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REVIEWS OF Lexus of Wichita IN Kansas

Ms Me

My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Blaize Foltz in the purchasing of our 2018 LS 500 F Sport. His overall knowledge of the car really surpassed our expectations. He worked with us to get an excellent trade in price for our 2017 GX 460. The experience at this Lexus dealership will be the expectation of all future dealerships. We are a military family, so we move frequently. Kudos to the dealership and many thanks for the experience here. Great job, Blaize! Olivia

Linda Robinson

You are treated like you are very important to them, every step is throughly explained. Questions are encouraged, very very considerate staff and management. Just all around great dealership.

Md.Rakib-UR- Rahman

Always Helpful and Cooperative

Archer Griffin

Sawyer and the team at Lexus of Wichita are amazing! Everything about my experience with them has been upfront, professional and a lot of fun. I flew in to buy here, and it was well worth the trip!

Levi Stark

Amazing experience! Thanks so much Blaize for your superior service. While my wife was away in DC on a work trip, we were able to complete the paperwork prior to her return. Creating the perfect opportunity to surprise her at the airport.#newtahoe #hersmile

Rizwan Hassan

Great car great service. Car has premium package , disappointing is it does not include remote start, was not explained.

Dan Egner

Very good

E. Joanne Brown

Tangela was extremely helpful and professional. She got me in and out with my loaner car in minutes. Great experience!

Lee Weber

We just bought a fantastic 2013 Chevy Silverado from Blaize Foltz at Lexus of Wichita. The ease of this purchase was UNBELIEVABLE! No hassling with the price of the truck we purchased and top dollar for my trade-in. I did my research going in and Blaize and his team got me a great deal that matched Edmunds and Kelly’s Blue Book and in fact beat those prices. We didn’t have to bargain and haggle once. Up front pricing and up front evaluation of your trade-in. They even filled out all the paperwork for us. EVERY SINGLE DETAIL TAKEN CARE OF! If you need a vehicle, get in and see Blaize Foltz at Lexus of Wichita.

William Nicholas

It very friendly and professional, no complaints.

Aaron Radford

Great, attentive staff. Good service experience

Tiffany Arterberry

Awesome experience and John Kennedy & all of the other team members who helped me were extremely amazing. Thank you, I am enjoying my sweet Lexus!!

Philip Ruffo

Tangela Ross is the reason I still go here. She goes above and beyond for me every single time I come in (4.5 years and counting). She's always smiling, has expert knowledge, is well organized, and makes sure that I leave Walser with a smile on my face. She's also just a great person in general! 10 stars for her even though Google only lets me give 5.


Came in and was approached with a warm welcome from Lance Garrison. He was respectful of my time and got me in and out with the car I’ve always wanted in a timely manner. I was skeptical of the walser policy but ended up enjoying the process and do believe I spent my money at a genuine place. I will be back in the future and hope to work with Lance once again.

David Weaver

Tangela is great!


Approachable, sales professionals. Everyone encountered was pleasant and friendly, as well seemed to really enjoy working there. This was the best buying experience I have ever had when looking or purchasing a vehicle. Scott, the GM and Vy, the Account Specialist were great to work with!

Bob Defenbaugh

I have been lucky enough to have purchased a lot of new cars in my first 64 years and I have accepted delivery of 25 plus new company cars; and I will have to say that my recent purchase of a new Lexus from Lance Garrison was my best new car buying experience ever! I like to negotiate for the best deal and I enjoyed negotiating with Lance. The follow up has been way above any dealership that I have ever dealt with. I am recommending Lexus of Wichita and sales professional,Lance Garrison, to all of my friends.

H. Kevin Fuerst

I was very pleased with the service I received. I brought the car in for what I thought was an issue related to a recall repair (done at another dealership); and an inspection was done -- for which I was not charged, even though the issue turned out not to be due to the recall repair. The vehicle was cleaned thoroughly, and I was given a reasonable price to repair the issue. The service staff was responsive, and it was a good experience. Their concerns went beyond just making money on a transaction.

Shaun Strickland

Had a great experience with Dan McMahon at Walser Lexus of Wichita. A very smooth and easy way to purchase a car. The facility is top notch all around.

Kathleen Woodman

We had been discussing trading vehicles for about 6 months, when one morning my husband said he was going to the Lexus dealership and would be back in 20 minutes with a vehicle for me to test drive. I knew I wanted a small SUV vehicle and didn't want to give up the luxury of my previous car. We worked with Lance and within an extremely short period of time we owned our first Lexus, a RX350. Lance was very professional, informative, friendly and extremely helpful. I picked up the vehicle that afternoon on the way to dinner and returned the following day for the details on all the wonderful features of the RX350. I would highly recommend working with Lance to anyone who is considering the purchase of a Lexus. Even if you aren't considering a Lexus, you would be once you have visited with him. It was never a high pressure sale. You can tell Lance loves his career choice and believes in the product which he sells. It is not just a job for him. Lance goes above and beyond the call of duty to answer any questions I have regarding the vehicle. He is always pleasant with a smile on his face. Lance Garrison is a great asset to Lexus of Wichita. Might I add, I love my RX350. It's a great ride, fun to drive and it's absolutely amazing what you can fit inside the car. I doubt this will be my last RX350!

Steve Davis

These guys were “Top Notch, “ From their leader Alan Rupp to Lance Garrison to Cody (I forget his last name) What a wonderful atmosphere to purchase a vehicle! We will do business with them as well as refer people to them again and again.


The dealership understood that my time is valuable. They inspected the vehicle and informed me of all imperfections. There were 2. When I arrived after 5 hours they offered me drinks and snacks and time to relax from the trip. Then I had plenty of time to look and drive the car. It made the decision an easy one to purchase the car. Top Notch!!!

Christi Rife

Lexus of Wichita is absolutely fabulous in everything they do! We just bought our 3rd RX 350 from Tom Hamlin & couldn't be happier! From the time you walk in - until the time you leave ... you are treated with exceptional service & we will NEVER buy a car anywhere else!!

A Google User

Probably the best vehicle buying experience I have ever been apart of. Top notch customer service. Great vehicle at a good price. Don’t want to buy a vehicle any where else.

Bill Wallisch

Everyone at the dealership was very friendly and easy to work with. Their pricing model helped me feel that I got a fair deal. The used car they sold me was in pristine condition and I am confident that I will get many years of good use out of it.

Phil Schloss

Buying from a reputable dealer is key. I paid full retail plus a little, but my experience here at Walser Lexus of Wichita has made it invaluable. Scott the sales manager is a person of integrity.

Mubasshir Karim

Blaize Foltz was extremely friendly and transparent on my very first visit into Walser Lexus of Wichita. He showed me a unique experience in this industry. He and the rest of Walser’s Lexus of Wichita just take care of their people. They don’t chase you down to sell you a bad deal just so they can make money as they’re not commission based. Highly recommend Blaize and the rest of Lexus of Wichita.

