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REVIEWS OF Bob Allen Motor Mall IN Kentucky

Chris Pollard

Great folks

Debbie Grabow

Jamey Ensley

Zanga Nassem

I recently purchased a Nissan Rogue from Alex Milburn. I let him know in advance what I was looking for and he went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I wanted. Everyone at Bob Allen is so nice and quick to get you a great deal. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for their perfect vehicle!

Sally Cochran

Dave L

They ran my credit 20 times and still couldn't get me in a vehicle. Had to go to Patriot Auto in Georgetown.

Lisa Ferrell

Glenn Wallace

What a great experience! I am amazed with the level of service John Welsh and his team provided my wife and I. We live 4 hours away and John's team just delivered us a brand new Maxima! Great prices and even better customer experience! Thank you John!

gus koch

On December of 2016 my Wife and I purchased a 2017 Nissan Rogue One "Star Wars Edition" and could not be happier. With the help of our salesman Ben Moler, the purchasing process was very fluid and "relaxing." At no time did we experience pressure before our choice. As proof of our enjoyment. I have lent Bob Allen our limited edition "Star Wars" helmet on display for future prospects. Thank you Ben for your help and occasional follow up text messages.

Phyllis Bolin

Elizabeth Goes Disney

Alex Milburn at the GMC showroom was very knowledgeable and professional. His tight polo's really did the trick ;)

Phillip H

John Welsh is wonderful to work with

Charlotte Taylor

Very nice people. Very helpful. Would recommend anyone to go there. I talked with David the salesman is awesome.

Steve Blandford

Liked it so much we bought another. :-)

Justin goode

Ashley Buckland

Terrible place not honest not professional

Amanda Cantrell

Great deal, very helpful! Made experience easy for first time buyers. Thank you!!

Philip Losey

I enjoyed my deal with Bob Allen . John and Doug are most gracious!

Brad Simmons

I am a shopper - I want the best deal I can find. Bob Allen makes it hard on the other dealers - we've gotten better deals here --- even after shopping and shopping. More importantly, the service is spot on - they always make you feel like you matter, they explain the options to you and make you feel like you are making the right decision. We love Bob Allen GMC and Dodge - good folks.

amber duncan

Heard they were shady. Gave benefit of doubt. Went to have vehicle appraised for trade in or sell. In the course of a month it had dropped 10k from original quote. Could of saved me a 30min drive and told me this over the phone. But I guess they figured I was desperate and once inside I would take whatever ridiculous offer they threw. needless to say I left and won't be back. Hope this gives some insight on some of you that may be up in the air about them

Ashley Roby

I just recently purchased a Nissan Sentra SR from Bob Allen and I could not be happier with my car or the service that I received from this dealership as a whole. This was my first time buying a car on my own, so I wanted to make sure the car was right for me. Alex Milburn was the person that helped me deciding which vehicle would be the best for me. He was very helpful and worked extremely hard to make sure I could get a great deal on my vehicle and was extremely satisfied with the car I bought. I recommend any one that is wanting to buy a vehicle to contact Alex Milburn. He will work hard to get you into the perfect vehicle!

Anthony S. Kurlas

John and the Team at Bob Allen are first class people. Great and easy to work with when it comes to buying a vehicle. Very straight forward and they put your best interest first. They're transparent with their pricing, financing, and will go the extra mile to make certain they get you what you want. The kind of folks you want on your team. I would highly recommend Bob Allen if you are in the market for a car.

Richard Seedle

Better prices elsewhere

Ray White

Pat Pritchard

Leased a new Nissan today from Bob Allen. Everyone was great and got an awesome deal. They are the best.

