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REVIEWS OF Budget Car and Truck Rental IN Kansas

Jeffrey Rudrick

ryan ruff

Had a good experience so far. Friendly and accommodating

Scarlett Scerbo

The Manager is absolutely the worst Customer service representative I've ever encountered in my entire life. How is he allowed to talk to people the way that he does? He also refused me the owners number. Will never send anyone I care about to be mistreated by this man simply to rent a car. Horrible experience. All the reviews about him being a jerk are accurate. 0 stars.

Tasha David

DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY FOR ANY REASON!! VERY POOR Customer service and overall experience! They will swipe your card multiple times and have you come back the next day, 'because there is nothing else they can do!' Despite your rental being leased out that day! They will be rude and slightly disrespectful! Less than courteous! Then when you come back the next day, they will do the same errors. When you eventually get a rental they will NOT show you how to properly hook up a tow dolly nor provide any guidance! Do not waste your time, money and sanity renting from this company. We will go through U-Haul or Penske!! Screw you Budget!!! Not a clue as to how this company is still operating! While my wife was standing in line for her second round of crappy service the SAME EXACT THING happened to the customer in front of her!!! What a shame!! We have now less than 12 hours to pack a 16ft truck and drive to another state! Thank you NOT!

Kevin Fuhrer

Angela Bryant

Anyone renting from here will not be allowed to go through New York! If I was able to write this without picking stars I would give them zero. And the guy behind the counter was very rude and unwilling to help is find an alternative to our problem which was... we reserved a 15 passenger van from hutch to Maine two weeks in advance was then told upon arrival to pick up the van that we were not allowed to used said van due to their insurance not covering through New York.

Austin Wallace

Nice place reasonable prices

Courtney Henderson

We rented a Toyota Corolla for a trip at the beginning of November. When I made the reservation I chatted with the people on the 1800 #. I clarified when I was talking to them that the deposit would only be $100. When I arrived to pick up the car I rented they told me even with a credit card it was a $300 deposit because they were a franchise and the rules weren't the same. I ended up paying the whole thing to get out of town and go on with my trip however, when I tried to ask the lady about the toll fees she didn't know any of the answers and had to call the Wichita branch just to be told they don't offer the toll program because they are a "franchise". Needless to say I will take my business back to Enterprise where they at least know something about the company they work for.


Rented a vehicle went to pick up no one there called number on door guy said we'd have to wait until tomorrow to get it so was stranded

diana olivares

TJ Franks

Mike Knopp

Master Black

Good guy and great selection of cheap cars. If you want a good car you need private rental insurance.

Moms Phone

Dropped off a rental truck had the attendant call us at home because he thought we lost the keys... He had to check the truck and he had the keys last. How could we drop of the truck to him without the keys.

Laura Anderson

Joshua Bauer

Mikaela Buettner

Much cheaper than the airport, and only 2 miles down the road- we took a Lyft for $5. Nice owner, we had no issues.

Murilo Santana

Chris Femia

Very nice and polite employees.

Thad B

Usually upgrade to the next size.

Raisha Hansen


Kasey Break

We booked a vehicle online and paid in full. Nothing on other policies was shown and when we called and asked, we were told a debit card in person would be fine for the hold. So, we got on our flight with our two toddlers, carseats, and everything we owned to literally move across the country, and we get there and are told no, given an 800 number to call because God forbid they take time to help us or show any bit of empathy, after waiting 30 minutes to speak to someone, we're told there is nothing they can do, which left us stranded at an airport over 100 miles from where we needed to end up with two children and way more luggage than we can just carry around in an area we have never been to because everywhere was sold out. Had we been given the information when we called WEEKS IN ADVANCE, we would have made other plans. You need to train your people and honestly, don't hire people who are rude to customers. I would 100% NOT recommend Budget. Just go to Enterprise and safe yourself the stress and high blood pressure because Budget gives 0 craps about the people who pay them .

Ronde Asay

Doesn't work with you, won't call you back, unfriendly service

Diann Chastain

jim Martin

Mark Gefaller

Zachary Bennett

Tried to make a reservation on a vehicle for 10 months, but every time I do it they’re is a problem. Definitely will not be trying this company ever again. Enterprise did a 10 month rental for no problem

Andrew Riemer

make sure and reserve a car in advance!!

Jerry M

Mike Figura

Thank Full

Drew was very patient and professional. The car was excellent. I'd recommend them anytime

Ania Carrillo

Getthat Straight

Greg Eicher

Did not answer phone or return message. Online queries for reservations at this location often result in " not open during this time". This occurs during almost all day time hours. Does this business even exist??