Samantha Lucciarini

Vy is Cream of the Crop! He is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. This is my second transaction with him and I’m 100% satisfied and equally impressed. Whether it’s a lease, resale or trade-in, Vy has your best interest in mind and you can trust you’re in good hands. No need to go anywhere else!

Russ Axtell

Second auto I purchased from Lance - great experience

Brenda Johnson

Friendly and courteous. When approached with suggestions he always tried to find a solution. Answered all questions.

Bud McLain

Blaize was fantastic to work with. Best salesman ever!

Kyler Sanders

Buying cars has never been easy for me and I have never enjoyed doing so. Ross Purity however completely changed my car buying experience. He helped me through every step of the way and set me up with the best car I have ever had. He is truly a nice and caring person and the guy to go to when looking for a new car.

Mylene Schriner

Wonderful experience. Lance was very helpful and responsive with any questions I had. I would recommend Lexus of Wichita to anyone who lives in Kansas and even those on the Missouri side. I do not live in Wichita and yet Lance has been extremely accommodating and I certainly appreciate all he did for us.

Terry Cushenbery

Buying a used car could not have been any easier, very, very nonstressful. Thanks Lance, I hope you are the saes person that all the others will be compaired too. Terry

Richard Brown

We traded cars at Lexus of Wichita and had a great experience. All the people at the dealership were great and we had a super salesman. Blaize Foltz was our salesman and he was super at explaining all the things we needed to know about the new car and great to work with.

Diana Kuhlman

Vy was wonderful! He answered all our questions and educated us on all our new Lexus had to offer. He made our buying experience wonderful! We will be back and refer our family and friends to him for all their vehicle shopping needs. Thanks Vy! Russel and Diana Kuhlman Dighton, KS

Brent VanDyke

This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance: Our family is growing, and we found ourselves in a position that we needed something with either a third row, or a minivan. We'd tried other dealers, but I simply couldn't deal with the near harassment we received every time we walked on the lot - we went through 4 other attempts at other local dealerships, and none of them were ANY kind of pleasant. On recommendation of a close friend, we decided to look at Walser's vehicles. My wife found a Toyota Sienna there that she decided checked all the boxes, and we intended to trade in our grand cherokee. We went in on a Wednesday so my mother-in-law could watch the kiddos, and Allen did their trade-in inspection... Only to find that one of those dealers above (the very one we bought the jeep from) had created a mileage discrepency in our carfax which tanked the vehicles value. He gave us all the information we needed to correct it, said it shouldn't take more than a day or so. Well, he was right, but the jeep dealership's incompetence dragged this out to nearly a week. We were immensely frustrated, but glad it was over, and went back to work with the single best salesperson we've ever had, Vy. He gave us the keys to the van and told us to take our time and come back when we were sure whether or not this was for us. My wife fell in love, and we decided to buy it, rolling in the amount we were upside down on the jeep so we could maintain our savings as nobody can be sure of costs associated with a new child being born. They worked hard to find us the best loan arrangements, and it's now in our garage - there was no haggling, the price was fair market value, and Vy treated us with respect even though we were buying a 6 year old minivan. A week later we found out that I would be getting a career change that would require us to have a second vehicle. I searched online and found a VW alltrack that I fell in love with, supposedly for 20k, only to find that the dealership was pulling the classic bait and switch. We quickly left and decided we'd go back to Walser and talk to Vy (in hindsight, we should've just gone there in the first place). I asked to check out a couple vehicles, and he threw me the keys to each, ending up in our purchasing an Infiniti. Now, if this were all that had happened, it'd be good of course, but not the kind of experience that I'd spend all this time writing this review for. When we went in to look for a vehicle for me, my wife asked if they could take a look at the dvd entertainment system and show us how to use the thing because we couldn't get it to play anything we put in it. There seemed to be a problem of some kind, so they scheduled it in for an appointment to take a look, as well as provide us a loaner vehicle in the interim. Turns out, they're having to replace the entire entertainment system short of the screen, to the tune of about 1500 bucks (and that's not a markup, I checked parts prices online after they mentioned it). It's going to take 5 days, but the entire time, we're driving a 60 thousand dollar Lexus GS that they've provided so that my wife doesn't have to worry about how to get our son to school or make it to appointments. With the repair costs, they're not making a dime on that sale... but they're taking care of their customer. We're not hyper-wealthy people, but from the instant we set foot in the dealership, we were treated like foreign dignitaries. They knew we were looking at vehicles that were used, and hopefully in the range of 10-20k both times in order to keep from touching savings, but there wasn't a single moment that we were treated like anything less for it. For as long as Walser owns this dealership and Vy works for them, we'll be back. We're moving over two hours away, but should we ever need another vehicle, we will be making the trek back to Wichita - they took care of us, even when they didn't have to, and I have the feeling that when I get the itch to buy a different vehicle down the road, I'll be talking to Vy about buying ourselves a new Lexus.

Greg Baker

I found Vy and the other staff members I have met to be extremely courteous and professional. Vy listened and helped me find a great car! My first vehicle at Lexus of Wichita, but definitely not my last!

Questin Darcey

Had an excellent experience with the Lexus team! Blaize and Scott were very welcoming and made the buying process easy from start to finish!

Erin Lonneke

Best car buying experience ever! Our salesman, Vy, walked us through the entire process with ease, no high pressure sales here! John, the general manager, introduced himself to us and made us truly feel like we were a highly valued customer! Anthony, Service Advisor, introduced himself and let us know that if we had any service related questions or problems to just call him and he’d be happy to help. And John, the service manager, also introduced himself and reiterated that should we need anything, simply call or come by. From start to finish an A+ experience! Would definitely recommend and buy from again!!

Linda Green

My sales experience with Lance was exceptional. He answered all my questions and added things I hadn't yet thought of. Then after my purchase he has kept in contact on a regular basis. Makes me feel like I am his most important customer.

Angelia Howard

After months of searching for the perfect vehicle, I went to Walser and spoke with John. He understood what I was looking for, found the perfect match, and I signed papers that day! It was stress free, easy and the service has been amazing! Even 3 weeks later, he checked in to make sure I was still thrilled with my purchase. He went above and beyond and I couldn’t be more satisfied! Thank you John for a great buying experience! We will be back!

Uchenna Okoli


Jeff Hanson

Very happy with the sales process and working with Vy

Rene West

The complex is huge, high end late model vehicles, certified and in great shape. I didnt have enough choices in my price range to buy from them at this time or location. My Son and my Daughter have bought from them, so I trust them and we like the Sales approach and team.

Bobbie Lane

Best car buying experience! John Kennedy was our sales person and I highly recommend. He was patient with all our questions and really knows his stuff!