M Rashad

Great looking trucks

Carl Hensley

Great place to buy a car

Shep Hansen

Troy Tate

Great place for service and great people, positive attitudes. Gets the job done right. Awesome place to work

Brian Dwyre

Really a disaster from the get go working with them. Waited over 6 weeks to get my car. When it did arrive the paperwork had to be redone like 3 times. I had it shipped to NJ and it came with no plates. After waiting two months for plates they mailed them to the DMV a half an hour from my house. I waited 3 hours in line to get them when they could have just as easily mailed them to my home. When I gave the check to the DMV they said there was a surplus. When I told Todd this he told me Brian - this is the worst experience anyone I've ever deal with has had and I"m going to try and get you a GMC part for free and that surplus in payment I will have refunded to you (just over $500). Well after waiting months and every other week following up I realized I would never get that check nor the trailer hitch cap for my brand new Tahoe. I wouldn't use these guys. Go elsewhere. PS I never write negative reviews.


S Damon Smith

Poor customer service (on the web at least). I would NOT recommend using their internet sales contact information. After asking a question about a truck's model year, I received an email letting me know it was a 1999 1/2. I asked some more specific questions and received an email from a different person that did not answer my questions. This had gone on for over a week with a different person emailing me until I was up to my fourth contact person without getting my questions answered. I finally gave up and asked for the owner's contact information so I could let them know about the problem with their internet sales division. I have yet to receive the information; although I did get another email from one of the sales people asking me if I was getting too many emails from them. They MAY be great to work with in person but with the experience I have had with their internet sales I would never buy from them. message.

Ally McCowan

Donya Ohmit

Steve Hardin

Fixed my car. Resomable prices

Dick V

I am from out of state and on 3/13 I was involved in an auto accident. Everyone at Bob Allen that I had contact with was very Friendly and compassionate about my situation. The work that was done on my vehicle was very professional. I am a very satisfied customer. Even though the chances of me returning to Danville are very unlikely I was treated like a local repeat customer.

John Staley

John Stanley

Best buying lexperience I've ever had......

Mike Parks

Melanie Sexton

jn55 .

Took a Durango in to have a tail light changed. Provided the bulb. Multiple videos on youtube show its a 20 minute job with the appropriate tools. Was charged $154 after a 10% discount for 1 1/2 hours labor.

john castle

Went in for warranty recall, they could not call me to tell me my vehicle was done. I had to call many times. Was told a job that could be done in 2 to 3 hours but took way longer. Then I finally got ahold of a women that said she would walk over to get them to tell me if my car was done. I had wanted to get work done to my car but pacifically asked to be called to tell me prices bf anything was done. But I show up to get my car and they tell me it's 109 dollars. At that point I payed and left. Would not advise there service. I for one wouldn't buy a Popsicle in a desert from them. Planned on buying the wife a new jeep, but will def go elsewhere.

James Ross

Customer Service was pretty good.

James Skeens

Very courteous and quick service

Gregory Jones

Sondra Lane

Christee Johnson

Heather Jamison

Purchased a used vehicle and within less than 24 hrs it has broken down. When I contacted the salesman, I was pretty much told it didn't do anything for them and that's the chance you take when you purchase a used car. I do realize this but I expected more purchasing from a dealer and spending what we did on it. Had a vehicle for a week now and haven't been able to drive it because it's been in the shop. Buyer beware.

william campbell

We had a low tire while traveling through the area and went into Bob Allen Motor Mall for a tire fix. These people could not have been nicer, they took the car in right away and evaluated the issue and made the repair while we waited. No charge this time which was totally unexpected. Mr. Josh Owens the service manager was a total professional and got us back on the road in record time. If ever I was in the market for a new truck this would be the place to make the buy. Given the professional, prompt, and courteous treatment we received over nothing more than a tire fix, I have to believe a customer purchasing a vehicle would receive the same experience and would leave with a great deal on a purchase of any vehicle.

Kyle Butler

John Cole

Got the car I wanted at the right price. Excellent service after the sale.

justin leake

Steven C. Gillespie


#1 in my book. Great selection, great staff. Ask for Devlin Deane, best salesman there!

American Dream

sandra creech

Alina Hope

I will never use this dealership again. I was treated with condescension after purchasing a vehicle there when I tried to get a title sent to me. Even Worse, I and my boyfriend were actually cursed at by the salesman. Jim Huntisnger.

