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REVIEWS OF Alamo Rent A Car IN Kansas


Quick, polite, and had a selection of economy cars waiting for us to choose. Returning it was easy as well. We ran late and almost missed our plane. We breezed through our rental return.


When we arrived at the airport, the lady who received us at the Alamo counter was very helpful and tried to make our experience a great one. We had a reservation and when we checked with her she suggested a better deal with a bigger four wheel car which suited us more because we had a number of luggage that would more fit in that car. She was really very helpful and friendly. I am sorry that after all this time I don't remember her name but still I remember her smile and kindness to make our checking in a great experience. special thanks to her.

Mrs. Angie Duncan

Alamo was quick and easy, no hassles with friendly service late on a Friday evening. I will definitely rent from Alamo again.

zane wu

Very good customer service.mid-size car is suv.

Carol Bornstein

Probably the best car rental experience I ever had was with Alamo at the Kansas City, MO airport. I got up to the counter - no waiting - the check-in was done in less than five minutes. I was directed to my choice of mid-size vehicles - and found one that had only 680 miles on it. AND the price was so reasonable. Will definitely rent from them again the next time I am in Kansas City, MO!


The manager at this facility lost my driver's license and tried to make me believe that I lost it! I lost a full hour searching for my license and he had it the whole time! He made me late for my grandmother's funeral. If you deal with folks' personal credentials all day, you need to have responsible employees who will handle customers' personal info with diligent care. I AM A PISSED CUSTOMER!

Brian Franklin

The was very helpful got me to my rental very quick!

John Hamilton

Great service, great car. My first rental with Alamo is some time and I think it will be my go to from now own as a result of this expereince.

Susan Foster

I always receive quick service, great cars, and any concerns are addressed promptly.

Tonja Norrington-Flores

Great experience from reserving vehicle online to returning the car at the airport. We also left something in the car and didn’t realize it until we were checking in for our flight. The representatives were helpful and compassionate, doing everything they could to retrieve our property timely so we could board as our plane as scheduled.

Koundinya Vure

Portland/Maine is one of my favorite places to visit. Had a great experience with Alamo. Return the car late, friendly lady at the counter waived additional charges for delay. Totally recommend this location. Thank you Alamo.

Ron Wieber

Luxury car - but interior was not clean. Should have checked the interior when I was asked to check the exterior at the rental start.

Sally Smith

Alamo car rental located at Washington DC Union Station was very organized. It took less than 20 minutes to pick up my car, which they were so kind to give me an upgrade. There were no hidden fees and no pressure for up-sells. The details of my rental were explained in detail prior to me signing the reservation. The car we received was a jeep which was clean and had a full tank of gas.

Kris Dugan

The car and the rental fee was great. However, the car wasn't available when we arrived. There was no staff on the floor where we were to pick up the car. We waited and she showed up. We were offered a large SUV but chose to wait for the car we ordered through Costco. It was being cleaned. As I said the car was great after all that.

Sebastian Stocker

(Translated by Google) hard to find. otherwise ok (Original) schwer zu finden. ansonsten ok

de shaw

This was the smoothest car rental we've had. It was so easy and streamlined. The car was great!

Jaclyn Smollett

This location was extremely slow. I’ve been in line for over 30 minuets and I haven’t moved. There is only one attendant working the counter.

Morris Duane Smith

Quick check in and pick up at MSY. When Alamo was out of the car of our choice, the attendant checked with National, and gave us one from from their inventory.

Thesia Williams

Had a good experience with Alamo. Inside attendants were friendly. My only issue was that I had to wait a few minutes for someone to come to the outside booth to direct me to the car. Otherwise, no real issues.

Ingrid Hughes

I rented a car from the airport location through Alamo. I needed the car for a few hours. I returned it later that night only to be held up because they employee could not "find" the rental agreement in the system. He asked ME to go resolve it at the desk. Clearly it wasn't my fault because I had all pertinent paperwork right there and handed it to him. He should have walked the papers over as there was no one else in line to return a car. With a hurting leg, I walked over to the desk and the lady said she would need a paper I had left in the rental bc the rental was not on file. I walked back. I explained to the young man that my leg was hurting so he walked the papers over. He returned saying that somehow the RA wasn't in the system. He handed me a receipt showing that everything had been taken care of including the reverse authorization of the deposit. My account reflected that bc I checked it right then and there in front of his face. Two days later I discovered a pending charge of $200 for the deposit again! I called customer service, the lady saw the error and said it would be corrected with no problem. She was EXTREMELY helpful and understanding. She gave me another number to the Accounts management department, in which I called because it did not reverse. The lady from this department was NOT helpful. She was very dry and unconcerned. I expressed my need for the reversal and my discomfort that my card would be charged days after a reversal was complete. She then said she understood but there was nothing they could do, so she tried to give me customer service number again. I refuted saying I'd just talked to them. Since I wouldn't get off the phone and requested a number to management, in which she couldn't supply me, she put me on hold to talk to "someone" above her, supposedly. She comes back to the phone to tell me "he" said it's going to fall off the account and it's taken care of. Needing to be reassured that this would not happen again, I questioned her further as to when it would "fall" off the account. She replied " It will fall off and has been resolved so you won't be charged". That was NOT the point. I had already been charged again and days later. My issue is, if it was immediately reversed when I was at the airport in Kenner Louisiana, then why could not they immediately reverse it again. WHY WAS I EVER CHARGED AGAIN DAYS LATER??? Is someone tampering with customers' bank card information? These days you can NEVER be too careful. This was not handled with the proper attention it merited. From a company this should have never happened to begin with, but if it was handled correctly it could have been possibly overlooked and deemed as an honest mistske, but because it was not handled properly, suspicions are raised as to why this would happen. Someone needs to fix this fast or this will become a legal issue very very quickly. By the way, the double deposit is still pending. Get it right Alamo.

Steve Daniels

Even though I'm not a fan of the car rentals location at Kansas City The staff was wonderful. Quick and easy but most importantly was they were cheerful and friendly. We rented a Cadillac....not a good choice of car as I'm a big guy and it was so hard to get in/out of after 3rd stop but live and learn I guess. Alamo was great.

Trisha Lesui

The staff is awesome! We even got a free upgrade this last visit to Kansas City.

Jon Bay

Good rental Pat at rental counter was a pleasure. She personaly went a checked rental to make sure it was ready. Great Caddy as usual.

G Wood

We recently booked a large SUV, when we arrived they only had mini vans left. The van we ended up with only had 10 miles on it. We left the airport and had a flat tire in 3 miles. Tried calling Alamo multiple times and they were no help. We finally spoke with someone at the airport who told us to bring it back first thing the next morning. We took it back swapped it out they said it wasn’t an issue. One month after our trip we received a bill for $400. Stating that we caused lost rental and damage to the vehicle. They said the airport office didn’t put any notes and and this we “our fault” we damaged a new vehicle. They were extremely nasty and rude. We will NEVER rent from them again. Stick with Enterprise, I will never make this mistake again.

Roxanne Miller

Corey Mitchell

Fast, efficient service! Friendly customer service!

Terrell Washington

I have enjoy driving with alamo.

Brian Curtis

I travel a great deal for work and on a recent return flight thru KCI Airport I had the pleasure of being assisted by two great Alamo Staff Representatives (Bryan & Rebecca). I arrived at 11:54 PM and when I arrived at the counter both Bryan and Rebecca greeted me and asked how my flight was, etc. Because it was sleeting and I had a 3 hour drive back home, they suggested an SUV for a reasonable $10 upgrade and allowed me to choose the make and model. To be greeted and treated so nicely at such a late hour was a welcome surprise and if you have a chance to fly through Kansas City I would HIGHLY recommend stopping by Alamo to experience the OUTSTANDING customer service by Bryan and Rebecca.

Joseph Patera

Mary Magnusson

The reservation worked out fine. The line was short so I was helped quickly. The car choice was great. Checking in was a piece of cake, too. The only thing I didn’t like was my bill went up 2x and I was not told why. My final price was $13 and change more than the original rental price and I really don’t know why. I looked at both receipts and might have found why, but it is not clear and is explained nowhere. That is has not happened to me before when renting a car. The price I start with has been the priced I ended with. I will probably try another company on future car rentals and see how it goes. (My most recent car rental prior to this was in April, with a different company) and the price never changed). Feels a bit like a rip off.

Bunnie Johnson

Extremely disappointed again! The ladies at this location not listen. Several times I repeat. no extra, no extra. I see extras. The woman attendants are horrible always tack on extras. My friends and I compared bills. These extras keep showing up. What kind of business is this? Really trying to take advantage of your own. You ladies should be ashamed! Ladies we will be asking for attendant names and checking our bills closely. I suggest those who read this do the same.

Tammy Ihle

I took advantage of the online check in and it was great! I was able to bypass the counter and choose the vehicle I wanted. The gentleman at the check out booth was friendly and after looking at my license wished me Happy Birthday. Returning the car was just as seamless. The young man who checked the car in was also very friendly and wished me a good day and safe travels. Alamo has been my favorite car rental company for many years and will continue to be so with this level of customer service.

Brian FitzGerald

Tangia Wiggins

Staff was very accommodating and helpful.

Robert Moss

Wonderful experience with Alamo at Portland, ME Jetport. Pre-reserved vehicle was available (at the desk we were offered multiple choices in our category), took a new loaded Ford Expedition (1900 miles on it) and easy out and fast, accurate and easy return. Well done.

T Jones

Everything was great until me and my family walked outside to the garage to pick out the vehicle. As we were walking around inspecting the vehicle two rental cars came racing into the area and almost ran over my child. They were actually racing in the garage. I told the young guy driving that he is going to kill someone driving 45 mph through that small area. When I checked the car back in I told the person to have location manager to contact me and it's been two weeks and no follow up.

L. Anderson

This was my third or fourth time renting from Alamo and each rental only gets better! I LOVE the skip the counter and go straight to the car option. It feels good to be able to generally choose my car within the class. The Drive Happy Deal where you can pretty much choose any car is nice, but the location reps will keep you in just a compact car, even if bigger cars are available. That is frustrating, knowing you paid to have more options. However, I did not have that issue in New Orleans. The young women who are Alamo reps at the New Orleans airport were SO sweet, polite and RESPECTFUL!!! I wish I could always deal with people like this! Every aspect of the rental was super smooth and easy, especially drop-off. You literally drive in, get your things, take your receipt and head to your flight. How much easier could it be?!? Not to mention the rental car was spotless, smelled nice and did not even have a scratch. This was definitely worth it and I wish every rental was this easy and enjoyable! Maybe soon Alamo will offer free rental or major discounts for repeat customers. Rent from this location and DRIVE HAPPY!!!!!!!

Paul Floyd

Customer service was great agent that took care of me was awesome even put me in a nicer car for no extra charge. The car was great a really nice 2017 Hyundai Elantra. But now a month later I am being charged for my tolls multiple times. One charge came from the Portland location directly and went on my credit card. I was told I needed to pay immediately by Alamos tolls department. Called customer service no knowledge of the charge from the Portland location, and said they couldn't refund a charge they didn't see. But Alamo management is supposed to be resolving the issue. Hopefully it can be resolved. So location and people great. Alamo as a company terrible.

krich NOLA

The manager Danyel( I believe that’s her name) is very rude and condescending. She has a very bad attitude and an unprofessional demeanor. Please do not rent from this organization. Run away from them and go to one of the other locations MSY has to offer.

hugo alamillo

Great experience renting from this company. Attendant was very helpful and pleasant even at midnight.

Josephine Walsh

Misty Allen

Bull Crap Company! I have had multiple reservations at this Alamo and every time I come in they are never at that counter. I have to go to the National counter for help. This is ridiculous!!! Is this company still open??? EVV did you get rid of them? Because you should. Luckily the fine people at Avis help me with my rental car. They are so much better than standing in line at National for hours while they ho hum around and take their time. Or Standing at Alamo waiting for them to come back to their counter. Avis is my choice! Alamo I'd give you 0 stars if I could.

Frances Worth

Made reservation and checked in online. Super easy, walked right to the car area at MSY, scanned my barcode and was driving away minutes later. Super easy dropping back off also.

Corrigan McGuire

Troy Simon

Skip the counter and return were very good and convenient.

Jeff White

Good deals at airport

William Breitmayer

I failed to notice a dime size star shaped crack in the windshield so when I did see it, I returned to the Alamo location at the KC airport to get a different car. Everyone we worked with at Alamo helped us quickly and were very friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience to the point that we joined their member’s club and we intend to use Alamo for our future car rentals.


Everything was fine until my return when the charges were incorrect. Had to go to counter to correct which took time I did not have.

Shelli Porter

Great deal; the customer service I received by employees was outstanding

Glen Wentworth

I wanted to thank Paul at the Alamo in Portland, Maine. Two weeks ago I flew in to Portland with my mother who was using a wheelchair. Juggling a wheelchair and two sets of luggage was a challenge. Although they were very busy, Paul got the paperwork done quickly and we were ready to get the car. Since I had never rented in Portland before, I wasn't sure how far the car was located from the Alamo desk. I was trying to determine where to stage my mother in the wheelchair before retrieving the car. I asked Paul how far the car was from the desk. Paul said "hold on". Before I could say anything, he took the key and was out the door. I followed with the wheelchair and luggage and as we went out the door Paul pulled up to the curb with the car. Handed me the keys and said have a great day! Now that is customer service. Thank you Paul for that simple act. It set the tone for a great trip to Maine.

K. Brew

These are my new go-to people. Excellent service, so friendly and helpful. The only bad thing I can say is that I've never rented from them before!

Emily Whitehouse

If you are able to stay away from Alamo...STAY FAR AWAY! Their cars are dirty and they ripped you off. The gas tank is supposed to be full but their signal states that they are below the full, which i mentioned to them but they said that it was supposed to be like that. When I turned it in, I had overfill it and they still charged me 2 gallons for slightly under. The maintenance sign came on for the tires when I was driving and when I called, it's apparebtly was my fault, good thing they didn't charge me for that. The customer services was horrible, as the people were rude and never said hello or anything. They just wemt straight to, "do you have reservations? Do you want an upgrade for $12 more?". Alamo is the WORST because I was never treat like this when I used Enterprise. I think I will have to stay with Enterprise from now on when I need a rental, better cars, better services and better customer care.

Alexandra Charmley

They always give me great car deals

Kent S

Great employees.

David Palko

Kansas City Alamo airport rental, no issues, no surprises! Good deal all around.

Wayne Sanders

Arrived as scheduled at Alamo desk at 12:01 to pickup car to find the Alamo desk closed. The only representative available was at the National Car Rental desk. There were 4 customers in front of us. The National employee was on a power trip. Arguing with customers. Doing everything she could to slow down the process. Even when two other National employees offered to help,she refused their help. Result over an hours wait to get our car. Their were at least 10 customers in line when we were finished.

Nichol Overland

I always have a great experience with Alamo! Friendly helpful staff.

Ivette Ramos

Easy car pick up, and the cars are fine, love it!