Jackie Brandenburg

treated like royalty! This was truly the best car buying experience Ive ever had. Lance Garrison was AMAZING! The whole team worked to make the deal under MY terms. No high pressure tactics. No dirty dealer tricks. This dealership has one goal, they want you to have the best experience and they want you to leave completely happy. I dont usually write these reviews, but I had to this time. Kathy Tye the the finance officer was fun, professional, and HONEST. The whole transaction was completely transparent. If you're looking for a car, new or used, even if you can't afford a Lexus, treat yourself to a few hours of luxury and stop by this place first. Just sit down, and let the team spoil you. Be forewarned though, once you see how car buying CAN be, you'll never settle for anything less.

Victoria Devience

We own 2 Lexus' form this dealer and what I love most about it is John Rawcliffe and Ross in the Service Department ! Their Customer Service Skills are Unparalleled !!! They are warm, inviting, welcoming, and care ! The Dealership is Beautiful ! However, there is only one sales guy for me Bac Ta from Audi of Wichita ! I've purchased numerous cars from Wichita Luxury collection and Walser and Always ask for Bac because you can't put a price on his Amazing Customer Service skills !!! They know how to treat people right in an age where customer service has been lost but not here !!!

Brent Carpenter

Previously had the car in the shop for a few things, I was told that there was in fact a recall on my dashboard that was melting, they held onto the car multiple days after the original issues were taken care of. The whole process was prolonged and the dash never got taken care of. Wasn’t thrilled about my car being finished then it sitting in a shop waiting on a part just for it to not actually get the part an be told there was no recall after someone “made sure” there was

Marc Blackim

Awesome buying experience. Working with Blaize was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I wouldd rate the dealership and Blaize a 12 out of 10.

Jesse Smith

We wasted our Labor Day traveling to this dealership to see a car that apparently wasn’t even on the lot. My wife called them at 9:00am and spoke with Vy. He said to call or text about 10 minutes before we arrive and he’d have the car out front for a test drive. My wife explained that we were coming from 2 1/2 hours away. At around noon, I called Vy and told him we would be there at 1:30, giving him 1 1/2 hours of advanced notice. He said the car would be ready. We arrived at 1:30 and waited about 15 minutes for Vy to bring around a car. Upon inspection, we realized that the car had different mileage than the vehicle advertised. When we asked Vy if this was the car, he said it was not. He assured us the car would be out any minute. We found it odd that the first car they brought out to show us wasn’t the one we drove 2 1/2 hours to see..... Long story short, the car was not on the lot, and hadn’t been all day. We learned this from Vy after waiting around for an hour before we were told the truth. Vy’s constant back and forth wasn’t due to him being busy, he was working with his manager and others to find a way to get the car on the lot without us knowing the situation. I spoke with the GM, yet another waste of time. First he acted like he didn’t know the situation, although Vy had been huddled up in his office every 5 minutes or so. Based one other reviews I have read, this isn’t a one-off occurrence. These people had 4 1/2 hours to come out and tell us the car wasn’t available. Instead, they took a gamble, tried to stall (wasting our time), tried to pawn off a different car as the one we came to see (Sneaky Vy and the GM were both in on this), which exposes some obvious ethics and honesty issues, and then wanted to “make it right “ by offering to fill up our tank and “bring the car to us when it’s available “. Took them up on the fill up because my wife insisted and told them “no” on bringing the car to us. I have no desire to do business with people who behave this way.

Kim Herrington

Blaise at the Lexis of Wichita treated so good and made sure we were satisfied.... I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.

David Wickham

My wife Jody and I were in the market for a vehicle recently and walked into the Walser Lexus dealership. We found our salesperson, Katyln, both professional and helpful. The entire staff made us feel welcome and were very accommodating. Buying from this dealership was an easy decision.

allie ruschen

I just purchased a Lexus the other day from this location and I can honestly say it was the best car buying experience I have had! I worked with Ross Purity and was very pleased. He was so polite, courteous and very knowledgeable. Ross made the process fast and easy! I also had Charles Brown, head of detailing, personally detail my car and he did a FANTASTIC job and made me feel like I got the VIP experience!!! I would recommend Lexus of Wichita to anyone looking for a great car buying experience!

Douglas Blackman

Vy Nguyen has continued to be in each of our purchases, kind, efficient and fully invested in our interest in the closings.

Phillip Hedrick

In 2011, we bought two new Lexus vehicles from Vy Nguyen at the Lexus dealership in Wichita. This was such a great experience we returned to work with Vy at the Wichita Lexus dealership when ready to buy another new Lexus. This happened even though we live in Kansas City and had access to a bigger Hendrick Lexus dealership in KC. Vy is so knowledgeable, honest, a real pleasure to work with and we would recommend him to my family and friends. Vy was great through the whole experience. We received an excellent value for our trade-in and great price on the new RX350. You won't be disappointed.

Men Wheeler

John Kennedy assist me through buying 2019 RX350L car. He very professional and helpful.

Patrick Moore

I enjoyed my car buying experience at Walser Lexus a great deal. My Customer Specialist, Shanna Berry, guided me through the process seamlessly and made me feel comfortable in my decision. She paid great attention to detail and even gave me a granola bar that may or may not have saved my life. I would highly recommend working with Shanna and Walser in general. No hassle, no gimmicks, and they make you feel like family. I can’t think of another dealership that curates a peaceful atmosphere that’s akin to a cozy cafe. I would also recommend you eat before buying a car.

Barry Guinn

My wife and I had been shopping for a replacement commuter vehicle for her 2013 Subaru Outback for a few months. We had wavered between a small SUV vs a full-size SUV. We visited the Walser dealerships several times and finally ended up at Lexus. I have to say that we were always treated great at all of the stores we visited on the campus. We test drove a 2017 NX200t that my wife really liked. The only thing it didn’t have was a Lexus CPO (certified pre-owned) status. Our sales rep, Dan McMahon, was very helpful and gave us call shortly after leaving with an offer to certify the vehicle if we would like (of course at an added expense). We considered the offer for a couple of days and then decided it was the right car and offer. I have to say it was the easiest, lowest stress vehicle purchase I have made. Dan handled the entire sale from start to finish, which was very nice. We never felt pressured or uncomfortable. It was very different to not have to negotiate on price. At first, I thought we would likely pay way too much, but after some internet research, I felt we were paying a fair price for the car. Our kids even tolerated the experience pretty well thanks to the game room. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience... I can’t really believe I’m saying that about a car dealer, but I am.

Dixie Petersen

Vy is great. This is the second car purchased with his assistance. Look forward to continue working with Jeff Kastens too.

Brittany Diec

Vy was super helpful and really did a stellar job on getting the best price possible and the best car for me. He also updated me regularly and was very attentive from scheduling appointments to look at a car to questions I had. Love the car (NX 300 F Sport) and the service was great!