Tim Lucas

Avoid this location as it not customer friendly and the cars are filthy inside. We rented for a weekend trip and waited over an hour to get our car. The person in front of us had been waiting 2 hours. The clerk made a mistake entering in the our credit card information and argued with my wife about the card not being good. After 30 minutes working with the credit card company and Budget corporate person only to find out it was the clerks error. When we did get the car it was filthy inside and wrecked of cigarette smoke.

Dayna Jones

We reserved a car 1 week prior, received a call the night before confirming our reservation. We even received a text 30 minutes before saying our car was ready. Only to walk to the desk and find a long line of frustrated people because they were out of cars! We had to wait almost 3 hours while they drove a few cars from another location. We over heard other customers complain about similar problems. Long wait, smaller car, same price and we missed the wedding and luncheon we traveled for. Budget will ruin you vacation.

Jacob Nava

Made reservation on app. Our flight was supposed to get there by 1:00pm and they were supposed to close by 3:00pm. We were delayed and got there at 2:55pm there was an employee that took care of everyone that had made a reservation. No issues and everything was simple. There is a deposit of about $165.00 on credit card which will clear after trip.

Anderson CRG

Fast in and out and good prices. Very helpful attendant.

Jen Meller

I've got no choice but to book with budget at this location as it appears that they may be the only rental car company at Provo airport. What is frustrating is that I have spoken to 4 different people in the last week about how I will get my rental car and I get 4 different answers. I have called all the numbers shown in the reviews and also tried to reach the actual counter itself and nobody answers. I am 4 days out from travel and not feeling really positive about this.

Scott Cragun

My reservation was for 10am and nobody was at the desk. I tried calling and nobody picked up. Unbelievable.

Michael Coleman

I have rented from the Provo Airport Budget location 3 different times. Always had a vehicle ready. Never over charged, and by far less expensive than Hertz. I waited in line about 10 min. which was totally understandable as there were 2 in front of me. The cars I’ve rented have always been full, clean and ready to go. I would highly recommend them. Though I have never had any problems with this location, or others that I’ve been to through the country, they are humans, and we all make mistakes. Sad but I feel some of the poor reviews are a bit exaggerated. Also note that the poor reviews were over a year ago, so they obviously have made a lot of changes. There were plenty of cars, 2 people at the counter and great customer service!


Wack service

Cj Pitman

Corporations like Budget Rental car are lucky we cannot leave negative star reviews. -5 stars for “Beto” at the budget desk at Provo Utah airport, -5 stars for outsourced to India customer “support” -5 stars for outsourced to India billing department. DO NOT USE THIS LOCATION. You WILL BE Left stranded! ZERO accoutability Zero remorse Zero solutions Budget Rental will NEVER get my business again!

jim brundage

Horrible experience. They had no working computers or cars available. They asked us to Uber from their airport location to a nearby town to get vehicles. I missed all of my Monday morning meetings. Stay Away!! Poor management and untrained staff.

Marilyn Allen

I had a reservation to pick up a car at 5:00. Not only was no one there but when I called budget customer service I was told, sorry there was nothing they could do. So. I reserved a vehicle three weeks in advance so that I could take my kids out of town. The reservation was confirmed one week in advance. When I go to pick up the car there was no one there. I waited for 35 minutes and no one showed up. I called customer service and they said sorry. That was it. I will NEVER go here again.

Chip Howe

I booked a mid size sedan through Expedia to pick up from this budget location. When I arrived, I told that all they had on the lot was either a smart car or suvs. Obviously I was not going to drive 6 hours to Las Vegas in a smart car with my wife and all of our luggage, so I was forced to drive a gas hogging Jeep renegade. I lost gas mileage, was forced to pay a higher rate for a larger car, and was told that Expedia gave me the wrong price and that I would have to pay more. The rep at the counter said there was nothing that could be done. I couldn't change my trip plans last minute so I took the car. The car was filthy and handled horribly. I actually paid to have it washed so that we wouldn't sit in a dirty car for the weekend. When I dropped the vehicle off, there was no one at the desk, even though it was a Tuesday during normal business hours. I left a note requesting a call back with my key dropped off in which I have heard no response. I called customer service for budget to find out that this is a privately owned location. I tried calling multiple times to leave messages with the company and still have not heard anything back. Worst car rental experience I have ever had. Wasted $200+ between the higher rate and extra fuel costs for my trip.