K Blas

I reserved a vehicle two months in advance. We checked in at the counter at 5:44 pm. When we got to the lot we were told that the vehicle we reserved needed to be cleaned and wasn't ready yet. When asked how long it would take, they didn't have an answer. After waiting 30 minutes, we were offered a different vehicle. We asked about a Yukon that was parked nearby. We were told that it was reserved for someone else. About 15 minutes later the woman that was helping us received a call from the front desk that someone was coming up to pick up the Yukon. She explained that it was already reserved but she was told to give it out anyway. We weren't able to take it but a walk-in was, hmmm. They offered to "upgrade" our vehicle to a minivan. When I asked how that was considered an upgrade I was told it was because it cost more to rent. About an hour and a half later, we did receive a vehicle at a discounted rate. However we left after 7pm with a 2 1/2 hour drive ahead of us.

Laisha Wright

They always give me great service. Janna helped me out without hesitation!

Dan Traina

This was my first time renting through Alamo in a long time. I used the bypass the counter option and filled out various forms online. From the time we got off the plane and picked up our car to the drop off after our trip had ended, everything just worked like a charm.

Robert D Leon

Great service and friendly knowledgeable staff

Cindy Freeman

Great experience.

Mark Ebben

Easy access to rental desk, quick process. Friendly counter person

Stephen Johnson

Very quick service at pick up and drop off.

Wadi Khoury

Quick, easy, and out the door. Getting the car was no problem at all. Alamo is great at helping people.

Ed Titcomb

The vehicle, service and information helped make our vacation trip to Maine a most enjoyable experience.

C Skelly

Quick easy and the people were very helpful

Baurjan Tynybekov

New and clean car. Friendly. I enjoyed renting a car from Alamo.

Ernay Washington

They were very helpful and I got a great rate during the holiday season for a suv. My vehicle had all the bells and whistles and I paid less then quoted. I love being a loyalty member for Alamo because the perks really do come in handy. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

John T Davis

fasteddie565 .

Great car at a great price. Customer Service was great, Avis, take note,

William Wang

It's a relatively small rental site, with all rental companies reside in the same bldg. When I arrived in Feb., they were busy serving other customer. The neighboring National staff kindly came over to help. After knowing the size which I booked was unavailable, they quickly provided an upgrade to my class. It is pretty friendly on both vehicle rental and return.

Kayla McCann

Renting through Alamo at MCI has been the greatest renting experience I've ever had. I've accidentally booked my car incorrectly and the representative at the desk was incredibly helpful. I have since used bypassed the counter and have has no issues. I have never come across someone unfriendly whether leaving with my vehicle at the gate or checking my vehicle back in. Alamo has always met my rental car needs.

Nancy Naujoks

While our rental experience went well, including the need to extend the rental due to flight cancellations, we had a significant problem upon returning the vehicle. We left our cell phone in the car and tried to contact someone at the facility and could not get through, could only leave a message. We returned to the facility the next day and were told that cars were cleaned off property and lost and found was not there. We had lots of time before our flight so we called the number given and waited 5 minutes before being disconnected. A wonderful employee called over to receive no answer, went over and could not find it. At no time did anyone take our name and reservation number and contact info. The employee said if the phone was off someone had probably removed it. Perhaps they could check the tape. I was assured by customer service national that lost items were kept for 2 weeks. A counter employee said that it might be sent to me if it was recovered. Needless to say we are truly at a loss and don't really feel that the procedure is well thought out.

Orla Andersen

No car. 2 hours delay before the car was ready .

Tom Tucker

Service good just need a local entrance for the public that's not riding bus from airport

John Soto

Alex Bertoncelli

Servizio essenziale. Check in un pò lento, ma consegna auto veloce. Personale cordiale.

Josh A

Quick easy check in and check out. Prices are good and veh was good. Check out was nice just pull up in lot and guy in lot takes everything from there so you can be on your way to your flight.

Chris Feeney

Friendly staff. Easy access to cars. I had a very good vehicle. You can turn in the car 24/7.

Johan Strandqvist

Nice cars. To much "not included " My car was not The car i prebooked it was not there because late artival, but the rent guide told me it was NO problem to show up late...

Erin Nadeau

We traditionally rent a vehicle for the weekend closest to Halloween with a group of friends to travel to Salem, MA. Because there are usually 6 or 7 of us, we go with a minivan. Except for this past weekend. Alamo ran out of minivans. They substituted, at no additional cost, an Infiniti QX80. Not being a 'luxury' car driver, I had no idea that this would be the most AWESOME RIDE EVER. What a fantastic upgrade, and it made driving back home in 'Noreaster conditions super smooth. It was like driving a tank, with heated seats and steering, and all the extras one would want or need. Thanks, Alamo! Will rent again.

Mychelle McDonald

Have been renting from Alamo for every car need that I've had he only issue that should be told to customers is when you may have to use your debit card that you can instead of you coming in on the train or flying in. Coupon discounts or discounts should also be given if your a regular customer. Some of your counter Reps are not that good at answering questions. Had a chance to use check in for the first time love it will probably do again☺☺


Jens Walters

(Translated by Google) Very uncomplicated, from car adoption to return. (Original) Sehr unkompliziert, von Pkw Annahme bis Rückgabe.

Henry Reynolds

Tony Barrial

Everything was easy: from reserving online, to picking up the car, to returning it

kiran kanus

The weekend deals are really good, and the whole process from booking a car online and picking it up at the rental spot is super easy. And then they have the best cars. I have been renting cars with Alamo for the past 4 weekends and it has been a wonderful experience so far !! Also if you sign up as an Alamo Insider, you get a 10% discount on every booking. Isn't that cool !!

Sue Schneider

We've rented two cars recently from Alamo and they are awesome. Service was great, people friendly and helpful and when we pulled in to the airport recently, a gal came up, took our info, keys, and gave us a receipt and we were on our way. They've got customer service figured out!

Vanessa Knowlton

Friendly staff, car wasn't clean on outside but clean on the inside. The young lady at the drive out booth was very friendly, professional and very helpful.

John Hackney

Alamo makes car rental easy and fast! Got in and out at MSY with no time wasted. Good experience, recommended.

Susan Factor

I go to KC quite often and always rent from Alamo because I get a great price on line & I love skipping the counter And picking which car I want in the lot! The process is completely stress free wirh none of the hassels you get from other car rental places!

Loretta Brooks

They want a $500 deposit

Philip Friday

My experience with Alamo was awesome from beginning to the end. The whole process went smoothly from initial booking to return of the vehicle.

maggie carmody

after waiting in line for about an hour to pick up my reserved car (one person working desk) i got out to the car and the low tire pressure indicator was dinging. i spoke with the attendant in the lot who informed me that i could go back inside and wait in the line again or i could stop at a gas station and fill the tire myself. really? that is poor, poor customer service. i should not have to service a rental car. will rent my next car from one of the other companies. alamo has lost my business.

Victoria WaltonLove

Great customer service, will rent again. The auto was in good condition.

Angel Personette

Nice staff on both ends. Very helpful and courteous. Shocked by the cost though.

Mark McIntyre

Pickup was easy and fast. The nice lady behind the counter asked about additional coverage but did not push it when I declined. The return was even better, the two people out on the lot receiving returns we about the happiest people I have met. Fast and easy Update - Went back again and... had the same experience. Fast pickup without a lot of fuss about additional coverage. Return was lighting fast as well.

Duane Griffith

The service was slow but the staff was very apologetic and super friendly and helpful.

gary tanner

The service at Alamo in Kansas. City was exceptional. It’s hard to sit behind a desk all day and deal w harried customers. They do it well! And the car was great!

Shelia Augustine

I rent with you guys about five times a year. Always very pleased with the cars and the prices. Thanks

Thomas Liao

Efficient, no problems.

Corwin Lemon

Quick, polite service. Car was clean and in good shape. Selection was limitted, but cars they had were fine for my liking. Just watch out for the standard sales tactic of phrasing the upgrade as a statement. "And we'll be doing a GPS." No inflection to indicate it's a question - so of you don't want the upgrades, make sure you tell them "No, I don't need that" after each statement they make. Overall, I'll return, but not if I'm too tired to pay attention to what they're saying.

Kecia Drake

Natosha Brown

Always a great easy experience with great rates

David Schoonover

Portland (Maine) is one of the easiest airports to get a rental car. Just a short walk across the street from the baggage claim area. Nice reception lounge, and easy to get to the cars from there. Staff was mostly friendly (one stand-offish, going-thru-the-motions exception), and the pickup and dropoff went smoothly. Only complaint is the signage getting into and out of the garage.

Fred Walker

Walked from the shuttle bus right to my car and was on my way in about 20 minutes. The exit agent was very helpful with my questions about the area. Returning the car was just as easy. Thank you Alamo for great service.

Catherine Ritch

I reserved a car on Travelocity under the category of managers special. Which stated compact car or larger. When I got to the counter the Alamo employee said the only car available in that category was a pick up truck. He then said I could have a small SUV Jeep Patriot for $11 more per day. I had to take it. I feel cheated! Will never reserve with Alamo again.

John Marsh

Called ahead because our flight was delayed. Arrived right at 2am (closing time)no one out front. Employee opened door just enough to get her head out and said “we are closed” and slammed the door while I was trying to say I have a reservation. Thank you AVIS for bailing us out.

Brad Rogers

Extremely polite and professional is working at this rental agency. I've rented multiple vehicles end it has been a pleasure each time

Trevor Richards

Quick service, nice car (although it had some soda one the seats from the previous rider), great prices. While the guy who showed me to the car and the guy who I turned the car into were great, the reason why I give it a 3/5 is because of the counter when I went to pick up the car. The lady that helped me first overcharged me by a whole day and when I asked why it was so high, she blamed it on the computer even though my total was confirmed to me previously and I wasn't overlapping in another day). Then she tried so hard to sell me on the insurance. I understand you probably get a kickback for doing so but she kept pressing me and I felt she was doing so in a way like she was talking down at me like I was a kid. I'm 27 and I know I look a lot younger, but I'm not stupid. She kept saying "I'm just trying to give you some advice" NO you're just being very annoying when I've already told you I didn't want it 3 times earlier. And of course I came back with the car in perfect condition (and even better condition than I got it because I cleaned up that soda) and saved $35 in the process.

Laveda Taylor

I'm a regular with Alamo, however this time I was charged extra for fuel. They gave me a truck half full an I informed them of this before checking out, an when I arrived back with 3/4 full they charge my card, there was belongings under the seat for the previously renter. As well as items in the compartments of the truck. This was my first time having all these problems with alamo. I think they should train their CSR attendants a little more.

Mike Yamanishi

We rented mid-size SUV at Kansas City Airport in August and the hardest part was picking which SUV to drive. I signed up for Alamo Insiders so I was also able to choose the Skip the Counter on-line pick up. That is a good service as you can just walk straight to the car lot to select a car. We picked a Mitsubishi Eclipse and the car drove nicely without any issues. Returning the car at Kansas City Airport was very quick and simple. Just drove up to the return aisle and handed the key to the attendant. Everyone was very courteous and helpful.

Patricia Williams

The first car they rented me was not very nice. There were scratches right in my line of vison. Looked like someone used an 10" sanding disc on it. Could barely see to drive at night. I really don't know how they could rent a car in that shape. But they were nice enough to tow another car to my location.

Pamela Johnson

Rental was good...courteous staff, nice car, etc. The only issue was the rental of the car seat. Our original order included a toddler car seat and when our flight was delayed, I called and specifically asked if it would be installed and ready to go when we picked up the car. The gentleman I talked to reassured me that we would be all set to go. When we arrived at the airport, checked in at the Alamo rental and went out to the car we were told that the car seats were picked up at the desk. We went back in and the associate told us that no car seats were ever installed but she had forgotten to give us the car seat. I do understand that this is a legal issue and although I appreciate that, we should’ve been told it would not be in the car. We canceled the car seat since neither of us are qualified to put a car seat in the car. We had a car seat at our destination that we could’ve used but wanted to make sure that the car seat was properly installed, which is why we ordered it. Alamo needs to tell their customers when they order car seats that they will not be installed. Fortunately for us, we were not arriving with the toddler or it would have been a real problem.

Andrea Glenn

Always great customer service, deals & vehicle selection!

Tiffany Park

The employee at the desk, who first helped us was extremely rude and not helpful. I had to ask for his manager. The manager was extremely nice and so was everyone else who assisted us.

Amanda Sutton

This place is horrible! I called in advance to make sure that even though our plane landed right before they closed that we could still book a car through them and the lady assured me that someone would wait until we got our car.. they were closed! Left my family and I, with a baby, without a rental car at 2:30am! I called customer service and they said the only option was to wait until they opened again at 5am, they want me to wait with a baby in a rental facility with a child till 5am?! The customer service agent said they are technically suppose to wait around until 4am until everyone has picked up their vehicle.. I hope the employee that was suppose to be there gets fired!!

Beth Dalton

I rented a car at the New Orleans airport Alamo. They had recently relocated the Alamo cars and office so I had a hard time finding it since there were no signs directing you. Then when I returned the car, the representative tried to charge me for 'hail damage' to the hood, roof and trunk. I rented the car in January, no hail in sight!! When I questioned it she said she needed to see if the damage was already noted on the car. She returned to say that it was not and I was responsible. I ended up speaking to the manager, who shared that the car did have a history of hail damage and I was off the hook. Who do I believe? I guess I wait and see if Alamo tries to charge me. This was very unsettling and makes me question if I ever use Alamo again.

Kathy Clark

I had an emergency to arise during my rental period and Alamo was not responsive. I waited on the phone twice for a period of thirty minutes, and finally spoke with a man in Guatemala. He couldn’t address my number, but gave me a local number at New Orleans Airport. I called and left three messages and I’m yet to receive a return call. I have to now rethink my choice in car rentals.

Yvonne Hawkins

Had to rent a car at the last minute because I forgot to make a reservation (crazy week). Nonetheless, rental agent Rebecca Graham was a God send!! She got us in a full size car at a great price in less than 5 minutes! Customer service is her gift and I will definitely use this company again.

Aaron Demming

Decent customer service; however, I don't like the fact that they state that if you don't get their insurance, because your credit card and auto insurance will cover damages, that they will still charge a $500 deductable in the event there is damage to their vehicles. Other than this, a pleasant experience renting with them.

Aashwinikumar Devari

Please check what you are charged on you card. They charged me 220 dollars extra for an additional day when I had actually returned the vehicle 1 hour before time. Since it was in the night after hours they claimed it was given later.. I was refunded the money only when I told them that I can provide GPS logs of my drop off and we should check camera logs...

Larry Simpson

Easy access from baggage claim and walking distance to rental facility without taking a shuttle. A cart shuttle is available if you want it for the short distance. Staff at the counter are courteous and efficient getting you into your car. Rental return was just as easy.

Brandi Garcia

The car we rented, you couldnt go over 60 miles an hour or the front end would shake. It pulled to the right real bad. We thought the tires needed air so we stopped at the store all tires were good on air. Dont ever rent a ford focus hatchback.

Judith McGourty-Graham

Car was ready to go despite my messing up date of pick up. Good car with no trouble. The trouble came when trying to find the car return at Hobby airport in Houston. Up and down the road, GPS with Alamo return address kept turning me into a fenced yard with no entrance and no Alamo. In desperation flagged down a thrifty/dollar shuttle and the lovely driver laughed and said follow him. Would have missed plane trying to find the off road address given with out the help of another car rental employee. Ridiculous and stressful end to a vacation.

l m

Accueil vraiment médiocre. Pas d'explications, contact distant.