Patty Hamilton

Lucia and and the management are incredibly easy to work with and I actually enjoyed my time working with them. NOT the typical car shopping horrible experience. Highly recommend !

Mike BKS

Nice! Friendly! Great Service and reasonable pricing. Even have a putting green!

Nancy Whitaker

We recently purchased a vehicle from Walser Lexus and the experience was good in all aspects. Vy Nguyen was so courteous and patient with all my questions. With all the programing in the new cars, I had a lot of questions. Everything I asked, he was able to answer. When I picked the car up that evening, Eric was also very helpful. Thank you all for making the experience enjoyable!

Georgia Cirese

Blaize was an extremely friendly , courteous and helpful salesman. I drove from Kansas City to buy my car from him He was very accommodating and helpful. I would highly recommend him!

Duke Greenwood

I'm extremely excited about my 2019 Lexus RC 350 AWD F Sport purchase on 7/31/2019 at Lexus of Wichita. My sales representative, Shanna Berry, did a tremendous job informing me of my purchase options and assisting me in every way to make my buying experience as pleasing and as rewarding as possible. I explained to her that making an automobile purchase, specifically a new automobile purchase, is one on my least favorite things to do in life. She made it exceedingly easy for me! I'm delighted with the Ultra White exterior with the Circuit Red interior combination ... quite the attention grabber ... attention I was not looking to achieve, but kind of happy it's occurring. Thank you for the creation of an awesome automobile!

Mike G

Lucia, the sales rep that assisted us, was OUTSTANDING!!! There were no surprises and plenty of cars to choose from. The price on the web is the price of the car. I do like to negotiate but it was actually nice to know what you are going to pay up front. It was a great buying experience. I would definitely buy from them again.

Jennifer Fienen

Shanna Berry assisted me in looking for a car. She was so helpful and made the experience fun. I will be back soon to buy that car with Shanna. I highly recommend you speak with her.

Michael D Londagin

This was the easiest experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. Lucia Sherman was very knowledgeable and was a pleasure to deal with. Lucia and Allan Rupp were very easy to work with and resolved any issues we had. I'm very impressed with cleanliness and the way the dealership is organized. Very nice. This is the way a dealership should be.

Vu Channel

Abnormal inside wear on 2016 Lexus RX350 for only 20,000 miles on it. Lexus did not cover, and claimed it as alignment issues? I owned many cars before and never have this issues. I also owned 2008 Lexus RX, and never have any issues with alignment. Anybody experience this problem on brand new car before?

Mary Gregory

Customer service was beyond my expectations. Great vehicle purchase experience. Would highly recommend this dealership.

Aaron Ruff

Amazing. From the email correspondence to the test drive to the paperwork, Taylor gave us a first class buying experience. We highly recommend him and everyone at the dealership made us feel welcome. Coming in from out of state we were glad they took care of everything for us. A++

Kim Patterson

I am loving my new Lexus. Vy Nguyen helped me find a 2017 Lexus ES 350 with the perfect package. He was great to work with and really went out of his way to make sure my experience was easy and pleasant. I especially love that he was able to find me the Atomic Silver with the machined wheels. This is the perfect car for me!

Richard Hefley

I loved Scott and Dan that we worked they are good Christian men and helped us get exactly what we needed.

Makayla Lyons

Working with John made the car purchase a breeze. We drove in from out of state and felt more informed about the car and the process than we did at previous dealerships in person. He had everything ready to go for us and we enjoyed the buying process.

Josh Newman

Lexus of Wichita strives to provide a positive experience to the buyer. I could tell that they truly believed in and exercised this mission while I was there. I spent about an hour with Taylor on a vehicle I had an interest in and then informed him that I was still going to look elsewhere. He obviously wanted to make the sale, but smiled, told me he understood and gave me the info I needed on what we had worked on so far, in case I changed my mind. When I came back to purchase the vehicle, I discovered that Taylor was also my finance manager on the purchase, instead of me getting the feel of jockeying from person to person. Customer experience was awesome! The price of the vehicle was competitive, to boot!

Jill Winter

Sawyer Walker was great!

Preethy Mathews

We had Mr . John Kennedy as our sales representative and he and Mr. Lance were very courteous and helpful right from the very start. We were looking into buying a Lexus GX 460 , we found the car with the specifications we wanted at this dealership , we contacted them in the morning and made the appointment for the evening, we were out with the car we wanted in less than 2 hours. The whole experience was so much easy . There was no hidings in the price listed online unless many other dealers , and they were not too pushy about getting all the extra packages which we decided not to get, and that’s what we loved most about them. We would definitely recommend this dealer and would consider for future businesses. Thank you so much !

Neshia Wilson

To cut to the chase.....Walser Lexus of Wichita was a life saver! From the time I set foot on their lot, I received an immense amount of attention, compassion, courteousness, and genuine concern about ensuring my experience with Walser was remarkable. Special shout out to Anthony (Sevice), Scott (general manager) for listening to my concerns. I purchased a car from another Walser brand ( which I'll provide in a separate review) and had ONE main issue with my used car purchase. The lot of which I purchased my car REFUSED to help me in identifying a potenially hazardous issue to myself and my family. I simply asked that dealer to look at my car as my brakes weren't right and noisy and they gave me the run around. Without hesitation, I walked into Lexus (per the direction of that dealer who punned me off) and Anthony greeted me openly, asked what is was he could do to help. He created time to serve me as he was really busy on this day. Finally, I was getting somewhere and he put me in a loaner, checked my car in and provided a profound discovery (my brakes were faulty) of which THEY took care of for me. Anthony was a true advocate. I felt compelled to prevent another customer from facing what I experienced with the other dealer and spoke to Scott (GM) who provided class A service and attention. He heard me out, apologized even though he didn't have too, but made me feel like my experienced mattered. I don't want to contaminate this review with the poor experience from the othe lot, so I'll just end to say this.....If you ever need to purchase a car, new OR used, you will not go wrong with Lexus! Quality, Safety and Service are their top priorities when it comes to a car buying experience withouth the hassle. I am grateful for you and will forever spread the word in how awesome you all are!

jiri My

Best dealership ever. Service rep Anthony Boyle helped me get back on the road in under an hour after I had to get towed in at 4am. Went out of his way to help out!

Debbie Oehmke

I am very pleased with my purchase. They have great customer service and they try to make the car buying experience less stressful. All of my questions and concerns were addressed quickly and professionally. Thank you!

mark hancock

I’m from Kansas City area, Sawyer was a professional!! Thank you for being patient and working with us, The paperwork was a breeze and My wife really enjoys driving her car thank you!! I’m not a fan of the no haggle pricing, but I will still recommend this dealership! Thanks

Randy Oldham

Thank you Vy for a great buying experience, no high pressure sale, you did a great job taking your time explaining the added protections, and we were impressed with everyone of the salesperson and their extreme professionalism. Please extend our thanks to the shop for getting the car ready on a Saturday.