Vicki Hooker

Fast friendly service. I made a mistake on my reservation and they honored it anyway. Definitely recommend.

Rita Blackburn

I reserved a car online for 2 days. I went to pick it up and they gave me a stick shift which I can't drive. They acted annoyed when I asked for an automatic. When it came time to pay the $72 for the 2 days I was quoted I had to pay $300 because that was "their policy for deposit" they said. They also needed proof of residency which luckily I had a bill with me. No where online did it say anything about stick shift, $300 needed, or residency proof. When I got the car home I checked over everything and found take out food trash and a shoe under the seats, along with some dirt on the floor. They obviously did not clean the inside before renting it to me. Customer service was not great when picking up but much better with someone else when I returned it. It took about 5 days to get my refund from the $300 back. I will stick to Enterprise next time.

Glo M

Wow called yesterday they said was 24 something to rent truck now they are saying 88 dollars

Sarah Bouton

Amanda Mayfield

The worst customer service experience I have had in a long time. From the person working the counter to the regional supervisor. Very unprofessional staff and misleading costing me hundreds of dollars.

dondtrell .

My experience when renting from Budget car rental near the Grand Island Nebr. airport was much less than desirable in every way. Airport rentals are vey expensive & Budget being located Off-airport very Inconvenient for most but having a ride this wasn't a factor for me. The person who I think is the manager was not pleasant & the price he attempted charging was considerably higher then this assured by Costco who he criticized for being incompetent. My biggest complain & disappointment was the age & condition of the rental car given me. I did express my displeasure to which his only comment was "It has been around for awhile" offering no other option unless I was willing to pay considerably more for a different car. This vehicle so undesirable I drove it away going about 2 miles before returning & forced to pay the additional & considerable amount for another car. There seemed quite a few vehicles on the lot he had available & his reason for giving me this years old high mileage car wasn't stated but may have been due to renting through Costo. Upon returning the car he companied about it being so dusty although the weather was windy with dust flying the entire week. ....Because of the rental car situation I will never fly directly into he Grand Island Airport in the future allowing myself to be dealt with so unfairly by a car rental agent who I believe to be the manager. Renters need getting a commitment for a decent car before signing any papers but this car rental place is located a great distance from anything resembling another car rental agency's & same day rentals are expensive & so inconvenient getting there.. It all boils down to "he has you"....Very unfair treatment & my last time dealing with him or this agency.

Arlen b

Good customer service and we enjoyed vehicle. Will use again when we need a car out of hutch.

Cody E

Overall a great experience. We had some last minute updates to our reservation that we had to change the driver on the policy for. Should have been disclosed at the time of the initial reservation. Best price by a bunch on our Pacifica... AMAZING vehicle. Top of the line features made a long road trip awesome! I would use them again and recommend them based on our experience and pricing.

Niki Kessler

Randy Smith

Joletta Seibel

Shooting Utah

Didn't allow us to leave the car after hours even though they claimed it was possible then they tried to charge us extra for not returning the car on time. It was literally ridiculous and took time, money, and gasoline to resolve the issue. Not to mention the customer service was terrible. They customer service employees made the problem worse not better and it took getting a hold of management to get it dealt with.

Mason Rayburn

Rented a car out of state and dropped it off in the key box (no one was there). A week later and we’re still getting calls saying it’s late despite calling the national line where they promised to resolve the issue.

Nicholas Ottley

Joe Lamborn

Connie Neal

Thank you Katie (Hutchinson, KS) you provided the worst service ever! Katie was nasty, rude and unprofessional. I will never use this service again, even if it was free! I requested a van rental and pickup would be 5pm the next day. A few minutes before 5pm the day of rental I received a call that they could not find a 7- passage van for me, but would substitute a 5 passage truck. Are you kidding me! Where's the respect and professionalism- not in Hutch! They put me in a serious situation. I had no time what -so- ever to find a van. Enterprise came through for us! I would not give Budget a star at all but have to give them something so I would be allowed to submit this review. They will continue to take my reviews off because I speak the truth when I say they need to fire KATIE!

Michael Kruckenberg

Mgr was very helpful and supportive

Jey Atwill

I arrived to find out that there is no Budget desk at this airport. The girl handling the situation was great and picked me up. The biggest reason for the 1 star is that the address on every piece of paper and keys reflected the address for the truck rental that happens to be on the other end of town. Then, once I got hold of someone, the address doesn't come up on any piece of electronics, so good luck finding it even after you know the address. Needless to say, Thrifty will have my business from now on at whatever price they want to charge me.