Rigoberto Gomez

Your office needs more than a desk and a computer.

Jr. Velasquez

Quick, easy and affordable. We went through Costco to get a better price for our car. They offered us a upgrade from Rav 4 to Tahoe for only $17 total, not per day. They saw how tired we were from our flight with our two sons under 3 years old and gave us another upgrade to an Infinity QX60 free of charge. So awesome! Totally recommend!

Moe Deen

Daniel Danzi

Outstanding customer service! The best!

Robin Sweet

When I arrived to Portland Airport to pick up my car with Budget, everything got screwed up and they wouldnt give me my car and told me there was nothing they could do. I was stranded for 2 hours and Alamo came to the rescue. They gave me a better car than I was going to get with budget, for just a smidge more. They were extremely helpful, calming (I was panicked), and friendly. I will NOT go to Budget for a car again after the customer service I received. Above and beyond!!

Gabriella Ferraro

Tommy Thompson

This facility and company exceeded my expectations from start to finish. The were so polite, helpful and friendly ! Thanks Alamo !

Jeanie White

Great experience, very easy to navigate and the person at the desk was very helpful. Returning the car was even easier! Love Alamo

Mark Lind

We had a great experience. The check in process was quick. Love that you can pick any car in the class. The van we rented was in perfect condition. Alamo does an excellent job!

Tracie Dominguez

I traveled all over the world since I joined the Army at 17 . Never had this happen to me . This lady Alamo picture below refused to serve me and said they had no cars left . I wanted an SUV Avis did not have . Went on website and reserved 10 min before . She said " We need 24 hours to honor reservations , so I cannot help you " Deplorable !

Uwe Haertel

(Translated by Google) Perfect as always ... no matter where you rent. Super Service !!! (Original) Perfekt wie immer ... Egal wo man mietet. Super Service !!!

Marc Hill

I’ve rented with Alamo regularly for the past year and a half when traveling to KC. Normally everything has been fine. This past visit I was a bit disappointed. When I arrived to pick up my car, Alamo did not have any vehicles and after checking me in referred me to National to pick up a car. This probably explains why I was unable to use the “skip the counter” option as I have in the past. The choices of vehicles at National were limited in comparison to what I normally have. The last few times I’ve been able to choose a car with Apple CarPlay which is very helpful when trying to navigate in and around the KC area. The staff at National did their best to find a vehicle with ACP, but they were not familiar with it and the two cars they thought had it, didn’t. While I was disappointed, and the experience reminded me of a Seinfeld episode, I will continue to use Alamo and hope for a better experience next time.

Janette Bravo Martinez

(Translated by Google) Fast processing (Original) Trámite rápido

Curtis Winters

Great service! An efficient bus ride from the terminal. No waiting at the counter although there was someone ahead of me, I was directed to the National counter and signed out quickly and received a free upgrade. The convenient gas station surprised me when I expected to pay a higher price per gallon but found it comparable with off airport prices. Easy and quick turn in of the vehicle.

Jude Nau

Usually I have a great experience with Adam, but this time I struggled. I had car trouble and phoned Alamo for help. I was sent to two different locations (two different cities) to get a new vehicle from Enterprise - they are connected - apparently. The first place did not have a vehicle and the second place said they hadn't heard from Alamo. I went to a Quick Lube station and got coolant - which is what was needed. I phoned again and they said to phone back when I got to the town I was staying in - I did - 4 hours later (the poor town truck driver was in search of me for 3 hours) I got another vehicle. There was a lot of unnecessary wait time and at no time did Alamo offer to compensate me for the rental. It worked out in the end - but it was an eight hour ordeal.

Tim Magaw

Always a great experience with Alamo. Gast and easy check out and check in.

Sunil Patel


Christian Steck

We have booked a smal EC car and we got a SUV. Service was quick, fair and friendly.

Tony McMillan

I'll remember the Alamo cause it sucks!

Michael Euglow

Great service, even upgraded me at no extra charge. Now I need to figure out how to buy 2019 Escalade. If you’d like to help that would be awesome!

Hugh Jamieson

Great service. Clean vehicle. I have used Alamo for the last 4 vacations and every rental has been a very easy process. It is worth noting that we travel to a different city each time, so we have had a chance to experience the Alamo service in a few major cities (S.F., Seattle, Portland, Orlando). The service has been equally excellent at all locations. I have no trouble being a raving fan!

Ricardo Perez

Poor service, don’t even have a direct phone # to call, they closed shop early and made me miss my reservation. Went with dollar instead, better service.

Melvin Baker

Made reservation months in advance and completed online check in. When I showed up for the car the rep said the only thing they had was either a Ford F150 pickup or a Dodge pickup. Luggage exposed to elements and horrible gas mileage. The strong chemical cleaning smell in the vehicle gave us headaches to the point the next day we went to trade the vehicle after calling Alamo. Again the rep said the only thing they had was a truck. I said cancel my contract and I will rent from Hertz. Then all of a sudden they had a car for me instead of cancelling the contract. Imagine that!! This car too had a smell but not the chemical smell the truck had. I am through with Alamo If I cannot count on my reservation being honored. If going to Portland, Maine, stay away from Alamo. I am going back to Hertz.

Frank Birgfeld

The car and the staff's service were good. The car was used for a two hour trip and returned to a different location for about $75 plus a gas fill-up.

Charles Roskovensky

Upon acquiring my luggage at this airport, there is a half mile walk to the Alamo station to acquire the paper work, where the Alamo representative was very polite and helpful. After acquiring the documents, there is another quartermile walk to the vehicle pick up station. The attendant was friendly and courteous. Exiting the building the attendant in the booth was polite and very helpful with directions. The vehicle operated without any issues, however, i had to wash the windows on the interior because there was a headlight glare while traveling at night. Returning the vehicle was easy and painless. However, that walk to the terminal was found to be quite lengthy.

Chaina Cooper

Such great service! I always rent from Alamo, but the rental center at the Kansas City Airport is very special. They are very quick with completing the process and always have someone outside to assist with finding the best rental for your stay. I highly recommend Alamo when renting a car.

Paul Conley

Picked up my car here for a family road trip. Staff were great and got me into a nice vehicle.

BM Brannon

Easy In/Out. Price quoted = Price delivered. No pressure re insurance, options, etc. Upgraded one size without a request.

kirti karki

Love it! It is always great price and services....

Jon Broce

Rented a full Size car from here twice in the last 2 weeks. Great Service, Took less than 5 minutes both times to get car rented Get to pick what car you want from several different models Both times we had a brand new car with less than 1,000. miles on them Even if they are slightly higher next time I need a rental car from that location I will pick Alamo.

Donna Chandler

The rental was a very seamless process. The agent was awesome and courteous. The main reason Alamo received a 2-Star is because as we were trying to decide which vehicle we wanted, we were taking our our luggage out of one vehicle into another and attendant came with 3 cops "stating" oh I'm just checking something. Now we had luggage and my rental agreements, but you're "checking something


Fast service, I love the fact they always have clean cars, excellent customer service. Ask for Samir he will take care of you. By far one of the best car rentals in D.C... I like to call it stress free car rental. Became a regular customer since January 1,2017.

Kitty Munger

Was disappointed by the car I received. I reserved a small car online with some kind of "special of the day" deal ("this car or something bigger"). When I arrived, I was told that day's special was a pick up truck. Not an option for me and with no other cars available for that price, I ended up with Jeep Renegade which cost me an extra $175 on top of the $200 I'd already prepaid. Beware of the deals or you'll be disappointed. Will definitely use another company next time. Now that I'm thinking about it, I didn't see any pick-ups in the garage with the other Alamo cars. Could be a coincidence or just a way to up-charge customers.

Zakiyyah Jackson-Bey

I love renting from Alamo they have professional customer service, reasonable rental prices, and a great selection of vehicles to choose from of every class of car. Thank you for the excellent experience!


We always receive great service from Alamo!!!

Rachel Gordon

The pick up was easy and the drop off. Roadside assistance left me stranded after we were disconnected and he ERIC never called me back. I was left in a vulnerable position and I never felt so vulnerable in my life. The car lighter in the car was not working and therefore the GPS was not able to function and I had to pull over on the road twice is Washington DC when I am originally from NY. When the GPS went down I had to convert to my cell phone with limited battery power to get me to the closest hotel. I spent $97.00 in a hotel due to Eric's negligence and mind you I was in DC due to a passing of a relative. For an entire day, I was not able to visit my family due to again ERIC's negligence. To top it off, the supervisor's failed to call me back like they said they would to let me know about compensating me for this horrific trauma I was placed in. The road side assistance department needs an overhaul and training in customer service. Now, I have called these supervisors 3 times and still they have not called me back to compensate me for my troubles. I will call again now. Roadside assistance gets a zero score.

Dana Gassner

Customer service was absolutely fantastic, will definitely be using them again.

Scott Fletcher

Very quick return at the airport!

Sean Stsnford

Bob Moncrief

Everything was ready when I arrived. The staff were courteous and very efficient. When I returned the vehicle a week later someone was there within seconds to check me in and hand me the final billing. Great experience and will use them again in the future!

Angela Escalera

Alamo is by far the BEST rental car company around! No matter where we travel it ALWAYS turns out that Alamo offers the lowest rental rates (even last minute rentals) and excellent customer service! Alamo definately has the fastest and easiet rental process I have expereinced. My family would like to thank everyone at Alamo for your outstanding service and the quality rentals you provide! Whenever we travel, you can count on us to reach out to Alamo as our preferred rental company!

Brad Miller

One of my better experiences with Alamo. Nice new Dodge van with all the bells and whistles. Pick up and return had no problems.

Vincent Mathe

Five star experience renting my car in New Orleans. Quick service, no pressure getting extra insurance, new car, free upgrade, nice people, happy renter.


(Translated by Google) Very good experience with Alamo. The check-in and check-out are very fast. The car was clean inside and recent. I recommend. (Original) Très bonne expérience avec Alamo. Le check-in et le check-out sont très rapides. La voiture était propre à l'intérieur et récente. Je recommande.

Jeff Deal

Has to be the worst run National/Alamo location in the United States, the process at the rental counter was quick painless and well run; go out to get the car, there are none at all to be had, and I'm 28th in line to take whatever car comes up when they reach me; it's 36°F and windy outside and there is no place to stand and stay warm or you lose your place in line. Talking to others in line this is an ongoing problem at the Kansas City Airport location... Finally get the car, and pull out of the lot and realize the inside of the windows are so dirty, I can't see at all with the sun glare. I'll definitely avoid this location in the future!!

richard stewart

Fast service. Nice upgrade when out of car we ordered. Friendly and helpful sales clerk. Little difficult to find our car initially.

Maksh4 .

Taking one bus to the Rental building, no lines, immediate customer service, organized labeling or cars & getting to choose your own car ... EVERY airport should be set up like this. Brilliant. Plus absolutely no problems with Alamo from check-in to return. One thing I wish that all cars just automatically came with GPS instead of having to upgrade. I know that's what we have our phones for, but not ALL cars are bluetooth, so if your phone dies, ... But all in all, great!

bill c

As always smooth easy inexpensive


Everything went very smoothly. Check in was quick and easy, as was return. Rate was best available at the time, upgraded for a few dollars more

Bob Carmen

Great people to deal with, had a great car, easy turn in, will deal with them again.

Mesa Kitty

All smooth, no hassle transaction.

Patricia Ruffin

Good service

Rayette Dooley

At time of check-in, the car I reserved was not available, so we were given the choice of two upgrades. We chose the Infinity QX-80, which was perfect for 6 adults. I know that substituting for an unavailable car is a normal business practice, but it was the first time for us. Thanks for taking care of your customers.

Posha King

The Jeep we rented was awesome! Very easy to rent, and great customer care!! I will only use Alamo from now on!!!

patrick collins

Paul Broadwith

Everybody was friendly. Hiring car was smooth. No complaints. One star off as I haven't received the email receipt after they filled the car up. Money was taken. No receipt.

Edgar Lopez

daniela rothweiler

Victoria Garzillo

Convenient location outside Lenfant plaza Metro.

Jonathan Chang

Not a bad service. Booking could have been easier. The starting prices listed on their website or aggregators are fake. Final prices, even without any extras, are about twice as high because of "customer facility" and similar fees. They do tell you what the final prices are before you submit your reservation, but it's still annoying. Everything else was fine. Booked a mid-size SUV and was given a choice of two cars at the airport. Chose a 2018 Nissan Rogue (SV AWD). Car was fairly new, clean, and in good condition. No unexpected charges upon return.

Alan Heatherington

Our recent experience renting a van at the Kansas City International airport was certainly among the finest I have had among countless car rentals. From counter service to return, everything was perfection. My only regret is that I did not record the counter person's name in order to give her special commendation. It was very late at night on Tuesday, 11/20.

Jerz baby

Easy and smooth transaction with the best rates and a jeep for a compact car. It was nice to get to pick the car I wanted to drive from the available lot. Would certainly use again.

Romeo Clemente

New, clean & low-mileage SUV available as planned. I was so impressed with the way the rental-car agent conducted the business. No frills WHICH IS A GOOD THING!! I'll recommend it to family and friends, anytime!!

Noel Devlin

Efficient facility, cars were very clean and a wide choice of models per class. I wish signage was clearer for FastLane, pre-check, members.


Good deals with flights!

Jay Buisson

Very expeditious in both picking up the vehicle and returning it. All personnel encountered were courteous and friendly.

Fritz Ndoping

Fast and efficient service, pleasant agents. Rental was available & clean.


Competitive prices, mostly friendly staff; were understanding about having to cancel reservation after viewing that the available rental pick up trucks that were not suitable for my particular needs at the time. As with most major airports when busy, rental counter & rental vehicle pick up queue can be crowded. Returns, however, are quick and easy. BE ADVISED: new North MSY terminal will replace existing New Orleans airport sometime in the fall of 2019, at which time it will then require a shuttle ride for passengers to get to all rental car companies (and back to airport), as they will remain in their present location / building. Hence, you will need to adjust your timing to include same for catching your fights in time.

Doug Watson

My experience with Alamo in Portland ME was a good one. I arrived from BWI on a late flight and made car arrangements around midnight, though I actually spent the night in the terminal and began driving next day. Our trip up through New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI put almost 3000 mile on the Chevy Cruze over two weeks. Everything was great except that I did end up having to do an oil change for which there was no offered reimbursement (guess I thought this should have been a part of the basic agreement). I'll use Alamo again, I'm sure. I've always had good service and good vehicles. The help of the staff at the Jetport in Portland was as much as I'd expect from any company.

Jonathan Trotter

Laodecia Walker

It was the worst experience I have ever had renting a car. I had a reservation with the cost of the rental. The desk employee provided poor customer service and was not able to pull up my reservation correctly. I was at the desk for over one hour and the reservation had to be changed 4 times before it was correct per my reservation by a supervisor.