Jim Edwards

Great experience. No pressure and willing to explain all the details. Sawyer was great to deal with.

Naama Marcos

Great experience. I've leased several cars before from other dealerships, this has been the best experience by far. I worked with Lance - so helpful and knowledgeable. He exceeded all expectations and made the process fast and easy. And I LOVE my car!

Joshua Winter

I needed a navigation card for a Lexus RC F and Alex went above and beyond to figure out which SD card would update the navigation and get it working and saved us $600! The parts department offers excellent customer service and really knows what they're doing.

Renae McLain

Blaize is great. Just love his personality he is just an overall great guy

ernie g

Blaize flotz is our salesman very helpful and Truly Genuine. Great experience. Scott Bolticoff the manager was very helpful too they have an amazing team there at Lexus dealership.. Thanks

john nguyen

My mother went to buy a lexus here and had a really great experience there! They went above and beyond for her and helped her get set up for a new lexus and answered every question clearly. Vy Nguyen was the person that helped out my mom! He has amazing customer service!

Abraham Anwar

If you are looking for a new Or Used car go see Lance Garrison this guy will take care of you. He is always will to help even after the sales .

Umed Vakhidov

Sales person Blaze is really helpful, I never had so easy experience with sales person or dealership. They are really professionals. Thank you very much.

Meg Carvitto

I had such an awful experience here and would definitely NOT recommend going here. Jeff Kastning would not return our calls in a timely manner. It took 3 days to change my back brakes and rotors. Not to mention I got quoted 410 for a lug stud when they already had the wheels off in that area. Seriously I would look for another Lexus dealer for service. Our car was just at another Lexus dealer in indiana and they did a fantastic job. Not one problem but these screwballs need to get it together!!!!


Long time Japanese luxury car fan and owner here. I was in the market for another car. Was interested in the new RX, GX or even the RC. We were promptly greeted and they were very friendly. Just that they couldn’t find the car we saw on their website. I really like the 3 LED lights in the RX and told them so. I would not consider any RX without those lights. They told us they had many many in stock but couldn’t show us 1 single RX with those lights.

Rudy Villarreal

Purchased my 3rd LEXUS, my first from Walser Automotive group..My salesman Corry B. Was my first contact when I called about a car..he told me that the particular vehicle was sold, so I gave him my name and number and to call me if the car for some reason became available..and so it begins...Corry called and personally brought it out to my business to view. I cant say enough about Corey..easiest car transaction, I have ever had...THANK YOU..

John Shortsleeves

Our experience with Vy Nguyen was excellent from start of interaction to us driving off in our new Lexus purchase and it was great that he handled the entire process from start to completion. Vy did everything we asked of him and was more than wiling to meet our needs. Met the General Manager Scott, John the Service Manager and Anthony Boyle Service Advisor all were super friendly and answered any questions we had. This is THE place to purchase your next vehicle. You will not be disappointed with your experience at Lexus of Wichita. Very fair price right out of the gate! I'd give them 10 stars if I could.

David Faulkner

I’d had my eye on someday purchasing a Lexus LC 500. I was in Wichita last week with family and decided to take my son over to the local dealership to take a firsthand look at what I believe to be one of the most beautiful coupes ever made. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to visit dealerships and endure the typical aggressive sales staff but chose to risk it to see this car in person. I arrived with my son, poked around looking at some of the vehicles on the lot, than opened the door hoping to see my dream car, it was there right in front, BEAUTIFUL. The staff politely nodded and left my son and I to admire the LC 500, after a few minutes a manager came over, opened the door and encouraged us to take a seat, he than asked me to start the vehicle which I did allowing me to hear the amazing V8 and watch the interior tech come alive. After a minute or so he asked me to turn off the vehicle and walked off leaving my son and I to bask in the glow of this amazing car. I was never approached by a rep until I asked a question and than the ball started rolling. I mentioned I had done some research and might be interested in a used LC that would fit my budget, we discussed it a bit and than a manager ran the numbers on a new one they had on the lot, the price was actually lower than many of the used LC’s online. Yes I could find some that cost less but this was new, the numbers made sense and after a test drive, was sold. I never felt pressured. It was the best car purchase experience I’ve had. Well done Lexus of Wichita.

Jeff Schneider

What a great dealership with fantastic inventory!

Tayler Hlaus

Wonderful facility and beautiful vehicles to choose from. Ross P. And Mark R. were the salesmen and were both great to work with. The floor manager, Lance, is a different story. Lance tries to take over the sale and fits the stereotype of a "typical car salesman". Stick with Ross or Mark and you'll have a positive experience!

Amy Renee Traylor

Very nice dealership. Blaize Foltz was awesome to work with. He stayed past hours to help get us in the vehicle we wanted!

Lin H

My husband and I brought both of our RX 350s in for service today. Tangela was our service advisor and was amazing. She set up our appointments, service, loaner and pick-ups in the most efficient and convenient way for us. She was attentive to every detail and request. Best service rep ever! Thank you, Tangela. You are the Best. Been a Lexus owner for almost 20 years and have never been disappointed in the quality of its product, service, employees or amenities.

Christy Aylor

This is an amazing place to buy a car. They treated us like first class. John had everything handled from start to finish. Would recommend them for all your vehicle purchases. They made the process very smooth.

Matthew Butler

Worst dealership experience I have honestly ever had. I expected more from a luxury dealership. I went in twice and each time a different representative had very little knowledge - things like the differences between the packages or general prices for the different packages/upgrades. Both are in their brochure and on-line by the way. Although I was told they don't haggle and their prices are therefor lower, I found significantly better prices in OKC and KC. One young sales rep went to the point to argue with me that leasing is a better option, which is just silly. The other Lexus dealerships I went to were professional, knowledgeable, and have more or a luxury feel one would expect that is lacking at Walser.

alexplore11 .

Sawyer was fantastic to work with! Truly a “customer first” sales environment. I highly recommend doing business with the team at Lexus of Wichita. They’ll treat you right.

Paul Khim

Was interested in a car at the dealership but never got info back fast enough so I bought else where. Really suprised since everytime I go in for service Tangela always helps me greatly. Probably should have called her before just calling on the number given online and talking to a random sales associate saying that they will help you. So all in all, I will keep getting my car serviced there.

Jhasmal Hardyway

Very nice sales people and car selection

Austin Bittel

Exceptional service! We started looking at Acura but before we purchased we had to check out Lexus. From the moment we walked through the door Blaize was excellent and never skipped a beat! He showed us our options and from the test drive to signing papers this was one of the best and easiest car purchases we have ever made. Definitely ask for Blaize, if you want a down to earth guy who will make the whole buying process a breeze!