Melissa Smith

Had an awesome time the ladies are very nice there

Kyle B

Our company would rent a van several times a year and when new people took over it went bad fast. We use a third party form for credit card. They gave us a form and when we tried to use they said they couldn't use it. Then what is the point of having the form! We would also get the same size truck every year. We usually got their local truck that worked perfect for us. The last time we got a beat up pos that was shorter than the usual truck. The lady argued that they are all the same size. They are not! We had to lay our equipment down and try to lift up whereas with the other truck we could just ramp it in. We never had trouble in the past. We used truck for one day and went with the Uhaul rental place on East 17th. So much better! Better pricing too!. Never use budget rental on 30th, they are not worth the hassle and headache!

Sarah Collins

Angela Klein

So many times I have experience customers coming in to the airport that have rented a vehicle through budget. Budget is not located at the airport and hasn't been for several years.. I have many upset customers who don't know how to get to their vehicle. whenever they try calling budget they're always closed or not willing to help so they end up renting through another company at the airport. I have also heard from numerous people that the customer service is incredibly poor.

Andrew James

We met Jim on Thursday; he gave the local knowledge regarding the Fair, the Pioneer Village, and a handful of good eateries. This is the difference between a faceless nameless mega corporation and a family owned business with family values at its core. Jim later came to the rescue with a plan to drop the car off in Omaha, when American Airlines couldn't see their way clear to taking off from Grand Island. Our trip was a success and we owe Jim a debt of gratitude for both the way he does business and his Nebraska values and principles that were shining through in the most positive fashion.


Best place in town to get a rental!

Kurtis Vogel

Brian Woodward

Budget has the best vehicles and service

Osvaldo Manzano


Worst experience I have ever had with a rental car company. My fiance' travels with his job; therefore, we travel frequently. I have rented cars from almost every car rental company in the U.S. I rented a car and dropped it at this location. I filled up the rental car before dropping it and was charged $15.99 in fuel. I had a tire blow out on the original rental, disappointed with the roadside assistance. I changed the tire myself and was informed I had to go 2 hours out of my way to exchange the car, because the tire was not even a full size tire. I was on a tight budget and schedule and this added a total of about 2 1/2 hours to my trip, $2 in tolls at the airport, $6.60 in additional tolls to get to the airport, not to mention extra gas to go out of my way...I complained to Budget and they said I should have purchased their Safety Net which included free Raodside Assistance...How can you call it free....It costs money for the Safety Net...Worst customer service I have seen in a very long time. Went to rent from the same drop off location a week later and they wanted to charge me $29.88 per day for their insurance, when I already had insurance. The daily insurance was more expensive than the car rental itself. WHAT A JOKE!!!! If you rent a car from LAX airport the daily insurance is $9.00 per day. The rude man at this location, chooses the $30 per day insurance over the $9.00 per day at his discretion..... Does he own the budget, or merely work for them? He must own stock at least. Dissatisfied!!!!!!!!!

A. B.

brandon engleman

Ronald Mart

Beware! This location is not at the airport nor do they provide pickup service. Only Hertz and Thirfty are in the terminal.

Aubrey Phillips

Don't use this Budget facility if any Budget facility. I would give them a zero if I could. We were given a vehicle where the key kept getting stuck in the ignition at random times. One time it wouldn't go into 4WD during a huge snow storm and then when we turned the vehicle off to see if that would fix the issue the car wouldn't start. We spent so much time on the phone with roadside assistance and were inconvenienced a ton with these issues but managers tell us giving us a refund is not possible. It's all a complete nightmare and ridiculous. I will never use them again!!!!!

A.C. M.

For now on, I will only rent from Budget when visiting Provo. Cory was awesome and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. Just great.

Brayden Munoz

Sachiko Saguaro

Jason Alston

I'm not one to generally write a negative review, but If I could give a zero star then I would. On Friday's they are supposed to be open from 5-6, but we arrived at 5, and nobody ever came. We called customer service, and they reimbursed our reservation, but we didn't want a reimbursement, we wanted a car. Huge inconvenience, luckily we had a friend that could come pick us up, and let us borrow their car to go get a car from another company in the morning. But totally threw off our plans. :( If your going to use this location, I would make sure to call and talk to someone that will verify to you that they will in fact be there at the times that it says it will be open.