Gary Lunger

I took the time to go through the process to "skip the counter / skip the kiosk" with anticipation that it would be quicker when I arrived at the KC airport. Everything went smoothly until I walked outside to get a vehicle. They had no mid-size SUV's available. And there were people waiting to get the same vehicle. The Alamo rep had us wait and yet others came out of the building and walked over to an area where they "intercepted" vehicles as they became ready. We waited about a half hour in 92 degree heat for a vehicle. Alamo rep did not even apologize. Poor customer service to start the process. Car was "new" and check in on return went well.

Robert Glaze

I have used Alamo for many years. I particularly like the KC location as Jenna, the agent, is one of the best I have ever had in any airport. I have known her for over 20 years! She is fast, friendly and has now become a friend! That doesn't happen very often these days.

Frank Harris

The staff member at Portland Airport was friendly efficient and a pleasure to talk with. He explained all aspects of the contract clearly and got us through the process very quickly without it seeming rushed. The car was clean and ready to go. When we dropped the car off, I was running late and the woman who checked me back in asked if everything was ok with the rental and then said go go go, I'll email you your receipt. I will always use Alamo in Portland Maine.

Debby Rudy

Sandra Kigar

I just got home from a trip from New Orleans, was surprised at the ease of the process of renting the car..I got a Hyundai accent which was a very economical vehicle. The staff was very friendly and tried to tend to my every need. I would definitely rent from Alamo again and highly recommend to my friends and Family..

Danial McGowan

Disappointed that the customer service team and the branch manager told me completely opposite things and I couldn't get home on time because of the miscommunication. Unwilling to compromise or help us figure out alternatives.

Samantha Wallent

Justin Broussard

They made it easy. The car was brand new, and return was error free.

Ermiyas Adefeye

Almo is a good car rental Cumpany, but most of employees working there not working very will from customer service until security. Especially Dulles international airport ( IAD), they not give a good customer service. The bad thing I saw there employees are giving deffrent kind of treatment to customers. You know what I'm talking about.

Inmer Lopez

Bruce Zemba

Had a flat tire out in the country at a farm that was unrepairable. I was too far from the airport to drive back on the spare donut and the nearest Alamo was closed on Sunday. The agent was extremely helpful in trying to find other options and finally suggested I buy a new tire to replace it. Found the nearest Walmart and replaced the tire. When finally back at the airport Alamo counter they refunded the cost of the new tire and I was on my way. Very helpful and nice people to help me work through the logistics of getting back to the airport. Thanks for the support.

Rita E

Always easy to get a vehicle with skip the counter, great car selection, never had an issue.

I am who I am Because of God

Great selection.. Pricing was reasonable.. And the fact that your able to get a car anytime of the day is even better

Rosanne Torpey

elder1536 .

I rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and ...didn't know how to start it! Where was the latch, button, whatchamacallit to open the rear "hatch" (door?). How does one turn on the main lights at night? (mine on my Silverado come on automatically...the Grand Cherokee's didn't.) I spent the better part of an hour driving on interstate 95 with day-time driving lights until I realized "it sure seemed dark on the road....hmmmmm." Twice the gear shift went from drive to neutral with just a mere bump...hardly touched it on my way to get my soft drink from the 65mph, again on the interstate. When leaving the airport garage, I met another car coming at me FROM THE WRONG DIRECTION in the garage area, just 100 feet from where I started. Then, I met another car (entering) at the top of the exit ramp, going the wrong way.....then I met another car coming at me, again from the wrong way, just before the corner that meets the main road out of the airport. Was I going the wrong way? Nope, the direction arrows all were headed the direction I was going. After these harrowing experiences, I was maybe 200 yards (at the most) from where I picked up the car. WOW! Shortly after this, the trans-mission locked up in first gear....whereupon I pulled off the road and called the HELP number for help. I got someone who said, "Oh, you need technical help...I don't do that. Try calling the agency for the help you need." That didn't work one answered. Finally I simply restarted the engine to "reset" everything...and it worked. It locked into first gear 3 more times during our week's rental. Oh yeah...the engine kept shutting off at stop lights or stopped traffic...and as it started up again when I took my foot off the brake (that took some getting used to) the car would roll back before going forward. I always hoped no one was close to me.....some anxious moments whenever that happened...which was often. Also, when I inquired as to how to find Route 1, the answer was, "turn left here, turn right there, etc." A good map would have really been helpful.....not the rinky-dink thing that's provided with the receipt folder. We finally picked up a good map at a 'bout that. In the meantime, without a compass...oh wait, there was a compass, we just didn't know how to find it....we ended up going north when we needed to go south, only to have this voice saying while a hand was tapping on the Jeep's driver-side window: "Sir, you can't park here, this is a military installation." Whereupon I asked the soldier who was connected to the hand and voice: "Believe me, we didn't know this driveway was "militarized", so can you point us in the direction to Route 1?" To which he said "You're going the wrong way for that." Gee.... I wonder why. That night I downloaded all 722 pages of the Jeep Grand Cherokee's Owner's Manual.....and did some significant speed reading to get a grasp of what I had gotten my hands on and myself into. Earlier in the day I was advised by a Grand Cherokee owner not to read the manual, "just figure it out as you go", she said. Anyway, it began to make sense, enough so that I found out where the compass was. What's the remedy for most of the aforementioned issues? #1, provide a GOOD map to at least find one's way out of the airport...and get to Route 1, or any other travel point. #2, provide an abbreviated owner's manual (guide) that at least says: This is how you start the car. This is where the night time driving lights are located. Button for the gas tank...right here. And so on and so forth. Not 722 pages, but give enough information so one doesn't have a voice saying to you: "Sir, you can't be here"...... I think by now, you get my drift. You have figured out that I drive a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500, that actually starts with a real key, and the engine keeps running at stop lights, and it doesn't roll back when starting up again at said stoplight. My truck has a compass at the top of the mirror that I can readily read, and lights that automatically change from to night time driving...

Jocelyn Masserot

Really bad experience. The person at the cashier forced me to take the collision damage waiver even if I told her my credit card already provided me it!

Claude Raines

Very satisfied, I arrived at MSY at 1am, it was nice to see there was someone still working the counter and I was able to driveoff with a much better vehicle than planned.

Brenda Strickland

Quick, easy, great customer service and a very nice vehicle.

Emily Lozen

A+ Laura Devlin was our representative and made our experience with Alamo fantastic. My mom and I were traveling this summer to Moosehead Lake for a family vacation that we'd been saving for. She helped us with extra driver costs and was just a fantastic and pleasant person. We will always choose Alamo from now on.

Pam Jones

Nice person that helped us in New Orleans. We needed to get an upgrade as we had another person traveling and the agent was very helpful.

Scott Svoboda

Nice facility, friendly staff and new fleet of cars make booking through Alamo an easy choice.

Jean Bishop

Dominique Scott

Worst ever, rather drive my personal car to whatever destination within the US.

Margie Crosier

I was assured I could use a debit card without my name because it was tempo rary and not my new card. I got to Kansas City from Michigan and was refused a car, leaving me stranded The manager was very rude as well. NEVER AGAIN!!

Caleb Cass

Wellington Brannon

Good vehicle selection, low prices and nice service.

Pam Frease

This unprofessenial establishment which they have the nerve to call a car rental had the worst customer service of the century. Needs to be shut down and erased.

Cristina Campbell

I was very happy with my Alamo experience in Portland ME. The agent accommodated my request for a different return site (same city) and found us a "better" car than what had been reserved. In addition, I had to return the car to a different site (in Halifax, NS) at a time when the office there was closed. I was worried about some "dings" on the car that had been there when we picked up the car in Portland, and I appreciated the follow-up I got, assuring me that all was well.

Sharon Nagel

Convenient to the airport. Friendly service. Got good pricing through Costco travel.

John Orler

The actual rental car had a few problems, but when I identified them thru email, a manager called the next morning. We discussed the problems, and solutions. This company cares about its customers. You can’t prevent all problems, but you can take care of them.

Mark Bolton

Very easy and quick. Had no issues Rental from MCI is no hassle. I love it

Oliver Reid

Good service. Windshields on car were grimy and water did not wipe off smoothly, causing vision difficulty in humid conditions

Steve Ramey

Rented a minivan for a long drive to Virginia. Excellent website and the ability to just go to the lot and choose what we wanted was totally hassle free. Very clean van and we experienced no problems. I also thought I had left my prescription sunglasses in the van and the Alamo staff were super helpful, even personally looking for them once the van came back. This is the second Alamo car I have rented and I will be back.

Christopher Carey

Perfect, easy, will do again very soon!

Jim Workman

I love the all-together rental car operation at MCI. Alamo check-in was simple with my choice from plenty of cars on the Saturday before Christmas. I chose a Japanese car because I knew where all the controls would be. Return was easy with a gas station right before the lot. I booked through Costco so my wife was on the agreement for free. My rating is for Alamo and the KC airport.

ricky puro

process to pick and return the car is soo easy. they started this online check in, once done, go straight to 2nd floor and pick up your car, they will ask for your license and credit card before you exit, staff are very good!

Meghan Ogaja

This is the WORST car rental place EVER! They attempted to charge our card 1 month later from when we rented the car. We called to get an explanation, and the lady was EXTREMELY rude and could not come up with a legitimate explanation as to why our card was changed. NEVER AGAIN will I rent from this place. Steer clear from these guys!!!!!

Stephen Hobbs

Cecil Buddy

I lost my rental car reservation so I wasn't sure which rental company I had reserved with. Turned out it was Dollar, but that is beside the point. I went to the Alamo counter and was told there were no cars available. I went to Hertz and they quoted me a price in the neighborhood of $700 for 3 days. I decided to see if there were other Alamo locations in downtown Portland, but alas only the airport. However, since I was on the website, I decided to try and reserve a car from Alamo and much to my surprise I got a car at a rate of about $56/day. That I can do. When I went to get my car I told the Alamo folks what happened and they said, "Oh yeah, sometimes our computers are really slow and they don't update as quickly [as the website]. Do you think the Alamo staff should have suggested to me to try to reserve on-line? they seemed to be perfectly happy not having my business. The rental itself and the process of actually getting the car once I reserved was fine.

James Reichelt

Nice clean car but paid for the fast checkout and pick any car in the line. Except there were literally no cars available in any line. The parking garage was empty of any cars. Had to wait maybe 20 minutes which is better then the hour wait the people waiting for a mini van had to wait.

Barry Robinson

The staff at the MCI Alamo was terrific. No hassles, they were accommodating, we walked right in got the car and were out. Same thing Upon returning the car. Great service, clean vehicles and no stress. Highest marks.

Anita Reed-Hooper

Hope J McDonald LMT

Everything was great. Super speedy and top notch customer service. I will be using Alamo again. Many Thanks!

Daisy Sapida

I booked our rental months ahead through Costco. My group of 10 mission volunteers rented a Ford 15-passenger van at NOLA airport (Louis Armstrong International Airport) on Nov. 4. The evening we arrived, the vehicle was not ready and we waited about 15-20 minutes for it to get delivered to us. The check out took about half an hour with lines of vehicles forming behind us. Some drivers started blowing their horns so we decided we won’t wait for the answer to our inquiries about the charges that the lady at the checkout window was attempting to find out but was not able to provide us with an answer. When we picked up the rest of our group at the main terminal, we found out that the back seats do not fold nor recline so we had to bring in our luggage and bags through the side door which made it such a challenge to do so for 10 passengers. The van itself was poorly designed to accommodate big-sized bags and luggage. It was getting late and we haven’t had dinner yet and we still have an hour or so to get to our destination so we quickly filed into the van. We then realized that there are several defective armrests, headrests, and seatbelts. Four of the air vents cover are missing. The van was also not cleaned. We took pictures of the defective interior parts the following morning so we won’t be at fault nor charged. I attempted to email Alamo’s customer service to report the defects but I never got any response. Then when we returned the van after 6 days, the gentleman at checkout could not find our rental information right away but eventually he did after much research. The charges was $5+ more than what Costco had quoted but we decided it’s not a big amount to fuss about so I provided my credit card when asked to at the counter which made me anxious because at check-in, the lady at the counter also asked for my credit card. Hopefully I won’t be charged twice! The new system seemed to have complicated the previous simple way of car rental and the employees were helpful but seemed confused at times. This was the first time I had been dissatisfied with the service by the rental company, not necessarily Alamo because it was the Enterprise people who helped us with our rental.

Justin Black

Flew into New Orleans and too my reservation info to the Alamo counter. Lady was very overworked and short with customers in line and on phone. Waited for half hour only to be told I was VIP and could have just proceeded to garage (no signage or info on reservation indicating that). She gave is a folio with no contact so basically held up the garage exit while the guy there started our rental from scratch. Ridiculous.

agirland herhorse

Clean Car, great customer service and no wait time! Yes it is a walk from the metro but welcome to DC! Also the guy working union station wasn't the happiest person in the world but no big deal. I would definitely use them again.

face kiya

Busy and good service

Nancy Hilgers

The people at Alamo were very professional and thoughtful to us. We left something in the vehicle when we turned the car in and they were very diligent in finding and returning it to us. They went above and beyond what they had to do to give us assistance. If you are going to Portland, Maine, these people are first class.

Tony Scott

Most disappointing Alamo experience to date. Arrived at the scheduled booking time and it took over an hour to actually get a vehicle! First vehicle we were given, we were told wasn't ready after being given keys and loading luggage into. Second vehicle (~20min later) I noticed had a busted rear wiper after it was turned over to us (how this was missed when it was apparently cleaned and checked only minutes before I can only speculate upon). Had to wait for the third vehicle was cleaned. Very little communication on what was happening - lady that came to tell us that the third vehicle was being prepared stopped mid-sentence and walked away to receive a returning car, without actually telling me anything. Final car that we left with was quite good, but again communication on the pickup was poor other than a pointing to a car. Was comp'ed a free tank of gas for the troubles (1/2 tank in reality). Lost over an hour of our vacation time as this location wasn't organized. While I normally like to deal with Alamo, my wife is adamant that we will not use Alamo in the future!

Rachelle Wallace

Absolutely love Alamo!! Always easy and fast. No surprises. Rent with them often and I never have a problem.

Fred Helmink

Great overall experience. I made reservations and had all of the online information put in a few days before I picked up the car. Got to the airport after hours and simply walked to the car of my choice and drove to the gate to check out. Simple and efficient way to do business. Will do it again soon!

Phil Ainsworth

Very friendly and helpful. The car we reserved was not available so they made sure we were in a comfortable car, a step up from what we reserved.

Jay Barnes

Friendly staff got me registered for my vehicle and out the door quickly. Car was clean, low miles and in good shape.

Babara Edell

Every detail was perfect. We got the right care for our group, and the return was seamless. Excellent job, Alamo

David Beebe

Great experience and fast customer service. Thanks

Stefan Kleini

(Translated by Google) Worked great. Good service. In the garage are a lot of cars - Carefully clean drive. With Uber you quickly back to his hotel. (Original) Hat super geklappt. Guter Service. In der Garage stehen sehr viele Autos - vorsichtig reinfahren. Mit Uber ist man schnell wieder an seinem Hotel.