Tamara Cook

We have been dealing with them sense 2009, most of the time treated in a friendly manner.Not happy with some work we had done, was told one price,and in the end was charged another..somethings were not put back on correctly.Appointments are not a must,but you may have a wait time,wich is always normal when dealing with vehicles,Very clean.I recently have a car that I have to take to a Dodge dealership... The woman at the counter was very rude. And not helpful at all... They have had my car for several days... no calls or anything!!!I personally love my car.. dislike how I'm treated here!

Kenzie Jones

Christine Sils

Great experience, and very helpful staff. Alex Milburn went above and beyond to answer my questions and I will definitely keep him in mind for all future car needs. I have recommended him to several friends and he was even able to help my brother with extremely short notice. Thanks Alex!

Charles Cofer

Great experience once again

Eric Larson

lisa haack

Brian Hodge

Richard Damron

These guys made the car buying experience very easy for me. I had tried buying from another dealer and they offered me a really low trade in amount on my car and we didn't make a deal. Bob Allen asked where I needed to be on my payment and they made it happen. They also gave me $2500 more for my trade then the other dealer offered. Ryan was my sales guy and he was great. Very pleased with my whole experience here. I was in and out with a new vehicle in a little over an hour.

Donnie Goode

rex stevens

Oliver Holcomb

Always great service

Mary Denson

It was so great thanks to everyone

Josh Tarter

With very little advance notice I took my SUV in for service. I expected longer but they completed it 1/2 day before the scheduled time. Then John W and his team worked to make my experience even better. Customer for life.

raysofhopeinc .

The best purchase experience we ever had! Very professional no bait and switch no hassle,just what we wanted at a great price!

Annalee Coulter

Ryan Hughes

Great place to do business. Definitely would recommend this dealership to anyone.

jason gray

I worked out a deal with the salesman and the day that we are going to sign the paperwork he said that they forgot to put negative equity onto the deal so the payment is going to change 150.00 more a month. I have it all in writing and they still will not honor the deal. Poor business!! Don’t recommend anyone buying a car from them.

Laura Wallenta

If you're looking to purchase a car from here, I recommend seeing Alex Milburn. Car salesmen don't always have the best reputation, but Alex is not your 'typical' car salesman. He is honest and genuinely wants to help his customers get a good deal. Stop in and ask for his help. You won't be disappointed!

Joy Peach

Lee Lynch

Cameron McPherson


Doug King

Great place. Great dealer

Kevin McGrath

Love the service!

Virginia Blackburn

max m.

Horrible rude inconsiderate management. Taking $70k+ was easy for Bob Allen Standing behind damages cause directly by the personnel in service AND SHOEING US OUT OF THE PARKING LOT because bob allen doesnt want to fix there own damage after trashing our new vehicle?!?!?!? Horrible horrible horrible disgusting dealership. GM corp stepped in and a different dealer got 5 stars first time out... Bob allen is a bad investment

Dustin Lawhorn

Originally bought my car from them about 2 years ago. They’re really nice when selling you one of course. Since then I’ve had to deal with Chrysler service. The gentleman up front is a good person and tries to help. The problem was a windshield wiper nozzle. It has broken 3 times in the first 30000 miles I’ve put on the car. I was told on the phone last Saturday that it would still be covered under warranty from the last time I had it fixed. I scheduled the service for this morning. I get there and the man informed me that I was told wrong and that it would not be covered under warranty. For one, I’m annoyed because this is a stupid part to have to fix so much. Two, it isn’t my fault they told me wrong. It was a $35 cost for me to have them fix it. Way to lose a customer forever. If you’re looking to purchase a car look elsewhere. They are happy to sell it but not happy to fix dumb problems that shouldn’t be recurring. It’s a trash attitude toward customers I’ve heard Big M in Nocholasville is a great place overall.