Kaylyn Betancourt

Worst rental car experience. If you are flying into the Provo airport, fly Hertz. He computer system was down when we arrived, so we waited in line for an hour to get a car that they had to write down the information by hand and call the credit card company to verify even though we had already pre-paid. We were not given a return envelope when picking up the car. We were also the last customers to receive a car-even though other customers had also prep-paid, there were no cars available for them. We were not informed that we would be charged a deposit in addition to our pre-pay charge. At return, we were emailed a receipt with another charge. We called the company to determine why we had been charged twice and the woman we spoke to was rude and did not explain things clearly. We are still unsure of what the charges are, what we will be refunded, and why, so far, we have paid over $300 dollars for a 2 day rental. We will never rent from this company again.

lisa bray

I had a great experience at this Budget location. I was in and out within a few minutes and received an upgraded car as well. I'd rent from here again. Their prices were at least half the price as Alamo and Hertz who also rent at PVU.

Sarah Pirzada

Cory was super helpful and great!

Dr. Kevin Quaranta

I reserved a car in advance. Although they didn't have a car available , within an hour they got us a car from the Salt Lake Airport. Plus they gave us an upgrade, which I appreciated. After I dropped the car off and flew home, I realized I had left my car's fab in the rental car glove compartment. After a few days and several phone calls and e-mails someone got back to me and found the key fab. I just wish it was easier to contact a real person at the desk or on call and that they had responded faster to my panicked phone calls and e-mails. But in the end, they did what I suppose they could do.

Breanna Bird

No one was there! We had a reservation, got there early and waited long after. Tried calling multiple numbers with no answer. Ended up cancelling our reservation and too an Uber to a different car rental.

Zak Crawford

Had a reservation for a Jeep Wrangler or similar and when we arrived at 10:30am we were told it wasn't ready and to come back at 1pm. When we returned we were told it wasn't ready yet and to wait or come back at 2. After thirty minutes of waiting another customer came in who had booked three weeks in advance and was told that they had no cars and didn't know when they would be getting any. We told them we saw a few cars in the parking lot that looked like rentals (a pickup truck and a few vans). Apparently the guy behind the counter was surprised to hear this and went outside and walked around a bit and found 3 cars, one sedan and two SUVs. We ended up driving away in a Ford Flex at 2:30pm. Apparently all of this mess is because Utah is a franchise and is considered one location by Budget's booking system. This means cars show up as available in all Utah locations even if they're actually hundreds of miles away in another Utah location. This is no way to run a business. Either shut down the franchise or fix the booking system to show actual availability.

doug barlow

We had reservations and we're told twice that someone would be there. Waited 3 hours in hopes that someone would show up. Seems to be a theme if you look at the other reviews. Avoid this place if at all possible.

Danny Wilson

Was not open during their posted operating hours, even though I had a reservation. Left me high and dry. Do not rent from here.

Gabrielle Thomas

Cory was really nice and knowledgeable, and gave us some awesome discounts. That being said, we had to wait 2 hours for him to get there, during business hours. First we called the regular customer service line and the rep said that it was unusual for nobody to be there and apologized. Then we called a local number and the man on the phone said that Cory was away getting a car an oil change and that he really is only at the desk when flights arrive. If this is the case, then maybe change how your hours of business are displayed, it's misleading-we had a reservation for a pickup at 11am and didn't get the car till 1:15. Again- Cory was great, but being stuck at the airport was no good.

Living Young Country Girl

Horrible location and service from Budget rentals. I called and confirmed my reservation 2 days before arrival as well as gave them my flight number to follow incase of delays. We arrived over an hour before their posted closing time and they were closed. I called the main Budget number and was told I could go to the next closest airport that was open and rent from them at triple my reservation price!!!! I will never rent from Budget again!! Honor your prices and the hours you have posted as being open!!!

Ben McKenna

Booked a car and when we turned up to collect it no one was at the desk and we were informed by airport staff no one had been there all day. So they let us make a reservation when we would never be able to collect it and we lost money on hotels and flights. Don’t book with these frauds, customer service is terrible. All call handlers avoiding responsibility.

Michelle Thompson

Great experience! Very friendly!

Alyce Allen

He was very friendly and helpful.

Natalie Hastings

Rev LaVerne Parks

No comment

Terry Osten

Could not even give me a a receipt . He said the car was a corporate car. I feel I should have had something saying he have the car turned back over.

Stephanie Koel

This place is beyond a joke....I will never try to rent a car from them again. Constant running around. Never any straightforward answers...and most importantly it says they close at 6 and we showed up at 532 pm and they refused to service us let alone answer any of our questions and made us come back the next day. Budget you know where you can go!

zachary gragg

Their Amazon Prime Account benefits are a lie. I was given a rate and told I would receive a gift card for 10% of the reservation value. After several days with out getting it i called their customer service and was told they are privately owned and i would not get the gift card.