Eugenia Day

(Translated by Google) Lunch car rental. Well located in downtown Washington. (Original) Lugar para alquiler de autos . Buen ubicado en el centro de washington.

Michael Thomas

Super easy was able to process my entire rental over the Internet went straight to the parking lot pick my car showed my drivers license upon exiting It could not have been any simpler

Emily Wright

DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. $1500 for a 14" scratch. TWO THINGS. I HAD A QUOTE FOR MONTHS IN WRITING FOR $237. WHEN MY FLIGHT WAS DELAYED AND I NEEDED TO RENT FOR ONE DAY LESS, THEY UPPED THE RATE TO OVER $500. I scratched the back fender and could have walked away, but did the honest thing. It was only 14" long by about 2", then another small scratch. They charged me $1501.46 for a 14" scratch. $1500

PG 44

Sammy Obeid

Patrick Henry

Great car. Great fast service. In and out both ways with no problems.

Kevin Nichols

We loved the after hours online/kiosk pickup process! Check-in online, skip the unmanned counter, pick any car on the unattended lot and hop in. The exit gate agent handed the final driver's license and credit card checkout!

Courtney Chappell

Very fast rental process and I like being able to pick which car I wanted out of the size category.

diane berger

What is it with Alamo and cars smelling like cigarette smoke? This happened to me so frequently at BWI that I switched to Dollar there. Now the Alamo car in NOLA smelled (less strongly) if what may have been the world’s worst air freshener or carpet cleaner, but to my nose: smoke. It’s a shame, because otherwise I really prefer Alamo, and we had no other issues with the rental at all.

Ysabel Villasís

Grace West

I've never had a problem with Alamo and that continued with my latest rental. I like the procedure of checking in at the Alamo desk - the office staff was friendly and efficient. The process which allowed me to choose my own car among those available was great. I chose a new Chevrolet Malibu and enjoyed the drive, Gas mileage was good and the vehicle was comfortable. I got the best deal by far when I comparison shopped among the various rental agencies in Kansas City. I'll continue to use Alamo.

Paul Ladenson

Steve and Sherrie Gould

Excellent experience. While our original request was unavailable, we were given a very nice upgrade at no additional cost.

Tom Olson

Friendly and helpful staff. Nice car. I was able to bypass the counter and go straight and get my car - a real time saver.

Stacey Beekley

I've rented my share of cars having worked in the travel industry and my last rental with Alamo was by far the best customer service I've ever had. Jana the customer service rep at MCI went above and beyond! She was so extremely kind and had no idea how it actually made my day! Great job Alamo

Daniel Pango

Great staff. Good customer service . Great pricing for a nice car

Brilee and Makenna burdick

I’ve rented cars several times at this location, using my debit card. Not today with Carolyn at Evansville Airport. She was very rude and told me I needed 2-3 utility bills in my name. Excuse me! I’ve NEVER been asked for this info before when renting from Alamo Evansville Airport. I told her to cancel my reservation, left and went to Enterprise with NO issue. Carolyn is today your 1st day of work??? I will never rent from thus location again.

Stephanie C.

Some years back I started renting vehicles at PWM only at Alamo because of strong internet reviews. I feel committed to Alamo at PWM. I have always found the cars to be in good repair, the workforce has always been uniformly kind, customer oriented, warm, solicitous & genuinely caring w/me They have been patient w/my foibles learning a new vehicle, carried my suitcase, driven me back to the airport from the rental area, trusted my phone calls when I have discovered minor damage after taking off w/a car. They make me feel like friends or family. How rare is that?

Michelle Rickman

I booked my flight and car thru the airline as a package. My flight was supposed to land I in NO at 11:00 am but was delayed in Clt til 4:00 pm due to really bad fog. Phoned Alamo at NO airport to informed them of the delay around 10:00 am.I was told no problem. But when my flight arrived around 5:15 pm. There was a big problem at the customer service desk that took everything bit of 1 hour 30 minutes. Proceeded up stairs to get the car there was a even bigger problem. NO PREPAID RESERVED car for me even thought I prepaid. I was told by the Alamo employee that I was late so that's why I didn't have a car. I tried explaining to the non professional employee that my flight was delayed due to really bad fog and that I in fact called this location to informed them of the delay. Really bad attitude and no customer experience at all.

Francisco Caminero

Elmer Raygoza

Nancy Bravo

Getting my car and returning it were hassle free. No aggressive up selling at the time of signing. Very little wait. Thanks for a pleasant experience.

Jrw 1963

Normally, Alamo is okay, not great. Routinely, when I get to the counter in New Orleans service is always slow and I am always waiting to do my paperwork and to pick up a car. When I got there on my last trip, there was a long line and the person behind the counter could not have been slower. After 30 minutes, I got checked in. When I went upstairs to get my car, there was no one there and I stood around again. It shouldn't take 50 minutes to pick up a car at an airport but it does in New Orleans at the Alamo counter. I kinda believe that this is the local manager because I don't have this problem in other areas but I routinely do in New Orleans.

Melody A Simon

Great experience at the New Orleans airport. Regina absolutely made the difference in a good day to a great day - she was so friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend this car rental location and more importantly, Regina is AWESOME!

Jerry Kroeger

The rental and return process was pretty painless and the Camry had only a few thousand miles on it. The rate seemed on the high side but I could find no better deals

Catherine Lake

The clerk that helped us was helpful & quick. We were disappointed that the inside of the car was not clean. We may choose another rental company next year.

Eva Voisin

Good service. No problems. Quick pick up and drop off. Thank you

Corliss Cureton

I was very pleased with my service at Alamo Rent a Car. My flight was àn hour late upon arrival at Kansas City Airport. The rental process only took 15 minutes, to select a mid-sized car of my choice. I thought it would be time consuming returning the car, but the agent inspected the car in 5 minutes and gave me my receipt. Suggestions: The walk from the rent area is a long walk for handicapped passengers with luggage. A golf cart could be used for transportation to the airport gate.


Attendant lied about the car having a full tank, after he went out to check (had 3/4 tank). Same attendant didn’t care when I called him on it the following day (3 Jan 18).

Glen Westphal

Pat Hotchkiss

Arrived in the rain at the rental car facility at 12:30am to find the only vehicles available were pickup trucks and convertibles. Did I mention it was raining? And we were 3 women with luggage for a 10 day trip that included a formal banquet? What happened to the small SUV we had reserved? After much discussion, they came up with a full-size SUV but insisted we buy insurance. In recompense, they offered to buy us a tank of gas for $50...but they then charged us $65.10 on the final bill. Giving 2 stars because the clerk really tried to work with us but I ask again, why wasn't the car we "reserved" available? I'm doing this same trip with the same arrival time in September with an Alamo rental car...and 5 women. How can I get a guarantee that the mini-van we've reserved will be available?

Steven Fortenberry

non smoking car reeked of smoke and the car was filthy. we had to clean it ourselves ( the light interior leather upholstery had a dingy brown that took some elbow grease to clean ).

daniel breece

Pretty good car rental place friendly people too

James Linn

The new "Skip the Desk" option and the quick/easy drop off is just excellent!

Asie Mahone

I always have a positive experience when I come and visit. Smooth and effortless to get vehicles.

Richard Kreitzer

Employee outstanding, very nice car, very satisfied overall.

Ganesan P

I took the car from Alamo first time. Honestly, I got the best experience. When I booked for Midsize SUV, Alamo gave me 15 Mid size SUV options. All are Brand NEW! I cant believe that. I was spending 30 minutes to get into every brand new car and then selected mine. Its was so cheap. 10 days Mid Size SUV - 470 including all taxes. Service is hassle free. I will recommend Alamo for sure

LeKinya Farris

Very affordable need one in all cities

Mark Kaminski

Great selection and pricing ! One of the best choices you could make for a rental.

Dump Gun

In the past I have love doing business with Alamo rental. Until recently I was charged for what they say was late for 34 minutes and charged almost $35. If I hadn't looked at my credit card statement I would have not noticed. I was in New Orleans Airport. The vehicle was even on full of fuel, I returned it full. I din't go through Alamo, i did use hotwire. Hotwire told me what the extra charge was. So be aware and make sure you receive a receipt before leaving.

Brent Wilcox

Angee Cannon

I can't say enough nice things about this place! They were efficient and polite. The entire experience was so fast and easy. I will 100% use Alamo in the future because of my experience with this location!

Lisa Boston

Pleasant staff. Nice comfortable car.

Jorge Rios

I normally rent and pick up at Union Station. It generally goes well. This last time I was met by a young lady who had little interest in helping me out or in ensuring that the vehicle was in proper condition. The windshield was cracked, car was dirty - carpets and worse of all the steering wheel was sticky. The interior looked as if someone had been transporting white paint and the gas tank was not filled. I commented this to her and she made a note on the slip about the gas, but did not bother to volunteer to address the other issues. After I asked about another vehicle - she said she could give me a Fiat (small one, really small). I said I wanted a car the same size as I had reserved and she told me there were none so it was the Fiat or the car I was given. Terrible service overall. Big difference with the pick up at Dulles. Alamo needs to get it together and train their employees. If this happens again I will switch to another provider.

Eraldo Lopes

Great veicles, good price, nice attendance.

John Brown

The rental experience. No pressure to buy add-ons. The car as ready when we arrived. We went from terminal to highway in 15 minutes. Drop off was just as quick and easy. The only downside was the appearance of the cars. One choice had some kind of sticker on the rear door that was only partially removed. The other option was a car with some significant dings and scratches.

Betsy Reeder

Rented the car through my Amtrak reservation, as an add-on to my train reservation coming from NYC. Who would have thought that a car rental that is connected to Amtrak would not be at the train station??? Once arriving, I would have to take an Uber or taxi to pick up. Crazy! Its not even close. (15-20 minute drive or 40 minute walk.) What is the point of renting at your arrival location? Won't do this again. Budget and Avis are onsite at Union Station Amtrak. Ended up renting from one of them.

Alexandra Francois

I have been going there a lot over the past month because of car troubles. It's right behind L'Enfant Plaza on D st. SW. You can't miss it. The place is always understaffed in my opinion for the amount of customers that come there on the daily basis. The first time I went, it was 11 AM on a Friday there were 2 people working which was not bad and there were 2 people in front of me and it took 30 minutes in line before I was called. When I came to return the car, on a Sunday, around 10 AM there was only 1 person working and they were about 5 people in line. It took me about 45 minutes that time to return the car and finalize everything. One person got very frustrated and just left the key on the counter and left. I could tell that the gentleman that was working there was overwhelmed but he was doing the best he could. He apologized for the wait and gave me a 30% discount on my rental, which was greatly appreciated. The other few times that I have been there, there was always one person working for both Alamo and National. The wait the other times were not as bad, I think it really depends what time of day you go. They accept debit cards at that location but you have to give an additional $200 deposit, and you have to prove that you're a resident of the DMV area, they check the address provided in a system that they have and if it's clear then you are good to go. If it's not, then you have to provide a bill with your address on it. The credit card charge is $100 instead of $200. That amount is on top of your rental price, so if the car is $185 for the week then they will charge you $385 at the time of pick if you use a debit card and upon the return of the vehicle the $200 gets refunded back to the card. I'm content with the location, it's close enough to my house and I haven't had any issues with them besides the wait time. Cars are new and always clean and they always ask you if you are okay with the car, if you are not they will find something that you are happy with.

Mary Eshelman

We come to Maine to visit in the fall. We always rent through Alamo. We have been very pleased with the service and the vehicles.

Renada Oneal

My #1 car rental agency!!!! Always great prices...truly exceeds my are always clean and full!!! And I love the fact that i get to select my own vehicle in my size category, vs the agent telling me what car they will give me and then try to upsale me on a so-called upgrade! I always recommend Alamo hands down!!!

Laura Chaisson

Excellent service. Long line at the counter in the Alamo location in New Orleans but the agent moved quickly. The agent helped us get a bigger car as I realized my original rental wasn’t going to work for us. I found a coupon on Groupon which the agent honored and then some! The rental ended up costing the same as my original. We had to wait a little longer for our vehicle to arrive but we didn’t mind. The only negative in this rental was with the return experience. Returning the vehicle was a little confusing and I was at the front of the line to return and got skipped over multiple times until I said something.

Deborah Genovese

Tammy Courtemanche

Every time I rent from Alamo they have treated me well and my car is always clean and ready to go. I like that I can choose from a row of cars when I pick up a car.

Vane' Bejerano

Amir was wonderful!! Thank you for the excellent service. He made it easy to exchange our vehicle.

Bryan Fiorito

UNAUTHORIZED TRANSACTIONS ON MY CREDIT CARD! Rented a car through Expedia... when I arrived, they gave me a different car than the one I had reserved. The tire on this car popped and their customer service in response to this happening was awful. They told me my car was going to cost $110 for 2 days, but then they charged me an additional $70 for a guy to come out and change my tire. This guy charges $30 for his service if I contacted him directly. CHOOSE A DIFFERENT CAR RENTAL PLACE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH CHEAPER THEY TELL YOU YOUR CAR WILL BE!

Dianne Farling

I pre trip rented a small car through Alamo at Portland airport. The gentleman at the counter said that he automatically upgraded the small car requested to an SUV for just a couple nickles. The couple nickels was actually $65. He then asked if I wanted the option to not have to refuel the SUV on return as they get a better price than I could get on my own. Charged $55.10. By the time all these wonderful upgrades were done it was an extra charge of $133.75. Checked credit card charge and I was charged almost $200. The car was returned several hours early. This was my first rental through Alamo and I wondered why the line was so short to get the car, now I know why. I’m not impressed.


If they had minus stars It would be double minus. First of all our son paid for round trip ticket and a rental car from Alamo thru Allegiant Air, for emergency surgery trip home for my husband. We are in another state visiting for the holidays and no way we could drive 13 hrs in icy conditions to doctor. When husband got to Alamo counter they refused to honor the voucher. Then they would not take our debit/Visa card as it was not the same card that was used to pay for the trip. After I called Alamo's corporate office and spoke with a nicer person there, he said they would take the debit/Visa for a new walk-in rental and we would have to cancel the reserved one. We did. and THEN Alamo had the audacity to say our credit union would not allow car rentals (AN OUTRIGHT LIE as I called our credit union and they said yes they DO!!!) Credit union ask us to have Alamo call them. They wouldn't. I would NEVER recommend Alamo for ANYTHING! Avoid them like the plague!

J Fedorenko

Great customer service!

Warren Lenfant

Easy to use, great upgrade, easy to return.

Edgar Santos

Doreen Banez

When we arrived, the line was long and they only had 2 people working. So, my first impression was "oh boy, it'll be a long wait". I was pleasantly surprised that the line moved rather quickly and we got our car faster than expected. The car was clean and new, it was a great car. The return was pretty easy as well, the people who worked there (from the counter to the return) were friendly and pleasant. Overall a very good experience.