David price

Fair prices

mia nalley

christophe Nouvellet

Contacted them to buy a Sierra Denali. Never sent me the quote I requested, did not follow up or honor price match guarantee...bought in Frankfort instead.

carrie sargent

Sold me a truck with 77 recals and it was only 7 years old. Took it back, got a good car but screwed me on the amount of debt i jave now. Wont go back. I shouldve reported them.

Russell Gerry

I worked with the Nissan dealership and I have to say that everyone I talked to at the dealership provided excellent customer service. The receptionist let me use her iPhone charger when the battery on my iPhone was about to die. Chris in the Service Dept. was great in doing all he could to help me out and the Sales Manager Paul Scott went above and beyond to help me with the issue I was having. Thank you to all the employees that helped me resolve my issue!

Scott Clifton

INITIAL REVIEW - Had complaints about the performance of the transmission on a new purchase. It took several months before anything was done to try to correct the problem. Routine service has been good. Not able to schedule an appt with the GMC app. FOLLOW UP REVIEW FOR CONTINUED PROBLEM - First and foremost, I wish GMC would correct the issues I am having with my transmission. I also wish that Bob Allen and staff would lobby harder on my behalf. There are times while driving my truck that it jerks hard. It tends to be hard to recreate so it looks like I am just being difficult, but I am not. I wish I did not have to take time out of my day to respond to these emails and take my truck in to have it looked at only to be told that it is normal to have a truck jerk like that. I wish my truck ran perfectly and I did not have to worry about anything but routine service. It is very disheartening to not have the full support of the dealership and GMC with this issue. If the same effort was put forth to correct my transmission issues that was put in the sale, it would have been corrected the first time I came in with a complaint. The dealership nor GMC has even attempted to contact me regarding my issue even thought I have complained endlessly in person at the dealership and also by emails and surveys. Does anyone even look at these surveys? I have asked multiple times to speak and meet with the rep from GMC and have received no response. Ignore the problem and hopefully he will go away, well that will not happen.

Lewis Walter

Good vehicle service

Chris Hollin

Tina Britton

Thanks Josh and Devlin for making my car purchasing experience non stressful. You guys were great!

s i nobody

Absolutely worst customer care I've ever seen by far between Harrodsburg an Danville will not work with people on average income with trade in on used cars what a blow off

Joy Ghosh

Best car buying experience I have had. Thank you really. I wish every car salesperson could be like Marc Clark, he was amazing; very caring yet professional. He took time to understand my needs and answered all my questions; a genuine person. Very professional A+ environment overall, definitely recommend everyone planning on buying vehicle.

Luke Underwood

Noel Treharn

Glen Sampson

Eric Frasure


Lindsey M

Great atmosphere! I was a little apprehensive about buying my very first car, however I felt Alex Milburn was an exceptional salesman and helped walk me through the process in a professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend Bob Allen Motor Mall and am very pleased with my experience. Be sure to ask for Alex for exceptional service.

Steve Settles

Teresa Hackney

Purchased a 2004 Lexus RX330 last week. My salesman, Stewart, was friendly and full of information. The biggest problem is all the add-on charges for filing fees, application processing and time waiting for finance processing.

Levi Moore

Washed my car without me asking and added some pretty deep scratches to the collection.

Bill St Lawrence

Russell Woods

Excellent dealership for both buying and servicing cars and trucks. Good waiting area with TV and wireless internet. Knowledgeable service department with mechanics who are very efficient at performing maintenance and repairs. Reasonable prices for maintenance and repair work.

Betty Webb

Tim Tussey

Elizabeth Oswald

Tim Barringer

Sabrina Murphy

We did Buy a GMC and Love it. Love the service we got. Oh and we like the free saturdays car wash that comes with your purchase!

Justin Ray

Great experience. If you are in the market ask for Alex Milburn. He knows his stuff and will work hard for you.