Nelson K. Reinhardt

Friendly service.

Dan Stiffler

I am so impressed with Lexus Of Wichita. All of my interactions with them have been very professional. During my recent purchase of a Lexus vehicle, the sales person that helped me, John Kennedy, kept the experience relaxed and low pressure. Not only is Lexus the best car on the road, but Lexus Of Wichita has to be one of the top dealerships in the Wichita area.

Robert McElroy

I would like to let you know that I finally got a mobile car wash. Clay is an excellent representative of your company. He was on time, he was pleasant and actually eager to wash my dirty car. It is refreshing to know that some employees actually enjoy there jobs and the people they have an opportunity to meet along the way. Best my car has looked in a long time. This is a great service and you have a first class man taking care of business. Thank you

Howard Schultz

Walser was a Great place to buy our rx350. Blaise Foltz the salesman is a great stand up guy. Alan Rupp the manager gave me a tour of there 5 Star facility which is awesome and clean as a Hospital. Would definitely recommend these Guys.

Brenda Stephens

Blaze provided excellent service! Best experience we have ever had buying a vehicle. We will definitely be purchasing future vehicles from them .

Jennifer Engelbrecht

First visit was to see what used cars they had and they didnt really have anything we were looking for but second visit was for a recall on my Lexus and Tangela was great, very accommodating and fit me in right away made sure I was taken care of the the fullest extent of her ability.

Theodore Meglemre

We drove down from the Kansas City area looking for a specific vehicle line, the LS platform. We were promptly greeted by Shanna Berry. She was very accommodating and eager to help. We looked at a few of the options they had and settled on one. The paperwork process is always the most dreadful portion of the vehicle purchase, but she made it flow well. We will definitely recommend.

Derek Avera

Our experience at Lexus of Wichita could not have been more positive. Our Sales Consultant, Lance Garrison, was top-notch through the entire process. He was patient, kind and professional at every turn. This was our first time to work with a luxury dealership and I strongly recommend this group. We're extremely pleased with the vehicle, service and overall experience!

Eric Conklin

Lucia was my sales rep at Lexus of Wichita and I had an excellent experience; could not recommend her highly enough. I was very interested in 1 particular vehicle, and the number/quality of photos on the website were adequate, however there were a few features not pictured that I had questions about. Lucia personally went out to the lot and had the requested photos to me in minutes. From the moment I arrived in town the entire process was seamless. Thanks Lucia, you're the best!

jazzi jones

The only employee that demonstrated quality customer services was Blaize Fultz. We had nothing less than a pleasant experience working with Blaize ( I would give him a 5 star), however, the customer service provided by the upper level team (Erick Lain and Lance Garrison) was well below par. I emailed concerns to general manager with no response so it appears their management team doesn’t know how to do business to the quality and standards of the Lexus brand or understands how customer service works because that does not mean ignore emails without a response, phone calls, or setting up personal meetings to work through the issues. It could do the business wonders to understand its important to build returning customers not one and done deals. Lance is extremely displeasing and becomes rude, harassing, bullying and aggressive in his behavior if you don’t mold to his thoughts or allow him to be the puppet master of your thoughts and opinions. He is extremely arrogant and, at times, is completely inappropriate and unprofessional. According to other reviews, it appears we are not the only ones to receive this behavior from Lance. If you want a pleasant experience request anyone but Lance. Also, don’t use their financing, go get preapproved elsewhere. We were shopping for used vehicles, 2-3 years old, and with great credit and large amount cash down they were saying 5 percent- heck no- called up our main bank and got much lower at 3%. That’s a 40% lower rate... Lastly, Employees will ignore you if your waiting at the front desk as they walk by and even when they are sitting there playing on their cell phone. ——————————————————————— As a response to your response: Thanks for your response. Yes, we were able to get the full refund. The issue wasn’t with the refund but how the whole situation was handled by Erick and Lance. As I mentioned in an email, I understand how disappointing it can be to have a product returned, however, that left an opportunity for your team to find us the vehicle that suits our wants, needs, peace of mind and ultimately something we would be confident to own. It left a window of opportunity that could have benefited your business in the long run with maybe even an up sale for a nicer, newer or more expensive vehicle. Your team ultimately failed at taking that opportunity and instead provided an extremely displeasing experience that I do not want to encounter again. Note, this behavior occurred after having been told numerous times as a sales pitch about the worry free money back or exchange policy. Again, I tried to have a private conversation but received no response. We love the Lexus brand, but after the experience we had at the Wichita dealership, we have a deep distrust and concern with some of the employees. But again, as mentioned in an email, it would be in both the dealerships and our interest to work together in the future... However, I’m just not sure how I can ever get to the point to put trust in your dealership after the experience we had.

Jeff Searle

UPDATE: WALSER OWNER RESPONSE IS UNTRUTHFUL 6+ MONTHS & STILL NO FOLLOW UP FROM THEM! CUSTOMERS BEWARE!! We worked with Walser Lexus to have our 2004 SC430 moved via transport from Wichita to Overland Park. This car has only 8,800 miles & while I can't say it was in flawless shape it was pretty darn close & was spotlessly clean @ drop-off. Walser completely mishandled the custody transfer of our car. No Lexus employee walked the car & signed off on any potential damage prior to the transport company taking the vehicle (this would be similar to renting a rental car & not verifying damage that previously existed @ the time of rental) & then allowed the transport company to take our car LATE IN THE EVENING OFF WALSER'S PROPERTY. Our car was driven on dirt/gravel roads & stored outside, overnight @ the transport company's lot. We had been told by Walser that the car would be stored inside prior to loading & were never told that the car would be leaving their property prior to loading. Walser could not find the bill of lading that was supposedly left by the transport company the next morning (8/2) that should have indicated any existing damage @ origin. (WE DON'T BELIEVE THAT A BILL OF LADING SHOWING THE EXTENSIVE DAMAGE OBSERVED WHEN CAR WAS RECEIVED @ DESTINATION WAS PRODUCED @ THE TIME OF TRANSPORT COMPANY PICKUP ON 8/1) This should have been a huge red flag to Walser that something wasn't right with this situation yet Walser didn't immediately request a copy of the bill of lading & no bill of lading was requested by Walser from the transport company for 12 days. Is this the normal process for the way Walser would handle this situation for another vehicle in their possession? If so they have an incredibly bad process in place that is not up to industry standards. If not then why was our vehicle being treated with a lower standard of care than the normal Walser process? We have been told by Walser that they were "doing us a favor" by setting up the transport of our vehicle. Our response was that we have been long time loyal Lexus owners & would hope that they would want to provide this service to retain our business but that in any event this did not relieve Walser of the obligation to use reasonable care & good business practice while they were the responsible party in the chain of custody of our car. When the transport company dropped our car off the next evening it was filthy with paint chips & scratches. NO bill of lading from origin was provided @ destination. (Re rental car example: we should have been given a copy of the original bill of lading created @ the Walser complex on 8/1 to inspect for any damage @ destination & then compare to damage that was previously indicated) We have requested security footage of our car being inspected by the transport company which should also show the bill of lading being left somewhere @ the dealership but have been informed by Walser that there were no security cameras in that area..this is a brand new state of the art dealership so no security footage...WE DON'T BELIEVE THEM! If this is actually the case then why would they have parked our vehicle for a late evening after hours pick up in an area with no security camera coverage???? A true test of someone's character or in this case a dealer's character is how they will handle a situation when things don't go as expected. This is incredibly important since typically over the life span of owning of vehicle there will be situations that occur where you are counting on your dealership to behave in a fair & honorable manner. We firmly believe that the prior ownership team of Scholfield Lexus, made up of long time Wichita families would have never handled our situation so poorly & treated a long time, loyal customer so badly. Instead Scholfield management would have acknowledged that there had been serious mistakes made on their part & they would have done all that they could do to make things right. BUYERS BEWARE OF DOING BUSINESS WITH WALSER. We will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH WALSER AGAIN!!!!!!