Nancy Norberg

Great service and price. No hassle checking in or returning car. Love it and Alamo is my new Car Rental


Excellent car Expeditious service Clean car. Great experience

Mark Leonard

The worst car rental experience I've ever seen! My mother rented a car from the Alamo rental at the Louis Armstrong International Airport at the beginning of the month. My mother is 68 yrs young and received a lemon. She had to go drive around looking for an air machine around the west bank of new Orleans, because the pos car they gave her had a slow leak in the passenger rear tire. When she called Alamo to let them know, the manager told her to call enterprise car rental and they would swap it out, only to find out that enterprise knew nothing about it! In the midst of my 68 yr young mother riding from gas station to gas station at 8 o'clock at night, a teenage driver plows into the side of her. Now she's gotta wait in the cold for police,police repirts,teen's parents to arrive, etc....After we got her safely to my house, I took her (alamo rental)car to the oil change place for air. The attendants asked me if I'm sure I didn't want to get a tune up, because the car had a terrible miss. It would idle way down to almost cutting off,then have to press the gas to keep it running! I am so disappointed in Alamo with this experience. I give em 1 star because I'm grateful that she made it back to the airport alive. Hopefully they will scrap the car that my mother was in so that nobody else has to go through that.

erik cleaver

Friendly staff, car was half washed.

jhand1783 .

When Danica tells you the economy car has no way of charging your phone, she doesn't know what she's talking about. Caused an unnecessary set back... just know that YES you can charge your phone in am economy sized car! It just doesn't have an ac adapter port.

Bracken Spur

A reasonable car hire company. They just give you the car and then you drive off. After you finish with your vehicle, You then give it back. They charge you if there's any other charges that need to be made for example tolls or speeding fines. They were absolutely fine to rent a vehicle from.

Linda Wadkins

I turned my car in and got on my flight. A few hours later I realized I forgot my GPS in the car. I immediately called and told them what car I had and what my GPS looked like. Nobody even wanted to help me. They just said that I probably wouldnt get it back. She promised to have her supervisor call me back, which of course never happened. Very poor customer service and apparently dishonest staff. If you leave something in your car by accident you will not get it back!.

Miguel Miranda

Padraic McNamara

Great service and timely shuttle


UPDATE: After emailing back and forth with customer service I want to give negative stars. Customer service was entirely worse than the Alamo dealership we were at. Look else where for a rental car. We were first in line and last to receive our vehicle out of 6 families. Upgraded to an SUV and we were brought a tiny Nissan for 4 large adult males. They finally realized the mistake and brought us a Tahoe which is what they originally promised us. The car smelled terrible inside. We had to go to Walmart to get air fresheners and that still did nothing. The service was absolutely terrible. Oh, and when we originally went out to choose which vehicle we wanted, the lot was empty. I would avoid this company and just pay a few more dollars for a different company.

Katrinna Spearman

I love Alamo. They are always quick and efficient. They are the only rental car service that I use.

Ron Hudspeth

No real issues - Checked in online, walked direct to the lot but there were no cares in my reserved class in the designated area. Only reason not 5 star was that I had to walk over to the on-lot service counter (not all that well marked as Alamo, but the location was right) who verified that I could take one of the next class up cars that was available as a free upgrade. Loaded up, got in and drove to the exit where they did not even need to scan the bar code that was in reservation confirmation - they had it as soon as they swiped my credit card. Return was a breeze as well with a receipt in-hand immediately and one e-mailed.


Great service by Paul on the front desk. Got a free upgrade on having an additional driver. Will use them again.

Erik Haines

Fast, efficient, courteous staff. Easy rental and return. Good vehicles

Jeremy Hall

They do not take debt cards no matter what you read other places.

Ty Sands

The BEST. I have rented cars from this company for over 10 years. Their cars are clean and reliable. Never a problem, and the staff are always friendly. Love love love this company.

David Phillips

Quick and easy rental. Staff was actually friendly and made the experience better.

Hettie V Jackson

Great service. I always come in late at night the ladies are always very friendly. Alamo is the best!!

Jan Monte

Walked in with a reservation. Was pleased with the full size car reservation but was given a premium car because of being an insider. If a premium was not available I would have been happy with a full size. Excellent service easy return with polite service at both ends. I do not know if I am allowed to say this,but I used to work for another rental car company for 10 years. After renting from Alamo for the last 5 years you are number 1 not the one that OJ used to jump through turn styles. Where ever I rent with Alamo across the USA I am more than pleased with service and quality of vehicles.

V. Pavlinic

First you go through the insurance upsell, but the worst part comes after you think you are finally done and about to pick up the car. At that time you get to a HUGE line where just one person is handling all the customers. Instead of the cars being there, this person has to CALL someone to bring these cars up one by one. And then when you really think you were done, you try to drive to the gate and find ANOTHER long line. At that place there is another ditz that is processing cars one by one, and it actually took her 10 minutes to process each car, and there were 4 ahead of me. This place is ridiculous, retarded, and they wasted way too much time out of my vacation.


I have rented from Alamo lots of times. It's easy to rent from them and the prices are good. At MCI, Kansas City airport, all the rental car counters are in one location. It's a beautiful building with ease access to picking your rental vehicle.

Tony Rector

Had reserved a car from Enterprise only to find out when I went to pickup that they had no cars available even though I had a confirmation. I went to Alamo and reserved a mid-size SUV in minutes. Went outside to get the vehicle and the gentleman told me I could choose any one of 12 vehicles in the row he pointed me to. The return process also very friendly staff and speedy service. Thanks Alamo

Isaac Arredondo

Very friendly staff. Very helpful as well

Tyrone Shoelaces

service upon arrival was fast, rep was courteous. car was a little dirty on the front (bugs) but it only had a couple thousand miles on it and was super clean inside. Return was also super quick, and the rep was friendly. All in all a great experience!

Anthony Chartrand

Very happy, and Alamo let me know my wife was included to also drive, this was helpful and not any higher cost.

Rita Deville


Microbudget Filmmaker

Good customer service, even with the check engine light. God bless you guys! -Jake the film guy

Delores Francis


Gaynell Smalls

Wait for car was long. Also no wheelchair available upon return

Sheila Weiss

I have been using Alamo at the Kansas City Airport for several years. They are always efficient and helpful. Their cars are well maintained, and I have never had any problems with them. Their rates for renting cars are one of the lowest I've found. The option to go outside and pick your car is nice too. My only complaint would be the line at the counter. It can be a bit of a wait, but this is also an indication to me that they are popular and a good rental car company. The ability to put a few more staff people on the counter during busy times would be a plus.

Mary James

While on vacation I had to find another car rental because a previously book car rental company wanted to hold triple the cost of the car rental on my credit card. I found Alamo through my Costco membership and Alamo saved my vacation. Alamo had great customer service and only held the cost of the rental on my credit card, not anything more. I will definitely use Alamo again.

Ed Romney

You can't change a reservation without being charged.

Tina Price

Easy to rent and turn in car!

Curtis Wilson

I enjoy selecting my own car and was quite surprised to find a Buick Lacrosse as one of the choices in the full car lineup. I was thoroughly pleased with the car! The rental and check in processing went very smooth. No surprises! I will continue to look to Alamo as my first choice for future car rentals.

Steve Rosen

An excellent experience - fast service at the counter, the mini-van we had reserved was waiting for us, perfectly clean and ready to go. The return process simple and quick.

Jason Stevens

Joey Caldrone

Tried to call on renting a car and the womans accent was so strong i couldnt understand a word she was saying.

Robert B

Alamo may not always be the least expensive but they always seem to have the best service and their prices are very competitive.. I had reserved our rental online. Picking up the rental at the airport was smooth and painless. The mini-van we rented was new, clean, was in great operation condition. Dropping off was even easier. The attendant was in the parking lot and had checked us in before we even got out of the car. He handed us a receipt when we were finished unloading. I will keep coming back to Alamo because it has always been a good experience.

Marilyn Harper

This five star rating is based on the customer service and easy of the rental process itself. The initial rental was so easy! We made an on line reservation months in advance and everything was ready and waiting for us upon arrival. They even upgraded our car to a BMW! Unfortunately, while driving thru New Hampshire we began having car trouble! After a significant amount of time on the phone wth Alamo roadside assistance they found a mechanic in the town we were visiting who agreed to take a look at the car. He determined it was mostly likely a bad sensor that continually told us to add a quart of oil and not drive far until we did! Who knew they made cars with NO dipstick so you can't check the amount of oil manually! He advised us to return to Portland and exchange the car. I called the rental office and spoke with Melissa. She told me they were really busy but she would set aside a comparable car for us. Yes, it was a pain in the behind to have to drive 3 hours to return the car, not to mention losing our day of sightseeing. But, when we got back to Portland, just as promised, they had a car waiting for us and it was even nicer. They also adjusted our rental price a bit. We will definitely use Alamo again!

Rod & Patricia Myers

Awesome place. My car is amazing

Tom Ring

Good experience - friendly helpful lady at the counter, decent clean car, straightforward dropoff.

Mandy Ward

Awesome! I always have a great experience with Alamo. There is never anything negative I can say! Always a pleasure will be using again on my next trip!

Warren Baldwin

upgraded vehicles required service in middle of rental period.

Edson Bahena

Clean car fast service !

Sam Shah

It's very hard to drop off the rental car. They should have a sign near stop sign for drop off rental cars. If new in area, you be in loop of that circle and never find them. But anyways, the manager Mark was awesome. He was very helpful and assist us properly. I will definitely give them my business again.

Verla Neslund

We had an excellent experience with our Alamo rental at MCI. The car was immaculately clean, and we had no problems at all. The staff were very knowledgeable and helpful about the rental terms, as well as suggestions and directions.

Nic Hutnik

Easy peasy ... Great price ... Couldnt have asked for a better experience!!!!

Molly Rosen

Had no problems. Very nice desk person!! Give her a raise. Sorry can't recall her name. I saw her in the late morning hours on 4/11/19.

Ron Otsuka

Our Alamo experience in Portland, Maine was fantastic! When I stepped to the counter, the customer service rep was very pleasant and helpful and when I asked him if an upgrade was possible he didn't hesitate and gave it to me immediately. The 2016 Nissan Rogue was great - no issues and great gas mileage! I booked my reservation several months earlier and also got a great rate. Thanks Alamo!

Bryon Carr

Fast service and good value. I usually choose Alamo for the following reasons: lowest prices, the option to pick out any of the available vehicles within the category (instead of being assigned a particular car), but most importantly, the option to skip the counter by providing all of my information ahead of time and printing up the paperwork and going straight to the vehicle. It saves so much time. Will continue to use Alamo.

Diane Dunbar


Kim Arn

I rented a car from Alamo the end of June 2019 without any driving incidents that would cause damage to the car. Unfortunately weeks later I received a damage claim on the vehicle I rented. I have called 3 times and have sent 2 emails and have yet to receive any response. In addition, I filled the tank up right before returning and on the report sent charging me money for fuel it said tank was 3/4 full on return so I was charged $39 for fuel. Beware renting from this company!!! There are numerous complaints online about company pulling these scams. I rate them as less than 1 star.

Tom Noonan

Fast. Professional. Quality car

Nathan Speagle

Convenient and hassle-free at a fair price. Was given an upgrade from an economy car to a larger, well equipped sedan that still averaged 35 mph. Return process was completely painless.

Dale Justice

This rental experience ranks as on of my most enjoyable ever. Checkout was completed in a few minutes and I was given my choice of mid-size vehicles. I picked a Malibu because I had never driven one. It was clean, comfortable, nicely appointed and got great gas mileage. Check-in was equally convenient. All of the employees were pleasant and helpful.

Erik M Hicks

Upon arrival in Kansas City, Mo. It was easy to access the Alamo Rental area to secure my rental. The process took about then (10) minutes as I detailed the reservation with what I need on this rental (Insurance, gas etc.). Exiting the parking lot was easy with access to the interstate. The vehicle was clean and was exactly what I needed during this trip. Upon returning the rental was even easier as everything was close to my terminal (short shuttle ride). I will continue to rent from Alamo and definitely will rent from Alamo Kansas City, Mo. again.

Travis Shinkle

Good selection of vehicles. Easy to use and friendly staff.

Murat Tukel

Vehicle was not ready and lot was empty when we arrived. Waited 10-15 min to get our vehicle which was fresh out of car wash so we cannot tell the condition of the body. Upon return they charged us damages to the roof of the vehicle which we have not done any ourselves as we did not use the roof to carry anything at all. No scratch marks on roof but indentations on roof was notated. Since I didn't mark on initial inspection (as it was fresh out to car wash, cannot tell if it was preexisting) I didn't have a leg to stand. Personnel was not helpful at all in return process and I saw a number of chalk notations on other return vehicles which I think they are making money on returned pretend damages without impact collision.Used them at other locations with no issues but New Orleans was a scam operation. Be cautious! View the pic of the vehicle and you will understand why this is a rogue operation. response to Michael: Already filed a dispute and waiting on response. Update: Alamo's internal review resulted in-conclusive evidence that damages were done by me or they were pre-existing. Since the vehicle was fresh out of car wash at the time I picked it up, the video evidence is also inconclusive. Therefore I was not held responsible for damages nor charged. They think the damages could be related to hail/heavy rains but weather history evidence during my stay in New Orleans didn't had a hail history.

Russ Smith

friendly staff. excellent service.

Joseph Morgan

Everyone at this location is extremely Professional but not many Luxury Cars to choose from! It's always like 1 car so you can take it or leave it! Overall I love the Service better than the Enterprise or National Car which completely sucks and I'm a Executive Elite Member!

Dennis Weston

I rented a pickup truck to do some cleanup work at my dad’s farm. I could of had any pickup they had but ended up with a Chevy Colorado that was perfect for the work I had to do.

greg bailey

Good service at fair prices wiith free upgrade

Paul Larson

Good experience. Friendly and helpful Alamo staff at the location. Very reasonable weekend rate. Received a better than expected vehicle for my rental. Many other locations charge for the spouse as the extra driver, but this one didn't... they said that some States, including Missouri, require that the spouse be included at no extra charge. At this location, you can choose your car from those available in your rented class... Love that! Only negative is that the cars are located in an outside parking lot exposed to the elements... it was a very cold day. The exterior wasn't clean. With the cold, they were most likely unable to wash it.

Bob Carolyn Stanley

Rental was fairly easy, car was good. Only problem was recovering lost item. Got the run around when trying to talk to someone. Left message and was told twice they would call back, never got a call back. Could not get ahold of a manager or anyone to help. The item should have been able to recover unless employee stole it. Disappointed in customer service

Jack Weaver

Fast, friendly service. When we returned we noted a small problem with the keyfob not starting the car unless placed directly near the pushbutton. Without our request, they discounted our rental. I love Alamo and will come back again and again.

Larry Hardy

Generally offers great rates through Costco Travel, good variety of well maintained cars, easy check out and check in.

Orrinna Speee

The car I rented was excellent, a BMW SUV. The navigation system was especially accurate. The employees were quite helpful.

Claud Day

George de Verges

The process was quick and seamless, and the car clean and in good condition. The price was reasonable, and the rental car area within walking distance of the terminal. Al in all, a good experience. I plan to use Alamo again when I travel.

Roy N.