Ben Kincer

My spouse and I bought a 2017 Impala Premier from Bob Allen Motor Mall this week. Devlin Deane was our sales person and he was great to work with. Last week, I had tried to buy the exact same car from Rod Hatfield but they would not work with me to meet my budget. Bob Allen Motor Mall not only met my budget but also gave me more on the Camaro we traded in. Ben K. and Clem C.

Buddy Leffew

Jeff Renner

Had a few transactions with Bob Allen Motor mall and they weren't the best. My son wanted us to come and look at a car he wanted to purchase off of the show room floor. He bought the car. Bought a car, for my daughter, on Saturday ( that same day) and by Monday they called my daughter and told her she had to bring the car back and that they had sold her the wrong car.. Went to find out what the problem was and they told me there was a mix up and the car the paperwork was done for was not the car that she drove away with. Told me that this happens more often than you would think.. Really!! Anyway we ended up purchasing the car she drove anyway in the first time. Cost me more, but a deal was agreed upon. Should have probably driven away with my trade-in anyway. Don't really like dealing with their sales people.

dale young

David Hatton

Scott Coomer

The best car buying experience I've ever had Jeremy was great to work with.

Cheryl Caldwell

Wonderful Experience!! Jeremy (our salesman) was very helpful and had everything in order. Great Prices and selection. Loved it and would recommend Bob Allen Motor Mall to anyone and everyone!

William VanHook

gettinready101 .

Go Anywhere But Here

James Robinson

The Nissan dealership and GMC side is awesome I don't really care for a Chrysler side poor customer service new aftermarket parts same dealership though.

Frank Kirkland

I just was a tipical car dealer experience,

Chasity Moore

Great service, with no pressure to buy. Took the time with us and made sure we got what we wanted.

Robert Pat Gisler

Customer Service was great. Salesmen were very polite, helpful & caring. Best sales experience ever! !

Sharon Coleman

bad experience, enough said. trust nothing they tell u

timothy dowell

My friend had a car fix and it cost 1.500 and work on it again and charge 4.500 that’s not right she can’t afford it that’s not right can u somehow fix it so she can’t afford it she borrowed the money for 1.500 than u all jack up the price

Anthony sutherland

Had a good experience buying a truck here

Corey Volk


Inexperienced salesman caused unnecessary credit pulls and made my trip to the dealership bad. The car had preexisting damaging that was promised would be taken care of in a few weeks. I was lied to by the salesman each time I called him for about one month. Spoke to Cassie in service 30mins after speaking to him one week ago, and was told a completely different story (the true story). She was the most helpful person. Car was fixed although the body work is SUB PAR!

John Davis

Good service great people

Josh Blount

Kurt Coyne

Purchased my first new truck from Bob Allen's Motor Mall (BAMM). I went in looking for a good low mileage used truck. I gave them my needs and wants and BAMM was able to get me into a new truck for about the same price as the used ones I was considering. Dealing with Dale at BAMM was and still is great. Dale helped me get the accessories I wanted on the truck quickly and without hassle. I committed to the truck during my lunch hour and stopped back after work to give Dale my trade in, sign papers, and drive my new truck home. No hassles. If you are looking for a new vehicle, you can either skip the hassle and go straight to Bob Allen's Motor Mall or go to all the other dealers first then come to BAMM and realize how much time you wasted going other places. BAMM has my future business

DaLaysja Thornton

They're crooks.

Richard L Smith

Quality cars at realistic prices

Louie Neal

Nice people and nice cars

Tanner Good

This was a great place to be, they work on excellent customer service. Alex Milburn was a great sales representative. He showed me every selection and make of vehicle that I was interested in to a T. I couldn't think of a more local, friendly and quality dealership to work with in the area. Be sure to ask for Alex, he will get you on the road to great savings and customer care. Thanks.

H Watters

Nice variety to choose from. Had vehicles that others lacked, such as more engine size options. Sales staff super nice and the buying experience was painless and very fast. Dale great salesperson to work with!

Kurt Dawson

Great place to buy a car

Jose Alvarez

Dean Coffman

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