William Kunze

My sales person was very patient and worked well with me over an almost 2 month period, as I was in no rush to purchase immediately. The vehicle I finally chose was reasonably priced with any minor issues being resolved immediately. Would recommend this dealership to others!

Jared Nickel

Vy Nguyen was extremely knowledgeable and went out of his way to ensure our car buying experience was as efficient and comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend him for any future car buyers visiting Lexus.

Pamela Smith

This was the least stressful car purchase I've ever experienced. From start to finish Vy explained the process and the various options in a knowledgeable, no pressure manner. I walked out of the dealership feeling like I made a great purchase and wasn't "sold" anything. I will definitely come back to Lexus of Wichita for my next vehicle purchase.

Debia Feldman

We just bought our eighth Lexus from Vy. He made our purchase easy and comfortable accomading all of our requests. It is always a delight to work with Vy would recommend him to any of our friends. Thank you Vy

Baconsquarefarm Pigtail

Lexus of Wichita is outstanding with customer service from the greeting at the front door and the entire staff who made purchasing our new to us Lexus RX 350. Blaize is incredible and the entire process was smooth. This is was our 2nd Lexus purchased from Wichita and worth the drive down from Minnesota. No pushy sales people and genuine caring about you the customer. We'll be back in the future. Thanks again, Tanya for Pete as well.

Max Mason

I was in the market for a new car and was planning on visiting a few dealerships in town to check out all of my options. This was unnecessary after my first stop at Lexus! The car spoke for itself with looks, features, and of course how it drove! The staff at Walser Lexus also solidified my decision. They were all extremely helpful and knowledgeable! Especially Corey, he made me, as a first time car buyer, feel extremely comfortable and confident in my decision! I really appreciate the whole team at Lexus, The service is top notch just like the cars they sell!

Shua Xiong

The whole staff was courteous towards us the whole time we were there. It was a wonderful experience. On top of that, the brand new vehicle we purchased was already heavily discounted, too. Sawyer was great to work with. Much thanks.

Lee Sailsbury

John Kennedy was the customer specialist who worked with my wife for several months while she shopped for a used Lexus LS460 having a very specific set of options/criteria. Corey also assisted a few times with test drives and research. Both were very helpful, and patient with her—absolutely no pressure at all! The buying process was very smooth, easy, and while options for additional warranties, etc, were presented and explained there was not any pressure to purchase them. John is very knowledgeable about the LS460. He took a lot of his time to go through the many settings, buttons, displays, etc with us before we left the lot. We are very pleased with John, Lexus of Wichita, and very happy that my wife has the car of her dreams!!

kibby thoms

Blaize Foltz is a MACHINE! Nice solid hand shake from a little guy. What a great day spent with a great guy!! Thank you for the help getting our Beautiful RX350!!!

Pete Catanese

I do not think that a five star rating is enough. Lance Garrison and the team at Walser are excellent. They went so far above and beyond all expectations to provide us with the greatest car buying experience imaginable. You can trust that they will not stop until you are completely satisfied and happy with your vehicle.

larry walty

Our salesman was great to work with!! Knowledge of the car we wanted and the overall experience was first class!! Thank you Sawyer

Roger Berry

The Lexus Dealership we purchased our RX 350 at was outstanding!!! The Sales Person ( Sawyer Walser ) was everything in a Sales Person that you would want. Very Knowledgeable about the Lexus product. Also the manager that we worked with was also Fantastic!!! ( Allan Rupp )

Bart Curry

The Lexus Team stepped up to make sure I was taken care of. I have now purchased 4 vehicles from Lexus of Wichita. Great product, great service.

Darlene Dooner

Vy Nguyen was great to work with. Knowing we were coming from out of town, he met us at the door and within a short period of time we were driving our new (used) vehicle home. Everything was seamless and professional from beginning to end. We enjoyed working with Vy and would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a car.

Mark Sanders

I appreciated the “no haggle - lowest price” negotiations. Vy was an outstanding individual to work with. My wife and I felt we were in excellent hands throughout the entire puchase process and AFTER! Excellent service

Jason K

Fantastic buying experience. Everyone was very nice and we greatly appreciated the absence of pressuring tactics.

Chris Herrington

I would deal with them again.

Michelle Newton

Fair, no haggle price on a solid car. Sawyer was great to work with.

Chris Hoffman

I had an awesome experience at Lexus of Wichita. Everything was done fairly, no games. Corey Barscewski did an awesome job of getting everything together. He addressed all of my concerns, and treated me like a friend and not just another customer. I'm loving my new RC 350 and can't recommend Corey and the team at Lexus Wichita enough.

Marji McNeill

I really appreciated the up front pricing. It took the stress out of the experience. My car is amazing!

Andrew Hippisley

John acted with grace, and excellent advice. Gave us to time to consider and reflect.