Terrible service. Seven other rental companies in the same location had no wait for their customers. Alamo had 6 people ahead of me in a line and it took 40 minutes for the two young women behind the counter to process them. One had to move 20 feet to get something and moved at a snail's pace, oblivious to the line. When I got to her zero eye ontact. No greeting, no thank you. No sorry for the delay. No manners. Surly and projected an attitude. Who manages this place that they have employees like this? The lady managing the exit booth also projected indifference and also no greeting or manners. The lady who directed us to the car was nice. I don't usually leave these type of reviews, but this place was terrible. Car smelled like someone spilled a bottle of perfume, was overpowering.

Leroy Charles

The lady at the counter was nice & courteous. Returning the vehicle was easy. I tried to rent the vehicle with my debit card. She said I have to have a credit card, but I can pay with the debit card, when I return the car. When I returned the car, the attendant, said the payment was taken off the credit card. The lady at the counter did not have to lie.

David Cartwright

Used Express. No issues

Richard Deal

Very good experience. The counter staff was friendly and I was able to choose a car that I wanted, because I signed up for the "Drive Happy Deal" on the Alamo website. Car was good. The best thing is that I used a Debit Card (with the MasterCard logo) and they only preauthorized it for the value of the rental, not adding several hundred dollars on top of it like most companies do. I definitely recommend them!


Breezed through rental process. Car return can be confusing as the signs for the car rental from I-10 seem to direct through a maze.

Jl Copp

Thank you Kimberlee! I had reserved a SUV from a competitor 6 weeks in advance only to have issues onsite. I tried several counters only to learn many had no cars available. Others in our party had reserved through Alamo so I tried there. Kimberlee mentioned all vehicles were spoken for but would talk to the manager. She saved the day buy finding a large SUV for our trip. She was AWESOME! The only reason for 4 stars is that the leather interior was very dirty ( front and back seats) from the previous renter.

Jerel Samuels

Quick and friendly customer service. Even extending the rental was quick and painless.

Jeremiah Beard

Couldn't return the car...location closed and was still wrong.

Kate Nave

I had a wonderful experience with both picking up and dropping off the car. The woman who was working Christmas Eve is a total sweet heart and patient AF:) Alamo is the best place to rent cars hands down- my husband travels a lot right now and has had terrible experiences with other companies. Alamo has consistently been great wherever we go in the US. Btw- loved the Mazda 6 we drove, really want one now.

Alte Nijhuis

Service is fine, chance of getting exact car you rented is 1 out of 10.

Sam Levin

Hard part was getting a car. The booth where you sign up told us we could go to the garage and pick out any car we wanted in the class we selected. The garage had zero cars available in the class we selected, and close to zero cars period. They ended up giving us an upgrade, letting us have the first car that became available. Other than that, the experience was a good one.

Sal DMan

Alamo at MSY airport staff was friendly and helpful. Car was clean and nice. No issues with rental. This was my second time renting with this agency and they were consistent both times. Will use again.

Stephanie Norwood

Smooth transaction - enjoyed picking vehicle in person.

Yolanda L Baker

In & out great service

Kazuhide Watanabe

G White

We were at the Kansas City Airport (MCI). The Alamo website said MCI was eligible for by-pass the counter and go straight to my car. Since we were arriving at midnight and would be in a hurry to get our car and drive 40 minutes to our hotel, I filled out all the details and pre-paid on the Alamo website. We looked all over the lot and couldn't find our car. We found a car that could have been it, but it was locked. I went back to the counter. When I first passed by there was no line. Now there was a long line. I mentioned to a person behind the counter that I was suppose to be able to by-pass the counter. He could have cared less, and I had to get at the end of the line. So a half hour later when I finally made it through the line, they made some excuses for security reasons why they could offer that service here regardless of what the website said. I added another 9 1/2 hours to my reservation and it cost me and additional $50. I already had 2 days with all fees and taxes for $124. Another 9 hours for $50 was nothing more than them taking advantage of me, especially when they had already messed up my reservation and should have been compensating me with some kind of break off the original price. I have used Alamo for years, but this was a very bad experience.

Elgon Dodson

As always they are on time and good service

James O'Connor

This has been the best experience that I have had with any business in general! I look forward to dealing with this outfit again. Thank you for an easy operation when travel has become a pain in the arse!

Irving Lee

We didn't come in on a flight at Regan. Car Attendant didn't allow us to leave my son's car until I could get my paper work. He said we had to exit and find a place to park then come back. What a pain. On the way out, we told the exiting lady we were in our own car and asked if there was a place we could park. She said that guy is ridiculous. Just leave your car until after you get your paper work and get a rental car. She was great.

Laura Gail Hagan

I WOULD NOT recommend renting from this company. Got a rental. As we get down the road not even 30 min, it is showing tire is low. So I fill it up. Light never goes off. Tire looks fine figured it was a sensor. 3 hours into my trip I go in a store for about an hour and my tire is completely flat. So I call. This was an issue from taking off with vehicle. Oh who is responsible for the new tire. You guessed it. ME. So we call their assistance. Midway into them arriving the service request is just cancelled out of nowhere. Ended up calling my own roadside assistance to get towed to get a tire put on. I cannot believe what happened!

Tom Sawyer

Great, fast, good price!

Silviya Stoyanova

Had a wonderful experience at this location in D.C. Dropping off a car I was welcomed by a nice young man who was very professional and extremely helpful. At the office itself all other employees and manager were attentive and made me feel very welcome. Thank you for this nice experience Sunday evening Alamo stuff. I really appreciate that

Ross Chapman

These people were great. They didn't have the full size SUV we had reserved so the gentleman upgraded us to a luxury SUV (Mercedes GLS450 TO be exact). What a wonderful vehicle. We really enjoyed it and appreciated the upgrade. After driving more than 1200 miles, we hated to turn it in. I normally rent from another company but Alamo prices were so much better that I had to try them. I will definitely give them more business in the future.

John R Kennedy

I booked and checked-in online so after arriving at the airport all I had to do was go straight to the parking garage and get in the car. The process was quick and easy. The car was clean and in great running order. Returning the vehicle was also a breeze. Alamo is the way to go!

Mark Jesop

Kim Knopp

Vehicle appeared to not have been cleaned after the previous renter. Rented a large SUV so there were no other vehicles to chose from. Easy check in and return.

Prince St.James

They were great!

Daniel Cobbs

Very slow service. Nothing like commercials make it out to be. You don't just grab one from a lott and roll out. Its just as aggrevating of a process as other rental company. Doing anything beforehand doesnt change a thing. No matter how prpared you think you might be, the process still has to be done from the begginning. Do yourself a favor and use a cab...

Edward Bronder

The car was fine and your staff good. My wife books Alamo I do not because the check in process is still basically manual and takes much longer than your competitors even with advance reservations

Maurice Sully Sullivan

Good rental agency, although the price went up considerably in 1 year. Only down side of the experience was the rental agent really pushed the "fuel option" even though I said I didn't want it he continued asking several times more. I was even more upset when I left the airport I realized the fuel tank was only a little more than 3/4 full (my fault for not checking earlier) so I had to put more fuel on the return than I should.

Dyke Riffle

I rented a Nissan Pathfinder for a long weekend in New England. Flew into Portland Airport and after a short time, I was in the car and out the door. The Nissan was clean, fueled up, and very low mileage. Everything worked perfectly. When I returned a few days later, I simply pulled into the parking lot and gave the keys to the man at the drop off station. He checked the mileage and fuel level and I was out of there. Alamo makes it so easy to get in and out of the airport. Great job!

Emma Sonnett

I was told when I picked up the rental car that I would be able to easily come back to the front desk and switch credit cards when it came time to return the car. I was told by the gentleman in the parking lot where the car was returned that I could easily switch credit cards at the front desk as well. So, when I got to the front desk to easily switch credit cards, I was told that I could not do that. Pretty inconvenient. The reason I was told for why it wasn't working was that the rental had already been pre-paid on the other credit card and that it was impossible to handle my request. Shouldn't the woman that first told me that I'd be able to switch credit cards have seen that it was already pre-paid, and then tell me that it was not possible? Great attitudes from the employees during pick up and return, however, not satisfied with the incorrect information and also with the fact that I could not switch credit cards.

Annia Ramos

Corporate customer help was unhelpful and terribly rude yet the employees at this location stayed past their shift to make sure our problem was solved. Great service. Great hospitality! Love this branch!

Jeb Pittard

Alamo was awesome. I will seek them out. We had an easy checkout in Boston and we had a problem with the car and we got a quick return in Portland. They also found my ipad in the car I had returned. George, Lauren, and Patricia were great

Connie Matros

Great rates, service and automobile.

Diann Roodbergen

We rented a Jeep in Portland, Maine. The man at the counter was very nice and did a great job getting us set up. The Jeep was in great condition. We had no problems. When we returned the Jeep there was an attendant waiting and we signed the paperwork and handed off the keys. Super easy!

M.E. Johnson

The car was clean and the staff was very knowledgeable.

Willie Lee

I received excellent service. Absolutely no waiting and a great selection of cars to choose from.

Bob Buzbee

Easy process at rental desk, had all my on line requests, gave me an upgrade and didn't try to add on anything, car was clean and perfect, on return didn't charge more than contract specified and promptly finalized with receipt. Definitely will use Alamo again.

Kent Epperson

Great Experience renting from ALAMO , Picked up the car of my choice from Kansas City Airport location. A Nissan Ultima, had great audio with maps to get us around KC, Kansas, Nebraska & Iowa. Great price car was clean and had plenty of room for passengers and luggage. Would do this again in a second and will rent again from ALAMO on next business trip.

Marc Guest

Gene Scott

Great experience in Kansas City. The shuttle took us to the rental car buildings. Our check in was quick and easy. The attendant helped us find exactly the car we were looking for, and he took time to show us some of the features. When we dropped the car off we were finished with our check in before we even had all of our bags out of the car.

Gary Butterfield

Javier Antonio Villarreal Villaquiran

John Jimenez

Charles Morgan

Very courteous and skilled people providing clean and dependable late model cars at bargain prices. No hidden fees or surprises. Can't beat that!

Hebert Tyrell

Coming from the West cost to visit family for a week long stay here in Louisiana and also attending a wedding, I had rented a car from Alamo at the New Orleans airport location both of my check in. And check out experience here has gone extremely well I had a great opportunity to meet a wonderful person by the name of Sylvia J. Very nice super sweet lady, I was greeted by her super high energy, you can definitely tell she takes great pride in her job an love serving her customers. Getting my car from her went extremely well I was definitely happy with my car here at Alamo everything is nice. all there cars pretty sharp looking and practically brand new. I was definitely riding in style in a brand new Nissan Maxima Platinum edition. Thank you Sylvia I really appreciate you and your kindness and making my pickup easy and worry free I hope to see you again in the future, I will definitely will be doing business at this location again and I advise others to as well...

Levi Suffel

kira poulson

Excellent, friendly, and smart customer service. We picked up our car and it wasn't full of gas, when we returned it at the same level and told them that we put a couple gallons in, they gave us $10 credit and apologized for the inconvenience. I felt that was a very forward thinking way of handling the situation. We also had a great price....Thank you Alamo! You have a great team in Kansas City!


Staff pleasant...nice upgrade on car

Tony l

car etc was great. only thing, I had a "special" reserved and I got a Maxima. The picture of the SPecial was a Chrysler 300....

Rick Cohan

Check out process was as efficient as possible. The clerk made sure to address our desires and made sure that we got the car we wanted. Check in process was a bit unsteady. I wasn't greeted when I drove into the garage and therefore didn't know where to go or what I needed to do. The one guy that was working for three companies had way too much going on to be able to attend to anyone with care. Not his fault though. Just needed another person down there.

Kely Torres

Easy time renting.... great choice of cars

Heather N

There was a problem with my reservation with another company and they were out of vehicles when I arrived, so walked over to Alamo as I have had good experiences with them before. I had a brief wait while the customers in front of me were signing their paperwork and laughing with the Alamo representative. I did not have that same experience with her. She was nice, but unfriendly, she seemed bothered that I was interrupting her work and the fact that I didn't have a reservation seemed to annoy her. I declined insurance coverage (as I always do) and advised that I would fill up my own vehicle before returning and she seemed even more aggravated. When the transaction was finished and she gave me my paperwork, I asked which direction to go and she waved her hand in the general direction of the exit. I left feeling aggravated at the fact that her attitude changed drastically when I refused the insurance. I realize that offering this is part of a representative's job, but if a customer refuses, their entire attitude shouldn't change. The car itself was adequate albeit dirtier then I have ever experienced when renting a car. The driver side window had some sort of sticker residue that was difficult to see through. The front window also appeared to have not been cleaned. Alamo has always been my first choice for car rentals but as my last 2 experiences with them have been mediocre, I will be utilizing other car rental services in the future.

Richard Gardner

No surprises at the point of contact. Fast and friendly customer service agent. Nice vehicle, no delays in getting on the road, turn in process was easy.

C Carmichael

Used the on-line "Drive Happy Deal" and booked what was guaranteed to be at least a compact car or better depending on what was available at the time I checked in. For the price of a compact car I got a Dodge Durango with all the bells and whistles. It got great gas mileage also. The woman at the check in desk was super nice at 12:30am. Their facility is in the airport, so you don't have to shuttle. The young man that checked me in in the parking lot when I returned the car, got my large bag out of the back of the car before I even asked. I had hurt my arm and was worried that I would hurt it worse lifting the bag, so it was very nice of him to just get it out of the car. Very nice experience altogether. The only complaint is that they (and every other car rental place) attaches both keys (or fobs) together and will not let you separate them, so if you loose one, you loose both of them. And, you can't put one in a safe place in case you do loose one. That is just not right. But, I will definitely use Alamo again.

Tyler Gruber

Flexibility - I upgraded for a reasonable price with help from the Alamo staff who actually got me into a nice National car. (National and Alamo are sister companies.) They were honest and upfront about the charges. Car was in good condition. Only drawback about renting at MCI is the long shuttle to the rent-a-car center, and then a moderate walk to the cars which were out in the hot sun. A very good experience, and I have not always had good rent-a-car experiences.

Michael Gennuso

JM LaRue

No wheelchair assist to departure gates. Took me nearly an hour and utter exhaustion walk to the opposite side of the airport to the Southwest baggage & ticketing. Not a good airport, airline, or rental agency for anyone with disability.

Ryan P

Very professional. Very fast!

S. Goorhuis

(Translated by Google) Fast handling and friendly staff! Recommended as always. (Original) Snelle afhandeling en vriendelijk personeel! Aanrader als altijd.

Logan Martyn-Fisher

Rent there all the time. Very accommodating to my specific annoying needs. The only names I remember are Dave and Heather. The girl who works really late at night is excellent too. I also left my wallet in a car and they called me and I picked it up no problems. There was $20 missing but that was fine... Just kidding...

Ivan Vera

Great choice for rental. Always try them out.

Yann Mulonda

had great experience! fast service and easy process

Stephen Benedict

Jeff Garry Josiah

Excellent service overall. My flight was delayed by close to 7hrs and I was surprised that when I finally got to New Orleans close to 2am that they stayed open an hour passed their regular closing time (well the National Car desk). The car I received was in great condition, had less than 2K miles on it, and was 1 class above what I booked. I usually book exclusively with sister-company National Car for business and personal travel, but I will definitely consider Alamo again next time I'm on the road. Great job!