Taryn Wiggins

I can't even fathom how this place is still open after the way that blonde headed woman represents the company she works for. If she treats every customer the way she treated my aunt, then her position in customer service should be terminated and she should never be allowed to work in that field ever again. When someone books a car and the company pre-authorizes the deposit on a debit/credit card, they should give you a full list of things you need to bring when picking up the car. Not to mention, if they have already taken money from your account for the deposit using that same debit/credit card, they should not be able to tell you they cannot use that card. That blonde girl could have ran it either as debit or credit, but she didn't even make an effort to pick up the card. She just looked at it as though it was going to tell her where her brain went. Then they want a utility bill?! Are you kidding me? I seriously thought my poor aunt was going to have a heart attack after she had planned this trip for over a year and Budget pulled their stunt. They refuse to return the complete deposit because of their "fee", and it will take them 7 days to return anything. It sure didn't take them 24 hours before they took the deposit from the credit card they refused to use. What a poor excuse this business is. I have advised her to consult her attorney and report them to BBB. Good luck Budget on 30th, you suck!

Lori Baxter

Very rude & terrible service

Bryan Serrano

Heidi Graf

Great service and people. That's why I keep coming back. Thank you

Dave Kutschkau

Peter Spexarth

Andrew Smith

If you call a few days before your reservation they can arrange a car to pick you up from the airport (and drop you back off when you are ready to leave).

Celia Carrion

Very friendly, and efficient

Neistasha Johnson

Was very disappointed in how everything added up to having to pay more money. We went from Budget being the cheapest care rental to being the most expensive. We paid for a whole day on Sunday July 31st but had to return by 7pm else we had to pay more. Then when asked if we could drop off in Omaha it was another fee. Never rented from such a money hungry rental company. Will be our last!

James Luvaas

They are no longer at the airport but have a shuttle that takes you there. I have rented here many many times and have never had any issues what so ever. All the vehicles are reliable and clean. I have went to Minneapolis, Dallas, Rochester NY, Lawrence MA & Shreveport LA many times with zero problems. In fact, they have went above and beyond on different occasions allowing me to switch vehicles, etc...

Sapphire Regan

Taylor Grin

Reserved a truck three days in advance. Got there first thing in the morning they day of my move, and surprise! No trucks at all. No effort to get a truck to me. I was just SOL. No excuse in 2016 not to have accurate predictive information on inventory. Will never use them again.

John Miller

We had a very satisfactory experience with Budget on 30th. The employees were professional and helpful--they did what they said they'd do! Also, during the last two months Budget on 30th had more competitive prices than the nearby competition did! The main reason that they get four instead of five stars is because of their small vehicle selection at this location. We signed up for a compact car and got a small SUV instead with lower fuel mileage. Thanks for great service! It was good to work with you!

schallon l alsbury harrison

Ashley Howe

Royce Peterson

Never could finalize on site , glitches

Colin Brankin

Horrible service. I reserved a car online and went to pick it up only to find a very rude Budget employee telling me that there are no cars and the reservation I made is meaningless. Do not trust this place to deliver on their promises!

Tiffany Weidlein

Cory totally took care of us and gave us an awesome car rental experience. We would definitely be coming back again in the future.

Bianca Spray

Located at provo airport was told over the phone I could use a debit card, only to get there and told yes you can but the security deposit had to be placed on my credit card. Well I keep very small amount on my cc to raise up my credit. So I could put most but not all on there. So they were like see ya. Thank goodness for enterprise. They saved the day.

Martie Tullis

Reserved a car online a couple days in advance. When we got there, Juan was super personable and helpful. He got us the car and had even offered the couple before us his company car in a last-minute booking. He let us change drop off locations with no issue. We were hesitant to book based on the reviews, but we had a great experience.

Shantel E


Scott Sessions

Rented here several times. Very convenient, if your flight arrival time matches. No sweat to drop off, but if your flight arrives late, and they are not open, then you need another way to get around. They rent great cars at prices about half of SLC Airport. Been treated well each time.

Eric Thornton

I rented a car in a different state and dropped it off at this location. I noticed later that I was charged almost 2000 dollars on my credit card. When I got ahold of the national customer care, they told me my vehicle was turned in 8 days late and that was the reason for the charge. I have been on multiple phone calls, left multiple messages, and showing up at the location and still no solution. If you want to take the risk, then rent away

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