I told him I was disappointed with how this had been handled. He said that the new price may not be the final price. I told him I was unethical if not illegal to change the listed price on an car. I told him I was going to post a review of this and he said "Prices change up and down all the time" and then he hung up on me. I was interested in purchasing another vehicle from this place however based on the way I was treated I will never do business with them again, and I hope you do not either.

Grant A

Originally gave a 5 star review. In my second experience with this company my calls have gone unreturned and I have been purposefully ignored. I've been trying to get into contact with one of the managers for weeks.

Susan Brown


Shana Montgomery

richard rankin

Muneca Ford

GREAT PLACE TO BUY A USED VEHICLE!! hassle with no haggle... strictly business and for the buyer...

Alison Benson

Just bought a car with Jodie! It was my first time researching and buying a car from a dealer. She made the process very simple and enjoyable. Based on prices of very similar cars at other dealers (same make, model and mileage), I knew I was getting a good deal. They also didn’t pressure me to trade in my old car. Thank you Jodie and the rest of the staff for helping me find my new ride!

Courtney Robinson

Hertz has gone over and beyond in helping me through the whole process of getting my own car. The sales staff was incredibly kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Thanks Troy and Kurtis! They have gone to great lengths to make sure that I am happy with my purchase and that it is in tip-top condition by having it re-detailed several times, fixing a speaker problem, and even fixing a chip that was found after purchase all to no charge! Thanks guys for helping me so much! You all are so very much appreciated and have proved that there is more to a business than just making money.

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