Dwayne Hardin

Beware of their scam to let them fill up your rent car's gas tank when you return it for less than what gasoline costs outside of the airport. Yes, they charge you slightly less per gallon than outside, but what they don't tell you is don't do this for free. Only when you get the bill will you see that there is a $29 charge for this "fuel service option."

TB Gamezz

Annie B

Alamo took excellent care of me during my last minute car rental. Their customer service is the best.

Helen Perez

The rental process was quick and simple. The customer service at Boston Logan Int'l however was not very helpful. I called directly after dropping off the SUV on Saturday when I realized my husband left his Swiss Army sunglasses in the overhead storage. The clerk took information over phone and was supposed to locate the vehicle as it was being serviced but I was told there would be a hold on the vehicle so they could check it out further. Also, I was assured that if found they would fed ex to me and bill my credit card on file for the rental. I was happy with that answer knowing I would get them back and pay minimal as opposed to replacing the glasses. I never got a call back until Monday that they did not have anything turned in and that they are not responsible for any items left behind. I specifically put them there and knew they were there, plus I was still in Boston for 2-1/2 hrs on Saturday and could have gone back. It is very frustrating that people do not make things right.

Vipul Prashar

I’ve been to this Alamo location twice and had an awesome experience both time. Whenever my wife and I travel together, I always happen to rent a convertible. Here’s my first experience (2017) - A brand new (well almost!) BMW 4 series convertible with less than 300 miles on it. During my second visit to New Orleans few days back, they handed me a white 2018 Mustang convertible and felt as if they bought it just for me (Had less than 5 miles on it!). Lastly, it’s better to book via Costco as they always have the cheapest prices available (with additional driver) and Alamo’s price beats every other rental car company at airport.

Gary Perry

All in all a good rental experience, with one exception. Both key/remotes are locked together and are a PIA to have in your pocket. Can't you give us just ONE remote? Why would we need two especially when we can't even separate the two?

Veronica Romano'

Kathy Johnson


Iris Stocker

Gary Rogers

I have rented from Alamo for as long as I can remember and most recently added Kansas City to the long list of cities. I have rented there now several times this year and each rental was uneventful, the best kind! Courteous staff and the cars were excellent. Not always the cheapest, but then you get what you pay for. Finding where to catch the shuttle bus to the main rental car facility is very poorly marked, however that is an airport issue.

Georgie Heisey

Helped when rental broke down.

Jeff Zealley

When I arrived in New Orleans to pick up my rental, it was ready...a big improvement over another company I used the year before. Alamo made picking up and dropping off the vehicle easy and quick!

Jan Montis

Best check in gal ever! It was freezing cold but she took the time to show us features of the car we couldn’t find!

Kenneth Martin

Always reliable and quality vehicles. No hassles. I can’t say the same for most other major rental agencies.

john osgood

I rent from Alamo a lot, primarily because I shop price first. However, they are no slouch on service either. When we arrived at Kansas City International Airport we took the shuttle to the rental car center. There we were greeted by a friendly desk agent who quickly got us through the paper work (without any upselling!). Then, a nice gentleman met us at the desk and escorted us to the lot where there were at least 30 full-size cars to choose from. The Toyota Camry we chose was very clean and ran like a top. Drop off was a breeze as a super friendly young lady immediately met us as we turned off the motor and had us checked it within a matter of 2 minutes.

Jim Gabriel

New Orleans' Alamo agency lived up to the expectations that I have come to expect. Quick and polite service and an excellent car. They remain my number one choice for car rentals.

Alan Godsey

Rich Rivas

Alamo rent a car is by far the TOP choice in car selections, prices and services! Thank you Alamo for your commitment to excellent hassle free rentals. Keep it up!!!

Shelley Sweeney

Great deal. Paid $150 plus taxes/fees through Costco Travel for 8 days. Upgraded to a Ford Fusion Hybrid which saved a ton on gas and it was a really nice car. No pressure to buy all the extras like insurance at checkout though the agent tried to talk me into the prepaid gas - not a good deal unless you know you are going to be short on time. Everything worked out great including check-in on return.

Samantha Gatlin

Terrible customer service in Kansas City MO Airport Location!! Manager included. He was Young and DUMB. No customer service skills at all. We will no longer use ALAMO.

Grace P

This was my first issue with Alamo, but it will be my last. I prepaid a rental with them and as I waited to board my flight, I got a call for a life or death family emergency. Alamo was contacted right away. They did NOT give me the entire refund. I called and requested they give me a credit for the remaining amount as I will be traveling and needed to book a rental car; I was told they would not do anything for me. A company that won’t make adjustments for unavoidable emergencies is OFF my list! They won’t get my business and I will tell everyone I know about this experience; no need to add to my pain.

David G

RUN Forest Run horrible experience. And when you call them. They pass the buck ...guess what I will pass giving Alamo my next buck

Ian Nygren

Fast friendly service... car as expected. Stunned to see my bill. $67 rental... then the tacked on fees "customer facility charge": $23.85, "concession fee" $7.57... and then the taxes. My $67 rental turned into $114

Clifford Godley

Great car. Great people. Great price.

Brenda Johnson

Brett Clyde

Fast and friendly. It was strange that they just had us walk out and pick a car, but it worked out.

Angel Craig

Absolutely loved the service provided by the Alamo rep. I've worked with her 3 times now, and she's just delightful and pleasant to work with! I only book with Alamo now, and it's mostly because of her excellent customer service!

Ohad Or

Bill Blalock

The people were awesome and very helpful. The self check-in kiosk, not so much. Computer response times are slow, and half of the ten minutes it takes to DIY is spent answering inane questions and declining options. Do you want to join Alamo Vacations? Ummmm, No...

Shirlean Williams

Always love using Alamo. Their customer service is phenomenal!

Melissa Bustamante

The check-out line was long when we arrived, but with only two clerks, the line went amazingly fast. Nicely done! The vehicle was clean and well-maintained and drove very well. All in all, it was one of the best rental car experiences I've had at KCI. I travel there frequently and look forward to renting from Alamo again. Thank you for the chance to comment.

Susan Sharp

I was very pleased with the rental service that i received while visiting my parents in Maine. I picked up the suv at the Portland International Jetport on April 28th and returned it to them on May 2nd. The suv was very clean and very nice. I truly enjoyed the ability to be able to check the vehicle in before I arrived at the airport so i did not have to stand in line and wait. The staff working both days were friendly and knew exactly what they were doing. I will definitely use them the next time I travel.

Valerie Nahorney

Joe Wong

Acceptable vehicle, service and price. Alamo does not have a pick up location at Washington D.C. Union Station! Before placing my reservation, I called Alamo to confirm I could pick up the car at Washington D.C. Union Station. The representative confirmed they are on site. Unfortunately, they moved across town about a year ago to a different location. I spent over an hour searching for Alamo, calling Alamo again (who again confirmed they were on site) and finally taking a Lyft to get to the service desk at 970 D St SW. I missed one of my appointments. Very disappointed about that.

Marco Gimenez

They cancelled my reservation that I made through expedia. They wanted to charge me double what my reservation was for. When I declined I called Expedia. Then Alamo told me they didnt have any more cars available. When expedia called them they miraclulously found my car and honored expedia prices.

Chicago Tom164

I never seen a cooler operation!!! They hand you your paperwork and YOU GO PICK THE CAR YOU WANT!!! LOL, THATS LIKE A DREAM!

Jennifer Fenelon BBm.

From the day of rental til the day of return, excellent service from staffs. I definitely recommend this place. Thank you!

Laura Becker

love new orleans do not like walking to the rental place but it was short walk-- when arrived only one car available in my reserved size..Cars are clean and new -- everything seamless except for selection this time

Bill Lauzus

Overall a good experience, convenient, and reasonable price. My only complaint is that the childrens car seats were difficult to install, and the staff wasn't able to help, due to liability issues. It would have been nice to have had them installed and for Alamo to take on that minimal risk.

Mikael Colville-Andersen

My GPS failed constantly and they didn't care or offer any compensation. Car was fine.

LaDon Wilder

Hands down best car rental experience to this day! Our flight was delayed and we arrived at the car rental depot after hours which I thought would be a problem. Turned out it wasn't so bad after all. We reserved a luxury car which I thought would be a Cadillac XTS or similar but to my surprise there was a brand new BMW 740i waiting for us. I was impressed not only by the vehicle provided but also by the ease of the transaction at so late an hour. Thanks Alamo! This is our preferred rental car option every time we travel.

Paul Gesellchen

We picked up and dropped off our car during a quiet time which may have contributed to the fact that everything went smoothly, and we even got an upgrade without asking and for no charge. Rates were very reasonable, bus service to the rental center was easy, and having a gas station essentially on property was very convenient when we returned the car. We will use them again when we fly into MCI.

Ty Williams

Bryan S

My latest rental from Alamo was less than satisfactory. On Christmas Day, I picked up a car in Kansas City that did not have an ice scrapper. The following day, I got a ticket on Alamo's behalf because the registration was expired. The discount upon return was helpful, but I will need to pay more attention to the condition of my next Alamo rental (if there is one).

Neal Zislin

Alamo offered competitive rates for my visit in Kansas City the week of Jan 2, 2018. I recognize that KC had been experiencing snowy weather which prevented the outside of the car from being clean. However, the rear window was significantly obscured by salt, dirt, etc. even though the other windows were relatively clean. Also, the cruise control repeatedly disengaged while slowing the car down on declines in the road. I appreciated having the lane monitoring feature available on the Toyota Corolla.

Keylolo Henderson

I really love the way the employees was so friendly and helpful. They didn't have the car that I reserved for. So they upgrade me for no charge. I really like they make you feel comfortable with everything. If it not what was email to you they will fix it right on the spot. It was my first time in New Orleans. But I rent from Alamo all the time in Philadelphia. I will always take my business to Alamo rental.

Scott N

Jorge Molina

Very good from the beginning to the end! Great service and competitive pricing!

J Johnston

Lack of help on a rainy cold backed up...long walk with family...wasn't fun ..

Pascale Philpot

I am seldom impressed with car rental companies. The Portland Airport Alamo location actually impressed me! Granted the walk from the airport is a bit odd to say the least especially with luggage but that is unrelated. At the desk I dealt with an efficient young lady who gave me exceptional customer service. I asked to add a GPS and she switched me to a vehicle already equipped with it and brought the car to the door for me so I did not have to go look for it. She did not try to bully me into purchasing additional services or upgrades and I appreciated the prompt service. The car was clean and perfect for our trip. Returning the car was a breeze (except for the walk back to the terminal..). I would definitely use their services again!

Frank Valentine

Great experience with Alamo. They had the best rates and loved the ability to skip the counter and go straight to the car after we got off our plane. There was a mixup in the category of the car since the one we took was parked in the wrong section but it was quickly cleared up after we returned it with no issue. Definitely recommend.

Cliffe Lanier

Agents at Louie Armstrong airport were very polite and knowledge check in and check out were a breeze Thanks

David Dufour

Jesper Jurcenoks

Mooney Man

This rental could not have gone better. As an Alamo Insider, I received a free upgrade email which I was able to take advantage of on this trip. Jamie was the agent at the desk when I arrived. I used the preregistration on Alamo’s website which enabled me to pick up my keys, with Jamie’s assistence in a flash. The Nissan Sentra was clean inside and out. Jamie called me on my first day of rental and after I returned the car to make sure I was satisfied with my rental. I love Alamo Rental!

Carla McRae

Shaquwanda Baker

Always a perfect experience! Best car selection and the best customer service!

Michael Mitchell

Good price. Nice car.

Arden Kuhn

JP at the front counter was awesome. He was very professional, polite and friendly. He was a really great salesman.

Carolyn Moffit

I highly recommend Alamo for your next car rental. The rental and return process was easy and quick and the car was in great shape. It saved us so much time to pre-register and skip the line at the counter. I felt we got a fair price for the rental period. Will definitely use Alamo again.

Elizabeth Edgerton

Rented a small pickup from this location. The inside of the vehicle was very dirty. Sticky substance in the radio dials, seats were filthy, sticky substance spilled in floorboard. I had originally planned to keep the vehicle for 4 nights but ended up turning it in a day early. When I returned the vehicle, they tried to charge me a $15 late fee even though I was a day early. (The quoted late fee was $8, by the way.) They “graciously” removed that charge from my bill. But then when I received my final bill, I saw that my total had gone up roughly $150 from my originally quoted price. I understand that rates sometimes change when you turn in early, but that’s outrageous. Called Alamo twice to try and discuss this, messages were left with this location and I never received a call back. Very dissatisfied.

Francis Salazar

(Translated by Google) I don't like how they play with their clients, my perception is not very transparent (Original) No me gusto como juegan con sus clientes, mi percepción son poco teansparentes

Amir Yosef

I rented the cheapest car for 48 hours, price on website was $17 per day, but I ended up paying $189. So additives are costly. Car was in good shape. Overall disappointing experience.

Andrej Andrea

Good service

Janiece Richard

Despite my flight being delayed past opening hours, I was able to pick out a car because I signed up for skip the counter. This was great! I called to make sure this was ok and the young man was polite and extremely helpful in letting me know what to do once I arrived if no one was at the counter. Would definitely rent from this location again!!

Matt Walls

Great service! The shuttle is wonderful after a long flight.

Mark Cyphert

Good value and service EXCEPT the van we rented smelled of stale cigarettes. This became more noticeable as the weather warmed. Alamo suggest that I drive 45 each way to exchange van from original rental location. That was not an option I had time for. No other remediation offered. I’ll be more careful the next time I rent a vehicle.


Worse experience ever. I was rented a car with expired tags in the city of New Orleans I was pulled over by police 3 times in 2 days.. As an African American man in today’s climate every interaction I have with authorities is a potential death sentence.. So I returned the car immediately....Took a whole week of fighting with Alamo & 3rd party to get a refund.. Not even gonna get into the fact the rental smelled like marijuana soon as you turned on the A/C.... Just feel like you guys could have done more to make things right after your company put me on a potential collision course with disaster..

Timothy Morgan

Truck was very nice - My wife mentioned, "it wasn't as clean as expected for a brand new rental." Best rates for a truck for 2 days that I could find. I would use Alamo again. Pick up and drop off process was easy. Not much more to say.

Courtney Smith

I was given a car with prior scratches already on it. Upon returning the car the agent had an attitude about the scratches. We went to the office and another agent went and looked at the car. He came back , looked in the computer and confirmed that the scratches were already there and that there was already a claim on file for those scratches. He confirmed I would not be held responsible for this on 9/3. Today I received a letter from there claims department for these same scratches for over $900 and the claims rep was just as uninterested and didn’t seem to care. I’ve been renting cars from Alamo for several years and never had a problem until now. Based on the customer service alone I have no plans of returning. Please be careful when renting from this location. There was another lady in the office for the same thing. If you so much as see a scratch do not take that car. If I could give 0 stars I would.

Sam Y. Ke

Good customer service. When I found out the gas tank was only 3/4 full after I drove to my hotel where is only couple of miles away from where I picked up car, I called customer service, and got their attention and accepted my report by putting a note in my rental .record.

Kelli Matz

Good service and good prices. They gave me an upgrade for free.

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