Myron Clark

Buyers beware, especially if you’re coming from out of state. After searching for months, I finally found a car I wanted to buy about 500 miles away from my house at Lexus of Wichita. Being so far away, I called to ask a couple questions about the car to make sure it was worth buying a plane ticket to fly there and drive it back. The salesman that answered the phone was Lance. I talked with him for about twenty minutes in an attempt to get as many details about the car as I could. I asked him if the pictures of the car that were posted on Autotrader were the actual car I was coming to look at, he assured me they were. He told me it was one of the cleanest trade-ins he had seen in awhile and everything worked on the car giving it a 9 out of 10 assessment. I noticed that the car was a one owner and had been bought, serviced and traded in at this dealership but the previous owner had only changed the oil every 7,500 to 9,000 miles. He told me that oil changes on this car are only needed every 10,000 miles. This was a lie but I trusted him at this point. He said it wouldn’t last long so I asked him to hold the car, put a $500 deposit over the phone and bought a plane ticket. Before I got off the phone, I asked him if he could pick me up at the airport. He told me that he had appointments all day and that I would have to find my own way to the dealership. When I got to the dealership, Lance was sitting in his office with no customer to be seen. He came out and greeted me and walked me to the car. Immediately, you could tell that the car his was showing me was in no way a 9 out of 10. The headlights had oxidation all over the lenses, the hood was pitted from road debris, one of the rims had been curb-checked, glitter was all over the inside, and there were scratches all over the drivers door handle. I asked him again if this was the car from Autotrader and he told me it was and that they hire a professional photographer to come in and take pictures. This may be the case, but this photographer manipulated the pictures to make the inventory look better than it is. We went for a test drive and the car preformed just like a Lexus should, but I still wasn’t happy about the experience and the investment I had already put into the trip. Being so far from home, I felt I had no choice but to sign the papers and drive it home, but wish I would’ve walked away. The icing on the cake, on the way home I noticed that the air conditioned seats didn’t work. If this car was a 9 out of 10, I’d hate to see what a 5 looks like to Lance. Lance called me the following Monday, not to see if I made it home safe from the ten hour drive back, or how I liked the car, but to figure out when they could cash the check I wrote. At this time, I told him the seat weren’t working and I was disappointed with the purchase, his assessment of the car when I called him and his overall service. He got upset and said the car was sold as-is and that I could drive it back to Wichita and only be charged for the miles I put on the car. I became frustrated and told him I’d have someone from my bank contact his loan department and we hung up. This was my first experience at a Lexus dealership and will most likely be my last. I’ve always heard great things about the Lexus brand and the service you receive, but I felt like I purchased my car from the slimmest place in Kansas. I’d look elsewhere before stepping foot in this place or trusting their sales staff.

David Hammond

Corey and Alan were great to work with and met all of my expectations. Making for a wonderful car buying experience!

Ross Puritty

Lance Garrison at Walser Lexus of Wichita made me feel like I was the most important client that he had encountered. I can't believe that someone could be so attentive and truly make me feel like I was a friend and not a customer. Loved the experience and wish I could buy a car from him more often.

Gary Patterson

Just bought a new LX 570 from Sawyer Walser at Lexus of Wichita Despite his young age Sawyer knew all about the vehicles he was selling and those of other competitive brands. Sawyer seems to have a passion that must run in the family for selling cars. Most of my car purchase experiences have been rather grueling and painful events. Not this time, this was the best car buying experience I've ever had. I am delighted to give Sawyer and Everyone I met a Lexus of Wichita a Five Star review.


Only because zero star is not an option. I've been a loyal customer for over 9 years. Since you walser guys took over it's been horrible customer service. Being greeted by a rude lot boy when you come back with a loaner car with "Did you pump gas" really rubs me the wrong way. My adviser Tangela went 180 on me. Always blames it on the new system. She lies multiple times about my cars and what service I need, then blame it on technicians. She has no reason being a adviser. Good thing I know a thing or two about cars or else who knows how much money wasting with this place. Please discard all my records from this place because I will never bring neither one of my lexus back. That being said the old Scholfield Lexus gets 10 Stars.


Great Customer service ..Definitely will refer family and Friends to this dealership and will be a returning customer ♡

Mark Roberts

Everyone was pleasant. The salesman that took care of us was knowledgeable and pleasant. Thanks John.

Emily Thengvall

Amazing experience, Vy was terrific. We are grateful for his experience and knowledge. So perfect!! Went out of his way to make everything perfect!!

Nabeel Porband

The experience at Lexus of Wichita was truly unprecedented. From our initial inquiry, to the selection process, and to the final presentation, the experience has been nothing less than exceptional. Both Joshua Lambert and Lance Garrison are professional, courteous, and pragmatic. I was very impressed by their knowledge base and willingness to help. In fact, their continuous dedication, impeccable attention to detail, and professionalism attest to why they are one of the select few Elite Lexus dealerships.

Cameron Knipp

Just bought my new car from here, and WOW! Great service, amazing atmosphere, and superb quality! This lot, more like complex or campus, is your one stop shop for buying and maintaining your car! I had the pleasure of working with Lance; he was super friendly and a pleasure to get to know. I would recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for not only a new car, but an great buying experience.

Patti Doll

Vy Nguyen sold us the car we love-- not the car we thought we would be satisfied with, Marc Levinson sound system adds a level of listening not heard in most home systems, unbelievable!!! F sport ES350 is a winner.

Cyrilene Moxley

My husband and I just bought a new RX350. Our sales representative was Blaise Foltz. He was very informative and we would go back to him again for our next car. We also visited with Jeff Castnings in the service department who has been very helpful over the years with our other Lexus’s whenever we needed any service. It is so nice to see the same faces over the years.


Bought a car from Sawyer. He was absolutely amazing. He made the process super painless and fun. I would highly recommend him!

William Vuong

Just bought a pre-owned Lexus RX350 from Walser Lexus of Wichita recently. One of the best car buying experience I ever had. The sales staff was very helpful in finding the right vehicle for me and shipping it here. Also special thanks to John Kennedy, who helped me through every steps of the purchase and doing everything he could to deliver me a car I was very happy with. I would definitely recommend John to anyone coming to Walser for a new vehicle.

Brittany Gorans

I recently purchased my vehicle from this location and I am more than pleased. Walked in, was greeted by the desk girl Brittany. Right away, she showed me around and was very welcoming and polite. The car salesman, Ryan was the one who guided me through the process and really made it quick and easy! Love my new car and the new building!

Robert Romano

Literally the most unprofessional dealership I have had the displeasure of dealing with. $500.00 placed to hold vehicle, Down payment made, financing in place, paper work signed with a Notary. Awaiting delivery of vehicle and Lance calls me and tells me the car was "accidentally" sold. What? How does that even happen? Out-of-state buyer BEWARE!

Steve Johnson

Working with Katlyn was fantastic. Great service and great follow up. Hope to work with her again soon.

Joyce Dow

WICHITA "Great experience!" - Joyce D. I worked with Mark Reimer over several weeks looking for my SUV. He could not have been more helpful and patient with all my questions and all the time he spent withe me. The vehicle I decided on needed some work and he informed me of it's status every day. The entire staff is friendly and so accommodating. I could go on and on....very happy customer!

Lisa-Marie Armitage

What wonderful customer service! I enjoyed my experience so much that I referred my father. He also loved his experience and his sales person Ross Puritty! Customer service experience after the sale is amazing!

Mary Hines

Salesman was great at showing us many options. Great dealship and a great car.

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